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Partly cloudy with showers probable and it
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= VOL LXXVHO 351 + NEW YORK SUNDAY AUGUST t6 i968 co wrlqltlID08bll TA Sun PrlnllIl1 and Publ11111 MOCaSo7t THIUTTWO PAGES PRICE FIVE CENTS
f Two Negroes and a While Man
J Lynched light Despite
3IrOO Troops
Spurred by Liquor and Blood
Lust Men Make City an In
ferno of Arson and Murder
More Than Fifty Persons Have Been
Woundrd of Whom at ra t Four Hill
T Probably Die City Practically Under
Martial Law Negro Seized While pe
frntllns Ills Home and Swung Upto a
TreeSheriff Find RJore Than Forty
Bullet In tils Body Restaurant of
Ian Who Aided Negroes to Escape
From Jail Completely Wrecked Furni
ture Pllfd Upon His Automobile and
All nurnrd li Uie ptref t < 3or D neta
Describe Setae of Friday Nleht
SPRINGFIELD Ill Aug 15 Daniel Dunnl
I pm a negro cobbler 110 yearS old was
shot and killed at B oclock tonight by a
I mob He lived in the Dunnigan Flata
neighborhood two blocks south of the
t tte cipltol
The mob first set fire to his homo Ho
cursed them and they shot him down and
thin trampled his body in the street When
hs showed signs of life the ringleader cut
the negros throat Then a rope was tied
I around hl neck and he was hungto a tree
His wife a gray haired woman eaw tha
I aTalr The mob threatened her but when
ela defied them to harm her they released
her A
herNo soldiers had been stationed In that
relghborhood uS It was thought to bli
i reiceablo
At soon as Qor Deneen heard of this
murder he ordered the enUre Second
1 I eginientTrom Chicago The eoldlcrs were
waiting in ther armory
iKcgroe killed OB i unidentified white mafl
rear Whlte 0itr 1 arkt jiiiii Lpoutb i > f
1 tSe city tonight Tb y dragged the man
rjraoVsjrba > d Eraa4pfcd n 1 i
Ills face ymaraaahad to a Jelly and his legs
Negroe are burning thtdrbomw in the
Sixth ward The Sixth Is composed almost
entirely ot negro They think their
t homes ore doomed 00 they ore going to de
l prive the whites of the satisfaction of
turning them
f Shortly before midnight another negro
I was lynched at Fourteenth aDdKanaa8
c streets His body was cut down from a
f tree by soldiers but the authorities haw
cot discovered bk identity
I Two thousand boys and men stormed
the State Arsenal at Fifth and Adams
streets at 1Q oclock tonight and threatened
to lynch members of a crowd homeless
negroes who are harbored there
Company L of Olney Ill with drawn
fv bayonet raDulsedtho mob after consider
< able difficulty The fire department was
called out and ft made run through the
centre of the crowd as the hoodjuma neared
the arsenal door This divided the mob
r and the soldiers succeeded in driving them
1 oT
r oTFires have etarted anew In tho negro
settlement At Spring and EdwordrstreoU
1 a negroeo house was Mtfblace by a white
l man The neighbors threatened to mob
the negro if he Pro an alarm Thousands
of Impatient ehoutlngt hajf drunken pee
l plo are thronging the streets The soldiers
police and roembers of the Ore dertnex t
are at their wits end to know howto cope
wi th them
t Practically all the negroes In the city
I have quartered themselves In Normal
I Park southeast of the city and aroundor
I tuard of the militia Several attempts
r have been made to break through the lines
nd Injure the negroes The park Ia roped
I off and hundreds of soldiers surround It
y The Illinois Central tracks on which the
J Chicago troops were brought into Spring
field run through the black belt which wad
burned tonight Col Sanborn fearing
an attack on the second section which
followed thirty minutes behind the first
J section ordered Major James Miles with
two companies to clear tko streets along
the right of way I
Every automobile Springfield was
fred by the National Guard at 1030 to
night to send soldiers to Spaldlng and
Rlrerton two mining campseist of the city
Tbe first section of the First Regiment
embracing most of the First and Second
battalions was ordered by Gen Young to
the cities At Spaldlng seven miles east
of Springflem negroes are reported to
have been burning the homes of white
i x3plo and the citizens organizing into
C vigilance committees are retaliating by
burning the homes of black Several
I revolver and rifle battle are said tD have
tikon place and several persons were
seriously injured 1
At nivrtrton three mlle further east
nogroca are reported to have blocked the
truffle of the Minors Traction Company
and to have robbed the passengers on the
elfotrio cars
MajorQen C Young who is in charge I
c I of the troops has been warned to guard
against an Invasion of miners who are
owing to get revenge for the wounding of
William Bowe He Is a friend of the miners
who is connected with the County Treas
