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that he. did not propose (o commit himself
i n uny w iiy t hut in Ight prov p cmbarrnssln g
within the ncxl few day.'. Hp went
further Hi answers plainly conveyed
the intlin.it ion thai ho would tin only too
..ltd to accept the nomination If It camp,
hi way I
.loin Wllinn for Control.
I'tom thp moment of Bryan's ariival
It became apparent that hp ha? joinod
hand J firmly with Woodrow Wilson fori
control of the' national convention. The
Wilson peoplo not only began an active
campaign against Judge Parker, ac
cusing him ut Mug Wall Sheet's repre
sentative, tint made a new move on the
political checkerboard for the purpose I
of fui f hr embarrassing Speaker Champ i
lUrk !
Tho Wilson nn-n made overtutes to the j
ri.uk nmnagets to unite in the stippott
"I ispnateir.elcet ()ie Jumps of Kentucky
lor temporaiy chairman In opposition'
I o Judge Parker. Ollle -lames was Clark '
ivwididaie for the place earlier in the M rug-1
sl and the Hark men on tho committee I
'f arrangements voted solidly for him
when lh'' choice of Parker was made.
'the same of the Wilson people is per
iodic clear. 'Vliey and limnv other Demo
ruin m liallimore li"lii'vo that t lark
i Iniug I o carry water on both shoulders,
Irving to pleas" Charles I' Murphv by
bringing tdj"ilt th" el"ction ol Judge
I'niker mid lo preserve th" gom! will
ami -itppoit f lh muni It lends of Will.
Mm .1 Hryt'n who ar" numbered unions
l kirk HlR.t Speaker ('In-!; his
aiopi"'i dit roiir-" h an" lie feels
that I annul be nnminuted without the
support of New York's ninety dlcgnte
atal help liom other so-called rottservM
live State
in MiioU,- lliil I tnrk.
Mi lit ,Min has Ixvii l.o"itly nine to tie
Cliv' ilial ih"('latk 'n.-.tHifisar" pl.'.vinp
mid hi. iiie.iir" in tin' c,-iudidal" callinp
t roi n slio'sdown on the 1'arker tU".tkn
was t!"sigued to smoke t li" Sfo-aker out .
Ntj llk'llC COli:" til" WoodrOW Wilson I
miiuap . with it imposition which if Vlie Ari.ona delegates, nominally for
m iopid will nail S.ikr t'lark inoi Clark, ate said to l" reaily to staniied
soeun h -till to tho conservative side or "M"- I'ryan. Koni" of llov. Wilson's
.. .. .. .... ..... , . . . followers were not particularly pleaded
.1,. l.'e,.M,..acv. I lv il-on ,,pl ,U(h tn Hllg8Uinl 0 n ticU.t tf, i. ,de
pieletidin.3 to-night that the nnti-Hryan I u, of Hrj-,,,, and Wilson. They declared
foris.s in tho National Committee will that Oov. Wilson would not accept second
not carrv ll" (lav to-motiow lor Judge place on tho ticket with Hrynn. that ho
IMrke, ui.h-s-Champ Claik insists txn was relying on the KkI fait h of h-yan'.
,. . , .... . ,, ... I. declaration that he was not a candidate,
iiminlaniuiK a third candidate m th..'f.e.l. nm, f,m, it).t.luc.i, w w'ilson represent.Kl
Wt.li both Clark ami Wilson presenting everything that Hrynn stands for, includ
camlubitc!" for the temporarv cliairman- itig tint temporan- chairmiuiship issue,
ship, the radical vote on th Nalional there was no call" for Hrynn to Is-couie
Commute,, will be divided and Judge , a candidate to i meet a demand In the
Parker's supporters will surPly triumph. rrty. t.iepiiuon Mr
W il-on men were pretending that it 1 Senator O'Oornian hr a running mate
was tli plan of the I lark people to bring to any other who has been mentioned,
aliout I'arker's selection by th full ,-y Turn Ohio lo nrnn.
Vwional Committee in this way. and the Thpr(, , aU(J mMkP(i moVementlin
'AiInui men announced that they wero favor of j5rj.aM th,. Ohio delegation,
willing to join witli the Clark boomers in ''Id,, nuckeye State hus forty-six votes, of
support r any progressive cauuttlate,
uu hiding Mil" James.
bate lo night no headway had been
made bitwceit the Wilson and the Clark
men, and tlm prospect seemed to be that
th"V would be unable lo cooperate in the
matter ol a candidate at to-morrow's
iiieelniK of th" National Committee.
