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Generally fair to-day and to-morrow; light
to moderate winds.
Detailed weather reports wilt be found on page IS.
VOL. LXXIX. NO. 298.
NEW YORK, MONDAY, JUNE 24, 1912. ConjrlfM, mi. by the Sun Prl.ifli.f, n.fd rubHMn,, AorlUon.
, n, o IVIlH i LAB
Committee of Seven Named
to Consult With the
Chicago May Be Selected
for Place of Holding
Mi .ts
A I Kh
Jinny Difficulties Must Ho Over
romo Before Action Is
Finally Taken.
Chicaoo. June 23. Tho Roosevelt thin!
party men who hnvo remained here to
discuss tho organisation of their move
ment with Col. Roosevelt got to work
early this morning. Oov. Johnson of Cali
fornia, who for tho present at least is the
Colonel's chief lieutenant, was cmpowercel
tjr a mas meeting of delegates and others
to appoint a committee of soven which
ii to confer with Col. Roosevelt nnd pre
pare a plan and platform to be presented
to a convention.
No definite announcement of plan was
cade to-day and tho date of the conven
tion is still to he decided. It was rumored
that it might be held in Chlcugo on .August ,
3 and also that un attnmpt might be mode
to select Asbury Park.
lol, Uoosovelt said to-night that the
only definite announcement that he could
trji'ne jiit-t now concerning the organiza
tion of the new party was that Gov. John
an will head tlv committee of seven
thr! is to prepare the plan of action, Gov.
Jshn-on will handle affairs in the West ,
as field mar-hil of the National Pro-,
pe ive forces, home one else, perhaps
if. i..,.....i. hiMf -..in nfr.!., I
m 'h1 Ea-t I
Mr Hooi-evelt added thai
it would
tr hihlv be fom.. tim before the mem- i ,,"','
cr-lnpof the oemmitte.. of seven will be! T ,f, 7."n ,lhl! t0
L.a ..v.miii tv, lt,rafl' Heformed Church at Jackson
..... .....
-r.-.md Hepubhcan onjt Tins was
4i."ii hi 1'ivniiis ip i"'
cenimutpcrnen win not do iinisneu u'"'1 1
Itoosrvrlt CmnliiK llomr.
fa, UooseveU and his leader finished ,
their v, ar councils to-night and nearly .
all of them hfive left Chicago or will leave (
he r,iy to-morrow. Mr. I'ooseelt will
an for Ojvtor Bay to-morrow aftcr-r.-on
His plans aro uncertain, but he
!.! probably remain there for several
tc-k- After the new party's eonven
t.on frhaps before he will take the
t'.ump again. It is said that he will cover
&c much ground as possible before elec
tion time and that his schedule will be
a hard on
In general the plan seems to ! to utilize
th Uoo-eselt machine in States that the,
C"h:.l carried at the primaries and in 1
'!.r Mates to present a complete pro-
pt"ive ticket
In N'ew York, for instance, if the plans ,
tUd of are carried out there will be
rrcgre-svo candidates for Governor,
cnsre-s nnd other elective offices.
In Pennsylvania it may be that William
FlinnV plan of having the regular Hepub-1
i.can electors cam ineir voies lor uoose-1
fit, who of course is certain to l-o tho .
cin-lidate of
the new party, may ie 1
'.arried out.
In Minnesota it is planned to have the
tfcetors who favor Roosevelt resign and
ts-n to reaptHiint them by petition in
"icr to maJto their places secure. The
;Un of action in the-o and other States
ispends upon exrt legal advice which
t 11 t 1 be got. At present everything
' ".i.ei ted with the new movement except
f. expieisi-d intention of the Colonel
Ki .jne of his lenders to make a fight
t If n u.e air
llnosreelt MrrtltiK Held.
Il'itiMvelt delegates to tho number
j au.'it .too and Roosevelt shouters
Ef this morning in the Florentine
' rn-d -he Congress Hotel to inaugurate
'. I mini temx)rary organization of .
; new party. liov. .loimson presided. New york sjtate to tho nutionnl Republl-
hsMd" wero Medill McCormick, James I can convention at Chicago in I90S. He
ii (.arf'eld and Senator Clapp of Minne-, wnH much interested In tho present state
-'a r.v stubbt. of Kansas came in, of affairs but refused to make any com-
.1 o,it again before tho meeting ment on tho situation.
