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VOL LXXVITKO 100 + NEW YORK WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 0 19O8copvrigM1oaby n Sun PrlntinQ and PuWrtfag Aoclaton n
IUIf of Harlem Her Ancient POtiN
iioni Were Described ldia H
Oc tanhIIy to keep Semo Wat
t 1cuhraDt Over AUeWeient
Miss Mary Goodwin Pinknoy who died
at IhA Hotel Buckingham In Fifth ave I
nue early yesterday moving had spann di
almost a century post of he time here
in New York and taken care of ablah
irmg family on the proceed of a 40OOO
loan made to her stepfather In 1611
The published death notice Bald tbat
he died In her ninety nli th ytar Men
ustocfated with her affatr for a eenera
lion said yesterday that they did not Imow
how old she was exactly and that ho
had not in legal proceeding stat d her
exact ag One of her old osaooiftti
thought that she wai about 1lIblob
would make her ago only 83 when ebe
muo hsr faraoas n ta hsrstcpfsth
and in return oarae into possession of
half of Harlem In oJher words oftbe
indent farm of John De linooy which
her stpfather Sad bought In 128 tor
8WO Mo t other life she had sper
in the old De Lanoey hotnesjead at J89th
itreet pnd Seventh avenue and she lei
it rqr lift winter quarters in the Bucking
ham only t fortnight b ore tier death
feh baa been of ton written oraa tha
wealthiest spinster in ths United States
And aa one of the half dozen richest women
of the country and bar mall lot ypari h v 1
a Inn filled with letters that asked 19r
help and hid come from evnry part of
tne IandBer hrftJep > however she
kept quiet Her wealth has been ciiessei
at all the way from ttO000000 ICOOOOooo
One mart who has been connected with
her fnel4aJralts said yesterday thai
he believed it would be found that the
rotllen figure wu tar too high for the
trason that when she took over the then
out of the tforld Harlem farm all the
And was heavily mortgaged and that
throughout her life Instead of Improvinj
I or investing pro t8 in improved real
estate or securities she had with a few
exceptions merely sold from time to
lime what wad necessary to rdleo rnonoj
or the ffuppoVt of her own simple lift
tnd the vastly heavier expensed of the
uiurious desoendAQta of her stepfather
Her relatives r th Watt family have beer
argely In the newspapers she bersell
has figured in the contetnpsrary record
almost wholly through her relationship
ir in litigious disputes with Ihs
authorities prising from the increase
n real estate ewewrnents and the civic
encroachnMSita I upon hot dqnuls She
was a UftMrf utintsa woman from the day
LJlSH non Jo within a ew dayt
of her Seatb which coma suddenly and
rom no WHloular disease
Her fat tit16 CoUNlnlvon PinVney
4 if the Jja tein Bhjjre of Maryland on
officer of thfi Veiled plates Army from
17 9uitjOtlilfl dsath Inj1and in her
r3tj4d her mother Mary G d
ID A rrquarter8dwllh him at one
time at fort Niagara After ber father
death hr mother v married Archibald
Watt of this city who speculated in up
town real estate and waa engaged with
usocUtes in a project to build a canal
from tha Hudson to the Etst Rivor across
the valley of Monhattanvilte emerging
near East 186th street He was driven
to the wall through business depression
j in the SOB nnd stood to lose everything
when Mary Pinkney catne to his rescue
in the early 40s by offering him In con
junction with her sister who died soon
tfterward 40000 a legacy from their
lather for all bis real eatate
His creditors tried to break liis deed
rf the property to her but failed The
family continued to live in the Pa Laneey
homestead a Colonial house still standing
in the blocc bounded by 19tth and HOtb
ilrects Seventh and Lenox1 avenues
only are w rods from iu original a1te
which was on a bill fop Just west on ri
pot which would now beta tbo middle
nf Seventh avenue The grounds occupy
the tvholeblook and to the last summer
all the vegetables whioh her household
required bava been raised on flue remnant
nf tbe old farm In I cW otablea little
urther up Lenox avenue she kept three
owe to supply the house with milk
Vrom her mothers marriage with Watt
here wa Issue one son Thomas Watt
Uo died n quarter of aointury ego He
married Julia EllbCh Hawksa South
ern girl resident In Now York daughter
of Bishop Hawks Their children were
Thomas L Watt ot co Fifth avenue a
iiouso given given to her halr bother
lr Miss Pln gven Archibald Wait > d
el known asoomaiodor of the Amer
an aoht Club who died two years
to Miss Grace Watt of IWest Seventy
ve > entn street and Mrs Julia W UvMor
altnnd MJuu
I is Curtis of 143 Wo t Eightysixth street
Thomas L WottMles Orao Watt and Mrs
Jitia with the children of Mr Wntt and
r Mrn Curtis are the surviving immedl
Me relatives with a cousin Mia Mary
Van Buren Yanderpoel who has lived for
n long time with Miss Pinkney
I Commodore Watt had considerable
when he sued hit
l notoriety ten years hii le
