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mi. ISA. oie sayassah,
is ix in in: in stress.
Hurricane of UB. 71 Hnrpl Plnee "Nearly
llirr M;niv liinilllcs Homeless anil
HltnRfi 'pii ip! way anil
HrMH Bf I tinimiinlcnllnii llretroieil.
'i tippetl for help for UM farmers on
I Hea Inlands. fT the coast Of South
linn, whosB hotnw and orofM mn
... iw.iy iy tin1 htlrrlosne that did
, damage iii Charleston on August
d 2, hH ooim from 0m Ponn Rehooi
lemonstfnttan station of t h- Pepari
nf Africultura situated n the
i-1 H I .if Bt. Helena. MoN than I DO
i mi are destitute, lo Mis Roma It
. the prinoipai 01 ma i-enn nonooi, 1
rta, mid the proa peel of trvetlotl I
them this mil
unless lint can lie
iv ed.
HollinRnworth Wood one of the i rus-
ot the aohooli whooe offlop la al 1 Wall
aet, has received from Mi" Coolajr
ini from J. it Bianden, tha reproaen
pitiva of the 1 Ntpnrtroeni of Apiculture
at the experiment station on Bt, Helena,
belated reports of the dire need of the
islander by the daat motion of their
crop! mid homo, the hunts and Mtttn
that stocked their farms.
"The inland of St. Helena. Which is only
twnty feet above high tide al it" hnjoesi
point, suffered most severely from the
hurricane," Mr. Wood said yeaterday
Tha wind backed up a tremendous tide
Bud the water completed the work of de
it rut ion done by the wind. The boats
of tha negro farmers, by means of which
thev had communication with one island i
or another and with the main land, were I
waahad fur out of the waterways and
indued iii almost Imnaaaahla marahaa
npre their owners iinnot rpeiwur ihMii
n k , .;.i... ..ki I
or1 were carried away. Seores of houses
were either blown down or Inundated
Tattle and plough horses were drowned
and practically all of the long etgpte I
retton crop was rooted out of the ground i
iiu viitj v,;rtu A.i ..i.. ni I
nf from 110 to Hi miles an hour, or by the
high tide
"So murh of the island WU flooded thai
the fanners could save only such pari
of their com crop as they could pick up
flat the water had receded An unusual ;
amount of fever and sickness, which is
the natural result of tie1 inundation, has !
complicated the plight of the resident
nod winter is coming on with no hos
of their raisinfi another crop until next
"Immediately after the storm the lied ;
Cross sent over to the islands to leant if
immediate reuet worn was wmjiteu wnan I
the islanders reported that no lives (md I
hen lost and that they did not ne) imsli
cal assistance the Red Cross withdrew
from the Held The relief work thit is
necessary now is outside the province of
the lied Cross and i- appealed for by the
Peon School, which haa Dean moreor less
the guardian of the nog roe since its
establlahtnent in IM2 "
Mr Wood said that the achool had been
established aa h direct result of the cap
ture of the ea tautda by the Federal
forces after the naval engagement at
Port lloyal A great many negrooa hal
flocked to the lalanda from tha mainland
and ti take oare of them the Federal
Government allotted them land and
established the Penn Hchool, the Iirst
industrial school for nagroea built in the
South More recently the Iemi1nient of
Aftricultur1 had eatabllehed an experi
ment station with the school in order
that the negro larniers mi(;ht be taught
scientific methods of agriculture
The foatering school an l station had
come to lie accepted by the negroei of
st. Helena us a partnanenl haven ol refuge
in time of trouble. Now when the achool
has tteen putting forth even- effort to
raise a fund of 160,000 for th" erection and
equipment of industrial building H haa
l-een forced to fai'e the severe exigencies
of the storm's havoc Iweides surTering lo.-n
itself in the floods and wind.
Mr. Wood cited a a result that had been
accomplished by the Government experi
ment station thefact that the farmers w ho
had followed the Inatruotlon given by Mr
blandon, the station's superintendent,
had increased their yield or corn
sixteen to fifty bushels an acre.
from I
'rt1 !
than 150 fanners had applied for inatnic-
lion at the station when the nurricatie
tame and blasted their crops.
There are 7.0ii negroes on the island
and only fifty white people. St. Helena.
which is reached hy loat from Savannah.
la twelve miles long and eight miles wide,
Donation of clothes, shims and blank eta
may be sent direct to the Penn s. ho.-l.
st He ena Island. S. t via the iiclhti
Steamship Company at Saxannah. Money
contribution will f re.-eived bv I.. Hoi-
hncruornrth W.sl 1 Wall street or hv
ThomAs P Tone the treasurer of Penn
School, in the care of the (nrjrd I rust
Company. Philadelphia
Building Trades Association tpprotrs
Their Mtand Aaalnst Strikers.
The reasons for tin1 refusal of Ihe mar
ble employers to recognize or have any
dealings with the unions of marble work
ers which have been on a general atrike
In the shops and on buildings for 'eight
weeks were giver yeaterday by tho ex
ecutive committee of the Marhlst Industry
EmployOTO Association after a meeting
of the committee at the Builder Ex
change, The employers said that the de
manda of the strikers were set forth 111
agrFs-ments which the emplovers were
ask-d t" sign and which it granted would
have l ien practically giving the
of the trade over to the union
employers notified a committee of
Ihi iniona which came to try to bring
. it i settlement that the demanda oriuln
' ' nUsrtalned, and that the employer
u nevei again recoKinr.e mr ijtiioiia
ii ni.' worst rs wnicn nines" no in- i
rrit is ,md would proceed ,ti once lo till
th . pes of the strikers. Ihe Building
Trade Fmployere Association, repre
' ' ' g thirty-two trade aeeoclatlnn
en ira, decided yeaterday to stand by
" ime employer-.
Ir.nlis ItilullHtr fur sun,,
of Ihe
governing romrnittaa of tin1 Allied
r i' 1. s, a insist 1 UK of tha Iri "i Laagua
ih.-r organisation of tl i oyara
11 ruoturul irmi indtiatry, in"t yea-
11 nd dacidad thai on uccounl "f
k "N ih" contract of Hm1 Llaliar
: 1 Hanford 1 ompany, of lha iimiii-1
iisih irmi workorrt, Hfiy par cant,
lie man on iho uutaida and inaida
Klllnl iron Work ill In' Inni off on
n 'I IpiiiI'I hk- lo morrow. In , use
.mi ramiiiit
i n w, rkei - i
It week
i ,
urn I"
loll Ml uu
t AfAinai iie llayar-iiiiihurit .v
i'i"in . maniifar'titrar ol waaiar
,'si Hovantaanlh itraar l,ialiillilai
Oil Q 4I .'.'i,INNI nail Itss.ls 11. .'.',11.
"I o,i ..' ,ei il ii.ii in bailkl'llptl'y bus
iiierl RiiaitiMi Hiirris Nihapiro, maun-
' '! ill -kills lit li'll West Twenty
:.'1 atrael Mill, mill's on soul to ha
1 ni .mi nut,. i,.ii
ts" ii lieifHnldari daalar in buttar
.'.'- Hi 471 Ninth tveni!, ha-, llloil it
e'ltlon iii bankriiptey, with labilltiea
I '. 47i and aaapta a,0a II bad n atura
' ' 1 73 ' I ninlii-rs atroat anil uuoilier in -si .
"' 1 -'taa aaiNUuc
Hosstr or WALL STREET.