't,,wr t., ims-ineas. Cecil Lyon of Texas A partv of eighty-one tourisls who
tart a fr nt wnt. Few if any of the other 1 havn eirclel the globe enmo in on the
jrr.rn.in i.t it..r,s..velt men wore present. 'Kaiserin and brought with them a rn
r Johnson announced that tho 1 mttrkablo collection of dogs piokod up in
'g-e-s.ves who alout "to Iwgin em odd corners, of the world. Every kind
r'n'' 'hat is to lend to political free- of rioB flePh from chow dogs to Airedale
1'ii He niirl that in tho committee to I terrierst was represented. Some of them
- f rm.ri no attempt could l irwelo at W(,rP go mau they were taken ashoro in
"e to represent each State, but that especially constructed littlo bnjrs.
" for action had arrived and that I count and Countess Laszlo Szochenvi,
' " ..st get down to work, who were booked for tho Kniserin, did not
k-'.w that you appreciate W10 eleep(t.omH hy yx(,T) but aed Saturday on the
" ' 'v of this exvaslon," suid (iov. MUUretania lnitead.
'''- and that you have n deepl .
! ih.. obligation that rests ujon J -nn pvTrrTc VANrirn
Hie time for discussion has' ZOO KhUbLo nArlUbli,
' U i 'jh go forward at once. !t
act "
lames II Gdi field got up, He
meeting that the laws of tho
st.iios were at variance so far
-. lection of electors waa con
i' l that wliile in some States
' t.e asy to proceed with their
,n it might lie; very difficult in
U.rl .,
Til.. 1
11 f
1-1 lay tlio foundations with
said, and it is impossible now
lellniiely our plans. I would
.11 we give Gov. Johnson t ho
a . or
select wiven men who ufter 'from Hultzllao and n running fight last
mo with t'ol. Roosevelt will ' Inir hre hours followed. The Federals
present to the rem vent ion a
Hon and organization that will
I slide to carry on this great
I then Btirrenderd,
'in. suggestion in the form of a When the Insurrectos hsd been dis
wiurli wa carried, and Gov. 1 urmrvi thev were tied together ct tho edge
laising his hand for silence,
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rcT;, ,:;?;r ,:1w,v,,A ,n
, T"' ! Itrnnlillrnn Party.
Boston, June 33, ttcnrj Cabot Lodge,
senior United States Sotutor from Mn ssa
chusott. will support President Taft
In the coming campaign. After maintain
ing n strict silence Tor some, months
tiocattso of his personal friendship with
Col. Roosevelt, tho Senator Issued n state
mcnt at his summer homo In N'nhant
to-nlght turning his kick politically
upon the Oyater Hay statesman. Tho
statement says:
Tho Republican convention lias renomi
nated President Tuft, following Its un
broken oiiMom of supporting for a second
term the President who lias faithfully
served the country and party durimr his
tlrst four years, 1 he contest for the nomi
nation has heen marked by unexampled
excitement and ettienie bitterness, which
resulted In a party division hen the nomi
nation 'aa made, I Mh.il not review that
contest. I do not Intend to criticise or
nssnl1 nnv nf tnv rlln.. l....uti...- .. a.
' 'r'lWH IIVI11I1M nil". M I1U
wore engaged In It on different sides, for I
cannot see that any good end would he
wni'ii uy my doing so.
To tho best of my ability. I have fought
the battle of tho llepitblleiin party for the
last thirty years. To the l!-publloiin parly
1 ouo all that I have had In public life
With Its policies and principles as just
declared at Chicago I am In full accord.
1 not only believe In the policies there set
forth but I regard the declared determlna
lion of the party to tand (Irmly for the
Constitution and for tho Independence of
the courts bec.iue they are vital to the
maintenance of free government as of the
lat Importance
The success of the Democratic party, In
view or reckless and destructive Incom
petency exhibited by the nresent Hon
would be. in my opinion, a disaster to our
Industrial well being and to our business
prosperity, and would at tho sam lime
inflict lasting Injuries upon the fio em
inent of the I nltrd States
Holding these convictions, t shall give
to the Itepubllcan party and to Its candidates
and Its policies the best support of which I
am capable In the coming campaign.
'Heerlnn tiear Snaps, but Chauffeur
Presents Serious Arcldrnt.
Cmicaro. June 23. Tho steering gear
of the automobile In which Col. ftoose-
velt and Mrs. Uoosovelt started for
i church this morning broke while the
i machine was travelling at a good rate
of speed and what might have been a
serious accident was averted only by
''c quiets acnon or. tne cnautrcur.
I riding In Alexander II. Hewll's car and
I r-ar-A n nt m nl.,4 1... t
Houlevard nnd Washtenaw
Thl. ptpcrnR BMr 1)rf)Ul ()n
broke on Jackson
not many blocks from th
The chauffeur succeeded In
Qinuh . n ,-. .'if h.rn.A I. Vin.i
stopping the car before
more than forty feet.
