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inv' 'I'nnny's First Piny"
Will lit; Most Important
of OiTerinjrs).
imi m;w nativk plays
MiMfiil Piece by Johann Strauss
mikI Other by l.ehnr
nuil l ull.
,..( its liuit nlglil announced their
,f. f.'- ili' forthcoming season, which
'tide I he direction of nunc than
fi i .tiialt' "Mil miiflcnl companies,
li, .l,i: s rii.Uc to productions In which
sl'iil"''!." in i- directly Interested as
.,mo owners nr In conjunction with Low
rieiiK Uilll.itn A. Hnidy, Henry W.
mv.iw. W 'tithrop Ames, the Authors' Pro
iluiing iVmtMtiy, 1-ewis Waller, Fred O.
Vh't:- Hairy Frnzeo, George Lcderer,
Walker Whiteside, William Favershnm,
John t'ort nl Oliver Moroseo.
One of tin' most linpoitant of the new
(iMmutlc production to bo offered directly
under tlio Shubert management will he
ileorie Bernard Shaw's comedy "Fanny's
First ri.iy." which Is to be ptcscntcd here
by Oram tile Barkers company In asso
uatlon with the Klngsway Theatre, I.on
,. n Thn piece has been running for
more li, hi a year In London, being pre-
ntoil !' the same organization which Is
to oiTt it I" New Vork. Wlnthrop Ames
. in.i'l'' an arrangement with the Shu
Uits wheeby "Funny's First Play" will
in- the initial offering of the season at the
-til" Theatre, opening on September 16.
ttrrn lllo llarker will come to America'
llttli! Liter In the season and will present
s serle of plays, lmludlnK three of his
i,n "The Voyey Inheritance," "Waste"
Hnl "I'riinella, or In a Dutch Garden."
Hp ttl.l nl-n probably present Shaw's
Jl.ijor lUrbara."
The Golden I.ano" Is the name under
which will be presented Carl Kossler's
icrr.dly called In the original "Tho Five
Frankfurters." The English presentation
hi! been successful and tho same version,
yC.U't Basil Hood, will bn used In New
Vork. Tli play treats of the astonishing
rtj t power und affluence of the
I'.oth'fhlM.H family, though tho name Is
The Master of the House," which Is
lo open at the Thirty-ninth Street Thea-t-e
on Thursday, August 22, Is by F.d
par James, from the German. The piece
l.as t"n staged by Julius Steger, who
(laved the leading malo role himself
h"n 't was done In Chicago last sea
son The cast will Include Malcolm
William!1. Florence Heed, Grace Heals,
li.ilph Morgan. Mary Servoss, Kva Han
lolli. Helen ltelmer, Pedro dc Cordoba,
, mtoi.i Hyie, ltenjamln Graham and
HI! i Ucck.
Xnierlcan plays which will be pro
el during the early part of the com-
i season are a drama by Constance
it. i formerly dramatic, editor of the
'Men .lmrriraii. nnd n farce by Kdgar
'! anil Matthew White, Jr. The
of the drama by Miss Skinner Is
I' "tiF'ert" anil the name of the farce
TV Cinch." Lucille I.a Wine's drama
. l .li of Will N. Horben's novel "Ann
will also be produced,
f the many German works to which
v Shubrta own the American rights
following arc scheduled for early
i itittlon :
I ve and Hate." a play by Louis Lo.
h lle Kinder," a German satire, by
1 i n Hehr, known to American audi-
the uuthor of "Tho Concert":
" II. -k." a thief play by Gustav Es
. i Dirigible Airship," a fame by
i. nil .Nir.nl and Ernst Haum. and "A
ii'uiwiJ Kronen," by the German farco
rltsn Alexander Kngle and Julius
Tltf onlv drama from the French
plumed for production during th early
rt ef the season Is an American vsr
'cn of I.es Petlts," a play by Luclen
Nipot-. which wan given In Purls ut
the Theatre Antolne. One French com-
iy entttl-d "Aim des Femmes," Is also
10 t.r pri-pented
Thr tl'st musical opening of the sea
soi tinder the Shubert management, apart
f'om "The Passing Show of 1912," already
n cporntlnn at the Winter Garden, will
'The Merry Countess." All the orig
in! muic hy Johann Strauss has been
itamnJ but a thoroughly modern book
his teen written by Gladys Unger, with
uks by Arthur Anderson. This piece
lll h'uln nn IndeMnlte engagement ut
'!ie Oalno Theatre on Tuesduy evening,
.'Ju.t :o.
Him Uernard Is soon to begin rehearsals
f his new vehicle, for which the title
ttf not yet len chosen. The music of
tht- piere is hy Franx Ihar, composer of
The M,.rry Wldo ," and tho American
'wk h- the Joint work of Paul Potter and
Edar Smith. Another offering will be
'a IXnhaidt production of Offenbach's
fretta, "IJell Helen." "Llebo Augus
UrV nhl' h has been a Viennese hit and
h4'h Is now running In London under the
nam of "Princess Caprice," will also be
prente. Tlt. niutlc of the operetta Is
I-co Pill the look Is by Itudolf Ber-
drid Krnst Wellsch.
Aniotig the strictly American produc
ior. win b "Tho Girl and tho Miner."
which i by Itlda Johncon Young, with
yrks hy i-uul West and music by Jerome.
Krn h new musical comedy, tho book of
h!fh n now being written by Geormi
riror.sbn Howard, und Gertrude Hoffmartn
in a new ieui:.
