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NEW YORK, SUNDAY, APRIL 28, 1912. Capvriaht, inn, bv Ihr Sun Printing and Publithing Afociatitin.
nnino roiuo
Sheldon, in London, Assorts
CiUiil'linn Lines Will
Suffer Most.
ThinUs It Would Insure Amer
ican Trade Supremacy
Over World.
.MiHiit.iii Acts AtorrMplH'(l
riioln'cics by Hisloriniis
I'liropoiin (iossip.
fl'-iiil Cablt Detpatch lo Tnr. Sin
J.o.n ""S. April ST.--George V. .Sheldon.
I ifuifiit nf the National llusiness league
iif America, sees great danger to the
earning of American und C'nnadlaii trans,
continental railroads throitgn I lie opening
of the Panama Canal European trallio
In ami from the Pacific and most places
wet of the Hookies is almost certain to
-o through the ranal, according to Mr
Mieldoti, who nsserts that as a result of
inquiry much ouiet prexiration Is liolng
mad" by shipowners in I ondon to capture
this traftle. hut it is diflicult to locate con
cre'ely what is being done
"Our railroads und tho Interstate Com
merce t.'ommission hotter Ret tiusy or else
they will fee a huge chunk of their traffic
disappear with tho opening of tlie canal,"
raid Mr. Sheldon to-day. "The Canadian
l.nes will probably suffer most, ns tliey
have not the amount of local t radio from
hichto derive dividends as the American
transcontinental lines.
"The condition emphasizes the neces
rity of a national merchant marine and
nvl service consular orcaiwation. With
these established and witli tho wonderful
natural resources of tho United States,
coupled with the brains of our people,
no country on earth for the next sover.il
hundred years could hold any but r-econd
place in manufactures.
"Tho subsidized merchant marine idea
is obnoxious, but u plan by which the
government would build auxiliary ships for
the navy which could be UFod as merchant
men in times of peace seem most feasible,
tonsillar reform does not seem imminent,
as the Suber bills havo been proclaimed
by tlie author as intended to 1h a political
patronage measure l cannot under
stand why President Tnft and Secretary
Kims are moving heaven and earth to
rt'curo the jiassage of what is intended
to be a Democratic patronage crab bag
"The placing of Consul in tho per
manent civil service i-v essential to tho
building u of America's commercial
supremacy. Tho opening of tho canal
emphasizes tho necessity of these meas
mes, and wo are about to -ti it ril tit c
It ndreds of millions or dollars paid for
carrying and receiving roditcts for the
salto of the game of politics."
tnong the passengers detained on th
Olympic by the firemen's strike against
t! collapsibli) lifeboats was James Cnrl
!ni Young, a Minneapolis autograph
l"o, i ollectnr. Mr. Young has been
r i,k1 since December and is returning
i:i Ins daughter, who has been attend
ir si linol in Paris, lie told th" corre
; "inlent of Til k Sr.v that h had secured
u .it y aluable additions to his famous
Ii .r.vry including a flyleaf of autographed
addi ional prophecies by noted liiirojyaii
In- iri.ius. which cannot be used until
after their death, regarding the state of
t ie world for the next twenty years.
Mr Young said he felt that his trip had
lee'i one of t.-,3 most successful he mor
fade He was particularly plea id with
a letter of commelKio.tion ho had received
from Kdmund (lossy, tho librarian of th
H J.ise of Lords, Mr. C i.issu s-iv.s in his
Wlien tho twenty years selio-no was
propounded to certain authors it svnvl
to certain authors to lie Kile, troubl'-so'iio '
iin lUnreasonalle, but Mr. Young purs tod
1' with tireless persist ncy. I'll" iil"i
l..li is m his mind gi.iduiMy dv.-ii'-d
: on is all and his collodion, whl' h "w
' ' e dwi.owod. is now the object ol g"ii
ei ii a I'liii'.itlcm. It b"''o:irs e i lent
tii' if anything of tho lii'-rature of tin!
f uit'i 'i i.irt.'r of tho iiiivtein'h cntury
f, ie- till) (liilltesseifo will be found
in Hi,, uni'iue collection of Mr. Young."
