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..MW4'mti' JWIUIIWBHW J y W!IHIiWljW,Hli'illJIJI!,im s jm WWiiiiwwHi,Hiu-t i ju,ir,:T,i.,u,i,,, inn yiyBifysU.ijtsi.s..
15 J
Pauslitcr of Lady Duff-Gordon
I'tniud the Scotchman
Once flnve Nejjro Songs With
a Wonderfully Moving
Junet Ross, daughter of ths famous
Tlrtorian wit and beauty Tjidy Duff-
fiordon, In her just published book of
reminiscences, "Tho Fourth Uenemtlon,"
elves some, very Interesting pictures of
literary lights of ft pant generation, as
thr remained In her childish recollection.
Th one of our many visitors whom I
cordially disliked was Mr, Carlyle." shn
ssts ll to n great trlentl or Mrs
ustln s. nml professed to admire Lucy-
kin. as he cnll-d my mother, very much. !
One afternoon he had a discussion with bar
I'll lirilliMi. ni'it.iut'j, a.ii nuuiirillll
i . ,i n...,.nin
elo-p ence and fire prevailing. Carlyle
list ms temper ana nursi lonn in nis
Scotch tongue. 'You're just a windbag, ,
t ueio: you're just a windbag.' I had been
listening wun mi my ears an my grand- i
mother always spoke with such en
thusiasm about him, but. furious at my
tnorhr being as I thought 'called names'
hr n uncouth a man. I Interrupted and
exclaimed: 'My papa says men should
ie civil to women.' For which pert re-
ma-k 1 was reproved by my mother. Mr. ,
i nxlyle, however, was not offended, and j
nnlv observed: 'Lucykln. that child of
VTirs has an eye for an Inference '" I
V a later nge sh had another ex-
perienee with Carlyle:
"My coiwiii iienry uecves. sne says,
" the qrc.it Henry ns we called him, I
wh.l- others Irreverently knew him as I
liawti I'uffendorf ' was "always kind to 1
n When I stayed with hlmin Rutland
the 7',m.s ofTlce. and with Mr (, r.rlvje
tenry w-leomed Larlyle w th effusion.
1! r.ll V I llikll'tKi II I iit.i f.-itiirr ,,
ri'!i'o (ireville hhould ride with him
ThMa I hud to go with Carlvle (lne dav
n e worn trotting his wideawake blew
T. ,i eivil working-man picket it up and
m p.rtr tis ln.te,M of giving him a
. Tpriicp. or p ent wopenc", Carlyle .r.'il
Thank vp. inv nan. ye can Just e'av yee
t i-ked up th'j ha' of Thomas Parlvl" ' I
fel: sn ashamed ths.t I told F.otheii h
must come and m""t m in the park and
tal;e ni" away from th" Sage "
Mrs Ri- u-i-d to see Teimvson nt hr
lmtlier".shou too, and she tell thl inri
c'.ein "i conneitlon with the poop
' Pcfore inv littl" sisti-r Fratda was
ho'it n November, 1SW. I wn sent with
Fr.iiik'in von Zesch.iu to an hot"l at Fresh -r-i'er
Rhv. In 'he lsi of Wight, ne.ir
wVt.re Mr. and Mrs Tennyson llvel
n" v kind to me, nnd 1 became very
f I of her A great invalid, hho a'
s n i-s imtient anil reenii". miuikuic or
.- .7. '""'"f."'
rhniw nnn not 't n'rei!
i ii ime weaincr
-& mm-.,! Intii h lni, Iriw kirn nr
1 . . . . ' . . . .. . .
rmi viiteh her Mueli.-ml pullfsl, anil i
1 iiii-heil iie'ilntl '
nr' il.n- th" vre.it poet's shoestrinc ,
iiitied nn.l. iiiiis'riouslv iiointlng
' f. nt. he -.ii'l: 'Janet. ti inv shoo
e o,itt,i f., iniperntlve n command. I,-
wt.'cli the ttrinns were ertrep-ely
rudely enough I niifwered' 'N'o-
rewnho' P.ipn Hivs men hhoukl
i n voni"ii. not wotpen on men '
- ri n.iment the words wore out of
r "'' I eould lnve bjtt'Ml tnv tniiKi'o
i inns of the l".iuties at Little
llnun" attending to all th" poet'n
n hip Ijefnre me, and I humbly tied
' 1 oe lie nf'erwi-rd told my fathr
I w.is .1 !eer girl but "Vtremely
h'l. ',r:glit up "
(luvot, the famous French
t .- ami statsin.in, several times,
s- ' - .'i ,e-t'ds lirh'f account of vlsititi'j
v !"H"e -We Hlent a wee with M.
f i Va' l!li'hr, wltoss lifo was verv
r. a1 with his daughter, Madame
He Um. her husliaud and children.
