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Falr to-day and to-morrow; moderate
"k y" southerly winds.
Detailed weather reports will be round on ptge 17.
VOL. LXXX. NO. 33.
NEW YORK, THURSDAY, OCTOBER 3, 1912. am ml . - p-mum"? Aotto.
Standard Oil's S100.000 on
Bliss's Accounts, lie
Nearly 75' Per Cent, of 1901
Fund Cnme From Cor
porations. HI VOX ST A UTS SQT'AllRLK
Montana Senator "fuses to I5e
Qiie.xtioneil n ml Attacks
T. ll.'s JUvnls.
U iiiiiNrrro..', Oct. 2.Tho Senate In-
.-.'.gating committee established eon
. nlwlv to-day Hint 1100,000 of Stand
I nl money went to the lt .- t?l:
; 'i campaign fund.
rs. .age II. Sheldon, trensuter of thi'
' publican Notional Committee, 1 the
w.-tiess who continued Senator Men
r"s"'s charge nnd tlio subsequent state,
ii" nt of John IJ. Ari'hbold of tin- Stand
! MI Company.
Mr Sheldon testified that the late
( , nellus N. Bliss, when lie letlicd in
t usurer of the National Committee In
S turned over to him n list of nv-n
.ml corpotr.tlun officers who had con
! 'nited to the Roosevelt 1 !0 1 fund.
Wan their any contribution hv the
iiulard oil Comiuny on that INC. "
a- .fd Senator Clupp.
Yes, sir." wax Mr. Sheldon's reply.
How much was If.'" axked the chair
man again.
one hundred thousand ilollnrs. hut 't
vas down as a contribution liy John I).
An hbold."
IMnVrciice In Testlmou. .
This Is the Hist cori'.iboiatlve e I-
.'. ace that mix n.-eu oinaliuil li th-
nate committee lu support of tlio
I'. nrose churges since John I). Archbol I
t stilled.
Col. Itoosevell has nex er denied dally
it the contribution was rcceivid. but
h maintained that he knew noililir-'
of it and that lie Issued the stucie.x;
inxtructlons to (Jeorge li. Corielyou, Ills
latlonal chaliman. thut no Staudaid
C'll money was to be accepted.
Mr. Cortelyou has testitieil under oath
that ho know of no Standard oil coii-
jt trlbutloii. John D. Aiclibold, on th"
ilf.r li.p.l, lr. n ii.Hh.1 ..'J.-i'jj " Hllss
Informed him that both Mr linoxelt
nnd Mr. Cortelyou knew of the con
tribution, that It was appreciated tiy
hem and that he was lepiesentliw
Miem when he applied for a second'glft
, t $130,000.
Hoth I'enrose and Archhold have
1 .irgrd that Col. Iton.xevelt wrote ins
."'monitory letter to ( Ihalriiian Cortel
I merely for the "reconi" after the
Mind icquest for mnue.s had be-n
l i lied down.
.NnlliliiK to Mum Iteliiru.
Mr Slieldon added another Important
'i. t Hh.-n he testllled tli'it Mr. ' llllss's
i nent of the r.'Ot campaign re-
and e.ppndltii! s, which was
lied by Mr. Sheldon, did not Indl-1
e in any wav that the $100,000 of
. ndard oil money ever was returned.
Mr Sheldon testllled that there were;
contributions of Jioo.000 each by'
v. i t'ul financial interests to the!
celt 1!04 fund. These are the I
which .Mr. Slieldon recalled from
x' submitted by .Mr. Mllss:
Standard oil Company. $100,000;
Mmgan .i Co., ?IOO,000; 11. C.
IOil.0'Ki; George J. Gould,
" mill
vi' Sheldon was able to recall these
rlotitions because of their size. Tlio
ss made the slurtllng statement
of in- J I. iioo.uoo raised by Mr.
.n Ronsev i ll i.ililp.ilgn T.l'j
iv was contributed b corpora-
I'ni'Uer Mnile
ii r.c- eagerly seized upon Ills
oi.-iii as a complete continuation of
. "irge made bv Judge Marker In!01
..impnlsn that Mr. Roosevelt's .
".is being tluan.ed almost en-
the corporations.
M. Dixon, Mr. Roosevelt's 1
"'en manager, was another wit-
v.imlneil by the committee to-1
lb proved to he most oustieper-
tiiei Die committee spent several j
- wrangling with mm In a most
te l manner.
i limit tee was highly Incensed
irges made by Dixon that the
i'i " is being manipulated so as
i -ng. ite Col, Roosevelt's cam-
'i'i no other.
led at times as If Spnator
' 1 His nalor I'omerene would come
Stnutor Moinerene suggested
' iih Hint the committee ought to
Dim.ii lo Jail for contempt, and)
i' publicly Insisted that tll-j
manager's londuct was tin-
'i.'ng illher a Senator ot a gentle-
Roosevelt chairman, after making
in- . harges against the Taft nnd
oi manageis and others, declined
i'.Iv to disclose souries of his In-
' on He refused to answer ques-1
".. .oe unseemly wrangle was
in o unr iiiiiv iv- i nirnia n i -latin
ng the Witness fiom the stand
-. -
'oinmlttee will not attempt to
Si ii.uor Dixon for refusing to
r 'iiie.stlous. Tlie Roosevelt mun
'bably realized that the com
would bo powerless lo do auy
ilit.l the Senate Is lu session.
