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SUN, -MONDAY, AUGUST 26, 1912.
Wliiimnii's Assistant Will Ques
tion Officials of Institu
tions To-day.
MnirMrnii Sn.vs Ho Will Unvo
1 1 i m Am'stcil If lie Doesn't
Kxplaiii Affidavitsv
Thr investigation of (he sU unpub
lished Ivink accounts of I.iotit. Charles
Hooker, indicted for thu murder of Herman
I'osonlh'il, "III !(.' resinned I kit morning
by Asist.mt District Attorney James K.
Km i t)i, who will nic1 Ion officials of llio
It l-t expected tllllt, Wllllll the details
of thn deposits innrio liy lleckur 11 lid his
i.. .. .i - i i n., ..
..lit' ill .iir..- hia ..11111.1. in. i iiia.iu hjimiu
to-day or to-morrow, it will Ihj found
that deposits of perhaps $:'0,noo will lie
added to tho $llt,0!.' which ho U known to
hnvo deposited within a few months
In nino of the fifteen accounts so far un
covered. With the publication of then, six new
accounts and tho disclosures expected
when tho police trial of former Inspector
Cornelius Hayes lupins' under First Deputy
Commissioner McKay in a fow ilays, the
week is expected to hold its own with tho
days tilled with startling Incidents that
havo como tumbling over each other ever
bIdco before Hosenthnl was murdered.
Besides tho six now Hecker accounts
thcro are the contents of safo deposit
boxes rental by ltecker which aro still
to be made publio as well as tho contents
of at least one other Kifo deposit bos
known to bo held In tho name of a prom
inont civilian employee of tha l'olico
Magistrate Houmi has taken offence
at Inspector .lohn 1". Dwyer who was
promoted to miiccosI lnspotor Hayes
when HayM was demoted and suspendo
recontly on cliargc-t of miking a fal.-o
statement to Conunlssotier Waldo. The
Magistrate threatened Inspector Dwyer
with arrest in the West Side court yester
day. Trouble lletilrrn Hollar aitil lM?er.
The trouble between thorn began last
Thursday when Policemen fileisoti and
Itllly of Inspector Dwyer's staff appeared
before Magistrate House in tho Weft
.Skis court and asked for warrants on
affidavit the ofiicers had ngninst three
gambling houses In Dwyer's Fourth
inspection district. Magistrate Hq'iso
hail nworn (lloason and Ileilly to their
atlidavits when it occurred to him Mai
denly that the usual procislure since tin
inferior o.iurts act became ouVcivo 1- ;
been for officers obt.i.ning such warrants
to apply ror tnem to i inof .Mjgitr.ito
McAdoo at sou Mulberrv street.
Magistiaio Hoiw' wanted to know
from Inspector Dwyer's stall' men why
the ins-pector had departi-d from the iNUat
procixluru instead of going to Chiif Magi-
Ktriltf. Mf'Aftm. tnr thnir in oil .tin (- .np.
rents, (lleason and Heilly could enlv !
answer that they hnd beui sent to Mugi
I , . . . , I
itrato Iiouso by Inspector Dwyer and
could offer no explanation tatitfactory
to tho court.
Magistrato House thereupon directed
the two detectives to tell Inspector Dwyer
to explain why the inspector wanted the
warrants from Magistrate Houm es
pecially. In tho meanwhile the Magis
trate held tho atlidavap
Inspector Dwyer failed to appear before
tho Magistrato on Friday. The Magi
strate learned that the iui-poctor was
giving much of his time to vUiung ( m
missioner Waldo at Police Headquarters
and tho Magistrato again set the matter
over to Saturday forenoon. 'I he two
llcemcn were on hand on Saturday
for tho third time, but again lnspif ini
Dwyer failed to appear in court. They
asked that tho affidavits lie returned to
them, but Magistrato House refused the
Threaten In rrrnt DtTrr.
C.leason nnd Iteilly went back the second i
tlmo on fiuurday and nskixl Magistral')
Houe at least to giv copies of the nth
davits against tbo gamblers to them
'I his also was refused. When the two de
tectives from Dwyer's stall were tu court
again yosterday without Inspector Dwyer
the Magistrate said that the limit of his
ati(nco had been reached. Ho issued
n subrsena to bo served on Inspector
Dwyer nnd said if the Inspector does not
appear by 2 o'clock this nfternoon that
ho will ho arrested.
"Heretofore all other Inspectors," said
the MagMlrr.to to the two policemen in
court yesteiday, "have been courteous
enough to reond when I requested their
presence in court to explain malterscon
ceining nnests and conditions in their
"Thl man, however, is so obsessed
with tin importance of his now position
that ho feels ho can ignore tho requests
of this court. Thero will bo no further
requests for Inspector Dwyer's appear
ance here. "
'I he great amount of work which th
inspectors of Manhattan and Tho lironx
have been doing during tho InM. few days
in piepanng lor Commissioner Waldo tho
list of all tho gambling and disorderly
houses nnd the names nnd nddresses of
tho owners of those properties is given
as the principal reason why Inspector
Dwyer lias not appeared in MnRistrnto
House's court
"I have had to see Commissioner Wnldo
in answer to summons from his oftico, "
Inspector Dwyer said last night after ho
had been served with tho subpirna,
llwjer Will Apiimr, lie Says,
"I had no notion Magistrato House was
so anxious to see 1110 about tlio gambling
Iiouso evidence submitted by Officers
lileason ami Iteilly until I was served with
tho subpoena this afternoon. I am sorry
to hav inconvenienced tho court nnd
t-hall surely appear beforo Magistrate
Housn to-morrow."