' w i' tnv t'r-t viit to a French country
h and it seemel odd to have break-fa-'
all alone in one's bedroom. aI"' ,0
f" "oti mg of one's hosts until the 12
ir.r . Miruner Hound the large draw-
"r i,irn wr hung full length por- ,
':; tr!.:!iZJt,&
r! M.Tiiir,,.1Kior; of the Queen of Spain
s.ril lo-r hUhh.ind i
I evm them with some curiosity, I
t! .riking r tho Spanish marriages which I
rli i not redound to the credit of M Guizot i
f i roiiderod he hail not relegated the
ure, to o garret On Sunday wo had
s rv o in M Ciiir.ofs Htildv, he reading I
t e t.ravers and afterward a sermon, i
I "ine.Virr riuhtlv
bv U't"1
innol ' '
net. I
rer, 1 m r 1 1 . leinind inv
tat the
I ''..l fnm;,v uer. Illlirnenot
l' old .sriteain.in re,id '..barKably
e i every word falling eleal rut from
I s 1 1 1 1 tt w-.is a siileniliil le.ssnn in
I rei ' lie wait extremely kind to me,
e i- iehow I did not feel so much nt
m vih him nu with Victor Cousin or
- iLTthi'l-mv St Mil.iirt' "
'i.nlier of tho foreign celebrities sh
eirii t, know was Mark Twain. She
lyes several nnucdotert not before n-l-r-'il
dl.niit him. He hs'iit a winter near
Italy. Probably few of Mark
T'i'i s admirers notmt singing among
" 'mplishniRntH, but Mrs Hoss found 1
' ' ' wan She says: "Tho Clemens
' were very pleasant neighbors.
1 t,, drop in nt all hours, declaring
' ki'io Cilienirdo wan tho nearest
, i . . oi'ywhore. I ennfew I preferred ,
" ' i. ,m. Keen sighted, hcnsiblo and
neil, to the amusing, laughter
T it Mark Twain.
1 'omens, one of the most charm-.
I eieht of women, was already
' ' ' I'.id health, and her husband's
' i and almost womanly tenderness
' th very touching, One evening
'iiuled him tn sing unrao of the
'tt" soug.H. it wan a revolution
1 ii 'ii h voice and with little or,
' I'-dc.o of music (he played the
! hard with mm linger), ho moved
' " a "onili't fill way It wns ipiltnj
'"'it fiom what one had generally
' l nig as negro melodies '"
V'l'iine rontaiim letterH never
r si i- I nil now- from Lord Leighton,
" I H'.vle, Men-dllh, Watts, Otii.ot
'. . and ery line portittltH; one
f'.j line of Lady Duff Gordon,
n -n.iws her be.iutv ami oxplalim m
i's iiv otui of tlie llonaparte fumlly'
' "r mat mid wns t lie imaga or tso
t '! Nnptileon.
Writers llilprd the Qnnrks.
I'r vi ilir f Utmun Daily .Wtrs,
1 ' " ndi erilsinenl of their wares
igl leeuili lenliiry uiiaclc medlclno
. iii'ior eie iiuitn as resourceful
' modern lepresenlativea of their
eiiiieiry. the proprietor or ur.
. Puwders " ifis iiiilillshnr nnH
--..t,,, ii, ni.iM, one nraiii'ii oi ins oiisi
n - 'ii Ipiheoilierliy Inducing lilsaulhnrH
Jr lis tioiinilh to scalier references
' pnvideis ihioiighiiiit tho .pages of
Hi' llOllltli
. s in (inmlv '1'ivci Shoes" the hero
P'sntlier perished mlseialjly" been us.
