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Her Diiiii'O at Huston's Bench
Newport's Host Xovdjr
of the Season.
.M(MiN-(io-l!(Hiii(l nntl Shooting1
linllcrj Prove l'lousiii";
V w . I! 1 . Mis. v; - Mrs Oliver
1! p Drltinmt gave to. night the, most
1 1 iL'in.il entertainment of a notable summer
in vUi" ot ji-kinii her lrlmlH In her superb
mI'.i. Miirol" Mouse, tiio scene of manv
a..t l it . f In ilme tlii tl.'inciiiR in illon
mi I ,iinn lie.ioh anil this came aliout
i.r a 'him" renin ik mniln liy Miss nc.
Milh"llHtul fr whom tin dance was given,
some , mo when Slr lli'linont mill
u,.. Mii'iolMtul. wero Inspecting I ho pavilion
r 1'in of their suftrugo meetings tin latti-r
! ippoitctl to loiii.i r I, that It would bo a splcn
' (I t)l,iii lor a bull
da t'ii -I' ll of tlio moment Mrs. Ilolmont
iTiiif!! tli.it her 1 1 lends ihoulil lo krd
1'iTn. I In dincing pavilion wan opened
iul "inmi"' It has given groat pleasure
t., iiiov.. m Ii.i never danced In the
nMt'l" i'.i.i'i" or Hi.) summer villa) of
!ibh n.i i""-t i JiiMlv ptoiul.
No ('. -i . t r ptcpnriitloos wero made
Inr tin iliini'. then being In tin pavilion
ii simple ! onitmn of garden plants, bay
tr(i, Imli.uigea, gladioli anil sunflowers.
iliew t.iriin' away tin h.ircncss of the
ell Mushed pine walls and rail .'led ceilings,
Nut to oriIooU oilier attractions afforded
l.v the beach, Mrs. Ilolmont iiImi secured
i lie tr.ern -go-round and t he shooting gallery
a well n the teitamant, which has already
o.it.nneil .1 tep'itHtion for Its shore dinner!.
In order th.it the regular patrons of the
lu'.ni h liimiil not tie deprived of their eti-t
p'liurv pte.fiuex then Mr., Itclmont's
pjr 1 1. 1 n.-i Login until tt o'clock, ut
hii h hour i lie neadi H generally deserted.
It u,i.iltogothorii Jolly uiuht. The guests
aut ,nierii.uei lroin the danco tothoincr-
-co round, when they rode on camels and
tockmi ltore, and to those of them who
nere ho kv chough to got tlio ring tlio giddy
hul were auaided favors, '1 hoso were
pails and -hovels and other simple articles
I crt.uuiMi.' to tlio beach.
.similar favor were given lo those who
li.i l,o biill-eK' In the shooting callerv.
here were two orchestras, Conrad's
mid I1 vitio
In pla.-n of a famous 1'rencli chef, wlm
n.U'lii h.iio come I rom Marble llou-e,
Miiinwan k own cooks prepared the supiicr.
,,e nieun of which was unite In keeping
mm the surroundings. In place of the
in ane- gciior.illv served hi balls here
vn poliiiont . unests ato with evident
t'..h tint bouillon, fried Ithode IhI.iikI
Mns..ce (hicken K.ilad and iweet, with
i' . ii n,i Mred chtiimiaiciiu or Ins-r
iri i,i.-e of eH-rletired incii the nupiier
-i-n 11 uiu niiiui.nM'n woo are em-
11 Mil reiful.irlv at ttie ItiMoh niMlii Ii run
'ii' .11 thi then was no eiiife.stlon of the
-if'.io' tiioveineiit. It was certainly a
oi" . tinii will limit be talked or, mid it was
a . w.iv a n'liulai' picnlo without flics or
.i ni.ii ,i, iar as preparations were con-
irr t,,i
oTtti-e the women wore their erv
l.ainl- mipM cohttinieK and innHt nf tt.
tfe -'s came from dinners at the villas, one
- -o ii can oevu giteu. uy Mrt. iiciinout
el 'l.irMle I loiloe.
I' .rny the iliinro .lack MtOee, the nvia
oi inn. luniled on the Heach early In the
mils alter ii suecefu Itlitht fioiu I'aw-
nkei. I! I , was prei-ented to .Mrs. Ilel
inmit I liitterint; lroin one of the planes
'i'" biplane as il dropped to the lleacli
i in oi altitude o ;,."oo lent Us a .ellow
.iin.i"! PearltiK the words "Votts for
oni' ti in lare black letter".
1 - (s'linsnt, which hint been clven lo
llii.ee l Mrs Thomas I'elhiim t urtfs of
in" mi, was pre-eiited to Mrs ll.lmom
n. i tin hame tiin- Mcti.-e ortered lo tly
tied ,1b from the airship durliiu the fluids
h" is to make here this week
n Invitation was also evteiideil to .Mrs.
tiiiiont to take a ride in the biplane suint
mi'- duriiiif the week, lint whether or not
mi" ill accept is not known
oiiir those invited were the Husslan
'" ,.sador and .Madame llaklinietctf, Mi
v , lioelet, .Mrs. Heriu.iiiu (lelrichs, .Mrs.
! K. Vauderbllt, ,ir. Jits, lllchard
i . ..it. Mrs. Convenient- Knrtriulit, .Mrs.
i r i.nche, .Mrs. Itlchurd Irvln, .Mrs.
'e i s liedinoiid, .Mrs. William 11. I.ceds.
' a i Mrs. William Jay. .Mrs. James !'
!" Mr, mid .Mrs. htuyvesant l lsli,
Mi iii.o lr CeorifH II, Deforest, Mr. and
ylr-. n ri M. Ilarriman. Mr. nml Mtsi
i .o. i.ioi.iiu Jonos, .Mr and .Mrs. Itoyai
hei,.- i -irioll, .Mr and .Mrs. Itichard
en. nr and .urs. J. lionlon Douelns,
.li and Mm W . Htorrs Wells, .Mr. and ilrs.
1 (...oiot. .Mr. and Mrs. II. T. Wilson.
i r ,lt.,l Mu f'l-.ll.P 111,1,11,. 1 ..n.l ll.
' z mi id N..III1IU1, Mr. and Airs. Julian .Mc
r I 'ii, Mr and Mrs. Hamilton Fish
nei-t-.i ir ami Mrs, Clarence W. Dolan,
il l Mrs ( ornellus Vauderhilt, Mr. and
,i- -i.iir .HiiiiT, .iir anil .irs. miiiam
Hoi.irt.ini and Mi. and Mrs. .Norman
Vilniu .. e
' met Mr Arthur CurlNs J.iiiies. Mr
,.'l"s I k Sturtls. Mr and .Mrs. Ktiseno
" ' "' Mr and Mfs. Henry I.anlni
in r aim .urs. i. niinern i alter,
1 ' Mr. Kcerton I,. Wintlirop, Jr.
