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P i.
A ru ti itf f R THir 4 v
n minx irr.in:sviti.
Ttirotigli Mountain CgMtf) milium n
limbing Historical scene and
Point on tho Head Are Many ac
commodation linod tlong the vx
To visit (ho mountain ntl see thsni
'rom a motor car without tho noltv of
Climbing thtn la olio of tho r.fltieinsni.
of twentieth centurx touring Tha ColOOlgl
'alloy tour
accomplishee ihhi about an
If possible in A invrit-H
From l.nng I 1 i-i,l Sound tin rout turn
off through Iho xallev of tho Hontgtonlo
and tho Natlfattlck, over Ilia rolling hllla
of Connecticut to Hartford Following
dirootly un iha vallay or i Connecticut
tthe great mill rixni of Itnarlcai tho loiiriai
aoon hae a rfiaaTniflcanl x-no ol lha He:k
ahirea rlainn on tho left ftr oroaalns tho
MaaaohuHot t line, batwaen
1 1 1 een field
and Brattlahoro, the (iraan Mountalni of
Vermont parallel in,' ronta on the left and
the whit Mountain or old New Hampnhtra
lie to th" rth'
A1 White lin er . I uni t mil t a out la
made diagonally acroaa tin tiraan Moun
talna. hut a Hi" tour l.eepa in th" xallev
of tho White and th" Wlaooakl rixt. ilif
floult hill Plimhlng la avoided II Murling-
ton tno tatronaaoaa mom up norore the
r.ravellor s view, and ero.sing Lake t ham-
plain to Plattaburg th- rout follows the
-New Vork to Mattfonl
Hart ford to i la i enioif
Claremoai to Uurllagtoa
Hurltngtoi! to i.au ficorge
I. .-ike (.surge lo Kingston
121 ii
129 .V
111 s
11 .x
itiR .mn io .New x '
' n Miles ,4al illsiam-e
bgalni of champlaln.and lake (Jeorge until I
It enters the valley of the Hudson, which
It follows a it cutl us wax seaward through
tho apuri of lha Adlroodacka and Hie Cat-
skill Searing Vaw Vork again th- Pall-I
aades of tic ftlldaon are on one h ind and
til hills oi xx e-tch"tei on iho othei .
il i in iinoi a goon ami comparatively
levtl road through a aucoeaalon of hlatorlo
valley whicli wend Ibeir way through hill
and Mountain range world renowned for
their glorious cenery lor Hi" toads
it may be -mi that it would lie exoeedlngly
difficult ii, ipgke HQuther tour of the same
length in lha I tilted state with half the
wo?nio and hltO)fic val is haga found over
road nai! good a these There are
within the eiglil hundred odd miles of the
tour no less ihtn ., hundred and tlftv hotel
ranging from amall comfort abl
tavern to more pretentions hone
modern Improvement
Hlatoneallv tin loin la sigtiifl.aut. lu!
Ita course that sie unlolded liefoie the 1
eyee of the tourist the scenes that w itnessed
.......... au ins irrri- i
,' ,. , I HH
theories or religion anil government the
load swing north, nasslnft what waa tha
colonial frontlet and
t trough a count t v h
Impulse m civ UUgtlon I
I hen ' it n south !
wed us initial
ihe sturdy Dutch-1
1 1, in toufe takes 1
Ijeaving colnmiiii t ml
us througn t entrai park X' i ,n hsdral
Pgrkwnr too way la northward on Heventh
through Central I'.it
ax-axnue to t he Harlem Itiver i
river, we run along Ihe ttrand
asslngth. i
"ll' ii'llse
stnt is.-.i '"' I".- rn Monument l
.nd pottage xx nera ini gem.s ,,. hi
poem i ne ixeii
t'be first part of the journal
!i"- tlong the I
line of the Kostnu post mud which keen
'i prettv consistently in sight ol th Sound
I h (list suburban town on ti t ,. ,eW
Tie. hall, founded In IflsS by I'reni I lluifue
iioi X' thi place I the m . .ment tn
". bomaa I'tim and ths farm house In which
t.e I iv ed
Uagvlni New Ronhelle. we rrosi Hie
Mumaronenl River snd run to tarchmon!
i he acl t mt: headqusrters, t hen on t rirough
Rye t" port Chaitar, Hrr we ro th
Hyrani Itrrar Into Vew rngland xt
I leenvicr , o.;r rt Connecticut town. I
the I'utnsm eottggg, which was ied dtiring
tixe RavalUtion h a headTuarter bytitn-
I jP::sb5'r,fT0N
Ceon fttint flW J
: lakaGeerae I A
(ViGltn Tails I II
f 1 ! ttliOWS UH$ Y a I j
. iarafega SpjsJ I I I N.rt
aw. Brilllakaro xji
ll NY mf,tjp
ll Norlhginptonl g ASS-
CatlMlr Holuake
1 J r--j-?''ri!-ll(rP
j j CONN n
ilsrsel Putnam Here also Is Put'l Hill.
I where occurred fl,o fafflfllar Incident of
Oaa, Putnam (allowtiK ht hone dowa lha
I itiiifr to escape a pat t x ,'i rodcoafa,
if tor leaving reenw tt-li at cfoaa roa oh
harbor, run ttiiongh Ihi' lOWH of Htamforri
I I hati ovct Doll) Pond in llarieit, liar wa
! f:ui tho ntiio Mathei inn -h ahl n In i?i
wao aiirroiindad hi h iamt of Torlan wlilla
I at rvTcgg were being haUi, xi,,.,s Mather
am) m n t of I, In congiegation wote n Arched I
1 ofT to Now X. nrk ami thrown into the Ptovoat J
prtaoii Kioto Italian wo run to Vnrwall '
ana man on to noatport. whoro wan agilied
tho flrt blood of tho famooa march of tin-
I Britlsn f roopa to Daakurr In Atrll, ifff ,
lairrleld la tho next town on nr Nulla
, tad horotho famoM Hnon Tavara leetin
' stsndina (111 tho ollalnt Tills... ...n !
, shown tho sit of tha wldunln inal and tho
stuck Ih Sherman mansion ami tho oln
I Powder House aro other interesting Kslr-
I flald laadmarha.
.litt beyond Fairfield we pass RltOk
Hoik and then run through Hrlilgeport.
I he itv of Parka." whh-h turn out more I
"ing mti'hlnea than all the rest of the
i l onntrv put together
t Sttatford. our first loan lievond
Uriilgoport. we detert tho shores of the
Hound and turn due north, following the
beautiful valley of the Honsatonic Klver
to Perbr Thla town ia tUo birthplace of
Isaae Hull, the naval offleer. rosalng tho
llouaatonie River at Darby wa run north
ward up the famous valley of the Nauga
tuck, A rapid rhange haa oecurred in the
j haraeter of tho eountrr through whh'h
we are passing In pltee of the aand dunes
I and shimmering oipanae of the Sound
IHI COLON!, Val.'ST Torn
l.untftron Sropt
a f. Hrllg'V. '
1X6 II (,i ernnriil
711 0 XVIItlamsto n
to "' I H.-atieihtiiwii
A7 tx Alban)
H o Kewburgh
ft.' Har'ft r1
41 u t 'ittrpnx'i! 1
M ft Hurllnftun
7M 0 InUr (,f(. K
W 'i Klntx-Ninii
we are running among lulls wimh raack
an abitiide of possiblv ,',oo feet it m n son
of transition stage between the level , oa'
country and the mountain. e find later on
Thg rOUlO take ua through Beacon Fall
and Vanga'iick to Waterhury. the home of
.the dollai watch
v .
