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T 4 T MDAr DItt io
i r
a J I 4 l oJJ J J Fair and cool today lacttftfting t ijiH3 >
i1 I tomorroW with rising temperature north r
l me nn westerly winds becomlnif varltblc r f da 1
= V
l VOL IHVlKO 101 + NEW YORK THURSDAY V DECE 1908copvrlphs 19OTh Sun r gad PJblhlng V A ocfa on PRICE TWO CENTL t <
tie latlnaated In tilt llemge That Con
trttt flas Corrupt end Feareri Intt
tltatlonThe Leaders In Conference
Vcree to Reirat the Imputation
f WAe4aoN Do OThe Indignation
which prevailed yesterday among Senator
I tor and Representatives over Preal
1 dent Roosevelts virtual declaration in
hie annual meesage that Congressmen
bad restricted the operations of the
Government Secret Service became they
did not themselves wish to be investi
gated grew greater today Yesterday
many of the legislators had not heard of
er read Mr Roosevellsstrlctures Today
V all of them were acquainted with what
many have construed ae an insult to the
legislative branch There la to be a
public outbreak of resentment and it will
come noon
The SenatorS are just 05 angry as their
younger and more excitable brethren
of the House but their indignation is
not as much in evidence Over on the
House side of the Capitol there was A
buzzing of excitement in cloakrooms
and committee rooms which lasted nil
day When adjournment time came it
had been pretty well agreed among the
leaders Republican nnd Democratic
that something ought to bo dono to make
Mr Roosevelt understand that Congress
did not Intend to sit idlr I > and have the
country made tlhelif > ihil It va full I
of corruption and fearjd tho light The
Home at least Intends to strike baoi
The plan will probably be ready for exe
cution tomorrow
Early this afternoon Champ Clark the
new Democratic leader in the House
and SW gf Shorey of Kentucky ono of
the foremost men of the Democratic
side wnt to the Republican leaders and
tod them flatly that the Democratic
membership did not purpose to permit
the Presidents reflections on Congress
to pass unnoticed From that time on
there were conferences which most
of the big men on both sides of the House
rarticipnted among them in addition
to Clark and Shorter being Sereno F
Payne John DaJrell and James A i Tawney
the Republican floor leaders After talk
is things over for a while they decided
0 ceo Speaker Cannon but a short con
wtion with him convinced them that
it niqht be undesirable to have the
SpeaLer as the presiding officer of the
House brought into the matter BO their
subw uent conferences did not include
Mr C ann n
The Democratic iei4erstollie Repub
lican leaders that they regarded aa pref
erableto jemove whatever action Was
decided on fmapy tinge of partisan
V ship and for Uisf reason they were anxious
to bring about nn agreement bqtwees
both parties chamber so that solid
V front might be presented in sh wing
resentment of Mr Roosevelts attitude
They Mid that it Republicans would
not agree to join withthe Democrats In
this the Democrats would go It alone
and they intimated that if action ws
Y taken by their side of the House without
1 the concurrence ot the Republicans it
I would take the form of a resolution of
censure of the President or at least of a
protest against the language employed
V hv him In his message particularly his
statement that the chief argument in favor
or a proviiion of law enacted last year
curtailing tbs operations of the Secret
Service was that Congressmen them
alves did riot wish to be investigated
and his suggestion generally interpreted
M sarcastic that Congress might make
n pedal exception in favor of itself so as
prevent the use of Secret Service men
in investigative Congressmen
But the Democratic leaders foundthat i
V he captains of the opposition were not
inaympalhelio A decision to unite on
tome form of expression of the Houses
indignation was reached without trouble
end after that the only difficulty was to
determine jutt what was the beat thing
to he done that would obtain the support
of practically the entire membership of
the House The idea of making formal
protest was abandoned and after con
siderable discussion it was decided not
to adopt a suggestion which however
WAS very favorably received that that
portion ot the Presidents message re
lating to the Secret Service should be re
turned to him with an explanation of the
reasons of the House for refusing to ro
lf lve It
From present prospect the leader will
present to the House resolution assert
I ing the dignity and the right of the Housa
m matters of legislation A tentative
agreement to do this waa reached when
th conferences the leaders adjourned
It was not Intended in this resolution to
make a direct reference to what the
President said in his message but to
fcne naming on the President that the
legislative branch of the Government it
