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J 1
Italy's Ocoupntion of Tripoli
Would Stand Alliance in
Hood Stcnd.
1 Strong Naval Hnso Needed at
the Levant Kurt or .Mediterranean.
Cairo, Srpt, 21. Thf cnmlld wlmls
Ion mule by ttio Gr-rmnn Atlmlrnl.
riirmiultiiv t tint Kevnt wnultl tin ihh
country's llrxt objective If clio camp to
blown with 0 rent HrltBln, Is roKtmlei!
J here tin most opportune, coming ns It
J docs nt the present Juncture, when the
rfiuestlon of Kniiland'a position In tho
j middle Inml sci la still on the tnpla.
!It hus been clear ever since Italy oc
cupied Tripoli that the occupation
was Roltm to stand the Triple Alliance In
?good stead. To whatever ltnly'a feel
InKf toward Oreat Hrltaln and Krunt-e
?' may be, rho would never bo ablo to
withstand the overwhelming pressure
of her two allies, one of whom Ih on
! her frontier, and she would perforce
!.have to ncqulesco In any demands they
rmlRht put on her.
Admiral Hreuslnc states thnt the land
j attack on KK.vpt would be undertaken
i with the cooperation of Austria and
1 Italy, and thnt, of course, means that
Uho TrliKilltnn fort would be used an a
fbnse. The reason Riven by Hrltnln's
candid, enemy for this land attack on
Egypt la the urency for Ormnny to
Intercept tho food supply Immediately
on imiutbrcak witllltl,8.
Tb Germans, It may be sure, hnvo
'eturtja thr question very thoroiiKhly In
all Jjo aspects, and when they conclude
that the seizure of Kitypt and ,the Huez
j Canal will' constitute an effective blow
j to Itrltaln's existence. It may be taken
J that they are right and that the set-
hack even though It mny be but a
J temporary onr which such an event1
I u'ntih! inflict tnnv make nil the dlffer-
! ence In the world to the result or tho
nature of tho hostilities.
People out lierft are in no two minds
nn in the nasi! inn. and thev still eon-
alder Hrltaln's weakness lies in the
tl.evant. The concentration of the
French fleet In the Mediterranean mfcy
De inienoen. us a ciipck on -.Aiisman
I and Italian naval 'activities, but it Is
ecarcely sufficient to relieve the tension.
I' After nil, Krance has no naval bases
Tin tho, J.evant, The Austrian and Ital
ilanB(rlklnR points are far nearer Keypt
and'eVen If England allowed France
to make Malta her base an event wl.ich
Is scarcely admissible she would not be
near enough really to cope with the
A strong Hrltlsh naval base must be
created within striking distance of Trip
oli, and the Austrian and Italian main
land bases, nnd It must be at the I.e
Ivnnt fnd of the Mediterranean.
In rther words, the torpedo base nt
Alexandria, which has still not materi
alized, and Is not likely to do so for
nome little while. Is Insufficient. It
,may. It Is true, do very well as a purely
defensive measure, but It Is maintained
that a purely defensive measure Is not
what Is required.
The situation calls for the existence
In or near I'gyptlan waters of a squad
ron of offensive strength, nnd It Is con
sidered that until eight tlrst class crul
"sers arrive In the Mediterranean and
at least half nf them are stationed In
tho Levant this most vital point in
the scheme of Imperial defence will re
main exposed to the danger with which
jAomirai itrrusing inrcaicns u.
Wntrr of Chiim Hirer Threatened
to Inundate Calrhra Cat.
Panama, Oct. 5. In consequence of
Jthe rise of Chagres Itivcr it has been
round advisable to ralso the height of
tho dike nt Gamboa live feet to pro
tect Culebra cut. The dike across the
.channel is also to ho widened to forty
Earth and rock aro to he dumped at
a point 1,000 feet south of where the Ca-
Jmacho diversion strikes at right angles
Jto the harrier, separating the canal and
tho channel of the Chagres I'.ivor.
, The remainder of the, debris caused by
I the collapse of the Italboa dock in being
removed. Tho crane has been dismantled
and taken from tho danger zone.