f itJlorliinale ii h to he "seized with a fever
C..'. t'r'? 5hei Dr James's poadsr was
i . I took tnv cob and we usedtoridein v,.st African coast nnd fought with tho , lW "na n "0e. ,D KM"
t.te iwrk with his friend. Charles Oreville. ' V, l their war tigdlust Turkey '' . T'U'Vun'ilr; LR'' I,,"C!L:
vl im I did not much like; with Dohne. Wns ln V'S,,1 'tC S.hlrA . byCh'r,"J R'
mt v end klndlv. who bed a smile and . "h" . wl he la mi,-d in Cw York in I I""' 1 ,,' I'abor C"-v. f-"
a nod for every one and looked fresher .'some mm y en ale an un . '"'n.V' , ,'0BP?V Th' u'rtot h
-wn mc.t.y nf the young girls although eltmal iKtnke inVelectln A- Bar,n :
I,., ,v.n in, till 1 nml .1 ..verv morniiiff at 'criunate misiaK e m s e ct"h "' '' I "Social Progress In Contemporary Eu-
Irvla Rarheller'a Vara of a New
, York flpeniler.
Irvine Bacheller, w1iom new book
'(harga It g a ceiilal Bat ire on present
day spending proclivities, wns tailing a
trua story about a New York lawyer.
"He Is well known, almost famous,
one of the most brilliant, certainly, In
II Now York. With several other men
of quite as much Importance and of the
samo profession ho dearly loves a game
of billiards, and (lie other night went
with a group of friends to tlse tables of
a hall in the thentre district and ran up an
awful bill.
"All of them already owed accounts of
alza there and'the billiard hall proprietor
was getting anxious, lie saw one of
them display, a roll of money, although
they asked him to chalk up the score,
nnil lie demurred. Hot only did ho make
objection to adding a new sum to the
grand total but he uskeil the payment of
the whole old debt.
"'I can't pay it." was the answer, 'but
we' iv going to the Hoffman House to
dinner, You've got to eat. (.'ome on.'
"The billiard hall proprietor put on his
coat and went, and with tlw others ate
a large, fat dinner. When it was ovor
he made note that the great lawyer had
it chanted, ana passon out money only
fort he waiter's t lp.
loll cos one r retiitor
hiul leu kept epiiet by luldliig to the
bunion of another creditor. A lot of
'debt had leen Di ed un and not on nee
- , , t , . , -
fill thing had been secured for any one,
nVe llnner-a dinner foolishly elaborate
and bad for every one of thera to cat."
W.vndham Marts-it Win Soldier, Cow
hoj-, Bonk Agent and Lots Rise,
Wyndham Martyn, the English author
of "All the World to Nothing," was born
some thirty-live years ago and wns edu-
catcd at a public school nnd at Oxford.
Before he turned novelist he had tried his
hand at being a mining engineer, soldier,
cowboy nnd book agent among other
things. He was Intended for a cadetshlp
ln the Royal navy, but an attack of scarlet
fever prevented him from becoming a
,,,' i,ii-i . ,,., irir. inutlnot
fll,uro Adm ra . A wandering Instinct.
however, led him to nearly all quarters
of the globe, and he mined for gold on the
. i A.:...,.. run,, lrt
,j landed high nnd dry and he found .
hlmieIf forcvt , ,j(p th range for 5
,, ..,1.
tr rtvnwalke.lmnstoflhewavback
i v.. J ..niiirwH Bm vnlii.ihln
.i" )LV1 I'", LK"'inir Tintnal ?
, Vr .-1 t,T; nntwr'otestori for several
m;'i:ai:lnes and became attache.! to the I
"mcr ' n staff nf the Encvcloiwediu 1 . A . ,la "daptert from "The Lotus Lan
It'ltim cn -XII the World to Noth-t,or"- n modern Japanese story by Mary
n".'J del, is hi" second novel, contains , Taylor and Martin Sabine, has been
m. Tnv oft!... author s pr.-liter..ry a-ri- ?'" "V nrn.Jilce.1 at Toledo Ohio by
ence's in Vew York when he was a book Jvltli htoek Company, of which Mr. Ra
airent, a truck driver and other divers '"ne l a member.
ntln Tells nf Her I.nbnrs on
The Promised l.nnrt.'.
! I were to answer all the questlens
thrtt ha' e been addressed to me since th
t,i,iiotim of -riie Pimnlsed Land'" saj s
.. . .. .... .
ii. tt. I..il t.tlcrlmrit
"" .in...,. "
, , , ., " " , ' ,, ,' V, .
hoUd MM a volume tv.lie as thick as the
one wtv.l, prn,ol;,.,l them.
.ltd .mi come to write your
book'' If a leadltic question The nnsrri
is tl...t in the fullness of time It rote
itself I seldom m-et ,,body who !