Amr.c th" foreign musical works pre
nthi during the season will be "Tho
I'Tfami' Shop,' by Cosmo Gordon Len
rM. niih music by Leslie Stuart, com
itttr n( ' Flnrodora" and "Havana" ;
Kat." v.hlrh ifl a musical version of
Th lloyal llox," with a book by Charles
innwrn and music by Alexander
t!a-' lis" "fousln Hobby," by Jacob-
n aid Wagner, with muslo by Kail
III,i,.,.r "Maijame Flirt," a farce, with
mi t Aux lm Until and book by Fritz
!,un aiirn and Heinz Helchert, adapted
I' ml l.l.hllng; "The Millionaire's
'''I' . A M. Winner aw K. Line.
i'l' n, I-', by Helnrlch Hcitc; "The
vtr'i'i;rr by Rudolph Schanzet, with
Itkihert Leonard, and it new Ger-
l'1 Wjsu.iI piece entitled "Samples."
i Je musical production will be the
m us ii pie..i.ntatlon of the French
iwjf, "Sherlock Holmes and
v I. I n,'" In which thn famous Kng
1,1 ' e and the equally famous
Lfh i mk urn pitted against each
T'" 1 Hippodrome entertainment,
"' 'a. i Flags," which ulso Includes
'' ' .i let uitltled "Flowers of All
ii.'ir' i.i.,.ii (in Saturday cvenlnir.
'' '-'I. in ' Itelnhardt's production of a
will bo presented by the
Vs'il'.t aid wiuiiim A. Brudy. with
."" In the leading rolo; the
""in i' Zatlr of Louisa Alcott'H "Llttlo
aim a Joint Shubert and
"Md- hi I,,. n,i theNd HHinn man-
w ' hImi be partners In "Shan
I Irish play by George II. Jes.
i w ih Georgu MucFurluno will
' h- i id,, iirone," an Irish play lo
' i.fri'Li i,PI, ,y itrrungement with Ve-
"" I Kirllr with a company hcadid
' w' '''id Kane,
7I' '' it iind Sullivan Opera Com
' ' h Is a permanent Shubert.
' " n ion, Is now on tour pn
i -ri noire of "The Mikado,"
" ' I'lll.nie" nml "The Pirates
1 ' When this company in.
' 'v Vork In the spring two
' t and Sullivan operas will bn
I "I One of these w be
' i
" fl ihe Shuberls and Arthur
Collins of Drury Lane, laindon. will make
,i r V ITouuetioiis together at
the Manhattan Opirn House. 'Iheso will
be the Drury Lane pantomime " 'Op o' My
... !!""'!" .'V1''. ,h" l,rury '-''"f mclodramn
lho Uhlp." The entl,0 i:ngllsti scenic
PrOdtlCtlnPM fltl.1 Mini,!' f n.lnli..!
,, . , i.v uitKiiiiii ing-
Msh plajers will comu to this country
The Shuberts will moke thrco produc.
r'iM '" "J'"?tlri with Wlnthrop Ames,
rhesi- will b jn Mn,n,.SBt.. rt mo().
V.," ;V'i"'"0"n. w,llen Wl PtP'dited
Pin.Ji ' ''Tl ."faK0" lnc ,1r"ni
i-.i rn" .w,l!cl1 "1P work ot Henrv
u, t'u1,1 1V,l,M,,r: "rnance," by i;d
wind Sheldon, author of "Salvation Nell,"
mill Hans Sotmenstossei'H llollenfahrt"
Minns Sonn.Mistosser's Itldo to Hell), a
German comedy.
i Tllp s.h,"ll,rt lire also Interested with
rhUi t'!,.,,r"1 . ''"I'flng Company In
i nar es Klein's dramatization of Rex
Pencils novel ..Thp NoVr rj0 W, ,.
which is m open th season of tho Lyilc
Theutro on t.,.iu. n.,..
"u'l'.i,rvn.i;"l'".r'1 'I1 ,hu WfHluctlon of
" .,...1, in,. i,mv.
A coiiHlderiibto number of last season's
luoducllons will go on tour. K. 11. Soth
ein and Julia Marlowe will continue un
der their direction, playing a season In
tone Ha,.,""'1 "U" "tended road
tour With the same itpertolre of Shake
spearlan ilramas and comedies as last
X-ar. Among the musical plays that will
contlm... nr.. "The Kiss Waltz" a,
Jiunes T. '.wm. i p.. .. i i,. ' , "
...... ,......' iiiie urines.
nT.-i " r "lr1 wl" ""'''' "-'it
i o iniry anil ".sumttrun" will
Hio. ,r "7". '" 0,,'or cl"0, "'' 'o
Irectlon of the Shubcrta and Mr. Ames.
Ihp or g nat "ilium. t),,iiu .i... L,.l;: ' .:
company will remain nt William Collier's
Comedy Theatre for some time to
.1 ... "Tai other organlzza-
tlons Will Offer ti.u I.
""'"i i imi) s ineairo n Sep
tember wl h a new play by Kdward Knob
lauch. enlltle.1 "Discoloring America!"
.ufo I'll riles TrlnK the lllglirraya
Tlirongh otv Knglnnd.
WTr.nni nv, Conn.. Aug. it. .w York
arrivals by motor at tho Klton Hotel to-dar
Mls FNchel. Mrs. Chamlrlaln and
f.oorco Hsfhel on Ideal tour (Stoddard
Dayton). J r, AllHrt Zeiss on Ideal tour
(tadlllac). I',. ,1. Leary and Dr. .. It. Con
nolly to Leno (llulck). II. 1:. Daker. F.
oodbrldge. H. S. Hoove anil F. S. Kellogg
lo la-nox (Columbia!, Mr. and Mrs. William
I. I'lielps and Miss Mary J. Thomas (Metal
iirglruiel. Mr. and Mrs. A. Turner (Item,
II. S, Grimes and J. A. Weed (lajzlcn. Mr
and Mis. W. W. Prlco (I'ierce-Arrow), Mr.
and Mr. Tullmnii, Miss It. Tossler and II. II.
