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coi.i unx s My
t hi ten h
v t in in its
He RllllVMM I In- tie. avion Willi II. niarl.
snilTatics Ulnilp In h Nomination for
resident .Ihiiin) March Out In n
I'nliir Mint Incident of Utc Km
if Christopher Coltimlitia anuM have
seen Jama F. Matt It, Republican dlstrlt 1 1
leader and distributer of i igar"-. as ha was -arrayed
yesterday an marshal nf iiu Hal
inn division of tin- CuliitnliiM day parade
he would have known lhal hi' voyage of
djBUUVWy had nol Ii in Vain, .Inniny.
a everybody sloiig ihe route ami in ihe
reviewing stand, Including Mayor Oaynor, j
call. -i him, hail distributed over him aJ
color scheme lhal dangled ilia beholder
and tirred an otherwise amiable and rary
horse which timiiiy roda lo lively steps
Then' was , ol, ii- a plenty Iri tin' parade,
especially in Ihe uulf inn ol the liallati
Mocii'tipti Jimmy wan nothing else than u
color riot, and it ihvra wan anything ha
left out of hla uniform, n uniform Midi
a no oni- had evar Imagined before, it
wa not not lead in I he general hrtltlanoy,
Aa noon as Jimmy oould return with
dignity to t)n reviewing stand, whlohwaa
In Fifly-ninih St real MSI of Columbus
Circle, he splashed through ttie imtd
OB the stand and greeted Mayor (laynor
"Jimmy," said the Mayor, "this is m
fine aa Teddy a parade, Isn't it':"
Jimmy nodded. Then the Mayor ex
amined him oritlrally
"Jimmy." he Mid, "did yon bring anv
maple sugar with you'"
Jimmy reached under a fold of r,-d silk
and produced a cigar, several cigars
The Mayor took one Hut It is not be
lieved that the Mayor had a cigar in mind
when he mentioned maple stigai to Jimmy,
probably thinking Ihe marshal looked
like a iionUm i"x
"Jimmy," aaid Prank W, Smith, clerk
of Special Sessions, who was the parade
chairman, and M auch had hit picture
taken several times with the Mayor.
"Jimmy, you look like a circus " And
Jimmy sure did
For three hourt.or until 8 o'clock, May or
Oaynor reviewed the parade, moat of
the time standing; bul he seemed to en
Joy it Alton B Parker, whom he greeted
cordially, and Mrs Parker were pari
of the reviewing parly, When one of
Magistrate Ftesohi s young sons Was
presented to him I lie Mayor asked the
boy to ahake hands with Mis Parker.
"You have brown eyes." said the Mayor
to the boy, "You'll he nil right. A
man with brown eyes i all right. Vow
yotl go and see if your fa III r lias brown
ayes." I
Near the end of the parade came an'
Italian who had put himself si the head
of one of Ihe Italian marching clubs,
His clothes were torn and soiled and i
he carried a violin when he got in
front of the Mayor he stopped, jigged 1
for a second and Pegau to II, Idle A
policeman had him ly the arm in a Jiffy,
"Lai him alone," commanded the Mayor,
leaning over the rail, "lie's .ill right
What kind of a policeman are you.'"
The policeman dropped the man's
arm. The Mayor stuck Ins hand in his
pocket. "Some one ought to give him
a quarter." said the Mayor. Seveial
coins were thrown to ihe tiddler and he
got a doll. it lull from a generous soul.
As he was I'locktng the parade he was
finally shooed away, but the Mayor got
a cheer from the crowd
An eathustaatlo Italian m a carriage
shouted. "Our next President!" The
Mayor took off his hat and replied
"Come around and shake hands with
me I he carnage loOK lite laiomer
At the end of Ihe parade the police lines
were knocked aside and Ihe throng
rushed lor the grand stand, Ihe police
became busy trying to drive Ihe crowd
back. Here and there a policeman turned
men ami women back to the sidewalk
and Ihe mounted men oame up
"Don't do that!" shouted the Mayor
to the policemen "They're all right Lei
them come. They won't harm any one "
So the police became part of the crowd
and eased up to the grand stand flout !
The Mayor saluted, his hand to hla lop
hat, at least a dozen limes A husky
voice said. "Tin liners for the Mayor!
The crowd cheered The Mayor lifted Ins
hat. "Oood night." he aaid. and Ins auto
mobile driver had to do Home artful
dodging to get IbrOUgh the press without
knocking down a few citizens.
