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Generally fair to-day and to-morrow;
moderate variable winds.
,j V Detailed weather reports will be found on page 15.
VOL. LXXX. NO. 36.
NEW YORK, SUNDAY, OCTOBER 6, 1912. CopvrigM. 1912. by IM. Sun PrttiMnp onrf JtiMLMp A-MOcKKIon.
... - .- - v- jam ammi a '
forces Under Hear Admiral
Soulherland Storm For
tress Near Masaya.
Insurgents Are Routed With
Heavy Losses and Zeledon
Is Killed.
American Commander Gave i
lnsurreotos Time to Sur
render: They Refused.
i and handed over In the lobby to n
1 policeman from the Twenty-eighth re-
She resisted ejection with nil the
muscle at her command, but she got de
llc Holds I.rOlt. llllt II 1'. S. l)p- idedly the worst of the scrimmage.
. iiii "''r glasses were broken, the skirt of
Lil'llllH'llt IS AllVHIM'injr her brand new brown cloth tailored suit
Oil (MiV. (was torn beyond possibility of repair.
I her hatpins were lost, so thnt she
! couldn't keep her hat on straight, her
'Wsiitvni v. Oct. 5. Four t'nited . right arm wns badly bruised, her right
Stale marines were hi'led and 5
ether. including "" officer, were
sounded in nn engagement with rebel
force in Nicaragua yesterday.
Hie battle tool; place when the force
of murine' ami hlueinei-ets under;"'
rnniiiianil of Hear Admiral William II. II.
Snni!ie-!ati(l stormed file rebel fortifi
rm.n known ns the Harrancn, near
Min-aya. In pursuance of the Admiral s
instructions from Washington to keep
open communications in NMcaragtia. (Jen.
Xeleilon, commander of the rebel force,
ho lost hl life as n result of the engage
ment, had been notillod previously by I
the American naval officer that he must
nithdrnw from hi iositiou menacing
the line of railroad communications j
nr take the consequences. He was given
until s o clock yesterday morning to
f acunto tho Harrancn nnd upon his
faihiro to do so the American advance
began. The flsht lasted thirty-seven
minutes and ended with the Americans
in possession of tho Barranca. 1 he reikis
milTered heavy losses, roucbly estimated
at inn killed and more than 200 wounded.
'I he American dead, all of whom were
privates in tho Marine Corps. ure:
Ifalph V Bobbett. enlisted June 15,
1915. at St. Louis, Mo.; bis father, William
H Hnbliott, now resides at N'evada, Mo. 1
I'Viiirtn ll norhntn. enlisted nt Iii. .
(iinnapolis. Ind.. December 5fl, tin.:,
mother. Mrs. Luo Durbrr.. resides at
Junction Ult I'.j , I
Clarence H. McGill. enlisted December
31. mil. at navy yard. l$oton: aunt, j
Mis Mary Herbert, resides at 51 Hancock 1
Kreet, Portland. Me. ,
Hnrrv Pollard, enlisted September 70.
tail at flochester, N. Y: mother, Mrs.
F.h Pollard, resides on Milage street, !
Mednav, Mass. i
The wounded, nil of whom.it is stated. '
will recover:
deorge W. Martin, Second Lieutenant, i
Mniini) Corps, 57 years old, entered the
erMie in lflio His wife. Stephanie II.
Mnitm. is now with her mother-in-law, i
Mrs Flora A. Martin, 1375 Medford street, j
W inter Hill, Mass. I
Uthur P. Sherburne, sergeant, Marino '
Corps, enlisted at Boston, Mass., January
f iwui, mother, Mrs. Frances L. Sher
burne now resides at Oeorgetown, Mass.
l.under, private, Marine Corps,
fnhsted at Fargo, N. D., in lltll; brother,
K'U'id I.under, now resides at Maker,
W llarvey, private. Marine Corps,
ftihstisl at Hoston, November 58, IfllO;
tin next of kin known.
Oidm.iry seaman of the U, S. S. Cali
fornia, whose name was garbled in trans
mission by cable so as to be unidentifiable
i tl
. ....
:avy uepartmeni. .vimirui
.sieuherland has been uskel lo repeal
tins name.
'dmttnl Soulherland in his latest de-
ililltrh i.nirl thnt KiiVer.'ll others in the
American force received injuries too
night to bo mentioned. The Admiral
sue high praise to the American forces
to-day m a cnhlr-gram, in which he said;
" l'ln Saw Department and thocountry
r,ae meiy reason to be proi
- ' -
1(1 ill tho '
oflieeiH, murines nnd bluejackets who
ei" engaged in this action."
