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which to allow that Itechcr tlld not take
Online Hip ton days nf grace Mr. Lit
tleton nn away from the city, nn his I
lfjtltrn to town no assur-ince wn.i await
Iti him 1 1 t:i t Jtccker liml been falsely
secured (if grnfiltu;, nnd Mr. Mttlt'inn
tliPtrupmi wnshecl Ills hands nf Hip ease.
Ah to Hecker'H reported knowledge of
tho vvhcnraboutH of Gyp tliu Wood nnil
Lefty t.noln and tlin connivance of cor
Inln policemen with his i1qii nf ptndiu"
Inc. lltrni. Mr. Whitman win nsked
whether or not Iip hid such a contln-'
cency In tnlDil when he barred the New'
York Pollen Department from ."linrlin; I
tho .."..(iimi ncivurd offftfil h lilin for
tho 1 1 rt in o of In.- fugitives. Altlimmli j
IIOIIUHK 1UIIH' ' ili lt'0 iO'Ulll III!' I'm"
Hon for iMrrfjif; tin' police from thp le
ward. It I." ku.wn Hint HiIk hpllpf tiplppil
to lnfliii in Hip I'Ntilct Attorney In
e.vcltidjus: Hip police.
Thr l.nver whoso nanip nn ennsld
rr.d ni laf-t night's confluence m a prob
able affdslatit to .Mr. Whitman I creel
itPil with bav ;; ii deeper Insight Into
and knowledge f Hi.' conditions to hp
investigated by Justice Uoff than any
i thcr lawyer In tho city, lip has shown
iIpcp Intfitcst In tho .top l)oo proceed
ing and has given assistance In Hip.
preparation of the cases during the
past few weeks.
During- recent .cats thp lawyer has
given up a certain tvpe of eases with
which Iip was one Identified, hut which
nrn likely to tempt young beginners In
need of client.
ConaMer Dale of firat Trial,
IbwAK thp District Attorney's Inten
tion 10 take up with .ItisUce. Ooff the
iia.te of tho tlrst murder trial and to
decide which of the men indicted for
murcler should first ho placed on trial.
Mr. Whitman repeatedly ha said that
he hope to try Hecker first, and feels
confident that this plan will lv carried
The. DUtrlct Attorney's office received
fresh Information concerning new hank
account!? of Ueckcr's yesterday. This
was turned over to Assistant District
Attorney Smith, who Is In charge of
the, protection money inquiry.
A transaction In which a Manhattan
police Inspector figures as the purchaser
of J90.000 worth of Long Island real
estate, was among tho thtnss brought
to light at the District Attorney's; of
fice. Tho Information, which soon was
verified, was brought In by a well
riressetl womnn who visited Assistant
DUtrlct Attorney Moss to tell of a con
versation she had heard. Mr. Moss re
ferred her to Assistant District Attor
ney Conlon. to whom sho save her In
formation In detail.
The womnn told Mr. Conlon that on a
date, specified she hail overheard in thn
office of a real estate man an Inspector
whom she can Identify thank the rpal
estate opprator for having saved J20.000
for the Inspector. The conversation that
followed revealed thn the Inspector had
been after the properly and that the
iral estate man had got It for him $20,
t'"0 cheaper than he hud expected.
Then Hip graft Investigators began to
die into Hip records of Long Island real
estate transfrrs. It took but little time
to learn that thp property in question Is
nt Ilavsldc. A thp same time the
searchers accidentally came across
realty purchases In Queens In which
policemen figure as the. upw owners.
None of these watt In thp JSO.OOt class,
hut the details were takpn down.
Licltl. IVrltcr turned on another prls
en.t' in Hv Tombs, n former lawyer
named ,Ioh,i D. H.-illcu. when visitors
to Mi Tombs were calling on their
frlend. yesterday. Reciter had heard
that on the previous afternoon Unllcn
had told tho District Attorney of over
hearing a conversation between P.cclior
(i ml Detective White of Ueckcr's strong
firm F(iiai while White was a prisoner
fti .1 perjury Indictmen last week.
The ston . as llallcn told it to Mr.
Whitman, and which flecker says Is
ta'se. is that when White was taken
lito the Tombs his greeting to Hacker
wr.s Well. the.v'vo got us, chief!"
llallcn -as that lierkor qulcklv told
While ti "shut up" anil that "six
mon'h fioni now they ll he p'.uning
medals on us for what we did."
MecLer TirHlis Mnlleu's rm.
When lloj;"ii vps pf,!n-eil n.it to
Recker 'psterda- Hotter iiulckly wpnt
toward him. while t In- men wele exer
cising In Hie coriidir. anil gtabbed
UallenV arm ro'ighlv. lla'.len irleil to
break aw.iy, bin Hi'ikir held him
llghtlv. Tterkei called him n linr and
"reused him of being infliienid 1
come one war. had pu: him up to tell
ing rhe ioiy to Whitman.
