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a H w bc tin I t r Fair with TCBBDAT light ATJOTJ8T resh northwest 18 IOCS winds
VOL LHTlfO 353 I + NEW YORK TUESDAY AUGUST 18 IQOBcoerrioM bv TII Swi Printing dndPvbUlIlng Aaodsfi PRICJ2 TWO CENTS
r AI the Leaden Who oppose Uie Gorernoi
nadSasffested OnlyOnoHaatoNonv
mate taeBne the People Want tfoaic
I Help Taft to New York and Beyond
= Jacob Gould Schurman preSIdent of
Com en University Ueuod yesterday a
t statement declaring vigorously In favor
of the renoralnation of Govy Hughes HU
f purpose was not only to do what fee could
to help the Governors candidacy but to
fJ set at rest any suggestion that be hlmseli
would be a candidate
I When tho Republican State committee
net in thin city last week Chairman Wood
c ruff William Barnes Jr tho Republican
I leader from Albany William LWard
national committeeman trom this State
i Chairman Herbert Parsons of the Repub
c lican county committee and others who
i ore fighting agalrut the renomlaatlon of
Gov Hughes made It known that while
z they were opposed to Hughes they wore
i not for a moment thinking of putting up
a machine Republican for the Guberna
f torial nomination The Information waa
i paft > el around that the leadern were think
ing of I putting up President Bchunnan
It wosJpolnted out at the time that Pres
ident Schurroan wouM not be likely to
i ente the field again CloY Hutches who
was a coleague of his in the faculty of
Cojnll and for nomei years a law partner
of 5corg y 8churman President Sohur
r 019 nM hrotyor
presMont Schurmans statement follows
In my judcment there Is only one man
r for the Republican party to nominate for
< Jov nmnr this year and that man la Charles
F Ruches He has already shown himself
In office a wise and efficient executive
a faithful supporter of the Constitution
a inn and f 4rlroj administrator of the
lava a resolute defender of the rights of
ttu people agalntt ev rT form of financial
crpolitioal usurpation and domination and
a rrmslruotli statesman who regarding
only principle and Booming selfseeking
expediency has carried through great
on ensures of reform for the better pro
tection of the rights liberties and interests
of the people and the safeguarding and
itrwiRtheninR our system popular goy
lrr his speech of acceptance Mr Bryan
assorts with tnphata that the primary
and fundamental issue in the present cam
paign is this Shall the people rule Thank
in no email degree to Ocr Hughes the
hindrance which Impeded the sovereign
rule of the people retn large mewuro 1
fceSo reword la the s tate of New York
The dcHborate terrn of the pesple if
anywise expressed in the Constitution
irhi < i thy otoraoly adopted TbatCO
t1h t l JI1I la nbl1ng Gov
Sughea fkr securing the enactment of a
lawicf 4aby that prohibition into actual
affectpotbnly observed hlsoath of office
but obeyedtthe deliberately expressed
command of the people
Again the control the people of the
pubUo anrvioe corporations is the principal
plonk in the platforms of both the great
national parties1 But Gov Hughes the
author of an epoch making statute which
already gives the people of the State of
New York control their railway and other
public service corporations and if the tele
phone and telegraph companies have not
7ft been included within the purview of
i this statute because the Governors
l recommendation to that end were not
adopted by our last Legislature It ro
j m Jns Indeed to put the people on top
in politicto free them from the domination
of political machines whichwhile useful as
servants are highly objectionable as rou
ters und despots And this end GOY
Hughes seeks accomplish through the I
enactment ir law authorizing direct 1
nominations by the people
Neutrally tha people desire to see Gov
Hughes renominated But to his renomina
tion certain political leaders are bitterly
opposed Wltbo tmeanng any disrespect
and with simple regard the facts Imay
point out that the days when Mr Platt or
Mr Bill held the State in the hollow of his
hand have passed away
Some but by no means all of thoss
looal leaders are opposed to Gov
Hughes Their complaint is that he does
not recognize the JprgonIration How
ever Unit may be these leaders must spe
that the people trust and admire Gov
Hughes and leaders cannot afford to an i
tafonlee the1 sentiments of the people
It they eresagacious politicians they will
oonsidrtVnot thelr > own injured feelings
but the cbortWer of the polltlaaTforoe
by whiqfc the results of the elections are
to be UonDwd80 doing tbey will
i perceive that to reject Gov Hughes
in favor cf any other person whatever
j would be to repudiate the reform policies
i to which the Republican party not only in
Now York State but thanks to President
P Itootevelt throughout the Union is today f
I committed and this great betrayal would
4 provoke resentment and indignation that
If I might easily cost Mr Toft the Ion of the
elect vote of New York to say nothing
of its effects on doubtful States inwhloh
Republicans axe vigorously demanding
reform andopposing reaction
