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Showers and warmer to-day; showers to-
morrow and cooler by night.
Detailed weather reports will be found on page 15.
VOL. LXXIX. NO. 228.
NEW YORK, MONDAY, APRIL 15, 1912. Copvriaht, HI!, by Iht Sim frhlino and PblMina AModalion.
Two Persons Killed and Fifty
Hurl at Dedication in Hnr
lington Park, N. J.
Willi Foot Crushed He Aids
in Worko' Rescue Women
mid Children Victims.
lo Denies Thnt Ho Is in Any
Way Responsible, ns His
Work Was Hurried.
Tno women wero killed nnd more than 1
r fly por-ons were severely injured by
fie caving in of tho floor of an unfinished
'!ninuu Catholic Church at Harrington
irk. N. J., yesterday afternoon. Tern- Vona minded , .t Three It,.,. r
porary wooden supports under the floor ' AM shown. rlmbu
could not stand tho weight of .too eager
mm and women who had rushed Into ,1TIuf? l'T Jhi J-7" .amu$"
, , , ,, themselves by blowing snuff In the gallery
ih edifice, snapped nnd tho planking of ,he Fourteenth Street Theatre yester
Imwed down to tho cellar ten feet below1 day afternoon were finally ejected from
in the form of n hopper. Into this space ! the place and arrested after they had
the men, women and children wero thrown ! blinded Mr. Oiuwle Rerginzi of 16? West
hrlter skelter nnd upon them came heavy
piles of lumler which had been left In
tho room. It was this lumbor that did
rno-t of the damage, although suffocation
leneath tho struggling mass accounts
fir the two deaths.
THK ukau.
tt.KrT Mr". Him. s: jct oKI. of III11
sl.lr, S .1
(irriii.si).v, Xtr. Nichol.s, 41 jcars old, of
I'flurlh nciiuc. WcstKoori, N. J.
roiix or run isimr.ii.
M'lint A", I in, Olil Tappnn, broken In.
if.T, the Itcv. Dion. Trnm'v, (cct Inlurrri.
oki.in, Ml I... Alpine. Inttrnxl Injuries.
nnrr.ii. Uaime, New York, Interns! lalurle
Mi MniET, (.nosas. ltnrrlnrton Park, rye ana
Ifi tnturril.
HciNiiorr, Mr". Ilitsnis C. Harrlnj inn Park,
In'rrn.il InJ'irli1".
'tUMKUT, Humus C. Harrington Part. In
'rrii.il Injuries.
Avriitx, Mr. t'nis'K. Wctnooit, Internal In-.''irlc-
'.tsirnA.:;. lasxn. "t-ood, right knee In-
Slct'or. l'ruNK, llumont. .both let" brokrn,
I pjr'rvrooti Hospital.
!'LPIN, l-ORErr,., ir.-.Mprlh, 111 t. Iirn!..n
' 'os-xon. .toiix 1)1 1 Tapiian, leir broVrn
Knclev ooil llo.llltnl. 1
I'ickkr'mi, Mm. Mart. j eir" "IJ, of llarrlne-1
tn rnru, nnklr broUcn, Knglcwnou llopllAl.
Skmob. (luoma J.. HsrrlniOn Park, arm,
1 roken. lacerated face.
iiuilOT, IlKMir, .New York. cM foot crmh
Toole.v, ilAsnx J Harl:en"ack, ear almoM
mrn oil
w LLce. Mrs., to years old, Harrington !ark.
!ni rr.al Inlurlci.
W !.rzBi. Mrs. K. U' Harrington Park, right
rr.'.ic Injured.
Hi.nxER. Mrs. V II., Clojter. les cr'ih-d.
iMitir. Mrs. Mart, Tenallx. broken leir and
lairrAllnnt, Hnclenood Hospital.
' onwix, :oxa, llarrlneten Purl;, ruts and
tr ..sp"
u'.iss, Mr". Wii.laim. U'rttnomt, tody
tl htd and bruited.
' i hkk. Wiu.iau. tlarkensack, foot crushed.
' s ji L. Jaues, Hillsdale, rontuttons of fare
HotMiiAX. Joskhi. Hlllrdate. broken ler,
Ln;leood Hospital.
i.ACiiiit'M), Jr., Mrs. Coxrao, Hillsdale, both
ariKit's broken.
Iitntx, Mrs. Nonwoon, lacerations and
-1 's ncd ankle.
V'IMax, Mr". Javiw. Old Tappon, fractured
I noma, Mrs. It., Wesuvood, dislocated ankle.
I'osi. John. AVeMwood. tuu and bruises.
'tur, Mrs. CiTHKiiisK. Tenally. broken let
sr.., brul-e", i:nelenod Hopltal.