I nn I'nela llrouglil llul,
two facts of large Importance
light nut In the course of Dlx
nnion. one was that he per
1 "! raised $!ir,,000 In the loose
hv i-iiltiin campaign, This was
to tin $1 11,000 collected b.V
el." 'campaign couimmei,
tlie .".2.000 lalsed In New
umcil on I'uurth Page,
Department to I'm llruiteneil tinea.
Ion I i I'oiiKrrM, '
Wahiiinhtos'. net. 2. After mulling
over the question "What In beer?" fori
more than two yearn the Department of
Agriculture has decided that It does not
know ami will pass the matter up to
Congress when that body convenes In
December. )
.-.ecreiury Vinson some time ago.
reached the conclusion that beer was'
n beverage made of "barley, mult, hops,
Venst nild nntnlili 'ut,tr " .....I .r..u
about to propound this conclusion nnd I
compel brewerH under the pure food 1
act to make beer nut of these material I
or If not o made to brand It "Imltn-1
"1 w... J
the pure food board, was ptlmarlly re
sponsible for this definition of beer and
strongly advocated a strict enforcement
of It, The brewers of the country put
up a stiff right nnd they were nlded by
the Corn Products people, who sell hun
dreds of thousands of dollars worth of
corn products annually to the brewers.
The Department's position was backed
up by the fanners, who nsserted barley
mowers were losing money every year
on account of the brewers using substi
tutes for barley.
AIhiuI a month ago Secrelnry Wilson
prepared for promulgation n decision at
to what beer shoulirHie mode of and dl-'
reeling brewers to label their product
xo that consumers would know exactly
what they were drinking. Then, It Is
stated, the legal officers of the depart
ment stepped In and Informed the Sec
retary that there was no warrant In the
present law to define beer or to compel
brewers to place on labels the Ingredi
ents entering Into their product.
To-day Secretary Wilson definitely de
cided that additional leglsl.itlonwas nec
essary before he could make uny deci
sion. In the meantime, however. Dr. Wiley
Is certain to raise a rumpus, He will
oppose bitterly the quashing of the
opinion leached by him when he was i
head of the pure food bureau.
II nil
tliiucL III London
He lliisluiilu il.
raal r,Mr HfiMlch to Tim Stv
l.o.spu.s', Oct. 2. -Scotland Vatd ottl
elals ate communicating with the Bos
ton police In reference to Titus, the
Armenian or American, who ran amuck
In a hotel here on September -7, and
killed the woman manager of the place
and wounded seveiul other in-isons b
iiiUM-'of some documents found In his
possession. Titus Is ery taciturn and
will ghi- no Information us to his
anteceileiits or habits
In scan hlng thrniigb Titus's pockis
tin- police discovered a railroad ticket
from Worcester to Itoxton and a re.
ccipt fiom a Massachusetts provident
society. Scotlnnd Yard hopes to obtain
u clue as to the man's Identity through
these papers.
Morcnce llriiuiif iif Voit VorL. '
Announcement has been made of the 1
secret marriage on Thursduy of frank ,
Hancock Hennessy. a lawyer of Hu-1
north, .V .1.. and Miss I'lorence !lmwm.
I daughter of John S. llrowne, librarian i
of the College of the City of New York'
medical library.
The ceremony performed at New '
Rncbelle by the Rev. A. 11. Wilson, re-
gent of Mr. Hennessy's college fritter-
nlty. The parents of the young couple .
weie notified of the wedding soon after 1
it took place.
Mr. Hennessy Is the son of Assembly
man Charles O'Connor Hennessy of
llt-rgen county !
i:nulllimai Who Couldn't Par
Wife Taxes Suddenly Freed.
Sptrbil i'tihtf fifuptitrh to Tub Si's
i i.o.nw.v, Oct. .Mark WUUs, who
I.ONPON, Oct. -2.- Mark Wilks. who
was sent to Jail because he could not
pay the Income tux of his wife, who Is
a suffiagette and who refused to pay It
herself, has been unconditionally re
leased. No reason Is given.
Conner Asunelate of Carnegie Sa
Il Condi ( rush In) Cuiiiiirllliir.
PiTTHBttno, Oct. 2. Julian Kennedy, a .
consulting engineer, testifying to-day in
the Government inquiry as to tlio United
Stales Steel Corporation, said that most
ul! "'aepenueni steei companies or
"ii" country and most by-product com- ,
P"lefl existed by sufferance of tho big,
.corporation. aones ,t i.aughiin, the
largest competitors in the country, unless
tl Hcpublic Iron and Steel Company is
excepted, could be put out of business by
tlm Minted States Steel ( orporution, Mr.
Kennedy told the investigators. Mr.
Kennedy was for years an associate of
Audi ew Carnegie in the steel business.
Former Secretary of War Dickinson
asked Mr. Kennedy if he regarded the
Jones A I.aughiin Company as the prin--
' - '
cipa I competitors of the Steel Corporation
"I do, said Kennedy
for tl. b'g nr ration at . I-e
cern out of business?
