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Detroit Slur .lumps Into Stand
mid Punches the Knee of
mi Occupant.
Americnn l.easne Hoss Also
Sops the lliii'lilnndei-s Come
Out Xecimd Hest.
T.riat year the Detroit were easy for the
Hlg-blander, hut this yenr nnlimly Is, and
tlic locals lost attain ycstordiiv, inaUlmj
throe guinea mil of four for the 'I Itfer
Iho victorious career of the While Soj
fltmllv nml with a check, the Athlclli Lent.
inir Mint loutii Tie Hustons nosed out the
llrouns in the Inst, Iniiltik'
Yvatcrday'a Ruilli,
Unroll. S. New Vork. 4
1'lilladrlphta, R. CMC a(o, 6
Huston, J. St laJtils, I
Cleveland Washlnrtoti Halo
Standing af the Claba.
tv. i.. cr i w
.. If
Chleato. . .21 TO fletrolt. . 1.1 H
Potion.... I " ,M7il'nlidrlDhlaiu 12
Wamlnston... i: 12 .vmifitm York, t 15
Cleveland.. . II 11 MX) IS t.l 'it ft 17
To-day ' Scnednle.
rl.TfUnd In New York.
Detroit In Philadelphia.
.St. Irals In Waahlnclon.
Chlraco In Uuilon.
The Detroit bent the HlBhlnndpm .
terday and Ty Cobb bft a spectator
The score of the reKiilar mill wan S to t.
but though there wns no official derlaloti
Itijthe Cobb vs. Spectator fifilit. the unani
mous verdict was that Cobb won There
coifldn't linve been any other decision.
Cobb did all the punching. The object of
tils wrath wa.s busy di-fendltiK hlmaelf.
but while not seriously damaged, emerKi'd
from the fracnw with a fuce somewhat
mottked with nbralons,
It was while the fourth InnlnK was
being played th.tt tlm delectable sight of
the honheaded Cobb punching u spectator
for all he was orth took plai-e. It was
In the left field pavilion, In the end ad
joining the main grand stand. There
were different accounts from those close
At hand na to what provocation Cobb had
to attack the man, who looked big enough
to take care of himself.
Pprctntors in the vicinity snld the man
had been giving Cobb a verbal grilling
for some time, that he had been warned
to keep Kill I and that his language was
decidedly personal and offensive. The
man snld, according to One report, thnt
he had guyed Cobb for fumbling a
Krnunder and the latter had made a coarse
and personal ictort
Anyway, Cobb Jumped up In the stand,
went for his man and forthwith slugged
him hard and often. There was a com
motion Instantly, and half a dozen De
troit plners and park policemen rushed
up and dragged the Infuriated player
away. i no umpires also hurried over
and when Cobb had returned to the
bench he wv. out out of the game. When
fca CJokod tlm field to the ilubhoue
there was both appl.uie and hooting for
Han Johnson, president of the American
League, accompanied b. his old umplie.
Jack ftherldiui. mice mixed It up with
u player on the .aim Held, were In the
tand and saw the tight. .lohii.oii was
asked If Cobb would draw a suspension
and replU-d "I don't know until I hear
the facts, hut I can"t aee any Justification
for a player climbing up In the stand ami
fighting a spectatoi If a spectator Is
nhuMVe a plaver has the recourse of null
fjlng th- umpires, ami the man ran be
removed ' Cobb m antagonist w.is letl
away fiom then, and saw the rist of the
game fiom a dlfteient seat
Th.- New Yorks wile beat, n because
they were tillable ti get together with
their bats long eiiuugh tu ei4u.1l the Tlgeis
In rungettlng They had a lead at one
time, and Wlllett's pitching look.-il i.ithei
ensj, but the lead was soon taken awav
from them Warhop oaed in In the tiftti
Inning. Just after the J llghlatid.-i 4 had
taken the lend, and lost all he had. lie
developed a sudden wild stuak llntf.
who relieved him. pltchei) vr well. h,i -Ing
a big and effit'ttw euic. doing ad
mirably In pinches, inn i.ti-Hing pnur
support Dolan had another bad iln and
not only made two emus, but was we.ilt
at oirverlng ground
Earl Gnrdnei being out of the game,
therft was a gerrymander which hi might
Bos Hartzell tu second base Anothei
move which did not btlng smieys was a
readjustment of the baiting otdei Hush
plawd a rattling game at slioi t foi the
Tigers, and his fielding was one thing
which presented the New ork braves
from bringing In more wampum The
Highbinders really lilt Wllleit ei. haul,
but tlu-y wei-e imluck) In several splenetle
swats that went stialght to IvluhanU
und on another which would have been a
lilt If Hush luidn t been going oer to take
a throw and so tight n th" path of the
A base hit was placed in l).nv .Imies'.s
locker In the llrst inning and after Colib
had advanced l)ax, r-rawford batted him
home. Th" New Yorks evened up In the
name inning on a pass to U'olter. an In
lleltl out, an mrteld hit hv Cree and a
double steal Th"i" was si orlng on bnth
eliles In the second, the lietiolts asaeni
liltng two tuns and the New YoiKs une.
A hit by U'illett was time Then- k.-iu
men on semnd and third and two out
Dolan's hit. wluVh Cobb fumbled for an
additional base, and l.oudeu's wild throw
of Martin's bunt luought in the N'ew York
rllThe first of a pair of two baggers bv
Simmons came In the fourth Inning, a
clinking smash to the lilt Held time.
Dolan sacrlliced, Mai tin popped out.
Williams ambit d, and Warhop anil .Inn
load" the hits which brought In Sim
mons and Williams The satisfaction of
bring " run ahead was shoit lixeil Win
Imp disposed of Crawford eas enough
In the nfth, hut lilt HelahatiU Mortal tv
cradled a fteak two b.iggei past Simmons
und Del tiatn-id in Louden tallied Mo
rtality with a base hit St, mage wa hit
rind with the cotirn .nice of l.oiiih-n .1
double steal was made Warhop r"sen,.j
:iiiil mi Wilb-tt s mtler to Simmon, otf
llnff. Louden inlinleil
On a walk l llaiuell and hit I t'rr
the New Yorks had two on th" domiciles
in the fifth, with one out Hartzell iiei
jsheu 011 an attempted double steal, .1
pleasing evidence ot aggiessHeuess, e.-n
if It did mlscati y, and Simmons stiuci;
mil I'oor ilaiug behltel Hon had that
joiing soiithpaw 111 det p water In Hi"
et-M-nlh, hut In- got out if It. )elaliant
s.iigled and Morlartv sc. itched a hit, be.
ration his bunt was not pmmptly attended
to l.il. ill tilled the lia-iis b making a
bash of l.niiili n's bunt Staling" hit to
Iiolan. hii.il' thiow to Williams furei d
Ixlaharity. When Simmons ilioppnl Will
iams's thiow, he dliln'l spoil ,1 double
jila.v. niereH difeiied It, for Morlanv
tiled to sneak in fiom houm and was
caught by Slmtnons's r turn in Wiiii.ime
The In Holts had a tabhlt's foot In the
eighth Simmons landed for two b.iea
iind with two out, Maitln dn-w lour h.ill-
lllinms hll Hie hall on Ihn nov (
hit and run play II wnuhl haw gone
s fe 10 Celltin if Hush hadn't been on his
wav to second to rinm, and tie was
. 1 ' 1 1 r 1 I In front of Hi" hall as a ennse-
in lire He lmmcdlatl.v gave It (he Kind
hand Hush mad" a snpi ib stop of Wal
ter's stinger 111 llio ninth, wtih a imm
1 p hata
llll o .1 for I)f lah.intv, a wild pilch
a passed hall, ,1 slial and liolan's falluie
to Mop a groimdei fiom Stanage roopei.