1'tie ceremony of laying and blessing
f ciirncrhtono of the llttlo Churcii of
Our I-idy of the Victory at Harrington
l'jri;, X, J drew a crowd of about 100
churchmen and churchwomcn from the
s i rounding suburbs. Tho church i
weil .idvancod toward completion, but
in' -)rni;rtono liau never leen ItleHwd. I
Saiigle .V Wisener, tlmcontruclors. havoj
'one wnlU of the basement, the
sieu s ties nn me niglillouilChliingle
r -f in place tho bolfry lulled and ;
; '"a" f'"" ,r.U,.w r,", ,c,lurcni
on n Mi.., Jim uuuiii iisj yaius irom
it" xtntmn, so it has not been necessary
' lo any excavating.
I. - de the church tho first layer of floor
I' ' a nit down u week ago but thU
not i-iipported by the iron beams
ire to go there. Tho curtKjnterH
! ' oi thought fit to nut anvthine there
' ie(.iijs.) they did not use. the lloor.
I r they did put beneath It at irregular
1 ' alJ about ten supports made by
' t; Mire.; Jolts two Inches by six
1 ' f'Ktl.iT. These rested on concrete
I in the collar. It will have to be
' nniieil by tho investigations of the
' i county Coroners and tho County
i' r : ho is to blame for permitting
, 'opli'torushin on such a flimsy super
' re, 'I he contractor said ho had
''Inly hurried because of the cere
" v hich had been set for a part leu
1 1 y while I'athir Delehanty of West
'l tim priest in charge, asserts that he
'en i.i-Mired by tho contractor tho
..s cafe.
1 "remony was set for 3 o'clock in
rnoon and when the time arrived i
""i r more were thero. If the day had I
" ''ii so threatening there would havo
'"iee iih many. Although the
I ie women and a majority of tho in
I ere women, men predominated in
' n.wd, which waa a good thing when
uie camo for tho rescues,
f" was a notable array of priests
1 UiiMeis around the cornerstone
I d tier Delehanty, whose jiarlsh
' Harrington Park, liegan tho
1 ie; thn Wry llov. J. .It Con
v hi of the iliocese, waa just be
I ' ' i and so were Father Dion Best
1 '-.ln.ni f the Carmelites; Father
ti if I'lainileM, who was later to
'.o address; Fathers Manna gan
' (!'. Mi'Dennitt or Kingsland,
''! McDonald of Knglewood, An-
tcHlsiinl on fourth Pop
t.lfe Savers Pick Vp Hods- t Dr. C.
A. demons, Lost on Jan. n.
The l)ody of Dr. Carl II. demons, who
wan lost In n gule on tho Great South
Way on January 5, wns found near the
Short Beach life saving station by a life
saver yesterday morning. The IkxJt was
positively Identified by Capt. Charles
Veltmnn, father of Tom Veltmnn, who
wrnt on the duck hunting expedition
and whoso body has not been recovered,
George Vnn Nostrand, keeper of the
life raving station, on patrol along Short
Beach, tliree miles across tho bay from
Bay .Shore, where the hunting party
started from in the January gale, enme
across the body lying on the leach in
yesterday's dawn.
He telephoned to his station nnd word
was sent to Fire Island, where a general
alarm was sent. out. At first it wes
thought that the body was that of Ed
mund S. Dailey, an insurance broker
and the third member or tho hunting
party, lini ley's wife waa told of the
discovery of the body yesterday and left
Washington, where she has been since
tho tragedy, to go to Hay Shore.
But whllo she was hurrying there ('apt.
Veltman identified the body as that of
Dr, Clomons.
Mrs. demons heard of the discovery
and went from tho Van Dyke apartments
on West .Seventy-second street, where
tho doctor lived, to Bay Shore, there to
wait whllo tho body was brought from
Short Beach on a motor bait.
Houston street, line or tne tliree nan
put MiufT on the back of his hand nnd
blown It directly into the woman's eyes.
Crying with pain she staggered up the
nisle and groped her way to the manager's
office. Policeman Mansini of tile West
Seventeenth street station was called in
and he proceeded to the gallery. When
he got there he found many person who
had suffered from the MiufY blowing
clamoring to have the boys put out
The youths showed tight when ap
ptoaehed by different person who re
monstrated with them, and Mrs, Merginxl
said afterward that one of them had
threatened to slap her face if she Inter
fered with his sport. Jlar.slni grabld
the three offenders and took them to the
police station. They said they were
William Burke, to. of 221 Valid: street;
Joseph Silvn. 17. of 128 I,eroy street, and
Samuel Weinberg, 17. of 220 Variek street.
Burke and Weinberg said they were
errand boys nnd Silva said he was an
office boy. .
. ntii.niM.Ti
I'linraed Willi Anullirr II line I. of
Wire TmipliiK Sri Indira.