H.tllen jerked his arm free, but
llstker caught him iipain and w.t rin
mandliig 10 know wh'i had prnmiited
him to tell thn story to Mr. Whitman
when Hallen again broke away, ran
to his cell and slamm'd the door of hla
"It bad enough.' Hacker aid. "to
haventool pigeons placed all around you.
n ih'v at p. wit limit mi lvlng nnoul
mp. There ate live tnnl pigeon on
this tier thai have been put Iipip to
Inform mi me and other prisoner.
The'll makp any kind of reort thai
pleap.es the)- emplovers. rino Informer
I a minister of thp Gnspp, aitaclied
to the Tombs as a chaplain. Hp's the
man who has been annoying my wife
Plvi ssklng her tauntingly when she
visits m whether or not she came to
the Tombs in an automobile."
When the nv. Joseph Panders, one
of the Protestant chaplains at the
Tombs, heard of Ueckcr's accuatlnn Iip
ald that hp supposed Pecker meant
"Ilrcker, soon after he came here," lie
said, "Introduced me to his wife one
day when she had como to the Tombs
In an automobile to see her husband
s Heckpr hud asked mp to do what I
could for hi'i. f suBEP'ted to her that
In order to avoid notorlptv h notild be
better If she did not drive up to the
door In the machine, but to g-i out of
ll In a side street, as Kvelvn Thaw nl
ways did, and walk down t'enlie street
to Hie Tombs entrance
"With tills In mind, a day or so latei
I asked Mrs. Keeker when she again
railed to see hr husband whether slip
had come to the Tombs In an auto
mobile. She stew Indignant and told
her husband, anil although I emleavotvii
to explain to Lieut. HecUer, he Is ullll
nngry about the Incident.
"f neer have gone to Mr Whitman
with Information nbout nnv prNonei hi
the Tombs. Hallen once n led ,i a
1 erk for me while 1 tviis t hapl.iln nt
S'ng Slug, but all I Know of what
llallcn tolrl Mr. Whitman Is what I have
Men In the nevvspapets."
CiranU .Ini-y Sestlon 'I ii-ilnr.
The flrand .lury will assemble again
to. day to hear graft evidence after an
adj'ji rnmeiit of 11 re) k. District Attor
ney Whitman lime will be given to the
Orand lury ii'Silmony for two hours or
mole 1 Hi" witness who Is expected to
testify before the (Iraud .lury to-day l
William .1. l-'lynn. Hip former Deputy
PoIIcp Commissioner, who Is slated to
nld In the graft Investigation for the
Aldermanlc committer. MY, Klynn, who
will he railed as the first vvltncsi this
morning, expects to bp asked about the
statement ttrluut,d Jo hliu thai ivlicu
he left thp Police Department he ttirtied
over to his successor, Deputy Commis
sioner Doughcrtv, between thirty and
forty iinsetvcd winrnnts nnlnst gam
bling houses and n list of the more ex-iluslii-
gnmbllnir resutls, the "bis fel
low s" of the Tenderloin,
Deputy Commission! r Dougbetly will
follow Mr. Pljnn 11s 11 wit ties. Mr.
Dougbetly'. examination will go lulo
bis i'ptiinnt!iin of what he did with
the vval t n nt h '1 111 tied over to him by his
pledeceso!' and his activities In tegaid
to the other data which Mr. Plynn Is
said to hn i' xupplleil.
In this iiinnecilon ll was learned Hint
Inquiry iilt.o may be inaile dtitlni: the
IMviin-DoiiKlii itt eMiiuliiiillon Into a
"tnienieni iiiiiil- b Mr l-'lvnn to Mr.
Whltnian at ilie linic Mr. I'lynn left
the Police l,'paiiiui.nt The letlllng
Deputy Cotniiilssloiier at that limp said
to the Dislrict Attorney Hint he Inn
isult the Police Department becMUp ce.
tain Influences high In the dlv admin
Istt.itlon had bei'ii combating him ilMd
would not penult him to hold the bib
of Second Deputy I 'otnmlssloiier
Police Capt. .Michael .I. penlv was re
lieved of the 1 omnia ml of 1 1 r West
Thlrt.v -sev emu tteet station hv Com
mljxloner Waldo vesteiilay. i.'apt. John
Iveis of the lUrtth tleet station look
Cnpi. Iteldv s desk at the Wst Thirty
spvpiiiIi street, station and t'apt. P.eldv
was sent to the Weslchesier sta'ion.
Card. lMwaid S. Walling of the West
Chester station was ent to Iflnth street.
