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Jjprr I < 1 T A J h 1
h1MM h 0 i
I W I t 4 P1T DWaMJS J tSUS I 1 i
Flrto aya t Prohihl to Mtlt fit
I slowly flSlol te t1lre dlmlnlblil W tit l
I tjc U n erly wInds bc omnlllht and va bl A r 1lJII pv
= lrl i
llrrrlver of the EUeUty Co tUi Not
lot Seen Kelran nee flan It orLa
HooksTalk or Bltpatlnt Bank
Title to Some Note and Mortgages
homes F Qilray receiver of tho
Fidelity Funding Company 116 Broadway
Mid yesterday that bo was Impatient
for np interview with P Jl Kelran who
KM In control of the company up to the
time li went under month ago tie had
not seen Mr Keirau since bit appoint
ment IU receiver and even moro Im
portant In his estimation had not
ten account books which were kept
ry the missing offlcer and which Mr
S Oilroy believes may tend to explain why
the liabilities or tha company seem t
he At least 4600000 and theassets an
unknown quantity
It was not only on his official account
that he wanted I Information from Mr
Kelran and the books Mr Oilroy went
on to say The officers of Borne fifty or
nxty Catholic churches seminaries and
other Catholio institutions large number
of Catholic clergymen and an occasional
layman such aa Leelio M Shaw formerly
Secretary of the Treasury had quite as
much reason to be concerned
Rome of the institutional were appar
ently Involved to the extent of many
thousands of dollars oneof them to the I
extent of many hundreds of thousands I
nf dollars the Catholic clergymen as
S individuals had claims or liabilities that
could not be established without Mr
Kelrans assistance and Mr Shaw was
x creditor to the extent of 00000 and had
also become a stockholder
In explanation Balnbrldge Colby of
olby 4 Ooldbeck attorneys for Mr
Kelran in a statement late last night jn
fstd that there was no mystery what
ever it to the whereabouts of Mr Kelran II
HU client he said had been touring tho
country arranging matters with the
Catholic institutions with which he had
done business Mr Colby denied that
there were any irregularities in the con
duct of the companys business by Mr
Keiran and concluded by saying that Mr
Kelran will soon ben the city
When the company failed it was well
> flown that its business was principally
with Catholic institutions and It was to
alholio clergymen that Mr Kelran was
not successful selling stock That he
hid involved these Institutions and in
dividuals very heavily Mr Oilroy ex
iine l did not come out until as ex
UauttUe an examination into the cora
t anys affairs aa was possible without Mr
Keirane aMiatanoo had been made
Mr Gilroy bad had repeated promise
he said of the rcoorcryof the missing
books ondon this Account kept the cir
cumstances Quiet until yesterday
Keiransf method of operation Mr
Oilrpy said f waajvitantially as follows
S Hoeought outct1I 1JqJnstl tlona which
wanted money for Improvements or ad
ditions to bulldlngfl and offered to lend
them money on notes secured by mort
gages on their al estate As an addi
tonal consideration the officers of the
mortgagor society tooU out life insurance
policies in the names of five or six persona
I approved by Mr Keiran The mortgages
were ordinarily for twenty years And the
life Insurance policies ordinarily of the
twenty year endowment kind the Idea
helg that the policies would mature
rnnenientiy with the mortages and pro
ide sufficient funds to pay tho mortgages
11 The Fidelity Funding Company
did not write the Insurance but acted as
an insurance broker and placed it either
with the Reliance Life Insurance Com
pany of PitUburg or the Security IIfo
Insurance Company of Chicago The
amount of the polioy was ordinarily 75
r < r cent of the amount of the loan The
mortgagor paid at the rate of nearly D
IT cent In combined interest on the
mortgage and premium on tbe insurance
It developed alter the receivership
Mr Gilroy said that Mr Keiran controlled
I hrpe construction companies which
hough not owned by the Funding Com
rany were connected with it In the sense
hat they occupied the same or adjoining
offices and worked together with Mr
Keiran in charge of the business of all
1he e companies were the Columbia
t instruction Company the Federal Con
struction Company and McBrides Studios
The last named companys specialty was
work on church decoration Another
company in the same suite was the Wes
ern Illinois and Iowa Railroad Company
which waa a trolley proposition con I
trolled by Mr Kelran
In the course of construction work on
he various Institutions it was the custom I
nf the company to secure short termjnotes
from the mortgagors to provide funds for
the completion of the work These notes
Mr Gilroy said wore turned over to one
rt the construction companies for
hypothecation or were discounted by tbe
Funding company
The manner in which many of the church
nititutions became heavily involved Mr
Hilroy said came in right here On the I
maturity the note in many case the
company secured renewal but neglected
to take up the outstanding notes and some