nl.. I in the acriiilsltlnn of a hut. 1,1 ij...
troii runs in tin- nliilh
The Fiom:
nri hoi r m:iv niu; 1
. . "I' r ll p A e 1 , , i, , ,
Hush " . 4 a 1 , f, a 7inn rf r, i 1 if n
.lonea.lf i 1 1 o 0 H niter. rf 1 11 11 n 11
( nbb.rf : n 0 11 11 1 irtrll,:i, ;t n 11 a n
I'errv.rf .1 n o 1 o 0 riee.lf .4 II 1 n 11
1 wtnrrl.rf 5 0 110 11 S'mons.lh 4 1 a n 1 11
l'hnty.2li..t .1 n 1 n tnlnn.3b. :i 1 1 0
Mnrlartv.llH I :ti in Martln.ss 1 11 11 1 i
IflUit.n.th : .1 1 1 ; 1 UIMin,i.,r2 t 0111 1 a
f" nrtaire.r 1 n 1 o rhnp,p n ,
WllJttl.ti IS 0 I o j 0 llnff p' 1 n , I n
r-.u ,,,,,. , V'onr.i !1 ISHilDli
, ...r.,- .,, all 1.1
Trtlnla 'Ifl i nin ,n
Ttatte'l for llnff In the ninth Innlntr "
i!p"nl.' , 1 ' n 0 .1 a n a ; a
t-f nrV 1 1 n ; n 11 n n n 1
Jtm but oa erfoib Petiolt, 3, .Ntw Voj. 1.
I Left on bases Detroit, 10. .Nv York, S, Plral
I base on bulls Oil Wlllrtt, ft: off Warhop, s: off
Unit. I. Struck nut llv W lllctt, I: by Warhop, 31
hv llnff, ,1, 'I mi base hits Vlorlarty, Simmons, 2.
Sarrlilrc hits Mm Inrty, Polnn, Martin. W llltams.
Slnlrii tins' Cobb. Unulrti, 2: Stafiacr. Wnlti-r,
Cite tyoiilj'. nlai s Hi laliantv. Hush a fit! Molt-
mt) Hush mill Mntlnrtv Dnlati, William'. Sim- J
inoni and tlllnms. Passed ball Williams Wild1
pltihis W m hup, llnff III! Iiy bltrhtd bull llv i
Warhnp ipelatuinty, Stanaun llll Off W arhop. ,
i In tour ami nne-thlul luninits', mt llnff, :i In four
and twn.thlrd Innltitrs, t'lnplre In i hlrf Wr.irr-
r 1 1 I klil mnolM- (I'l.tnwIilWi. Tlmr I hour
a nil ltd minim's,
Willi Drlehatiti lip e.ti nlni WiirlnM1 Id'
I the batter with tlm Itrr-t plirhitl h.ill mnJ
1 hi in-lit niim in a Hlt.l pilch
it., went an far nut fur nm tempestuous
slam tbnl It lonkirl nit If lit- were brare.l
up HRHlrin! tin fence when lit matte the
i ntch
Cobb aol off to a iiIom atari whin he stole
third In tlm third InnltiK. Williams had ro
much time to throw him out th.tt hi threw
tin- hall In the ground
Zlnn'n catch of Hush'a Mil. I rap In the
llfth liinlnr Ihr hwi tlel.lltiK piny of
tlm rl.iy nest to a .top In lluh tilmxdf.
Thf rortir wnnt.d Woh.rlon to poi to tin
bat In tbr ninth ami aild iHuri-li In Id. fmnn
pinch nuitiHt, but tin- inarmniT had
a lintlnn that MiL'olinrll rnuld turn tin1
trlpW Th. irlck wa. niiturni-.l
Th pitch. m all hit fll Wlllitt, Wvrhop
ml Hurt rarh Kuth.rrd a .Initio
After Cobb had battled hi. wa to the
rlubhoua. ht. plac. waa taken bv I'eiry
There un. no opportunlt to rompar. Ivrr a
ll.tli- proweas lth T It 'a. but aa a alumter
.ilunit more lonv.nttonal Jinl ilernroua Mine
In- rerall.d the depurt.d tteurtila puKlll.t
l.eniil.e In- Mia an illff.l.nt
Koarth Ktralifht Huston Vlrtury Won
by tirent TtTlrlltia;.
Boston, May 1C. The Red Sox made
It four straight from the llrowna this
afternoon, a pitchers' buttle between
Wood and I'elty resulting In a score of 2
to 1. Hooper's single and steal and
Speaker's double caused Huston to talh'
in the first Inning. St. l-ouls tied It tit
during the sixth, in the ninth ltradley
dented the scoreboard for a double and
Wagner tit ought hlni home with a single.
The score:
Huston tA 1 ,.i sr Louts (A 1,1
li r h a ' ab r li p a e
ftoop.r.rf, 4 1 3 0 0 0 Sholttn rf 3 0 3 4 0 0
Kn.tlr.3b .301130 Ausltn.3b S 0 I I I II
.Sprakrr.rf.4 0 1 3 0 n,Slol;tll.lb 4 0 01.1 to
I.ewla.lf... 3 0 0 2 0 0 I'ratt.Ib. 4 0 (I 2 4 0
CardnrrJb? 0 0 0 4 0 llotrnn.lf.. .1 0 1 ;t 0 0
Ilradl. y.lb 4 1103 ollwipnrlr.rf 3 0 11 0 11 o
Wainer.sa 4 0 2 5 0 illllallltian.ss :i n I 0 2 0
Nuna'ker.c.i o 0 r, i 0 St. ph.n..c 300330
Wuod.p 3 0 I 6 8 nl I'elty. p. 3 1 0 0 4 0
Totals SO 2il37l4 ol Totals 2 I V24I5 0
Tvto oui when wlnnlnr run was scorrd .
Hoalnn ioonooofll2
Kt. IxiuU. 0 0000100 0 1
Two bae hit-Speak. r. Hooper. Hradl.y
Sacrifice hit Austin. Sto'.n b.s -Hooper,
Spral.fr. Double plays Wood anil Waen.r;
Halllnan. l'ralt and Slovall: Stephens and Pratt
Left on base Boston, a. si I ouls, 3. first ha.
on halls Off Wood. I, off I'elty. 4 Struck out
llv Wood, 4: bv I'elty, 2 I'nuilres i:nns mid
Kitan. time 1 hour and in minutes.
Six Pitcher Caed In Hard lllttlnit
(innie Won Iiy Attiletlca,
Pitit.AnRi.PtiiA, Pa.. May IT. The Ath
letlcs to-day succeeded In wr sting a game
from the White Sox by the score of S to
i. It was a long drawn out mid haid
hitting pastime In which both teams used
three pitchers and Chicago called upon
two pinch hitters und an extra short
stop. The actual turning point In the
game rame in the eighth Inning, when
with the bases full anil none nut It.irry
gathered Hloek's gummier, stamped on
second and whipped the ball to tlrst Only
one lun counted In that session The
score :
ab r h p a e rli r h iji .
Itath.:ti 3 t 0 4 4 o II Ixir.l.lf .. n 1 2 1 n
II !.or.l..1b 3 n 1 ; 0 0 O'llrlmt.t-f .3 11210
CalUliati.lf 401100 r i"iliis.;b 4 1 2 I 11 0
Hodie.rr 3 t 11 a n o HhI;it.H 11:111
.1 Oolllns.rf 4 0 11IO Miirph ,rf 3 I I 3 o 11
rlder.lb : o 0 t 1 M Inrils.lli 4 2 .1 T 2 11
Weaver. ss 3 I I 2 1 I Harrv .ss 4 2 2 2 4 1
11liK-l; I 0 0 o 0 o Lapp i- 401 7 11 n
tu'kbura.ss (i 11 0 o 11 o IIuiii k.ii 1 11 0 0 2 11
hutin.c 4 2 2 1 3 0 ICraiiM-.p 0 0 o n 1 0
Ijiritr.u 1 1 0 1 1 n 1'i.iuk.p 1 11 t o 1 n
Peters. p a 0 o 11 2 o
Miierldce.il o 11 o 11 u 11 Totals 3. mi 27 1.1 2
WuMi I 0 0 11 11 11
Total. r r.24 to :
lutteij for Weaver In tl e elehth tuning.