cb for divorce naming n prominent
k Ipiscflpai clsrsyprun of Harlem and an
officer of the Old Guard Tho rectors
hurcb stood by him but the suit did not
one to trial because Mr Watt Inttl
i uted and won a counter suit Ijjlia Watt
hrlt married Peter Morrl but divorced
rim and married Dr R A Curtis Sbe
TUB afterward sued by Henry H Wlbert
or 2Cooo for senioeso he alleged In
> tndiDI Dr Curtis for her The Jury T
him I verdict of IU00 Later Dr Cur
in sued fordivorc
From the time of the transfer of his
i property by the elder Archibald Watt
Mia Pinkney has provided for most of
fhl Watt family giving them at times
j hole city blocks Among the parcels
ho h left beeldM tie homestead plot
ere the block between 110th and Jllth
utreoU and Fifth acid Lenox avenues
the west side of Mornlngalde avenue be
tween tilth and 120th fttrpeU and all the
ret bank of few Hfcfk River front
I Jyerrront
hdIWe n 140th and U8th a tripe ts except
thrt pert Ijetwcen l dqd d1roeia
r Irra Iriln AttftaU u na Ifiui I
halm 1 uJNl I r l Sl
Gnttaala Forelrn Minister In Aato
Wreck Near Washington
WHDINOTON Deo eDon Juan Br
rios Minister of Foreign Affairs of aunt
rc Forelg fal
mats and Envoy Extraordinary to the
United State on a special mission was In
jiired in an automobile accident In VIr
ginla across the Potomac from Was
Ington late this afternoon and la now
in critical condition at the Emergent
Hospital Probably he has a severe rro
ture of the skull at lie base
Seflor Don Luis Herrarte the Qua
matan Minister and OeD John Drurumci
of Guatemala were In th automohl
also and were both badly out and brulee
but after receiving hospital trcatme
went to hotels where they are stopping
In tho accident a purse contalnli
19000 In American money belonging to
Beflor Barrios was lost I boa not bn
recovered The sum of 11 in dual
malan money and 168 in United Stat
currency were found on the Injured
Seflors Barrios and Herrarte and GeD
Drummond left the Willard this afternot
about 4 oclock to go to Mount Verno
They had crossed the highway brid
over the Potomac Into Virginia when a
woman driving a horse was encountore
The woman turned the horse from ono
side of the roadway to the other and to
avoid running Into her the ohauffeu
George Starling says be turned Ihe
machine into a curbing
The car turned over spilling the occi
pants on the roadway and v breaking the
steering wheel the glass doshboarc
and the mudguards The machine w a
reputed to have been running at a Ipe
of from twelve to fifteen miles an hour
The chauffeur Sefior Herrarte aDd
Gen Drummond although cut and
stunned were able to rise to their fet
but Serlor Barrios was unconscious
Works Hard at Potsdam Instead or Io
Ing Before the German Public
ptll Ccttt Dttpatdi ta Tnx SVK
1DN De LThe Kaisers sell
effacement since the late crisis arising
from his Daily Telegraph interview hM
boon so Tetgrap as his publi
act ore concerned as to cause rumor
that he is III The Berlin correspondeii
of the Express remarks that Ilia Mal
ostye absolute seclusion for four weekf
except when he was at the City Hal on
November 21 is unprecedented durin
the twenty year ora reign
The correspondent says the rumor
that he is suffering from throat and ear
trouble and nervous depression result
ing from the crisis are unfounded II
II In good health The reason for h
prolonged retirement from tho publn
gaze in his earnest and sincere de lrc
t carry out tho solemn pledges ho gavi
to Chancellor von BUlow on November 1
The truth is the Kaiser has turned ove
n new loaf and Is living the 11 fo of a poUt
teal rlU Thoso who know hip ft
loe of ch npe his delight in travellln i
ind bis strong dislike of the dull monot
ony of a commonplace oxistenoe t
sacrifice Is involve
how great a personal sorif Involv8
Iu this seirefTacetoent HOhas cdncellei
a long list of public and private engage
menta to carry out his resolvptoreraoli
n the background
Bis automobile which when he tfa
residing at Potsdam Wa MBD oJmos
vlstbkt In
dolly in Berlin is no longer
itead of hunting travelling 004 Indtrig
std untng 9q
Inc in other varied pursultX b ot
iteadily at Potsdam where ho receive
the Ministers and studies official report
and other State papers
Crntllator Iood Falls Down a Hatch
Injuring Three SI en
In Borne way yet to b accounted for
he hood of a ventilator on the steamshii
Jajeotio of the White Star Linn cam
away Ill night and fell down an opec
latchway striking three men who wen
working in the bold All three are In a
srioW condition from concussion of tin
irtln and other Injuries
The ship sailed this morning and met
were busy all through her hold utowini
way cargo In one part of tho hole
a number of butchers were putting away
these that the
eef and was among Ibillbo
entilator hood fell Tho first warnlnt
to the men was the banging of the heavj
iece of metal against the aides of tin
pie the main
tatcbway as It tumbled frmhe