Mr Young says ho has now secured
pt'.Utl.ly lie works of half the nuthois
"I tho modern world, llo declined to
umi'h the number of volumes lie had
ured, eilainliig that if the figures
w t small p-oplo would say "Why make
ii f i"s aliout such a little amount," and it
t iev were largo they would say "Oh, it's
I'oii.iily a lot of trash." When asked
"it the eventual disposition of his.
- em ion Mr. Young said he intended to
i -i hi ii to eomi Government, most likely
" I in' I States, who would havo the
'lege of selecting wl ft'CVef VlllllllleS
I" sued Me wishes the oilier volumes
di-irilmied among tho other Govern-
oung rior to leaving London had
' gloomy sitisfactlon of reading his
' ' '' r 'tn i v coupled with n pliotograph
' ' f I'.itur. memorial number of one ol
'' Loudon newspapers, Mr. Young
iii'ends io return to l-'uropo in the autumn
1 1 iii'muo his collection,
I'-US llltntlrK KJ If 1H PUKIILKSS.
Ii N Powers of New York, who has been
" '''Ting in Kiuopo for more than two
l-'T-s pays a tribute to his 25 horso-power
1'ei i less tirieliine, Me suys:
I intended to bo in Huron for night
'i iis. I havo been hero now twenty-!
' 'i months und will probably finish
(iron years and then go home. 1
'' inolornrl ttirnllrrhntlf (Irnnt Ppltnln
' 11 'ho Continent and given tho car tho
I' t kind of work, yet the expense of
1 ' uis exclusive of tlren haa been only J;1,
' ''el ilm ear examined recently and it
" pioiiouneed to bo an good as new,
'" mil makers are unable to bellnvo that
eK,,1H( , for r(,,nr h,l!4 ,0P po
''s' I Mint that my car while perhaps
not rii funt tm boiiio on level Btii'tcliea,
I yet lieats all in climbing hills. Foreign
cars may l built for npeed. hut a car
i mini ror American roads has an easy, in
j expensive life in Europe with its well
Keit roads,
t ii..- i , .
I iinris tsiyn no nas oeen so sur
feited wllh foreign plays that for tho few
I d iys ho will be in London he Is anxious
io go io n i neat ro whoro Knglish, par
licularly tho Americanized kind, Is spoken.
Two American tieoresses nre in Lon
don suffering from Indisposition. Th
Countess Sprhenyi, formerly Miss (lladys
nnderbllt. who was confined to her bed
for n fortnight. Is now recovering. Her
mother arrived hero on Thursday. Lady
Cntnoys, who was Miss Mildred Sherman,
Is ill at the Ititz. It Is learned that her
indisposition is not serious and that she
Is recovering rapidly.
Mr. and Mrs. ,1. It. nuke nrrivml ham
Wo-diiy from Pari. Thev have taken a
large house In Mayfalr for the season.
They will return to the United States
In August.
LVUnlted Stales Senator Aldrlch of
P.hodo Island, who spent a few days in
London, went to Paris early this week.
He will return In June with his family.
Mr. and Mrs. K. V. Swift of Chicago
went to Paris last Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Mortimer L. SchKT are
in London visiting relatives.
W. L. Iliitterfleld, a cou-ln of Col. Roose
velt, sent part of tho week In London.
Thence he went to Cliff Castle, his plaoe
in Yorkshire. Afterward ho will go to
The managers of fashionable hotels are
despondent over the prospects for the
season so fur as Americans are concerned.
They lielievo tho Titanic disaster will
scire off many and they do not expect
more than 50 per cent, of the usual number
Tho Presidential campaign will also affect
trade adversely, they contend, as while
tho majority of regulars will doubtless
come to Europe they will return earlier
than usual.
On the other hand, tho English see every
promise of an unusually active season
There is nn apparent inclination on the
part of hostesses to give larger parties
and they aro engaging the ballrooms of
hotels. There will lie scarcely a night in
May on which somo Important dance is
not to occur.