'Hatted for Mocitilfc In the ninth Inntnt
rhieano o 0 3 11 0 n : 1 0 t
Philadelphia 11 3 0 2 n o 3 II s
I'lrst base on errur- iritairo : 1'hlla.Jeiptila.
I Left on ba-es C.lcan. .v I'lltlailetphlu. c
1 lrt base 011 hall. Off l.antf. 1. o:T Peter-,. 2
ot lloiuk. 4. off Krau.e. I. off I'lank, 1 Sfia k
oit Hy Lanir 2. bv Peters 1 by Ho'ifk. 4 la
I'liirik. J Three bae liii Harrv lvto Pa-e
hits Callahan, V Ciililns baker Sarrlriie hits
H l.oril. Olilrlnic stolen ba-r Callahan Dniible
plays Weaver. Haiti Zeliler I.nnl ami Collins
Harrv ami Mclntits Hurry. Melnids ami liali-r
Hit h plti tei in I'ctirs Murpt.v lilts
off Ijine. II In aH an I one third Inning- nl
I'eier.. 3 In one Iiiniu .iff .MurlJee, nnia- hi two
Hitnls Im.lnr off lllnn I. A In sis and line 1 1.1 r.t
Innings, off Krau.e, 1 in tun thirds lnnlnir ntt
nariK. none in one lutiin? I molrc Hart ari-i
Coiinulh Tin.. 2 Lours anil 2 minute.
Amerteun ".aanrlntlon.
At Toledo Toledo l.miteville rain
II 11 i:
St t'au o I d n i 1 : :
Milwaukee fi (I 0 I t 2 I I 0 lit: 1
llatterlrs - Hails- and Itlink. Noel and
Ma r.t, ill I
n t m
Mlnii'.-ipnli. . :;niooinn.tt ;
i:ni'ii) n j o t o a o o o-.3 ; 3
Itaiterl.s I'a'ier.un .mil iiwi-rm. rton.
Horn. I.), Withers .ind n'l'uiir.ni
1 C
0 u
II li
11 11
3 f.
1 and
f'nliimbus 2 n 0 .1
liiitianapott. 0 n 0 0
1, .line i-all.tl nrih I11111111; rain
H.ilterlrs- Hru. k ami smith Kttnli.'i!
M j rli
New Vrl tnr l.ramir.
AT Al.ltAN V .nilST 4IWIK-
It H K
niuor.i 0 I 0 (1 11 1 : ft-.4 , u
Albanv - 11 11 0 It u 11 tl 11 2 4 I
naileries K 1 1 ri 1 1 n Si hnildr ami ('ltnii.'her
.Vibitnv Herriu.'inn ami Mmtlsnn
tSKI'tlSH li. M K 1
Ihiiiira 0 0 a o 1 11 u- 1 3 u
A 1 tm n 11 it u it 11 It It 0 , 1
Itultt nea Kl 111 Ira Appl.Kd'e ami Knop
nun Al''.tu ll.itiimt r.K .md Matllseu
AT SV It.M'I'Si:
Willi.titi.irr.. 0 a it 0 I 3 11 4 ''14 ''n
Svr.llllee II 11 it 11 0 I' 0 II 0 0 I 1
lliilterti. -Wllki-tbarii Whin Hran-
Iniri. S r.lt net Teal .mil Mt Mun.ti
A1 Tin
It II i:
llliifili.iin'nn . 11 i' It a 11 2 t ft 11 1 ; a
Tinj it n 11 : u I a tt vll 2
li.uitiifs Hiitrli.imitin iti.i, . tn Van
tlircllfl .mil Crnan-i, 'l,n Wnii.r ami
I'lti-i 1 a lit
II II li
St Liiiinn (1 y 3 0 a n o 2 0 ft n : , s 3
t . It a . 11 t 11 n u it 11 I (1 0 ri ', m
llatt.rles s.r.iiiinn rultifll, lllriilns ami
I''" 'St'll I Hi, 1 A.I 11 Hl.i k .Hill Hitler
New Hiiglaoil l.enaiie.
A ' l.v mi l.j nn 1, I" 1 'i 1 ; v . r
v lliiitktiju - Itrti' kimi . II i..t, ,ii'
M I..IVV rent I- Willi eMet ' l..Meite I
M Lowell I.OHill. 11 Sen II. drur.l, J '
Weatern l.enuue.
vi Omaha -Topeka ,,,, .embi.i
Ai Slniu (,'ltv -li.-iutr 1. slum I'm, 3
VI Ins Mnlnt'M l.lniMin. w 1 pro .nits
V SI Joseph st llll ,. Wn Illl.l, 1
Connecticut Lengtir.
M HiidKipnri -HrlilKepori, 7 .v.. iu.
.1 11, I
A' Hartford - Hidyoke. 3. Hartford, n
t Sprlngileld - Sprlunii, id, i s.. 11.0
ntli i
Trl-Stnte Lchkui-,
Lflin-flHii r tn. An tm nn
.Inllliatntvii. i , AllriHOM n it
Tn num. 3 Vntk. 1
ll.iriltdniri! I., H lliiiinBU'h. I
Soiillirrn Lenaoe.
Mtniphla, I. Mnldii 0
MmiiKoiin rv. 3, .s'.-i.iiuile. :
No other Kami s playid iam
Cotton Mate l.enane,
Jafka'tn ; f! ri eriw nod, 0
llallli abui k, Vn7tin I'll v
M.rniun 12, Vliksburir, 3
Carolina aaocla t Ion,
j.,.-.h, , j. I ',..,..,..
j Spartarilniri i'hiirini't 1
.11 .11111 r sanies playeil run
vs"cil?.r,li,.Val- r nV 4 u N V .Mnerlran,
-Atll. U,iw rark' Adm '
h'tiurth Session Sees Scorn Tied
and Tally in Sixth
Wins Hat tie.
IMiHtcs Threaten in Ninth With
Two On. One Out, but Arc
Foiled hy Curves.
The (ilatits and I'lrate.s went to a finish
veslerdiiy and llio Wants won leou
Ames pitched lor lliem and Is winning- nil
ot his games on this trip The Hods ale
hanging tin cHtnly, healing the Hustons
In an eleven Inning 1 ontest The Hrooklyns
were badlv beaten In St lanils and dioppcit
to Inst place
Veaterday'a Iteaalts.
N'ew York, 41 I'lll.tbulit. 3.
St. Louis, lu. Hrooklv 11. 1.
( Inclniiatl. 4: Huston, 3 ill Iniilnial.
Clilcaito-I'lilladrJpMa Wet Klnuuds
taadla af the Ctaba.
W I.. I'C 1 W I. PC '
Nrw York Is 4 MliSt. l.oul. 10 in .."W
t'hii Innatl.. II) r '.: Hostun . u l." 373
Cblcaro. 12 12 fiiiil'iillad.lphla 7 is Xa
I'lttsbmir U12 -' Hrooklvn, 7 14 311 1
Ta-dar'a cfcedaW.
Nr York In IMllaburg.
Hiooklyn lu St, Louts.