leek through four lower decks to the oni
there the men were working TUemi
who were hurt were Vonger Smith aol
red James Maloney of 761 Washington
tract whose back seems to be broken
atrl Jeremiah OVeil All are in St
flnoents Hospital
Mimic World Dancers Compelled b >
Police to Pat oa TlRhts and Shoot <
PirrsBUBo Dec PIfl tears and
ighta Miss Gertrude Hoffmann and twelve
other shapely young women went through
he dance et to Mendelssohns Spring
long at the Duquesne Theatre tonight
rhere they are appearing In The Mimic
World Miss Hoffmann also wore lot
or unusual clothes in her Salome dance
Chief of Police Thomas A MoQualde
aoved against the dances this morning
and told Miss Hoffmann that If there a
ny more of such nude work as that of
Jut night the whole outfit would sleep In
cll atthe police station
Ill back the wagon right up and let
you all come to the station and put your
lothes on said MoQualdft to Gertrude
who had been inclined to take the matter
lghty what will we do In th ° Bpring
GBR YOU know Mr MoQunde
I know that there got to b more
lothes on that bunch Get some tights
And some shoes I dont want any more
f this bare legged business and wont
fChls b Igg
h ave it snorted MoQualde
And tonight under the eye of the police
the young women In lights and pumps
id young which they had done in
bar legs last night
Third Artillery for Fort Hamilton
WASHINGTON Dec 3The Third com
any of Coast Artillery now at Fort
iouUrie South Carolina will be trans
irred about December 15 to Fort Ham
lon New York to take the pbue of the
Iftyflrot Company which has been
Cmpny bn
ore t the Philippine Islands
JiBulllmore A Ohio Jtrtty CcntriluKt lUtdla
IUIP pronauy conducted holiday Tear pro
rli 13 coTtrr lf cxpcnm from Newol three
dr Other tour Jan 21 lebl 3 > Mirth I
April f U Way a Secure full details from
del tteats or Lftnio UcCihy A 6 I A
it Bro dK y4fl n j
i p <
I All Happened In a Moment Off Pier A
With a Crowd There to Meo1u
Chance to SaveTnoielx > it So dudiler
Did the Harbor Collision Take Pilre
Women and children from the tone manta
skirting Battery Park who had com
out yesterday t Imbibe the glory of to
afternoon saw I river drama off Pier A
that according to one matron locke
just a llt were I picture on the stg
The big Iron sldowheel transport Mary
land of the New York New Haven and
Hartford Line laden with the mal and
passenger cars of the Colonial Eipros
from Boston for v Washington over
whelmed the wooden tug AnthraciU
which vanished In a twinkling In slxty
feet of water carrying to death her en
glneor Edward Garvan and her cool
Edward Hollenbeck
Capt George Glbbs of the Anthraoil
net his whistle shrieking by tying the
cord and In tho mighty brief Intora
before the keel of the tug rested on the
bottom of the river at least I dozen stm
craft were heading for the scene of tbo
mishap The Marylands skipper Cap
George Tunnard slowed down for a
moment and then went on as he saw tht
his big and unhandy sldewhesler could
not render help as quickly a the prc
pellors that were rushing from all plnt
of the compass to the smitten tug
The Maryland had stopped to let a tow
pass athwart her bow within 100 yar
of Pier A The tow had obscured tbe
little tug which was heading in to the pie
and when the deeply laden transpo
started up again with tide and the re
Bistloss weight of the train impelling h <
on her course i was impossible for her
skipper to halt her She smashed Into
the starboard quarter of the Anthraclb
starbar quarI
ming a gap through which the North
liver and the bay mingling rushed Th
ug wontdown in a cloud of steam create
by the flood that put her engine and bier
out of commission
Aboard the Anthracite were seven ton
Including the secretary of the compan
owning the tug Robert W Morrell who
bad ordered her to make a landing at Phr
A Sho had just como out of dry dok
at Communipaw and was in fine trirr
Mr Morrell wan in the pilot house wit
2apt Glbbe when the Maryland hit the
tug almoet carving off her stum She
sought the river bed like a plummet or
the lead of I battleship Capt GibL
slipped frotri the door of the pilot bou
o seo what had happened He found tho
4ug speeding bottomward
h door of the pilot house heoam
JI Imprisoning Mr Morrell Cpt
bb p smashed In I window of tho hoo
and dragged Mr Morrell out The pile
house was then going under and the two
m lt swam out from the impending vor
1 teX The engineer was waiting for a
house Ha doubt
signal from the pilot hous
less knew from the great jar of the col
listen that something serious had befallei
the Anthracite
VjHe received no signal but he heard th
shrpk of the tugs whistle and he startoi
for Jm deck His fireman August Peter
sen bad preceded him Poteraen sYI
he found uirrwlf at the base of tbe venH
later going from the engine room to the
deck The flood helped him through thi
opening Ho declares that ho was lt
only Mot out of the ventilator by the