Willi g to believe this statement, but I
i rtii u ilv go on lepentltiK It, since It Is
tho tmth.
I had no plat, ilin I began
line day I found myself tMnklng of the
ti n'" 1 went to n-lnnl in Polotzk. and I
n into about that
Annthei, 1 kept seeing
th 1 1 1 1 ! clrl.s I used to play with, nnd
1 put them In.
"Then It was th market place that
haunti d inc. or the Dvln.i gnrgbd In my
e:rs nil night, or theie runn Into tnv
mind ri tale the women used to tell while
picking feathers of a winter evening
When It came to putting these fragments
iogther I found that they iltted nun
derft.lly well, considering their haphaz
ard otlgln. A little rearrangement of tin
loo3e sheets, atl luttoductory sentence
here, a connecting phrase there, and the
stoiy fell Into chapters that named them
selves. I never knew what I was going
to do until It wns done"
second Barbara frietchie.
ftnlr Kllfn Itlpley Wnieil the I'lasr "f
,,,r riinfnlerse, .
An Inteiestlng Item of antebellum dn.xs
has lnen brought to llitht with the puij-
lli-nllou of Kllr.a Itlpley's book of inc.
molrs, "Social Life ln Old New Orleans"
When Mrs. Itlnlev learned that Louisiana
n'Hi serein ii siih inipeu me oiireiieraie
II. is iipun lier liusbatid's plantation,
I'lm'tou, near P.aton Itnuae.
At tlie tune sh" was oniy a young girl
and sin niiwd tho Hag tnthurlastlcally
from the lever of her father's plantation
In sight of all the passing boats.
THIS book wns written by a well-known author who,
for reasons of his own, has preferred to remsln anony
mous. For the benefit of his frisnds, however, hs has
incorporated In the book two cipher messages one reveal
ing his nsme, snd the other his motive for withholding its
ppoarar.ee from the tills page, The cipher, to one who
follows ths methods of Astro the Seer, Is not difficult and
will reveal ths most surprising mystery in ths volume
Astro the Sser, is indeed the msster of mystsries, Hs
is a detective, but not one in conventional dress. His per
sonality is picturesque. He has an olive ckin and wears a
robs and a turban. The knottiest problems grow simple In
his hsnds. He clslms a strange psychic power but the
reader sees him smile behind his client's bsck. The reader
hss the rsra privilege of being taken into the medium's
confidence, and who doesn't want "to be on the Inside"?
lllmtrattii by Karl AnJtritn and Georgi Brthm
( At all Booiitlltrs Prict $1.35 net
Th Beitt-Mtrrill C,, Mlukiri
Iluyers of books sometimes do wetrd
things with tho titles of populnr novels.
One recently entered a booKstore and
celled for l,connrl Met rick's "Whispers
About Women" under the pseudonym of
"Whiskers About Men." Another gave to
Daniel Carson Ooodman's "Unclothed" the
misnomer of "I'ndoi clothed,"
.The following hooks nro being published
bv the fhtsnninsi "Shenandoah," a novel
of love and war In Virginia by Henry
Tyrrell, bused upon the famous play by
llronsnn Honnrd: "With the Merry Aus
trian.," a love story of the Austrian
Tyrol, by Amy McLaren, nuthor of "Haw
ben .lock" ; "The Itotuanco of Leonardo dn
Vlnel," by Dmitri Metejkowskl; "The Fas
cination of Hooks." a collection of papers
on books and bookselling, by Joseph
Shnylnr; "Washington and Lincoln,' a
comparison of their uceompllshmnts In
governmental action, liy Itobert W. Mo
I.aughlln. Dnubleitay. Pane A Co. announce the pub
lication of sK of thlr regular fall hooks:
"Mrs. Ames," a novel of English life, by
R. P. Ilenion ! "The Mnn Farthest Down,
the lesult of a trip through Europe, by
Hooker T. Washington, and four yivenllee,
"Princess Haws and Tatters," by Harriet
T. Pomstock : "(lulllver'e Travels," edited
by Clifton Johnson for the "Oolden
Hooks" setles. and Illustrated by Dnn
Sayre Oroesbeck, and two additions to
the "Hen flrect Shnkespearo for Young
Headers nnd Amateur Players" series,
"Julius Ca-sar" and "A Comedy of Errors."