In a previous despatch tho Admiral
rims the official account of tho storming
of Hairanca as follows:
"Managua, 7 P. M.. Friday -Tho Bar
ranca and Second Hill were taken by ma
rines nnd bluejackets at claybreuk this
morning after a most gallant assault.
lasting thirty-seven minutes. Masayn
ns later taken by the M;uraguan
Imvemment forces und tho railroad bo-
teen Managua and Granada in now ah
tolutely safe and the starving inhabitants
nl Masaya will 1m relioved. Tho insur
rectionists' casualties wcro vory heavy.
It is with heartfelt sorrow that I have to
nnoiitico tho American casualties."
The situation which brought on tho
as-miit. on the llarranca by the Americans
After the surrender of Gen. Mena and
Ins army nt Granada his ally, Gen. Zole
lnn continued to hold tliii Harranca
'unifications. 'Hie llarranca Is situated
"'i a high hill, opimsito which is another
lull vshich thn rebels also hold. The rail
road fiom Grnnnda to Managua passes
between these hills, Thus Zeledon was
"i a position to Interfere with tho opern
tMi of the ruilrond which had been opened
by Admiral Smitherland and was efToo
'iv,.y pieveiiting the Americans or tho
Nicaragua!! forces from extending relief
to the people of Masjiya and Juiulepc,
Inch is beyond.
Niimeious appeals had been mado to
Hi" American Legutioli by refugees of
all nationalities Kritish, Germun, I'Yonch,
I'nicii und Italian for thn relief of tho
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Uahpra nt Proicrrsalvp Merlin Man
lip ftiilTrnirctlr.
Tlip noisiest demonstration of tho
third party rnlly nt ("anionic Hull Inst
nlRht came In response to n intention by
Miss Maude Mnlnno as to what Gov.
Johnson bad to say nbout woman suf
frage. In the middle i)f the Governor's
speech tlip mllltnnt suffragette, who
wns sitting In tho centre nlslc, some,
distance from thp platform, rose nnd
shouted: "And what about womnn silt
frngo?" "If you will wnlt. madam. I will take
up that subject Inter." replied the Gov
ernor. "Put her out!" yelled a hundred
Miss Mntonp surveyed thp audience
scornfully and reeated her question.
The Governor repeated his promise
to tuke the matter up later, but lit
could scarcely bp beard above tho
chorus of hisses nnd cries of "Put her
out!" which came from nil parts of the
house. If there were any ardent yearn-
era for tho ballot present they made
demonstration ot sympathy for mis
..muni, ..in. ttiit-i iiiiit' in nun u,--
inn nils for some statement on the suf
frage nuestlon. was dra Kited out of the
hall hy .lohn Mahoney and an usher
wrist skinned and worst of all two or
three parcels, the fruit of on afternoon's
wniimii n i. i.viiui linn worn mm in ill.,.
fr;iv I
William K. McLaren of 10 West '
Ninety-sixth street, a clerk who came
"rr nssisi.m ce. -wis ...-....
Wlltl'Il HI 1 1 If 1UKI11 I I' II I I
Munson Maurice, a broker of It. Kast
Thlrty-lifth street, entered a complaint i
ngalnst him.
McLaren said he own t iiko in see
I woman subjected to violence and had
Interfered, as nny gentleman would.
The case was suspended,
Ilrlllsh Aniliniisniliir lnliis lljilro
niTiiiiliuie Trip Willi llurness.
Rostov, Oct 5 The Hon. .lames
fit-rep. Ambassador from Oreat Ilritain, ;
Xnth W?ng Hurg-essof Mar.de-
head as pilot he made a trip of about
twpntv-flve minutes duration. Tho Am
bassador is the guest of .ludgo William
Caleb luring at his estate nt Prides Cross
ing. Hurgess flew from Murblohead
to I.orings Heach nt Prides Crossing,
where Ambassador Hryce, Mrs. Hryce,
Judge Loringand his sisters wore waiting.
It wns the first timo Ambassador Bryoe
had seen a hydroaeroplane, and after
examining tho machine he donned n life
preserver and stepped aboard Ilurgess
flow alone th Hpverly shore nnd passed
.over Salem harbor. Cat and Misery is-1
1 ands and also took the Ambassador
ilea iu rit-MuviH ituvn nuiMiiivi
A height of several hundred feet was
attained. Upon their return from the
flighf the Ambassador and Mr. Hurgeis
landed nt l.orings iieacn. .ir. uryce
expressed much satisfaction with the
trip. He said he was impressed with the
possibilities of tno nyaroneropiaue ami
mentioned particularly its speed and
the ,,a"' xv'tn w'hich. submarines could
be seen, owing to the considerable depth
into the water it is possiblo to see from
the machine.
YnmiK .MnhnAII Is Ciulrt on
in nn TnilnliiK Milp.
Prince Mahodll of Slam came down '
from x,iinri v...st enlii v with sixty-five,
other cadets of the German nnvy who
- - .. - -
me maklnii a nrnctlce cruise on the
training ship Victoria Louise. The
. . .. ." ....... .i t- Tl,..