A readjustment of the disputed wage
cale has resulted in the return to woik
of most of tho cargo handling laborers
who struck at Balboa and Panama last
month. Laborers who quit work wore
employed by tho contractors who handled
cargoes for tho Panama Kail road Com
pany, Tho agreement under which tho wharf
hand 4 returned to wo.-k provided for
a wage scale of 11 cents gold an hour with
time and n half for night i and overtime,
a payday once in two wieks, freo quar
ters, medical attention und free trans
portation between Ilulboa and Panama.
Vanilalla and (irarela Crash Into
a Klnntlng- Dork.
Spretal Cabtt Oeifnilch to Tni Sox
Ha.vmjiio, (Jermany, Oct, 6. The Ham
burs - American Company's steamships
Vmul.ilm and Oraecia sank to-day in
thn lower Kibe after collisions with a
floating dock.
Thn Vnndttlia. of j,fl70 tons, waa start
ing on nor voyage to America when she
crashed into the dock and sank imme
diately in midchaunel.
.Shortly afterward the Oraecia, of
1.7B0 tons, passing out on her way to the
West Indies, collided with the wreck and
, also sank.
' - " he crows of both tho vewla and
twenty passengers who wore on hoard
tho (Jrawvla wore brought hack U Ham
burg. It was later reported that the cook and
his assistant of the Vnndalla were miss
ing ojkI woio believed to have been
I'np'r In Prevent Formation of Cath
olic PsrllnmrntnrT Party.
Srrritil Cable Dhpateh to Tiik Bus
Komi:, Oct. 6. It Is expected that the
Pope will shortly publish n document
reiterating the veto known ns non ex
pcdlt, which forbids Catholics to voto
at Parliamentary elections except to
prevent tho election of open enemies of
the Church,
The Popo Is determined to prevent
the formation of a Cnthollc Parliamen
tary party on the lines of the Clerm.in
Centre, on tho ground thnt the repre
sentation of Catholics would Imply
recognition of the Kingdom of Italy.
Tho non expedlt decree was effective
until the present electoral reform In
creased tho number of electors.
It Is now feared that nt tho next elec
tion a majority of Catholic Deputies will
be returned If Catholic organizations
participate In the election, nnd hence
the expected action by the Pope Is
likely. t
Golden Harp on Qreen Bnek
gronnd Only Belongs to
Lcinster Province.
1. Mmtxn $c flta,
' -
Blend of Bluo and Ornnjjr, Siff
nif.ving Union of North
and South.
merlean Will Knter China Cabinet
It I'. . Is Wllllnii.
I'kkin, Sept, 16. The Foreign Office
mafle the announcement to-night that
President Yuan Shlh-k'al has received
a lengthy despatch from the Hun. W. W.
ltockhlll, I'nlted States Ambassador at.
Constantinople, thanking him for the
olTcr of a place as special cabinet ad
viser to tho Chinese President nnd say
ing thnt he would submit tho matter to
If the American Government was
willing that he should accept the post
Mr. ltockhlll said that It would ulTord
him very much satisfaction and
pleasure to devote some years of ser
vice to the people of China,
It Is known thnt Mr. Itockhlll's an
swer, while not at all deciding the mat
ter In question. Is very pleasing to
President Yuan and the higher oillclatti
generally. Iiesldcs this It Is said that
Hockhlll's acceptance would do morn
than anything clso nt this Juncture io
bring the Wu nnd Sun factions around
to tho earnest support of the Government.
Oct. Sth
DentU of Prince Mil ml Makra An
other lni In Itiuika.
Paws, Sept. 25.- The death of Prince
Napoleon Murat makes another gap In
the attenuated ranks of the descendants
of the Corslcan lawyer whose children
seemed destined to share the thrones of
Kuropc among them.
With the exception of the pretender
and his brother. Prince I.oiUs, no male
representative of Napoleon I. and his
four brothers remoln save the descend
ants of Prince Luclen, the present head
of which branch Prince Roland Bona
parte, eminent In the world of science.
