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ri'iiicMnn Cnplnin Tnkos
I.itsl Year's Vast, Mnkinp
Tubby Avniinlilo.
....,, ,
uh. LIlA li
Emmons Shunted 1o Seconds,
nnil Slew Bilker Joins Vnr
si(y nt flight. Kml.
rr.iNfBTtiM, N. J Oct. 7. A radical
hnketip In I ho first elifvcn marked the
Tlr-er pi.ictife cm t'nlxerrlty Klelil this
iiflcrniMiii. Tin- must Important clnnEC
aiih th" uhlfll ut n' Opt. I'rtiillctcii to
qitniti'i bni'k, This mux-" Ims linn innie
ni Ices enpt-ctnl for wmii lime, II lieltur
the ri'ltilcm is the iniijurlt.v of the Oriiice
nntl Ht:ti'lt M!l''t t-a h Unit Cunnltiuli.ini
'xxiire merely invii'.tlns the i ctttrii nf Ttililiy
Wiiller liefote. pinking Ihe eliHtiKf.
Pernio top nlmijn il.i v il nt hulfliiiek be
fore icuiiIiib here, but the lack of n
cooil nuaiterbiick fur the 1013 freshman
team, cjf which he was captain, innde It
noretinir.v for him to assume that posi
tion In his first seaxon here. The same
conditions fenced hltn to play at quarter
on lust fall's championship eleven, no
that the porltlon Is by no means new to
In past years h has not had as much
oppoitu.-ilty to hlne Individually lit quar
terback iii halfb.ick, but H In expected
that under the now rules the couches will
xve'it; out mine plays which will clvc the
Tier e.ipiiiln iiinple iipptntinilt. to make
t:e of his nun elluus nival and dodging
Tubby Waller was In the lineup for
the tii-t time tills sea'nn, takinc IVnille
lon'K pl.li'e ,it lefl ll.llfb.ic!(. I'tmneitli Went
to quailer on the syinnil ilixcn and Slew
Haker, the miImiipii ter, a put In at
tlctit end on I So varsity. (Iddlf Wluht
was shlftcil to the loft flank, while Hani
Andli'W.i. whose woik Willi llje foiwaid
was one .if the features i f Sntutday's
fniy, ...( kept on the Fide Unci. I'e
Witt, whu ln breii out of the R.'llne blnre
the tlulcers iMttle, lepotted i'P the Held
to-day, but ns out of tiie lineup, b'red
Ttrtil.li'HM IiiMiir bin pl.iee. lie Witt de
voticl ht.c erplin to klcklns. Light
WOlk ClIIH tl.e Older of the il.ey. mevt of
tho time bcln; sport In Mpnil drill anil
the d' elcpinetil of net'.' foiwanl pass
foniiatP-il-. Two new cuehe.e Hirsh.tm
Poo I'f
the fMinotls line of I'llnceton
st. lis of that mill'" nnd Itoss
Shcnield Heie
Hi.. Mrlil .is:stlM eilr
irgular staff.
Tile l'lliiicton followed are expecting
the sittae'I; to h" greatly sttcngtheiied liv
the shift 111 the bi-k Held Wallur Is
both a good line idunger anil ti open
field luuner. nnd Ids addition e.ho wdll
Ineiiiu'c the weight or the team by sev
eial pounds.
Gales closeil fur t'lrst Time for Work
mi eiT Plajs.
CaMCRIPuP. Mas.;. He. T - The gates
to the htadilir.i were i;Iord for the tlrt
t uie this yr.ir tii-i!a. the llaixard vn
sl!y diill'iig Pi cecirt v lule ,1 le-g,' corp
of K:rlstant in inasers ill 1 sl'itl duty.
Ihie v. as no set littuiave, but nftei the
Usual Miuid.iy bla Kli erd l.cl't the jilav
cl's hud ,1 l.ui t.esio:i of oa.'MaT 011 lbelr
llicilvidu.il isi"'!!-!!, nnd iliep linll llnrd
up f.ir a "sI'Hdon" se.-iiomige. dining
which iiutneicus nw plays wet-e tiled.