Prince, who Is IS yenrs old. Is the son,'.. ... ,,.., ,, ,.,,.
.,r u-ine- x'nllrnwudh of Slam nnd was
... ll, flurmnnv nnvv last
,i,i,, ... , .
"'T ri'ins n brother who has serveH for
some year" ns an ofllcer In the German
" .. n,r hmtlier who Is now
".".j ... ... .'..... - -
tii(lvlng nt the University ot Jieioei- .
h.. xviiii his fellow cadets and tho.
. ...ii . ,.i,r,. f them Prlneti
Mahodll Is stopping at the Astor.
(I'll iniiinn lit Litmn'
Tho sixty-five yndetH to-day wcro
much Impressed by the various things
' they were taken to see nnd especially
j by the subway. Last night they wero
(taken to see a newspaper ofllce and
shown how a paper Is gotten out,
n.l . ..l.l.. 1'li.ln, ii I lilll.n IATI
1 lie iritiiiuiK mm' i.n.. ..wi.i. .. -
Germany early in .lime ana nas uiuciien i!r,mjn ,,H. not wish to offend tho millions
nt Sweden, the Azores. Halifax l ' f Moslems who are llritish subjects,
Xewport. It will now go to Cuba nnd An mri tatenient issued in Ilorlin
will not return to Germany until ncxt.,, ,,, ,,, wnipl lH iOW()r wlll
March, . nresnnt to the Ilalkati Stales was drawn
IJII IUS ri'llllU 1 1 1 UVi IIM.MJ v.i. ...-.
, . . . i . , .. . . . ... r ........ . Vin llrlnrA
P '"-''
wll Have " study for a year anil x half
and wi 1 then be " 0 '
large ships of the German fleet. During
i the crulsn of tho training ship Prince,
1 -I-, .......... f !....
M'hn,i the special charge of Lieut.
I.llllnn Lrwla llmll Hurl AVbrn
Tire Hursts anil Itparla ( nr.
I'ATBttso.v, X. ,f Oct, fi. As the result
nf the burstlnir of nn automobile tiro
I owls "0 years old Is In St. Joseph's
Hospital here to-night with a badly
fractured leg
She may never walk
Charles S. Lewis, tier father, who is
superintendent of the Universal Throw -
r.V i'..r,. ... ..f Pnterson was drlvinr
Ulfs. ,WMI' -
Inir ("omnany
tho car, In which were his wirn ami two
daughters. At Hellevlllo the road
crosses the Krle tracks with a sharp
turn, .lust as Mr. Lewis crossed the
tracks he met an oncoming car, Turn
ing quickly aside to pass It the tiro
burst and Lewis's car was overturned,
pinning the occupants beneath It.
They were all taken to St. .loseph's.
TIip others were trpated for bad bruises
nnd cuts nnd went home, but Lillian
find to stny In the hospital.
!)' Old HurmmlT and lr;ti
Willi iiirsU, ilrcniilhrrui llrnln snil IUiiIv. .
H. T. IIUWISV SONS CO.. 1J rultou St.. N. w
r-Ait. '
Turkish Government Hears
of Serious Incident on
Montenegrin Frontier.
Chancelleries of Europe
Making Efforts to Avoid
General Outbreak.
Note to Re Sent to States
Involved Warning Them
Against War.
Loath to Join Powers in At-
tempt to Solve the Knotty
Sfitrint Catilr HfiMteh to Tub St.
London OCT'S. -Word from Constanti
nople received . here late to-night says
there has been "a serious Incident" on
the Montenegrin frontier. This amounts
'virtually to the beginning of hostilities
between Turkey and the llalkau States,
says the despatch. It has rullM-d the
gravest anxiety on the virt of those
seeking peace in the Haitian, for it comes
g ()f runiori. f r,.ewal of guerrilla
warfare along the TurkMi luirder, the
burning of n Turkish barracks and the
seizing of a strategic position along a
Turkish river by the famous llulgar
bandit Sand.uisky. It was he who cap
tured Miss Stone, the American mission
ary, in inoi.
AlHhis war talk comes at a time when
vttoTta ftr 1)einK ,mtt. i,v tl. pOWers to
r i prevent any such action
cimnceuenes oi an r.urope u . n
ing night and day to avoid a general
outbreak. If the little States fling their
troops across their borders into Turkey
it will not be the fault of the diplomats.
Kuroie, according to the carefully guard-
ipj phrase of M. SazonofT, tho Hussian
Foreign Minister, speaking In Paris, has
"found herself." In the language of
diplomats this is taken to mean that the
little StuU)s will be warned against break
ing the ience of Kurois-.
tor some unaccountable reason Austria '
1 hanging back in the general effort on
tj,e part of the Powers to secure pence
uerinuiiy iuok a leaning iiami in ino
I drafting of a note to be sent to the llalkau
States and it is thought unlikely that
' he would consent to anything that did
ot have her ally's approval
-ji,,, most important comment on tin1
i Halkan situation wns uttered by M
SazonofT in Paris to-day. He said.