of the institution gave renewal after
renewal without securing any of their
preioua notes
Thus the books and the protest of notes
ndicate that St Marys Academy at
auvoo 111 gave to Kelran notes aggre
eating JlWOOOO on two mortgages total
line t 23QO The notes were signed by
Ih treasurer and mother superior and
heir confidence their fiscal agent was
M > Kteat that they gave him nor properly I
lgnAd by them leaving it to him to fill
In the amount and date A series of
nip in large amdvntshave lone to pr
tst Others wllh the amounts and dates
iri blank have been found by the r
s > also notes aggregating 500000 over
lnd nbove a mortgage for 200000 have
R n to protest agaliuf Vincents Col
Isp of Chicago ant 8t Thomas Aquinas
finch the largest and finest Catholic
SI iwh In Cleveland is involved t the
P Ant of 125000 Another Catholic In
nlnn ha complained that It received
15 roo as compared with notes amount
r c to comp been presented
t payment Another got nothing in
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A Fine Balfqintt Is to Bo Up Bejwera
Ith and iiatu atreeti
New York Is to have another great
Christian Science church edifice aat
members and regular attendants ofthe
First Church 6f Ort Scientist met
yesterday afternoon In the church build
ing at Central Pak West and Ninety
sixth street and adopted a resolution
authorising the purchase of the plot I
of ground fronting on Riverside Driu
and extending from 108th street lo 110th I
street An option on this site has been
held by the organization for some days
Tho price jtilll h 180000 Plans wilt
b drawn at once for tho new bulldlngv
which will have larger seating capacity
than ha present Nlnetyelxth street
church hnd is expected to cost quite i
much The older building wit Its
alU cost 1200000
The decision of the society to erect
another fine building Is seemingly antag
onistic t tbe declaration attributed t
Mrs Mary Baker G Eddybut a short
time ago against further outlays on ex
pensive church buildings Whether for
this reason or for another the meeting
yesterday afternoon lasted from 4 oclock
until well toward 7 and there was muph
dl qnTe meeting was closed to
the public
After it was over a typewritten state
ment containing little more than the bare
decision t build was given out The
statement characterized the lit selected
aa one of the most valuable pieces Of
property on Riverside Drive and because
of Its accessibility ii an Ideal location
for a church
Tho statement goes on to explain the
reasons for erecting another building
The Ninetysixth street church it
says was completed five years ago
but the growth of the oonffrer tion has
been so rapid that within three years
It became crowded and the building
of a new church is now a necessity The
new church will be a branch of the Boston
Mother Church
Dot a Bunch or Men Are Arreited Just
the Same at the Attar
As the result of a complaint made to
the Sixth avenue branch detective bureau
by Mrs Caroline E B Tripp a widow of
201 Central Park West that she had been
swindled out of stock worth between
i40oOO and So Detectives Curry and
Thomas arrested three medat the Hotel
Tomas la
Astor yesterday afternoon while thpy
were talking with Mrs Tripp
Mrs Tripp who was out of her house
until late last night declared on her
return that the arrest of the men was a
mistake She said she had reported to
te police some time ago that a man who
had been acting a her agent bad dis
appeared but since that time he had
come back and her stock had been re
The men arrested are Clarence Bly
alias Ryan alias Keeley alias Prof rflaacl
alias Shay which name housed in this
cose John Smith whoaaid he wan sales
man and Jrilliam Kobler a palmist
Bly said he was in the moving picture
The detectives say that about six years
ngM Tripp was being treated by
Dr Johnson a masseur who had an
office at 241 West Fortyfourth street
for a nervous disorder
They say he induced her t invest about
125000 in stock of the BostonAuburn
Oold Mining Company of Silverton Cl
and that a palmist called James Hawley
subsequently became her financial ad
viser The crowd that was exploiting
her heard that she had complained t the
police abut Hawley and Smith tbe police
say was trying to fix Itup with her when
the three men were arrested
Hedged Piano Steal Against Door and
Uetf H C Capless Treasures
Puilph < CspJes assistant to Vloo
president Daly of the New York Central
took his wife to the theatre last night
When they returned to their home in the
Wen the roture t
apartment house at 43 West Eleventh
stet a little after I oclock they found
the door t their apartment unlocked but
they couldnt budge I an Inch
I took the police whom Mn Caples
telephoned for fifteen minutes to get in
A closet door had been wedged opened by
a bronse candlestick Between the closet
door and the outef door a piano ail bad
dr out
been jammed and thatll Jed All an elfect
lye look until the police squeezed a thin
brother through the meagre opening
