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Snreil of IJO Miles nn Hour
St niin on Wheel nnd Track
Is Terrific.
Both Con nect lent Wrecks Were
Caii.-ed by Kiifrine Drivers
Jjouvlii'r llnils.
jo far lis tho factH now available nhow
l the c.iKo of tho wrock of the Hoston
(SprfN4 or Tliumlay last nonr West
port tho nccldont nulmtniitlully dupll
ufi tho (llwistrr of July 11, 1911, in tho
outskirts of Hrldgeport, whon the Federal
Mprow Jumtiod trio track In making a
crsoor nt high bhh(1.
Thi crossover is 11 connecting track
by which a train lit swung from one path
to anoth'T mid Is very commonly em
ployed where express trains swing on
er off lo'Ml trucks to tho Hue restricted
for fas-t truffle.
Uii(l-r ordinary circumstances tho
crrw'over has no inherent element of
danger hecauoo tho train Is suppohed
tn make the shift at a upood of llfteeii
mil an hour or less. When going at
this rate the flanges of the wheels take
th now course easily and with but little
ihock unless the curve of the cross
over is too abrupt. In that case, or even
if the (rain be moving more rapidly,
th cars lurch and this is felt again when
tho train enters tho further end of the
crossover preparatory to following the
new track.
In other words , the jar to tho passenger
depends upon tho sharpness of tho angle
ith which the train leaves one track
nnd anbumes its line of travel on the
other, and this is all the more noticeable
when travelling at tho higher speeds.
Any largo body In motion has a tendency
to persist in keeping to that plane and
and should they break the wheels slide
off and an accident followa.
It is said that the ISoston Kx press was
foing at the rate of sixty miles an hour,
ho train probably represented a total
weight of fully 600 tons. Five hundred
tons travelling at a velocity of elxty
miles an hour would deliver a blow if
halted abruptly equal to more than
60,(100 foot torn.,
Thifl of oolirnA wnutrl tin lessened ac
cording to the tfhgln of Impact; but Is it
not plain that momentum of that magni
tude would havo but little difficulty in
rainltie the Inmmntlvn tlrlvinir wheels
tho height of their flanges and thus caus
ing the train to overrun tho crossover
and occasion a derailment?
Kven at thirty miles an hour tho train
would have a potential force of 15.000
foot tons if rudely turned from Its line
of travel. Its gyroscopic action would
tend to keep It going stialght ahead,
and only the strength of tho wheel flanges
would bo able to turn It aside safely and
sito trie crossover, li the speed were
not slackened thin shock would bo re
peated at the exit end of tho switch.
The lesson taught by the derailment
of tlu" Federal Kxnress has apparently
not ieen hecucu, and this latest disaster I
is tne result.
t'oiit in tied from First Page.
liuve taken things into their own hands
in this fashion tho Bulgarian officials
aro quick to say that tho noted bandit
is carrying on a guerrilla war on his own
Sandansky kidnapped Miss Stone in
1003 and laughed at tho Powers' demand
for her roturn. Ho has boon responsible
for the most horrihlo outrages In Mace
donia, Report credits him with having
ordered tho assassination of more than
a thousand and it is said thit by his own
hand ho has put to death more than 300
men and women.
The Cabinet hero to-day asked Parlia
ment for 118,000,000 for war purlwses.
King Ferdinand, in his speech delivered
at the opening of Parliament, uke but
briefly of the military measures taken
by tho Government. Ho relied, ho said,
un his representatives and those of
tho people to do their duty in this crisis.
To-day was tho anniversary of the
proclamation of Bulgaria's independence
from Turkey and everywhere the people
were assembled in meetings marked by
outbursts of patriotism and enthusiastic
demands for immediate war. It was
expected that some unusual scene would
mark the opening of the Parliament,
but the Deputies merely approved the
declaration of martial war and went
through the business incidental to tho
war measures.
Railroad crnfsover
etused wrock of Boston Express,
It resists more or less forcibly-depending
princilly upon its velocity any
Sort to deviate it. This leing so, it is
cistomury for the engine driver to reduce
pwl when taking n crossover. When
h does not slacken his speed then the
rwk he runs increases with the square
nt his rate of travel.
