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lilne hihI White I'nalil.' to Hit
With Men on Iwini'w,
I ji 1 1 ill-. U to '2.
TTsiTons nrxni safktiks
Onsliniirli. in Third
Produces All Tlirt't'
Their Itmis.
Dartnioulh opened it n b.iscb.ill season
yesterday by tnliliiK atcliisoiiiml cxcltiiur
Statue from t'olumblH on South Kleld The
I tnn rrlan were oiitlmttcd nnd nuiMeldcd
ly tin' llltio mill White, Iml li- hunrliltiit
hit In tin-1 It 1 1 it jiiiiliw Mcoti'il all their runs
anil won h tli acme of ;i to '.' It wu a
hnrd Riihtn for t'oluinblii to Ion', a the loenl
team liinl tin- liti"rr tin oontsest from tho
start nml time lifter time li.nl men on buses
when a hit would h.-iui meant n inn 'I lie
needed ".-itcHes worn not lorthcomlntf,
however, und liiirttnoiitli tiulli'il out the
Kotlmcll nml Lksiroiu were tin' iiiiosuk
twlrlctn Kothwcll let the purthinxith Iphiii
lime only live hits Three of these, how
ever, xxcro In it row in the third mid, i utti
lilllcd with ii siioritlte II v, serxed the (iieen
well F.kstroni, on the other hiind, w,i
not muih of ii tme lor the Columbia
batsmen anil, .itter he h.id heen on the
mound the Imiuiits, in which time he hml
yielded live hit, he win leplui ed by Alorev.
who held the hv.il temn down to threo hits
In the leinalnllii! tour Innings At Hint,
however, he hud to pitch himself out ul
evcral tight holes mid did xo with credit
ol Tim IiIm V tleldiui: was euiwrb and tml u
Ingle error wns i-burs-ed to the Jllut) utid
White It wns the best flelililitr value the
Columbians have phived this sejsou Their
pluy wie Iciittiroil in the ninth inning bv a
double play bv Shaw and Klendl width
tetlred the side when Jtothwell -eemed In
temporary danger of he-inn eomrol Durl
mouth's wtiil on the Held In the early In
nlliBK whs poor, but as the kMine mix tim ed
the Hiinoveriiill berame more aeeinloined
to the diamond and handled themselves
Columbia cut oft in the lend In the open.
Ini: inning Candors raped a hard grounder
nt r'uhey. Inn Itennett at llrst missed the
throw and Sander was safe. He went on to
second when Shaw saerltleed utid i-niii limed
to third when Hennett Ihrew the ball over
the set ond baseman's head Williams
the old Cornell oaleher, lilt safely and
Sanders sroied. In the second limine lite
home team scored again I ergusnu hit
to centre for a bas and l-'riederlehs put
liim on third with another single He t-ntei
on CasiisoV sai-rlllcc tly
Dnrtmouth came back hnrd in the third
n ll(i on three lilts in uciCNsnii tied the
store, C.ipt D.iluy's sucritli-e tly sioriui;
the winning run Collins was safe un the
losest kind of an mtleld hit I'.ksiroiii
singled sharply to lontre and Splllaue droe
In both runs with a h.ud hit ti right, taking
second on tho throw In. He reached third
on a short passed ball by Williams, and
eored when Haley drove a sucrlthtt rly
to lerguson Dartmoiih made otilv two
hits after thai and didn't hao a chain
to score again.
In their half of the third the Columbians
had n chance to score when u base on balls
end n sacritlie put Shaw on Ihlnl. .ilh
In the tlflli Columbia looked dangerotiN
when Williams and Klendl lilt safely with
two out. In the ninth Casino doubled to
right after I-'riederlchs had struck out,
but both I .en and Sanders fanned too
The score
All. Ii. it. a. e ul It. it. a.
Dalcj ,rf. a
Hobati.cf. .1
Ucnnrtt.Hi. 4
lionnhiiclh 4
Kkstrotn.p '
llorcy.p. I
Splllanr.i a
Aldcn.c . I
I 2
(I n
o Sandrrs.lf. ."
I o
ii u
ii ii
it II
4 II
0 Miaw.ss. o t
n Vllilm.c s i
'.' Klrn.1l. th 4 -J 11
1 Uiminell.rf t ii 1
o l"giioii,c.4 1 ;
t r'ti'cli..Mt...1 - ii
II 1
It l uo.:ii. .1 I .1 a
o ltutnwrll.i .1 n ii :
i.re i o ii ii
II 111
To1t. .M
TntK.. : s a; 12 4
Bstinl for Hotnwflllu the ninth tnnlni.
Dartmouth 11 0 .1 11 0 0 11 0
Columbia 1 1 11 11 11 11 11 11
Hutis--nrtmuuth ltollln. IAtrrm
Une. t'nl'imbla .Sanrirm, lrKunn Tho tme
hit Caiiiw. Siu'rltlcr lilt- Wlilro, I'tlrl
rrleh. Socrlnre tiles ruvi, l)rv Left on
bAirs Col-.imhlA. 7. liArttniituli. .1. Struck out
by Hothwrll.d, by .Slurry. r.. tty Ck-trom, V I lr-t
base on balls ()t! Homurll. 0;! Kkstroin. I
Hlt OH Kkstroni, .1 In live Innings, olt Jtorry, .1
la four Innlmrs. .stolen b-rs- l'l rgiisun, Itollln.
l!ktrnm. Hrt lie on errors Col'imbl.i, r
I'AsMit hull UllllHrov IMiililr ply Stiaw nd
Klrnill empire llrilfurJ. Time 1 hieir nnd .v
Yule TmoL Trnm lo Me I mler
'.Selenliap -MnnnHenirul."
Nr.w Havkn', Conn., April II II. S,
Urooks. 'sn, n inembr of Vale's track team
while In oollPRe nnd who la one of VnKi
Advbviry Committee op track athletics
to-day, outlined the pew plans pioposid
by this cuminltteu relative to developing
a wlunlni; Hack team for the Blur. He
"At the meeting of the Aihlsoiy Tiack
Commlttie, which have been recently held
In New York, many plans were proposed
with the object of furthering the rt.-ierul
Jntorest In track athletics throuKiiuut the
tinlvernlty, ami of lediiclni; the manage
ment, tralnlnii nnd uccommodatlon of the
men to 11 more .systematic basis,
"The Idea of reRisterlnt; the candidates
for the team by n caid system, which
I understand bus been adopted, was pio
tweed to one of the pirWoiis meetings,
but It was still further tesnlved to em
phanize this method of keoplm; in con
nection with the men by pajiiiK particu
lar attention to the space on the cauls
rerved for 'remarks.1 This will he
carefully tilled out In the future and
preserved In order that It may ptove of
KUldancii later If the candidate does not
at once nttaln buccchs. In this mannct
the roach will bo mateilully aided In
training a man durliiK successive yinis.