aprtent had been rifled Everything
thing was upset Mr Caples could give
no estimate of his low but said every
thing portable that the thief or thieves
wanted apparently had been taken In
cluding diamond stickpins and at least
qne diamond ring
The block was surrounded by police
but nobody was caught A skylight waa
found open in a house near Sixth avenue
and It seemed certain that the burglars
had come over the roof
Brooklyn Merchant tOlli Himself Before
Daughter Tried Twice Before to Do I
George W Sulker a provision merchant
who was to have per today in the
County Court Brooklyn to answer for
felonious assault on Mrs Mary J Sample
killed himself last h in his home at
678 Eleventh avenUe Brooklyn
Sulker who had been out on bal from
Raymond street jail since last Friday
attempted to take his life last Saturday
by gas asphyxiation and on Sunday with
a carving knife but in both cases his
wife Ida wlableto prevent him She
set their thirteenyearold daughter Irene
to watch her father yesterday because
she still feared he would try to kill him I
ltl te
self It was while the little girl was
sitting with him lost night that Sulker
drew revolver and shot himself through
the heart
Mrs Sample nn elderly widow was
gagged stripped and tortured by the ap
plication of an acid solution on her bare
flesh by two women nnd a man In her
apartments at 577 Franklin avenue on
September 27 last Mrs Sample told
tha police that she had been blackmailed
out of 1070 since last February because
she had put herself In what would be re
tarded as a compromising position
From he story It was believed that the
attack was just part of the unpleasant
ness In which she had become Involved
When Sulker was arrested o Septem
ber 29 he denied the attack but aald he
had borrowed 11070 from Mrs Sample
He wa sent to the Raymond street jail
o t two charges and did not get out until
last Friday S
Gtnalp Drf ct Farm Hciugti
ate never torn la bulk but AM alwayt wripneil II
ptrctiment paper wltn ue name printed In red
Ink Beware of Imitation Ait re
000 or too Persons Itt the Clergy and
I Band o Sluilo Leading iBrcli
nlen Bqcare t I Praw a Increment
Into the Church Nupper and nedi
A parade of 700 or 800 people mostly
women and girls with a cross blazing In
electric lights at the head and a brass
band Just behind the cross marched out
last night at 10 oclock from BJ Georges
Church Stuyvesant Square The band
played gospel hymns a the paradert
marched and sang and crowds colleted
along the sidewalk
I was the highways and hedges parade
in connection with the revival services
which have been going on for the Us
week in the church Although before
now people from the Episcopal and other
churches have gone out into the street
and distributed tracts and attempted to
get those whom they met to come into the
meeting1 last nights affair is supposed
t b the first time that a church In New
York has approached quite BO nearly th
methods of the Salvation Army Dr
Dawson who is conducting the revival
meeting has done the name thing In other
The parade was begun after the regular
meeting At the head marched a man
bearing a large white cross illuminated
by incandescent lights those at the end
of the arms being red This man wu
flanked on either side by men carrying
the batteries which ran the lights and
behind him was the band followed by
Dr Dawson the Rev Dr Hugh Birck
head rector of St Georges and the other
clergy of tho church the Rev E F WIN
cox tho Rev J Godfrey Wilson the
Rev M H Blrckhead brother of the
rector ard tho Rev T Bend Holland
Then came various ofllcere of the church
and the seventy choir boys with the
entire congregation of the earlier service
making up the bulk of the procession
The clergy did not wear their surplices
nor did the choir boys
The marchers four abreast went
through Sixteenth street to Union Square
circled the square passed through Four
teenth street to Second aonue and up to
Sixteenth street and back to the church
All along the line their coming attracted
good crowds mOt of whom merely gaped
in astonishment and went on about their
usual ways Some however joined the
marchers and more turned and followed
on the sidewalk Perhaps 160 or 200 men
and women who had not been at the earlier
meeting were in the church when a mal
meeting which had been advertised by
cards handed out by young men who
accompanied the panders began
The incidents of the march wore not
greatly varied At one point a pan
handler tried to collect from the paraders
but after being tu e down a few times
he gave it up and disappeared in the
Mr Dawson is a short stocky man
with a full face long black hair and tiny
black mustache and wears a flowing
black tie He is a persuader in voice and
manner and his talk at tho mass meeting
of wanderers
was waderors
Have you got anything out of your
wandering he asked Have you gained
anything b IU I am here to ask you
to come back to the fold Jesus is waiting
for you
After his appeal he asked those who