The parade started from Washington
Square at 2 o clock and tlie head of ihe
line got to the grand stand about an hour
later. Fifth avenue had not gone in much
for decoration. There were a few flags
and one florist shop had a .Spanish flag
and an Italian emblem Two boyi showed
skil Ilia li,,ns nt fl,. blirsry rtiuv l,, frooil
for by getting comfortable seals in their
If Senator Timothy D. Sullivan, who
fathered Columbus fluy in the Senate,
saw the parade he was not at the review
ing eland. There were between 28,000 and
30,000 men in line, and not a few boys
as well as girls. Col Lewis D, Conley
of the Sixty-ninth Kegiment was the
grand marshal. Detachments of regulars
and sailors from the battleships Uelaware
and Utah made up the first two divisions.
Tha third division was composed of mili
tias including Held and coast artillery
The flrwt real sign of interest in the
grand Mand came with the appearance
of tho Seventh Keaiment wearing their
aummer unlfonna. The Twelfth and
Seventy -"rut regiments were applauded,
but it wan the Sixtv-ninth Kegiment that
took the crowd. The band hud been play
ing "(larrv Owen," but. it switched u
hundred feet from the grand stand and
played "O'Doiinell Abu." ihe Fenian
battle Bong. A lively and martial tune,
it was, and the crowd stamissl its feet
and ol leered
The Knights of olumbua, New York
.sand Brooklyn divisions, made a goiHl
r ehowing After them came cadets from
pe e rwj M mini- toe, m-i nui ions, wiiii mrui
boy bands, always favorites with New
York crowds.
There were fori y-one societies in the
Italian section and funy-oiie Lands or
more, and thirty-live oarrlagea, Marahal
March was lectured for letting in the
carriages, but he said he had tol, them in
keep out. and what i oiihi u poliin iau dor
Nolhing. said Jimmy
There w-aa a fliait In flowers i epressntlng
Columbus A boy and a girl were made
up lo repraaant an Indian tuave anil
mai't. n, Also there were two or three
Spaai-li flags, and in the United Spmush
War Veterans were several negroes
Not ne I'flliiuihlan Millets Utnpll In eu
tlllllierr) Hrnd Nn lore.
Tic I'nlumbus Par playground ami
athletic Aaid at Bnitar und Worth atreeta
was iiened yesterd ty after noon Tilers
Wore no speeches nCK'UUBO Mayor lluynorl
i uptown reviewing the parade um
i immiasionar stover said lis wouldn i
s; " is unless the Mayor t ame
s i n .l.odv sairl anything William .
I.-" S'iparvlanr of llaoroution, aiaried
L.e rat si ten in ntimlier. Ihll I were aohed
Uled f..i the afternoon. Thn park play
grounds (K'mpstlng were tint William II
Haward, Tompkins Square, Hsrallton
pish. Pa Witt Clinton, Cbalsaa, Thomas
lefferson. st. Osbrlal's and Cnrlaars
Hook. There were dashes, relav. half
atilt and p'.Utu races, shot puts and high
jumps and the youthful competitors,
some sufficiently olad and some otherwise,
swarmed about tho track oflieialH after
each Mnal to be. sure that they were nut
down Ural or tenth or wherever they be
longed in the scheme ol things. there
w.is nothlna lhal looked like a dressing
: room in sight; all outdoors whs UUUMnie
for a dressing room,
PlVe thousand inure or lest SnthtlSlSS-
tie mammas and bal lea and papas and
little inuuilollka boys Insinuated then ,
Way to the v ei v bat s of the park enclosure
beyond whioll they were forbidden tog,.,
and looked oil ai the games Nobody
1 got inside unless he had an olficial Itollll
I ens nee or a card to recommend him
ihe b.md of a ll Ntisshsum played
the Stjr Spuugled U nmet ' and
tin ri
balili. and " lexander a ,g I inn
brought a
the kids out to ),.
die turkey
There was a grand stand properly
draped and on it at different limes were
lr (.entile, tho Italian Vlrw-tVinsuli
In Joseph II Wade, dlsirlcl superln-
letldelll of public achools: Mrs Wvgnndl
principal of the Children's Aid Society
School; F.rnest llurviet and William
Church tjsiiotn Conspicuous in the
rocking vlisll placed In ihe very centre
of the stand and appueiitlv intended
for the Mayor Was a youth with u dirk
skin clothed in supreme Indifference.
In the eemng t he park proper wns opened
and at that time its name was officially
changed from Mulberry Bend Park to
Columbus Park,
lo.oon P.4.JM0I f.v hhooklys.
Rival OrganUatleiM liet Togctlier t ntler
Two liranil Msmtisl.
The vat ions Italian societies In Brook
lyn unite,) in a Joint parade yesterday In
celebration of Columbus ilav. There
were about lo.uon participants, including
hundreds of school children . in the column.