not to be lectured by the Executive and
that it will not countenance by silence
An attempt on the part of the President
1 In create the Impression that corruption
exists m the Congress
Iteprmentalivfts in expressing thor
t indignation today were telling stores
If the alleged misuse bf theSecratServlw
V One of them a very prominent publlo
i mAn declared that becauas he was op <
t IJ ed to having the Secret Servlos go
j Ixvond the function for which it was
I Signed thai of detecting and prevent
J In 3 counterfeiting of money Secret Senr
II agents hud been sent into his Congress
I rtinnct in the recent campaign to help
i dfeat him This man is a Republican
I former Representative who was around
Iho Capitol today declared that ho had
t n shadowed one time when he was
PpoMng policies of the Administration
11111 h was notable to say that the shadow
ini uVas done by Secret Service men
Rhfhtt Drive Kxtenrton Opea Today
Borough President Abeam announced
f > terduy that the Riverside Drive ez
Iniuon from 135th street to 145th will
i h Pfned today for public raffle This V
I5tenlon h beta built on viaduct ot
nuuonry and has coat about WOOOOOO
J ° rk hi been begun on the extension
from itjth street t IHd street 1 ro
i the rouiovard drive will connect with Lafayette
V l 4w
Roomelts Entertainer Ones Convicted
of Aiding Train Robbery
WASHINGTON Dec 8 Tbere 8 a
good deal of talk in Washington today
about the Identity and personality of
Al Jennings of Oklahoma who appeared
at the White Houae last night More of
two exhibitors of a moving picture show
in which wolf hunting and other typical
wild Western scenes were depicted for
the benefit of President Roosevelt and
a company of distinguished guests who
had dined at the Presidents table Mr
Jenningsa coworker was Jack Aber
nathy United States Marshal of one of
the Oklahoma judicial districts Mr
Abernathy as Tnt BUN has told finds
much amusement in catching em alive
the em In this case referring to fierce
wolves of the plains and timber lands
With tho advertisement obtained from
their appearance at the White House
Mr Abernathy and Mr Jennings intend
to tour the country with their moving
picture show according to statements
made by Mr Jennings to fellow Okla
lomans In Washington
I may or may not havo been noticeable
t the White House guests last night that
in one of the scenes depicted which il
lustrated the gentle art of holding 11
and robbing a railway train Mr Jennings
who had POe before the camera and
whoso picture was displayed on the can
vas tacked to the White Houso wall
showed himself to be an accomplished
actor in his part of the performance
At any rate the fact became known to
day that Mr Jennings had some connec
tion with a train robbery in the Southwest
several years ago which caused him to be
entangled in the meshes of the law
For his part in this performance of
which the White House depletion was
reminiscent Mr Jennings was sentenced
to a term in the penitentiary Part of
this term ho served On June 2310 the
sentence was commuted and InFebruary
1007 President Roosevelt granted a par
don restoring his citizenship rights
Forxoltcn Lore Helloed the Mind of
D road wax After the Pavement ftoic
The crowd in front of Trinity Church
yesterday afternoon at 2 oclock stopped
suddenly when a section of the wooden
block pavement about six feet square
began to rise The possibility that there
might be a subway train coming up
through the street appealed to the crowd
and more than 1000 persons assembled
Downtown vehicular traffic gave the
inclined paving blocks a wide berth until
half a dozen traffic policemenfrom the
neighborhood got to the place and roped
off supposed blowouVJ rop
A hurry call for assistance was sent
to the Bureau of In cm brAn C but the
bureau replied that if bad no jurisdic
tion until something had actually been
hoisted Up through the street Word
was passed On to thoBureau Highways
and in an hour or so there came a man
with an axe He chopped out four of
back the paving bloc and the others settled
What was I asked a traffic police
man who had his notebook out and wan
writing a report of the occurrence
Frost said the man with the axe
as he started back up town
The policeman shoved the notebook
back into his pookeUnnd the crowd was
sent on about Its business
And Expects Every Uon to Do Ilia Duly
lie the President Goes to Af rlc i
WABHINOTOV Dec 9When 1 go to
Africa Wall Street expects every lion to
do his duty said President Roosevelt
o a delegation of Georgians who called
on him at the Whit House today
One of the Georgians was Hoke Smith
Governor of that State and among those
who accompanied him were Mayor Robert
F Maddox of Atlanta and Walte D
Cooper secretary of the Atlanta Chamber
of Commerce There wee other people
In the room at the time and the President
spoke In a voice loud enough for every
body to hear Some of the others were i