-r v.l-iiir.n and Mrs French K. C'hadw Ick,
' mi (i i ii li. i. I, I-. Itobin.on and .Mr. and
i. Ilei.ri (. MeVlcknr, also the Misses
;""' '"' I nrroll, Harriet Terry. Janet and
iiien,i I 1. 1, i li Hnora Sars, liorotliy lllife-
Mo'i" Hitler. Fdltli Starr Miller, Mar
.i i ii lrew.. Kiiicenle lidenbur, Esther
m rrl.,!, i ,)nii,iiiy (iretivillo Kuiie, Hoberta
" I Vii.n a Willaril, Uorothea Kane,
'I'M 'in Liwrenie, .Mniuherita Hiegfried,
"r linrnl, Catherine Cameron, Horo
1 ' .i - , ilc,r
i 1 rt ."Hi s.inds, Kreilerlka I'alne, Kather-
'i'i lioatrice Whitehoii.o and Mar
iei i. siit.nts. I'rlnce Do lleauieaii, Count
i " I.illeyrsnd I'eriiford, Hanlel Von
ii..i .., i.i-n (an Dmitrow, A. t.'. Horst-
xi '. II.mi He llaeh. William I Ilurden.
1 "! .is Inr. IteKinald Waterbury,
""''" landerbilt, ilenry Clews, Capt
M-tarty Little. J'hllln I'otter, Ur.
' sn.ii.p. Hermann (lelrichs, Charles
1 ii .in. Mine, v Parker, V. Itlilnelutider
s i,r' ir. I lent. Iluiro O.-terhaus, Jr..
Dili-, i nrroll, J. Coleman Drayton,
" ! I Idrldije, T. Knlifonl Heatty,
i,..r. .sp.Han, cyrii Hatch, Crali;
wu.-v r.(, Harrys lllack, Maurice lioche,
I I I,, nere, lleitraui Crueer, Worth
ii' i i it,. ,ou. e, Itoderiok Terry, .Ir ,
in- I o r,on. Seymour Johnson. Hen
. no . km .Ir and Lawrence llutler.
' i 1 1. mt Moiitnii arrived to-day on
ii "rhlllr AmoiiK Ids ipiests weie
; ' " I M.s lioderlck (). lleacli. Mr. and
i in.i.i (, (,r.,.0ii and Dr. James W.
'' ' .ilioin.Mi Moritan nave a lunch-
s ";i ' in. ( .ln'ii; cliih on flrave'H Point.
' I'l'nir i urtiss .In iiicH entertained
T I "i" I'lub this afternoon at Ilea
"" " i House MNs Dorothy llieeloir
' ' 'he LiikIIsIi Morris dancers
" viol, ii inn of seventeenth century
' "i, 'i,e lawn
, - .sen. iven to-nlcht by Mrs.
, ' 'H. Mi. Aithuf Carroll, Mrs.
1 .tier Kline and Mrs. Frederick
1 I . Clat k itave a dlnnar lor
, , " ' Hit -ei's
' i..iiiir and Mine. Ilakluntpff
- " ' iMrden imitv at htone Villa on
'! lor Mr and .Mrs. Kdwaril II.
'"" v, ill soon arrivo from Uilr
, ' ,' 1 .ii" I of New orl". who lias been
' ' ' mid Mrs tieorge L. Hives, will
, , 11 diuiii't dance at ileruer s on
, ' y Id rid bp have rented for Mrs.
l is llrown her villa In llellevue
' ' vli and .Mrs. IMuurd C. Tost
,, 1 'net
,,, 1 lis Lldrldfte T. Oerry will leave
! , " ' ''" their country pIhco on Lake
1 i.. Mrs 'IhcodoreW Cr.inip sailed
"i l iiropi. Their son-in-law und
' Mr nml Mr. Harrv IVnpor Vaux,
, ' ""'i .it the Morrell vlllu until Octo-
' IHaelf art I veil to-day at the Kcw
""t W. r.llmiorlli Heno, I'. . ST.,
'f.'illiA, Aug. 27. The cnsaBe-
. iiounced of Mlns Ucthshcba
a" ' ' " to l.ieut. Walter KlUworth
' w ' oinniandlriB the battleship
, "' " i at the I'lilladelplila navy yard.
, '" is the datiKhter of Mr. and
" 1 " 'I 'in- of .palacliln, N. Y
" "hi .I'la'ialitcr of the late Hrnjaniln
, i Secretin, v of the Navy.
,i'i. stadiialed from Annop
" 4 M"J Jk U 3U years of age.
Monnmenl Ceremonies Will Not
Tnkr Pli.ee Until May.
Tlio Scliurz memorial committee, of
which Joseph It. Chonto Is chairman,
hn8 postponed tho ceremonies of dedl
aitltm or Iho monument to bo erected
on MornliiRslilo Holjchln nt 110th btreel
in memory of Carl Schurz. The com
mltleo had it Octolwr 5 an the date of
dedication nnd hud planned to have the
monument Itself, as designed ly Karl
Hitter nnd Henry Bacon, built during tho
Delays In tho shipment or Rranlto have
mado It Impossible, to undertake tho work
itt tltno for completion before the arrival
or cold weather and Iho committee has
ilt'cldeil to postpone the ceremonies until
May, 1013.
T he Mib-c-otmnitteo In charce of the dedi
cation ceremonies him decided to make
fevr Important chatiReo In the ceremonies
tiB iiriRiruilly planned. Amono the ituontH
will Imhih mnnyasposslblooftheiitirvlvlnB
(iencrals who fotiRht in tho civil war
with Holmr. They will Include Clons.
P. J. Ostorhatis nnd Julius Stnhel. both
vetenms of the war. who like Hchurv.
oamo to thla country soon nfter the revo
lt! ion of 'It in Oermnny. nnd also Oen.
loracn Porter. Major-den. tlrenville M.
UisIro. tion. Adelbert Ames, Con. Jamea
II. Wilson, Oen, .1. Omnt Wilson, (len.
!?.'.."' ''"cktiiaii. Lloul.-Cien. Nelson A.
Miles and Miijor-Gcn. Daniel E. Sickles.
Commltlees to Mcrt In KnRltieertiiK
.societies Balldlna;.
