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r r J MONDAT AtKIDBT 17 1808
I t Warmer and partly cloudy with probable
it n I showers
1 I I t tn
t 1
r VOL UXTKO 352 + 4 NEW YORK MONDAY AUGUST 17 1908 Copvi1o1 1008 > bltSOh Sun Prntin end PtthUiMna 8IociatCorl
c UIl1nS I Confldemtcs t Hmins Atone
Sh wi Nenrowaew Bttrtbw Takes to
queens County Jail IHmfet Cut on the
diarce Against AnnU and Mm Halni
f Cgpt Fotor 0 Hams Jr who tand
tjBed William E Annla at tho Bay Side
1 fcobt Club Saturday afternoon and T
jeokins Hains tbo writer and brother of the
J fcptaln who held the crowd back at tho
point of an army revolver and who whan
Interference was attempted declared that
htarunning this business were trans
erred yesterday from the Flushing polloo
tkn to tho Queens oounty jail at Long
JJInd City
Meanwhile they hod been arraigned in
he Long Island City polioo rtbut
through an error they were not represented
by counsel and the hearing wont over until
this morning The prisoners were held
without ball
The polioo make no distinction between
the offences of the two men
The Grand Jury does not meet until the
Ant or second week in October District
Attorney Ira G Damn said last night thai
be would ask that indictments for murder
in the first degree be returned against both
the Halnses as soon as possible after the
i Grand Jury IIJI8 mblesU la possible that
UM case may be brought to trial In Novem
ber Meanwhile the prisoners will remain
in their present quarter the county jail
They were taking matters rather calmly
I yesterday these two who planned the death
of the man they believed had wrecked the
home of one of them They spent the night
L in the Flushing police station and expected
fj to be arraigned In the court in that village
In the morning Their father BrigGen
Peter C Hains and W Q Percy of Man
hattan their lawyer bad been told that
thit was where the arraignment would be
made But the wife of Magistrate Maurice
I C Connolly who was to nit In Flushing
vis sick at a summer resort and the Magis I
trate went to her after requesting Magis
trate Matthew J Smith of the Long Island
City court to take care of both districts
I Ir So the prisoners were taken In a patrol
wagon to Long Island City
Capt Bain and his brother sbemed to
have no deciro to attempt to get away but
the detectives took no chances They
picked T Jenkins llama as tho more dan
gerous of the brothers and handcuffed him
between Detectives Fallon and Feign
Capt Hains was attached by a single hand
cuff to Policeman William Q Baker who
bad made the arrests The token of their
codlUon wa no peazing tq the broter l
nW =
but they M149iIk2Z > t
The triP 1Iib patro1iromFlushitg was
begun about halfpast 0 Half an hour
later on the arrival of the 820 train from
Long bland City Gen Hams and Lawyer
Percy reached the station house and were
told that the prisoners had been token to
Magistrate Smiths court The father and
lawyer then boarded a car and got back
to Long Island City after the brief court
i proceedings were over and the brothers
had been taken to the jail
Capt Hains showed some evidence of
cerves in the morning He was not at aU
broken In spirit and in fact was most opti
mistic but the nonchalance of bearing ho
showed at tho time of his arrest had given
plaoe to what may have been something
lib a realization of tho altuatlon he is in
T Jenkins Hams on the other hand was
j the same cold selfconfident man who
according to his own words as well as ac
cording to all appearances had run the
business of shooting a man without giving
him a chance for his life
He did not act as if this were his first ap
pearance in the role of fighting for his I I
We In a court of justice nor is it Some I
seventeen years ago when he was little
more than a boy he killed his man and in
spite ofa high tide of publio feeling was
This was at Fortress Monroe Va in
1881 The man ho killed was his friend
Ned Hannegon They had been out in
a canoe together When a landing was
made Hannegan was dead In the boat
hot twice through the heart Hams got
off on a plea of selfdefence but a woman
fipired in the events which led up to the
One more Hains and his bearing on the
day after Saturdays murder remain to
to described The old General under
dzed as to height none too rugged in ap
pearance but with a military bearing the
ttUness of which has been a little softened
by time walked into the jail where both
hit eons are imprisoned with a step so
steady and assured that one unacquainted
1rIlh him would not guess his mission He
talked with his sons and their lawyer for
half an hour and come out of the jail with
the same confidence
have been adviaod by counsel not to
oak any statement be said and I
ball make none at this time I only do
4 5 that the public suspend judgment
U9 fl they know all the facts hi the case
II they later will bo brought out at the
kill Wo are going to fight and fight
