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3 rf.y
JIc(IH's1k Pour In From All
I'nrts of Knst, and Kvou
From Cnnndn.
Lnw.veis Confer Willi DMvWi
Altoi'iH'j" Both Sides
A mrnnuir of the public Intercut In
Hip 1 1 In 1 of Unit. Churlcn lleckrr for
the murder of Herman Rosenthal l tlip
mnrinmm number of applications mado
for mm Ik In the crlmlntil hrnncb of the
Huprcnip Court where the trial will be
.Winches of the District Attorney's
olllcc, mutt attendants and ctvrun uli
mtvcih In tin' biilldliiK nuree that more
people went anxious to nttend the
linker trial than exhibited Interest In
nn' criminal trial of recent years, not
txceptlUK the Thaw case.
Iteipiests for seats have come to
Justice tloff, District Attorney Whit
man and the chief counsel for the de
fence, John Melntyre, from all parts
of the Hast, even from L'unndn,
Justice Uon. who has authority over
the court room, has devoted a consider
nble pHrt of his time In the past few
das to a study of the problem of how
10,000 people can be plnced In a room
built for SOU.
The Justice soiiKht first to provide
scats for all those who will have busi
ness nt the trial- the District Attorney's
staff, counsel for the defence, newspaper
men, artists and stenoKraphers. That
belli done, there was little enouKh space
If tt f.or spectators, even though addi
tional seats have been placed In the
It Is estimated that from 75 to 100
newspaper men, Iniludlm; of courst!
many from out of town papers, will have
scats. Possibly a dozen lawyers nd
their clerks will be accommodated,
others with actual business number
pdhaps twenty-five. So that at the
most there will be only about 200 seats
left for the public even at much crowd
Inc. Moth District Attorney Whitman and
his principal assistant, Frank Moss, and
John I'. Melntyre and his chief assist
ant, John W. Mart, have completed their
preparations for the trial.
.Mr. Whitman Is confident that the
prosecution has enough evidence n
warrant a conviction. Mr. Melntyre,
nppears to think that the prosecution's
inse Is so weak that It will never pel
before a Jury.
Mr. Whitman and Mr. Melntyre and
their assistants work until far Into thj
nlulit nowadays, (lucstlonlnc witnesses
they Intend to use. The prosecution
lll call about fifty witnesses. The de
fence e.vpects to use about the same
Answering Mr. Mclntyre's threat to
apply for an writ of mandamus to com
pel the IHstrlct Attornrj" to brlns
about the Indictment of Hose, Webber,
Vallon and Schcpps, Mr. Whitman said
yesterday that the four witnesses re
ceived Immunity through agreement
with Judge Muhiueen, the Grand Jury,
the District Attorney and counsel for
the four.
There was a stipulation drawn up and
approved by Judge Mulqueen and the
Grand Jury which guaranteed Immunity
tn Hose, Webber, Vallon and Schepps
on condition that the evidence showed
they fired no shots and that they were
telling the truth.
Mr. Melntyre, said the District Attor
ney, can hardly attack the right of the
Judge who presided over the Grand
Jury that Indicted Meeker to grant Im
munity. And after the Immunity wan
granted the State is under a legal obli
gation to' carry out Its bargain. After
the men testify they cannot be prosecu
ted. The July Grand Jury, known as the
"Hecker Grand Jury," continued yester
day Its investigation of murder and
Kraft. It will continue to sit for some
time. Among the witnesses yesterday
were Christian Walker, with wbn,m
Itosenthal was talking a few minutes
before the murder, and Maymn Reming
ton, a player in vaudeville.
Miss Remington tells a story of hav
ing found at Hroadway and Sixty-first
street last Tuesday a pocketbook con
taining J500 and a letter addressed to
Harry Horowitz. She told Lieut. Fltz
slmmons of the West Korty-seventh
street station, and a Grand Jury sub
poena was the result. Tho note was
written on a telegraph blank and read:
!mr lu.: Just hit town. Didn't want
to write to your present boarding house
(Whitman I.odgel. so 8, D. II will bring
you tliK What shall I do? Write care of
Mable, old address. Ham.