M &Tr
were following In another automobile.
Tj)p 1
oosevelt party was transferred
to the guards' car nnd went on to
church, leaving Tyree and his men to
take charge of the disabled machine.
Inrr lira II In Keeling Wny
ThrouRU (bnnnrl Mist.
The Hamburg-American liner Kniserin
Augusta Victoria, which arrived yesterdav
from Hamburg, carried on the extreme
bow, a little to starboard, a huge search-
light wrapped in canvas I ho -arch-
light is a big affair of bright bra", and is
of tho tame conEtruction as thoe used
on warships. It was built especially for
the luiiserm and was shipped to her from
the factory, arriving four hours before
she sailed. It is seven and a half feet
nign ana oas a aiameier oi nvo icet arid
n depth of four feet. Tho big light had
its first tryout coming oul of Boulogne
harbor and then was wrapped up again
and not uncovered until early yesterday
ufter the Kaiserin had passed Fire Island
and was feeling her way through tho
thick mist over the channel Tho beam
was so powerful that thoso on the bridge
could re-ad the name) on the Scotland
lightship when the Kaiserin was a mile
away. This is tho second Eoarchlight
carried by a transatlantic merchant
vessel bince the Titanio disaster. The
either, n smaller one, was sh!ped by tho
(t Among the passengers on the Kaiserin
were Mr. and Mrs. Frederic R, Hazard
and Miss Dorothy Hazard of Syracuse,
. V Y Mr Hazard is nresident of the
Holva. process Company of Solvay.
v y ., and was a delegate at large from
1'rdrral Troops Make Short Work nf
Zapata' Follower.
Mkxico Citv, Mexico, Juno 23 After
keepitig the facts suppressed for nearly
a week, dedalls of tho greswomo methods
pursued by Federal troops In oitennlnat
ing tho rebels have hocomo publiu, tho
latost being tho hanging of morn than
2noZnpatistA.sHftor a battle near liuitzlloci,
Stato of Morelos,
Troops under Gen Robles encemnlcrod
a detachment of Zapata rebels four mllevj
outnutnliered tho rebels, but the latter
fought desperately until flanked and
eventually surrounded. Tho rebel leader
of tho forest and one after tho other ropes
were strung around their necks and they
were hanged to the nearest trees.
J 00 Urn ml Island Excursionists
Hurled Into the Niag
ara River.
Ilnl Wit 1 1.1' IFIj.AW,
Kiaht Bodies Bpcoverpd Vic
tims YVprp From Amherst
Lodge of Foresters.
Bitimio, X. Y Juno 23. Two hundred
excursionists from Buffalo wero dropped
into the swift current of Niagara River
at Eagle Pork, Grand Island, about S
o'clock to-night. A steamboat dock col
lapsed, Eight bodies have been re
covered. The victims were members of Amherst
Lodge, Order of Foresters. They had
gone ,o Eagle Park this morning 5oo
strong. Half of the party had been safely
returned. The first news of tho accident
reached the telophono central at Grand
Island from Mrs. Miller, owner of Eagle
Park. She was hysterical, screamed that
the dock was gone and two hundred were
in the water.
Then she dropped the telephone re
ceiver, since whlcn time It has leen tm-
possible to communicate with Eagle j
Pnrk direct. Later reporta to the Erie
county mdicnl examiners say that eight 1
bodies hid been recovered. The polio-1
nere heard that many of the excursionists
had been seriously hurt. At 12:2(1 n
report to the owners said that thirty
people had been drowned.
Kagle Park Is on the Canadian side
of tho Island, which is twelve miles to i 12 1 Clinton nvemie, talking with friends,
the north of tho city. Th Island Is a 1 ji0 wn tolling them that ho could lift his
large one nnd In frequently used for h,RS olT the chair and sit up, and did it for
picnics and excursions. them. One of his friends asked him if he
The Amherst Lodge left Buffalo this coui(1 Md, Though ho had not at
mornlng on the steamer Henry Kocrber 1 tempted It, he answered.
and the barge Lottlo Koerber In tow. ..s,rPi j can, j,w watch me "
The excursion was so largo that the Hp ,)Ut his feet on the ground and stood
steamer and the barge had to make two for nllolIt UV1. soconds and then fell
trips to carry the excursionists. ' ba.k hi t,hftir Ho wns ns astonished
One trip back had been made this n8 h frioIuls wt.rtli nnd called to his
evening nnd the two boats were np. motllcr to roln,. out and see him stand,
preaching the dock for the second trlpom, Mood tlp aKllin for nPnrI. half u
back when the trau-edy occurred. The . mlnuu ,p,,ort.,l by the mother and his
pier was not strongly enough built to unc Kdv.ard J. Cordial Then his
stand the lorn! of excursionists, mjny mo,ilPr fucked him in the chair again utid
of them women nnd children. It Is fori);o him to trv any more -Hints,
thought now that the log supports were 1 .s... feii,)WH - 'xr,iained Waldorf when
weak and broke under the strain, but
no verification of this can be obtained
at this time.