"I do."
"Ioyou think it would be impossible?"
j "I do not."
I "How about the Cambria Steel Com
I pany?"
' "I don't think they could live."
1 "Kvwi on the back of tho Pennsylvania
. ltallroad Company?"
lust ciepi'iids on the backing "
On cross-examination by Attorney C.
a. neerauce .nr. ivenneiiy was asked
Severance Air. Kennedy was asked
tl n was noi an afivnriTnirn to hm... ,,,
.. (,..
onuiHiniii ore suupiy in conneoilon wttli
I ,.uM.,.ruliln nf u UI0..I mill 11.1.I I... u.. 1.1
.. r-om 11
"U',,11 .inn't vno il,ll. ii w.,i,m i. .i
1 ,..U,.u t.. '1.,...,. .. i ,i.ii...
I all the features in the n.ani.luctiire of steel
"Yes. but I don't think tho
should lie part of the system."
"Yes, 1 know that, Mr. Kennedv; but
wo won't try railroad rates here, They
will be tried bv tho Interstntn (,'oininerc.
"Yes, we will try those rates here,
'n'-posed Judge Dickinson for the Gov
60c per cue of 0 ln itoppered bottles. Alt,
Armies of Allies .'liable to Mo
bilize Kntiiely for Sev
ern! Days.
. . .
I' lit' I IOI1 S 1,11V AStUO IJIIIUTOIS ill
KHjrerness lo Defem! Conn-
trv's Honor.
Ako'jI rablt llrtixltch fo Tint Srx
London, Oct. 2. -The position In the
llalkuns so fur us can be Judged from
the few despatches received has not
become worse In the past twenty-four
hums and Is legarded In some quarters
ns having Improved.
There Is no continuation of the repot t
that an ultimatum has been delivered to
Turkey by the llalkan States, although
reports that such action Is Impending
aie abundant. Nor is there any tellable
news of fiontler cmslng or skirmish
ing, uml It Is safe to assume that the i n
nuns about such movements are untrue.
14 veil If righting "cents It cannot ap
parently be on 'any great scale for some
days. Hrlef rose minted despatches
from Belgrade and Sotl.i would have !t
believed that hundreds of thousands of
fully equipped soldiers Jumped to their
posts the Instant they weie summoned,
but the fact 1- that llulgatla will need
u week nnd Servij longer to mobilize
an unity. Hereon I largely based the
hope that diplomacy will act effectively,
and It Is stated that efforts to Induce
those concerned to halt their moblllza-:
nous nave aireaoy oeen miien oy ine;,.
l'ovei.x colleclltely The Mews as to
the litob.ible suicess ot these etforts ,
I inner. .Miyw.iy ineie is geneuii nope.
almost universaiiv ainouuuug in net
that In the eeiit of war the struggle ,
wtll !,. loi':iH?!il to the lt.ilkans and
. . ... . ... .. . ... . . I
I Mil I ine gieai riitteis win nui oe ui.ina
I .... . ...I
into the whirlpool.
There Is much speculation u to lb
attitude of Rumania It Is nowle cer-,
tain that she will help Turkey, not-
withstanding her triiditlonal Jealousy of
Hulgnrla. The fact that the King of
Rumania has Just been appointed an
honorary l lelil .Marshal or the I'.us-
i i
slan atmy Is taken In some quarters ,
ns a sign that Russia has ensiireil that
Rumania will not Intel fere w ith Rus
sia's Sluv proteges.
Ruinanlu's neutrality would be of the
gleatest consequence to the allies.
one of the most disturbing aspects
of the crisis has been the suspicion of1
Russia's Intentions In the Balkans and
the fear that she would support the
lJt..;. .i..t..,t...,u ....lJ4?..4l. ......
m ,i.-iti ii ii.iiic-r iB.jnrimi.f .....n,- ... .
Seivlii. It Is now stated that Russia
thus emphatically warned Servia that If
,h,. m;,u-..s unr e:mmit .-..nnt on
Russian support. I
Wild panics on the lionises lu Kutope j
to-day wiped out many dealers and
thousands of dollars were lost by ter- 1
rilled Investors who unloaded their '
stocks. The market was hardly less
terrified than on Tuesday. Merlin. St.
1'etf rsburg and Vienna maikets were
demoralized, even the most stable stocks
fulling conslilei abb . The St l'etiis-
burg view Is that war lu the
Is inevitable.
l.ater In the du.v the markets calmed
duwn somewhat and the general opinion
was less dejected, although It was no-
! where hopeful.
Turkey added to the list of Injuries
which Greece, .Montenegro, Bulgaria and
i Servia have sustained by detaining to-
u,l- Hft.v-lwo Greek ships which were
I 111 ner pons, rnese vessels are uenig (
held so that In case war Is declared the
Tnrhluli l!,. ..riitiii.nt ,-:i n list them as
, ...
'Turkish transports.
Turkish f i-ntisnnris
Meantime lltty Greek vessels are bot
tled up In the Black Ski anil aboii' a
hundred more' In the Sea of Marmora
Turkey has also detained the steamer
Manoussls, which left Constantinople
yesterday for I'lraus.
