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8 4
Support Young Pnvis Poorly
and Arc Hphipii Again by
the Clovelnmis.
Hilltoppcrs on Way Home With
Kight Straight Defeats
Unilcr Their Belts.
The pennant chances of the Highlanders
shrunk some morn In Cleveland yester
llay. The Itllltoppcts took another slap
tin. milnr nipmH mid in c returning
homo with right straight defeats muter
their brltx. It was a good day for the
Athletics, who beat the White fox twice
and Rained on the lied Kox. The Wash
InKtous nho Rained on the leadeis, beat
Inn the ltiowns for n chance. However,
thn Bostons are pretty comfortably oft
"with a lead of seven and a half fames.
Detroit put the lied Sox away.
Yeaterdnr' Iteaalt.
Cam land, s; New York, 3,
Detroit, 4: Boston. 2.
Washington, 3: St. Louis, 2.
Philadelphia, ; Chicago, . (Hrt game.)
Philadelphia, :;Chlrago.l. therond f ame.)
StaanllnsT of the CI aba.
,"' f
a w
10 13,
Beaten. .,
t ;io;n
10 II en
0 3
P 8 5
, Washington.
, Philadelphia.
'III i
' 8
- I
II 12:54
s : i
3 5' & o
11 1060,. 47:
It. l.oula.
New Tork.
21 6
lames Lost. .
St 3i43 13
To-dny'a Schedule.
Chicago In Cletdanri.
Cf.t:VE!.Axn, Aug. U. It was a sorry
'exhibition f baseball that the High-
fniitiiin Hrt,H'u iuU4i tin iitcj rir:
Ileal. 11 for th fourth straight time by the 1
Nat s. The scoto una 5 to 3. Wolver-'
Ion's ni"ii played like children. They
were hMrloutly nfflli'ted by stage fright
or loni.'tliln-- nhleli hud n similar effect, p0""", " ,Lnn And the Senntor won.
l-.ivls'.s control uni tint the best, but 1 tallenders. John'on n a tn'"" mt the
he nn not lilt haul. He made u cle- 3 to 3. T'i?. ?n?hw "ImI, Inning, when
iWeaiy favorable l.np.esslon. , COTh'rnglon ' scored" one. Vna n'tarted
TJi" Highlanders were helpless before 'h'ialU. H promptly stole eroi.l.
Mlan.linu. .V bunt was the only hit so-' Undir sacrificed. Hamilton to K"l"'
curid off the rnlverelty of Mlihlsim 1 Uiporte sent a sairitlco II y to Houin. aiiian
iiiumiius In the first sis Innings. The re-
ni.tlnlii.- seven of New York's eight hits
wtie grouped In (lie last three Innings.
Sluuip. Hope of petting Jackson tuning
deliwtid. the New Yorks nmcentrated
the), .r..rts on Oricgs. The laffer hiked
bad (nu.iiil llret. t base muffed Mump a
iViiii' un.l l!H m.H inf.. Itnl.-.. f.ml.,
in rh.
To more runs were added In the s.c-
nnd J'-Vl: singled. Un O'Neill sacrifice
liut too lute for ii fiitceout. Then Bland
Injr limit' d lo Davis. Davis, too, hesl
tnteil iiml then threw to third, but too
late to get I'eek, Ityan hit Into u double
play. I'eel; norlng 1,11, 1 O'Neill going to
thinl. I'.iiliioel; l;nocl;ei Hunter's gioundvr
away fioni Stump, seoriiig u'Nelll.
JuM to 1- eoni-lstent tile .N'iii.s feored
fo in In the fifth. Hunter and Jack-
.on walheii In suec sslon, moved up on
l.ajole's ouf and scored nn flrlggs's i-lngle,
The total of eight was r
seenth. Jiuksoii tingled.
evading .stumps outstietchei arms,
l-rfjole llkd to Hartzell. Jackson tlien
tole third and irlggs walked. A double
xfeal was started and worked. Stump
was unable to liold .Sweeney s throw. On
e to hold . Sweeney s throw. On
lit lirlggs went to third, lie
rlsht on to the plate when
Makers out
1'rmse'n throw for a doulle play gut away
from Paddock.
Jllnn was the only Nw Yorker who
leached llret finrlii? the firt si tnnlnep.
Hn liunteil In the Second, xtotc ami r.-a
caught tijinu to steal third. The flist
leal hit v;us made by Daniels at the start
of the see.,th. After Chaso lined to
Hunter. I'addoel. singled, nutting Daniels
on reeond. Zlnn's slnglo over short tilled
ond. .Inn s slnglo over short tilled
ses. Daniels tcored on Slmmons's
the lid
fly to I
Daniels opened the ninth with a single
and scored un Chase's triple. Chase
scored on JJInn's double to left. Blandtng
threw out both Simmons and Hartzell,
ending the game.
The score :
(ibrhpae abrhpae
nran.lf .. ,s 11 t 1 o 11 rianlels If 4 2 2 .1 0 0
Hunier.rf.. 22111 11 n Chasr.lb. I I I 11 n I
Jackson.rf.-'i 3 2 o o ri H'drk,3b..4 11 I 1 2 11
3 (i,Zlnn.rf... 4 0 a I o I
11 0 Mm'nv:b...l 00240!
floie,2h....:i 11 11 1
(IrWoli.. 2 1 1 10
nanerc -i 11 11 u 1 11 narirrn.cr 1 11 11 ;i 11 11
P'U'p'h.sv.,1 112 4 o.Simnp.w,..s 0 I .1 4 21
O'Nctll.e . 3 I n 4 1 11 Seeiiey,u..1 11 o 2 2 11 1
Hlandlng,p..3'u 1030 Uatlsp,. 3 n u u 0 n '
lialierb 1 ri 11 3 1 11 llsrtrrli.cf I (1 11 a n n
Totals. ...3) 8 7 2712 0 Tnlali...3: 3 S24 12 4
Cletfland 22002020 s
.Vework... 0 n 0 0 0 0 1 n 2-3
Two base hit 7.lnn. Three base hit -Chase
7: New York, 3. Mrurk out lly Ul.inrtlne dlart
7 ell, l)ala, 3i; ny Davit ( manning, I'rckinpauirhi.
Double plas Mump, Mmmons and Chase: I'eeU
Inpaugh. l.nole anil lirlt'if.. I inplre In tilrf--I.'fan.
Field umpire- .shrrldan. 'lime 1 hour
sod 40 minutes.
Red Sox Leaders llnmlllated liy For
mer Minor l.eaauer.
DrrnoiT. Mich., Aug. 11, Jean Duhuc
won his eleventh straight victory to-day,
the Boston lied Sox losing to the Tigers.
4 to 2. Both pitchers kept their hits well
scattered through the game, the only
exception being In the visitors' half of
tho ninth, when they got thrco safe
whacks. Tho gume waa played 011 a
very muddy field. Crawford poked one
Into te centrefleld bleachers. The. score;
nb r h p a e, ! r h n a e
Vltt.lf 4 0 2 3 0 0 Hooper, rf, 3 11 0100
Bush.aa 3 null 0 Verkrs,2h. 3 1 11 11 2 11
Jnnes.cf 3 10 10 11 Siiealier.i'f.l 113 2 1
iswford.rf..4 1 1 0 11 oN'uls,f. 3 0 1 1 11 0
The Nupa xtiirted early to accumulate ..(. 40220 0iloeller.iT..4 u n - " -tun.