Hn'tuu In 1 luclnnatl
I'lilladrlulda lu Clih-am
I'ittsiuiro, May 13 --The Olants to-day
1I1 feated the Pirates 4 to 3 In a game
bristling with tine features In all de
partments of the game They tied the
scorn In the fourth Inning and won the
game In the sixth, but were given a
scare lu the ninth, when the Pirates hnd
two men on bases with only one out
The two reached the bag on clean sin
gles, but this did not appear to dls
cotntlt Anu-s, who promptly struck out
the next batter and put the ball straight
irv-cr the plate for Hyatt, the pinch hitter,
why shot an easy fly to Devore,
The Hiatus fell upon Cumnltz most
vlgoiously right from the start. Of the
tlrst six hits off him, five were for extra
bases, there being two doubles, two
triples and a home run. The home run
was ninde by Meveis In the second in
ning after two men were out It was
a liner Into cetitte Held, for which Wil
son came In like a racehorse. The ball
swervnl nside and struck the wall near
the flagpole Wilson after vainly en
deavoilng to stop It b sticking out his
bund, hud to check his onward run, turn
around and sprint to the wall. Hulkv
Mejers ran around the Irises and reached
home far 11l1e.nl of the throw fiom Wilson
to Wagner to Kell) He was lustily
rhecml, the pilnclpul note In the out
burst being the Indian stage veil
Wilson squared hlmsi-lf when he came
to bat In the same Inning, There were
two men on bases when lie srnt the
ball to deep centre for a home lun of
his own This hit resulted In all the
tuns scored by Pittsburg.
Cine fielding on bnth sides marked the
game. Two plavs that pat tlculai ly pleased
the spictators wen- pi-rformid bv Herzog
and Meers. In Hie tlrst Inning Dunlin,
who trlnl to knock the cover ufT the hall,
sent a slow bounder tow aid third base
Instead. Iletzng huirlid In, grabhul the
ball with one hand and tosseil it to Met-kb-
ahead of Mike It was u leallv sensa
tional plav In the ninth Inning the tiist
.11,111 up for the Pirates was Miller He
smilShed III" hull III l'leteller, Who stopped
It ntul Hun thi-w wide to first Mot Lie
leaned Lit over, with his to. s on th" bug.
striti-h.d mil his left hand and caught the
hall It ptohabl.v saved the lilants from
defeat, as two dean tills followed the
Ames 1 III hed a stead game and was
Kit en good support Here ami there the
Pirates manageii to get a hit, hut the onlv
damaive ilone was bv Wilson's home run
After the s,.romi Inning one I'lttsbu'g
plavei leached third base lie got there
i.efoie a man was out. hut was ,.fr
Devon- shared lu the batting honors
lb- made tbne hits in sumession lie be
gan tin- game by s. ruling a two bagger
Into left Held, which he ltl.il to stroll li
Into a thtie baggei The quickest aind of
tlt-ltlttig In Caiev in Wagm - to Hvtne
caught him b a h.ill at thiid hai which
he it-ai heil -Idling In ad tlisi .vrt.-i I iov le
went out t.t Carey. Snotlgiass hit In tight
for two bases ami st-mctl op a thite bag
ger bv Mm 1 a v
Devon got his second hit in tin- thlid
inning, and hi the w.u. it was the tlrst
single math- bv the tiiant, the previous
four being foi extra bases Devore at
timpte,i tt, steal s,., oml, but vv as thrown
out bv Kellv, who caught in splendid fash
ion, ii.illliiL- Ih lee lilants who tiled to
steal Devore was thrown out also In tin
mill Inning, aftn making his thlid hit
Ills fouith tlnn- up in- stnuU out
In the fourth Inning the (Slants tied
the store fter Murin,v had been put
nut In Mllh i at first unassisted, It being
-Millet's Hist piitiuit, Merkle hit to centte
foi thtee busts and scored on a single bv
lltizos', who was caught Irving to steal
second after Fletcher had gone out on a
tine Hv to Millet
The lll.lllts won the game lu the sixth
Dnvle was the (list Hp and also the flist
man to v.t-1 a ha-e on balls fiom I'.unnll
Stinilgt ass sent a single Into right field,
v hli h Dunlin fumbled, the consequence
b. lug that Dovle seined ntul Snodgiass
went to thlid The latter thought In scum
on a grounder hi M1111.1v In Hvtne. hut
was i.uiglvt Itt'twieti home and third base.
Hi me ami K' llv haii'lllng Hie ball, ami
K'ell.v Ktllim: Hi" put out on Ih'- plav
Mllll.lV iciieheil -t mill. 11 hole he lias left
us Merl le npiiili out. und lletog was
thrown out b- Mn'arthv Mtei this the
Olattts teai-heil seiornl bise mill- twice
und never again saw third
Tile Score
I'l PI Mil lit. M'.W YOHK i t. .
ab r h p 1 e ab r h p a e
Hvrne.ab 1 n o I .1 11 Hemre if 4 n 3 4 11 0
( nrey If 1 n o :. 1 u liovlc.jb "i 1 0 :t 7 n
Pnnlltl.rf .401 101 SmntE -af 4I2IOO
W aimer. s 1 1 0 2 2 11 Murraj rr 4 0 1 1 1 11
Miller. lb 1 1 o s o o MerHi-.lh 4 I III in
w Hsiin i f 4 1 .1 1 o 0 Hermit h 1 u 1 2 I I
M Carihy.'.'li'l o 2 1 2 1 I'lett her... t 0 004 I
leaifi o II 0 0 II (I Meiers e I I I I I 11
Iveill.r t II I 4 0 Allies p I 0 II I in
Caitinlt. p I 11 not I
'Hi alt t 0 0 n II 0 Tittnls 'II 4 U27IH 2
lit'lil. 31 1 727 13 .1
Han foi Mil arlhv In llie ninth Innhu
H'ltied fur 1 aiuiili In the ninth Inning
I'lltsbnrL' " 3 11 11 0 n 11 11 0 3
Ni-u v,mk 1 1 11 1 11 1 11 11 0 1
Two hair litis linnlln llrvnrr. Snnditrass
'I lirre bitse Mis Mm r.ij . Merkle Iluinemns
Usui!. Mi-l els Stolen liases hellv. .SuttiUrast,
Iiuuble plais Mm lay. Mrieia and Ilrr7m;i
rietetu-r. Iinvlr, Herug aiul linjle I'lrsi base
nn ball- off 1 .iinnlti, 2: ntt Ames, 2. stiuck
mil llv 1 amrltr. . hy Anus, t Passed ball
Mi leis I eft on bases Pittsburg, ft, riv nrk.
I l lrl hise nn errors I'ltl-burir I Nuivurk.
I t'uu'lre. Hn uiianand Dm li.
I line I iiiiui
and ,Mi inlnuti .
Ten l.eaune.
ft. 1. 1 e.ittn. 3
Ilea UtlllllH
Sin v 11 f . fi I. .
I., istitii 1 1
Dallas. 0
Warn. ?
I Knit Wnrili
Austin, 7
llnli KwliiK. Hie lett-ran Pitcher, baa be.n
released tn Hie SI Lnilta Na 1 11111.1 la
Leon Ames has trimmed the Carilln.il.
Cutis and I'lrates In the Wist and now
nrtis for mnre worbta 10 innnuer, Inrlml.
Inn Ih. Itetta
llagerman, the Hed Sox pitcher, on whom
I'tesldeni McAIiit was very sweet early In
llie hmsoii. has been released to Jersey I'lty
lleenrdlng that pla.i In ihe. lilauta-Cuba
catne ulna t'iniiliit (Unlet ret. rued Pin
neiaii's ilerlalnn. It would appear from tlm
rules thnt Itlglei was In his rlnhta It
itaan't Plnnirnn's plav at nil, and he had
lin liusllli ss glllllg a derision llirlfletltalll .
no protest has itinie from Hie N't m York
Kelly O'Tnnle's parllnr. litis s.ireerdeil
(illisnn as th" reicolar rati her for the i'l
ran a. or until illlmon derlies ber.mt from
Hh ri at cui.