urers office He was shot while walking
along the street Friday night Today ho
rrocived his miner friends in the hospital
lie told them that he was going to die and
made all arrangements for his burial
The miners are greatly InO5flIOd Over the
Continued on Fourth pc
j I
Fire Escape Jomplnc to DocJt In Newark
Bay Dottom Fell Out of Umtrrn
Four persona wore drowned In the PM
solo River at Newark last night when c
twontyflvo foot gasolene launch whlol
wa used for the first time yesterday was
burned Five others escaped by Jumping
I to the doos attho foot of Congress street
I Newark
The launch was owned by W H K
I Davoy of 180 Academy street Belleville
When he took It oit yesterday he invite
I sovbral of his neighbors to enjoy the our
I ing Those who wont were Mr and Mrs
I Tankops of 128 Academy street and their
children Teresa 10 years old Helen 15
and Walter IS Mr and Mrs J T Burke
lof 183 Academy street Miss Catherine
Ward of Waterbury Conn and Mr Davoys
son Waldon 20 years old
l The party went to Ibo landing of the
New Jersey Yacht club Bayonne In the
afternoon and started home early In the
I evening When tho launch got to the gas
dock at tho foot of Congress street Newark
Mr Davoy found that the gasolene bad
given put He jumped out at tbo dock
and started off to get some
Just after Mr Davoy left the boat some
one picked upa lighted lantern that was
in the bow of tho boat The bottom roll
out or the lantern and the flame oommunl
oated with gasolene drippings in the bottom
of the boat The gasolene blared up In
the contra of tho launch and the occupants
became panic stricken
Mr Burko who sat inthe bow which
was near tho dock with his wifo and the
three Tankops children jumped out He
pulled them all to the dock
Mr and Mr Tankops and Was Ward
wore in the stem and were prevented from
reaching the dock by ttyo flames They
jumped into the water as Boon as tho bum
ng gasolene reaohed them Waldon Dvey
who was a strong swimmer jumped to the
assistance of the Tank piI and Mien Ward
On aooount of the darkaesa nothIng
was seen of any of them after they leaped
from the launch Waldon DavoxJs thought
to have been pulled down In lila efforts to
rescue the other i
The boat was destroyed
Ill Cincinnati BBq Sew Tto Hop
for Dryan In tfts Wert
CrNCTNiutr Aug 15The Cincinnati
Enfuirrr owned and edited by John R
McLean and the only organ of Democracy
of this region today Bays editorially in
commenting on the political situation In
the West
News from the West from all the country
west of the Ohio River gives ample evidence
that in every State of that root region the
Republican party baa divorced itself from
the element bits ranks that opposed or
failed to heartily approve of the policies of
President Roosevelt The bold utterances
the loud crltlCjUms the abuse and revillnga
by politicians and representatives of busi
ness interests hare aiddeaty ocased aa
against those polloles backed as they
BOW art bj th pa WaoandIcthe party
w S rpopukr approval maJDlft
lClqpllii J1I J
sIt is difficult for onlooker to see how
DemocTJrta can gain iRepabilcan votes
in the Wertunder these condition Their
chance was there three months ago but
the Republican now alliance eurely now a
barrier Mr Bryan can offer no greater
Inducements than ore now offered upon the
bargain counter of the Republican party
in the West Not an important radical
Republican leader has bolted his party
Why should he under such favorable con
ditions to radical ideas Not an Important
conservative Republican can leave for all
other doors are cloaed < to him
It dON not look so favorable to the
Democrats In the Went as it did one month
ago fortnight ago or a week agg
seenlo Artist Snoot Hlraaeir at Ills Home
In Matnarenectc
Armbrostor the sconlo ortiet shot himself
through the right temple with a revolver
today at his home here The weapon
was found grasped in his right hand He
was taken to the Now Rochello Hospital
where he died while the doctors were
probing for the bullet The intense heat
is believed to have affected his mind
Annbnuter had not talked of suicide
He had been working long hours on scenery
for the coming season
Mrs Armbnuter had left her husband
In their room while she went downstairs
to arrange for breakfast She had been
absent but a short time when she heard
a pistol shot and rushing upstairs found
blood streaming from the bullet hole In
her husbands temple
The bullet had passed through the temple
I and destroyed the right eye and thenIta
course was shifted and It passed close to
the brain Policeman Martin sent to New
t Rochelle for an ambulance which made a
record trip to Mamroneck a distance of
six miles Mr Armbruster was unconscious
and when the hospital was reached he was
immediately placed on the operating table
The doctors say that If his life had been
