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and in MOD instance the prosecution
found one of the parties alleged to he i
Implicated Who WM ready to turn rttaie'sl
evidence and oonfese,
The 7'irnia building in 1. ' n;'eies was i
wrecked by an explosion of dynamite, j
lielieved to have been secreted in an j
I alleywHy bwlda it an hour or M after i
l midnight. By Ihe CollapM of a part of
the building twenty one members of tlc'i
editorial and mechanical staffs WOTS
; killed. The next day two linetploded
bombs wen- found; our in the vine about
the house of DM, Harrison flray litis.
thn ..u?,,r .iwl mi i ictinr f t 1 1 1. t " , 1
and iSne under ihe house of r. X I Bee
i handelaar, secretary of Ihe Merchants
, end Miners Association "f l.e Angeles.
The bomb found on Oen n i r" f premieee
i exploded when the police were about to
open the Suitcase in whic h it rested,
. doing no damage The other bomb gave
the elile upon which the f I ret work of lha
detectives wan done and WhlOfl cvent'i-
elly led to the nrrrsi of the MoNumara
brothers mid Ortln K. MeManlgal.
The deadly machine comprised n tin
ran full of nitroglycerine, a dry battery
. and an alarm clocH with the alarm sal
at the hour of 1 o'clock n ihc arm of
the alarm key was a thin strip of tnotal
which nH designed to make a contact
with the dry battery wire when the key
unwound: a spark would Instantly pass
into the nitroglycertne and the explosion
iwim . 1 1 i tiiii iiii' i M,ii initi iiiiii' lav
alarm had been Wound loo tightly and
that Mdcauscd the clock to stop.
Gen Otis paper for yearn hod carried
on a hard Merit to make '.s Angeles an
open hnp" town, and because of this
policy all the power of union labor had
, been directed against the fum. Hip
boycott ha I boon tried repeatedly and
there had been much bitterness on both:
sides, tien. Otis on the morning after I
the explosion in an editorial laid ihej
crime at the door of union labor without
The first step toward apprehending the !
perpetrn'ors of the out rase was made ,
by f'alifornia detectives when they di,;
covpred ilia' In the month before three
men hid bought MO po incts of Rn per cent
gelatine nitroglycerin! of the Olanl
Powder Company at Pinole, on Han Fran
Cisco Hay. and had taken i, sway with
them in a motor boat Beyond that and
the tracing of two of these men to a Han
Francisco I'stging house, the hum did
not progress until William 1 Burns, the
' detective who cleaned up 1 1 1 Oregon land
frauds cases and land., i Mayor Sehmtti
and Boss Ttuef in the Kan Francisco graft
esses, was called Into i he i ase,
Burns had been working some months
prior t" thai tine to tind the people who
were guilty of using dynamite to destroy
bridges and structural Ironwork in the
Esst and n Iddle West as reprisals In 'be
wsr between employers and the Bridge
and structural ironworkers Union.
While Invoetigatlng the blowing up of
bridge in Peoria. Ill . he found a clock
bomb similar In every dc; iil to th telltale
contrivance of death that Was found I
undor a hot'se In Los Angeles In Burns's
mind that linked up the niPti he had been
I trying to get wn n t he crime in t s's Angeios,
On April 21 of thii year Burttl arrested
James B. McNamara and UoManigal
I together in Detroit after they hid boon
shadowed for months They had checked
suit cases at a hotel Which were found
to have contained dock lioinhs of a simi
lar pattern' to that one in l.os Angeles
Sext Hums arrested .lohn I Mc Samara
ih Indrertap dis. There followed the And
-tag of eiknty pounds of dynamite, four- !
, teee alarm, clock, fuses and fulminating
.caps in a vault at the American Central
I Life building which had been hired I
ilonn i . .Mt.VT.mara for Ine storm
Burns i, ved qliK-kly fur extradition
Aafted h In-A hie fkro men in irons and
othcyjwer of Indiana before the law
yers; hired vbjk the union ouiki block the
I Moping . sIb .hmughc agutnet Bums
rjnd a nucoeaafui Sfltht to prevent some
',! 'h evidence being carried to Call
. "forma wn made
A shor time! after the three prisoners
I had been 'oc .eri up in l,os Angeles without
4ail Mo.'dauigal made a confession, so
It nas 1 u al'oced, in which he acknowl
ed-!" I ho part he had
. i i ...
laveil in the Los '
Jmgelea nitrate and
brothers McN'amara.
inorimme'ed the
I Archbishop Telia Old Koldlert nf the llan
'S. . Bern In PeAWseaali e I'liltes,.
SBbCtMCIL Bu rrs. la . O. t. It. Arch
bishop Ireland of St Paul to-night closed
the forty-tirst annual, convention of the
Society of the Army of the Tennessee
in a response to the toast "American
As "Captain John Ireland"
..bishop was ,t member of the
Blirvlvort of whi. .1. h ive been
the Arch
armv. the
in session
lurre for two days.
At the annual election to-day Peoria.
Ills., was selected as the next meeting
i place and the following officers were
elected: President . Oen, Grenville M
Dodge of Council Bluffs; Recording f!eo
retary, Co! , Cornelius L'adie ot Ohio:
Correspondcig Sei rclury. Major William
i H. Chamber II n t'f Ohio; Treasurer, smith
'HlokMlooper of i Ihio.
