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fM.Wf.Vfl pirtxer roi.n MRU
nine" MflWI from .leurlli-r Trsrrrt to
ii HOMt III narrow Ntrrrl smlTrs)
I nunil More vrn .ts t urning l.srvry
Hfld rot Murrlr-r, l,r-msrrst as M II in -s.
I te talk of a young nun of irevo Btraet ,
n tipster's ktOnnOM for ;i story to 'nil
,, : !. .lotpntivo iibilily of h mv.-iit eon-
jreur- 'i ir brought nt nit tho arrasl
o Martin survey, who eras hold without
l,-. I ! v MKintrat" Compart yesterday
chi I with tho murder of AHolph Siern.
of the. jeweller Jacob .lirohy.
i"i Webberatan o( Jatnaloa, L I .
. raalonnlly setin "tlpe" to nowa
j ,ii pre, odds ntifl ppdB of mows thut rouh
y . :- in UWIotial ways, has a stater
ir i Beatrice Wolfe, who i it and
pretty and iheewd He took hor now
. then to rilonloa Imi.i war Jamaica,
l Wo'fe lives at IM Cannon Itrool and
irlng herself to teach On the Aral
v ,.f August Web Herman took her
hIm ... ft !,,,l. lalt m II .
ilea an oner, air frolic where f... it
mild dance until tin-utm-n orchestra
quit William Demareet, a youth who
in k and bud a room nt iti (.rove
treet was Introduced to Mi Wolfe mid
rinnced her aovoral titties toward
even ne there waa a tiptsy flat light,
-j. - got out oi tin, mid Demareet
oat ng Niaa oifea arm and beckon
,: iVebberman. "That's a I, ad crowd.
I Enon lhal bunch."
Wha are jrou afraid of?" laid W I .bar
man I'm not ared, s.mi Domareat, ' I've
Dtl ad off a few thlnga myself. Hut
i c ' aomethlng on three r thop fdlowa
i v mid aend them to the chair.'
v - 1 erman atnelled a :-t u--. Ha sn.l
i more to Pemarost tint afternoon,
I at 'i next day lie gut the preltv sister- 1
t. . t., write a note to Demareet asking 1
' iin he at another picnic. If,,
M Hied to the girl that if she could I
.... , i Domareat and gel him to tell
rl it lie meant by earing he cv.'ild s.-md
(hr.'M Mien to the chair there imgir. be con-
stdet tl le cash in it. Mis Wolfe aw no
ham a:1'! she asked Demareet io meet
the ne' ruesday in Cannon street
i.eai her-home. Demareet appeared and
. itted with her for an hour or two He
her to attend picnic at Jamalci
with htm the next Hunday. They me:
gain at the es' l.nd ''Kim in Harlem.
a Miss Wolfe preaoed bemareat n
eii tier about ihe men he had referred
t Finally Uemearat aaid that one of
men n toe crowd wua Martin Oarvey.
had ihol Adolpit Stern in front of
an I
i.y . jewelry s ore at Sixth avenue
I hirte !!) s'r.'et .
ipberman lr d 10 a"
'1 lie tip to
pipci hip ,t do ,
ke t iUcn i r. -
c. , vit'i rn d i. ' i he iieciffri to .ut
whi i Informatiott lv hrd in the handa of
the iviIks. The Central iifflee m"ti
.uiiiptd .i ii liii. t'he.rka McKinney
ot frotu Weblterman that Demareet
lived in t.n vo street ' to, i nd McKinney
f.iT. r eonetilti tlon nub Initpectqr Huglfa
hlCCfsed to DttCCtiVe JftnOa Kill Ml.
e ond Deputy Con It lioner Doueherty'a
ehauiTeur, thai H might b" r. iood job
for him to tr.lte p room , in (Irove .. reel
rrd ml with the crowd Ihl t huni rSou.
the neighborhood. Km, n paasing hlm
(elf r.lf na u chauff i"ur. go r e;i nd
: Demarem Tne oh uCeur d'tective
old he track d f cr how ernv wra
to got i.n sutomoWlo tor Joy riding H-
BUgp 'd o. vtis t"! Dcr.V ' v. a it".-
mentvly pci a d
l.rr.. R.sturdxv h tool, Domrrcni,
i n known i Connie nd iwo ri ' " for
a jo rlrte tjp in The Hroni t h- v t "-d
w ntXT r t ro.-d I" . s ncl ibelir.fted their
thlrtt Thj,truoi' drivers on(,ueloa n d
eonr, A r bly He Id tin 1 ucdu 'he
rjct. ( iv , pff -. r, lv t . ii I qu. i loninc
tni he knew who killed Ad l?h S;ern:
th" ' flart in Or -v v. who liv. .1 r ; 00 Lcrov
gtreet snd had ? job . portes for Wood
w rt;, Baldwin .1 Co 4Worih .