"l do not wish to make any iropluvles,
but in my opinion we will find ourM-lves
in the presence of n delinite result in the
three days immediately before us Kuroj
has found herself She is making a loy al
attempt to prevent war If the oflort
remains insufficient it is permissible to
state that the feeling that it is the duty
ol ml to work together will guide the
chancelleries. Theieace of Kurope finds
n strong guarantee in this unanimity
On the risks of war in the Ilalknus I
,.a1 am) .oull pn). nothing. '1 his defies
t,..r t. .,.i i . i. ..,.., .. -
, HPrw irt nwt,SK.4r).. will further exjiresK
luiniiri, unii ii .vi.i.. iv .a, ...in.
'.; ' .,,., . ,i. ,
'""" ..... "....'... ..."
to-morrow tho Kranco-KussLm alliance
'"". '. . .. .,
-r.....!.. ...... i.. .n en !,. ...in,. ..At,, iv.
i ' ' ' ' I"."
which they have been consumed and by
' Triple fiance is animated
present circumstances such a spirit
will Kivo them useful means to attain a
mr,, ,.,i -
Diplomats interpret this speech ns
: meaning that while there are grave iloubtH
, as to tho possibility of averting war in the
nalKnns mere are gomi grounds to nopo
that a general Kuropean conflict can be
Ilorlin and Paris both Miovo that Oreat
. Itritain's attitude toward the question
1 bus been a stumbling block in the way
. . ....!.! . 1 . l ,
.nI rapiu progress iiiwiiiu iw-e. tireni
I 1 ... ...
.... ! p.lrU with the inlllllxir.-illim nf
,my , lhat if li8 . (lo.
iverod in timo a long step toward peace
, .
M. Cambon. the Krench Ambassador
to Greut Ilritain, has telegraphed Premier
Poincare ut Paris that Great Ilritain is
favorable to collective action and prefers
that it bo mado at Constant iiiopln by all i
the Powers and in tho llalkan cat.itals!
i.i ..,i ii.woi,,
by Austria and llussiu. .
If this nolo which tho Powers will1
present is lar iroin iHw,rii..io 10 inn mini
,"""" "" '" "
th,a "f"'"
Ul" "ihvT 1 owl"rH h"l to
the war prepurafloiis ugalnst tho Turks.
1 . , , ,
' .Nlorlon llrlnnml suniliinsU, Hum.
. .
Turkish Bnrrneka nl Oacliuiiinyn.
fliteiat Vablt Dttpulch to Tim Sux,
Sofia, Oct, 5, Tho brigand San
dansky, who captured Miss Ku M,
Htono, tho American missionary, with
2,500 of his followers swooped over Into
Turkish soil to-day, burned thn Turkish
barracks at Oschumaya und is now occu
pying a strateglo position above Dm
lllver Struma. Such is the news that has
reached this capital and its truth seems
generally to bo accepted,
If BandunBky and his reckless 'ollowora
yonfl'iticd on ib'etTiif'i I'age,
C'linrreil llnilr Foil nil In Operator's
flo After I'nnle,
While two hundred panlcstrlckcn
persons rushed from the moving picture,
show located at G02 Hummlt avcnu,
Jersey City, yesterdny afternoon a ;
fourteen-year-old boy, Alfred Snyder
of "3r Monmouth street, wns burned to
Wnen the firemen ronehed the scene
they found his body In the box where
the nppnrntus was. He was so badly
burned that It wns several hours before
bis body was Identified. The body was
taken to the Jersey City morgue.
The boy, according to Snmuol Heller
of li! Allen street, Mnnhnttnn, tho
operator In the pluce, climbed up Into
the boxlike arrangement whore tho
films were being reeled off.
Uefore Heller bad a chance to order
the tail from the place the boy had
kicked over u reel of celluloid films and
they bnd fallen against the spark of tho
moving picture machine. Instantly
there was n blinding flash, followed by
nn fiploslon nnd the whole box was
In flames. ,
Heller lost his head, as well ns the
others, nnd Instead of trying to extin
guish the Humes or care for the lad he
Jumped down to the floor and rushed o'lt
with tin- pnnlcstrlrketi audience. He
was arrested and a charge of man
slaughter will be made ngnlnst htm.
,.,,.,. mi.,7,,, i,r" ,,,.,.1 r,i,r
4rniril Protection.