V. ill. one .ut In tho first Inning AufllnJu'. "j 0011 0lFoater4b .3 . 0 o
Hunter nlkrd. Jackson's savage slnsl" Prait.2b . 3 0 0 .. "1 "?. 0 o s o o
IihU-I through Zlnn's hands and rolled , R.'.'.Vum1. rt'i 0 0 I 0 0 ,ilport'e.2b3 o 2 2 2 u
10 the fence. Hunter scored and .loo .Sn.l ' ? 1 0 0 8hISks.lt ;';
.rMhl third. After Larry filed out. ' T 0 o Marble J 5 ?,
iri).g- walked. A double steal was at- Alcjsndcr.cJ a a V o 0 w'gmmnu 0 , n
teiiipfd. .lackKon srored on the throw to TlYHli; i n o t o o.Johnson.p .300020
I'nddork had n mental discussion with K"'"?.?.':,' "UXr on TbaUa-Ofl Hamilton. 3: on
hlmeir. 1'iist he decl.led to throw to , fthn,n " B VT'VLW'hltot. T.
HMnd. then to first mid then aaa n to son. 7. Uft on baMS-St-.Louis. n. - " ...
fecund. Finally he did throw lo Stump, t'mplre la chlef-4.onneii.
nacniiceiiiia-sj .nii, iiijiiuiin, i.juie. ,w nrc i j. i,ound. he being Milan. Ma naa atoi.n
fly-Mmnions. .Mjilen baes--Jackson, 4. Inn. JlxVy"one ba.n, and th. neareat to him
Hi an. (irlegK 1 Irs bw on ball'.-ofr mx,;(th7r mtu I. Kddl. Collin., with
illunter, 3; lirlezf., S; Jacksom. First Ime on I ""v
errors-4.'le eland. 2, Left on banes- Cletelanri. '0"5-onc.
Iuden.2b .3 1 2 4 3 0(i'rliier,.1li, 0 14 2 0 eoath, who linnws Thorpe's caualillltlea bet
l'..Onslow,lli4 0 2 1.1 1 U.Stahl.lb. 3 11 2 7 1 0 1 t;r than anybody else, nays; '! don't think
lieai.ao. . . 11 11 . a n n dvner.ss 11 1 . a 1
sumn.r. .3 1132 iiiCarrliran.e.H ii o a 1 n
Uubue.p... 3 u 0 I 8 Oi'nlllns,i. 1 ii 1 n u I
. - iflllenrlUseiil n o o o n
TOMIS.,.,31 4 B.'ll O llftll.gi 1 11 II I 1 0
I Trials. ..SO 2 72413 3
(a) Batted for Collins In the fourth Inning,
Detroit. n i o i n l l o -4
Uoiton ... 1 11 11 0 0 0 11 0 1-2
Hlla Off Collins, 3 In four lnnlnir; off Hall, 4
tin five Innings, At bat Against Collin'. Ill Hall,
17. Two base hlls VIII, I! (hislow. Three base
altr-Speaker. Hume run ( rimfiiid, .Struck out
fly Collins, 2 (.stun.iKf, Crawfnrdi; liy Hall, 2
(Jones, llrnh. by Imbue, 3 tMaul, llenrlksen,
awli). First basi balls on Ciilllns, 2 t.lnnrs,
lAiuaeniion nail. I musn . on iiutnir, 3 nrrkvs,
lvis. St.hli. Ilnuble nlnvs llnlnir. laMllitrn.
Onalnw and iimlen! siianaue ami Hush, tlrst
oaaeun error neirnit, 1 irt rur iia.es nctrnii,
: BoaUin, i. t.ninre litis Miu.r. Carrlgan.
HMMu baea Uuudru, I 'inplre la ihlcf Wrsier-
. i"iu niupue u iniuKUUU. Tiaie-i uuur
so uiauto.
Vlr In the Ointment. ItoT4Tr, la
nnublp Defeat lir Att.letl.
Ciiicaoo, Aug. 11. The Athletle
grabbed both games of their double
header with the Whtto Sox to-day. They
won tho first 9 to and the econd i!
to 1. The score would probably have
been mom one sided In tlii final combat
but the fox made a triple piny In the
seventh. With Lord on second and Lapp
nn first. Coombs popped to Collin. Be
fore Lord could get back to second he
wns doubled to Johnson and the latter
threw to Itath, who covered first In time
to triple Lapp.
The second game wan a pitchers battle
between Coombs and Crabb, a recruit.
Ilodlc's homer rounted the only Chicago
run. Schalk, the high priced backstop se
cured from Milwaukee, caught the first
game for the Sox. The tcorcs :
riRST game
pntt.AnriLPHIA (A.I,.)
sb r h oae
b r h p a e
Barry.sa .,611030
t)Mrlng.lf...S 2 3 ? 0 0
Path 2b. .,511450
Matllck.rf.4 12 10 0
t fniiin i.s i n i i n'll I.Oft1.3h.4 n I 1 a l
likrr.3h. .,421220 lllidlr,rf....l 11010
Mclnncs.lb.4 2 3 U I) irj.Cplllns.lbl 0 III J n
.Htrunk,ef....i 14 4 0 oIMcint re.lf I 0 o o 0
n i.nrn,rr .... o n i o ,j n iin..,j :;"
Jh. J ; "i""'.. J J I 5
coombj.p. .0 0 0 0 0 0 Hlerran...,l 1 I 0 0 0
... . . t iiii,,i.,w 1, i , v .
Totals .38 BU27 8 0 Masterly. . I OJJJJJJJ
I Totals.. M 8103714 1
fa) Bstted for While In the elshth Inning.
(1)1 Batted for Clcotle In the ninth Inning.
Philadelphia S ! J J 5 S ! H
Chicago.. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 4 2-
Left on baaea-punadelphla. 7j Chicago, jj.
First base en balls-Oft Bender, J: off White. .
NlrucV out-ny Bender. ,8; by Coombs. 1. Twj
bate h!t-Baker. UaftlcU. Bender. Three base
hlt-K. Collins. Home run-Strtink. Hacrlice
hlt-ri. Colllna. !: Thomas. Mattlck. Stolen base
Thomas. Wild pilches Bender. J. Umpire
In chlef-O'Hrlen, Field umpire Dlneen. Time
1 hour and 35 minutes.
abrhpae, sbrhpae
Bmv.s . 2 0 0 S S o Bath3b.,..4 0 2 2 S 2
OldriniMf. .40110 o'Matllck.ef.S 0 0 4 0 0
(olllnsljbl 0 2 2 2 0111 IfrdbJ ? 0 o 1 0
linker .ih. 4 10 11 0 Bodle.tf.... l 3 s 0 0
Melnnt." b.J 1 0 7 3 o'j Colllnf.lM O 010 1 O
Hirunk.cf....4 0 0 8 0 0 Berran.lf...3 o o 1 o o
I lir! rf, .3 0 3 1 0 0 Johnson.sss 01580
Urn.".. 4 0 18 1 o i:ajterly,c..3 01221
tvSmbs.p..:S 00 4 S 0 frabb.p.. .J! JlUl
Totals ,30 2 7ms"owalsn,p...J)JJ0
I ToUla .20 1 837 IS 3
(01 Baited for Crabb In the eighth inning.
g ? g 5 S S S S Sr
r.Himli 4' by Crabb. 3. Hit by plwner111
Coomb:' lLortR. Two .SKB"uaMcke
r in- liodlr Sacrlflce hits Barry. Majtus.