Tic llryuti forces were claiming
that Hi1".- would control the National
( oinnti'lee if their strength was not
divided, by from two to four vott.
fnrUrr Will 'Win, ns .Hack.
t liairiunn Norman K Mack of th".
NHtional ( omtnittee and the other men
ho united in th" support of Jud;;e Parker
siuil-d at th"" claims and said tho Na
tional Committee at its meeting to-mor-
tow would vot-.. to indor-e the. selection
of Judge P,irk"r
The general iniprcs-ion
in llaltim.irc.
however, is that the division in the com
mittee will U- mtv close and that Parker's
selection is l.y mo means .1 1 ertamty.
h-w-ial lieinociuts. travelled bade and
forth i -day .ctween th" opposing camps
111 an c3.it 1 to bring abo.it a compromise,
l-wts ' noli ha-' ,1 1'itig alk with 1 linrl"s
I' Murphy and then held a conference
with biyaii. He suggested the names or
Senator I'Cioi man ,aml Herman Ihdder
at. ni"ii vhii would make satisfactory
pirsidmc oftii ei s
Itoih mn were ne?"ptalh. t'i B'yan.
but lh" stumbling block in all efforts at a
compromise was the fact th.it il could be
accomplished only through the with
drawn! of Judge Parker from the Ugh'.
That 111 tin- opinion of conservative
Democrat-, would amount to a complete
surrender to Itryan, even if Judge Parker
acted solelv from a de-ire to bring har
mony itito the situation.
There were we founded reports tliat
Judge Parker lumu'lf had told ( hai-man
Mack li would like to withdraw, but his
backers, including ( harles I' Murphy,
insisted that lie owed tt lo the onserva
tives o' the parly to stand .0 the end
Illsilrnses I he limit- unit I'llr.
Their is no denying the fad thai the
rsrlt ati'l file of the Democrats arc op
I'oscd to this rumpus that has uue
iwriffllv hren Matted They had looked
forwaid to a harmonious gathering
which should contrast strongly with the
Kilkenny performance In Chlcag'
would greatly add to the ptcstlge of
the jntty.
Instead, thr find themsehes ion
fronted with the threat of n row which
s likely to bring about n sharp align
iikiu between the radicals and con
spiiMtlvrs in the patty and leave hard
feeling. If it docs not actually lesult
Ill a U.ingcrous rnivai 01 l.r)..I1.1 000m.
The t :1,11k people were frightened to-
day at the rumblings heard among their
dPlmtto.s. on account of the Speaker s
-wuig to w. id the conservnthes. Clark
managers received wind from many
Hryan men among Clark's delegates
tint they would decline to nte for
I'arl.ci It. i the uncertainty over the
i- inihrr of dcle?ati.t that Clark could
oi liver to Parkd- that has niacin the
t.iatton o uncertain and that lias
"iuii Brj.in hi? piesent opportunity.
J'hltil 1'nrly ( omiillrulloin,
The app'itianci)
of tin
third pnrtv lit the field has added to 1 .. , ,p,nor(lrv chairmanship
1I11 loiiftrdon In the Di morratlc camp. Th'is would lead logically to James follow
'I he geiieral opinion expressed by . Brvsn on every other issue before the con-
Democratic lenders to-day was that the
naming of a third ticket lncteased the
humeri ot n iirogtessive or radical
vim; tunned In the Di mncrutlc con-
TIkmc Democratic leaders at gucd that
nil the Democrats need to win Is to
hold their full Miength nnd let the He.
imblic.iris wrangle among themselves.
Thi y could do this only thtoiMh nom-
.iwiniK a itioKicrHHP. mil When tilf
THnieeiai conic to figure out what rud-
ak an- a nilithle they end with Wood-
tow Wilson and Mr IStyau, with Mayor
f'.n. s, ! t. 1 .... -isjs ii-i.. !,,.-- '
-h hurr
Inrk lni,n nun,
r,,.i r s 1 ....
,i uLI i,.r,'..i'7',cl''rK flying
to.day Jhn-tc would have approximately
Messrs. ANDREW
have been appointed
Purveyorsof Whisky
to his Majesty
King George V
J0!:" '.I1.'; 'fcutSL?,?
ballot, '
l'ndotibtcdly tho Speaker ln 11 fine!
ktmwini? on n.mer Just how eonipnel und
I stable his following Is will not be demon '
(Crated illilll alter Mr. Bryan' influence'
in shown and the matter of the temporary
chairmanship Is sell led. Many of K.tker
('lurks instructed delegates are nry.in
men frotn choiie. 'I his la Irue of many
of lh" Western delegates.