Sfint I'nUe llttiuttrh to TllK Sl
Havana, Oct. .1. Tho prospect or a
peaceful election for President and Vice-
I President is growing very faint. The
Conservatives, who are working for the
election of (len. Mario Menocnl, allege
that President (tome is using the whole
of the 'loverninent machinery to help
Senor tfnvas, the l.ilier.il candidate,
while the Liberals charge that (ivn. Moll
teagudo. the cominunder of the nrmed
forci-s. is using the troops in favor of (len,
Menocal. The Liberal papers say they
have a majority of the votes nnd if they
are defeated tho followers of that party
will start n revolution. The Conser vat I ve
likewise are claiming n majority of the
votes nnd say they will win or light.
The manager of the Conservative
cnmiKiign has mm it out a circular to tho
loaders throughout the island Instructing
them to take the voters to the miIIs in
bunches of thirty or so and thereby defeat
any attempt at violence.
Setlor Kerrara, th .Speaker of the
House, telegraphs the Secretary of tho
Interior that be finds that Ids life Is in
danger nt Cienfuegos, where he is boom
ing Setlor Xnyas, and that unless he is
amply protected lie will organize a xilice
force on his own account to protect him
self The Conservative papers publish a story
that the Zayistas are smuggling in arms
and ammunition, A suitcase consigned
to n Zayista leader was seized on u wharf
and found to contain forty-six Colt re
I Or. I'eeU Snjs Mr. !hrriimn I JUmil'
I n, n run I n I n k llrallb.
I'tica, X. Y.. Oct. 5. The story sent
from this city to the effect that VIcj
l'reslilent James S. Sherman Is In an
alarming condition from heart disease
was to-night branded n malicious lie
by Dr. R II. Peck, the Vice-President's
Mr. Sherman months ago was qulto
' s(.rlUl)y n- rjr Vcck t-nld, "but now
1L. la regaining his health In a very
, xntlsfnctory manner and we expect he
, will be In robust condition by the time
, winter comes."
Dr. Peck made this further statement
concerning the publication of tho story
picturing the Vice-President's condition
as critical:
"When Mr. Sherman arrived yester
day from Grove Hench, Conn., a re
porter was waiting to Interview him. I
Informed the newspaper mnn that it
1 would be Impossible to Interview him
i i... .... , ,i. .., ...
I Inasmuch ns for the past few month:!
' the Vice-President, by my orders, had
,1,.. .fr!,,l fP. HlaeiiM.lnr-
I politics or In nny way taking part In
i business uffnlrs.
Dr. Peck, as the Vice-President's
physician, has since been bombarded
with Inquiries by telephone and tel
grnph from points far and near concern
ing Mr. Shermnn's condition. To all
the doctor has given the same reply
"Mr. Sherman Is ipilto well and dally
I crowing stronger."
In order not to retard the Vice-Presi
dent's complete recovery his physician
will not permit him to do nny stump
speaking In the present campaign, much
as Mr. Sherman would like to get Into
the game.
(ieoruln Lines Tied I'p nnd (.over
nor lleellllen In Act,
Atlanta, On., Oct. 6. With strike
sympathizers blocking trains on tho
main llno.-of the Georgia Railroad nnd
mobbing strike) breaking crews the sit
uation has grown so bad that President
K K. Scott of tho road has appealed to
I ov. Ilrown for protection. So far the
Governor has declined to order out
troops, expressing thp opinion that tho
civil authorities nlnng the line ought to
U' 'J"1" f;!rnlH" ')r""'c on' , A
The s tuatlon W'a.s greatly complicated
I at ti o ciocu wnen i-Teiiericit A. Jiurgess
' nf the Locomotive Hrotherhond ordnre.1
out tho engineers. The engineers hnvo
KrPV,iCe, but Hurgcss deems It un
i safe for them to take trains out until
the strike of trainmen and conductora
i Hettlpd. The ordering out of tho en-
Bneers means a more completn tlcup
than has prevailed for a week.
Tho rond attempted to opernte four
trnlns between Atlanta nnd Augusta to-
""V. ""-' "as neiu up. me
strike brenkers were seized, beaten and
chased Into tho woods. The rioting oc
curred at Llthonla, Harlem and Union
Tho strike breakers nro In a stnto nf
terror and It Is doubtful If the road wlll
be able to hold them. Commissioner
Xelll is In Augusta trying to bring
about n settlement, but so far has met
with failure, Tho ordering out of tho
engineers wlll probably hasten n settle
Preinlrr farrlrr "f I he Smith.
A throintti trains dully from N. Y. Pullman
ulreplnir anil illnlnir car MTVlro In all Ihr principal
cltlrs nf the South. N. V. Oltlco n Filth Ac,
Cor. Dttn SI-. I'nune ll Uaillton aq.-AUi,
Ho Decliires Foreign Itesidencc
ns Henson for Exemption
of Ditty.
Jewels nnd Gowns Worth $t()0,
000 in Forty's Hnjrjrnjre,
Is Humor.