force of the flood below him into the all
just as the tug vanished He saw thi
engineer lilt the ceiling of the engine room
Deckhands John Belby and Bwar
Roach found themselves adrift with tin
Ic box which was abaft the after house
before the tug Rank They wore whlrlet
In the eddy created by the sinking of the
Anthracite until they were full of sail
water Then a rescuing tug came along
lido and they were fished out
The rook was in tho galley aft when
the flood ramo sealing the door wIde
opened outward He broke the gins of
I vrlndnw too Into to emerge while the
lug was still above water Among jbc
bat that responded to the vaporoui
mjjor help of the Anthracite was the
Jictx boat Patrol less than C cahlet
eogtli from the spot hero tbe tug sank
jli8 took aboard the rescued and later
gave them cop uniforms to take the place
or their own soaked clothing
The first Impression of the police was
t hatT everybody on the Anthracite had
> e n either hurt or drowned and they
jailed for nil available ambulances down
t own Three came racing down to Pier
U One had been sammonod to attend
toa pedler Abraham Baler of CO Market
treat who had been hurt by I truck
hat knocked him down He said be
lid not want t go to the hospital but to
hs home The ambulance surgeon when
be found that Abraham was more hurt
In his feelings than otherwise and that
he wanted to get a free ride hustled him
tut of the ambulance at Pier A and prof
ored hospital aid to the sunIvors ol
he Anthracite The pedler was pho
ograpbed by an enthusiast as one of the
Peterson who was scolded and Roach
nd 8 lby who were suffering from sub
neralon were token to the Hudson street
loapltal The police sent word t Capt
unnard to appear today and submit
o arrest which will be purely technical
Te skipper will make his report of the
ccident to Capt Clarke of the New York
few Haven and Hartford Line
The rim of the funnel of the Anthra
ite shows above water She may be
alsed by the MerrittChapman Company
She was seventytwo feet long and was
v aluedat abut 18000
In Washington For Friends of Mine In
Drooklyn Do Nyp
W Dec Senator Pat
IcCorren of Brooklyn was among the
cler on Speaker Cannon today The
trooklyn loader was presented to the
ipeoker by Representative Fitzgerald
0 f that city Asked what brought him
1 Washington Senator MoCarren said
No politics In my visit I came here to
ttend to some matters in the departments
of Interest to friend of mine In Brooklyn
nuld you ply 12i for Uirr < hours sUaltbl
II urbtnrf ou cu Head The Malsan de
fblae by Helen UrernAdL I
Pfl1ki Date With Policemen Drfore
Kanins Citys City Halt
KAKBAS Cur Dec 8ln a battle b
tween a squad of policemen and 1 band
of fanatic street evangelists which tok
place here at4 P M today A 0 Dalbo
a policeman was killed Police Bergen
Patrick Clark and Policeman MIoha
Mullane were fatally hurt and two other
policemen were Injured
John Sharp leader of the evangelist
who called himself Adam God > was 80
badly hurt that he will die and Lola Pratt
I thirteenyearold member of the ban
died from bullet wounds
The fight took place In front ST Ihe
City Hall and Police Headquarters in a
crowded street Over 10 revolver bots
were fired
Probation Officer Holt of the Juvenl
Court found exhorting cwd
Cur Sharp exor1g a crowi
With him were Mr and Mrs Lewis Prt
and their five children ranging from
8 to I Holt ordered the meeting stopp
as he didnt like the way the woman wi
attempting to get contributions He
als decided to take the children out of
the had of the evangelists
Adam God who has white hair an
a long beard threatened Holt and fnly
hit him behind the ear with a revolve
Holt then ran to Police Headquarters to
get helpand Sharp and his band followoi
When the police reserves went out to
stop the trouble Sharp and his bnd
opened fire Dalbow was killed at the
first volley The police did not sho
at first for fear of killing bystanders
Mullane wounded wbl
Clark and Mulae were wouded whie
they were going to turn In a riot cl
When policemen arrived from all over
the city they closed in on the faale
followers fled who
and fired Sharps folowor fed whe
he fell dying
Pratt was arrested but his wife Dnd
children escaped to I houseboat They
were followed but Mrs Pratt got a shot
gun and dared the officers to take her
The police jumped on board and Mr
Pratt then got two of her children in a
rowboat and started for the middle of
the river The police fired ather wound
Ing the child Lola so that she died Mn
Pratt then surrendered
irwrv THE FLEET GETS 111
Roosevelt mil Review I lust is lie Id
When I Balled Away
VsiilNfiTON Deo Tentative pan
for the reception to the Atlantic battle
ship fleet In Hampton Rode on Februnr
22 have ben completed hy Secretary of
the Navy Newberry There will b no
land review of the sailors and marine
of the fleet at Pine Beach as was original
President Roosevelt Secretory Newbrry