M. Gryparls, the Greek Minister to
I Turkey, to-day handed to the Tiuklsh
Minister of I'luelgu Affairs an urgent
formal protest against the detention of
these vessels, lie charucterli'ed the act
as "illegal, arbitrary nnd unfriendly." as
tlie relations between his country and
Turkey nrc supposed to be friendly, al
though the Uliotliclal tcellng is abnor-
,,, Th(. k,,...,, Minister promised a
speedy Investigation of the matter.
t is reported that the Turkish forts
, fired on two Greek steamers which
1 were trying to pass the Mosporoiit
There are no details of the alleged af-
The Inltatlon over the Turkish de
tention of Greek shipping Is probably
the most dangerous feature so far as!
Greece Is concerned. It was Increased
to-day by the statement that Turkey
1 prevented by threats and force the do.
l-nrture or a certain snip to which sh.;khih si'" .
I ..... .. , ... ' ... . .i i...... . l.-o 1 li.iidi.ii-nr li nr.mtilK- uln.ttinil
nan aireauy iiiiiiisueii uuiuorizaiion io
pass the Dardanelles.
Tliere Is rematkable fervor and loyalty
i 'llnplayed In Athens toward members of
the rovnl rami I v The Crown Mrlnce U
acclaimed wherever he Is seen. All
the King's sons telephoned to tlie W'ir
Ofllce offering themselves unreservedly
to the country's service, The aged re
tired Gen, Commoundouros appealed
to the Crown Mrlnce to allow him to
iissume command of the urmy lu the
field nnd when the Mrlnce called his
attention to the inci inni ine law pre -
vented this he threatened to commit
suicide unless Ills request was complied
i uii,... ,.r mi. ,n-A. r....ut..i
. ii" fimw"" ... ..... ..... . ounii, on-
nojile has elicited a great outburst of
.Mi...l, ... I .. .. 1. 1..I. ....II 1 1.... I .1,1... 1
iiiii iiiiinoi 111 n 1111 11 I'wiiin .11 uoiioosiiies
.have been swamped, according to the'
imnui ,iu.iiniins The ( 'i.i.,i . 1 .
i'i nml iimi-miu Him v, t. . .i .
has proclaimed II termination to sun-
'port the Government, Newspapets ot
ii snntions heartily Indorsn a in
,nrn"r:m eTnalafralrs and .'pX J.nXLZ
Internal nffulrs and appeal to i itioinans
. I'nriiea m piescni a souu rront to
the enemy.
! Ileprescntnllv s of thirty thousand
Iivoxiiiiaon in...- i.-M-iii'ii! ii nil1 1 urivisu
Government offering to fulfil nnv orders
for the defence of the I'alhei Und,
" Many provincial centres have sent en-
inusiasuc leicgrams 01 support, Home
Confinued on Third Page,
Veniremen IVnr l.nlmr I'nlnii
the Html of Com lellon.
I iKniAVAi'nt.m. Ort 1. Fear of orcan-
1 1 I lnl.H ..1 1. 1 11 ul. n.. ft,.. In.t I
i.eu lutjiu . nil. 'inn iiiv, nn .... jut i j
lo try the Iron workers indicted for tlynii-
mltinc, was the chief feature of the. efforts
to-tlay to gel a jury. More than one of th I
veniremen, called from their homes i
in tlw mining districts or from cities (
where organized labor is strong, siiowed ,
extreme reluctnncn lo servo and got
'"TT' ltuynes. a merchant of Union.
In the i-onl fields, told the court plainly1
that ho was afraid to sit an a juryman !
hecausH it might iiiin his business if he!
followed his convict ions in the (hiding
of u verdict.
As a man's attitude towurtl organized
labor is tJio test by which the juror is
tried by the attorneys for the defence I
the Dixtricl Attorney has determined
to find whether or not there is uny preju
dice ugulnxt organized capital, and to-day
the veniremen were uskixl If they had
uny such prejudices, None of the men
examined by the defence and passed
to the (iovernineiit confessed that they
were thus prejudiced, bill two were
excused for cauxe under tlio (iovern
ment's examination and one was r
emptorily challenged
Up to adjournment this evening forty
five prospective jurors had been exam
ined and thirty-three had been excused
for cauxe 'or challeiigixl by thu (Iovern
ineiit or the defence, the former having
exhausted two of its xix challenges and
the lattty four of its ten,
i .
. I linn mniinM-il "f Miir-lriilli nt Her
( lilcniio I'ruperl).
Ciin'iio, Oct. L'. Hetty Oreen is raii
ldl.v disposing of her Chicago property
by sale or long term lease. Two years
ago her Chicago holdings were estl
miiieil in I... worth J.'i.OOO.OOO. To-day
!, mil) ,.f ,mV a frw scattering piece.
,i, ciui mm
T. , . .. i(.v M ti. insult of th
.,.,... ,,r i,Mr iiffnlis bv her son.
.,. l: , (t (;lv,,n, when Mrs. (ireeii
mined the active management of her
J( mIr.-s over to him It was decided to
. r i..... ,.i.i i ...i..t.. .....I ,
"-lii.se ' ......S". . ....
i... .i ,., ,.r , ,M il,.i-il s ,,r inanai: lnr
"' V" . " "
and mi Inn for it.
