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NEW YORK SUNDAY AUGUST 16 1908 oJItITlgllI00a blrlSUa printing 1111 PublWllIIDAuocWIoII J i
ISew Km Following the nulldlnc or th
lint Skyscraper Tradition Pat ALI o
S and Millions Spent tor Public and Con
uiereUl Ptiuoinre and Improvement
t BOSTON Aug 15 Among tho n ltre
roarkable municipal transformations ef
fsoied In thla country la thatrnsentOO
by Boston a transformation nil the more
noteworthy because witnessed Inn lty
famed for Ita conservatism
S With her weight of traditions Boetc
had lone felt tho ro responsibilities ber
position Tho spirit of reverence for tbat
which was undent was BO fostered bytb
e continued sight of buildings which stood
just as they did 100 or 150 years ago and
by the charm of threading tho IdentiCal
crooks in tho identical lanes or alloys
trod by ones forefathers that almost every
proposition for a municipal Improvement
was met by tho protest A famous lam
mark will be destroyed Those who stood
I for something of the modern Idea In regard
to business Boston bad to bear the op
probrium of being called Iconoclasts
There came a tune however when tbe
city had to consider the proposition that
1 respect for the past must yield in meaaui
to demands for facilitation of commercli
enterprise the guarding of the publl
health and alleviation of transit difficulties
and a single private business structun
curiously enough proved to tx the 111ot
I V around which tbe city was to swing from
tho conviction that tho preservation or
landmarks wasr paramount to all othi
U r
F municipal considerations to a thoroug
determination to set about eetabllshin
l Institutions some degree oommonsurat
with the requirements ofa progressiv
Utter day oity
Had a man prophesied that within olgn
f years from this time calm slow going Boa
ton would possess or be building tho row
ii comprehensive rle system In America a
scientifically planned water system one of
t tbo best sewer systems one of tho most ser
Iceableeloctrio street oar systema the bes
appointed underground transit tunnel li
the world the second largest railway station
b In tho world ono of the finest public libra
fl ries In tho world the largest Brain olevato
In the world the only municipal printioi
I plant ta the country and many other nova
municipal Institutions that man wouli
r have been looked upon uvi lon41Had
he In addition proclaimed that a ten stor
apartment building would bo
standing on that sacredly ariatocratlo way
V Commonwealth avenue he would have beei
regarded perhaps as a dangerous being to
have at large
The new era material Boston may be
add to have boen Inspired by tho con
structlon of the Ames Building In iso The
Chicago skyscraper was then novel andwas
attracting attention throughout the country
A great feature of the new eprle of buildlni
was that made a magnificent advertise
mant for an estate or corporation Tbtfru
toeaof tbA e6 ttat < 1 ot to wQrk toamuo
Boso aad4 v4ibow Chicago and New Toil
that th Bu6 waa to be well represented
iitth a apleadld typo of the needle shaped
modern oftlot edlfloe
In spit of a burst of Indignation over the
outrage being perpetrated upon the archi
tecture of the city by the autumn of ISM
there stood at the northwest corner of Court
and Washington streets the centra of the
bank In c district a sixteen story bulldlnj
costing 700000
Tbe success of the Ames Building seemed
to make definite and accelerate somi
of the big buildingtftans that had been talked
of for years The big skyscraper hurried
on tbe new Northern Union Railway station
project and with such effect that by 189 3
I the new headquarters atone north
1 em edge of the city on Causeway street
had been completed Boston delighted at
the time in boasting of its being tho finest
railway station in the Union
About this tune was erected th Boston
Ni Stock Exchange on State street near Kilby
tt Xear by and erected between laos and 1893
ID are several modeet emulations of the Ames