The Welsh disestablishment bill, which
has passed its first reading, is not so dras
tic after all. It abolishes tho connection
lietween Church and State and nullifies
tho ecclesiastical law in Wales, but did
ering from the French law, it loaves
tho cathedrals, churches, episcopal pal
aces and iwrsonages to the Church with
nil their money endowments since 1M2,
which have nn Income of $95,000 a year
and nlo $3no,000 a year from tho eccle
siastical commissioners and Queen Anne i
bounty. Tho totnl rovonuo to lie admin
istered by the parish, county or national
councils of the amount taken from the
Church is $905,000 a year, but moderates
regard tho residuum as fairly representing
the rights of the Church. In Wales the
vast majority am nonconformists. In
cidentally tho bill helps the reform of
the Mouse of Lords by unseating lour
spiritual peers.
Tlie disestablishment hill, like the Irish
home rule measure, seems destined to
pass eventually, under the Parlfament
law which took away tho Lords veto,
and both may bo enacted before tho end
of the session of 1014, ns there is no visible
likelihood of the present Ministry falling
In the rixteen months sinco the general
election the Government majority in tho
Mouse of Commons has been reduced
onlv sixteen votes and it remains at nearly
120. This cannot lie rubbed out by by
elections and thero is no sign of a political
cataclysm to upset the Government. In
fact, these Irish and Welsh bills are cal
culated to guarantee the permanence of
Piemier .Wiuith's majority until the is
sues are settled. One chains tho Irish
Nationalists and tho other the ltadical
group to the Liberal combination.
Stamp collectors are in dismay over
the coming of the penny in the slot
stamping machines, which will kill their
hobby. They will hold a mass meeting
of protest at Margate in tho first four
days of May. Haron Leijonhuruid, the
owner of the greatest Swedish collection
in the world, will preside. Thero are many
wails in tho London papers over the
extinction of philatello science by the
automatic machines.
William G C. Gladstone, grandson of
the great commoner, in nn interview on
the Irish convention in Dublin, which ho
attended by special invitation, says it
was the greatest thing imaginable. Ho
was not surprised at its order, but hn was
deeply impressed at tho way the home
rule mensiiro was received, llo con
veyed the impression to the reporter that
in his judgment Ireland had forgiven nnd
forgotten the coercion nets anil ideas of
his grandfather's days. Mr. Gladstone
is spoken of ns n now and better link bo
tweeu Ireland und Kiiglaiui.
The death of .lustln McCarthy, tho
novelist and historian, has brought out
n crop of anecdotes. It is said hn used to
dream his stories. "When I awoke and
recalled the whole," he is ipioted ns say
ing, "I wroto it word for word as If I were
copying without taxing my brain to pro
vide ideas or word dressing."
Mr McCarthy thought the present ngo
whs one of decay in oratory. Ilalfour
was no hiieiessor to Disraeli, he often said,
nor Joseph Chamberlain to John bright
Ilarcourt, ho used to say, was a good
fighter like Kipling's "1'uzzy Wiizzy,"
but ho was no Gladstone, Asquith and Sir
A. Fowler were brilliant, but they did not
till the shoes of Cobden or Bright.
Thero is a new troifhle lielwisjn the
bachelors and ex-bachelors of Dun
shauglilln, Ireland's bachelor village,
When tho nows was published that the
rural district council had issued u ukase
that the unmarried men must got wlveB
or they would have to quit tho town
eoltn:;es there was nn avalanche of letters
from would-be brides who wero willing
to share the poor fellows' homes. A girl
in Uhhov wroto:
"1 am 25 years of age, tall and slender,
Just every Inch of me, I will leave a young
man Judge of my good looks himself.
I can't play music. I understand neither
vk.ill-eM nor nolkas. but. I mifrlii
through a four handed roel. I can shin I
old Irish songs to suit the Dtmhliiiughllu I
boyn. 1 can cook lo his taste, us I know
his table is like what I have been used)
to. I cau wuh and work auU make home J
Gstablisliad SOycars
ur Storage
Telephone 5900 Main'
CfultonSSmithStx, .Brooklyn
I Aminute iySabwnyfnm 'iraiul
Central toMnroutfAJaft Srart'on
mr. .. - v in, urn
bright, and all tho neighbors will he wel
come to come in and kindle their pipes."