Dectectrvoa watohel Oervey 'er.l
days end broughl witneaaea to loo birr,
over eurreptitloualy. The wltneaeee at
. ng range teemed positive that Uarvev
w it the rn in they s iw s'io . stern H on
lueeday night McKinney,' Kinan and
s evin urresiej a irvey in tlreeuwich vil
lage and took him to Headquarters.
(Jarvey denied bis guilt.
Then they bad ii the three wi'!i-sss
who aew the st.v.' robbed and stern
murdered, 0no is John O'Flaherty, a
civil War veteran vv'.to has a job in the
Department of Water Huppfy. H" la
' vears old aid lives at Its'. W pit lions -tot.
street. O'Flahorty positively idutiii
"ai Uarvey, knowing him. he said, by
ihe clot hej h w .re at d by h la prot ruduiK
. VP -
s'oocl i I In six feci i f hint wh n lie i
: Stem," sii.i i) Kliher'v. "I would
now '.im anx-wh-re Aliei- i.c t rcri 1,1 ;
stern he turned toward tne anil I tu
he was ifniiift? lo le; ma liave a 1
i , ... i
H it he ran across tho elde walk and
Into the tav lo.ab."
umpe I
Michael MoKeoam of r:: Edgeoimbi
i a watchmen in a depart nent
lid there was no MOIlbl in his min t
1 . 1 1 i larvey waa ihe murderer.
"! was In Thirteenth street, eeventy-flve
or hundred feet from sixth avenue,.when
the young man was shot." said McKeown.
i. oby's -lore was on the other side of
the avenue from me I ran a toss and
lo the store just in time to see (iarv. y
face 'i face as he ran toward tne taxi
rob." I :i- third witness waa Henry Peterson
' I ii '1, i in Hay avenue, a chauffeur. Hi'
Mood in sixth avenue about seventy
e fe.-t f i om the door of Jecoby'a store.
1 ran un after I heard th" crash of
. itj." s.d-i Potereon. "and was close iy
S'hen Stern came out of the store an I
I ..t a man I saw the man shoot
him it i then lump into a taxioab that
; near ihe -tore front. I'm sure Qar
- ihe man I saw that niirhi "
eniureat waa arrested near hla hon e
- y after Harvey wa- taken pria
' He made a statement whli h Impli
ated Oarvey. Conunlaaloner Dougherty
u i not give out all of Demareet s
lenient, hut he said i' waa satisfactory
the polios.
mportant statement tha we have
.""i tiom Demareet," aaid Deputy
issioner Dougherty, "wa- .hat (lar
.- ine man who did the shooting.
Ih lii ; -,iv merely thai (larvey wa. tin
mil . robbed the -tore, hut that (iur
" ihe actual murderer. As to the
Inga, I don't van' r iav yet
er we have found them."
' i- learned from oth.u sourcoa that
'Is , .r.. traced to :i house in bar
i""' eei Mni that ihe detectives found
'1. held them. D was said at
I. .. Iquartors ih.;' the riniis haven i
d yet but thai they will he ill
il,ITrton MarUel the priaoner,
in the blue serge suit recalled,
I.- bv ih' wltiiHsaoa to the murder
n. di lt t iippoir Hurried Hla fane
iir.il i in an I extremely sallow
lira very darlt and appear curj.
- imiuonl becaiiao lite eyebalta
. .:. isuiilarea f ehile. especially
,' inces from side to side. He
, lawyers, who advlsod him to koap
utli aliut.
i'.e" Pa(fcii and hla mother wore
I ne r (iitrvcy said thai he
I 1 e'leve tns se'i h id killed Stern,
i Martin was steady Kii:us boy
id w.irkod oonetantly and did not
ii i with bid o impanlons. Har
i n r. ..no of young Oarvev'a em
it IS Worth alroef. said lhal the
i ii a steady worker and had al von
1 i i on Mr. Parr said he did not
r co tree, how Qerx'oy simui t,i s
nade I tint a'dlty and . sked
urnmont until ni t Mond v
nil 1 1 ,n was put i iff till lhen a nd
wa remanded without bail I he
lie r nentod that Domareat lie
v lortv-eight houra on the ground
i he h a malarial wltneaa
' " i' i' lliighes sdd ssi evening
ire certain now that (larvey is the
1 It W" are p ,t it liberty to aive nut
" information we have concerning
, indhlaaosn lates and concerning
ii. ..rest, iuu we thu.k we have the case
t.LlieJ. Ttioro will be inoro arroats."
Cahlnrt IIKmlsses Mlnl.trr to ttsshtng.
ton Politic In It.