Rear Admiral Robley D Evans Editor
Albert Shaw of the Renew of Renews and
Editor E H Butler of the Buffalo News
The Presidents remark was made
during conversation with the Georgians
in which he referred with emphasis to his
polo of regulating corporations
Wall Street he said hate me with
fervent sincerity not because of any
general denunciation of railroads but
because I have done thlngs
He lsy Appear Before the Tariff Re
vltlon Committee Today
WASHINGTON D DA subpoena dl
reeling Andrew Carnegie to appear before
tbe Committee on Ways and Means
which Ie now crgsssd In tho tasu of tram
ing a tariff revision bill was served on
Mr Carnegie in his apartment at the New
Wlllard Hotel tonight The subpoena
is returnable at a date to b fixed upon
later He before the committee
lr 10 may appear bfor cm
mittee tomorrow The subpoena 14
handed to Mr Carnegie by an employee
of the sergeant at arms of the House
The committee has decided to summon
ala Judge E H Gary chairman of the
board of directors of tho United States
Steel Corporation to appear before It
as a witness
Another executive session of the com
mittee was held today after the ad
journment of too House I is under
stood that a subpuna vas Issued calling
for the presence of James B Van Cleave
Louis of the National
of Hi Iull president t9 Natonal
Manufacturers Association at a hearing
of the committee to be held next week
St Johnabur VI Hat an Earthquake
ST JOHNBDUBT Vt Deo 9An earth
quake visited St Johnsbury at 8 minutes
of 2 oclock this afternoon IU duration
was nine seconds and i was accompanied
by rumblings The townspeople thought
tnero had been a great explosion In
rattled many houses doorbells rang and dishes
T P ShoalS Returns
T P Shouts Mrs Frances Hodgson
Burnett Prescott Lawrence the Earl of
Warwick and Sir George Young Bart
were passengers by the ammahip
Doc pUg b
> most atrtnrthenlnr Wine we make
tT W fitwey ASomCi IwVmtoa NawTork
Politely Received nt Hantande He Wont
Believe Ilamlllatlcn Awalti Him at
Bordeaux Storlct of Plant Conflict
Hli Life at genHague Growls
6pifal CaSA Dnpalchll la TaO SDK
SAHTANDKII Spain Dec gThe steamer
Guadeloupe from South American and
West Indian ports arrived here this
morning Among her passengers was
President Cipriano Castro of Venezuela
and h party
Tho Governor of Santander visited
Senor Castro on board the steamer and
saluted him in the name of the Spanish
Government and the local authorities
Soflor Castro then telegraphed greetings
toiLing Alfonso He said to an Inter
viewer that he had an excellent voyage
and that his health was rather better
He added
I intended to undergo an operation
In Berlin by Dr Israel but I hear he has
just died I shall therefore be compelled
to find another specialist In Berlin or
elsewhere My plan is not only to get
cured but to arrange certain diplomatic
affairs with Paris and particularly to
confer with various companies interested
In Venezuela I shall be delighted to
become acquainted with France I shall
perhaps stay at Bordeaux where I will
arrive tomorrow I
LoNDON Dee 10The Telegraphs I
Santander correspondent says that Presi
dent Castro was not aware of tho French
Intention to exclude him from France
and does not believe it He is confident
that the French Government will welcome
him courteously He received lengthy
despatches from Paris The correspond
ent adds that Castro looks ill and that his
suite consider his condition serious They
do not conceal their fear of the result
of an operation owing to his weakened
PAIII Dec 9It ia now stated that
the attitude of Franco toward President
Castro depends to a great extent on his
attitude toward France He will prob
ably b requested to apologize to At
Maigny the French Minister whom he
expelled from Voneniela I the apology
Is made he will bo allowed to enter Franco
I it is refused ho will h conducted to
the frontier
According to the French newspapers
Castros suite ridicule the idea that he
is ill or that he is expatriating himself
He intends to consult specialists but his
chief object is to arrange Venezuelas
diplomatic difficulties with foreign coun
tries He was seen every day by the
other passengers on the steamer Guade
loupe He walked on the bridge for
hours and talked with his suite He was
apparently in the beat possible spirits
M Morlou French Minister to Per was
the only passenger with whom he talked
lengthily To him he told his plans and
showed him papers which he believed
would change Francos attitude toward
him He is willing to make important
concessions in order to resume friendly
relations M Merlon < teegraphed from
Santander to Paris on this subject
Among President Castros suite it is
denied that be ever said he was proud of I
being on bad terms with most Govern
ments or that he wished to create a
southern Slates confederation against
FArop and America I Is said Presi