r Building Down ta India Square not far
f distant is the new Chamber of Commerce
Building erected In 1602
Passing up Court street to Femberton
b Square we come to the new court house
completed in 1895 at a cost of 2250000
I This Is a building stately yet staid as is ap
propriate to the traditions of Boston I
Over on Beacon HlIlliJ tbe new State House
The State House erected in 1TGS and termed
the Bullflnoh front from Ita designer
Charles Bullfinch makes but about one
V fourth the present structure Though the
enlargement has been going on for some
years the completion is by no means at
tained By the time all decorations and
I equipments have been made it is expected
that the institution will have cost over
four and a half millions It is certain that
in refinement architectural outline and
adaptability to publio purposes It will be
surpassed by none in the United States V
It has a length of 33d feet The greatest
width Is 220 feet There are four stories
the first being of white marble and the
others dull yellow bripk to conform with
the original Bullfinch design At the east
side by taking the site of the old Beacon i
Hill reservoir some 55000 feet of land was
secured for the purpose of creating an at
tractive esplanade Theyslope down to
ward Myrtle street has been buttressed
with white marble and a heavy marble I
coping surmounts the Myrtjo and Temple I
street approaches InlMs area stands al
marliln column surmounted by a great
bronze eagle the Bullfinch Column named
In honor of the architect
1 recent project Is to take a block of I
land To8t of the State House and make
park of that This if carried out will
cost over 2000000 and necessitate the de 1
i struction of several historic mansions i
Jist across Beacon street facing the 1
main entrance that Is the Bullfinch front
and opposite the Common stands the Shaw
monument designed by Saint Oal dens and
dedicated on Memorial Day lK7to the
t memory of Col Robert Gould Shaw who I
I at Hit head of his regiment colored troops
ti Fiftyfourth Massachusetts Volunteers
fell In the assault on Fort Wagner
olng down Beaconstreet toward the
r V Parker House corner we pass the new
Congregational Building nearly opposite
the new million dollar twelvo story Beacon
1111 hotel the Bellevue Attho corner of
I liAcon and Tremont across from the
IirKer House is another skyscraper tho
F 1 inont
V Adjoining the Parker House on tile south
I the million dollar Baptist house of wor
I hi > Tremont Temple built under the
If diauiuu of the Rev Oeorgo C Lorimer
t V V
I The front is pat somewhat after
style of the Doges palace In Venice
Further Southward down Tremont Is
It ths Theatre coating1250000 Not f
from Keiths is the new million dollar
Masonic Temple On the corner opposl
the temple U the new Hotel Touraue 00It
log 1350000 In the some neffehboiho
are numerous great new buildings erect
for commercial purposes which u tho a
gregato represent an expenditure olmany
millions of dollars
Opposite tho Howl Brunswick stanc
the Warren Chambers planned for the ex
elusive uso of aurists oculists and phys
clans and the first now structure erected
in this vicinity with a view to creating a
district business about Copley Square to bo
supported by the Back Boy resident For a
long tlmo tide structure with its marb
front stood Idle but recently tenants havo
begun to come In
Entering Copley Square the finest square
in the city and In which ore to be olIDd
Trinity Church tho most perfect specimen
In America the pure Qothlo arohiteotur
the Museum Fine Arts now Public LI
brary and New Old South Church a build
ing recoutly oomploted Just back of Trinity
commands Immediate attention This fa
the Westminster apartments projected by
n Chicago map who meant to erect a went
story concern but who had some of hIIJ
towcrinfe aspirations lopped off by the pat
sage of a law limiting the height of build
ings In and about this square to 00 fee
Bcston was not going to allow Trinity to
bo overtopped The Westminster WM