The pier extended several hundred
feet out Into the river, being long
enough to permit two fair sized steamers
to dock on one side at the same time.
The current at this point Is very strong.
The bouts, returning for second loads,
whistled a warning to the excursionists
to get ready to board, and the excur
sionist left the park nnd ran down to
the pier. They crowded out to make
sure of getting seats on the beiats.
.suddenly, wnnoui nn warnine. tne
pier collapsed, without any groaning of
timbers or sagging down to give any 1
one a cnance to get on. 1 no scores or ,
. . .1 1. ....... . . . . t . 1 tH. 1
persons vil llie uutn vte iiuiim 111111
the water, where they had to fight for
life encumbered by a splintered mass of
timbers and wreckage.
The lights on the pier went out, tho
lights In the park were extinguished
und the people were left In the darl?
ncss. The swiftness of the current
lidded to the Impossibility, for many, of
gutting to hhorc, nnd the strong swim
mers nmong those In the water had all
they could do to save themselves.
All that Fix brothers, the owners of
the excursion steamship line to which
the two boats belonged, knew of the
accident was that eight bodies had
been recovered. They said that the
boats had carried one load back to
Huffnlo and wte taking on the re
mainder of tho passengers at the dock
when the accident huppened.
The dock was V shaped nnd tho pas
sengers were forced to stnnd In n long
line to wait until they came to the
landing place at the apex of the V. This
lies at the foot of a high embankment
nnd those from tho boots approached
It by a long flight of stairs.
Mehneelady Wants Itrr tor Board nf
Public Welfare.
Boston, Juno 23. Helen Keller; tho
blind, deaf and dumb woman, whose mas
tery of an education 'n the face of these
handicaps has mado her famous, is now
considering the proposition of Incoming
11 city official of the city of Schenectady,
N. Y.
Tho place for which Miss Keller has
leu mentioned is a membership on the
Board of Public Welfare, a lxdy much
favored by the Rev. George R. Lunn. the
Socialist Mayor or Schenectady. Miss
Keller i herself a socialist and is a be
liever In votes for women.
Mayor Lunn Intends that his new board
shall have jurisdiction over tenement
conditions, children's playgrounds and
numerous either matters that do not
proerly come under any regular depart
ment of Schectady's city government.
Yale Man, Man of Well Known Nrtr
York Kainlh't in lio on Stnae.
Thomas Achelis 2d arrived on the
French liner La Provence yesterday after
two years in Paris, where first ho studied
architecture at the Beaux Arts, but Inter
t oek un t he study of dramat io art , In which
I he had gained considerable reputation
I ns nn nmateur in tho Yalo Dramatlo
I Association,
Mr. Aohelis expects to appear in this
' country next season under the mnnago
, ment or Haniel Frohman While hu was
'abroad tho report cntne to this country
about a yearngothai he hud died, mid hin
obituary was even printed, Ho wrnto
, a Ntor to tho 1 alt .Hue nf Wttkly, In
which he said that he was very much alive
I and was studying feir the slage after giv
I ing up architecture.
Washington Socialist Candidate lias
Chance to Win.
TAeovi, Wash., June 23 Miss Anna
A. Malley, socialist lecturer nnd writer
of Everett, has been nominated Tor Gov
ernor oo Washington by the referendum
ballot of the Socialist party, completed
yesterdav. Uy the same referendum
Socialists have placed In the field a full
State office. Ite-
turns were received from more than live
thousand Socialist voters.
... i-.j .indue II chare
Wlnsor. gray haired nnd a member of the
Seattle school board, by H'm votes. She Is
already in tho Held campaigning, though
heretofore unknown to even clubwomen
throughout tho State. Miss Malley is
llkclv to run second among the candidates
for Governor nnd Ijer election Is not Im
possible if the old pnrtles remain split.
The Socialist vote has grown very rnt
during ths last two years. Investigation
shows that present day polities and eco
nomic questions are too deep for many
voters among the working classes, They
bellevo the Socialists will help latior.