and Admiral Dewey will sail out of Ihe
roads on l > onrd tho Mayflower about nooi
to the tail of tho Horseshoe where the
President and party will wait for tin
battle fleet to appear upon the horlron
The return of the Beat will be 8 timer
an to have the battleships reach the Horse
eboeobout noon I
The Presidents idea Is to have the re
view of the fleet upon Its return vera
similar to the ceremonies on Decembei
IB last when frojn the quarterdeck of tin
3Iay flower he watched tbe fleet disappear
The Mayflower will steam between two
long lines of battleships At anchor the
President will receive Admiral Sperry
and the fleet captains
The third squadron of the Atlantic
battleship fleet which consists of the
battleships and armored cruisers noi
on the Atlantic Coast and is commanded
by Rear Admiral Arnold will able
early in January for a cruise South Af tet
spending several weeks in practising fleet
mancom in tbe West Indies the squad <
ron will join the battleship fleet in mid
ocean and join Admiral Sperrys com
mand for review
As a reward for thor excellent b
tiavior during the visits of tlje fleet tc
foreign ports 2500 sailors of the squadron
will come to W Washington to participate
In the augural parade but March
1 the battle fleet will saIl from Hampton I
Roach to New York
11HI Elects a Policeman IIIor and
I Niilem Returns to IJcrme
I Uoirox Dec R Municipal elections
held in Massachusetts
wore twentyone Mlllohu als
utica today all but one Kewton elect
ing Mayor One of Ihe surprises of
the day was time election of George
El Brown n Major of Lowell ovor
axMayor Casey A few weeks ago
Brown was policeman but ho made a
campaign won tho Republican nomina
tion and bet his opponent at the polls
L > y nearly 2000 votes
Fall River reflected Mavor Coughlin
nut joined the no license column for tho
Irst tlmo In years
The Republicans carried Lawrence
lor the first time In many years but Will
am P White the successful ddt
lao had tho Independence League in
Indspndeno LaJa
dorsement Salem decided to give ex
Mayor John F Hurley another chance
ind he won from his opponent by cno
0 The city also voted for license
Mayor Wood of Haverhill was defeated
for reelection by exMayor JJoulton
In mOt of the other cities loulto
Mayors were reelected Gloucester r
urned to the no license column
rnauffenr Whose Eloping Bride Has
Taken From Htm Wants 8UOOOOO
ATLANTA Dec 8 Ruuell Thomas the 1
hauffeur who ore month ago eloped
ith and married Miss Sylvle Speer
roung daughter ot his etnployer but
Those bride was taken from bun by her
mrents eighteen hours after the marriage
eremony e suit for 1100000 against
he parents oft his wife for alienation of
ler affections Thomas and the girl were
irrested in Charlotte N C eighteen
tours after the wedding and Mrs Spoor
irevailed on her daughter to leave her
lusband The Spoor took the girl to
Surope but returned with her three weeks
ago Thomas b not beenallowed to
I > es his wife slnoe her return
The Speers are very wealthy and their
laughter Is heiress In her own right to
290000 left by her grandfather Thomas
nines of good family but has no money
At present he Is working In A furniture
tore Mrs Thomas Is only 10 76r
llorcrster Still DIRK fit Dry City
WoncKSTEB MassiDoo 8 Worcester
sti has the distinction of being the
irgest prohibition city Intho world
odays election gives Worcester another
eleton Wor
yer of no license IVC majority of only
oiled 50 vote The biggest rote In i yean was
Jot of II 1 Savages dargei Fall b
It Seems Mr Plsbe U Guilty of tnti
coming Conduct for DeoelvlnB a F <
low Member > Intlleated Sa > t Fake
The board of directors of Ihe Nation
Association of Theatrical Producing Mn
Ogers has expelled Harrison Grey FJke
from the association after an invostig
lon charges made by Henry W Sv
age and based upon Mr Flskefl produ
tlon of The Devil
Tho directors held several hearings and
considered written evidence flied by both
Mr Sayace and Mr Fiske They met
yesterday afternoon for final doliben
tion and neither Mr Savage nor lr
Fiske was admitted The directors pr
out were Charles H Yale who preside
Joseph Brooks Samuel H Scribne
Benjamin fleecier William A Brady
Henry B Harris Henry Martell Jule
Murry Daniel Frohman and John Dim
mel en Mr Yale did not vote The
final vote to expel Mr Fiske was 5 to 1
David Belasco Benjamin feeder ad
Charles Cook had sent in their resignt
ttonu to the secretory of the oasociatic
after hearing the deision
The charges mado by Mr Savage wen
I That Mr FInke has secured and Is foil
Inc upon the American public an unautbo
Ied versIon of Tho Devil
That Mr Fiske produced a play or
which ho had full knowledge that I had
the prior and sole rights
3 That In connection with thrt pro
d 1 FLkeae made fale tltement
and deceived mo when I approached him
lone member this auocUtlon to anothe
4 That Jr FIsKo has made eUtcmcm
unwarranted by the facts In order to preji