The affidavit in question asks for war
rants against u poker club which H said
to hao been running undisturbed in tho
West Korty-seventh street tiohee station
precinct for years. Tint policemen state
in their affidavit that they saw a number
of men seated nrnutid tables with poker
chins in front of them.
Memboin of District Attorney Whit
man's oftico staff confirmed tho report
that Mr Whitman's assistants havo
personal knowledgo that at least oloven of
the eighteen disorderly houses raided
tinder tliedlrectlon of Asst. Dist. Attorney
James K, (Smith and agents for tho Society
for tho Suppression of Crlmoon August 15
are ngain running in Inspector Lnhey's
district. 111 tho old Tenderloin. Knur of
1 ho hoiiM-n which wero roononed as soon
as pofhililo after the foimalitiesfollowing
the raids hnd been attended to ore In
Hlxth avenue The others aro scattered
along Nest Twcnty-dfth, West Twenty
One of the many things not
comprehended in our methods
of dolnjj business Is the quarrel.
Wc believe In following the
lines of least resistance, and wc
have neither time nor Inclina
tion for dispute.
The only thing wc know of
that might make us peevish,
would be to have an Owner
worry over his building and
overlook the fact that the need
for worry ceases when wc arc
placed in charge.
Building CouiUuction
seventh, west nnrty-nrst, vtosi ininy-
fifth and West Thirty-sixth streets.
Tho stntomont that, tho names of tho
fl i-i. nruix men who oomtlost. the so-called
"vieo trust' wliln im win! to operate not
1 OIllV III.-.. f'tlllltlMltl llOllSOS 11111 tOOTlCOU '
; " - i. .1. : ......
ney's officii has caused tho query. "Why
aru the five or six not arrested?
llxiiect "ler Trust" Arrests.
Tha question was answered by tho
statement that, when the lniUiry into the
gralt tanglound tho disorderly house and
gambling questions are taken up again
to-day, the arrests of the leaders of the
"vice trust" will kooii lollow. Tho ab
sence of Commissioner Waldo from town
Ilior. - an' J.llin.ll III lilt, wir. u i. i. ini'
ityforther. sumption. ir activities Ijv tho
disorderly house proprietors.
It is imiii.cly that Air. hunt ii win mane;
more rams on mo nooses niKvioy visneu
"rh fttiStMSJi 'he w.hV rennest for permits for "friends -matter
to assure himself that the houses They have been handed over without
really have been reopened. What liee he . question and then tho men who got
win maito ot ins knowledge oi inn in-
enectlvcness of the eleven raids lie is not
nremrcsl to niv
Nlr. .Smith's uctlvltios to-ilny will bo
dovot.sl to tie.stioiiili otllclals of the
Harlem fsivings Uink, the Dry Dock
S.ivingrt Hank, the liist lilver Savings
II ink, tho Mount .Mornu Uink nnd two
other Uinks about thehU Decker accounts
still to bo tabulated.
.Stories to the Wlijct that ofliciaN of four
of those Uinks hino refused to givo de
tailed lepoits of lle.-ker's deposits nnd
withdrawals were denied at the District
Attorney's oflice
Another ;! Ilie llluiiil ln
About tho time that news reached town
that ! the lllood ws not In I'il.o county: f
i-euiiHyivaiiia. rone. i.m) mi i . ,
leirninl that a clue which pointed to his
probible presence m th notghlwirhoml of
Lenox aven'to and llGth street nho was
.otlhlos. I'or seven days anil nights
Detective Michael Myorrf and four or tho
other detective have been working in
that iiot.flihoiiiood with hopes of finding
the murderer
The sleuths gave . the Harlem f.arrh
in tiio morning I hey started off cm
anothor cluo in tho afternoon. After
leaving Deputy Commissioner Dough
r.WVTc. I?,,rxA!jriU'!i J SVLrST
,i. ...... .. ... r,,ityr.ito thm the
qiti'el for (iyp the lilood and Lefty Louie
was going ane.Ki.
There wu-t notiteabki activity In ).ick
ln: clothes, which migrestiil that Detec
ti "ti Myers at k'U it, and srhaps somo of
iiiHti'M-.iauts were lu.iKiugtiuiuK i)rtiH.n;
tions for n trip out ol town Alter they
had left tho building it was said that at
I't-birty of Conuni,?t.mer Dougheity's
jik.ii lutu in'.-ii in. ii.'ii.iiu i.j ii.ii iiunn
clues which either noint toward the tires
Mice of one or both of tho two slavers
in Xew York or toward tho presenco horn
of persons who if trailed long enough will
consciously or unconsciously betray tho
whereabouts of tho missing pistol men.
Itiinrnlliiil 1'n.i licit J.'t-lr.