'Die Nevada delegation, which arrived
from Chicago to-day. whs very much
improved with the f.ivorabl" way in
which Mr Brvan was received at the
Chicago convention, and although in
IllC.lgO .nilVMIIlll, illlU MIIIIIMJKll III-
Uruclcd for Clark, the-" delegates are
saying tiiiinv favorable thing- ol .'li'
Bryan's availability as a rindid.tto.
'ile-i" is also Hrynn sentinn-n in the
Indiana d!"giitioti llrprcseutnliv l'ilie
l.iv II (bay of Indiana, who m lived hei-lo'-dtv,
(In'l.niil tliat (iov. Mnmhall
should have lined up I eliiml Kiynu m
the matter of the temporary rliatimati
sliip. Iteiieentallve !ray, v. ho is a
progressive OemtHTat. insisted that th"
Indian i Denmerali ar ready to tollotv
llryanV k'lidei-shin. Suiiw of Hie I'entisyl
vfihi.i doleK.it".-. Ittstiiictcd for (ov
Wilson, ate talkinc for llrt'ini. On
delegatx ,i' laru" from lVtinsylvanla
preilicted to-day thot the national ticket
would be eitliei biyaii and Wilson or
,.,.,.,. .....I , CJlnrmn'li
which nineteen are ooposed to dov
Harmon and normallv for Wilson. Under
the ruling of the National Committee mid
usage of the party the nineteen minority
votes will l voted for Harmon.
Harvev C. Onrher. retired member of
the National Committee from Ohio, ad
mitted to-day that he saw little prosneet
for securing'tho nineteen ote for Wil
son. At heart Uarber is a Bryan man. H
makes no concealment of the expecta
tion tliat li" will be able to delher th"
nineteen votes to Hryan at some time in
1 the earlv balloting and that he will proba
ble be"able to bring over a snfllclen
number of votes from the Harmon column
to give H.-yan a majority or Ui (telega
' r . .1. I I 1... .1... -ll,....
UOli irtllll VJIIO IWIU U i:.rinntS uiwr.,....-
turn and applying the unit rule, to vote
fortv-si votes from Ohio for Hryan I
Tin was one of the most interesting I
ilnv i.li.timeiirs in the Ohio deleirution to
iday Itealulng tliat a situation niight
arise whereltv th unit rule couki oe
invoked to their advantage, which is
now being used to their disadvantage, the
ninet eendelegntcs represent ins the minor
itv of the Ohio delegation diseu-ed the
expediency of making nothing more than
a nomitiHi resistance to the application
to the unit rule, voting for Watson or
Hrvan on the call of th roll by way of
protest and then Inter on turning the
unit rule to their own account.
Mr Hrvan has a number or warm friends
in the Ohio delegation who are now com
mittisl to Harmon, 'these men admit that
tli- stntimetit of their di-tricis i fnvor
ahle to Hrynn. hut t hoy feel justified in
supporting (Iov Harmon at; a matter ol
home interest and State pride
Among the delegates at kirce Congress
man J II (ioeke is said to be a Iriend
or Mr Bryan, while in ttie list 01 (iismci
delegates Congressman Denver is another
while in the list 01 district 1
lit van man. It would leuuire a cnange of
oulv live votes in the Ohio delegation to
gi'e the anti-Harmon men a majority
and enable them to apply the urn' r !
and deliver forty-six votes according to
their own sweet will.
While it is seriously doubted whether
Wil-on ran rtsvrllit six delegates from the
Harmon rank's some hope, is held out. by
the anti-Harmon men in the delegation
that Mr. Hrvan could accomplish the
Tarn lo llrjnn i:rl.
'1 here is a plan under way to start
voting for Mr Bryan very early in the
balloting Connecticut, which comes
verv early n the roll call, tt expected to
turiii-.li I he first Bryan vote, and following
the suggestion of Bryan's name, othei
States are expected to lull into line. Some
votes may bo cast for him on tho first
One of the interesting and gratifying
'developments from the Wilson view-
.w.int tn-Auv wns 111., ivfirrl lisnocht In
Baltimore by ex-Senator Pureed of North
Dakota that the Delegates from North
Dakota are at the disposal of Wilson
whenever he desires them. Th"y ate in
structed for (iov Burke, having been
chosen at a popular primary (low
Burke will be in Baltimore to-morrow
Ills namo may not go before the con
vention. Kx-Senator Puree'!, who is
one of !the delegutes and an ardent sup
.... .t tl'll. ,.n lU n'il.nn'a ......... t...,
j -- . , ,.." ,nM Wil.nn'- .n.-mne-.r
;o.d(lV ,Uat Nortl) Oakota's candidate
for President was ready to release his
delegates when they could tm most userul
to Wilson
llrrun Threat In Kenlaekr.