II was decided yestenlny nt iw meeting
of the lonferenee (ommitteenf the I'stern
rnilronds on which the engineer and fire
men made demands. In the New Haven
Kallro.id lliilldinc.70 Kist Forty-fifth stroct.
to bold n conferenco with Iho general ad
justment committee of the Hrotherhood of
1ocomotlvi! Firemen nnd Kngincnien this
forenoon over the demands of tho firemen,
'lhe meeting will be held at the Knglnoerlng
Sooieties lliilldlng and the firemen's com
mittee will be aerninpanleit by W. 8. Carter,
president of the Hrotherhood of Locomotive
Firemen and Ilnglnetnen.
The meeting of the manager' committee
was called yesterday by J. C. Stuart, vice
president mid general manager of the Krie
tiiillro.itl, as chairman of the committee to
take up a teiiuest liy President Carter to tie
Informed when "the probable increases" to
tin firemen would take effect.
The other members of lhe managers'
committee an (1. L, Peek, general manager
of the Pennsylvania llailroad line West;
S C. l,oii;r, general manager of the Pennsyl
vaniii llailroad llnesK.ist: II. C, Horn, vice
president and general manager of Iho New
Haven llailroad, A. It. Smith, vice-president
and general manager of the New iork Cen
tral llailroad: II. '.. I lire, general manager
of the Philadelphia und Heading Kallroad:
J A. MiCrea, general manager of Iho long
Nl.ind llailroad. W. M. Duncan, receiver of
the Wheeling and Lake Lrm line; J. II.
Shctthard. ueneral manm-or of the Western
Maryland Railroad; A W. TlioinP"on, gen
eral manager of the Haltlniore and Ohio
llailroad, and C S, Sims, vice-president and
general Homager of the Delaware and
Hudson Kailroad.
Hefore the meeting yesterday the com
mittee of the firemen met at the Hroadway
Central Hotel to take up two suggestions
made bv Mr Stuart of tho managers' com
mittee to the elTcot that the principle guid
ing lhe arbitration commit toe of seven to
whioh the demands of the engineers were
referred, in reaching a conclusion, should
apply to the firemen, or If this -was not ac
ceptable that a separate arbitration board
of seven should be appointed to take HP
the firemen's demands.
Warren S, Stone, grand chief of the
Hrotherhood of Locomotive lingineers. has
prepared a brlet summarizing the argu
ments of tho engineer, copies of which he
sent to th' members of the committee.
Among other things llie engineers demanded
lncren.es of wngi-s all around and changes
in working conditions, which would renuire
an entire readjustment of tho schedules on
most of the road.
t'nrroll Scrceant Tyson to Marrr.
TltKNTON. Aug. 37. Miss Helen Robtltl(.
daughter of Charles A Itoebllng of C.
A. Itoebllng Son, will be married to Carroll
Serirennt Tyson, an artlit, of Philadelphia,
on Wednesday afternoon. October 18. The
wedding will be (pilot owing to the death
of Washington A. Itoebllng 2d, who was
a victim ot the Titanic disaster.
Mlsi Mildred Parker, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Joel J. Parker of Morrlsvllte,
Jf. Y., and Charles Hurdette Morse, son
of Mr. and Mrs. J,oeph n. Morse of
Plalntleld, N. J were married jesterday
at the homo of the bride's parents by
the Ilev. C. Wallace Petty, pastor of ths
Creston Avenue Haptlst Church. New
York, a cousin of the bilde. Miss a,
IMna Hush of Canaloharle, N. Y.. a col
lego classmute of the bride, and Halph K.
Miner ot Orlskany Kalis, X. Y.. a cousin
of the bridegroom, were the attendants.
.fter the ceremony Mr. nnd Mrs. Morse
left for a three week automobile trip.
They will live in Plalntleld. Mrs. Motse
was formerl supervisor oi uomesuc sci
ence In tho Plalntleld public schools. Mr.
Morse Is associated with the Mason
Henry Press Company of New York ana
the Teller-Hurst Kngravlng Company of
Syracuse, N. Y.
Welch Kills.
Ithaca, Aug. 2-Mlss Jennie l.orsine
l'ih. ,i.i..kiap nf f p anrl Mrs. Jav Wsrren
Kills of this city, and Thomas Whitney Men
son Welch, son of Lieut, and Mrs. llltnton
Charles Welch of Moutclalr, X, J., were
1 A i.u iiliArtinnn Mr. Weleh Is A
IllUllin. IIM" ,..... ww. ..... ...
graduate of Cornell University and rowed
In the freshman and four oared crews while
an undergraduate. He is now a member
of the Cornell laculty.
.Notes of the Social World.
The weddlnr of Mils Dorothy V. Smith,
.hi., nf Mr unit llll. n0rCS CSmDbcIl
Mmlth, to Artemaa Holni will tike pises
to-day In Iloslyn, I.. I., in the Lloyd Bryce
cottage, whre tins urld Is spending ths
mmrner with her parents. The Ilev. Herbert
.Hhlpman, rector ot tne cnurcn oi me nm
enlv licet, will offklatt. A reception wilt
follow'rtie cenmony.
Tlaroneti Hengelmulle r von llengervar ar
rived with her daughter at ths Ht. Kegls
yeflenlay from Jlar Harbor to Join Baron
Hengelmuller. They will sail for Kurope to
morrow on lhe Kalaerln Auguate Victoria.
.Mr. and Mrs. William Douglas Sloane. who
hate, been staying In Lenox, will arrive at
the nitr-Carlton to-day.
Mr. and Mre. Clark Howell of Atlanta,
Ga.. are at the St. Ilegla for eeral weeks
Mr. and Mm 8. Stevens Hands, who have
been staying at Southampton, L. 1 . with
Mrs. Sheldon Fuller, have gone to Lebanon
Springs for the autumn.
Mr. anil Mrs. Norman W. Dodge are at
the Illtii-Carlton for eeveral days. They
i, b A hn fiinillnr ths summer at their
country place In Haines Falle, N. T,
Mr. und Mrs. Malcolm Stuart are at ths
Plaza for a brief visit.
Archibald White of Cincinnati, who la
...... 1 1.. Ik. .nintnr at hla Whits Pini,
.cnuiiite b........v. ....... .
Camp In the Adirondack, Is at the Qotham,
Mini Beatrice Seymour floodwln of Waah
Ington, D. C who has been abroad for two
ear, Is vlelllng Mra, T, De Witt Krebs of
Mr, and Mrs. William Thaw of Pittsburg,
who spent part of the summer at Watch
Hill, It. I., have gone to Virginia Hot Springs
for a short stay.
The wedding of Miss Janet House, daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Mandell House,
to Oonlon Auchlnclosa of thla city will take
plnre on September 14 In Beverley Farms,
.Mhs. Miss House Is spending the summer
with her psrents st their country place In
Hoicrley Farms.