JlosioN, April II - .lame St rosnntder.
alias Dig l.em. called by tlu poliro lin
king of wire tappur.4, was arreted at
Petersburg, W, Va., laM night by the
Pinkorton agency on'a seciet indictment
warrant charging him with swindling
Samuel Butter or Host on out of $7 TiiXJ
in August, mil, by the wire tapping game.
Big Iamii wa nrrestol in connection
with Big Bill Kellher's 'faro gang."
which was charged with looting the
National City Bank of Cambridge through
George W. Coleman.
Stroneider is alfo wanted in l'dgar
towu, W. Va., for swindling a clergyman
out of $10,000 by means or the wile tap-
pping game on December 1. 1011, He is
also charged with swindling a l luyton.
Ala., business man out of C,000 in Chicago.
In the Boston indictment Strosnelder
is charged with being one of the gang
which on July 18. 1811, enticed nutter
to Providence, where they robbod him
of t7,S00 by means of a dummy telephone
and telegraph outfit and racing charts.
In 10P) Strosnelder was arrested nt
Flatbush, N. Y., on n charge of aiding
In tho larceny of 13,100 from the Cambridge
Bank, and he w as admitted on 110,001 hall,
but thn case was never brought to trial.
,,'' " J'tU Bol"r
Appeals tu the Police.
nran .r .,.,,,. .rrhant of Cm.,.
inland, Md.. camo to
with his wife to transa.
town last we. -It
ransact some business.
He also brought his seventeen-year-old
sister, Mary, who yearned to see the
city. Mr. Ankers took an apartment at
27 West Thirty-seventh street.
laiBt Friday Mary told her brother
that she thoroughly enjoyed the town.
She thought she would rather like to
stay hero permanently and if necessary
get a Job. Mr. Ankers said "No" with
much emphasis. But that did not deter
tho girl from looking for a position. She
camn back later In the day and announced
that she had a place In a restaurant. The
Cumberland man thought he gave suffi
cient advice to her to cause her to change
her mind, but nevertheless sho skipped
out when he wasn't looking. That's the
last that's been seen or her.
Last night Mr. Ankers took the detec
tive.4 into his confidence and now a gen
eral alarm has been sent out for Miss
Ankers. Her brother told the pollco
that this was not the first time that she
! had left him while on a trip. She usually
I conies bark when her money is gone,
1 . . . . , i i . .
, she had only a dollar when she left.
Body lu a Clump of Bushes, With
Man? Stab Wounds.
Km?,aiikth, N. J April 14. -John
j Olbbons's collie dog round thn body of
a mumerea man ims oiicrnoon in a
clump of bushes near the Stephenson car
works, South Elizabeth. I hero were two
stab wounds in the neck, one on tho right
side of the forehead, one under the left
eye and another on tho left cheek. It ia
the opinion of the authorities that the man
wan murdered In a saloon brawl In the
Polish section of the city and that his
IkmW then waa draggod out to the place
where It was found. He evidently was
a laborer. lie wax about SO year old.
weighed IK pounds and waa S feet 10
Inches tall.
Then Reports All llijyht She
Hot in Hero Late Last.
She Also Wns Afoul of the Ice
Fields nnd Saw '25 Hei'gs
at Once.
The French liner Niagara, hound for
this port from Havre with about 100 cabin
and more than BOO steerage passengers,
was for an hour in peril off tho Banks
on Thursday afternoon tho sea (lowing
into her through two holes stove in her
hull by Ice floes, through which she had
lieen picking her way for several hours.
Shn got hare safely latn last night and
will dock to-day. Tho Cunarder Car-
mania, In yesterday from Liverpool nnd
Queenptown, brought word of the French
ship's temporary distress.
Capt. Dow of the Carmanlu found the
Atlantic lane unexpectedly frosted when
he looked from the bridge, seventy feet
above the scu, on Thursday morning and
descried dimly on his Marboard bow half
a doten stumpy but long icebergs. He
changed his course to the southward, but
he had already become enmeshed In an
extended field of Ice. which to starboard
and tlcad ahead reached beyond the
vision nud to port for miles At noon
the p:isengers came from their luncheon
to take in the unuual Arctic nect and
look at the bergs. One that looked like
a floating table mountain formed of
solid green ice, Inspired the snapshot tor
to get out their cameras. Some of the
passenger were frightened by the crunch
ing of the ico under the bow und tho
scrtping of floe alongside the ship, but
the otlleen said that three wastio danger.
The wirtlesH operator startled Capt.
Dow about 12:10 P. M. by bringing him
a wireless from tho Niagara, which was
out of flight on tho starboard quarter
of the Cunarder, saying that the French'
man had two hole punched in her below
the water line and would the tarmania
stand by her as she was in imminent
Capt. Dow thought a little over this
urgent request and, partly with the idea
of getting out of the Ice field and partly
to so immediately to the help of the
Niagara, he turned his ship around and
steered northeastward. In about an
hour-another message came frrmi - the
Ugara. saying that she could take care
of herself, 'apt Dow Inferred that
the holes wero not so big as the French
skipper had at first surmised and that
he had stopped tho leaks. Another mos
sage sold a hteamhip was standing by
the Niagara. The Carmanla then turned
nnd stood on her cours-.. again.