Kx-fJov MrOearv of Kentucky, an
enthusiastic ( hamp Clark boomer, ar
rived to-day nttd gave a decided impetus
to the ( lark boom This was comforting
I to tlm f lark melt, who havo been n little
1 doubtful about Kentucky since Bryan
1 started his row over the temporary chair
1 manshift.
1'epresentative Ollie Jnmes is a devoted
fV.llrtu't.r if Itrrnn I luce the isHllo iu
made on tho chairmanship, James may be
In th" recent Stute convention in Ken
tuclty McCreary nnd his friends prevailed
over'.lames, I'rey Woodson and tlm James
faction generally und' defeated James
1 for the temporary chairmanship of tin.
State cotietil Ion Speaker Clark's friend
were saving to-day that if James do-
iserted their ranks his defection would
I be more than oflset by the support of
I (Iov McCreary
Mayor Oaynor's managers are looking
forward lo the arrival to-morrow from
i v.,.b nt .,.ml.,. ,.r il. ii..mnri!r
Association, when they expect to begin
. active proceedings in the Mayor' s favor
(inv "'ildwin's boom Is not yet in evl
ihe Mursnuii boom opened head-
quarters to-dor in tho Belvedeie, Anout
I l(l(l enthusiastic Hoosier Democrats nro
busy pointing out the merits of Gov.
I Marshall as a candidate.
Dodges When the Nomination ,
for Presidency is
I lie Speaks Bitterly ol'tlie .Men
j Who Chose Parker
to Preside.
Hit. Til NONAS CM K Kit
Two TlioilMiliil Shunters
Mini WIiimi Ho Arrive
;i( Nultiinnrc.
lUi.n.Moia;, Juno 23. William J Hrynn
submitted to a rapid tire or (picslions.
from n bat fry of nwsnper men lo-i
liiclit 'three times lie was asked if hej
would ai cept the noniiliation for l'rei-.
(lent; caeli thii" he lurried
l'n one Inipti.dtor he rrpli-d with the
question: "Now would you a-k n yoiinir,
lady the iil'.siion wli.llio' she would
ncepi a propo,il of marriage lit case
one came to herV
Again he replied "Now you go get
the nomination ll you can and bring it
to me and see what I do witii it."
Mr ISryan avowed iiim-ell th" "Original
Harmoni.r " Tnnl is an unfortunate
word, Harmon," suggested one.
"The 'ler saves it," was the reply. I
Kxplaining what he meant by the claim
to being tlie original harmotiizer, Mr. j
Hry.in explained that he wrote to the sub
committee of tho Democratic National j
Committee suggesting that they consult ,
the two leading candidate and try to
agree on a progressive for temporary j
chairman to sound a keynote. 1
"What two candidates did you mean,
Clark and Wilson?" !
"It ought not to be necessary to explain 1
who the two leading candidates are.
replied Mr. Hryan with a show of im-
rvt1 ienco.
"It was offered to you and you refused
"Yes. I wrote to Mr. Mack when my
nam was mentioned saying that I did not 1
desire it.
Ijiter Mr. Hryan said that no person .
witii authority had offered him the torn-
porary chairmanship.
"The leaders say Hint you were offered
the p'rmnnent cliainnan-hip?"
"Yes," replied Mr Hrynn slowly, "but
tho sub-committee doesn't appoint the
permanent chairman the men who of
fered me the lennnnent chairmanship
might find it as difficult to deliver that us
they will find to deliver the temporary
chairmanship to another getul"mnn
Another Offer I Iterallrd.
"They say they offered to give you any-
. !M- jnniMI nnnl..-
.--..- .."t...-
"Yes, on one occasion a certain good
man was offeied tho whole world if he
would do cert-tin things."
Hryan talked bitterly of the eight
in the sub-committee who. he de-
dared, had tried to "override the wishes :
of th" other eight "
"It is suggested. Mr Bryan that Judg"
Pnrker mad" speeches for you when you .
were a candidate?"
"That is true, and I made speeches for
Judgo Pnrker when he wns a candidate,"
replied the Commoner with a smile
"The reason given for selecting him
is that he was a former candiditc for
President and you had declined it?"