saved he would have been blind as the
bullet destroyed the eight of both eyos
The Armbrusters have lived in Mamaro
nook for about eight month They for
merly lived In Columbus and Cincinnati
I Ohio Mr Armbruster was 43 years old and
had one child Some of the work that the
artist had done wo for the New York
Throw Valuable Into Newspaper Rack
TThra Train II lid Up
BPOKANK Wash Aug 16 Robbers held
up Northern Pacific westbound passenger
train No 8 lost night near Trent nine miles
cast of Spokane drove out the englnemon
uncoupled the mall oar and locomotive
from the rest of the train and ran the en
gine and the mall car to Yardley In the
outskirts of the city
Warned that the robber were coming
the mail vlerka took advantage of the time
after the train had been cut In two and
threw the local retrietered package into a
newspaper sack where they were not
The only mall stolen was the pouch of
regytteWd letters cent from Chicago to
Spokane and one for Seattle made up along
the road One suspect ha been captured
having been foundon top of the train after
the robbery Be give the name of Frank
We ship by axproM or freight mrrwlun
n T Dewejr 1 SOBS Co US Fultoo St Nw York
it 1 t gf t t
I 8ftJne Teat the Republicans CwuiotMonop
I otUe Credit for Good Times and the
j Committee Decides That It Is Mats
prepo Because If Too alum Politics
The seconc day of tho commercial travel
lore Interstate congress to boom pro
perltythe convention that began yes
terday with Alexander Berkman the an
orohSat and the suffragettes trying to break
Into the job of restoring confidence flulsheci
up last night with a alight ripple caused
j by a letter received from Mr Bran
I at the banquet hall of the Manhattan React
Hotel whore the travelling men wore
finishing off n day of athletic games with
a dlnnnr and dance Mr Bryans letter
to the drummers had eo much Lincoln
Nebraska politics In it that Comptroller
Metz who presided decided after coins
over the matter with n score of the others
present not to read the Bryan letter at all
It seems that a few days ago It was de
cided that no political matters were to
enter the convention in any way and In
vitations to last nights banquet wore
sent out freely to big men of both parties
Mr Taft and Mr Hughes sent polite letter
of regret that they couldnt be on the job
last night but M Bryan got some politics
Into his refusals that he sent a telegram
and I letter
As the letters and telegrams were overhauled
hauled before the time set for reading
them from the guest table there was a
upstage conference about the Bryan me
sage of good o 1 took only a te
minutes to decide that the message
should not be read aloud nor eve shown
about the room and then It a agreed
hat Inasmuch as the Bryan thoughts
were not t b launched Upon the public
the decent thing to do would be to pass over
det tg t bt p
the reading of any of the telegrams or
letters thus avoiding all jealousy
Mr Bryans letter n
I am very sorry that I cannot attend the
travelling men outing but I join with you
In a desire for a return of prosperity The
Republican leaders have tried to monopolize
the prosperity Ie but events have exposed
the absurdity of their claims Not twins
able t defend their pollutes upon logical
and rational run her attribute al good
to Republican administration and shirk r
spontlbllltr that is bad For instance In
IBM they Insisted that the panic of tew was
lte pic
a Democratic plo merely because It came
when Mr Cleveland occupied the Wit
Bouse whereas It came Immediately after
Mr Cleveland was Inaugurated and before
there h been any change in anr law
They a accustomed to say that they can
guarantee prosperity and that Pnlc always
follow a Democratic success and yet the
panic of IS7J cams after tho Republican
party had been < In complete power twelve
jeardlt cams eleeny Per r tho
Democrats swcwdsd in seatlnra President
poBloof lastfell also came lea year
au Jb Jupo > llft n > negnfed Urto con
tto all three branches of th Federal
Government Ofthe three panics that have
come since the Republican partr came into
power two bare come under Republican administrations
ministrations nnd when tbeRrat and House
were In political sympathy with the Presi
dent and a third came immediately after
the Republican administration and came
from causes that had their origin In Repub
lean legislation >
Everybody wants prosperity but the
Republican leaders stand for a prosperity
that Is monopolized by a comparative few
who secure favors at the hands of that party
while the Democrats want a prosperity shared
by all the people and resting on a solid foundation
I believe that the platform adopted at
Denver outlines a plan by which prosperity
din be permanently promoted Prosperity
which will enter prmote of all who