Aiiii...ii.-b Mis Green owns millions
of dollars worth of propel ty. she never .
iniii.'ht an of It bv direct purchase.
.. ....
u.l,(,r,llK , w. H. I'rnnkeiisteln, her
"All of Mrs. (Ireen'.x property In Cid-
,..,, ..i.tuined thioimli foreclosure."
r- 'rankeiitelii.s.ild to-duy. "She has
held her Chicago property for many
years, having oinutneu possession or
some of It before the Chicago tire."
,11M,,r. ;na and Cul
Iter 4 rum,
hill xntrx I'mlirr'n llouar.
Hkiki.u:, N. .1.. Oct. L'. After break
Ing with her Hands a plate glass win-
it, in- through which she led firemen Into 1
the home of Iter parents Ml I.oulse i
Higgins of New York Is to-night under
the care of physician: In smashing
In the glass her arms weie torn, nut
she braelv dliected the
firemen (
through tin-housi
TV her presence of mind and un
usual bravery Is attributed to a Kiit i
j extent the saving of the country home,
i valued at J'JT.OOO, owned by her father. )
Halkan-Ivilll.ini A. Illgglns. a wholesale dealer
I in sugar and dried fruits at 371 Wash-
IllKtotl street. New York.
The rile totally destroyed the cottage
of James R. Hunt of New York, whose
proiierty adjoins the Illgglns estate, and
for a time threatened the entire fash-
ualile colonv on
tlie shore of the :
Manasoiun Rher.
ra,,u s, Hartley IVarce. pilot of the
motor boat Dixie, which brought the
Harmsvvoith tmphy to this country.
....... ii..r...t i... .. r.,ni.,,. ,.n,i i, .1,1
ii.in iiijiii.ii .i iiiiiii.k i.t.,.,, ...... tw.u
... i... ...i. i,iu i ii.. u i.
to be taken to his house.
chief of the local firemen.
i Miiul.lnitc ( oninllioe,,!. I lie Women
I . ... ....
Willi Mlliiril null I'roseeilleil Mini,
William Infer of ,".'.'!i Hast 139th
street, 1'.' e.us old, was arralnd last
night l fni e Magistrate House In tho
night coiitt for annoying Mrs. Mary
noitseworlh and Mrs. Nora Gilbert, who
live at Un and 117 St. Ann's avenue.
"We cant snip the mnsheis in .New
York." said the Magistrate, "but 1 am
.going to do my best to do It. The
i trouble Is that the women ale afraid
to take the men to court, i compn-
I ment you women for this.
Hofer was sent to the workhouse for
thirty days.
Hofer took Mrs. Ilouseworth, who Is
young nnd pretty, by the arm at 132d
street yesterday, according lo the tes
' tlmony. and said: "Hello, kid; how Is
, IC" Neither of tho women paid nnv
' attention in mm, nut ne union en ami
his face and Mrs. Gilbert followed suit.
"e ' away ami urn iwo lay in wan
for him all afternoon, finding him at,
133d street, wheie I'olicctlian osuu.
, " arrested him.
I'll en Mnricnu l.lner I'ula IlucU into
firnveaenil liny fur, Itepiilra,
The Morgan liner HI Sud, which sailed
( yeslerdny afternoon for Galveston, was
, ..Mim.,! to nut back Into (1 ravesend Bnv
. ftr.r 8he had cleared the bar because
()f a leak In her port ,tweeu decks sec-
.. ... . ...u ..p i... x. . ..
win. ine iiiiio'i.i oi no- .vioruan i.inn
received this wireless message from the
. . .1. .. 1..1., . . .. . ,-. . .
1 cnptaitl Ol Hie 11 eiKliier III n :,lll o CIOCK !
Lying In Gruvcsend ilu ; luj tu turn
h,-k stiln leaking biidlv In tnw..r i,n.
I w een-ileck port fnutio and drain nine
! !1,!nK'' U:.hluU.r" "n Will
I let von know when all Is well
rtI 'via loiuii siiu an-
At 10:30 o'clock the captain sent an-
that the Kl Sud would be belter off at
her dock and that he thought he would
bring her up sonm time In tho night.
As he didn't ask for nny nsslstanco
It was inferred thut there wasn't nriy
danger of the vessel sinking,
A ci in I Mil In dlL-i'Hllon. with mcala,
H. T. IIKIVKV & SONS CO., 13 rulton St.i N. V.
Adf. maH .
OVd'HOWCI' fllianls ailtl If all?
, . ,
AfTCll oillllllS Assilllailt
j ppisoll It 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 III .
, ,..., ... ii!.,mi
Hciiiarknble, Drama in Ayomlnr
Penitentiary. Where Man
Was Lodged for Safety.
Clll.TKNNK Wyo Oct 2.- I'ranlt Wig
fell, a negio, who assaulted Mrs. Julia
Higgitis, "I yearn old, nt Hnwlinson Moll
day night, was lynched to-day by con
victs in the lUiwIins .Statu renltentiary.
where he hud been transferred for safe,
keeping from thu county jail.