stopped at eleven stories
Tills breaking In of business on Cople
Square waa not the first oncroaohinor
upon the treasured preserves of Boston
The skyscraper had even made its appear
ance on Commonwealth avenue
At the corner of Berkeley street ani
Commonwealth avenue stands Haddo
Hall a ten story apartment structure
Therevwas tempest while this was gOh1g
up and it has not yet abated for a deter
mined party of citizens are bound it shal
bo cut off at the height of surroundini
residences and thus not mar the skylln
of the avenue
Tho art embellishments of the new Pub
Ho Library opened February 1865 nnd
costing 22yTJ000 ore by no means com
pleUid The bronze groups of three figure
each ore yet to be placed upon the gronit
blocks at the entrance The series o
uiintincs typifying The Dawn of Chris
tianity the work of John 8 Sargont or
but partly completed and this Is truo ala
of tho Boberne of mural decoration to bo
wrought by Edwin A Abbey whose Ques
of tbo Holy Grail adorns the walls of th
delivery room
When all ia done the library will cental
some of the most notable productions of
art in the country It is a fact greatly to
be regretted that the now building ha
been found defective in some of the tnos
vital practical features It is becoming
more and more evident that the planning
of the library involved greater effort toward
making It a show than a working place
I The ventilating andilighting systems or
f complained of In the main reading room
Bates Hell the air in so vitiated ttlmei
and the light to poor1 that to many the
room useless Workmanare oonstantlj
tearing away partitions in a struggle tc
meet the demand for more room Thi
situation sooma to bear out the predlctio
recently mode by an architect that two or
more stories will have to be added within
three or four years
The library contains at present abou
550000 volumes Some 65000 library card
are hold by citizens of Boston practlcallj
one to every eight Inhabitants
Within the last few years the Back Bay
section In the vicinity of Huntington avenue
and the Fens has become a centre for the
musical and educational life of the city
Near the corner of Huntington avenue and
Massachusetts avenue are the Century
Building built by women and t1 e head
quarters of a great womans club Horti
cultural Hall Symphony Hall and the 3ew
England Conservatory of Music Still fur
ther out toward Brookline at Huhtingtn I
avenue arc Mrs John L Gardners Italian
palace Simmons College designed to pro
vide technical training in practical lines
for young women the Boston Normal
School Girls Latin School and High School
of Commerce
At Huntington avenue and Francis street
ire the marble structures constituting the
Modical School of Harvard University
Mso to be erected in this region are the
Museum of Fine Arts new opera house
and several other important educational
md civic edifices
This centralizing of Bostons chief In
stitutions of study in the Back Bay has been
ine of the most healthful parts of all her
Building revolution The work that is
steadily going on of creating from the
Jogs and swamps of the Fens a beautiful
area of US acres of park scenery baa been
a leading factor in attracting these edu
cational structures
Wonderful havo been Bostons com
nerdnl and private building operations
iinoenispifed by the Ames Building of
890 her municipal enterprises surpass
themThe original subway from Sullivan
Square Charleston to Dudley street
loxbury with an Atlantic avenue loop
was built at a cost of five millions
This venture hurried along the Southern
Terminal Station project An avenue a
nile long was dug through the heart of
the dy to enable the shifting of tracks
rom the old Park Square station of the
original BoeJon and Providence Railroad
to form an entrance way to the new ter
mlnalOn January 1 1890 trains wore
dually running to and from the new rail
ray station Until the completion of the
new Washington station It was the largest
In the world that at St Louis being third