Iak I pen Th bet between ll nnd C Is
I mplre Inhesion, attribute. Hie numer
our slnti iiatiie. in alugcisbueaa on Ihe part
of plsyers din 111 bail nealhtr
I . p'tin'.tl out that the only lldnc
t-.lriB dun. hv the Athletlr. In thiar their
daji ot ndveralty It toward ijj, ity tndi
I slhnvreea nl It 11 11 a llelvs-ccn fthnwra
I sKalnst lli'nohl 11.
' St 1.4,1-m. May l. I he Ciirillnals this
afternoon ilodgeil the r.t I ti long enough
In gain Ihelr second viitoty of the series
with Urooklyn by the scute of In to 1.
All the excitement whs In Ihn llrst and
second Innings, when tlm home team scored
1 tdneof llielrten runs. II11I11 forced Mnl Knson
to cull n hull In the midst of the rally, bit
1 In 11 few minutes the ruin stopped ntul
, llresnnltmi'H mini continued trooping over
ine in, lie
The arllstlo Pitching of .loe Willis was the
real onto, of llronklvn's downfall Urook
lyn made only four hits off his delivery
and scored one run. A bnse on balls, a hll
butsman und a triple) after two ere down
produced the lonesome tally.
The score-
ab r h p a e 1 ab r h 11 a e
Himelns.Jti 2201.3 OiMoran.rf ..4 0 0 I 0 0
I IllsIf 4 2 3 4 0 0 tlKllhrrt,lb3 1 0 7 3 (I
Mowrey,3b .4 I 2 11 I n(H Sitiltli..ili4 11 13 3 0
Kon.y.lh 4 I 2 Hi ti ti'.N'ortlien.cf.'J o I 2 0 11
Wllle.rf . 0 2 a 0 n Wheat. If.. 4 11 0 3 0 1
Itftilsrr.as 3 1 2 3 0 II.HuillllieUbt II 0 tl I II
Oakcs.cf. 4 1 2 .1 0 0 Toolcy.ss 3 0 1 .3 1 I
Wlnro.c, . 2 t I .3 t ti Pnelpsc 2 0 0 ft I (I
Wlllls.p 3 t I 0 2 11 Slack, p into o 0
Scliardl.p. 3 0 11 I B 11
1 oinis . M 101.127 it v-
Totals. .30 t 424 1(1 5
lliookli-n . 1 (i 0 0 0 0 (I 11 0 t
St. Louis 2 7 0 0 0 0 II I In
Two base nU-Muu-rrv Three has. hit
N'nrlhcn. Home run Konctchy. Saerlticn lilts
Konetctiy, Willis, Moivrcy, 1:111s. 2. Stolen
bases Dauhert, Onkrs, lluirirliis, Hit hv pltmed
ball Hy Willis Hlaiihcrli first base on balls
Otf Willis, s; oft Stark, I! off Schardt. 4. Struck
out- Hy Stack, 1. by Willis; 2; by .Schardt, I.
I'llcldiiir record (lit Slack, lilts and 4 runs In
une Inning 'none out, 3 on, in two Innlnifs) Left
on bases St. Iuls, S: llrookltn, II Pulpites
Laton and Johnstone Tttne 2 hours.
Wardmrn llrfenled In C.leven In-
iilnv' After Knrly Lead.
ClSi'lNNATl, Ohio, May IK. In nneleven
Inning contest Cincinnati to-dny beat nut
Huston, 4 to 3, lloth teams hit and
fleldrd well The Iteds overcntne a two
rim lend In the seventh Inning, when Phe-
Ian und McLean doubled and McDonald,
hatting for Keefe, singled, bringing In Un
tieing run In the last frame llumphrles's
single scored the run which gave his
team the game. The scoie;
ah r h p a e ab r h p a e
Hesihrr.lf 3 113 0 01.Su 'n.y.2b .ft 0 I 4 ft 0
nal.s.rf 4 0 2 6 0 o.C'pbcll.rf. 4 I I Ma
tt'lltrcll.lh 4 n 1 10 I o Miller, rf .', n n ft 0 n
Mlli-liell.rf 3 0 0 2 0 o Klrke.lf ft 2 2 2 0 11
Kian.2b 4 1 0 A 2 0 Devlln.ss 4 11 I 120
l'helan.Sh 4 1 2 1 2 o ltnuer,lh 4 0 3 n 0 n
Ksmond.ss. 10 0 15 o, MTCaliLlbH 0 I I 3 n
M'lan.c 3 0 2 2 I 11 Hllne.c S n 2 2 0 0
'(Srant. 11 1 o o o oilirriMn.p 5 0 I i 1 0
Clarke, c I n 0 2 0 n
he.re.p. 200120, Totals 42 312:3211 0
'M'llonald I 0 I 0 0 o'
ll'ptirl.s. p. 2 0 I 0 I ul
Totals 40 4 103314 0
ltan for Mcl.ean In the aer.nth Innlnc
'Hatted for Krrfe tn th. aevrnth tnnlnj.
ITwo out when vrlnnlnff run was scored
Cincinnati.. 001 0 00200nt 4
Hostnu 0002 0 1 0 0 0 0 03
Two has. bits ttousrr. I'h.lan. 2. McL.an
Three base hit llnbllt.ll Double play - llrowo
McDonald ami Housrr Sacrifice lilts Sn.fn.y.
Houser. I'h.lan Stolen has.s Hfsrher. Hairs
Hits off Keef.,Hlnscvrn Innlnifsinff Humphries,
3 tn four Innlnirs Left on bases Ho.ton, 10- Cin
cinnati, Tlrst base on balls Off Hrowri. 3. off
Krrfr. 2 Hit by pltrhrr Hy Hmn (Piran.)
Slrnrk out Hy brown. 1, bv hrrfr, I. bv Hum-
f'hrlrs. 2. rmplrrs litem and Husii, iiitn- 2
lours and ft m'nutrs
Yesterday's Rr1U.
.fr' CUy. f. Hix-I.e-.i'T l
I'nlitnmrr h, MuRaid .1.
'luronto, H !'ri t.lrnr
Mandtns f the Claba,
2 -nalttrrore
S10 'N'ewark
,'M -provtarnrr
Ui Monirral
W I.
n in
a 12
7 12
7 12
terf' ritv
Kochfs.trr .
1ft 7
13 1
in s
tu tu
lo-day'a Schednl..
'erei ( 'li In Itm t'.e.ter
N'ewaiU In Montreal
llalttrnote In HuITalo
I'lOV lilent e ll. 'I oritlllo
Itoeheater Players Fined While Jer
ry City Win.
l!oi tustui, S , Mnv I.". llochcster
was loo lui-i- tightlns' the umpire to win
to-dnv lioth lllalr and Holmes m-re nneil
Jin each 'I he hi-ore
.ili r h p a e ah r h p a r
MrMlllanss 4 1 0 2 9 0 Ihnnry.tf ft 1 2 2 n o
conrny.ib 4 o l 2 I o irhr.ib i I on n n
Jjhnen.2li 4O00IO Harrows, i f j u soon
(i.burni f I o 3 2 o a Di-tri'irer rf 4 I I u u o
i.eiii.ii tL. 4 o i in nsihiani.rbi 1121 0
llitrh.tr 1003 a 0 I'lirlell.Sb 100120
petieer.lb 2 0 0 2 11 0 Itnai h.ss .4 1 2 3 2 0
Ward i o a o o o Hetnls.c 4 0 .' s 2 0
Hlalr.e 2 0 2 loo Prill. P 3 o 0 o 3 li
JarklHi-rh c 2 a i I o I
Hnlnirs.p 2 u I 0 3 II 'Inlals 31 1 1027 lu 0
tiianrei looooo
Totals 34 I B27U t
Hatted for Sp.nrrr in th. ninth Innlnr
'Hattrd for Holnirs In th. ninth trnltur
Hnihestrr I o n 0 o n n u 0 I
Jer.ey l llv 0 0 n n I 3 I 0 0 i
Two base lilts narrow-. 2 'ITrer base Mis
Osburii, Hunrh .Sacrifice hits Holnirs, eler,
Prill. Stolen hae 'Ibonii Double plays
Conro , McMillan and spenrr-- lleuils ami
Imrlrll Hit bv pitched ball Hy I'rlli. 1 I eft on
hasrs Itorhrst.r, 0, Jersey City, a l"llt ha.
on balls on Holmes. 4. nS Prill. I Sirurk out
Hy Holmes, 3. In- frill. 7 Wild pitch I'rlli
1'mptres Howell and Mathews Time I hour
and '.5 minutes
Kt II li An In.