Under Gov Hay Washington's expendi
ture hnvo become extravagant and there
is n loud cry for retrenchment. Mrs
Mlnnlo Parks of Seattle wn mado Socialist
nominee for State Treasurer. Other
nominees are men.
.nws .uaney uvn-.. -....-r,. i
Waldorf Miller. After Dltlnic Aerl
dent. Sever finve Vp Hope.
Nr.w Rociiem.k. June 23. -For the tlrst
finu. In nearly n vear Waldorf Miller,
wrio hroko hisneck diving from the rocks
nt Hudson Park on the night of July 3.
mi ; bio to stand on his feet. Until
,i,u mnmlnr ho was believed to be help-
less, but he never loot his strong faith
that he would recover and this has aided
his improvement
This morning he was sitting in an in-
valid' chair under a tree at his home,
his mother was out of he.-.ring, "I told
you that I would walk within n year, and
I'll bet I'll come nrettv near keeping my
promise. Gee, this is great. If you
hadn't naked me if 1 colild btar.d, and
mude mo chuck n bluff. I don't think I
would Imvo known what 1 could do. I'll
bet I'll be out on crutches in 11 couple of
The recovery of Miller has been slow
At firs; the physicians had no ho(x' of his
recovery, but Miller never gave up. Sev
eral months nftcr tho accident he was
able to movo his head. He gradually
reK.limMi f,B e 0f his fingers and arms,
,md th,.n n fom)d llv ro(1 rjKCl his
,0,,s Now can wrile Hnd sharpen
lw.nci, wth his hands
.lohtiMnnn, Pn.. Trencher ItrslKiis
In Killer llnslnrs.
JoHNsroWN, Pa, June 23 -The Rev.
Hennin K.vifTmann of this city has
resigned to tiecome a brewer The minis
ter comes from Germany, ond before ho
cume to America to study for the ministry
and lster to nccept the rertor.siup of one
of the largeM churches in Johntt iwn, lie
was identified with the brewery husmcM
in his home town of Ilsenburg, Germany
He hr.ndesl in his resignation to the
trustees of St Paul's German Lutheran
Church in Morrellville, n fashionable
suburb of Johnstown two weeks ago
It was nccept eel and in giving his reason
for leaving in the pulpit to-day Mr Kauff
mann said that h" intended to leave the
ministry to return to his home in Ilsen
burg and enter the business of Ins family.
The family of tho minister are tho
owners of a large brewery, and tho min
ister said that he will become identifies!
witli the management of it.
Trainmen to Quit on Wednrsdny
t iiless C'ompnn Set lies.
Piin.ADKi.riiiA. June 23.--Returns of
the strike vote taken by employees of
tho Pennsylvania Railroad Company on
its lines east of Pittsburg wore received
in this city to-day. According to state
ments made by officers of the trainmen's
organizations the official count shows
that more than Bj per cent. 01 1110 jj.o'm
men employed on these linos win au
thorize n striko this week unless tho
Pennsylvania Railroad Company sidi.
factorlly adjusts a number of grievances
which have lieeti submitted! to General
Manager 8, C. Long by representative's of
the men. Tho taking of the vote began
Saturday. June 15.
All but six of the grievances havn been
satisfactorily adjusted. These are ef
such Importance to the men that unless
the company Is willing to concerto their
rights a strike will be ordered not later
than Wedneselay.
PnrU llns llnmor That He U F.ii
kukoiI Clinrlntlr Ives.
fp.rl.it Cnhlt IHtfiateh to Tut Sl.
Paiiis, Juno 23. Antonio Scottl, tho
barytone, whoso name has so often been
linked with that of Ooraldine Farrnr, is
engaged to be married to Charlottn Ives,
an actress, according to a rumor current
here. The t wo have born in Paris recent ly,
but havn gone to Alx-los-Bnlns,
In answer to n telegram Irom a Sun
correspondent asking for authorization
to confirm or deny the report, Miss Ivkb
sent this reply: .
"Authorize you to publish nothing."
Reported Xew York's Votes May
Be Thrown to Ench on
First Two Bnllots.
Tiimninny Quarters Bcsieped by
Politicians of High and
Low Degree
Bai.TIMOM!. Juno 23. The delegation
from New York will caucus to-morrow to
determine whom they will support on
tho tlrst ballot or two. Tho suggestion
has been put forward strongly that the
delegation compliment both Gov. Dix
nnd Mayor Gnynor, giving their 00 votes
to the Governor on one ballot nnd to the
Mayor on the following. Several mem
ben of the delegation who are aware of
Le-nder Murphy's intention to go slow
say that this will be done
Mr. Murphy himself declined this eve
ning to say what action was likely.