Unhappily ono lad fell for this coft
blandishment and married tho girl, where
upon his employer Instantly bounced him
on the ground that unmarried men wero
more efficient workers than married ones,
so now he's hunting a job instead of a wire,
An I'npnblUhed Letter Tell Inn II on
to Give Mnxart'a (Iprrn.
Paws. April 18. The Opdra Comique
is to revive Mozart's "Don Juan," which
is to be given an nearly ns possible nsit
waa produced when first performed nt
Prague in 1787 under tho composer's
personal direction. In connection with
the performance a hitherto unpublished
letter written by Ilichard Wagner to
Felix Mottl In 1882 has just been printed.
In It Wagner speaks of "Don Juan" nnd
Mozart with admiration and ho praises
French composers in terms somewhat
unexpected from such a quarter. The
letter reads:
May I, ins:.
Mr Dkah Fill en ii I am told that you are
going to produce "Don Juan." I Btn irluil
of that for your sake who understand
"Tristan and Iioldo" so well. I lelieve tlint
you will understand better than any ono'in
the world what love Is. You have developed
In my "Tristan and Isolde" so ranch beauty
and dlvino charm that I am only too proud
to be able to entrust my works to you.
Tho present leader of the orchestra at the
Oplra writes to me that he has spoken to
you of me and has discussed my works with
Iteyer, whom the French plaee'ln tho first
rank of their musicians. Henceforth I
will not retain my disdain for Ite er. Catulle
Mendes has brointht nio to recocnl.e that
he Is In spite of everything a ureal musician,
and then you adore Saint-Sams, lietween
you nnd me, you are not wronir.
I must tell you how you should conceive
Don ,inn. llo resembles my Tri'lan in
his enthusiasm for love and in Inspiration.
Mozart has Wen able to accomplish some
thing that Is not to be found any nunc,
except In Frame, I have spoken of It often
enough to Catulle Mendes and he has told
you, ho writes to me, I must confess that
the French, to-day lietter than ever, know
how to make themselves worthy of such
a fine opera of love.
Take great caio of the minuet, the
quadrille nnd the Herman dame which
Mozart composed fur act of the hall, which
I am sure will lie part of your pioductlon.
It will lie n Heat for the 1'icnch if you give
It a hearing In Paris.
Three small orchestras should be placed
on tho stage. They are separated from
one another and do not play, as you know,
while the orchestra plays. Make these three
little oichestrns, with your great talent,
lay so differently from one onother that no
one will le utile to withstand the charm that
you arouse, as )oii do when conducting
my "Tristan."
Oh, dear friend! 1 have been playing the
minuet this morning nnd I am entirely
captivated by It. Look at Offenbach. He
can do what the divine Mozart does. My
friend, in things like these the Krench hold
the secret. 'I here are very many things
for which I have good will toward them.
Hut this truth, which isns clear as noonday,
must lie recognized. Offenbach could have
been a Mozart I believe that Ailber would
have conic near It also.
Itestore the grand finale of the second
i net, That Is urgent and absolutely necessary.
I You tell me that you nro at the piano your
self for tho first Accompany the reci
tatives, If you please, with the piano, the
later ones also. I know you to be a past
master In that. With a hearty handshake,
IttciiAnti WAitNKn.
One Kxptnnnt lint of nn Old Cypher
Thnt Iius1r A iitlqaarlnns,
Pabis. April IB, -The Antiquarian Com
mission of the CcMo d'Or. In France, dis
cussed at its annual meeting tho other day
a minor mystery which has never been
solved satisfactorily, tho meaning of a
cypher resembling tho figure four often
found in old books ns a printer's mark,
nnd also on pictures, houses, tapestries,
stained gloss and tombstones.
i The example shown at tho meeting waa
a reproduction of a mark found in an old
church nt Seurre in tlie Cote d'Or, where
it is placed over an initial G of an inscrip
tion on a stained glass window. The mark
is widely Used in business in Germany and
Fruncc, belli placed on finished works,
on bills and on signs, but no one knows
its signification.
Dr. Jourdln advanced the theory nt
the meeting that it was the sign of the
Cross made without lifting tlie pencil.