KSi.- M Miidrtm. Passed bsll-Basterly.
DlKiaViy: B. cSllHa.nd Mf Innlj:
?oHn ' TdSXZ anf luKT Umpire in chief
Dlneen. Held umpire-O'Brien. Tlme-l hour
and 41 minutes.
.. anri urinnm iriDir mar v
slop Browne From Entirely EsTae-
. tltlal
ing Jtriasw -
St. T-ot'is. Aug. 11. -The mighty Walter
Johnson in 1 tne o 1 th()
scoring alter tne taim.
1 ."T.iW 11 1
bT. LOU IS (A. 1.1
b r h p a e
HamlHo'n.p 2 1 0 0 3 1 , ,
7"',:,rf0r Alexander In the elc
3 6 27 2 I
-i.h.i, innini
i elKntn innins. 1
1 oi nat'ied for Alexander In the eignin """
hUiton 0 " j! 1 o ii i o 2 ,
SL"'" w,.. mninn. Three be hit !
norte Sacrifice MMnSiT-SMm
Uportc. (Jandll. I'"f ?,ttr. Milan. 3: Will-
ft wall ef the Brows- I e"
t first base In a recent game.
Waberton makes hits "
n. plnVh that the substltutea
1 Hon running fr
1, ro often batting in
Keep in vwn-
I It . uw...
i-oiKir. TacW Miller is uni u. .... j ... ..i
ehH In theiuts'iVnte-Mtur.. btti h- doe. n Us my little
He stole by I of that sort of thing Jt tne "v
rltch,r, ,r. putting the ball over for
"JiVd mor. this n'!,.1h. he
enloviug ns many strolls to flrat vase as
' did las'
, lasl e-r
, M.!.r and Dole are haUng their uiual
'...it" ,nd neck race with the .lapatlck.
There I. S ten point, difference
Lrtwen them.
Although La Porte han bn dolnf W'M
st'i'Z VrtSith".:.,
Morgan from teiond base.
WlKc'n them
ithouh I.a Tone haa been doing "ell
en'ourh, the IVaahtngtnns as a team nje
'" hn.iJ,ln "0eld 'bis" "mo,1
M,r"ttn ,rom "''"d "."'
Rube Merchant, a oung 'r'ni iin.i.
has pitched two no ht im." 'il. M,Vme
1 lajhU"., ,J.V ,"!?..
Rube Merchant, a oung Virginia twlrler.
company this Merchant eWdently ha. the
Three time, thla aea.on Bill 8e.ny tin
made five hit. In one same, Oppp.lng
nlti hera when such feata were accomp l.hed
Sere Knatier-Rutker. Harmon-iier-Wllll.-Sallee,
and Uenton.
Referring to one of the gamea In Cleve
land, wi are taW that the Itlshlander.
"here the luck come. In In eacaplng a
shutout and et losing Un t clear
w.ra lurKV in .h.c . ...m.wm., ..u.v
ti . . m r.hn n n waha ....ki
A pitcher such a .John"! 01 'Wort ought
to ha a tremendous "Ml In h 7 1, lit
rle.. e.peclally the former with hi. great
flTectleneJ and stamina. In a aen
game aeries ne couia m in r
when It romea to stealing baa.s th.re
aorear. to ba only one real, almon pure
One of the tno.t aucrexful Inatanrea et
a pitcher dropping into ma minora ana in.n
returning to the elite aet Is that of Jean
liubur. He haa been a big factor In what
incisure nf success tho Detroit, hare gained
inn year
The Boston, pummelled the pea hard
enough 10 beat the Cuba twice and might
hu done ao but for the trifling fact that
the Culi. biffed It atlll harder. In Frlday'a
ami s'-ti,ria' gamts a total of sixty htta
wan inmie.
Sneaklnr of rontrol. naa there ever a
pitcher better than Chrl.ty Mathawaon or
his equal? In the laat fifty-four Innings
the New York wlrard haa pitched, the
futy-rpur Inning, reprraentlng seven game,
nu ims given nni iwu ease, on can..
The 1911 Dennant I. lo he hoi. ted at the
Polo r, roil lulu to-day, and th gama will be
railed at 3 o'clock. Tho pennant will be
rained at 2:46, with Mayor (laynor taking
Jan in ine errrmuniee. wnicn win inciuue
11 parade across the field by playera anil
a nana,
There has been talk of Thorpe, the reat
Indian athlete. Jolnlnc the Drofesalonel
liaseb.ill runka. The Pittsburg club haa
hem alter 111111. wen narner. tn uarllale
1 inert"- i"inu juiiiii in ui once una maKR
mid In the blc ensues, but I do ihink
I that In u year or two h would develop
I Into u crack ball player"
At Brans Oral.
, .,. . , n.H.K.
Illll"."." n, . ..... ., ., ., 11 w
K nf HI A. Cubs 3 II 1 1 tl 2 ' o nn
llatterlfs helly and Itei man; Aradtnelll and
II. H.I'
nradley rf nnnnnonn 0-0 s 2
It.eini iniiioi.ri u i a u u u 4 7 7 1
Hattrilcs-.NelchwIth and I'rant; Deulsrh and
RASERALI.. Pelo flrnnnd., To-daj. nianla
vs. Ml. lamia. Ceremony of unfurling the National
League Pennant fnr aea.on ef I nil at 3 I', U
ItcKrved aeata and bnges at Clu's oBlct, tb
AW. Diug-i v IV M n. Miv.
Promise They Gave When They
Left for the West Has Not
Been Fulfilled.
His Consistent Pitching Holds
Ont Encouragment As to
With the departure of the Olants this
week for the most Important trip of th
season thiough the West for them, the
Highlanders return to their own domicile.
The promise of better things given by
the llllltoppers when they were home last
was not fulfilled on the road. A credit
able stand was made In St. Louis and
Chicago, but when Detiolt and Cleveland
were struck tho New Vorki collapsed
attain and are returning home with con
siderably less than an even division of
the spoils.
The St. Louis Browns, who are the only
rivals of the Highlanders In a fight for
a position, are playing better now than
at any tlmo this season. They have de
veloped some degree of steadiness, a
characteristic not possessed by seventh
and eighth place teams, except steadi
ness In losing, and have done pretty well
against the Eastern clubs. They not only
Jarred the lied Sox, but put a large crlaip
In Washington's chances.
It In not unlikely that the Highlanders
will brace when they come home and
play as they were playing when they went
away last time. Their showing from now
on Is of significance In what It points to
for next year. Then again what they do
to opposing teams will be Interesting, and
doomed to the second division though they
are they can and probably will make their
presence felt by Jolting the teams In the
running and complicating the race for first
All things considered Jeff Tesreau haa
pitched ball of good and consistent quality
for the Giants for over a month and
therein lies encouragement for the Giants
for tho rest of the season. In only one
of the games In which Tesreau was taken
out of the box In the month specified waa
It becauto he waa being hit hard. The
other times were because It was advisable
to put In a pinch hitter. The Olants
weren't able to make many runs behind
the big pitcher, but he has been doing his
part well, as a review of his games will
Beginning on July 1. Tesreau waa sup
planted by Ames in a game with Boston,
but the total hits of the Bostons was only
elKht, and the Olants won the game.
Tesreau pitched part of a game against
Brooklyn on July 4 after the Superbaa
hud knocked Mathewson out of the box.