The other opponents of Oov Hughes
are connected with the racetrack gam
bling Interests Because he has vin
dicated the Constitution of our State whioh
declares the will of the people in opposition
to publio gambling they sneer at the
Governor aa Charles the Baptist Oov
Hughess father is on honored Baptist
clergyman and the Governor himself II
a liberal minded member of the Baptist
But the sneer of the gamblers lice equally
against all religious denominations They
are oppos d to any man of moral and re
ligious principle who will observe his oath
of office and support the Constitution of
the State which forbids public gambling
Their would be a candidatewithout any
rl rd tor religion morality or IawDut
the party of moral Ideas and not only
Republicans but the independent friends
w good government and the advocates
of reform who believe also In the supremacy
of the Constitution have fixed their choice
unalterbl lyoh C arlesE Hughes
c I
Atlanta Preaeher Prateec Ills Wb rk of
Bringing Society Back to Morality
ATLANTA Aug 17 Lauding the effort
of Frederick Townsend Martin to reorganize
and purify New York society the Rev
Dr James W 1M the leading Methodist t
minister of Atlanta attacked the mem
bers of the 400 for their manner of
life Mr Majtin and Dr Loc were com
panions on a trip to Europe last year arid
Martin then lamented the condition of Now
York society and outlined his plans for
reforming the 400 Dr Lee Bald
Upon MartinB return from Europo
last fall he was eked tQ reorganize New
York society > The whole glittering out
rage Opon ethlos and propriety was In ruins
The 400 of Ward McAllisters reign were
broken into small ooteriea and seta all
pitiable all miserable and all more or loss
writhing nder tho lash of criticism pro
voked by scandalous living on the part
of this or that one of their members Parties
were given that would have disgraced the
court of Louis XIV Society had bored
itself and seneated itself and wrecked It
self into an animated heap pf breathing
Tho reins bad boon thrown en thonooks
of appetites until the unrestrained elements
of human nature bad brOuht tien face
to face with a wilderness of disillusion
ment and chaos Public opinion bad been
defied until they found themselves sprawl
ing beneath successive Instalments of
publio contempt
It was society in New York thus disor
ganized dismembered disintegrated that
Mr Martin was colled upon by those leaden
in it who bad always deplored way
wardness to reestablish upon the bask of
good taste and sound morality
It was the opinion of Mr Martin that
holiness moaning wholeness and moral
health was an absolutely essential pro
ito to entrance Into poUt society
After this nothing was essential except
culture wit grace consideration for others
Pedigree wealth and descend from the
oldest families were not essential They
wore not to be discounted if combined
with integrity and purity ot life
Think of New York eootetr turning
in its despair too man who to the grace
and refinement and wealth of a man of
the world had the added devotion and
consecration of a saint for a leader Thick
of the large place into which he led it hi 1
one season
Declares lie Wont Bwj for Governor Under i
AnyCtrpamataaee f I
MnrNBAFOLia Aug 17 John A Johnson
today put an oluteTltto on the third
terra boom which has reached such great
proportions i
Gov Johnson declared that ha would not I
under any o ciroumstanoes candidate 1
and declared positively that ho would not I
accept the nomination if it was offered to
The Governors statement was so positive
that it eliminates him from further consid
eration and Congressman W Hammond
ofSL JanieaJsj mJpeBut M the raoev
probable Democratic nominee
Crandnleee or Albert Patricks Victim
Not Believed to have Killed Herself
PiLMEn M Aug 17 Murder and not
suicide Is now believed t have caused the
death of Misa Faith Davis whose body
was found in the electric light companys
pond Sunday morning 1
Miss Davis was 10 years old and was the
daughter of Charles H Davis She w
also the grandniece of William Marsh Rica
who w murdered by Lawyer Albert T
Patrick Mrs Davis Inherited much of the
Rico fortune and the family is considered 1
After the finding of tho body Medical I
Examiner Schneider performed an autopsy
and although ha refuses to give out a report I
of it it is said on good Authority that no
water was found in the girls lung
D Schneider reported the case t Dis
trict Attorney 8 8 Tnt and a rigid inves
tigation J being mac A young man was
won walking with Miss Davis Saturday
ateron I
Mrs Mar Dalond sid
I saw Miss Davis and a man
rew Mi a young pas
1 house between 430 and 5SO oclock
Saturday afternoon They appeared very
friendly and the man hod app
the girls waist A week ago Saturday I
saw the some two near the bridge in the
The pond where the girls body was
found is little frequented A girls and
roani footprint have been discovered on
one of the bonks
oe tl be
The girl loft home Friday afternoon
leaving a note behind which read Have
gone for a little walk up by the new house