dent Castro docs not fear that a revolu
tion will take placo In Venezuela during
his absent He has perfect faith In
VicePresident Gomes powers
Castro has disregarded the Venez
uelan Consuls warning that he may b
humiliated at Bordeaux He II sure he
will be welcomed to France Ho made
the first advances before leaving Caracas
by authorizing tho return of several i
French citizens whom he had exiled
TiE HAOUF Deo I Nothing official
can be obtained hero concerning the re
ported revolt in Venezuea which how
ever Is regarded as probable It is sug
gested that President Cast ros journey was
taken less with tho idea of obtaining
surgical treatment than to save his skin
and enjoy his fortune of H50fwooo which
is invested In Europe
FII > V4Pon ov VI1S
Prof Lowell Sa ji lit Men Have Proved
I b > the Spectrum
BOSTON Dec 9Prof Percival Lowell
made an interesting statement today
with reference to the presence of water
vapor on Mars His assistants have
b I
been able to determine that the vapor
ia there and measurable The vapor be
trays itself in spectrum lines that show
that the atmosphere of Mars affects the
spectrum in the same way though only
onefifth as much a doe the earths
Those who disbelieve in life on Mar
have known their point would be proved
could the absence of an atmosphere be
shown while on the other hand Lowell
and his staff have ben at work seeking
what evidence there might be in favor
of an atmosphere
At the last opposition about a year
ago Dr V N Sllpher an assistant at
Lowell Observatory at Flagstaff Aria
took photographs of the spectrum of
Mars with comparison photographs from
the moon on the same plate These plate
showed to an unusual extent the red end
of the spectrum So much extended was
it that certain line notably A and C
not usually to be found in photographs
were in a place convenient for observa
The greater strength of the line was
evident in the hurtian spectra and In
dicate that there I enough water vapor
en Mars oo that when it la added to what
we have in our own atmosphere we can
see that there has boon an addition
University of Minnesota Puts an Ace
Umlt on Professors Service
MINNEAPOLIS Mine Dec 9 Regents
of the University of Minnesota decided
today that contracts with member of
the faculty should expire when the in
structor reaches the ago of 0 years
The new rule lh put In for at the
close of the present school year It will
force six well known profeaaors t retir
next June Al will be eligible t the bees
flu of th fCArnegle Foundation
+ > T u
4 I
t pe te but Pang lear
Awtrln Hai Offered Indemnity
ajuetat CtUi nnpaltl la TBS BUN
LONDON iDe 8A serious view of the
outlook in the Near East Is taken In com
mercial and financial circles This Is
illustrated by rent inquiries at Lloyds
concerning rates of Insurance An anti
war premium of 25 guineas per cent
13125 on MOO was offered today to
cover total loss ir > the event of war be
tween Serrla and Austria on or before
March I but few underwriters were
Killing to accept
Those seeking Insurance wero holders
Of stocks the prices of which are liable
to slump In the event of war The under
writers r charging 1 guineas per cent
against loss by a war between Austria
and Turkey durir I the next three months
merchants and shipowners trading with
Black Sea ports being the Insurers as
ell stockholders
PARIS Dec According to the latest
advloM received from Constantinople
Turkey and AustriaHungary have resumed
sumed negotiations concerning the an
nexation of Bosnia and Herzegovina I
is stated that Austria has offered Turkey
toOO as an indemnity for the annex
Two Handy Men Do Quick fescue Work
at a Wllllamsbiirff Fire
In a fire at 28 Wallabout street Will
Iamsburg about 1 oclock last night
two policemen succeeded in dragging
out ten persons from the burning building
The fire 4 discovered on the first floor
by Mrs Mary Kilcolne who was awakened
by the crashing of 1 lamp in the kitchen
which was next to the room in which she
and her two small children wore sleeping
She called for help and Policemen Worle
and ODea came to her assistance and
received the children as she passed them
through the window
The smoke was to thick by this time for
them to use the stairs to go to the two
floors above HO Werle boosted ODea up on
the outside of the building On the sec
ond floor ODea round Herman Ziegler
his father aged 65 and his mother s
years old a well as his brother Morris
all overcome by smoke He dragged them
out and then wont to the third floor
where Michael McDermott his wife and
child were discovered in the same con
dition 1 of them were rescued
The fire was put out with a damage of
about 2000 V
Soul Storm Tl Call Them In Ilerlln
hint of Insanity
Ipielal CnM Ultpatck to Tar SO
BERLIN De According to the
weekly satirical revl < jw Rolandvon Berlin
the Kaisers seclusion lidue to deep de
pression consequent upon the recent