I'rank J. Gould, who returned from
France on Friday on the Flench liner
France, declared foreign residence on the
baggage of Ids party, claiming fur this
reason exemption from paying duty.
The customs people differed with Mr.
Gould on the matter of residence and
until the technicality could be decided
the baggage of the Gould party of Itvo
was sent to the Appraiser's Stores to
await an adjustment of the matter.
There was a report thnt the trunks of
the Gould party, thirty-six In mini
tier, contain $400,000 worth of Jewels,
gowns, &c. nnd thnt Mr. Gould Is going I
to tight the case out In the United'
States courts to determine his status
in travelling to and from this country.
Yesterday afternoon Mr. Gould had
obtained the release of all of Mrs.
Gould's Jewels, the report said, except
$10,000 worth, und had released eight
trunks and three pieces of luggage be
longing to Mrs. Gould's three sisters on
the ground that they are Kugllsh git Is
and are only temporarily visiting in this
country. Mr. Gould Is reported as say-
lug concerning the holding up of tils
"I believe It Is time that some Amcrl
can'should get the courts to decide tills
question nnd tlx some limits to the cus
toms regulations. I'm determined to do
It now myself for the benefit of other
travellers. I want my status fixed for
nil time."
In the Gould party besides Mr. Gould
were Mrs. Gould und her three sisters,
the Misses Hetty, Mabel and Tllley
Kelly. In making out the declarations
of dutiable goods Mr. Gould claimed ex
emption from duty, ns he has done be
fore, on the ground of foreign residence.
The customs people, however, decided
that Inasmuch as Mr. Gould has a
house here he maintains a residence la
tills country and that" thrrfftirr1' tho
baggage brought In by Mr. Gould was
liable to the same duty as that of any.
other resident returning from a trip
I'nder the ruling, In case It should
be decided that because of his town
house here Mr. Uoulil Is a resident ot
this country Mr. and Mrs. Gould might
bring In $100 worth apiece of dutiable
goods and the three sisters of Mrs.
Gguld, being minors, are entitled to
bring In $."0 worth npiece.
Yesterday Mr. Gould drove down to
the Custom House In an automobile to
attend the examination of his baggage.
After the appraisal and tho adjustment
of the question as to whether or not Mr.
Gould Is exempt as a resident or non
resident he may have his baggage on
the payment of the home value or the
foreign cost, plus 'the duty over and
above tho amounts allowed entry duty
The Gould party spent the summer
in Mr. Gould's home nt Malsnns-LafUte,
near Paris, "dr. Gould recently bought
a 300 acre estate In Xormandy for a
stud farm. His town house Is at 834
Fifth avenue, between Sixty-fourth and
Sixty-fifth streets.
Clliilra fiunrd nl llluiilr lilnniH'rlmn
nnd Scnlr Wall.
ProviDKNcu, Oct. 5. Krnest W. Loronz,
considered tho most dangerous criminal
ever arrested In nhode Island, escaped
from the State prison ut 6 o'clock this
morning and lute to-night had not been
Lorcnz went to the prison In 1910
with a record of highway robberies, as
saults on women nnd finally with the
murder of Gilbert Mann, a Grand Army
veteran, whom he shot and killed before
robbing him.
He had been confined since then as nn
"Insane criminal." Xotwlthstnndlng his
dangerous character Lorenz was made
foreman of the prison bakery.
His guard turned uway for a moment
nnd Lorenz run through the door of the
bakery and across the yard.
Ho dragged n thirty foot ladder to Uie
twenty-four foot wall and mounted to
the top. At the point he rrnched Is nn
outside stairway leading to tho ground.
He went down this stnlrwny, opened
the door nt the foot and got nwny.
A general nlarm wns sent throughout
Oie State.
I'lillermnii Drns-a Child From I'ntli
of SiirrilliiK Trolley.
With one hand on the front plntform
bar of nn Kighth street crosstpwn street
car Patrolman John Do Witt of the
Charles street station swung his body
far around In front of the car aa It shot
rapidly along West Tenth street bo
twePn West Fourth and Hlpeckcr streets
nt 6 o'clock last night nnd snatched two-year-old
.tunics Jones, 21 S West Tenth
street, out of tho middle of tho truck
Just ns the enr bumped the child.
With nn effort he held the boy freo
from danger with one hnnd until the
car wns stopped.
Dr. Hhaw of St. Vincent's Hospital
was summoned nnd found that the child
was unharmed with tho exception of tho
slight shock It suffered.
Many persons snupht out Cnpt, Will
iam Clark of the Charles street station
nnd commended Officer De Witt for
saving the chlld'u life. De Witt has only
been on the force a year.
Car does Otrr llrlilue In I'lillnilrl
pliln, PnllliiK 75 Keel.
Piiilamxhiia, Pa., Oct. Xlne young
men were killed at midnight when nn
nuto In which they were racing crashed
through the parapet of n bridge over the
Pennsylvntilu ltnllroad tracks at Thirty
third and Master streets und fell 7G
feet Into the coal yards below.