Sho found the ice much further sotitn
than usual at this season and her ice log
says that f-ho stopednt l.Xi o'clock, pass
ing through field ice, and proceeded dead
slow The whistle was sounded, fog
having set in, nnd all the usual precau
tions were taken. Thereafter until 3:10
o'clock the fog was intermittent. Then
the sun burst through the vapor and
the ship went full speed. A dense fog
wiped our everything afloat and the
siren began to complain again, the ship
stopping for a time and then going dead
slow. The nir was very cold and the near
ness of bergs wan apparent. The sound
of the ice against the ship's sides made
the timid shiver as much as for the cold.
Every now and then the 'growlers"
which may be floes crunching against
larger floes of bergs or great hunks of
Ice breaking from the sides of bergs and
plunging growllngly into the aea startled
the watchers and listeners on the Car
mania's decks.
l'lii) fog veil would lilt occasionally and
reveal groups of bergs to the north of the
rhlp. One of these was low lying and
long, and when (apt. Dow got his first
glimpse of it faintly in outline ho thought
that it wa another ship. Within three
hours the passengers sighted twenty-fivo
bergs, tho grcatet number ever seen
from a liner, the nearest of which was
not mora than a quarter mile away
There was no breeze worth recording
while the Carmanla steamed thr ugh the
Ice, but there was a mighty swell und
the noes, most of which were larger
than a lifeboat, rota and fell as If endowed
with life. It was supposed that a -growler'
from one of the bergs may have smashed
against the side of the Niagara and given
her thn wounds that made her Hltlper
fearful that she might not get through her
trouble without help
The passengers united in declaring that
the vision of the colony of Lergs when
the sun came out and broke hi lancen
on their hhlmmering masses was better
than a moving picture show or tho hlghuut
class. There was not a moving picture
man aboard to tako advantage of the
occasion. Capt. Dow will not promise to
let his next lot of voyagers go "seeing the
iceberg. Some passenger i said the
situation when the fog was ju t thick
enough to reveal indistinctly the menacing
loo mountains was uncanny. 1 he plaint
of the siren and tho grinding of the floes
on the reverberating ateel sides of the
ship gave them the creeps. The skipper
said that at one time from hit seventy foot
perch he could see nothing but ice In
every direction, and ho was mighty glad
to get clear of it. He saw at one time a
full rigged ship and a fishing schooner
courtesying in the ice crowned swells,
i he tank steamship Excelsior, in from
Hamburg, passed on Wednesday an ice
Held fifteen miles, long In which there
waa a bark which displayed no signals.
Several fteamshlps recently arriving at
this port and Boston have reported en
countering Ice a llttlo further north than
tho place whore the Carmania discovered
tho herd or bergs.
The Niagara is a twin screw of about
n knots Hh rLrinr Lit ,n Ii... ,
11 knots. Sho curries only one class of
cabin iwHsengers (second) and has nceom-
modatlon for about 1,000 steerage ruuisen.
ger. She sailed from Havre on Anrii
She measures S,sso tons gross and Is tat
imi long.
Teutnnla Trust of e Orleans lie
linrlril In Trouble.
Nkw Oiii,i:anh, April II, A shortage
of lietween 30U,)00 and ItUO.OOU has been
uncovered in the Teutonia Hunk and
Trust Company, 027 Charles street, by
State Bank Examiner W. I.. Voung. The
Institution hod a capital or t2(,oni) and
surplus of 170,000, according to Its report.
F.ugeno V. Beuhlcr, president; Joseph
A. (lomila, chairman of the finance com
mittee, and Frank J Brutid, former as
sistant cashier, are held In the parish
prison, the first two under charges of
concealing the true condition of the bank
from the State authorities nnd the last
on chargeN or embezzlements totalling
Statu Bank F.xnmlncr Young began
an investigation of the bank's books some
limn ago. He issued a statement to
night in which he said he had discovered
conditions which demanded assistance
from some outsldn souroe nnd had railed
in the New Orleans Clearing House Asso
ciation. The clearing house held a meet
ing at 0 o'clock to-night, viewed ft con
Holidated presentation of tho bank's status
and bttsued a statement in which It was
announced that, tho situation was such
that tho association could not Intervene
and the Stato would have to take charge.
Mr. Young will tako charge of the bank
Monday morning.
Huinorsaysthat dead accounts of firms
long out of business have been carried
and that directors have been beneficiaries
of large loans, employed in business
Brnud, the former assistant cashier,
has been out of the bank eighteen months
This would indicate that the alleged de
falcations have been going on for a long
time. Other directors have been sent for
to confer with the District Attorney nnd
it is probable more arrests will be made
before morning.