crisis I says his Majesty U passing
through a series of soul storms of the most
violent character and that he Is unable
to regain his composure
He takes long lonely rides on horseback
in the woods of his Potsdam estate brooding
ing upon his unpopularity and speculating
OB to men to bring about a reconcilia
tion with his subjects His relations with
Chancellor von Billow which were for
merly very intimate extending to his
using the Princes Christian name are
now very cool and the Kaiser addresses
the Chancellor as Your Serene Hlghuras
Other versions of the Kaisers seclusion
are current some of them suggesting
that he ls deranged An official denial as
hen today to the Dresden Nachrichtent
assertion that he spends several hours
a day In b and that ho frequently displays
plays unusually conspicuous manlret
tine of piety
IZZJ 111
forums Paper aya Hit Canned Talk for
tale I to Ue Called In
Special raUr Dtifulth la THB SUN
BERLIN Dec OTho VolkKtitung says
that slops are being taken to suppress the
record of an utterance of the Kaiser made
for a phonograph record five years ago
the record being Inteuded for Yale Uni
versitys collection of voices
William spoke into the recorder on con
dition that the record Old not be released
leased until after his death Recent
events have Impelled the German author
ties to ask the possessors of the record
to return it
Two Occupant Break Through Window
and Made Ashore
A launch caught fire In East Bay off
Speonk Ii I late yesterday afternoon
and In escaping from the burning omit
Dr James B Wells a veterinary
aurgoon at Patchogue and his engineer
James Cheshire had to smash the win
dow of the cabin and were badly out by
the glass The water waa only shoulder
dtp at the point where the launch wan
abandoned half a mile from shore and
the men waded ashore before the life
saving crews from Weathampton and
Moriches who had started from their
stations a soon as they SAW the blare
could reach them
Dr Wells and the engineer had brought
the launch from Good Ground through
the canals at Quogue and Westhampton
and soon after they got out Into the bay
the overheated engine set fire to some
adjacent woodwork There was no way
of escape except through the cabin win
dows Weakened by tho los of blood
and exposure to the cold the men wore
exhausted when one of the life aavere
Josiah Phillips got to them
1 t
And Find the Engineer and Cook Dead
In Her
A powerful lighter of the MerrillChap
man Wrecking Company yosterday lifted
tho tug Anthracite sunk by the trans
port Maryland from the bed of the
North River off Pier A and took bert
Ere Basin The bodies of tbe engineer
and cook who went down with the An
tlrt were found In her A diver
passed chains under the hull of the tug
and tho giant derrick the lighter dragged
the wreck from the bottom and took It
along like A messenger boy carrying I
package under his arm
tin Brtidwty cot 15th at W WboltMti n
t V r
I r IK
Place formerly Occupied b Undo
Orotheri and NelSBbortnE Merchants
Became Ia l uFve Arrests
Purchasers Send In Complaint
An auction sale of jowtelry which has
boon going on for nearly four months at
1157 Broadway was raided yesterday by i
Deteollve Sergeants OConnor and Mul
mooney and half a dozen plain clothes
men of Inspector McCluakys staff The
otoctlve had air warrants calling for
t arrest of five men and one woman on
the charge of operating I mock auction
a misdemeanor The raid resulted in the
arrest of everybody for whom warrants
had been issued except the woman
T place formerly was occupied by
Lido Bros Jewellers who went into
bankruptcy several months ago after
having been In business at that spot for
twenty years Their stock was sold at
a receivers sale by Charles S Shongood
auctioneer for the court and the unex
plrod lease was disposed of to a downtown
jowellor who I Is alleged stocked up tbe
place again and began conducting auctions
on his own account
Besides tim auctioneers several men
were employed to bid up the prices of tho
goods it is charged to I price which
represented at least their intrinsic value
This sole was conducted with the signs
of bankrupt firm still left on the prem
ises and the police say with a man named
Lindo employed to pose as an expert
and talk up the goods to the bidders
Neighboring merchants became sus
picious and employed the firm of Hayes
Heralifleld A Wolf of Ill Broadway to in
vestigate E A Sprague and C L
Fuller detectives obtained places as
salesmen and worked for ten days getting
evidence which was laid before Magis
trate Herman in Jefferson Market court
yesterday morning and resulted in the
issuance of tbe warrants Then the
police who already had received letters
from buyers who considered themselves
done were notified and the place was
Those arrested were Augustus Gates
35 year old of 07 West 104th street John
F Turner 02 of 00 West Ninetythird