Archbishop Ir. Utnd in his AddrSSS iiar.i-
phrasin g t he faraoua aphorism of Abraham
Lincoln. "By too people, for the people, "
argued vigorously against th" Initiative,
referendum end rocr.U as dangerous and
(in-American He argued th.it where
flagrcnt unfiiuess for office develops in an
officeholder the remedy is i : h.tnd, im
peachment a, tho bar of legally consti
tuted cours. All this, heeaitfc is popular
eoverelgniy. so organired that liberty and
order w,".lk h.-Jid in hand: that liberty is
there without license or anarchy, and
order without loss of liberty by the people
withou: a rpii;n of despotism outside of
and above the people,
The Archbishop was especially severe
in his denunciation of the recall, of which
he said 1 he recall aa proposed by present
agitators. u indeed practised in a few
communities, is fatal to public peace and
to th;'t security in office without which the
puhh" welfare cannot be subaerved
"The peril from the recall, the culmina
tion of the political absurdities involved
in il are ...nt, w hen the recall is extended
to the judiciary If ever independence
from popular clamor is Imperiously de
manded ii is when men are bidden to
speak m il " name of supreme justice re
gardless of pi rise piences to persons or to
parties, when the intricacies of law re
quiro Ihe utmost -kill end delicacy in the
unravelmetit when absolute calmness ol
mind and deepest study are prerequisites
to a decision. V ,it,.v ,.r t ,p social or pn.
lit iei I evolutions or revolutions with wh ch
ihe country be thn atoned, ror the sake ol
America, lor the ;,k.. .,i d niocracy. let
us pray the Ocd ol nations l,e there no
sacrilegious nana up .n I
ing their independence
courts, impair
lowering iheir
Ell.l lXli VP Till III KI TS.
Rrpnbllcani and itcsrst n,.,, P-nir un
"nme semhl men and ltlrrmen.
The following nominations for Aasem
lilymer. and Aldermen were in ide IU141
ron taeauat.rMAS', tammani
10 Usysr (Irssnbsrg -r hrsliani tin ben
1.1 Jin" l ' anptic'll
run isHKMiu mcv
John ii o't'oaartl r
t Mm llrrestirrisr
Abram iioiMiajtin
I T I ,!..,
Wm. Ii llintdlc L
Inseim I frill M
ii. i in. riulibsslai
iii,, XHernraiaa li
m s, rri .mi sen
M. .. I'mi muslin JT-Wm. .1. Il
1 1
Stin klDSSMAK, nsri'Bi.iriH.
a--F M c' (n.lij ; Frrdsrlck Tmc
win it It'iwsy .i2-.U'iir J, MrAvay
ms to jsren ww
'itmn ii Frmlsrlrli v.'ii".t
ir. t -n nomination! of Well, wiimot and
ObertUbheaing the Republicans fused
WHO the Judependenoe League, which
Struggle between employers nnd the union I
promotes health I
Purnt in the orlj.
AntfrlO'l 1 c.idinp .iter
for ivcr H all Ontutv.
Bottled nnlv at the Spring
Ufldcr IVrffit Sanitarv UHlditiont,
South Polsnd, Maine.
V, fti, f. Poland Spnnf- Building,
1 1 So Broadway (ncir .'Hth m i
10000 flOO st IT o.
Hearing In ctlnn to I nmpi'l llstemrer
K.state to erount for i'hst HMH.
Final hearing of the sun of Norman B
looker H executor of the estate
f his I
fat her against the National Sugat Refining :
Company and the heirs and
utora of
Henry i) Havemeyer was begun yester
day before V loo-Chancellor Movent in
Newark i he suit was originally brought
by Nathaniel l ooker, who died in Baa!
orange early In the summer, to compel
an accounting for an issue of 110,000,001)
of common stock in the defendant com
pOiiy at the time of its organization in Iftun
The complaint alleges that the common
stock in question Was issued without con
sideration 1" .lamps H Poet, who was the
representative of the senior Havemeyer
He utiiiisi with Mr Havemeyer in forming
the National company tinder the New .ler
sey laws, with a capital of gJO.OOO.OOO They
bought all Ihe shares of the old National
company and the MollenhaUer concern
for lis 2SO,000 This sum. the complain
ants contend, was lto,ooo,ooo in pmws of
the actual value of the property
it is run her alleged tnai .Mr cost, act
ing tor sir Havemeyer, received la, 750,-
issiof preferred siok in the National and
the 110.000,000 in common stock Involved
m the litigation With the common -took
Uip Havemeyer control of the National
company s affaln was made absolute
t he complainante hold lha; tile issue of
thp 110,000,000 of common stock was a
fraud upon the preferred stockholders,
who, it is said, ilid ik: participate In the
division of or approve of it Ihe com
plainants want the common sto, n re
turned lo the Ngtlonal ennpany or to iihvc
$10,000,000 in cash paid to the company
ihe rending of depositions consumed
the greater part of the time, the tir.-u one
being thai of .1 Howard Wilson, who al
leged that it was nol until aome time after
ward that he learned of the issuance of
the stock in dispute He hid exchanged
nis stock in the old National company lor
I preferred slock in the new conc ern lie
I further suited that he Went into th dell
I because he was in the minority and would
I have to take what ihe others go1. Othl r
I depositions wer,1 of a similar nature, all
I insisting that nothing was known of the
I stock transaction uniil long after its con-
I'rmiL tl.-.nsel of Phi laHelnhl 11 was the
llrst witness ' He testified that he knew j "I shall parole the defendants in the cus
nothing of the stock issue when the reor- j tody of their counsel, the purpose of bail
ganiaatlon took plaoe in ItOO, On cross- ,jI1K n nny cilSe to assure the presence
examination he admit led that his own pre- ! f accuM- on the dav of tie trial in
ferred stock c eri iln-ale. which he had ' ...
produced m ovidence, contained a ref- and lam euro there will be no failure
Siwnce to the 10,(KIO,000 stock issue A in these cases The defendants are
I number of other witnesses testified in a I
similar manner i
Ihe defendanta, besides th National
Sugar Refining Company, are Louislne
W, Minviiever, Horace Hsvpmeyer. Ada
line H Krelinghuysen and Kl. ctra H Webbl
as individuals and as executors of the
Havemeyer will
Instttute Reari tn gprnd JH.tKMl.iHlO for
llulldtnM In 4'smbrulge.