Valuable records have been destroyed,
according to the State officials, and it ia
imKnuilile to more than estimate the
shortage. It 1 known, however, that it
exceeds capital and surplus, and probably
by I100.0OO.
The bank paid I tier cent, on savings
dosits. 10
Frank J. Braud to-nlp,ht confessed that
he took $72,000 from the Teutonia, covering
up tho shortage a he went along, and
gave the money to Clark Steen. Hteen was
secretary of the Dock Board. Some
months ago he rented a skiff at West End,
rowed out into Lake Pont Chartrain and
jumped overboard. He was drowned.
No one ever wa able to suggest a motivo
for the suicide.
Poller and Mllltla Watching Chi
rac? o Democrats.
Chicago, April 14. Actual hostilities
between the Sullivan "Kegulors" and
the Hearst-Harrison combination for
control of tho Democratic county con
vention, scheduled for to-morrow began-
late to-n'Kht.
Squads of mounted police under com
mand of Patrick .1. I.avln nttlnjr under
orders of Chief of Pollco McWeeney.
surrounded the Seventh Iteglment Ar
mory, nt Tt ,rty-thlrd street Hnd Went
worth avenue.
Within the building, under the per
sonal command of Col. Daniel Morlarty,
were twenty-live men of the Seventh,
rendy for action. A full battalion of
the Irish soldiery was within reach nt
the signal from Col. Morlarty, but not
under arms. The building itself was
locked and barred. Not a policeman
was allowed to enter.
The final blow delivered from the
Sullivan camp was an Injunction from
Superior Court .ludge McKlnley re
straining County Judge Owens, tho
Hoard of Election Commissioners,
Sheriff and Chief of Police from Inter
fering with the control of the tem
porary organization of the convention
by County Chairman John McQlllen.
Mayor Harrison at midnight sent a
long telegram to Gov. Deneen pro
testing In the strongest language
against the use of the military of the
State, us predicted by Col. Morlarty.
KrrpVrs ('una and I'rud thr Ilia? Polar
Bear In Vain.
All attempt to move an XOO pound polar
bear kept Curator Ditmais and three
kvepens of the Bronx zoo busy for 3V-
eral crowded hours buforo the big pur It
opened yesterduy morniuir.. Ihe bear
is Silver King, that Paul Itainey brought
down from the north lu September, i9io.
Silver king I the biggest olar beir
that has eaten llsh in The Bronx and they
had to matin a specially strong cugo by
the side of the other polar hear to put
the King in when ho got here. At that
they fought the lear all day to gel him in.
Fifty Teet away Troiii this special caga
is thn polar bear den, now empty or bears,
for the two that had the run of it havo
died. The curator decided thnt Silver
King would be happier in the roomier
den than in Ins present somewhat cramped
So Mr Ditmars anil Keepers Ferguson,
Snyder and Fleuman went out with a
stepl tranfor cage on wheels at yester
day's; dawn nnd tried to ji.'r.uiada thn
King to get In the cage and miko tits trip.
They laid rut, tempting liH on thu
floor or the transrer cage, they spoko
kl nd words. One keener even attempted
a little prodding until the great hulk
moved anil a paw flashed. The thump
of that uaw on the floor stoDnert all prod
ding. After that the bear just lay on the
floor blinking his ovll llttlo eyes but not
budging an inch. They had lu give up
at the arrival of the first visitor, but Mr.
Dltuiara saya they will try again this
Nankin Council Consents In
Back ftnnthcrn Force.
Special Cable DfPQtch lo Tus Bus.
London. April 15. A 1'ckln dcsnal"''
to thu Dally Tclcuraph suya the Nankin
Advisory Council bus consented not to
bring 2,000 southern troops to i'eklu.
and cot.Koquently the proposal that
realiieiit vnan shiii K'nt umi ii... nr....
I ernment otllclals should locate temno-
rarlly ut tho hunting, park outside the
ly has bee n abandoned.
' The same correspondent claims lo
,mve omcla information thn. events In
Mongolia are tending toward the aban -
I donmont of tho recently declared In.
dependence and n return to the Chinese'
fold. He says new moves are being
prtparcu, wun wntcn n connects itus
sla and Japan,
Wireless From S. 8. Virginian,
Which Is Rushing: to
Titnnlc's Aid.
White Star People Puzzled by
Seeming; Conflict in
Montiikai., April 14. A report is cur
rent here to-night that the new White
Star liner Titanic has struck an Ice
berg. What news has been received here
came to the Allen line offices In a wire
less message from the captain of that
fine's ship Virginian.
The captain reported that he had
been In communication with the Titanic,
which had asked for assistance after
having struck an Iceberg.