"When .lutlg" Parker wns nominated
for President I had been twice the norai
neo of my party, but it never occurred to
Judgo Parker's friends to select me us
1 telnr)0rarv chairman of their convention "
' . ...... . .,.,
Mr Bryan declared that tho whole
explanation lay in the fact that eight
members of the sub-committee noting
for two men had selected Judge P-irker,
"and 'ho two men really means one man,"
he added
"Will you name the two men?" he was
"No, I prefer to leave something to
i ittiirifTiaW . BSSSStKUMmmiU t '- u
MVrTHaB aMtafnlDEVnllSfituXII , '. a . Ke. ,
" JHaaMA'aM'HIHH aK&fcl MSAL' ' I'sl
' BLll jjBr tKftim
J'honi t) I iiilcrMonil I tnlci u 00. 1
Standinp. Left to Right Oil, Thnmus H. Birch, Samtic! Iredell, Senator O. M. La Monte
Seated. Left to Highl V. L. Dill, lidward li. Grosscup, chairman of the ficjaocxatic .itaic Caauiuttec of New- Jersey; V. K.
Dcvcrcux, Secretary of the Committee, and Judge Daniel A. Dugt.
v- 'VRRRRRr aR
your imagination. It ought not to bo hard
to name 111010
"What is to ho your attitude on the
unit rule?"
"I prefer not to outline my plans "
"Mr Hrvan. cm vnu conceive of cir-I
cumstances under which you would refuse
to support tlm Democratic candidate
of the convention?"
"I cannot conceive of any circumstance
under which any intelligent person would
ask that question."
Illrrerrtice lii
llc.n.l Itollrra.
"Do you think tho same road roller!.
at work in Chicago will operate at this,n;". hWU !'"" lowing and smiling and
"That road roller wns a smaller affair.
antique pattern "
"Do you think the same forces will
prevail here as ther?"
"I don't think the Wall Street influence:'" t,mt "xUvr c'o"" Chicago you
I will be as marked here as it was there. "
Mr. Hryan declared that any progres
sive would be satisfactory
"Our temporary chairman, either Sena
tor James . O'tlnrman of Ne.v York.
Senator John W. Kern of Indiana. Senator-elect
Ollin James of Kentucky or
Representative Holtert I,. Henry of Tejas
would lie agreeable "
"Who is your candidate for the posi
tion, Mr. Bryan, or would you accept it
yourself?" '
"I am not asking anything for myself
or for nny one ".
"When it is said that the objection to
Judge Parker hat. precipitated n light, I
reply thnt a fight is needed to savw the
party rrotu disgrace, and when I say
disgrace. 1 mean tliat to start a progres-
sive convention with a reactionary sj-m-cIi 1
would l an offence to the party."
"Iki you exfect there will le n split
in th" IH-mocratic party?
"I have no information on that sub
ject "
"Would Mr. Hoosevelt support a pro
gressive Democratic platform and candi
date'" "Thank you for the compliment, sir,
coin eyed in the 1 li.f that I had th"
nlormution to answer thnt question."
William J Biyan certainly woke
up the town when he arrived to
day Troni Chicago. Doings had Is-en
dull, downright dull, before tho Ne-bra-kiin
hopp'd from his train squat"
into th" midst of '.'.(hwi uproaiioiM
convent loners gathered at the Union
Station. Hut there a rapid, noisy
change The out and out llryanites, rc-
enforced by Wilson men, Clark partisan-
and delegates siippo-ed to b- favorable
to this one and that one, found the welk
in that somebody had hidden and gnve it
one ring after another. It was still
ringing to-night long aftor Mr. Bryan
had gone to lied.
His coining was as spectacular as any
friend of th pople could wish. I Respite
all 111" talk that has tteeu floating around
about th" right time to "put Hryan where
he belongs." which th" talkers figured out
to Is- the immediate present, most of
th" delegates on the ground, the camp
followers and a considerable share of
the tioptilation of Haltimoro threw their
, ch-ers into the genetal hurrah.
w'"' -Mr. Hrynn tickled? Well if you
hand waving from his automobile on
th" way to the Hotel Hlvedere or had
caught th" light in his eye when the
shouters yelled to him that they couldn't
steam roller him th" way the hunch did
would have figured that he surely waB
Then: was a rush of course to get his
opinions, to llnd out what he thought of
the situation, how lieregurded Mesrs.
Mmphy, Sullivan. Taggart and other
State I tosses who have given out that
th" intend to strike him out in the first
inning, whether h" was going to make
a icgular man's size row in the convention
anil finally whether he meant to bo a
candidate himself for the nomination.