I on the Warren rood Will return soon
Tho letter apparently was written in good
faith When she left the house she did net
wear her hat and was without money Her
gold watch was found on her body
Rumor of Race War Threats t Tent ee
Near Kentucky Border
KNOXVILLE Tonn Aug 11A serious
riot threatens In the coal mines near Jellloo
on the Kentucky border At Jellloo it was
Bold that an attack was expected tonight
on the mines at Anthras twelve miles from
Jolllco In Tennessee whore eleven negroes
who had been run away from the mines
at English Mountain had been employed
by Genera Manager John Gorman of the
TenneesooJelllco Coal Company
This morning notices wore found posted
about the Anthras mines on logs and stumps
that if th negroes were not removed from
the mines Gormans flood would pay for It
On Sunday night thirtyeight n
Sudy nigt thlrYlgt negro
women and children reached Jelllco afoot
carrying their belongings anticipating
that an attack would be made on the mines
where their husbands a employed
At noon today Chief of Folloe Qaylor at
Jellloo and the Sheriff were called on for
aid and the headed a posse twelve men
which left this afternoon for th Anthras
mines where an attack expected tonight
This afternoon the native white miners
T ntmon natvo
who object to the negroes a reported
gathered on the cliffs about the Anthras
mines armed with rifles To meet the situ
ation General Manager Gorman h armed
200 white minors who are believed to be sympathetic
pathetic with the blacks and hal armed
the negro miners that they may be in readi
ness to repel any attack
NKRVOU8 WOMEN Uke Hertford AclflPbo
pbkte to quiet the ntrvetrleveDt t ftkkhud
arMieS intonola A wbolcMmo ionle < Adr
s Lt IA c
RavageMuow Planned to BeOpehcd on Sep
I tember Sto Go On Are ThIrty4Ix
J lon Preparation Not t It Other
Manager Have the Field All Alone
Henry W Savage announced last night
that he h advanced the date of present
ing here his production of Tho Devil to
this evening nt the Garden Theatre
Mr Savage did not intend t give the
play In New York until September 2 which
date waa decided upon for the regular open
Ing of the season at the Garden Theatre
Harrison Grey Fiske announced on Sunday
that ho would produce The Devil tonight
at the Belasoo Theatre and Mr Savage
decided to put on his own play at ono
I order to arrange for this performance
ao ag t pono
o each abort notice Mr Savage who did
not return to the city until 8 oclock yester
day morning w put almost to great
efforts The work was all the more embarrassing
barrassing as h entire time yesterday
was taken up with the final dress rehearsal
of his Boston Merry Widow company
After bis arrival in the city and learning
oft effort to forestall his arrangements
for the Now York productlonbf TheDevH
Mr Savage hurriedly g In touch with
his players distributed over six States
Edwin Stevens was located b wireless
telegraph on Nantucket Island and was
able to reach the main land only by charter
Ing n steamboat which landed him at Woods
Hole from where he crossed to Providence I
by an ate that was seat from Boston
to enable him t make connections with a
train for N w York last night
Other members o the out were sum
mering In Massachusetts Connecticut New
k Now York and on Long Island
but a t the exception oM Stevens I
assembled at the Garden Theatre for the I
rehearsal at 0 oclock lost evening As
each member of the cast was letter perfect
in his part several of them having played
in the piece in a trial week at Hartford
the rehearsal under the immediate direction
of Mr Savage Stage Manager Milton and
Oliver Herford the American adapter of
t work proceeded without hitch
Another rehearsal with M Stevens
will be given this morning and the feat of
restating and producing a play in thirty
a puain
six holfw b accomplished Mr
Savages costumes and scenic production
taken from original Vienna designs had I
been completed and were Ip the theatre
H Savage sad last night Mr Flake
hTg always posed as a stickler for honor
able dong would surely not like 1 b
placed in the position of the men whom
he has always seen fit to charge with playing
ua7 Flake personally gave yn
office astursaoo that he would not con
tht hoOtd
ofo noon
siderthQ proposttiorito produce cbfe play
beahould persist in bte plane oaonaounoed
hemnelfforfelts for sympathy every claim he may o
Hod Mr > Fiske intimated when he was
notified of the expense to whlchI bad gone
to rea righto lnall language to this
play that he was disappointed chagrined
had desire whatever to produce
or ba any dore water prua
the play we might easily bao come ton
business understanding But hedld nothing
of the sort He now advertises his play
as an adaptation by Alexander Kont9
whose version was not presented for copy
right In the Unit States until the original
which Is my property had been copyrighted
and after I bad personally contracted with
the author
As late as the middle of June Mr Konta
notified Herman Fromrae my attorney
that he was looking torn manager to produce
duo his voluntary translation yet Mr