Boston. Oct II After many months
of deliberation the Maaaaehuaetta Insti
tute of Technology has eleoted to take
the Cambridge side of the Charles River
basin as its site for thP "Now Teoh" which
is to bp erer ted St a COSt of $2,000,000
Options have been tak"r. on i bout
fifty acres -f vacant land between the Har
vard and Cambridge bridgos from Maaaa
ehuaetta avenue to the Ezpoaition Build
ing This ei:e has v frontage on tin
Esplanade along the basin of about one
third of . mile and about one-quarter of
i: mile on Massachusetts avenue Ii is
an ideal place for a large educational,
Institution easy of access, with plenty
of light end air
It is not yet se-tled tht this will lie the
s'te on which the imposing buildings will
l rec.ed, because there ere oort-iin
matters which ihe city of Camhrid'v
ii. us: , liend to before that will be possible
For that r '."son Tech has nol actually
purchased toe lanci out trrangemonti
have Is. en nine)" so that the owners e.r.
iii agreement on s price, which is approxi
mately $740,000
As soon is ih" Cambridge Mavor rnd
other city official ido their pert by closing
certain streets, the purpose will' be con
Bummat ""ii
As Cambridge some time ago extended
an Invitr.tlon to the inailtuce to locate
Ita now plant in that city, there seems to
bo no doub: th.it notion on the matter
now will is' favorable
Announcement of the selec tion of the
Cambridge sue was made this afternoon
ntlllsm Plenger Finds mto In Brnsdwsy
and sleeks Owner.
William Plenger of Germany, who is
Btaying at the Hotel Astor, found a ten
dollar bill on the sidewalk in front of
George M. Cohan's Theatre, at Broadway
gnd Forty-third street, Inst night With
the money in his fingers Mr. Plenger
looked about f or aclalroant , As none np-
pqgred the finder walked on to Forty- i
second street and handed the bill to po
liceman Fitzgibbons. He was going back
to Germany in a day or two, he explained
and had no time to find the owner of the
tin lie hoped the police would act in
his stead
Lieut. Sherwood, to whom Fitzgibbons
took the money, couldn't figure out how
the owner was going to identify it even if j
lie appeared, but he tucked it In a drawer
and dutifully recorded the episode in his
I'lc tter.
are a feature here; we claim that in style, workmanship
and quality they cannot be excelled anywhere.
The best haberdashery procurable at a given
f ice from the joremost makers of the world.
lunirTMPMT Af.ATNCT r.DnilT
inuivi raun i nuni..
Psroled la CiKtorty of III- t nun. el Ten
uity If Convicted la He one Yesr's
Imprlsonmi'iil, or l ine, or Hath stsie.
nteni by Orawt liftfei Mm imiieirii.
Indictments of Rdward M. (irout nd
lames T Ashley, former president and
cashier respectively of the defunct Union
Bank, which had been expected for n few
days, were handed down yesterday to
Judge Hike In tin- County Court In Brook
lyn by the (Irnnd .a.iry. which has had llie
tangled aiTaita of tio bank under Inquiry
for more than a month, The indictments
are Identical, charging Qroul and Ashley
with a misdemeanor in making a
false report to the Slate Superintendent
of Bunks us to the
onditlon of the bank
on March 16, 1911
llrout ami Ashley had evidently been
well aware thn' the Indictments were to
be submitted, for i ot h were in i he crowded
COUli when Judge Dike took his ieat
shortly after 10 o'clock. Mr (irout was
accompanied bv Ins brother. Paul OroUti
J, K. McKinney. also a law partner, and
his counsel. Steph
C Baldwin, as well
I as by several friends.
Pending ih- arrival of tha llrand Jury
Mr. Baldwin, sneaking for his client,
said tha' Mr. (irout had no Intimation of
whai ih" Indictment was for, but thai he
ha'l prepared for a bond in any amount
i through th" American Surety Company.
When tli" jurors tiled in and their n rues
were calls I Foreman Camm handed dow n
, the Indictments, and Judge Dike said
"Are the defendants in court? If they
at e, call I heir names."
i The clerk then called out: 'Edward M
Oroilt and James T. Ashley to ihe bar."
and both eime forward With their re
sopCtlVS counsel and with District Attor
ney Clarke and Assemblyman (ioldstein.
special pr isecnt r in the bank investiga
tion, in thn group When Mr. Baldwin
was asked if ho waived the reading of the
indictment ho Bald, "fel me see it first "
The document was then carefully scanned
' by Mr Baldwin and his client and there
was a brief conference Mr. Baldwin
then slid: "On behalf of Mr. OroUl I
wish In waive the rr 'ding of the indict
ment and plead not guilty to Ihe same
' I ask tor ten days in which to decide
whether we will demur t the Indictment
or if wn ohoose withdraw our plea and
pnter any other which we mav deem ad-
vlstble." Lawyer v.m Thun on behalf
of Ashley also entered a similar pie i.
"Has the question of bail been dis
cussed?" asked ludge l'ike
"It i for a mis lemo inor." the Pitnot
Attorney respondo I
"That be'ng the case " .ludge Pike said
parol".! In the custody of their attorneys "
Following the proceedings District At
torney Clarke made this statement ex
plaining ii"' Indictments:
The ine',,. i tnrn:s are found 'ind"r section
en of th" IVnal ( od", wh'eh provides 'hat
ii dlrei lor, nfllc r or sgt n' of a
who knowingly concurs In pub
written report, exhibit er sta..
ufftirs or pecuniary condition
any naterlsl statent nt Which
who omits or concurs in omittin
nvnt moulted b) l to bs
rporritinn I
hln sny j
'n- "f lis
ontaintne 1
i f.ils". or ;
iny state
i ontaintd
therein, is guilty of n .nisd"m,;'.nor.