Tim penitentiary lynching, one of the
most remarkable in tin; hisluiyof the West,
followed, the failure of a moll of heveral
hundred persous to get s)Ssesiou of the.
man before daylight to-day.
Wigfall, who fled Into the hills near
Cherokee after assaulting Mis. Higgins,
was captured by posses last night near
I'., 1 1 Si ....I., mid lalteli back to Hawlitis
a ..i.l ..,....!.. ror snH -hot-
...... . ,
guns, liiitnediately gathered als.ut the ,
jail. They bix-aniH ts thteateinng that
the prisoner was taken to the State ieiii
teutiury in the same town.
At .daylight, the 300 convicts in the
penitentiary learned of Wigfnll's res
enct). At H:30 this morning, while they
were being matched to the broom factory,
the prisoneis suddenly leuNxJ upon tho
guaids and the turnkey, oetiowered
them, and seemed the keys.
(letting a rope from the turnkey's office
tliev rushed lu the negro's cell. They
IooiimI lie' eiiil of the lolie aUiut Wig-
fall's neck and fastened the other eiiil
to u tailing 5i feet alsive the main Hoor
f ,. i ivm lotunda.
... . . .i. -.. .. .o ...:....t ...i.l. .1...
l.uisillg, men Jens ...i..k....h ...r-
..i f ,i... ,,...,r.. f...- m...,..v Hi.,
.iraiii..Kn ... ,t .'
convicts se
led Wigfall and hurled him
.i n :. .1,.. ... ,,,,,,! Hfllil'.v the mixture boiling over into ine
,,,.. - 1111. - ........ k ...... -"."
,w,,lv.t hree feet and Ills neck was broken
instant Iv.
A remarkable scene followed. Satis
tled thut tlieir victim was dead, the
prisoners made no effort to escape. In
stead, without a word, they reformed
i Imiaa mill u'hiIa.I rtrntK In itinrch
,. . .... , . Then additional
guards rushed to the cell floor and ordered '
the convicts to tlieir cells lnsteutl ol
sending them to work.
Wigfall's crime wuk most brutal. He
appeared at the Higgins home, and rind
ing only the aged Mrs. Higgins there,
demanded udiuittunce .JVlieworaan re
fused to open theTtoor' Sis-nring an axe,
the negro chopped the door down and
rushed into the house Despite her age
Mrs IliiririnH fnmrht him desperately
before she was overpowered,
Tlie crime was discovered by neighbors,
wno found Mrs Higgins unconscious.
Hli was taken to a hospital, and after
recovering consciousness, gave a good
desciiptiou of her assailant bhe is still
in a critical condition Wigfall escaped
illto ItillK, 1ut wh 'loly pumied ly
.,OS()(,H Worn out by a chase lasting
, j , i.0....H i.t. was eisilv captured
. ' ' . , ' '
, .., . , .... ... lnr
Wigfall had served two terms for
similar crimes, having been released only
Iloalmi lluil)' HiH HriiUer fur
Conduct I'ulieeoinliiK n Memlirr.
Boston, Oct. 2. The lioston Stock
Kxchange to-day expelled Stephen R.
., . ,, ,
i ov as ine resuii or ins action in con-
nectlon with the various mining com
panies of which he was president.
Stephen R. Dow A Co. failed last
; week. It was brought out that Dow
i had been borrowing money from the
companies of which he was the head
When he appeared
before the govern
ing committee last Friday he refused
to answer any questions, as was his
light under the by-laws, which give
an accused member ten days hi which
to teply to charges.
i Later Dow waived his rights under
i the by-laws nnd the governing com-
intnee at tins mornings meeting unaui-
iimusly voted to expel him without
luriner investigation ior conuuci un
becoming a member ot the exchange.
The last previous expulsion was that
of William Reed lu 1SSC.
I'liink I'o lb, iiiu of HreHer.Chnrgeil
With liellluif fnlse Credit. 1
I'nii.AiiKi.i'iiiA, Oct. 2. Frank I.. Moth,'
u.,t, of III.. Inf., l.'mnL' V I'Mli 111..'
brewer, Is under $2,000 ball under a
charge of false pretences In getting
credit to the extent of $0,000 for auto
mobile hire. The complainant Is the
lott Automobile Company, which de-
ciares uiai roiu lenieu auiomooues uy
the month, declaring, to get the credit,
that he was In charge of the largo
estate left him by his father when, its
a matter of fact, the estate Is held
In trust and Moth has an allowance.
He has been defendant In numerous
actions brought by creditors, but Myott
Is the first to bring the charge of false
pretence against him.
Idenllf, l eaaeli
' iMnnmiin . uuiuu
I'oller Can'l Trnee Her,
I ,"l,"!,0- w no rescued three
"f the four memlsTS of the crew of the
I Anna Godfred on Tuesday night. i,..
j ported to the Bath Beach police station
inni i'.uij .M'sii'iu.iy morning he saw,
h iwo uiasieo scuooner siiik n Graves-
".'". J " "
a two masted .schooner sink In Graves-1
tnffrall light nnd he could not make
out her name, hut he thinks the last
namo on thu boat was "Bell."