Flake announces that be secured this
version lu winter At this time Mr
Konta also told Mr Fromme that he would
i sell his work and he was asked t submit It
which he never did It was this version
that Mr Fiske informed us was shown
who in turn was the first
t Mr Arluss tur W te lrt
to bring It to the attention of Mr Fluke
who told my representative that he did
not intend to produce It and had not even
read It and that Mr Arllss had gone abroad
to play in another production
Mr Ravage the goes on t review tt
mont by Mr Flake tending to show the
iatter0 moral and other rights t the ploy
Mr Savage denies all Mr Flakes conten
tions and submits acctlons of affidavits
tending to show that he wai first in the
fold and therefore entitled t greater con
My plans for the production of The
Devil have been openly advertised since
AStepring continued Mr Savage I have
not only proceeded In good faith and kept
faith with the author and his agents but
1 have actually given the piece eight pe
ormanoea in this country already On
ho other hand Mr Fisko advertises that
to has proceeded In stet and secret
or the sole purpose of droirmventing
plane I Mr Flake In his wildcat imagina
ion fancies that he can convince h business
ness friends and tho publllo that he oS
talned moral rights to the play oriuiy
tled any mor rigt t PIyory
consent from the author I can easily unde
ceive everybody by exhibiting my contract
with Mr Momar and his agents
Mr Savage finished by saying As in
the case of The Merry Widow I propose
to protect my legal right In the courts
but t make my production I do not find
it necessary to eneak away to Amityvillo
or Tarrytown with my players wearing
disguises and rehearsing four weeks In
bams With thirtysix hours preparation
I am confident my players will give an ex
cellent aooountj of themselves at the Garden
Theatre tomorrow night
Having Settled SaUifaotortlr the DispUte
With the Church In Porto nioo
Robert on AftsUtant Secretary of
Stat who returned yesterday from Port
Rico by the steamship San Juan said he
had adjusted satisfactorily the dispute
between the Government and the Cathollo
Chtirch over the la tiers property In use
by tha Insular authorities He said Con
gress would be asked t reimburse the
Mr Don said there wa nothing in the
rumor that the Government would send
troops to Haytl to maintain order
Dr Charle U Vogel of the marine hospi I
tal service who II been in Venezuela
Investigating he bubonic plague also WOK
a passenger by the Son pJe Bi hid
trouble finding out the facts about the d Is I
cue la Puerto Cello an his inquiries
were parried or met with vague replica
Sc i j >
Boy Falls Into a 8teamihlpf Cargo and
Smothers t Death
Charles Wilson 14 ycariold of IO Claason I
avenue Brooklyn was standing o one o
the partitions In the ptoamship William P
Moffett watching the longshoremen un
loading a cargo of crake corn in the
Wallabout Basin yesterday when I board
slipped and he fell into the hold
The ore okod corn began to swallow him
like a quicksand His log had caught in
to chain of the sop as he hit tho cargo
This stopped the machinery and warned
the workmen that something was tho
m When they ran around to the I
place only the boys leg was protruding I
Hpok and Ladder Company 09 was called
in and began chopping the chain with I
axe but by the time it was out through
the boy had been smothered to death
Since the death of his father a year ago
Wilson was the only support of his motor
and five little brothers and elatcrt Ho
was a big fellow for his age and had been
used t taking work that was thought to
be too heavy ro any ono but men
Army Board Approves U and the Captain
mil Receive 8OOOO
WsntNoroK 17A meeting
ASnI01 Aug meetngqf
the army board which conducted the recent
n ptaDc trials of CaptThomaa S Bald
wins dirigible balloon wan hold at to
w Jepartment dait prepare to
rpor on the tests to the Chief Signal
Officer of the army The board in Its re
port said that the balloon attn a speed
of toOl mie a hour and remained In the
air for two hours ono minute and fifty
seconds maintaining an avenuco speed of
1875 miles an hour which slightly more
than the required 70 per cent of the maxi
mum speed madn at the speed test
The board also said that thp balloon met
al tho terms of thospeclnoatioaiand roe
ommended its acceptance Capt Bald
win will receive aboat ftqOOO far tho airship
sip He will remain in Washington for
several weeks t instruct tho officers of the
Signal Corps in the management and hand
ling of the balloon and witness the ofPclnl
trials of the Wright brothers aeroplane
which will probably take place next week
Steel Girders Fin the VAst lap on the Long
hland City Side
The 130000000 Queensboro Bridge which
spans the East River across Blackwells
Island between Fiftyninth and Sixtieth
streets Manhattan and the Dutch Kills
section of Long Island City was coupled
up yesterday at the approach on the Long
Island end could walk clear
Ilnd 8 I person oler
The Manhattan approach was coupled
up about two months ago The distance