dice the publln and Injure my buslnei
reputation and the value ot my authorize
production and also the value of The Merry
WidowThat Mr Flake has by bin not not on
occasioned another member of the aju
clstjon considerable financial loss and ei
tailed upon him considerable and tmnecei
lan expense hit has encouraged piracy
and the unauthorised productIon of pla
In America
The directors found that by reosc
of there being no copyright treaty with
Hungary at the time the play was con
tracted for or produced legal rights were
tacte prouc
not Involved and therefore charge Iand
2 could not be sustained
The directors found further that be
cause the legal rights were not involve
statements made In regard thereto or ei
pendltures connected therewith culd
not be sustained and oonsequentlycharee
4 and I were dismissed
Tho third charge that Air Fiske had
made false statements and had deceive
Mr Savage when Mr Savage approache
Mi Flskeas pno member of tho ossooia
lon to another was sustained and Mi
Fiko was found guilty of conduct not
becoming a member of the assoolatlo
toward another member Thereupon
Fiske was expelled from the association
Mr FUke sent out a long statement las
night declaring that he felt that tho de
ctslon Man entire vindication of bl
position as the board was unable to fnd
aim guilty of a single essential charge
He said that one of the members of tha
board had never heard any of the evldenc
which was submitted but that the mem
bero present yesterday wero ready and
Killing to do the bidding of the true
ind were closely associated with Mr
wee the president founder anc
manipulator tho association and trust
I was found guilty not on any of the
cliarges dealing with the production ol
The Devil said Mr Fiske but for not
telling Mr Savage my plans or my busi
ne arrangements
Te verdict was absurd tIme board it
self Incompetent and prejudiced was
Mr Flukes final ehqt at the members or
Iho board
Mr Savage aiM had something to nay
Although 1 am president of tho Pro
luting Managers Association einde 1
im also tho complainant of this case
I remained away from the directors
room while the SavngeFisko matter WA
under discussion hesald I am how
ever credibly informed as to what took
mince The vote regarding Mr Fiskei
gui on the charge of having made false
itatements to a fellow member of the
iseociation was unanimous by a board
or directors comprising nonsyndicate
al well as syndicate managers even
ncludtng Mr Belasoos personal repro
entatlvc who attended all the directors
nestings In this case The vote could
tot have been otherwise but unanimous
slnceMr Fiske in his own testimony
idmltted that he had deliberately made
lala statements He also admitted that
his course of conduct was advised and
urge by Mr Belasco
In view of these facts Mr Belascoc
tetement that if Mr Fiske U guilty then
he himself is Is a delightfully frank
lo > eott Committee Sinks Baggage of
Passengers on Austrian Ship
Sficinl Cab Dnpaich to TSR SON
LOKDOK D60 LThO Constantinople
orrespondent of the Chronicle declares
tht the relations between Austria and
urkey are again very much strained
The situation Is embittered b the boy
ott committee on Monday sinking boats
ontainlng the baggage of
cntnng beggreof passengers
rriving Austrian steamers
The Marquis PoUavioird the Austrian
imbossador according to the oorrespon
exit Is likely to leave his post today or
tomorw The reckless plOT of the
oung Turks is placing the Grand Vltlor
Jamil Pasha in a Impossible position
I ad the correspondent says he will resign
I ater tha opening of Parliament on D
ombr 14
overnor and Other Oklahoman Alleged
to lau dot Lots TriroBfli DummIes
McflROOEp Okla Deo sTho United
Btt Government today began suit
her against Gov Haskell and eight other
prominent Oklahomans Including United
Stt Senator R L Owen the estate
or oxChief Porter C W Turner and
other charging them use of dummies
In securing lots valued at SoC at tho
o penlng ot Muskogee
The suits are brought by Creek Tribal
ttorney lJottThl Beneficiaries are
ia Creek Indians
to 0 I
Future Empress of Germany Sells ler
Tiara to Benefit MIne Disaster Vlctlrai
apteta Cab Dispatch to turn SUN
BERMN Dec 8The Crown Prince
has sold below Its cost a diamond tar
estimated t be worth 125000 and hu
added the money to the fund for tbe beneft
of the widows and orphans of those who
perished in the recent mining disaster at
Hmm The Crown Prince hud pr
vloualy donated 91250 to the fund
Many members of the court clrcla
have been scandalised by one of Iho
imperial family selling her jewels to rlse
money but popular opinion enthtu
astically applauds the generosity of Ihe
Is Non at Lake Surprise for Final Days of
Duck Shooting
DALLAS Tex Dec 8 William Jennlni
Bryan today reached the last static
in his hunting schedule of 1903 Ho and
Sirs Bryan reached Galveston this morn
Ing wero met by a large delegation of