I he Indictment nllecd that among Ih"
resources of lha bank ihe leans and dis
counts amounted lo $4,nM,tsll It is al
leged thai this is a fal"" statement in 'hat
the amount l- excessive
it is further alleged 'hat anions ih"
liabilities ass th. statem n' tha' bills
pa. able amounting to $i,M7,sss.ri did,
nnt mature until Dee mber, ino it is i
alleged thii tha' is false in that all of thse I
bills payable matured and wern due and
payable on tprll '.'. INO, the date " hen the
repo. t wa ntad
Th IndlClm Id alleges that III de I
fendants knowingly omitted to insert I
smonc 'he hahihti-.s in tii" report the sum
of S'nO.nnii, (he pa . in iii ,:' w hi.-h the l nion i
Bank of Hrookb n had guarant . d
ih- Metropolitan Trust Company had
loan d t. ihs Onalow-Moore Company and I
th" sh-c rd t ampin In mi or l3nn,ono,
ih . paym nt "i ihs ihs I'nion Bank nf
Bronkl; n -c i h : . "i ed Tht was a liability,
It I- i ill!" cl. Which SllOUld hive heell set
forth ..moil t ti. i liubli u.'h of ih" company,
hie was omit od
The firs: count in th" indictment re
cites thii the bank's resources inateid of
amounting to M. 8J4.1S8, set lorth in
the repori to the Banking Department,
were no more than $4,701, lit.OSI, the dif
ference of a be ii il one i being r' present,. 1
by various so-called dummy loans and
alleged questionable paper, such as the
I jW.000 "repudiated" note of the Remeon
; Bond and Mortgage Company,
The sound allegation in the first count
i m iii" iniiieiincni concerns the item
, the repori
ifii-d u h "bills payable tint
Droember next i.r,n.-
SS5.N1," while, as alleged, the defendant
i knew that they w
i ,1ns' the renoer wcim
due l.rior to ths
ignod The seoood
I s.,.ont in the IfftetlfMl NlfMltJ eor,,n,,u -I I
eoneerna the
! failure of Grout and Ashley to include
among the bank's liabilities the $200,000
which theOnslow-MooreCompnny and the
, Shetland Company, subsidiary corpora
tions of the liunk, had borrowed for the
bank, the loans being guaranteed by the
' bank.
The penalty for the alleged olTencea
i is imprisonment in the penitentiary for
one year or a tine of $800, or both.
The alleged false report on which ths
Indictments are bused is as followg!
l.osnt sad dtieeuntSo $1,164101,61
c iverdrsfia
line frcim trust romDSOlta,
bsnka sod banker, net in
cludetl In nej.1 Urni . $6t,66S,3S
pile from reserve ilrpesl
taries i-.s smouai "f "ff
nets . a:7 2
I DMimy,
I M.irtjn,.,
- SMI 11,1 7
H7.IST if
Ma.sta .-it
. neil
Stpfkt, and hnnav. vli.:
Puhllr rMirlti ihook vslilf. II.
nOB.OOi; nvirkrt vslue...
oihrr srrurlilrs ihoek value, tlVW.
IM,lS); market value..
l.eai lender noies and notes ox na
llenal imnka
( ah Items
miirr asseis, vli:,:
furniture anil natures. .
Are rued Istereat oi en-
Irreil XVW
MiMu i: i
r.n.tni M I
HH..IU ni
T,in,M M
uinnn ifs
i 'snltai sinew .
Surplus. InrludliiK all undivided Pie
ills WW.Stal M
t'rrti rred depuslis sa,OBi.J!
Iwpnsltannl preferred MIDJOFJi
I in irust eetnpanlrs, bsnkl end
hsnkera no.ns: rti
Total drposlts. . ta.tei.ftf M
Hills pflahle. nol malurlnx UBtll Pe
feml.er nrjii IJnlfWft.SI
oilier llaMlllles. ;
Certified cheeks. . . HJ.4M IM
i 'ashler's rherks :r..no:'.:u
L'niwld dividends S !n
ItrserM-1 taxes . . I,40P 00
Accrued Inleresl nel en
lered.. . M.lWXlOn
i Tniai t:.ias.:iu :
Stale ef New York. County ' 'I KlSfa. s Kd
waul M Urotlt, president, and James T -lile .
fishier ef Ihc I tilon llnnU if Hn.ekhn. .1 hsnk
nested and iininK bualheaa at 1 euri
1 In ihr Horutich ol nroukh n. '.n aid rountl
beinl i
i"') pwitriii earn I'M nimiHWl. rmi iiii .m
k.-iiik 1,-cmi is 1 rue snu niTrn 1 111 ni, is-nvns-ip,
in ihr best ef ills knowlcdft and belief, and ihe
further snv ihnt ihe usual buatneaa ef as Id 'isnk
has been transaelrd nl Hie IneStlon required
nj the Panklni ia iCtitp in. Law "f won
amenoeoi, sne tint elsewhere mi ini mr mnr
i , ,.,.i i I-, in ic,f ciirni pi r-rrierii e ,i r .,u .1 1,11
lendenl nf Ranka ,mi Uniarte in i-ciiiinll.Tn,.e
von nn iimiiai nnuee rerriven irom run. nraia
nallnit the SKIh a, f t.,-. h f.11,1 a . II., datj
as ef which tuett rrnert ,hii he made .
iSSieT vsnt.?! rsSCr !
Severally autnertned mi l aworn in hi hnth ;
deponents, the Jd da: ol ptn I9tn, before m
A'lLtJtsnt' PrsTor.
TCStof Notar: ,ntar P.tlilk-. Kings c
Before Quitting tli" orurt ro en Mr
(Irout gave out this statement declaring
his innocence and asking for a suspension
of Judgment:
I c. sire t 1 assure m.- friends who have
been so loysl to nte Hubs pa-' months nn.l
the public, from Whom I ak n snsp list, n ef
iudgment, that i am innocsnt ol ttcs"
eharges ss ss of any other criminal set
1 have !' n refused a hesrlns by the (irsnd
.iu"v not withstand na my most persistent
riToris 10 obtain 011 1 1 ihoutfhi that my !
1 gfty years in this romnvtntt snd th" con
I fid 'ine nnd rospeel In ah'rh I believe thai 1
I have hlthsrto hec n h 'Id would hnve as-1
Isurcd ms at icnst that muih isansid'ratlon, I
hut It seems to have sen "1 somebody's
purpose th il should be 'i Hied, ih".