We nlm not only to make this year 11
success, but also to Instil e the future
of RuuceedlnR teams.
"Another plan which was adoptrd for
the present simaon was that of dlvldltiK
the squad Into vrpar.ito ifroups and plac
ing each event under 11 thoroughly com
petent conch, cither an imdei graduate
lOArh or an alumnus. It Is Impossible
to expect John Mack to coach the emlru
squad without active cooperation of this
American Association.
it. 11 1:
. , .0 n n n (1 0 0 0 0-0 a 4
. . 0 2 11 1 11 1 0 1 a a (i
-Andcrvm and Orcndorft; Swann and
AT COI.l'Mllll.S.
Toledo. .
., ..1 0 II 0 (I II I) 0 O-l .1 2
...a 1 0 n a 0 i 11 .1 pi 0
I'Almrr And O'Connor: Cooper And
I i 4 n o 0 0 n iv 7 it .1
. 1 11 0 0 0 o 100 - :
KAtiftA City.
M. I'Alll
pfrannlere and Murry Itolierlson
Mi I'rarrr.
it 11 r.
. 1 0 (i 0 (1 0 n 0 n 1 n 1
.1 I 02 u o .1 n - 1 11
l.niiUvlllr .
l.everflli And Ourin; Vaele ami
Cotton Nlntpa I.eaKne.
New Orlrnni, I": VlcUsburg, 4.
Ilatllrkhurg and Mrritllaa iwet groumlsi.
JcUson anU drrruwiMHl vct crotimbj.
Southern I.eaKiie,
MrinithS anil Vnsavllle 'wit crnuinl-i
lllriiiliiicnn 111 nml .MontcouR'i iralm
Atlanta, IA. Cliatt'inoog.i, 11
Uoitllr, 7, ,N'c Drlrans, 1'.,
Trim l.enmir.
Warn, ft, OaIIah, 2
llnu'teu. I, Imltrslnn, n
brauinuut, 15; San Antonio, 1
Antin, II, I art Worth, 1
At l.emtnton, In,
Waahlnyinn 1 r.l n 1 o n n n o n 1 'n 'V ' I
Virginia Mil 11 11 11 n 11 o 0 11 1 1 11
Kaitrrlis Middle ami l.lnn 'I luo Mnoiiun ami
"sith Caiellna n n 11 11 n n n i' n 2 A
,l J'l.'.sf tnn.Vt.rrt n n n n n 11 .-, .4 r.
'.i ail.'" W ,l,1"'r ""d Onen; Teinikln an.
.Mld-Aprll liolf Tonrnpy Adrancra In
I'lXMit'itst, V, C, April 12 Two match
play rounds advnncod the annual mid-April
golf totirnnment to' the seml-tltml stage
to-day, 'I he Htirprlsn wns the defeat of
Henry C. I'ownes of Oukmntit by I;, i:.
Wilbar of Alpine, '.' up and 1 to play
To-inorrow morning .Mr. Wilbar meets
CI1I-I10I111 llench of 1'ot Hills. Ill the upper
half of the brocket .V. W Itenn of l.i!, lev
plttys S, I), Uyutt of I'ond (lit lni. Ill the
consolation .1 V. Kurd of the I'lttshuri'
Country Club meets T .1 Chei I. of Audubon
miti .1. .;. Kellogg of Mplni) plays Wilson
Scoll of I'atersuu In the stieclal eight
It lies s tweeu W. I.. Hurt) of Oaliliiimt ami
I. " I miner of l.nlelow.
V summary of to-day's play follows
I'irsldrnt's Cup first loulid It, P Tlstlak1. 1
Mrtiirla, brat .1 V Kurd, I'lltsliurir Countrj,,
0 anil 4: N W, Drau. O.iklrv, Is at It, C Shauiion. I
M, Ouklllll, AaiiiI 4: .1 I). Anustrniot. I'nrk Club.
Itral T. II. Hum, I'lttstmrg Country, 4 ami ?: .
S. I). Att, I nnd tin I Ae. ts-al T .1 Chech, .
Ainlubon. t and 4: I' t: Wilbar. .linr, ts-at!
J. 1:. brlloirg, Alplnr, :i nnd r: II. 1 lonnrs.
Oakmnut, Is'at Sis-nirr Wairrs. pnuamls, A nml
I; Chlslioltu Ik-Ai h, I'o. Illlls, Is-at Wilson Siott,
I'atrrsoii, 2 and Ii I! .1 SiiaiilJItiii. WaubaUAkrn
IitaI S, A, llriinr.srv, Conts istowit, I up
N'COIld Hound IK'All belt 'llsilnle, 2 11)1: WlAtt.
tiTAt ArtiKtioiiK, 2 ami t, Wilbur bcit I'ouiirs
2 ami li IVach Itrat Staiildlu, X ami :.
Consolation 1 Irai rouml Mind Itrat shannon.
and .V Clirrk ts'at lluid, 2 ami 1 Kellos-g Is-At
Waters, I tut; Scnlt ts'at llrlinrssrj . 2 and I.
Sprdal 1 71 at Ii t llrsl round T 1 Miuilillug,
North shore. Is at Chniilii, i:mnor Cnnulra
I lip; 1 W laiiiin, l.al.e lr , be.ii Mavoa IHatis,
ViningHtown, A nud A. W I. llurd, OaKiuoat, ttral
V lUl.iiii Sutlirrlaiiil Sl.oklr. A ami ." I A. Mac
Master. .New orl., beat K C Srliltturr. Itostoti,
.1 ami 2:
Sriut dual Tantirr Itrat Monlillng, and .1
Itutd liral MacMastri, A and 3
.Nr pal
Island Links
Ilea 1 11
Nine Moles.
