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Thotisanrts or the Plotter t'ndrr Arrest
( arnonnrl Burn Their Houses and
Loot fhuroh Property Guerrilla
llanos In the Hill -Vatican Hostility.
SpnM Ctbti Dfietfleaaj to Tor. sm.
London. Oct. 4. The Daily Telegraph
baa a despatch from Madrid (toying that
the C6tjt0flhlp makes it llHplltlllllt to
fp news direct from Portugal It mitr.
manr.es the royalist rising from its inoep
tioL from news collected from various
ports' nd says that the Portuguese
(iovrnment knew of the preparations
several months ago.
The rnynliata are credited with smug
gling in ll.ooo rifles, sime rnnnon and
Other material which were hidden in the
mi tint.ii ins from May to September.
Many army officers r.re Mid to have re
signed nnd formed monarchical groups,
and hundreds of refugeer, are reported
to have crossed the frontier from Spain
B tuguai nnd September and formed im
p rMiit bands of ant i -republicans
A large sum of money collected in
Brazil arrived in August and with It
... r.l bodlee of m?: ara Slid t i hva
tiesn organized and armed, 'the Mon
archic are report? 1 to have bsn
strengthened aftor the Presidential elec
tion" by Kepublicin.H and Cons.rvativi
who were dugusted wi'h the r..dioils.
and the l'arlonari. t'ommercial. indus
tn.i!. agrieuturnl interests, the army and
capitalist are said to have turned against
the f iovernment
Tho plan of tho rebellion waa to cap
ture the villages and small towns north
and proceed with larger plot. The
plan were well prepared, but numerous
spies among the monarchists led to the
imprisonment of suspects throughout
Portugal. The monarchists therefore
decided to advance the uprising and begin
at Oporto
The Governor wars informed and sent
soldiers to the Crystal Palace where the
Monarchists were gathering. A fight
envied, and though it was unimportant
1000 Monarchists wer arrested and are
now In Lisbon-. Tne Carhonsri were left
masters of the field. They fired Mon
archist housea and stabbed and shot
several. Finally the " troops restored
collisions occurred at (iaya.
Ferrara. Pa redes and other
the carbonari attacking the
monarchists The railways from Oporto
and Lisbon to the frontier are out in many
t laces fhlimhaa convents, schools and
other Catholic Institutions have suffered
severely at the hands of the oarbonari
Strong guards are needed to prevent the
burning of the Inatltuttons.
Monarchist sympathizers throughout
Portugal have been arretted Not less
than ?.'J"si are now In jail. A small num
ber of monarchist who were armed
escaped to the mountains and are carry
ing on a guerri'la warfare The police
seized large supplier of arms and ammuni
tion in the villages and towns where the
royaltsta were strong and the villages
and towns are being occupied by sol
diers. Savtiaoo de Compostela. Spain. Oct.
3. The Ecode San'iajo says that at
2 A. M on Oct. 1 Capt. Paiva de CoUOOiro,
the chief of the Portuguese m marohiats.
entered Portugal at the head of 4.001
men He had several quick tiring guns
and 120 mules.
Badajoz. Oct. 3 It is reported that
in the Portuguese commune of SantO
Tirso the people have naen in favor of
the royalists. They are parading the
streets waving monarchist flags and
cheering for the monarchy, the King
and Capt.de Couceiro. A public inscription
which recalled the downfall of the mon
archy was torn down Tte republican
inhabitants of the place have fled
Lisnox, Oct. 3." The Patriarch has
received a communication from the
Vatican saying that it desires to sever
diplomatic relations with the Portuguese
republic and asking that the (iovernment
withdraw its legation from the Vatican.
The Government has undertaken to
modify the eepa ration act upon the open
ing of Parliament with aview to con
ciliating religioua feeling in thenorthern
provinces by conceding some of the
Vatican's demands.
London. Oct. 8. The Portuguese
Minister here saya that the royalist
uprising in Portugal has failed.
The Evening Xtv aaya it understands
that the raiders are not supporters of
former King Manuel, but of Dom Miguel,
Duke of Braganza, the older pretender
to the throne.
Setrral Tanks Becoaerrd From Wreck
To Tow After Section to Sea.
Sptcisl Cable Dispatch to TBI Scv.
Havana Oct 8 - Several powder tanks
from the six and ten inch gun magazines
o! the Maine have been recovered Moet
of them have been exploded
It has practically been decided to build
a bulkhead across the after part of th
wreck and float it away This will be
ctnapor than cutting it up snd removing
it piecemeal.
(artlen Party and Hanqurt In Bermuda
for Boston's Pride.
