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l 1
I wc AtKKHrei 1909
I Ij ttn laIrlfbt winds mostly westerly
a TOL LXXTHO 354 + NEW YORIC WEDNESDAY AUGUST 19 1908Copvrght100 bvT 8I1 PrlnI esd PublQg tfocl41on PRICE TWO CENTS
UU BlrU > dayToo and There Was a liovlaa
cup and a Tribute From Rooierell
Hed Flcht AH Bis Battles qaln
If railed Upon Bnlld Battleships
hAKE MonoNK N Y Aug 14Por
tome of us skipper your flag will always
By Admiral Evans got that telegram at
sunset tonight andIt expressed sentl <
ment of the day which marks his retire
ment from the navy of the United States
ind is bis sixtysecond birthday as well
To be sure ho was allbundledup in arolllna
t chair with a game leg clean out of com
f mission and to make matters worse at a
r retort famous for Its peaoe conferences
i But his friends in spirit and body were
L with him and that waa enough
t There was a suspicious little break In
Ii s voice when he read his stack of mes
sages but he was too game to be routed
In the last skirmish He retreated good I
l order
One portion lamented that Evans had
R sot been made a VlceAdmlral
My reward has been tho affection of
th ° American people God bless them and
10IJ was what Evans wired back
Fv > ry cot and nook of thn great hotel
bad been engaged for a week ahead and
powihly the only person that was not just
a Toe bit e > cited over the occasion was the
Admiral They had hit chair rigged up
on the afterdeck of the bit vcrandu and
th way the women K ked toa and dainties
r at him wan worth coming up to Lake Mo
honk to see
Mrs Evans and her daughters Mrs C C
Marsh wife of LieutenantCommander
f Marsh and Mrs H I Sewell the wife of
i a tobacco planter In Porto Rico were there
r with their husbands Admiral Higginson
whom everybody called Higgy ho being
a boy of some 00odd cast consternation
Into the camp announcing that he had
got his invitation for the party late and
could not stay because he did not have his
I dress suit and plug hat And Higgy did
F not stay late although John Arbuckle
offered him his outfit
My boy I feel as fit ail fiddle and con
It fldently expect to live to be 100 years old
said the Admiral to THE Stw reporter
My log is bothering me a little but hell
whats that
Yes sir Im gaining half a pound a day
the Admiral continued When I get
launched again at Washington in the fall
some of the ancient mariners will say
Theres young Evans You bet Ill be
cleared for action
Are battleships the thing he was
Sure if you have enough of em In
stead dour JOOOO tenners Jets intake it
I SCOO with projectiles to match Ameri
i can battleships toll in any language
The battle fleets cruise is a better argument
for peace than ell the conferences that were
ever thought of
There was not much time for supper
because everybody jhad Jo spruce up for
the big show later This was in the parlor
directly under tho Admirals battle flag
from tho Iowa badly shot to pieces but
I an eloquent tribute to its gallant com
mander It did ones heart good witness
the reception Fighting Bob got when his
daughter wheeled him In Albert Smiley
the original Mohonker and J Edward
Simmons president of the New York Cham
ber of Commerce bossed things Mr
Simmons led off by a letter from President
Booserelt which said in pant
Admiral Evanss has been one of the
most honorable careers of our publlo ser
vants All good Americans owe him a
debt of gratitude In a peculiar degree
his name typifies thegrowth of ournavy
from the days of Farragut to the day when
f Admiral Evans himself brought into the
Pacific waters the mightiest war fleet that
bad ever appeared west of Magellan or
east of Suet commanding this fleet during
the first period ofa voyage such as no
other fleet of the kind of any nation has
ever taken
It > s eminently appropriate thatthe re
ception to Admiral Evans should be given
E hi what you well call A veritable temple of
fence for the United States Navy la the
best guarantee of peace wo have
A greeting from Gov Hughes written
from Saronao Lake followed Among
letters were those of Paul Morton former
Secretary of the Navy Capt Anson G
MoCook Admiral J E Pillsbury and Dr
Ames M Taylor president of Vossor Col
leg The decks were then cleared for
coon and Dr Andrew S Draper Com
missioner of Education of New York State
Presented a loving cup The engraving
rmmtod to Rear Admiral Robler P
Ens by the runts of Lake Mohonk Moun
tain House on his retirement from active
Trice In Ibe United States Navy In apprecia
tion of hit lone and distlniruliurd service
o4lI1ltt 18 lQO
The Admiral was in a tight comer He
tried to talk and then mode believe that he
WI smiling and bowing The audience
behaved at it does In the Music Master
when David Warfield finds that little one
r yed doll Things looked a bit weepy
but thn Admiral sang out from the bridge
Ifos rolling chair of course
It may not be out of place for me to say
thai during my fortyeight years of service
I have don all In my power to uphold the
bJor and dignity of my country and that