Tim van.itj tc.ini mil the luibytlintes rp.
gaged In thif. the nerniid team working
out 0.1 Pi" IrefhllHIl 'I'M
The. .IIS bill til" MIMIC l.i.eiip that
slaitiil S.ituiiUj's r,i'i", except that
'Icai was ct lift g-i.ird ln'iced of
I'lls.oll 'le,u;. i. a id-; MImw the
Olielle.i l,l' e Imep Wll.tdlln i loie! .' fi r
a week. II" his b""ii lth l" s'ib"t'
lule taekli". but Ii.iii baiidieil himself
nrll. He Is aethe .Mid looks like mlKhty 1
gneil niiiteibil fo Ihe iu.b Ihi. J
l;-i ap lloli l"bh"f co.nbed lirn st
guard lo-d.iy and rirai;. lock iiold In
Roiwl i.tr.
Iloll.utei had Ids first han.'" at qo.,r
terbn!i to-d.e. g. me In with the rub
stllut's and iinmlng them In a few plays.
Ifolllnter Is idelkng u th handling of
the bill, and the footwork fast and he
will hive a 1 mm.-,. In inn the tc.ini In
'1 g.l'M" H onll as he is ellslble. Sev
rial new i kos w . re worked out tn.el,i
by he . unity tnim 'n .inti'dpatlon of this
."!.' game with illlim
Crack llnlfhnek's Iinnlilrr llnrt noil
tlr Cbii'I i'lny for Some Time-.
Phimpi limim. Oct 7. Ihe announce
mrni lint llarrlncion, the big halfback
who -lyied twice in the llnttysbiirs gain"
for Ihe I nl.eivilv of Penuylvani.i. would
b niuibli' lo pi iv for i-nnin tlmn to come 1 ant
a cIomi;i ener tli football followers, i-ln
were MiipiNnl lo heal this afternoon that
h'e hid "u'alH"d an Injury to his shoulder
llairiirgtou win emo of the beft of the new
hack field plaior and Is now not expected
In start in the ganif against 1'rsinus next
Wrdli"id.n .
S?i nt pr.iclie" feitured the work on
Pranlilln ( I'dd this afternoon and the gates
were to.'d excepting lo the football oftl
Hal. Mike Murphy is l iking iidvaPtago
of tlio ideal TeaHior anil is out evei v after
noon to look the men eixrr "Secret prne.
tie e. no one admitted, read the signs w hledi
wore pot"e ner tho various enirHiices
to I'ripkllii V I r 1 1 1 Men were on duty to
see tli.it no one ranie through the train
Iiil hous? or WelBhlinan Hall who had no
business on the field
roach ndc Smith put the men thtonch
hiird M'rimiii.if't ile.plte th hot weather
Mtpi.il drill and -eriinni'iite look 1111 mof
of the nllemoon's pi irlice. Inn tackling
snd work with the I'nenien, toeether with
punting drill, was lu order Ihe pracllen
will b tli- la' prior to the game with
I'r-lniH. as Po.irb Smith eloea not want his
men 10 "go Male." ilnriug the present hot
spell and lu the faeeof the, manv hard games
pn 1 up i-iiieiiiue 1 no m-ili'li Willi fswaith-
more next is.itiiiil.iy will be another test
lor 1110 lieu anil I Pic.
Ilrnt nntl (inoel Shenrlng Against
Sjrncusr Pause for Light Work.
New Havi.x, ( onu . Ocr 7 Tha Tale
football regulars of the first eleven did not
hove to scrimmage this afternoon because
of Iheir iionil showing againt Syrneiise
and iilo Ppcausn of the extreme, heat for
this lime i, Dm ear, tliu thermometer going
up to mi degrees, ' lie senilis had a thirty
milium MTliiim.iiiii and with Ihe scrubs
weio some id tho ciilierslty Hiihstllulcs,
'Ihe MTiibs lined up again! the thlrel learn
as tollows fiilild 1. left end. Harbison, lefl
tinkle, dorp, et guard. McN'ell, eenlre.
'I li"w , right gii.inl. 1 nrpenler, rlshl tackle.
I'sborn, rigid ciui. I.'dtns, iiiarlerback,
Martin, leli 'i. I'baik. .Madden, h:lf
back: Weisei 1 llbaik, l.ale in tho Hi riiii
iiiiivc nstles . ml llakcr went lu as hair
ba e Is"
I lie third learn put up a tdui ky giiuin and
the e nlx si iilo was a goal from placement
by luii I'i-i'ii 1 1 inn the ilurly yaiil lino alter
n fair l atch
I or Ihe it volar 1 111 Kb Ihcio was eerie hing
In start" and the linemen had work in 1 barg
ing Ihroiiiih. Ilolh 1 apt Spalding and
boiuidi-lcr weie al the e.l,biit llomelfler
did 110 Willi
Ho (ii oil nntl Pa I'nrhln. the great
pl'ini'lm Inllbnek, joined tlio loachliig
sepiad. dairy auchaii, w ho is hem 1 0,11 h
ine.is aoiug to get up a tram of gradiii'lei. 1 11
play the active
fir, Sharpe Sajs Thcj ,Xlost l.rnrn
Fundar.irnlaU Mnny Injorrd.