i I hard and I have no doubt whatever that
farthing will come out an right
fie swung himself on to a street oar
4 t re oonld be no doubtthat the General
ft the confidence he expressed His man
Bv teemed rather to support his sons in
I Wr act than to hint at any regret or
I IhIme The Hainsea are fighters prtiou
Jlnythfl father and the older son T Tea
was The younger son who did the
ctial lolling of William E Annls is of
i toore nervous type slight in build
lattng glasses to assist his eyes and
his fingers show the stain of heavy cig
t I < te smoking He might be guided by
false one might say or by the force of
Wronger man
About the only p rons present wbea the
Jjrthers were arraigned In addition the
ei o poliosmaa and Court Clerk
I terMoOurre himself formerly a Captain
of volunteers were twosoore members of
the Bay Side tycht dab who ran over In
f wamobllw and troUey tar to see what
h Mctae of the men who invaded their club
to Bll one of their members The club
ggBbers stood about silently watching pro
Cbnnnuft on Second Pagt
Who WM Alto the Mace of III Employe
Relative Search for Them In Vale
Miss Anna Jordan tho daughter of Jullu
Jordan a well to do manufacturer of under
wear oloped yesterday with Jack Nordet
a travelling talesman who for several years
has been In the employ of her uncles Bony
Bros manufacturers of suite at Elgt
teenth street and Fifth avenue The Joi
dana live at 312 West Eighty fifth street and
Nbrden bad been a toady 1 caller there ever
olnce ho was Introduced to Miss Anna by
her brother William who was his chum at
While the girls parenta didnt object to
Nordon as a soninlaw they didnt want
the wedding to take place until next sprint
Miss Jordan who 1Ju years old and pretty
and Korden Who Is M had tried repeated
to get tho parents consent to wed this
summer but they were told they would have
to wait
Saturday night Miss Jordan went to vial
her uncle P J Bonwlt at 331 West Eighty
sixth street Early yesterday mornini
Norden drovo up In a taxicab and wot
joined by Miss Jordan who bod dross sull
case packed and was all prepared flight
Whore they spent tho early port of the
day her relatives could not find out but li
tho afternoon the girls brother reoelvec
telephone message from Nordon oayini
ho and Anna woro going to be marrloc
despite all opposition and would take the
220 train for Atlantic City William 1m
mediately went in pursuit and learned thai
tho elopers had boon held up by a bloyck
policeman at Eighth avenue and Thirty
fourth street for speeding They explain
that they were In a hurry to get manioc
and tho cop relented and allowed the chauf
feur to go However they missed the trail
and nothing baa been hoard of them since
It is believed they took a later train for
Atlantic City and wore marriedthere The
brother and several friends went to the Nov
Jersey reeort lAst evening and mode a searcl
of the hotels but got no trace of thorn
At the Jordn home lost night It wja sole
that the daughter and her husband will b
forgiven when they return The mother
andfatheradmlttodtaattheywero angry at
the couple for running awayand added thAt
they are now sorry they didnt give consent
in the first place
Yet Turkey Fear tbe Future lie Should
Die or Abdicate
Sptcial Cable Dttpotch TIM SUN
LONDON Aug nTho Constantinople
correspondent of the Telegraph sa a tfiat
two nonoommissioned officers obtained
access to the Sultan with a petition When
it was presented to him he replied
Take promotions take everything you
want take the whole empire but leave m
The correspondent assuming that Uv
foregoing is true points out that it showi
the demoralization the Sultan hi which
lies the great danger of the situation Bia
s ddin collapse or death might produce
complications such as division oplnloi
ijsteba successor and misunderstanding
with the armjrT > rovifaces
The lower classes and the Common sol
diers Are devoted to the person of the Sul
tan and have religious veneration for him
aa Caliph If he should die they would im
mediately suspect foul play and the result
might be a general catastrophe For tin
same reason the deposition or abdication
of tho Sultan would be opposed by all ex
cept the extremists
It IB certain that through the Sultan the
Young Turk committee can retain and
strengthen Its hold on tho masses whiol
at present is a neoeesity Realizing thli
the Salo len committee permits and favors
acclamation of the Sul tin by the troope
which hitherto boa been iorbldden
Fell In Front of a Subway Express Train
and Lhes to Tell the Story
Martin Cantwoll who said that he lived
at 153 Kevins street Brooklyn was walking
In circles when he started home from a
tour about Harlem yesterday He man
aged to find the subway station at 135th
street and Lenox avenue and attracted at
tention while there To make sure that he
would catch an express train he walked
class to the edge of the platform and just