Ills next game was In Chicago on July
s', when he did admirable work after the
Cubs had disposed of Marquard. That
was the game which marked Marquard'
first defeat. Tesreau relieved Ames In
Chicago on July 10, again doing excellent
work until he gave way to a pinch hitter.
The Cubs made a total of only five hits In
the game.
Tesreau faced the Cubs In Chicago
nguin on July 16, was opposed to Laven
der and lost his game although only
.even hits were made off htm. The Giants
made only one run that day and the Cuba'
three tallies beat them. On July SO, In
Pittsburg, the Olants beat the Pirates.
2 to 1. Tesreau pitching the first eight
Innings and Mathewson the last. Three
., .... ,,, , ... .,t
. ... .ro a th pratM amassed and
Tesreau was taken out only to allow a
pinch hitter to go In. The neds treated
him harshly on July 2.
Ttie Cubs made only six hits In aeven
Innings off Tesreau on July 19 and
enrned only one run off him. That was
the game they won because of a New
York batted ball hitting tne umpire ana
Murray letting a ball roll between his
legs. On August 2 Tesreau shut out the
Heds and held them to five bits, un
August 6 he started against the 1'irates.
pitched four Innings and held the oppo
sition to four hits In that time. Krrors
behind him accounted for the hostile scor
ing and he was doing his part all right
until a man was put in to hit for him.
Ills Pitching was good enough to win. Ills
next game was August 10, when he held
the Cardinals to fivo hits and beat them.
As the Giants don't play on Tuesday
and Wednesday this week McOraw ought
to be able to use bis pitchers to advan
tage against the Cubs in Chicago the lat
ter part of the week, opening with Mar
quard, then giving them Tesreau. who haa
been effective against them, then Mathew
Other Olysaplc Competitors Cease la
nn the Yuri.
Another detachment of Olympic ath
letes arrived yesterday on the American
liner New York. By far the bulkiest or
the crowd wa Ralph W. nose, tho shot
putter who won his second Olympic title
at thu guniea at ntoclthoim. mere were
many swimmers In the party Including
Duke Kahanamoku, who not only won tha
100 meter swim, but established a now
record for the distance. A. P. Lane, the
New York boy who surprised the foreign
ers by his accuracy in revolver shooting
and who also treated the spectators to a
record performance, was another of the
passengers. Paul Pilgrim, the assistant
manager was also on the New York, to
gcther with the following competitors:
A. urundage, weight thrower; C C.
t niias, nammer thrower; Ira c. Court
ney, sprinter; W. 11. Fritz, pole vaulteri
J. J. Gallagher, Marathon runner; P. C
Gerhard!, eprlnter ; M. W. Hawkins, hur
dler; Capt. D. Henry, rifle shooter; K.
Huszagh, swimmer; E. F. Dlndberg,
sprinter; W. MrClure, distance runner; P.
McGllllvray, swimmer : N. P. Nerlch,
swimmer, and II. N. Putnam, middle dis
tance runner.
New York (Mate Leagae.
title l o o n o n o o n-IW'n
Albany... ,. ...o o o n o o o u-o e i
Iislterle-I)owd and Hitter: Frlel and Brady.
Cilea nnoon n-?:'Hj'E0'
Albany n n t o o n 2 s 7 i
Datterles-Malloy and miter; Mclniyre and
at Timy.
Syracuse 1 1 o n 2 i n n o-5'Vi
Troy 2 S o 2 n o n 2 7 b 3
llaftrrles llachman and Knolls; llarklns and
wnuesbirre nioonoon 1 j'lVo
Elmlra nooonnoo 0-0 e n
Hattrrles-Gslaer and briefer; Swift and
W. L. PO.
W. L. If).
Albany s u ,476
Syracuse. ,.,4U m ,ig
Srranion.. ,40 M .451
lllngh'mton.43 M ,420
.CI O .902
Utlra 2 47 ,Mi
Elmlra U .634
Wllkesbarre,.U M ,!
Trl-State I.eagae Standing.
. . W. I,, pc.i
W. 1. nr
nrri.narg,,.Ki 33 ,nin
WllmtBgtea,40 an ,43
It.adlnr 40 A .4AS
irenion oe ,i ,iinn
Allestnwa...,(t 30 ,6W
AtlantteClty.ts 40 .MJ,
York a en ,411
Chester 27 W ,314
Connect lea t Leagae.
At Naw Haven New Haven, 1; Spring
field, 0.
At Bridgeport Hartford, 11; Bridge
port, 4.
At Watarbury Holyake, 4. Waterbury 3,
W. I,. If. I W, I.. PC.
New Haven. SI 20 .anlHolroke 41 44 .Utt
nrldfeporl...4U 40 .KWISprlntflf ld..3T 62 ,41ft
11. mora so si .wiiyiernury,.jj r,j
Cotton Hlatea l.eagae,
Jack.on. 4; Vlrk.hurg, I
Nn other same, scheduled,
aUaalL Wasfelagia Park, Ta-day a
r. as. inwrii n. rns.m. ,
No games were scheduled for yesterday
on account of tho teams being ! the
landing of the Clatts.
Naw Terk
'. 610
St. Lents.
a 1
amfa Lest.
88 73
Today's flehrdale.
Rt. Lout. In New Tork.
Pltt.burg In Brooklyn.
Chicago In Boston.
Cincinnati In Philadelphia.
Farthersaoro Hams Witiir Cl
Wot ! to Become Msmaartnr.
in anlta of tha usual rumors, Fred
Clerk, will nisaia tha PlttSbUrga nest
year and for many yeara to come. Clarke It
one of the nest manager in xne prow
slon and nobody values him more than
hla emr.lr.ver. R. Drevfuss. Persons who
persist In declaring that Hans Wagner
will succeed Clarke should take a peek
at Honus when he reads such statements
In the newspapers. "I wouldn't manage
the Plratea or any other ball club for
$100,000 a year," said Wagner on Sat
urday. "I am not looking for trouble and
when I can't play any more I'm going to
ault the game and become a lan.
"Do you know why Hans Wagner is
nlavinr batter than ever thla year?'
asked Mike Donlln the other day. "The
anawer is easy. The big Dutchman's
hands are growing bigger and his arms
are getting longer all the time. Besides
the ball looks twice as large to him when
It sails over the plate. Han may have
wrinkles and gray hair, but he's halt
the Pittsburg team Just the same."
John MoOraw Isn't worrying about tha
Qtanta. Hla closest friends say he Is re
markably confident. McOraw Isn't aur
prised at the New Tork team's slump
because he realizes that the terrific pace'
making l the cause of It. But the little
manager Is earnestly looking for a great
brace. He doesn't believe the Cubs or
the Pirates can win enough games to
overhaul the Giants between now and
October t. and privately. It Is said, he
la willing to bet on his opinion. McOraw,
however. Isn't talking for publication. He
Isn't claiming tho pennant. He will not
have to eat crow If the Giants fall. In
short. McGraw Is getting all the work pos
slblo out of the New York playera and
Is preparing for a desperate resistance
if the worst comes to the worst.
Kahananaokn Art-Ire Too Late for
Meet at Jamaica.