.Kp'ci ii Cable nripatrh ta Tea Sck.
Panama. Oet. 4. Kumors which have
lieen circulating for the pant week that!
aerioiiH charges had been preferred n gainst I
)r Bellaaiio Porrns. the Minister of)
Panama to Washington, were conflrmei i
j ypKtenlay by President Aronernena call
I log a Cabinet meeting where the matter
win dlaCUaaod PKtpnulvely. The reault
WO! that the Preaident iaaued a decree
j recalling Dt. Porras. Four meniliera
of the Cabinet favor renin II. while one ia
against it. A calile despatch waa aent
! to Porras arivimng him of the recall and
ordering that the secretary of the K.na
! baggy lx put in charge.
Wakhinoton, Oct. t. Bcliaario Porraa.
1 Minister of Panama ... IKIa ., ,...! rn..
j ceived notice to-day of hia recall He I
will remain here about a month before 1
returning to Panama. He aaid he had j
not decided whether he would be a
Presidential candidi.e o,, the ''j I
ticket in the elerlinns next JtllV Srilnr
Porraa received a cable message from !
I prominent citizen of Panama to night
lllglng their support
The cablegram
w,ls "' ,,v f'rmor Pre dent Mendosa
former Secret ines of Stale Valdey. and
Acevedoand by SeAof Andreve. a Liberal
leader it was as follows
"Majority Of Liberal party, the aecre- j
wnwui in.- ..hM'inniy jimi many ir.enon
unite wi'li us in confirming our adhesion
to you. TOUT recall increases the en-
t huelaem for you
Minister Porraa declares that ins recall
is due lo th" intrigues of President
Aroaemena. The Mlnlater accused the
Prealdent "f sending attaches to the
legation here for the purpose of spying '
upon him Sertor Porraa alao aaid thit
his enemies in Panama had endeavored
to stir up trouble for him became of the
fact that he married recently a Costa
Rloan Woman I hia atory. he said, waa
circulated With Hie idea of showing that
he would be likely to betrav the intareata
..I his (lovetnment to Costa Rica in the
boundary dlaOUte between Panama and
Costa Hica. which is now pending before
Chief .lustli
lute of ihe Hirpreme Court
if the United States The Minister, who I
has been in Washington for about nine
months, was appointed becauae of his
familiarity with this ipiestion
Sefior Porras said that he had largely
aided in the election of President Aro
aemena. Ijisi May. he aaid. two Pana-
iii im it.. Sim t .1 e Ti . I li i:t r.l 1 1. urwl Pi. r,l..
Arias, who were friends of President '
IftMMMI ... (kid .......Or,. ...i
Interview Piesident Tall to ascertain I
i ti e attitude of the I'nited States toward
i Aroaemena In his efforts to obtain re
. election. The President informed them.
, Porras said, that he wished a fair election I
and hid no favori e ivndidate The
Minis! t saul that he would probably lie
-'i I -ii ,,y either Senor (iuardi.a or
honor r.as He Mad howovor, no omctat I
advice on ii,. subject
ilmlral ilvertlsea for Comnisiiiler
I. unit i Leva or War.
as rial Cahlt Deteafrll la Tits gttv.
Paata, Oct 4 The papen his morning
under the legal announeoroenta print the
tdmiral tmr.rte de Baoellar chief of
the Brazilian Kaval Commlaaion in Europe,
i hereby notlflea Naval Commander Mel-
I ciadee de Vase, inellss-Almeida to rejoin
his station immcdir.tely under the penalty
t of being poatod ts a deeerter."
The pies' ion here in regard to 'he ad-
vertleement is whether the absentee officer
I h.:- joined 'he m tnarehiets in Portugal or
' ,1 Mont mart re dancer
Royalist! Ttip) Hold thp Northern
Towns lpiiilil1esns llrn It.
tv ,',.- iti p irrh to 1 nr. Srv
I.OKDOK, Oct. 1 A news agency here
s xs i Icarno-that Portuguese royalist
iti!i. in I ondon have reoelved the fob
!' v. ing:
' Nor'h Portugal, with the exo-ption of
0 orto. is practically in the hands of the
royalists, v.-ho haxe occupied Chaves,
(luimrrcs. Parr.-; und P.arrrnca "
i in ihe other hand, dirvn t telegrams
from I iebon which tell the republican
Side of h" slorx- si y that at Chavos
anil elsewhere on the northern frontier
nverything is q ulel
Mrs. I'snkliurst at lea,
Special Cablt Dttpatth fa TBI Sck.
I us pox. Oct. i. Mrs. Kmmeline Pank-
hurst. the leader of the militant suffra
t gettes. sailed from Liverpool for New York
to-day on th steamship Oceanic.