Dachler (Wlntonl. Mr. and Mrs. Irving
McKesson ((!. J. G.I. William and Donald
MacXaiiKliton IF.. M.F.I. Mr. and Mrs. K. 1.
Allen (Sharmuti. Mr. and Mrs. K S. Humios
(I'ackardl, K. Thayer and party (II.M.F.),
Arthur It. Mack and A. J. tiravdon (Puck
ardi. lllir.TTos Woods, X. H .ue. ll. New
Yorkers among to-day's automobile ar
rivals at tho Mount Washington were'
A. tl. laldy. A. K. IMdy. M. II Pddv
(Packard). Mrs. A. II. Mngg. Mr.. .1 c
su van. Miss Cella SUicey. Miss i.)e
Sullivan (lludsoni. Mr. and Mis. John
Mr.Naineo G'eerlessi, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas
V i. IVirce (Cudillaci. F. H Hough, Mr and
r1""' Wilkinson and .Miss Caroline
Arms ll'lercn-Urowi. Mrs. L. A. Heywond,
Mrs. William llurris and Mr. and Mis ;. s
I'lngou (I'ierce-Arrow I. Mr and Mrs
Xathnniel Allison, MN K. S. Millar. Henrv
lerrill (Flat J. Mr. and Mr .1. W M....re
mm .'ir. nun .iirs r, - .lie) iiuillll (Mer.
McK.wen (()ertandi. Mr. und Mr, J. .V.
Wright aud Mr. and Mrs, William Hollo
(Fierce-Arrowl. "
At the Mount 1'lcusant: A. S. Waile.
Arthur .1. ounir. Mr. and Mrs. K. .1. Powers
and Mr. and .Mrs. F.. P. Nichols ( KWn and
Peerlel, l)r A. II Talbot and Walter s.
rnlhoi illavue.i.Mr and.Mrs. I' .1, Murphv.
Mls Kennedy, Mr- C M.Trilumer und Miss.
Vance iSiginu-Knlghli , Mrs. John II Weins.
Miss A. s. Weiss and John Kox iPremieri,
Mr anil Mr. IJ, II lleinenuay and .Mr. and
Mrs. (', T. Ho Puv and children (l'iii-H.irt-fordi,
Mls yuinn and rlaremo Do Pay
LfcMix, Mas.. ng It Automobile ar
rivals at tho Hotel Aspinwall from .New
ork to-day included:
Mr. and .Mr W. II Search. Mr. and Mr.
F. W Sharp Klri-in (an, John A. Dillon and
John (1. Hovt (Stoddnrdi. H It. Tiffany and
Miv Celia Goodwin (Marnioni
Nr.w tsn.F, X. II.. Aug. II.- Autoino
blllsts from Xew York registering at the
Hotel Wentworth to-dny Include. Mr. and
Mrs. II, W Phelps IPackardl. .Mr. and Mrs.
John Kdward 'lliayer t Loco l.
MaNclifcs'rKlt. Vi., Aug II. Arrivals bv
uutmoblle at the Driuinoic Hoiim- to-day
Included the following from New York:
Dr. and .Mrs. (illman Thompson (Ford).
Mrs. John Van Xotrand (Piercoi. .Mr. and
Mrs. F. St. John llavs and .Mrs. S. W Wilson
(Fiat). Harold J. Hirst, Mrs L Hirst, Miss
Strong and Miss Hirst (t'halmersi.
l'ITTm l.n.Mns., Aug.n -XewYorkers
w ho registered at the Touring Club's bureau
in Hotel Wendell to-day Included
Mrs. William II, Stout. Mls Blanche A.
Stout and Charles I'.. Sammi (.Mitchell).
Mr. and Mrs. K.'F. Collins iLlmorei, Mr. and
Mrs. H. L. Van Hoesen, Mr. and Mrs. W. J.
Van Hoesen and J. K. Anspacher IThomasi:
Mr. and Mrs. F. II. II. Paine (Franklin);
Mr. and Mrs. D. J. Uary (Hellevlllei, Mrs.
C. A. Fox. Mrs. A. Waller, Mr. and Mrs, A.
A. Walter and Master Richard Walter
(Hoick). Mr. and Mrs. .1. S. (tighter and Mr.
and Mrs. F. II. Dals (Hudson): Arthur M.
Charles and Francis B. Laud (Mercer): Mr.
and Mrs. A. V. W'lckoff, Miss Fannie llom
medleu and W. L. Peck ( Popo- Hartford I .
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Store (Ford). C. F.
Stoddard, Mrs. A. W. Spoouer. Miss Ada
lleaso and Mr. aud Mrs. F. W, (lilmun
(Columbia): Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Van
Winkle aud Miss Jennie Van Winkle
New London, Conn., Aug. it -Automo.
hlo parties at the Griswold to-day Included
from Xew Vork:
Lowell M. Palmer, Grace M. Palmer and
F.the! M, Palmer (fadlllaei; M. 8, Mendell
(American). Mr. and .Mrs. M. M. rarnachau,
Mr. and Mrs. Stewart G Schenck and Mr.
and .Mrs. C A. Ilemper (Packard): Dr.