Ithaca, N. Vl 7,Unlvfrally work
pt majority
njnrlty ol 'Pa football plnp'ra
on the hill until .". o'clock lo-Hny anil only
j a few of them, who personally asked for
It, reirlved any out of door Instruction,
Coaches Iteed and Van Orman looklnc
after lhi ork. Tlio entire, aquad met Ur,
Hhaip" In n ledum room In llockefeller
Mull and for onu hour they sot It Mrnluhl
from the shoulder. Nharpc discussed lirforo
nil of Ihe playeis the defects of each slum It
... up In the Oherlln nme, and then I old them
""'that no mole men xxonlil be taken to the
Ir.iinliiir table until alter the next name
and that no Hrlxaiiccd footlmll and no new
plays oiild be nix-en to lielli them out
until they had mastered fiiniliiinetitnl
prinelpli".. As lliev cniiie out the nlavers
.eenieil urenlly linpresnod with Ihe head
conch's lecture and lunch clnwncat.
' 'I I r B(iiHd phvsiclan's report to-diy
siicineci nun i eirneii s uiisioriiiiies are pinni:
up lntead of illinlnhliliitf. As a nwnlt of
the Ol.cilin LMine It. II. Whyle, rlicht l..ilf
b.ii k, l laid up for 11 few clavs nnd .less
Whyle, centre, is out of the melee for nt
leal a week, the second time this year that
he I. as 1 11 compelled to o on crutches.
('apt. llntlcr'n bad leit may permit him to
play this fk and t'nclrrlilil and Hinder
lire out for tio weeks more. Kyrich.V'rltz
nnd Wllliiuiison nre way off color.
The poor work and poor condition of such
Rood men ns I'.yrlch, O'Connor. Chiimpiilfm
and the Whytcs is the caile of much (.pecu
lation, but tin' coaches prefers not to under
Hand the reason any more than the mumI
1'ortv-slT of Mxtj-elalit Slib-erlbed
I'nr Will ll.irr for Itlch Prlr.
Kntrlos for the pony Milmcilptlon racr,
which will be the feature of the three
day lace meet that Itoslns under the
auspices of the PIplnB Hock Club on .Sat
urday, closeil with forty-six nominations
of the sIxty-elRht brouRht on from the
West In the spring with the Idea of com
petlnc In this novel event. Probably the
largest stake ever put up for ponies will
be distributed to the placce! horses when
the dual li run on October the third
day of the mretlnr:. The purse Is $.",5iu,
of which $3,000 rocs to the winner, 11.250
to the iiecond, J730 to the third anil 30d
to the foul th.
Ho that all may have a fair chance It
has bcn decided lo 11111 the laco In two
sections and a final. On next Saturday
two nice will he held with twenty-thlce
ponies i'IIkIMc to start In each. The first
four In rach of the-e i.ices will qualify for
the t'.nal a week later and on the irsult of
this race the money will be dixldcit.
Anions the owneir. who hive succeeded In
petting their raw ponies Into rnclug condi
tion uie many lcadeis In port, finance
and society, while nil the best amateur
riders In the country have ncccptcil
inountn for the bis event.
When the ponies wcio drawn for No. S
was onldeied to be the pick of the lot,
Hrnr' W. Dull managed to train this one
ami has named It The White Hope. Ap
picprlate nanen lnvo been selected for
the others, the full list of which, with
their ildcrs so f.11 as known, follows:
1 V! '."0.!. C.?.'X.7r
1: i el..--
I llrnr.'u Hull" Thru'liitF lla:r.. M. il. UIMf-'r
T I'rsll Hrownlo . S. W, I bh.
! ""QUcasnns his 1 aiili-a-Unlli!ti..l- S. v.his !e
I reel. Julin-nn 1.. I. H. It..
tjv.inviui krr
xtr.J. V.llunlrn.ninrkHiit t'onicl.
llcrt,orl I.. Pratt .Cond Mcht.
11:1.. I'rstl.
waitrr Koscn. ,w atrhiiil..
Dsvll Pons.. .Sllxrr Kins...
Henry I.. Iloll . Tenc.