Owing to soine rivalry be' ween the soel
el ies f wo parades were originally planned,
but through the friendly intervention of
Borough President Steers a joint parade
was arranged, and Police I .leui enant
Anthoiiv F Vaclirn an I former xmstailf
I Dlslrict Attorney Prank I. I'orrao, who
! rap resented the contending factions, rod
at the head of the procession as joint
1 grand marshals
Escorted by a company of mounted
I policemen, the column formed at the
I I astern Parkway and Ralph avenue, ami
j the hue of march was along ihe Kasteill
Parkway t" the Soldier and Sailor Arch
I on Ihe Park PlaM, where it was reviewed
hv President S;eer and most of tin
I borough and county official I he NO ,im
i Italian population of Brooklyn m well
i represented along the hue of march and
i there v. an unnih lUieeimg
There were two tMMHliets In Ihe eve
i ning. the Vachrls wing of ihe Italian
societies gathering ai tliu Imperial and
the Parrao wings' Ratib'a. Among ihe
I speakers at the Imperial were Jui icei
: .lehKs. Crane and Aapinwall of the su
! preme Court and Judge hiu.' ' Mi
I I , lunfy Couri .
William K Hearst, speaking at the
banquet at the Imperial, spd thai Ihe
Italians.. ught to ! favored in the Turkish
' war
. ... T believe." he l hi, "that Italy's piesellt
war is a crusade for hnmnnity, foi prog
i-ess. for civilisation and fori Ighteousness
"1 believe It should receive the sym
Dathv and encoiiragemeni ..fail the right'
leoUK, progressive, huuiatiil i riati pc.ip'e
. of ah civllTaed communitlea.
"In the name of humanity," he weni
! on. - in the name of progress, in the name
I of civilisation, m the name oi righteous,
i, ess let ihe iinsuesksbtv Turk M dlivel
, ii.it only out of Africa but out of Kurope
i mm. i: urn with thi i ts.
DrpsriMenl store teraae Woman I m
player f teoiiiig .lewrlrv.
Soon after Nellie Ptytm, win, h.,s been
behind the jewelry counter ai Sak A
t o 's department alore sit days a week
since last March, got down to the attire
yesterday a floorwalker .-,sie i her t.,
go to ihe office Nellie Plynn went and
there she was confronted by the alore
detective, Kdward McMherry, and Head-
ouartera lleleclives Hyatns and Hughes
i and some of the store officers,
, They asked her lo tell what had lie-
Vollle of V.lli .11- arlldeS Which hSlI been
missed from the jewelry department
every little while s'uk-c she went in work
there Sue was told that nobody else
seemed responsible f.,r Ihe losses and
In. iv I e she knew how they had oc curred
I She slid at tirst that she hadn't the leasl
Idea, but later she Confessed. 6o the p,.-
lice reported, that she had taken a good
many IhlllgS. Some she had given lo
trielida, some she had pawned and some
' she had passed over to her landlady
All hands then goi into aii automobile
and went over to ihe house ,.f Mrs Kl lit
; K easier, where Nellie lived, at (i7u (Jului v
istieet. Brooklyn Mrs Kessler said that
she hud received nothing from Nellie,
but later she amended this by admitting
that she had received a number of things
The detectives found forty pieces or so
in licr rooms They were worth, ac
cording to the Jewell y buyer for Saka
A Co., about ll'.'n In Nellie's own rooms
were other pieces worth about $40
On Wednesday night DetectiveH Hyams
and Hughes and McSherry had followed
a taxicab containing Nellie Klyiin and
two voting men tol 'oney Island and back
They heard that Nellie used to take a
good many such rides and that she used
to finutiee sotne oi tnem noraoii
Nellie was looted up charged with
griitid luroenv I lie polios think that
she took OOnaiderably more titan loin
worth, the amount mentioned in the
Tenderloin station blotter. They ob
tained the names of several friends to
whom Nellie had mude presents.
-Very often when 1 started for work,"
said Nellie. "Mrs Kesaler used to ask me
to hring something home for tier, ami I
Mrs Kessler toltl the police that she.
hud no idea the articles were stolen.
in m r. FBOM COP roil last DRIXh
Then the Tsxlosber Moved On Into Belle.
mic Meoholle Ward.
A taxicab halted in East Twenty-aixth
street near Itellevuo Hospital Inst night
about midnight and u young man loaned
out. "Say. officer. " he said, addressing
Policeman Kelly, on post there. I m on
my way to stst ward Hi) through and I
want one last th ink Can you lend mo a
He got tlie money uml after having
ihe diii.lv drove on to the hospital, where
l.e waa tlulv admitted to ward Mil. whlrli
is reserved for alcoholic patients, lie aaid
he was John t'. Voting "f :ft West Ninety-
fifth street
The taxicab driver said that he waa
used to drivin the young man about
town und that the young man's father
footed the lusloab bills, which averaged
lltHi a week.