Neit we pass through a
lange or mountain, perhaps 700 fee
high, and then across a level plain to Plant
vllle, where we turn north up the valley of
the (julanipiac Klverto Plglnvill l eaving
here we catrh a glimpse of the Poquabuek
Kix-er ami then run on past Rgtlleatvaka
Hill on Hie right to Farm ogton shor t
run from rarmlngton bungs us to Hert
ford, capital of the State, and hare xxo get
our first view of the mighty Connection!
Hartford xvas settled in le.'t". 11 l.;i
alt the free planters of th colotlv mat h"re
wavsideiand adopted a Constitution This his
with all ! earned foi Hartford 'be nomo of the birth
1 place of American DgRIOOraoy," while
marble slab inatlis the snot where ones I
stood the famous Charter (lalt wherein I
fun e
ws hidden the 1 barter of the Colonv nf I
wmpieu io qepnve xnw colony or lla Vested I
I'ndoubtedly th moil ti" table building in 1
iT.rirni.t Is ii.srirvU.li ..ki. j. "
almost a hundred .car a a S'nte House and I f ortlflcit inna of I ro' It I'oint, ITlla fori i
which ibalterad the famous Hartford con- I m a vary frit- state nf i reaervgtlon In
vention In tha Sanala Chai i .,. the new i ,7L .!fl '' ',' "" ' "V and built
5-t. id i. p.,.,,,- .., w.,shing...ni'1'-,;rf,"i!,,v;,e,;;,k!' 'te ' v,,.,;:;;!
by (lllbarl Htuort in tin building also I attemnt ice Kngllsli im wri ih tnn
i Ihe tomhmne of I .en Israel Putnam
In HaMfard xve ores the i nnn
River hv a nine span bridge and , eed 1
ttiroilith l-,al H.-irtlord. Hill rt. ul lhix
to south Windsor nndei Revo- i
lutionarv elm
,, i . i , , i , , . , , I , , '
' t
t fields ol totta
P th
river. we pass ihrmigl'
and Warehouse Poll i .
io warehouse. aiu nu
a'holly delightful little
Kasl Windsor Hill
with its huge tobai
io Knfleld. Tins is i
I town With its qtlgint Village ;-'reen aril
old nine houses it ha the nir ol some trnn-
! uuii colonial village transplanted from th"
, leisurely eighteenth nontury into ihe bu
lling i iii loth,
Jul hxond F.nfleld we . to, (hs Inn' inn,
the Mtt or Msssschuscit. whose motor
'w by th wv gr aooaldared model ol
whst such Itw should h. llgr fit t town
in Msehuett I T.ong Meadow. y
i Ixjnge Meadow our foref.thcrs railed il
I In th pir of the church here liaiiga ,
bell bought from 1'anl Revere, coppersmith T spin down tho edge of beautiful I,ake
nd aqUeatrUn, Two fatiioun old llinaOopfBW to tho village of Lake lieorge, or
tai nrnc ,r ,.. ...... M.,..i.... ko uaidweii, aa tha oldar maua haaa It,
nro atnjlM in Umf Meadow, the
a .in i i . . ,
cm. uii .i honor f entertainment,
KIV Tax 0
llllil III
till II- -I lloimff, now
il" olllliif
I abort
IX II 'I I' I" I I
iho Urooat
in bring of
1 tilted state
mgniifaci uric
io Springfield,
arenal, otto of
of Ureal In In
lha world
From nprintflald our road 'hko u
thrniKli i aoolion of lhai'onnacllout Vaiiox .
n hi eh io world famoita for Itaacanlcbtatity.
1 1 rt Mains' the river, wo go IhrnUffh West
Mpringftgld to Holvoke, wlioro Mount Tom.
I famed in hlatory and lacand notam into
riai ot Ho- toft . Acr oaa tho rlrar Mount
Holyvkenug ioaaou Juatbaroudltolrokt
we uroaa ti," connoctMjut Hler us it la
.I.. i. ... 'onnofiK.ni niTor o i "
playing one of lha moai ranaarkablo pranka
of il- long naraai The river here dearrlbea
ati aimuai oomplata circle, which i locally
known .1- ti,.. "oi bow."
I'tf noil loxxn on our route is NorthgUp-
ioi,. .ii org i- smiiii oiiege lor woman, und
Irout fliere we run on to South lieerileui
A i Inal place wa i roaa a little at ream I, now n
a II. '""I Brook, on iho banks ol which
o, i iuied on. oi id most desperate lialuin
tlghis kno vii in oi,, tun! Insiorv X lime
tiauU in about ninety j'.ugnsti sold.eis was
Ompiatel) wtpoil out ii v a iar" parti oi
A anon tun liringa us lo Heerlleld. tlte
cano ot rho famoita uiaaaacre, Whit n oc
eurrad on kebruari M. I'm A tiaml ol
netuti and Indiana eMM -UiK .ttom
t atiada and surprised the town iusl at daw a.
Fortv-eovon of the Inhabitant were killed
in tni ti t ot attack and ll- captixe were
taken back to Canada One of the captive
was i he Hex Mr Mlliame. and his house,
known a the Parson illianis Houao,
is one ot the moot interest tug now staiitliug
In Deerfleld iireonrleld. through Whtcn
we paas aomo few mllea beyond lieeitlenl.
M r IX III iams's wife 0 as slain Itv 1 1n. I nil tan
I while her husband looked on
I Continuing our journey northward we
paas through the town of Heiimnlston
and then rrosalng the Vermont liuo we run
through (luillord to llrattlelioro. Here
was made the drat settlement in Vermont,
then the New Hampshire Urania, when a
diwachment of Massachusetts t.ial
troops In 1734 built Fort Diiuimer.
Urattlebnro it tho centre of a xerv rich
farming region and the views hs we run
through thla qutgj fertile valloi country
ire very lovelx The great river is never
far awav. anil when out road takes us away
froni It for a whiV we come back to it w ith
anmewhat the faallng we hax e on meet lug
an old friend
From liattloboro we run through Put
ney anil Weaimlristet to Bellow Fall,
where we take our course over an lion
bridge into the Hlate of New Hampshire
and run north to I h irlesiown Iheie wa
a little blockhouse here in colonial times
which, eontomporat v tacord tell us, won
renown by the karolc xahn of its little gar
rison. From I'liafieatOWn we run to clnre
mont. chartertl by i ieorge III in iTftt
and tiamofl lor the count r scut ot Lord
dive, the conquoror of India
At Claremont xro cross the river again
into Vermont and travel duo north to V uid
or. where the drat Constitution of the
State waa drawn up. and then on to Halt
land, where the Quochaa I .ills are pic
f'jreaquo in apite of their i onitnercinli -a-tion.
At White Hirer tiinrtion. some miles
above Hart land, we hid a final adieu to our
old friend the Connecticut, whose bank
we have made free with for so long Turn
ing weat we ornas tho White lover and
follow it to Hartford, then on through
Cent rev ille and West Hartford to Kovaiton
Here we moot the (lid i,ulf road, the ilrst
highway built across Vermont while It was
still the New Hampahtre (irauts. This
historic highway we follow through Fast
Hothel and unite a family of Itandolphs,
South. North and Fast . and then on throuit-h
Brookfield to Willlamstowu Here there
are some notable mineral springe, ami our
road runs through a deep ravine, whence
it name, t.ulf road
A few mile beyond WllliamatOWn we find
the town of Rarre. which la situated on n
little stream hearing the pleasing title ol
Jail River. A short run from hero tiring j
ua to Montpeller. the capital ol Vermont,
The State House in Mont poller is n baautl
fnl building, on the grounds of which I a
statue of I than Allen, said to bo the onlv
authentic likeness in existence of that
patriot In the town also is tho house m I
which Admiral Dewov was born
At Montpelier we get into the vallev of
tho Wlnooski Hirer. Thjs Is the mo-i ,
notable stream in Vermont, and stretches I
nearly a-roas the State Wa follow its
course to lAko Charnplaiii. This next nor
Hon of our trip, from Montpeller 10 Bur i
lington. is one of the loveliest sections of I
the tour Wo aro driving through one of!
the most famous arenlc o,-Tions of the
l,reen Mountains. Iavins Montpeller we I
go to xXaterl-.ury. where there ' a ciitinne
channel whicli the Wlnooaki has worn
through .1 hill There is a natural bridge
over the river, and In the banks are mam
cavern which look as if they had been
chleelled out In band
In the township of Bolton we reach what
i is known as the county of "Bear and
Boulders T he afiOnery is ?he wildest of
the tour Mount ktanaffald, tainel- If ii ii i j .