5 serial Cable OomtMI to the scn
Hamilton. Bermuda, Oct. 3. The An
cier.t nnd Honorable Artillery Company
c-t Bcston spent the morning in making
N .'-.ons about the city. This after
n i0t the acting Governor-General enter
tamed them at a garden party on the
' vernment House grounda.
re-night thero was a banquet in their
i. - or at the Himilton Hotel.
I nlneie ttantilp at Havana.
.'prt.i! CatU Oeipatch to THF. Sl'N.
Ha .xa, Oct 3 The Chinese ware hip
Hi I lii arrived here from N'ew Vork to
U enti Ting the harbor at n A, M she
.. escorted p$M Morro CAatle by toorea
' ' .. - and smeller pleasure (raft loadod
he guards with Chinese
Reyes tall for New Oricani.
. ptrn: C.iUc Dcsp.tch to THE Sl'N.
HAVANA, Oct S. Gen Boi ni.rdo Koye.v,
wh lefl Moxico just before the Presj.
ti l election, sailed from here to-dav
for the Unitet Str.'o.j by way of N'ew Or
E 'entually he Is to go to New Vork
J.J. later Vlilt Bermuda.
Sf$ett Cabl' Detpucb tn Tne. Scn.
Hamilton, Bermuda. Oct 9 Thet.oam
icht N rna with John Jacob Aster and
bride on board arrived hero this aftor-
Wotcd Americana In Paris.
Spatial Cab't Deip.tcb to TBI Srx
i .His, Oct. J. Heekvrian Win'hrop of
I w Vork and I'nited States Senator
codore Burton of Ohio have arrived
THE "Spencer
Steam or Hot Water
Heater is the only
heater made with raised
grates and water-jacketed
magazine, a unique device
that requires coaling but
once a day in ordinary
weather (twice in severe.)
tti V. Ofllre. am Fifth Ave . or 43d t.
Mlstes Morgan and Smith of New York
Present Flowers to Paris Institution.
Special Cabtr Despatch to TBS Sr.
Paws, Oct. I.- Miss Anno Morgan,
daughter of ,1. Pierpont Morgan, and Mies
Oertrude Robinson Smith visited yes
terday afternoon the hospital and dis
pensary of the Society for thl Mutual
Protection of Railroad Employees. Tho
society has a membership of 50,000 and
distributes 1.200francs. or240, a day from
its relief fund.
Af t-r an inspection of the establishment
the visitors sent a present of flowers tied
with ribbons representing the French
nnd American national colors. They
were cheered by the attendants.
President Pallterrs Separated From the
Cortege at Toulon.
0 serial cable Despatch to Taa Sot.
Tovlon. Oct 3 There was a smali
panic from some unknown cause to-day
during the funeral of tho victims of the
fire and esplosion on tho battleship
The procession was broken up and
President Failure became separated
from the rest of the paraders He was
carried almost alone from the theatre
where the eserciae were held until the
parade was reformed some distance
A battalion of British marines attended
the services .
t'. S. Officers Worried Over Partial Dis
armament In Mindanao.
.pr net Chie Drnp itrH to Tsi Set.
MAVtt.A. Oct. 3. Orders have been
issued in Mindanao for the disarming of
the Moroa. They are gradually turning
in their guns voluntarily and the Moro
chiefs are cooperating with the Govern
ment. While the guna are being turned
In it is no.iceable that no holos have been
given up. and future trouble is feared.
The I'nited Stat s Army efficers are pre
paring to chase the Moro outlaws and
suppress brigandage in the I rovince of
Mindanao .
storm Bread Wagons and Invade Ike
l.radlna Thoroughfare.
Sp'Cf.t C..-N Tlespitrh In THS SrN
DfBLTW, Oct. 3 Owing to the railway
strike the poor in this city are still facing
Starvation, Hungry crowds All the bark
etro;s and are beginning to invade th
main thoroughfares Bread wagons were
attacked again io-day and their contents
stolen by desperate men and women
The situation is of the mos;.serioue nature,
but the (iovernment so far as can he seen
is taking no action
Assatsln of the Chief Justice of Finland
Is Identined.
Spenr.1 Casta Drtp:t' f.j Tar Snx
St. Pr.TrRsni Ro. Oct. 3 - The name
of the assassin of Chief Justice Hellen of
the High Court of Justice at Abo. Finland,
who afterward committed suicide, was
Bruno Forstroem He waa an iron
monger's assistant. Tne motive for the
ussassination waa a political one
Alfonto Again an t'nele.
sptc-.il CcJ iimp tie to Taa Sen.
Mapbip. Oct. 3 The Infanta Maria
Therese. wife of Prince Louis Ferdinand
of Bavaria and sister of King Alfonso,
gave birth to a daughter to-day.
Will Ueavea Nlngrr Stock to Nrphrwn and
Housekeeper House to Hrr.