Thorp nrc nlvvnvs nunc sivcriilnlors Who I
rlv tin' chart ii rt ni the culmination ol
big hull mi beai rampalmi than m any
othnr Mm The nhatta He often, if nol 1
ordinarily, bui ihey have been proved leeel
deceptive on uch occasion than al an;
iithi'i i mi' in 1 1 t . when atone in reim i
yer there were hem market Ilka lhal ol
inn. lha chart mi t rutin ni its preee
tlanta advlaad ptirchnae mi iims nl ir
mention activity unit seemingly utter dr
morallratlon. pointed lha way lo what
i I' M t player ihii lha panic rniiy. lhal I
rally equal to about n third of lha decline,
imid than lo n reaction limn tha nanlc mil;
Invariably, thechart iicnria a are pointing ni
yesterday, tha raactlon From panic rail) be-
gin with tnarkat I omlni dull and naaalna
'it, eeemlntly front Inartla. with no public
iiuylnj ami ii declining movement on light '
trndlna Thare wan auch a markal yeater
day, but M did nol have tha rorfner number
lit I'lcift tlllVAH ... ..., I.i m II l.l Mi.
ranter pari or thl yeat the market ha
Ifnorad uii precedents and moat i lha
ti ii r t plnyera are broke
Bl Paul established another neX Ion
record for lha pcai fhe low price whs
made before the publleatlnn of its Mivu-t 1
aarnlnajB! but after rnllyina rront tins price
tiie atock sold off aaaln "tn-n t bacamal
known thiii in iicui uto" earnlngi ih'
creaaed 000 troaa and 1460,000 nel
fuly Hiti ahnwed detreaaea in vroai nmi
net mill tn- the two month o the current I
iisi bi v.'nr itros" aarnlnk were laoD.ono iuii
net earnlnga lina.iigo below time for tin'
rut resMinduik' luoioil lnl i-nr In iln-j
Hst-Hl win elided .lime :m III Iliputiy le j
ported mi Inconsiderable ntarcln over
dividend ieritlramentai ao iimt yeatarday'
tiniiie" accentuated lha predlctlona ol a
raducilon In the aetnlannual dividend on
Hi" common io, u it lha next dividend!
meeting ol th, director The tspe alaol
li:i- i.t.l!.l :t ,l.,. r., II... Ml. ...I. ,,Mldr,:
a.ng belon Roil them PaclDc, though Rl
Paul has a i im h longer dividend record
and pay ; pet 1 1 1 . ,i compared with
for Southern Pacific Yeterdaye price
waa al it a little above New York fen
tral. which mv :, (,ei cenl
Hilt while tin
is a reduction
that the re-
loa on, t the atoca irmieal
t the atoch Irttlic
f dividend it alio Indicatei
iltu-tion hn been diacounted
Director of r t r - I 'iH-d States Rubber
Company meet to-da tor action on th.
dividends rhere i- no doubt thai UlP
regular dividend on th iirst and second
he declared, and
imi believed yeaterday that the chance
favor a dividend on the common. Among
thoaa who predicted a oommon dividend
the only queatlon era a'hether the rate
would hrt a flat t per cent or a quarterly
I per cent. .
The stock market ha not taken tin
.lightest interest m Frank tlOUld'a effori
ie gel linns, ii i ie, te,i otaxhe board of brother'
Kdwin' st. I. mils Bouthweat ern t,sler
day after the defeat nf Frank Oould'a van -pain
there was noi a aale of either the com
mon or preferred until the last halt hour,
and 'hen only a single block of the preferred
1 hniiirh the F.rle note i-mie amounts to
only It, 300,000 and tic proceed are r,( .
implied to refiiiidini;. it is Hie hlegest
ef railroad financing for several week..
Seldom ha there in fact been so little rail
road HnanVlne aa since the Orst half of tins
year. The tunes win undoubtedly sei the
more i-m. I i becalm m the recent decline
Km was nne ui ihc sturdiest stock, lis
monthly earnings have held an well through
om the year, anil in the (Is, al t ear ended
June 30 it earned a aurplui of mora than
IS.rjuo.ooo over ait , hargea,
The lnndnn market, like our own, was
Inactive and irrcgulnr. Most of the cable
thought it waa waiting for development
m the Turko-ltalian ar I p to the present
rhit terrible struggle has had no poaltivi
effect on European markets, except perhep
in Influencing money movement to some
eMPiit Hip while London, Berlin and Pari
have not been greatly depressed since th
war heiran there is no doubt that Ihe war
has a ted as a deterrent of huiiish activity.
Wuh tic October interest and disburse
ment out of the way, the settlements in
Berlin and Pari going through without
confusion or trouble and tha Moroccan
difficult ie gradually paaing from memory,
ii w ould he natural to eipect a more cheerfui
tone iii all the foreign markets were it nut
tor the outbreak of war and the feir ot
compllcationa, so it has heen throughout
the year, No sooner lias one unpleasant
.iiiiaiiim been cleared ii'av th.,u another
hs anneared ' lust one damn thiiur aftei
another. ' recall the hull, for In- haa seen
rv ,,,w ,osl,iVeiv favorable factor for
in.tiv weeks
; With foreign hauliers awaiting develops
mrnI along the Mediterranean, even
though the. are awaiting them comphv
,,sllr the International hsnlnns1
p , dl.poaed to do
i ' , ... , . , , .,.,. r, , Ti,.
v ,"' " " P "" ' ' " " k '""rk"' 1
I hv" already loaned very large sum- In
Herlill. have shipped some gold lo lari-
and have t il.
large block of stock olH
in Hn- market for foreign account. I'ntll
International politics tiulat down or ihe
trend of i rade in Kurope can he more clearly
defined they seem to consider it advisable
to prepare against the contingencies of
further liquidation of American stocks
held abroad and further requeata for fund
from this city. Yeaterday interest rate
ill most of the European countries were
somewhat lower thin on Monday or tie1
latter pari Of last week, but there Is no one
able lo predict thut th-v will not advance
again, nnd if they do lo, al hankers want to
take advantage Of them In this way the
Turko-Itallan war has a restraining effect
on this market as well us on the market
of Kurope
In this period of hesitancy here and
abroad 'he majority of speculators con
tinue bearlah, many of them on the theory
thai the "idtapter of accidents ' ganorall)
favors I he hear- I he chapter of accidents''
I na certainly heen bearish th's year, almost
' .il1 the unevi led developments haviiw
I heen susceptible ol bearish eonatnictlon
t s largely on that account that tha markal
naa retained a large ahnrt Interest Hut
i ,, ,hi, sr,v a, ,..,. the market I In con-
fmo tu respond heartily to a favoruble
developineill if on- ever comes
Mi, -on B. starring, heretofore president
of the Northwestern Tilevated HallroiiH of
Chkago, has heen ele, ted president ol tie1
l niied Hallways Investmeol Company,
sttci ceding Krnl Thaluiann nl the firm
of Ladenburg, 'rhalmanu a ro.