I I nlon Hank has already causedmsa Israel
loss of money, enough to liesriy nun ni"
financially, and two yi n ago it was the
cause ot my sltnoa! fatftl illn ss
Net there se.-ni to b? some who wish
m" in sufTr furthsi .
and iit becstiss I
he, acisp I look t It" w r
Ii. psrtm nt upon is
and I reel to save it
now sj.y s for th'
v n to absolute rum. i
. k. .! th" liMt.k. hut I
ck f.'om the Bnnkltig i
rtlflcate of solvency
i tn d too hard, they '
l inipirs I rust i 'cm- i
pan;.' losn, never until less th en a week nfio '
did 1 h"ar it siikuc s1, d thai 'it Ihs time of
making our last t. port th" facts concerning
this loan were as have he, ii tcstlflc d h- fore
the (trend .buy As to th" other counts
or other items in the indictment, l believe
I have already se forth th" fncts fully in
ml previous statement
Former Police Commissioner James C.
i 'ropeey. whose activity in the Union Bank
investigation incidentally resulted in his1
nomination for ihstnct Attorney by the
liep-iiuicans. was tioi iti conn yesierciay i
during the at Taignmeill of Orout
Ashley He lagoing tocontlnue l is work
m th. bank probing as usual during the
political canvass. 'Nothing is to Inter
fere," he said, "with the bank investiga
tion. Thai was the basis on Which I ac
cepted the nomination f or District Attor
ney. I will have to give most of toy clays
and a good part of my nights to the bans,
as 1 havp leen doing. But nevertheless
1 think 1 will lie able to find lin e lor
some eamaigmng and 1 think we will
stir things up a bit in the county I will
do my best to he elected, now that I have
been nominated." The I Hum Id 11k cle
pooitora propose t 1 take an active h;;nd
in the fight for Cropsey's ele. t ion and
plans are under way for opening a 1 ropeey
campaign headquarters under Ihe direo-
1 ion 01 their aeeocietion.
Kdward Marshall Grout was Comp
troller of the city of New Vork from 1001
to t05, two terms He was the first Bor
ough President of Brooklyn and has licet
prominent In politics for twenty years.
He will he 50 years old on October 27
Mr. Grout was born in New York city,
lbs grandfather, Paul (irout. had been
a leader iti Democratic alTalra and was an
Assemblyman about eighty years ago
Kdward M Oroul went to the numic
schools, in Brooklyn and was graduated
from Coig.it. University In IMl He
studied law in the office of (let, HtOWurt
I, Woodford and was admitted to the
bar in 1SR.Y
lie became prominent first whon the
street railway fronohisf" frauds were .v-
1 P ...oil bv a taxpayers s'Ui 1 1 1 r-. .iMh'v
attractod the attention of wiiicm .1.
. Qaynor. now Mayor, and Mr. G.iynor and
, Mr (irout became law partners on Janu
ary 1. IBM. With Mr. Oavnor he partlci
11 iter! in th" iltigstlnn conetsrning the Co
lumbian celebration bills, 1 he New ( ' trech 1
gas suit and the prosooiiti in of John Y.
1 Mc Kane for election rrauda,
I is 1 SOX Mr ( limit cm ii fnrUlttnrnf Rpnnll .
1 1 vn aaainat Frederick VN w lrsterandwaal8'ncerely hoi
'c'.'eite.l by 2.000 Two yeirs later he waa
elected President of his borough, In
1 1 BOM, on a fusion ticket. Grout was elected
(Comptroller and two years after that, as
, .. rititmiiiiv canclici iic was reHlncted.
In ran lie was .1 candidate for the Demo
I critic nomination for Governor
Mr Grout's law partner now is his
l.rotlo.r run I heir iitlit.w arc at 111
I RraadwavandlMMontacueotreet. Brook-
in Mr. Qroul it. a Minor and Judas
I I flimrd In lNt(l he married Ida I,
xcivo.'.ite in ino awaciq iirivacie ,sa
I i.oMchlak of BrnoUivn Their home la
I nt ao Carroll street In that boroueh.
schoolboys ox STRIKE.
marred ! Trsnfrr of Trsehrm Ttir
lilve cp "some tli ins t n no.
Forty-eight Ihivs in the gradual ine class
of St Mary's Parochial S ihool in Third
street. .Irsey City, were greatly upset
on rea ihing the school yesterday morning
to learn that Brother Maleohy, their
toaoher. had lieen ordered by the Htiperlor
of the Christian Brothers to chance plaeea
with Brother Deklan "f Bl Vincent's
Institute at Allentown, Pa Brother Ma
la hv had been al St Mary s f.,i many
years an'l the had hoys, as Well as the good
ones thought, a heap -f hin.
"It's a blame shame Brother Ualaehy
hrs teen taken sway firm 'lit sthool,
sa d one of the leading spirits in the . las-,
"and I move we ilil till Ihey sencl him
back He's ours end lie belongs here."
The motion hit a xpular rhord and it
was carried unanimously wil lit nil being
put The bojTS rushed out of their c lass
room and compelled all ihe youngstors
thev met on their way In join in the revolt.
They held a noisy indignation mooting
in front of ihe school building and s,,mc-
IuJh ...... ur.r.l t tiie ..I .1 iii.. i' t
station that the boys were on n strike l-ummlns "Prrsidenl Taft will be a
Cone were sent to ihe school for ine pm , burden, ami a l analyse ih" situation i
pose of shooing he strikers in, but Ihey . sentiment will crystallise a.vinat the
were unable to corner them and the hoys president I tuiso .'.f dissatisfaction with
were chaaed off the nlocii . . .
The boys made t bee line for H. -i lllon " ".'' 1 1 ' '
Park with the intention of having another I The three hundred odd delegates to
meeting and determining evi lly what Ilia Ropi'.ili'an invention from ili
would have lo be dins to get Broiher South will not be swayed by the sentiment
Mr.ht hy bak. Capl doe Richards got , ,,. XVet avilnsl the President Thev
tin that n living squadron wn n Ing , , , . '. ine)
ihiough ihe part and sent several un w'11 influencod by New rk or Penn
formed pollcemon there with iusiriitUons sylvanla or the New Rngland sttis,
to oorral the hunch and take them liak to where S nuheni interests centre, i look
hool AssoonaS the cops pm iii an Hp-
poarance tne meoiing simneniy nroae un
and the hoys beat ii in ihedlreotinnofthi'
hill Thev didn't stop until ihey were
outside the confines of ihe Second pre
i r ind Then they hiked in a slgss.f gy.
lei'istirely way lo Mary Roiiaon l ark. Ill
the First preolnrti Where ihey expressed
I their opinion of ihe nolii e and tin school
authontles until the cop on posi chased
I them again.