The will of John A. Singer, whodied at
110 East 177th street on September 24,
cute off a son and a daughter in Chicago
and leaves the greater part of his estate,
consisting largely of Singer Manufactur
ing Company stock, in trust for his
nephew. William P. Archer, who also gets
2S0 shares of the stock outright. Joseph
S Archer, another nephew, gets 250
shares, ami the same amount goes to Mrs.
Charlotte J. Donelly.the testator's house
keeper, with the house in East 177th
street and its contents.
Mr. Singer was a son of Isaac Singer,
the inventor of the Singer sewing ma
chine, an i was 70 years old at the time of
his death He came here a few years ago
from York. Pa., after he had oiiarrelled
with his wife. Mrs. Adelaide B. Small
Singer, and had advertised in 1B01 that he
would not be reeponBible for her debts.
I .ntcr he got an injunction to restrain
her from selling 275 shares of Singer
The Wcatber.
Oct. 4. A Mgh pressure rentral over rsstrrn
Ontario covered all the country catt of the Mis.
sliisippi vetterday and tne pretture wu bl(h to
the wrv of ihe Rocky Mountains.
There was a siorm central over northern North
Pa'cois. causing showejs snd llaht rain In the Mis
so nl Valley and vesivard and moderate to hravy
rain In the upper Mississippi Valley and over th
upper lakes Th?re was rain In the upjier Ten
nessee Valley also
It wa cooler tn the Atlantic States soiith Into
the ( arollr.as and In the lower lakes, the Ohio
and Tennessee valleys, warmer In the central
States and reoler throughout the Itoeky Moun
tain states and westward
Temperatures were tielow free.lnr. In Nevada
and cloae to the freeing point In northern New
York and New Kngiand.
Frosts were reported In Massachusetts. Con
necilcu' and New Vork.
In this c;ty the day was fair and a Utile cooler:
wind, fresh east to southeast, average humidity.
61 per cent : rarometer. corrected to real to sea
level, al A A. II., 30 27; P. M . S0.J7.
The temperature yesterday, as recorded by the
ofllclal thermometer, la shown In the anneied
IBM loin iRit. : cno
M 5I M' I P. M " 4
m' p. m P' fs
JJ 67 12 Mid M 6S
0 A.
11' M
3 V
Unheal temperature, en", at 51 P M
washisoton rtmiriiT ros to DAT and to
MOgeOVi For cittern A'rtc VorA'. locol raint to-day or to
mohi dad proyibty lo-morrow, una increasing
ioulhcrlu LindJ, warmer to-doy.
Kor New Kngiand. Increasing cloudiness and
!.ilghtly warmer to day: rain to morrow: warmer
In interior ef Maine southerly wtndi. Increasing
In nlgilt
Koi cistern Pennsylvania, local raina and
warmer today, probably fair to-morrow; In
creasing southerly winds
Kor New Jersey, local tains to day: probably
f.ilr to-morrow. Increasing southerly winds.
Kor Pels-, are, unsettled to day: probably
fair to morrow, moderate to brisk southerly
For trie District of Columbia and Maryland,
unsettled and warmer to day, fair to-morrow:
moderate southerly winds.
For western New Vork. rain and warmer to
day with brlak to high southwesterly winds; fair
Klderly Housekeeper of Girls' School It
Found Dead In Cousin's Home In Msdl
son Avenue Analysis May Disclose
Presence of an Alkaloldal Poison.
Tho body of Mlas Anita Martine
Ketchum, an elderly woman who had been
for seven years housekeeper for tho
Brearley School for girls at 17 West Forty
fourth street and who was a cousin of
Mra. Edwin Thorne, was found yesterday
morning In a bedroom on the third floor
of Mrs. Thome's home at 658 Madison
avenue. The autopsy performed by Cor
oner's Physician Lehane discredited the
first reports that Miss ketchum had met
a violent death, but until a chemical
analyaia of tho contents of her stomach
la made Dr. Lehane says he will be unable
to determine whether death was due to
natural causes or to some drug causing
nervous collapse.
After the autopsy Dr. Lehane said that
ho had found no evidence of organic
weakness or of violence. The only possi
bility that he could consider, he said, was
that the chemical analysis would show
thst Miss Ketchum had swallowed some
alkaloldal poison.
Mr. Thorne. who Is secretary of the Now
York Dock Company, president of ths
Federal Terra Cotta Company and a di
rector and officer In several other business
concerns, with an office at 43 Cedar street,
bad been spending the summer with his
family in his country home at Babylon,
and only a housekeeper by the u of
Petersen and her husband w-re living in
the town house in Madison avenue. Miss
Ketchum. who had recently returned to
town from Babylon to take up her duties
at the Brearley School when it
oen on October 5. had a key to the Thorne i
home, and at tho request, of her cousin
Mrs. Thorne. she had gone to the Madison
avenue house on one or two occasions to
look it over and see that everything waa
right. Her own home hud been at the
Hotel Maryland, 109 West Forty-ninth
street, for several years.