Bono Mountain. Btlmaon'a and Robin a, tne
highest penk in tho tireen range, all come
into lew hero
At Hiehmoiirl. ti1 nvt Town on coir route,
tho Hamilton Kivet pours into the x Inooakl
We are row getting around m front of
Mount Mansfield, whiih l,egius to assiinie
its proper peripectlve, dlocloalng i's tnaa
nitlceiti length with Hie twin peaks Thir-
i teen mile beyond Richmond we reach
I Rufllnglon, tin largest city in Vermont.
it i lietweon me wlnooaki River and Lake
I Champlatn, The Fniveralty of vermonl l
i here, and a uiagniflcenl law max he had
from the lower on i lie iiulvereil) grounda,
I in Green Mountain Cemeteri in- to.
Milan Alien, x turnout neat beloved -on
From Burlington we take th" boat across
the lake lo Plultsluirg The sail 1 a de-
tovhtfol not, utr.i,u !, .....I.
I side After an hour ami three nuartora on
I the water we come in ight of 1 umberland
I Head, which circle. P'aitsbnrg like a pro
, tacting arm
On Augtist 11 1114, a x-erv Important
nam" waa lougin in 1 -i 1 1 1 -1,1,1 g tiolli on
land and water Sir (Ieorge Provool,
itovernor of Canada, invaded New nrk
State with I7,.wi Brnisli troop-, veterans
of Wellington artn Coriimndore pownle,
111 (onnnaud of a Uriii-h flotilla on the lake
a, led in conjunction with this linui force,
( An American armv of nliout Vnon men was
' hastily gathered to moei the British lone
I I he American fleet on the lake was Inferior
to ih British H'luailron. bul if waa com
. manded by one of ttte finest nava! genitiaea
thai this country ever produced, ( apt
I hoina Macdonoijgli
At o'clock in the morning the Brltlftl
! fleet sailed around ('limberland Head In the
1 attack Tho American in,- lay 111
; Plattaburg Raj ready to receive them, ami
after u smhl ioiii action 01 mole than two
I liniirs the British Heel was completely de
, feated and it commander killed sir
i.eorge ptovosr when lie heard the new ,r
the defet of 1 ominodole liowiiie'. amistl.
I run fell back hastily on Canada
, Some thrie miles below Plattaburg we'
1 pass Valooul island in the channel be I
r-.-ii ,,- motlltl ,1 nil ' lie inn I it l ;iu yiili.ii
(ought a iimal battle with the British rt..er
,111 l7." Arnold flotill was diiaal rotialv I
dafMtad and moat of the imai wereeunk
Abo,;; mteen mile beiow Plattaburg we
, find the Ausable 1 t,.-,, I he louriat
should no' mia a trip fhrongh tin gorge
1 which pn.eso many wonderful rock
formation and give ., striking llluatratinn
1 ol the way in which water will eat it go
through a soli,) cliff. From the chttsill We I
drive i'e"hesi".-i!:e and then lurn aouth, In
tni 'ttim-.i nj "it- trip we get a gliiuiiae of'
aome of no- i'hii mountain or the ao
Until!., e Sfi.imiuin. the at rati eel v named
ikentoonshlne Mountain,-Mount lienv-1
', . Itattleahaka ltniintj.fii u.. ,.aa
1 at hand, an I Fietaeon 1 , -v .,,,,1 f ti;. i,i t,
ex n txe 1 t , 1 , tevural fleeting glimpses ,,r'cotue ,,l iu lllljihrtet xxill be Madison.
Mount lM. re , CVimi '.'r i , , '!'.
i.M4 feel hist ' ',1
, BWHaliethtpai " p ,,w under ii,,,' :
I rom I-li.'iiti'tlitii ii entrit west lo the
neur- . l.il...- . t, . C,l II 1 11 . IX I'SI DOU llllil
l9,?i 't'i" !'"'" ' "' '"' "' rh" "
l O"1 anon to I'tirt ll.uin" . Ii,.,,. m,.
ITW. ther renaniril it t m mi 0u nnd
ispenl much motie; on tii - hoik lii U7S
',,.1 hT. I Trln IK ".Ua nh.!",, S'"" SUn"
shntlt Mine mile beittnu llrnvn lll.i
' fv I y oitderogs . one of the most Inter'
e -1 1 i v' l-lsli,li' lllllll.u I'K in Xllli'llca
'I he Hem It built a mi' here iii 71
in. I
i oniloii I h" Hrittsh
Hl,1 II l . . I
' tin iuit iti iiftoand ti'ii iined it i iconderoga
1 In 1774, when it Ii lln apparent tha1 war
between Kngland mid lha colonies wa-
Inevitable, i ol. HtliSII Allen, wiih eightx
tireen Mountain lky aptured fori Tii'on
derogs tor ihe patriot cause. Btealliiu
j ti.j iiifh one of the -.a II ports iii ihe dead
ni Hi,-!., col lleii beat a raaotindlng initio
.on tt,i. .to, M of ihe "ic leu mi. i iii - imine,
i I h '.I. ii tied officer opened the door to to
cet , e :, ijeicsnd lor the Miirrendei of the
lortie.. i what right? ' he gaped
Hy the authority of the fireet Jennvali
and Un Continental Congress ' answercl
I than I Hen The fort remained in the po
as -ion of the Americans until June, I77T.
when i. en Kiiraovne captured It for the
British, ho retained it until the end ot ihe
in., ii I i onderoga we have s g:oiiou
liana tienrgs waa named i
I i,a,k,, t- the " rem h, n
until rta
iho " Hint xx iM-
Intn .loltnaoii m hinvril ii notable virtorv
ox'or tho I ronrh and Indian forro of Hanm
nlcakati. For tola notion Johnaon waa made
n haronat, and In iiratltudo In nil Movoroln
Ini irnnmnl tho bodx" of wator l,ako (loora"o
liuiitoilin'iilx' aftor Ida ! t of tho rroiii li !
tieu 'lolinoon built Fort William Henri, i
whore tho vlllaae ot l.ak.' tloorae otaoda
j 17417 the Nlaroitin tie Motitcnlui i-hii- i
tured this fortreno Aa the Hntiajt tafrlaun I
i man hod out wltli ita wotnoti and chfldran
I the Imllaus of Montcalin'o "ouimand aot
upon thctn and a frichtful Irtaaaai re onsuoil
A l"'iit tulle beyond Lake (ieorge xxo itaa
llioodv Pond, whiuh derived lla name from
thla maaaiK ie. Co, ii. ,,t haa told tho otorx
in hi l.aot of tho Mohh ana
, i1'"! KfTHs !" wa tun to
t iiano Falla, wharo wa gat In tonoh with tha
Hudaon Hlrar, and then proootd to Mtav
rter Icnvlna- lake lieotae we tun Ic
, toaa. twi tity mllea awnv
In the suiuniHr of IT?; one of the uiot
liuporiant battle of tin- revolution waa
fought a few mlie from Saratoga. (Irn.