MM.INNI Verdlel for Injured Fireman.
A jury in the Supremo t'oitrt, Hrooklvn.
has awarded John t. Kenned v. a h reman
of ICasina flomnanv 119, a verdict of iH.tgHi
in his still against Mlohaal Nortnandia
j for in juries suffered on September 4.
i HH7. ai it tire at his paint factory at it
Huveuttyei street, i ne uarsnoant, as
aliened, had stored barrels of benzine in
the cellar without the nsoOSSnry permit.
Haniliill s Island Celehrales.
Tlie ohikjren on Randall's island eeie
brated Columbus tiny by raising an
American flag ) by 30 feet The flag
hail been made by seventy-live feeble
minded children jn the industrial school
on the island It was flown from a staff
presented hy Commissioner of Charities
Drummond, Wnlla a band played. There
were anngs and exerciaes appropriate for
the holiday.
Advertising in all branches
Advertising Service
150 Fifth Ave. at 20th St
M l "Off I'll MSI 1H I Oi l Hill s
ton Ills PAMtS't'K.
Tells Ihe Dklem That lie Is l.luil Tlir)
liaised the lm v for Ihe Crlebml Ion
anil llnpro That l ulnniliiis lls Will
Moan ne Mailr s N'sthmal IUIMB)'
The first public dinner in this city to
celebrate Columbus day wan held at the
Hotel Astor Inst night under Ihe in i -pices
of the committee named by Mayor (lav
nor Nearly two hundred well ktn.wn
men were present, including Mavor
Oaynor, Alton B. Parker. Henry W, Taft,
1 'ni ted Slates Senator I )'( iormati. I oroiier
Peinberg, Thomas P MoAvoy, lames ,i
Roev. tieoiee McAnenv, John Purroy
Mltohad ft. 0 Roenlg, William 11 McAdoo,
Herman Ijidder. I.uke l Stapleton, I
lterniMti V Mel II .1 (.reel, Inn IffciAC I
Kellgman, K K Olcoii and Chartaa
Ionics At the Hiteakar'fl table were
Die Mayor, District Mtorney Charles
Whitman, -Paines R, March. Jullll Maver,
Alfred Seligmaii. Prank W Smith
Alfied 1
I Smith. Arthur Brisbane, Victor Dow
ling, I I Sullivan, (ieorge (i Battle
w m Byrne, ti w. fstft. vv s Rennet
loltn ! Preschl, Archibald
Wiiham a Prendergast, Rrnest
coim, John l Delany, R I-'
ll I finds lames P Vluihern i
B Mai
Md'all, mi John
p O'Brien
Mavor (iaytior was the chief speaker.
In beginning his r .t I U he -aid he had been
almost afraid lo come lo Ihe dinner l.e-
cause he feared hostility on ai ml of
in- refusal b. let Ihe city help pay for
ihe celebration His course was vindi
cated, lie said, bv the fai l that mote than
enough money was raised Itv private
subscription, so that after all bills were
paid there remained a balance of Si. nun
or more. "Next year." he aaid, "you
can probably raise (38U.OOO if you need it."
urnlng t the subject of the oelebrn
lion, Columbus, the Mayor said:
I'he wontlei that Cobiinbtia )ar waa
a. a made a legal holiday a hundred veurs
ago at thi- country lApplause ! I helleve
ll, at etghl olliei Hfatett have made u a le,il
hellflay .,l,e in Ihe audience, 'I ei, v
llllte Mtate all toltl Wei see how little I
I. now sbotll II It is vviH lo have Miine
h...p lo Isll Ills a hen I make u misstate ut
I aiipimae aouuer or latei ihe national tiov
ernuieni will make ii a leiciii kioliday it
a .i- I' e fortune .f Ihia man lo achieve a
1 1, . a g so gi eat a- ' i c.i ; e In- i,a n,e , tniiiott jl
rorever l ie vsstnssi of it will Immor
'ahe hint rorever, anil it was no accident.