A tunnel baa been run for a mile under
tbe harbor of tho otty thus making trolley
cor connection direct with East Boston
An important extension of the subway
Idea in modernizing Boston is the work
low being prosecuted of making sub
way under Washington street the prin
ipol business thorouehfare thedty
The above undertakings have cost mill
Ions upon millions butlntbe scheme
rhloh was adopted a fow ycars ago of
resting a greater or metropolitan Boston
strict much more is Involved The
plan was to unite Boston and a district
omprjsjng some thirty cities and towns
within a radius of twenty miles Into o
Ingle system of parks water supply and
The first of these metropolitan systems
Is that of the parks More than 10000000
bu already been oxpendedand probably
90000000 more will be ore tho work is
On the reservation at Revere Beach a
fOOOO bathhouse has boon orootod and
Mil been used on hot days by more than
100000 persons A splendid drivoway baa
been laid out along the soashoro I
The commission has erected a lino of
parks and pleasure grounds along the I
V Charles River as well as a boulevard Md
speedway These works extend from
Cralgie Bridge at tho West End Boston I
to Watartown a distance of twelve miles
Westward the parkways range through
the Now tons to a point beyond Wolloaloy
nineteen miles No public enterprise ova
undertaken by any American Common
wealth will result In greater good to t
greater number than the metropolitan parki
of Massachusetts
The plans being executed by tho Metro
polltan Water Board Involve an expend
Cure of at least 30000000 and In all like
hood 45000000 This project will provide
for Boston and twentyeight adjacent
towns the most perfect system of drinklnc
water supply In tho United States
Among the features of the now ventun
will be the Massachusetts Reservoir cost
ing 9000000 and located little south
west of Clinton This lake is about eight
miles long an average depth of fortysu
feet and an area of 4195 acres As a result
of the building this reservoir over 1700
homos were wiped out
Under tho management of tho Metro
politan Sewerage District organized In
1890 an extensive sewerage system is being
built for Boston and twentytwo cities
and towns The area of this district La
187 square miles
Within the lost few years public bathing
facilities have become a prominent feature
of municipal Boston Plans arc under
way looking to the establishment of five
free bathhouses Three of these have
already been drooled at a coat of 170000
They con accommodate 1600 bathers at
one time A fee of ono cent for towel and
soap Is charged During tho opening
year of the first bathhouse 271607 persons
patronized the institution Out in Brook
line in the first all the year round bathing
concern operated under municipal man
agement It is estimated that twenty
five thousand children have here received
free instruction In swimming
Along with the recent land works in
and about Boston have been prosecuted
Lmprovomenta upon her harbor tho second
in the United States in commercial im
portance Moro than a million dollars has
been expended in pier building
Boston was tho second city in the Union
to adopt tho electric system street can
and when about 18S3 this was being In
stalled tile development of the suburban
residence district began The lines were
extended and kept on extending until now
ono can go by electrics to Nashua ninety
two miles on the north and to Newport
sixtyeight miles to the south
Fixing the Social Status of the Bride Ques
tion of Dowry and Divorce I
From lAi London Bttntarf 1 I
The marriage customs of West and South
west Africa are In many cases peculiar They
differ course in different tribe but bAn I
broad lines In common
A coastal tribe always eohilders Itself
superior to an Inland trlb 7 and even Its
meanest momber cJrJms to rank hjabtr
than the most powerful manofontap eotffr
tribe A man max marry any woman be
likes of any tribe It being held that beIYeI
her his own status whatever that may be