.lohti Biiigoyne moxed down from I auxin
xvitli an army or British, Hessians, Cana
dian and lit. linns Imuliv eipresalng hi
intention of lighting in wax- to v-w vork
cltv. At Bemis Hoivht tt..r Sstsliiim ho
loiind hiniseit i onfront"'d iiy an X met loan t
jw oi i i, en i.atea,' aiior a utooio a
I r ,ii iul. 1 1, ir il... o-. ...... ... ,..
pitched lule on Uefobe- 7. 1777, and a few
, ,,- !,,, n"ir tiririi.ti III II
I dax s later Hitrgojarfo eurreudered his entire
Hrnu lth nrtllbrr and a latge Hiippfv of
iiiiii'iti,' sioree
1 l eaving Saratoga we follow the uoiirse
01 the Hudson through Colme. whore we
lss over the Mohawk, econd of New
, 'T1 e-rt,yra. and then prooeed rr, Albany,
Ilia oldest Msg in the I'uitedJBatM, Fort
I ( trange a biun aero iv the Dnion In
I tfilf l or the rest ol our trip we aro rin
I outs- through the country which owoa He
I ! ,', biipetus in civilization to the sturdy
Hollanders, and in almost every town that
I WO 11,'ISS thloiiffh will !.. lootwl ni.niBMl,.
of the Hutch occupation in houses wlnoh
have Flood the slot in and stresses of JtKJ I
I ear or lllore
I'own th
i 'oeyma qb
rlfarahnnk we speed through
lOXOaCale. Wr t oxsackte and
Xthcn. Hole we ii to at I lit'ii iIia'I'in
kill region. Vt i i.i. km we cms Catklll
i reek, and for the next tweniv mile we
are running in plain view of the highest
peaks in the ( atskill range Humor Moun
tain, the giant of this range. 4 nr.. feet high
may he seen occasionally It Kingston
there me soini. interesting historical land
mark I his place was settled bv the
UUIch in linn, and was burned In- th- British
in 1777 The Ten Broc k House sheltered
the convention whicli drexv up tne first
t'onatltution of Ron ork .stat .luat
below Kingston we cross liondont creek
and proceed through I sopns to Now-
purgh, tround this village oentra many
blatorloal tuemori'.
Now burg wn soltlod bv Palatines in
i7ns iitinng the Revolutionary war this
little town omnia to haxe an Importance
which seem strange in view of tho fact
that no battle wa fought there or even
near there The BrlUan plan of cnmitHign
wa to obtain possession of Hie Hudson
x alloy, Urn hlsecimg tho rebellious terri
tory Washington, fully aware of this.
i ante up the river In 1 7 r nnd fortified west
Point Newbnrgh came under iho sntuo
military ontrol and thus all the lenders
at varum times had head'iuarters there
Iho llabrook House, whither Washington
went in IfgJ, after the surrender ot Xork
toxxn. is the most interesting house in New
Inirgb Hero W ashington reftloeil the crown
of America and here tho Continental armv
w i disbanded.
At New Britain a short dial Bfino from
New burg, ia the Fall house, headguarter
ot (ieorge Clinton At Moodna ( reek la
the Wilbams house, the residence of
l afavette. and at I all ate is the K.lllsnn
house, 'ho hend'juarter of liens Knox
( iroen and (.ate
from Newburg xve take the ferrv across
the Hudson to l-ishkill Here we find tho
Varplanek house, Karon steuhen'a home,
i lie .lames Van W x-ck house, the residence
Ol John .lax-, and the Itr.nckerbotT house,
in which bafaratte onie passed through
it dangerous limes Cooiier has made
the Dutch church at Fishkill latin, i- in his
"Spy. trinity church here was used
iluriiiir the Revolution as a hospital At
I'res'f.e Isle is a veuerat'le oak that once
-hollered hi- Excellency t'on Washington
I en miles holOW Flehktli we pass under
tin- anaaoa Ol storm King nnd catch
Miiii -i "oi, ,t. ,o l lie riTWI
1 Ifteen miles helow here we find the villag,
of CrotOU on Hudson Alter a short detour
1 000 the i orholl para we turn aouth again.
and about a mile lielnw the village xxe pass
ti e am lent manor houee of Stephen 'nn
Cortlepdt, built in 1 mi7 . 'lelightlullv sxtuated
on the bank of 1 h" ( roton Bivor Alter
crossim: this stream a run of about nine
mile i, rings u to larTytown, passing
thiouch OaalnkOg on The wax-.
1 all , tow 11 was settled n 1114-, by a little
Cominunlty of Dutch farmer Washington
Irxmg loll 1, that the name was beatoweo
upon the lown bx Iho good housewives ol
the adjacent country from the tn eterate
pro pen ail v of their hustiands to linger aliout
the 1 illage tu eru on uiaiket days
Just . mil" helow Tarrvtowu we find
I rx Inglon. xvhere i Bunnyaioe. the lioine of
t lie genial chronicler il hutch Now lurk.
Here were Writ tell lllolix of Irvitlg's book.
and among tha Iftmoua guests who were
entertained there mux be mentioned hick
ens and I haogera) Here also is dellghtftil
leep Hollow, in whnii ntunds the little
atone church ot n a ri hutch aattlera
siirroiinded by its peaceful cemetery.
On the biinka of iho 14 id el PocanticOi
liner, which flows through the hollow,
at and the I'hilllpee manaion, with its null,
a fine an example of Colonial hutch un-hi
lecture as the country i nn show
We next pas Ihloligh tile village of
)obb ferry A tablet hero mark the slie
of the house whion Wastiingiou uaed a a
headuuartara In iivi t bobba I'errx also
1 1 he Mvlngeton nouaa, wharo den waah-
1 iiignui. inn , 1 union ana uon sur
I ( arlton mot
and POtnplOtod arrannteMnriit
t m -ri Knfflaud and i-i.t lat,'
T - I l.i'H' r i
At Yonkora four inlloa bolowi Dpbbt Forry .
- 1, 1 1 ' ' Phillpaa Manor Houao, built
In Ibf aw vntoonth i ontury. Her' it i-d tii
tovoly Mun I'liill who liad tho feineritv
to ri'fioH tlie offer f.f marriaicf of a Minr
Virginian who Htterward ahlovod ton-
Idcrabia fam undor the name of Uon
Ucorg Waaninaffton Tho old Manor lloune
is no a owned h the city ol Vonlton and
ih uacd h t'lty Hail
We art on the lat trotoh f our Ion?
Jaunt non anil a few nuler. l-o uriUi'i-.
we CfOM Hpliyton I luyvil Creek. Whl h kfets
Ita name from the Oath of the Btout I'utrh-
man. Inthony van Crorloar, irumpotor and
gOMip "f ht Exoolloncy, Uov IVter stu
i"uiit, who onoa HWoie thai he would
riiiHH the reek en spijt d-n duvvtl." and
wp, lavfni leMH jrofMiiey (allowed ho ex
Mingle, nnd oiiriolTOi barlt on the iHiand of
Mniitiu'toeM, tl erwirte known M Sew York,
to WELCOME 4,1.1 nnKMTES
I'ri'iiarallon That Irr Making lluwn lu
.lilcUsonx Ille.