from the shore pIreon the East River
front lny the Jl teasycod section to the
the work of finishing up the Queens end
considerably greater n
There was a bustling among the rival
gangs of workmen yesterday to get the
first steel girder acres the open space
separating the ends of the approach sp
Snare A Trleet Company h tho contract
for building the approach from grade at
Crescent street Dutch Kills back over the
old Ravenawood swamp t meet the work
being pushed hi their direction from the
shore piers by the Buckley Construction
Company and the rival gangs met at a gap
high over tho old swamp
Workmen of tho Snare Triest Com
pany under the direction of Engineer
George J Lewis swung the frt connecting
Iron beam into place soon after 10 oclock
yesterday morning Immediately two
workmen clambered over to secure thoend
projecting over on the Buckley companys
Ironwork and then Engineer Lewis made an
official trip over the span declaring the great
bridge connected up By nightfall other
stool beams were In place so that the con
nection Is in condition for a pedestrian to
walk cross a distance about a mile
With the ironwork connected It is under
stood that the work of flooring the bridge
will be pushed along BO that It may possibly
be opened for foot traffic by the first of next
Ninety More ntllun In Congress Conten
tion With Lineup tnchanBtil
PTILASNI N V Aug 17The Republican
convention for the Twentyeighth Congress
district which reconvened here today
took ninety ballots with no change and no
choice Knapp still had six votes from
Lewis county Hunt fourteen from Jefferson
and Stowell thirteen from Oswego When
the convention adjourned 311 ballots had
been taken and the vote on all had been the
Congressman Knapps position is that
under ordinary circumstances he would b
willing to quit public life but that he will
not drop out as long as Cong Sher
man interferes A conference was sched
uled to be hold In Utica yesterday between
Congressmen Sherman and Knapp and Mr
Htin but It was declared off
The delegates tonight
To Oswogo county delogat tnlght
made the statement that former Senator
Eon R Brown and I A Middleton former
Fish andGame Commissioner of Jefferson
were working for Congressman Knapp of
hOWlS State Committeeman John T Mott
and 1 W Culllnan of Oswego formerly
State Excise Commissioner are also said to
M urging the Oswego delegates to vote for
Snake In Washington Zoo Hits the Hand
I Tat Would Feed I
WASHINGTON Aug 17A six foot rattle
snake In the Washington Z bit Rodney
RO r years old one of the keepers to
and be is in critical condition
day I tonight a otlcal ondl
ton at tho EmergencyHospital with little
hope entertained for his recovery His
hand is swollen more than three times Its
natural size and his arm above the elbow
b turned a blackish color
Rose started t feed tho snakes In the
cages where the rattlers were kept and
opened a small door at the top of the ge
As he put his hand containing food in tpe
cage the largest and most venomous rt
tler etruok him the fanes piercing the
middle finger ofthe right hnd
The keeper rushed t the superintend
ents office where there was a physician
The wound was treated locally but in less
than a ho ur the hand began t swell
Rose became nauseated quickly and he
was removed t the hospital almost unconscious
conscious Strychnine and saline Injec
tions a being used tonight N effort
USn S Ifc ut or
S H c
Sequel to Charges of Mrs carlcy That Her
Hatband William M Was Too Atten
tive to BoBool Teacher GuestS Solomon
Dismissed by Board of Education
William I Cariey who II one of the
I principal merchant of Des Moines Iowa
was arrested last evening in an auto in
I front of a Broadway department store
were ho had an appointment with his wife
I She was waiting there for him B wore
Detectives Flood and Fitzaimmons of the
District AttorneypoOloo They had n war
rant whtohbad ben Issued b Magistrate
Corrigan charging Cariey with abandon
ment Carioy was locked up at Polloo
The arrest of Cariey was the result of an
Investigation by the Charities Department
tho Gerry Society and the District At
torneys offioa In April 1005 Cariey
who was a millinery salesman was accused
by his wife of being on Intimate terms with
Miss Gussie Solomon teacher In Public
School 18 In East Fiftyfirst street Cariey
and his wife and children then were living
at 18 West Ninetyninth street Mr
Cariey made a complaint to the Board of
Education that her husband was neglecting
her and paying too much attention to Miss
Solomon Mrs Cariey complained that her
husband took Miss Solomon to theatres
Harlem restaurants and walked with her
t school every morning Mrs Cariey
said that the neighoors e aware of this
and often her husband left her on the street
Miss Solomon
jumped on a car and met
After hearing the charges the Board of
Education dismissed Miss Solomon Ac
cording to the complaint made by Mrs
Cirley her husband the her and went
to Chicago with Miss Solomon After a
short time theboth got jobs in the same
department store
While they were working in the store