: it was Saul ui the sohool that must t'f the
boys turned up ft the afternoon session
It is emected that thev wil be kert bus
io-day apologizing ana inaaing amends I tionu a r.inmcna arc among the inooi po
for their broach of discipline. rators.
t'rowrta In Inaurzent Pnrtllind io Less
I RnUmhUtla ami nUy Ttian TOoae tn
the PtfCfMfly state of naahlnatnn
lilml Wonts fur Woman sniltrnge.
I PORTtSNO, Ore., Oct. 11 President
Tnfl wound up his VlSII to Washington to-
day and crossed over into the land of the
I ( tregon idpa."
They gavp him a parade here and the
same crowd that has lieen seen in cities
of litis sio ,,n (hp trip surged against the
ropes I hal WCri Stretched along the mile
of the route.
Tha employees of a big department
store crowded to the windows armed
csrtlli Hin ralalne horn, end their noise '
Htacal etcjA r,-,,.i t. ,,r,i. orocca-
sion from that point on. A good part of
Portland's Chinese nonulntinn was snrin-
kled among the crowd and their native
garbs wiih which they honored the I'resi
... ,11, 1111 1 ,i,
dent s Vltll added a brilliant touch to t lie
more were no indications that thP
ptil.. fri.,,i.. aaahlneinn
- ( ,
and dtred the ot.noHifioti of t Ire eon a in- ,
1 ,,-Iir.1
r "' '
lined bv
the Portland t onunercial Club and after
"''' addreeaed a public mass meeting.
The President ended his Washington
, , ,, . .,ii.,i
visit Willi H strenuous day. He visited
.seven Inwns in Hint Slate lo-dav. He
left Tocomn at n o'clock t his morning and
spent an hour nnd a half in Oiyinpia. the
I Stale capltol,
I Mr Tafl has I a ken advantage of
I his visit in Washington to obtain some
lirsl hand information upon the Workings
I men's compensation law winch waa rather
I recently adopted by that State. Hespoke
I of thla to hla audience al Olympia, Bald
, '
" I want to c ingratulate you on the pro
grcaatve legislation which you have
adopted in this State. I am especially
I Interested in the act providing for work
ingmcn's c-rmpens ition. It is a subject
that we have been considering at Wnsh-
, Ington and which is now under eaamlna
tioii by a special commission appointed
I by Congress. That they will look into the
peratton 1 1 your h uungton statute goes
without saying, and 1 have attempted 10
elicit from ihe Governor and have ob
tained from him a great deal of valuable
Information as to the statute, Ita operation j
and Its beneficial effects," f
In two towns in Washington th Preni
i'lii referred to woman sufirag". Wash- i
Ington ha universal suffrage and is the I
largest stale In the world in population!
while the women vole. Mr. Tafl has
f re uenl ly made, s Momenta which showed
or permuted the inference at least that
he leans toward the idea of rtutTrage for
women His expressions to-day name
nearer, however, to placing him in the
ranks of tlcir supporters than anything
which he hoe siid heretofore.
The fight over ihe proposed suffrage
amendment to the California Consti
tution has placed that Question to the
fore in public interest hero. The topic
wan suggested to th" President bv some
man m the crowd nt Centralia, Wash,
t ihe presided waa making a pr.
perlty 'alk and indulging in praise of the
accomplishmenta and rosiuroes of that
State when the fellow called out:
i t::i alstur ihi ii. a 1. v c a : ice women?"
"Ina;. replied th" President, goes I
without saying. 1 ivir duty they know
better than Ido. You don'l catch me ad-1
vi'ing them what they should do atai 1
sepecially in a community and in a Stnif '
wnere there are more wo;. ten voters I
than anywhere else in the world, i see I
1 im tn-.y defeated the suffrage in Call I
fornle yea erday, so that you still remain
the lorgeet State with the largest number
ol women contributing to your govern
ment I he whole world will watch your
experiment to see how it is oo.ilng out I
nnd what good effect the suffrage may I
have. I do not know how i; is in your !
lu ili"s. .I0.-I1 Hillings used I o sav t ha' t lie
man who consented to be a lieutenant
on his wedding day w as never promoted.
My experience is tha' where ine man is
iii" lieutenant the family is lei gov
erned I dare to say that in the presence
ot a grea' many ladies who win agree
with me. Whether the men do or not la nol
important '
With this start the President again took
up 1 he question in his speech at Caotle
Rock. Wash., and aaid othe aucceas of
sutTrage: U depends upon the women
li ihey ar" going to exercise ihe suffrage 1
and be careful about it and all give I he
attention that men give to It, then I have I
not any doubts about the result I ami
loolting forward with a great deal of In-
teres' and :; grea I deal of confidence lo
wh ,1 the women of Washington do, ,md I
Hi- 1 1
). I. -in thai has
I been entered up
by you will be
lustify what yoi
course all over
a v.
inch oui'.iac.
properly solved and win
i have done, and then of
Ihe country we will fol
I is "u
I'hers was a socialist in ihe orowd
at Castle RocU decorated With yards
nf bright red bunting swathed uiiunt
himseir, li waaevldent that lie intended
to take advantage of the crowd that
hail gathered to ureet tha President
to harangue tiiein as soon as the Taft
I Special pulled OUt of town He got in
a little work with the Presidential party,
presenting eaen niemner that tie could
I find with a copy ol "iniwaf to Jlsaaon.
the socialist newspaper, which flared
anedttorlal against Hie capitalistic ten
dencies of President Taft. exemplified
by his satisfied smile, his girth and the
fart that he plays golf.