To this theory it was objected that such a
sign would be nioro likely to havo the
IMiint downward, but Dr. Jourdin showed
among the many examples he had col
lectisl that the earliest specimens wero
made with the point downward, thus giv
ing tin- Christian sign more cloudy. He
thought that us the sign was first used by
printers, a class greatly distrusted by the
Church at one time it "was probably used
to inspire confidence in tho character of
the printed matter.
i 1 .( -' . .
." ' i . ', '-
f ?Sm7"-.. '
, , J?.s. "s.,, ...J
....... -xyr- ,-:
. 'S.W.. "Ii- ' '
I fefc, -v jS
u t' y
f i e
! . . . ,iT. '
mi u
"tlf A rr M I (
At-t I
nnooKLYTf AiTinmmnan(T8.
j In every dolail the leading Retail Kstabllaliment of Brooklyn
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Hat.r Unities, regularly t nnd f 10, at . IHS.flN and S4.9S
('racked ler Tuba, regularly tl.fi and to, at
MI.UH and M.9SJ
Covered Hatter IHshes, regularly 112, at B8.HS
Covered Cheese Irishes, regularly 17.10. at S4.9)
Footed t'omports, regularly ft, at SI.SS
Flower Vases, regularly $:, 13, It and tn. nt
KI.KI.&O.MI.OH and H2.9M
Jelly Nappies, two handles, regularly and Ii. at
t Sl.OHondM.9S
Whipped Cream Howls, regularly 14.08, at S1.9S
Water Pitchers, regularly KM and I7.ni, at
S4.9H and SS.9S
Compartment nellsh lllahrs, regularly ta, at S1.9S
Foot.d llontinn Dishes, regularly 13, at S1.98
Basement. .
THESE DINNER SETS nro from nn Austrian pot
tery and as lino as wo or any other storo can
get to sell for 120. Tomorrow's price of 810 is
a straight concession of ono-half and surely an in
teresting offering for thoso who havo country homos
to supply as well its for the city house needs.
The china Itself Is fine stock. The decoration Is a gretui
Kmplro wreath In border effect and each piece Is finished with
a liiinil. of gold Ince,
8.'I0 to 82041 Dinner Sets nt 81 B tn 81 OO.
Thev are nil ton-piece sets with the large pieces. Many of
them have all gold knobs and handles of the best coin gold.
M30 Sanuile l.lmoacs China Dinner fccts at NIS.
Mtin Sample I.Iiiiokch Chlnu limner sets at
WHO Sample i.iiiiiikcs nut iiiiiuer nci hi
mi on sni
Ml Ml Nu
sample I.Iiiiokch Chlnu Dinner Sets at N'JS.
sample I.iiiiiikcs China Dinner Sets at w.'in,
sninple l.lmiuccs China Dinner Nets at sill,
sample Limoges China Dinner Nets at MIS,
sample l.lmoccs China Dinner Sets at MIOO.
Here Is a picture of the bronn figure of translated is ns follows: "On ,lulv -jn, ino9
"Franco," by Itodin, which llio de.-eatiin tho I
rcneluiiaii K fhainiihiin (llscnvi.reil
of distinguished hreiiclimen, headed i lh" lake thai bears his nanio. On May a,
M Ciahriel Hanotaiu has bronchi lo the nil;', th- l iiind States or America raising
Uniled Suites to be nllixed to the tnonu- Ibis inouiimeiil, u French delegation I
meiit to Chumpluiii. Tiw lubcription uflUvU thin lg.ure 0f Erno,"
Housewares : : Annual spring sale.
A MoneySaving Event for Every Housekeeper.
IN THIS COMMTNITV it seems hardly necessary for Ilm Loeser Store lo talk quality as applied to Housewares,
It could hardly bo more widely known than it alreadv is known that our most comprehensive stocks of house
hold needful!- aro uniformly good, serviceable, worthy of a. place in your home.
Tho Important word is that we come tomorrow to the'annual spring SALE, tho occasion which means reduced
prices on thousands of the spring needfuls In the home and for the garden, the time when thousands of our cus
tomers stock uii with supplies for months to come.
Hack of tliif, Sale is the help of the good manufacturers who are our regular suppliers, Also there is somo
radical price leducing of our own. It is a money-saving time. Make some of these economies your ow n.

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