I xi Kst.sx ii i r. Sept JO, Aa evidence of
the Inter! the Sm.th has taken in the in
(lllddag '"'II of the -I XI
cordtrU up bo H'atlnaatla
two entrie ie
forty three are :
ft. mi lleorgia, Iliiotigh which tlm tour
paaaaa, ami Kloritla, n a'lioau matropolla it
Tha anlrlea lliul haxe rom froni these
st.it. me Holely for the port ol the run
antl in rwtKignltlon of tha vaTua of the avanl
as h liiedlilltt thrutlgh ixinrh iti. ai;itati"ii
I guud roada mux- he agitated rha llov-
emur of t t s"n still the Muvot i.t iiianig,
a i ongraaaiiign front Klorida and lha Mayoi
of ii live aotlth I'liiilila tou n arn hiiioiii( the
men xtlt'i liu'. -' t ii k i'ii ntlli ieni interest in
t he event t" eulei
The i.,i;iits will lie graeted at i tie sta'e
line ami Meli nined to Plurfda H) the liox -arUUI
'!' the Slute. Xlliert . I,i, hrlt.
Mil" and welcomed
sruoi the siut;
who '-nil ride Into J
ill i nle iiito .lucKsoiix ille a the
of Hot Hnilthi Tha formalities ol t tie wei
. tic , 1... t,,,,.:. eittei II,,,., I,; it V,
ted that a brief stop "ill be made fur
1 hi- purpose
rsXXK' ihe i ars will us (mrKell en the
swiit.l lllerc lliillieillalel v on llieir alnval
and a phc'tigiaph made of all ,f iteu, I
i he public raoeption In u veuing will I
be 111 the I.,, t'tlc of II buffet lUllL'hOOII given I
by the JucKsonvillo Board of Crude i ins
win I- iii the aiiditorliim ot ii ganiga. I
tutu 'I luce minute speeches Mill be made 1
bv sot I ihe distinguished men of the i
I .a M ,, ll,,- 141.1. a. ill i
...... ... -
COine here lor the reception
Ihe lai part ol the evening will be da
xoied to a anecial yaudeville performance
ni the beueni of, toe 'otirlsts ihe para
loiliiel will be selected from Hie x a nuns
local theatres
Hamilton IHefeal 4 larkson.
IT.gT0X. N V.i Sept .111 llatuiltoii
completely outplaced t larkson In ihe open
'ing game here to-dax. winning bv a score
I of ni to p. Hamilton started the ggma
with a rush, scoring three plays alter the
! ki, I, off on forward passes Hoot took
the ball over from n long pa Hamilton
! scored twice ill Ihe second iiinrler Kultohar
1 took the ball over the line on a cm buck
land live minutes later Cap) Kmn wormed
; lus way from a scrimmage on the IIS x-aro
line then to a touch down goal was
kicked Hamilton put in a substitute
team and failed to score in the last txvo
quarter. Cant Knox and Btono starrer!
a halves ' Hoot and la force the big
tackles, were the pivots of Hamilton'
Attack. Hamilton' showins promises a
heavier and faster team than he has had
in yeera.
LAVKML oi'Ks To-uoRiton .
Kerne. Hlldreth. MtUowcll and other
Turfmrn Will Place Thrrc Plmllcn
Ranlni Haturila) Will. Turn linen
Mrlah Hrnvb Hack I p Lynch.
Kaclng within om tea. I, of Nee Yorkers
dl begin at lurel. Mri to-morrow, when
the now mile track built by II. I). Brown,
the well known promoter, la thrown open 10
'lie iiiilille The plant has Involved an out
i Zf
, 1
lay of l2!Mi,ouu, and Brown haa met with on
ragement from the atewarda of the
lockev Club together with the patronage
of aomo of the best known horsemen in thla
country The track con be reached by trol
ley from Washington in lea than hall an
hour, while from Baltimore it ia'one hour's
IlllirilOV hv llum t'tiil.r II, a law u ftf t t t
laud open bookmaking la legal ao that prob-
ablv thirty penoiller will line up In the
betting ring
-lAine H Keen color will be een ot
l-aurel. Hi famous Voter horse Hilarious.
who has been working fast at Sheepehead
Kav, together with aeveral CaVleton two-
L'?,r0',':: h.M arriV"f !" "Tn" '
,, " . r" " ' '""""Iter- high, guarded on hih shies hy I ditch :t test
... --atiiiert ,.,,w- loieinan. 0ii urWOHi tti"
are In splendid trim. -I. W. May. I reder
ICk .lohnaon. .1. (I. Ureener. H C. Hildreth.
W P. Burch. P. . P KandolDh. T. V.
Meltowell, Mia A. M . Marrone. Matt Allen
W. Walker, Barney Schreiber. H. T Wlloon
lame MaoManu. Beverwyck Stable. J. I..
McGlnnlf, .lame McLaughlin. Frank 1.
Weir.l. W. Schorr. R. F. Watkin and other
have engaged etnble room, with their horse
on the wax- It ia alao probable that aome of
Align! Belmont horses will he shipped
from Canada to the new track.
Brown has arranged a high class pro
gramme for the firt week The feature
to-morrow ia the Maryland State Fair Han
dicap, with M.M0 added, one mile. The
oxernight puree axerngo $100 in added
money and the condition are unusually
attractive Having the official eanetlon of
the io, -key Club the Ttaurel meeting will be
extended to the end of tho month, which
will afford plenty of action for turfmen.
Meanwhile there will ho a conflict with tho
Maryland .lockev Club, which open tho
iiaual full mooting at Plmllco next Satur
day and will continue to rare until October
inclusive. Thi mean that Maryland will
be the centre of racing In thla country for a
month and will compel the sport in Canada
to take a bark aeat.
The atake and purees at Plmllco will bo
even more attractive than thoeo offered hy
laurel. The added money In aome in
atancoa I toon. i;uo. flOli. II.0TMI. $t..vm and
tL'.aOn, which I the value of the Bowie Handi
cap at two mllea. Ptmlico'a betting ring
naturally will afford room for more layer,
with the result that many prlca mak.ra who
have been Idle thla year will take up the
chalk and elate. It remain to bo seen
w hether both of these Maryland track can
aurvlve competition, whether there will be
enough patron to cover running expenses
and whether enough good horses ran bo
secured to provide really high claaa racing.
Both track will eiact a daily revenue from
the betting ringa, however, which will come
near guaranteeing the promoter against
i oaa,
Brown haa made a long, determined fight
for recognition. He waa the originator of
City Pork. New Orleans, which rivalled tho
I air OrOUndl and caused a racetrack war
that finally killed the aport in Louisiana
Brown wa crowded out of hi venture in
ajthe Croeeent City by the Weetern turf ele-
ment before the crash came. Then ho in
vaded Florida with a head filled with idea
and a shoestring. He interested several
men xvith money and built Moncrlef Park
in 'lackeonvllle, which 11-aa operated by him
during two wiutor campaign. I he venture
proved to-be a gold mine and when racing
was put out of commission in Florida laal
spring Brow n turned his attention to Laurel,
w here he has hullt an up to date plant xxitli
OUl financial assistance. Brown'a enter
prise at a time w hen raring waa at a low ebb
t traded Ih attention of the .lockey ( lun
and when he asked for a license it was
granted as a matter of fairnea. although It
is said tho Plmllco people vigorously op
posed the move.
Brown, not satisfied to confine hi efforta
to making Laurel a aucceaa i hurrying
xxork on a new racetrack in Haxana. Cuba.