Miss Solomons mother died and she In
herited about 130000 Then Cariey and
Miss Solomon moved on to Des Moines
la There Carioy opened a store which
thrived and which is now sold t be the
largest and most prosperous store in Des
I Moines In thelast couple of years Cariey
and Miss Solomon are said t have made
several trips to this city end while here he
made purchases for his Western tr
When her husband left her r Cariey
wont tolive with b mother Two of
their children are In a home and Cariey
h been paying their expenses The
youngest child is in I city Institution and
that is why the Charities Department and
ht t t Cte Dpont
the Gerry society became interested when
they heard Mrs Carleys trT
think parley ought to have enough money
to support this child His wife says that
ho has been supporting hereolf anti that
Carioy ho not been contributing anything
to help her
Mr Cariey a sent to the District
Attorneys office with her complaint and
Chief Cleric Henneberry talked the c
over with Mr Jerome As a result a war
rant was iBBUiti by Magistrate Corrigan
some time ago Cariey h been staying
at Asbury Park for more than three weeks
and It was expected that there would be
no trouble in getting him when he came to
this city to make purchases for his Des
Moines store
Cariey l said to contend that ho got a
divorce from his wife She says that she
was never served with a complaint and
tbthe husband knew where she was
living Since Cloy left her she says
she baa been living with his mother and
h bn IvlS h motr
se was aware of that becauselie bad been
in communication with his mother
It was about A oclock when Cariey rode
up t the store in a runabout Mrs Cariey
spoke to her husband The detectives
stepped out
Youre under arrest they said
1 ami said Cariey surprised What
For violating tie speed law said they
Cariey protested so warmly that they
showed him the warrant Then Cariey
and the detectives went to police head
anarters in the runabout Mrs Carioy did
not go
On tho way the detectives say that Cariey
told them thatho was divorced from Mrs
Carioy He asked the lieutenant Ito take
ball I
his auto as bal
In a sense this is only I friendly matter
hesaid Its nothing to be taken seriously
at all Im already providing for mywlfe
I give her 30 or 40 right along
The detectives sid that the District
Attorneys office wanted fortyeight hours
to examine tho surety The runabout re
mained in front of headquarterefwith the
wheels locked for hours before it was taken
At Mrs Carleys home ISO West Sixty
seventh street i was said last night that
Crlayl gone t Chicago with Miss Solo
mon in June 1005 Mrs Cariey was about
t give birth to a child The child was born
In July
Mrs Cloy b worked In a Broadway
department store for some time a
Health Commissioner Warned As abet Kill
Ins Unmuzzled Dost
Since dogs without muzzles have been
killed by policemen attached to the Department
met of Health Commissioner Darlington
baa received many queer letters and now
his life has been threatened I yester
days mall there came a letter In a boyish
hand which read
I Your days are numbered I am the leader
of the most detprlt band of murderers In the
country our next victim Is you or any of
your dammed men the world will never know
what has become of you for I will hide your
bodr as have done others
Our secrets never are knowed oua
the next Beware We hereby swear to kilt
you on light BLACK lltxn
Beneath the signature which was in red
ink was a blackhand dagger and a pistol
crudely dawn On tho other side of the
sheet was written
Our plotnover tale I you think we
ore fooling keep it up
Another letter in the same mall was a
follows I
Would state all people whose doe you
kill ought to wait until your men com out
and kill thtra And when youcome out hit
you over the head aud kill you
Dr Darlington is Dot wearing a chest pr
r <
Fan Falntte While Addressing Audience
at Bible Conference
Rllo ec
WmoHA LAKE led Aug 7EYa Booth
commander of the Salvation Army of the
United States was prostrated hero this
afternoon while addressing an audience ot
4000 peraonsat the Bible conference
She was carried from tho stage to the
homo ofDJ Wilbur Chapman where
she received medical attention She in
sisted on continuingher address when she
recovered consciousness but her physicians
refused to Jot her leave her b
Three RnoU FlrM Into lib Bedroom While
He a Away From It
WDITB Plants NrY Aug 17WhIle
Father Marlnanaro priests of the Church
of Our Lady of Mount Cannel at White
Plains was eated on the veranda of the
rectory lost night some on sent a bullet
through thew Indow of hi bedroom Three
shots woe fired The police found the
bullets onto foor ot the foot of the bed
Jn recent sonnon tha priest oxhbrtcd
bin congregation to abandon tho celebra
tion of the feast of St Rocoo as ho naid
that the times war too hard and that the
money could bo need to better advantage
in paying for a new church Despite his
protest the N celebration is being held
Expects to Get Commissioners Report In
a Few Dabot Will tie DoT
ALFU1YAilg l7Cov Hughes an