wished odvice or counsel to follow him
Into the vestry room where a floors or
more soon gathered These Mr Dawson
said later were mainly people who once
had gone to church but who had wandered
away Several among them did not have
a place to sleep or anything < o eat and
these were Bent to the vestry house next
door where their needs in these par
ticulars were met
Mr Dawson said that his system was no
novelty in London and he also had used
it successfully in Winnipeg He said
lost nights results he considered very
good particularly for the first trial in
this city Some time the latter part of
the week the experiment will be repeated
and other streets will be visited
Zero Mave Spread Over Much of the
CHICAno Dec 7 Chicago shivered
today with tho coldest weather of the
season The mercury dropped ten de
grees in an hour before midnight and
kept dropping for several hours there
after The minimum temperature ai
10 above zero
Intense cold weather prevailed through
out the Central and Northwestern State
A heavy snow which fell in northern
Nebraska and tb lower part of South
Dakota was followed by a fall of tam
perature to 18 degrees below zero Ibis
There wa fall of twentylive delrM
in the temperature in western Missouri
and Kansas during the night
The cold wave extended as ta south as
Oklahoma City where the temperature
reached 2 degree above 2 r during
I was the coldest day of the year in
Iowa the mercury registering 6 degrees
below zero at Den Moines Tho same
conditions prevailed in Minnesota and
Wisconsin At St Paul it was 4 degrees
below zero during the forenoon Much
colder weather predicted tomorrow
Resolution Introduced tn the Home Pro
vldlns for Appointment of a Committee
WASHINGTON D 7 Hardly bad the
second session of the Sixtieth Congress
begun when an indication wa given of
the intention of Democratic Congressmen
to followup the allegations in regard
to the purchase of the Panama Canal
property by the United States Govern
ment Representative iney of Illinois
made the first i
a Democrat move In a
resolution providing fo the appointment
of a special committee of the Rouse to
m e an investigation of the purchase
RoDrceenUtlve flimsy said tonight
that b resolution was Introduced at tre
instance of the Democratic national com
mittee Toward the close of th Presi
dential campaign the committee had
eelect d him to Introdtioe tb resolution
and to press I In the House He said
Rue that he expected to peak oft the
t O
subject before Coagreaa adjourned for
the Christmas holiday I
Three Hen Ceoipel President to Bprr
Safe and Escaie IB Crowded Street
PonriiiNO Ore neo 7The National
Bank of Fat Portland wan held up and
robbed of t10 by three masked men
at 615 oclock this evening while hun
dreds of per < rns were passing along
Grand avenuo and East Washington
street where the bank Is located The
robbers succeeded in eacapjflg oven
though President H H Nowhall fired a
shot at thorn M they fled east on Wash
nttton street
Cashier Moulton had just left the bank
when a large man quickly entered and
leaping over he counter polntd his
weapons and ordered all hands into the
presidents private office and to keep
their hands elevated under penalty of
death While he was arranging the in
mate of the bank two men enteredJeacli
carrying a sack
President Newhall was ordered to re
open the safe which he had just closed
At the point of a gun tj e president opened
the doors and the second man carried the
money gold silver and currency to the
counter where the third man deposited
It In two sacks
Aa soon a the money was secured the
three men started for the door two of
them carrying the sackswhile the third
backing up held thq inmate covered
until he reached the street
Mr Newhall and his eon each found
weapons and rushing on the street fired
A crowd soon collected and some per
sons ran after the robbers but as dark
ness had settled down accompanied by
a fog the robbers evaded their pur
The bank has been organized since 1885
and Is one of the largest concerns on the
east side of the river
Father Parclow Uoubti If God Sends An
Belt to a Refined Vaudeville Show
The Rev William OBrien Pardow 8 J
who Is giving a series of talks on Mondays
at the Catholic Club under the allspices
of the Daughters of the Faith devoted
most of the hour allotted to him yester
day afternoon to a discussion of spiritual
He surprised some persona by admitting
that he believed tha fortunately or
unfortunately many Individuals had
received communications from the spirit
The investigations of the Society for
Psychical Research both In this country
and In Great Britain left no room for
doubt on the mater But while be did
not attempt to cast any doubt upon the
authenticity of many of the socalled
spirit manifestations Father Pardow
did not seem to think that a study of them
would be at all advantageous to the aver
age layman Ho was especially emphatic
in declaring that none of them had any
religious significance
God does not he said aend legions