None of the victims had been Identi
fied at t o'clock this morning. Their
bodies were terribly mangled.
The enr bore Pennsylvania license
Xo. 3006, which was taken out last
March by James Shnw, n lumber mer
chant of 1310 Xorrls street.
Shaw, It Is sold, was not In the car.
The wrecked car was struck by an
other machine travelling In the same
direction and thrown against the para
pet of the bridge, which gave way.
Two I.rntr to I'.srnpr Tnr linil
I'Vnlhem. II la Snlil.
Lawhknck, Mass., Oct. 5. Carlo Tresca
of Pittsburg and Fred w. Heselwood or
Spokane, two of the leading I. W. W.
agitators, left Uiwrenco to-day, nnd it
is reported that they did so from fear
that they would bo tarred ind feutherisil.
Ilig Hill Haywood, the principal I. W. W.
leader in the city, is said to have In-en
warned to leave town In-fore midnight
lest he Iw dealt with in vigorous style,
but he says threats cannot drive him
One of the members of a prominent
Uiwrence fraternal social organization
said to-day that at a large meeting last
night it was voted to send notice to Hay
wood that If he didn't leave the city by
nightfall he would lie hustled out by
force. It Is admitted that the 1. .
leaders and their followers are frightened
at the present attitude of the citizens
toward them,
Haywo.-d denied he had been threatened
and ordered lo leave town. Asked if
the I. W. W. Intended to participate lir
the Columbus Day parade he said: "Xot
as an organization, but, many I. W. W.
members will turn oirt with the Colombo
Two Women's "AMI" Associations
liiat Klerllnn Mandate.
The Xew York State Association Op
posed to Woman Suffrage and the Xn
tlonal Association Opposed to Woman
Suffrage have Issued n circular calling
on all men to vote. The circular says
In part;
"Advocates of womnn suffrage tell you
that men need not vote unless they
want to. We tell you that men must
vote. The man who does not vote can
not cnll himself nn honest American
AiiRnst llrckncher Meek 17,710
Lent nn Mloek of lliilillnu Concern.
Thnt stock of a corporation called the
Sickles Kstate Improvement Company,
formed as u holding concern for cer
tain property owned by Gen. Onnlel K,
Sickles, Is of llttlp value was Indicated
yesterday when August Heckscher tiled
a suit In tho Supreme Court to recover
,20 from Paul D. Dumont.
The complaint st.Uos that the defend-
l nnt borrowed tri.ftOO on December 2i,
. 1D11, on a note pnynhlo duly 13 last,
I with 1 50 shares of the Sickles Kstate
' stock ns security. When the note
j wasn't paid the stock was wild at
miction nnd brought only $10, vhlch
was $7 less than the cost ot tho sale.
The complaint alleges that another
loan of JL'.'.'OO was made May 1 last.
with 749 shares of Sickles Kstate Im
provement Company stock ns security.
This stock wns sold nt miction for Sir,.
Qnnline nn Miirkaninn With n "eiirr
of -lit Out of ll I'lisallile .in.
GIjOI'CKstkr, Mass., Oct. !i. During the
I past few weeks nt the Government rifle
' rnnge nt Dngtown Common, a few miles
, from the city proper. Miss Helen Taft
'and Miss Kllzahctlt Hammond and a
i party of friends have been hnndllng the
regulation Springfield rifles such us
used by soldiers to tell the effect on the
Itnrgels nt tho 200 nnd S00 yard ranges.
To-tlny the party motored to the
range, nnd It being the last day of
shooting, tho party spent considerable
time In sending the steel covered bul
lets at tho small targets.
Miss Taft on thv first few shots
missed nnd when n gun was handed her
by which one of the officers of the ship
had qualified Miss Tuft ran up a scorn
of 49 out of B0, tho first being a four
nnd tho next nine shots striking the
Mum I .cnro llurlnit I'll mil 1 1 nnd
l.nler Ilium lllm lo Urlilwr.
Amkiuciis, Gn., Oct. 5. Lynchers In
nutos to-night pursued Sheriff Fuller
nnd a negro who had attacked tho
t,welvo-yeur-old daughter of a promi
nent citizen, shot the prisoner during
the race nnd later hung him.
Sheriff Fuller was racing to Macon,
Intending to put the negro In Jail there,
The father nf the little girl nnd
friends in a dozen autos set out after
him, nnd tho race continued for miles.
For . few moments the Sheriff's auto
nnd fo.-cmost car, containing the father
and two friends, raced side by side. Sev
eral shots wore fired bt the negro sitting
by thp Sheriff's side nnd he toppled
over. Then the Sheriff stopped Ills car.
The other autos containing tho lynch
ers drew up nnd tho half dead negro
was taken, hanged to a bridge und his
body riddled.