Miss Ketchum let herself in to the
Thorne house about 7 o'clock on Monday
night. She told Mrs. Petersen that she
would sleep in one of the spare bedrooms
on the third floor, where there was a trunk
containing aome of her effects. The
Hetetsens heard Mias Ketcbinn moving
around upstairs for aome time anil I ben
there was no more noise Irom her room.
nn Mrs Petersen Arose yesterday
morning she was somewhat disturbed
toseetnat the inside door ot Ihexestibuie
opening from t tie steps wa- Open, lltougfl
the outside door wa- locked .h feared I
IBAi burglars might nava entered the Yellowstone l ark, burraioee and the
house and hurried up stuirs to Investigate crowda that run to meet him, He will
hen she entered me room occupied tn i run the camera with one hand and the
Miss Ketchum she saw Miss Ketchum ly- I aeroplane with the other.
ing on the lied in her night lot ties A I 1
steamer rug was spread on the Moor by'iSVNDAY PLY I SO INJUNCTION.
the side ol i he bod and on it lav severs I I
silver toilet article which belonged to
Miss Ketchum tier tiutiK Was open
and one trunu I ray lav on the floor, but
otherwise the room was in no disorder.
Ihe caretaker tri"d to arOUSO Miss
Ketchum. but could not Then her hus
band summoned a policeman who called
Flower Hospital Or Miller came and
found that Miss Ketchum had been dead
several hours When Coroner Hellen
stein and detectives arrived they dis
covered no marks that might indicate
violence on Miss Ketchum's body There
was a small bruise on the thrort that wtvs
probably caused by 'he whiieione in
the collar of her gown An empty bottle
from wh'ch no odor came ir v on the dresser
and a second little with a little more than
a tetspoonful of colorless liquid in it was
in ijie smell (sag which Miss Ketchum bad
brought with her th night tsefore A
diamond studded watch was found under
her pillow. Mr 1 home's safe, which
stood in the bedroom, had not tieen tam
pered with Coroner Hellenslem took
away Iwth bottles with him. they will
be examined by th" citv chemist
When Mr and Mrs Thome, summoned
from Babylon, arrived they said that there
was no reason for Iselieving Miss Ketchum
had taken her life She had been in good
heplth. excepting a tendency to insomnia,
and when she had left their summer
home in Bahvlon she had been in the
best of spirits Or P R Bolton of 43
West Fortv-eighth street had prescribed
for Mis Ketchum recentlv. She was a
granddaughter of the late Morris Ketchum.
Th flrst police report of the case had
led Headquarters to believe that they had
a homicide case to investigate and they
sent a photographer up to the house Co
take photographs of the room and one of
their BertiTlon staff to look for finger
prints No photographs were taken and
no suspicious fingerprints found
Former Falls to (iet Representation on
the Cotton Bell Bosrd.
ST. Loris. Oct. 3 Frank J. Gould
failed to-day in his efforts to get R Lan
caster Williams a directorship in the
St. Louis Southwestern Railway or the
Cotton Belt Railway, in the election here
to-day. The stockholders' proxies elected
the old board of directors, thus insuring
u- i cj.i. ir...A ..;
dent. The Gould brothers were not in
attendance. Frank Gould's attempts to
gain representation in the Cotton Belt
road were against his brother's wishes.
The directors chosen are F. H Britton,
Tom Randolph and Murray Carleton of
St. Louie; R W. Gallaway, W. H Taylor.
E. T. Jeffrey, Howard Gou'd. F.dwin
Gould and Winslow Pierce. James H.
Morris and Lawrence Green were dropped.
Henry W Anderson, representing the
minority interests, made a statement
at the meeting in which he said that the
minority stockholders had more than
enough proxies to elect one director.
He said that in the list of proxies there
were duplicates in Borne cases on both
sides. To push a contest, he thought,
might lead to open litigation, but all the
minority wanted was to broaden the
reprebentation on the board by the elec
tion of an independent. He hinted that in
so doing the majority would avoid liti
gation which might prove embarrassing
to both sidea.
siyrapuac nrnnrr's Verdict on the Auto
mobile accident at Mate Fair.
Stbacvse. N. V., Oct. I. Coroner
George R Kinne gave out his verdict to
night in the inquest into the automobile
a-cident a' the Sta'e fair grounda, on
September lo, in which eleven persons
were killed and manv injured, when Lee
Oldfield's ra?ing machine crashed through
a fence.