of his angels down to earth to give a retlned
vaudeville show Neither there any reason
son to believe tlisthe various rapplngv
whisperings materializations and j
terious writings that have been shown
to b not the result of deliberate fraud
on the part of professional mediums
should be attributed to the spirits of the
dead In my opinion they are to b traced
directly to the machination of the evil
one who employs his boats of fallen
for confusion of humanity
an eels the Cnulon lumaniy
The speaker enjoined all good Catholics
to atop worrying and speculating about
these things which he seemed t think
were Inimical the cause of religion
Since the Church had not Bet upon the
doctrines or manifestations of spiritism
the seal of her official approval it was
disloyal for Catholics to Imagine that they
could have any value except from the
point of mere amusement or of scientific
research Evon with one of these ends
In view lA added it was probably unwise
to attempt to establish communication
with the powers of darkness
Wbrn a Lump or foal Rose Out of this
Hunker and Shook hint
If you wen an assistant engineer of
a steamship and saw the coal rise up
out of the bunker and shake itself what
would do The assistant engineer of
the fruit sfamsilp Admiral Dewey was
confronted with the problem when the
liner which arrived yrstrrday was one
day out from Kingston He saw what
arp hr < > d to bn large lump ofcoal shak
ing the dust from itself He had never
heard of a coal ghost nil that he had
ever rend about wore while and ethereal
But hs was not well enough versed in
Jj otiv lore to b sure that there were
no coil black spirits
lie called for help and stockers r
Biondtfd ocd went for the lump of coal
jond puuly urcutimental way They
found that it was not a lump of coal
bin the lead of 1 very dark resident
of Kiupstoi who had stowed away in tbe
bunker up to his neo and had been
mad speechless and half unconscious
by ths due He was dragged out and
restored I his normal darkness He
said h just nor see New York
about whioh travellers had told him so
much and not having any money he
hid In the coal bunker to get here He
Is called Jos6 Santos and et years old
Hewas put to work and when the ship
reached ber dock was locked up 8 that
he could not get Into the city He will
b returned to Kingston when the Ad
miral Dewey got a back
City Cub Wants Eacleecrt to Look Over
the Manhattan Now
Homer Folk chairman of the transit
committee and Henry C Wright bureau
director of the Cfly Cub have prepared
a communication which will b sent to
Mayor McCIellan urging thnt an exami
nation be mae of the plans of the Manhat
tan Bridge to determine whether or not
the structure Is safe and adequate
It is pointed out In the letter that In the
original plans for the Queensboro Bridge
as approved by pxCocnmletionerLlnden
approve IxJlelnerLlne
thai it was intended to have only two ele
vated track but that the LPfae
tinkered with by succeeding bridge commissioners
tner wit auoig
missioners so as furnish four elevated
tracks and that tests ot jftruoture b
expert engineers show that that bridge
U not capable of carryingthe four tracks
In view of this neglect or Incompe
tence the letter adds on the part of
the Bridge Department it seems pa
wub highly Important1 that the plans or
t Manhattan Bridge pcude con
struction b thoroughly Inspected to
guard against tOn1 repetition of
the citys experience in connection with
the Queengboro Bridge
I T Dtwey 4 Son CoVl5 rullon St Krw ° Yotk
Medical Expert Inderie the ForMfft
Experiments uiu BelIeve the Method
Rxperlmtt Jd Deleve te
1ieful and HarmtcM Reports on
the Trial of the Serum In Europe
WASHINGTON Do 7Atter several
hours of discussion the board of medica
scientists who met at the War Depart
ment tdalo consider the advisability
of immunizing soldiers against typhoid
fever by vaccination decided that in
oculation as a preventive against typhoid
had been so thoroughly demonstrated in
foreign countries that its efficacy was
well established and the board recom
mended that the vaccination method b
adopted in the United States Army At
theolose of their session SurgeonGeneral
OReilly president of the board issued
this statement
The board la convinced of the useful
ness and the harmlessness of antityphoid
Taccnatlon and ban recommended that
the practice of voluntary vaccination b
introduced in the army of the United
States as a practicable means of diminish
ing tho amount of typhoid fever
Tho members of the board are Surgeon
General OReilly president Dr V C
Vaughan of Ann Arbor Mich Dr W T
Councilman Harvard Dr John H Mus
ser University of Pennsylvania Dr
Alexander Lambert President Rooso
volta family physician and professor of
clinical medicine at Cornell Dr Simon
Flexner director of the Rockefeller In
stiLtio and Dr W S mayer Johns
Hopkins Medical School
A report maio by Capt Frederick P
Russell Medical Corps of the Army in
which he outlined the inoculation method
of Immunizing against typhoid a prac