Il and Olrl t.ho Went Awa Will Have a
H rdtllna If They Hsvrn't Had One.
Sot'TH flBANOf.. N. J Oct. 4. Arthur
.lames and liuth Day. the hoy and girl,
eo'h 14 years old, who ran away together
several days ago, came liae' to-night and
went to ihe home of the girl in Valley
.ireet Charles Day, father of the girl,
refused to let his daughter be seen and
young .lurries denied himself to inquirers.
Mr-. Henry .lames, mother of Arthur,
said that the youngster reached here
about H o'clock. Her son appeared for
a moment at hi- own home to get a hand
kerchief and. promising to return In ten
minutes, win! hack to the Day home,
she had no' seen him since. She did not
know whether they had heen married or
not, hut .-he siipssod they had.
"If they haven't." Mrs. lames said,
"they oertalnly will he without any delav.
The wedding will probably take place in
ihe Church of the Holy Communion in
South Orange and the Rev. Oisarge A.
II, miia the rector, will probably perform
the ceremony "
The Heather.
in fi Itic Moral from North Dakota was
saatral ni.nh at i.ake Kuparlor yeatsraey me ha
ares Lafiiteeii nil iretlQa asal "f ihe upper
Mlsstiuiippi diir;. tt.-iin arai ftneral ever sill
i i he borthaastern quai tsr at lha ostiBtrVi van 'nn '
. trnat ihoiveri 'a heavy rainfall
' The Kinds srra laostl) hluli In the lake rrjions '
. tiitfh i n'-s irr rovsrsd lha Routhsra anil I
I veMarn Mnirx. saccpt ihr satraaia somhwrsi 1
it usa warmer ni nil rnim in itir oildals
; Mlantle aod Nea Kaaland stsir., iss lower j
nnii middle iske resloai sua tea iihlo Vail
;ii was eootei front ine iiuaiMtppt ai, . watt
. prd linn ni' Hoeky
I temperature occurred I
Mnuntslaa I resting 1
Montana. Wyoming '
1 and Nevada,
1 in uu i-ti,' it. ere was light rein in lbs early
nioralnf! cloudy all day; awrmer wlodbrlali
Mtuthwast; averaie humidity rer ecnt
liaromeler. correeled to read ta sea level, ai
t A It i .; H.M . n.U
The temteraiure reatarday, an raeerdea by Ihe
on,' i .i ihcrmomaicr, i taowa in the annetsd
Bit :nio ; mil ir.io
i: m
a p
u V
lot (in
a ! U 7l II Mid
, Hlabeat lemperalure, tl. t I P. M
VASaiKQTOM rosscAiT ron to lav aki to
'.( uttltfn X'e.c I'srS. I'ttr. rooter to day. )PilH
! tllmtllltktHtt irri'rrtj ic.nii fair to marrow.
I or New fngland, fall lo day. preceded hv
lulu In saatern Maine, goelari fair tomorrow:
brisk la tilith westerly winds diminishing by
te nluln
Paaaeylvsala. N'ew Jersey and :
in la ware
a .o.n....sn,u, n..r.n
Kor n r iH'-trin of Columbift. M.rvland md i
VlrclnU. fair, rooier i-dy; fir to mornm . !
mndrai i n rihurM to uonh winds bfrom'tie
arlakla lea mm ion i
r or urrstPm Kmm trA nti ua'rn Pannavl
mm x ori .mi ,,.,r pm..i
vsals, fair, rnnirr to day, wtih dlmlnlahlng
westerly winds, fair io mnnos' I
Purest in thp World.
America's I riding W atrr
for Over Half a Century.
Bottled only at thr Spring
I'niier Prrfect Sanitary Condition.
South Poland, Maine.
N. Y. Office, Poland Splint Building,
i iRo Brr adwav (nrar jmh St )
.soiff-; tOWH ASK in rros.
RretMeM Hai a RteMMg Degirtire fnm
Rrcrptton l ommittpp Hontine at
Uleyenne ami geeM to Rnjoi it
IMverMf Promises tte to mm.
wai, yo . ttct. rreaiaeni iaii
.ace,, n.s see. .mi nyoming ironupr
day ahow at Cheyenne to-day and heard
the crowd shout out "Kan 'Im! Kan im"
to ihe bronco bustera as they eWODt
(iieir tutmoreros neiore iih eyes in inetr
Mr. Iaft s stay in Wyoming was too
limited to permit of a very prttenUoua
Wild West show, but what the cowboys
lacacd pi time uiey mad
up In variety.
gave the President a wild
They started three ex-cham-
horaa rate.
piona of the world in the nronoo busting
line in the race. There were nine horses
entered in the event and one hors tin
iahed By and bv another bucked in!
aecond. but the lack of time forced them
to scratch the rest of the entries find I
leave them kicking up the alkali at various !
places around the track
The starter ennouuood with pride
that one of the horses bad been ridden
the whole wav around the track. While
he was talking the second hors came
Ultdor the wire still bucking. He ac
corded him second place, and looking j
at his watch shouted to the crowd that I
the time "was verv fast "
The first lad horse they brought out
for th" buatera was named Dillv Taft
" j"Bl
hundred feet of going to i
send his rider into the dust.