Presseel closely about tho situation in
the Bryan-Parker fight, Mr. Murphy ad
tnitteel that he had put it all over J. Ser
geant Cram In n round of golf at the Bal
timore Keunel Club this afternoon. Mr.
Murphy Is not becoming celebrated down
here as a conversationalist.
But there is a lot doing all the time in
room 503 nt the Hotel Emerson, where
Mr. Murphy is spinning out his plans
To-night in the little room where tho
le-jder sits surroundeel by his advisers-
John Qiiinn. J. Sergeant Cram. Senator
O'Gorman nnd others-there was little
talked of save the battle front that is to
be put up against Bryan. The arrival of
manv New Yorkers who aro interested in
Judge Parker's candidacy made the cor
ridors of the fifth floor a busy part of the
Mr Murphv talked over the situation
with Gov. IHr. Senator O'Gorman, Will-
Inm F Shechan, Do Lancey lcoil nnu 1
other callers and then hnd a conference ,
with Hoct-r Sullivan of Illinois nnd
Willi IWI,1 1 .nt.t...... I
Thomas Tnggart of Indiana, who are of t,w ftw jt8 administration
backing him up in the Parker fight . So n tn- jedera and State oourta "tho cry
stntement was issued from nhy of these ing and conspicuous evil of the century"
conferences, but the word got around ,
the hotel lobbies that Mr Murphy
his associates will insist that Jimge i-araci
be named as temporary chairman.
Judge Parker got hero this afternoon
n.l nffer freshening up left the Kmerson
ami nu rirt. ih i.u.s. i
and went to tho Maryland t tun.
Thomas t llyan is staying. n..".
that Judge Parker hart a long taiK men-
...,i .i,n William F. Sheehan anil i
i.ituvy Nicoll joined them toward tho end
of tho conference Judge rnriter nim-
nolf declined to talK. .skou u ne r
Mill n candidate for temporary chair
man, he said that it was a matter ho
eotildn't discuss.
Interest in the Bryan-Parker fight
Brew rapi.Hv ns Now York lenders enmo
in inwn dOlin ! .-June an.. ....
ll.lmmit. Sunremo Court Justice James
V. Gerard nnd Samuel Pntermyer were to see in tho Democratic platform,
nmong the Now Yorkers who were singled 1 According to the plank protection is a
out by the crowd. They hae avoided fraud, having increased tho cost of living
the annoyance's of crowded hotels by nmi fuiloel to increase wages of working
hiring a hou'o at T Chase street , next ,,.,), having fostered trusts, corrupted
door to the Hotel flelvodoic. That is , the Government nnd tho mnuan-emont
a convenience thul other jsow .oris men
have taken advantage. 01. .-imc or
ator Franklin D. Roosevelt nnd n party
of friends have a big house within easy
reach of tho centres of interest
There was a steady procession of call
ers all tlav nt Mr Murphy's headquarters,
but the leader wos absent tintil evening.
Politicians large nnd small who an intent
on knowing what candidate will get the
block of ninety delegates that Mr. Murphy
controls flocked to room No, 503, Along
with these were the inflators of M) vera I
Vice-Presidential booms, Including vuu
inm C Retinoid V and Mayor Preston's.
Mr Murphy dropped politics for tho
most of the day He went to church this
morning This afternoon, with Senator
O'Gorman. J. Sergeant Cram. Thomas
F. Smith. Philip J Donohun nnd Iwis
Nixon, he went out to tho Kennel Club
to plav golf. Mr. Murphy and Mr. Cram
tuckled Smith and Donohuo In n foursomo
and beat them handily. Then Smith and
nnnnlmn bad to go back to town so Mr.
LnIxoii und Senator O'Gorman tackled
S. . . ... ' . U!..,...1i. nlnnhnlA
Murpny ana tram iur . e'e-uinj
contest. They lost Finally Mr. Murphy
and Mr. Cram tncklod euch other and
Murphy won easily
Arriving back nt tho Belvedero in a
taxi, .Mr. .Murphy said to the starter:
"Churge this to C F Murphy.' Tho
chauffeur looked nt the starter, who enmo
to the curb, and said gruffly:
".Nothing doing in this charging busi
ness. Wo'vo cut that out." .Mr. Cram
put n word ui the starter's ear which
endeel tho discuision.