Hut Col. Bryan had made up his mind not
to talk. He answered all qiMfftions
cnnnily. Affable as always, ho declined,
however, to say precisely what course
he intended to follow. Such definite
replies as he made indicnted thnt he
intends to keep up his tight against Judge
Parker for teniorary chairman, not from
personal dislike for or distrust of Parker
Iml IsTause tli" Judge represents a con
servatism thr.l shouldn't l" tho keynote
or the convention, in his opinion.
II It nl Uiiiiit on llnnd.
Mr Bryan's train was due at the Union
Station at :i".'u P M , and his friends had
prepansl long before that to turn on the
noise. At - P. M squad of Clark men,
distinguished by their rd badges or their
lioun' dawg badges, or Wilson men wear
ing straw huts banded with "Win with
Wilson" ribbons, were on the march from
the two hotels, where thu life or the con
vention preliminaries had been so far.
It was particularly noticeable that the
Clnrk and Wilson followers were in the
forefront of the Bryan reception com
mittee. They did mo-t or tho cheering
in the long wait ror the train nnd they
were the ones who pullhnuled folks who
I had got bored or tired and wanted to
I ureal: nwny.
"Stick around " they calWl out, "and
whoop it up for tho biggest man In tho
Mlclmcl l'rancls Doyloof Philadelphia,
who is acting as Mr. Bryan' Hecretiry
here, had charge of tho reception ar
rangements, wlfhhim at tlicstation were
Hvcmon W. Jennings of Philadelphia,
a Wilson delegate but a particular friend
of Hrvan: P. 1j. Hall, the National Com
mitteeman from Nebraska, who Is a Clark
man; Roland S. Morris of Philadelphia,
a delegate instructed for Wilson, and Gen.
Felix Agnus, editor of the Baltimore
Aim rican. At 3:20 P. M. it was given out
that the train wan an hour late. That
information didn't discourage the Hryan
rooters, nor did the showers that came
luter. ''They took the wetting heroi
cally. When tho hour wns up tho train
caller had pome more bad news, but still
tho crowd stuck, and when the train
finally slid in at 5:43 P. M. there were
easily 2,000 crowded insido tho station
and blocked along tho front.
When Mr. Hryan stepped into the sun
light there was a big yell waiting for
him. He raised his hat and the sweat
drops gleamed on his bald head. He
assisted Mre. Bryan and their son-in-lnw
and daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Hargreavcs.
into an automobile that Mr. Halt had
provided, swung his hat once or twice,
flashed a whole kinctoscope of Bryan
smiles nnd was away In a flash to tho
Belvedere. The original yell died out,
but' the machine rollpd through a lane
of hurrahs, for the sidewalks along Charles
street were crowded. Mr, Hryan raised
the big soft gray hat timo after time,
but he shook his head when they asked
him to make a speech just ono little
speech .
.Men Another CherrlnK Thrnnv.
It was a short run to the Belvedere,
half n do.en blocks, and Mr. Hryan was
spun in the grip of another howling
crowd before he had timetoget his breath.
This timo delegates from Mississippi.
Kentucky. Tennessee. Indiana and Illi
nois joined in tho salute. For the time
being the Belvedero had omptled Itself
onto the sidewalk. A squad of police
strove until they had cut out a lane for
the Brvan party, but the crowd broke
througli ana scattered the few policemen
in their efforts to gpf close enough to
shake hands. Mr. Bryan wa turned and
twisted into the hotel lobby, spinning and
revolving and gasping nut glad greetings
for old friends. It was "Hollo, Bill,"
"Hello. Tom," "Am I glad to bo hero?
You know f am." The lobby roared
steadily. Individual shouts broke through
the racket occasionally as tho rooters
got really worked up.
One Western delegate sang out: "Look
out for Armageddon, Hill!" but his whoop
was drowned in the steady pound of
"Hryan!" "Bryan!" "Bryan!" There wero
shouts that seemed to find the place where
Mr Hryan keeps his laughter machinery.
"Sling your hat. in the ring, Billy!"
came from a bunch of Clark men. A
Wilson delegate who stood on a chair
shouted, "You'll beat 'em in to f!" And
from half a dozen at once came a veil.
"Thov won't do to you what they djd to
Won't Talk A boat Parker,
As rapidly as possible Mr. and Mrs.