Duke Kahanamoku. the Hawasln swim
mer. who won at the Olympic games, was
to be the attraction at the swimming meet
of the Jamaica Yacht Club held at Rofk
away yesterday. The Duke arrived only
yesterday on the New Tork and there
fore did not put In an appearance so the
100 yard Invitation race arranged for his
benefit was declared off. Many crack
swimmers competed, the honors of the
day going to U. W. King of the New
Tork A. C. who won thn Harlequin race
finished second In the 100 yard handicap
and with K. H. Krapp. came off victorious
in canoe tilting.
Richard Frizelle, the City A. C. cham
pion, waa the scratch man In the 500 yard
race, but the handicaps were too much
for him and the best he could get was
third place. The summaries;
100 Yard Handicap Won by P. W. Pal
mer, New York A. C, 12 seconda; D. V.
King, New York A. C. 16 aeconda. second:
J. nam man. unattached, It second., third.
Time 56 4-S seconda.
60 Yard Novice Won by J. Black, unat-
tacnea: a. waiaman, city a. c second:
vt. iiyan. unaiiacnea. intra. Time:,
id Yard Harleauln Race Won hr w. w.
King, New Tork A. C; Joseph A. Ruddy,
..v.- wn n. .... Kinn, ii. n. frpp, jiew
lork A. C, third. Time tl second..
own iara nanqicap won By E. vvilllama.
rsienmore A. C 1 minute IS aerends: A. J.
I'alenaear. unattached, 1 minute 13 aeconda.
"on(,:n.?- frizelle. City A. C scratch,
third. Time C minute. I aeennda.
Canoe Tilting Won by B. W. King and
5-Ji- Is'app. New Tork A. C; Joseph A.
Huddy. New Tork A. C, and J. J. Curran.
City A. C. aecond.
Fancy fJIW-g Won by P. A. Mullen, New
Vork A. KO points; W. H. Dunn, New
!ork :. c" "cond. 114 points; A. B.
Down.. N.w Terk A, C. third. 100 points.
At Port Cheater.
Port Che.ter. ..t I ! I t O I .Aul'
N. V. Fire Dept. 00010040 0 a a
Batterlea-Sralth sad Woods; H. Smith and
At ClenaaJe.
Farmer.. . .31000001) 7i 13 2
WlUl.m.port. ...0 00 10000 I 4 S 1
DaiterleaRaberkoro and Aerelli; Reynolds
and Fritz.
At Arctic Park.
n.H. e.
Farlner B B. C., 0 o o o t o o o 3 a s
Cmplxe City I o o 0 l o o 3 .. i l
Batteries Lee and Murray; Waltbers and
Arlington. toooaoio 06 (
Empire City. . 1 0 1 0 1 o 2 0 37 8 4
Batterlea-Ogden and KeUey; Olten snd Dllzel.
Cuban Glsnla.
Pullmans..,. .
o 0 0 4 0 0 1 0 a s
0 0 0 3 0 1 0 0 09
At Stapleton, S. I.
n. b. e.
D anbury. . .111013010 TBI
Stapleton soaooooo ..-4 7 3
Batteries Tblre snd Clark: Klnsella and Rip
Icy. At Haat Point.
ft B E
llorlln. 0 0110110 04 s 0
Bsrelto A.C.....0 0 I 1 0 0 0 0 03 0 2
Bstteriee-am and McQuillan; Kodgen and
At Jaspar Oral.
..I... ruh 003 1 loon, a 11 2
Tomahawk. ooinoooo 03 7 4
At Newark.
Tl. B. E.
Oranie A. C 3 0 3 0 0 0 1 0 0 s 1
Newark Athletic... .0 000010 4 t-S.
Batirrlea-sJlasltouter and Kilns; Drummond
and Curtl..
At rooklya.
Smart Set.., 0 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 S
lioval tllan a 0 0 1 0 1 0 0 1 1-4
Hatlerl'r.-lVblte and William.; Wlrkware and
Western l.eagae.
Omaha. 6: Lincoln. 0.
Topeka t D.a Molne... 4.
Wichita. II 81" L'lty, 2 (flrat game),
Wichita, S; Hloux City, 4 fa.cond gain),
Bt? Joseph. 10; Denver. 7.
W. I.. PC. I W. L. PO
DaiTer 03 .HlSleusCtr.,M U .001
Omaha. .... .imiWIcblf H 17 ,4i
St Joieeh ..W it .Ml I Lincoln 51 . ,,M
Ue's afolne....l7 62 ,f23Topk 10 71 ,1U
Proapect Park Baaeball Recall.
Monitor. S: Paerad Heart, .
Kcho. IJ; Cornel, I.
Acorn. Alpine, 6,
Career 1). II. C. : Pulton A. C. I.
Suburban Arrows, 9: Laetltla A. C, 2.
National. li Vraeporl, t.
Klroy r .C, 10: 81, Joseph. 2.
Mnhawkt, ! Heaitergood, 4.
Triangle. 20; Calunifla, 4.
at. MwyaClub, lli St. I'atar's Haajrvsa, ,
auB0Bt, M; lUntia-Jlf..4 ..
Again Defeats Frenchman
Frlol, This Tiino in Two
Straight Heats at One JMe. '
Youngster Wins Two Mile Race
for Amateur ChampionsHip,
Clinching Title.
That the man who will lower the colors
of National Champion Frank U Kramer
has not yet been developed was pretty
well demonstrated at the Newark vclo
drome yesterday afternoon, when Emllc
Frlol, the French expert, rated as the beat
man In Europe, and who was brought to
this country esoeclallv to race Kramer,
went down to defeat In two atralght heats
at one mile each before tne American
wonder. It wa Kramer's second vic
tory ever Friol In aa many matches,
The American haa taken the foreigner's
measure In four heats In succession and
aa each ha beaten all the other cyclists
racing here without losing a single neat,
there doesn't aoDear to be anything to
atop Kramer In the world'a champion
ship, which are to be neid at isewarK
Aurtut 25. 28 and SCDtember 1
First gave Kramer a much harder race
vesterdav than he did Wednesday night.
The men employed the usual tactic of
balancing their machines on tne trncx at
the start of the heats, and at this Kramer
proved the more adept, a In eacn neat
he compelled First to rid on nrst. xnen
the race was slow for four laps with the
rest racing being crowded Into the last
tw atrcults. Kramer, from behind.
caught First napping coming to the last
lap of the race and with a quick apnnt
nuaaed htm In front of the grand stand.
The Frenchman responded gamely and
got up even with Kramer through the
backatretch. Kramer, naving tne aa
vantage of the Inside course on tho turn.
nulled ahead a trifle, but First came
tronc again In the homestretch and ex
tended Kramer to tne limit to win ny a
alz Inch margin. The second heat was
easier for the American. He took the
lead while going at a slow pace two lap
from home, and by watching the Frencn-
man' every move timed himself to
"Jump" when First did. Consequently he
always Kept nair a wneei aneaa ana
won by about eighteen Inches.
Donald Macuougait. tne young rsew-
arker Is proving the Kramer of the ama
teur ranks. He added ni rourtn vic
tory In the amateur champlomhlps by
taking the two mile titular race. Each
event that he wins stamps him aa the
champion of that distance, and all to
gether, counting 6 points for each first
place, accords a total of 20 points, which
assures him of the American champion
ship for 1911.
Clarence Carmen, the Jamaica, I.. I.,
cyclist, who haa been the season's sensa
tion In the motor paced part of the sport,
captured the four cornercfl motor paced
race In two straight heats of five miles
each. He wa paced by Jimmy Hunter,
and although he took the first heat easily
from In front he wss off last In tne
second and was obliged to ride around
four men.