The District Attorney declined to
discuss Miss Remington's appearance
before . tho Grand Jury. It was not
given out whether or not the 1300 -was
real or stage money.
BrriTlna Company Claim Mnrla;aa;r
nf aail,000 on Ilntrl.
Kirst steps to sell in foroclonure the
Hotel Metropolfl on Forty-third atroet wero
taken yesterday when the HergliofT Drew
ins l.'omany caused a lis pendenH to lie
fllod against tho property in an action
to foroclomi a mortRage on it. George
F. L'oiiKldlno and others urn named as
defendants, though Considlno is only a
Claim is made by tho brewing company
for .V),oo, It is stated in the complaint
that for money lent to Considino n loase
of tho projwrty held by him waa madn
over to tho company as security. It
also is complained that tho rent for Sep.
tcmlmr has not tmn paid. Tho profterty
Minds on record under the ownumlip of
Frank Hornby.
Court Snym Mrs llnll'a IHvnrrr Suit
U Bar In I'rrnrnt Action.
Siiiucnit Court Justice Creenliauiii ilf
ciilcil yesterday I hut Mrs. Kiniim I,. Hull
ran sue AiiKiistus II. Mali, a broker, for
linth divorce anil separation if (.ho chooses,
Mrs, Hall liroiiKht a divorce suit last year,
hut decided recently to auk for a separation
on the urounil of abandonment Instead.
In his answer Hall sukl that a divorce
ult Is now pemllrm' and is a bar to any
other niNt ri iimnlrt I action. The court over
ruled his annuel- and said that the actions
We ery different, since one preserves liie
aarrlaue Hiatus and the other desttovs it,
Hall iiNo aliened In hl answer that In
the IhsI live yruiH his wife has "stolen" from
him the following bonds, h.ikki. diamond
oriiHineiil, Ii.ihio. set diamond, ri.ooo. and
heck, I'i.inki He also alleges that while
he wys Ihliu: with his wife slie flourished a
pistol and threatened his life, and thai she
yky'rettbed her ttllliinruebs to Uvu upart
Mrs. lliTUmvllr. Sn (irelucr GunriU
Child Willi ii lletolvrr.
Mrs. Augusta llerkowllz of in; Second
street got a writ of halx-as corpm
yesterday directing Samuel Greiner, u
graduate of New York University anil the
City College, to product) in court her
(laughter, Gertrude, '2 years old, to whom,
.Mrs. Ilerkuwlt, suvm, Greiuor has Iteuomu
so greatly attached that ho look the child
fiotn her on September 17 while she hud
the child in Tompkins Square Park.
Greiner, who lives nt not Ka-t IHStli
htreet. is a writer anil is the author of two
hooks, The Atheist" and The Down
trodden." Mrs, llerkowlt. told the court that she
doesn't Iwlinvn her daughter ii safe In
the custody of Greiner. Attached to
her petition is a copy of a letter in which
Greiner declared he would reist all
attempts to get tho child back, saying:
When I go out I have with me a .ai calibre
with five barrels. I am firmly tesolved
to shoot iinv one who iimkc any violent
attempt nt hnr I can fire five hoN
through It
With reference to n trip he made to
the Hoard of Health to have the child
vaccinated Greiner wrote:
I carried her on nu arm and did not
d(np my hand from the trigger of my le
volver until I was home again. (In the
train 1 was confionted bv n suspicious,
thuglike Individual who stared me out of
coiiiiteunuce I got off at the net station
llllil he got off too, I felt a mad desire to
riddle him with bullet. I'ortumitrly he
went dowiist.ilixand 1 did not see hiiiiagalu
Mrs. IJerkowlt7i say that GreinerV
family refuses to tell tier where Greiner
and her child are.
Una to I'lcli Ills Way In Tnrrjlimn
on Itrtiirn to I'ueniilleo Mills,
John D. Hockefeller returned yenerday
to liWPocantlcolIllli home in Westcho-ter
county from Cleveland. Mrs. Hockefeller
oaniu with him. Their tram was an
hour Into and it was held at Torrytown
for five minute while the forty trunks
were unloaded.