1 buries s Maraent. Ir . of Kidder. Pea
liodi A (o. has heen eleoted a director
01 the Mecnanic and Metal- Satlogal
Bank, to aw eeed Horace T. llartli, dei rased
W4anlNaTON, Oct I Th 'H'Hnrill of il,r
rccflpi ad pndlluri al th Truri nhawhi
Yrti'rti-tu rail aiaafli, Ftitrtuwr,
Upcelpl, $1M.'..'I'I 3,.4aO,A74 I B 1,71 iii'll
i'upnirillur! !JM,07tl 'i.mhi.jm i-i imii.i
I l
j;no.i..ii i.a:i,
from riiBlnm eatn were sr.,!..
iua revenue, ordlnri 174,i,ia,
. X I 1 1 . u,i 1 no -eel lam in :s. laa.,ua
froai in
cor po-!. ' lo
1 1 Nailanal baa note received 101 reiiemiiitou
: ikNK,Qaa
The i asIi aiaiainenl of t he Ualtad ataiti Trea
iirei foi Oclobei a tbuwii
mat RV i t'M.
! Hold coin and bullion
llll Ml M M'
IIAU.iaal '..i
11,471 sUt,tW
71,117 ,A
...al ..nil
1 ,71tt3Sa
Ita.i lae.ui 7
Mi. "i l
To redeem aiiutandlna cartltleai
uaaaaAi. ri np.
i ,old coin
i, old rertlAcal
Silver dollars
S!, cr ' I'l l I '1 call's
i 'nited states notes
National bank note,
I'erlllled checks on banks
Deduct current UaMHI
Wni kmc l.alan
in t he Treaauri
In nailonai banu
Sllter bulllrni, s'lbsldlar;
nilnor coin
Aw all Ini: reimbursement
Cash balance,.
-liver and
EE iihsu
it ill inn n.
t?Uf BBM to t ome Iteforc the supreme
4 ourt Temple Iron ompnn In-
lohed III Cnneemed in tiiei.iiia-
Hon Tnle nn pieal to the t ottrt.
WaHHIMOTON, Do I t Allerreil inla
lions of the Bherman anti trust law by
the Reading Railroad and other carriers
and the Temple iron Company will c ome
up on ap-als in the Supremo Court taken
bv both the ( iovarnnient and the Reading
company, and also on the appeal by the
Temple iron company from the decree
of the Cnited Stales Clrottll Court lor Hie
Raetem dtatrict of Pennylvanla ol
December 20, inm
The Oovernment'a appeal, which ha
Hist been ft ted, is Irom that par; of the
decree of the Circuit Court dlamlaalng
that portion of the tiovernmeni ' petition
which charred thai tie1 defendant rail
road and -ohI comptinlea were parties
to a general tonapirgoy lo ntonopollae
the production of anthracite coi It
transportation, and to eontroi it- prn
and sale The tloyertinicn1 fiirlh
allege lhal contract made by the rail
roads ami their affiliated coal companies
wiiii Independenl coal operator were in
Violation of th-- Sherman Bet and thai
the, petition was Impaoperly diatnlaed
as to them
A apevinc instance or alleged il'egal
om I una til ii in reatralni ot trade to which
the (loVernmeni will direct iwrtloulnr
attention is the Illegal control through
stock ownership by the Reading company
of the Philadelphia and Heading Kallroad
Company, the central Hailroad Com
pany o! New Jersey, the Philadelphia
and Reading Coal and iron Company,
the Lehigh and VVIIkeabarre Cool Com
pany I he tlovemmenl will alao argue
hat' the control through tock owner
ship by the Erie Railroad Company ol
ihe New York Buaquehanna and rVeatern
Railroad Company a ixtmpetiiive inter
state lllle is ilicg.il
Ihe case will probably (Mine up for
irgumenl before the court ejrlv in the
term Which will begin on (I, toiler 1"
I l: i ins Thai Mrani a Long Hearing
Claims of the Hanke-s Realty and
Security Company and ol the Washington
Savings Hank attains! Joseph C RobUt
were withdrawn yeaterday at the hearing
n the bankruptcy proceeding againat I
him William C Pnstd of Counsel for the I
petitioning credltori explained that if
rlobln should contest c ery claim of the
Hankers Realty and Hecurity Company
the hearing would ho prolonged indef
initely Uobin aald he meant to do ao
Then Mr Breed announced :1m: both
these claims would lie withdrawn and
;!iat he would stand onlx- on the claim
of the Sort hern Hunk, the Carnegie I rUt,
and H (i I liapin. I lie claims are
baaed upon straight shecaa and can ie
disposed of speedily,
ihe claims whlcn were withdrawn are
not dismissed, hut may he brought for-
aid agate) after ihe adjudication In
btnkrupoyif the credttora see fit , With
MWttl of the clalnut matea it unnccea
sarv 10 cRMa-examine Pre rick v . Mor-
ria. Robin 'a former secretary, i
ha I Inten I" I.
I he referee, Stanley W Dexter, said
that if Robin could produce hooks ot
account and record which
lends, will show
if proof would In
livency, the burden
toon the petitioning
otnerwtae II lay upon tne
iiaiisruid Kolun ha repeat
nolinoed that he has .ill these hooas ami
record, bul so far luu, ma produoed any.
Parker's Clros COMMli
.Ions gt,8lS,04S,
ri st'iiMi.iMMt. in inn Vear.
Some idea of ip.. profit made by the
siles.no 1 of United Wirele-s stick in
Ihe days when it rose from a share I.,
nearly IM 1- gainod from the answer
filed yeataSday hy Qeorge H Parker.
ihe director and Western agent for Wire
.ess stock, who was sued jusi hi fore lie
.ten! to the prison, by ltoheri E. Dowling
Hid Sidney tiairis. the New Vork State
receivers, on the ground that lie and
itber officers ol the company sold then
wn slock instead of treasury stock.
which they represented they were selling
.similar suit, have been brought against
.rtlier officers now in prison.
Parker said that he sold more t ban
U.OOO shares of tho preferred slock in
iboul two year, and made gross coro-
miealona of" l,3l&,84&, but after paying
his own selling expenses and those of lus
ub-agenta he retained only 1200,000 for
rtimaell Parker said that when 11"
represented that the stock he sold was
treasury stock ho supposed he was telling
Ihe truth, but bis since learned that the
stock belonged to President I C Wilson
and otiier officer of the ootnpany.
stcanislilp Service Krem Ihe litilf I'ort
4 rr a us cil I'or.
Charlea Sutter of st Louis, who nr-
rived yesterday by tiie l.amporl A- Holt
liner Verdi from South American ports,
said that he ami Sidney Story of Now
Orleans had been successful in negotia
tions with the Brazilian Qovornment for
the establishment of a steamship service
between Brazil and Oulf ports. The
line is called the Mis-issippi Valley, South
American and Orient Steamship Com
pany, Mr. Butter said he believed the
service would mark the revival of Ihe
American merchant marine. Mr Su'ter
also represents the Brazilian Colonization
and Development Company, organized
I., cooperate with the steamship lint to
facilitate the entrance of merchant nnd
manufacturer of this country into the
commercial Held of South America.
Irving B. Dudley. American Ambassa
dor to Brazil, was also a passenger hy the
Verdi II" and bis family will spend a
vacation of two monthe here,
Uric Mall Mi.aoii.iMMi Nolti,
! Th l rip Railroad ha solrl to .1 P.
Morgan A Co., the Mral National Hunk
and 'li" National Pity Hunk MMo.noo
thrae yaar B par cent iiotes. ilnt-l Ootobar
i. inn The notea ara aaoured by IT.OOO.-
inni lionda "f underlying roada, Including
$i,inpii,inni llrs' niort in i'.'1 -Ih of tli" I'.ri"
und Jeraav and 13,000,000 la of tho Oeneaaa
Kiver Railroad, Th lionda named are
inns ,,f IriH'jea conatituting llral lion I
upon the Krio' two new outoffa, whiohl
thenmelvn coul 113,1100,000 The new I
note issii" will lake care of maturing!
obligation I in mpany'a outatand:
inu Indetitad'nea i oonae.iuantly notl
iik r.