.Samuel Wlllcts, . Mule Jack,
.1 P. CnrlMe. .NuinhcrTwcnty
M. I . Srlilff I'hrxrnnc.
rorpi t:. I'li, Tsrtixby
K II. Si hle5 . Jlmrnii..
brlloa .N. Hunch . Pyrcnr
W. limon.
DaMd lions,
llenr I..r.oII
t. 1.. i:vo.
Ci. P. Alpcrs.
llsriy l.r.
C. P.. f.ihy.
K. 11. s.'hl!:.-.
S. W. 1)31
1A27I. .1 1' Klrlln
I. strfn.on.
II '. Phlppv
11.1 .OI)urnc.
li. !c K. till
drr or 11.
'.I .Applrmn
.1. P. IMW
II. xtrtrila.Jr
I. T Mnntsnt
11. S.. 1 flleu .
U PiMdln
.1 P.-.rkcr Klrlin. !l-key Klnn
llrnryW Wrinor.oiil Mncxr. ..
II. C. Phlpp . The- Mutt.
Ilolruwlni; rnrm..lii)rvIiie
I'. I. Moorr.
Xriluir Urliu . Plaslio;..
J 1' Hsl. llnppy
Mrs I. Martin,. Ir.. Shrnclie .
I it'll lentrtlil. bail Nrvee ..
luri'v.V Iwiilrvv limTShnt
I.. P. hltne) Sana Hoy
.'ol.n It Pell lirca-.cdI.lclitnlncJ.lt l'cll.
Mi Xt. H.ji. lirlt-
ibh Plnlo C.K Poek-irll
Ilin'Mtil Philip. 1 leipalotitr. H. l'Mni..
I'll M.i uie ticein c lie"nneTommyS .1 Mh't
.I..I c.rnhari.... Plrinnlo X. H I'lrle.
' l.l.-l. P.. I 1'li.h Si. rt. Il-I.r II It I ....I.
It. Touii-cnd cliirOntyc'liniuT.
Uillr,.r il Ifir l'n
' Pitrtifcev.
W Pus. hlmh.ill Tewsa
II. Iinl.rr
iias. .lr
i t. i . Illlllnr..
Mini linkerion .
1. Mrhnl.r
.1 I Shne
I.lltl- lltc .
Ilroa Inner.
llarr Ti.ekrr
x. IMiurrlnn.
XI. I). Wll.iru-
I M.IVirle
'itniir!ianna Sta Iturinlnrr Itxln
XKre.1 II Mnelay Msllrnntr
I'wil 11 Prsvsih .I'raiollo
P. II arncr.
. .1. Hail.
J oil '1 Turkei
(icorer llullock
1 l.vnllgril
nxy Siionil Is strrngltiriirel.
I X w Pol. Is, Md , Oel. 7 Though eon
i'l"rahlo e'rudene was Imlieatrd b. Hie
-!iowlug of the N'axa' i mlrip" fooilull
iteam against .lohns Hopkins on Ssiiud.n.
1'ierp was generally s.i'i-f'i' iioii tin after
( 1100 11 over the ret 111 n of ei eraleif I hehiioiig
e. 1 men on the veined who had been kept
I out eif the gam" for dllercni reason. ( apt
1 Itodes, who ha-i been aliepi on anoum of
domestie bereuvcnient. wu aciio on the
field, 11 were l.iowii the big glial. I. who
was restricted oi aiount of demerits.
Hone, gunr'l, and Ingrnham. centre wlm
were prevenlcil Irom plavipg by lujuiies.
Cochran and Overe. h are now Ihe ,nlv
siniad men who are noi avail. ible Invi.,
one of ihe best tackle of lat easOli, lis
gixen up football and I dcwitlng hlmef
to rowing 'Ihe i-oai lies look the men
hick to the fundnnient.il to-day nnd used
Hi" time with the tackling diimmyand In
falling on the ball
Amherst Shows XriT Igor.
Amhkhst. Maps., cki 7. Hrnry II.
Hnlib. the formr Yale star, assilined
iharg" of the 'Amhei't football squad
o-day. Ilobb bad been epRagoel to coach
at Amherst thioushout the season, but
biifdme-s duties hud detained hltn. In his
ahsence M. M. llejbeita, 'II, handled tho
hqunrt. With the i-omblned ffortn of
both llnbbs and Hob"rts a good bciu-oii's
iccord I lonke. forward to. Th defeat
of Colgule hns give 11 the men new con
Ildence and they wmked with n vim tn-
Cndrt Tnkp I.'nrnod first.