Norman Anderson, representing Den
mark, by a steal three laps from homo
won the race of all nations, Kramer
coming In second, beating out Alfred
Qrenda of Australia and Marcel Dupuy of
France. The summary:
Three Mile Handicap. Amateur Won by
Thomaa Smith (160 yarda); Raymond baton
(161 yarda). aecond, Leonard T.boul (10
yarda), third; Frank Whitney 1220 yard.),
fourth. Time 4:21 t-J.
Itace of All Nation.. Professional, One
Mile Won by Norman Anderaon. Denmark;
Frank Kramer. America, recond; Alt Oren
da. Au.tralla. third: Marcel Dupuy, France,
fourth: Peter Drobach, Poland, nfth. Floyd
Kreba flnlahed fifth .but waa diaqualllled for
not making pace. Time till
On Mile Invitation Race, Profexlonal
Won by Walter De Mara: Krneat Jokua,
aecond; Edward Rupprecht. third; Albert
Creba, fourth; Werner Deck, fifth. Time
" 27
Two Mile Tandem Race, Open Profea
alonal Won by Menu. Dedell and Tommy
8mtth: Jumbo Well, and George Cameron,
aecond; Jacob Magln and Dave Mackay,
third: Dennle Hill and Willie Coburn.
fourth; Walter De Mara and Alt Grenda,
fifth. Time 3:51 2-fi,
Five Mile Motor Paced Race. Professional
Flrat Heat Won by Carmen, paced by
Hunter; Lawrence, paced by Sllne, aecond;
Jamea Moran. oaced bv Tursllle. third;
John Dedell, paced by Iluden. fourth. Time
7:14. Second Heat Carmen, flrat; Bedell.
csiwi xioran, intra; Lawrence, fourth.
Time 4:63 S-6.
One Mile Novice. Amateur Won by Fred
Wolaln; Edgar Davis, second. 'Time 2:24.
Two Mile National Ch.mplonshlp, Ama
teurWon by Donald McDougall; Che.ter
Smith, aecond; Norman Hansen, third:
Frank Blatr, fourth. Tlma 4:24.
.. H'.f M." Handicap, Profeealonal Won
by Al Trlehel (lo yard.); Jay Eaton (to
Teda), second: Dennle Hill (140 yards),
third: Joaenh Rattier mo vs.h.i .a,...s!
Albert Creba (61 yards), fifth: Floyd Krebi
ivw fsiusi, sixin, time o:ai s-e.
Special Match Race. Profeolonal. One
Mile Frank Kramer against Emll Frlol
Won by Vr.m.r in ..l.s. ....- .
First best. 4:01; second best. 4:87.
Prentice Haa Mortage on Cap.
SgA BHtaar. N. J.. aui. 11 1 n 4 ha Inal
championship tennis tournament on the
courta of the Be Bright Lawn Tennis and
Cricket Club grounds here this afternoon
oernon o. wntlce. defeated Charles C.
AUChincloas fnr tha hamnUnahln
Ingles by the scores of 64. 04 ana 7 5.
.....n ubb svun 100 cnampionsnip cup
for singles nine times, counting his victory
"V.? ie4r.- The flnsl" ' l he mixed doubles
111 be played to-morrow.
Herreikol'i 2'a Take Foaraosne.
MANCHgSTM. Aug. 11. Fred Herres-
norr ana Francis oulmet were pitted
against Walter J. Travla and B. Warren
Corkran this morning at EkwannW ami
the aecond named pair won by the mar
gin of 1 up. Mr. Herressoff contributed
a pair of 2' during tha round and the
best ball of the four totalled 67.
American Association.
W. L. PC. I
MlaaeaDolia. SO 40 Ml
W I. TV.
Milwaukee. .54 64 ,4M
St. Paul 64 S3 ,43
Louisville... 45 74 .378
Columbus.... 76 41 ,M
Toledo 71 4 .414
aaDMI Cl!y,.f9 C2 ,4U
maianaponsu 72 ,374
Milwaukee oooooooooooonoo 11 10 6
w icsiu. ....uvuuuuuuuuuuooo OO S 3
uaitenes siapmca ana Hughes; Talkenberg
and Land.
ti w 1
Minneapolis S J t!
Columbus 1 5 3
Batlerles-Olniled and Owens; Packard and
fnffianapolfs.' ! '. '. 1 ! " ' ' J '? n
Batteries-Powell and James; Robinson and
Kansas City a" ? 0
IndlanapoU " ' ", J JJ
Batterlea Rhodes and James: Men and MrKee
St. faul. 5 '01
Louisville.... 10 ij n
Batteries-Leroy and Casey; Maddux aid
St. Paul ,.7" I? 'i
LualsvlUe 1 a. 5
Batteries Relger and Casey; Vl!endlnihm
snd Sc. lei.
New Isilssi Staadl
W. L. PC.
W. L. PC.
Lynn 4 4 .ens
Haverhill 43 f.S ,4jj
N. Bedfar.l...40 u .aa
Lowell U W .MM
Lwrcc...,M M .CM
Worcester., as 42 .UI
Brockton fa) as ,e:i
I Pall Hive r.. 3D so .575
Montgomery, I, Memphta. S (first gama)
Montgomery, i; Memphis. 0 taecnnd game).
New Orlsana. : Atlanta. K (flrat Saint!
Naw Orleans, I; Atlanta, t uecnnd garnet
Mobile. I. Chatunooia, l, (Thirteen in
lags. drkna). .
Yesterday' nesolta.
Montreal, t; Jersey City. 2. Flrat game.
Montreal, 7; Jersey City, . Fecond game.
(Five Innings, rain.)
Rocheater, 4; Newark, 2. First game.
Newark, J: Rochester, 1. Second game.
Providence-Toronto, rain.
Standing of the L'lnbs.
w. t rr. w. t. rc.
nnhaler....n7 4 .13 .ferae fllr. fli f .42
Toront l ' .teoin.uft.ln M M .11
naitimore....! wi .bi Montreal..., o
Newark 64 M .487 Provldence.,47 f2 .431
To.iUy'fl Schedule.
Montreal In Jersey City.
Rochester In Newark.
Buffalo In Baltimore.
Toronto In Prorldence,
Merelfal Bain Stop Second Kncona-
ter Before It Become Slaaa-hter.
Montreal made a clean sweep over Jer
sey City by annexing both halves of yes
terday's double header nt West Hldn I'nrlt.
Tho visitors won the opening event by n
score of 3 to 2 and came back In the
final setto with a 7 to 0 victory. Only
fivo Innings, weie played In the curtain
net, a hard shower driving the players to
The score :
ab r h d e
sbr h pas
DemmttLef.4 0 1 0 0 0
Thoney.lf.,4 0 0 S 0 0
Connelly,lf..4 moo
Hanford.rf..! o 1 2 o 01
janrrin.su. 4 n 1 s t 0
Seb'fly.lb..4 0 0 3 2 0
rourmer.iD.a 1 110 o oinar ws.cr.,4 o 1 a o a
Cun'h'm.2b.4 0 0 2 2 0
Belcher, Sb.2 0 0 1 s o
Purteil.n.,.4 o 0 2 S 0
nurna.c 1 0 000
Welta.c 4 o o 8 S 0
Knight. lb. .5 0 012 o 1
lurtell.3b..2 1 0 0 I 0
llondeau.rn 1 0 1 0 0
Manser,p...2 00010
oKelly,. ,,1 0 0 0 0 0
Vlebahn.p..o 0 0 0 1 0
Total... 812 "2 27151
amitn.p 3 1 1 o 4 1
Totals... M "512757
() Halted for Manser in tne eigntn inning.