Ihe verdict distributee the blame. It
holds that everybody concerned in Ihe
race meet waa at fault and charges negli
gence to the ew York State Fair Com
mission, the Americiin Automobile Aaso
cia'.ion. Referee A B. Pardington and
the crowd eround the fence at the time
of the accident The Coroner Bays:
"I do not find thnt tho driver (Oldfleld)
his manager or any of the people men
tioned wore guilty of that carelesa and
rockle.ss disregard ot the lives of others
which the courts hold to he that degree
of culpable negligence which would Jus
tify a charge of manslaughter."
Lee Oldfleld waa released to-night and
loft for New York.
His Fell From window Fatal.
George Boas ley . 80 years old, of 82 Audu
bon avenue fell to his death yesterday
from the window outside his rooms. Re
had been removing awnings f i r the win
ter and losing his balanoe foil to the
The Greatest Collection
Oriental Rugs
8 West 8th Street
Woolssals taa tell.
On east to Coast Flight F.aprrts to Do
It In a Shade Over Two Weeks.
Karl Ovlngton. the aviator, is going to
make n try for the Pacific coast. His
manager. William Pickens, said last
night that Ovington will probably start
to-morrow some time from Governors
Island and follow the trades of the New
York Central railroad as far as Buffalo,
whence he will follow the Lake Shors
rails to Chicago. From there he will fly
to St. Louis. Kansas City, and with the
metal.s of the Rook Island route as his
guide he will soar over Kl Paso and south
ern Arizona to Loo Angeles.
For his ocean to ocean flight Ovington
has two new yueon IMnoplgltM all set
up and all the parts of nn other. He was
trying out his machines yesterday at
Hempstead The monoplane will be
equipped with a .VI horse-power Hendes
seven cylinder rotary motor. The equip
ment will weigh 1.2(Ki pounds, of which
35( pounds will be gasolene. IngtMd of
the name Dragon Fly stencilled under
neath the planes the words I'. S. Mail
will be marktdi and each wing an 1 the
, tailpiece will bear the nunilier 13.
ovington win carry letters trom I'ost-
mnsler-ttcneral Hitchcock of Washington,
Postmaster Morgan of New , ork and ;
Chief Postal Inspector Pickson of thei
Fastern division to postmasters along the
way. He is the first licensed aeroplane
mail carrier In the pOUntry,
A private train of two cirs will follow
mm. It nov .ianns n tne ajrw ork;and tm, inspprtnT lninkjl tn(ll
machine and ourte One of the cars will
I a workshop and Iht other will carry
the member of the party, including
William MeCornlok, ths htnkar of 7
Sr5ff7LyJ!0.k!r nHtVJlil4 I
' MW " sru"ii " ' " a an 1 1 P WW
patty, Oving'on ought to make the trip
in nTleen to sixteen days, according to
his manager, and if he gets there iefore
November p will put in a claim for the
Hetrst Jjo.ni"! prize for the first coast to
const flight He is not banking on this,
With him he will ram' a moving picture
oamaTa to take motion snapshots of the
argument on the Motion to Make II
Permanent I nmes I p Tnda).
When the motion for a permanent in
junction to prevent Sheriff Ie Mott of
Nassau c unity interfering on Sundays
with the meet of the Nassau Aviation
Company came up yesterday for argu
ment before Justice Gsrreteon in the
Supreme Court. Brooklyn. Mr. Potter of
Grout A Grout asked for an adjournment
over Sunday, so as to try out Mr. Wood
ruff's plan for a model Sunday entertain
ment. lawyer Felix Reifachneider opposed
the granting of any further adjournment
and urged the oi airt not to permit another
Sunday to pass without a settlement of
the questions at issue The Sheriff, he
said, was impaled on the horris of a seri
ous dilemma in the matter of his dutv
lustice Garretson in deciding that the
hearing should go on to-dav said:
This case outrht to he speedily disposer!
of There is no ne essjtv for conducting
an experiment on somdny to see whe'her
sin h a meet . an he held without violating
the s;,lnr!av law, which is the ba-.i- of this
motion there is nothing novel about th
ise of aeroplanes in closed felds to which
admissions are h arced The ipiestion at
issue is a vert- ordinary one i knew we
are nil interested in the development of
aeroplanes, but no novel or difficult ques
tion is rsi-ed on this motion and it is not
necessary for you to fly on Sunday to ahOVt
thnt it run he done without committing
sin. If the adjournment coe over Sunday
I'll vaca'e the injunction.
Vice-President nealer of the JersCy t'erc
tral almost Pokea Fun at Board of Trade.
Vice-President W G Beeler of the New
Jersey Central Railroad has sent a reply
to the secretary of the Bayonne Board of
Trade, Freeholder Peter A Donovan, in
reply to resolutions adopted by the board
protesting because the company failed
to designate Rayonne on an advertising
folder used lor the F.Iks convention at
Atlantic city and showing a map of the
road Various cities, some much smaller.