Mr Hockefeller started to wall; smith
to the Dock street crowing, as has Iwon
his custom, but two dayt. ago tho New
York Central closed It, and be was aivoril
ingly compelled to retrace hia steps
Turning around he walked up the plat
form to the Main street crossing, as be
refused to climb over tho station bridge
At the north end of the platform Mr
Hockefeller found him.self obliged to
walk along the tracks, which are lined
by the third rail He was wry careful,
however, and when he reached ibe street
crossing his carriage was waiting for
He npiearetl to lie In good health but
bad nothing to say in the way of a public
interview. Contrary to his usual custom
Mr. Hockefeller yosterdiy did not wait
to greet the railroad mployoes, and
thev would not have known of nis arrival
bar! It not lieen for the cargo of trunks
The party left Tarrytown at one" for
Pocantlco Hill, wheie a member of the
family said he felt sure that the lllnck
Hand trouble among Italian laborers
bad sulmided There were about twenty
household attendants with the jurty Mr
Hockefeller was gliardod by his per-otml
John D Hockefeller, Jr.. was on 'hand
nnd affectionately greeted his father anil
mother and escorted them to the cat
riage, Mr and Mrs. Hockefeller will
stay at Poesntico Hills until after Christ
mas AMfsr.MENT.
th Av..Uil-lllh D'lrMatO. llrstSentstl Vv
m?m j row
Sfttcn of 'uni)lrte .New Sjir?t.icU-s
nl.V'i, irivev a nnh t'.v s vim Tnilnr 2
I FMflt Ufll I PR la iu:.Mir v. with
Lcnia TTpiLl.cn nAiKii: rn'nmt.ux.i;
I'ISIMI. It'unt A- :.:i l!v s.lil To-lav
wimm ci.!,:.t i ioii ni i" i :
Mailnr Dillon'. I'M.. 01 ! I ,v n
l:e H:J s
l:e H:J Mat QCAHV MflM tTV
l.l v'
ll niiv I e II)
WI'JII i:.M. ISSlh. W i.f Sill Up l!f sir.
Mal.To-iUylH'VI V I'I'I.I.H Till: Hllll.Xis
Nrll WrrU Hill lilll AMI I'AIK I'Olt.
5E7 toiik'S j.riiMi jniKVUirs
tUIHC II'wav A inili y,t I'xri. mm;.
cmrinc MiineTo-iaj a whi yir.
Ill "Ilic Up.I iif I'll Drew
imrts llrroll Al
Ireil Siiirn' rinic.ly.
tiik Ft:Ki'i.r.xi:i iii siu.mi.
LYCEUM Mala Tiwlt
I"r h'll Sh.nrti.
In pe
Ml Ml TIIK PAIN!" lilltl..
ARITFRIflU H'wiv. 4llh HI I've At s t'.
wnncniun nr,( Muiii-oTo-iiy m is.
Tantalizing Tommy
Tlir Nfwesi, Dnlntlr-I Mu.lr.il rornnlv.
Prrtly Miulc, I'mtumrs nml SO I'reity (ilrl
OlRRinif 31'h St.. nr. II'wav I've 8 IS.
nnniwiv nBS Tn-uay wt m; u
"Asplinll I lrinrv fnrjohn Mnann "-KvW'nrlit
JOHN MASON thTattack
lly llrnry liernftrln, Authoi of "rhc Thlrf "
KlinnM St n'rll'wny l'.es 8:r,
nUllaUH Msllnrrs Tn-ilsy A Weil. Ill,
"The iiiiiM brllllnntlv wlltv (ilece nf
nimlcrn tlim'H.lthHimiMiiuil ' lilntie
U1RRIC 'ist..wiii.i irv t:rt.3ti:tu.
rmnnia jisiMi,TnHl ljisl2'llines.
BIRV Mill .HI.. Col Circle lives, s-.ll Mat.
ratta 'in-dny j ai u Mm. roe .i in
4 WIIIHI.WINIIOP Mllllll A Ml l.lllir.
Fill Tflll 'Ull St W ortl'MSV Kv. At :I5.
rWklUII Mmlnee Tn-ilny ft Wei! mv:ir.