The captain of th Virginian, which
left Halifax this morning and which
should have been somewhere off Capo
Itace, reported that he wns on his way
to the Titanic. The Virginian has 900
passenger! aboard.
Tho message from the Virginian was
tent by wireless to Cape Race and
from there by cable to Halifax and
then by wire to Montreal.
Passenger Agent Jeffries of the White
Star line said this morning that tho
Titanic, according to their reports re
ceived yesterday morning, was BOO
miles south of Sable Island. While he
could not question the report received
from the Virginian, he was puzzled to
Itnow why, If such an accident had hap
pened, the Titanic herself had not been
In direct communication with the shore.
The I'nlted "Wireless station here
early this morning said that their sta
tion at I'astport. Me., had picked up
wireless messages from the Titanic
saying that she had atruck an Iceberg.
Her position was then 1,218 miles cast
of Sandy Hook.
The Titanic was reported by wireless
to bo 1.2SS miles east of Sandy Hook
at 2:15 A. .M. yesterday. At the pier
last night It was said that nothing had
been heard of any audi accident to the
Titanic. She Is due here late to-morrow
evening or early Wednesday
morning, The Titanic Is the newest of
the White Star licet and the biggest
liner afloat.
The Titanic Is of 4S.O0O tons register
and CC.O00 tons displacement. She I
1S64 feet long and ?2,,4 feet beam.
.She will carry S.OOO passengers, COO In
the saloon, 500 In -cond cabin and
1,900 In the steerage, and this number
can be Increased If the company should
desire to carry less cargo and more
steerage passengers. The vessel car
iles a cfew of S60 men.
Among the saloon passengers are Mr.
and Mrs. John Jacob Astor, K. D. Millet,
the artist and president of the Con
solidated American Academy at Rome;
C. M. Hays, president of the Grand
Trunk Hallway; the Karl of Rothes
and Major Archibald Ilutt, military aid
to President Taft; Joseph Bruce Ismay,
Clarence Moore, H. II. Harris, Hose
Stahl. W. T. Stead, Benjamin Guggen
helm, Mr, nnd Mrs. G. D. Wldener and
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Wldener.
l.aUrtrood Anthorltlra Put Kad tu
llan Solve Child question.
f.AKKWOot, N. .1 , April H. It was
reported yesterday that a liaby was
to be auctioned off hern to show the coun
try how a woman with too many chil
dren to support could be relieved of
her burden. When this became noised
around complaints camu in by the
score to tho members of the Common
Council and at a meeting Borough Attor
ney W. H. Jayne, Jr., pointed out that
ruffles or lotteries of any kind wero con
trary to tho laws of tho State, so it was
decided that the police notify George
Sanford of Sanford'a Academy, where
thn ruffle was to be held, that it would not
be ermltted.
The raffle had been extensively adver
tised, uumlered coupons wero attacked
to the nencral admission tickets, which
cost a dime, and the holder of tho lucky
number was to receive the baby.
The mother of the child is poor and
cousented to dispose of her two-weeks-old
baby in tho raffle. A warrant has been
Issued ut the request or John Hyno, over
seer of the' poor, for the arrest of the
allegod father, Harry Bowman, who has
left the town. The Children's Aid So
o'.oty, It Is said, will take the child
Bessemer and Lake Erie Will Beatln
Market Train service To-day
. PiTTSSURa, April 14. The Bessemer
and Lake Erie Railroad announced to
day that It will begin Its market train
service to-morrow, In rosponse to efforts
of clubwomen of Pittsburg, to bring
country produce direct to the consumer
und thus lower the cost of food by elim
inating the middleman's profits.
Arriving nt midnight, the first train
will be placed on n siding to-morrow
nnd the contents sold directly to the
consumer. This arrangement will be
, curried out until llie company erects a
imirket house In Hast Pittsburg, and tho
"tunuura nr inn nuirKei win ie iookcu
, attvr und arranged by Iho farmers,
' , At Um IliM the shipments will consist
lirgely of milk, cream, butter, eggn.
1 potatoes and apples, but thoy will be
heavier when gurden products und curly
' " "rp '?iy for market.
Tho HrHsemcr und Iakn Erie Rail
road traverses one of tho best agricul
tural districts In the Stat.
Wendler and Silas Keller
New York on llonryinoon
Takbyiow.s'. N. Y April II. As the
Rev. (i. It. liegeman, pastor of tho Sec
ond Reformed Churchjwns entering the
dining room of tho Florence Inn Friday
evening he wns stopped by a timid young
man who held n piece of paper in his
hand. Ho said he would like to get mar
rled and produced a license. Ho went
Into the parlor and led forth tho bride-
elect, and a man and woman followed,
The young man then said that ho was
Fdwin K. Wendler of 3 dramercy Park,
New York, nnd his bride was Miss Mary
Kelley of Oil Forty-ninth street, Brook
lyn. The witnesses were Miss Catherine
Kerr and D. P. Ilyan.