Know NiiIIiIiik nt iMiii liiirlii I ii in I nn-
I'vru ii y.e ii nn irk, proaitlanl of lha
lnturttaiional Mm"'- (mpanyi sibl
I yeatarday tlutt II w is nol trua iltut his
lompitiy had o'i"ntii'l a ounoaaalop of
.hi. Km , 'ie- in Miini'lnirni, us-iio waa
i(ii"ti ti .is Hnvifiu in .nt itilan'law i
is Hnvttm in .'in Ititan'law urlntan
iHteiduy Mr MoCurrniuk aald he knew
nothin.fi uliotil any auoh nagotiation and
wiahed a denial to lie ntude ol the raiorl
si - oini iMi'i a I ear tor , nr H'lles
Tha Public Harvloa ('omtniaalon md
nubile yesi oni'iv h raporl aliowini that
t he avanisa number (f naaaenfiara oarriad
aaofl vent- ainoe ll'7 on iill lli" lines in ih"
eily WttM l.flll.lNHI lllil ami ! tilt fill I Ills
tranaportfttion iti mpanla hive re-
uaived 't yearly avaraga of 177, 1)13,773,
The averasn annual oolleationa ( th
una nmi nlactrlu aompaniea htya bea
United Slates Smelting, Refining & Mining Co.
5 Three Year Gold Note
Due Augutt I, 1914
There ii 00 mortgage debt on company' properties
and no oinrlRaile will he placed thereon with
out equally ecurtnK theie note.
Net earning for year 1910 more than 12 time in
terest on thete note. Average annual net
earning last 3 year 14 time a ich interet.
Price to Yield About 5"i
Lee, Higginson & Co
New York BOSTON Chicago
tiien Ordered Back to me lirand Jtrr)
llonm Tlpp d a PMIMIM lncclor.
After a night of cogitation Nathan
Allen Hp' wealthy leather manufacturer
i of Kenosha, wis , went before the Federal
Orand Jury yesterday afternoon again
and refused to answer queat ions concern
ling his limit nip abroad In the company
Ol Mis II
ft, Collins
en Hwelle Jenkins and John
,r Memphis president of the
Bout hern Coal Company. Accordingly
Allen was taken before Judge Hough in
i the Criminal Branch of the United states
Circuit Court on a presentment for con
tempt of court .
I Iii spite of the assurance of Assistant
. District Attorney Pratt tin he would
! not he further proeeeuted Mien perslated
in refuaing lo anawer.
"These question," Ip1 said, "may lea l
along, and i' i difficult to tell xvhere the
! danger point lies, i hive no xvish to
avoid answering in this matter; I would
'like to answer very queatlon I can so
; far us I can without fear of incrimination;
'thai is my wish, my desire."
Allen admitted returning from Europe
on either the Lualtanla or th" Maure
tenia ol the Cunard Line in June, mm,
land that he and hi party brought in arti
cles foi which he wa- reaponalble of a
very considerable value, "many thousand
dollar." Included iii the li'. are women s
1 c,o ii-. inni - w earing apparel, a diamond
ring, a diamond set pin worth 11,700,
sanohlroa. watches, lace, hosierx- and
gloves Allen also admi
I that he had
bought of Tiffany in London a pear !
necklace coating ln,000; two pearl car-
rings. 16,0011; ttgo loose pearls. I(,000, and
la necklace, tt.ioo, and bought women's
idrt.ses coating t'.'.""! There were other
article which Allen could not specify
but which he xalinsl approximately at
$111.0011. Allen refused to say whether or
noi in- had brought these articles in when
' Ilia party arrived here in June. 1909, ex
cept to admit 1 111 1 lie orougm in a lew 01
them on his person. He couldn't re
incr.iher which articles he thus brought
in. The party had ten trunks and thris
iin;, and tii-se were passed by two In
spector One of lie1 inss tors went to
the Hotel Woloott, where Allen waa stay
ing, the night of the party s arrival here.
Allen said he hadn't told the InaPOCtor
1 when to sec him. hut that he was expts t-
uig nun lie admitted paying 10 huh
Inspector "either the or six ten dollar
lulls. ' lie didn't remember the inepec-
tfter both phases of the matter had
J been explained to Judge Hough hy Dis-
1 tried Attorney Wise tor the it rand .tury 1
and hy Wickham stintli on Alien s
oanaiT, tne court oraereu me wniws mj
return to the urand .lury room und tell
what he knew ahoiit bringing in the
artlclea he wiv- he boughl 111 l.otKion.
Allen apparently teetiflad satisfactorily
after this, beoauee he was la-fore the
Orand -lury until 4 o'clock and was then
eicueed unl il to-dav.
P.I . Hoard lloads Must lur Tickets
lo Jrrse) I lt. Ilohnltrn and t'amdro.
TRBNTON, N. J., Oct 4 Aa the out
come of a tight started by lb" New Jersey
State Commuters Association the Board
of Public
an order
Utility Commissioners issue.!
to-day requiring all railroad
running to Jersey City or HObOkOJI to
issue commutation tickets from these
1 points to other places w,tnin tne .-state.
I The railroada win also is
required to
tirltoT and
puhiish the rates for such
to tile schedules with the commissioners
The order is to liecome effective on De
cember 1
Following Ihe recent changes in the
schedules of rales the railroads stopped
u!ng commutation tickets between
I Jersey City, Hoboken nd Camden and
o'her points in the State, The result
was that commuter t thoae ottiea were
compelled 10 tiuy 1 neir Tickets to new 1 orn
Ph.ladelnhU. Thic made tho trartio
tntdrstAtO mid removed tho juriHdiotion
. ii lii-ttrrnininK f ho n;ihnnailonH.-. of
th ratt from th" I'utdic I tility
Illir-ii ill.
Tho ordor llMU6d by th txtfird i pro
llminary ti n tutMtMUent inqtiiry tloiKnol
to (ietornilne whotnnr the now romnm-
tfttion rat-fin when Axed -re rosi.Mormblt
or olhorwine. 1 'he loard rofiiHi to make
thifl question a "art of tho presont Inquiry.
Philip da 4 lfhrc Sablie,! Ilrrr on Boat on
44 arrant.
Then1 wasn't a ipruoer or more dapper
milt) In the Tomb court yesterday than
Philip I.ee de Clamecy, Due de t'lamecy.
or fount de Never he ii aid to annwer
to all these natneH who utood before
t'hlof MiiKitrate Mc.Vdoo on a charge of
twindling a Boat on hotel out of WW.
rhe prisoners' ncarl wan carefully ad
justed and he carried a pliable mouse
colored oane, but he hadn't a word to nay
when iii" Boa ton warrant on which ha wa
arreatod I ueadgy nigh) waa read lo him
I Iwo New York men Wag ill court anx
I ioua lo prenh i h.n'.fi'- agalnal the man
i ai th" bar One of th"" wa the manager
of the Park Avenue Hotel, who aald that
I the "Count" Imd an account "f SHI M
I Htill due tiicre ihe other, Fortunato
i Urunelli, a reataurateur of imt Third
luveuue, daolared thai the prisoner had
llpied into In good Kmc1 tO tke tune
j ot sioi by posing ii a profoaaor of aurgery
I in ii local Inediogl inllee Magistrate
M' Ad Incided that Boaton liud the
prloi i Ittlm anil held fhlllp l."e de l lainecy
lor tnirtv day for eairadltion,'
SI t: i on so-s HEATH.