Rurf no . ififtianinn-a 3
HBltlMimr i o o o j 2 : n I v 12 o
Hatierl. s -Hi .be, -Munstdl ami Si-hang
Shu ii kt ami II. i lien
It Tiironln.
ii ll i:
IT'-Mdeiire oflJOOSOIil 7 II 3
Tnrnn'o J ii 0 tl fl 0 3 3 - ll 2
ll.ittirles I'roiidenci' Halle ami
Schmidt , Toronto Lush, Winter ll.nUlu.in.
M.ivuill am I Hlitcln.
a Heanll of llslllK Letter. I'nlesa
There's tin mlenlile idjiialinetil.
As the tesult of a missing letter In
a telegram. Joseph Agh'i. th" .leisev Cltv i
llrst baseman. ma b" rettn tit-u to inn
Chicago National League club The Chi
cago 'lull appealed o Hie National Cmn-
! mission to eiifoire mi th" .Disey City
Club a speed! si Itleiiielil or the nil -mei'H
alleged claim on .lcise.i City of
13, Mil) fot the leliase of the plllVe, s e.
vices. The tllldlllg nliloilHces tl telegr.tlll
from Manager Si hlatlv of .leisey City lo
Chailes Chubby Murphy as follows:
.In. hi i I 1 1 v. S .1 ltl ii .
('aii,'ii If iitp't J. t'n lili lit A .Mull , i ' i .yit, huse
hull C(i.o. Can ili', f"
W 111 give in. pick of .lrri'" Citv ( lub or U..vm
for Acler's scrvli rafor si asuu nf lit 2 our i hnlce
lo be made nut before Annual 13 1'l.iict i lioscn
in rm nil) llh us balance uf season hi case no
plairi cho.en hv you, Ault-r in rrirrl to Ctiicns-n
tint to ri-inahi ultli-lrrsei Clti bnlanieufsi-asmi
I viiiiy Scum i i v
The .Tcisev City club contend) d that a
mistake was made In tlm transmission of
Ihls message, which the i lub dielates
should have read "fot 13.GH0" not "or
1.1, 500 " The evidence Sllhlllltteil sup
ports Jersey City's contention, anil Hie
National Commission's llndlng Is as foi
lows: 'I lie commission holds nn Ihe evidence and the
-l.nikl.n... as set forth lltal the telecrinm III
niiuil.it as delivered to Ihe Chlrairo il.lt). did
i n(,i rnihodi and prrscnl the proposition of the
.Irlsel l. Ill riuo ror inr seriiees in piayei akici
ami thrrrfoie drclares t lie- deal fnr 111. irlea.e
to he null and void The plairr Is dhrrird to
ictiirn to Iho Chlcauo club unlrss an amicable
iturcrmrnt he rrached for his transfer to lb.
Jersey City club hy the Interested clubs
Prospect I'nrk Baaebiill llranlla.
I' H If.R, !i, P s If.:.
P S M, S. I' S 3, .
P S. 3 7, M T 11 S
P H 77. a. Antlers, t
Celtic A C , 4. Pnntlar.
Id. 0
fllber llaaeluill (inmra.
At Poughkeepalt -llhrrvleiv Acadrnii. 14.
-Maeken?.i' Si lioul, 1
AI Morrlsioii 11, N J .Morrlatonn School,
III, Sms Srhool n.
AI llaekenaack, '. J.
It II 1;
Nenman School olftllift" ,
tlerkrlet ft I ft (I 2 11 it ii 11 3 in;
Halt, rlca Newman Sebum - l.mllli nd
Hollaril, lierkcloMcLarthy, Milltr and
Weakness in All Departments and
Visitors Kke Out Win by
10 to 0.
Four Huns Cross in Eighth, hut
Ninth Round Eflbrts Full
Poor pitching and wretched all around
playing cost Columbia a game at the
hands of Stevens yesterday on Mouth
Field by a scoie of 10 to . The Morn
Ingslde Heights pitchers were hammered
nil over the lot and poor support added
further to their woes. Itlker did the
twilling for the llohoken nine and held
Columbia down to seven hits, which were
well scattered except In the eighth, when
the Hlne and White tried to pull out of
a hole and succeeded In scoilng four rum.
Columbia got off In the lead In the first
Inning, but the advantage was short lived.
The Stevens team got liusv In the sec
ond, and sent two runs home. From that
time they were never headed. They scored
out i' In the thlid, and added another brace
or tollies In tlui fouith. Hothwell was
going tapldly from bad to worse and In
Hie eighth, after Stevens had scaled an
other run In thu seventh. Coach Fisher
sent O'Neule to take Itothwell's place.
Itothwell was bad, but O'Nealo was a
decidedly negative Improvement and the
llobokeiiltes hnd no trouble In scoring
twice In thu eighth and twice again lu
the ninth.
Housing hits by Hoseff and Casuso
gave Columbia a good start In the eighth,
and Isith scored on tleldeis' choices. I.om
Hlt'll then came through with u linm. run.
scoring KM.-delicti befoie him. The Hluii
am vv one trieii naru in the ninth and
had two men on the bags, but was un
able to bring them around.
1 he score :
ab r h p a e ab r h p a e
v nord n.rf.4 linn oi"rfVii.is n n -t n n
Jautl.3b....ft 1 1 3 2 0 Itoscff.c. 4 11ft :i 0
I:....' 'e.ay.a I - .1 1 O I a.sllso.21). 4 .3211
V nil t n.2h.S 2 2 O 7 n kl.nHI IS. . fi li. ft it
lluessor.cf 2 2 1 ft o 0 llalley.lf ,4 0 0 0 1 I
rdshii.lbs 2 I ft o 2' Kr'dr'rh.3b3 I I 1 3 I
"iirs.ii 4 ii i i ii i halrbrn.rf 1 (I 0 I o o
llaulli ne.c 3 o I R 2 0,D)mmrll.rf2 110 0 0
Hiker, p 4 I 0 o 2 n (Jretsch.ss.t 0 0 8 1 I
. , . ltothwell,p2 0 0 0 2 1
Total. . .3.1101027 V 3,'llaarrn 1 0 0 0 (I o
'O'Nealc.p. o o o n 2 o
. 'Williams, toiooo
.., .. . . . Totals .SS 6 727 18 6
Hattrd for rtothwrll In the seventh Inning,
Hattrd for O'N'calr In thr ninth lnnlnir
Slrvrns 0 21201022 in
lolumbla 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 4 0 t.
Two base hits Uo.efl, Jaircll. Three has. hits
Kl.ndl, llraitshaw. Home run txinim.ll Snrrl
flcr hits Fntrhalrii. Ilues.er left n tms.
Stevrns, 3, Columbia. I First base on rrrnrs
Stevens, 3, Cnluinttla. 3. Stolen hasrs u,m.
men. .1. itnriT. nurs.cr Double plav -Casuso
and hlrndl Struck out Hy Itlkrr. P: Hothwell, 4
Urst hasr on bslls-off Hiker. 2i off Hothwrli, i
nff o'Nrnle, 2 Hits- off Hothw ell, r,; off O'N'eale,
4 Passed balls Husrff. I; llawthortir. 2 Pmplre
Stnrkdalr. Time 2 hours and 30 nilnulr s
Defeat Mronji Holy Crnas Xlnr Iiy
llrllllnney of PeploaUI.