with brain or muscle contribute to the na
tions wealth a prosperity which will be
shared by each person In proportion A he
renders a favor tosocl tyt
But I tke banqueters had to wait until
this morning to bear alth they had clam
chowder arid things through many courses
dawn to the cigars to keep e nourished
And there were many speeches
Mayor Johnston of KnoxvIlle led off
with rem on TheTravellers Protective
Association May or Johnston carried out
the Idea in most folks minds by dwelling
on the subject of political impartiality In
the convention
i makes n difference whether Tat
or Bryan is ele began the Mayor
Hooray for Bryan yelled one of the
un errifled drummers Much laughter
and a couple of cheers
At the close of Mayor Johnstons ad
dress Comptroller Moth remarked tint
telegrams had been received from Messrs
tlepm Mera
Taft Hughes and Bryan He didnt read
Mayor Rose ot Milwaukee who has
helped also to make his town famous
also allowed that prosperity should begin
where stagnation began He said there
wee too much radicalism socialism sen
sationalism and being from Milwaukee
prohibition Loud cheers There are too
many professional laboring men also
according to Mayor Rose The speaker
spoke of Cardinal Gibbons as a great leader
against socialism
Lewis Nixon who spoke on Faith In
Our Countrys Future the Foundation
of Prosperity said that the three great
pillars of prosperity ore commerce ag
riculture and manufacturing and that the
last developed a the expense of the other J
twoMrNbon advised shipbuilding s
a roy lo things a they areThI
speaker said that New York financiers had
shown the greatest object Iweon of pa
triotism In history during the recent panlo
II New York which means Wall Street
continued Mr Nixon b become the
I financial centre o tha world Also It has
p gained the name or harboringa body 0
I pmnderere but when the panlo came m
I like M Morgan stepped In and saved the
I day We need more men like that
We must respect our bankers and finan
ciers concluded Mr Nixon When our
I statesmen I tl1 distrust o our bankers
among foreigners my p how can w
got the foreignersto trust us N
Mr Nixon took a wallop out of the proposal
posal to limit fortunes Such a measure
I would penally success he argued
I Secretary of fixate Whalen epoko on The
Travelling Saletman Among the other
speakers wore Manl y Hemmens of Wiscon
sin AF Sheldon ol Chicago Judge Charles
P Moore and Alexander Lawrence Jr <
NE IPStD lu na
JERSEY GE1TRAL1r Tan every tour
A M P W Sw tcbeul P f T SLEEPERS
ON fftpmOllT TANS OnTAT 10 OxJufelC
Strike In Fee In Perilous Straits of Juai
I De JuraPullwl Off Uninjured
SBATTiB Aug Thocruiser Colorado
of the Pacific fleet went aground this oiorn
Ing in a fog on Double Bluff In the Strait
of Juan He Fuca while on her way from
the Pugot Sound Navy Yard t San Fran
olsco She was not injured and wan floated
at high tide at 4OthIe afternoon Doubli
Bluff istwentyfive miles north of Seattle
As th cruiser entered thofog sho ov
dontly was caught in the current that
sweeps In through the straits and carried
across the Sound Tho forward lookout
had just given the alarm when tho vessel
grounded on the njoks
The engines wore reversedbut they failed
t pull her off A wireless message was
sent to Bremerton and a revenue cutter
and tugs wont t the vessels assistance
The cruiser returned under her own
steam to the navy yard at Bremerton
Some Folks In Washington Dont Want W
I Lewis I Assistant AttorneyGeneral
WABntNtrroK Aug I5ibo sdggestlon
that President Roosevelt may appoint
I WH Lewis of Boston lstftntAttorney
General cube United States tostfcceed Al
fred W Cooley who resigned recently on ac
I count of ill health has aroused tho greatest
feeling In thO browns tone building facing
MoPhereon Square In which the employee
of the AttorneyGenerals offloo sri housed
Borne of the Southern men in that D
met do not ew with composure the
prospect that a negro may actually become
the temporary head of the Department
In summer when the AttorneyGeneral
la absent the Assistant AttorneyGeneral
acts tai hla substitute signing papers and
directing the work of the Department
during the summer months Many dis
tinguished Southern white men hold posi
tions In the Department among them
Col John BMosby the former Confeder
ate leader who is aRepublican but atrue
Southerner for all that Assistant At
tm Gee Russell alsois a Virginian
of the old school
Neither of those offlolals ba expressed
himself on the prospect haying to serve
under I n g ttome Oee Many
of the clerks and bureau chiefs i the
Department ore on the verge of exploding
over the bare suggestion
LeII I AsfttetontAttorney for the
Eastern District of Moaaaohusetta at
Boston He is a graduate of Harvard
an athlete and ably qualified for the office