enthusiastic citizen and were taken In
a carriage to the homo of W L Moody
After breakfast they left on the st
yacht Nancy Ann for Lake Surpris
Col Moody and a few friends acm
panted M Bryan and his wife to te
duok hunting grounds which tbey
reached this afternoon
The party returns to Galveston on
Thursday and Mr Bryan will leave for
Washington and New York on Friday
Ir Dora Nesbltt to Marry Here ler
Deceased Husbands Brother
The British law prohibiting marriage
with a deceased wifes sister was re
pealed a year or two ago but not thlt
inhibiting the marriage of a widow 10
her dead husbands brother At t
City Hall yesterday a license was luO
t Trevor Martin Middleton Nosbltt 4
years old no occupation living at 4 PArk
Place St James London England
and to M Dora Nesbltt 47 years old
of 4 Westminster Palace Gardens Lox
don Mrs Nesbitt stated in her
on Mr Nebi stt appl
cation that she was the widow of her
Intended husbands brother Nelthe
would say where they were staying In
this city or where they would be mai
rie They apparently come to this
country to inarry
For Third Time Capt Stephenson nUe
nismlMMl ipnrals to tho Courts
Police Capt John T Stephenson whom
Commissioner Bingham dismissed two
months ago on charges preferred by
Inspector Schmittbcrger obtained yesterday
terday from Justice Seabury In tho Su
preme Court a writ of certiorari for tho
review of his trial The writ is returnab
in the Appellate Division
Stephenson a been dismissed tic
before but each time had his dlflmUse
reviewed and set Mil as illegal
80 llosbaiul Found Only m811ltrrn
Wlien He Met the float
Mrs Olga Stysle 1 Hungarian mothe
with five little ones was a passenge
In the steerage of the HamburgAmerica
liner Kaiserin Augusta Victoria whicl
arrived yesterday from Hamburg He
husband was waiting at Ellis Island to
te her and the children to a home he
had made for them in tie western part
of the State He learned that she had
died of pneumonia and been buried at
sea on Saturday
The whole ships company tooc the
case of the orphans to heart Dank
Mayer the English impresario wh
with the young Russian violinist Mlsctu
Elman wan a passenger by the Kaiserin
Immediately got the violinist to give n
special concert for the children of Mrs
Btysle They were richer by sno after
ward Hall The violinist willplay at Carnegie
Two children wero born in the etecrag
on the stormiest day of the trip
romptroller inject to the Cost Nlirn
Dr UarlliiRlon COM About
Comptroller Met has refused for tin
present to pay three bills presented to
Ile Finance Department for automobile
hire by Dr Thomas Darlington president
jf the Board of Health Dr Darling
hired public machines to take him to a
nesting of health authorities in While
Mains on April 20 and to two hal In
Brooklyn In which he lectured on May 7
tad May I Tho bill I J85 and the Comp
troller sid carfares would have been
1180 The Health Department ha about
mimic machines of its own
Mr lleti admits that in tbe trip to
iVhlte Plains all the lectures given In
Drooklyn Dr Darlington was occupied
I matters connected with the Improve
neat of the health conditions of the
municipality and while he will eventually
lay the bills be has held them for the
ime being In order to give publicity to the
txpense which ems of the departmental
hed put the city to in the hiring of
mto mobiles
Ipalachlan and White Mountain Dill
to Be Pushed at This Session
WASBINOTOX Dec 8trenuoW ort
till be mode at this session of Congress
tq secure the passage of the pending bU
treating forest reserve In the southern
Appalachian region and in the White
Mountains of New Hampshire This
las been bitterly opposed for a long
Ime chiefly on constitutional grounds
tie pending House bill will ba modified
In accordance with the suggestion of the
louse committee It win oe made the
ubject of a hearing before the House
Committee Agriculture tomorrow
resident Oren Transfers Wherever
Army Musicians Are of Two Races
WAS IorN Dec President Reese
velt h directed that negro band tbe
rmy should have negro bandmasters
Under date of November 18 he wrote
thi letter t the Secretary of War
Wherever there Is a vacancy for a
ondmaster ia a white regiment transfer
a white bandmaster from a colored rcgl
met to it and fill the place by the lg
lent of a colored m This I to carry
olt tho spirit of the order I have already
wuod As soon a It can b done Ic
out injustice I 16 all the colored regi
ment supplied with colored bandmasters
Genuine crytUl pebble evtaltiMS root kind
itl AJ nettr mist tt Speseer 1 Maiden Line
OF CHEAP Tfl1Fr4Xz c
Lawyer for Wealthy Woman Sajrl
Were Forced Into Her MLftbIP
Poorly Dressed Woman Wfco fttm j
AwayAeotucd Is Top I1J ie f
Mrs Louis J Schloss who livedt
Hotel Morseillo and ia the wife oftlre
firm of Bohloea B
of the clothing lr Bohol
753 Broadway owners of bl <
In Baltimore was arresled by do
In a Sixth avenue department et f