The harbor police Investigated, but
could find no signs of tho crew of the
vessel, Only tho masts can bo seen
abovo tho water. Divers will be sent
down- this morning. There Is n two
masted schooner called the. "Ida Hell,"
hut an far as could be learned sho was
not In the harbor yesterday morning".
I'll xleln tin Cnu'l Sn- If Mllil of II
Can lie anl. I
Slttvliil f ahlf liripatri lo TnK Si v j
SI'kzia, Italy, Oct, J.Slgiior Marconi
Is Implovlng, but the question if
whether he will retain the sight of Ids
Injured eye Is still unsettled. The phy-!
slclans have made a test with elect! lc-
ity. -rue results were unconciusive. but .
the doctors ore almost convinced that
the sight of the eye has not been lost.
Tlie Duke of the Abrii7.zl, who has
arrived at Spczla to take command of'
the dockyard, visited Slgnor Marconi
dull n ( riunlriiiiK Clinlnner Sn
tor Wilt ClinllriiK HI'".
Itiou mono, V Oct. '1. John Arm
strong Chuloner came to Richmond from
Merry Mills this evening with the
startling news that Kdltor Henry Wat-
terson of the Louisville CourWr-ltmrml
was sending on embsary to lllclimond
to challenge Chaloner to light uikI.
The trouble originated when Walter
on published an editorial about Chal
oner which aroused the hitter's wrath
and he Immediately despatched a let
ter In which he spoke uncnmpllmeii
tatily of the editor of the I'ouilrr
Juiirmil. The answer came thut a representa
tive of Mr. Watterson would at rive hero
to-morrow to present the challenge for
u duel.
Chuloner says he Is a luw abiding fill-
") will not accept the challenge,
l.ofiMvlIJ-K. Ky Oct. Tbele Ix no
rouml;lton w hnlever flir th,. report that
Col. Watterson will challenge John
Armstioiig Chuloner to tight a il;u-l.
IIIk llriium" Tnkeu I'riuil
l.oim lulninl Vll HlMr.
More than 2,000 gallons of gasolene
In fifty gallon Iron "drums'
were rolled
away by firemen from a blaze which
destroyed the mixing plant or the
Atneslte company at Meadow stteet and
Dutch Kills Creek, Long Island City,
rrl,u i. u'.iu iiufc.l for nuiklnir n
compoMltloii with widen many of tile
... ........ .......
new iohus in uneeiin uir unmi; k-uuui,
, ., , ,, ,,, ,... M.,.l
i 1
.,,. .p,.. M, ,., ., ri.llroa.l
spur track were partly destroyed. The
loss was about $10,000.
MUatalrd Ilia KaruliiKu In
Wlfe'a Suit lor Allniuii).
Camukn', N. J.. Ot. 2.Albert Groff.
a young railroader, was sentenced to
day to seven yours at hard labor In
State prison by Judge Carrow for per
jury In connection with the alimony
suit of his wife two weeks Hgo.
Vice-Chancellor Learning ordered the
arrest of Groff when evidence given m
his wife's suit showed hjm making $'il
one month and $7.1 another month. In
stead of $13.50 and $14, respectively, as
Gruff had claimed.
MmtiriT Morrison Didn't Jump
i-'rom Soni Bus oin l-'unuKb.
Making a little political speech on a box
in front of his homo at 132 West Thirty
first street yesterday, Mathew Morrison,
0 years of age was run over and killed
by a wagon driven by William KalU ot
207 Kuht Ninety-sixth street. Ho died in
St. Marv's Hospital.
His playmates say Mathew was a greut all delegations were divided, especially;
speaker and insisted upon climbing on a I New York county.
soap box, the way lie had seen a man do I Erie voted solidly for Burd, and Waat
at the corner When the wagon camo Chester, Onondaga, Jefferson, Qucenn
along the crowd all ran away except . nnd St. Lawrenco for Dir.
Mathew. who didn't climb down quickly
enough. No arrest was mede.
I. mm llisiiiliineil mill l'artly lie-
troyril In ,lnl. llimltre Klnlahra It.
What was left by a fire last July ot
the West Farms I'resbyterlan Church,
ISOth street and Bryant avenue the
oldest church In The Bronx, built In
1815 was destroyed yesterday afttr
noon by a bonfire sturtcd by boys for
their uniuscment on the wooden Hour
of the church.
The building has not been' occupied
ns a church for five yeaYs, the emigre-
C11.i..,. imvliig moved to the Beck Me
.......i,.! church, ncross the street from
tlie old structure,
used It lately.
Report That 1 1 im In nil nml lluaala
AVnnt I'eraluu llnler HnrU.
.ffierial (ablt litpair, to Tnr, Sct.
Hkiu.in, Oct. 2, A despatch from
Teheran to the hokaliuiietfirr says Great
Britain and Russia hnve decided to
telnstute All Mohummed Mlrza, the de-1
jiosed Shah, "In accordance with the
wishes of the I'erslans."
Tlie despatch adds that a Fienchi
company has secured a concession
n railroad across rersia. n is stipulated
that It shall be a different gauge from
that of the Russian road
Woman'. Ill.loeulloi. Woi-.l One
lliK-lur Hail Ger seen.