Preparations wore mndn to-day for a
rousing reooplton to tho Tammany brave
when they arrive to-morrow. All of tho
taxis and e-arriagei mailable luivc been
hired for the parade from tho Union
Station to Hie Hotel Kmerson, Resides
the trainloads of Tamminy motors there
will be a special train crowded with
Gaynor shouters. The headquarter of
the Gnynor League in tho Kmerson and
tho house that (Vwtor hired In Cathedral
street are ready for the first big demon
atrntion for Gaynor to-day.
r'rnm u- Vnrli. June 23. 24. 16. 26. 27 1'fnnsl 1
vanl lUtlrond. Account llcmocratle .National
Contention, liund to return until Jul)' 3. rasl
firrm trains from renntylvanla station.-Atr,
One Honor! Hail It Thai They Were
.rar in KUtlenffs.
lUi.TtMonf, Juno 2J. Shortly boforo
midnight n story wns circulating In tho
corridors of tho Uelvedere Hotel of nn
alleged row, amounting almost to fisti
cuffs, between William J. Hrynn nnd
I'nltcd States Senator-elect James K.
Vnrdaman of Mississippi. When Mr.
Hryan's attention wbb culled to tho mat
ter ho fronted It lightly nnd Inquired
what could have given rise to such a
story. Me explained that Mr. Vardn
mnn had called upon him and that they
had had 11 very pleasant talk nnd thnt
Mr. Vnrdamnn bad talked with Mrs.
Hrynn for half nn hour or more.
It was learned from nnother source
thnt earlier In the evening Vnrdamnn
had explained to some of his friends
thnt ho Intended to call on Mr. Urynn,
presuming on their long friendship, nnd
make a personal appeal to him to drop
his fight on Judge Parker for tempor
nry chairman In the Interest of har
mony. It appears that Mr. Vardaman
mndo his appeal to Mr. Hryan. but that
ho was received so coldly thnt he felt
n sense of personal Injury nnd picked
up his hat and started to leave the
Mr. Bryan followed him nnd asked
him to return and the matter wob
patched up and Mr. Vardaman re
malned quite n while In Mr. Bryan's
room talking with Mr. nnd Mrs. Hryan.
This seems to have been the only
foundation for the story.
John It. Una Passoa Think Demo
crats ahnald Adopt One
John R. Dos Paasos, the lawyer, has sent
to the elelegatea to tho Baltimore con
vention an open letter suggesting that
this resolution lie passed:
Itccotmtztng that tho delays, expenses
and uncertainties In the administration of
thn law bring the) Judiciary and bar into
criticism nnd result In unjust discrimination
air.ilnst the poor, we pledge the Democratic
party to advocate such proper measures
as will insure radical reforms In the present
legal system.
As an alternative Mr Dos Passos sug
gestd this:
Hocogiil.ing that tho delays, expenses
and uncertainties In tho administration of
the law bring the Judiciary and bar into
criticism nnd result in unjust dlscrlmina
tion against the poor, we pledge, the Demo
cratic party to advocate, through a na-
tlonal commission, Biich proper measures
" will Insure radical reforms tn tho present
SI- rirt Pflcirui ra 1 la th. npncAnl rn .
and a "dlMrusslng feature of our national
a manifest error of policy and judgment."
Ho adds:
The people are groaning under this
wretched system, and It Is due to the abov
,. that h(y c,utrh M Hllcll inamden
i nnd superficial remedies as recall. Inltlatlv
and referendum to deliver them from tho
bunions of tho law. whon in fact only funda
mental reforms will avail.
Forwarded to Ilattlmnre for
rentlon's Consideration.
The tariff reform committee of tho Re
form Club, of this city, will send to the
le'adersof tho Baltimoroconventton to-dnv
n tariff plank which the club would like
0f business enterpriser, bred inefficiency
and waste in prexluction, restrained trade,
ini'rensed tho cost of production, limited
consumption and "enriched a lew nt tho
expense of tho many "
Tho plank says thnt the Republican
party is financed by protected interests.
It commltB tho Democrats to prompt
lowering of duties nnd says:
"Wo favor the atiolition of all tariffs
for iuiv mirnose except the rovenuo
necessary for tho conduct of the Govcrn-
me'nt economically administered."
Itrfiisrs to Discus llenorf nt Line
up With lloosetrlt.
I!ai.timore, .Md.. Juno 23. William It.
Hearst arrived hero at 10:30 o'clock
to-nlght. He was nccompnnled by Mrs.
Hearst nnd his secretary. They will
make their hcadquartero at tho Hotel
Mr. Hearst naked to bo excused when
nn nttempt was mndo to Interview him
on tho train In reference to u Chicago
report thut ho might lino up with Col.