as the rod and green lights came in view
fell on the track Half a dozen women
standing near screamed and the motor
man put on brakes so suddenly that the
passengers in tho coaches were almost
thrown from their seats
Expecting to find a mangled corpse the
trainmen fished in between the train and
tbe platform and brought up Cantwell
tie had had the usual luck of a manin hia
best humor and the only sign of his near
dpath call was awell oiled summer suit and
a small scratch on his forehead A police
man took him to the We t 125th street sta
tion house and when be got there and SAW
that it wasnt a hospital or even a saloon
tie was so angry that he tried his beet to
Jean it upBo was muoh more severely
injured then than he was in the subway
To It lie Attributes Progress of Roman
OathottcAm In Amrrlo
SfXtUl Vnpalclt to Tm Sex
RoME Aug 10In an Interview yester
lay on thopr greee of Catholicism in Amer
Ica Cardinal Gibbons said it wan mainly due
to the separation of State And Church
The clergy he added is Inspired by
sincere devotion and piety The Govern
nent leaves us free and even watches with
latlsfaotion our work knowing that our
ifforta are always Inspired by a desire
to preserve order iyd respect the lAws
The Government thus interprets tho Nenti
nents of the people who consider elision
he basis of social morality and prosperity
When questioned aa ti whether ho had
ircr alluded the presence of the Pope and
others to the reported engagement of the
Duko of the Abrutrl and Miss Katherine
Jlklns tho Cardinal said he had not done so
Cardinal Gibbons left Rome for Brunnen
Jwltzerland at 6 oclock this afternoon
looompanlcd Mgr OConnell
Sirrl Tower Station Talks IntflllElbly With
Point na Flnlitere
Sptcial jCatle UtipatcK tt TUB Son
PAnts Aue 16The station at the Eiffel
Tower h exchanged perfect telephonic
tommunlcations without wires with they
itatfon at Point Ban Finlstere 600 kio
neters or 8IO > 4 miles from Paris
beet In the world Then IsIs
Tb molt popular be I ord Ter I
CM profit to the dealer wbo MlU It beaM 1
otU Boil C U brewery yes tea sale rUN
box of all otter Bottled liccrt which prv that
Ua Mptrlorltr Ii ncotnlxed cvtrywhcnh
The Governor Answer An These mmiel
and HM Time for Ute EUo Wbai
the Politician A Dolnc U of
the i Governor for Pobllo Addressci
ALBANY Aug 11Gv Hugbes baa h
time fo little else since h annntinnomeni
that be would accept party renamingtlot
for Governor than answering hundred
of letters which have swamped his dy
mall I thecolettero b been set U
Oyster Bay Ito of Sarftnao 1 tb
Republican State loaders would be In i
political dilemma Impossible of escape
the sentiment ol
They would know that tsetment
the Republican a independent voters of
tho Stat had hardened beyond tho crys
taUlzation stage for Hughes and that the
people were paying no attention to socalled
leaders who convinced against their will
were of the some opinion still
Goy Hughes will not mao any of those
letters public He considers them personal
so much so that ho h answered each one
8 8 tt awe ec
himself Two big boxed encased those
lot from Saranao Inn t tho Executive
Chamber Gov Hughes will not discus
for publication the Republican Guberna
torial situation
Why even Roosevelt Woodruff Parsons
Hedc would b unable t force
Hughesa nomination at Saratoga without
a riot among the delegates declared an
exceptionally well informed Republican
official lat night He was talking con
fidentially but none the leas earnestly
Well the have to nominate Huge
whether they have a riot or not eraphaf
Ically asserted a close friend of cloy Hughes I
tonight when he heard of the remark
Word has reached Albany that Woodruff
h red Aly thatWol
PIM Barnes Ward and Hendricks have
told President Roosevelt at Oyster Bay thai I
it the President insisted on Hug ss r
nomination the only course left them would I
be to defeat him at the polls This is the I
reason advanced to Hughess friends foi
attitude at Bay on hit
the present attudo Oyster By tIS I
The State machine leaders are tolling
their friends confidentially that they h
little trouble hi convincing Pet Roosevelt 1
velt that Hughoas renomination would
greatly wedken Tofts chances 1 the State
ty wee co
a the President would like to see Hughea I
ret to private life if the onus for such
amovo was placed upon the State machine I
by the voters and it would not endanger I
Taft In the State I
Privately those State leaders insist no
matter what happens t Hughes that the
national issues and fife September conven
tion work of the ConnorsMurphy Demo
cratio I machine Insure the election of the
RebUSlto tlckef beyond perad
They feel that they have brought Pr
dent Roosevelt to their point of view and
among themselves they have determined
to keep quiet and go ahead and saw wood
which means the election of antiHughes
delegates to the State convention from