'I he stories the gamblers have been
telling since tho day Hns-uthal was killed
thai tile mutdcred gambler was driven
to dfhperation and consequently to
ft relic.
l ug" largely because ohce .iter-
had brought him almUt .0 deM,-
tut ion were Uinio out yesterday by addi
tional stories winch show that just belore
lt'.-enthnl was murdered ho had twwni-d
not only almost nil nf his own jewelry
but fiom U,IM) to tlll.onii worth of Mrs.
Ilosenthal'n jewel" as well.
The gamblers have said all along that
the night Itot-enthal whs shot down hi
front of the Meiropnle be couldn't have
got hi-, meals the next day unless be Njr
inwcd or "signal tho cheat.. 1 anil they
ttistnnctil yesterday tlio pawiiu.g ly Hcs
eiithal threo wiks before his death of a
vatch charm priwntKl to him by tho
iiesper Linn alter no nnd served os prem
I ...... . ... ...... I.... 1....
11111 .11 null 01 itiil.il lull. it.irriitiiui,
wb waH vcrj- pioud of this charm, pledged
it for S7.'i with a jewelry company in
Maiden lane, and it is now owned liy a
member of (ho firm who lives in llrooklvn
During his last davsalsohohad nawncd
asoliiiiirn ring for t3nn and quantities of
inweW which lie had accepted from loseis
in his gambling Iioumi.
Confirmed row Vril Pnac
the Italian loose without going through
tho formality of having him arraigned
beforo Justice of the I'eaco Henry Lud
wig. "Say, will you give tho young man a
lift in your machine as far as Port Jervis'"
asked the Sheriff of tho chauffeur of tho
newspaper auto, and a inomont Inter tno
iiniian was moving out 01 town v. un n
grout) of leading citizens straining their
eyes through the dust of Uie car
vtnon unrinco reaction rorv jervis 110
found that he couldn't get a train to
Lackawaxen for many hours and a
sympathizer, at his request, telephoned
to tho Sheriff of I'iko county to send an
automobile to convey tho Itulian tho
rest of tho way to his boarding placo, but
nobody was able to Unci Cuddoback.
Then Vhrlaco made up his mind to go
homo instead of returning to (Ireoloy
and took tho next eastbound train out of
Ubrlacn said ho hod a bullv time tramn-
ing through tho mountains and hunting
rntuesnaKos 111 riko county. Hi) snot
two lug ones
"If It hadn't boon for tlio fellow with a
grouoh and Uio boob constabulary of Pike
county," ho added, "I would have con
siderid my vacation a success."
Carmllln Ubriaco, lather of tho young
man, told reporters last night that ho
was going to sue tho Sheriff for falsoly
arresting his son.
MIL Tariff Stop. Funeral.
From the London Chronicle
A funeral party nt ftovereto was upset
by the AUHtllnn tailff. Two of tho chief
inourncis rntne from Italy, bringing n
wreath to which silk ribbon bearing nn
Inscription was attached. At tha'Austrlan
frontier a duty of 6 was demanded on
this. Vehement protests elicited thn ex
planatlnn that although flowers pay no
duty silk pays a high one, and tho uinount
asked for was assessed on the total weight
of thn wieith. After a piolniiKOd ills
cushion It was decided tu dlscuid tlio
"Then," said tho customs officer, "you
must go buck to Italy. f tho ribbon Is
thrown away hero you are still liable
fur tho duty. Ily Ui.-. tlmo tho niournois
hail dropped tho ribbon on Italian soil
their train had gone, and they reached
Povereto three hours too lato fur the
Partly lilamcs Aldermen lo
calise of Carelessness in (liv
inir Permits.
Investigator Finds Very Few
Dealers Who Did Not Hand
Over llribcs.
Most of the grnft In connection with
newsstand permits lies on tho shoulders
of dlstiict loadcrH unil ruptalns. TIiIh Is
tlin conclusion of Harry M. Hlce, who
Ih conducting tho Investigation for
Commissioner of Accounts llnymoml
1!. Fosdlck. The Aldermen, Mr. ltlco
thinks, have been moro or less unwilling
...... .... tl.tu rtpnfl hrru1lf.f. nf tlin
iwin'i! ... f. . v .
careless way In which tney navo nnnueu
over the permits to their political
Although u few clues havo been un-
com n d which Mr. Hire thinks may lead
directly to some Aldermen, he has found
iii.tliltiir ns vet directly implicating
thrtn. Hut the manner of disposing of
permits to district leaders and captains that Helvldero recognized as his prop
unit other nnllttcnl claimants on tho . erty. The prisoner gave tho nnma of
has att, acted his
The mildest way to charac-,
terlze It, ho thinks, Is gross careless-'
has found that the political 1
- i. .a... i. ...... ..Ati. tit f iiAtf a iiormon ,
tnem linv gono out nnu grnneu un
i.y cn
hey could get from tho newsdenlers.