I have loved tho dear old flag as I love
ftoing oNe in this world
That I have suffered severely under
tbtt flag must be evident to any one who
rees me but I would live my life over again
ilt as I have lived it if I knew the suffering
M to Iw R thousand times as great I I
to to tho retired list with a feeling that
It ia a reward for long and honorable ser I
Vice and I hope to enjoy the rest and oom
tort it may bring unless some emergency I
shall call me back Into active service when I
1 shall all that remains of to
give ms my
fWntry as willingly as I have given the
Ml years of my manhood
Evanss voice was firm and olear < It
tarried to every part of the room and
tittle time vas wasted In saying what
be had to tell The Admiral was smiling
Jd he finished strong There was another
vwontrauon when they brought him a
thday cake dotted with sixtytwo candles
Trilud3 Mng The Star Spangled Ban
daml that Wail the way lbs Mohonken
eLeI tho Admiral
lie Amorg those present were Col Hugh L
uimandant at West Point ET C
tr ct Jnmea E Ware John Arbuokle
B ta derllp James P Burrin and
j 4
Lay ncores Are to no Vied ID Safety
1 Device Tests
When a wagon drove up In front of the
offices of the Public Service Ootnmlselot
yesterday and half a doeen men proceeded
to remove what seemed to be bodies of
human beings a crowd quickly collected
The first idea that the throng BOOmed to hays
was that the inanimate figures were those
of persona who had been In a railroad acci
dent and that they were brought to the
cffloea of the commission as some sort of an
Tho figures were dummies that are to bt
used In the testa to be made In Boheneqtdy
andPlttaburg of many types of fenders and
wheel guards with which the board is to
experiment for the purpose of ordering cart
in this city to be equipped with a device thai
will tend to lessen thebes of life every yeai
in New York by the running down of per
sona on the streets There wore three
figures delivered yesterday one of a man
another of a woman and the third of a boy
They were mad of papier macho1and each
was so modelled and dressed to the minutest
detail as easily to give Impression that
they were not lay figures
One of the officials of the Public Service
Commission t with some glee yesterday
I that while he was standing on the sidewalk
he heard one of the bystanders say Well
I guess they are not the only dummies In the
The first testa of the safety devices will be
held In Schenectady next month The ex
periments will lost at least two weeks A
complete pickup or removal from the track
by a fender or wheel guard shall count four
points If any part of dummy remain
under the fender guard three potato shall
becounted if the dummy is for the most part
under tho fender or guard but still la par
tially picked up two points shall counted
if the dummy Is entirely under the
fender or wheel guard but dragged suffi
ciently to prevent it going under the wheels
of the car one point shall be counted
The tests at Pittaburg which will be hold
In that city for the convenience of the West
ern manufacturers will begin on October 20
It is the expectation of the Public Service
Commission that as a result of tho experi
ments at Pittaburg and Schenectady it will
be possible to provide safety equipments
for the cars of the city that will greatly re
duce the number of deaths by accidents on
the car tracks
A C Woodwards Wife Made No Defence
to His Chorees
Aubrey C Woodward a New York adver
tising man has obtained a final decree of
divorce from his wife Theodora L Wood
ward It was ranted by Supreme Court Jus
tice TownsendScudder The couple formerly
lived In Fortysixth street Brooklyn Mrs
Woodward was a teacher In Publio School
19Q at Fourth avenue and Fortieth street
Brooklyn and last fall was transferred to
the school t at Fifth avenue and Ninety
second street where ought of
ten to twelveyeat She did not defendtho
suit or make any reply to the allegations
of her husband
Woodward testified that his wife had
been gulty of Improper conduct at the
Glen Island Hotel with John E Turner of
Paterson N J and again Paterson at
188 Straight street with Turner hi April
of last year Witnesses testified that Im
proprieties had also been committed by
the defendant at a camp at Lake Hopatoong
where she and her husband were accustomed
to spend the summer season
Half D oxen British Columbia Towns In
Danger tnJleaT7 Lots
CJUUBBOOK B C Aug M Bush fires
fanned by warm winds are burning furi
ously tonight Id several parts of this prov
ince Some hau dozen towns are again In
danger The fire near Kimberley is beyond
control and Is running north toward Skoo
kumchlck Creek
Though Sullivan and Eimberley are In
danger it Is hoped they can be saved There
is a bad fire east of Moyie and another is
near Ryan No rain has fallen for more
than a month
A bad fire to raging between Port Easing
ton and Prince Rupert On Vancouver
Island the town of Mount Sicker has been
practically wiped out Throughout British
Columbia dozens fires are cutting wide