Charles A. Holmes (Cadillac) : Henry G. A,
Freeman, Jr., Mrs. K. II. Hrnwu, Miss
lleatricH Hiown and Miss Louise Smith
(Renault): Mr. and Mrs. X, Stantou Gates
and Mr. and Mrs, M. M. Wentraub (Alco),
Albert Zeiss (Peerless).
I.oifrst of s'eoinn nnd Less Than
I. nil Year.
Thn Babies' Welfaro Association re
port that for tho first time this season
the total of baby deaths dropped below
that of tho week liefore. During tho
week ended Saturday noon only 318
babies under I year old died, :i8 less than
during thn week of August 3. ,
In Brooklyn last week there wore only
ss deaths, of infanta under 1 year. In
the corresponding week of 1911 thern wero
142 Unatiis. unui oi hkiiw ugu rirooH
lyn had In-en fulling behind this toil
Manhattan Borough, which made a
ullght Jump during n W0CK or August 3,
went back to normal again last week
with only 193 deaths aguinst 205 in the
corresponding week of tho year Iwforo.
Thn three other boroughs are still close
to last year's record. There have been
672 fewer deaths of infants under 1 year
in thn Greater City this year thun there
wnro last year up to this time.
It is significant of tho effectiveness of
milk station work that In one of thn dis
tricts, that bounded by Thirty-fourth, mil
Fourteenth streets. Sixth avenue and
North Hivnr, thorn were no deaths among
thn liabies enrolled, In fact there has
lieeii only mi" death at that station since
January I
Tim milk stut inns of the Greater City
now luive 17,117 babies enrolled, an in
iToasn of .177 over I he week before. There
were only 13 deaths ut the milk stations
last ween
sUeelers Scarce In llHnnnr.
Residents of llayotinn are saving nice
thing" aboiil Ihn county and local health
ofilciuls because of the absence of rnns-
quitocs, which have l-en scarcer this
summer uiuu ever ueioro.
iiii air ami .wr i iioyu and Mr. and
I.Mrs. F Werner il'aekunli. Mr. and Mrs.
I It S. I'Nlmeraiid Mr mid Mrs. F. W llemlck
ll'uckiirdi, Mr. and Mrs. S. Zollinger. .Mr.
n li .,ir?i. . I . niriKiir Miiri i ru i.pi,(ti.
IsssssssssTi! sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
A Big Catch.
Bathers Lose Lives in Hudson i
Hiver With Mny Unnts
Around Them.
Two Hoys Disappear NVIiile
Wadinp; Several Other
I'd tali lies.
Two brothers who went swimming
yesterday afternoon In the Hudson
Itlver off Inwood were drowned In the
Night of many persons and In the midst
of a number of small craft whose occu
pants made no attempt to help them.
They were Harry l.ubowltz. 13 ycarB
old, and William Luhowltz. 19 years old,
both of 1706 Washington avenue.
William was not a strong swimmer
and when he had ventured out about
fifty feet he began to shout for help.
Harry went to his aid nnd tried to draw
him to the shore, but the exertion
proved too much for him and tho two
men were soon clasped together, strug
gling nnd crying for help.
Within fifteen feet of them were two
canoes, each containing two men, who
gazed helplessly at the drowning men
and made no attempt to reach them
Men on tho hanks run up und down
shouting or stood and watched. Not
a rope nor a plank was found to throw
them, and while all were hesitating the
brothers went down. Their bodies
were recovered.
Alfred nnd William Jaciues went for
an outing yesterday to Manhattan
Hcach with their sister, Marie. The
boys arc II and 12 years old und
Marie Is 18. Their father. James
Jacques, who lives at 1363 Fulton
street, Brooklyn. Is employed on the
Brooklyn Bridge.
The three children had their luncheon
on the beach, then the boys went wad
ing. Marie waited for more than un
hour und her borthers did not return.
The Sheepshead Bap police were notified
and a general search was begun. It Is
believed the boys fell Into a hole and
were drowned.
A holiday crowd which was watching
some swimming stunts In the Hudson
Klvcr from the recreation pier at the
foot of Fiftieth street In the afternoon
was shocked when an unidentified red
haired man, who had Just dived off the
pier at the foot of Fortieth street, came
to the surface shouting for help.
With the aid of a rope thrown by Po
liceman Henry Mlhr, Henry llaffe
managed to get the man ashore. An
ambulance surgeon suld that ho was
dead. In the man's pocket was found
a pawnticket for a razor made out to
Charles Wlechman, IK years old, of
273 Hutledge street. Brooklyn, was
drowned In tho morning while bathing
In Lake Honkonkoma, L. 1. Wlech
man was unable to swim. His body
was not recovered until late In the
Several hundred persons walking
along the boardwalk at Clason Point
late in the afternoon witnessed the
rescue of a young man by Sergeant
Joe Grlffenstcln of the Volunteer Lite
Saving Corps. He swum nearly u hun
dred feet with an unconscious swimmer
on his shoulder. Corstar Toppus, L'O
years old, of 206 ICast 240th street, was
the man rescued. He was swimming
nlone when folks on shorn heard him
cry for help, Grlffensteln ran out to
the end of the dock und dived In. He
sel7.nl him and made his wuy to the
shore. Artificial respiration was re.
sorted to, ufter which Toppus was
taken home by friends.
Tho catboat John T. of the Diamond
Point Yacht Club capsized off Belle
Harbor In the ufternoon, throwing four
people In the water. Two of the party
described themselves us John Smith of
Grand tdrcct, Brooklyn, nnd John
N'lxon, f.O Montague street, Brooklyn.