Whether the Aldermen knew of this
or not, Mr Hlce Is not able to say
as el, hut he thinks that somo of,
them must have known, bernuso tho'
ginrt was too open. j
Slnni he has started tho Investigation
nnd It has been given publicity com-
plaints have poured Into tho oftlcu of
the Commissioner nf Accounts. If
them ure any newsdealers In the city
who tmo not paid for their permits
they seem to be M-ry much In the i
miiHirlu. The prices they have paid
ury widely. Tho man selling tho per-
mlt apparently got whatever ho could
ror 11
.Mr. r.ice nas lounu mat ine mstnci
rapiaiiis who ueim in uiese permus
acted with apparent Impunity. If com-
plaints were made to tho Aldermen
they went without Investigation. It Is
this fait, coupled with somo other In- ,
uresiin;; iiiciiiems. ivincii nan ieu Jir.i
Itlce to believe that tho Aldermen Were(
not altogether In the'dark as to what i
their political henchmen were doing. 1
Many of these complaints have heeni
of such a definite nature that Mr. nice ,
iu..'ii-i.uh iiiiuiiiuiiuiiiniuui iu ureas.,
the newsstand graft Wldo opon und put
n Htmi to It. I te will ..vittntnn n nnmhnp
of nnu- u-ltoeaqq tn.iinv nim hu iiiinica
will bo abb, to mien, un new len.U f..r
him to work.
After all the evidence that Is avail
able has been collected Mr. Itlce x
pfcts to do somo constructive work
based on his knowledge of present and
past conditions. Ho probably will make
a rn.nmm..H.llnn !,. .1,..
""Tt nfr "XT" aUTUPT- I "t lT "wasTu-led" downn' d 5M
waSirUioer'nfSlr;"" nMt "
byUdeef;'sr,VoUo':;::rTha XWV '
kin. . . h.u... .k.. ... C ,,' street and the w re was pulled down
him to bellevo that the Aldnrmen should . 1.. .
have nothing to do with the granting of 1
permits. Ho believes a solution of the !
problem would bo to ncorporato tho.. ...... 1 1..1LZ. ,
han.lltnLr nf ,rn,n ..i.h. , 1.. .V' sengers would Jump before there was a
lf,.r.,n. nf llr... I., .1... .Vo " '
i ,1 ni.. ... i " I
In tho office of the bureau of flnnnco.
IJy a centralized, systematic way of
issuing newsstand permits, making
them a routlno matter of city buslnes f
he thinks a largo part of tho graft can
be done nwny with. The present method.
no minus, is arcftalc and not to be
tolerated longer.
i:cUe CommUslonrr Farlrr Anl.a
the I'nnprrnllnu of tir Poller.
AuiNV, Aug. 2S. -Stato Kxclse Com-'
mlssloner Farley has asked nil the chiefs
or pollro In tho Stale to havo their
pattolmen aid In closing saloons nt
ine legal hour every night. Commls-
sloner FarleV will nqnliru Mu .tn..lnl
agents to watch nnv R.ilnnn u-mm. -
ll,,n,, ,,,,. 1 . V 1 .
policeman suspects Is not obeying the
closing hour. In his letter to tho
.......a ... lima. . uinmissioner larley
To secure an hoppst enforcement of th
law permit me to suggest that you ln
Fttiirt t'ollceinen under your direction to
"tumuif, after the closing hour, each
drinking place, and whenever they find
evident a of business being conducted after
houis Investigate and report through you
to this dopartmcnt.
It would old the law abldlnf dealer In
complying with the statute If the officers
would, nt 1 o'clock, or whatever tho clos
ing hw Is at such placo, enter the near
est saloon and announce that It was clos
ing tlmo and sen that tho place was
emptied and closed 1 that on tho follow
ing nlaht he follow such prneeduie In
tho next saloon, and so on until he had
covered on succeeding nights each saloon
In tho district, so that both proprietors
nnd pntrons would understand the
It would not be nerrnsary to visit each
drinking place every night, but on suc
cessive nights call from ono place to un
other until the entire district had been
"This la the Fourth Time," Sny the
(airman, Wearily
Tho rumor waa flashed from tho
Tombs yesterday that Lieut. Hecker
had committed suicide.
Johnny Mcohnn nt tho gate of the
Tomba prison saw tho rush of news
paper men coming and wearily opened
tho Iron barrier.
"This Is tho fourth time," ho grumbled,
"nnd didn't I tell you ho didn't do It on
Deputy Warden MacLean came for.
wnrd nnd nfter Instating thern was no
truth in the rumor Rnld nil tho nrls.
oncni were enjoying tho best of Sunday
Thn keepers paid Hecker had spent
a quiet day. At that moment ho waa
smoking, they believed. Kumorn of hla
own suicide aro nn novelty to Hecker
or to the attendants.
. I
tiels Papers Pradjr far floBJ,
Assistant District Attornsy William Da
Ford spent all of yestorday working on
nn iiiieriuaiions wnich Justice fluff
" "ii prpiriniier a, wnen hn sits as
11 committing Manlntratn for Ih. 1., ,,..,
of John Doe warrants In the Rosenthal
Youth Who inntrhril Willed from
lllevateil Platform Are CaiiKht.
A downtown Third avenue elevated
train was brought to a sudden stop
at Twenty-eighth street yesterday to
nllow the passengers to pursue, two
young men who had got n gold watch
from John llelvldcre of 312 Knst 105th
Holvldero occupied a cross seat next
a window on the, station side of the car.
The car was well tilled. Among tho
passengers was Policeman Thomas
Lynch. Two young men got oft at
Twenty-eighth street and stood at the
edgo of tho platfrotn. An tho train
stnrted to pull out one of them reached
In through the window and seized Hclvl
dere's gold watch.