but It almost unheard of for a woman to
marry bentatb her As a result some of
the women of the most superior coast tribes
like the M pong we look to Marriage with
white men and frequently attain to It
The parents on both sides rule absolutely
In the matter of marriage between natives
First the wouldbe bridegroom goes empty
banded to obtain the consent of the brides
father Then he goes again wltb gilts and
the father calls In other members of the family
to view the gIfts On the t bird visit he carries
trade sin a sufficiently poisonous compound
generally from Hamburg In the old days
It was palm toddy or wine
On this occasion be pays over ab Instalment
of the dowry On the fourth visit he lakes
his parents with him and Is permitted to see
the girl herself When next ho calls his
prospective motherinlaw provides a feast
for himself and his relatives the host and
hostess eating nothing but taking a hand
In the drlaklns Finally tbe man goes
with gifts And the balance of the dowry and
takes the woman eway On arrival at his
village she Is welcomed with singing and a
strenuous dance called nkttnjft
For tbre months the bride Is not required
to do aDT bard work but after that she
buckles to with his other wives at gardening
aDd carrying burdens Polygamy Is general
and the number of a mans wives limited
only by his resources In the mat tor of paying
dowries Tho man may divorce his wlfa
whenever he chooses and for almost any
reason But It Is rare for a womao to be able
to obtain divorce at her own wish Divorce
entails the return of the down
Rent One Red nose
Prom thi indo Daily Moll
An Interesting feature of the distribution
if prizes at St Olaves Grammar School
Bermondsey yesterday was the payment of
the rent of a freehold field which wag
leased in IMfl to trustees for the benefit of
the poor of the parish
Tho lease was for a term of 600 yean at
the yearly rent of a red rose payable at mid
summer If lawfully demanded The repre
icntatlves of the trustees paid the rent with
a bouquet of red roses which was handed to
he warden of tho school i
Democratic Politic In Brooklyn Manage r
for Thirty Years From o WUoughb
streetThe Glory of the 1laoo Los
After Leader MoLaaguUut Downfall
No 0 Willoughby street Brooklyn will
continue to bean auction room as It hasbeei
for over thirty years but as tho Wllloughb
street auction room the famous politico
headquarters of the late Hugh MoLaughlln
it baa passed Into history
Noo gained its distinction more than i
generation ago when Mr Mclaughlin
long the unquestioned Boss of the King
county Democracy established his persona I
headquarters there The late Thomas F
Kerrigan the city auctioneer owned th
building at the time and had his office there
He was a close persqnal friend of Mr Mc
Laughlin and the visits of the latter to
the auction room became so frequent
that by degrees tho place became knowt
as his headquarters
No political boss in the country had
more modest and unpretentious quarters
thin were allotted to Mr McLaughlin at
Noo Tho political sanctum was a single
Jbaok room on the first floor and thp furni
ture consisted of half a dozen chairs o
couple of benches and a oouplo of desks ol
old fashioned type There was no carpet
on tbe floor and the walls were utterly devoid
of pictures or decorations
It was la this dingy room that tho BOBS
met the big men from all over the country
who from time to time visited Brooklyn
to consult with him and It was here that ha
held his daily consultations with his lieu
tenants and planned bis political battles
It was the Bosss dally habit while In town
to arrive at the auotion room about oclock
and remain there ready to meet all comers
until uoon when he wont to bit home never
more than couple of blocks distant for
lunch He returned In an hour or so and
remained until nearly 0 oclock
During exciting political times Mr
McLaughlin seldom spent less than six or
seven hours at No 9 His callers were not
confined to politicians but embraced men
nod women who sought his assistance In