The late Prince Mural was a grand
son of that pushful Innkeeper's son wh.i
married Napoleon's sister Caroline and
was placed on the throne of Naples by
bis brother-in-law when the latter'a
elder brother, Joseph, was promoted
from the kingship of Naples to that of
Los-pox. Sept. 26. What Is the Irish
national flag? The question la being
much discussed In lrelnnd Just now and
there Ib really no answer. Most Kngllah
people would say offhand the golden
harp on n green ground, but students
know that this design only belongs to
the province of Lelnster. Kven the
green of the Nationalists and the orang
of the Ulster Fnlonlsts are compara
tively recent adoptions.
F. K. Smith would perhnps be sur
prised to know, for example, that the
color of his new collar did not prevail
at the battle of the lloyne. King Will
iam's army fought under a green flag,
wtiiti. the forces of King .lames fought
under the white cockade of the Stuarts, j
The harp on n blue ground was the
standard of Crattnn's Parliament, but
j the Presbyterian lenders of the Insur
I tectlon of 17S decided to change the
' national color to green not because
Hi,, banner of the great Queen Scota
of the Milesians wn green, nor In def-J
erence to Moore, who In "Let l-.rin
Remember" recalls the days
"When tier Kltics with staudslit of rreen
Led the Ited Ilrnneh Knights to darner.
They fixed on green for a curiously
scientific reason. The blend of blue and
orange which produced green was ac
cepted as signifying the union of north
and south. So green Is strictly the
color of united Ireland. ,
The decision of the I'nlted Irishmen,
crystallized In the immortal verse of
"The Wearln' of the Green," has held
good ever since, outliving both the
scholarly demand for a return to blue
and the outspoken dislike of Mr. Pnr
nell, who abhorred green as a most un
lucky color.
The result of the most Interesting
A..Ant.m ,,.t,w- nn In 1ril.inil Is that a
iimu iiiiiFtt i.,.. " ... -
I prize Is being offered for the most np-
proprlate design for a flag, and there Is
I a touch of Irony In the fact that the so
lution of the difficulty comes from Ul-
I Francis Rigger of Helfat has contrlb
i uted a design which covers most of the
I ground. According to him, the national
emblem should lie of rich dark green
I linen with the Celtic harp on Its folds;
j "such a device on a square, not nn ob
long flag Is Impressive nnd artistic, has
no obscurity about It and la admittedly
national In the fullest sense of the term."
Otrr a Hundred Injured In Accident
at Alicante, Spain.
Fptrint Cable Dmpntch to Tm Scs.
Madrid. Oct. 5. -At Alicanto to-day
nine persons were killed, a score ser
iously injured and about 100 others
slightly hurt whm a passenger train was
derailed and completely wrecked.
The train left the track while going
down a steep grade and crashed into the
station buildings. Tho locomotive was
overturned and several of the passenger
cars.which werecrowded, weretelescoped.
Illirra l.ornle the "11--," Sunk by
I.lnrr Amerlka.
Srrrial fable feffalch lo Thi Sea.
DovK.n, Kngland, Oct. 5. Divers to
day found the Hritiah submarine B-2,
lost with nil but one of its crew of two
officers and thirteen men in collision with
tho Hnmliurg-American liner Amerika,
off the South Foreland. The little craft
was cut nearly in two.
Lieut. Itichard I. Pulleyne, the sole
survivor, was reported to-day to be im
proving, but he is reserving his story of
the disaster for the court of inquiry.
fieornr W. lirar Wronalr Aeca.e.l.
Thn man who hald lie was George v
Orsy, a captain In the Union army In ihe
civ war and now a real estate dealer at
IrhX".""' )lvn "loomfleld
ofh2t!in''","liOM Kri,l"V t e'ehnri,.
JiW:aJ, S,r"i'lnlW Ml and
ment.-nf HZ .'.'.'." '.!" .""apart
": 'r mmi- i- iien ni r.17 v
h.,nu"L1' released yesterday
ii hiLi "n.'' reieaxi
... tf'L' fotirt, The. properly
(uuuu uiiucr nn n tm i . .-
- '" it i I n
H. Jaeckel & Sons
16-18 & 20 West 32d St.
Our Collection
Is now ready for inspection
Showing New and Original Models
and Arrangements in
Fashionable Furs
Exhibited for the First Time
in America.