B I record as Assistant Attorney at Bos
ton admitted to be excellentat the De
partment of Justice
Pmet JutO
Mr Gcnid Serve Amratied ComplaInt
flald to Nt a obian T
The divoro suIt begun acme refago
by Mrs He RK lyGinadagin tq
MOouI4 J Gould took a new turn ye terday whan
complaInt Iri the O fa hl i7Was
reported yesterday more epcotOo oharges
are complaint made than apln tho original
The detAils of the amended complaint
could not b learned yesterday as counsel
for both aides declined absolutely to dis
cuss tb matter At the same Urn I was
learned that this new move on Mrs Gould
part was quite a surprise to her husband
I also explains t some extent the noon
of I Goulds attorney last week in
compelling Mr Goulds lawyer to file in
the County lei om9 h answer to
the original complaint The answer fed
It became legally possible for Mrs Gould
U serve an amended complaint which
entails on Mr Gould the necessity of filing
a new or amended answer
I ameMjwe
The original obmplalnt charges Mr
Gould with misconduct In Juno 1000 at
North Sydney Cape Breton with a woman
whoso name is not known to the plaintiff
I was said yesterday that t th amended
complaint also charges him with being
intimate with a woman In this city
Wor of Krtchsen Expedition to Greenland
Reach Denmark New Island Discovered
Uprrtil coal Dtipalch ta TftB m
OipKMnArjKX Aug 15 Further news of
the Danish expedition to Greenland which
cost the Ufa of Explorer Myllus Erlchsen
h been received dated June 25 of this
yearThe expedition having wintered safa
north n I could safely venture four
oledge expeditions each of three men
were sent out They suoooodod in passing
well beyond the eightythird degree of
latitude finding the depot left by Peary
pear Cape Rriogeman
A careful survey was made of the whole
coast ah far as It was possible to advance
Maps were drawn of the hitherto practically
tically unknown northeast and east coast
of Greenland and an extensive group of
stands wo discovered between the seven ty
eIcbthand seventyninth degrees of lati
Rrichsen died on the return journey
by way of po Channel on November IE
1007 The boy was not recovered The
expedition expected hack In September
Clarence Tan Vechtrn Probably Ktriokm
With Apopleiy Autopcy Ordrred
clarence Van Vechten who h Jived at
the Murray Hill Hotel fo the lat four
year was found dead In his room there
yesterday afternoon Coroner Harburgor
complained of the reticence of the hotel
management In reporting the death fend
giving information concerning thec
He sold that M Van YeoMen may have
died from a stroke of apoplexy but order
j a autopsy in order to remove all doubt
The body wo ten to Stephen Merit
mOfeM Voohton had bash aaan about
the hotel at oclock the night before
Yesterday afternoon Manager Roberta sent
a maid t find out why did not leave hi
room After the door bad been for
I Mr Van Vechten wo found fully dressed
lying on tho Boor with hJ foot against the
I door There were no marks of violence or
traces of drugs The bed had not boon
I ooouplod
Mar Von Voohten had been outof bud
I nefo eve jroors but WI Interested
I In the stock met Bews M years
1 Id Many let from banking houses
were fo lhl po Maslon A letter
from his staler Ellsab th written at Great
Barrington Mam WM else foUd
oat That Doesnt Mean That Tart Is point
to j Take a Hand HereVery Want t
Unorr Who II Stronger Than naEfifa
Information From Other State
Q SPRIGS Va Aug 15In response
to a question Mr Taft said today thai
h h been receiving many letters In
regard to the New York State situation
The letters havooomo not from polltica
leaders but from Individuals throughout
the State many of whom are known t the
candidate personally
What Is the trend of the letters Mr
Taft was asked
They arc favorable to Gov Hughes
ho replied The candidate made It plain
that ho was expressing no personal opinion
or pr renoHe Intends to adhere to his
decision to keep his hands off In thc New
Y r State situation as in other 10fgta
Mr Taft added that one of the letters
was from John Watkins 1 soninlaw pf
Don Luke Wright Secretary of Wa He
happened to mention this letter because
Gen Wright was himself present at the
interview Mr Watklns lives In WestohesteT
county and reports oo Mr Tat said that
c e
there is a strong sentiment for Hughes
Weatcheator is William L Wada baili
wick and Mr Ward is one of the State
leaders who are convinced theo Is no real
sentiment for Hughes
Arthur I Vorys Mr Taf ts chief of staff i
also has good letters on the
ahsa got lgo many lett te
Hughes proposition The general senti
ment in them la that Hughes ought to be
nominated unless a stronger man canb
fOuna Mr Vorys usual reply is Who I
a stronger man t
Mr Tat baa received an enoounjslng
letter from a Yale classmate of his in refer
ence to the situation in Indiana The class