swathe through some of the best timber
belts on the continent On Vancouver
Island alone the damage is estimated by
timber cruisers at over 10000000
Col Milton Young Sells McGratlilana Stud
for About 100000
LEXINGTON Ky Aug 18CoI Milton
Young today sold to B A and W 8 Beasle
of Lancaster the famous MoGfrathiana
stock farm for 150 an acre for the original
McQrath track which contains about four
hundred adios and 1125 for the remainder
making a total of about 100000 The farm
will be converted into1 a cattle farm after
being for fifty years one of Americas fore
most thoroughbred breeding establish
MoOrathlana vas the home or Aristides
Tom Bowling Hanover and hundreds of
noted horses The disposal of the farm
by OoL Young to the direct result of the
antibetting legislation in New York and
Louisiana Col Young was heavily In debt
and owing to the fact that he could not
realize on his thoroughbred yearlings this
year he was obliged to olose out the estab
lishment He Is sending his entire crop
of yearlings to Sheepshead Bay to be sold
oflellrllngS older stock will be sold on the
premises on October 1
He and a Judge Accused Stealing a
Horse and Carriage at HajvUle
I SATVTLLK L I Aug 18 Deputy Isaac
Bedell Sheriff Wellss foremost catcher of
speeding motorists was charged with
stealing a horse and carriage yesterday at
Bayville and Judge D D White also of
Bayville who has figured In deaUngwith
arrested motorists to charged as adacoom
P The owner of tbA rig J B Newton prom
Inent resident of Ronkonkoma says he
has a clear case against the officials
judge White who autboriced Bodell
to take charge of the rig which astound
standing three hours in the villagelshope
fir of settling the case out of court He
and Bedell say they thought they hodf ound
a stolen rig Ur Newton created an ox
citing street aoene when he chased and
caught Deputy Bedell making off with his
Tbe roast popular Veer te the world Tkere Is
leN profit to tS e Tea > r who u It beens U
Sat IBO at ta brewery yes Ha saU cxcMd
56M of aU ol BoMI ea which proves mat
2a nertnftlpIe IT AM
> 1
This Loss Includes Unpaid Interest anti
Defaulted Heatals Operating Expenses
lumped Frpm OK to BO Per Cent of the
C rots Earnings Property Depreciated
Adrian H Jollne and Douglas Robinson
receivers for the New York City Railway
Company submitted yesterday to Judge
Lacombe a statement of their receivership
from September it 1007 to June SO It
appears that there baa been a deficit ol
about 3000000 in nine months The gross
earnings were 1161717 but tho operxtn lag
expenses were J95 38M considered a
heavy amount Taking Into consideration
other expenses the deficit was aboutl3S2
000 but for the nine month period the
company has defaulted 730118 In rentals
to lines leased or under other agreements
The statement covers a period when
Messrs Joins and Robinson were receivers
of the entire City Railway tem Since
then the receiverships have been separated
Messrs Johns and Robinson being made
receivers for the Metropolitan Street RaIl
way Company and William W Ladd for
the New York City Railway Company
This is the detailed statement the grail
earnings and the operating expenses
UrS eirmnri P
Clib tares ttl4 7097M
Ticket tares 2M31M
Mill imza
Exprru iOta41
Total tttnu
Operating epa
llalateoancq ot way and trueture WS9012W
Ualntcoanca of equipment ltaiJ2
Operation of power plant 50043154
Operation of cn GOt
Injuries and damare expended 4M7UKi
Injudes and damage deferred CM S4n
General m07 U
Total S tttBSSy
Income from advertising rental of d
ad buildings and other sources brought
tho gross income up to 2817091 Under
the heading of Deductions from Income
thee items are specified
Taxet oth er than special francDlM 4607424
Tazea pmal f ranehlae estimated 0
basis ot assessment for rear ended
December SI 1M7 IM812M
Rent of leased Uses 0 which perms 14
net default baa not been made 21S 727C8
Interest on funded debts of companies
whose roads r operated tinder
agreements on which permanent da
fault blot been mae TtOSUi
interest a real estate norigaSe UU1
Interest on Ooatlnc debt ttt
Claltna rat com pules In bands of
receIvers f f 28355121
Total i 7 3644778
This made a dsfidt of 1047 83 but in
addition ta the operation charges in the
atottop charjps Incident
t the operation of the property vwhioh
brought the gross deficit up to 1WJ000
which of course has nothing to do with
the default on rentals of mla Here
is a statement of the default o mortgage
bonds and rentals
Metropolitan street Ralhrar Company
General Collateral
trusS mortcace 112500000 S 5 KC9000
4 per cent refunding
raortcace 16 04000 O 4 8410
Dividend rental o
capital stock k2000OCO S m 3Uo
Third Avenue Railroad Company
First montage MOo 8 6 12003
Fir a t consolidated
mortgage J7MOOCOe 4 JKK4CO
Dividend rental o I
capital stock 15 M800 B t CM7U
Central CrouUnro Railroad Company
Dividend rental o
capital stock so a UM 190000
Pulton Street Railroad Company
First mortcare 1MOOCO 9 4 COOOO
Fn Bolr re So 10