Ii will coat laoo.oiMi. it is aaid. and Brown
has laid plan to hung up big money for a
meeting that will open In November or
December. Ho ha received assurance of
support and protection from the Cuban
, t , 1 , . . r t a oil t.r.it.',, u.ti fr,,n, , , . .. ,..,.,..,''-,-''"''""
f.einnipnt and lava h will induott mnv
.if t tie IfH.lnikf ht i 1 1 Ihh to rar thfr- Juarttl
will rate too. so thai horMmtm will noi bo
forrod to remain Inactive botweon tall and
bl'M ILK
rho Bmplro a. i which han leuMvi tiip
Manhattan aMii'V 111 est liath Ktroot, Iiuh
uoatponod IU oimnni until h wpfk from
to-morrow nitrht, when 1'al Moore and
1 laTiiMuv Pick Hylaliti will ruuie toieethr
ntilehH MoniethiUK hapiriH to prevent uia
Iwut. Tho Madison t . which owns tne
Har lem Kiver 'attiuo, at BOCOBu avenue and
177th It root, haa arrauueil to open i? dours
to 'he publn- 'etliiemlav niicht. when the
altiartlou will he a ten round bout between
One Hound llogan or i altforma and lack
Uorman, the New York litchtw eight. K. 0.
Id own Injured bin left hand in the Knap with
I tin Homier lard week and was compelled
o rail off hit engagement with Tommy
(ilntv of Srrantou at tin Twentieth ( enturv
i I tiesday eyaiilttg I he club managers
to hoi iiintv. wtio wa o confident of lai
ing llrnwn that he agreed to take tiOO to
. over expel,.- in order to clinch the match
with I he K.u"tlite Dutchman.
r Matt Wells, the Cugllsh light weight
chaininon, posinvely refused vesterdav
to lux Ireddie Welsh, hia fellow count ia
man. on tills ide of the Atlantic Welh
came here from the ci)at several days ago
ami challenged Wells, fully ex.e,-i,i,g tiit
lllMtl'll WOllllt In M-riinaeil XXella .,va
I he Will fight Welsh In Kngland some time
next year, ga tne .-National .sporting I lull
desires Ihe mutch and it is impossible to
inn for Ihe Lord l.onsilule bell anywhere
ele Wells still hope that he can try uon
i luaioni xa 1 1 1 1 racijr IcKarland In this cltv
on tlclolier lit. iuit meanwhile be does not
intend to remain Idle He has arranged
to box six loiind with Rill Donovan. .,
Canadian light weight, in Toronto next rr.
dav night, the xvcight being is;, pound
' i.uieioil xx ens iiiiiv coiiseiii iiiihiii' I ill xiooie
Ion for anot hei battle either in tin city ur
ill liosloll
of the reguiiii players of the Brooklyn team !
in line tor the seven game with the (iiant
He says thm the .Brooklyn, will play no i
I It'll tiril, I liliei I,., uri HICU IH It IVSt H
tho i tilt I,., ih nt Xatungtoii I'ark and in
I tiicaLTo .un! !' would not lie t tit to nit 11 i
team of substitutes aifdill! Mciiraxv''
mail, l-.bbels iiiamtHiti So Nap Huckei
t'X' Itarger, Tex l.rwin and other Brooklyn
players who recently got parmlaalon to
go liouie haxe been ordered to report t"1
Maiiager Dehlep a soon a-- the team re
turn rrom the present trip The Hrook 1
iyne. by the wax, have been playing top
llutoh hall in the West They have won a
large majority ot then- game iii Chloago I
Pittsburg, Clncinuay and St Louis and are I
goiutf Ht a rapid gall . In the game with flu- 1
t limits t lie v have xx on only two out of fl fteeil I
gamaa, but Khbata says they an- hound;
lo make trouble ju the remniuinc nonteata i
The Hroiiklyns have been t reut hcued
by lha addiilou of Centre Fielder Not-then
aiid i turd Raeeman ited smith.
Bobbed by the umpire!" ued to ne an
-x. use for oefeal thai xa rail) cred.
led by fiariisiiu tans Hut tne baeeball
illblio of to-dsy hus learned thai victories
... ll... , 1 1 a SMUII I lire line 1., at t , .... i. ...
... ,:, " , ' '"'
t i , ' t-1 , i s sninsi um'i.ious nas necotiie e-
Iremelv Unpopular, esp.ciailv in thi cltv
The umpire In both major leagues
honest ami Iuit Itoxxdviam gams nothing
he hi will of ihe.- officials ami if H
Ii .,, , i.k.1 i. leiiius ,11 the i , ,.r , i.i. !....'.
- -1 1 1 1 x tn iniiuige in qiaorderly conduci Tjg
barge that one umpire in parUcular ha
ul'' tor a oerlain contender carries little
tgiit witii persons who sititiv baseball
ll tut believe that gaflteg should be
without hot headed protesta.
III spile ol reports that President 1 Iioiiihs
J, I.viuh of the National League will be
misled this winter by club owners who
have I, ecu unable lo dictate hi poliox John
T Hrtish ot Ihe New Vork club sax l.vncli
will be reelected, "l.vncli lias done his
duty xvith coniiiiendable courage " naid
Mr. Hrush the other dav. and when the
lime comes to reeled him I don't believe
any real opposition will materialise.''
With the Olanta and Athletic competing
woTln" series a noteworthv feature
will he the presence of an Indian on esch
team thief Meyers, the Olanta' alar
catcher, snd Chief Jlender.'the Athletics'
mallMtai In the bat, are etrlking example
of w h ii education has done for Ihe red race.
An American Teat or Hunter Ktpial to
Melton Moxvlnra).
In the rentre of the Long laiand httBtlng
COUfitey tho Piping Rook lloroo Show at
Loouat 'nlloy attrni to enelt year tho bent
ilfnbartoppart haraabouta and from a
dlatanca, and the claaaai for huntara ate
uneiiialled in thl onnl ry for ojrolli'tu e,
and In (Irani llritain only luiualled. it la
said, by tho trials over tho fas; irtaas land-
" aaoiwo oowon..
Thg hunters ore
courao oiitatde the
ore sent over it in !
show ring, and
pair in is-rtaln rlnaaos. tho riders a xx oman
and a man There is to be a ding bunt
of the Meadow Brook ( bib to tlnish on tho
allow grounds, and Immedlataly after a
i onipetlf Ion for horse that have Im-oh hi
the run and the riders to be in bunting
In tho competition in xvbii h the hunters
go in pair speed is to count III per cent
and the performance over tho lump n
Jra,,M pglWBUffg
This Is an outline
the courao
1. Post soil rails, 4 fret in, in -
' ' Wall. 6 feel,
I Hall fen, e. 3 feet, and ditch r, fret .
I Punehestown Double. A bank II fee, h lh. .
I feet wide on top. guarded on ho'h sides hy dltdMM
i W"l.e',.ershlrf ...er A bank and hedge f.
n Ide and 01 rail about 3 feet high
e XX Idle alat fenci .
The aeverity of the jumps is beyond any
thing ever attempted at other American
shows, and ae the it isle uro all in the open
air the competition ane alwnya Interesting
to watch. The Piping Kock show is to be
on Frldav and Saturday, ami on the flrat
day there will lie ateeplerhnae nnd flat
race over the hunting coiiro ad mining
tho nhow ground
The how proper conit of twenty
three olaasea for cup a prize to the flret
nnd second in earn. Seven are for harness
horae. In two of which women must drive.
i clame are for saddle horae ami othor
are for poniea In harnea or under saddle,
tandems, or fOT four lu hands Tho third
competition for the Bagatelle cup, tie
gilt of Mrs. Thomas Hastings, is for women
as driver of a four in hand team, and there
i to bo a woman' rat e on polo ponies,
catch weights, over a uuarter mile course
The rionle are to he chosen by lot and there
will be no lack of good mounts, as thin i
near enough to Weetbury and Meadow
Brook to eeciire the crocks ol tho Inter
national polo strings.
There are driving and riding rlaaao for
ponies to bo handled bx- box- or girl not
over twelve vear of age. Beyond all anil
the limit for teaching tho young Idea how
to ride I a class for small ponies to Im ridden
by young children and to bo shown on lead
lino in tne ring. There is a rlaes for polo
ponies that have been pla.ved during the
last season. Tho show except in the case
of hunters, polo ponies and tho raclngclnseos
will bo confined to horses owned by resi
dent of Long Inland.