landing a job either for themselves or
friends It was no unusual thing to find a
score or more of persons lined up In the
hallway and out on the stoop awaiting their
turn for on Interview with the Sage of Wil
loughby street
Henry Ward Beecher Bishop Lougblin
the Rev Dr Storm Gen Blocum Thomas
KinsoUa Henry C Murphy and Roswell
P Flower were a few of the big men who
made pilgrimages to his modest head
quarters back of the auction room Mr
MoLaughlln a always glad to meet tho
noted sporting men of his generation and
I none of them visiting Brooklyn failed to
drop In at No 0 Jern Mace and Joe loss
the famous English boxers for instance
called on him whllo they were giving ex
hibitions in Brooklyn
It was on the ovo of a city or county
convention when a Mayor and other Im
portant officers were to be nominated
that the auction room blossomed out in
ill Its glory Mr MoLaughlin never at
tended such gathering but pulled Pie
tlrtw which ieths nominating machinery
in rnotlorufrcrn his desk In the auction room
Eton from bis first 1sea the political
arena Mr McLauahlln bada trusted lieu
tenant or chief of staff The lost man
10 distinguished was James Hhovlln ox
warden of the King County Penitentiary
whom he had long in training to be his
I It ia not unlikely that when Mr Mc
Ldughlln had become tired of the po
litical Rome and decided to retire that
30 could have installed Mr Shevlin BO
oader had It not boon for the sudden wreck
jf his own regime In the menorable May
oralty squabble in 1003 and the enthrone
iwnt of Senator Patrick Henry McCarren
is his successor
With the downfall of Mr MoLaughlln the
luctlon room became eclipsed for although
he kept up the old routine of daily visits the
Callers dropped off steadily and Mr
tlcLaughlln would often IMS left alone for
hours to meditate on the political revolution
In which he was the ohloi victim
After the death of Mr McLaughlin the
motion room was maintained by Mr Shovlln
aa the headquarters of the socalled Wil
oughby street contingent in IheDeraocracy
but without a semblance of its former Im
I xirtanoe Now that Mr Shovlin has retired
from active politics the auction room has
been abandoned The antlMcCarrenlles I
iave established their headquarters in the
big Temple Bar Building and installed
homos H Farroll who took his first polltl
al lessons hoes Mclaughlins in the
auction room as their leader
Deer Breeding Profitable
From the Baltimore American
The business of raising deer as a matter
or profit mar sound strange but there are
a number of people In various parts of the
ountry who set lucrative returns from
heir herds saId W 0 Adams of Washing
ton D C
A friend of mine began raUInc deer in tho
Hstrlct of Columbia over thirty > cars ago
and has made money In ttielr propagation
For his bucks he Rets ISO each and the does
irlns 175 Deer will eat nlincut any kind of
raIn or anus even preferring the rankest
ieeds to the choicest hay They should
ilifays have an abundant supply of clear
unmne water About the greatest Item of
xpenno connected with raising deer Is the
out of fencing The fawns are usually born
In the spring or early summer Does aa a
ule have but one fawn at first but subse
iiiently twins are born and In rare cases
4 = 800 Mission Table
FOR 450
This is a solid and substantial Table
mode from solqatod oak weathered finish
36x24top Large drawer and brass trim
559 to 571 Fulton St Brooklyn I
V5 k V Vr
LLi r ± LJV 4
Jw fl v U
The Subway to Hoytt
Street Brings the Loeser
I Store Within 17 Minutes
I In every detail the Leading Retail Establishment of Brooklyn j V i 1
r Store Closes at I 5 PM Saturdays at Noon J iffi
p Actual Savings of Half Price I
Now on High Grade Furniture
PEOPLE BINGE TEE BALE STARTED have expended from 1000 to 5000 and in doing oo have aced
SEVERAL to 5000 The saving is just as real as though they had invested the money and it returned them 100 per
cent The samestyle profit and grade Furniture has heretofore sold for doublo tho priced After this Sale It will sell again V V