Totals 14075 JCO 17751 SOB
Central P r North and East River Railroad
Dividend rental on
capital stock 1800000 fi 0 12000
TwcatyelrbU and Twentyninth Streets Crosi
town Railroad Company
First mortcre 1500000 a 5 it73000
Totals 1 00000 trjTOOO
Totl P0
Grand totals f muo 7M89O3
This statement a to defaults covers the
entire year Representatives of tho com
pany said that In considering the total
deficit figuring in the 4720113 of default
on rentals it should be remembered that
the company no longer got on 52000QQQ
stock the 7 per cent guaranteed b the
Metropolitan Securities Company which
was about 3500000
Under the old management the operating
expenses were about 65 per cent of the
gross earnings Yesterdays statement in
dicate that tho operating expenses under
the receivers have jumped to about 8
per cent of tho gross earnings The de
predation of the companys property prob
ably had never been ten into account
before one official of the rood Bald and
the estimate had been made on stock that
was new and did not need a much repair
and tinkering Also they might be paying
the penalty for the past method charging
up certain expenses
Hospital Doctors Say They Betlved Culver
Once but Couldnt Do I Again
Oscar Culver the patient In the Eastern
District Hospital In WUllamsburg who
was said by the hospital attaches to have
been revived by a hypodermic injection
of strychnine and arttfloal respiration
after having been dead for about three
minutes on Monday evening die at about
6 oclock yesterday despite the efforts
of the doctors In the institution to prolong
long his life The doctors took turns dur
hi continuing the artificial
ing the night I cotung te alol
respiration while Culvers wife who h
Jplrlon whe we
gone to the hospital after being notified
that he was dead sat near by watching
About an hour before the man expired
he opened bis oyos and seemed to recognise
h wle He ted to move h lips but
couldnt and closed his eyes He lived
South Fourth street WUUamsburg
a 2 S Fou s WiU
and worked In a rolling mill at Kent avenue
and South Sixth street
ad BS a
Actress > ac VloUatst Fall From Precipice
The Former Dead s
I aptrttl CaSt Oupett t Tna SCTH
INNSBBUCK Austria Aug lAIn
tine Roman a Pouch actress and Pot
laTolinlt e asoendlag the Genes
peak today th ffeOTG a predplo
I Fbe actress w killed celt WMW
rerely Injured r
1rL Ti11
1 1
j V 1 j
Hose o Washington Xoo May Lice If He
Can Keep Awake
v WASHINGTON Aug W Physicians at
the Emergency Hospital have fought for
twentyfour hours and still a fighting
for the life of Rodnoy Rose a keeper In the
Washington zoo who was bitten yesterday
by rattlesnake The chief struggle Is to
keep Ross awake The torpor produced
by the virus injected into his body last
him like Bleeping drug
night pll Ue a Deplg dg
and the doctors say that if be sleeps for
any length of time he will die
An encouraging symptom is the absence
thus far of convulsions The crisis will be
reached between 11 and 1 oclock tonight
To give Ross strength to meet it he w
allowed occasional tonight
alowe oolonal napltnlght
The effect of tile venom of rattlesnake
o the human blood la t destroy the red
corpuscles The serum that I being used
neutralizes the effect of the poison by absorbing
sorbing It the serum In turn beg dis
posed of as any other Impurity The serum
Is of comparatively recent discovery and
physicians are watching Roses case wIth a
great deal of mteret
Late tonight physicians stated that
Rose was holing his ow The swelling
which caused his arm and hand to boooma
more than three times their natural size
has been stopped at the shoulder
May Yet Head Koosevelt CommlMlcn
for the Uplift of Farmer
ITHACA N Y Aug 18 Liberty Hyde
Bailey director of the New York State
College of Aclu who was appointed
han of President Roosevelts com
mission for the uplift of the farmer has
reconsidered his refusal to serve as bead
of the commission I Is understood that
Mr Roosevelt baa urgently requested Dean
Bal t take the job and that his hopes
for the success of the project ore largely
based on what the Cornell agricultural
expert can do in shaping the action and
scope of the commissions investigation
Many telegrams and letters h ave poured i
on Prof Bailey from farmers agricultural
educatorspublic men and Cornell alumni
from every section of the country asking
that he reconsider his decision and take
the position These letters have come In
ever since his declination was published
The greatest obstacle in Prof Baileys
way Is his directorship at Cornell which
takes all his time He would be unwilling
his friends say to undertake the work of
the commission unless be was assured that
he could give his best efforts adalof
his time t the prosecution of the work
Unless Cornell University will relieve hurt
temporarily of his position and give him
a leave of absence he will not serve
x v
Pfttsimrc Operators Her use to Collect In
creased issesameiats for Misers Union
P TTSSQBO AuglB Upiess the United j