Paul I. Cravath I president of the Piping
Hork Horse Show Association and the
other director are (ieorge Bullock, h F.
Buah, Percy Chubb, W. Burling Cocks,
.1. F.. Davis. .1 B Dennis, neorge E. Fahy.
Thorns Hltrhrook, .Ir . Walter Jennings,
Harvev 8. laidew, Clarence II. Markav,
H. W Maxwell. F. P. Moore. K. IV Morgan
II. !.. Pratt. M I. HehlfT, H. C. Hmith. .1 B
Colo Tappen, c. W Wetmore. Samuel
WllleU. Harry Payne Whitney and Faignne
S. Willard. F.dwaxd I. ( raft ia the mana
ger An entry of 400 la a record for Piping
Rock or any other two flay ahow. The
saddle horsaie average twelve to n class
and the entries Include su h chmapions
as Dr. Crockett. Marksman and I,ady Marv.
The largest nominator of hoavx- name
horse I Mortimer I,. Hchlff, and to oppose
hia entriea from the Northwood Staples
will be th Mtneola winnera of Clarence
II. Markov and single horses and pairs
owned by W. ltusseil Oraee, fieorge W
1oderer. Mr W, L, Sutphln, Miss Marv
Bnllork and other Long Islander.
V. V, V. FOOTBiuToi Tl.OOK.
Only Three or Iatt Year' Rrgnlar Alls,
tag From the Rank.
The New York I'niveraity football snuad
lias returned from Its summer ramp, where
It baa been doing preliminary work xvlih
the 1 oache for the last two week Regu
lar full practice Login- to-day xvitli the
opening of college and many new additions
to the sipind nre expected. All but three
of last year's regular are book and there
is. enough material among the second string
men to enable the coaches to fill those vn-
inn les even if the Incoming class fails to
provide any now men.
Owing to the graduation of Wheeler and
Murphy the left end and left halfback
positions ore open. Crawford, the plucky
little right end, xvill not be in the suuad
Ho is combining hia last x ear in college with
I P "rh "pr '' WOl nl will not
I M t,le,t" -HT tmi ror OMly pr4rtico
Htt-hr Unt roar ubouuito for left
I B?iJi "SP V ' J"vf iM,wl,1 'he
who irare proiMM of tnaku.K a hi I pruj
vii Mil in ill' 1111 1 1- 411 n n't'ii' iniiTior
lag! seanon , will le out thm week nnd w ill
give Coleman. U, UbatitutO for right end
ii hard fight for thin position, left vacant
by raw lord
inqriadl, who in the aliaenoe of
Dressier has been filling in at left tnrkle U
h likelv man for the plHi'e, although IrHiler,
who nnbatituted the position to Hrennan
laet year, is the logical man for the position.
Audnadi wa out for end lal aeaacm. but
against 1 raw ford and Wheeler he had no
opportunity. In his new position at tackle
he i-i show ing up better than he ever did at
end and is very liable to b-eat out Dresaler
for the poftittou.
Ileuneberger, who ha held down the
poriition of left guard for the laat two sea
Bona, it the mainatay of the line He was
largeiv iMsimuHtoie lor tne giai, Hiand
fnl ('ran eum backs last season K.,,,rt
varsltr eantra, hO waa graduated last vear
g.ie to New Vork I ntvendtv law school
tin year and is eligible to play Ho will
no douhf be seen in hi old pogltipn on
S edneeday
Mackay and Veeley, right guard and
riaht tai l, le, are two old atandbvs on whose
efficient work the coaches can always rely
Thev haxe uluyed these two positions for
three years I nder the four year rule I
un win in- ineir lasi on tne vgrslfv al
though both men are enrolled in Ae School
of Commnrco.
The i length and efflciencx of tho back
field is an uncertain quantity, Ualloirgjr'i
old position at quartar will iindoubtadly
be filled by Mxon. who is again eligible
with Keaiiin as a possible factor I'lliffe
who with Moore alternated at right half
max nut lie in the liueup. Owing io the
serious inlu ryhe raoaivad hist vear in the!
game with Wesleyan his parent ubjaot I
to his playing football again thi vear I
Moore will hold this position Left half,
max- iro to Kennedv. who ubiitiu...i i
piisiiiuii uiiufi .sitirpnx- ami
X Oil LI i.TTstett) W 1,1 1 , a i
hard in the position at summer cainn ana
who played "ti the varsity :ti hi tn ah in .
year, looks i i,,. , who mil make tha
The graateel blow to tha laani Is tha loss
of Villa, the slur liillluick Although
Hrcnnan, 'ptgin of tha team for tha coming
awawwu, I.I..IHSI.S i, , noaiix tuns plunger
..... .... . ii mi s isset anil
the team r II be Us nuntlnu A,J . i. .. 1
lia-t been practising il r oi . kicks Ihrouwlinnl
tne siini'iiei win i. an nvaliiahla i,i
the te.-itti
i hat
Itul e,e
Mm hi: ROM haiixi.s.
Tall, ol i hange living Made
Cruiser , lasses.
In Hie
There ha been soma diaaatlafaotion
among owners of cruising motor boata whjh
the ratings "f Iheir ysohu according to tha
preaeoi formula ol the imerioan Power
Boat issot union, mid ii i probable thai
some change will be made before Ihe open-
Ing of another season, Owneraof legitimate
cruising craft are at a gteat disadvantage
with oertalii boat which have been built
io gat the Issai poaalhla rating al ihe legal
possible e X se !'! ,. boats w hil" thev nre
technically cruisers according to the rule
an- i iuit- i. tne more i.tai, t ,
racing ma-
chines, wiih iut a bill
1 ton than t he
rg I oil a S'MIII -Slieed limit
rate ,,t i lie sesann liave shown ih.i
l e I tut a tile cl iiisilihf boa Is tilth enn In. i.. I. ....
any where in uuv son cl wet, tin i- n.u.
I Ite-ll tie It l CO nt I ion is i ii a I won
aide In a sev ere storm or eve
I not Ii w out. I
in moderate
lotlKI weatiiei mo present III!.' nut a
premium on displacement and ,i penalty I man. com b lor two season and capnc
on horse-power, but the method of obtain of the tmu nine, ami V. I vlei. capn.
ing the dlaplaoamenl is Slit h that a shrewd i of the itaji team, wilt also umpire.
aasignarx and nulidei can modal the boati The captaTna of the fixe team win
mi that the displaoeinenl flgiirea luith and IB' a. Fatrbalrn of tha seniors; J, p Ms . :
at tne same time put In a .high powered iuniora: t, B Brophy, sophomores I
engine whici will rale low t.,i I,,,,, these DsterhOIlt, captain ol tlie lOti Vgnilty nine ''
tioubles gra to be aiold.,1 ha not yet been tacting captain of the freshman team. .Ill
flgurad out but ,t has been suggested that J H Williams, the old t orneil player,
in bona (Id cruising orgfl there might be I the law school nine
soma limit to honae-ppaei and thm a boat i Thaachedule is as follows-
should not be allowed mora than a iTrtain . t
amount nf power for it d'spl-iiement 1 hi nrtobfi?. Seniors x Sophnnore. S , Ls i -'
CI jilT ul'.." ""m.L ' ' " 11 ' ' 1
be done Iteiore
u-t meeting ot ttiea
aoi i,i ion.
noixtisis 7 UMftKLDOt sranis
Graduate ami Professional 'ogchlnB .,,
laic and Klcv) here ntlrcll of nr.
cine student a XX ell as Athlete n.
nesolg I .nerii.se .rt a BotbhrU,
The return of ale to gridnate nogi
m hoth baaaball ami rowing is not
, precedent in the hin ry of college at r
. Tor in almost every institution '
hange ate made from year to reai
inotlgn thev do not nlwav attrait go tit ,
attention haa been the wiiji thg ..
plana Inatlltltad al Nexx Haven It
that in some oollegai i.rofeeionl . o hi
la koikI Tor just a cerisln number of
and then when the pendulum bei
swing hack and the team fall a liitle lo,T
tin tittaliiy year by year there i t sal t. f ...