threequarters of the counties
Gov Hughess friends are not unfamiliar
with the movements of the machine leaden
and their arguments In opposition to his
Whos Who so far as It concerns Now
York State Republican politics will have
to be revised soon laughingly remarked
a close political obsenren tonight alf the
State leaders do not soon report correctly
the result of their investigations of the
sentiment of the Republican voters upon
this question
Hughes is going to be renomlnated
he Bug At the proper time Tat see
the necessity for touching the button
By that time the present State leaders
may not ben power to do the rest But
there will be equally able statesmen at the
bead of the Republican State machine
The plan of the machine leaders to stand
against Gov Hughess ronominatlon was
not completed until Benjamin B Odell I
Jr had his long talk with Chairman Timothy
L Woodrf at Republican State head I
quarters a short time ago Woodruff is as
much afraid of Odell politically 0 a child
is of the bogey man Parsons is not afraid
of Odell in that sense and yet he is v
on the alert for any of Odolls Insidious po
litical movements
It is no secret that Odell wants to control
the Manhattan Island Republican machine
as a nucleus for his return to power In the
Republican State machine Parsons does
not want Hughes and yet he does not want
to lose control In Manhattan IHowas
averse to coming out agalnat Hughes for
four Odoll would give him another fight
at the primaries in September Apparently
Par feared the result this year even if
he never did before
The WoodruffWardBarnesHendrioks
political coterie was in a quandary for
awhile They nee Pomonas open opp
sition to Hughes or the combination could
not withstand publio pressure Woodruff
was deputed to make overtures to Odel
He did so at the State headquarters con
ference recently Odell accepted them
Odells recognition In the campaign organ
ization on the State committee followed last
Speaker James W Wadsworth Jr Is
going t males a spirited canvass for dele
gates who will support his ambition to b
Governor now that h home county of
Livingston h declared for him The
Speaker is In New Hampshire at the Hay
I home It learned tonight
summer hme I was 10M tght
that tb Rpt would cut short his vaca
tion now and would be In Albany tomorrow
and that he would take etepa at once to
organize his friends throughout the State
to aid him In advancing his Canvass for the
nomination for Governor
While all hoes mancBuvrings are going
on Gov Hugh pursuing the even tor
o his official work Personally th Gov
ernor would not be disappointed if he wore
not renomlnated Bo prefers to resume tho
practice of his profession Ho decided to
accept a renomlnation if the Republican
voters desired it only because he was im
portuned from all section of the State not to
abandon in their initial stages reforms he
had already hud placed upon t statute
books and those he had outlined but which
the Legislature had ref ustd to opt Only
because h might b termed 8 quitter
did Coy Hughes finally determine t sink
his personal desires and did accept a
ronominatlon This lane secret among the
renonUon aoD
I Governors friends
J >
r f4T
Deputies With Guns Stud Off Drunk
Mob at Huntington LI Lookup
HUNT ION L Aug 17At abt
1210 oclock this inomning a gong of thirty
five men smashed to the door of the Hun
ington lockup between the village and
HWtlngton Harbor and tried t get hold
of a negro George Washington who wa
arrested yesterday for an alleged ottacl
on a woman yesterday afternoon
The attacking party battered in the dOl
with railroad ties bt were confronted by
sheriffs with Th
tho two deputy sh 1tb guns
men then withdrew
T prisoner 0 bo removed from tin
lockup t Riverhead this morning Mos
of the men in the attacking party live In th
of the evening
vicinity They spent most
vcity Th sptm0t en
drinking in hotels lathe village
Mrs Louis Genie
The woman attacked I 71Lous
sleno wife of a waiter employed at th
Chateau des BeauxArts She is under
tho care of Dr C W Hendrickson She
was attacked in a lonely section just out
side the village
The negro took t the woods when pu
suit was live by those who responded to
the screams of the woman The roanop
parently thought to outwit hU pursuers by I
doubling book and h was caught in tbi j
village a little later
He was knocked down and pretty badlj
beaten by a crowd of men before the arrivo
of a deputy sheriff
Hotel Veranda Railing Against Which He
I Leaned Broke IIU Skull Fractured
Lwo BRANCH NJ Augie Charles F
Wormser secretary of the Yorkvllle Pcpei
Company 437 East Seventyseventh street
New York city fell from the veranda or
the second floor of the old East View House
at tho Highlands late last night and died I
at the Monmouth Memorial Hospital here
of a fractured skull early this morning
Mr Wormser with airland arrived at the II
Highlands last night to remain over Sunday