Mine Workers bocVrdownrihete will be J
oftfca bfgge t ttrfkenHn therof
mining < here Thto1 evening operators at
th e Pittaburg district announced that they
would go no further in assisting their employees
ployees to maintain union The mooting
was attended by almost every producer in
tho district
The leaders of the union b demanded
that the operators take from the pay of
each miner on Increased sum each month
n Inad u8
forthe support of the union If the opera
tore strike would not do this there was to be i
skoL evening a call was issued for a
meeting of the miners tomorrow
Fifty cents had been token from each
miners pay each mon by the operators
who handed it over to the union The
union oflidala demanded recently that this
be increased to 65 cents per month Promi
nent operators declare tonight that If the
me decide to start trouble they will
abolish the rakeoff entirely and force the
officials to do their own collecting
Hopes Hell Be Named for Governor Gives
Brave Pledge to Bryan
CHICAGO Aug 18Blg Tim Sullivan of
New York arrived In Chicago from Seattle
this morning and pledged Tammany Hall
New York and such of the country as hahas
been in recently to William Jennings Bra
Political conditions are fine for Bryan all
over the country said Sullivan They a
especially good In New York which we ex
pect to carry for Mr Bryan our candidate
for Governor and the entire State ticket
Will Tammany support Bryan loyally
was asked
Wllt exclaimed the Senator Tam
many never was anything but regular W >
cannot teach our voters to split a ballot for
they might turn around and come back and
do us some day Tammany would support
its bitterest enemy if he were the regular
Democratic nominee That Is why we
Who will beyournominee for Governor
Chanter our present LieutenantGov
sold Tim
ernor1 I hope sd Big
Chairman Mack today got word from
Mr Bryan that ho wpuld arrive in Chicago
next Saturday and remain until Monday
afternoon when be will go to Indianapolis
to attend the Kern notification
Hughes Asked to Itemove Beach for Not
Suppressing Gambling
AIJ Aug 18 The Civic League t
day preferred charges against Sheriff Beech
of Albany county and asks Gov Hughes
to remove him The league accuses the
Sheriff of having allowed policy pool
room and other forms of gambling In
Albany Colonle and Watervliet all In Al
bany county It submits affidavits of
agents of the league who say they played
in the places complained of since last fall
A dozen places where gambling has been
going o a named i the charges The
that the Sheriff notified
lee says tt BewA nol
law ast May but made no effort to enforce the I
Sheriff Bosch 1 an important in the
10 Republican machine of which William
Barnesr Is the head The Civia League
used last ta with the Democrats and
Independence League on a city and county
ticket but the Banes city ticket was elected
b 3000 majority and the Barnos county
ticket by BOOOmajorlty
When GOT Hughes returned toJtheExecu
OaHur tE
thre Mansion from Cairo tonight he read
i the Bosch charge adato issued an
order for the Sheriff appear before h
and August file a Wttt answer to the 5 charges on
U you wish 11 50eElas J1 t spearers
ele f ITo z1erMDLs2 MJ
f a
rO T V J
ufiiUtrV t1 V 1 3 i A rtt i < l
Police cant Unlock Doors to Get Four
Prisoners for the Nlcnt Cenrt Statloi
With Speaking Tabes Electric Dells
Shower Baths and Oarage Deds In Cell
Tho new Tenderloin police station was
opened for business at mgt lat night
and the first four men taken to cells were
locked in 8 well that when Doormat
Eagcersmlth went to tote them out to be
IAamltwentt t tem
arraigned in the nightcourt oouldn
get them out At 1 oclock this morning
Oapt Murphy had his reserves scouting
all over that partof the town routine look
smithsout of bedto try their hands on the
now looks
The cells in the new station are In a build
ing separated from the station house proper
by a court A big Iron door leads t the
cell corridor and I botVtho mens and
womens section the cells ore arranged in
When the doorman tried to work the
looks oaths lower tier to put in four pris
oners he found that the keys didnt fit
Then ho tried the cells on theupper tier
and the locks opened very nicely After
the prisoners had been locked in the door
man tried the locks and found that the
them He hustled
keys wouldnt budge t busted
down and told Capt Murphy
When Capt Murphy went back with him
Naggersmith found that he couldnt unlock
the big iron corridor door All the doors
have Tale locks and the keys ore supposed
t lift the bolt and raise aot The
bolt worked all right but the catch didnt
The doorman was sure that h h the
right solution keys BA locksmith w the only
When Capt Murphy found that the locks
would not work he ordered that the other
prisoners betoken t the cells In the old st
tion house
The new station is at at 1S9 West T
tieth street directly opposite tho old build
ing which has housed the police squad o
the district sinoo 1689 Most of the evening
the reserve platoon carried furniture b