We Kumet lines -ai- it was an accident i"
l.e -are he wa noi looking tor t niiev llutnl ,
,,r i nha when lie .nine over here he w:,
eon him fr a ahoi r r,. tte lo India, a here
the we iiti, ni n,e wiirlii slwsya was, and t- I
ia lisa enrlt lu-,1 P.urope It has given
letter and aeiencea t,, Kurope tsla v.u
hung with datnasks slid Willi -.et- and the'
people ,.i .:,i were livilis ill splendor anil I
had a nijvruitii "tit architecture when mn
remote auceatora were -till running naked 1
in the wooda ami living ill hole- ni the
ground tod Ihe wealth of Asia was poured
into His lediterreneen basin with great
iliflV nit . bv i lira vans mid in w a v - t list were
tedious and very expenalve, aud the s''-iu.,-
ot the JKS Was belli - .11 C lilt I tilt II ",llii i. water
passage la India ( olumbtia w..- henl on
that tic ion He had brooded nil 1 1 foi ear
It waa Ida lite -tutlv Nobody entertained
nun there wete plrutv to i fl" hiltl
rhera were plenty to alander him I'liere
were plenty to lil.el hull' allhoilgll there
Waa no edition lasiiad eveiv the niitiutet
at that time, a- there aoinettmea Is now
Hut through it all we see his monumental
greatneaa aa exiitolted In Ida patlenea and
hi- psraeverence Vi expreaalon is true.
In this world than that patience la the po
hemdon "i great aoula, and never waa It
better Illustrated and ahown than In ihe
irre.it SOlli of thw inaii, Christopher t'ollini
bua. 'tin- preparation for hi- work we
asldom gel in htatory His life is state. 1
timl given as though It all occurred In three
The exit from downtown New York to points on the
Pennsylvania Railroad is made very easily and comfortably
by the new electric trains from the Hudson Terminal through
the Hudson and Manhattan tubes direct, without change at
Jersey City, to Manhattan Transfer. Crossing, the platform
here the passenger finds the through train for Philadelphia,
Baltimore, Washington, Pittsburgh and all points in the
West and South. The electric trains of spacious steel cars
make the run in sixteen minutes.
This is a great advantage to the man who leaves his
office for a trip. Hudson Terminal is in easy reach of the
Wall Street centre and the trip begins when the tube train
starts. The downtown station not only means a saving of
time to the busy man, but it makes for his comfort.
There are prompt and direct connections from Hudson
Terminal for all the through trains, so that passengers
from lower New York may start from the Hudson Ter
minal practically at the same hour the train leaves from
Pennsylvania Station. See time tables for exact time.
The two stations, the Pennsylvania Station, one block
from Broadway at 32d St., and Hudson Terminal, one block
from Broadway at Cortlandt and Dey or Fulton, cover the
transportation facilities of the city very effectively and com
prehensively. Pennsylvania Railroad Ticket Offices at 263 and 501
Fifth Avenue (open until 10.00 P. M. daily, including Sundays
and holidays); 170, 461 Broadway, 111 Weit 125th Street,
Hudson Terminal Station, Stationi foot of Desbrosses Street
and foot of Cortlandt Street, New York; 336 Pulton Street,
and Flatbuth Avenue (L. I. R. R. Station), Brooklyn.
Telephone "7900 Mgdlaon Square."
month tihdearme! Three months! Yen
luv down t arlvle s History Ol th" French
Hefoliitloli and you get the Idea lhal Ihe
vi hole thing Occurred In twenty four hours.
I hejl ere hanging and lilting each others'
throat ami hail it all over ill ahuiit that
tune whereas iniiiv l.e I need correction
RgalHI I believe the I lem ii ItSVolntlon
laaled thirteen rests
"The Italians are good citiens," went
on the Mayor " They Come from a great
race There are more of them here
than in any other city in the world I
am glad of It What would become of
us lr they were suddenly taken away'
Everything would stop They are doing
all the hard work."
In closing his address the Mayor said:
"My motto has alwav- been to keep
govern men 1 at arm's length Those in
power should be chary of using power,
and should never Use it to the annoyance
of cRIasna "
tit her speakers were George tendon
llaitle, Magistrate PreSOhl, 1
Byrne and William S Befinet,
iilliam M
T Mi f Maw Hi the Papers aa They Wf rt
Itrawn I p.
The indictments of K.dward M Ornut
ami .lames T Ashlev in noniMOtlon with I
the affairs of Ihe defunct Union Bank of ;
Hrooklvn are criticised by aome of the
Brooklyn lawyers, especially those ,,f
Republican perttiaaion. because of an I
alleged error of fact It was a legal I
holiday yesterday ami District Attorney
Clarke was not at his office ns usual, hut 1
wlten he arrived there late in the ilav
he denied there was anv flaw in the in-
Special Assistant Ih-tti.t Attorney I
Ooldsteln -aid that he knew nothing about t
the matter lsyotul what he had heard, and j
npecial Investigator Cropsey, who ii
aiamlnlng wltnaasea at the Union Bank i
Investigation. tliscliiiiiiedaiivdirecl knowl
edge Cropsey said lhal he had nothing
J to do with the drawing up of Indictments I
j or presenting the evidence on which they
I ware found Onldetoln was especially
appointed for tin purpose of presenting
ihe evidence, but said thai Mr Clarke.