mate attended a recent meeting of all th
Republican nominees the Indiana State
ticket and the leaders throughout the State
in all seventyfive persons and he reports
that it was th consensus of opinion that
the Indiana residential electors were safe
but that complications were likely to arise
in some of the Congress districts and the
State ticket was now doubt
From Stubba th Republican nominee
for Governor of Karsis who Is of the Li
Foiled type Mri Taft has received another
encouraging report Mr Stubba says that
made of the State
bebaam personal oTottheStte
asd ta oertalnKanau will go for Mr Taft
tbi largo a vote as It gave Roosevelt
I Btubba was moved to write beoauco of
predictions made by some Rpubllcana
who r dlsappolaj d at the recent pri
mary ioBryan that the State was in dang jofgoing
tB TMr Taft he9elvedq9
W 6t en oouragstnent recen FtT from
L Folletio In regard to WI nHe
eould not Ut afternoon that he
find heard from Wisconsin Representa
tive Cooper of the Badger State WM her
early in July to assure Mr Taft that he
would have L Follettea strongest sup
port but since then LFoUett has ap
parently been mum f
The Wisconsin Senators speech at Lincoln
coin a few days ago In which he paid several
compliments to Bryan has been anything
but reassuring to Republican IeaIers who
are nervous about Wisconsin
The high tribute recently paid by Bishop
J W Boshford of the Methodist Episcopal
Church to Mr Taft for the good influence
which ho had exerted in behalf of the mis
sionaries in the Far East led t some Inter
esting remarks by Mr Taft today in regard
to the work that has been done by ministers
and Y M CA secretaries in Panama
In discussing his speeches in the Far
East Mr Taft remarked today that in his
opinion the missionaries were the advandp
Pta of civilization there He added that
his observation of the good work done by
tho Y 1 0 A secretaries In the Orient
1e him t Introduce them Into Panama
Mr Taft most of the da
TAt was bUlmoltof day con
ferring wit Gop Wright One of thl
things that come up was the advinablllty
of establishing a fifth department In the
Philippines Cng has authorized the
establishment of five departments of Government
ernment but up to this time only four
have been organized the Departments of
Commerce and Police Finance and Justice
Education and the Intel
It was deemed beet by Mr Taft and Gen I
Wright In the Interest of harmony that i
the new department should not beorgan
trod at this time
Another matter that was considered by
Mr Taft and Secretary Wright was tho
character of the legislation that ought t
remain In force InCb after the with
drawal of the Amerloaararmy February
Stho desire being to eliminate a many
a possible of the laws rendered necessary
mil by tho military occupation
fffhe reorganization of affairs oh the
Isthmus under Col Ooethals also was d
I Wthe Secretary of War and Mr Taft
St o
were Uisoumlng the Philippine question
Manuel Quezone leader of the Nationalist
party in the Islands and Antonio G F
olla formerly private secretary to
Aguinajdo and now secretary to Ocampo
the Filipino delegate to Congrcasoalled on
Mr Taft to pay their respeoia Quezone
told M TAt that some of the members
of tho Philippine Assembly had recently
gone to Russia to find out what they could
about the Duma and tKey had come back
t the Islands satisfied that the Assembly
was more representative than the Russian
o the Way Home He Stop Briefly at
Tapp take
ALHANT Aug 15Qov Hughes returned
with his family from Savanna Inn tonight
and his vacation for this year is at an end
Now ha will start out on a peaking tour
addngt county fairs on Tuesday
Wednesday and Thursday The Governor
left Soronao Inn on a train four hour ahead
of his family and spent the time at Tupper
o Tuppr
Lake on the same line of rl9L
Th Board of Trod of Tupper Lajko en
tertainedtha Governor and sow the
Boooeslty for State appropriation
t clear out the lower end o the lake which
the Governor h vetoed They asked
t a
the Governor t sign the appropriation
whoaft comes before aim again next winter
taking for granted that the Governor U
toberaaomlnated and as a matter of course
ttathe will to rejected
I w rt
Hand Caught IB Wheel of jaa Automobile
and Nearly Torn Off i
8 PAtrt Aug 15 James JHlll cha
man of the board directors of the Great
Northern Railway met U 4 mol
accident torday at Grasston Minn
a9l atatn
His hand was caught in a automobile
wb lad waa nearly torn off
ffo returned tonight in care of physloiana
by Bpcclal e
Without Membership for a Week Because
a of Gordon Mad Death
On the death of Gordon Macdonald o
Friday the bonldng houWof Speyer 4 Co
found Itself without Stock Exchanger mem
bership Mr Macdonald being the only
board member of the firm
This singular copdltlon must prevallfor