Lynch had a guard stop tho train
Instantly. Then Lynch, Holvldero and
half a dozen men left the train and ran
lifter the two young men.
The chase went through Twenty
eighth street, past St. Stephen's Church
nnd then down Lexington avenue. Ono
of tho fugitives ran Into I'ollceman
Neylott and Detective Finn at Twenty
sixth street, lie said hu was Anthony
Caesar of 247S Arthur avenue, The
1 Iron x. liclvldoro said ho was tho man
who snatched the watch.
Tin. other man hud turned west nt
Twenty-seventh stieet. Lynch followed
and saw him run Into tho basement of
131 Hast Twenty-M'venth street. The
policeman found him feigning sleep on
a couch. In a bureau drawer were
found Ills coat and cup and a gold watch
Frank Matlln and said ho lived at
153 Kast ve.uy-sccond street,
.Magistrate lireon held both men on
charges of robbery In $1,000 hall each
till to-day.
Past!iiffers on niii'ii i ii r foncy
ioi,i i... t.
sln,l, C 1111 .llinip I l'OIll
A broken feed wire which wn pulled
down on ton of a six car West Knit
elevated train bound fcr Coney Island
yesterday afternoon set lire to tin. rnnf
of the second car and so frightened tho
passengers that when tho train renehe.l
tlio liighty-fourth street station they
began to jump from the windows.
Women and children were knocked
down and trampled, and a score of per
sons were Injured. Ono woman hnd to
l. taken to the Coney Island Hospital.
'rne most ser:..sy Injured are:
Pronvct plaie, Ilronklyn, contusions of
1'10 back and Internal Injuries. Taken to
"-"JV, iano. m-spimi.
'V.11' . CA' ",K'N,I: JACKSON. 37.
j,Mi:.S IIVIINH. 19, 231 Ninrty-econd
strfet. llrooklvn . laeernteil K.-jiln ...,,1 fn..
Mt.l.TIV lll.'r.l l a v 10 f. n r- . j. ....... .
street ioninsion nf riihi'i...- H,...i..
ANNA JOSHPH. 20. 17 llast 1 1 Ttli .
. , . . . ..
airci . lacerflliu ICIl ItllOv. I
15C7 Seventy-sixth strort. Hrooklyn . lac- 1
t rations of back.
Thn t.nln xi-r, a nf l.ll. ,.-.lu ...aai
nml Nt!. rtrt.chl nven'ut. wh(11 tll0" trol.
1" . . i , " ' .V .,'
" ' J"".-. in.-
; wlro and broke tho feed wire. The feed
V" " ,-lLni . L, . ,1 nmor1m,nn
J"" TXSL i 5' r1.
Hafo l,ll,co f"r ll""n bltld.
trailed hack ulong the length of the
train nnd smoke drifted Into all tho cars.
, "e. " '-k.h -.ourtn street was
reached the passengers were lighting to
KCt OUt, of ,ho, wll,,lowfl- Womtn were
By the tlmo Ulghty-fourth street was
I screnmlng nnd many were In hysterics.
Hefore tho train hnd come to a halt It
was half emptied, men and women
tumbling from tho windows upon the
station platform.
An nlarm was turned In nnd tho fire
men of Knglno US put out tho lire on
tho' roof beforo It had' caused serious
damage. Drs. fiate.s and Kennedy
camo from tho Coney Island Hospital
1 ad had their hands full for a tlmo Ux
UP persons who had been hurt by
' Jumping or being stepped on. Moat of
Moat of
, tnem wero women.
. It was nenrlv nn hn.tr anil n l.ntf
before the rlcht of wav mn rlt!m,
ti, ,,,, ... . . . . .
"bo broken trolley wire caused trouble
nl the current had to bo turned off be-
coum w rejiaireo, j ne entire,
lino was tied up and traffic to Coney Is
land did not got back to tho normal for
several hours,
Plays Oolf, Sees Ola Prlrml nnil
nets llollle of Aiitilejnek.
Slayer Gaynor slipped nway from St.
James Saturday afternoon nnd went in
Warwick. N. v., where ho spent most
of yesterday with Dr. William Morrtson,
excc.utlvo commissioner for the Homo
for Inebriates, looking over the land
for the homo, which has been recently
purchased by tho city.
Tho Mayor took a bag of golf sticks
along, and In the nfternoon played on
tho nlno hole course near the Red Swan
In the evening he had a conference
with County Judge Kane, an old ac
"Tho Mayor and I had quite a talk."
said Judge Kane. "Wo discussed farm
ing nnd the prospects of the Homo for
Inebriates. Tho Mnyor told nio ho was
going to spend u week hero in War
wick, living outdoors ns much na pos
sible. Ho will stay nt tho Hed Swan
When the Mayor was seated on the
veranda nf tho Hed Swan Inn, soon
after his arrival, a stranger enmo along
and offered a bottle of applejack to
him. Tho Mayor accepted It. Ho told
tho peoplo around town that ho wns
there to rest, nnd to look over the
ground with posslhlo pinna In tho future
to having a homo there,
neertblril Nrnann Opens.
From Ids Washington Btnr.