nounced tonight he expected to receive
in a few days the report of Commissioner
Richard L Hand who took the evidence
on the charges against District Attorney
Jerome Tho Governor said he WAS un
decided yet whether would make public
Commissioner Hands report at once or
wait until ho hod reached n decision bared
upon the report
I f
CUlif Knttneer Bays They Will Ron on Will
Umtbnrs SpP by Sept IB
Elevated trains will probably bo operated
across the Wllllamsburg Bridge by Sep
tember IS Colin Ingersoll the chief en
gineer of the Brldgo Department made the
statement thq Alexander B Drescher the
secretary of the Brownsville Board of Trads
when the latter made inquiries on behalf of
his organization touching the running of
I was said tha petty quarrels among
contractors had delayed the work but that
within ten days all the looee ends would be
gathered togeth In the Delancey street
station and he laying of the laat tretch o
track the 128 footupur In the terminal will
bo begun
I Author Taken Fropa ea Adirondack Train
to6 CWe HwfcHal 1
izcA4H R JTjMrB Chart Rohlfsof
t UW better known 7e Ana
Katharine Greta Cached here from the
Adirondack this afternoon eerlously ill
twa immediately taken toca1ho
pifoj for treatment > Tbe hospital authori
ties decline to divulgo the nature 0 her
illness buVsay that Immediate operation
is contemplated Mrs Rohlfss husband
accompanied her
Police Find Dar and Gambling OUt In
i Georgia State BatmiuB
ATUIKTA Aug 17 Thomas Bray em
ployed In the offloe of the Comptroller
General of Georgia is held on the charge
of operating a blind tiger in the State
Capitol Late on Sunday the police were
1formedthat Bray was running a tiger
In the building The police raided the
building and captured Bray and some
whiskey The police also got evidence
that Bray in addition to operating a blind
tiger was also carrying on a gambling
game In the Capitol
The arrest is causing much amusement at
the expense of the Georgia Legislature
which recently became hysterical over the
publication a story that a Senator was
drunk during the session of the Senate
and that he said he got his whiskey from
a blind tiger in the Capitol
The Senate denounced the story as false
It is not known whether the Senator pat
ronized Brays tiger or whether there
were others in operation
Warrant for Reckless Drlvthi Served at
Hospital More Damage Suit
LnKn BlUNcn N J Aug 17 Detective
Sergeant W D Walling served a warrant
on E R Thomas at the hospital here today
For reckless driving The complainant was
Chief of Police James L Ayton Thomas
Furnished toO boll for his appearance on
September 21
Connolly the driver of the carriage that
was smashed by Thomass auto besides
suing Mr Thomas for assault has brought
suit for 10009 damages Thepapers are
ready to be served as soon as Mr Thomas
veil enough to be soon Emil Seeling tho
owner of the team that was killed will also
bring suit for 1000
Reptile Seizes Girls Tee and Drags Her
TJoder Water
ELWOOD Ind Aug Owendolyn
Washbum an teenyearold girl bad a
narrow escape from drowning In White
River south of Omega Sunday afternoon
The girl with a party of campers was en
deavoring to escape the Intense beat by
spending the afternoon In the water The
girl was in water that reaobod almost to her
shoulders when suddenly ehe disappeared
When one of the young men dived for
her he found that she was being drawn
down the river by an unseen force Bring
Ing her to the surface he called for help
When she was dragged to shore an Im
mense turtle Wall dinging to her foot one
of her toes being In Its mouth Miss Wash
bum was rolled on a log and worked with
For seventeen minutes before she recovered
KxPmtdrat Hethbu WHUami ni
reaches Wllllamstowii that Dr Henry
Hopkins who until lost June was pnaaidant
orWI1lamaOolIep UTerylUcf pnwu
monla In Rotterdam Qmeaaa Hs treat
abroad after ootsKemeBt with his wife
and two daaghteraL
nIbet Wkliet I
rDem4P a Gone Oot ib rot JltI M
r >
l to JJ tr
t k i
And Ute Murder Doesnt Disturb Th r Bleep
and AppetltnDUtrlct Attorney H > t
Aik for Special Grand Jnry and Court 1
TcrmTtie Inquest Tomorrow Night >
Capt Peter C Halna Jr the murderer
of William R Annis and his broth T
Jenkins llama who kept the fold clear
for Cnpt RaIns while the latter waa conv
mlttlng the crlmo were arropnel for tha
second time yesterday morning In the
Long Inland City police cpurt
At the request of their lawyer Woldon
Percy the examination was adjourned 4
for one week to give Mr Percy time to go
Into tho facts and arrange his defence
and also It Is understood to give Gen
Halns father of the accused opportunity
f obtain Additional counsel who make s
more of a npecialty of criminal wort MUD
Mr Percy <
Jpo broihura rrmnin in tho Queens countr
Jail District Attorney Darrin declared
that he would flcht anrnttpmpt tohave i
tho prisoners released on ball and ills
not believed any such attempt lhe
made I
Although tho District Attorney has not
yet fully decided not to wait Until the OctoV
ber Grand Juryj moots It was sold in his
office yesterday that ho was eager to hava