The next one brought out was an
nounced as that celebrated outlaw
Archie Hint " The gold lace of the
President's A I C crowded lo the front
ol Ilie grand atano to see the per
... 1.. -ru .
I "'' " - " -
proved to be the . most aptly named brute
I in .n worm nan it came io King
ne was as polite as a irginia gcnlleman,
and the crowd hooted him down the
iraca. aa ne qui! oucHing hi ine nrst
IhlIa ..T flu. ki hi r
. . . . .
dear life.
Then Clayton Iianks, who or.ee carried
off the (tain, ii the best hroi.eo buster
in ihe woiM attempted the feat of riding
Schedule h. That waa a mean horse I
that bunched at every buck, but lianl.'j
stuck to him un'ii he nearly rolled him. ,
I'eddv Roosevelt was the trickiest horse
in the outfit. He wouldn't buck: he I
"sun'ished;'' ths t is. he whirled round I
'and round until his rider fell from his j
! neck half blinded with dizziness
I Prairie Hose, a cowgirl buster, rode
f S in Kirr. and she gave n wonderful I
I exhibition before some of the cowboys
I got to her bora- ami r.ied him.
Next to Archie Butt the easiest bronco
! was Reciprocity.
Thev had a couple of cowgirl races
and then they brought on a herd of
bucking OOWa The cowboys that had
j stuck to The broncos couldn't sit some
j of the cows There was one heifer that
I threw a man four times. The last time
ie go on another coWooy climbed on Ihe
cows nark nenind bun I n. amm-ii
wouldn't budge Thev teased her in 1
everv iosaihe way. but she didn't move !
;f , I... ...J f lt I 1 - .. ...r .' I
Hill. I uu' nn nun irnini i ft; on. nc(i
she 'rew her lone rider in a minute. j
They brought out some bucking burros i
ami put t he kids on them. Only one boT I
could stick to his animal
It was all ureal fun for the President.
It was ti e ttrst real letup from a round
of routine that be has had in many a lay
and his laugh raric out over the crowd.
The weather was ideal The wind kept
ihe Mags stiffened on' and carried away
a few hate
fter the l.ronco show they took the
President f r a ride around the town and
Mr Iaft made a speech at the opera
house at Cheyenne on the tariff. He was
introduced by Gov. Carrey, who aaid aome
very complimentary things about him
At theOovernora' meuting at Spring 1 ,.i ke,
N. .)., recently those who pulled the Gov
ernors included Carrey among the I.a
Follette adherents The Governor
stamped this aa a mistake to-day. He
told the President that Wyoming Would
he for him at the convention ar.rl in the
At Laramie Mr Taft spoke on the re
lations of the Interior Department to the sician hurried to the house aa faat as his
people of the West He told them that ' horses could carry him The door hap
ne hoped now to see far greater despatch ' pened to he ajar and he went inside o
in Ihe business of that Department in 1 one ( ame to meet him and when he called
settling land claims than in the past. there was no response Thinking that
At I.arumie Mr. Taft Catechised a crowd perhaps there had been a death and thu'
of aome 400 school children. .the other members of the family had
"How hieh ia it here?" he asked them. ! gone fur help the physician explored
"Seven thousand one hundredand forty -
five feet!" they shouted
"You don't feel above other boys in
other cities because you are higher up.
do you?" he continued.
"'o. sir." thev answered.
"What State do you live in?" he queried
"Wyoming'" thev cried.
"Is it a State or a Territorv'"
"It's a State."
"Have you a Oovernor'"
" i ee, sir."
' " Have you Senators?"
"Yes. sir."
"What do your Senutors do'"
Hut that question stumped the children
' and broke up the class.
I To-morrow the President spends in
: Silt Lake.
It iilre.ui t nlou Threat Over Irish Strike,
Which Is II -In; settled.
itpttM Cuttl DrfsateVa ta ths sun.
CsnuetiB, England) Oct. t. A con-
I gross of the Amalgamated .Society of
! Hallway Servants met here to-day to
Oiaouaa the question of ordering a national I
strike within twenty-four hours unleaal
I the Qetvernmenl withdraws the royal1
engineers working on the Irish railwaya
or takes active measures to terminate
the qlaputo between the employers and
the men
resolution to that effect waa carried
ut'iiUN. Uet 4 A se'tlemen in the
sirme uu mo insu ri'.iirna'is ih Doing
arrived at.
lo Increaie I .insular
tlwlns lo lllsi.rdi rs.