Woi.cesteh. Mass, May IS. Scton Hall,
lu a fast nnd close game of baseball, de
flated Ilolv Cross on Fitton Field this
afternoon, 2 to I All the scoring was
done in the first tw o Innings. Caw lev of
the locals, after singling, scoieil the tlrst
run of the game on Cumin's bail throw to
first of Volk's grounder after lu- had
killed Ostregren at the midway station
Tlm visiting collegians landed on Duhe tn
the st i mnl Peploskl. the visitor's twlrlei.
ill live the Sphele to tight fleltl f, ., tlr,...
bagger mnl catne hmne on Nlttow's single,
while the latter landed safe at Ih" marble
slab on Homloln's time bagger tu the lefi
field fence
The score
ab r h p a r ab r h p a r
J Murr'y.rfi o 0 o n o I'tonln.s. 4 0 1 a 0 t
C.llVl.V.3b 4 I 10 3O lllhlund.lf 4 0 0 1 0 0
Ost'crrn.lbl o (lit 0 0 I'r.nry.if I 0 0 I o 0
Volk.Ih 400100 I'i iilnski.p . 1 2 3 2 1
Twomei.lf 4 0 1 t 11 0 (.lllully.2h 2 0 n 1 7 (1
Crali.ss 4 0 12 10 Minni.c ,41 1 f, 11 11
.1 O'Hr'n.rf .1 o I 2 11 0 lli.udiiln.3b .3 o 1 0 I I
Costeltn.c 3 0 0 7 3 0 h Ih 3 o o 2 o
Dubi p noon 2 o UnMi.cf i o o o o o
Martina f 2 o a o o u
Totals 32 1 4 27 I) ll
Totals W 2 1271.' 3
Holy Cro i n o o o a a o o i
Scton Hall n 2 o o n o o o o 2
Thrte base hit I'rplnskl lltiuilnln Sacrlarr
hit idllillly Stoien base 4'awley I'lrstbasron
hll i i:t Pi pl.iskl I ottiistreKren I leftmbavra
Hull Cro-s, I Scton Hail. 2 Mruek nut Hv
Pfplitskl, 4. by Dubc : Double plav I'rplnskl
anil Cronlu I mplre ilarmi Tliia- I hour
.nil iiiinuics.
scrni nml InterealliiK (iiiine I'nlla
In Mnroon Net.
Kotos. Ph . Mny U Fordham de
feated I.ifa.vette this aflernon on Match
Field I na scrapv, interesting game by the
seme of ! to d Ponlham bunched her
hits with l.nf.ivelte's ertots. Kehoe
pitched steadllv all the way for Fordham
The game was i.-pl.te with pretty bits of
tll ldlllg The stole .
r. h. p a. r. r. h. p. a .
Hridi.3li 2 I 2 1 o Hrrlflth.3b2 I .' 2 o
I.re.cl 2 - .1 ll o r Hlmore.cf 1 1 2
Kehitt-.p -' o ii 2 1 i'ctlerii't,so I I
banc. if I 1 a ii 1 IV rlirht.c I I A
0 0
1 o
3 II
shaikey.ss 0 114 1 Crllch'ii .21)0 o l
Hralt-i,2b. o I 0
11 .tilgsn.lt 0 o I
o ii ii.-inne.-rib 1 l 11
o I Mel'ili.lf 0 ll 2
0 0
r.llllk-.c 1 0 o
M liuvein.ltl I ft
I o Mtsch tr.rfn l 2 u n
o II Nlliretll.p a o II i o
I'aitrr.p oooi o
a 4
Tolals s r, ;? 12
3 0 0 0 3 11 3 0 11 u
.' 0 0 1 1 1 0 o 0 r,
Lee. Ilealey Struck nut Hi
Two base hit
N'Uireut 2: bv r'ftucr.
h uehnt'. ft I'lrsi ha..
11 off Lei or, I Passed
nn ball. OH Nugent.
iH l llllle stolen base. Helfrlrh. 2 lilt hi
luiciur nv ii-in e 11. nine . py I aire r ll.ee.
s.crl.lce lili. Mini Wrlpni. C.1U11 .illl.l. lu
ll ii- MHUr
( oiiselmaii Hold Hll Safe When lilt
Mean It una.
Nkvv lliviix, May If. -Drown handed
11lo a surpitse to-day nnd gave the liluc
the flist beating of the jear at Yale Field,
the scoie being 3 lo 1 In favor of the
Piovldrnce boys. Inability to tlnil Coti
xelninn was responsible for the defeat of
Capt. Merrllt's men, while Itrown found
Hal I'i ell when lilts were ri'eded. Hart
well's suport was none ton good, and the
tisttallv n llahln lllnssmn had an off day at
The scol e
sh r Ii p a .1 ab r ii it a .
Crowther.rf 3 lOlo OiSeolleld If 0 0 4 0 1
li Nnsll.s. 3 0 0 2 2 ()Hlussom.ss 4 II 0 2 I "
Liiiid.lt 4 0 110 0 Carhai t.cf 3 0 0 0 o 0
Sliell.e 4 1 I ll 2 0 Scolt.p I 0 0 0 I 0
l)iikeilr.:ii 4 n (I I I o'ltlddrll.lli 311701
Duritln.th. 4 I I a (I I llennrti.Ib 4 0 1 3 2 11
Krlllv.lh 4 0 13 0 1 Cnrnlsii.rf 3 11 I 4 0 o
lt..Nnsh,rf 3 0 12 0 i 1 Mo ri I tt.itti 401 Inn
Cons'lin'n.iiS 0 I 0 4 t .Hnriletie.c 3 0 0 ft 4 0
. f itUrtvvell.p 2 0 0 0 2 0
Inlals 3: J ft:? ii 3l.Mcli'hlr,rf I 11 0 0 0
I Totals 31 1 4 27 10 4
Hrown I 0 0 0 0 tl 2 I) 0 -3
Yalr 0 11 0 0 11 0 0 0 t 1
Firs 1 bnsr on erroia ale, 1; Ilrnwn. I lft
on bases Yale. 7. Ilrowii, a, Stolrn haifs
Crow thrr. Illrtdell, Cornish, Mrrrltt First hasr
oil halls Off Conselniati, 4. off Hartuell, 1, Shuck
out Hi Consrhnaii . by llartwcll, 2, hi Scott I
llll. OH llaitwell. In 7 Innlnira. Pmplre Hi'il
foul Time I hour And 4ft minutes
.Vnaanii Trlina Ln wrencrt Hie.
liAvviiKNCKVii.i.r. N, J May ifi I,w.
icncevllle was defeated by Ihe Nassau
team, the Princeton seionds, this after,
noon hy the score of 4 to '.'. Kiunzhelm
struck out eleven of the Princeton hut.
trra. hut waa hit rather ficeiv p,..
rock made a home run In lh elehth tn
MliK lloltou nml Wood put on the htat
Kiimo for Pilncrton.
The hcoic ,
Law 1 ni 11 lin- 0 ft t ft ft n 1 ft ti 'l
Kumu 1 II (I 0 ft 3 0 ft 0 - i J
llaticrleH Lntm-ncevllle Carta ami
Sutltbi Mu Woud oa alCBtfea.
You can't pet beyond the
domain of "The Winged
Pyramid". The world over
vou'll rind Ford .service sta
tions near at hand a distinct,
Ford advantage. And a rea
son why you should place an
early order for one of the
seventy-five thousand new
Fords to be sold this season.