In the introduction In Washington
town Representative Varburton, a prod
uct of the insurgent boom in thst S)t,"it
tn ids a second term prophecy for Mr Taft .
ion a Hens tor sas the President win Not
lie Itrnnnilnstrd.
I'HK Aon. (Id II "President Taft will
not be renominated." said Senator Cum
mins of Iowa in Chicago to-day on his
way lo Panama
Fresh from interviews wiih the people
of Iowa Hie Senator did not hesitate to
de laic that before nomination tini"
comes ii win be apparent that President
Tafl cannot win and tha; Ihe Kastern and
New England States will desert him to
save the party.
"Al beet ihe Republicans are going t
have a hard H ue next year." said Senator
mi some oi i nose .m.iic- to leave htm, nnd
llie South wi
c iii dictate
loin in bringing out a new I
c.iori wttlil n'HUNo Ueta,
The ciored Whlsi Players i"lui was in
corporated yesierciay with tha approval
of Supreme Court Justice Pendleton
The orp;nni7.vion will no only Instruct
ns members in the en of whis "hut will
oi idlooti Uie uabll and ic.'Ol gambluia
guu uoiimn in anv ami an ICS phases
11 itll-... it . :l, -i , .
William IV t"...nki I ReoiulH P
I - . ' i
funis het LANOTnr'i ooat.
stutTragettes Nay They llrove Bay sitale
Spellbinder to t ae of llsrah Words.
QgggNPMU). Mass., f)ct. II. The four
woman who have been trailing the Ko. ,
I publican umpaigners from town to town
I sinop Monday were on the job to-day and
l succeeded in getting Secretary of Slide
t.angtry's goat.
Yesterday Mr I.angtry, who is publisher
of a rei H i t.d !.. nswananer. Informed the
HiitTragists that they were "no ladies."
but to-day he went a step further, th" suf
' fragists and their friends say. and de
j dared that Miss Margaret Foley, the
I loader of the quar tet of hecklers, was
j a "brazen woman" and "a barefaced liar."
When the Republican tourists reached
I here at noon the automobile load of hook-
lers ere not in sight and did not arrive I
I until the spellbinders were about to leave,
Miss Foley spoke to about ZOTJ people and
then started in pursuit of the Republican!
The tour began to-day at North Adams,
land there were short rallies at
At the
Tunnel, .oar and i nariemoni
last named place a party of Republicans
from Hpringfield appeared with auto
mobiles and took the speakers on board.
TVipv drovp to RliPlbournP rails, where
a rally was held opposite the
from there came to Greenfield
hotel, and
This nf-
ternonn thprp wprp rallies at lloorlield.
neerfleld. Whatelv, suntieriaiin
Hatlield and llaydenvillc
SPcrPtary lng.ry
raising his voice, tiecinrect. so me s.-
fragists say :,,,,
Miss i Foley say,, she did not nlerr upt
me while 1 was speaking Sli" did inier-
runt me. and it she sav
and if she savs ciinerentiy sne i
is a brazen woman ami a inreiaeen ir,
"1 have had great respect for the woman
suffrage cause." Secretary l.angt ry con
tinued, "and have voted for i' twice in .
the Legislature, but if there are very many .
luffraglsts like Miss Foley 1 never will I
vote for Iheni again Miss Foley does
more harm than good She makes ellj
decent women who believe in suffrage J
While Robert Luce, Speaker Walker
ami Secretary Langtrv were speaking
in South Deerfleld, Miss F'oley and her
Companions drew up in their car. While
the three Republican) were speaking the
sulTragiste look notes When they had
finished Miss F'oley arose in the car and
said: j
'I would he ashamed to tell you some I
of the things the Republicans have re
sorted to in the last few days as a result
of my tour, and they are so-called gentle-1
men. I IicIipvp in giving pverybody a 1
square deal, but the Republicans have
done the raoet unoredltable and under-
handed work.
"I should think thev would he ashamed
You can rely on me nevpr to do anything
t . disgrace thp name of woman.
" I he HOpUDIIOana say I nave neen paiu
bv the Democrats to criticise them. That
is a shameful thing to say and would be ,1
shameful thing to do, I am glad to lay I
have not done it and that Ihe Massa
chusetts Woman's Suffrage Association
pays all the expenses of my I rip. "
N'OBTH AMI'TOS . Miss. Oct. It. Spc
retarv of State Langtry to-night denied
that he had chnractni ijiod Miss Margaret
F'oley as a "brazen faced woman" and a
"liar." Tho Tour women who have been
heckling the Republican campaigners
followed them to this citv and were in
vitcvl to sit on the platform With the
gpsakora but refused.
They got a pe:mil to hold a street rally
about a quarter of a mile from Ihe hall
where Ihe Republican r.illv was being
h"ld. At first ihe women tried to hold
a rally neir the hall, but the police inter
fered, and they held 'heir meeting at the
plaoo us.ugned to them.
sr.irf; committee cai.leo
To Meet Here nn Wednesda) and Fleet a
ew Chairman.
The Democratic State committee will
meet at noon net Wednesday a the
Hotel Knickerbocker to elect a ohairtnan
to succeed Winlield A. HuppUCh,
Full Prohibit inn Ticket In Kings
Th" Kings County Prohibition Party
has nominateil thes oandldttes: Fdr
Supreme Court Justices, Coleridge A
Han. who is ai'-o on the Independence
Lena BUS ticket; Harold l Watson and
William Van Miclen, who is one of the
Republican candidates. FYir Kherlff,
John Berry; for District Attorney, Charles
A, Wi'son; for County Clerk, (ieorge H.
Warwick, and for Register. As 1 I'. Smith.
The twenty-three Candida:. 'S named for
Ihe Assembly and the twenty-four for
Aldermen are all active workers in the
Prohibition ranks.
' "r Democrat CIU Tiekei.
UTICA. Oct. 11. the Democratic Oity
convention to-night made the following
no-tlona: . , ,
Mayor, dames D smith; President of
the Common Council, Curtis S Alllaume 1
Com roller. John A Newman; City Treas-
urer, .lames .1 Doveroug; City Judge,!