Thirty-Second Street West
.'Phone, Madison Sq. 6469.
L. P. Hollander & Co.
are showing a splendid assortment of-
Tailored Suits from $45.00
Party Dresses
School Dresses
$ 18.00
FIFTH 'AVE. at 46th St.
Special Salle off Women's Blouses
comprising a large number of chiffon, silk
and lingerie blouses, which will be offered
at greatly reduced prices.
Chiffon and Silk Blouses at 52.90 & 5.50
Lingerie Blouses at $1.25, 1.90 & 3.50
Women's Wraps, Coats& Shawls
comprising a comprehensive selection of the
season's smart outer-garments.
Among them are Wraps for evening and re
caption wear, modeled in velvet, brocade,
satin, charmeuse, &c
Also practical coats made of the desirabl
worsteds in appropriate styles for street or
mator wear.
India Chuddah shawls, plain and with cash
mere borders. Chinese shawls of embroid
ered silk, and Shetland wool shawls.
Motoring Scarfs and Veils.
Afternoon and Evening Dresses
B. Altman & Co. are showing late autumn
styles In Women's and Misses' Afternoon
and Evening Dressee; Also In Tailor-made
Suite, Wraps, Blouses, Waists and Millinery.
Superior materials, workmanship and finish
assured with each garment, cither ready-to-wear
or made-te-order.
The Imported Dress Velvets
are of unusual Interest, expressing the newest
Ideas In brocaded velvets, moire velvets, two
toned terry velvets, dress plushes, English
corduroys, velveteens, Ac
The Dress Goods Department
has a very extensive assortment of new fabrics
for autumn and winter, as featured by the
leading Paris couturiers.
It comprises the fashionable materials for
dresses, tailor-made suits, coats and cloaks, in
the approved shades of the season as well as
in black and black-and-white effects.
Fur & FurLined Outer Garments
are being shown in a great variety of new
models in the latest styles.
Included are garments of Russian sable,
Hudson Bay sable, chinchilla, ermine, mink,
broadtail, karakul and Hudson seal.
Also fur motor coats and fur-lined coats of
Scotch worsteds and rough mixtures.
Neckpieces and muffs made of all the desir
able furs. Fur trimmings (n the fashion
able widths.
Misses' and Children's Pur Coats.
Fifth Avenue, 34th and 30th Street, New York.
1. Altaian Sc da.
i ..
Announce for Monday, Oct. 7th
A Special Sale of
Women's Autumn Coats
Chinchilla Coats in three-quarter length
at $14.50
Boucle Cheviot long coats, satin lined
throughout.... at 22.00
Infants' and Little Children's
French hand-made and embroidered garments
will be offered as follows:-
Short Dresses of Nainsook, in sizes from
6 months to 2 years at $ 1 .90 & 2.85
Linen Dresses, In sizes from 2 to 4
years at $2.85
Long Dresses of nainsook at $2.00
Long Skirts at 90c
Short Skirts at 65c
Bibs at 65c
Imported Mourning Hats
in styles appropriate for first mourning, at
the unusual price of $8.50
Trimmed Millinery, Third Floor.
Women's and Children's Gfloves
Women's Short Walking Gloves, in black,
white or tan . . per pair, 75c
Women's Mousquetaire 16-Button Qlace Kid
skin Gloves, In black or white, per pair, $1.85
Boys' and Olrls' Tan Glace Gloves, pair, 75c
per pair
Imported Black Dress Velvets
will consist of 42-inch all silk velvet
at the special price of $4.90 per yard
Regular price $8.50
Imported Black Broadcloth
Spot-proof, 56 inches wide
at the exceptional price of $1.65 per yard
Actual value $2.50
Moquette Couch Covers
will be on sale in the Upholstery Department
at the remarkably low price of $7.50
Usually sold at $ 12.50 each.
The offering comprises a large variety of rich
designs and colorings, including Couch Covers
In several artistic reproductions of Oriental
rugs, such as Serabend, Khorassan, Saruch,
Tabriz, etc.
Fifth Avenue, 34th and 35th Streets, New York.

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