Mr. Wendler said ho was on Amherst
student and he nnd his briilo decided to
come out to the romantic Sleepy Hollow
country to get married, for thoy wanted
to get away from Iheir friends, who
promised to make their wedding lively
for them. Tho trip was mado to foal
their friends.
Mr. Hegeman Invited .them into the
parsonage, where ho performed the cere
mony. Tho bridegroom is about 20 nud
the bride 22. They are still at tho Florence
A .100,000 Cnndlc l'nnrr liny lo
Drsm Seaward from Staten Island.
To-night for tho first time n great white
ray of 800,000 candle power will bore a
hole through tho gloom seaward from
tho new lOO.foot tower on tho hill nt Hich
mond, Staten Island, to assist navigators
In finding their way into port through
Ambrose Channel. Tho tower is of red
brick, with a limestone base, and tho
height of the powerful lamp will be 231
feet above mean low water. It can be
seen thirty-five miles out at sea. Because
of ita position on the heights of Rich
mond tho tower will bo also a day guide
to tho pilot. The light of the lamp is
incandescent oil vapor. Capt. Frederick
Nielsen is tho keeper of the light, which
cost, with tho tower and tho llttlo brick
house bestdo it for tho keeper, M00.O00,
Tho tower ray is a rear rango light, tho
front b.dng that at West Bank In the lower
HUGH GRANT LEFT $9,000,000.
d-Maror Had 1, 000,000 Cnsh In
Bank When He Died.
The transfer tax appraisal of tho etate
of former Mayor Hugh J. Grant, who died
on November 3, 1910, will tshow that he
left an estato valued at nearly fO.OOO.OOO.
Of this amount about tl .000.000 was in
cash on deposit in banks.
Mr. Grant's will left tho entire estato to
his wife for life, and upon her death it
goes to her three children in such shares
an sho appoints in her will, or In equal
shares. Tho children are Julia, Edna
and Hugh J. Grant, Jr.
Mr. Grant, who ran for Mayor four
times nnd wa elected Iwice, was n lawyer
early In life but later turned to real estato
Investments, in which his fortune was
Little Ones Kat I'tsh forl)lnnrr and
All I.o.r Their I.Ives.
Halifax, N. S.. April 11. Five of the
six children rf Patrick and Mr. Mngee
of St. Mary's I toad, Prince Edward It-land,
am dead Irom ptomaino potoning,
brought on by eating herring for dinner.
The sixth child was awuy when tho meal
was eaten on Friday.
After dinner they became sick and Dr.
Fraser of .Vontaguo was sent for. He
did all he could, but one of tho children
died an our after his urrival, two others
died at 10 o'clock that night and yester
day morning tho remaining two died.
The father and mother, who als , ato tho
f'.sh, suffer o t no serious result..
Magee is a farmer.
Aviator Takes Man Alone
In Xev Ilevlee.
Special Cable Dftpatck to Tus Sen,
Rkimh, April It. Alexander Flament,
who is popularly known at thn Avottrs
aviation camp ns tho Wilbur Wright of
France, raised himself from the ground
with a man to-day in a flying device of
his own invention.
TheafTairconsistsof n small light motor
strapped under the arm with palettes,
which revolve 1,100 times u minute, Fla
ment rose to a height of five meters and
flew one nnd u half miles, when hu fell
and was slightly hurt.
Many Frenchmen are preparing to com
pete for what is known as the Kunte
nvlettu contest for a prize for it man who
will rise from tho ground nnd fly threo
mile with tho assistance of mechanism
attached to tho person.
(iroralan, Wedded tn (lelurnon,
Feared Kxposure,
Ai-kvnv, Gn., April II, Jesso W.
Walters, Solicitor of the City Court of
Albany, who shot himself through tho
heart last week In the presence of his
brother-in-law nnd of a friend, did no
because of the exposure of an alleged
episode In his life which ho thought
had long since been forgotten.
The episode occurred during a visit
of Walters to Now York 'city five years
ago, when, It Is said, he met, loved and
married a beautiful octoroon, thinking
she was white.
The exposure of this alleged skeleton
In the life of Walters was mado while
he was a candidate for reelection to
tho position of Solicitor, livery voter
received an anonymous clrculur attack -
Ing his record and closing with tho
chnrge that he had married an octoroon,
Tim accusation wu.h specific, giving
the date of the wedding and naming
J, B. Colloway and J. 1). Weston
friends of Walters, iih witnesses.
Wnsliliiutnii Stale I'nlr Will Hold
Kniliiriiner liner.