As the lulter address Is u warehouse,
It is thought that both nanus ule fic
titious. The other men refused to glvo
their names or to say where they lived.
Kxci'ufora lleport llrokrr'n Property
Wm Worth 1',7 Ill.a.tO.
The executors under the will of Seth
Barton French, member of the Xew York
Stock Kxchange for many years, and
known as the intimate friend of and
personal broker for J. P. Morgan, have
(lied un accounting in the Surrogate's
Office. Mr. French died ut Palm Beach,
Fla., on February 17, 1010. His executors
ure his son-in-law, Churles Steele, of J.
P. fflorguti A Co.; his former partner,
John T. Atterbury, in th firm of Van
Kmburgli A Atterbury; his widow, Mrs,
Mary Foam French, daughter of Walter
Fearn, at one time United States Minister
to Greece; John Herndon French, his son.
The executors report that tho total
value of thn eIate is $'.',74(1,2.V). The
widow received tl.iKlu.nno, of which all but
$Iihj,i(i(i is in trust. Thn daughter. Mrs.
Nannie French Steele, received 1.100,(100
outright. The son, John H. French of 43
West Fifty-first street, received 300,000
und another son. George French of tho
Union Club, got SIti0.(O. Upon the death
of the widow thn principal of the trust
fund left to her Is to go to the children
named, and to ,h minor children, Clarice
and William Barton French, who live with
their mother in Paris.
The executors are paying an annuity
of 11. Jino to Mrs. Walker Fearn Inkersley
mother-in-law of the testator.
Mr. French left H.iski to lie paid to
F.lsie Settlor, his wife's mild, when sho
shall have. Is-en in Mrs. French's employ
twentv years. Of K.oun left to Mrs.
French to distribute among the servants,
the executors report that $3,!5H was paid
to a maid, Hose McCoy, 'lwo servants
got $350, two, $2nu; two. $150. and one, $100.
The report shows that tho real estate
holdings of the estate now amount to
$279. DDI. and that one parcel of property
was sold to Cornelius Vanderbilt for $285,
ouo. Mr. French's town house waa at 15
West Fifty-fourth street, but ho owned
an elaborate estato at Hot Springs, Va,,
called Barton Hall, and a summer home.
Barton Ijodge, ut Newport. Two years
before his death he arranged to buy a
plot on Fifth avenue just south of Seventy
second street for s5o,(K) on which he
Intended to build an elaborate city home
but his illness prevented carrying out his
Dlrrctnrs iif Montrflorc Home Are
Two hundre. tltouaud dollais has been
given to thn Moutellorn Home for Chronic
Invalids, a charitable Institution at Broad
way anil l.Wh street, for tho building of a
private hospital for Hrioin suffering with
chronic di-euacs, Thn donors aro four
directors or the homo, Jacob II, Sell Iff, Sol
it. Guggenheim, lVrdlnand Sulzberger and
Samuel Sachs, each of w horn gave ISO.noo,
The new hoipital w ill be the first private
hospital exclusively for chronic patients in
the city and will lie conducted as an adjunct
to the work of the MnntetUuv Home. 'Ihe
surplus Iroiu tin) oiieratlon of the hospital
will bn used toward the work of the home.
It will lie built at niilubrldge avenue, and
Gun Hill road In Thn llronx, whern the
Montellore llonm Is soon to be removed.
Dr. Siegfried Waohsinuhn, medical direc
tor o ihe liome.ln ho will also have charge
of tho hospital, said yesterday
"'Die uiero fact that an institution like
ours Is necessary for the poor ought to be
proof enough that a slmflur Institution Is
necessary for the middle nnd wealthy
classes. Any physician with an extensive
practice will testily that It Is almost Impossi
ble to give chronio patients proper treat
ment and accommodations at home, no
matter how comfortable that home may bo
or how solicitous the members of the pa
tient's family. "
Kntlierlne Kennedy nt the London
"DnlomnliW" In Do sketches.
Katliorlno Kennedy, a little Irish actress
from County (lalw ay not her first glimpse of
this iiiunlrv from the second cabin of the
Aliierliau liner New Vork, which arrived
yesterday. She Is 21 years old and has been
playing the part of the Saudow Girl In "The
afryiimlil- in London, In lids country
she will go into vaiidcvlllu in character
Capt. Domlnlcjt Henry of Ihn Mercer
street pollie station arrived on the New
Hit III us
I'lill.uil'.i.flllA, Aug The engage
ment tins linen announced of Ml Manun
Martin, daughter of Judge, and Mrs. J,
Willis Martin, to Kdwnnl Klorena llivinus,
sun ol Mrs llavid Caldwell lilvlnus. The
prorpectlM' brnlKHMim ! n well known
athlete ami a prominent (Inure in the rowing
races mi tint Schuylkill. Miss Murtln made
her lU'hut last wlutor
W. .1. (inne Tells Why He Put
Them Up at Thirty
first Street.
Water Troughs in Front of
Saloons Are Profitable,
Say Proprietors.
'el haps you have seen n sign Ht
Hroadway and Thirty-first street which
says, "Free shower baths for horses
only." There are three of these signs,
each fastened to the piece of transverse
"I like n shower bnth myrelf when
I'm through work," said the man who
J fixed up those shower baths, "and I
I supposed the horses might feel the
j Mime way about It."
Now that horses which are accus
tomed to pulling loads up and down
Hroadway are used to It they come
back for n shower day after day. The
Bureau of Municipal Research, which
has Just put out a bulletin on the care
of watering troughs, vouches for It.