street Charles Phllipson 7 of 1150 Jack
son avonuoThe Bronx Emanuel Diamond
8 of S3 Wont llttlt street and William A
Baker 6 of 301 South Third street Brook
lyn Gates and Turner wore attested a
the auctioneer the three others being
charged with doing the bidding Baker
Is said to be a city marshal
The polo say that sometimes a em
ployee otbe firm roado as much as J 1000
worth pf nominal purchases in a single
day by dlnl in goods for which the
auctioneer couldnt obtain 1 price repre
eenting U > e intrinsic worth I
Te men were arraigned in the after
noon before Magistrate Herrraan who
held thorn In 500 ball for examination on
December J5 Ball was furnished by
Charles P Goldsmith a manufacturing
jeweller of 3 Gold street who gave as
security diamonds and Jewelry i
When tho case core up again for
hearing on the 15th some loiters which
the polo have received from purchasers
considering themselves ill used may bo
put in evidence The last of these to b
received came to Commissioner Blngham
after the raid bad been made I was
written by a man who said that acting
on the advice of a bystander in the itcro
he had bid In a diamond ring for 145
which ring turned out to b worth not
more than SOtt Tho bystander had ap
praised tIt ring at 0
Abraham Undo Mid over the telephone
last night that the goods being sold at
auction at US Broadway are from his
took He added that he bid them in at
the receivers sale and Is now selling them
over again Charles P Goldsmith he
said is not associated with him in the
enterprise which he olio said Is being
conducted legitimate lines
TUB Second Time Wllliln a Meek No
Great Damage on Either Occasion
Another attempt was made early this
morning to burn down to residence of
den William C Heppenhelmor the Jer
sey City banker at Jersey street and
Montgomery street Jersey City
The motorman of a Montgomery street
car saw a blaze In the laundry and gave I
the alarm The laundry All burred out
before the firemen got there
bfor P Hashing who wai one of the
first to arrive on the eceno found 0 burn
Ing newspaper anu ouncu or cnarrea
matches which lay beside the broken
window of the laundry proving conclu
sively that the worlr was done by an
The firemen had to take the hose
through the main entrance of the house
and the members of Oen Heppen
helmera ho Mjold who were asleep at
tbe time wet routed out of bed in their
night clothing
nigh cotblnK
The police immediately sent out another
alarm for Victor Gen Heppenhdmara
discharged Swedish butler who is held
reponslble for the other fire last Thurs
day night
The house last night was badly damaged
by smoke but the blaze was confined
to the laundry Gen Heppenheiraer
is president of the Trust Company of
New Jersey in Hoboken and of the Rergen
and Lafayette Trust Company in Jersey
City He was once Speaker the New
Jersey Ansembly
Jury Hat the Case of San Fraorlscoa
Shifty Bon
SAN Duo DTbe trial of
Abe Ruof for bribery in connection with
the trolley franchise came to a end this
afternoon when the case waa given to
tho Jury IlJ not ex pec tod that a verdict
will be reachedtonight
Rues lawyer put In no evidence
but contented themselves with an elaborate
rate summing up In which the saldom met
directly the argument of the prosecu
tion They attacked the orexiiblllty of
witnesses who they declared were virtually
slaves of the prosecution and forced to
testify aa the prosecution wished In order
to secure immunity for themselves orer
Attorney Ach leading counsel for Ruef
bitterly attacked Prosecutor Honey and
Rudolph Sprockets for their methods and
declared that Supervisor James Gallagher
and not Rue was the man who corrupted
the Supervisor
Hlrarn Johnson closed forth protect
tlon In a eloquent speech In which he
said the jury would O dare t refuse
ytrdict qauel the raC o th
r 5 ss
Iff Persons Hanged In a Day 8V Sen
fenced Whea the Rope BroKel
3f trial CoMi ZXipotc la TBs SOU
S PZTEBSBUBO Dq Newspapers
here publish ant of the execution of
seventeen persona yesterday Thirty
seven other death sentences have been
announced establishing a now record
A correspondent o the Russ gives a
description of one of the execution
While the victim was struggling in mid
air the rope broke letting the man tA
the The hangman however
to ground Te hngan howeer
silenced his shrieks by pressing his root
upon tho neck of the man and keeping i
there till life was extinct
the ti le extnc
Tee Many Dead Ducks Found by n Texas I
Game Warden
GAIVESTON Tex Deo 9 William J
Bryan got a taste of the Teas game laws
today when he 0 charged with having
exceeded the limit in the destruction of
mallard and canvasback ducks at Lake
Surprise The law permits no hunter to
kill more than twenlyflve ducks in a
day and these he can neither sell nor
Lake Surprise the game preserve of
Banker Moody ia in Chambers county
I is only accessible by water and part