Tho hunting season for reodblrds,
blackbirds, uora and ojhors opens in tho
early part of next month, Already sev
end largo flocks of birds, mostly black
birds, have mado their appearance In tho
marshes of tho Kastern branch.
If a plentltudo of wild oatu and other
wna grains ib any sign or n good hunting
snnson thn romlng one should bo excep-
tlonally good. Tho marshes of thn Hast
en) branch und those along tha Pntumsa
near Jacknon City nnd nt Four-mllo inn
nnd Tinar Shepherd's landing, opposite
Rmw,.h V Rraln .grasses hn thick that
thev look as If It would he dllllcult to
puli a huuiliu; it.ilt thiuiigh them.
.a, iun i.nmni .vim it lllli'K
Police Say First Notice That
.Miss Cnrra'n Was Slain
Came Next Day.
Assert Ambulance Surgeon lie
jiortcd Death Due to
Natural Causes.
Police Commissioner Waldo was exer
cised yesterday over the criticism of
detectives who aro working on the caso
of Miss Julln M. Curran, the young
woman who was found dead In Ine
llotllevard Hotel, nt Slxty-se.vcnth street
and Droadway, last Thursday evening.
The body was discovered by a waiter at
7 o'clock, and It was sixteen, hours he
foie tho pullco began a search for tho
Acting Detective Captain Cooney was
ordered on Saturday to make a thor
ough Investigation of the circumstances
of tho case, nnd to submit a report
fixing the blame for the tardiness In
taking It up. Captain Cooney yester
day M-nt a written statement to the
It Is understood that tho report criti
cises severely tho Coroner and his as
sistants and puts Uie entire blame upon
them. It was said that tho police of
the West Sixty-eighth street station
had no reason to suppose that n murder
had been committed until Coroner's
I'hysiclau Schultzc mado hU report of
the autopsy on Friday afternoon. Al
though Dr. Fisher Insists that he told
a policeman that tho woman hnd proba
bly been strangled
DIcut. Slcfert of 1
the West Hixt
eigntn street station ,
sticks to his statement that the ambu- .
lanco surgeon told him death was dUe 1
to natural causes.
ine ponce say mat tney noiiueu me -
, .'.... f.B..i ...llA . , , .In..,.. ........... O I
... .iju-i n tiiu.u ui mi' ut'.iiu uriuiu o I
o'clock on Thursday evening, less than 1
an hour after the body was found, but
that Coroner Wlnterbottom did not ap
pear nt tho Hotel Boulevard until 10
The body was ordered to Uio Morgue,
It was said, but It did not get there
until catly trlday morning. Dr.
ray that the opinion that Miss Curran
was murdered came from Dr. Schultze
alone. It was said that the marks on
tho neck, which at first were attributed
to the grip of strong fingers, are now
believed to have been caused by mor
tification. Although the police aro still working
on the possible theory that MUs Curran
was lured Into tho hotel and then killed
hv n Erniicster named Itelllv. who has
terrorized the upper West Side, they
."re not Inclined to put much faith In it.
T'e.v have only a meagre description of
I... .... . . 1 1 , .. 1 1 .
ilie iilttli iiu .'iiieieu low iiu.ei win.
Miss Curran at 6 o'clock on Thursday
Tho detectives think that possibly the
girl met a man on the ferryboat com
Ing to New York nnd that he Is the one
Tor whom they nre looking.
Mrs. William I.. Smith, who was Miss
Curran's employer, has not been found.
The pollco nre anxious to communicate
with her to find out why Miss Curran
went back to N'cw York from up tho
State without notifying any one of hor
Schultze Is crltclsed for not performing I ,r'0J.T,ro "om. 'I'f. '. 1 , , "'"'
un niitmisv unlit nVloek- on PrhHv 1,nar1 XlBui-a showing 308 deaths of In- In the trades already organized by th
ne?noo " rrI,,ayfnts under one sar us opposed to Jfil I American federation of Ibor. nlth
ZZ nr. visher's storv. tbe nol.ee 11 "r.rnK. H!. "LP. h.u 7 which tho Central Federated Union
Sparks'""''"" '" " "" -
set l.nee Arnunil lie - ,eli.
Mrs Ida M. Pels, or Keews, who wasi
arrested Snturdny night with Miss I.ydla;
Clark' on Fire Mnrshal Thomas Ilrophy's.
charge that they had set tiro to tho house!
at 131 Clinton street, Hrooklyn, last Tues-
day night, attempted suicide in a cell In;
the Adams street pollco station arly
yesterday by knotting a corset lacs 1
around her nek. I
Thn matron cut the cord, and called an1
ambulnnc", and with a little treatment the
woman was able to annear In the Adams
! street court a few hours later.
Hoth Mrs. Help and Miss Clark were
held without ball for further examination.
An additional charge of ntteinpted Filicide
yas made against Mrs. Pels.