A despatch fioni Hot Sptings, Ark.
where Sam Schepps finally was located,
saying that Oyp the lllood and t.efty
l.otile probably wete In that neighbor
hood. caued no great rommotlon at
IPollce llcadquarters or the District At
torney's ofllce. With the two fugitives
reported dallv from half a dozen States
the District Attorney and Deputy
C'ommlloner Dougherty have come lo
the point where thev look for some
thing mote definite than small town
supposition before' inking further ac
tion than to get Into Immediate com
munication with the lor a I otllrer who
think they have seen the mlsf-lng gun
men. Thn Distilct Attorney tecelved from
ConiniMcmer Waldo the last sheots of
thn poller data which had been asked
for a.s an aid to the John Doe Investiga
tion, and Ihl. material wns tinned over
to Assistant District Attorney .lames
O'Mallev Assistant District Attorney
de Ford's part In the work of the prep
aration for the John Doe Inquiry was
finished last night and will be handed to
Mr. Whitman to-day
The police trial of formr Inspector
Cornelius Hayes is scheduled to begin nt
Police llendquartets to-morrow with
I'lrst Deputy Commissioner McKay as
trial commissioner and Assistant Cor
poration Counsel Pat ley a prosecutor.
The trial of Hnycs on the charge that
he made a false stntetuent In saving
that ComniKsIoner Waldo's ordei-"ba.l
intcrfercd with his vvotk of cleanlni- no
the new Tenderloin Is expected to bring
to 11 tc lit Information of which t'ommlE-
slnnT Waldo and District Attorney
Whitman will make uae of In the weeks
to come. The witnesses to be called at
the Haves dial Include the Inspectors
In charge of the .Manhattan and Bronx
Inspection rilsttcts.
Mrs. I.elanit Traces (nmpnnlnn WI10
llnlihrrl llrr llllnil llnalinnd.
Mrs. K. l.eland of 250 West Eighty
eighth street proved her detective abil
ity yesterday by causing thn arrest of a
man whom she accused of lobbing her
ou2i.iiiu '"l inoie mail i.ui'U worm or
Jewelry In Stockbrldge, Mass.. on Au- '
gust 1. ;
Mr. l.eland is a
wealthy. re,lrpdl
banker who lost his sight some time
ago and therefore needs a companion,
in .tune his wife rend an advertisement
of an educated KnglLihiurin who wanted
Just such o position. Thev sent for him
und 11s a result Alfred Hicks, about 31
years old. was engaged. He nccotn
pnnl'd them to their summer home on
August 1. and that night after his em-
plover had retired be vanished
same time went eight or nine stickpins,
some in" ciasps, h iii.imono ring nnd a
pair of cameo 1 uff buttons which had
been worn bv nn ancestor who served
with George Washington In the devolu
tion. Mrs. l.eland believed that sooner or
later the man would advertise again.
tin Monday she saw an advertisement
like that of last dune. The iiildros
Klven was !i.1 West Ufith stleet. De-1 damages by supllng the necessary erl
teethe .McCormick of the West Plxtv- ,1"H'''
eighth stieet station went thete and I . ' Mgar l.eaycraft was mentioned as
,m.,j ii, a.i,..,,.it..r ... 1 !...
. . .. .. . - ' " ,M!
initials I-.. I.. I., was found In his po.i -
session. He declined to make any state-
Mrs. l.eland said she had heard he
was engaged to a girl named I.ena and
she wants ,? find out ,rhe knows what
the man did with the rest of the prop-
ever offered anywhere
The closing weeks of each season we devote
to stock clearance sales in which values are
never overstated.
At both prices arc included many outing suits, also
medium wciglrf suits adapted for carhjFall xucar.
Norfolk Suits arc plentiful in those reduced to $20.
1 1
I'ublicntiiiii Tails to Frighten
Mnjovily. hut Kvokos Storm
tf Protest.
Property Holders ('liarire Po
lii'C Withheld Kvidenee of
l,mv HreaUinr.
Police Commissioner Waldo's list of
own-'is and buildings in which the ollce
have made gambling raids did nol fall
with liomblike effect yesterday Instead
of exciting Distilct Attorney Whitman It
drew from that oftlcinl a smile and a set
ting forth of legal ipfiiirements without
which he could not pioceeil gainst an
owner Instead of frightening a ma
jority of owners it evoked ft storm of
protest In many cases It was chaiged
that the police had failed to supply owners
with legal ovidence by which they would
lie justified in ousting tenants.
The list nln) started a conttoversy be
tween Jefferi-on M. Levy nnd Felli Ismnn
concerning Ike situation in reference to a
property occupied by Paul Kelly
len the long list was pren-nted to
Mr. "iVhilnian he glanced ovr the names
opposite which were "discharged" and
no arrests" anil smiled.
"Whether I will proceed against the
ownei or lessees of the gambling houses
made public by tho Commissioner. f,a well
as agatnt Hie owneisor ciisotuei iy iiouc
to lv made public, depends iion th four
conditionH Imposed by tho law "'In? Du
ll iet Attorney said
" Tho first is whether or not a convict ion
has leeii obtained.
"1 Im second is whether or not the owner
had knowledge of the pur)se for which
the piemises vveie used.
"The third I whether or not tie owner
had lieen notified
"The fourth is whether or not the prem
ise wein in continuous Use for vicious
pui poke.
"If my investigation shows that the
conditions wern met in any of the cae,
of coureo them will l proecnt ions."
Mr. Whitman said the law provided for
imprisonment of not morn than two years
or a linn of $1, Win. or both.