West Point. N. T.. Oct. 7. There was
no football practice hero to-day, the
Padets resting after Saturday's gam". In
stead the men got a long blackboard talk
by the coaches The coaches are per
fectly satlslleel with the showing of the
soldiers In the Stevens gum". The aniix'a
goal nex-er was lu danger nnd th" team
was not called 011 to extrnd Itself The
men all runic out of the game In perfect
condition. Pructlre will be tosuninl and
piepanitlons begun to-morrow for the
game with Rutg.us next Saturday.
Hrnnn's I'nntrra flrttrr,
Pnnvinr.N'ui:, It. I., Oct. 7 Several of
the, ragulurs were absent from Andrews
I'irld and the good si.od squad which was
out had light practice, 'he, innrlies now
will whip the tram Into shape for the Wes.
leyan game on Saturday. Henry and Ifaz
lelt gave considerable time lo punllng.
'1 Ins department is showing far belter
than last year lenney was out In togs
lor the first time Ibis onr and both hn nnd
1 asey expect to puss off their conditions
and get into Snlnrdny's game. I hey are
easily Hrown'M besl pair of backs,
llniton nnd floylr llnrely llrnlsrel,
A,vn Anion, Mich., Oct. 7. -There v.ns no
scrlmmiiKe for the Michigan varsity to-day,
hut Yost sent the men through a long work
out that lasted till alter dark. Itarlon, who
xvas Injured in a motorcycle accident, is nol
seriously banged up, and will bo able lo get
Into Ihe giimo Saturday As to Doyle, it Is
a euieslloii, as his arm is still very sore but
no noiips aro nroscii. 1 n. morrow tne coach
will mart scrimmages again.
!no thai I l.rsiinr Una (II Tram,
rillCAun, Oel 7 The Chicago Football
Keague, composed of amateur athletic
club elevens, has been reorganized for
this season, with sixly-one different clubs
enrolled, Th leanis will play In divisions
and Ihe winners of each will inert In I lie
final t.erics,
Indian Printline for Kyrni'iiar.
('Anbiru.K, I'a., Oct 7. Tho Carlisle
Indiana put In a strenuous drill this after
noon. TliA work Ini'lllelreei rKrlidses in
correct fumbling and eJaborato forward
pass drills which Ihe In.lans have not yet
used, Tkfweck will be Jevoled to prepara
tions for Hyracuse, I
Visitors OvpironiR Big1 Lend and
Win Spcont! .Mutch by
U Huns.
I'lHLAPKi.riitA, Oct. 7. The Australln
cricketers In-day defeated the all-Philadelphia
team by 4ti runs In the second
International match between the two
teams. The Australians varied their at
tack to-day and used the speedy Mac-
l.nren and the slow puzzling dellxery of
Whltly to splendid advantage. .Man after
man of the local team fell powerless be
fore thu skilful bowling o f these, two
men ftom tho Antipodes.
Starting out with 120 runs .needed and
with eight wdtkets In hand the local crick
eters could only accumulate 81 inns on
a perfect wicket. Twenty of these were
made by thu Inst pair, ntul when the last
wicket fell the Austi iillans got 11 muring
oiutlon for thedr hrenl earned victory and
uphill fUht.
Whi n pliy was reumed this morning
Shnrplc. one of the survlx'ors of Sat
utility, was clean howled by Macl.aren for
two tun. Capt. P. II. Clark of Ihe
Phlladelphlans then Jnlnid J. li. King,
but they were only able to amass six
teen runs when the local skipper was
caught by Carkcck.
S. W. Mifflin followed Clark nnd he
and King ran the score to 20, when Mif
flin was caught by Matthews off Whltty's
bowling. H. A. Kurnefs went In and they
rati the score up to 45 when King hit
one of Whltty's slow ones back Into the
hands of the left hand bowler of the
Australians. W, P. Newhall irplncrd
King, but Kurtiess hit loo latn at one of
.Macl.aien's speedy twltei nnd was
clean bowled without a 1 11:1 being added
tu the score, Hobby Anib'tMin was then
paired with Newhall. hut he too wn clean
bowbd without milling a s'nsl" 11111 to
the si'ote.
V. II. Winter followed Anderson and he
As in
Good cars galore, for '1913, at a low price.
But still, as of old, your eye hunts out the Hupmobile in a motor-crowded street.
Still, as of old, in action or repose, it looms head and shoulders above "the common
Just as distinct, just as different, just as dominant today as tho' a dozen other cars of
did not exist.