One nioie rectilll to the stilnr of golf
clubs nlleady claimed by Long Island
will begin operations to-dny. The ie
criitly foimed tlieat Ncclt tJolf Club Is
leady for busluess and hencefottb will
be on the map. Although play will be
pel milled to-day tie- foimal opening will
not take place until Apt II "7, when a
lame turnout of luetnls'is is plumed
I'"ot the piesent the "C.ieat Neckeia"
Will colltrllt tllellleUes with II nine hole
eoiiisH, poerlnc 11 playing length of about
n.tiiti yaids l..it..r on tin- Intuition la
to lucieasf to a full clgbtc 11 bole ell
cult In Hutting, modestly like ttds the
new iiiuntilXHtlon N only following lu the
lootsteps of Bin It Illustrious ptcdco'xolil
as lker Meadow ami Niismui For that
lil.ittel, WeslbiooU, the t.r..ie of inaiiv
11 haul fought touin.imetit, to this dav
consists of but nine holes
Theie s un nttiaetlve clubhouse situ
nted on an cleatlon overlooking Little
Neck I5.i j .lames Ktiiser, the profes
Hlontil, Is looking forwnrd to a buxy
season, us the club alrendy bad a good
fUed membeishlp. l'rasel Is quite .1
plae-. holding the u-cord for the Hal.
land links, a r.:i. mad,- In Sentembei.
l'.Mo. and his over the l-Tusldug
coins,, last fall. Is ti leioril then- us
Well. The (Jie.lt N-ck tlolf I'lllb v .
cate,l a few miles beond llax Side and
cons.iticiit mas be .;lslv ie.ichnl In
.New Voikeii.
llnrtaril Inlrrelnss liainrs ItrtriiU
Metrral I'rni'Ut.
t MHt:ili.K. Mass , a. 1 1 1 1 1 I ; H.nvards
annual handicap lr.uk and held ;mnes
were held In the Stadium this afternoon
and In spite of the heavy trail; there weie
good isTformaiiie. Paul I! Withidglou,
ih" cros. country team laptain. won the
two mil... run from scratch in a minutes
.".4 seconds, while II M Wnrren. who al
ways lias run the half mile, Mulshed Mrsi
iifthe iiille event He had a 1.1 yard handi
cap, hut his time. 4 minutes .".I (-.-, second.
was remarkablv fast for the track
If lower, a freshman r.m ll,e ttunl t..,i
of the loti vard dash in In i-'t se. onds, w Idle
repo tiiiiuuer, now in ine grauti.ite school,
won both the hurdle laces eullv 'I he
pcrfnt malices in the Meld events were not
slteci.lllv good ecettl 111 tb,. hro.tit lii.it,.
I 1. able. 11. and W Mien, 't.i,' both
cleared 21 feet nifhes. while .1 S Mug.
I '. Jutnped VI feet 1 , inches
.Ikely lo Seinre
I't KXI I ASP. Ohio,
IMlbrr danis
of Vnps.
12 - I'leuhl
Unbelt I, Hedges of the St
Is In Clecland to trade fot
catcher. The Naps hae
I.ouls ttrowns
or bin a Nap
five catchers.
I;itcil, l.lv Ingstoti. u'Neill, Adams ami
W'lialliiK 1 'ii ih teller will go soon
The lb nutM hut. only two eatcheis,
Stephens and Krlrhell Neither Is 11 star
and lu 1 use of an accident to one of
them the ltiowns would be Mat Adams
or WhalltiK will go to the ltiowns If the
dicker Is made. ICasterly. U'Neill and
Livingston ate legjrdcil us suie to slick
Hedges lltd confernd with 1'iesldent
Navln of the D.-trolt iluli, here with
the Tlgeis. Naln told blm Kocher and
unslow, otim eatcheis tried out thl
spilng, would both stkk with the Tigers
all season
ColleKe Wlna.
Hxl-TLMoiiK. Md. Aptll i: Mount St
Josephs was defeated to-day by the sttong
Manhattan College team of New Voil;, 4
to 2. The .loi.ephlte., icillzlng Hint they
would ! up as.iltist It with 1 1'Connur,
the .Mnnh.ittan right hander, against them,
sent lu I'.lll Moirlsette, their crack spit
ball in tlt, .mil It was 11 pitchers' duel,
with the aiguuteiit lu f.ivm of ii'Cimnoi.
He tightened up in the pinches.
O'Connor held the .losephltes to foul
lilts and mnde tv.ehe of his opponents fan
Hie all. .iloitlselte allow ul the Manhat
tans only lie hlnglos and Ul.ltle eleven
go the strikeout lotlte
Tile s0e
M inh.itt.in
M ,osri
'10 0 1
e 11 0 t o 0 I
xtoeeer To-dii Smilli Field.
1 1 .1 1 x 11 1 il nml 1 oliiinb.i wil meet in what
liiav be a decisit e game ill the Intel collegiate
So 1 cr league 1 liatniiioiishipseiiHs on South
I'ield tills altelllooll I he I'llltlson has been
beaten twice, but sl ms a clmiK e to make
Vale light haul for the title x defeat at
tho hands of Coluinbhi would praittcnlly
iui narvaro out 01 ttie luunlug I'm
that le.ison the llal'Mlld eleell will have
Its strongest lliieitp 011 South Held, ('apt
Zoller of Columbia, who has been unable
to play 111 the last two games becmise n mil
lll.iureo Itliee, will plonuliiy get lu the game
for a nboit time I he Columbia eleeu bus
been gioutb siiengibeiied iluriig the pust
Siiodnv sehool l.eauoe llnlea.
I'he junior li.iseball touiTiament of the
Ilrooklvn Sunibiy School A Inlet in league
is scheduled io begin on May 4 Lntry
blanks hunt been sept lo the teams mid are
due on Mirll'.Mi I h" games are to 1st plated
at the l'ioss'ct I'ark Parade ( irouiuls every
Ttlesilav uflelfllio:i and Snturdne tiotrnlrw.
The rules seeifv Hun all playets must be'
ccrtilleit iiiembers of the , S A I., and '
must not be more than in vears of age
A set of eleven silver medals is proiied
for the champions and a corresponding
sei of lirniie for the rumirsiip
Win Sea Hare for xlnlor lloats,
'irrnf t tthU llfi'itlri lit Till Hvs.
Mliri Cutl.n, M'Hl I-' Ihe JeViMs
I'liptei- won the l:1'. mile e,i iuie for motor
boats to-day She made the dtstunce m
:t hunts ;i;. minutes .t.i beconds Coco
lieu llnislied second in 4 liouts ;i miuute-i
'.( - lids At the starl theie was
a tluee lOineied collision between linv-
ini In-, (..iiiui and limine fortune in which
the latter was b.ulh d-imuged Vobodi
win lent
Colleges 1'iirillali Ar.ro Models,
The Inleii'iilleglate eroii,iuiii cisHo,i
Hon, whlcli Is i omposcd of Hat vard, Vnle,
ut noil, I'euiis) lvaul.1, Ihiitmuuth, Coliim
lu.i. 'I ults, I niveisltv id ViiL-inla and It
I'. I., will hold its a ii tu iu I glider couiest at
Itluit'ii on Mull '.'8, 'j; mid '.'s 1 1, I,,,.,.,
will he held on I'erey I'iehl on the Cornell
Miliums nml it is expected that each o
the. Ili-UUit, mis in th- league will be iciiie
sented b) a model
Cool Tonriir) l-'lnnl Tii.iiIkIiI,
.1 II shoein.iVei mid l.uriy Wolf will
meet at John T I .i li loom l.t-iilghi
In Ihe ib 1 1. ling liain.t of the looui keepera
)t..ik. t blltl.ilil loin nnmelli Tlis SH illler
of Die lhtsli.ti Mil. i l.-.itis will icfcim llm
mud h
Kivnl Liulit wciuhts Will Mr
in Miiilison S(inire flanleii
on April -Mi.