tised In the German and British armies
was laid before the board In India
Capt Russell sid medical officers of
the British army inoculated onehalf of
a regiment with the antityphoid serum
while the other half of the regiment
Stationed at the same post were not
vaccinated against the disease x No ty
phoid developed in the inoculated half
while the usual percentage of tie dis
ease developed in the unvacclnat halt
develop to unvacnat <
During the Boer war the British medical
authorities vaccinated many thousand
soldiers in South Africa
The board will discuss the details or
the Introduction of the inoculation method
in the United States Any The dis
cussions which will continue all this week
will Include such topics as the
w1 toplO prepara
tion and strength of the serum to be used
the dosage the method of inoculation Ac
dCl met eo
Observations will b made to determine
the length of Immunity in an effort to
decide when the vaccination will have to
b repeated The board wIl also con
sider where the inoculation method will
b first introduced I is probable that
it will be first adopted at some army posts
where there is acomparatively large per
centage of typhoid so that the clinical
data obtained will be sufficiently well
defined to guarantee tho success of the
Rumors Anger President of Another Con
cern and runnier Fires at Him
SPRINGFIELD Mo Dec 7 Following
the closing of the National Exchange
Bank here today W 0 Oldham cashier
of the State Savings Bank tried to mot
H B MoDanlel president of the Union
National Bank Oldham fired one shot nl
McDaniel after McDanlel had dealt Old
ham a blow between the eyes The bullet
sped wide of the mark
spe mar
The trouble between McDaniel and Old
ham woe the result of f Oh following
the closing of tho National Exchange
Bonk During the panic a year ago the
Natonl Exchange absorbed tho Spring
field Trust Company and several officers
of the trust company went to the National
Exchange Recently two of these officers
retired from the National Exchange and
purchased stock in the State Savings
When the National Exchange failed to
open today it was rumored that the State
Savings was owned by the failed bank
which created unreal among depositors
Oldham called on McDaniel and told him
of the rumors and a argument ensued
The McDanlel struck Oldham and Old
ham fired one shot at MoDanlel
The National Exchange Bank has a
capital of 1100000 The surplus and undivided
divided profits as shown In the laaVissue
of the Bank Register amounted t 175000
deposits2100000 oath and not due
from other banks 900000 lon and discounts
counts about 1000000
Finance Department Employees to Put
tn Another Hour Beginning Jan 4
Comptroller Mete issued an order yesterday
terday to the heads of his bureaus direct
10 that beginning with January 4 all
employee of the Ace department
hall remain on duty from ft A M until
S P M with an hour for lunch The
present office hours are from ft to 4 The
Charter provides that the plo office
ball be kept open from 8 A M to 4 P M
ad it h heretofore been construed by
the departmental heads that 4hi meant
that the city employees should not work I
after the offices were closed t the public
Corporation Counsel Pendlcton h ad
vised Mr Metz that It does not mean that
There have been some threats that if
the Comptroller attempted to put the
pew system into effect the court would
be asked to pass upon its legality 8
in the order issued yesterday there wa
this paragraph <
Please ascertain If hay of the attaches
of the department have any objection
tomake to the order If so kindly send
me their names and the nature of the
duties they perform
Canadian Premier In One of Two filched
Can o Great Northern Railroad
WINNIPKO Dec 7Bil Wilfrid Laurier
Premier of Canada a shaken up and
oared when two passenger can of A
Great Northern train were ditched near
St Vincent Minn by a broken rail
Two can fairly well loaded with pea
engers were thrown from Uie track but
no one was seriously injured
For Tart SOJ15B for Oov Hettiei
00003i for Horace White 114804
ALBANY Dec 7The unofficial plu
ralitles figured from statistics gatherer
from county officials throughout the
State for the Taft and Sherman elector
wee 201165
The pluralities for Republican candidates
didates on the State ticket were GaY
Hughes 04002 Whit for Lieutenant
Governor 114804 Eoenlg for Secretary
of State 117341 Gaus for Comptroller
t4Q56 Dunn for Treasurer 123202 OMal
for Will
le AttorueyUeneral 144231 Wi
lams for State Engineer 135832
Talk of Combining Lincoln Centenary
and HodionFulton Celebration n
Tho executive body of the Lincoln
Centenary Committee decided yesterday
to spend S76t print for distribution
among public school pupils 200000 illus
trated copies of Lincoln Gettysburg
address his Emancipation n
and other historic speeches of Lincoln
These will be compiled In a booklet of
about fifty pages which will contain aha
a sketch of the life of President Lincoln
Mol In commemoration of the cen