Tho Hev. Dr. and Mrs. Holaiul C. Smith
of Washington, D. C announce the engago.
in. 'ill of their daughter, Miss Margaret SI
gouiney Smith, to Guy IJmemon of Wash
ington. .Mr. l-nieraon la the son of Dr
Nathaniel Emerson of Bottoa.
1 ' ' T
J , , -
T. L. CHADB0URNE LEFT $800,660.
Kstate Divided F.qnnlly Amunst Three
Sons and Ttto Ilaunhlrra.
The estate of Thomas I. Chndboiirne,
who died on April IS, mil, and was the
father of Thomas I... Jr . Waldemsr A and
II, W. Chadbourne, members of the law
firm of Chadbourne A Shores, of no Pine
street, ten an estate valued nt tstxi.snn, in
the transfer tax appraisal tiled yesterday.
The estate goes In equal sharestn fcisthrne
sons and his two daughters. Mrs, Hannah
C. Denton and Mrs. Alice C. Ilarkiiess.
The estate consisted chiefly of copper
mining sioess, snn ineiuneii tne lonowing
Ahmeek tlr.lnir Co.. tni 1?... ct mmet .iml
Heels, tSi,.1S5, Wolverine Copper Mining
Co., U7.000: Iiirln Mining t o , $s;..".o.
Seneca Mining Co., fu.joo, and Mohawk
.inning i.o., sis.ikni.
Among the nersonul articles Mr Chad
bourne left to his eon Thomas were a por
trait ui uimseii uyjonn .Mevaniier, nnu
a portra It of hi maternal great-ginnd-lather,
den. llenjamin Lincoln
Those Who Are Sailing To. day for
fsiarope and the Indies.
The Cunard steamship Lusltanla,
which sailed at 1 o'clock this morning
for Liverpool, had amone Ha pas
sengers: Ur. sad sirs. IT. C. Car- Ml Margaret Kahn
prntrr H. U. Knunls
A. L. Clafiin Mrs. J, F. I). Inler
Carlyle C. ClaUIn Mr. and Mrs. Percy
Mrs. O. A. de Cosson Martin
Selwin Darlrs I., s, Hlrhardt
Saunders navies Mr. and Mra. H. J.
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Itlrkey
Duncan Mr. and Mrs. I',. 3.
Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Itntlisrlilrld
Jackson llurnet 14. Ituggle
Mrs. Olio H. Kahn Charles L Werner
Miss Maude Kahn lcUnt II. Wiles
Gilbert Kahn I). McK. Williams
Roger Kaha John Worttitngton,
Passengers on the steamship Orotava,
sailing; to-day for Bermuda, are:
Dr. and Mrs. W. A, Mr and Mrs. W. P. M.
Alexander Irwin
Mr. and Mrs. R. J, Mr. aud Mrs. Samuel
Armstrong Le Hoy
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Mr. and Mrs. J. A,
A, Daur, Jr. McArthur
Gilbert llurrbell Mr. and Mre. II. T
The Hev. Dr. A. D, North
Cameron Mr. and Mrs, C. R Par-
Lieut. C. H. Halfh sons
Mr. and Mrs. John flay- Dr Thorns. G. Yfardle
wood Dr. S. P. Wetner
J. W Yatei.
The pasiengets on the fulled Fruit
Company's steamship Alinliuute, sailing
to-day for Kingston, Colon, Cartagena,
Puerto Colombia and .Santa Marta, will
W. 6. Uartlett XV W. Moore
Dr. and Mrs. L. A Con- Mr, snd Mrs S. Pennock
ner Mr. and Mrs. James
Mrs. S. Dyaterboch Uuern
W. W. Foster H. H, Williams
Plays and Players,
nkhaid Carle introduced last night t the
Criterion Theatre the second of the series
of humorous songs which he Is composing
for himself In "The Olrl From Montmsrire."
It Is calli'd "Why Is It?" and Is sung In duet
form with William Danforth In the third act.
The members of the company to present
Graham Muffin's latest plsy, "The Sirape
o' the Fen." will sail from Liverpool on Sat
urday, reaching Montreal late next week
TJie company, which Is composed entliely of
Scottish players, will remain In Montreal for
two weeks for final rehearsals, opening In
Sherbrook, Canada, September It After a
week In the Dominion It will tome to New
Tork. The play will open a'. W'cbei'a Tlit-stre
on Thursday night, September il.
The "leading woman contest" which Corse
I'ayton has been conducting In connection
with his stock company at the West Und
Theatre for the past five weeks came to an
end last Saturday. The result was announced
from the stage last night. The winner waa
F.Ja. Von Luke and the prize an automobile,
Theodore Bendlx, the composer and di
rector, has been engaged to appear at
Keith's Union Square Theatre on September
2. He will be assisted by Michel Bernstein,
Jaques Shore, Arthur Bernstein and Sieg
fried Phlllpe, the Danish barytons, who has
been specially engaged,
Mauds Rockwell, Harry First a.l Harry
Landls have replaced Cecil Cunningham,
Harry Wardell snd Josephine Ileitis In Will
iam Foi's "The Girl From Brighton," which
will open the season st the Academy of Mu
alo next Saturday night. In order to nil the
unusually large atage fifteen additional
chorus girls have been engaged, making the
entire company number Ut.
Several weeks ago Henry W. Savage ac
cepted for production a new play whltli had
been submitted anonymously. Yesterday he
learned that the author waa Margaret Turn
bull, who Is known as a writer of fiction.
The play will b produred hefore the new
'Well, I'll Leave to Him.
l.nrknnanna's l'ourlh of .Inly Wreck
Snlijeel nf Damage Actions,
The firs: suit here against the Lacka
wanna railroad aritlng out of the wreck
at Corning on July 4 wa filed in the Su
preme Court yesterday by William Hess,
a administrator of the estate of his wife,
'Mrs. Kdlth Amelia Hess. Tin suit is lor
I t.Vi.iUKi, and Iho complaint alleges that the
I train on which Mrs, Hess was riding was in
collision with another train booau.o of the
i improper and unlawful conduct or noglectJ
oi iimy oi ine railroad s nipioyee.
.Surrogate Ivetcham of Hrooklvu venter
day irranted iwrinisslnn to Charles II 'huffy,
as administrator of lhe estate or hi mother,
Mary A. huffy, and hi slMer, Alice L. Duffy,
to collllirolillse diilimire suit lirniii,hl Mtruitwr
the Delaware. Lackawanna nnd Western
Itnilroud Company growing out. of the I
accident nt Corning. N v., on July 4
last. Mrs Dufty and h-r daughter were.
among the killed and tho company ofler
nf a settlement In the sum of jl.nno for
the death of the mother and 3,iki (or that
of her daughter, who wus 17 vears old
and earninit U a week, was accepted by
the administrator.