Tacuma. Wash., April 11, The Slnte
falr nt North Yiiklma to-duy announced rnry lor Mr. Taft to make a good showing
prises for a sixty day endurance egg against Roosevelt In the coming primaries
laying mntcrt, to begin nt noon "U in Mausach'l'-ett und Nebraska and In
July as and cud on September ilur- the I'luitcni for delegates In Now (lamp
ing tho fair. rthlro If ho U to malutalu his grip upon th
I null I," ""III IT I'llieiril ill It'il.ur. i.
i,r kmn mill i. (-.muter The Mini.,
four hens and u rooster. Thu Stute
will furnish free pens and feed.
Colonel Is Going Into That
Section to Meet Delegates
Already Pledged.
Will Push tho Battle in Mas
sachusetts, Oregon, Ohio
and Nebraska.
President Dcelnres Again That
lie Will Continue Till Last
Vole Is Cast.
.Republicans nt Washington
Siiy Neither Tnft Xor Roose
velt Can He Elected.
Iloosevelt's overwhelming victory In
Pennsylvania on Saturday has drawn
tho lines even tighter In the contest be
tween the President and the ex-PresU
The Colonel feels encouraged to think
that he may be able to win away from Mr.
Taft somo if not all of the support that
has boen pledged to him or that he ex
pects in tho South, and Mr. Roosevelt
will mako a stumping tour through that
section as soon as ho gets through with
his trip through tho West.
Tho President again declares thit thero
shall be no compromise, that he will s,tay
to tho end and that ho was nominated four
years ago without tho voles of Pennsyl
vania, Illinois, Wisconsin and the othsr
States that havo recently gone to Roo-
The President's manager announce
that his side will fight; all tho hardor and
will bo less squeamish about tho pro
prieties of uam)algnlng. Heavy work Is
to Iragin at once in Massachusetts and
Many Republicans In Wnshintou siy
tint neither Tart nor Roosovolt cm lis
elected now, und thero i mu.?h talk or a
compromis-j candidate with JuttfoJ
Hughcb's namo at the front.
In Pennsylvania tho complete return1!
show thut Roosevelt will lnvo ;o of thi
Stoto's "0 delogatcs, that Penross will In
deposed as national oommitteenun an1
that an anti-machine Senator will prob
ubly xs chosen when Penrosa's term
Wasiiixoto.v, April II. The over
whelming victory of Roosevelt in Penn
sylvania has brought the Taft candidacy
for renomination to a crisis.
Although Mr. Taft still ha a lead of
at least 15I in the number of delegat3
elected, a situation has been cre.it i
whore it is absolutely vital to his political
fortunes that the strength of the Southern
delegations bo held Intact.
Col. Roosovelt appreciates this situa
tion and is preparing to movo aaimt
Tnft in the South. Roosevelt is going to
mako a personal tour in the Southern
State.. Nows of this plan of campaign
was tho nost important dovelopmiris
of to-day following the startling result
in Pennsylvania.
Tho Tnft peoplo are koenly alive to thn
seriousness of the situation th.it is con
fronting them, und after extended con
ference." to-day tho decision was readied
to enter immediately upon an aggresslvo
campaign In Massachusetts, New Hamp
shire, Nebraska and other State which ara
to select delegates in the near future.
Till decision on tho part of thu Taft
management was reflected in u state
ment issued to-night by Director McKinley
of the Taft bureau in which ho openly
accuses Roosevelt of having undertaken
a nationwide campaign or wilful and
malicious misrepresentation, vilification
nnd unbuilt upon tho Presidont of tho
United Stilte.
McKlnley reiterates that tho President
I in thn fight to thn (inlhnnd that he will
not I Men to any suggestion of corr,-promit-e.
Hn adds an emphatic predic
tion that tho President will win by more
than 200 vote in tho Chicago convention.
Ho saya that President Taft needs only
lTOmorodolegntes to Insure his ronom tui
tion and that ho is already assured of 333
more delegates of tho J.20 still tobeelentf J.
The seriousness with whicn thn Taft
peoplo accepted the result in Pennsyl
vania and their plans for increased activ
ity do not comport with the cocksure atti
tude nssumed by Mr. McKlnley in hi
public statement.
Tho Taft bureau to-night el il.no I
twenty-one of the sixty-four district
delegates elected In Pennsylvania yov.w
day, but unbiassed reports from Ponuyl
vania failed to sustain then figures.
Whllo the Taft managers maintained
a strong show of confidence in their pub-
lio utterances, it is apparent that the
1 President's friends and supporters are
greatly disturbed over thn unexpected
turn of affairs in Pennsylvania. Many
of them admitted to-day that the fight
1 for supremacy in the Chicago convention
in going to bo hot from now on and that
J t lrt m,ey to be a neck and neck affair,
I Willi noilllllg uuillllio uum. u.uu ww
national commltteo has decided the big
batch of contests that will be Instituted by
the Roosovelt managers.
F.ven thu PrtMident'H friends uoknowl-
edited, however, thut It would be neoe-
The Taft leaden ia Maasaohusvtta

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