Mai Tuxtay, J.I5.
upular I'rlrrU Mm I lire Mnl.
All llnhr.lra Nrats HI. (Ill
Hril llalinn) Seals Mm
i:itrllrul llalciini Srl 7.-.e
I'ntlrr ail llsKnn) r.Oc
Fmiii l-rliar' tiuslial Unnianre,
I IRPRTV I'ventiars at S it.
I I MmlncfiTn-ilav & Will 2!i.
ny Ainntii Urn
ui'tl A IMnnl
UMCKI'.llimt'Klllt. Il'nv& 3Stli SI
i:rnliiKs at s:i. Malh. 'l'nilay A Wnl . 2 IS.
'I he Mil Vtiml n Musical ilil"it
01IFTV II'wav nml itili .St lives ai s .-u.
Nib I I Mallnei s Tn-da); ft Weil 2.:to.
Annuirr i iinan a- Harris Mierrs..
itiniT nus latiKh utter
TTHkbHWIV a i t Mnilnie To-day :"2
.II.H lll.l Nl."
Bl OIF 'v"k' I Cvrnlncs m 8:i.v
NViv Mu-.ll! Bil BU Utf BIV
I'lay with
llentt. Will Try for llxiirrt Pilot's
License n .MIIMnry HMlrw
Among those who will attend tho mili
tary aeroplane review by Major-Gen,
O'ltyan on Hempstead Plains to-day
is Cornelius Vunderbilt.
In tho afternoon ( forge Heatty will
fly for nn exort pilot's license. This
calls for mi altitude Might of 2.000 Teet
in ten minutes, also n cross-country flight
of twenty-live miles, ami u Volplane, with
n i ood lundiui: within loo feet of a marked
Grass cutting flights In the m noplane
of Willi m Harper. Jr., at tl a head a it
regulation flights for $12.50 may be had.
Agnes Kirth of Cambridge, Mass., is
the latest woman s latent on the Held
Whatever class your boy is
We've everything high class
for him.
From the smallest young
ster up- "Nothing's too good
for the boy.
Take shirts, for example.
Besides all the boys' shirts
expected of a first rate store,
we've such out-of-the-ordi-nary
things as boys' dress
shirts with pique bosoms and
stiff French cuffs.
Scotch knit gloves and mack
inaw sweaters made with
belts are other unusual items
among everything boys wear
All of a quality to match
the boys' suits and overcoats
we make on the standards of
our men's clothing.
Rogers Peet Company
Three Broadway Storei
at at I at
Warren St. 13th St. 34th St
WINTER 8IRDEHr.,T,Se,,,,,,
nn: piss Mi Minn op lia.
MAMK1TTAN ' ' nittiMi .ur.
i ut riVK ixks
Tn-,t.n lm . . Inu Like II: Tn-nlcht.
Ietrih Muhl. Nel rrk: Men A Turs
NlehtH A Writ Mm. Mrnhnnt nf Vrnlrr:
WcA MtIii. Inrtrili Muhli Ihurs Muhl,
lliiniro A .lllltrli I'tl lcht. Muitirth: SM
ll. iMrlMti MKlHi Sit Mtht lUllllrl.
I'rlrrs 2' .Jl :u
.'IHIIISl. 1 Ill's. . !!nh nr IV v l.isitt .ltrrr
Wil-The Master, HousBVrfl1'
NEXT "'" " rrirsn Urin.ii
tues. THE BRUTE ,1
l.tltir. i; v n( 1 i n sir, u,i Mm To-ilnj-
Ni i k I hi .iln.irr nf ihr tinur.
IlltOWItt tl Tlii i ,, il i si ;,r. s-si
Sprclul Mill ot Meii(t.i), Sftl Orcli, Kfatj 51
4ii:i. flAUIUIS TIII'.ATIIt:.
ji. uunnn o ii wv4ii,tst.
t.ves Mms.Tn.diy Aeil.2:15.
'I hi- lilut f lh A n,i,L..n.n if. ..I..
CEO. PALI A 1VT !n tils
i-DiiA.v.s caii-iiikst coti:nY
mm sn.i.ii: i'isiikii.