Commission Appointed liy Canada
and I'nlteil states Begins Work.
BffFAi.o. Aug. 57 The International
Waterways Commission which was ap
pointed by the I'nited States nml Canadian
Coveniments In itsj;, has begun an ex
tenilve survey lo determine the boundary
line in tho region or tho great lakes. Ths
work hus been started near Nlagnra by
a largo corps of engineers from both the
I tilted Stnte and Canada, w ho are making
measurements and collecting data
'I he question of where the boundary line
actually is aroso in lunti.when the Canadian
Vessel i iullnnr. setort rmmluar it nui.
which had been set near the centre of Lnkei
r.ne oy tne iveystone Mini Company on
trie. Pa. 'I he company protested that :
;iie neis weie oil inn southern Sido or tho
line, lhe International Waterways Com
mission took up the dispute and submitted a
report recommending that thn commission
lie authorised to lay down upon a chart
and mark with monuments the liorder line
through Lake Krie.
Lawyer I'nrker la Poor, lint Ills
Family Gels flfllt a Week.
James Parke, a lawyer at 'i Hector street,
who was directed to appear in t lis Supremo
Court for examination In supplementary
proceedings on a ludgment for lll.tlit,
testlied yesterday Hint before thelloxbury
Distilling Company failed in mil) stock In
ths company which ho owned was worlli
IllO.nixi, and yielded an Income nf mi, ion.
but now II is worthless. Mr. Parkes said
he has no clients now and not a single case
pending, and there Is only 110 in his bank
lie Is treasurer of the Montana Hold
.Mining Company Iml the twenty shnres of
stock he holds belong to his wife und i lill
(Iron. He is paying his wile ami children
iinoa week, ho said, but the money comes
from lhe sain or their stock He had no
Jewelry but a ring, und doesn't think he
will ever bo able to collect a Judgment for
IH he got a lew jeurs ago against one
Huron von Hosenberg, un engineer, because
he lirisu t heard from the Huron for some
yeai s.
.Never Said .N err port Waa Reins;
Spoiled, He Mnjs, Facing; Letters.
DnNVf.it, Col., Aug. 27. "I never snw a
reiiortcr all the lltuo I was In California
and I never said California Is n better place
rur society people than Newport, declared
I, Townsend Ilurden here to-day.
At the oHIoe of his fnthor-ln-lnw, Dennis
Bneedy, incident or tho Colorado Nnttonu
Hank, Mr. Hunlnii found a huge heap of
mall, some of il postmarked Newport,
waiting for him.
Tho letters when niiened yielded a shower
of newspuiier clippings and scribbled re
proaches. The clippings quoted him as
predicting Hit downfall of Newport ami
praising lw Angeles as a social hub, The
correspondents expressed themselves freely
111011 his repudiation of society 'a summer
Got. DIx at Orange County Knlr,
MlDPl.KTOWN. V. V.. Aug. 27. linv. John
A, Dl will arrive here to-morrow after
noon lo deliver an address nt tlm Orange
county fair, lie will Inspect tho Middletown
Htate Hospital and attend a biittimot In
1 1, a u .'All I M I, Tim I :n.r.i, ...III' - .. . I.
. ' ;.. . "". ,,u,hii " spells.
iu blmlra oiuThursday.
28, 1912.
VeiT Yorkers Who Are Trying; the
Country lloads by Anto.
WATi.niil'itT, Conn.. Aug. 27. New York
auto arrivals at the Hotel Kit on to-day
P. A. Cole. W. T (Irant, bound to Lenox
ttlvcrlnndl; Mr. and .Mrs. K. W. Silverman.
Mr. and Mrs. It. II. Tllllnghast. on Ideal
tour (Cadillac) ; William It. David and wife
I.r.sog. Mass.. Aug. 27 Motor arrival
at tho Hotel Apinwall to-day from New
York were .Mr. and .Mrs. W. It. Douglas
Miss Douglass, 11. Dougl.io , Mi Jean
Douglass (Alco). Mr. nnd Mrs. M. II. Ad-
dlcks. .Mrs. .1. M. Murdock. J. Morehead
M unlock, Mis Catherine Murdock (Lozlen;
.Mr. nnd Mrs. J. O. Dutiher (I'nrkard);
Mr. and .Mrs. John N. Dale, Mis Julia Dale,
.Mis Josephine Dale (Locomobile) ; Krnest
Hull. Ml Hall (Packard): Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Proctor, Mr, and Mrs. A. W. Hay-
ford (Packardi. (len. nnd Mrs. Wheeler
-Miller, Mi Ileebe (Peerless). Mr. and Mrs.
W, M. Flelss (Kline); John Krazer. D. M.
Fra7er. II. Cunnlnghuni. Mrs. P. M. Lewis
PlTTHFiELt). Mass , Aug. 27 New York
tourists registering at the Touring Club's
bureau In the Hotel Wendell to-tlav were
May .Sehonpert, C. M. Browne (Packard);
Mr. and Mrs, C. It. Sawyer. Mr. and Mrs.
Luther Cordon (Seldenl; Mr. and Mm. J. W.
Ilrainard, William Naulty (I'ope-Harlford):
Mr. and Mrs. Ceorge Morrison. Mr. and
Mrs. .1, Heed Birch (Patterson); Mr. and
Mr, ir K, Jleudrickson (Dorris)
Lki: (ii.oiiiig, N Y.. Aug. 27. -New York
tourist arriving to-day at the Fort William
Henry Hotel are Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Pnter
myer, Mrs. H. C. I'oiter, -Mr, and Mrs. s. V.
Huntington (Mercedesl, Mia, J, S. Hell.
Mr. and Mrs. 1'. N. Pell, -Miss M. Jamison,
Miss D, Jamison, William Speuce (Packard):
Mr. and Mrs. William -Mills Jr.. Mrs. k!
Ivonge, Miss M. Vlllany (Peerless).
Nf.w Isiniio.v, Conn., Aug. 27. Auto
Fiarties nrrlving nt the Criswold Include,
rom New York: Mrs. W. 0 Liy. Mr. and
Mrs. H ID. Lowls.H, Vaughan (lloupt Hock
well), Mrs. J. A. Wlsner. Miss Van Alystlne,
(leorge Hulling (Peerlessl: Dr. aim Mrs.