Klio'lisllllltlll Mlisf I'llV llilll Ollt,
r,llllMUllltll .uns 1 lll mill
of His Share of (lute Hcoeipts
mill Moving IMctufei.
Mter mill Ii dickering and bluftiiiK,
I'mky Mi t'arhitid of Chicago nml .Matt
Wells, the lightweight champion of ling
land, Aigned articles of agreement yester
dav to box leu rounds in Madison Sotiure
(linden on tho night of April :c. The
weight is fixed at I :!. pounds, scaling lit
a o'clock in the utternooti, and the refaree
wilt be se eeteil tltlen ilnl's before the bOllt.
1 lly the terms of the agreement, which
will be signed by the (larden A C to-day, I
Wells will receive :,0 per cent of the gross ,
retelpts nml M per cent of tho moving!
Piiture PliNileges Wells has guaraiitppd
to pay Ilit.iHHi cash to McKarlaiul for his
services as an opponent, the only way
I'aiky could be Induced to lotne in,
promoters believe that the bout will atttact
a liti.iHsi house if not more, in which event
the i:nglishtunn will have slightly the better
..t .1 .. ...... III I ....
"I I1PIT tavjnTH U II sill iistr imrtintr
in the phtures. The bout will take plnee
Ilia regulation twenty-four foot ring and
arc lights of iiiiuHtial power will be liutig
meihead so that the 1 anient men can get
in their work.
l or a time yesterday it looked as if there
would be no match Wells signed a con
trait with Mutihmaker Hurst some time
ago to ho before the tiardeti A C, but
.Mi t'atl.iiul was lu no hurry and late Thills-1
dav night lie agreed to bov for William
liih-on and Cdl Hoaur at the Madison A.C ,
ptm ided tho i ould sectiro W ells, Mcl'ar
hind w.i not here, hut he was in conimuni
lation with tiibs.inand Klnll Ihlery by wire
ycstetilay When Infotmed that Wells
bad been sewed up by 1 1 ut M and tteoige
Mclionalil, the i:ngllli liiMmplofi's 111:1 nuger,
I'aikv wired
"l in cept Wells's offer Hlld will bo On
date named
Tin 11 (ill. -on and Tluery approved arti
cles of agreement and t he much talked of
match was clinched, McKarland for sev
eral .veal s has beep regarded as the greatest
lightweight Itoier hi the unild, that Is to
say at IV, pounds at .1 o'clock. He refused
to bo Wells at the National sporting Club
of London last j ear because he said he did
not can. to leme this count t y again. Wells
incused him of showing' the white feather
and t b. lc Ims been much ill tcelliig since.
W ells is a first 1 lass mun, u line boxer and a
harder hitter perhaps than McKittluud,
Hut all things lotisidered they seem to lie '
ery cenlv matched Thi will be the
tiatden A I ' first built.
Wells will do his training ut Itye, V .
whete he has been living since Ids leient
arriwil hetn troin the othct side. Mcl'ar
laiul will bs here Monday utid will lake up
uuarlers at Caution's roadhotise on West.
Chester William dob or Chat ley W hite
may refeiee, it is thought
I'r.iuk Klaus, the middleweight humpiou
). . ftr..,. ieiiltv Mcceltted the (illldell A C.'s
invitation to box Mike tilbbons of St. I'hiiI
intions 01 .-it. ran
il the latter will agree to celt am weight 1
lOiulitious. It is understoisl that t.lblions
will insist upon lui pouiuis riKosuie, .1 iiinu
that Klaus could not make without weak
ening himself Klaus, 011 the other hand,
would prfer i;.N ringside, but lu a pinch he
might be willing to do l.'.tl at S or ; o clock.
I his uiiiti h would proe . big drawing
1 anl a-bothmetihuveshown pb-ntyoti lass
'Hie Umpire K C of Harlmii is on its last
li was said yesterday that the Cross. I
Muiphv bout next weiiiiesuay nigiii woiiui 1
wind up boning In the Manhattan l.Hsiuo.
'I lie McMabons. who have been , ruimlng
the Kmplre A. J' , also have tired of the ll lie
lllymiiic s. C. whlcli It Is said Is on the
tiiurket The young promoters were ready
to rign a lease of the Si Nicholas Skating
Ilink Columbus avenue and SWty-rlxlh
street, vestcrdu . lor wnicn iney nave iieen 1
negotiating lor -exerai wccks ine iiiik
is lotitrolled bv the l'w etit lelh Century .
w lib ll alrejay nolils a iiien-.- 110111 ine
,..i.. i-.o.tiotssioti. but whether the Mr
Mahotis will oiierate under t but i I11I; s nuiuo
. aiinot be learned at present I he Me
Mahoiis sv thai the Kmplie A ( Is loo
lar 1111 town to uttrncl patrons who iuiv luu
prices and that the M Nbhnlas Itlnk Is
more rouvciilcntlv boated If I hey secure
the rink thev intend to put on -otne big
bouts, as the seating lapaoltv pro Ides
room tor nearly i.tssispn '"tor -
, !
The N'nrwrgUii tilwuttlc roniiiilttrr It.s
.nit 1.11 Invitation t" the Ann-Mean tram 10 ,
Ltmp-te st som. iiirrtlngs In .Snrwjy afirr
the o mde gsiiirs are finished at stock-
holm r.xbll lil.ins at Chrlsilanla and Her-
gen are ti.lkrtl of 10 he follow r,t ).v excur- .