Mother Vlli'Kis 'I'liut lllell 4lnn lliilnei-il
II to l.ti In lloillnl,
HoHTON, Cfcl I Ml i v S Murphy to-
iay rued II Brad lee Kanno, proralnanl
iBiek Bay nittn, for $ii.inhi r. the result
'of th" ih' iih nf her aoventaen-yaftr-old
lion, William Mrs Murphy i widow
She aver th n her sun died, in a hospital
'mi .June n. loos, ai ihe raaull of "other,
i wrongfully and unlawfully admlnlaterad
I io Mm " Rh allogaa that on the morning
in iUeslinn her hoy left his home for
IwoTKi apparently m Rood heiiith. hihI so
far aa ell" knew sound in In dy She soys
t h; i later In the day thadefendanl mot her
sun and " wrongfully and unlawfully ad-
i vised, induced UM persuaded Turn to go,
I without previoua knowledge or ooRaeni
I of bis mother, to the hospital for tieat
metil "
Sh" savs lhal Kenno "wronfffully anil
unlawfully led her hoy tn the hospital nnd
wrongfully and unlawfully made arrange
ments for treutmeul upon him."
: Mlunip In I'lg lias fassrd Railroad Or
der xrc Increasing.
The Iron Age discusses the market
effect of the late unsettled condition of
I the iron ami steel trade:
The answer Ihe September pig iron statis
tics give to the uuestlon exert where asked
I lis to the effect on demand of the recent
Uiaturbancea in lha steel trade is certainly
not unfavorable I'lg iron production In-
re.ised la-i month and Is still increasing
Th" total output of coke ami anthracite
iron last month was 1,977,109 gross Ions,
or 9,1,10:1 tons a day, against a rate of irj.l.Mi
ton- a da v in August . it 1 significant that the
merchant furnace alter seven mouths
ofataadlly declining production turned the
tide last month with a gain of nearly 1 ,300
tons a day over the August rate, It is also
noteworth) Ibal October otitis with the
gam in merchant pig iron production sun
under way. five more furnaces which make
iron for the market being scheduled 10 blow
111 soon
'The active list showed a net gain of tan
furnace lust month and the prtduci!ig
capacity was ail. ins ions a day from 319
furnace on October 1. a steins! H,lt4 tons
a day from 103 turaacea on Mebtember 1.
I'lg iron potduct inn is now at the rate of
24,000,000 tons a vear, including charcoal
iron, or 111 per cant. "I the high record
ot 27,903,000 tons made last year
'The pig Iron market has urnwn more
active, hut the coure of prices still favors
ttie buyer, 'The volume of demand lor fin
ished product lias held up heller than has
been generall) redlted
The roil Trad RerhrtJ says .
'The most encouraging aspect of the iron
ami steel situation is' the more favorable
outlook lor railroad hilling Car orders
placed tin- week have heen the largest
lor some t line, t he Peunsv Ivauia lanes fcaal
and the Ituffalo. Hocheater and Pittsburg
being the principal purchasers. Other lines
are getting figure on sample lots id cars
before deciding on large purchases Borne
of tie1 railroads are shown lo have under
estimated their yearly needs of iron and
s'eet product.
Mmemrnt of Natal teasels.
Washington. Oat. 4. The tank Arc
thuaa has arrived at Norfolk, the lug
PatUSent al Norfolk, the cruiaers Sara
toga, and New Orleans al Hongkong,
the tug Kocket al Washington and the
Iwtttlestdp Oeorgia at New York. The
cruiser Mouth Dakota has left San Kran
1 oiaoo lor ,-vtn rearo ana tne coiner .Nero
has left Philadelphia for Hampton Koads.
Baa ft 6 5 .Sun sets. ft . 14 Moon let,
Sandy Hook. 5 01 fjot Island. A .Is llrli IUS-
Arrltrd iVZDMMDAT, October 4.
Si o-ear ii.. Cbrlitlaaaaad, Sept. ?.i
Ss klajestle. seuihampion. Sept. 2".
S Colunblan, Liverpool, Sept. 27.
B stlcblffaa, nl werp. Sept 17.
ss Verdi, Barbados, sept sh
s- prfaj joachim. Banilago, sept ?n
S- Saramacea, TrlBldad, ttepl ?
S- Monlserral. Havana. Sept 11
Ss ITontOSO, Porle RICO, Sepl
Ss I'ubaua. t'alharien. Sept. 30
st ki ocbfdn4, fialveetoe, sept. 2s
Ss Mlamalia. t-aheslon. Sept. 23.
Ss Madlsen. Norfolk, Oct. S.
S Monroe, Notfulk. t)ct. S.
ss Dtlawara, rolladalpalaoal 3.
AaatvKn orT.
Ss Campania, at Liverpool from New York.
. aii. ft' rsoM roseuiN post.
Ss Oceanic, for New York from Southampton.
S. S 1 1 . .... 1 , 1 ..III .... V ... ,-t. ,
i ( hcrh"ur 1 ,w" itvm
I Bt cieveUMid for New York from Chtrbourff.
AlfJ To-ttay.
to ou a U
io no a ii
Prln? Fr Mlhelm. Prempo
I.i .savt'lr. Hiivrf
AaiifttlPi Liverpool
Morro ( .i-i if. IIaanA..
MrtApAn. Jamntra
ifnuyion, i.'tM.t .....
AiiiAtKii. Crjtiobal, . .
Allnthany. HuyU
.SrnJimlv, BAtlto ioniing7i .
CIlV ' AtlAntA. SnvnttnAti
A) A M
7 01- A M
" S" A U
0 fit U
30 A M
e m ) a m
ll.i AM
1 oo p D
u A M
ir no m
12nn M
U no M
1 no I' M
:i on I' M
3 no I1 M
loon a M
a in r ki
.1 on M
1 in I' 41
I 00 P M
y ini p M
1100 M
I "i I' M
a ou i1 m
UA1lon. .Nt-rfolk
KAiAhdiii. BruDvwIok.
.Sflif To-morrou .
PrlM WHIrm III . Haytl 11 00 A U
' SrviirAnrA. NnssA'i . J2 0it
BlrcbOeldi Buonoi A) rrv ,
Santlnif". I"m'lf.. ... , .
Aprtrhc. -lAi-UMMt lilf .
Himll-on. Norfolk.
sa'l Saturday. Oclvher 7
si. Laul, Houiharaplon am a m
Ifajmlc, HouUiampton, - f a m
I'spartn. fori Unioa . 7 ini a u
Slrphaun. Nrwfoiiiullancl 7 .in A U
'l'luruN. Hrrmutln , .... HiiOAM
Coania, nu Junn x sn A M
HratAff, llftvana 10 no A 11
Allriiianln. .lAmalra 11 on AM
(icranii, llrrinuila It 30 A M
I'arlnia. HartiAtlo II 30 A M
MTaaatoiika, iinJon..
Caledonia. uiaapa
Vlrtorl I.iil.f . Ttambur
Tanrmlna. npl
I,ii".ci'i. Aniwerp
Knrnlg Alhrrl. Ilrrmrn
.1. I.urkrnbarh. i'orlo lllco
itiiron. Jaeaoavl1l
iimvfr. uaivaatoa. ......