H. S. (iould. Mrs. II. II. Steams (Cadlllnoi:
Mr. und Mrs. Henry Fellow, Mrs. Joseph
Fellow i Packard I. Mr. and Mm. ). N.
Trout (Cadlllaoii-Mr. und Mrs. William S.
Mtchell (Stevens). Mr. and Mrs, (lay, Miss
Harriet 0. (lay (Stoddard). I
MANi'iihSit.ii. vt Aug. 27. .rrlvals by
nulomoblle lo-ilay at tho Kquluox House
include the following lroin New York: Mr.
and Mrs. J A. Wright and Mr. and 1). S.
Ilrassll (Packard) Mr, and Mrs. A P. Ker
nan and Morris K Kernsti iliieri Mr. and
Mrs. W. C. Paiks andi-MUs Parks (Packardi:
Mrs. William Porter. Mrs, F. H. Wlgglu
snd Miss Kinily Brown i Pierce), Mrs, F. H.
McConl and Mr. nnd Mrs, (.'. M. Lown
(Packard), .1. W. Hatch. Homer W. Hatch.
Mrs. 1. C Weeks and Miss Helen MacDer
mott (Peerless). Mrs. Franklin (lidding,
Miss (llddiiigs, Kverett Johnson and II. II.
Johnson (.Mercedes), Dr. and Mrs II. Stro
bridge, Miss M. Ileffly and Mr. slid Mrs,
David H, lliiiton (Hambler); Mr. and Mrs.
F. I' MuoDonshl (Selden.)
HiinrioN Woods. N. II.. Aug, 27. -New
i nrk motorists arriving at lhe Hotel Aspln
wall to-day. Mr. and Mrs, F., W. Haskins,
Miss Helen luisklns, Mr. and Mrs, if. D.
Watson Cadillac), ('. II, i'.verson, Miss
Lverson, Miss Anne llagor (Peerless); Mr.
and Mrs. C. (). lluriliok. Hubert Hurdlck,
Howard Hurdlck or Brooklyn (Cadillac).
Mr. and Mrs. Mint urn F Wright. J. S,
Wright, (Locomobile); Miss M. A, O'Dons
hue, L. J. O'Douuliue tchadwlck), Miss F..
H. Nichols. Miss K. II. Tliorp. lls It, J.
Ilanlon ( Pierce-.rrot): Mr. nnd Mrs, K.
V. Bryant, Miss Bryant, Miss Marian Hryant
IPackanl) Mr. and Mrs. Samuel A. Salvage
(Peerless); Mr, and Mrs. W. D Flagg (Win.
nml; Mr, and Mrs. W, II. Mcrriman, Miss
Merriman (Locomobile): Mr. and Mrs,
(leorge Keith. Mr and .Mrs, C. 8. Huntley
,At the Point I'nsasant. Mr and Mra,
William Fitzpnlrick. D, J, Urennan, Miss
N. M. Ilrennun, Miss ' J. Ilrennon (Pope
Hartrordl. Mr. and Mrs. lieoroe II. Ilvker
(( adlllac). Mrs, 8. Weaver. K. I). Weaver.'
M,,,.,' I.' WaaUMH M ., .. n.I.B II'. I...
j ... ..I-.,..,, ....; imiiri
Weaver and Ueorge Weaver (llulck), (i. J.
Harry. Walter U, Cutler (llldsmohllei, Mr,
and Mrs, L. T, Wood, Charles W. (loulii
ll'ope-Hartlordl: Mr. and Mrs, A, I'.. Fells,
Miss Dorothy Fells. Carl Fells IStUtg); Mr.
ami Mrs. J. 11. Meuller, Mr. and Mrs. W,
I.. Brand (Oaklandl Dr and Mra. K. K
Mandevllle, Hurry II. Mundevllls, Miss .
M.ChadwIuk of Hrooklyn llltilik).
NkwC4sili;, N. II., Aug. 27, New York
automoblllstH registered at tne lintel Went
worth to-day were; Mr. and Mr. 11. Simons
ll'ackunl); Mrs. Thomas F.rgren, Master
F.rgren, 1 . F. Shutr. (I'aokardl. Mrs. J.
Frankland, Mrs. Alfred It. Sax. Mr. and Mrs,
F (I. Snow, Miss Dorothy V. Snow (l'lercei.
WIiiks Are I'lyliiK (n Rrnnlun,
Ciiictfio, Aug 27 -(leorge Wing Slsson
of Potsdam, N V., was elected vice-president
of tho Wing Family, Inecorporated,
which i holding its fifth annual reunion at
inn uii ion int. i nere urn inrn thnn a
iiiindrod ineiuber of the family here out of
a tot 1 1 ol mure than tuti.noo linen I descend
ants of Deborah Wing, who settled In Amer
ica in IHXi. Several hundred more are ex
pected before the end of the reunion,
With Slater, He nan Prom Behind
Wattnii Into Ms I'ntli lints n Hill,
RkaClitk, Ti, I..Attr.27.-PeterTrinche,
o years old, son or Harry Trlnche of (lien
Head, was killed this afternoon by lielnc
I 'il'- by an nutomobllo owned and driven
by gitlnton I. Ooliol of Port Henry, N. V ,
on thoOlcn Ite.idroad near whero In Jnlv,
100). Mlsa Leigh Townsend of Sea Cliff
nnd Arthur Hmlth or Kjist Norwich were
killed In nn automobile collision.
In to-day's accident Mr. (lobe, accom
panied by his brother-in-law. I,oo M.
I Pointo nt it) Carlton pl.ico, Flushing,,
wero descending tho ntoep hi II and the
cm was going slowly. Hovernl wagons
it. i . ' . . " ..-'-t:iiuiiih llio
hill nnd from liehlnd ono of them tho boy
nnd his slater darted out Into tlio txilli
uncK wero nseotui ma
oi tno nutomobilo. Before it could Im
... v,,u ,,. ii.iiii, mu, i, Dt'iui.. it, (;miiu i
ulnntwvt I liu Ml nil I nn 1. ,,l ..n.l-
iiiiii inn, mi,, oi null lliu llliv .
Mr. flnhel Wild ln.linlilto ,.l.wv.l .....lM
. - ., ....n k.,,.,,v.,, ,UI-T.'V1 I1II.IUI
arrest, but was pirolcil,
Noted l.arynaoloalst Dies on Ills
l'lfty-flfth lllrthday.
Dr. Jntne Cllrnnl V ma'nnml. a.iAnli.11.1
In diseases of tlio car, noso and throat, or
IIS West SI 1 1 V., lint II ,lrnl .IIa.I nl n-l.,1-.
sclerosis yesterday morning nt Lnke Kusli-
iiqii.i in me Aniroiiuticks, where ho was
spending the summer
Dr. Newcomb wns born In New London.