for double the prices It Is simply one of our privileges in this notable August Sale to offer a very broad and flno Stock I I
and rooniand offer it for half price V
of Furniture for parlor library diningroom living room
Yet this half priced Furniture makes up only apart of the Sale There are Immense stocks of other Furniture ol
every good style from the simplest to the richest and the prices are fifteen per cent or V more under the regularaverag t
ing about a third saving CC I
Three Piece Parlor uites
a BO regularlY 8138 Mahogany finish
three piece I Bolto covered with panne
S8B regularly Clio Mahogany three
piece Suite covered with tapestry
V 8DG regularly 1OO Mahogany three
piece Suite covered with damask
8BS regularly 825O Mahogany three
piece Suite covered with velour
Siao regularly 34O Mahogany three
piece Suite covered with panes plush
8UO regularly 30O Mahogany three
pleoo Suite covered with damask
I0BO rcFDlmrly S1B3 White enamel
two see Suite covered with tapestry
to regularly lfO White enamel
V three piece Suite covered with damask
Bedroom Furniture
silt regularly 8318 Mahogany three
pieceSuite Including dresser chiffonier
and dressing table
OT183SO regularly NOl Mahogany
three piece Suite Including dresser chif
fonier and dressing table
8238 regularly 8463 White enamel
decorated eleven piece Suite Including
bed dresser chiffonier dressing table
V cheval glass table somnoo stool two
chairs and rocker
S3S7e regularly f 115 Circassian
walnut four piece Suite Including bid
dresser chiffonier and dressing table
Cluny and Marie Antoinette Pai >
Curtains Half Price
rnH BEAUTIFUL CURTAINS rondo such a sU
THESE that we have hurried in the second lot
5 of 1e and they will be ready tomorrow
Never before thin offering wo believe have such imported
t18 oteg suc
ported Curtains been obtainable for such very small
prices They are in white and Arabian colors in most
attractive in pairs patterns and they V con be used either singly V or
SI to each Instead or 83
B32B each Instead or B4BO v
82 TB each Instead of BBBO V
8318 each Instead or BJBO
S49B each Instead or BIO V
Lacct Arabian and Point Arabe Curtains
s to 111 Lacet Arabians at BBO8 a pair I
114 to 120 Lot and Point Arab at BOO8 a pair
tJ2 to JO Point Arab at S17BO a pair
White Nottingham Curtains About Half
1150 Curtains V 69c a pair V
S75CUCt4Ln1VtV 8Bc a par
tJasd zM Curtajniat 9110 apalr
tlM SaTTCmSSs at 140 a pair
13 and I30 Curtains at B18B a pair
I and U Curtains at B34B a pair
IT to ill Curtain at B43B a pair
V Real Renaissance and Cluny Curtains
It to I value at 83OB a pair
5 to 1680 values tI > B8B8 a pair
Durable and effective French Lace Curtains made on heavy
net Many have wide Insertions and large corners
4 to 10 Odd Tapestry Portieres at 89c
and 175
About 1000 Half Pairs of Nottingham
Curtains 15c Each I
2 to 3 Shirtwaist Boxes at 115
None C O D
V V Third Floor front j
Waists in a New Roundup
EACH hundreds of pretty Waista odch ono arous
ing enthusiasm in its now owner Again and again
wo have been told that the values are the greatest ever
seen even in August
seneven Augt
Thousands more will pUt tho tables with fresh sup
plies tomorrow Their daintiness and good workman
ship are selfevident Their littlq prices arc astonishing
even more astonishing when you begin to figure whether
you could buy tho materials alone for the present price
of the finished Waists
3Oe Cor BOo and Ie Waists
BBc for Bl Waists
98e for 81BO to B33B alt
Blas f r2 Waist
B198 for BS to BB Waist
B3BS for B4 to Bfl Waists
L Second float I
Cowhide Traveling Bags 550 to 698
LUB FAGS extra wide at the bottom and with welted
C edges Leather lining with deep pocket well
made handle and fine crass ting A stand
ard Loeser traveling Bog value and not o b
matched outside the Loeser Store at the Loeser price
Sizes 1 to 18 inch at 1550 t < 69B
Male Floor
4 Fo
PzDE1dULolii ft CO r
I FIEm tVw
B3BO regularly Sise cxrcosaua wee i