Owners or reputed owners wet par
ticulailv wroth ovr tho publication of
!Mm , A 'yP'"' caii" tM'uii ot .-periy
. Hutelnn.oti Co. owiieis of the prem-
1 . . t.
'"' nI oity-third BHeet, vvhero
fTar"' Henty wa raided
The com-
lanv gav out letter written hv them toi-Marke.t police, court to-dy on a chatge
Police ( 'a in a in William K. Day of the of extortion In connection with the traf
Wet Fony-evenlh silent htatton after (lc in fruit stand licenses In Alderman
he had notified them of the laid. r.... u. t. . ., '.
J ho first letter follows. I rrran distr.ci. has been strengthened
Sept. fi. IJ11
We liave
our favor f the t,th 111st slat-
Inc that Hie Police Devartment talclnl
susp-eteil xnnibllng piece at IIS West
V'ortv-thlid street.
Now e would not knowingly lt or pe-.
mlt an portion of a tuillillng belonging to
us to be un for Illegal purposes. Will
joii be kooiI enoiish 10 let us knov. inim
dlstelv If the nforessM raid iesu!t"tl in
sufflcleni evidence for us to dispossess tlic
pretent tenants '.'
Ovxing to jour advices ne suspect that
the building Is tis'd for unfpw'ful pur
potes, inn up iu ine yrrseni lime p oite
b'n "liable to secure any evidence of
natu-e wnatsoever mai we eouin ne
KiounUs to cancel the lease. We will be
malt'r, hut ive hardly care to proceed If
by so doing we subject ourfches to a stilt
for damage
A second letter read's:
Nov IS. 1511
We hee your favors of Novenibei 1.",
and IT In lelatlon lo the premises ;;s
West Fori -third street. We luve Inter
viewed the tenant In possession of said
premises am) he denies that he i conduct,
no evidence was found to Indicate, that
the pirmlnes weie used for gambling pur -
poses and that no arrests were niadu or
R-.iriatits served
If tbese statements ate true It will be
Impossible fo- us to dispossess 011 r tenant
in accordance with your directions We
tlietefure ask that you supply us with suf
ficient evidence to warrant our taking such
steps. We shall lie verv Kind to act sum-
msrlly If you can protect us against heavy
' tli? owner or premises in West horty
' socond street anil hia son as owner of
property in Fourth avenue. I am not
' the owner." ho said. "J am only the
agent The entire building jg leased by
me to on person, whoso name is known
'', 't" police. Tho police, aluo know
'."""V,1' been my polity to,Ket rid of
"""5S,- SnuHarbor was down as
,ho owner of a building in East Tenth
'stieet, said to be, occupied by Sonny
for suits that were
$18, $20, $22 & $25
for suits that were
$28, $30, $32 & $35
Smith, A representative said that publl-!
cation nf the list, was the first information 1
they had received that theio was any
thing wrong.
Commissioner Waldo gave out state
ments In reference to two properties us
Oil Ilie report of the Inspector of the
I'nilitli Inspection illstilet of gutnlillint
houses which had been subjeel to pollre
action thilP appeals "IT" Wel l-'otlv-seventh
street, " alleged to be owned by
one (teotge 11. Kaile, Jr The agents for
this propeity state that It hs !tire been
lorn down add that a new building Is
practically completed on this site, Thl
it the Palste Theatre. Mr Karle Is presi
dent of the P.eal Kslate Trust Company of
PlillfldelphlH. v
Dti thn repoit of the Inspector of the
Becotid Inspection distilct of untiling
houses which had been subjected to pollre
action theie appears "S Cortlandt stteel."
sllesed lo be owned by Sol PI00111 Mr
lllooiu states that li was not Hi' owner of
these premises, but niciely eo'iselej the
lent and that be has dlscon' e, that
connection foe sonic months.
Agents for the Cortlandt stteel property
could nol ! found, said lo bo owned by
Mrs William (leorge Cavendih BentlncK
of the family of tin Dukn of Portland
I'elix Ismail, who bought the property
al SSN Seventh uventie Irom .lefTerson
M Levy and hi brother, I, N'apoleon
Levy, was distinctly aggrieved that Mr
Levy should biing him into the con
troversy "After ho had fixed lh price lo sell
o me," he said, "Im boosted il 10.ti0
and It took me four months to get ll back
again I began negotiation In Decern I
her. IHII. anil was not able to get n. con
tract for sale unill the following May
"When I bought the properly I diil not
know that notices had been received from
the polio. bin I discovered that accarelll
or Paul llelli hail a hatd and fat le.lse
on the proper! v ll was verbal and wns
to lasl just under a ve.?r, but I could do
nothing with it wiote several ltter
lo ("apt Mirhnel I Peklv of tho Weel
'I hirtv-evetith sf eet slutlon n soon
as t lound out how I stool and received 1
an evasive letter I wioto another on
.)uly 31 and goi no answer
I11 thn meantime I lud compromised
VTllb f)w. lonatilM 1 .1 ..ivitif- tliMin a kItIV
dav lease which did 011 August .11 end '
men Mniv win get out I cld not tiny
the place for investment but a the ite
for a hotel lo be ereefml llier, 1 trans
fernvl ih' property to Mr l'unk of Pliila
clelphb for liom'i acted a.".'iii "
Mini Aot'iisctl in Fruit .Stjind
1'jim' Turn" on His Sup
posed AtTOIIIplilT.