Montreal 0 0 2 0 0 0 1 0 o .1
Jersey city 0 0200000 02
rirst base on errors Jersey City, 1: Montreal, 1,
Home runs Connelly, founder. Stolen bae
Thoney. ltt on bases Jersey City, 4: Mon
treal. 4. First base on balls Oft Manser, 4: off
Smith, 2. .Struck ont ny Manser, l: by Vle
bahn, 1: by Smith, 7. Umpire In chief Carpenter.
Field umpire Nallan. Time 1 hour and 44
abrhpael sbrhpae
remmltt,cf.4 1210 olThoney.lf..s no I no
Connelly.ir..3 1110 oljanvrta.ss.2 0 112 1
Hanford.rf.. 2 1 2 0 0 ol.Srhlany,2b 2 0 1 18 0
P'nler.lb....S I 1 10 oftlarrows.cf 10 10 0 0
c n gn m.ins 1201 oiKenv,rr....2 0 0 z 1 0
netcherjb. 2 10 11 0IKnlcht.1b..2 0 0 4 0 0
ii.i'unen.ss.a u i 1 z o
PiirtellJb..: OOIOI
Madden.e. .3 0 1 2 0 0
McTliue.p.S 110 2 0
Rondeau.e.2 0 0 5 1 0
Mcttaie.p..: 00010
Totals.. ..29 7111.1 e 0
Totals. ..18 0 SIS A 2
Uame called on account of ram.
Montreal I 0 s I 27
Jersey City 0 0 0 o 04)
Mrat base on error Montreal. Three naae bit
Nohlafly. Home run Cunningham. Stolen baae
Harrows. Lef t on baaes Jeraey Cltv. 4: Mont
real. 0. nrst oooe on Dana orr Mcnaie, s: orr
.Mdlaue. 1. Struck out nv MrHale. A- hy Me-
Time. 2. Wild nltch MrHale. I.'mnlre In chief
Nallan. Field umpire Carpenter. Time 1 hour
aau u minuirs.
IVeiv ark's Old Jinx Poor Fielding;
GItc Roeneater ITnearned. Victory
Newark and Rochester divided a double
header In Newark yesterday, but the lo
cals should have won both games. MeGIn
nlty held tho champions down to three
hits In eight Innings of the flrat game,
when he retired to allow Smith to bat
for him. With proper support he would
have shut Rochester out. The Newarks
batted more opportunely In the second
game. The score:
abrhpae sbrhpae
K'kp't'k.Jb.4 oils 1 M'MI!!sn,s4 1112 1
Colllns.rf....4 0040 01DolanJb...8 0 0 2 4 0
Seymour.rf.4 0120 oConroy.lf..4 0 0 4 0 0
Swaelna.lb.4 0 1 10 1 0 Lellvelt.rf .4 I 1 I 0 o
Hartman.ea.2 0 0 1 I 0 Spenrer.tb4 0 112 1 0
aBernard .1 1 1 0 0 0 Osborn.cf.,3 112 0 0
Vauahn.ss. .1 0 0 0 0 ol Ji)hnaon.2b4 1 0 '1 6 0
V..lm'n.lf..4 0 1 2 0 Ollllalr.e 4 0 0 4 0 0
K Ztm nJb.,4 0003 l.Akrra.p... 3 0 0 0 2 0
Jiisvms.c . ,3 o u n 1 u
6McCariy. .1 0 0 n o 0
M'n'nlty.p.,3 01001)
U'llhelm.p .0 ooot
Totals. ..33 4 52714 1
rSmlth 0 1 0 0 0 0
Kmmann.p 000100
Totals.. . 84 2 02711 2I
(a) Ratted for Hartman In the seventh Inning.
ir Ratted for Hit sins in the ninth Inning,
in Ratted for Mct.lnnlty In the eighth Inning.
Newark 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 0-2
Rochester 1 2 0 0 0 000 14
Two baae hits w. Zlmmrrnam, Illvelt. Sac
rifice hit Dnlan. Stolen bases McMillan. 0
born. First baae on balls on McUlnnlty. 1: oft
Akera. I. Struck out Rv MMilnnllv. S: hv ALera.
3. Wild pltchea-Mcdlnnlly, Akera. Hlts-Of!
aicuinnit-. a in eisni inninrs: on iinrmirin, z in
one Inning: off Akers. A In seven tnnlnga: oft Wll
helm, none In two Innlncs. Urtt baae 00 errors
Newark. 1: Rochester. 2. Left on bases Newark.
L: Rochejter. 4. Umpire In chief Murray. Field
umpire asauuews. iimv-i nuur auu JJ min
an r n p a e sbrhpae
Klrlrp'kJb.J 1012 0 MrMtrn.as.4 1 1 f 4 0
Colllns.rf....s 1210 0nolanjb...s 02110
Rernard.cf..4 0 0 0 0 0
Conrov.lf. 4 0 1 0 0 0
swoelna.tb.2 OJllon
Vsulhn.sa .S O 0 I II II
W.Zfm'n.lf..S 112 2 0
n.Zlm'nJb..l 00040
Smlih.c S 0 100
uciivrit.rr..4 01100
Spencer.lb 4 0 1 12 o 0
t)snorn,rr..4 02400
Johns'nb.t OIUO
Jackl'ch.c.3 0 1 2 3 0
Dent.p. 100000
Klepfrr,p..2 0 0 0 0 0
atiaicn. ..1 o u u u u
Totals .25 s tnu 1
wiineim.n o 0 o n o o
6 Ward... 1 0 0 0 0 0
Totals M 1 102413 0
(a) Batted for Klrsler In the aeventb Inning
to) Batted for Wllhelm In the ninth inning.
Newark n 0 0 3 t 0 0 o . 3
Rochester.. .. .00100000 01
Two baae hltA n. Zimmerman. Calllna.
Spencer. Three base hit Smith. Sacrifice hits
nernara. v.. Zimmerman, aacrtnee ny swacina.
Stolen base Johnson. First base on balls OS
Dent. 2: oft Klepter. 2. Struck out By Dent. 4;
by Klepf er. 2: by Wllhelm. I. Wild Pitch Klepfer.
Double plays w. Zimmerman ana Smith: John
son ana anencer. nrei naae on error Rochester.
Left on bases Newark, s: Roehater. 10. Umpire
in cniri niiuirwB. ring umpvc Murray.
i line 1 110m auu au minutes.
Pirate Recralt Treated Harshly.
Lono Branch, N. J.. Aug. 11. Before
a large summer colony gathering of
baseball enthusiasts at the Hollywood
ball park Long Branch, defeated the
Pittsburg team of the National League
by a score of 11 to 10. The game was
featured by the neavy hitting of the o
cal team. Bauer, a new mnn on the
Smoky City's pitching staff, was on the
mound for the visitors and the locals
collected sixteen hits from his bender.
Including a home run and three triples.
Luque, the local twlrler, pitched a nice
even gome, holding tho big leaguers to
eight scattered hits, one of which was a
home run by Byrne with the base full.