a week longer before goat con be trade
forred Arrangornenfa seat were made
yesterday when the membership > t the late
Harry J Faiilkner was coated for transfer
to Henry Huhlondor of the Spoyer firm
Mr Ruhlonder will probably bo admitted
Saturday j
jTho lack of exchange membership will
not affect thVbulness of the bpuso as far
a Its customers are concerned but will
compel the firm to pay full commissions
cpl frm t py tul
on all orders executed on the exchange
ToO sid tobe the first on record
lnwlch a house of Bpeyer 4 Cos prom
nence was without oxchsngemembershlp
B t Are supposEd to lftut WlUi
lu i bat She flrmrNelUier
BILLIWug Mon Aug is Two ranch
Btl jton UI 15To rc
hands both Infatuated with the daughter
Conrad Bauer a wealthy rancher living
twelve miles east of b kidnapped the
girl from her home lost night
The men both masked rode up to the
ranch covered Bauer with revolver and
rode off with the girlMra Bauer ran to a
neighbors ranch for assistance but when
she returned her daughter was gene
A noes of rancher was formed and the
country Is being sumo for the abiuotor
John 8 Howard known as the champion
rope throwcrpf the country was arrested
charged with aiding TSrnMt Hutton a cow
boy In tho abdbotion It is thought that
Huston and the young w6m rj are In the
yidnlty of Laurel endf Bauor is leading
the posse In that directIon
Bauer oays the lrlu tore are two roaoh
men who were paying attention his
Daughter but who had besi waraei to
keep away by him and by the girl herself
Cabin Passengers Chip In to Start Brand
t New noysBaak AccoBst
The news of a brand new baby 18 hours
jldJn the steerage of the KoU rin Augusta
Tlotoria in yrsterday from Southampton
and Hamburg jwaa paassd along to the
uppfr ooN9JtUJ it4 G iTDain llper viw
Friday night about dinner tine The young
iUiifci iruUi Wrt jistUag along finely
Inthe ships hccpltal and sawaa the baby
a ljoy A diner propo i d the healthot
moihefand balpy t >
I rOhletido something more practical
suggested Mrs yvJThoraldor London
and give the baby a good start In the
Within a few minutes Mrs Thorald had
enlisted tbeald of another passenger Mrs I
O TOre nof New York and the two youpg
women made the round of the restaurant
and within five minutesi collected 17360
A man from Shanghai threw in a pretty
gold bracelet and an hour later a committee
descended Into the steerage Arthur H
Boyd master of ceremonies presented the
offering The mother acquiesced in the
suggestion that the boy be named August
Planters Want Tnrlr Men to Vote Drf ore the
1 Sugar Harvest
Sptdal lt Dnsxlrt t rims SCK
HAVANA Aug15It reported that the
Presidential election will be held on Novem
hOt 14 or If noton that date then not later
than November 21 Officials at the palace
nay boweer that decislon Jn the matter
will be reached until early in September
Planters and bualrilllll men want the elec
tion to be held in November Instead of early
In December as has boon planned on ac
count of the necessity for having the laborers
in the cane fields Instead attending politi
cal meetings The sugar crop will bo larger
than ever and labor Is in greater demand
than in ordinary seasons
fttioot Handiman and OIl Three Daughters
and Carry e a Boy I
NOOALM Ariz Aug 15 Hostilities be
tween Mexicans and qu1 have been re
sumed the State of Son ra Mexico Four
or more persona are reported killed
A report from Montezuma district says
that at the ranoh of DDati Jesus
led and his three daughters were shot
by Indians and a boy was carried off A
girl escaped by concealing herself tehlnd a
do A few miles from La Colorado Camp
two attacks were made by the Yoquls
Donor to Hrpubtle Campaign Didnt
Know of Law Against Corporate CHvtaK
CmOAOO Aug Campaign contri
butions from corporations to the Repub
lican national campaign fund to the amount
of several thousand dollar have been
turned back to the donors who were ig
norant of the foot that there la a Federal
law which prohibits any corporation giving
money for campaign purposes
This statement was made here today
by George R Sheldon treasurer of the Re
publican national committee who arrived
from New York In time to attend the con
ference Republican leaders
HeadquArters of the Republican na I
Uonal oommlttoo were opened In the Har
vester Building at Michigan avenue and
Harrison street today
Mr Hltchcook Mid the ooafereaoea of
tbirleadoro were to map out preueateajie
of the campaign to orcnlw the Western i
headquarter on lines already Uld down I
16 the New York headquarters
The general speaking ouBpalgn la the
West will begin about Sepietaber 1 ed every
available orator win be Be4 oa tb stump
Night Tt farsa KM MzTrsssS
DALLAS Tex Aag Uv Six kobeta at
Amarillo Tell wereihetto death e4 8181
by charles L Stewart a alAt watt
of the Santa F M 250 while J