RR1NI1 -Jd s' ,lh Av Matinee To.ilay
unniju -I in: i.irn.K mii.i.iiaiiii
."cil Men Davlil llrlaM'opreKrnisThet'onrcrt.
( Aii.M-cii: iui.i,. 7Tii sr.
.'. St NIIAV l:KMMiS at 830.
.. MO.MIAV M.VIIi:i:S at 3JII.
.-. m:h ihai:i..i ai.us.
Oltl'.AT l'l.,ri:.S INAIilll A'l'CDf.VTftV
Oct ii a ii tiiiAiir of Tin: iiockii:s
(let. ai A 21 Till: (1IIANII CANYON
.Nov S&( Till! I'ACII'Il' COAST
.Nov III A 11 Yr.I.I.OWS'I'OM: 1'AIIK
COURSE TICKETS. $5, $4, $3, $2.50.
RFI ASfiQ u 4,1,1 1 "nines at 8-20. Mats
BCl.rlW Street. ' ,1,,,,. & Tliura. 2:20.
iiAVit) m:i.Asai i'ni:si:.vi.H
REPUBLIC u '"" '' l"iln 8. IS Sharp.
ItCrUDLIb 4? si iMats.To day Weil ins.
William Clll'itl anil IMvlit llelanri) prrkrni
JilF WEBER'S ii wayft2um.Ht i:es s.so.
IUC TTCBCn Mal.Tn-ily A We,t m 2 ai.
IIK1III.AM1KIH .N'KillT Willi . OCT wril.
liy liiaham Moltaliaiithnrnf lliinty I'lilliT'slilnus
llemp-leail Plains If "It" Mcentnl
Atliillnn Flelil Ra I W I'llms. I'assencer
llniilun I'lly. I.. I. F I'lldits llnnkeil,
Ailinls-lnn ac. Tel. 1312 fiarilni City. 1 I
(iru. CullInK Mnnnplane trips I.OU.
WeMC'ilSt llvs nS.I5.Mnl.'lo (layAW etl.nl2:l.1,
BIJOU liVX7:1?,c!Vn,.v,ir:3!-
I'lwry MkIii. Oil: KI I.M' FI(A.NKFIltli:i(.
'In day Mm., ri:SION .H(M(li:i..-..
u Columbia Burlttquirt I'&ii"-
Ually Mats. K & too. IConiedy , 10 ottw.
em ma
R. H. Macy Co.' Attractlona Ate Their Low Prices.
Herald Square,
Macy's Bureau of
Home Furnishing Salesmen
and of Interior Decoration
on the Fourth Floor, 35th Street side, appeals to
every buyer of Rugs, Furniture, Draperies and
Bric-a-Brac. The Bureau was instituted to give
the customer expert guidance in the laying out of
one room or an entire home, and to aid in the se
lection and assemblance of the correct thing to
express the temperamental preferences of the
owner and yet to accord with the well-defined
principles of interior decoration.
IF you are spending $100.00 or SI ,000.00
is it not worth while to have the thing
right? Is it not worth while to have
plans and blue prints so
advance that the result
practical conclusion of
H ERE is no charge
ance given by our Bureau of Home,
Furnishing Salesmen.
ilTfiP not bewilder yourself with catalogues
1 P J, and bunches of samples. 1 1 is so much
a3S waste of time, and is seldom, if ever.
satistactory. Our stock aftords a splendid
choice of every article needed for the complete
furnishing of the home, carefully chosen in
the manufacturing centres of this country and
Europe. Our Bureau of Home Furnishing
Salesmen is there to help you select from this
vast stock those articles "best suited to your
needs and to your tastes.
ITpALL at the Bureau of Home Furnishing
and get a salesman to assist you in
ggglJ your entire shopping in all the home
turmshing departments throughout the store.
at prices nt which the are sold b the weavers m Persia.
Extraordinarv specimens of weaving of the highest grade
from the city of Tabriz, in the heart of the Province of Azerbaijan.
The rugs are typically Persian in even respect; in the designs
which show allegorical figures of birds, (lowers, 'trees, leaves and
branches, as well as the bolder medallion and pendant: in the
nature of the weave, which is close, very hard and absoluteb un
doctored: and in the richness of the colorings. Several of the
more expensive rugs differ in no way from museum pieces except
that the are not as old as are similar rugs in museums.