The evidence against Abraham W'.r
tenberg, the clfir dealer of J3S Fourth
avenue, wlio Is to be arraigmd before
.Magistrate Appleton In the Jefferson
ny testlmnnv which Chief Accountant
Henry M. Mice got yesterday from
llarrv Mocowlts..
Ssniuel (lorilon, one of tli proprie
tors ef the stand ai 54 Wet Tvvent
fourth street, told Mr. I'.lca on Monday
how Wlrtcnberg had threatened to hold
up the license for a s and widen Gor
don and his partner. A nr.i 11,1m Wiener,
were trying to get on West Twenty-
second street. Gordon said he
forced to pay Wlrtenbcrg $30 before he
Knt tne nffnsc an,i that Mnscowltz had
sent him to Wlrtenberg.
When Moscow lu was a!?cd about
Itbe transaction Tuesday he swore Hint
he knew nothing about li After think
ing about It overnight, however, he ad
mitted that he knew about ll
"Gordon came to me last May." said
Moscowltr. yesterday, "and told me that
' .''
second street. I said that I could got
It for htm, and then Gordon agreed that
we would go Into partnetshlp nnd ho
pa( mi. 1200. Then Wlrtenberg came
lo me and said that he wanted to see
"'What for?' 1 asked
''That's my business.' said Wir-
"I then accused of him of trving to
Interfere with the license business, hut
he Insisted. So I sent Gordon around
to see him."
Gordon went to see him later. Mns
cowltz testified, and said that Wlrten
berg had asked for J.'.O and had threat
ened to hold up the license. MoscowIU
said he advised Gordon not to pay the
money because he could gt the license
without doing that. Gordon paid Wlr
tenberg. however, and on the same day
he got the license.
Moseowit!". told Mr. Mice on Tuesday
that although h had received the Sits)
to buy futures for the Ktand he couldn't
remember what ho bad clone with it. His
memory was better vesterdav and he ree
ollected that he had paid $II.i to Philip
luravel, Gordon's brother-in-law, to build
the stand.
"Moscowitz came to me lasl night."
said Gordon in hi testimony, "and told
me that if I would say that we had gone
into partnership and that I had paid him
the money for that purpose he would pa 7
me back the $235."
Juravel was; then asked to tell what he
knew about, the matter anil said that
Moscowitz had asked him to testify fa
vorably. Moscowitz had been up all night think
ing about the case. He wept when Gor
don and Juravel told how he had qsked
them to testify for him. Mr. Illce was in
clined to he'lenlent with him, he said, be
cause he had bolstered up the caseagainbt
It waa learned from an unexpected
source that Benjamin F. Strauss, the elec
tion district captain in Alderman Niles
M. Becker's, district, who admitted that he
took $100 from II. Selikowltz for n license
for a stand at I'ighty-eixth streel and Co
lumbus avenue, had gone far nfleld In
his efforts to sell the privilege at a high
price before he finally disposed of It to
A newsdealer named Fisher who lias
a stand at Nineiy-flrht streel anil Broad
way without knowing lo whom he was
talking, told one of the Inspectors of the
Department, of Account several davs
ago that Strauss had come to him la'st
spring and told him that (here was going
to be a new elevated railroad station at
Klghty-sixth street and Columbus avenue.
Strauss told Fisher, the laller said, thai
he could get the license lor a newsstand
there for .1,500. Fisher told him that he
couldn't pay that and finally Strauss
agreed to take JI.'JOO, Fisher sale! ho
would pay $500.
Fisher said that lie then went (o Herbert
Gruher, a t.on of Abraham flruber, the
leader in the Seventeenth Assembly dis
trict, anil told him about it. Gruher ad
vised him not to pay uny money Hnd
promised to see Alderman Becker about
Herbert Oruher told Mr. nice yesterday
that, he had not taken the matter up
with Alderman Becker immediatelv be
cause the case was not in Ids district,
Mr. Dnrotbr Marcs Sort ml Snl
Baii II asrok, Me.. Aug. :s Mr. Porotliy
Msreus of MontWnir, .V .1 who leientlv
sold her property and led her husband lie
rause she couldn't get alone with him, It
at. Seal Harbor, the guest of her brother,
Charlton Cookeey. .
fNE where you pay off n Utile
each six months liuteid or
renewing the whole mortgatU at
more or leaa expense each three
Our ten-year mortgage re
quires you to pay off a smalt
amount and allows you to pay
oft aa much as you please.
Made to home-owners In
greater New York In sums ot
$10,000 or less. No renewal
fees for ten years.