&P$til i'.Uilr nrn:i1cri to THS SlIN.
Sixii.a. India, Oot. 4 Owing to the
: disturbed conditions in southern Persia
only thesanetionof tie Karl of Crewe. Sec-
of State for India, is awaited for the
' " ' 1 " ' ""X nd i mriy-
ninth Indian Horpo to tht Persian Oulf j
to tntrwRthmi the RUHrdn about the Hritifth
.,. i,lsi. . m . U sftaatM !. ;. Ltt
th. P.r.i.n fit. If i. , i, ,--,. i I.L . i. i
fli.i Peraian (iulf ie theealenftsrl asitV. a .1. I
Ing of tribesmen. The consulate '.here has 1
asked protection. i
ii ii.liavs-s onmri .
f'ollrRp llrcd Npinitrr Kent Montrlslr
llnclnrs on io Many Knot I rrmnK
TIHI iiinirthlng Mail to lip llnne
I nrtrr Hands to ( cam- niio inner.
Monti f.AlK. N. J., Oct. I, Three phyai
Olana Of thin town have licen annoyed i
from time to lime in the past aiT or seven I
I years bv telephone calls sending them j
upon ItnneoeeearjF errands. Often the I
aummona would come ai night, and fre-
niieiiilv it involved a irio t.i Mittn rnmntfl ' i
part of MontOlair. The calls Were always
urKent enough to make the physicialia j
drop whatever tin y Were doing and hurry 1
The i l.i part of it was thai the doctors
Were never nskeil In cross the b.umdaries
r their wn nraBtieOa Ti... immimh
Invariably appeared to oome from eome
nouae wnion eavn one nan aireaay v isited
perhapa many times.
i In Rooorder Henry i. Voat'a eouri yea-
terday morning Mlaa laabel Willlama
waa arraigned on H hargeofdla
oonduot for having been reaponalble for
I hae calls. One of tho phyalolana In
Lhn 11 ..iie who want ... .i,..i i.....
when he was a boy and came bark live
yearsatto after Ilia linl
years n . aft
training to
s the com-
. practise medloim
appealed i
J ,, I,. It .rt .,,) ... . , .... I .,, ... Run-
rfer thai Dt Voting had known Miss Will
: wh(w, family lives here. fr manv
years and that out of consideration for
i her friends and her relatives he had
been unwilling to catlsa her arrest until
Ihe waa convinced thai the matter was
i too serious to be ignored longc
I Dr toting told the Recorder frankly
'that lie thought Mis i Williams's reason
wasoffe ttod and thai atepeahouldbeta ken
to keep Her from being a menace to the
Community Not the least serious phase
of the matter, as it Beamed to the doctors,
I was that ihey never knew when they
etarted on a call whether it was genuine
or not iney mig.it l' awnv from their
offices following up one of thes- falae
summonses when they were really nep led
Ir C W Butler, who died five years
ano. and Dr Philip R, Rriohbaum, who
took over hi- house and hi- practice, were
the other two physicians whose telephone
bells were frequently sending them upon
needless trips, lit Krichbaum h.is not
(IgUred ifi the caae, because he (fid not
obtain the proof thai came to Dr. Young.
Hut neither of the physicians doubted
that the sender of their messages was ihe
I k . . . 1 1 . . . f I i Hi wlio 'i.i ( niiniiv.' l ir Kiillf
I i '"J .....
' before he du d
A, ,h(1 n,nce ( .MibH Williams
fftmllv p.Pc,,,,er V,t
refused io take
any st.'ps furl tier
tSOO bonds to ke
t ian lo put h'T under I
'P the fieace. l! was
, ,., f.,,,,,l that 1... ,
i - - --j .. ... ..
to some town in tne "est. nut I'r. toting
i pointed out that such action would only
'transfer the Wanger to another com-
I munity
l.nter in the day. In
ti out of town.
wever, she
w as ta
There waa no annoyance in Dr. Young's j
a' ; it in e toward the matter to-day Helfsallor Who Took French l.rae Kotiml
felt very sorry for Miss Williams and fori tefe In Marseilles.
hpr family, and he would not talk about Special CaM DasealM to Taa Scv.
the case. I M AKSF.ILLE8. ( let . -Kiv sailors who
It appears that Miss Williams, who is Ss were behexed to have been killed in the
years old and Is a college graduate, has fire on the battleship Liberie at Toulon
been regarded as ccccjitric for many
j years. Not long ago she had a place as
1 cashier in a drug store here, but for the
1 last few months she has made her home
with Mrs. K. G. Hone, who has an em
ployment agency in her home in a flat
building on the principal street. Miss
I Williams s family split up several years
ago. and her mother end father, r'raiik T
i wen! to I
terred the phvsician from taking action
. . t. i ' ... :.. .ft
I'M!! ttllf' 111 W IftS cei i.ftltl HIHIIH llisauiioy-
er's Identity.