They remained up with others at the East
View House until alter 11 oclock when they
decided t retire
ded the second floor ol
rooms were on te Bnd60r I
the old hotel which has a veranda with a
railing Mr Wormser was leaning agolnsl
the railing when it gave way throwing him
head first fifteen feet below He was picked
ppunconoul and a physician was sum
moned It was thought at first that his injuries
moned I thougt fftthis
juries would not prove fatal as ho revived
before being placed in an ambulance but
while on the way to Long Branch M
Wormser had a hemorrhage He died soon
after being taken into the hospital
Coroner William E McDonald of Boy
today He
Beach began on investigation ty B
empanelled a jury wlqch will hear testimony
at tbo Inquest later Intho week and fix tbe
re r nidmUIpitteWtir
1t Wormssfvwas U yold Eli
father CeO floe Wormoer ol Scranton
Pa arrived hen 10 oclock tonight T
son wits born at Scranton but for a number
of years had been identified with the whole
sale paper bag business in New York J
Girl Tried to Kill herself bj Fall From
Galloping Hone
PITTSBDRO Aug 16The headlight of
Congressman Burkes automobile on the
Cg0mn Pitteburg Country Club last
night showed lying on Beech wood boulevard
tiio form of a young woman with a riderless
horse near by The young woman was
dressed in a riding habit
She was taken In the automobile to the
Country Club Dr J H Williamson
brought the girl back to consciousness Men
and women evening dress there acted
as helpers From a note that was found
In her dress it was learned that the girl was
Elizabeth Russell daughter of JW Russell
of Homestead From this note which was
addressed to her mother and from her
talk It is supposed that the girl attempted
suicide in a most remarkable way
Seating herself on her horse Miss Russell
whipped the animal Into a gallop and then
plunged head foremost from the animal
She struck near a stone wall and sustained
several terrible cuts She will recover
Miss Russeli quarrelled with her mother
in the afternoon
And Three Barely Revcped From the
Treacherous Current of Murderklll
DovRn Dl Aug 18 Five persons were
cafried out by the current at Bowers Beach
late this evening and two were drowned
Th drowned are Miss Nellie Nlckerson
and Clarence Dutton of Chester The
three who were rescued a J A Knott
Miss Margaret Roach and Miss May Wherry
al of Chester
The three were rOt the risk of
h own life by Ralph Baldwin a Phila
delphia Insurance ma
The five donned their bathing suits In
tel to bathe In Delaware Bay but
thing Murdorktll River safer they waded
quickly to midstream and suddenly en
countered deep water and the tremendous
current which prevails nearMie mouth
Mr Baldwin saw th plight and leaping
Into a small boat rowed t midstream and
got there In tie to save Knott Miss Wherry
and Miss Roach
IAWI Must Jibe With the New Spirit Mill
hazy to Da Reorganized
Sprdal Cable Dtlpatcli f Till 3UX
papers publish a statement of the Govern
ments programme All laws and regula
tions Incompatible with the new regime
will be amended The army and navy and
ill Government departments will b reorganized
NonMussulmans will be eligible for
military service The best relations will
as cultivated with all the Powers andn
stfort will be made for the abolition of tho
MpltuloCIons which are the articles by
which the Porte granted extraterritorial
Turkey and immunities to foreigners v residing
found b a Brooklyn Girl In New Jerw >
Four Diamonds In It
CALDWRLL N J Aug 18 While ssvorol
toys and girls wen ply tho woods la
the lower end of this township yesterday
tana Dodgo wboss boms is In Brooklyn
Found tbe nest of a blackbird and in it A
ring set with four diamonds A jowellsr
ue and sold ifwaa worth Wo
Foreign Ruth for Great Armaments Bali
to Have Induced Financier to Sucse
Borrowing iiooooOOovnth 1e
to Check Government Considering
Sfteial catit Dftpaicft to Torn Sm
LON Aug nTho Teltenph give
prominence t a statement from a wel
that the Govern
informed correspondent tat Gover
ment is considering a proposal to raise n
large loon in vie of the renewed compe
tition in naval armaments abroad t Proposals
posals to this end have been put forward
by financiers of the highest standing wh
have undertaken t find 110000000 or
nominal terms in order to meet the necessi
ties of the fleet in thenextfewyearswlthoui
disorganizing the annual budgets or castlnt
a heavy burden on the present generation
The correspondent proceeds aTho pro
posal is a simple one I would be a
declaration translated into terms of cash
of the countrys intention to maintain the
two Power standard at all costs Then
is no leeway to make up but there is a
future to be safeguarded B settlnj
aside l0Oo for thofleet the Gov
ernment would advertise Its policy in every
paper in the word and in all deliberative
ambliluntilt was world notorious
Such a loon would not be hypothecated I