ding and personal effects across the street
The now house Is the largest and finest
police sol the city and perhaps In
I the world I cost 104209
I At S oclock last night Lieut William F
Day turned out the last platoon from the
old atatoI reported 2 oclock this
morning the new station and the next
i platoonwas turned out by LiMit Gllhooly
Just before the old station closed Inspector
SmlllngDlck Walsh who was patrolman
roundsman sergeant and tllthe
old bouse came In t t
Well bXo to atari the
b1ottrtoi tbo lastStma In ifie o1liti
hftsafc sptet the bet part of my len
1 t 1MtP oI
vice here y
i The Smiling Dick went across the street
to inspect the new station It to five stories
two o stone and three of brick I con
tains eleven dormitories each capable
holding eighteen patrolmen or ID m
There are three shower baths in each dor
v The e lieutenants rooms are large and
each contains a shower bath There I a
shower for the captain too I case of
urgent need COO men could be concentrated
I the building I the basement is a
kitchen to utilised i necessary to feed
the GOO Provision also is made for the
offices of the Thirddistrict inspector
There fortytwo cells resembling on
RMuol inspection a lot of bear cages id
they a walled entirely by bars They
have running hot and cold water and an
iron b On each floor are standplpes
and 200 foot of fire hose On the roof h
a tank o 8000 gallons capacity Speaking
tubes and electric bolls are part of tho
puiplment As the Tenderloin uses an
automobile patrol wagon a U t date
garage I in the rear of the building
In spite of Its else the new building la hi a
reclnot much smaller than that for which
the old bud used In its earlier days
The Tenderloin originally extended from
fourth to Seventh avenue and from Four
teenth to Fortysecond street About a
y ag Commissioner Bingham split off
the sections south of Twentyseventh street
and organised a new precinct
The future of the old building h not
been settled It may be used as the stable
and headquarters o Traffic SquadC The
fixtures which remain are to be sent out to
the Ozone Park station although the Tenderloin
derloin reporters will make a strong bid for
rpor m eg
the lieutenants desk
Within ten minutes ofter th midnight
open of th station about twenty plain
clothe men with prisoners showed up all
anxious to have the distinction bringing
In the first prisoners Detective Sohendler
gottb first He h arrested John
Zaplits of 31 West joist street for assault j
Accidentally Got Into His cage at Coney
and They Fought te the Death
Baltimore a big lion killed a Russian
bear In a cage in the Bostook animal
enclosure at Coney Island yesterday
After the lions of Rlnoldoft group were
driven into the passagewar behind the dens
for performance In the arena an attend
ant entered the bears den to clean I bear
Ing the door
ng d open
Baltimore and another lion got into a
fight a the arena entrance which was
not stopped until Rtnaldo had given B
timer a hard beating and discharged the
cartridges from two revolvers in the face
or the Ion Baltimore became enraged
urnod suddenly and instead of eng
Unaldo bolted into the passageway mak >
lug for hdO
As the door of the bears den W wide
it blocked that part of the
pen I be tpof passage
way and the lion bounded Into the bears
de T frightened attendant got out
quickly and closed the door leaving the
Ion and tho bear together
The bear a big cinnamon rose on its
dndlegaand fought thellon The encounter
was furious the lion biting and clawing and
he bear biting and hugging <
The ate rushed to the front ot
ho deoand with iroabara tried to separate
te t
tbsan1nial5 but they couldnt do apt
lon vf master of tie situationand took
rvery Tant over the bear wounding i
errlbry and the bear dropped to the floor
ohauBted Two vicious bites In the neck
Oiled It
TfeS Uea was then driven from the bears
d UkI1 marks oS wwouat r v
st til c b I y 4
Minnesota Poet and Former College In
aldForme CoIee
straotor Prowns Himself
MnmHAroLXB Mine Aug 18Arthur
W Upson former professor at the University
versity of Minnesota and a poet of some
note drowned himself today and his body
was found In the river at BcmldjI Minis
Arthur Ppeon though only 2 years old
h done distinctive orlr I poet and
critic of literature Among his publlohed
works a Octaves in an Oxford Garden
which h wrote at Oxford The Signet the
Harp Trio City The Tides of Spring
and Wet Wind Songs
He washm In Comdon N Y was un
married and bad lived abroad many years
In lOOi ho spent the summer on the Isle of
Man the guest of Hall Calne who considered
him his protege
In March 1000 when he was an assistant
professor of literature the University of
Minnesota f Upson leaped from a bridge
near River the university into tho Mississippi
A brldga watchman who saw himfall
fished him to a boom He h left home
In good spirits and tho only explanation o
h attempted suicide was a recurrence
of melancholia from which bo had suffered
moo1 f se e
two years before
The Feat Elicits Praise From Secretary