Go to your dealer tomorrow and he will show yuu why.
How to judge the true value
of the Hupmobile
Go to your dealer tomorrow aud you will .sec the
latest Hupmohile model standing on the wiles
room floor handsome in its finish of royal black
and ready for the road with every equipment neces
sary for driving comfort.
But we ask you not to let your first favorable im
pression end with your admiration of the graceful
design, the low strong lines, the deep comfortable
upholstery of the long-stroke Hupmobile.
We want you to go deeper into this car to examine
its motor, its transmission and its axle construc
tion; for your good opinion of tho car will surely
increase in proportion to the care with which you
study its parLs.
Hupmobile predominant in its
pulling power
First, last and all the time let us emphasize the pulling
power of this extraordinary car.
For a motor car's ability to get over the road --to make
the grades to haul the load is truthfully defined
by its pulling power and by nothing else.
Hupmobile "20" H. P. Runabout, Fully
Equipped, $750. F. O. B. Detroit.
231 HaiMy St.
360 Main St.
and Netxhnll ran the score tn fifi before
Newhall put hllnaelf out by playing onu
of Whltty's slnilght balls cu tn his own
wicket. Waad. Ihe Prmikfopl bowler, was
Ihe last mini up fuf Philadelphia and lie
and Winter made 10 In rapid order. He
tween theni they ran Ihe f-ce.ro up lo 20
more, quite 11 feat for xniing pliixrrr,
The duiatlon of their stand wan hIioiI
llxed for Whllty clean bowled W11111I a
moment laler for an Individual seme of
13. while Winter culled his I1.1t for 11.
The summary of the score:
AustrslHn I'lr-f Innlnff. 101 runs. Alt Phi's.
delphla I ltt Inning, rn".
U'STHAI.I NH.Sirol)lM.(l.
P. It. Xlawir, b Clink. . M
M. Vebtcr, c V In lr-. h King a
I). Smith, eand li iTirl. . i.x
C. It. Kelloun . b lilr.it. I
S. P. (Irrenry, c HPilor, b c'lirk Jo
T. .1. tattliew. c KPic. b Waid :n
.(l. li nker, e wl.itrr, b If.
xv. c aii.ee", ti Kite....
S. II. i:mcrv. l urnter, b (.'.'nil.
W.J, Whltly. b Aiiilrr"!!..
I. M. Xtaclirea, not out.
Huns nt ihe fall of c.icll w IckeP
3: in ; 11.1 1. vi 1 a: i;i :.'.7
It. M.
King Ill
Clark 111 3
O'.Wi'l .11 0
X soil 71 3
Shsrtites ... a I o
Ne'liall IX o
XldTo. . 13 11
It. W.
M n
.17 11
,t ;
IN' mm;
I l lli.uik. I) hltl .
I". C siiniiHes, b Xlaidjirca
XV. P. O'Neill, b Uhltl.
P. II. Clark, c Parkeek, h M-.rl.irrn.
S. V. Mlirln.e MstlliruK. I) XX liltt. ...
II. A. I'lUlir:.. b M'irl.HCIl . .
XV. P. O'Neill, b WliltW.
It, P. Anderon, b Macl-aien..
C, II. Wlnlrr, not nit
It. xvnail, Jr.. b Miltlj
Total.. . . . .
,11. M.
Xlacl.xren si 4
XX lilitv. s7 i
Maithrw a 11
Itiiii ni Ihe fall of each wl k-l
7 7 7 in :a 4.1 4 P
A match was begun 'elwcen the Aus
tralians and twenty-inn of the Philadel
phia colls. When play ceased' fur the
day the cells weie all out roi 1S7 while
the Australian hi.l Inst tluep xickcls
for ID runs.
its first year so in
Hupmohile "32"
Lonc-strokc motor it'x1.-
Three i-peeds forward
Knclnsrcl xalvcs
Tlirpn liPiiritig crank shaf
Unit power plant
Sl'uliiii; Rpari
Full floating axle
f'cn'.er control
Zt'i'itli oarburotpr
Multiple, eli -c clutch
po-cli marncto
Mnnncto and C'aithaft driven by tilent Coventry Chain
Cliiifsh hamn us 'Imiilni;
i ur
UicIdhciI pane) lioilv
t'nililoiieil Iiu.i -li.u k
aiiyini,' in pin ny mm)
Hupmobilo "20"
..I I 1 1 1 n i i , '
tui WW "
Miijiii'it.v of ImhiHiiiII Sqiinrl
Kn'im-pil in Kvcnt nnd
nnt I'mctisc.