The man who figured out that a horse
might like a shower as much as himself
nnd who furnished the three at Hroad
way und Thirty-first street Is William
J, Gane,
"The way I came to think of It was
easy enough," said Gane yesterday.
"A horse fell down across the street
one afternoon last June, and It looked
as though he was going to die. They
sent for a policeman to shoot the poor
beast, but some of my men happened
to be using n hose out In front here
and I had them pour water over the
horse's head and back for half an hour.
Tho policeman didn't have, anything to
do, for the horse scrambled to his feet
and went on.
"The next day I got some sheet Iron
troughs, put them out In the itreet
and connected them up with hose lines
to my building. The horses liked It.
Then one night I thought of the shower
baths, for I tnlto one myself night and
"At first the horses are frightened
when the water comes down on their
backs, but now they keep coming every
day for more,"
In connection with the showers there
are palls from which tho horses can
drink and hose lines so that their
mouths can bo washed out. The Bureau
of Municipal Research, quoting Dr.
Lederle of tho Health Department and
Secretary Morton of the A. S. P. C. A.,
says these Individual drinking bucketH
are the safest things for horses Just
as individual drinking cups are essen
tials nowadays for men nnd women.
As for the common drinking trough
It Is Just ns bad as the common drinking
cup, says Dr. Lederle. The bureau'a
report says;
Writing for the Health Department
Commissioner Lederlo goes .urther nnd
suggests that "the department should
forbid the further erection of watering
troughs of any description and that In
future their placo should be supplied
by draw hydrants, preferably uso
lated In summer with the shower bath
nnd cared for by an attendant." This
means that live wooden troughs and
142 other troughs (particularly thoso
whose rovers servo chlctly for hiding
dirt and garbage and prevent effective
cleaning) should be discontinued and
in this extreme position the veteri
narians und the stable superintendents
whom we huve ronsulted agree with
Commissioner Lederle. So does William
K. Horton, secretary of the A. H. V
C. A.
At present nobody has the duty of
caring for filthy or broken city water
ing troughs. Tho Water Department
does It when somebody tells about bad
conditions, but thero Is no systematic
I way of I'.eeplntr them in shape, as for
instance tne A. o. I'. C. A. I:eeps Ita
troughs In order.
A certain beggar, who evidently believes
that originality pays, may be seen almost
every afternoon walking along Thirty
fourth street tapping the pavement with
his cano and calling out " I'm not blind!
I'm not blind!" But judging from thn
contents of his cup he excites a good deal
moro curiosity than symapthy.
The Sun's story of the coming changes
in the sailors' uniforms reminds me,"
said the amateur historian, "of tho reasons
for the old uniform, which hud reasons
indoed for each integral part . 1 he Ameri
can uniform was copied with fow changes
from the English wear for sailors.
"The flat topped hats are relics of the
days when sailormen had to go skipping
to the tops with ropes. Bo that they could
use both hands in climbing tho hats were
flattened and tho ropes wero colled and
carried on top. Tho broad collars wero
worn because, of the pomatum on the
pigtails which used to be worn; tho collars
kept blouses clean. Tho black band
around the hat was a sign of mourning
for the death, of Lord Nelson and the
three stripes on tho collar were reminders
of Nelson's three greatest (victories
Cape Ht. Vincent, Trafalgar and Copen
hagen. "The wide trousers were made that
way so that sailors slushing the decks
could pull them up abovo the kneo without
having to roll them."
The way modern restaurants keep
abreast with the times is Bhown by a large
Harlem cafe, where thn latest cocktail
has been entitled "Jack Kose."
"It Is just like a clover club with a lit
tle vermouth in it," the waiter explained,
"but it'a something now. People comtj
in and they don't know just what they'
want, so they take a Jack Hose just out
of curiosity. No, they aro not bald, they
will never mako you confess and they
only levy !0 cents on you."
John Bmlth passed along the Whltn
Way in his gray limousine with a Texas
license tag at the back. The only thing
he saw to comment on was the big sign
on tho McAlpin Hotel which read:
: 1,500 nOOMH I
He said he wouldn't stay at a bote I
whero the whole town would know what
went on when you took a bath.
"Half the fun of a moving picture show
is in figuring out what "the actors are
saying," said a consistent patron of the
movies, "and I hope that they never get
the pictures so perfected that they talk.
" It is a pleasant exercise for the imagina
tion to invent the dlaloguo as the action
In tho picture goes on, and everybody In
the audienon can think out a different
speech for the hero, each one according
to hit education and taste, and so every
body is suited with what is said, which
wouldn't be the case if the pictures had
a phonographic attachment.
The thoughtful mat or woman who
inquires will bo surprised to learn how
few magazines in this big city of 'New
York find their way to the wards of tho
city's hospitals. One woman, who re
cently sent a package to a nurse in a
crippled children's ward In a hospital right
in tho heart of the city was surprised as
well as touched by the nurse's almost
tearful gratitude.
The babies looked at all tho pictures.
The nurses read and reread everything
especially some gay fashion journals put
in with a hope that some little girl might
find an hour's solace " playing paper
dolls." The patients in the adult wards
had their turn next, and then the young
resident doctors welcomed what was
left. Inquiry proved tliat in almost
every hospital in New York the demand
for magazines Is far beyond the supply.
Throvrn Into llndsnn Hlver When
Launch Canslces llombnat.
Five youngsters were rescued from
drowning In the Hudson at the foot
of West 155th street yesterday after
noon. A rowboat In which they were
enjoying themselves was run down and
capsized by the launch Hoqitaln. Men
on the launch saved the children.