and not he. had had all P. do with drawing ,
u p the papers
If the indictments arc actually faulty j
it in likvlv that the matter will beQOIIIS a
i j in pa i gli is-ue aud may htirl .Mr t larkes :
Chances of reelection The I lium Bai.l. j
matter has already l-eeu made att lasUO ;
by tlm nomination of S-cial Investigator
Jamas c. Cropaay for Diatriot Attorney
oh the Republican ticket He has lieen 1
I indorsed by the executive committee
I of the union Hank depositors unit it is j
prat ty certain t hat t he body of the daposl" I
i tots, about ooii or SO. mm. woiihl take it
i amiss if it developed lhal a mistake had
-en made in aiiv of the indict metila
i 'I'he mistake, it is alleged, occurs in I
that part of the Indiotmaill Which says:
( it is turt'iT alleged lhal among the lis.
billtiea was the atatetnent taut hllla psyablt
amoiintJng to ii MB,aa5.i did not mattiri
i until December, nun
It I- .illsKed tint that i- fai-e in that til
oi these Litis pHvshie matured uml war
due and payable on tprll, 3, itio, the dsti
w ten th report ws- made.
Two of the bills which go to make up
ihe tl.&OJ.aaSII were not payable until
.lime 1910 i! 'a alleged, and the reel of the
sum. MlA.ono, loaned by IhaPmplreTrual
Company, is a tlemand loan due at anv !
tune according to Ihe documents in poa- !
Hessiou of the liialrlctl Attorney.
'I'he indictment is not queetloned by
the critics so tar as the Stttj.nnu is con-
earned It i t tie debt of I3ST.Iiha.ri I
the Metropolitan Trust Company ami '
that of lA'siitou lo the Hanover National
Hank that give rise to the discussion
Ihe Aral was not tine until June 17. 1910,
according to the records and Isjoks of j
the bank, and was renewable on payment
of a bonus of 3ft,ltO0 in cash The other'
tell due on June ltun it may be that I
wltnnaaM before the Orand Jury con-1
iraihcted the records as kept by the bank
aud that Mr Clarke gave preference to
i heir testimony in drawing up the indict
mentai or there may have lien a private
understanding that siiieraerieti the hook
New Fast Through
23 3 4 hours
Louisville Nashville
Effective Suoday,Octoberl5 newthrough sleeping-car
service all-steel equipment will be inaugurated on the
Southwestern Limited
via New York Central Lines
and the Louisville & Nashville R. R. from Cincinnati.
Ly. NEW YORK 4.00 p.m. daily
Ar. LOUISVILLE 2.45 p.m. next day
Ar. NASHVILLE 8.35 p.m. next day
New York Central Lines
"Water Level Route You Can Sleep
New York 'Phone,
6310 Madison
i, urn VOX mi srn n BHKAKS Tin:
ii) s n ivK at nvst'P.
I'liiKrdnn I tint anil In TaMs. He lllei In
i ri.ni nr Pennsylvania aistlon titer
knocking lleno litters sairprlvril
Metropolitans Mil? nutlets in Him,
A hornless white f d red stoer
auswering lo the nstns of Tobias, as well
as to any other, broke out of Ihe stock
yards on the North Itiver at sunrise yes
terday morning, ran a mils down through
Broadway and at last did an aplo death
in front of tlie Pennsylvania Station.
it was so unfortunately early that Broad"
way missed a t hrill.
Later the other stsrs from that cattle
car remembered that Tobias had always
been impulsive tin the ranch they neg
lected Rising of! his horns, and he pinned
and tore open the ranch collie, long
achooled in avoiding the lunges of common
steers Hut he was so big. ami shipping
time was ao near, that they spared him.
The liorna came off. one a bit too close,
whereby the nerve matted cor.' was in
jured This makes a steer wild At the
yards In Chicago Tobias gave the men
trouble, and they Iwlahored him with
scantlings in driving him on the car
I' probably was choky and thirsty in
the cattle car. Kven steers find it hard to
sleep on trains, and the live stock trains
from ( IhioagO don't run In eighteen hours.
When the freight trundled down the river
yesterday morning before twiip the cool
air energized Tobias. A jolt on his tender
horn root helped. Ami b trailsa he had not
lieen walered he was ready f..r distance
At half past ,'i o'clock in Ihe freight
yards the steers came down a gangway,
Opposite the car across an alley was Ihe
oorral Men with ipiirts an I pitchforks
were the barriers across the alley Soine
. body diluted Tobias on Ihe haunch. To
bins knocked one man clown, kicked
I another antl turned corners until he was
out of the yards, orossing qtilol Ban '1111111
I Hill and avenues empty of all but shallow
ami river mist Men came shouting
after, but he left I hen. far Is'lnnd ami
pounded up grade through Fifty-ninth
sl reel.