Miss Williams's hallucinations, i' was
learned yea to Kiev, were Intermittent
Considerable intervals often elapeod 1
twis'ii a series of calls She even wen;
for treatment to the doctors' offices
.fter a great manv complaints had i?ono
in to the telephone ofTioea the centrals
there were 111 the habit of I racing most
of the phone calls thai went to Dr ounsa
office It Waa In this wav that lie first
learn.si who it was that was acudinc him
off on wild giws... chases lhen Miss
Williams kinw that she had DOOO found
out and apparently she tried to keep
from further annoyances It seems that
in her double personality, in Which periods
of lucidity were followed bv the desire
for mischief making, she was imuble to
control her actions
Some one iold yesterday of an ex
perience which one of the physicians
had He was called from ihe hinohoon
table to go to an out of the wav part of
town where one of Ins patients lived It
appeared thai an elderly woman in the
lamilv had suttered a stroke Ihe pliv-
', 'be sleeping rooms He found both
mother and daughter taking a nap and
nothing was wrong in the house
There were also rides on cold winter
nights and "ii several occasions important
engagements were put off to permit one of
( these calls to be answered. Heoently the
i calls to Dr. Ywung had been coming more .
t frequently, Yesterday he went to the '
chief of police, and a plain clothes mini i
was sent to look for Miss W illiams. She
was no! to be found. When a detective
, can't find any one in this town he makes
: up hia mind thai thai some one doesn't
want lo be found the detective in tins
I caae waa euro of it when another one of the
j phone calls went to Dr. Young'a office at
' tt in last night. I hi.'. tinin it cime from Iho
Lackawanna station. Iho doctor a eked
I Ihe pel s in a I the other end to hold the v. ire
1 and then he not In another plume, called
' the detective and Went back to prolong
I ihe conversation, lie didn't prolong it
enough, though, for Miss Williams was
seen leaving the .-tation just as thedc
teclve von! up, little while later she
was arrested in Mrs Hone's rooms. Nho
had made every preparation to leave,
even lo having Iho key on the outside of
Ihe door.
It was necessary to keep Miss Williams
nt the station house all niglii to insure,
her appearance bet ore the Recorder, This I
was done a':uior the wishes of Dr Young,
but th" Recorder could not be found to
accept bud
A partial explanation of UlaiWilllama'i
selection of Dr Young and Dr Krich- j
helm seems to be t heir former COnnOOtlon
with Dr Butler After the latter s death
ir Krichbaum took his houaa and Dr.
Young, who waa one of his sud"its, has
his desk She may hav seen it when nhe
called for treatment, Perhaps an asso
ciation of ideas was respoii.ibe.
I niter Her Own Steam to Nhlp)srd for
Ili-palrs l-'.scorl of Tims.
Npttttti t'nhle Despatch to Ttir. Sck.
Soi TiiAMprox, Oct 4 The disabled
White Star liner Olympic left hare for
Helfasl to-day She was attended out
of Southampton water by five tuga, but '
when she got outside she proceeded under j
her own I team making nine knots an
"our. ins vossei win ue ropureu a- mo
yara" OI ariand, olff. where ahe wae
whose business ,s m New York. ' V?' tT "SSSi
...aiding Ib r brother was a W NSl If Qj f) t l
f Dr. Vouna. and this de- V Qj t t . .r-st'- 71 v J J
Dr. Lyon's
Tooth Powdor
Used by people of refine
ment in every part of the
world where the use of the
tooth-brush is known, for
Almost Half a Century.
EEh lo 11 im. ASM AY,
tthrtlipr or ot It Will IIp Pe rm n t id to
Include Randal Plights,
Argument ires heard yes erday by
Justice (larretaon In the supreme Court,'
Brooklyn, on the motion to make per-'
mnnent the temporary Injunction re
straining Hheriff De Motl of Nua..ti county
from Interfering w ith the Hunday avla-1
t illll IllretS ftt the V.'M.S.MI Polll. - V ,'.l .Urn. i
Deolalon was reeorved.