Tho youngsters were Hobert Wcnke,
16 years old, of 1076 Ogden avenue,
Carl Htelner, 1.'., of 163 West 165th
street; William Iiushart, 13, of 100 West
l2d street; his sister, Anna, 1., und
. Nellie Thelan, IT. of 2S5C Eighth
I avenue.
Die at llrr summer Home nt Xnr-
.Vahiiagansett l'lhP. It. I., Aug. II..
Dowdger Countes de Slbour of Washing
ton. I). C, died this alternoon at Chuwana
Villa, Narragsnsett. Kor some months
the Countess md been an Invalid and she
was brought to Narragansstt esrlv in thn
(summer In hopei that her health might
At the time of her death her two nn
were present the Count Louis de Slbour
nd llenrl de Slbour of Washington. D. C.
VUcount Jack de Slbour arrived here from
abroad recently and I now in America.
'Ihe Counters de Slbour, wife of Count
I.oult de Slbour, Is also here.
Dowager Counters de Kibour was an
aunt of Mrs. F. A.M. Hopkins and a great
sunt of Dr. A. F. Hopkins of Washington,
D. C, members ot the villa colony at the
The funeral of the Dowager Counters
will take place to-morrow afternoon In
Washington, D. C. and the Interment will
be In Itlchuiond. va. The late Dowager
Countess was formerly Miss Mary Johnson
of Uotton, Mass., and was the wife of an
officer In the French army. Khe was well
known In the cottage colony of Narragan
Ilrnry H, Vsndjck.
NOHTHPORT, I.. I., Aug. 11 -Henry
II. Vandyck. Dlitrlct Deputy Grand Master
of thn First Maaonlc district, comprising
Ivoni Island outilde ot Brooklyn, riled to-day
at hla summer borne here. He practised
law In rtrooklyn, Mr, Vantlyrk was born
at Csnajoharle, N. V. Ktbruary 21, 186S,
He was a aon ot the Rev. L. H. Vandyck
ot the Dutch Reformed Church. Fifteen
year ago h moved to Northport from Now
Vork, where he waa employed on Tho Sun
aa a proofreader, to accept a similar place
wtth the Edward Thompson Company, law
publisher. Ho took up the study ot law,
wi admitted to thn bar and for the past
two years had practised. Five yeara ago he
wa Aaslstant Urand Lecturer of the Urand
Lodge of Masons. The cause of death eras
typhoid pneumonia.
Plays ana Players.
"The Polish Wedding." a musical farce,
I being prepared by Cohan A Harris. Us
Initial preaentatlon will be at the Detroit
Opera Houae on Monday, Beptcmiier :.
"The Polish Welding" was first produced
at the Thalia Theatre In Berlin, where It
hea already passed Its 700th performance
and I still running. The book Is by Curt
Krsats and Georc Okonkowskl, Ihe lyrics
by Albert Hchonfeld and the music hy Jean
Gilbert, and It ha been adapted for the
American stage by George V Hobart and
Jerome D. Kern. The company now re.
hearsing tho principal roles Includes Will
Ism Burress. l.ouls Casavant, ttldney llrucy,
Jack Horwlti, Arnmnri Kallas, John llrln
hard, Lincoln Plumer, Valll Valll. Winona
Winter, Louise Alrhoi and Mine. Msihllde
Chsrlrs Frohman plans to help ecral
deaervlni young men through tollegr hy
employing them as chorus men In "The
Girl From Mnntniartri'" it ihe Criterion
Theatre. They will work only evenings
and t the Saturday tnstln'e sn1 HI f
I3t a week. Selections will Im marie frm
Columbia, Near York University and reni
ns m
Other Mold in Homes Knjovcd
hy Those Shut. In by
Heavy Storm.
Secretary Meyer at Itosort on
Dolphin Mrs. Drcxel to
flivc Dinner.
Nr-wroiiT, It. I., Aug. 11. A heavy rain
storm upset many il m.i to-day. The
Caolno nnd other out of door mcctlns
places wero practically desi rtcd.
Thcro were several luncheons on boaid
tho yachts, uniting the hostcsiea being
Mrs. Henry H. Kcdmond, Mrs. Pembroke
Jones and Mrs. Hobert I. Gerry.
Luncheons wero given nt their homea
by Mrs. William K. Vnnderbllt, Jr., Mr.
J. Fred I'lerson und Mrs. Itcglnald Nor
man. Mrs. Itlchard T. Wilson gave one of the
largest dinners of thn day to-night, her
guests numbering forty. Dinners wero
also given by Mrs. r.ugeno 8. Rrynal,
Egerton I.. Wlnthrop and Hobert lvcs
Heplsterrd to-day nt tho Casino were
Franklin A. I'lumincr, Henry J. White
house, Hobert lUcon, J. rlcrpont Mor
gan und W. Fltzhugh Whltchousc.
Becrctary of tho Navy George von L.
Meyer was hero to-day on board the
Dolphin, but did not uccept any social
attention. Hn left to-night.
Dinners will bo given to-morrow night
by Mrs. Clarence W. Dolan and Mrs.
W. Ktorrs Wells.
Mrs. Pembroke Jones will glvo a
dance for young people on Friday night.
Hobert Uooracm of New York Is vis
iting Gen. ami Mrs. J. Fred Plerson.
I In will go to Europe In October to re
main for mi Indefinite period.
Mrs. Hamilton McK. Twombly will give
a dinner on Thursday.
Mrs. John It. Drexel has sent out in
vitations for a dinner on September 6.
After the Newport season Mrs. Drcxel
and her daughter will go to Kurope.