Alamo. 'I'Ampa
of lloaliomfry.Ravaaaah , . ..
l'rlnrrs- Anne. Nnrlollt. . .
iMoottuto TBAMaaira
DUt To ilau.
0 30 A M
11 00 il
10 no a M
11 INI A 41
in nn a II
12 on M I
2 00 I' 41
2 00 I' M
2 00 P M
30 A u
00 A 41
10 00 A 41
11 nil A M
in no A 41
10 on a 41
12 INI M
i on P m
1 N1 I' 41
1 on I' D
3 00 I' M
3 INI I1 M
Purl? London
I'harlola Itotierdam
Areenilna... ralraa, .
X'oTtiirno. ItotterdAln
Kelt Inliead ,1'at a
Haibarn tlremen
Vlralnle Havre . .
Kansas City... Swantea .
Oceana. , , Hermnda. . .
I'ltonla olhraliiir
l.lebenfel, Hamburi
Kioto . lilbraltar. .
Itrlardlne . . Ijindon
Caraeaa Puerto Cabell
Xacapa Colon
Tairu- Ilermuda .
ttapbano Halifax
Prawn New hieans
ciiy of Moniiomery aavannah
HlirOII. . Jacksonville
"if Z'o-tlorotr.
cedric Liverpool
i alabrla, lilhraliar . .
Invarrlyoe lilbraltar
NarragaaMtt Loadon
Colon., Cristobal .
Monterey . Vi rn Cnu
san Marco iiveion,'
l-i V'alle . Halt eaton
Rio urand Urunawlck
Hnf sai rdafi otiobtf 7.
4merlka Hamburi
L l-i ! Mine Hat re
New I ,irk Southampton
Indiana lime;
Altai Havana
Ar.ipahoe .la, ksonx llle
I'll; of I 'olumbtls Sav annall
Okuhoma., fori trtbur
Sepi ir,
801, 17
Sept. go
Sepl -l
Sent 21
Sept. ))
Sept. il
Sent, ai
Oil. :
Sepi ?i
Sept. 3
Sept :'o
Sepl ;i
Sept 31
Sepl '.'a
Oct. .1
it i
Sept ?N
Sepl I'll
sept S3
Sepl it
Sepl .ill
Sen I. Ill
Sepi an
Hept jo
Sepl Ml
Sepi ;i
nn a
Oct. ,
Oct I
iepi :
ll Vloreiml tllrelraa.
Sh Irglnla. fnr New Vork. was l.lVSo
easl of Saudv Hook at 4 A ! yesterday
Ha NrrRnelli for New Vork, was
miles ea-i of Sand; Hook at 23 A II
Ss Calabria, for New ork. was inni miles east
ol Sandy Honk at II 10 M
Ss llarbaroasa, for New Vork, was M miles
easl of Sandy Hook al 140 I1 VI
Ss I lionla. for New Vork, was about 7110 ntlles
cast or .sauil; 1100s ai , ai j m
BCdrTci for New vor, a
en hl mllrs cast
of Sandy Itook al 10 '. M
S I. A Lorraine, for New Vors. was 1,211 miles
cast of Sandy Hook at 1:11 1' M.
Sa New Vork. for New 4 ork. was 1.360 miles
eel of Sandy lluuk 01 : .',o I1. M
Executor Trustee
Chartered 1822
The ames, Loan and Trust Company,
Nos. 16, 18, 20 & 22 William Street
Branch Office, 475 Fifth Avenue,
New York,
LOUDON H 8ft? 0. PABI 41 Bon,ewd HM,raMM
Travelers' Letters of Credit. Foreign Exchange.
Administrator Guardian
Chicago, BnrliDiton & Dnitcy R. R. Co.
, provided In the 1 rust Murtsiutr of die
Chicago, Burllnftaa Qulney Railroad 1 om
paai . listed October 1. 17. the s im of istt.ooa.Ti
1ms been set apnri tcr die pufch smt raaceJla
t ion for Binklaf Puad pu rpoei of hon.K secured
Uader 'Ii'- said inorlgaKr. al the looesl price,
not tociceed psr snrl nreriieit Interest for Knur
per cant, Hands or 10 per cent, and accraed
kllerrsl for rite per cent. Ilonriv
Sealed pio(iosals 10 -ell MM Montis, endorsed
11 1'roposs Is of '.. II. Iowa llltlslon
iionds." win be received b the under lcn ed
al the office of the said i"oniiany. No 701 sears
Bolktlag, Baataa, Mass. nam rfearcday, ikio-
ker 111. Mill, ni fl uilurk M . when ikr bids
win be opened and iiie accepted bids declared.
Interl on accepted bonds win n-ase oeto
bei 10, 1111 1
BDH 4 ltl II OH.
D skier
Hosion. on r. iini
TrrrMnrt tif Ifuuall I lit- l.ilin Bnnd.
aii holders of tmi.tiH n( i ri" TeirUorj ot Mnu.iii.
iMued 'imirr Autlioni) of an Aci of Conffmi of
mr i nited BiatM of America ':.ink4i vn An
p r iii part judnncni Rendered i nder an c
of ihe Leclftletlvc iMeniblv or ihe Teniton of
liAunll for Property UeAt roved In Sut-'ircsslnK
th mibonlc Plague in wiiii Terrlton in Klfhteeo
Hundred end .Mnr. nine hoiI Nineteen Hundred
and AutnorUIni the Terrlton of Hawaii to laaue
ponds for tin- Mej mrtn of the Remaftilnf lelma 1
aeproved Janueiy M. 19001 Hr- bereb) dotlbed In
accordance u .th tbe option r aen ed Uiel Ihe
principal of Bond numbered ! lo ll& both In
cluatve, Ainn'iuttnK to i if t Tbouaand M,00O.noi
Dollar Ami accrued Intereai lo Nov ember 1. 1 tit,
in Aald bond numbered fro;:, if to I1A both
nun ben Incluth e. will ie pata upon pi eaeo tattoo
At Tne national Park Unuk In ihe City and stair
of N'rw Yoi n in the riem Interest t'ie date, nrnl
mat him win reaec on Noa ember d I811i ti ah
bond i hmb) celieoVui for pu menl
siKnetii ii x ritNKt.iNci, Treaaurer,
Terrlton of Haweil.
Treaaurer'i Ofllce, Terrlton of Hawaii,
Honolulu. September 22. 1111.
TO THK lioi IM its OF l I Its I MORTGA-BB
in not.D boxim or A. l, BWBTT RtRO
IKK LIOHT AM rowi.n roMivtW.
lUf Aaautt I. Hill.
Not Ire Is hereb'. ftveo 'hAt the Above 'le
icrlbed bond! bearing the following number
17 107 17 IQO SAO ft0
ik 13:- 2i0 330 sivt iA
4. 1A.-I MS 40O
M i;i fti ;tai iti
have been 4lrnTi by lot for reilemp-.loti. And
h-tve been called for payment from iiie amount
to the credli of ihe Rlnklog fund, and win be
paid At par Anil a err unl Interest At the offce
of the Knlekerbecker Truii 1 ompao) . ft" P'oad
wa. New . ork City, Nee York, on md afirr
November 1, 1911, After whlrn OAte aalil bondi
will reaav to beer interr!.