John I.ans Company's fall publishing
season has opened with the publication of
live new books nnd new editions of lev
finl books previously Issued. The new
be oks n.-e : Thomas It. Way's "Memories
of James McNeill Whistler, the ArtMt."
denllut: with nearly twenty years rloss
raon:il association: Eden Phtllpntts'a
dramatic poem, "The Iscarlot," with a
charact?rlstle frontispiece by Frank
HraiiKKjn, and three novels, "The Last
Hesort," by It, P. Provflst-Uattersby :
"flrlt Lawless." by F, E. Mills Young, and
"The New Hutnpty Dumpty." by Daniel
A second printing of Ralph Straus's
"The Prison without a Wall" and a fourth
printing of Roman Holland's "Jean
Chrlstnphe" are announced by Henry Holt
& Co.
The Macmlllan Company announces the
publication or the following books: "A
Man's World," a novel portraying modern
city life conditions, by Albert Edwards:
by Frederick A. Ogg.
Simultaneously with the publication of
: 1 ?T.r" n'w western novel, "iioofl
""lan, i.iitie, urown ft jo. announce a
""" Prlntlnir of "lonesome Land," by the
n,"hor- " h y'-
E. P. Dutton & Co. announce the publi
cation of n romplete criticism of suffra
, alsm and feminism and allied movements.
'Woman Adrlff The Menace of Suffra-
cIjoii, ' by llamld Oicn. The author In
nulris Into the nature of the vote, his-loili-ally
examines the natural status of
mniian from social and physiological
standpoints, dissects lending feminist ar-
Kiimeiiis nnn gives a prouuet tnal will b.
igeily received hy antl-suffrttclsts". They
iiNo announce the publlcntton of "Tho
r.ii-r. inpniiiu; necesnry s1Pps
",f "'"''"f"l bus r.e-s careers along va-
rl""'' "'". '' I-.dward Mott 'Woolley.
' remried that Mary E. Waller's
A daughter of the nieh will appear In
lie autumn in both Norweslan and Dan-
lsh translation", from the publishing
i hmire of Cammermvers, Chrlstlanla. Miss
Waller's "Wood Carver of 'Lympus,"
v hlrh has Just gone Into Its twenty-
V,,... i.i.V. i. .. I ..." V,,: , u.. 1
," r-,i, .. .,, .J , ll'l It.'J ,,,,lt UJ lllll
Mton Society of England.
The autnhlograph of Napoleon, pre
p.ircii by It. M. Johnston under the title
of "The Cnislcan" and published In this
coiititr by Houghton Mltllln Company, is
repited to be liming success tn France
and lIiiRland mt.il to that here. Pub
!"l(d In Paris ln May under the title of
"Napobon, Par Lul-Meme," It has run
through tun editions In three months, and
a third has Just been announced.
The Macmlllan Company announces the
publication of the following books: "South
America," an Important travel book by
.lames Hryce. "peering of Deal," a story
of Imij-h' school life, by Latin Orlswold ;
"The P.lch Mrs. Hurgoyne," a novel set
In Santa Palomii. Oil., by Kathleen Nor
il, anthiii of ".Mother": "A Psychologi
cal Study of Itellglnn," by James II.
I.etibi: "Mornings Willi Masters of Alt,"
luterpietlng the development nf Clulstlnn
art ftoni the time of Colistantlne to Michel
angelo. ",lr.us," a study of the his
torlenl ami the legendary Christ, by
Geoige Molly Gilbert.
A new edition of Piesldent A. Lawrence
Lowell's "Tlie (loernnn nt of Knuland"
is publlsli'ipby the Macmlll.ins. lly the
addition of a new chapter ton the House
of Lords Piesldent Ixiwell has brought
the noik up to ranking among the most
Author of "The Bandbox," etc.
A curious story of a beautiful woman's
love. Unsurpassed for its sheer rapidity
of events.
llluttraM by Arthur I. Keller. 91.25 net; by mail 91.36
Little, Brown & Co.,
complete and authoritative comments on
English customs and Institutions.
A number of additions Is reported to the
"Macmlllan Standard Library." a series
of fifty cent editions of well known books:
Hamilton Mable's "Shakespeare, Poet,
Dramatist and Man" : Mrs. Alfred Sldg
wick's "Home Life In Germany" : J.
Allen Smith's "The Spirit of American
Government" : Henry van Dyke's "The
Gospel for a World of Sin" i Jack Ten
don's "War of Classes" : Shnon H. Pat
ten's "The Social Basis of Religion" :
tobert Hunter's "Poverty" : Francis O.