tenary are to be ptruck in four sizes and
wilt be sold at 10 25 GO cents and adcli
At the meeting yesterday Capt Jacob
H Miller suggested that it might be well
to combine tho Lincoln celebration with
tho Hud onFuton celebration A oomr
mltteeoonslsting of Capt Miller and Tax
Commlone Hugh Hastings was ap
pointed confer with the Mayor on the
New Jersey Autoliti Think lies Too
Reckless a Driver
E R Thomas was expelled from the
New Jersey Automobile and Motor Club
at Newark early this morning after a
four hour session of the trustees The
charges acalnst hinv woro of reckless and
unlawful driving arid grew out of the
smashup at Long Branch on August 15
when Thomass Hotchktss racerblt n
buggy and injured a woman Thomass
leg was broken then and several opera
tions have been performed on it since
He was unable to attend the hearing
before the club
Charles L McBurney of New York acted
8 counsel for Mr Thomas He asked
for a further extension stating that it
was unfair for the club to judge the case
in the absence of the accused The trus
tees cited that they had set three different
dates for the hearing i
The meeting was secret and the vote
of expulsion was not given out
Three Army Officers Didnt Start and One
Fell Oat In Physical Test
Special Cam Deipatch to Tns SeX
HAVANA Dec 7Practically al the
oWcera of the United States Am7 U > ta4
Jipg forty above the grade of captain
have returned from a three days strenuous
marching tour len Barry the com
mander of the forces 1P the practice
Cols Ilardie of the Fifteenth Cavalry
and Yeatman of the Eleventh Infantry
and Major Clark of the Fifth Infantry
did not stan the doctors having pro
hibited them Col Sweet of the Twenty
eighth Infantry quit at the end of the first
days march
Squadron A to De Governors Escort to
td Capitol
ALBANY Dec 7 Details of the pr
gramme for the second inauguration of
Gov Hughes on January 1 have not yet
been perfected but announcement was
made today that it had been decided
that Squadron X of Now York and a detail
tht Suron and det
from the First Battery of New York
would be here t take part In the Inaugural
parade Squadron A will be the personal
escort of the Governor from the Executive
Mansion to the Capitol as was the case
two yean ago and the detail from the
battery will plant its guns in Capitol Park
and fire Governors salute the
fir Ooveror aul on com
pletion of the inaugural ceremony
Squadron A b arranged that its visit
t Albany shall be a society a well a
a military event and will give d ball in
honor of the Governor and Mrs Hugh
In Odd Fellows Hall on New Yes night
Invitations will be extended t the mem
born of the Governors military staff to
BrlgGen Lloyd and staff of the Third
Brigade and to the society folks of
Albany 1 I
She Sells Her Stud and > edi Something
to Occupy Her Brain
PIta CoW DespairS t Tta SOS
LONDON Dec 7SIrs Lillle Ingtry
Lady de Bathe is to give up breeding
hone and is to sell her stud including
Mn Langtry does not intend to abandon
don racing She announces that she 1
writing a novel because she mutt have
something to occupy her busy brain
She adds that the story la a tort of ocean
romance bOed on a comedy she wrote
some time ago but did not publish
Her hOr Merman by Grand Flaneur
out of Seaweed la the soundest hardest
and most genuine stayer known on the
English turf for many a year and he a
retired at the very zenith o his fame
after beating the champion of France
Perth I In record time for the t
cp He Is sire of Duma Petohora A
Skipper AquaMarina and other noted
Dundee Publican Whole tier She Rald6d
Appeal to UievFoHoe
Cat DtifiiOt t Tn Sox
DD Dc 70neot the ktepen
of a public ou here whose bar tru
Invaded by Carrie Nation hut Saturday
ha appealed to the police to prosecute
her for a breach of the peace
The authorities are examining the evidence
dence before taking action
Portland Me Republican b S e
Leighton Republican was reelected
Mayor of Portland today by 20000 plu
rality the largesteverglven tea candidate
for Mayor with one exception Jams O
1YOrblt ex =
Hamlen the Democratic candidate made
hit Uaue the inaolveacyof tbe oltyandtb
extravagance of the ReMolloan administration
latraton 1
It Votesfor One Ticket and heiM 1iflf
the Saccen of AnothcrHeSysj rtf
North Carolina Dinner Urges E i
Cancel and Education rot th eTVi J li
Presldenteieot Taft faced aM
hundred representatives of theJSufl
South laat evwlag and td tss
they should cease to be the Solfd 8 <
He lId much about Southern
tunlties and duties especially wItlsk t
gard to the uplifting of the l gnorr IX
whetlieD black or white
The occasionwnathe annual din >
the North Carolina Society ofNer
and the managers f the dinner uit bt
sure that the Presidentelect dldftt W j
away without getting well filled up
Information about the problems J
accomplishments of the South
oompllhe 1r
they did by making all the other Iaiiee
speak before Judge Tat who etlttr
big dining room of the Hotel Astor prM4
nearly an hour before he got 1 charic
deliver his speech 0 o W