CHARLES M. kkkp. Prealdeat.
Dated September . 1911,
1 111 Mt IT ABLE HJ.l wiATIu
OA! llt.MT t 'OM PA Ml OK
I'liii.uii 1 niu
Hrt Mnrtaase Five I'rr 4 en, -.old Rnnd.
Notlee it horob) ftveB. purauant to Vrtlcle
Third of th Morttraee tn New York Socurlt) and
Trust Company, dated Februan 'st. iaba, tn
the undermenra. aa Truatce, win receive aeal
kMkauwalai t.i -i4 l U f I. It'.ll, rim i.t
K ,..... tun ih,. .! f., .1 luiaa
above dearrlbftj, at .1 price not exceeding the
ratp nf 10ft ..ml AfN-PUMl lnlrMt. siittlrlvii t t.i Pi
rice nol exceeding the
.ml accrued Interest, suttlcicnt to ex
aaual tht turn of :).iT7;rt. preference to he'
nlv en by the Trustee t,i bond-, offered n- 'he
loweal prire The riieht la reaered 1,1 rv ecl any
or all tenders
formerly New York Securitj and Trual
'ompani . Trustee
11 w MOR8K, Becreten
Pate.i New York, tietober 5d, 1111
w. s.
DO fine Street. New York,
I iBflneeri Manaicers.
New York. Sept, 21. 1911.
Th Boftnl of Plreetori ol tne Aieoeleted
nnd I'lectrlc i"omi(iii have thi ji ilecUre l
the regular nuarHTh dividend of One ami one
Half I er i'ent on the preferred NlorU, peveble
Oetober i. leil, u iitoeKnoideri i reeord - int
elote of butlneu Beptfnber
inn Filth Avenue, Nr Vork
A nimrirrly dlvlrtrnil nt 1 n th' Prfrrd
Slnrk lias hrrn derlnrrit by Iiie llnnr.t of Dlrcc
tors, payabla Oct imii, iun, to Btoekholdrr nf
record oei, li, 1811 Book cIom on. lt. IB11,
Amt raepaa Oct. Ittb, I9U,
p, Koiii.iiT t.. s. ins i mm. Traarr.
41.1.4 F.I. AMI. I IM lATI. CHM 41. , A
nr. boi'ia iiaii.wav , o.
lirand Central 'I rrnili.nl. ft, V.. Oet, n. Int.
Thf transtrr linnks of this eompB will I""
oloacd bi .i o'clook r. M on Monday. Opt. um
1911, preparatory lo ihr annual meeuaa Of stork
holders lo b hrM Wt jnrsilay . Oct Mtn. anl will
br reopcnril on 'lhursuay. net 2flth. 1411.
A quarterly dividend of ONE AND ONE
QUARTKR FBH CBST on Ihe preferred oapitAi
nock will be paid at ihr offlc ot Mcusrs. J. 1
Morgan A ie. Now Vork, on Friday, Oct Win.
to (loekhelder ol reord t o'clock r. M.i 00
Mln'la . OC1, 1th, 1911
i ii VHURfl r cox, Treaaurer
Mrabnarrl lr l.lne Hi pon
The report of Ihe Seaboard Air Line
Huilway for the year ended .Iun BO,
i9ii, shows groa earning of 133.606,453,
an increase of ll.7SO.07l aa 00 ft) pared wuh
the previous year; expenses of II6.9W.SB1,
an increase oi ei.toi.inn, nei i-unms ,n
11.9' Ni.ttlNI
iiii increase ol 9793,911), anil a
f inooma over all churges of
11 1139. 17k, a decrease of 166,076, r-
praoaad in poroantwtaa the year returns
howed gain of s :tu in uross. an Inoreaae
of io,3 in axpenaea and " ftaio of 4111 in
net operating income. 1 tie ratio ot
expenses to revenues increased
65 U in let" to en is in the past
I he company s general balance slieei
shows assets of lt71.884.T51' I lie protit
unit loss surplus st 1 al 14, 1 1 . .,1.1.1
Vino aurt Navy Order
Oil I
I'hesc arm; order have
Vonna. Nlnlh Cavalrv
,ei Issued.
rirsi Lieut. John B
I art Hllev . Ivan . for
t t
aaalfninent to duty
the inounlcil cl v Ice
school, lellcving 1 api
Itil 1 aval 1 ; , who will
Mlel rard l oU-Moil. . I 0
1 ruceed to in- reenneni
1 Acu 1 Col I ..tu 111 it Mll'.ir. I Iflli 11,11
Mll'.ir, lifili 1 b-l'l
trltlleri, detailed s a member of ihe iicid
aitlllcrv bo, oil. vice tul KdWard T Hrowu.
1 ii'id Ai tiiierv unaaalfued, hereb) rellevM,
1 list Lieut 1 redcrlc .1 ilalerntann, Twenty
third Infintr) . 1 n proceed to l"oi 1 UrPnereon. iia
The follovvluif i blinkies In Ihi' -billons of Officer
ol the 1 ori s of l.nnlneers an- ordered: I Irsi
i.ieui Kraaerlrk II Dbunlnai fronj n'aablnatan
barrack hi enalneer schools iirst i.ieui riinn
1 bintiei-k . 10 noaninffton aarraeka, iilairlet ut
The follow ing ofllcer win report 10 ihecmn
inaniiinii lleaerali i'nrt lllley. Kan. tor ditti i
the Uloutlled scivlic sctiuol. I'lrsl l.lcui phllltp
W llisiker. NUth I'leld Xrtlller; . liist I. lent
Clarence K i.jnian. Twelfth Cavalri s nd
I. lent Arthur 4V Holdei ncss. Nlnlh I'm air;
Rrnd Lieut' l.ouls a. Heard, si a tit field
cant Mack k riinnlaihaaii Hlaaai corns in
the Walter Reed Uenerei Hoapitai. Illalncl of
These na;; ordeis have been Issued,
l.leul. V 11. Hums, from navy yard. New York,
lo ihe i Inctnnatl as senior engineer nft eer
l.leul J L' Hllcman. to navy yard. New Vork.
H. M. Byllesby & Co.
Examinations ano Reports
206 south la salle street
Portland. Oil. t hiahama City. Okli MamtM
ROflneera. ManAgrra.
The Hoard of DlreCtora of the NORTHKRN
STATR8 POWER COMPANY hns drelarrd a
quarterly tiividonil of on- And three quarter
per rent ilV';,i upon the preferred stock of the
Company, payable by ebeck October 16th. I8lt.
jo ntockholdets ol rrroril ah of the close of bualness
September 30th, iun.
Knglncei. MAnagera.
The Hoard f Dheetori of the OTTUMWA
Iowa, has declare! a quarterly dividend of one
and three quarter per cent. 1 1 upon lh
preferred ttcl, of the company. pAyable by check
October 16th, 1911, to stockholders of record aa
of the rinse nf bur-luess Srpteniber With. 1911.
ROBERT J GRAF, .secretary.
Bnttaeere. Managers.
The Board of Directors nf the SAN DIEGO
PARY. San IMetrn. California, has declared a
quarterly ttlvldend of ooe and three quarters
per cent t lg upon the preferred stock of the
company, payable by check October lath, 1911.
to ktocknoider of reeerd a of tbc close or busi
ness September loth, 1911.
ROBERT I OH K. sslstant Secretary.
Englneera. Managers.