At Ninth avenue Patrolman Pursy
under the elevateti structure saw Tobias
coming, ami yelled with arms out
stretched Then being sensible he dodged
behind A pillar He got out hla revolver
ami took snapshots, which only made
Tol .ias go faster, dwindling down Ninth
avenue, running from curb to curb. Pa
trolman Kurev polled in pursuit and
commandeered a tai just as Ins wind
gave (lilt.
At Kifty-thirtl afreet n line of street
oora was Standing. Tobias bowled mb, I
a group of motortnsn anil conductors. I
He made a ten atrike. but no one got.
worse than bruises At Fiftieth. It real
yelling wayfarers slowed him up ami
Furey in tho fa XI ffot near .twnurl, ... ! at.
j another shot, which seems to havaannmH
He reloaded his revolver as Tobiaa, sweat- 1
mg and slavering, awung anal ward and
010 Broadway. 11 e had beoome a comet
throwing off a motley tail of pursuers
When he went throuih the automobile I
dlstriot the enginsa of"the taia whirred
iun iih ipmii rwiore me Hogs and
their drivera mined th norsi.lt i..
. . - ----- . ......... a u
Mroadway it aoqulred three mounted
.flMBlits iii il lesxtiy Irf'ii flHH H
policemen. 'The newsboys loved it and ;
furnished the music, but there were many
ol her followers on foot, I 'urey's t.i x i kept
nearest, for the driver wasn't ncrvousl
about the speed laws. 'The top-i of, Ihe I
tall buildings were just kindling with
Tobias, galloping stiff Isggetl, neck and
toil straight out. all lolling tongue and
white eye rims, his big barrel heaving
for wind, was not glorious as the leader
of a martial pursuit He s funny,
A galloping steer is one f Ihe runniest
things possible. I!' yotl happen to hive
a safe Side view Several persons along
the path of the chase didn X, and stories
of knockdowns and carnage were plei n
fill later. It aeom certain lhal Jolill
Mas. hi (not the nctori wua -truck in
Ninth avenue. He gol ao i" himself
ami went along lo ace vengeance done.
Another man autTerc I at Forty-fourl
street Ai the Astor un old lady from
some part of the world when they ge:
up with the chickens had co ne forth I"
.-ee New York before breakfast, and
Tobias very nearly laid her out, She
knew steers antl such things, but didn't
ejsct 'hem running amuck in Long Acre.
She delayed Tobias until Patrolman
Furey s unci ranged alongside. The p.!-
trolman hesitated to shoot jual there.
but hadn't a lariat, for taxi drivers rope
in their fares by hand in the small hours.
So he a .ne, out ami emptied three cham
bers into Tobias's flank. There was no
external bleeding, just two or three stloh
tints on the bids as might be stippled
with the end of a shipper's crayon. The
.:tl! bullets did not slop the steer, but
before long they begsn to wear him down.
All that happened below bong Acre is
not clear. 'There are tales of a milk
wagon capsi.ed ami of a baker's loaves
broadcast upon the asphalt. Other po
licemen got shots aa Tobias passed them,
and when he reached Thirty-third street
he was well perforated, full ii hoi streaks
of pain. Through Thirty-third street
the steel- ami the mob swept westward.
In front of the Pennsylvania Btationthey
surrounded him
No bull of Spain, nor In fact anv bovine
since the aurochs of Ihe t'olisetim. has
had it more Imposing architectural back
ground for its exit After policemen
hail danced around Tobias trying for ii
chalice to shoot without hitting anv one
and he had knocked down Furey and one
or two others they managed to llnislt
Ilim. lie keeled over with sixty bullet
holes in his body, counted by the police.
All old Westerner wtio came out of the
atatlon just after the steer riled saw the
crowd ami heard the story.
"Say." he accosted a cop. who
Utile pistol iii hand, with one foot
on the
Ihil vim shoot up a -
spe.'Ting steer Willi that tiling'
"Sure, aaid the cop.
"Oh, hellfsuldtlieVi eaterner reverently.
It was the requiem of 'Tobias.
to ii ii : i i i itm i; sriioor.