in advance I would form a fund whiol
could be drawn upon as required Then
is no Id of fixing the expenditure yoai
by year for a long period in advance The
navy estimates would be introduced cad
spring aa usual but any outlay beyond the
normal would be taken from the loan
The scheme I put forward in no Sit
of financial despair but in the hope U
check b she flnancla1 boldness the 1
newed competition hi naval power The
proposal has already received the support
the Cabinel
of an influential section of Cabiet
who are determined to omit no steps tc
check the increasing expenditure for the
fleet forced on this country by foreign
riva appearing Saturday in the
Westminster Gatctte which is in close touch
with the Government is quota pleading
in guardodterms for the adaptation of the
Jon scheme Discussing AngloGorman
relations the GatcUr said
Constant comparison of forces and the
constant appearance of rivalry necessarily
Involved by cannot make for friend
ship but may easily sharpen antagonism
It seems to us it is time t consider whether
next year we should not wind up the whole
programmeCfinanced if need
affair by one pgetanc ine
be by a Soan which would save us at let
from the annual reourronoo of this con
troversy for tha subsequent three years
P tf1 N
Minnesota Demetrat May Kenomtflate
Him Against His Will
MINNEAPOLIS Aug leGov Johnson ypi
Minnesota Is coming here as fast as train
will carry h from a lecture tour to t
to avoid an embarrassing lito situa
tion Repeatedly he h said he would not
third term but his
be a candidate a tr tr h
Democratic friends say they w make
him the nominee at the State convention
on Wednesday without his consent K
need b With Johnson at the head of the
State ticket the Democrats believe the
carry tbo State swinging it ale for Bryan
but without him they say their chances are
almost nil
Congressman W 8 Hammond of St
James has been put forward as Johnsons
candidate for nomination but many in
the party do not think Hammond strong
enough to win Delegations instructed
for Johnson will be present at the convention
from nearly half the counties of the State
Many of those uninstructed will come favor
able to his candidacy I is expected that
there will be an attempt to stampede the
that such
convention Indications are a
move will succeed
Gov Johnson will be homo In the morn
lug and will deliver a address of welcome
to the Notional Editorial Association
which meets in St PaBis next act
probably will be to Issue statements re
peating what he has said several times be
fore that he will not be a candidate
R T OConnor who is friendly to Mr
Johnson said aI Gov Johnson gets the
unanimous nomination from the Demo
cratic convention I dont s how he can
turn It down He owes the acceptance of
a nomination to his party and public de
mand for him to run for a third term Is
something he should consider I think
there is no question about his reelection If
he runs
Chauffeur Coin to Meet Ills Employer
Makes lute Very Slowly
Alfred Haswell chauffeur for C H Robins
of 301 Gaxfield pines Brooklyn left Great
River L I yesterday to meet his em
ployer at the Grand Central Station H
well was late atarting so he hit up top
pace As he was going through Patchogue
a Sufrolk county deputy sheriff halted him
charge and he had to give ball to answer a speeding
The arrest having delayed him Ha well
bad to hurry and while so doing he ran
into an automobile trap in tho village of
Freeport He was stopped again and
again arrested and had to give boil t answer
to a speeding charge In Nassau county
He started again toward Manhattan
but as ho was coming along the Merrick
road in Jamaica a bicycle policeman halted
him and charged him with going thirty
two o hour For the third time
Haswell gave ball When he resumed the
trip he dela ho would cause his em
I ployer to wait sooner than make It four
I times In afternoon MM MMB
Kastcrn Creditor Retaining Pittsbnrg
Lawyer for the Purpose
PtTTBBuno Aug 10 Almost every one
of the Eastern creditors named by Harry
Thaw In his petition In bankruptcy hasro
talned a Pittsburg attorney to look after
the cases here Congressman James Fran
cis Burke of the firm of Lyon Hunter
Burke is one of the attorneys who have
been retained In the Interest of creditors
Burke will not tell who are his clients
Referee Blair is being besieged by trades
people of New York who through letters are
trying to oqlleot bills which It is understood
were contracted byMs Harry 1 Thaw
Blair declines t discuss this phase of the
case further than to say that he Is getting
some rather Interesting communications
Roger OMara the receiver who Is still In
the Eastnhu been Investigating many of
these new sioimt
English Woman Scoots Hero and Back In
Something of a Hurry
Special Cabs DnpoteVto Tan 5m
LONDON Aug i2dtss 0 A Grace an
employee of a London business firm claims
the record for a trip from London t Now