TiTlE guarantee
Caoltal . X 4.?!7R.nnn
Bnrplas(allearned) 10,625,000
17S B'wty.N. T. 1 75 Rtmien St., IPkljn.
joo ration si., Jiauiu.
Crowd. Awftitinir Pol ire
Cleanup, (fathers to Wnteli
the Work.
Inspector Carries Off Oanililiiip:
-'limit ii re in West Forty
fifth Streel Place.
Inspector Dwyer. In charge of the
new Teniletloln, dug up an ttlicRcd
gamb'lng house In his dlslt'Icfi not on
;omnilss!onrr Waldo's list and made a
call theie lai night with n squad of
police. lle had warrants lor several
pe: son. but he didn't ttnd them and
would not say who Is wanted.
It was about In o'clock when the
Inspector marched hN sfittnd up lo the
front door of the l.yroutn Social and
Literary Club In Wis Forty-fifth
street. All the tegulars In thai part
of town walk around nights watching
for Dwyer and wondering where he'll
'how up net. nnd It didn't take the
minutes for a crowd to gather tba
blocked Hie street and intido the ser
vices of the if. serves f-oni the West
Fon -seventh slrcet station necessary.
The Lyceum Hoclal and Dietary flub
oci ttples n four story brownstone build
ing mid the members are well cared for.
The Inspector found an elaboraie
klillirn !h the basement nnd tight hams
nli-tly rooked and waiting to be cut up
Ten chickens, ready for carving, lobsters
In several stages and other eatables
threatened tn halt th raiders.
On th" "iccotid floor I he Inspector
found fi.nr tables such ns a"e urttally
ptov Ide'd for poker, and thete vveie five
colored servants thee i,, attend to the
wants of the pluyei. Hn the floors
iibcne were sleeping apartments and a
baibor shop.
The Inspector went through the place
ftom cellar to garret, but not one of
the men named In his wnrrnnts could
he find. There: wete between llfly and
slMy "members" In the place, but they
wcv not disturbed beyond being "looked
over" t'i make sure that they 'were not
Hut the police seised the poker tables.
The first one that they started to carry
downstairs got away and tolled down,
bounced through Die vestibule and shot
out into the street, uueh 10 the amaze
ment of the crowd. The lab'es with a
quantity of chips and cards went Into
a patnd wagon and were carted off to
the West Fort.v -sev cnth street station.
Along with them weir the membership
book, li contained few names known
to the police, but If the "members" gave
their addresses right they came from
every State In the I'nlon.
Inspector Dwyer with six detectives
also raided an alleged disorderly house
In West Flft.v -fourth Mreet. A warrant
had been obtained fioni Magistrate
House for Mrs. farrle Itevere on evi
dence obtained by Detectives Dwyer and
Hall of Inspector Dwyrr's stnff.
No one answered when the detectives
rang the doorbell and they proceeded to
chop their way Into the house. While
they were smashing In the door a
woman slipped out of the basement door
nnd started to walk away. ,
Inspector Dwyer saw her and brought
her hack. She was Identified by Detec
tives Hall and Dwyer as Mrs. Revere.
After the policemen had entered the
house they took Mrs, fteveie lo the
West Forty-seventh street station,
The raid last night was the second
one within three days at the same
house. A slmllarwarrant was sworn
out against Mrs, Itevere and on Mon
day night the detectives entered her
house and arrested her. The first case
Is now pending.
Tells IIott Home Was Emptied on
Mffbt Smith Headed Sqnad.
A girl who was arrested by agents of
the Department ofIustict juat after she
entered a disorderly house in Paterson,
N. ! , yesterday, said that on the night
Assistant District Attorney .Smith made
his raids on houses in this citv she was in a
house which was tipped offfand emptied
before the raiders got there.
The girl and .lohn (Jenovese of OS I'erry
street wefe charged with violating the.
Fed nra I white slave, law ait the result of a
letter which was sent to George ('. Craft,
assistant superintendent of the Federal
Investigations in this city.
I flaLtrr KnRlnrrr Found With
Throat fat In llian,.
Ai.bant, Aug, S, David Brown
Beaver of Vonkers, a construction engi
neer, at one time superintendent of con
struction nn the Hudson division of the
New York Central Uallroad, ended his
life In the Hampton Hotel here to-day,
He was discovered In the bathroom with
his throat cut.
IIo left a note to his wife, Mrs, Kthel
Nostrand Heaver of 70 I'ost road, Yon
Uc ih. which said:
"I hopo you will be satisfied with the
next one you get."
Heaver was a cousin of George F,
Haer, president of tho Heading Kallroad.
He was 32 years old and was graduated
from the 1'nlvcrslty of Pennsylvania,
He had been drinking before ho took hl.i
The Wall stieri rdlllnn of Tun KrrNiNn Sr
rnnlaln all the Unanrlal nn s anil the slnk' amt
tioml ni'eiitlens tn the close of tile market. Tha
riming tin ititllons, lnridln the hid and avkril"
prices, w I h .-.ddlilenal nrvrn mallrr, aie rontalncil
a lo In ine nleht ami final cdlllvni ut Tni Etemmi
Howling Says Inquiry Ts Start
ing Out, With, Wanton
Wastfi of Money.