Dr Walter H Page them
editor pride and it was a well ed1td
dinner Every speaker read his ach r
from a printed copy Including 11
himself and few thing were aipV i
hadnt been carefully prepared bofe < i
right down to the jofiesanf jl
Between speeches 1 choir of
8Pche coir t j j
from Institute pant1 n
frop Hampton Iwttute sang p j
ng rlaJ g
jn addition to Judge Taft theiuet4 P t
A Weythpreeia l
Included Dr John Wethrelaf c
EdwM i 7
the Southern Solety Major
Owen commander of the oht f L
Veterans Thomas J MoGuire p W
of the Georgia Society John OCr11at
president or The KontUclctahs 1114
J Nevett Steele president of the Mr7h
land Society John B Crosby preai4e 1f
of the Missouri Society Henry W fef
brother of Judge Taft andP re I S
the Ohio Society Augustus YMSTJWgM
president of the South Carolina JBooMin
Bruce L Rice president of the Te qeeims 1
Society and Dr George T H J
governor of The Virginia T y
At the table with the PrcsidsnLelot x
sat W W Finloy president of tyeSoUJt r
em Railway the Rev Dr Lymnn Aob 4j i
of the Outlook United States Senafofm 11
Overman and Simmons Clark Howi Wji
Robert C Ogdon J H Kirkland M
B N Duke All tho diners Bat ft t eimiU k
tables and the talking was done f
sort of pulpit Between courses J
Taft held little receptions th tshl f
and when Dr Page mentioned his a p
every man in tho dining room ntxxxi up
and cheered and waved his napkin AE t
tfcere were maity rebel yellar
Before Dr Page introduced Judge 7aft <
he made a talk in which he said that tPe 1
South was distressed to note the polltiwU l t
solidity of Mains New Hampshire Ttr <
mont and Pennsylvania and had take
pleasure in the recent breaking up of
Ohio Minnesota and Indiana becaus
thus both parties were made tolerant
bth partea maet ranfi
Orul t i
By the same token he pain were t
in > hero Texas and Virginia fear to trea l 4
and we shall welcome the inevitable reaii
ing up of the solid South perhaps we aMH
lead It not for tho sake of either partf 1
but for the sake of open mIndedness g
of freedom of political actiqn jx > thafcU <
men there may walk by thought tt if
by formula We must have in the Bout 4
a Democratic party of toleranoo ojJ
Dmotl pr no
Republican party of character and netting 1
party mUst be ranged on lines of race j ji
D Page said that the manhood fttt4 t
energy and ambition of the Soh n
found effective political eapreaioazJL
through neither party and ta Qr
therefore contributed no political thoug t V
or influence t the nation or received B
stimulation from the nations thought ads 1
influence fff
Intuenc r t
I is he said smothered dwahi J
under party systems that havebeco k
crimes against the character andUieV wg
teliigenoe the people The S gi3
nothing and receives nothing ftnl Y
increasing national achievement of ev f
decade Politically I is yet a IkI4 >
and we are tired of this barren secusIea
tr bana
Men who complaint to aohlevs 1
ment may prefer this as treason ui
let the rake the most of It I
administration mark the returnpt WK fi1
Southern character and I jeW
old part i the constructive irorfe
government and the end forever ol l 1
lltlcal Isolation from the aOhl1 II
and glory of the Union 4 b l
They Judge Toft About a mfi t
when he mounted to the pulpit r
You have my sympathy liDaila t t
for you not only nave got to Lfeen to W
for about twenty minutes but t
siding offlcer has 8 fixed thataStecIt X
you cannot escape until you have shAk
buds with me Senator Plumb wed A h
say that be always liked t addristW f
Inmates of a penitentiary because the INT
knew h audirooe was fixed Put
penitentiary folk had or adrae
over you at all enl They didnt iwT7 i
to hake hands with the spalierV l
ana laughter subsided pT
began his prepared speech 1 t 1i
Mr Taft1 AdftrcM 1 c
Mr Taft said he was g1atI t
and std some nice things aboSztth
people of North Carolina Tha Stt
said presented a admirable ty M
pretest conditions in the South and tf
a suitable subject for the discussion of m
evening Hesuld ra v r
evenna t d
Tbs laws of the United Stated have ea7
operation from the Canwlian borditite
Quit of Mexico Congress has reprastflih
live from every P of the oouatryJiw o
eluding the South whoM vole a MXl
corded upon national legislation s K V j
ro4 do not break buUi between North ii
and South Interstate commerce goeseo f
unrtrtd between the ooe and thlOU j
The Post Office Department distributes lt
mall with impartIalIty on each aids of MaMft Jr
and Dlxons line Prosperity In the North
11 accompanied JJ prdtptrity in the Sbutii 1
uul a halt In one mean ahajtin t9
Northern people meet Southern people SM
find them friendly and charming aadfuljf
srtttful find grateful companionship t1 4
What 1s It that sets the South apart and i
h apa aa
iV < from the Southernpeopltf tbe rtcpMfJ i
ilblllUM which the ttembtr of a repuMtf
eliOt t chare In repect ths conduct aft
the aatlonal Government Why i It that
what i done at Washington teems t be i 4C
t r
S l t1

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