of the route Is through the private channel
owned by Col Moody The game warden
of Chambers county had been tipped
off that the Bryan party of four huntsmen
were slaughtering the ducks without
regard to number Gaining access to
the preserve he counted the dead ducks
and found 145 an average of 38iC above
the limit When the officer appeared Col
Moody and his two associates declared
that had killed loss than 20
Bryan klo 2 Charges
were preferred tigalnst the quartet
I Is understood three of the men will
plead guilty to protect Bryan
President Directs That an Invention Re
Tested at League Island lard
WASHINGTON Dec DB direction
of President Roosevelt a ship brake in
vented by a French Canadian will be
tested at the League Island Navy Yard I
is soon aa the brake can b Installed on
the battleship Indiana It consists of I
two steel wings about four feet wide and I
twelve feet high running from tho water
line down toward the keel The wings
are on hinges and when closed He for
ward against the side of the ship One
wing is placed on each side of the vessel
about amidships
Wen the brake released the forward
motion of the vessel through time water
causes the wings t open and produce
a strong friction counter force ttgainsl
the forward motion of the vessel The
broke is closed by hydraulic power
Its inventor says ht it aUo > < niaT > llM
the vessel to manoeuvre more easily a d
in Dataller e epaoe
One Mild Asa That AchletMl Stimat Ho
Many Have Failed In
A wild ass of Persia presented to the
New York Zoological Society by Lord
Bradford baa mingled with the elements
through the funnel of the Atlantic Trans
port liner Mesabu in yesterday from
London Before going up the flume the
ass kicked dents in his stall and made I
kindling of the woodwork thereof He
wore himself out trying to kick the ship
to pieces He was also seasick He 8
an unusually large specimen and had a
fierce temper Burying an ass at e
seameda bit ridiculous to Capt Clare
and he had the carcass put in the furnace
to help give speed t the ship There had
been much speed in the ass when he 8
alive He was valued at about 70
Her Formers Richer b Millions Than
They Here a Year Ago
TOPEKA Kan Dec 0ThIs years
farm product and live stock values In
Kansas aa shown by the report of the
State Board of Agriculture are more than
475000000 or 11000000 more than the
States red letter year 1907
The total yield of wheat this year U
77000000 bushels and its value is over
63000000 The cam yield is over lS
300000 bushels and Its value la more than
> 82000000
Dr DlBSar Says Ilia Patient Is hAving
Tono Ohio Dec DDr H F Blggar
of Cleveland the Rockefeller family
physician cited his patient living
physicin cted hi ptent a a lving
testimonial for homoeopathy before the
quarterly meeting of the Northwestern
Homoeopathic Medical Society today
After many years of suffering during
which he could scarcely eat anything
Mr Rockefeller turned to homoeopathy
and now he cannot cat anything without
getting fat
All Girls and Three Are Doing Well
They Are Mluourtani
PDZICO Mo Dec DFour girl babies
were born early this morning to Mr
and Mrs Reuben Jones of PxoOne
of the babies lived five hours the others
are doing well and probably will live I
They weighed from three to four pounds
each and are well developed The mother
ia resting easily tonight i
Reuben Jones is superintendent of
schools of Puxjco and county ochool
commissioner ot Stoddard county
Colirornlani IncJnrtlni GOT Gtllett Dave
Ptomaine Polaenlntf One Death
hundred persona who attended the
launching of the collier Prometheus at
the Mare Island Navy Yard last Saturday
are ill of ptomaine poisoning Today
James C Reynolds one of the waiters
who went from this city to serve luncheon
diedReynolds ate heartily of the sandwiches
served at the luncheon
Among those who were mae III are
Gov Gillett and Naval Constructor Evans
Forty children of the Vallejo Orphanage
sick to whom he food left over went are very
1U PIt baa sssde M fuBotA3 i
The Chairman Said to Have tfco 1
ron That the Secretary anti RIpr t
C Sulllran Are Oat to Dpe p
Split Over permanent hIeadeirti < j
The announcement that William i
Bryan will bo in Washington on SUIc1e
and will then come to Now York oIty
brought out last night the foot tha4 t
already there Is a struggle for control IJ
oommltta eM
the Democratic national omlt
that Chairman Norman E Mack and Se f l
rotary Uroy Woodson the former tW J
New York and the latter from l Oflwk7 f
have come to a parting of the i i
Immediately after election day Ch traa JJJ
Mack announced that ho would open 1
announc opn
mancnt headquarters either inN Y rSd
city or in Washington and that the work
incidental and otherwise to the caropsj 9
of 1012 would bo steadily kept up by bbs f
Secretary Woodson on the other band lt
returned to Louisville and annauQeedt1
that he too would open porrqftnentPefiidr l