I verting to graduate coaching Then
aama course of events follow Itaaif n
Ihe sradii.ilr out h" haxe tuocag, foi
time and then their lem too hegm to hog
! " falling off and oni 1 more it is time f t 'ht
i i in- one goon iraitirr or an tni, n,,,, ,
I thin the quality of the teams in an I
i Inafltutlon i uaually maititainet at a prtuy
I high average. Intrue can be cited fr,,nl
j Columbia' rowing record I fider
I'eet, -,, Columbia won the firt in try.
collegiate regatta, but arveral year of
I graduate r oaching after that Ion virtorr
1 failed to be prisdiirtive of reaulfa Thn
Ned Haitian wa appointed coac.h an-i
Columbia' crew on e more loomed up ,.
Tornii'iaiiie. tianian too had hi day tn
pendulum wnng back to graduate ex,h
Ing . the choice going to .laaper Goodwin
of the Columbia Henley four.
Goodwin, howexer, waa never really gue.
essfiil. and again a i hange was made to
the rank-- of the profgaatonala and now
lim Hire is holding down the job with nil
kind of success, flf course the historv of
rowing at Cornell Is not the record of a
series of changes such as ha been the caae
at i olumbia, chiefly because Oonitntr
Irom the first dav he aet foot on Ithaci
ground was Micoaggfltl. From th way
Hu e i sliHplnv at Columbia there won't b
many more , hange at Columbia eith.r
All of this is not eaid with the ide of
disparaging Yale' new policy. It Is rather
with the intention of pointing out that
where graduate coaching fails there is
alwsxs a decided tendency to rush off into
the professional xvorld and where the "pro
has no success the diaruetrlcallx- oppnsit
in true After all there I not much differ
ence between the two. for the ole object
of having n i oa h ia to instruct men in in
art of a particular branch of aport with
the ide of emerging vligorlona al the and
of the season not too far in the background
Apropos of thi the 'or .tfumei It.,. v
hs this to aay in commenting on th"
changes for mi;
"The iiuestion of professional coaihing
for college athletics, as the Alumni WirUu
has said many times in the last few yean,
does not so much Involve the person,!
aquation of the professional coach huns-lf
us it involve general principle (iarmeu,
for instance, who have worked undei ih.
man who now retiree from ale pcxing
liuxe only the kindest words for him a a
msn and for hi fldelifv to what he eonnideia
to be ale'a best interests I'oth the pro-
faaatonal rowing and the nrofeaaional b.,.
ball coaches worked hard nnd loyally and
xvith proved ability in their chosen field
for ale. Hut Iho best profess! mal coath
obtainable, by reason of the xerv fact that
he is n.u a Vale man. cannot lUCoeed In the
long run as a Vale coach Ihe field of in
fluence of a Yale coach carl only be filled
jby a Vale mnn. The profeaslon.il after a
w hile cannot he other tha u the sole rellanct
of his teams and crews. I bis has b en
I especially apparent in baaaball Ihe beat
i thing in 4 ale athletics has exer I een 114
1 undergraduates and undergraduate oooper
lation and mutual sacriftoet for the oomtiwn
gooa xx nen tne proiessmnsi entered the
trout door to assume the reHins!bilitv
twhethcr he ever fully had it or not, that
moment n great deal of xvhat had becti
traditional in ale iorts flew precipitately
out of the nearest window, ft could net
have been otherxvise and it never can be
otnarwlaa. "
Vet if .lohn Kenne'dv hsd turned out a
winning crew last .lune or if Hillv ,ush'4
1 1 1 i.,.i . 1... I : t '
- I 1 1 1 ,"" ''u. .ll 'lie 1 IIHi:lIIIl,,,
'there i huh doubt that both would sic
no uoiuiiig uoxxu ineir old job 111 Ncv
Knsign S Cottrell. the Syracuse I'niver."
pitcher wiio became a nieniber of the Pltl'
burg Ilrates at the end of the last rollec
yeHr. made a remarkable scholarship record
ut Syracuse and at his graduation Irom th
engineering school xvus credited xvith ha
iug obtained higher grades than anv nthle'e
xxho had ever taken the courae. t ottrel!
average for hia fpur years of college xrnr
was e'.; and he had no difficulty in winmn
the prize awarded annually to the athlei
having the heat scholaatlc record, cottrell
was a basketball as well ns basehall-plaxer
and he also vxent out lor football, ao tlisl
hi athletic work waa aprcad prettv eveulv
over the college yeor.
Oavle A. Dull, who waa captain of the
Michigan track team in 190. 1 at present
working in I'iltsbiirg and ia captain or the
I'ittaburg Athletic Association. Dull wa
one of the two Michigan men who suffered
by the officials' error in the IMS intercol
legiate and went out at the end of the
sixth lap in the two mile run when the final
lap gong was sounded by mistake. The
two used themselves up so badly that thev
were unable to hold off through the real
Iast lap and finished in tne ruck. Later
lull went to Kngland with the Olympic
team, and em.- hia return has been employed
as a telephone engineer.
I.aerosae haa received a traoric and un
ion 1 mate setback at Minnesota through
the death of ,lohn C. Trott the former
Columbia captain, who coached the flophers
last spring when tbev first took up the
name Trott went out to Minnesota in
the fall of isoe as an Instructor In the d'
partment of architecture, and last winter
began atepa looking to the organization
of a lacrosse team He turned out a ui
ceful team and had promised to ooavh
another year. -lust before commencement
In .lune, however, he wa drowned whil
canoeing in Lake Mincetonka, and it i
hardly probable that the aport will he re-
I veil, foi tho time being at least
! rw
Mhletic Manager Institutes Inter
class Nerle.
I Oiummg anew athletic mansgerand be
hall coach. Harrv A Usher, plans an In-
novation In coaobing the basebsii teu
i and he will put it into effect tin
in 1 1 it into effect tin west
Eddla ollins. star second baaeman of III
and toinier Columbia captan
ha presented to the Columbia associati'ti
n set of nine gold medals to be given to tit
members ot the winning team in an in'.-'
class round robin series ol baseball gam
ami Flatter will use tin a n Incentive is
get men out lor fall practice.
Ihe first game will he played to-morio1
a ml the series w ill come io an official end un
Wedneadayi October i. when the fresh
men meet the sophomores in the annual
contest. Last year nn attempt was nin '
to have fall baseball practice ut Columbia
but nrilv a few games were played W ''
Ihe i ollina medals to play tor I isher hi
liexe thai he will be able to get out I hig
'iuad. He xvill have teams rrom ah fo
undergraduate oiu ami he will i
have a team composed or students in tin
law school
It 1 1 isher Intention 'o have forinei
coaches and men who have been prominent
in baseball at Columbia lo officiate al mo,
ol the games. Hilly, l.auder. the lorn"
(Hani nnd one time Ct'liimlua coach.
imp! re one game end f rank S. O'Xei
tha state IChletlo cm iicssion h
captain of the rin, vaisltv team at i cl
bill. Mi l look utter aiinlhar CraoL I.
men. 10. Junior x Snnhomnret.il. Las A
vs. Junior: It. lenlert it rrnhmen; t '"
x .i unlet ii Frhnien v. S"thomcre

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