.ions to the Mortis an-l ttis mouniKin p. ai;
north of ll-rgen. Charlrv Mrlckson. fur
inrrlv of the .s'.irw-gl.in Turn S..rlrty hrre,
lint who Is now In Nor s r . srni tlir Invpii
tluu Tin New York V (! smt In tl.JOP on ac
muut to the lhinilc fund Jeslrnlov Th.
sum was from lie mrniit. rs' sulucrliithm list
and an mldPlouul sum Is irrtelu fintn tlir
s.ii.ie sttui.r Ti. New tlng'tnd tltiancr
I'llClllU'. e Hnt J' uOO
Miiriln Shfritl.in fas lis Is tint training
fr.r tl'.r SwetilHh p. iiiiithlon nor will hr trv
for the dr.athlon He will sttik to the dim us
uiel l tt.ilnliig for Isiih rnntrsts. with the
orst llsntl nntl Ilie nmitniexirou sijir
Kev.rji milk dl-ciis inrn are promllnc ftu
Sewal iraik discus mm are proml-lng for ,
tlir front runk t tils time mnl Mirrnlan thinks
It Will he lio e.tsV lllllltrr to pllll out 111
hrt st Mo. hltttlin
Snmtny Mrllor of the .Mercury A c of
YonK.-rs tins seni tits miry fur the HoMnn
maruttion .not will t.e the xrirran nf the
string this lltne It Is ten ar situ r
illillllV won tlir rvrlll He llhl t tie I oil r sr
lu 2 houls C Ullliutrs 2t sri Olltll
Anotll.t 'etrr.lll who is gotliff to try thr
Itostoii Joiiritrv this i-ar Is Hub l-'owlrr of
1 '11 in 11! h) Repot t He lias wun aom of the
hlagrst tiiiirathnus lu the country unit us
iate us lnt ur llluile 1 good bmrtll tu the
grind from Afhlantl to ilie lioston A A
. lutiliouitr
Hall Krllv holtlrl of thr wolltl's 100 yatd
ruiinl of '' n-i rrcomls, his Ids r)e on a
phiie on the tilvmidc train Hr will nut try
tor the rprlm. tmt Is tlevotlng all hi time
to the running I. punt lump Fit nnd writ.
Krllj rhoulii ilrar it frrt, may be better
The Indoor athleth sr-ait.in will i loar on
May 1 with the Mutual Aid Soilrty gamm
In ihe riit-artenih Hrglininl Armory. The
Muv Hi) Ibr mile I oil, I iate will he thr star
lilruti Wainir, the Ciirllslr tudiau rnmli.
has srni the rniry of four redaktna In the
llostou luaia'boli. The four hralra will b a 1 ,
fiultlle, rstripilly as It Is Ulltlrrstood nnn
will till Hie Hull ut a hut puce II lid br there
at Ho- finish
crack half mllrr of thr ,
f.dillr l-'ibk. th
N'ih Voik A (',. has Kollit to Itlttsburg,
Where hr will be eliga Kcil la bilulnrsa for a
whllr. Ciit't. .Mutt llalpln of the Mrrriiry
foot i bib raid rsii-rdiiy that Kihllr Is only
i out of .ilbbtlcs for u while, it ml hr will be
i balk uK'illlt ltrrtl.iis sooner than exprtted
bate ut night and when all Is ijulrt uioumt
the New- York A ' g ' I II 110 l u III 1'alll I'll
tfrlin m v .1 II ,n rile t- tin 10 til, tit fur tit., lltil .,.,,1
sun mrtrrs, muv be s.-i-u ciutriiiiK u round i
ine ir.tiu. iir snows tn-uiv oi spring, nut i
won i shv ii or possrssrs, aini.iiittiis m Ilie
wav of uu king ike iilyiiiith- truiu
Auotllt-r llise of ullst.llll II xot-ilthiu III sp.ll 1
Is tlmt of AsliliiKtou. ii CiiiiihrlilKt- t'ulvi r
eltx iu. in ttlio ii Iril middlr illst.inci ruilnv
for si-vriiil stusiilis, ltillwthotll uMlll. All
Of .. siltlil. II 11 .' turiiril Ills illt'lit luu lit Intr.
! iIIIiik itiul hroiiil Jiiinitlnii .iii.l did wt-ll He
lunipiil -.1 reel III ine ltin.nl anil run do III
si'tollUI Olrr inr lllfll SILKS. Willi little
more 'experience In Hirst- rvrnts hr rill Iir it
Cllb'llttl t'ldielslty's onr lllllr Irlsl train,
tlir tirrienl Atnirb-sii i haiuplons, hsie hi rn
rnteri-il for the Pelllls) Iv.llllu lebty rxeut
llittisi-il to the Maliions will br Coltlinlilu
with the train lh.it won the mile Indoor
i ham plonsh I n lust tvlnler other trams In
the ran- will tin riyrricpsr, Piirlinnuth, Mas-sttt-husMts
Institute of Ti i hnitiuK) . Wrs
Irisn, tililo miiI .ibillll I'nliiriltt of Can
idii Hlllpll Cralc I.ISI yrnr's Intrrenllrnlate
erlnnrr In the Kiu and ysrds, "111 wear
the colors nf tin- ln-trnlt V M t" A In nil
1 1 . 1 1 1 p.'t 1 1 Ions lids rar lis is itrrpjiinc for
thr Chlrsfo tryouti of the Dtymplu t-sot.
.lane , llenrnla Her 1'lne Itaelnc at
t. AnirnatlnPt
.I.u IsoNvtl.l.r, April I'.'.-A general ill
trlliutlon of irles on (he last day of the
.Inoksoiivlllr power-boat regattn closetl the
1 first speed boat meet lug ever held on the
Sl ,0,U1" "ivpr.
.1 1 weniv nine nn union p tor noats 01 twenty-two
miles or better wnn (he first event
ami .laiii- S., owned by Charles S, Hmlley,
the winner of the Southern championship
at St. Augustine, uns the flrsl across the
line. Her elapsed ilmc was ,vi minutes '.'l
seconds. Vila, owned by Mrs. 1'nulu H
lllackton. Ilrooklvn. was second, her tit
being Sl minutes It seconds. The fastest
I ?':tu"' tor I'"' course was mailt) by
I Dioiiu, I). 11. .MrMlllan. .lacksonville, of
41) 111 Unites seconds,
Adelaide, I,. K, Ames,
I Chicago, anil iSprny, Alev. .Slevena, .lack
a, .tack-
Ullll til,.
aonviiie, were the other entrants a
shed in this order.
In the contest for Florida hull! boats Tor
two prizes tho Diana was the winner with
he Seminole, owned bv W. II. Hnyder.
I'lttfdiurir, second, nnd the Stirnv third.
A. special race for hydroplanes wns won
by Ita with Spray second. In the closing
event of the meeting, a ten mile handicap
the Seminole wui the w Inner. .lookevltiK
by (he handlers of the limits made this race
un Interesting one, IHiina Mulshed second
and -lane S. third
oulrnua Marlorlr A. at Charleston
"''"M"1 Hyrne It elnalaled.