Pay of Four Assistants Fixed
at1 9500 and 8:150 a Month
Flynn to Oct WOO.
Trouble between the Tammany ami the
fusiormmembfrs of the Aldermanlc In
vestigating committee dev'elopetl when it
met at the City Hall yesterdny morning
to select assistants lo aid Ktnory H. Huck
ner in getting evidence of graft in the
Police Denartinent and to ratifv the nn-
polutinent of William .1. Flynn as a pollen '
Alderman Frank ,1 Howling, who is
the Tammany leader on the board, was
strongly opposed to hiring four lawyers
toasslM the committee's counsel. His ob
jections were overruled and Nntltan A
Smyth was made associate counsel at a
salary of $500 n month with three other, i
each of whom is to receive V,n a month J
They are William A Moore, Charles H. j
Guthrie and I.ouls I,ande. .Mr Flynn I
was appointed for five months at a salary .
.if t B AT, n Mnnlk I
The meeting was not open to thn pub
lic but Mr. Howling, after it wa over,
said that he considered it. wa a "wanton
waste of public money to hlro five lawyers
to do the work of the committee.
"Mr Dowllng does not uncle-stand the
situation." said Mr. HucUner. "Tha wav
I have planned this thine out I could use '
twelve lawyers right now. This inventi-
gallon is to be a big thing and Is not to be '
dropped in a iniuuto as home have been."
.vatfian a. hniyth, who wa-s appointed
associate counsel, is a member of the firm
of Gerard Smyth of e) Hroadway. He
is 36 years old and n graduate of tlm Yale
l.avr School. He was Assistant District
Attorney under William Travers .leromo
from 1902 to 1310 and recently was as
sociate counsel for Clifford Pinchot during
the llallinger investigation.
William A Moore was for two years a
special deputy under Attorney-General
O'Mallev and Uter was Assistant L'nlted
.Stales Attonify in New York. He is 3'J
years old nnd a number of the llrm of
Surpless, Moore t Williams.
I.ouU I.ande is 31 years old nnd has
an office at -.'HO Urnudwjv Clint l S.
Guthrie i a Harvard graduate and is a '
member of the firm of Holler. Ingalls!
,t outline.
It was made plain in a lettee written
io the committee by Mr. Iluckner that
there will be no attempt lo turn up sensa
tional evidence against individuals lor
the purpose of ndvertii-ing tin com
mittee. '1 he inquiry will be rather a
mean- to improve" publio service than to
hunt men, he said. Ho hope for aid
Jhtougli Ilie District Attorney's public
lohn Doe proceedings and peneral inves.
ligation by the citizens committee and
Mr. Flynn said that bo. had not vet re
ceived anv oftlcinl lintifir-utirn V,",m thn
leaurv Department that he had been i
released from his job in the secret. s,er-
vice. When he was asked whether or
not there was any truth in tho report that '
some one had ashed him to accept the
Police Commissionersliip he replied: '
"That is absolutely untrue. .Mavor'
Gaynor has not spoken to me about it, I
not-has any one else " '
The secret s.ervjCf man 8a j,j thHt his re
lallons with the Mavor had been cordial
when lie was in the Police Department
as Second Deputy Commissioner and had
remained so ever since.
Allan Kobinson. chairman of the citi- !
.ens' committee, made public the Iteter
which he received from Mayor Gavnor in
reply to his offer lo give iinv assistance
that he could in bettering conditions in
the city Tho Mayor's letter, which was
written on August 4. rollout.:
I am very glad Indeed to receive our,
letter. L'p to the present time I have te
celved no assistance, but rsther oppo
sltlon and embarrassment In the ieor
ganlzatlon of the Tollce Department, i
which has been grsduatly going on ever
since f became .Mayor. 1 suppose that
our committee knoivs that the way to'
stop graft In the Police Department with
gamblers and the like Is to i educe con
tact with the sources of graft down to
the least possible to one contact If poi-
slble. If ;.oii allow the Inspectors and
captains all along the line to deal wlibj
the matter you cannot possible- avoid
graft. '
I trust that you will get a list of the 1
captains and Inspectors and studv their'
personalties carefully. I shall alwavs be
glad to have jour assistance.
Of course. notice that the Mayor
was not Invited to the public meeting,'
and f i otii the tone of It I felt that It was'
nol organized to assist the .Mavor. I
1 1 ust that It will turn out that I was mis
taken In that respert. Kvery one In this
clt knows how hatd I have worked since,
I have been Mayor to eliminate graft fioni 1
all the departments, I hope I shall now'
be supported from nil quarters,
l,afrreaee Man Confirms Confession
of Salcldts Mill Owner.