.Mrs Pels says that she Is the wl of
a Manhattnu eye specialist, now
In n
Ing house at the Clinton street nddrees
I tinttl Saturday
week ago. Miss Clnrk.'on the street and was looking for a police-
an actress, whose mother lives at S88
,lr!,,..u fitrr0, was )t,(t Jn charge. Mrs.'
j I!ot, Hi-. while she went to Far Hocka-i
actress, whose mother lives at 388
way for a few days. Mlts C'larK says
she got lonetnme. closed tho house and
went to tier mother on Monday. On Tues
day night the Are was discovered. It
was an Incendiary Are, and Brophy got
warrants for tho two women after con
vincing himself that the furnlturo In the
hnuso had been over-Insured, and soms
of It moved out.
' in-einiiian in eiiriniii i.eapi
From lied nnd Rhnots Himself,
PiiiLAniaritiA, Aug. IS. Edward Pax
son, a business man of this city and a
cousin of cx-Chlef Justice I'axson of
the State Supremo Court, ended his llfo
nt bin country resldcnco above Willow
Grovo on Old York road thk) after
noon by shooting himself while tem
porarily deranged.
For more than a week Pax son has
been suffering from typhoid fever and
last night ids temperature went to 10G
degrees. At this stage ho became de
lirious and all day he waH carefully
When the nurso left his bedside
shortly after 2 o'clock ho leaped from
tho bed nnd securing n revolver klHhd
himself beforo sho returned to tho
Mtrnnser (tent to Morgue After Hoc
tor Mnkra Rxnmlnatlon.
n iiiiiiit-miiien man nnnut 2R venra
old was found dead In Central Park near
the Huventh nvonue nnd Fifty-ninth street
entrance early yesterday. He was (Irst
seen by an equestrian, who notified Police
man Angel Ine,
Thero wero no marks of violence, and
when tho Presbyterian Hospital ambu
lanco arrived, Dr. draco was unablo to
say whether death was duo to an Internal
poison or nnturai causes.
.... .ii.iunjr ur juMuiry was louiirt on
hla person, In IiIb pockets wr v.r.i
whlto poudrrs, which the doctor thought
iiiikiu nn sleeping powders.
Tho body was that of a man R f.i k
Inches high, and wetghtd about ISO
pounds. H clothing was of good mate
rial, He was of light complexion, smooth
hnen and had blue eyes. The body was
ivmuvr-d to thu Morrue.
DE CHINE AND SERGE . . . AT $55.00
('lief Walk Strrcts. Afraid In Tell
of Iloil- In Ills It mini.
The body of n woman was found on a
bed in a Bailors' boarding hnuso at 681
Clrecnlch street, near Washington, yes
terday afternoon. The police arrested a
man who rented the room, and are holtihm
lilm pending an autopsy,
.Mrs. Catherine. Ilellew, tho boarding
house kucpor, has been renting the room
to Frederick Goulet, 42 years old, n chef
on an American Lino steamer, during Ids
time ashore.
Yesterday Mrs. HellftW tried to get Into
tho room to make the bed. Mis got no
atiJwer and lit 4 o'clock called a police-
The policeman broke In the door. On
the bed he found tha body. Tho woman
apparently had been about 35 years old,
H feet fi Inches, 135 pounds, with dsrk hair
There was no Jewelry, no hat, no pocket
book, nor any mark by which she could
bo Identified.
Detectives found Ooulct, who said he
met the woman on Friday night In Hud-
I Knti I'nrk. Khn ntd she had no home.
nnd no monev and asked him for a nlght'i
lodging. Tins no gave ner.
Saturday morning he left the house, he
said, and when ho returned at R o'clock
found tho woman dead. Ho said ho be-
i came frightened and had walked the
,reetg S(lturday nRht nnil Sunday,
. . . . . ..
Irvine to Bet un nerve enough to tell the
tlrnllh Hoard Flgnrrs SIiiitt
liable Dleil lllirlng: WerU
The Uables Welfare Association gained
lull than up to the end of tho correspond
Ing week of last year. Hlchmond Hor-
ough made the best showing last week
with only nine deaths, as compared with
fifteen tho week before. Manhattan bet
tered the tecord of the previous week by
only one. Brooklyn fell back with seven
moro deaths than In the week of Ausust
There were 17.5SG babies registered at
the milk stations of the whole city at the
end of the week, a gain of 234 over the
,vce.1l bl'fore
Among these were nine
urn .,.0,
Motormau I'arolrd Ma n Coroner la
Found la Try lilm.
The pollco made an nrrest early yes
terday In the casn of Henry Dickinson.
60 years old, who Saturday night was re
ported to havo fallen off a northbound
Eighth avenue car at Sixty-ninth street.
His right leg was cut off by tho rear
wheels and despite tho efforts of a young
trained nurso who used strips of her pet
ticoat as n tourniquet he died a few hours
later nt Flower Hospital.
Patrolman Joseph Patterson took Jere
miah Smith a mrttnpmnn. nf Ska Plphlh
' avenue, to tho Coroner's office, but there
were no coroners there to try him. Finally
cmiih nn. nr.rni. ir, ,,.,1.. f ii -
way's lawyer. Frank Moiilton. until the
hearing this morning at 10.
Youth's Explanation That lie Fnnnd
.... ......
" " Satisfy Court.
Harold Kchoe, 18 years old, who lives at
2S2 East Thirty-ninth street, was arrested
nt 3 o'clock yesterday morning on Thirty-
first street near First avenue for carrying
a loaded revolver
When the prisoner was arraigned In
Yorkvllle court Policeman itubold told
Magistrate Hreen that he had been watch
ing tho young man for some time before
arresting him to discover what ho was
up to.