The pageant nl Krnsnuis Hall this week
will take the Inteicst of the whole school
away fiopi roolli.ill nnd the other spoils.
The' p.iueunl will start to-morrow after
noon nnd continue through Thurnlay nf
leriiiiou .md evtbliig, Pild.iy aftcnioon and
evening and Saturday uftcitioon. Almost
thiie.ti'jaiicrs of Ihe foothjill niiad nre
lu the pageant. In facl.'i'sjciday after
noun then were only nhotit llflcen lads
out fur practice and nftcr this aftcnioon
theie will be no more practice for the
wick. ,
'Ihe fact that Ihasmus will have no
gani"s for two xvecks and only two days
in act lei' till week does not look very
1 nciuii.iglns for Hi" I'? W.'t Clinton
giimi' mi ciclober K'.
P.nb Collins, t.icl.li of last eat' Kriis
murt football team, has managed lo gain
the ( on", nl of his fatuity doctor tn al
low bim tu play again, lie had been for
hidden by the sunn doctor lo play this
year on account nf Injutlcs lecclvod dur
ing last rciiHin. Hi will hp a stioug ad
dition to the Irani, as he Is a wonderful
little plaxrr.
Cimiie In lie nt Unit Pari.'.
The Manual Hoys High football game I
on Thanksgiving Day will not be played1
at I'oinmetilal Pleld, us scheduled, but at
the new Hiool;lii bareball field,
Itnlllsiipr In Play riillbnek.
A urw tliid on the Hoys II13I1 fijutball
miuhI Is Itillclsm 1. who rhuxvrd up 10
xx'ill last week that he Is expectcsl to
Touring Car, Fully Equipped, $975.
lOfi-inch whcclbaseifc 32x3 '
inch tires
Quick drtacliahlo rims
Molia r lop with envelope
liffy curtains
These arp the requisites you want in a motor car
in addition to style, comfort and cconomv, all
of which the long-stroke Hupmobile "32" possesses
in a high degree.
Pulling power depends upon six
important factors
First- Kelation of piston stroke to cylinder bore.
Second--Design of the motor.
Third Efficiency of tho carbureter.
Fourth Simplicity of the chassis construction.
Fifth -Degree to which friction is reduced.
Sixth -Weight of tho car.
How the Hupmobile gets
its pulling power
First The stroke is neither too long nor too short
but in ratio to tho bore ns 1.7 is to 1; the mean
average most widely established in European
Second- The cylinders of the motor are cast on
i'lo;: bo valves at the t-ide protected from dut and dirt.
T hree liberal crankshaft lie:ir iti'M :irn nrnvielpil tn nrenlmtn
tho pomibility of undue strain in hat important
Hupmobile "32" Rondotcr, Fully Equip pec), $075. F. O. B. Detroit
lassis mill (peelHuiiiniw lain. ;w Tniiiinc I'nr. IJirce turtle h.ick 1I11M proof cnmrmrl
nl fure.vti.i iiiii'wiiii.i, in,w ami Untwine. 'uhn.ii
Hupmobile "32" Deliver. , Fully Equipped, $950. F.
llm. nnd lioilv iialnteel () k(, ttn, j,,,,,,,,
'Lie I-. hlBli-i'lne.1 linl.Mi Ou k licim lwhh rlnn
.' I l-l ! lll...he( n.. l hot II
I 'vri ii lll j. imik 'miiiniliwM, h Hk mill
(.11 I H'llll !I I K 111. I.I
H. P. Runnbout, Fully Equipped. S750.
ii . -ii'iiiik ceiii, new i nunineiii i in y cipi piicil u l i ton win, I.
,'(",r,l, 1111 l'"l'N. tools .mil born. KnaiUter Hit ini'lin h'n,,'e.
The HRfoFHI CP J a
1709 Broadway, New York
play fullback In next Saturday's game
against Commerce.
Poly Tennis In fall Siring.
The fall tennis tournnment at Poly
Prep now Is In full awing. . Last week's
tesults :
Maxwell defenk-rf Vofel. (1-3. B-Ji "'''.'
ripfratrd neruan, ft- 3. -1.' Thomas defeated
lllnchinan, a -.1. 4 -6, ; 6; Tvrrel defeated Ur
ner, a. 4: St. Hill defeated Mason. 3.
a 4: llelhenbiittel defeated llrondcr by default!
Uwls defeated Ihman, ft-3. 0-3. ,
tinllnuhrr nn ISraamos tiny.