Conn., on August 27. idVf. and prepared for
Yale at the Hulkeley School In that illy.
HO Was t?rHllllStnrl trnm V'nlA tfttl. l,M ,.lnud
of issoand wns graduated from the College
ui i iiysicians ami surgeon in this it v in
IS81. For more thnn n jear following his
craduatlon lie usu nn il.., ,n.i,i.ni ui..n.
of Hoosevclt llospltiil and since Unit time
ur nun uccn in urivuio prni llco In this city.
He was a lo"turer In laryngology in tho
Cornell Medical College and consulting
laryngologist to Hoosevclt Hospital.
He was a member ot the Now York County
MecMenl SnoUty h Va,v vl, i 1 .
J . ...... i vi n ,iwi-ii
of Medicine, the Hospital Graduates Club
nun presiuctu oi tno American Laryngo
Ingical Society. Ho contributed n chapter
to "Twentieth Century Medicine" anil with
Drs, Burnett and Ingals was nuthor ol
"Diseases of the Far. Nose and Throat "
tie enueu me American edition or "(Inm
wnld's Alias of Diseases of the Mouth,
Pharynx and N'ose,"
lie leavesa widow. Mrs. nilcabeth Wllmot
Newcomb. thn nreslileut ,r ih. Minn, u..i.i
Snnntarlum. to which Dr. Nowcoinb was
consulting pnysicinn. rue Interment will
take place to-morrow In New London, where
ur. .-.eweomo s lamer lives.
Superintendent of Albany Schools
Dies of Indigestion.
Al.nNV. Aug. 27.-Charle Wadsworth
Cole tiled this morning nt Sunset Camp on
Itaoqiictto I-nke of acute Indigestion. Ho
had been superintendent of tho Albany
public school system since lft7Sahd ten years
earllor was appointed professor of l.ngllsli
lllerature and history In tho Albany High
Mr. Cole was born here In 140. Ills'
grandfather, William Cole, was .1 Revolu
tionary soldier. After graduating from
Hamilton College iu IM53 ho read law for
a while and then became chief clerk to his
father, tho late John O. Cole, who wa ap
pointed provost marshal hero by President
He had been president of the council of
school superintendents of the Stato and
for years was an active member of Its legis
lative comndttee, being ono of tile framcrs
of the compulsory education law.
Dr. Henry II. Miller.
WHITEHOUSB. N J.. Aug. !7 An at
tack of heart disease proved falsi this morn
ing to Dr. Henry II. Miller. G years old. who
was ronvstesrent from pneumonia. A wife,
a brother and a snn survive htm. Dr. Miller
was born In Middle Valley snd spent his
early life .there. He begsn the practice of
medicine at MountalnMlle and later settled
at Lebanon, where he hud been practising
twenty-one years. He woe a member of the
Hunterdon County Medical Society, In which
he had held several offices.
Mrs. MlllUm lllrkey.
Sirs, William Hlckey died on Sunday after
noon at the I.lndenwald Hotel, Klnderhook,
N. V. In her flfty-flfth year She was a
daughter of lhe late Marcus II Held, a
wholesale merchant nf New York city In
the '70. She was educated st the Convent
of the Sisters of the Sacred Heart at Ken
wood, Albany, and was married to William
Hlckey of Klnderhook In 1114. During the
coal famtne of a few years sgo she pur
chased coal and had It distributed among
the poor. She Is survived by her husband,
a daughter, Lillian, and tern sisters, Mrs. J.
B. O'ltellly of New York city and Miss Mary
i:. Held of Klnderhook.
Mrs. Florence E. Lock wood.
Mrs. Florence E. Lockwood, wife of James
F. Lockwood, manager of the Otis I'levatoV
Company, died on Bunilay at her home, 671
McDonough street, llrdnklyn, In her thirty-
eighth esr. She wss vice-president of Die
Contemporary Club, which was founded by
her mother, the late Luella 1). Clark. Sha
wns well known as a dramatic reader and
was a member ot the Iteadeis Club and the
I'rban Club. In addition to her hustnd, s
on and three daughtera survive her
Charles W. Parker.
Chsrles W. Parker, who was long sn-'
clated with his father, Charles Parki-r, In
the Parker restaurants, Manhattan, and In
Wlllouehby street, Urooklin. died on Sundsy
at hla home, 313 Decatur street, In the lat
ter borough, In hla sixty-eighth year. lis
spent several years In Kansas City In early
life as the passenger agent of the Santa I'e
Ttsllroad. His wife, two sons and three
daughters survive him
Samuel K, Worthlngton.
niTFALO, Aug. !7 Samuel K Worlli-
Ington, 90 years old, formerly u lending grain
merchant of this city and a friend of Orowr
Cleveland, died at his home here to-day.
Krnlls anil Vegetables Will lie Sold
To-dsr s Well as I'lsh.
lhe market of the llousewives League,
under the Manhattan end of the Queens-
boro Bridge, will be opened permanently
this morning at 7 o'clock. Two experi
mental sales proved so successful that the
league decided to make the venture u per
manent one. The Idea Is lo sell foodstuffs
at wholesale prices by securing them direct
ironi tno proiiucer, 1 ue mursei 10-iiay
will fenturo fruits and vegetable nntt.
although she could not quote prices in
advance, Mrs, Jullnn llenthof u West Ninety-
ursi street, preniueiu or tne league, sunt
yesterday that in most cases retail market
prices would he cut Iu half,
.. permanent usu inan;ei, nus atreauy
been opened under the bridge.
Ur, Luther (iullek nml tVnlhau
StiaiiB Will (lo to Congress 011
Al n.VN T, Aug. '.'7. Clov. 01 x has appointed
delegate to the fifteenth international
congress on hygiene nnd demography iu
Washington Kepieinbor '.'3 to ifi. Among the
delegates are Or. Lutlir II. (iullek. Or.
Joseph (, llryant, IMwnrtl T. Pet Ine and
Nathan Stmus ot New Vork.
The (loveiuor hn 11U0 iinnoliited dele
gate- lo the national comrres of negro
ediicntois Iu lOiiueotlon with the celebi.1
lion of the llltidth unniversary of the Liuiiii
clpntion Proclamation iu Washington, O
C, on Ueptember 24.
Sf I I I. .1 s
Ifoscrvcs Kxliimstcil I)ui'Inr
StiNpi'iision und Xow Sttjiply
Vtills l.eliiiid Di'iunnti.
Ami Oppnilors roiiiplniu
OlobniHoiis Thai Cur
tall Output.