torday afternoon on a charge 9
ateronon aj9
several small articles valued t
Mrs Sohloess husband garebail f r
after oho had bntk ottr
street polico station He salc a
ltaton Ie
steet pl
mistake hod boen made and tt
had been suffering from Insomnia
nervousness for some time
Mrs Schloss was to have been arrald c
in the night court and the deteot4Ui
Daniel D Cash and Miss MuleyPm
there to appear against her Mr SobI
went to court with Daniel D DIu
a lawyer of 3 Nassau street Th
band would not discuss the case is
bnd not d ta c >
but Mr Blumenthal asked Mag J
Walsh to adjourn tho case asMrsSei
was very lit as a r oa1 i
lie hone physicians certificate
by Dr Charles Simmons of 7 U3IR
avenue which read x t
IhU II to certify that Mrs Schloqii <
patient of mine and sho is isry1 d rlri
I belo It would be very Injurious r JMK
It she were compelled to go to court S 3
Magistrate Walsh adjourned thoc4si
to Friday morning when It will i
In the Jefferson Market court d
Mr Sohlpss I said to have b
out sale slip for ribbon which rth
tectives say she picked up o the
a proof that she had bu tj 7
Ihing JlY
When Mrs B bloa penj8tJn Ii i
to give her name Miss MeG aueyM14
searched her handbag and foub
the stores billheads for 1sztnon1hga
count amounting to about 13 which
bon mailed to MrTSchloes MrsS
flnnlly admitted her identity and naked
detectives to t le lone7 her hubii
that Sophie Is attested i
Mrs Schloss Baldsho wM In
to b released because she had a dliinr
engagement with him and d rt
to keep him waiting The deUet
ook her to Police hloadquartesied
then to the Mercer street Btatiod Vf
Mr SoliloBS was awaiting themA t4iV
a he gavo bail Mr Schlosa toxkv Pi
homo r
Lawyer Blumenthal told tho P
In thu night court that MrsT 1 M
couldnt possibly have taken itt lt
from the store as she had oil
In the store and in nearly al tbeb
department stores h i C
Here Is how the boll thn la
about ooid the lawyer Mrs
went into the store and didnt gat g i
there As she wan baring the soe at
poorly dressed woman frbo hod ab
prly drewo
in her arms and her bands full o
trinket came along and asked I
tnnet oeJng ao
Schloss to hold the things a miputeQ
she stepped Into the vestibule to nar
the baby Before Mrs Schloss coul t
anything the woman put the t
anyting to
into her hands and just 48 i
the detective came out of the at
arrested Mrs Schloss The other 6qMK
had disappeared by that time tjt t
Mrs Sohloss come here from paltlri H
Soho ce
Mi herfroma
not very lorg ago She is 83 years old a
has three children She was well 111PeI4tt
of at the Hotel Marseille where itv
said she is wealthy In her own Hght
TEJ l l t
DeHt1 Old Uentenant Iornilnif li
Democratic Cnlon I
For tome day paBt Uioro IIAVO b frt
reports cuing around the political jM
ering iilacta that I strong antlTamt U
movement was being worked up t s
independent Democrats of the oitys
Indopndenl orteolt
It ha x en stated that moeUnofpzimiM i
nent Demoorate opposed to Ttf
were being held niBhtljfatrjh <
Hub In West Twentythird etreet >
l rteni who have Visited limb cluish4
never been able C find timers Demo t
here but limo secret came out iaa nti r
The new movement U being oranI
ay Dr William J Stewart Haaafdo
ilmself last night Dr Stewutj1ti
rammany when Chief Dqvery dldl
jocamo president oflhB ossoc
rormedby Devery Ab6utay
forb Dever
Tar he quit Dovcry and slncbtherTl
tidy every year be has be n 1oriIij
coma new organization or other to
Tammany Ills latest one ho
light is to be known aa1therDcmo f
Union rWi
ElD OjElOBTO i bt
Jberal Government Heady1 to M
Drt Coronation QthzL
utp4cJotcarJa Dttpaich tt tcsaf i
LONDON Doc 8The Earl of Cre
Jolonlol Secretary replying i odjcbg
a question asked in eHoueorT If
tnnounced that the GoverrnnenttrUi
onplatlog submitting t Pirliumua
from the 4
iropoaals eliminating frm te ooro
ProPo thpirorda by irhloh the soV <
ilgn is now compelled to declare 1i4
atholiolgmn Is s rUuCu dc Ilti
Lord Ijandsdowno onb6 ott >
O rjposlU6n w eicorOedtiie lOb i
The Duke of Norfolk thanked the Oe r
Ik f
rnraont behalf 6t CatholIdIIo bAd j
te leading English layman of tt Ith
ad commanded It foe ito courage 11
The Earl Klnnaird wlkthelparf
ympathy orut tuP
rarned the Government that the oommtrj
rould not quietly aocrulesce in i4
i i j i
b ij
aders In Englands Intellect Ut 1
Meet In the Great Poets Honor trir
5psc4oJ CaW Diipatth It TUB 8W k
LONOOS Doc 8 Th BritlftUAoid nW
r naugurated the celebration ofthoJll1tm MJ
sroentenary with a great gathering otzi
Lmbasaadors ctentlsU Membfr j t
arllamcnt literary men eodealMtuii1 i
painters musicians and other promlnittt
menDr Adolphus William Wrird MaatwT 7
or Peterhouse Cambridee dellvciwd H
amed oration and Rabbi Prof ttW 1
mica Gollanns read a blank vorstf v
mitten by George Aroredllln thOr rmovlii 1 i
In honor of the great poet t 1
4 I t l C
V ti1J
5r ir ft
iI jl 0 i 1 t L

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