York and return
She was pledged to be In Now York on
August I and back in London to frooji ool
leaguo for a vacation on August She
loft Southampton on the Adriatic bn July 20
und reached New York at 11 A M Augusta
She left tho customs at HAS arrived at
West Eleventh street at 1110 completed
her interview at 1120 and was back at the
White Star Line dock at 1125
She boarded the Baltic for her return
anda half minutes
trip with thirtytwo a ha mnuts
to spare Tho customs officers helped and
cheer her She reached London on Aug
ust I at 10 PM and her office at I oclock
the next morning
Police Captain Unable to Sleep Invokes
the Sunday Laws
Acting Captain Henry the Mercer street
station caused tho arrest yesterday morn
ing of Joseph Baum the owner of J
Livingston place and Mariano Porno the
janitor on the chargo breaking tho S
bath by boating carpets
The acting captain lives near Livingston
place Bo stated his grievance to Magis
trate Butte as follows
al didnt get to bed until 3 oclock this
morning and I was awakened at 7 oclock
byMhls man beating carpets I couldnt
get to sleep again because of tbe racket
ho said
The Court dismissed tho jonltorvwlth a
reprimand but fined the owner a
I doesnt matter what your religion is
the law says you shall not work on Sunday
day the Magistrate said to prisoners
Woman Dather at Coney Itland Ina Suit
That Startled s
Womens bathing suite on show atC
and Brighton have been growing shorter
and shorter and tighter and tighter this
year fiomo of them have that Isbut the
shortest and tightest appeared yesterday
It was on a fine app woman who
walked from B Gate to the beach at the
foot of Twentyfifth street There the
woman put aside her long coat and ap
peared clad in a mans two piece t The
Twentyfifth street beach never was 8
crowded It was estimated that within ten
minutes 200000 men were there or trying
to get there
After being the centre of attraction for
half an hour the young woman drew O
her long coat and walked bade to Sea Oat
There were 900000 visitors at the Island
The water fine
ypaterday waterw6n
mint From Philadelphia Into Maryland
ie9o Feet Him
PHILADELPHIA Aug W The balloon
Philadelphia whose J ObftCcdded i
< the Schuylkill River soiled from this port at
1034 oclock last night and landed quietly
at 916 oclock this morning at Eidon sta
tion fourmo from ElktnMTho
passengers were Miss Minnie Applobaoh
and Mrs M E Looldngton of Philadelphia
and the pilot was George H Simmerman
assistedby D Thomas E Eldridge
There were no mishaps The highest
altitude attained was 10800 feet at 8 oclock
this morning whilo the balloon was crossing
the Mason and Dixie hits into Maryland
The temperature was not uncomfortable
Kaisers Brother Has aDevloe for Keeping
Auto Shield Transparent
Special CMt Dt watch la TUB Sux
BBRMN Aug 18 Prince Henry of Prus
sia brother of tho Kaiser ha applied for
a patent for a automatic cleaner of the
glass screens protecting the occupants of
The invention is in the form ofa leather
lined rule moving up and down the screen
when the cor is speeding In the rain
50OO Peraoni See Him Thrown on a Track
In the Clifton Stadium at Paterson
PATEnsoN N J Aug iaJsfl7
Briggs the motorcyclist and former am
teur lightweight boxer was killed today
in the presence of 5000 persona In the Clif
ton stadium
Briggs came here to pace Jimmy Mora
in a twenty mile motor paced race He
was testing a machine that the stadium
officials declared to be defective just be
fore the racing began After making four
laps of the saucer track Briggs was pre
paring to slow up when tho machine wab
bled and crashed against the grand stand
The rider was thrown fifty feet through the
air Be landed on the track and his neck
andone arm and leg were broken
Jake Derosiere the mile champion motorcyclist
carried the unconscious to
cclstcaned unonsousnan to1
automobile and disregarding speed laws
raced to St Josephs Hospital two miles
away but Briggs died before reaching the
Briggs was 2 years old He waa bom In
Waltham Mass and began his cycling
career with Jimmy Moron and Dutch Wal
ler He acted as pacemaker in this coun
try for Jimmy Michaels the former English
champion cyclist
Try Got Dcyond Their Depth In ilce
young women Miss Lucy Perry and Miss
I Sadie Disoeway of this city and Litzio
I Discs way of Now York were drowned this
afternoon 1ain while bathing In Lake Cham
plain I
These girls with several others were In
camp on tho shore of tho lake about ten
miles from this city and while bathing
stepped Into a hole beyond their depth
Miss Helen MoDougol of this city was with
them and was nearly drowned in her t
one to save her friends but oho finally
succeeded in reaching shore exhausted
To drownod girls were from I 1 to 21 year
Apoplexy the Announced Cause bnt Army
Otilcrn Demand Disinterment
I SptcM Cal Dttpolc C TUB Byte
I Paaha the new Minister of War died end