Bryan made tholr way to the elevator
and were lifted to tho ninth floor,
where the Nebraska delegates hung
out and where rooms had Iteeu engaged
for the Bryan party Fifty reporters
squeezed into the reception room some
how and levelled their quest ious. Bight
off the reel they put this one:
"Are you going to keep up your fight
against Judge Parker for temporary
"Now boys," said Mr. Bryan, "1 will not
answer that question. I" have nothing
more to say on that,"
"Why did you oppose Judge Parker?
For jiersonal reasons.'"
"Not a bit of It I have nothing personal
against Mr. Parker. I simply made up
my mind that conservatism should not
le tho keynote or this convention."
"The story is that several leaders have
combined to down you ut tho start. Will
you give them a fight?"
Mr. Bryan hesitated a moment, smiled
largely, and then said: "You'll have to
excuse me 011 that '
He was asked if he intended to stick by
the letter to National Committeeman I,. ( .
Hall oi Nebraska, in which, as has been
reported, ho told Mr. Hall that he would
not be a candidate for President under
anv circumstances
"If you have that letter," he replied,
"you don't need to ask mo about it. An
authentic document speaks for itself."
Ho added presently that he intends to
start in reporting the proceedings of tho
Baltimore convention ns he did at Chicago,
but that he will quit being a reporter if lie
finds that there isn't time for tho work.
(Sen Felix Agnus has offered Mr. Brvan
a suite in the Americun building to use as
a headquarters while tho coonventin is on.
Mr Bryan expects to take advantage or
the offer and to write his newspaper
nieces and to hold oolitical conferences in
the suite. HeJias accepted no invitations
to maue speeches here, he said.
Plan to Qaench Georgian's Eruption
With I'lre KstlnKnlsbrr.
Baltimore, June 23. Tlie Georgia
Democrats get nen'ous every time they
contemplate the near approach to Haiti
more of Tom Watson, who is to bo a factor
in the convention as a delegate
Wutson has bpen mad at Bryan ever
since 1800, when Bryan preferred Arthur
Sewall, the regular Democratic nominee
for Vice-President, to Watson, who got
the nomination for Vice-President from
the Populist convention.
As soon as Watson learned that Bryan
was opposing Oscar Underwood Watson
espoused Underwood's cause and led the
fight tor him ih Georgia and was elected
as a delegate. Ho says that he is coininu
to Baltimore ns a counter irritant to
Bryan. Recently Watson has had some
trouble with the postal authorities over
literature he has sent throuch the mails
attacking the Catholic Church and some
of the clergy by name, the matter being
declared bv the postal authorities to be
obscene. Cardinal Gibbons has been the
special object of Watson's wrath and
denunciation and the Cardinal has con
sented to deliver tho invocation at the
opening, of the Baltimore convention.
It is tlie plan to havo a fire extinguisher
ready in case Watson shows signs of an
Urooklynltra to He on Hand This
Afternoon to Mttnve It Alone.
BAivrrwoiu:, June 23.-A few members
of the Kings county delegation are be
ginning to trickle into town to-night, but
the main phalanx will not arrive until
to-morrow afternoon, when their special
train will reach here loaded with a cargo
variously estimated at from 300 to 400
shouters. Congressman ltaifield, who
left here last night to attend to some
Washington business, will bo on hand
when the Brnoklynites get in.
I.ader John McCooey. who is now
about the Hotel Kmerson during wakeful
Hours, nnd Mr. lieqiieiu wilt meet the
delegation and lead it to the King's county
quarters at tho NoXv Howard Hotel.
The Itedtleld boom for Ihe Vice-Presidency
is sitting up and taking active notice,
especially when one wndes into any group
hailing from the rubber plant belt.
Concerning whioh 1residential candi
date the Brooklyn Congressman would
prefer lo bo harnessed up with the nil
mirers of Mr. Kedfield during his absence
from Baltimore to-dny restricted their
opinions to generalities.
On Hrnoklynitn generalized to the
extent of saying that "Congressman
Kedfield admires all the Presidential
Is tlif Kcprcscntiitivi'
tif Willi Street.
Declare Tlint His Selection
Cliaii'iinin Lessens 1)ciiii
cratie Chanco.
tlAl.TIMOr.K, June 2:i. Ihe Wood',,-
Wilson people have started nn hi 1
campaign against Alton B, Parker
Several statements were hatid.sl nut
to-night by Wilson National Cotiimiti
men und supporters charging that JiiJi;,.
Parker is Wall Street's candidate for lh..
temorary chairmanship.
Joseph II. Davie., Democratic Nntion.il
Committeeman for Wisconsin, made tin.