tho case brought to trial as coon as possible1
and that ho voryllkoly would ask tho Gov
I ernor to call a special Grand Jury this
I month In that case Mr Darrin also will
ask for a special term oflho Supreme Cciurt
In September to try tho cnso against Uu
The men are taking their imprisonment
coolly calmly and to all appoaranooa con
tentedly They slept soundly fiondiy
night and yesterday morning after broalr
fast wore taken tothe police court in Wh
street The departure from tho Jill was ft
mode by a side door to avoid a crowd of i
photographers which hor verwaao
countered fairly at the court house The
prisoners were handcuBed together and
I made the trip to tho court in a trolloy vr i
i attracting some attention on the farJi <
I curious crowd was waiting for them out i
side tho court Tho prisoners walked up
I the steps very erect both keeping their
eyes strictly to the front i >
There was tho usual grist of Monday
morning drunks and disorderlies to be ll
disposed before the case of the Balnse
was called The little court room was
packed with witnesses newspaper men
and as many of the curious as could flnd if
standing room Capt Hains and his t
brother were kept in a small pen with the ell
other prisoners until their turn came andU > i
then detectives cleared a path for WHQ
to tho apace In front > f mate Y
4qLas bench >
The District Attorney had not arrived t 1
when the name of tho brothers were ca1ld 14 fl
1 however and the prisoners were led back
i again through tbo crowd A roW minutes
later Mr Darrin appeared and theHaiaseai J
were brought forward a second time F
Magistrate Gltroy who Is a son of exMayor t
Gllroy asked if tho District Attorney and
counsel for tho prisoners were ready to
go on with the case Mr Darrin replied i
that the people wero ready hut Lawyer f
Percy said that the District Attorney
consented to an adjournment of a week
This was granted Mr Darrin said a few
moments later that the adjournment was
welcome to him an it would give him 64
well as the counsel for tho defence tim
to prepare his case
Three or four women wero in the court
room Of the men present it Is doubtful
if many are superstitious But there was <
a moments pause and quiet when just
as the two prisoners were being brought e
before the Magistrate theueU of St Marys v
Church across the street began tolling
for funeral The bell continued its mon
ody while the prisoners descended tbo N
and the steps to the street and walked orf
flanked by detectives Outside the church j
was a long line of carriages and a black
Gen Halos occupied a scat in the corner
of the enclosure during the minute or so c
that his eons stood before the Magistrate
Ho did not accompany them to the prison
but followed soon afterward on a car
Gen Rains had nothing to add to what f
little he already has said about the case
He is going to fight for the lives of his eoJ1 JJ
that is tho substance of his position it
Early In tho afternoon Capt Hains and 1
his brother wore again taken from the
jallthls time to the Brooklyn police head 1
quarters on State etrt The photograph
ing and Bertlllon measuring of the prisoners I
was done at the express orders of First
Deputy Police Commissioner Baker who OB
his arrival at his office yesterday morning
found that It hadpot been done Borough
Inspector Flood told Gen Halna whattha
rules of the department were and ihs
General and his sons made no objections
Capt Halns seemed rather Interested in
i the Bertillon system and asked a few Ques
I tions about it A bigger crowd than ever
greeted the prisoner about headquarters
The tripe between the jail and headquarters
quarters were made in a patrol wagon
with each prisoner handcuffed to a de
I tective of Inspector Floods staff Agau
It was noted that the authorities were tu
Ing no chances with the Rains brothers
Coroner Ambler has set his inquest Into
the doath of William E Ann Is for tomorrow
night at oclock in the town ball at Flush
1 ing He has called aa witnesses Harvey O
Rockwell a friend of Mr Annie who was
on the float at the tIme of tho soooUsg
and who took Mrs Annis to his hotae after
ward Charles Roberts who also was on c
I the float Arthur Andrews who saw tha trag
I edy from but a few feet away 0 A Burch
Hold who charged that T Jenkins Rains
levelled a revolver at his breast when Mr
Burchfield attempted to interfere LOuis
Barway who was in Mr Annlas halfratw
RAin with Mr Annla when the latter wAs
ahOtBupt Loavltt of the Boy Side Yacht
Club and ths chib boatman John Terming
It was of Terming that Annis lying on the
float aakodt John are there cowards Ufe
that in Bwedonr Tonnlng also to pre
pared to testify that Mr Annis axckkaad
to Capt Hains after the shooting You
have made a terrible mistake11 To which
the Captain U t Maybe but dont
think BO
It is ullWr that all the wUoesa
Trill bo called upon tot aa th Cero
ners work in the case U a simple matter
Ho 13 not calo4uport to go Into Uw oaMMi i
o 1 UV
4 to
iTjrl 1oJ I 2I
t P
1 Zf J
c 1 t J I
t I l

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