AH lords arc model all alike rxcppt
tlm liddics. The. two pfissriitffr runabout
costs .?.")!Hl the five pfisscnjrcr liuirin car
tiliin Hie delivery ear $700--the town e.ir
jjpni) t'.o. Detroit, completely equipped.
(Jet latest catnlojril': from l''onl Motor ('nin
pativ, IT'J.') Hroatlway, N'ew Yorl; City or
direct from Dflroit factory.
Healey & Compaq
Coach and Automobile Builders
Have Ready for Delivery
Equipped with their Superior Coach Work
The abovo can be seen at tha old stand
Broadway and 5Jst St.
D.'ivis Out pitches l.onr in IlPiiicd ,
Mound Duel Princeton
lliillies Checked.
PiUNi-fcTov. N J. Mnv IS --Willi, liii"
Itl.iliketl Ptinciloii 2 to 0 here to-d.iy.
scotltii: the fust shutout of the seiist.it
iiKiilnst tl-.t Tn-.-.e. With l..-ar ntul PiivK
two of th" l"st collide pltclit-rs In tie
K.'ict, oitoslni; eni h nlhe- on ! i- Iiioimd.
the cunc was :i pllclieit-' I'lttle from
ftatt to tlnlah D.ivls vv.is tiuicht-d up
fot n totnj of M vin hits hy Hi" Pitnci
lotiiatis, hut his support vv.i tpe best wn
on tin- local diamond this var
Hiuw'li and Shuns siuilid for the vis
itors, (he lattet cntchltii; Sterrelt Ht the
ilnte hy a lem.irkahle tlitovv from deep
ci-ntie tli-UI l.-ai alloind only four
eiifetUs, lull I' t Ot!a score In the first
Innlnc on two slni.li" and two Ioiik sao
rltlce tlle.s A p.K-s nnd tlliee hai!Re- bv
Alnalle In Hu- idKhth tcoT.il Otis nsnin
fot the dual itn The TiKcrs milled '
at the hit 1 1 tn nfler tltni', hut tlKht
tleldltiK checked them on e.ich occasion
The nine;
ah r h p a r ab r h p a e
l.alrd.rf 3 n o 3 n n Oil. If 2 2 2 o o o
Wiirth'on.Jbl 0 2 3 4 0 lrwls.c 4 o I u 2 n
Whites. 3 o 0 13 0 slnllr.:h 3 o I 2 I o
Stcrrrti.i .3 o 2 ft o o Svtn,3h I 0 o o o I
llead.rf 3 o o 2 o Sin ns.rf 4 o n 4 10
"I'in-llrtnn I 0 o 0 o o Hrnnnss 1 o o ft 2 0
I'arkrr.lf 2 0 n .' 0 0 Hlir'n'm.rf 4 11 n 2 0 0
Miw-.:ii 3 o 2 2 o 0 Tru'hull.lti3 ootoo
Hboads.ib .1 0 1 s 11 1 DaiU.p :i 0 0 0 ! 11
l.rar P 1 0 11 0 1 11
Total. 30 2 4 27 s 1
lutll. 2s II 727 'I I
II.Htril for Head lu Hie ninth lnnlnir.
1'rlnretoii u 0 o 0 0 n n n o o
Williams 1000000102
Three base hit VinsPr Two base hit Sterreii
Sacrifice tills Musllr. Swain Stolen ba.es
Sttrrrli. Itrad. Otis, 1 1 vs Is, Minns l lrst base
nn halls off l.rar . ntt Davis 3 Strurk out
llv l.rar. J. bv Davis, ft 1,1 fi on nasrs I'rlurrtnti.
5 William., ft Double plavs Hrnwn ntui
Tiiimbiill, Alnsllr and 'Irinnbull Hit hy pltihei
Hi Davis I aim by l.rar toil. I'lrst base
op erri r. I'ltnu-inn. I William.. I t uiplre
Iventi Time I linm ami in mlimir.
Vntlve Son PHclu-s Well.
IlKApiNii, Pn., May Hi. The home crowd
li.nl 110 tumble ti ImmttiK WnshltiKtoti of
tlm Pulled State LeiiRiie this afternoon
'I h" score wiiH 7 to 4. Scluieffer, n local
i-hiliiii.in. was in the bo and lie managed
to keep the nine lilts very much n-atleied
The scoie :
Wushiiiiilon . ft a n 0 0 (1 j a 1
IteatlniK 11 I I 2 .", 0 ft 11 ; 1
ll.ltlirlis Heiini-tl ami 1 on 10 N't buetfet
1. 41.1 forte
Superior llnttlriK Vliia Ont.
i'I.iivki.a.vii, May In. The Pulled States
I.e.iKiie Nupa w-eit niithlt and beaten iv
III" I'nlted States Heda h"le to-djv. 7
to il
The score:
Cleveland 3 S o 0 0 ft 11 a r "7
1 iiii'iiniaii . o 11 0 n ti .-, 4 o a 7 jo I
Hnlterlia- Shark and W.ilitneld. Kline
IIi'kiiii and Donnelli
V I'.t!1""""1 Nrn Vork lliclnnoi.d run
. inta.u , 1111, utk-i ,.H ,,K ram
nilnnla Strll.es Out Mitr-rn.
At Waterlovin .vestenlay the St Paul's
team fiom tiaiden city won fiom Tufts
school nine hy the strne of ri to n VaU- 1
nils for St I'niil, wut. In pioil i,m and
kepi the sl hits he nave well hi atten d
in- sinii-ii inn MMi-t-n men
Th score;
r: 11 p
Si Pain's , 0 ft 2 11 ft 11 1
T-ifi S I ft I 1 o 0 11 11
llatliiits 1, 1, hull, ami Hivie, N
11 lid I, r,j 1 lit Id
s U
11 I! til 1,
Pnrtla Tie fur I'lrsi ltitt,
H vvlniiini; M'sleid ('s Knm fttlm ,,,
He Witt Clinton IIIkIi School i,.,,ni in
the score of t to 3, the CintU HIrIi nine
Is now tied for Aim place honors vvllli
..1..11 in 111 nn- r-s.nii.il H.IM'II.IU I' l, linn nn.
shin tournament. '
The scute :
I urila II S ft 1 ft 11 ft o 0 1 'i '! ''1
II Wilt Cll.i ft 0 S ( ,"t I
H.i'ierlfs- Klrb 11 nil I'tiiieui.eiu sin-.. , .'1
Sonth Atlniiilc l.eiiune.
Albani, t Siiiannuh, 3
.iHrkforiillle, 3. Culunihia. I,
Columbua. l; Mason, .
urft.e..J -
Shakespeare says: "An
imitation shines brightly
as a king until a king be
the original of which nil
others are imitator.
Being first in the field, the
REPUBLIC captured the
one simple ideal design of
tread which will roll
forward with the
least hentinT
and oppose
the maximum
resistance to
motion side-
OF N. Y.
tilfl Mnhe lllcliinonil's II on.
Ill 11 live llll, Ills, K.llllt- Jdi.''1
.1 tt.-i-tii.uii ul M i 1 1 1 1 1 1 , tic ) u i I " 1
Its' Ilmll School le.-im infi'iii-i "
ll'.i'lltl Hill IIIkIi School ti 1111 hi ll
of 3 In I I l.-u miiti. iv In, 1 p. .1
In Ihe fifth Innlnii I'm th. M
e-tin lliu-t. It.i.st-s it!) nulls .1
A Micrllli'i llv s( m 1,
plati vv .Hi to ,1.1 1
tnoiltl Hill hoys The cor'
? .') iurri! 't ti
i s ' III II''
If 5 ' i i'.llH
H ' ih !:i
! I H
I 'LluiM ll
Llt'llil -mil Hll H n
1 HatL'rlf s HniUoii,
QuaJlc od lloba.
Hartiun -"i'i

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