Preparations have been begun on the
temporary room for too ball Mrs. Btuy
vesant Fish will give at tho Crossways
on August 10. Amung' the professional
entertalnets to appear that night will
be the Kusslan bullet dancers, who were
seen In New York last winter. The
room will Ira of Louis NVI. design und
supper will be served In It.
Mrs. Henry S. Kcdmond's luncheon
party on board the Margaret Included
Mr. and Mrs. Stuyvtsant Fish, Mr. arid
Mrs. Kllsha Dyer. Mr. and Mrs. It. Hor
ace Gallatin, Mrs. Hermann Oelrlchs, Mr.
nnd Mrs. Arthur Curtis James, Mr. and
Mrs. Itlchard Stevens, Mrs. Hurke Hoche.
Mr. und Mrs. Oliver ltarrlmun, Mr. und
Mrs. Paul A. Andrews, Mr. nnd Mrs.
James II. Hnggln, Mr. und Mrs. Frank
K. Sturgls, Miss Lotta Hoblnson. Miss
Lydlu Itedmond, Henry Clews, Thomas
Kearny, Henry F. Kldrldge. Franklin A.
Hummer, Phillip I. Bunkard. Henry ti.
Black, Charles Haycfen and W. J. Math
eson. The guests were seated at small
tables, which wero decorated with ros
Nevrral Jadtres Accept Invitations ta
Attend Jtog Shoir.
Lenox. Mass.. Aug. 11. Mr. and Mrs.
Hobert W. Chapln of London have arrived
ut their country place In Tyrlngham.
where they have with them their son.
IajuIs Chapln u f Chicago, nnd Mr. and
Mrs. Heese AIsop of New York, their
daughter ami son-in-law. Mr. and Mrs.
Chapln will be In thu Uerkshlres through
out the autumn.
Miss Ik-lolse Meyer has gone to Hamil
ton. Mass., to visit with Mr. and Mrs.
George Von L. Meyer.
Daniel Chester French, who has been
In New York, has returned to Chester
wood, In lllendale. Mrs. French was at
the tea table at the Btockhrldge Country
club yesterday ufternoon. With Mr. anil
Mrs. French are Miss Mildred Hurbeck
of New York and Lawrence Fletcher of
Mr. and Mis. Cl.fford V. Brokaw aud
Clifford V. llrukaw, Jr., motoring from
Glen Cove, L. I., have arrived at tho Cui
tls Hotel.
Mr. and Mrs. Albert F. Plummcr of
New York have arrived at Klmwood In
PittsHeld for the remainder of 'the Berk
shire season.
Miss Mabel Choate will go to Newport
to-morrow for a short visit.
Murshall P. Kcrnochan, 7.. Marshall
Crane, Irvln P. Thompson. Miss Mary L.
Hinsdale nnd Miss Elizabeth C. Dutton
arc sending out Invitations for the Berk
shire county tennis championships at the
Country Club. Plttsfleld, August SO.
Frederick S. Delafteld. secretary of the
Lenox Kennel Club, has received ac
ceptances from J. T. Frothlngham, J. W.
Spring of Boston. Robert Sedgwick, Jr., of
Newport, Dr. James Hare of Bridgeport,
Theodore Offerman nnd Henry Fleltman
of New York to Judge their specialties at
the Lenox show.
tt tlroadhnrat Play Goes On at
Fort j-rlahth Street House,
William A. Brady's new theatre, Th
Foity-elghth Street Theatre, will be
opened to-night wtth a new play, "Just
Like John," by Georgo Broadhurst and
Murk Swan.
.In addition two of .last eeasan.'s,, of
ferings will resume their runs: "Robin
Hood," with Bessie Abott as the .Yew Jf old
Marian, at the Knickerbocker Theatre and
"Officer 666." with Douglas Fairbanks as
tho new Tracers Gludicin, at tho Gaiety
The regular season of the Columbia
Theatre will open In the afternoon with
"The Golden Crook," During the three
weeks the theatre has been closed It has
been redecorated.
BAUF.n August , John O. nauer, asjed 51,
Body lying In state In "TPS KunssalCHi'kch.
2U West Md at. (Campbell lluiLDixqi.
CI.AHK.-At llurllnrton, Vt.,on Friday, August 8.
Marian de Forest Clark, wife of linlt Craw
ford Clark and daughter of the late Grand
It. and Mary de Forest Cannon, In the &7IU
ear of her age.
Funeral at fit. Paul's Church. Durllngton. t
on Monday mornlnc, Ausust 1?, at half past
10 o'clock, lutrrmrnl In Greenwood Ceme
tery, Tuesday. August 13.
HANKY. At Newark, N. J on Saturday, Auf usl
to, lII, Charles A, llaney, In his 47th year.
Funeral services will be held at hl lato home,
74 North 7th st., Newark, N. J., on Tucsdaj
Aiifint 13, at :.J0 l M,
KlItHV -Chrle II. Klrhy, aged 7S tuneral al
'Thk I'CNfcRAi. Cm'Hrii," :it w'rt.1 3d st.
(Fa ink II. OauriihLi. Hi.wi,i
VANIIKHIKIIU.. In Loudon, Kngland on Sat
urday, July ?7, 1017, ef pneumonia, Adalls
r.llratieth, widow of Hon Aaron J. Vandtr
purl, runeral al hrr lite residence, KlnrterhooV,
,V , on Tuesday, Amust IJ, at & o'clock,
Train leavrt New York al :W1 A, II , con
necting al Hudson with trolley for hlndrt
heel .
Cimr F. C1MMFII Auto i,ervlr.
:il West i.
UnTAI UBaMrt OwNEli.

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