The Board of Dlrectora of the FORT SMITH
smith, rkansa hs declared a quarterly dm
dend of nne ami three quarter? per cent. (1M&I
upon the prefei red ttock of the COtn POO y( pay able
by check October Iftth, 1911, t stockholder of
recor 1 a of the eioec f business September
Both, 1fll.
ROBERT .v GRAF, Aaalatenl Secretary-
Knglneera. Managers.
The Hoard of Directors of the OKLAHOMA
- Hy. Oklahoma, ban declared .i quarterly dhi
dend of one and three quertera percent. ItM1
pon Ihe preferred stock of tne company, payable
cneck itpiooOT inn, iwn, w siocnnoincrs pi
ril as, of tbe close of business September
;nh, 1911
ROBERT -i GRAF, Assistant BeeretatT-
ok K ICE
H. M
The Board of Directors of the WESTERN
1 j Delaware hex declared a quarterly dividend of
Dlt fttTCd HtK
r tne company, pav an:e ny
fhjrh Octobor ith
' ''ri thf ClOM'
, ,1,'t " iooer ioin, iwu, ia wcHooioeri di rec
' PJO nc ciosc . i puauCH BrpivmBW
- 'n.
lrFRA1 IO4l. I'AI'FK '04IIAMV.
I A dividend of on hlf of One IVr tni. on ihe
, Preferred sunk lots bean dacbired, payable Octo
ber lathi um. to preferred tockhotaer of rernrd
i at 'hr t lose of butl e at 3 P If., (irlober ,lh.
1 inn. ai whlcn limr ih.- iranfer bookn close for
. Ihr ai.Mial meellnff, 10 br hrl.l llrlobcr 23th. 111.
' 12 0 clock noon, at Carlnth, N .. a'td reopen oi
1 themorniat of October sath. 1011 i herksmalied.
B. w, HYDE, Serreian'.
of rhe It) of New 4 ork.
The IMth Coucullv Semi Annual Dividend.
New 4ork, Sepirmbrr 27, 1911.
The Director ot this Hank hae this day da
I r'nreii a dividend of betVKN 1'l.u CENT., free of
tax. pa able on and aftei Oetoper ata, proximo
to atoekbolder of neord onober 2d.
UFO HUE K I.I Wis, raahkrr
110 Hr, a la .i . Nit VnrU. N. 4'.
Thr annu.il meelln of th, stoi'kholders r
I'NitlN IM r ii RAll.HO.UI COMHAfcS will hj
held at Its office at Salt Lake I'll; . I'lah. onTl'KS
HAY. OCTOUKU lolll. lull at lurlir o'clock
noon, for ihe n irpnae of I'lcciinir Afteao lilrerton
of th,- t'nmpsit! nnd ol lraaactinc such other
b'lslncss us i nn Icir.tlly conic before Ihe mcetlnc.
I or thi purpoae ol ihr inc. tine, the hooks for
in-' tranafer ol stock 'both Preferred and Coin,
inoni will be eltwed ;it .1 o'clock p M . nn Mo.N
DAV, sri'T II inn. and win tie reopened at ten
o'clock A. M on U'rdneadav, IH'TOBER n. tan.
VLI'.X MII.I.MI. Secretary.
n,iie,i i itri i s. t 11111.
NORTHERN in il H KAii.MnAli io.
N'olice Is hereb nl en ihai the annual meeilnc
nf tiie atorkhnUcra ol the NORTHERN PACIFIC
RAILROAD COMPANY win be beta on Thum
da; . October ia 1111. at twelve o'clock noon, al
No a, Nassau Btreel, New N ork Cits . for the pur
poic ,'f electlna Ihlrltieo Dlrectora of the Companv
10 NCTVe for one ; car and unlll their mk cesanr.
are elected, and for ibe traaaaellon of any busl
neft iliai ma; law lull; be brought before tho
UBORUE II KARL, Secretary.
September 81, 1911,
New York.
t I Mini or i.l llll.l HAM.WAY CO.
Savannah, ileorf la. September -2nd. 1911.
The annual meetlnir of the Atock holders of
Central of oeoritla Hallway Company will be held
at Ihe omcc of ih" i ouipany, corner Liberty a, id
Montiomery streio.. In the City of Savannah,
tieorirla. on Monday, the uih day of October,
mil. at eleven o'clock A. M., Kattern Time, fir
ihr election of Dlrectora and the transaction of
rich other business as may come before th
JOHN BKLL, Secretary
UOIMIAN Ttl PeODl of the State of New
Vork. b; the Uract of tjdd Pre and Independenl
I To THOMAS MolKiA.N, 14 H8. IIKl.l.t'. vTilTCH
; UHOHOI OHVNEIt, MliS L. i .hiciiahdson'
If alive. If dead his wife, his children, hlti execu
, tors, administrators and Iciral represeniallvea If
' aui then he. and his next of kin. and to all pe
-mis Inlereated m the estate of iaima atOROja .
intc of the Couuly of New- Vork, deceased, at
creditors, legatees, next of utu or otherwise
scud Clreettnff: Vpu and each of you are hereby
ritad ami required personally lo lie and appear
i before our surrouic uf the I oiintv of New Yoi-k,
al the Surrogate s Cniirl of aald Couuly. held at
ih. t ntiulv t null House in th. Cnimlv nt Vui
i Vork on IM I44b dai of .November, mil. at half
Rl n pciooa 1.1 tne forenoon or mat uaj
iheu and Ihora to attend a Itullclal settlement of
the account of I proceedings of THOMAS 4fOH
OAN, as Executor of ihe Last Will and Tcttta
menl of said deceased, and such of you as are
hcieb; cited, as arc v I it tier the aire of twentv
' one ;ears are rcinlred,lo appear by your ifuai
j titan. If yon have an, or If ) ou have none, to ar
i PCM and ainuy for one to be appointed, or in
nn- cvcui ,11 ;uui ii.'aii'i 1 or lauuic 111 ut so, a
iriiat'dlan will be appoluled by the Snrroffale to
represent and act for you in the proceeding
1 In TeetltnOny Whereof, We have causeo tha
sral of the SurrogateH conn of the said toimty
01 -cvv tori, 10 ne ncreuuio auiNeii.
1 laaall
! Wluiess, Hon HOBK11T Ii Hlow POWt.BH,
a HurroiAte of our aald i aunty, at the county of
' New Vork, theliddai "f Heptenibcr.iu iheyearof
OUT Lord one thousand nine hundred and eleven.
I1ANIKL .1. OOWDNKV, I'lerk of the Si.no
Vates' Court.
ItKEII, .10HN g. in
Hon. Robert Ludlow I
Count; of New Vork, u
person having claim
ate ot the County of
pit-sent the same vvlili
lubnerlbei at hi piao
at the ntlb e of Ins all"
Lm.. Naa 41 A II W l
VIhii1i.NI tan. ciiv of N'
purauaac of an order ot
iwter. a Surrogate of lue
nice Is hereby given 01 all
against JOHN y RKfCII
New Vnrk. deeeaaed, to
vouchers thereot to the
"f Iransacllng liualnesj
nevs. TMKALC 11K-X4I,
Si reel. In ihe llurough ot
tins, on or before ma
1-t dev of i-eiiiuaiy. mi-, urti.
Haled. New oik. the I till day nf July. lull.
HORACE A 1.00411.1. Executor
Atlorneyi for Kiecuter, Nov ,,v a 47 wn sire4.
Borough of MaiiUallau, New Voik City.

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