Ha aril HhiimiiI) III si art tin. To. nun run
on I lie Lines id iiarelilsl Teachings.
bayard Hoyeseu. who writes plavs,
s.caks m snarchiai meetings and al one
time taught freshmen Rnglish t Colum
bia until t he faoult y has rd of his nnarohls-
tio leuiiinga, is lo run a Ferrer school lor
children al PH Kasl Twelfth slreel I ll"
school, which will start to-morrow witu
an enrolment of about forty children,
will be run on the hues of ihe achools in
Spain lhal Francisco Ferrer, who was
put to death by the ClOVSrnmenti origi
nated Young anarchy in this school will be
I aim lit . in addition, of course, t'o t he regu
lar school curriculum, becuuse "the cape
biiny of evolving without stopping, of de
stroying and renewing themselves .aid
t helrenvlronment.'ls more important than
knowing how many pints there are in a
ouai't First ol all. they are to be t night
j the trutii that
the truth, aav the planners of tlua school.
shines throuah M n- r 1
ftoyeaen. and they will lie taught thia
without reatraint F.vervthing Is to run I
wiin. .in irni lain, r.vtiv
I on a brotherly love basis
29'2 hours
Lv. NASHVILLE 3.10 a.m. daily
Keaiy for occupancy at 10.00 p.m.)
Lv. LOUISVILLE 8.15 a.m. daily
Ar. NEW YORK 9.11 a.m. next day
Brooklyn 'Phone,
167 Main
nntx v i i or
Prisoner Killed hen Mr hp-
fused it Man.
Mich,'. I -I Am. II of :,n7 F.' Ft
seventh street, Manhattan, waa
through the lungs by Policeman I'll
in West . w York, N ' al l:!W n
yeaterduy morning -,s Astefl wssesc
from t h 1 policeman, and died In an .n'
I. nec on 'us way to the North lb'
Hospital, Weelinwken II. ights
sieil war rrreeted hy Clifford
Roundsman Wallace for taking s Met
nnyx statuette from John Veldt's s'
rt Bcrgenlinr avenue t ml Thlrte
- -oct. West Nw York, and fnlllnt
turn it If" broke away from I'll
rt v-
s 11
ll I
r -
d hid among some boulders, bul
reor.Dt ured
hunt in the n.irki
Clifford nnd Wallet
placed nipper
Astell's wrists and s few minutes IaI
prisoner snapped the chaine. upset i.
ffisrs and started to run Clifford clr
! tie gun and ordered i'.' 1 fl "eing man
sfop. Asteii kepi on pi i n c ano th i
I Iceman fin d The orison r dront 1
his tracks, The con's bullet nesvd
t h rough his body
After the body waa i: ken In Rharpa's
morgue in I'nlou Hl Policeman Clifford
waa ordered under arrest on pnrole pend
ing an Inveatlgatlon
Cat.t (lleftaaman of Weal Sew York
said last night thai Astelj was paroled bv
Magistrate Cornell : few days ago In pay
his wife :, ." week 'or V r siipnnrf
Body Covered with Large Red f 'arks.
Fare Also Affected. Cutlcun
Ointment Eased Skin Right
Away and Completely Cured.
"t retire. one evening ind after llerTtltll
a eoupls of hours was swskssad by s I u
ssnssilen sll evsr the upper psri of m i
it nan lull limp
antl mads it lima- Die fif
in' tu iletp Ihe rev af I ..'
nlghti to i had .o i m ..
right changing inj n
every wipie ol luln itet
As the hoii.n v at . t
grew aiiinr and on I
ilartsil ta irrsich no '
Whsn dsyllghl srrlvni l
an- !!:at my bod) u"
covered with larrr rsd
i Inch ur two apart M
fSCS was sinu Kiln led. I Itayed geffla
day ana S'ent to ass a doctor. Us told w
t'ut I must hsvs rafsa nuniethlnf po:ion
Oltl. ant! I ra-! Hie hlvSS, He prerrrih d I
gMolcina and aUt. gave ine torrii! eluttiirrt
" As tlir liar, went b' I steadily grsw t ant
lbs tnark i :innlng from ona part of ny txxl
to BnnthiT lbs mnilrioe and oltitmsrit -it'
of no us', and I frit greatly tflssppelntsd
rrtll one erpn.ai t-y rhanie looking tier th'
paprrs 1 K9. the fiitlciira Remedies drsi
Used. I Imme.l.atc: procured aome Cut I' UM
Cintmenl sntt app!1"! il fo uiy hotly I rould
harrtly he'lere It, fat It eemed !o eve in
akin rlglit away. I bapl on uelng the CulleUfS
iMntntent for a week and ran My lltSI :t
tertalnly v si lbs I net preparatl'in 1 bad
ever lined. If completely cured me. and I
have not been troubled since." (Signed)
Wi'liaai Waterman. i;o K. 109th (I . NSW
York i y. IHc a, iBio.
Although i uttetira Hoap and Cutl '
Cintment are eola hy druggists and deslatl
everrwhr'v. a liberal sample of earh.
3?-pags li -il.lt t on tha skin and hair 'IIJ
be sent, post-free, on sppllcsllsn to T"U r
Drug a Cbern. Corp., Dept. tSAt PC
Sbotl t

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