Peabody"s "The Approsch to the Social
Question," and Jack London's "Revolu
tion and Other Essays."
A. C. MoClurg Co. announce the pub
lication of "The Garden of Dreams," a
story by Clarice Vallette McCauley, who
Is described as having received "the man
tle of the late Myrtle Reed," upon her
shoulders; and "Our Country Life." hy
Mrs. Frances Klngale Hutchinson, who
relates the activities of her family on
their estate at Lake Geneva.
Tet another Instance of an author's
using a title that has previously been
used by another Is revealed In the an
nouncement nf Dr. Henry van Dyke's
"The Unknown Quantity." Gertrude
Hall's novel of that name was recently
Issued by the Holts and has gone through
severs! editions.
Henry Holt Co. have made an un
expected addition to their fall list by
cabling Mr. Arrowsmlth of Bristol, Kng
land. their acceptance of the American
rights to "My Dog and I," written and
Illustrated by Gerald Sidney. This comes
to the American publishers from the same
F.ngllsh house which called Jerome K.
Jerome to their attention.
The Holts also announce the pub
lication of: "Trails. Trappers and
Tenderfeet." a lively account of travel
In the Canadian Northwest, by Stanley
Washburn, well known as a war corre
spnndent and traveller through new
countries; and "Why Women Are So,"
by Mary flnberts Coolldge, nn attempted
Interpretation and explanation nf the so
called "feminine characteristics."
John Lane Company announces the pub
lication of the following hooks: "Foot-
tirlllts nf Pnmnns Americana In TL.-I.e
by John Joseph Conway. M. A . nnd with
un Introduction by Mrs. John Lane: "At
the sign of the Heine Pedauoue." bv
Anatole France, translated hy Mrs. U'lb
fled Jackson and with an Introduction by
William J. Lorke, the first of six or seven
new translations nf AnnlnU t.-.nn..
I works planned for this winter. "Also and
' Perhaps." studies of various characteris
tics Of men III vnrfnua nnrl. of tt,rt ...l.i
by Sir Frank Snettenham, "The Voice of
i ne i.triien. cmnpileil hy l.ucv Lefllng
well .'able nilke and with a preface by
George W. Cable; "Pansy Mrars." a lei
Ilsllc novel of Iindon life Introducing
me wmte slave tramc. by Horace W
C Newte : "Sunshine Sketches." n new
humorous volume by Stephen Leacnok ;
"Oxford Poems," by Gsrrod, and
a new, popular, priced eii, m, in cloth
and leather bindings, of "Sent Fruits of
Solitude," by William Penn. with nn In
troduction by Edmund Gosse.
"Where Socialism Failed." bv Stewart
Grahame, soon to be published bv Mr
Pride. Nast ft Co. denlris n ,.,ni ....
ample of an actual experiment In up.
mien socialism. "The Girl With the
Itosewood Crutches," fmm K.lme
house, s an anonvmnus hlncrntiiiirni
TWO new Additions tn ttie "ttA,,,.
Garden Making nooks" nre onnounced bv
Latest Books
A atronj story nf the daya nf witchcraft thai will remind readers of "The Scarlet
wun rrnntlMUfrr si.l,l nM.
Licky and His Gang By grace sartwell mason
Since Atdrtrh'a "Had Hoy" there have been few storlea ot Ihe happy adventures of
boyhood in likely to hair a wide appeal lo oung and old as (his. Illustrated, tl 00 net.
Postage B trnta. I
The Inner Flame By clara louise burnham
The atory of a loung mining rticlnrernf alrnng artistic lenilf nclea- hit struggles and
final success. Willi frontispiece In color. $1 3J nl Pcstace U cents,
Concerning Sally
W lit be recognized as the unrb nf a
of humanity: none other could time written m prrsusslie and Intcicstlng a study of a
girl a development " -Chlnito Trlliunr. 11.35 nci, Postage 11 cents,
Egyptian Days
An Indlaneniable nlume for the Intruding tr.neller. rven richer In entertainment
and humor than the Author's prrUoui. books nn (irrcce and Spain, I uliy Illustrated,
MOO net. Postage 10 reins,
The Gateway of Scotland By a. g. bradley
A picturesque and informing account nf those charming parts of England which
constitute the gateway nf .Scotland, Ijixl.hly Illustrated. Stnonet, Pottage 21 mitt,
Gallant Little Wales
rharmtng studies of clli life of the
portion of VVafcK, llluMr.ilrd, Ji.M net,
The Holy Christian Church By r. m. Johnston
The author of "The forslran" tells the history nf fhe church fron Ihe brglnnlng to
the present day In a mint compact, lucid nnd Infminlng manner. 11.10 net. I 'ix la ire
13 cents.
lllwtrated Fall Bulletin Scut Free on Request.