Camukx, N. .1.. Oct. 2 While hanging
out clothes to-day Mrs. Martha Hunt. -10
.. ..i.i n. ,,i I'linuiinirut
,-..n ...u, ......n ...
I ninny clothespins In her mouth. -As a
result she was under an antesthetlc for
,, i,.,if ,nlir .i... Cnoner llosnltul while
I surgeons were trying to rediiru the dls-
I i.,.i ,,t l,,.i- tniv
'."' P.....t.,i but one of tb..m
Ihey were siicieRsrui, nut one or them
' said It was the worst dislocation he ever
! I""'
Italian Work, Salil to lie Souglil Uy
Mr. Mjirunn, niaupprnra,
Kpecltil Cabin Depatch (o Tun Siv,
RoMK, Oct. 2. The oval painting nf
tho Madonna, for which J. Mlerpont
Morgan, It wbh roporled recently, had
offered 120,000, has been mysteriously
tolen from St. John's Church, In Mla
cenra, tho capital of tho province of
the same name.
ow York Congressman Wins
() Kotirttl Rilllot AftOl
Albany Man Nominated With-
out Opposition for Lieu
tenant -Governor.
All It I II l
New York Delegates Were
Told to Express Their
Own Free. Will.
Nearly All the Delegates T)i
viiled When First Holl
Call ('nine.
Swtu'inK, Oct. 3, Representative
William Sulzer was notnliinted for Gov
ernor while the fourth ballot was being
tiiken early this morning.
on lids ballot Albany dropped Olynn
and went to Sulzer. Judge Kellogg with
drew Gov. Dlx's name and moved Sul-
' ' ........n
Metz withdrew and Sulzer's nomina
tion was made unanimous.
Itefore adjournment Martin II. Glynn
was nominated for Lieutenant-Governor
and the convention adjourned until 10
u"'I,M:k M" '"oiulng.
, At 1:0 A. M. I'hnlrmnn PnrUon
nonnel tl... e..,.lt nf M,n rn....h Kll.
, -
saying Sulzer received all tha votes but
the three from Cayuga, which were cast
for Martin II. Glynn.
Chairman Marker then announced
that Mr. Sulzer was the nominee of the
convention for Governor.
A number of delegates moved that
the convention adjourn until 10 A. M.
to-morrow, tint Charles K. Slurphy said:
"No, no," and Chairman Marker paid no
uttentlon to the motions to adjourn and
announced that nominations for Lieutenant-Governor
were In order.
KlltS'l' II A I. LOT.
lllx, 147.
Sulser, I'.'tl.
(ilynn. -III.
Hurd, tt.
Mrtu, TO,
I'ruuels lliirlun llurrlxm, SI.
Wllllnm .Sunnier, 1.
Helmatea In convention. 450,.
A liar ii I anil nnt TOtlnaj. 11.
m rcraaarj- to choice,
Charles K. Murphy asked to bo ex
cused from voting.
There being no choice a second ballot
was ordered.
The first ballot disclosed that nearly
, Kings cast Its full vote for Metz.
SKCxn n i.i, or.
lllx, 124.
suiter, 141.
Iilnn, 4H.
Ilnril. 2H.
Met, IIH.
Ilnrrlaon, ST.
.Inmea A. OTiornian, I,
I letnr .1. HowllnB;. S.
Iluhert I', Waajner. S
Wllllnm Sohmrr, S.
Iltaenl anil nnt voting, 13,
Charles F. Murphy was again
cused from voting.
lllx, 8T.
X Hirer, itlfl.
(iliin, 4 1.
Hurd, II.
Melr, 711.
.In in e a W. Gerard, 1.
Ilnrrlaon, S,
llonllnir. 4.
Wllllnm II. Klllami. I.
It'l.iirmau. I.
Wanner, tl.
Solimer. I.
lieorge W, llalleu, 1.
Aliaenl mill nnt vnllnK, 0.
Charles F .Murphy was again excused
i ii tun voiioK.
I on tlm third ballot Krle hroko Irom
Bind and gave part of Its 27 votes to
SU, ';',.,., Westchester and other
i utilities also bloke III part to Sulner
'on this ballot,
William V. Cooke of Albany at once
i)hicc1 the name of Mai tin II. Glynn he-
- ,. ,.,,,,
lol l' llie i on. i iiinio ii'i in" ..................
for Lieutenant-Governor.
"While Albany county has suffered a
disappointment," said Mr. Cook, "she,
acknowledges tlie progresslveness of
your candidate for Gov ei nor and ileslreH
to aid him in his canvass by furnlnhlng
the best of her fighlers for tho second
place on the ticket."
Walter C Billion for the Kings
county delegation seconded this nomina
tion. Tho nntl-Taminutiy delegates fiom
Monroe also seconded Glynn's nomina
tion "with delight." To comply with tho
law a roll call was necessary on tho
nomination for Lleutennnt-Governo',
and at 1:27 A. M. Chairman Marker an
nounced every vole had been caat for
Glynn. Tho convention then adjourned
until 10 A. M. to-day.
As there were no other nominations

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