8 ft. 3 in. x 5 ft. 4 in
8 ft. 6 in.x 5 ft. 4 in
10 ft. 8 in.x 7 ft. 7 in
10 ft. 10 in. x 6 ft. 7 in
11 ft. 1 in. x 8 ft. 2 in
if ft. 5 in. x 9 ft. 3 in
11 ft..G in. X 9 ft
12 ft. X 9 ft
12 ft. l in. x 8 ft. o m. .
12 ft. 1 in.x 8ft. 10 in.
12 ft. 2 in. x 9 ft. 1 in.
12 ft. 2 in. x 9 ft. 6 in
12 ft. 3 in.x 8 ft. 10 in....
12 ft. 5 ill. ,9ft
12 ft. 5 in. x 9 ft. 3 in
12 ft. 0 ill. X 9 ft
13 ft. 2 in.X 8 ft. 10 in
13 ft. 5 in.x 10 ft. 7 in
13 ft. 6 in. X 9 ft
13 ft. 6 in. x 9 ft. 8 in
13 ft. 8 in. X 9 ft. 10 in
14 ft. 2 in. x 8 ft. 11 in
14 ft. 10 in. x 10 ft. 8 in
A shipment just received from our headquarters in Constanti
nople. All the colors, w.hich include rose, brown, blue, tan and
mahogany, are soft and lustrous. Macy's prices are !,' to 1-3
less than at any of the few other stores that carry rugs of this
f $12.48
One file Approximately 3 ft. 6 in. x 5 ft. 6 in. $14.94
I $17.74
Axminster Rug Special.
An excellent grade in a choice of Oriental and floral patterns.
One size only. Taken from our rug stock and marked for quick
Size 9 x 12 feet. Mack's regular price $22.74, Macy's (17 AO
Special Price. $11,40
Jute Vclour Portieres from France
Heavy reversible curtains, in deep rich shades of red, brown,
olive, rose and myrtle green. Imported by us. Plain colors onl.
Edges overlocked! Every one complete and ready for use.
If we had bought theie curtains from an importer (MA 17.
here, we would have been compelled to charge $16.50 1 1 1 L
a pair. Macy's Special Price PlV.lt
Brass Bedsteads That Stay New
Solid first-quality Bedsteads made of heavy 2-inch continuous
posts. Finished in the new lasting lacquer, in a choice of Bright
or Satin effect.
J sizes tit- le,t 'on8 . feet long .
4 sua, re. 3 feet 6 . ong 4 fee, 6 ,ong
Macy's Usual Loweit-in-the-City Price, $2024 (MO ifl
Macy's Special Price $16.'"
Leather Lounging Arm Chairs
Built first and principally for comfort. The deep seat, broad
arms and sloping back are covered with Tobacco Brown Spanish
leather. Seat has steel automobile cushion-springs.
Macy's Usual Loweit-in-the-Gty Price, $25.25 $1Q Oil
Macy's Special Price p 1 J . LI
Macy's Upholstery Workrooms
are now prepared to take orders for any
and every sort of upholstery work. .isthVuYtr.r.
Putting up Lace Curtains
Rcuphohtcrlng Furniture
Making Slip Covers and Shades
Making Draperies and Hangings
that you may know in
will be the artistic and
your ideas?
for advice and assist
If soli! elsewhere Mary'' M'eelal
the price umitri he
til IPO i
$210.00 '
SI 30.00
Men's Day
Will Be Marked ty a Notable Display of
Autumn Suits at $17.50 to $45
Tweed Topcoats, $20, $25, $30
Redleaf Topcoats, $30 to $55
Motor-Car Coats, $35 to $60
The New Hats and Haberdashery
The Stock Exchange closes at noon.
The Burlington Arcade
is on the direct route to the
Everything has been made ready, through months of I
careful planning, for the thorough satisfy ing'of 'mcn',1
ndividual tastes in dress,
This applies equally to
coats at $20, $25", $30 and
and country Norfolk suits
At these "prices will
natural fitting clothes in
terns as well as staple
And a standard of tailoring which is the best in the
For the service of the Men's Store provides for the
man who is striving for success, as well as for the man
who has achieved it.