nut four pleoa Suite Including bed drbsser V
chiffonier and dressing table
3IB reladrio Mahogany V eight V
place Suite including twin beds dreoser
o Suit = lass
chiffonier dressing table 1Y
chair and rocker U
chai anl rooe
387EO rqularISI IXeaoh 4
nut four piece Bulte cudlb V
dresser chiffonier and dressing thl
9999 Clrcassln wsl V
S4B4 recnlarly J
Crl 1
4 r1l Suite Including twin bed
dresser coO dressing table
saoo regularly a lseo VT Jte avet
860 piece Julte Inoludtag tw I eda
dresser chHonler and dressing table V
Jr V
Oriental RugsMany at VH >
IN held on Oriental Rue Solo at special prices Bat
never before did vre have a Sale in whO the was V V
ouch largo quantity of fino RUg the medium size V
and at very low riO often as low as half price It i
this great collection of low priced Ruga which makes up
the strength of the Solo and which it win be very dot
t equal again ThOVRUI4 a all in fine condition and
unusually choice in patterns and colorings Wo print
some details of inpatyr
Select fug Under tO
1 Shlrvans Beg 14 at MVK
10 Carabagbf Reg laBO at C8VB
6B UamadanfBeg 8BO at BBVC
Rugs Between 10 and 2O
18BO and a24 Shlrrans at nSanlel 89 B
1616 and M3BO Bejoochlitang at C19IB and R1SI 8
V 34 and 980 ttazalts at S18Se
Rugs Between 2O and SO
838BO CaDlttaiU and fihlrvanj at BaiVI V
40 Kazakh at saiBO V U
V4VKiiisat 834VB V
9V JBM V aartmks at RILIL VV
V Domestic VV Rugs
014IB Tapestry Bruieli at 199B
> 80SO Royal Wiltons at M1B0 V
sonody Brunei at ssvi
81 Art Loom Rugs at MS
33B to BBO Wilteni S18B t BBSe
V Good patterns In the HU 3xsi and SOrtJ Inch ll
Third Floor V
Tr jV
85c It Black Satin D Foulards 34c
THE a silk we havo hoard from many sources that
it i tho best value of the season And we shall have i
1500 yards more ray for tomorrows Belling 23 inches
wide None sent C 0 D 1
1 All Silk 27 Inch Rough Pongees at 5
l 65c New Fancy Silks at 39c V V V
Mill Floor Bond Street k
Underwear and Hosiery VV
IF will not find bettor chance than tomorrow brings I
in the Hosiery and Underwear stores V Jm
If you are t sty in town no apparel will help VV to V
keep you cooler or cost as little V
Womens Underwear Womens Hosier V
2 D ret 200 and ate 12o reSI
IBo rec ate and SBo sio rec a BO ana ale
Sko 8 for 1 > rec BOo I reg 8Bo
3Ao rer BOo
Mens Underwear Mens Hosiery M
29 ree BOO 124e reg 2Oo
re 2Ie
SBo ro BOO RVO re re2O V
riSe rag BOo and Vac 35o res BOO
BOe ref Tic 3Be reg 10 e
10 rN 1 t SlBO 3 Bo rev BOo
Womens Underwear Second Floor
All Other Advertised Goods oa ha Wan Floor V i V
Autumn Dress Goods69c
For Usual 1 and 125 Sorts V
THE at 1 and 125 1 yard and will be so priced U
V generally throughout the country net fall V
In shadow effects herringbono and chen strlpw
black in shades of Daub blue green navy brown olive and
They an4i to M inches wdtnICIcaya V
Second Floor < S k U
Nearly 1000 Tailored Skirts for Fall
Just Finished In a Great Sale V
rnms IBTHE FIKST TIME we havo been able to mokesuch an offer an offer presents new Skirt made up in
THIS autumn stylos at much loss than Identical Skirts will cost a month or two month now U t
a I The tailor work has been done as we prescribed it The Skirts are i fall models and finished unusually well
Te and desirable for Fall Hors ia hint at the uu we 3
The fabrics are aa choice ad dCa anything doe1ope lorFoHcl i some blt prices V
4 Panama Skirt at 198 10 Skirts at 498
6 Chiffon Panama Skirts at 375 12 Advance Sample Skirts forFall
7 Skirts at 398 698 to 1898 Values for 498
19 to 2750 Wool Suits at 998 V
Strictly men tailored Bulls of Panama cheviot series broidcloths bordercloths and fancy nurtures ones and twos of V a
kind BklrU a platted and romeo Cats are In short and medium lengths V with short and full length sleeves V and silk or ti
lining throughout V None sent O OD credited or exchanged
V Final Clearance Prices Now on All Summer Dresses
Second Floor V Front
V pV V V t Vi y
1 I fr i
A 1
e i k t l tJ
iwr e s

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