1 his hazard can be lessened only by
making the crossover so long and the
agl! of divergence from the original
course and tho assumption of the new
one so easy that the shift is effected with
out violence. It becomes in effect a
eliding motion instead of a art way
obstruction and sudden change of direc
ti'in You have pawl persons in the street
tnd jiiht grazed them; this did not jar
you but you can easily recall the shak
it.r vou cot when you actually collided
This is virtually what happens when u
crocKivnr is taken at an improper speed.
The evil has boen fully realized for
ye.ir- and on home railroads all of the
ero-sivert) have been made so long and
iv that trains can lake them at full
I'-'l In this way tho human element
i l.muiHted and the resyinsibllil V rf
Kins Sid Moliltlf atliin I line to
Turkey's Attitude.
fpectnl rat,tt rirtpatch to Tnr. Sin
Bklgrapk, Oct. 5. The Servian Skupsh
tina opened to-day amid scenes of great
enthusiasm. The King, accompanied by
Princo George, was present. The King
read an address which had been sent to
all the legations save the Turkish and
which was receix'ed with cheers.
King Peter said in part: "The Skupsh-
tina has !een convoked in extraordinary
session liecause of extraordinary cir
cumstances in our neighborhood. The
uulwarahltf ctate of our fellow country
men in the Ottoman Kmpire has always
h en of great concern to the Mngsomof
Servia. Owing to the growing lamenta
tions of our brethren, who are threatened
with total extermination, we havo had to
combat tho most owerful unanimous
feeling on the pait of the nation for the
sake or precorving peace in eastern
"I havo applied with friendly counsels
to Constantinople regarding tho misery
which tho Christian nationalities, includ
inc ours, aro suffering in Turkey, and it
is to bo regretted that all this was of no
avail. Instead of the expected reforms.
we were surprised a few days ago by
tho mobilizing of the Turkish army near
our borders. To this act, by which our
safety was endangered, Servia had only
one renlv. Hv-mv decree our army was
like that which mMo a mobile state.
WUT MJHUlUIl In I Ifrtl . iiUI HUIJ l I v
undertake measures insuring our safety.
It is our duty, in conformity with other
Christian Balkan States, to do every
thing in our power to induce proper
conditions for a real and permanent
peace in the Balkans.
Sale of
A splendid opportunity to purchase
slightly used and rebuilt UPRIGHT.
(all equal to new) at
Sharply Reduced Prices!
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Troops In He Ontreil Hi Cnnalnn
llnnplr nnil at Janlna.
Special I'ntle Hetpaicl to Thk Si v.
CoNWANTlNoru;. Oct. f..-The Turkish
army will be mobilized by Monday to
the extent of 250,000 men. The troops
will be divided Into two armies, one
with headquarters here and the other
with headuuarters at Junln.i, near the
r.rwk frontier.
Thi. Servian Minister here renewed
l.ls demands that the Turkish author!
ties at l'skub give up tho munitions In
tended for Servia which tliey are Hold
In. His reception was cold, wnue no
was telling tho Porte that If his Stato
does not get her munitions! wiitiin
twenty-four hours diplomatic relations
will be severed street moiis were smasu
Ing the windows of his legation. The
Italian, Bulgarian and Greek legations
suffered In the same manner. The
temper of the people, which changed so
rapidly from a stale of docile tran
quillity to one of aggressiveness, Is dally
growing more bellicose.
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now oyu
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I.ibrrnl Allntrnnce for D',l Pmtinx Taken in Etchanqt
"It's All
in the Roir
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5th Ave.-
- -39th St.
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Women's Tailored Suits and Dresses
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the materials and workmanship, which are of the highest excellence.
Also the following Extraordinary Offerings for Monday:
Is tilled with reserves on ineir way iu
Join their armies. Men and munitions
of war fill the streets oi mai lid. -peasants
are swarmliiK In from the sur
rounding country, where already then-
have been rumors of nullum;, ano aro
seeklnB safety with their possessions In
the cltv. All the horses in .Miisiapna
Pasha, 'where It Is thoiiKht tho first real
battle will be foiiKht. have boon requisi
i . Mnerinl article nn the vrnnte ol the
Hatkan State, the nature o the country
in vhich lighting in likely to take place,
appears on I'age I ol therarcign .Sthoii )
Ilnil In tiljusl Hl Kenlne llr
fore He Miw it Hope Thrown to Mint.