Roosevelt In the formation of a new
Friends nf Mr. Hearst who talked
with him got the Impression, however,
that ho regarded It n silly. Mr.
llenrst's representative said ho would
not make nny statement until ho be
came familiar with tho situation hero
a h tn the nomination of Judge Parker
for temporary chairman.
State's fleleuntea Will Hold Canons
In llalllmnrr To-nlght.
Most nf the New York nnd up-Rtate
delegates to tho Baltimore convention
will leave this morning. For them
nntl their friends there are seven special
trains, the tlrst ono getting awuy nt
8 o'clock.
Lleut.-Oriv. Conway departed for
Hultlmnro Inst night. He said that the
Now York delegation had had no caucus
or Instructions nnd would not decide
upon n candidate for President until
to-night, when a caucus Is to be held
In Ualtlmora.
Murphy Mny Turn to Clark
to Kill Off Threat to
Chooso Brynn.
. 1.
Rank and File Demand Con
cessions But Without
Lewis Nixon Unable to Bring
Fighting Factions
Third Tarty Complicates Situa
tion Hnrd I'p for n Safe
Haltimohk. June 23. Just three hours
after William J. Bryan had been wel
comed to Baltimore with a great hurrah
to-day ho made it known that ho had
decidod to nccept the challenge! of the
conservatives on tho question of making
Alton B. Parker temporary chairman.
Mr. Bryan also left no doubt In the
minds of tho reporters whom ho received
for an Interview thnt ho would not refuso
another Presidential nomination.
Ono reporter asked bluntly: "Would
you accept the nomination?" He replied:
"Now, would you nsk n young lady tho
question whether she would accept a
proposal of marriage in case one came
to her?"
Again he replied: "Now you go get tho
nomination if you can and bring it to mo
and see what I do with it."
Sn Compromise 1 llrnn.
Mr. Bryan's expressed attitude townrd
the chairmanship in tuns thut ho will use
all of his power and political adroitness
to bring about tho defeat of Alton I..
Parker unless Charles F. Murphy nnd
those who are backing him in support of
Mr. Parker decide at tho last minute to
make concession.
Strong pressure is being brought to
bear to-night upon both Bryan and I'm
opnsing forces to find somo linrmoniou
solution of this situation. Bryan, how
over, deciineel absolutely to listen to nny
suggestion that proposes Parker as tin '
temporary presiding officer of the con
vention. Charcs F. .Murphy nnd other leaders
who are standing behind Parker seemed
Just ns determined to force his can
didacy, though the rank nnd tile hnvo
been making a tremendous demand for
Mum Fnlla.
Lewis Nixon, who hnd heen travel
ling nil evening between Hrynn nnd
Murphy In nn effort to patch up nn
ngreement, gave up the Job nt mid
night. It seems certain now thut, ns
ono leader put It, there will be n first
clnss fight n tight to tho finish be
tween the progressive nnd conserva
tive wings.
Mr. Nlson, the only man who con
ferred iilone with Hryan, found tho
Nobruskan determined not to reced
from his fight itcalnst Parker. Nixon
met with equal stubbornness from the
other side. Ho will try his hand agnln
to-morrow ns peiuvmnkor, hut with
out much hope of success. Tho lust
word from the Murpliy-I'arkor-Shco-han
conference to-nlght was that Judgo
Parker would not withdraw.
Tho light ener the temporary chair
manship has practically brought tho
booming of tho candidates to u stand
still nnd very littlo probably will be
done In the wuy of proselytising anion;
delegates nnd making trades nntl dealt
until somo light Is shod on this ques
tion. Tho Wondrow Wilson people by tylns
themselves to Mr. Hrynn have staked
the Governor's political prospectn on
tho outcome of the chairmanship tight If
It Is carried before tho convention.
Ono fact has, however, como to tho
surface. That Is that Champ Clark's
chnnces for tho nomination depend
chiefly upon tho seriousness of the
Hryan menace. If Bryan's nomination
seems nt nil likely Mr. Murphy will,
it Is believed, throw Now York' delc
gntcs to Clnrlt In order to bring about
tho cnmmonor'H overthrow. Murphy
will undoubtedly hnvo the assistance of
Thomns Tnggnrt und other leaders In
such n movement.
Charles Y. Murphy and other loaders
who nro standing behind Parker out
wardly seemed just ns determined to
forco his cnndldai'y. but there were indl
e'litions thnt they might Imi obliged to
yield to tho tremendous demand for
harmony from the rank and fllo of thti
If there was nny douht thnt Bryan
had designs upon n feiurth nomination it
was dissipated soon after his arrival.
By his evasive answers to questions on
thin fubject Mr. Bryan showed plainly

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