Wrtsht for Coast Artillery Co
W Aug 18 Secretary of War
Luke E Wright will write a letter to Oapt
A H Fee Coast Artillery Corps com
manding officer a the 143th Company
stationed Fort Baker California commending
mending the officers and men fo their
skill In target practice On July 21 a record
of 100 per cent was made Ten hits were
made out of tea shots wit the ir inc rifles
me t sot te res
Battery Wagner nt a material target ten
feet high by twentyfour feet long moving
at the rate of 04 mIles an hour at a mean
a r m a me
range of 2160 yards The hits were made
lnl minute and seconds
mnte 0
Boston Milliners Arrive With Creations
Unlike Widows
qulteUnilke Merry 1f1dl
Isabel Holland and Mary Moore Boston
milliners who have been studying styles In
P arrived yesterday by the North
German Kaiser WQhelm
Gc Lloyd steamship r
der Grosse with sample hats fo the fa
which look as much like a merry widow creation
ation dance as umbrella a baby parasol does like asoqg and
This Is the comparison of the milliners
themselves who say the reaction from the
expansive hat is extreme
xvo exme
Still a Deadlock I the 98tn Congress
WATBBTOWK N Y Aug 1 Just 800
ballots had been token with no choice
when the Twentyeighth Congressional
Republican convention Conio
lourned this afterpoon t10 oclock
t omWw nothing t iii
dlcate any agreement There is talk o
adjourning to the Thousand Islands if a
nomination ta not rado soon Fifty nine
ballots were taken f
Governors Former Law Partner Will Hear
the Bradley Chances
GOT Hughes tonight appointed George
W Schurman of New York city commis
sioner to take the testimony In the hearing
of the charges against Sheriff Bradley for
permitting bookmakers to pry their business
In Saratoga Mr Sclmrman a brother of
President Sohurman of Cornell University
and formerly was Gov Hughees law
M Schurman coiled at the Executive
Mansion tonight He will open the hearing
on the charges at Ralston out scat of
Saratoga county on Monday August 31
Assistant Under Secretary for Ireland
Jounced Prom a Jaunting c
Spiciol CaW t Tax Sex
DnL Aug 18T H Ennls Assist
ant Under Secretary for Ireland was thrown
from a jaunting car today and killed In
Causing Team 1 R Away and Three
Persons Are Hurt
STAnD Conn Aug 18Rush Tag
glint Jr of 310 West Seventyfifth street
New York and his two daughters wore In
ured a Sootts Corners two miles from
heir summer home at New Canaan today
They were driving a team of Mr Taggarts
horses when the automobile of D George
lB Best of Englewood N J driven by Dr
lost and occupied by members of his family
attempted to pass them on a narrow road
The car hit the Tnggart carriage broke a
wheel and caused the horses t run away
Mr Taggart and his daughters were thrown
out They were bruised and suffered from
That Slay Be Reason for Postponement of
TTorklormens Contention
The convention oftb State Working
mens Federation of Labor which has been
called to met in Rochester In the week of
eptember 14 h been postponed until I
the following week The explanation for
the postponement Is that Chairman Wood
ruff of the Republican State committee
and some of his agents have been trying to
get President Daniel Harris and other men
prominent in the confederation to prevent
the convention from taking any action
favorable to the plan of Samuel Gompers
to have labor line up for Bryan
Friends of President Harris said yester
day that the Idea of tho men Identified
with the organisation was to keep awar
from politicians It wts thought best then
fore to have their convention after the two
political State conventions President Bar
miss friends say that Chairman Woodruffs
plan will falL
Grots Ship No 1 Respond to the Will of
Its Operator
3pcitl CabUDSp4tC1s U Tan BOX
BSBUK Aug 18The Gross military
airship No 1 mode a flight at 10 P M today I
from the military grounds at Tegel It
rose quickly a height of 1000 feet and
moved northeasterly direction toward
It reached Neustadt and turned back
toward Berlin At 3 A M watchers at
Tegel saw it and at 315It d descended
It covered M mile ta a straight line but
it was constantly raanonrmd tou
More Emotion Than Critical Spirit la En
thoflutta Receptions Both Prodao
fleas Get Sow Savage Coatpaay
Achieved IU PlaytatT Form In lime
Bin ti eap r
And all Iba derlb Are bin
IIr SluAttpiart
Oliver Horfords Devil Henry W
Swages presentation and the Devil
possessed In common by David Belasoo
ind Harrison Grey Flake bit the town
simultaneously last Bight and roused Broad
way to B pitch of excitement high that
nobody went to bed until they turned out
the lights in the restaurants
Mr Savage produced Fereno Molnors
three act play The Devil at the Garden
Theatre the adaptation by Oliver Herford
Mr Flake brought out at the Belaaoo Thea
tre exactly the some play but to a different
aptatonbyAlODllder Konta and William V
Trowbridge Lamed
Both Mr Flake and Mr Savage la stats
month made in the last twentyfour houra
to the effect that each had the American