I were designated in bold face type on the
I , .1 a , , In i f tk.ro u- a r , , , V. I . . i f r. i , ,w n-hora
Hayonne was 1 he hoard also asked that
the company help make Bayonne famous
by naming one of its ferryboat in honor
of the city that shelters the Standard Oil
Company's biggest Kastem plant. In
his reply Mr Besler states
When I read in the newspapers of the
aliened resolutions I thought it was a Inke
some correspondent was trying to perpe
trate, and even new I can scarcely believe
that yon are serious in the matter of the
advertising folder I notice that Plain
field. Westfield. ruford and even tho
capital of our State, Trenton, have not
been shown I nnfrlclallv as a private
cltlson and as an I lk It strikes me that this
purported resolution la liUy beyond com
parison In the matter of the next ferryboat being
named Hayonne, this suggestion strikes
me as being sensible and I see no reason
w hy we cannot comply with it. As a matter
of fnct one of our new steam lighters is
naineii llavonne. ao we have at least to that
extent recognized your city.
In conclusion and right down as man to
man the city of Itavnnne and Its Hoard of
Trade have no better friend nor one who
will go to greater lengths in a practical
way than 1 w ill do for your city in practical
and sensible thine You must excuse
me therefore when I loao my patience in
matters which I do not believe And a true
lodgment and sentiment at heart among
business men who are supposed to havu
good common or horse sense."
Intprrtor Hayes l.rads Invadrr Into her 24 in the Jefferson Market court. This
Nevcnth Avenue Place. I wbh done after William Travera Jerome,
Inspector Hayes. Sergt. Hade end ' counsel for Lot ze, had attacked the goo I
fifteen policemen in civilian togs raided i faith of the corrtplaint made by Frederic
a crap game last night at the appropriate! P Shaw ol 110 Claremont avenue, presi
addreas of 711 Seventh avenue Instead : dent of the concern, under which Lotre
of using axes one of the detectives fol-1 was arrested last week Mr. Jeromesaid
lowed a player in and once inside opened j it was indefinite, inadequate and contained
.i. too i.. oa votiAairiiM TVir waca . onlv conclusions of law rather than ead-
fortv men in the place. $277 in silver and
. .... ji '
fifty sets of dice.
Edward R QUI of SS5 Wast Fiftieth j plalnanta promised to draw up a new
atreet, who the police say la the pro-; complaint.
prietor; Edward Lawrence of 24i West j Judge Henry O. Newton of the Bank-Forty-eighth
atreet. James O'Malley of j ruptey Court in New Haven accompanied
too East Uth atreet, Charlea Carey of J Lotze to court I.otze la now out In 12,000
331 West Thirty-seventh atreet and Harry hail. The original bonda were lin.ooo
Daada of Forty-seoond atreet and Ninth Mr. Jerome told Magistrate McQuade that
avenuo were all locked up in the West j he had reoelved a letter from Dean Rogers
Forty-seventh street police etation on
Detectives Capture Alleged Itlaekmailer
After Hot Chase -Serramlng Prisoner
Protests Innocence After Captors
Find Fuse Tailed Dynamite on Him.
Detectives Mieelll and Cavane. whom
all bad Italians avoid, saw a man whom
they have been watching walking hastily
I up Second avenue at Fortieth street last
J night. The man, Angelo Cuchlra of "14
Second avenue, threw one frightened
glance over his shoulder, saw who was
coming up behind him and started to leg
it up the avenue for all he was worth.
Cavane. In the lead, pounce'd on Jiim and
after a scuffle had his man.
The first thing Cavane did was to feel
in Cuchira'a pockets, and In his right hand
pocket he found two packages, pear
shaped, about Ave inches long each,
wrapped up in brown cloth. From the
end of each package twisted a fuse about
twenty-five inches long. As soon as
Cavane fished out tho packages Cuchira
flopped on the pavement and began
to bellow. The noise brought out every
body in ear shot and the detectives shoul
dered their man on a car. All the way
down to Police Headquarters Cuchlra
kept up his screaming, protesting that he
was innocent and stopping occasionally
to tear open his shirt and beat his naked
chest until it was red. At intervals he
tore his face with his nails, and the noise
of his coming could be heard for blocks
around Police Headquarters, where he waa
arraigned, charged with violation of the
weapon law.
Inspector Hughes, in charge of the de
tectives, was greatly tickled over the I
arrest. Cuchira. he said, was a member
of what is known to the Italian sleuths ;
as the "uptown gang," blackmailers who
((,rBtP n the Fast Side from Thirtieth
, . . t.-;,:,L ..., d,,i . I
J """-' "-
i whose name Hughes would not give out
has leen receiving letters demanding
monev in the name of the Blaek Hand.
mayhap I
with his pear ahaped packages.
was on nis way to visit me grocery mail
They opened one of the packages and
found inside a stick of dynamite with
hole In the middle, to which the fuse
led . ( )n one end was a percussion cap.