It looks as though Watl Slirct had mokM
to Baltimore bag nnd hagicnrp llm t
nionts are In town, and nensiMtier mm jts
scuirylng nhout Irving' to run dov n th
rumor that rhoniu I llyan U siiirsictr.
at tho house of n business Irinnd in lli"i h
The same ton e t lint wrecked tlie twit 't
chance of ctory in the 1,11 eiiiiiiMlen j,n
determined to drag ll lo anotlier ami nmri
Inexcusable defeat
A big pilnclple that noles plslti tijrhi
nnd wrong as well as party etcdlner I.
st stake, and no foollfh talk nf hsrniniji
which means mere mticpssion Irtwrnnc,
should deter th progressives of the Dctji.i.
crnilc parly front waging nsetes-iM.
fare for progressive men and pregre.'c
Congressman nurlcson of Texas, dun.
man of the Democratic Hous-w cjiicim.
With th Itepuhlicati nnvrnttnn t
Chicago selecting 11 lijnn ntlomey fur Its
temporary chairman all th" lpiiin-r,nie
pnrty needs to do to insure tlm niminc ef
tho middle West to th" thm.otclt nliunn
Is Ihe selection of another I'.yan nttotnpv
us temiKir.iry chairman for the ISaltlmor.
convention. It Is useless to quihhlc over the tni linienll
tles nnd interpretations of terms. It mattm
not whether one claims that Judge I'nrki r
Is a reactionary, a coiifcrvntlvc, or a .re
srresslve. He Is tiaeketl by tho enemies nt
real Democracy the Insidious und Minister
foes who strike at the Hetiioiralie .&rtv
from within. That Is ull we need tit Mn
to oppose Judge Parker's selection tn tho
temporary chnlrmnnship of tk" eimveiiilun.
llig business ns represented by litnn i.ml
the little groUft of politieiuns who iir il'.ttu
nntcd by him shall not destroy in I hi- In r
of opportunity nil chunce of Itenun rsiiu
Senator Chamberlain of Oreiron had
this to say:
The information I have 1 that the -a .
gpstion was made to the committee' m
arrangements that the tio-slhl" rittnllil tet
for President he Invited by the loti'ti'ii'
to get together anil nciro on a Icnit'our
chalrnvin of the cnnvcntioti
This was n splendid suggestion .in
promotive ol entire hnrniom So e ,n:
reason can lie advanced vihy it s,o .l 1 n
have been complied with
The answer to this suggestion v- m
deslctiatlon ol Mimt 11 Parker f"t '1'
tempera ry chairmanship.
Where tho suggestion rame ftom "
unneivssary to conjecture v hat il.s
imblio thinks is the all iltiport.uii i-m
sideralioti, and the ts-ople of thi- mum
will believe th.it tho iuthleiiie ot Hum..
F. Ityali and his nssoclstes and Wall St...
Interests were behind the candidal;' tc M
The result will be thut the prestig. wl.i ,
Uie Democratic party ought to have nm
of progress will be nullified and detro)ei
The Democratic convention will b pl.no I
In the sum" i itegory hefure the pahhe .n
the Itepuhlir.m party by the selcittnn n'
Kllhu Boot as chairniiu and t!ii mm 1111
tloo of n reactionary as I'rc'idenl
This can tie avoided and it uiiclit tn Vi
avoided by the selection of a miti tor torn,
porary chairman not identified with ,mv
interest and not a party to any lHionii
fight. If this course is tnllowed vuinr.
is easily within the grasp of IVmot-r.ti
hut if the plan of the siili-coiuiiiitteo wen
defeat stares us in the face and poten.
is given to Hoofevell and the tits'so-toit
third party.
National Committeeman Joscphus Dan
iels of North Carolina said:
Tho fact that Judge Parker supported M
Bryan and tho knowledge that he stood t .1
progressive platform nt sumo titan In tin
past docs not niter the fact that to day lw
is being backed by men w ho mut not li.n e
a part In the control of the Democrats)
party if it Is to deserve the confldcnvu ut t lw
voters of the country.
I fiersonnlly have no feeling attain-'
Judge Parker and it seems to 1110 it wont I
be a w ise and patriotic as well as a gr.n ef m
thing for him at once to take the stand tti.i
he docs not intend to be the 1.111.-1 of a rup
ture in the party. This is a simple selu'iou
or tho muddle nnd one that could du hiiWn
Pnrker no harm.
Interest on Money
Awaiting Investment
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not lie idle.
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Certificates until you are ready
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Our Officer! wilt he gUd to renf"
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trust builnen.
Trustee for Personal Truts
i Fifth Ave. and 3bth St. Nw Yc'-

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