The score;
Long Branch 1 3 1 0 1 0 2 3. 11
Hlttaburg.. ... ..0 4 2 2 0 1 0 0 1-10
Btt erlei Luque and Gonzales; Bauer and
Moaey saved II yoa arc Wise.
Wc caa aavc you moaey on all
makes, all sixes, all treads,
all types
The greatest reduction over ofTereal
on fully guaranteed tire. They come
from Akron, Wo agreed not to adver
tise the name.
2815 . M.70 3014 , .$U 80 3(x4!i
30 ,. B. 45 SI ,20 5 35
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3ois , is.rs ss :im ,17
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32 , 14.70 3S , 23.4H 43
33 IMS 30 .. 24.24 SSlS
31 IS 14 40 , 27.18 M
33 . 17,43 31
. 2l)3
30 SO
701717 A 3-00 Waterproof
rWJL-Tire Cover (any
c lor) free with every purchase.
If you want cheaper good we have
regular factory second. Writo iih
your want.
wi: auu KiGirriNG the combination,
Stein Tire & Rubber Co.
Ida alldlag. Mil Iroadway
llet. Uth and Mth Nta.
Commissioners to Hear A Uracil
Cnscs of Tampering Willi
Glove Expert?.
Jack Britton and Eddie Smith
Heady for Their Ten Bound
Bout This Evcninp.
Formal complaint will be lodged b 11,.
management of tho Oarden A. C. with t ,
Sfalo Athletto Commlssslon agoltiM th.
Ht. Nicholas A. U. this week, tho eh.nk..
liclng thn nllegcd tampering with cciIh,u
boxers who weie Induced to tuenk itstn
mcnts with the larger club. Manager Uli.
son of the Oarden A. U. will bo advlifd
by the club's stockholders lo push 11, .
charges to tho limit. In cplte of thn Lut
that he and tho McMuiion brothem, ptu.
motcrs of the tit. Nicholas A. C, nic oll
when Gibson took hold 01 tne Garden
A. C.'s affairs the McMahons ucrn h
first to congratulate him and to suggest
an amicable working agreement by which
there would be no conflicting dates am
each club would respect the other's ne
gotiations and agreements with boxers. It
wa plain sailing for several weeks. Then,
Gibson sayo. no practically sccureii th
match between Leach Cross and Youn
Jack O'Brien. Terms were accepted and
a date was ngrced upon, when suddenly it
became known that the St. Nicholas A, t'
had, In some way, secured this bout,
which was decided last Wednesday nlsht
In the Hlxty-slxth street rink.
Willie Hecchcr, through nis supposed
manager, signed an agreement to box In
one of tho bouts In the Uatden to-night
That was a week ago. Several days late
BeccherB manager told Gibson that
another person In Beecher'a buhalf hiul
algned a contract witn tne M. iMcnolas
A. C by which Bcecher would hate to
meet Frank Plcalo there and that th"
agreement with the Garden A. O. couM
not be lived up to.
Gunboat Smith, the California heavy-
weight, according to Gibson, agreed to
box Tom Kennedy In tho Garden a week
from to-night. Last Friday Gunbo.it
Smith sent word to the Garden A. C. that
he could not meet Kennedy us arranged
for the reason that he had accepted nn
offer from tho 8t. Nicholas A. C. to box
Porky Flynn of Boston.
In view of the fact that Gibson has
Dlaved fair with the McMahons thn Oar
den A. C.'s backers havo lost patlciicr.
Gibsons skill In making matches bus
simply provided Ideas for the St. Nicholas
A. C. Three first class matches arranged
by Gibson have been broken up by th"
McMahons, according 10 tho Garden A
C. people, and the Ktatc Athletle Coin
mission will bo asked whether tamporltr.:
with boxers can go along without pun
ishment of some kind.
To make a good cleanup in tills mat
ter It has been suggested that not nn!
the St. Nicholas A. C. be penalized If the
charges are substantiated hut n- th"
boxer who are accused of breaking lliei.
agreements with the Gaidvn A. C The
commission earlier In the jcar halcil
many such offender to tho court of box
ing und forced them to live up tu thdr
The McMahons, by the way, ate In Chi
cago, trying to Induce, jack JoIiiimui In
box Jeannette nt the Itlnk. Johni-on n
fused 120,000 guaranteed by the Gut den.
which seats four times as many pernor"
as the Itlnk. If the .Mc.Mnhuiif 11IT1
Johnson J30.000 Ml' Arthur, nn online,
to word from the Windy City, will insist
upon having the whole amount ported be
foro he signs articles, if he Hlqns at nil.
Eddie Smith, the hard hltttns llurlem
lightweight, who Is going up agalnxt Jack
Britton of Chicago In the Garden I"
night, says tho good thlngn publlsliul
about Brltton's ability make him uoan
Smith at his training quarters yestcrduv
declared that he would puncture Button's
reputation Just as he spoiled Pal Moore's
two weeks ago In the Garden. Smith, In
other words, thinks ho can subdue llrll
ton by heavy slugging and ovet whelming
rushing tactics. Britton must win this
bout decisively if he hopes to successfully
ask Packey McFarland for a return match.
The second ten round bout lietwern
Young Kurtz and Al McCoy, rival welter,
promises to be a slashing affair, nltli
many hair raising situations. Packe
Hommey, who looks and boxes like Mc
Farland, shapes up with Young Rellly In
the third star bout. Two six round pre
liminaries will be staged as usual. thi
first gong sounding nt S :30 o'clock sharp
William Mulfloon, who saw the Mr
Carty.Stewart bout last week, says that
the present crop of white heavyweight
can be rated In this order: Al Palitr
Bombardier Wells, Iuther McCarty, Carl
Morris, Tom Kennedy and Jim Stewart
Muldoon believes that McCarty, with
proper handling and much experience, cm
be developed Into a great fighter.
Jim Savage haa been engaged to Iw
Tom Kennedy In conjunction nith Hi"
Luther McCarty-Jesse Wlllard bout In th
Gat den next Monday night.
K. I. T. League.
Handeraon, 2; Evansvlllt, 1,
Clarkavtlle. : Cairo, S.
Paducab. S; Hopktnsvltle, 1.
PIEHCK ARROW, large five passemer Tourinc.
fully equipped, thoroughly overhauled: '
model, 2 n. P.: price 7W.
SAKFOKD. 411 Park av.; corner MID St
im f nu iKnentA .... all
pncee; urnvciy. wagons, x'ui up laxi.
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L'SKIl CAKS-Inlrndlug purchasers "ill Mu
to Inspect our atock of "iroiifd Inv' before of
riding. OI.DSMOIIlLi: CO., I:n llrnmliu)'
Auteaiablle tnsiruiliun.
FOR OWNERS; proapeetlv owners: noi
reura; thoroughly practical course; rlar or
nlnt; boeklet oa request. WEST SI nr. V. .
h . vat ei in si. i cirpiinno ui '
lelephone, IIS1-7IS7 Columbu". . .
I II I lUltTC. """I ht. "old. anil llti hantr I
I Nil mnnCw Tlnns.Sq, Auto Co.. 1710. HriM'la.
I BtJICK Xolor Co.. R'was. -.
1 aJMIr Mih Sta. Phone 4043 Conimbit
! KMIIV K" Auliitnolillei iiinpsu)
aWWA I8M.HM llrnadway I'lione till
. BJftAHCLL a Weal Slst St. Plume lit)
Vm aUvastWtr Mta SU Ties IIM'I

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