Cuchira has a long black trail ot,arrents
and exasions of the law behind him. On
April 17. 1800, he was arrested by the same
detect ivts that "might him laat night
charged with attempting to frighten
money out of a fellow rouiitryman He
wi s held fortrial. but escaped punishment
because of a defect in the papers in
1808 Cuchira was arres'ed with two
other Italians charged with the murder
of Charles Rosano in Scranton He was
discharged for lack of evidence, but the
Scranton police asked the police hero
to wmch him and the Us-o others, who also
were freed Shortly after Cuchira'a two
companions were found guilty of the
murder of Ciro Bivone of 512 First avenue
and are now serving time for if.. Cuchira
we not arrested then.
The police think their priaoner was
mixed up with a gang that attempted
to get money from Gaetano Sferazza.
a grocer of SV7 Eaet Forty-fifth street
Three members of that gang were caught
by Petectia-e Micelli and Cavane, who
went one night laat Mav out on the Willi
Avenue Bridge disguised es laborer
and grabbed the men as they approached
their a-ictim One of the prisoners caught
then. Sala-atore Romano, was found
guilty of extortion in General Sessions
last week and got a minimum sentence of
three vears The court advised the
grocer to get a revolver and use it if he
had to
Mra. Frank A. Meodrmiis. Threatened
With Divorce. May Dir.
Frank A. Nicodemus. an agent fori
a brewery, married Geneviea-e Somer-!
ville Ave montha ago. and after they
had lived together for three months they
sepa rated. He IB 21 and she a year
younger. Both have always lived in The
Nicodemus, who has been living with
his parents at 820 Dawson avenue since
he left his wife, arranged to haa-e a young
man from a lawyer's office to serve papers
on his wife in a suit for divorce on Mon
day night. She has been living in Fast
iswtn street.
Before Nicodemus started for his office
yesterday morning bis wife came to
see him. They talked a-era- earneslla-
and then left the house. His brother. J
George, thought these was something 1
up and followed them. Mrs. Nicodemus
wanted her husband to avithdraw the
suit, but he refused and she became
angry. Then she pleaded with him,
once going to her knees.
Within a block of the house she sud
denly dropped behind her husband and
fumbled in a pocket of her dress. George
shouted a warning. He was too late.
As Nicodemus turned to look back his
wife fired three shots. One struck him
in the arm. which he had put up to
protect himself, another entered his
abdomen. The third went wild. He
ran about seventy-five feet and then
fell Before any one could restrain her
she sent a bullet into her side over the
Policeman Bernstein of tho Morrisania
station didn't want to wait for an ambu
lance and he placed ihe couple in a plum
ber's wagon, which he grabbed for the
purpose. After going two blocks the
horse became balky and wouldn 't budge.
Thon a butcher's wagon was employed
go take the man and wife to Lebanon
It was said there last evening that
Mrs. Nicodemus might die, but that her
husband had a chance to recover.
tatrerny Charge Against Coal Corpora,
lien Treasurer Will Br Heard Oct. 14.
Magistrals McQua !o in the West Side
court yesterday again adjourned the
hearing in connection with the chargeof
larceny against William (1 Lotgg of New
Haven. Conn., formerly treasurer of the
Canadian Coal Corporation who is accused
of the misappropriation of $.ooo worth of
bonds of the concern, this time till Ooto-
i g9titiy. fact. afl0 jHe .nJfHwn
; rights of possible redress properly pro-,
,JXt-A iSms Rna Fueha for the com. i
i of the Yale law acnooi leswiying 10 L,otze a
Hairlines in Men's fabrics
at Saks'
I Hairlines continue to be a very popular
choice. This is due in large measure to
the fact that hairline fabrics, inexpressibly
neat of themselves, are superlatively neat
when tailored. And particularly when
we tailor them.
Q We have a wonderfully representative
selection of hairline fabrics, including wide,
medium and narrow effects. However, in
our personal opinion, the narrow effects
are the neatest and most effective, especially
in rough cheviot cloths, and made witn
soft rolling lapels and a suggestion of shape
liness at the waist.
These hairline fabrics come in colored
and self stripes on black, brown and blue
grounds. And by procuring one of these
distinctive hairline fabrics and having it
tailored by us, you effect an amalgamation
that has no parallel in the current history
of clothes.
Broadway at 34th Street
iimnu tu uui vi uinu uinu
srrvert Tw o Years Four and a Half Months
of a Minimum Mrntrnee of Eight
tears His earnings While tn Prlaun
Were eio.stt No plana for Future.