lonly today of apoplexy The officers
who were confident that they would r
oeive better treatment under his admin
istration a auspicious of the a
his death and have insisted the
hs dot Inlt upon t ex
humation tho body tomorrow although
llslntcrmont J contrary to the Moslem
I law I
Fixed Bayonets Halt Incipi
ent Riots and Clear
Away tho Crowds
Reserve Troops Held Ready to
Rush to Danger Points In
Fast Automobiles
All of the State 43OO Guardsmen Except
a Negro Reftlmeat Are Now In the City
Another Victim of the llloti Friday
TOstit Dies I Hospital More Than a
Score Suffering From G lot
Under Care of Phitldan One Man
Foand Who Admits Leadership Tells m
Harrowing Story of the rofan
Aged Necro Special Grand Jury Called
Nero t Migrate to Other Towns
Many Are Destitute and Lack ClothIer
SItNcJrnrLD Ill Aug 10Tire rloti
started at different places abeut oclock
tonight and but for the prompt arrival
of at both housoi
ho JUa btp1more hOU
would have nbU and probably
another lynching would have token place
At Sixth and Edwards streets a crowd
composed principally of miners and foreigners
oomp pply
eigners had gathered and one man wai
urging his bearers to attack houses in tb
block bolt several blocks east
bt svw
Tho crowd was approached by a patrol
which ordered lt to disperse but instead
o doing e the mob turned and attacked
the soldier A shot fired into the air
attracted tbo attention of a company of
the First Regiment and fifty soldiers woro
rushed to the place
With rifles levelled the soldiers advanced
upon the qoF9r a time they stood tholr
ground but when the Captain declared thai
h would order Ida men to fire the rfbn
r f UI t
tiraed acb dow suet eyriI
t tl tEv r1
I of the rioters w captured and token
to the county jail ondlooked up
crowd of about thirty negroes gothere
at Eighteenth and Kansas streets about
tho same hour and were threatening
vengeance on tho white people living li
that neighborhood when they were sur
rounded by two companies of the Second
Regiment When they discovered they
were surrounded on all sides by militiamen
the negroes surrendered
On instructions from MajorGeneral
young the captives were token to a vacant
lot on Kansas street where they will 0
kept over night They probably wjll bo
ordered t leave Ito city tomorrow morn
Ing for the officers fear that if they an
released tonight they may do damage h
prop Wo te again be corralled
Sixth and Seventh streets the two prin
cipal streets in the city began to be crowds I
olpstt cWc
sorry la the evening The crowds became s t
hick on the walks that G Young orderoJ
pt Thornton with Company D of til
Fourth Regiment to drive all persons with
out passes from the business district s
One company was not sufficient to hand
be crowds and two other companies woro 4
totalled to assist Forming solid lines from
tldewalk t sidewalk the troops with bare
bayonets forced this crowds bock Met
md women of the demimonde who had
looked t the streets heaped vltuperatioi
pen tbe militia tbe men refusing to rnovo
fly further ahead than just out of tic
onge of the bayonets
Attempts were made to circumvent tha
soldiers men dodging down alleys and
c streets More soldiers were order
out and finally after an hours strenuous
work the streets were cleared
Patrols were then established at every
Intersection and all pedestrians excepting
th0 bearing passes were kept from tho
justness district Others who claimed t
Ive in the downtown dl strict were escorted
to their homes by soldiers and ordered not
to leave during the night
Early In the evening a decrepit old negro
roman hardly able to move on account
of Illness painfully climbed tho hill on tho
Capitol grounds to the tents of the head
luarters staff and fell fainting just ouUldi
Cl Sanborns tent
Theyll burn mo ave she cried pits
ousyThey told me I would have to
save Springfield today 0 Id b killed
t tho stake
Capt Skoetor helped the woman into tho
olonela tent where she told tho officers
tht early in the afternoon she had found
a note tacked to her door which read All
legrocs hove been ordered to leave Spring
old and you will have to gowith tho rest
The woman1 paid little attention to this
rarnlug but several hours later she said
our whit men come to her borne and otter
arcing open the door shouted at her
You old witch we will give you until s
clock tonight to leave the city If
oolol tnghto llve I you
ont get out a band of vigilant will call
on you tonight and youll be In hell before
aorniogt S
The woman frightened by the threats
and living alone without any kind of pro
sotion gave up her home and started for
td camp of the Chicago militia
Col Sanborn ordered her cared for in tho
rsenal and detailed a squad of soldiery
to protect her home during the night
The regiments now in camp tho number
t companies and the C dIng oloera
cmp d
1 > 1 i i
f t I rt

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