Publishers, Boston
Mcnrlde, Nast A Co.: "Making a Gar
den With Hotbed and Coldrrame," by U
It. Miller, and "Making a Hulb Garden,"
by Grace Tabor.
Mrs. Clara Louise Hurnhsm's novel,
"The night Princess," has been drama
tised, and recently played Its first week
successfully In Denver.
Two forthcoming books from Houghton
MlrTlln Company, which will be published
In England by Constablo & Co., Ltd., are
Mary Johnston s "Cease Firing" and Mar
garet Prescott Montague's "Linda."
Among the forthcoming books an
nounced by Houghton, Mimin company
are: "Uriel and Other Poems of Com
memoration" celebrntlng topics of timely
and general Interest, by Percy Mackaye,
and "The Rhodes Scholarship System,"
hy George ft. Parkin.
October sees the publication by Doub
leday. Page A Co. of the greatest num
ber of books this house has Issued In one
month of the fall season. The Action
list Includes: "The Soddy." by Sarah
Comstoek ; "The Hoyal Hosd," by Al
fred Olllvant: "Elkan Lubllncr." by
Montague Glass: "The Heather Moon."
by C. N. and A. M. Williamson : "The
Street of tho Two Friends," by F. Berke
ley Smith: "The Lure of Life." by Ag
nes and Egerton Castle: nnd "Left In
Charge,' by Victor Whltechurch. Among
the little fifty cent gift books prepared
for the Christmas season are the fol
lowing: "Hrotherly House," by Grace
S. Hlchmond ; "Madame Mcsange." by F.
riorkeley Smith : "The Hut of Lincoln."
by James Francis Dwyer: "Object: Mat
rimony," by Montague Glass; and "Chas
Ins; the Hlues." by ft. L. Goldberg.
The humorists hold forth In great
strength on the fall list of this house,
as witness: George Ade, with his new
fables In slang "Knocking the Neigh
bors"; Franklin P. Adams "F. P. A."
- with a new volume of satirical and near
classical verse . It, L. Goldberg, with his
"Chasing the Hlues," filled with char
acteristic cartoons; Montague Glass, with
his "Object : Matrimony," republished In
hook form from Its magazine form by pop
ular demand..
It Is Interestlng'to note that 'Two Tears
In the Forbidden City." written In Eng
lish by a Chinese lady of noble rank,
bus not only gone through five editions
in this country snd three In England but
Is about to be translated Into Spanish.
Arrangements have Just been concluded
for the dramatization of Florence Morse
Klngsley's lively comedy. "Wllhelmlna
Changes Her Mind." which Small, May
Hard Co. recently published.
Fleming II. nevell Company announces
the following recent publications: "Miss
It.isett's Matrimony Iliireau," a hu
morous story by Winifred Arnold; "The
Master of the Daks," a novel of a pic
turesque Missouri town, by Caroline Ab
Imt Stanley, "K.tstnver Parish." a story
laid In Williamsburg (Itrooklyn), and
isirtraylnc much of the girlhood of the
author, Margaret II, Sangster: "Three
lireams." a devotional gift book, hy
Hugh Wack: "The Gist of the Lesson,"
h vest pocket Sunday school lesson com
mentary, by H. A. Torrey, and Tar
hell's Teachers' Guide," by Mnttha Tar
bell. A rourteejith American edition and a
fourth Canadian edition of Payne Ers
klne's romance of the nine nidge, "The
Mountain Girl," Is announced by Little,
Hi own ft Co.
September publications nf Small, May
nsid Co, Included "Friar Tuck," a new
"Happy Hawkins" story, by Itobert Alex-
iwase 13 renin,
mailer llterMrv riaftman and a keen nhxprver
By jeannette marks
present day. Inrludlng the mott plctureinue
Pottage ID cent. ..v.,.
Ittihor of
Second Edition on Press
A Breath of Vigorous Life from the
New West
In 1911 "Me-Smlth" established Miss Lockhan's reputa
tion as the greatest living writer of Western Novels. Seven
Large Editions were needed. The new story will be a still
greater success. Humor and excitement attend "The
Lady Doc" In all her experiences; and her strong personality
dominates every page until the humanly real climax.