Timothy I, Woottrud s id y. aierd iv
thai there would be living on Si.turd.iy
at the Maaaau Boulevard Aerodromo end'
on Hunday unless .bulge (larretaon re
fuses to continue 'he knjunotlon. The'
lis of probable aviators Includea nopwlth,
Orahame-Vi hlte, Dyoit, Nilsnyulmby and
Miss Molaant, the American alatorawho
were th"rc I s week, with Ihe exception
of Ely. and p.rmy and navy airmen
If the sat. c'loii of the Aero 1 u) of ,
I America is la
I. Kg t he nice' Will be hehl
aa vs l i W'kxIi iif.. bul on
JUBt the , ami
Nelurday it will be called uu exhibition
IneteaU of a oomiartltli n and will be run
on a cooperative basis with the lilerai
Mr. Woodruff app. ..rs to-day before I
Justice of t tic Peine (ittlcn.1 ui Hemp-
stead to answer the charge of violating
I the Hundav law by running the meet
Hunday before last. He was arrested on ,
September "s and was released on Ins I
..wn recognlcanoe.
! When asked yesterday if he had not.
promleed al the time the Nassau Boule
vard lerodrome was built adjacent to
: the Jamaica retatea that flying would be
: prohibited thei eon Mundays Mr. Vi'oordulf
replied lhal a i the t Ime when t he residents I
HI the Katntee had voted by ! to 13 in1
favor of erecting tho lerodrome he an- 1
nounced that he aga Inet Hunday flying
ami would prevent It aa far as he was able.
j "But." explained Mr. Woodruff, "Sun-1
day Hying gel beyond my control."
! Ab Woodruff said 'hal one of Ihe best j
things thev were getting up for the meet- I
ling rteturday was a cross-country ruce
I between Ihe three Englishmen Hopwllh
Orohame-W lute mid llyott each with
I Ilia different make of monoplane, the
I Bier lot, the Nleuporl and tne I'epre
Idusein 'I here would probably lie a simi
lar race between the American avlatore
i with biplanes Mi Uuimby and Miss
' Moisant have their MoUUUll nioi.opl me- i
i and .ire expected lo take t he air on Sntur-
i Ihe same Saturday aviators are ex
pected to By in tie- Sunday exhibition,
h i' : n"ie
will Is- altitude, duration.
alighting and (inick starting events. No
i prizes will Ihi offered for these flights
I '"" !h partll ipants will share in the gate
1 receipts
were found yesterday afternoon They
aaid that they had taken Krenoh leave of
the ship us a prank several hours before
the explosion
They were reprimanded and then for-j
78C0 Col.
f i - 9 . - . . - . . . i i ... - i -m m mjm mmm iiy mm
i KJ
We Announce the Arrival of the 1
I & a I
Saks specialists
in exclusive Auto Wear
5 Since the advent of the auto as a vehicle
of demonstrated utility- we have devoted an
entire department to the tailoring of exclusive
motor apparel.
J We were one of the first to draw a sharp
distinction between ordinary wearing ap
parel and the quite different requirements of
the autoist.
CJ And nine years spent in catering to those
requirements evolving original ideas and
featuring the most exclusive European crea
tions has made us the recognized center for
motor styles.
Auto Coats for Men 37.50 to 50.00 '
j Warmth-without-wcight fabrics are an excellent
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Saks'. The very best of these fabrics are used
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Raglan or plain sleeves, convertible collar for all
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boxy lines, and with sufficient amplitude of cloth
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cold. Slash or patch pockets; lined or skeleton.
Cosy Auto Coats for Women. .22.50to 75.00
Cheviots, cashmeres, vicunas, double-faced or
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Slash pockets, various revere, turn-over cuffs.
Many models for your selection, including some
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Apparel for the Chauffeur.
J Most important thing about these garments -is
the fact that we make them. And every chauffeur
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est inkling of our reputation as makers of men's
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iaction which you cannot possibly get from a mid
dleman who distributes a factory output.
Overcoats 25.00 to 75.00
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Broadway at
. r W q4a mm
An entirely new model of a distinctive and different
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new features, yet embodying only conservative and
well tried-out mechanical ideas.
Comfort and luxury combined with absolute dependa
bility, insuring uninterrupted service.
Doors are 25 inches wide and full height. Miladi may
wear her largest hat and enter without discomfort.
Chassis built very low, on account of the ingenious drop
frani", yet there is ample road clearance. Even an aged
or irfirm person can ?tep into the car without effort.
Body is made of aluminum, therefore light weight.
Upholstery and fittings of the very highest grade.
Complete equipment including electric lights, inside
and out, speedometer, etc.
New "en bloc" motor, no moving parts exposed; four
cylinders 4 x 54, with Bosch dual ignition ; four-speed
transmission, short steering radius, perfect spring sus
pension. Non-smoking oiling system.
Built in its entirety in the Garford shops.
You have not seen a real town car unless you have
inspected this
bility, insuring uninterrupted service. j; !
Broadway and 62nd Street
34th Street.
Dxtributo -s

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