oratio national headquarters for the sata
orato ntonal hoq arr te Mi
purposes and tat ho Mr Woodson u 1Ht
rotary of the national committee hvfngj
all of the documents of the commit
all of the official memoranda and all wie y > t
data was tho only proper personTop iJ
these headquarters Chairman Maok I j
friends said last night that Socrotai <
Woodson had ten this stand on thea4 t J
vice of Roger C Sullivan Democracy i
national commltteemnn fcr hllinolet
that MrMaok ten bllSI i
and Mr Woodson task i t1
they were in a conspiracy to
Mr Mack as chairman of the commit Wi t
Mr Bryan if he considers that Imte jV l i
entitled to look into this mailer jwll i
find a majority of the national6oa4
fnd ntOn oLi
raitteemen already arn y xl agalnstNiftt
ao far as anything like a fourth nomtmi Jf
tlon for the Presidency is eonoernedi
ton onOt JH
Many of these national commlttOflewB 2
have indulged in free and candid Cores s
ipondence since election day and ttwjr f
a opposed to Mr Bryans further 1
domination of the party and the obfas 1j
lions in this respect It was added have
come especially from committeemen for Jl
Southern States
Chairman Mack hai been a loyal Bryswt
man sine 1896 and for that matter 1 l
has Secretary Woodson but Mr WootfW
sons friends said last night that be fiflfjf j
not in the future countenance anythliMf ff
that savors for Bryans dom tlol QtUJi
committee the party Roger Os SulIi +
van on hisrecent visits to New YOrim
city especially those since election day H
had a number of talks with ChaIzs4 V
iptaadj t
W II t1
kfmthtl agreed that everything tMt 1t
could be done in the recent campalg I
bring about Bryans election bad be j f
done and that Bryan coutci not timE i t
scintilla of negligence upon which to
frame the slightest complaint 1 r
Youll be forBr nthougl esi il
Mr Sullivan to Mr Mack eyed
another nomination four years from noWf 1
and Mr Mack laughingly replied thit Jf
Bryan was great and good man f 1
Mr Sullivan and Mr Woodson dil t
in town had consultations with Eastaji
Democrats and i was the opinion o Vt
both Mr Sullivan and Mr Woodoon thiv i c
work on the Democratic national can
wor nt nlci
palgn for 1912 should be begun at oaoft
Many States were committed last spring7 f
to Bryan for the reason that important1 h
Democrats east of Chicago and LouIsvlH s
ere dilatory Mr Sullivan and jar >
Woodson believed that there should be v i
no procrastination in the joining of all
Democratic hands for tbe Jolnlncot4tl9
years hence
v lj
Undefended on Uie Calendar One A l >
Mrs Jack Mllmerdlne x I
One hundred and twelve undefended
divorce suits were listed yesterSayi 1ri
the calendar in Special Term Part ml r
of the Supreme Curt JusUceVDOWUngI
presiding Wedpeaday is the 1t
matrimonial waday1 the oofltttV t
Cur House and the first trial Wedneedy Iit
in December generally brings t light at 1
the autumn and postvacation cropeffrf
divorce cases c4 A
Justice Dowling had bravely annoua M > J
his intention to try every case that jwi Y
answered ready and tosend b ok < < j > t >
foot of the calendar for call I ApriInst f
all the cases marked not ready BatT 7
when sixtythree of the suits werojtiuju
nounced ready he realised that the twlCS
would be too great When ho adjourae OM
court at ft so he bad tired only twenty i1J
eight of the eixtythreo Justice Orem j rr A
bourn whose court was idle sent woreT
that he would help iut in the afternoo V t
and heard six more stvj
The only case of public interest tkatfS
was tried was tbt very last the cult
for divorce brought by John C WlliaeV
dingJr for a divorce from MarieFatina
De Lox WUmordlng better known i
Mrs Jack Wilraerdlng and now ca1lin g V
herself Mrs James Coates She b
support Coates arrested the other day for rh v i t1
Coated was named aa the corespondent J
in the divorce case Justice DowJlnK i1
J x
reserved decision lw >
Separation PreeeedlnKi to Be Held Be
fore a Referee >
MXNBOU L D Supreme Court r
Justice Maroon
JuUo Martday appointed JHeary
fleldon Welter of Hempstead aa referee m
to take testimony In the alt for sep
oration brought by Mary Lawrence Keene
against her husband Foxhall P Keene A
The suit for separation wan on the I
calendar to cm up on Monday last J <
but on that dlya adjournment was I
granted and the case was vet down < b r 1
begin in the Supreme Court bento t L
morrow morning Counsel for Mrs
Keene and if r Keenea attorney joined fat Van
a application for the appointment oH 1 v
referee and tod y Mr Weller was af v e
pointed by the Justice Under the < cb i
oumataooes tberwlb no bearing is 1
open court in the matter and the testi
mony will b kept from tepubUt
Dearfest Farm SaaMiai I
MadLot 5s tender m a of dairy nt yeusg
Torws 4ta Ur aeuoa 4 wllh alele sples I 1
ib Aft a ipound package a I Beware of ImiIot4O5e i I
= i t
V A r s 4 tJ
F 1 < r <

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