Former Water IU-e.ister Thomas M
Lynch floundered alsuit in the Hat lorn
nivnr voHtpnluv. then carefully adjusted
his eyeglasses before he grasped a ioe
which his rescuer threw to mm no wns
too nearsighted, Mr. Lynch explains!
later, to see without tils classes whether
or not he was beitiR rescued.
Since he was dropped as WatfT HoKistor
of The Hronx in loin Mr. Lynch each
morning has made it a practice to leave
his home at 2s3i Aqueduct avenue liofoie
breakfuft and lake u hrisK wal.i over the
:uth etieet bridge. loMeiduy he wa out
as usual witli his cane in hand and. as it
was lather warm, tie had his coat over
Ins arm.
There was quite a breeze stirring am
an extra hard gusi blnw his hat frc m
hi. head and the eyeglasses oil his now1
Mr. Lynch dimly saw tin- hat rolling along
straight for the edge of tho bridge.
I h re is a railing along the bridge winch
rises alMiut lour leoi unci l lit; tint wen
over this. Mr Lynch was a lew steps
I li i ucl and made a leap lo grab the hat
He iiiumU the hat. but he didn't miK
the railing. Ho landed crosswise on it
l-'or a few sifoiicls he hung halhtictd on
the I ail I hen his head nverweigi.ei
liis feel and he drop(l duwn imo the
lliii loin Itivor.
William ( olloton, an employee of I h
Wab-on Contracting Company, put out
in a rowbcit and was soon near Mr
I.vnch ( olloton throw a ros- to hint,
but Mr Lvnoh paid no attention to it
"O 'lib the ropo!" called ( olmton
Mr Lynch fished about in the water
for a second and t hn adjust d his glass-s.
"All right, I see the roie." ho replied.
He was hauled ashore. There he found
Policeman Synder waiting to arrest him.
Knyder had boen lold that a man had ju-t
attempted suiciil- from the bridge.
There- was no suicidal intent m his tall,
Mr Lvnoh explained He had made a
Sik),imhi real estate doal a dav or mi ago
and why should he want to elio? It was
all an accident, ho told the policeman
Tailored Suits
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of Two-toned Diagonal Cheviots, in
the latest shades, with velvet hand
embroidered collar and cuffs, at
Showing flange on cur wheel which
Movents iridn k-uvinx rail.
the man at the throttle accordingly re
duced The trucks or car wheels have a flange
er runwhich al its thickest pait is not
icier ihan tho breadth of two of your
hngors, unci this is tho margin of safety
'hat keeps a train upon Its course,
riinhi.r thun this tho flange has a total
neiijtit of a trifle over an inch,
"hen the train (inches it is tho reac
lion i)f the force with which I hose flanges
Jim against the inner aide of the track,
l-nlrm hr Armed Inters enllnn hj
1-iMTrra, Think l'onHlnnllniiile.
Special Cabl Vtwiteh to Tnr. Srv.
Constantinople, ot. S. Diplomatic
notion looking toward peace Is being
exerted at the Hulkan capitals, nut tne
chances of success are diminishing.
There Is nractlcally no nope, or avoid
ing war unless nl the last moment the
Powers agree on armed Intervention.
Tho Porte has resolved not to listen to
rofnrm tironoHH s from any quarter or
entertain any Idea of reducing the
forces until the Balkan allies demobilize
their armies and abandon their present
policy. The tension ull uiniiiul Is In
creasing and wur can lie avoided only
by a miracle.
The Sultan, receiving a deputation of
Unionist demonstrating, snld to-day;
"(lod will not permit our fatherland to
be trampled upon by a few enemies.
I am confident that God Is with us, In
whose Keeping we are. (
The Ministry ol marine nus oruereii
that no transfers or sales of Greek and
ii,,irrimi Htcumf-rs can be made to
Turkish or other owners.
Every train that pulla into Adrlanoplc i
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Fur and fur-lined motor apparel
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I CO'.
Value $1.75 Yard. at 1.28
Value $6.50 Yard, at $3.90
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; r uu,U wW,t nA ir.rt colors. Actual Value $1.50 Pair.
rows or emDroicciy, m u.av,
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West Twenty-third and Twenty-second Streets
u 1

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