"What he was going to do with the gun
I don't know," said the policeman. "He
would maks no explanation to me."
Tho prisoner said ho found the weanon
man to surrender It.
'That excuse Is nn old timer. I have
I no raltn in it, sain tho Magistrate as he
nein tn aercnaant witnout nan for trial.
Itoy anil Girl nn Trip tn Cnlnrndn
Make It a Honeymoon.
Colorado Sfrjnos, Col., Aur. 25.
Eddlo Schmidt, 19 years old. and Misa I
Mildred E. Ilaymond, 17 years old, both
of New York city, wero married here
to-day by Justice O. n. Dunlngton. The
license was applied for by Charles P.
Bennett, also of New Ydrk city, the
stepfather of tho bride.
Tho bridegroom has been at work for
Bennett for several years and is an
orphan. Bennett also gavo consent for
his marriage.
Tho parties are out here on a pleasure
trip. They will shortly return to New
York city.
When you order a
1 ' .... I rtjirtt muml of filial llhlnna flint fa 1iritn
asTaTbBllLPlalSB ia JaaaJai B.aBaaMaaaawB'HMllaVaaaaaa. ""i'
astt for
GILBEY'S Extra Pur.
and you'll get the best on
the market. Distilled and
bottled in London, England.
For Sale by
Acker, Merrill & Condtt Co.,
Charles & Co.,
Wine Growers Association,
and all hieh-class
cafes and wine merchants.
Central Federated Union Won'i
.March With Them on
Liihor Day.
I. W. YV. Hnd Offered to Our,,,
un too to Havo 1,500 .Men
nnd Women in Line.
The Labor Day parade committee 1
the Contrnl Federated Union complete
yesterday Its preparations for iht
parade ot Its affiliated unions on Pep-'
tember 2, a week from to-day. Ernest
Doll m, secretnry of the Central' Kd-
prated Union, In a preliminary report
of tho arrangements, said yeptcrday
that nn application from the Industrial
'Workers of tho World to hae a plsce
In line In the parade, In which It guar-
I amei-u inai iuu men ana
w omeb
1 would appear, was refused.
' The refusal, Secretary llohni s!d.
was on tho ground that the I. W. W Is
and the unions composing It are nf-
dilated. Hohm estimated that 35,00'
men and women will b In line. In th
coming Labor Day parade of the
c. F. r.
Thomas .1. Curtis, president of tlA
Tunnel und Subway Cunstruclots In
tcrnatlonal Union Is grnnd marshal nt
tho parude. His aids are James 1
Holland of the Eccentric Firemen'
Union, M. T. Neyland of tho Interna
tional Association of Machinists, James
O'llrlen of the Leather Workers I'nlon
on Horse Goods, Kdmund Oould of the
tnlernntlnnnl llrnl li.rlinMt nf Tcim.
I stera and Matthew McConvIlle of th
Safety Engineers Union.
I Tho parade Is scheduled to start at
1 0 A. M. from tho Central Park Plan
! at Fifty-ninth street, nnd the line 0.'
inarch will be down Fifth avenue ti
Washington Square, where tho paraik
will disband. As In Labor Day paradf!
of past years, tho members of nil, or
nearly nil, of the unions taking pari
will wenr distinctive uniforms. The
houscsmlths, who generally make a
striking appearance In line, arc to wear
red blouses, soft whlto hats and blue
Tho unions will have flonts In th
' "ne oi niaicii i ii usira 1 1 ng ine mccuan.i'ai
iuocesses ox tneir respecuvo traues, aiiyi
i i-iiLii union win no iircceueu oy one i
1 more brans or flute bands nnd will lian
besides the union banners flafis with
mottoes referring to labor.
Tho 8,000 striking members of the
furriers' union, Including 5,000 women
strikers, will bo'ln line, nnd the cloak-
makers union, the largest organization
in the garment trades, will be repre
sented by 10,000 men and women
Hefore tho parade motes a committee
will go among tho pnraders and see
that nn horses aro provided .cep'.
those that aro union shod nnd (hat nn
non-union badges aro worn. Notliln?
non-union Is to be nllowed In the
The. Women's Trade Union I.cacm
and the unions of women workers affili
ated with tbo league, which miide
good showing nt the marado of last
vear. are exnecteil to rfr. ..nuntlv n ell
will ride In carriages or nutomoblles
and will be followed by the rank and
file of tho league and the unions o!
women workero. The league will have
a Inrgo tloat, ilrnped In union and Ameri
can flags, on which there vlll he
allegorlcnl group Illustrating womew
work, in which girls in the league vs.
, appear, dressed in classical costumes.
The Pennnjlvanla Snake Prop.
Chnmbonburg correspondence .Vortt
The early reports that raltlennakf
were scarce this year have been substan
tiated by later ones. Very few j-attleit
aro found, but the woods are full of rop
perheads. Employees of the Mantel'
Oil Company who have been "brusliii.f
along the plpo line over the South Mour;
tains report having come ncrosi mi
killed sixty-two copperheads In five da.M
ana inn iwo rainers in an tnai time
Rid.., FCMill

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