Boston-, Aug. 28. The real reason for
the suicide of E. W. Pitman, a mi II owner of i
Andovor, yesterday nnd inside facta that I
led to the Grand Jury Investlfratlon which !
has startled the textile mill circles nf New i
England became known to-day. Pitman '
met District Attorney Pelletler recently!
in Young's hotel and not. clearly realizing i
what he was doing told him the whole
story of the plot . i
Pitman confided to Mr. Pelletler the'
names of his friends who joined In the
conspiracy. loiter tho District Attorney (
Atlantic City
Saturday, August 31, 1912
$10 or $12
Accorduc to hotel selected,
t 'overs tnuiul-t rip ttnnspofialion nnd two days' board. Tickets good
to return wilh six month)!
ThrouRh trains leave Now York, lVtnmylvnnm Station, 10:12 A. M 3:01 P.M
week-days; i :jo P. M. Siiitrd.iys only; s:i2 A. M. Sundays.
Consult Ticket Aeents oi f :s- I ims, ) p , v. pcnr.ICK, Jr., K. I). P .
Tilth Avenue, New 'loik.
Entire Floors
ontnlninji I3,nn
feet, or subdividcJ
Into any rcqulrc.l
number ef smill
offices! n!s? sinjij:
effice from W0 up,
nnd tultcs cf 2 anJ 1
offices SHV) up, arc
now ready for o.
cupancy in tlic
New Aeolian
42d Street, opp. Library
No building of re
cent erection affcrJi
such abundance of
light and nir. H
fronts on open
Mryant Park, and
there arc no tall
building near It,
while lis cciling arc
from It', to l-t feet
high. Such lighting
facilities os thess
will figure largely in
hc reduction of your
illumination bills.
Agent now on
the I3th floVr of t'i:
Pease & El I i man
Reallng Agents.
JtO Mdl(on Ate., aenr 4 ad St
iflspliine "iirtaai nzuii.
l ul l-: AUPP.VtM.si DAILY.
loafs East 99th l 134th St.
Direct Trelltr vli Oi'rat.bor! 1'rldrs.
called John ,T Hreen, a fonnjr u !
commissioner of Lawrence, before .(,.i
and under h pitiless i-ros-c'.aminatton
col from him corroboration of nil l'i
man had snld.
ll was Pit man who procured the dyti.i
nute that was planted In Lawrence. .
cordiiiR to his own confession and run
of Hreen He met the jinrti'"- to tlm coo
spiracy in Ho-don. Two un-n vvoio
one ofllce nnd two others were at another'
ofllce. 'I ho telephone wjs tho mean- of
Hreen said he could ite the ilyn,im'i '
if it could beobl.'iineil. When I'ltninn vv.i i
npprorhed he is said to have replied tu.it
he llioiiRlit h could U"'l. the dynamite
fter the two meet inc held in lltiion
Pi I man arranged to Krt thn ilyjuiiuito
nnd meet Brecti later nt the eame plaee
Pitman went to SaiiKMH, fc't thoilynaiiiitu
at a quarry anil returned to lloston vviiu
it in bap,s'. Ho delivered th explosive!
to Hi con. who went to Lawrence, w iih it
'lhn special flrand Jury which is inve
tiatRinp; the Lawrence -triKo ilyiinmii"
conspiracy adjourned at 30 o'cln '
this afternoon until Hi A M. to-mcvnr.v .
Tho rumors, about the court lint to
day were that indictnientsvvould lie found
probably neaitiM three lloston men. t"-i
of whom nr mill owners and one a dealer
in mill supplies
Wiildo'a llrcnrtl Mtitvvs ;7i I'nses
Dismissed nut of TT7.
The tecoril of police lalds on cam
bllnc houses covet Ins the period be
tween June 1. 1011. and .ucut 1, I'M.',
which was given out by Commissioner
Wnltlo, shows comparatively few con
victions for RHinbllnfr.
There Is nothing In the record, how
ever, to show whether or not this would
bear out Commissioner Waldo's state,
ment that the couru do not back up tlm
work of the police.
Nearly half the cases were dismissed
In the preliminary hearing; before mntj
Istratcsaes of the 77" cases being dis
posed of In this manner. Nlnctv-two
cases were dlmls.scd by the (.irand .Tin v
nnd 110 after trial by the .ludscs of Sp -clal
nnd Oeneral Sessions.
The record of the raids on snniblliiK
houses is shown by Inspection district'
In the following table;
Arrests. chirfj,
Kirn ::,
i k .
soennd 1 1?
Tlilrrl I S3
I'nnrth JJ
Fifth :
Sixth 3
Seventh is
Tunis ;t;
In some raids no arrests v.vcrc tn.nle a'
nil and the dispositions of a few nre not
Klvcn In the record.
Actress Cots an Artery Willi llnnd
enff, Margaret tireene, the leadinr woman n
the plav "heady Money "nt ilaMne l.llinti'a
Itie.itie. was tilnvlnir wiili pair of hau.l
cuffs which are used In tlie plav nlien li ,
snapped tnjretlicr and em an aiteiv in i.i i
wrist In Hie toiirse of the plav lust iih.-'
A physician was siinnnoiieil ami
Iwentv minutes before the ioed
stopped uiul she could en on

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