Slnycr Charges Gang Leader"
Robbed Him Earlier
in Day.
Letters From Dago Frank'
and Lefty Louis Found
in Zelig's Pockets.
Police Hear of Quarrel Justl
Before Zelig Boarded
Friends Declare Murderer Wns
Just Deliind on Second
Avenue Line.
Ulg Jack Zellg, the East Side gang
leader, who Is said to have "passed the
word along" to the gunmen ot his gang
to kill Herman Rosenthal last July, waa
shot about 8:30 o'clock last night In
northbound Second avenue car at Four
teenth strest by Philip Davidson, who nl
first said he was an Kast Side fruit
dealer. Zelig died In a Bellcvue ambu
lance while being taken to the hospital.
The trial of Lieut. Becker for the
murder ot Rosenthal will begin to-morrow.
When Zelig's clothes were searched
at the Morgue letters from Dago Frank
Lefty Louie. Gyp the Blood and Whltey
Lewis, who are accused of killing
Rosenthal, were found In ttrt pockets.
Davidson climbed on the open trolley
car nnd fired a bullet thnt entered
Zelig's head Just back of the right ear.
The slayer told the police he had klllod
Zellg because In the afternoon 55ellfc
had enticed Davidson Into a doorway la
Broome street near Eldrldge street, had
beaten him with a blackjack and then
had robbed bin of more than $400.
Seeing Zellg riding alone In the oped
car In Second avenue about three hour
later Davidson, according to hla own
story, had chased the car for more than
n block STtrrnrieTl trad killed Zellg.
Davidson bore bruises on his brow,
nbout his eyes nnd on tho Jaw to aub
stnnrlate his story of being beaten up
by Zellg. When Zelig's clothes wer
taken from his body nt the Morgue
shortly nfter he died the police found
?2 In one of the pockets and a fountain
pen, a penknife and a plain gold ring.
The northbuund open cur had slowod
dovrn on the south side of the Four
teenth street corner when the shooting
occurred. Led hy Patrolman Kmll
Schmidt nt the moment the cai drew up
at the corner a crowd of Knst Side Ho-
brews waa passing In parade through
Fourteenth street. In consequence of
the oncoming parade tho corner wai
even more crowded than that congests
section of the town la on a Saturday
I'nrnde Helped Nlnyrr'a Pinna.
Tho parade and the part It played la
holding back the trolley car In which
Zellg wns seated bore a part In tho sue.
cesa of the murderer's plans. David
: son. so ho says, had been walking north
In Second avenue n few minutes earlier
, blooding over the loss of his money and
the beating which he says Zellg had
given to him, when he chanced to look
1 toward the trolley car that was going
north and Just nbout to pass him.
A glance was enough, the murderer
says, to show him that his assailant of
three hours earlier and tlje tail, curly
haired young man seated In the trolley
I car were the same,
Davidson says ho made a dash for the
I car. reaching for his revolver as !i
ran, ns soon ns he hud spotted Zellg.
, The car took n new burst of hpeed as It
passed Thirteenth street, however, and
his chase seemed hopeless. But ns the
enr approached the Fourteenth street
corner It began to slow down and
Davidson gained rapidly.
lie reached the car n moment nfter
it hnd been stopped to let the proces
sion go by. The parnders, who, were
members of the Benjamin Srhneitzer
Society ,on their way from their room
In Kast Xlneteenth street to n hall at
773 Allen street, hail n police, guard tht
Included Patrolman Robert Knox aa
wpII as Policeman Schmidt.
A witness named llyman Halverth of
2 IS Kast .Ninth street was sitting close
to Zellg when the gangster wns shot.
According to this witness, ns well ns
! tho story told by tho murderer, n't
soon ns tho car was stopped D.ivldBon
J sprang for the riiunlngbonrd Just back
oi me spot wnere icng was silting on
un end seat at the right utile ot the
I'lslol Almost ut '.rllg's lleatl,
Halverth saw tho glint of the ci.
lights on n levnlvcr which Davldw.ir!
clasped In his free right hand as lie
pulled hlmsplf up on tho running board
with his left. The murderer showed Ills
great excitement, witnesses say, but
made no sound. Onco ho was firmly
plnuted on the running board he placed
the muzzle of thn revolver almost
against Zelig's head and fired. Zellg
pitched forwurd as Davidson dropped
from thn stalled enr and ran east la
Fourteenth street.
Immediately the procession of tho
Hebrew society was disbanded nnd po
licemen, paraders nnd those who n mo
menl beforo had been looking calmly nt
the llttlo procession approaching the
corner began to run nbout aimlessly.
Policemen Schmidt nnd Knox, howevsr,
on henrlng the shot looked toward the
enr In time In see Zellg crumple noise
Icualy In his scat and to see the mur-
t r

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