Peter Conover Hains. Jr . formerly a
Captain in the I'nited States army, who
killed Wliliam F. Annis at the Bay Shore
Yacht Club two years and six months ago
while his brother. T. Jenkins Hains. the
writer. tood by with a pistol to prevent
interference, wss releused from Sing
Sing prison yesterday after serving two
years four month and fifteen days. The
pardon granted by Gov. Dix on Saturday
reached the prison yesterday morning.
Hams' sentence was from eight to six
teen years at hard labor.
Gen. Peter C. Hains. U. S. A . retired,
father of ex-Capt. Hains and I. Jenkins
Hains. who stood bv his sons when thev
were tried for killing Annis and who spent
much of his private means in their de-
fence, went to Oeaintng on Monday night,
He met hia son early yesterday morning
in the office of Warden John 8. Kennedy
The pardon arrived at 7:80 A. M. Hains
was Immediately notified by the receiving
clerk. Henry A Westlake. He hur
riedly changed his prison clothes for a
suit of blue serge thnt his father tud
brought along and went to the warden s
After he had greeted his fathr Hiins
received from Warden Kennedy the money
due him. He was entitled to pay for
724 days work at the rate of 1'5 cents a
day. Ill s7; to railroad fare from Oesining
to Flushing. 72 cents, and to the Sl'i always
handed to discharged convicts
Gen. Hains and his son thanked the
warden for kind treatment th eon had
received At 8:40 A. M they were out of
Lexington to 3d
storo is Convenient Now to iCverywhere.
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Grade Fall Suits at $20.00
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notch collar! of velvet; others trinitnc I revor. and others
haa-e over collars of white oorduroyj well tailored; ooatt
come in 39-lnch length. Nnvy and lilack SSO.OO
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52-lnch Russian Pony Fur Coats, handsome markings. 929.50
French Lingerie a qpmpleto Mock, at 98c. to 94.50
Best and Safest Food for Infants
Fifty.-four Years' Experience Has Proven It
The Provident
Loans from Si to Siooo upon pledge I
of personal property.
r 1 ' I
0n per cent (t) per month or
fraction thereof.
One-half per cent. 04) charged.
upon loans repaid within two weeks '
from date of making. I
BRONX OFFICE, 148th St. &
,h P"on and on their way to the train
ns was slightly stooped and looked
as if his health had been affected by prison
i life. He was exceedingly pale and walked
I without spring. That the prisoner's
health waa failing waa the principal
J reason Gov. Dix hsd for signing the
parnon, it was said yesterday.
Gen. Halns and his son took the 8:14
A. M. train for this city. From the Grand
Central station they went to Jersey City
to get a train for Washington. "Asked
nn to what his plana for the future are,
Hains said:
"The onlv plans I have now are to go
directly,to Washington, where my mother
and my babies are I want to see them
at once. You must appreciate that I
am a sick man and must understand my
Eosition. I am unable to say now what
ind of work I shall take up when I get
Itetter health. I want to thank the
Governor publicly for pardoning me.
I am grateful to the warden for his kind
ness ,
In prison Hains had been doing work
suited to hia capacity and intelligence.
He was tried in the print shop, waa em
ployed at correspondence in the warden's
office and drew up engineering plans for
minor improvements. Considerable of
the time be spent in hospital.
! rh ' J which Hams spent more
: !,1V nffAPi"T A2SlSl
manager and a member of the Bay She re
Yacht Club.
V I. rllaatw TV al ' . IT I
ii" uie'ii tt(ii . i muir. '
convinced that Annis had ruined his home.
On May 11. 1808, he waa convicted of
manslaughter. T Jenkins Hains. also
tried for murder, was acquitted previous
to Capt. Haina's trial.
In August, 1810, Peter C. Ha:na. Jr..
got a divorce from t laudia Hains. The
action was undefended. She is now
living with her familv nesr Boston.
Washington. Oct. 3. When Peter C.
Hains, Jr . and his father arrived here
they entered a taxicab and were taken to
the Hains home in Eighteenth atrest.
there the ex-prisoner's aged mother was
the flrt to greet him. Then oame the
welcome from hi three children, Peter
C. Sd, 10 years; Hamilton Howe, lged 7,
and John Jenkins Hains. 4 yeara old.
Since their home was broken up the child
ren iTave lived with their srau.lna rents.
Major John Hnins, a brother of the former
officer, wasalsoat'thefamily reunion
to 60th Street
to 3d Ave., 59th to 60th St
Eagle Brand
Condensed Milk
Loan Society
... Manhattan .
Fourth Avenue cor. J4th Street
Eldridge Street cos. Rivington Street
s Ave b g,h & s,rMt
,h Street cor Park Avenue
Grand Street cor. Clinton Street
Graham Avenue cor. Debevoise St
Pitkin Avenue cor. Rockawav Ave
ftgUjjg Av , WOW OPEN

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