Cmni.isiiix. S. C . Aptil 1:. -Mla llryson
won the mnln event at Palmetto I'ark to
day. handicap at slit furlongs, She not
up lu the last Tew strlden and beat Marjorln
A. out a neck
' -v
H was announced to-day that every day
. . . . .. . . in j.,
, Jockeys MoTuggurt and llyrne weie
1 reinstated to-dav. Kach had Iieen set
' S)V,!uLV.ri . , ,,il.r?t.lni' .f?r T"Xith tl'.lnit
"ipiaii.,011 wnicn lie won .1. t tiallagher
claimed I'rcd lvy lor S72.".. The sum-
iiiui ir
1 ii.lr.'.!l";rl.'""r n'"1 '" f'lrlonr- Halnh
I.lojd, IIJ tlVak). 7 tu 10, won: I red l,ry, ti
tio" '" -,i f"r I'1"", ciiml; Auto Hun. in
ran''" ' ure'' '"fh"". t'nrle Hl.lr and'Toi also
...?i0,'n"'1 ""' slj furloiiiis- thrakrr Hoy. 107
(Wilson), II to .1, won: Sherlock Holmes, 107
fraKi. 1 10 3 for placr, second: Cagnant. 102
l-ouiisherm. s tu 1 to aliow, third, lime,
1 , '....A!',".''rb I-rtourno, t.'raii-, Mc.lnha II.,
Is".'?.."1.'.1' lei Mark, A. Majrr. llrartlistnTir.
nlf.. hi, Vattle Kerran and Sam ItatiU also ran.
ItUtd Itaic sn furlongs Kiln llri son. PM
truriierl, 7 to 1, won: Murlorlr A. luu INiilaui,
.1 .,0., I'l-icr. second; llrlrnr, ft! (UcCabri
f,,0J ! V1"". third, 'lime. I ll 1 , Catun and
.Mrrrti k also tan.
1.1 .1 10 snow. irnr,i nine. o..t.i:ie.
rourin itarp. fir am half
I'rrmlrr. 11.1 (horrtieri. .1 to 1. won; Dominica. 107
11 haitrllt. a to .-t for plaie, sr. end: Cold Cap. 113
. "' - .'" snow. 1111111. lime, tu.:i.'..
Ilni U11, t imnry K . Sir IMwaril. Saho llli 11. t ami
StriLr Out als.i ran
f Iflll ItNl'r. SI furl,...,.. I.ls.. l. . . I . n . I . -.
(MrTagearti, U to 1. won: ttllals-lh Itumois'l.
111. iivk 4 to 1 for pla.-r. nonil' Wander. 107
Nnlaiii, ,1 In 1, to show, third. 11 in. 1.11.13.
Ihrrr Unks, M, ,et Cuise, Mr Watchrs.
loin Masslr, .lark Parker, Miaicrlrf and .1 II,
1, ut.), mil
.Sixth 11.11 r Our lullr and a fiirluinr llrai li
saint, low '.Mooiri, a to won: Swrrt owrn. in
. - ...' ' " ' ,ur luair, sreomi: inuiv miitman,
ll lllanmrrl, !l to Ul to show, thin! Tltne
!..,".. Collins frog. Watnrr tirlswoii,
lllirk llram-h. 'lackle. Naiimui ami .stiori
thdrr al.o ran.
t onslatriil Winner nl .laineatovt u
eore e.entli Conareutlie lelnr.
Nulinil.K, Va , Mull 12. Magazine, from
the stables of I' M Walker, and the most
onslstrm winner of the ear, won the fa-
lumestowii to-dnv. Maya-
fatorlte, but doe Madden
.. . .. . . . . " ""
uaini. loner nan many rriemts. it
a .iiagalue s seteuth coiisecutlte lit
;o " 111 "e run ine seven turlongs in t;s ..-..
tra' k"" ' "s''',,r'" "'" 'onillttou of the
Slierwo.nl won the ftftli i,ife, a dush of
six and u hair fuilongs. w ith I ond Heart
a length behind him.
Hedge ltoe eaptnied the last Hie. over
u mile ami seventv vnrds titter l..,r.l
UP the ettetih, Hanev 1'. a II to I -hot.
us , s seiond
the summ.irv
-,r r, ,.' a . fur,un.
m ,Mr',n s ft fora Park lli
iliurns,. 11 m 2u ., pla.V. sr -.tml: Uu'nt. lot
, xmhro.ri. 1 ,o .', to show, third, l ime, o J5 -J
M ra, Ilamiaiiaround,. Ibwhurg l nnd Jack
of llrarls also ran.
Sertjad llice Six and a half furlou Unities
''. ', ' " ' "iei; ismi-r ells. 107
Mcinr.r.. out to slum, third. Time. 1.22 2-5
ran ''"' l,nllc "lu
ii-"''.r'i ".rr K.lv' n,,lf f'irlnnirs - Quern
tee. Ion (l urthri. 11 to 10. won: Sialmorr lit?
xiartlm. A to s, fur Place, second. Arnnj. uu
Naughty Hose. Itldgrland, Dorothy T ami Cant
liiKllth also ran '
fourth Itaiss-sctrii furlong. MagA7lne. Ill
ii.atrpi, 0 to 5. won: Urrtlonerr, HI tiibrrti.
.' to I for plarr. srroud; Jih- Maddm. Ins tsrhul
tlngiri, I to2 toiiuiw. third. Tltnr. 121 1.5 silver
Knight. Ilotlman, Knights lllffrr. Itossrnux.
Nurhtlt and St. tiamliis also ran.
..,!'"!!' .""'T Six and 11 half fut longs Shrrwoisl.
DM ISihutltnirrri. 2 111 1. wimi l'.tnas, 11.
"InrnM. 7 to 10 rur Idair, reond:l.ady Irnia. lus
irorsythn, out 10 show, third Tltir l"l 1-1
tmagrr, Csmri and Agnlrr al.11 ran '
sixth lt.nr Onr mile and rvrnly yards
Hedge ilosr, Inn iSrhittllngrri. 'Im:.. won-ilarirv
, , i,.Mtrcihv). ( to I, for plaie. inVinip . ."trV
WM M,ro-ri .:t 1. 1 1 to shiiw. tnlnl nlnr. I 7 2"'
I Hufiiii;nie. 1.01. oinla and Trrd Mnlholland also
Mlelilunn. llerVata Vamli-rlilll,
Nxslltlt.i.y. Teiiu., Aptll 12. In a slow
game to-day Michigan defeated Van
derbllt. Seine 4 to 3.
.Michigan stinted scoring nitly and by
the fotiith Inning had all Its runs items
the plate, while the locals had not scored.
The Commodores then got busv and
pushed three nctoss the plate, but bv n
fast double bv PuncniiMtn, all hopes' ut
Wllintlli.' Well- lost tj,,,,!, .. ,lk u,.,,,i,, ...
all times. The same teams p!a a ibmb'b-
I lieaoei lo-llioi low .
j Tile scoie
,,. , , . . . It II V.