Illustrated. Cloth. $1.25 net. Postpaid, $1.37
ander Wason: "Promise," "Le Gentle
man" and "Herself," three novels bv Ethel
Blgswlck, tbe English novelist nnd a cou
sin of A. C. Benson and E. F. lienson .
"The Secret of Frontcllsc." by Frank K,
Scrlbner; 'The Tope's Green Island." by
W. P. Ryan, and a long list of Juveniles.
Reginald Wright KaufTman's "Daugh
ters of Ishmael," which Is the title of the
English edition of "The House of llond
sge," Is reported to be continuing Its sen
sational career In England. An amend.
ment to the criminal law amendment net i
has been Introduced Into Parliament aimed '
at white slave traffickers, and the nov-
ellsfs aid has been solicited In the aglta- 1
tlon. He Is one of the committee of which '
other members are the Duchess nf HpH. I
ford Lady Bunting, Lady Cavendish. Lady
s-'i, v-iiuuu ,iijci. mrs. i.ioya ueorKe,
Laurence Houimsn. Mrs. AIIca Mvnu
Lady Bcott Moncrelff and Fllson Young.
Among the books which Fleming H.
nevell Company Issued this month were
The Penny Philanthropist." a story of a
generous hearted little Irish girl, by Clara
E. Laughlln. author of "Everybody's Lone
some" ; "Miss S!8 and Mr. 37," an amusing
story with a moral, by Rupert Hughes;
"Work" and "Comfort," essays bv Hugh
Black: "Fetish Folk of West Africa," a
descriptive book by Robert If. Mllligan,
who lived In the scenes described ns a
missionary: "The State of the Church." a
plea for more prayer, by Andrew Mur
1S1J " ArnoId' Practical Commentary,
The Century Company reports that Elea.
nor Hallowell Abbott's "The 8lck-a-Bed
ninth time. The author's earlier book,
"Molly Make Be eve." h. a
"m1 .,J!(1 U b!lns nr0(,uced In different.)
.,.VD UIID mum,!.
of the
New York Sun
will be
J 9th
BBaenmammrnmrittnmmmMmaaaammamki tuxAm
Book Exchange
Acnerti-cmeMH ot eecoaa naiur
books for bale, exchange o?ni
wanted ill bo inserted in Tin;
Kvs, Saturdays, at '.'Oo. a I ns
(sven words to tho line, fourteen
lines to tho inch). "' '
" - - ,,r
BOOKS lUrcntors. ni!ni'.nllratJti
rLr.Mr.T others win nnd It to tliMr
ROUGH I "itvsntnre to rommunlMti
, or small rallertlons of boX ".XEftlK
pnau. nroincriiiersrvjiropfriyMironipireniiiyfV.
rn uBwii, rir..-tii) m.l,iva.. .cw xorri I
lentil iioomiore. i urnndw.iv snd Ui .u til.
N. Telephone llrowl 3l.)-3nll.
libraries, crude old vucrnlngsnf Washlngtnasi i
other AmrrlrAns, ninl stirt battle scene, ell
vl.wt of Untoii. .New York and other Arneilei'i
rltles; whallnf scenes, pictures ot r.res. i!l nl
esrly newtpsprrs, Ameilcin micnrlnes prime
before 1790, book plMe, and all ItliiJn ot llteMr
Eropertr and hlnorlrsl material. I) UOIIII.
I'IKD S tiooKSHOl'. JA Park t.. Uoaionj Ita'is
iu:AnguArtTi:its rou mkiucal iiohkV, p.
the world, alio becks concernlnc ilomesllo suloii
rrtKNcif. (innMA.v. Italian. spaxisP'
and other book In forclcn 1 ncuacet.
Host romplete utocl. In Arrrlrv i
William II. Jrnklnj Co. tor nt'i it lis.v
ami:icii'an ,m roiirir.N ri:itioi
CAI-S of bark date ran ne procured- at
Gerard's l.ltersri Shop, na a . r,
lnrk. Magalne lllndlng.
BOORS All ut of print Deos n.utilie i. 1 .
natter en what subject; writ, me statLts bftoli
wanted: I con get y.u any book er puDIUaii
whn Is Eotlind call and Inapcct my iwgi j,
SSSOS tr h.alo. HAKr.11'2 UliriAT llOOa
I SHOP, Jahn llrlcai st blrruln slum, Uu jlni...

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