A Suggestion for Younft Men Twill woven cheviot, I
known as wide wale cheviot a fabric that is going to be verv
popular in plain brown, blue and gray, three-button single
breasted style, natural shoulders, rolling front, high peaked lapels,
semi-fitting back; waistcoat cut with six buttons, showing one
button above the coat. Trousers close hipped and narrow, straight
legs. Price S25.
Men's Tweed Topcoats at $25 Rather short, just come in
abve the knee, natural shoulders, strapped seams, two-piect
sleeves, turned back cuffs, silk shoulder and sleeves, single-breasted,
button through, patch pockets. Just the weight for fall wear.
In plain and fancy effects of gray, tan.
Other tweed coats, brown
Motor Coats Made in
with box or belted back; cheviots, kerseys, diagonals and fancy
friezes, fleece lined, $35 to $55. Chinchillas, Scotch mixtura
and fancy friezes, plaid back, $35 to $60. Heavy English cheviot
tweed and Whitneys, full length,
lining, $50 to $60.
Motor Shirts Of rubber. For all outdoor sports, slipped
over the head, long flaring skirt, three-button, vent at chin,
elastic wrist bands, packed in bag of rubber that matches it.
Can be used as a cap, in tan,
New English Motor
coat with wide collar, trousers
double texture cashmere, waterproof and comfortable. $18.
The New Derby -DE
maker style, a carefully designed compromise between the lowl
crown and broad brim, and the extreme conservative style. Dif-J
fcrcnt dimensions for young and more elderly men. In black!
only. Shown for the first time today. $3.50.
Burlington Arcade Moor, New Building.
Men's $1.50 Cloves for
outscam sewn, tan shade, right
At $1.50 gray mocha gloves; Royale capeskin, outseam, and
tan pique; one clasp.
Men's $1 Neckwear for
dollar shape and quality, m
soie and cnangeaoie silks; plain color and fancy effects.
Burlington Arcade floor, New Building.
In a year of remarkable shirt offer
ings one of the
them all is today's offering' of .5,000
Men's Shirts at
$1.10 for $1.50 Shirts
$1.35 for $2 Shirts.
$1.85 for $2.50, $3 and
Every shirt is new. The
are made the Wanamaker way
cuns attacnea.
Woven madras almost
5i.oa smrxs; woven maaras
and $1.10.
Two Remarks About the
Donchian Sale of Oriental Rugs
1. "I would buy a rug if I had my husband
with me."
All right, today your husband will finish his busi
ness at neon; plan to meet him here.
2. "I wish I had my home to furnish over again;
I could buy the Oriental rugs to so much better
advantage in this sale"
A regret to her, but a pointer to hundreds of
families who still have before them the pleasure of
covering their floors with these beautiful weaves of
the East.
The Donchian sale comprises the entire retail
stock of Donchian Bros, at a third to a half less than
Donchian prices. Fourth Gallery, New Building.
Formerly A. T, Stewart b Co.
IfNKlwuy, Fourth Avenue, Wttb to Tatk Sum,
will be open until 5:30, and!
football games and the links,
at least cost ot time.
moderate - priced suits and over
$35, as to the Redleaf topcoats!
made in London.
be found only all-wool cloth, I
new, distinctive, glowing pat-
grays and black and blue.
and heather mixtures. $20 and $30.
England; single and double-breasted,
full lined, with detachable leather
maroon and black. Price $5.
Cycle Suit Long double-breasted
and leggings combined, made of
COURVILLE - An exclusive Wana
$1 Imported English capeskin,
style and weight for autumn.
Burlington Arcade floor, New Building.
5ac - 4,800 silk cravats, Wanamaketl
crepes, poplins, gros-grain, peau-de-
most remarkable ofl
a saving of 3,750.
$3.50 Shirts.
patterns are selected. The shirts '
coat style, bosom plaited or plain,
as fine as the imported is in the
ana percale in the shirts at 51.J3
Burlington Arcade floor, New Building.

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