.-in niKitii . o 1 1 11 o o 0 u. 4 :, s
Vandrrlilli ii 0 o ii I ii i i- - 3 j J
llatt-rb-s smith and Itogsis lltrrln and
Irutula ItoiTiia T rinity.
CiiAiti.oTTf8Vn.t.K, Va., .Mull is, Vli
Kinla defeated Trinity College of Hart
ford to-day, S to ft, The Melding, of both
tenuis was exceedingly pout, thlitc n er
lors tlginliig largely In th,. run getting.
Vlzner of Trinity, nnd 1'itchett of Vlr
Kiniit, tiuide speclaculai- i tinning ciitcbes,
while Mel ',u Ire nnd (Irant made tluee base
hits and 1-Ttchett hit for thr circuit
The score;
... , , ft '
xbglnla ii 1 i) .1 o .1 o 1 - s s s
Trlnltv il ii i) I il r u v a 7 i
Hutu rlrs -l'.r.int und l-'bulluy for Virginia ,
Illeekrr and 1,'H.ui rruux for Trinity
I'oor aij- Slara un Slrk l.lal.
Annapolis. Md,, April U', Knur of
the most valuable pla.xers on the Nuviil
Acailriity baseball Sdll.ul nr.. out of the
Hume oti account of lllneas. HIckH. tho
best iiitcher, has inieiniiuiilii and prob-
titij ttoi inii iin iiguiii ims aeiiaon ;
W iikcinun, pitchei-i tisbuin. left lleldei,
and Adams, shortstop, hie the others w ho
ate iiicapacitatiil, but nil but 1 licks will
probably be In the Kume iik.iIh Khortly.
Uoston l-'lnlabea I'olnt llehlnil,
lluHTON, .plll 11'. (.'hlcilHo ili-frltt.-il
HoHtoii tiKiilli to-nlisht In tilt .National I
lllllliinl Lenmie'H Ihreo cualdon t un mil '
,lM" "mucnl ,
Hie hcore ItcliiK ,1u to
in, Harris
nuiilli liiirnlti'il lit.. ,.., 1
the I'hlciiuo ntpii'Hi'tituth-o und Dr. Hud-
sou lepreseiueil llostou, I inirls liud a
high i tin of t und un tiM-tnue of .fiT,
while the Huston pluc- also h.i, u hijt,
t uu "t i and his iiiiui;e wns ,3P,
V iiiiiik tilanta Iteleaaed lu lliiffalo.
Mlinillter Midi II W M'stl'libll' ill stum... I
( nf three of his tecrult phtoin. They urn I
- Hues, tho proniHInK third hiisemun : '
Htock, llilb-ltli r. und .Mitnsel, pitcher. Thev
Ko lo IliitTnlo. wheie ilroiKn StullltiKa, with
the help of llin youiiKsters from the (Hunt
cuiup, hopes to win the liiteinutloiitll
Lenuue peniiiint.
.eT York V. Mine at Work.
New oti nlversity's luisecnU nine hnd
hnrd prncllce lesterday lor the kiiiiio with
Swart Innora on Ohio field this ulternoon
With ii tie ii ita I pst Princeton nnd a ilctory
liter Mldillrhnrji In their ileillt ihe Si'W
orkers are lonlldeul o lie.iiiinr the
Hull! Change Is Made at Meet-1
ing of Long Island II ac- I
ing Association.
Defines Exact Form and
lion of Mark on Sails
of Earn Craft.
At a meeting, nf the Yacht HacliiR A
roclallon nf Lutii: Island Hound, held lust
hlgbt In the Hotel Astor, the delegates
adopted un amendment to the existing rule
which mote clearly defines how numbers
nml distinguishing marks on racing yachts
tihu.ll Imj carried. The ptesent I tile, which
Ie that adopted by the Atlantic Const
Conference mid ratified by nil the clubs
In that conference, allows -un owner so
much leeway that Home havo used num
bers that cannot be seen at the end of
the starting line, and others have them
Itl poaltlons that ale sometime covered
by other sails.
The amendment or addition to this
title wns HUKKeated by Horace K.
lloucher, representing the Larcbmont
Yuclit Club, u explanatory, and lie was
supiHitted by nirmlx-t.s of regatta com
mittees, who have experienced much dlf
tlculty In dlstlngulsblnsT the yachts. Thcte
wax Mime opposition to the change be
cauae some yachtsmen already have num
bers on their juiIIh nml they do not cuie
to make liny clianges. The rub which
wns Mmtlly ndoptcd niciely amends pitta
Krnph 7 of into C, ami Is as follow:
ltiitlnx numbers with i lass litttet or claps
distinction murk illicitly uboie them must
be dlsiilaytd nn liuth shirs of the imiliisall
They must be painted In dark color and
clean .ut block tpe on lectutifUllar plei.s
of ciinxas m ml sriurrly atlaihed to ttis sail
hi that ttie bottom of the number will be on
ii horizontal Hue with Hie thlimt of the ssll
and mldwav Itetwren liilf sntl tenth ami
imrallrl to the water line.
Tht- size of thr mitnhers, . ttels or tlls-tlnt-tlon
marks shall tie not Irss than ttftun
Inchi-s rath In bright for yuilits of no foot
and imdei water llnr. unit not Irss than
elKhtrrii Indira In hrlsht for Jathts urr 3v
foot water llnr.
Klgllt clubs Wcte leplisetitcd lit the
meeting. Among those plesellt Well-
I'tefldetit Stuyi.-sant Walnwrlght. Sec
ietiu Jaiii.-s V Alker l-'iaiil: ihiwim
Jones .md llotme II. Hoticher.
Commiidoie William s. I'mdee of the
.New Haven Ym lit Club, ownet of one
of the Ihuratil- Hav :il fotd class of
sloops, is trjltig to mi i. time u i,,,-, f,,
yachts of this class from Haven
to Latchmont. Theie me six or sevin
of these yachts in local wntiis, Com
module I ',ii dec thlnltH a long distance nice
would be Interesting ami then the sloops
would it.tiil etc In luss i.iclng dining
I. -in Iitnotit inc.- week.
Ilomlim Iloula To-nlaht.
xt fulrminit A. Kd.lle (lallsnhsr x
ttarb in Tniiiiiiv Jloftklns
At dlvmplr A. C. -K ii Smith s Tommy
At Cord. in A --Marty llrown Kddlr
Ktlli- Hilly Lewis xs Itulph Ibt.e.