WO on duty 1 tbo raiiread y I
I i v
Stoats Down William Wr
v His Brother T Jsnklns
Halns Assisting
4 I 4c J
Mrs Annls Shouts Warning to
Husband n Sailing His Yackt I
I into Death Trap
I eq
to S
v t 1
Capt Mains Seeking Man He AcciwM 4
Drlnn 0 Intimate With Mrs Halo Vtpfaf t
the Hal SIde Voetitdsb aadSbosW
Annie Six Time as III flont TeHchn
i F a
the Moat While T Jcailta Ia3ea
Holds Uie Crowd Back miUi Ps4
Botli Snrmirter Sh6t the
ManV8ay Annie vyhixsJui 1
Why lie Dd itsnys Mr ABSto Ot lJ
mlnatlon of Scandal uThlrhUrnkett
Fort Harallton Lest Jane Sirs 1ln
Bay me Has Open ACOWKI FaKfJr
J and Declares T Jenkins hams leneM lJi
< Her Ilnboed to ShoolCn Vtltr C i
IIalnSef III1Sonlln the PoflCeIatIiS
Capt Peter Conor CT Halns Jrof the Forty
eighth Regiment United States Cowl Artil
lery ocoompanlod by his brother JenSciM I
Hoins the writer went to tho Bay Side
Yacht Club on Little Nook Bay yesterday
afternoon and waited an hour until William
E Annis a member of the club came In with
his racing sloop Thon T Jenkins Haina held
tho crowd back with a revolver while Capt
flame fired sit Mote from a magazine pistol
Into the body of Mr Annie t
The two men1 nave up their revolvers sat
downpn the veranda of the yacht club house
and waited for policemen to come c CajtJ
Baths made an informal Btatemenftto t
pollee In which ho says that hja wife whom I
he Is suing f or a dlyorco hosboan J tmit
with Annie v V M
The shooting was nottho resultiot any fi
momentary impulse b tth culminaUoa tJ
of IOftr1niirUt bnC i
must have bad some knowledge thaiW i
was being hinted is indicated by thocoIi >
duct of Mrs Annls who vras nt tjio clUbS t
hen the shooting occurred She P ° t d ii
tho coming of the Hnmses and although
they tried to throw her off the soent by r
asking about rcaleatatoand talking with
real estate men about property in the neigh f
borhood she was on the lookout for her
husDond and when his halfrater ap t
proached the landing float she ran down
to the shore hysterically and shouted to
him not to come In Annie paid no atlas i
lion to her warning I
The usual Saturday afternoon race
among members of tho club were on for
yesterday afternoon and a few oT the
boats were being tuned up ut off Chora
The clubhouse veranda WM filled with
members and wives and friends and auto
mobiles bringing more members and guetttv
wore coming up the road to the clubhouse
A majority of the men and women ProeeQt
wore young people and there wero aifcw
Annis who was advertising man lltrJo tJ
Recreation and lived In Malverniapart
meats at 47 Claremont avenue Manhattan Ii
had come early in the morning with his j
wife and his two sons William and Howard
aged about 0 and 8 years Mr Anal >
was to race his half rater Pam one of the
clubs rono design boats tn the jafteri
noon and spent most of the moraine I
putting her in shape The other member >
of the crow of the Pam were to be Loula
Horway a well known resident of Bay Side
and C A Burchfleld a real estate man
Capt flame and his brother droveup to
the yacht club from the railroad ttatlca
in one of the public carriages about halt
past 1 Capt Rains was in civilian dreei
The two men stood about for a few minutes
Then apparently seeing that being strang
ers their presence was attracting attention
they talked over to a group of member
and asked about property In the vicinity t
remarking that they desired to aeoure a
place near by Some one referred them tr
Mr Burchfleld who was standhig e i V
waiting for Annls and Harway who were
out In the Pam to come In and take him f
Casually us they talked about doelrablflf
building Iota Capt flame mentioned An
nlss name arid ask d if he was at tbe oiub
Burchfltild sold Annie wajfoa the water
bul would be in shortly Capt Hains and
his brother continue the oonyerstin
about real estate
Soon after that the Pam Beared the tt
landingfloat It already riP IDi
out to Capt Hales aa AnnUs sloop TW
Captain and his brother sauntered down
toward the pier Mrs Annie ran ahead
of them and shouted to her husband but
he did not need and the Pam drew up to
the edge of ttiefloat
The halfraters mains all was b4sen
her pajsaenger and the soore or more per
BOB on the float Just u she pulled up
to the edge Capt Horn stepped forward I
and his brother stepped back Both drew >
pistols from Inside their ooata Capt
Holnss weapon was a magazine pistol of l
the latest design his brother dried ajf IJ
army Colt Both were of largo oallbr
about ifi T Jenkins Rains turned and
covered the crowd on the float and bk
brother lifted the boom ot the IWJe eOoop f
to raise the sail out otthe way
Half II rnODJlIaPOdlonrard it
T Jenkins him put him revolverai Hti
LrcAit of the nearest EurcWWdjr
if jji tWr i4
qlJ rr fr1f J
fif i t
ri > t 1
c i
1 io

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