rights to the play with the further Intima
tion by Mr Savage that Mr Fiake was
playing it low down on him in producing
The Devil at all had aroused so much
interest generally that when It came time
or the curtain to go up at the Garden and
at Belasooa night theatres twice thaj
alEe of Mr Savages Madison Square house
and Mr Belaaooa Forty eoond street
theatre wouldn t have held the crowda
Atlemat a thousand people were turned
away at each place and an hour before
the bolla tinkled for the lifting of curtains
the police were busy shepherding f people
Into some approach to order upon the side
Naturally tho friends of Mr Savage of
Oliver Herford and of Edwin Stevens Mr
Savages devil crowded the Garden
Theatre and applauded tempestuously
while on the other hand the friends of
Mr Flake of Mr Bola of Mr AmUse
and folks In sympathy with the lndo
pendents swarmed Into the Belaaoo and
beat their hands together at every cynical
phrase uttered by George Arlles Mr Flakes
devil As a result the audiences were
ruled by emotion rather than unbiassed
dramatic criticism In both theatres at
the fall of every curtain the applause waa
continuous and demonstrative In each
case prompted largely by enthusiastic
sentiment In which critical analystsbad
small part
Owing to the artistic prestige George
ArK who was long the support ptMn
Fiskertbe dramaUb crmoflflockedt6 Bef
liscbs almost without exception Re
porters with a knack for dramatic news
went to the Garden Theatre to see what
Mr Savage had managed to acoompliatfin
a spasm of energy which haled principals
I from six States drove them through their
I parts and hurled them out to compete
with Mr Fiakes more thoroughly trained
i company all in thirtysix hours
I The comparison of the merits of the two 1
reductions was left for another night
It was enough that Mr Savage and Mr
Flake were dangling devils in each others
faces all In the same evening and that
the friends and sympathizers of each
were uproariously applauding The sit
uation was entirely unique In the the
atrical history of the town
The story has been told already of how
Mr Flake sent George AmUse and the rest
of his company up IntoWestoheeter county
whore they lived under assumed names
and wore strange disguises rehearsed In
town halls and barns and when they were
quite ready to flash on New York did BO
with such dramatic effect that Mr Savage
busy rehearsing the Boston company of
The Merry Widow was for a few minutes
maybe completely hornswoggled Then
he took a long breath and got busy He
changed the name of the version of Molnars
play that he poe from The Cloven
Hoorunder which name it had been
shown In Hartford Conn back to The
Devil to match Flake and cracked the
managerial whip over the backs of his
His star Edwin Stevens was at the time
on Nantucket Island Mr Savage got him
by wirelttts Mr Stevens chartered a
steamboat which took him to Woods Hole
where hj caught an express train to New
York He arrived at Matt Haven at 159
Monday morning wbeie an automobile
was waiting for hin Straight to the
Garden Theatre at something less dan
sixty miles on hour the automobile took
Stevens where all night rehearsals had
started already under tho direction of Mr
Savage Mr Herford and Robert Milton
Mr Savage held them hard at work until
daylight yesterday morning six hours of
teady grind There was a short Interval s
then for breakfast and rest and then at
II oclock In the morning Ma Stevens and
the rest of the company went back to work
and plugged away until 7 oclock last night
A few minutes more than an hour later the
audience was In the Garden Theatre ap
plauding a company of actors who ap
peared as fresh and energetic as If they
had been resting letter perfect for weeks J
In the boxes and scattered among the
auditorium seats at Belasoos were most of
Mr Belaaooa stars Charlotte Walker
Frank Keenan and Blanche Bates among
the number Also there were Ada Lewis
Lee Shubert and other friends and ad
mirers of Mr Belasoo and MrArllss
At the Garden Theatre f Mr Herfords
and Mr Savages friends filled the boxes
and orchestra seats Mrs Oliver Herford
entertained a box party and hi the opposite
taP boxes wore Harrison Flaher Will B
Barnes and other dose friends of the man
ager Mrs Ethel Watts Muinford and a
party of friends occupied another box
After the adaptor finished tinkering
with the Hungarian newspaper mans
drama the result wo essentially same
is to the general theme but Mr Herford
aid reetreeI on tho comedy side con
rtrnctlng a devil which was humorous
fellow who played pranks and mad jokes
and whose wickedness was sugar ooatfK
rather thickly especially la the bet
10 that the audience might be rwisefltJ
to the triumph of deviltry 5
As In the original Mr Herford idea
was that humor swathed a multitude of sins
Yr Koala and Mr Lamed who adaptodf 1
Mr Fiake devised a polite exe riv ly <
505101T558d wllw ho bad IC 14 tailS S NOM j CtJ 1
t t WI
tX i iit l ff1 > 1 t4 iI t lt I y

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