At Itlown A A Mike MalU vs III
At S)iailtr A C llrrt Krjrs s lldtlls
At N.ithinal A. C Iliuuklyn--.tor Thirl i
xs Hairy Loru t
At ibiuiimis A c HrooklMi Kid I'artrr !
s Ku.lsll.h llin 1
At Llhtra: A C fit.iien Island Johnny
1 'I i vs X ..uug Il sou
whitITer inn
(lrn May HI to Xoxrintirr in
ox uu. nnu.s, ,kk thi: cur," 4s
Mlnalea by I'rttalr Itual from New Tork.
ilraiitlful siirriiiindliigs. Itooir.s with hath: sun
parlors; l.ircr rr.niilas; bltllanl room: trnnK
VArtttllitr '
special Katrs Iturlnc the Spring Wra.on.
our wotidcifiit book
slvlng iiainrs of neatly l.nm hotr and boarding
houses 111 .Sllllll.xll
anil t Istrr Coiiutlrx. .N'rw
York. I now read) tin It .N't-w York. Ontario,
a ..rs-,it I.) ... .1 11. MKW HT. t. I'. A
:a Hrnxrr i , York Cltj
Atlantic City.
Krntucky air., near Uracil ti all allractloiin.
;iod Cooking. Fttlrtrnt Sen tee and ,
Homelike Comforts at Modrrate Hates. '
OT) choice roomi. sneoiinrrtlns with bath; latent
iiuciutnumiB. ttmir uripi. goou iiitixic: itiirrican
plan, t: up dally, special wrrkly Auto roarli
uirrts trains. Virile for drsorhulir folder. A.
mXMAIii 1'Kllol.lL u,iri jjbma.rr,
Virginia av near Hnirh an 1 fitrrl PIrr Onrn
urrounillnirs. Capacity fan Hot and told Vra
water bath: larr room. rnuttiriu exposure
eleiatnr to Mirei lrirl, sun pa-lors. etc - K So
up lUlly, special wrrkly rates Hooldrt Coaches
meet tra!n Cllllivn e IJ'KD.S
Directly on the Oeenn Front.
Xlwsss Open, " xl.TI'M .1 Hlny
On tie ocran fiout, Ireiuhi xic, owilooklnir
famous Mtrel llrr Capacity Oil. .sprrlal si: so
up weekly no cutia ihare for hot sra water
baths. I.lriator. aparluiia sun parlor, rilvate
baths, orrhrslra. Auto mrrlh trains Ihstklri.
WU II VMAN, 1'iopr ritXNKM I'ltOHlir.S.Unr.
St. Charlra
ntio oracn.
Sat l.r, i.
ii-, .stall urs, prilBir
baths, runnlnf wain- In rooms: run parlo.c
rlriator: rht-trle Ibihts, rlc. Urals and service
brxt obtainable, .iprrlal rales for Starch ami
April it. .1 DYNITM.
No. Cai-ollnn Al'r. A Hr.irh. Prltao. itsths
Hint water In rooms; rlrvalor to atrrrt Irvr'l: sun !
Vvh'm tis! ,4M"'"' 3So- ,lo",",- ItltVAN A
y'I''Li1l.l,J'i,il,'.".'.n,1r''.,,1,Hlrrlt' r' hol'l.
ALIEMARIE iffi'fi. &? VSL
i-unnyrooms.stramhi-alrd.-cirrllcnt table. IS 110
SU.So up wrrkly: M up dally. Am. Plan. Kir valor:
sun parlors: oirhcstra, lioolilet. ,1, ', copi-
The Wiltshire () Avenue am,
lireaily Itiiproied. Cap. 3Jo. I'rlialr baihi, ruo-
'V".B iii-. riTt.tui, rw. .xiusic. ,ipe-
rlat. ilLV.'.l on wrrL t-' 17 Xtl itt. il.ll.. i :
flat. tKM up wrrkly: M.So up dally. Ourn all
thr year
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Tomorrow's Sun
Sketches by Harry Furnlss
Mr. Furniss, who for years has ranked as one of the
chief cartoonists of England, has been studying the
types of visitors at the New York Art Museum.
Amusing drawings of what he saw will be in THR SUX
on Sunday.
My Actor Husband"
A sensational human document in which the secrets
of theatrical life are told. The author declares that
the book is absolutely true. Who is she? That is the
question. The publishers of the book cannot answer
it. Reyiewed in THE SUNDAY SUN by Jeannette
1.. Gilder.
Some Contemporary Snobs
Thackeray defined a snob as "he who meanly admires
mean things." That definition is perfectly good in
New York to-day. An article dealing with the snob
phase of contemporary Manhattan life, in which snobs
are put under the microscope, will appear in new
Sunday's SUN.
Modern Strike Management
Scientific management is now applied to strikes. They
are no longer conducted haphazard. They are now
adays highly organized and demand great executive
ability. The inside workings of the Passaic and other
recent strikes are told in THE SUNDAY SUN by
those stormy petrels of the labor world the orcanizers.
Hypnotism an Aid tp Virtue
It is believed by Prince Hopkins, a Californian. resi
dent in New York, that hypnotism can be applied in
an entirely new way by expelling bad impulses from
boys and inculcating good ideas. Mr. Hopkins has
made practical application of the hypnotic cure to a
number ot gangsters and has got some good results,
which he tells about in THE SUNDAY SUN.
Views oi German Scientists
A commission of the heads of the German Museum of
Munich, the world's greatest technical museum, is in
New York to study us. The commissioners give their
impressions in THE SUNDAY SUN.
The Accomplice' by Paul Bourget
A lively story by the famous French author, not
hitherto printed in English, will appear in THE
SUNDAY SUN. It tells how an American woman
of wealth becomes the ideal benefactress of a young
girl fascinated by a Parisian Apache.
The Meaning oi
Do you know that you have within you a psuluc
censor, that he sometimes nods and that certain re
pressed, almost forgotten instincts in you seize th
chance to assert themselves in the form of dreamt
Read about this and the wav modern science inter
prets dreams in THE SUNDAY SUN.
Famous Frenchmen Coming
Statesmen, artists, writers, soldiers and merchant, of
France will be here at the end of April to present the
xnampiain committee witn a nronze bv Hodin and to
promote Franco-American friendship. TH E SU N DAY
SUN has an account of them and their mission.
The Russian Passport Question
Secret Russian history, dealing with the Jewish pa
port question and derived from high official sources
is given in THE SUNDAY SUN. The disclosures
show that the Russian reactionary party has blocked
the passport reforms now sought by the United States.
Bloodhounds as Detectives
These animals, now being used in the Allen case, lime
done amazing things in running down criminals. Hie
history and deeds of the bloodhound are given in THE
"The Pirate Islands' by John T.
To most of us, when we were young, the pirate of the
Spanish Main, or of any of the Seven Seas, appeared
as a rather romantic figure. The flavor of romance
of our younger days fills Mr. McCutcheon's storv.
which is illustrated by himself, in THE SUNDAY SCN'.
Many Other Things
of Interest in
Tomorrow's Sun
- Lively

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