John F. Qaffney; Juatlue of the Peace, 1
Joseph Hopkins; ssessors. Fran', Andes
and Charles t.anse; School Commissioner. 1
, nenry Martin,
I Following the city convention the Oem
locr.itrtcd llie r ir.t unci nalsirtOI renomt
Bated Aseenbiyinan ' un Hanley
Nominations to ltiau County,
Albany. Oct. it. The Albany county
Democratic convention to-night nom
inated Henry Pommer "f Albany for
County Treasurer, .lames Collins of water
vital and Michael a. O'Connor of Albany
for Coroner.
The Republicans of the Third Albany
district have nominated Dr. J. C, . DaU
nais of ( ohoes for the Assembly.
Assemblyman Msnle s Opponent ameil.
Utica. Oct. II -The Republicans of
the Kirst Oneida district, comprising the
city of Utica, nominated Kmil fiber to
night for Member of Assembly The dis
trict is normally Democratic bvVM votes
and ihe Republicans will moke no sori
oils effort to prevent
I ne re-lection ol
Assemblyman Manlev
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nn ii tfovn
Reptilillean I'niinly 'nnventtnn Indneif,
Two Itemoerstle nmlnee.
The Richmond Ropublioans held t,
county oonvontn n laat night in Ihi ;r
iiiblicnn county luvidcpiarters
klnsvllle. Joseph B Handy, wi.,,
been nominated bv Ihe Jeffersni I
crats for Surrogate, was Indorsed ly
Rl publicans. Mr, Handy Is a ( it,
Irate He has been known a- ,1 In .,
Another ftepiocral to lind fnvoi
hands of ihe Republican convention ,
c Livingston Boetwlok, win. baa imu,
county clerk fot three terms ainl ... "
Ing reelection.
John Timlin. Jr.. present v,
tendon t of Public Buildings and chair'
man of the Republican county commlttM
was nominated for the Assembly
Just befon the convention wan nalisd
to order Ihe Republicans of the Seventy
first Aldermanlo district got togsiksi
and nominated Oliver T. Johnson fr
Alderman Mr. Johnson is president
of the Brlndley company, railroad en.
Rochester lleptibllesn I'lty Tlpkn.
ROCRBaTtn, Oct II. At the RsnuhH.
cit v
convention held here in night
wing ticket was nomlnaKS, .
. 1" ... St - 1 1 J ij ir 1 . r. . .
' 1 '" ' " ' ", e" ,'.n"f ' ,'""",
' ' ' " "J I'wyer.
i omntroiter, r.dwaid s. usborne irs
urer. I.vman M. Oils; City Assessors
Frank J, Schwalb and Beit H Kati,,
;'"", 'iT':' ' A
A (if )h(, offlc4ri rp rrf,u,.(l(,nn wj))
thp r xeppcion of Osborne nsConiptn,r
, RatTOWS as School Commiis Uer
Now that the
'pennant race" is
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more time to
think about Fall
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V- I
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For Household Goods. 1
U30-442 WtST SI a ST. M
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nio. i Mtf la-t nrcK's m0 ua a nKOfd
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ii. mil. ii st osorgs's caurrb, Flushing. I. I
in Uie Rev ii ir Waller. Roberts, damn
A.f Robert Colgste, io Wlltlorn Klsiirr Hevtnt
UEURIA1I HAItLKR. tin Vr-ln1s , OoWHI
it. inn. m thr rssldeaes oi uir i.ricir s rssun
SIS nil BV., New ork. by the Rev imm
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Mis. I). Du Detl Sshler, lo Alfred BnWkl
her II. 1911. by the Bev. Dr S be UStH
I'ovvnAend. Itstherlne Bernard, dauflitet of
BlM H sn-t the late William II Vrslinfi "
iiubcn Lsderti Btrsbsliii.
- 1 vriAMs
-Fntered Into reit.
Uandsy r.im
October S. mil, a: Hague, warrnn toiuo.
N . Y Cleorfe Ueihune AOaiBS, Il UK '"
ear of his are.
funeral st Hague oti Thursday, Ortobrr It. IIU
BLISS. -On Moaday. urtober a. IStt. Corteltia
, llllss. In 'h'- Tilth year of his am
l-'unrral tcrvlcss at hla late rsaldenee, : Kail
;iTih il . N V. city, on Thursde.:. 'ne l-'i,
lost . at 11 A M Inlermeui at IbC '
Balsa ecu of family,
BOWNS.. nn October In. He.iry l.deir Povr.i.
In ihe Alsi year of his age
Funeral wn Ices al his late rrsWesre s; on
road and SM t . Brooklyn , M. V KrWa).
Uciober It, al It T It, Inlerment private
CRKMON'INI Joseph Cremonlnl. aged IS l'0
funeral al "TBS KVKBSSbCBCSCHi -,l H't -4'1
Weal Id (I If RANK K. CAUrsSI-l ULto
llK.Mii usii.v. i her borne, Wsehl stou D
on Wednesday, October 4, Ksiherl.,e foul"
UjlHnU' ,,f ..UI. Uu.rf.PM.
I'onniiittii Millers a' Uree,iwood lemi en
frhlay. October Uc at IIJS M
HOOVES.. Suddenly, on October i"
wood, n . . Robert L. Hooves.
Interoisat private.
UOORE, Un Oelobsrt, SI 101 Soin'.i i
kill, N . He len K. Harlow. wMov
Itobrrl E. Moore. In her 7Slh year
Reautem ntSSI for the repose of her .
i 'n
be said lit the CbUreb of Ihe Asrensl"" o
Tbursdsy raorslag at II e'elesk 1 a"ses
will mecU Ihr iraln IfSVlOl OrSBfl '
Station at KiM A. M , reaching PeeUi
in 30.
HU ITH im October 10, inn. J- Eugene
l.i ihe sb'h year of his age.
I unersl servleee at his late residence, ias Hip
at, mange, n. J., Tbundai'i ,"'")t"'r l:'
z r u
g Meinortnni
gROMMa. In loving raemon of W t,rl)
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