WiLKLstuitni:, Aiir. 27 Tin supply
or iintliracito coal ban been curtailed by n
series or evenls. Tlio Mlpply which th"
anthracite opera I oik always hold in re
servo was exhausted during Him flvo
wecka suspension when oxrntniH nnd
men wero nl tut in q for 11 settlement s
or their troubles. '
Practically every pound or coul which
Iho companies held in reserve win ex
hausted by public deiiiatul during tlm
suspension period. Following, 11 settle
ment or the dispute iiulliiacito operators
hnvn liecti uiiablo lo cienli. 11 Mirphi.
supply. P.very potnul of coal which thn
companies huvo been nble lo produce
since tho men have returned to work
has been dumped on Din marl ket.
Thoro ha Ikhui no attempt ut artificial
sttoniRo for tho reason thut Ih" demand
has been creater than the supply.
In nil branches of mltiiiiK tho scarcity
of labor nt present has its. material effect
on tho coul supply. Hut while- this has
been a contributing; causu for thu shortage
at tidewater, tho real reason tor tlm lack
of sufficient coal supply to moot the de
mand Is duo to tho celebrations with
whicU the miners have signalized their
Five weeks ago National President
John V. White started on a tour of tint
anthracite fields.. His presence in any of
tho towns In tlio anthracite field was tho
Hignnl forclosliiftupnllcoliorlcsniid colo
lirathiK a holiday, l'rom ohi end of tho
field to tho other the lour of Whilo hus
had a Krout effect tin tho production
nf coal. A conservullvi operator with no
mallei for the millers' union to-tl.iy de
clared that White's visit into (he hard coal
fields waa responsible for 11 short ago of
75.000 tons of coal in tho market supply.
Kciunton. Auk. I" There i no Inrco
storaRO of coal ut the collerie in und
uroutid this eitv, ncmrditiK to the aupar
intendents of thn coal inlniiiR comisinjes.
On tho contrary the various comimnies
since the resumption of iniiiiiirr itera
tions have la-en working full lime. Col.
K, A. I'hilliiis, general muiiiiKcr of thn
I jckawaimii, said to-night, "Kvery ouiid
is being, shipped uwuy as fast us wo can
get it out."
John It. Hryden. superintendent of
the Scrnnton Coal Comimny. nnd Cnpt.
W. A. May of (he Pennsylvania Coal
Comivany Rave in effect tho satno state
ment. Tho minos are working; full time trying,
to catch up with nrileis, but they ait)
nway behind. In lhe yards or the vui ioiH
coul carrying; roads 110 strings of mal
cars Htanil lor liny IciiRth of time, 'lhe
storagi) dumps for wushery coal all
throtiRh this region otu practlcully do
pleted. Porrsvu.i.K, At. 27. -The Philadel
phia und HeadiiiR l.'oal and Iron Com
pany has in storuRt; nt tho big Uindliiviile
bins south of Pottsvillo about .vm.noo
tons ot anthracite coul of all fI.im, chiefly
lion, chestnut, stove and crr, null dally
tralnlond of fuel are tnR duniea
into these iininens. Kiokels, which are
now lllled to nlmut half their caiMCity.
In other years tho yards nt Uiiidinvllle
have been lllled to their camci(y at this)
season .
At tho collieries to-day there is prac
tically no coai'on hand except thut which
i intended for colliery use and for lh
local trade. It is estimated that oveiy
colliery has about three, months supply
btored for these local needs,
IfTrct of Trust's Dissolution lloth
v l'nrls CronltiK IllKKrr.
I The fleet ot steamers which linn been
employed by tho .Standard Oil Company
has lieen divided into two parts, following
tho dissolution of tho coniHiny. Ily the
arrangement elTected the Standard Oil
Company or Now Jersey has taken ovor
tho foreign carrying trado and the coast
wise vessels go to the .Standard Oil Com
imny or Now Vork. Tho latter comiiany
also takes the lighterage business.
Uoth comimnies already have enlored
upon a great enlargement or their floets.
Tlio New Jersey company has twenty-two
ships under way in foreign shipyards,
chiefly in tho yard or (Ircut Ilrltuin, nud In
addition is converting two cargo steam
ships into tanks. For tho, co.istwlso triid
the New York company has ordered four
teen ships and lKirges. to cost approxi
mately M.ooojioo. iih well as fourteen
woodon boats which will lie used in Now
York harbor.
Una Slight Altnek nf IndlKestlon,
but Will Ue Aliool In Day nr Two.
Hamilton, Mas , Aug. 27 Secretary
of tho Navy Oeorgo von I.. Meyer, who
wns taken ill on Iho Oovenitnent yacht
Mayflower whllu on his way to Inspect
the Brooklyn nuvy yard, nrrived at his
summer home. Hock Mnnlo Tarm. last
evening. It was stated this morning that
ins illness is not serious, lie is nunering
from 11 slight attack or indigestion and
will lie about In a day or so.
KAIXir.lir.HN. .Mllnbokrn, 011 Turada,, August
27, lut:. Margaret, wife of the kilo Charles P.
Kargebehn, aged 71 ycais.
Itrlatlv.es and filcnd are respectfully ln lied to
attend funernl services at her late residence,
tot Washington st., llnhokrn, on Thursday
rsrnlug, August 5. at S o'clock. Interment
.N'UWCOMI). -At his summer retldcncf, Ijiko
Kushaqun, N. V., August 27. 1017, Jnmri
Kdward Newcomb, M.D., husband of I'.llra
brth Wllmol Newcomb, Interment Thursday
afternoon from residence of his mother, U
(iranlte street, New London, Conn.
PATTKUSON.-August in, Kdwaril 'riliterald,
Infant son or Henry Stuart and Charlotte Wise
Patterson. Boston, Washington end Chicago
siapers please ropj,
II AM). Arthur II. Hand, aged 13 years fiemalns
I) lug In state, 'Tug Punkiial Ciii'iicii," :t
:ia West Twcnty-thlid street (durum.
TODD, On Sunday, August 55, ot hl ie l.lence
i:7 West ism st., Joshua Mande.ille To.t.i.
In the bfllli year of h! age.
l'uneral prlvnle.
lu .Memnriaui,
WIIITi: - .solemn Anniversary iluiulcin Mass lor
the repose of the soul of lhe Very Ilev. Mgr.
Wll'Inm J. While. P.P.. late Supervisor ef
Catholic Charities and Hector id the Chutch
ot lhe Visitation, llrooklin.wlll lie celebrated
Thursday, August IU. 10 A. M . al lhe VW
latlon Church, Itlchnrds and Verona streets.
HtouMvu. Helmut's ud friends air ln licit
lo sllend.

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