The star fullback of Krasmus Hall In
10)0 and nil Bcholnstlc man, Al anllagher,
Is captaining the Ilenselaer Poly foot
ball team this year In fine style. PriiRer,
nnolher star of Krnsinus that year la
playing tackle on the II. P. 1.
I'rnsiolln'a Ankle flrttrr.
Frascolln, the Stuyx-esant tackle, who
sprained his nnkle In the Stevens (fame
last Saturday was back at school yes
teielay. Kxccptlnir for a cane and n
limp he does not look much the xvorse.
for wear, nnd It Is thought that he will
hnx'e recovered sufliclently to. play In the
Morris gamp on October 26.
Commerce ttnn Scheilnlr Ont,
Mnnnger McCarthy of the High School
of Commerce cross-counti y team has an
nounced Ills schedule. It opens with n
11111 against Mortis High School next Sat
niday morning at Crotona. October 2,
Hrynnt Is met nt Celtic Park, nn Novem
ber 0 n.-irrlnger Is the opponent at Com
mercial, November 23, Clinton will try
It at Collie Park, and on December 6
comes tho championship.
N. V. If. Offers Opportunity.
The New York University football man
agement has arranged to give the New
Vork high ichool elex-ens each one clay
a week practice at Ohio Field. It be
gins to-day with Clinton, WcdnciUay,
Stuyvis.ini. Thursday Commerce, nnd
piobahly Morris cm Friday, This pre
scuta 11 raie opportunity for the fan to
welch the icspectlve merits of the tcami
and fiiiecast which arc coming out on top
in the championship.
F. O. B. Detroit
Rear shock absorber
Trest-o-litp tank
(5ns headlights
Oil fide and tail lamp.n
Tool horn
TrimminR black and nickel
Standard roler, black
herd" of
like price
Third The carburetion is absolutely automatic,
inMiriiiK correct ini.tture at all speeds and under all loads
without adjustment.
Fourth The chassis is clean of every complica
tion. The motor, clutch and transmission are a compact,
veiRht-cavinR unit, permanently itlipned and dispensiiiR with
1-1.11,1.. !nlve.:"'n i'" betxxeon clutch and transmissiein.
I'iftli rnction is reduced to (he limit bv tho
finest domestic and imported ball and roller beariiiRi!; thern
is but one universal joint betxveen transmis;ion aud full
f oatinK rear axle, giving practically straight line, drive nnd
c , 0 ,st P0ts,"'', f)!" motion in the transmission of power.
Sixth -The weight of the car is from two lo
three hundred pound.) under that of most cars of coital
M7.e and grade, which means that much less dead xx eight
to xvaste power. r
Hupmobile parts paps through cue
thousand pairs of hards
From the sculptors in sand who mold the crank
cases nnd cylinder.", to the expert packers who
load the cars on the shipping platform destined
for all part,s of the globe, Hupmobile parts pass
through a thousand pairs of hands.
This means that every stage of Hupmobile con
struction is under the most expert and scrupulous
It means mechanical skill as hiph.lv developed .md
as highly paid as that uced in plants producing
only cars of the highest price.
Is there any more to be srid?
No not very much.
If you will let our dealer drive yo-.i in tips ear and see it.t mo'o
triumph over sand and mud that would stall a ca- of c-dimir -bore
and stroke, you'll need no further demonstration,
In its first year, so in thi.i -th" H immobile, standi abvi'tite'
unique and alone in its price class.
Hupp Motor Car
O. U. Detroit
F. O. P. Detroit
Vandrrhltt Heads Mat With Win In
In French Prix,
Special Calif Dupatehen to Tnr. Sl.f.
Pxnn, Oct. 7. W, K. Vanderbllt's llalleria
carried off premier honors to-day at Saint
Cloudln the I'rljt clu lllen-Allerof i.niKifranca
Tor two-vear-olds. dlslnnio l..'.mi melers.
ICIeven oilier horses ran. Jockey llellhousa
being up 011 tlio American winner.
II. II. Ditrieil's Krlshman ran second
In the Prix rfes llrlsees of B.tKni francs for
tlirpe-vear-olds and upward. The distance
was 2.'noo meters and all horses ran. , Tim
winner of the race was M. Smel s Knlnay.
Mactlee rode Duryea a horse and llelllious
' xvlnner. . . . , - , ,
.Mr. Do Foyer a Tartarln vn first In Ilia
Prix ties Plimeiirs of .1.000 francs for two-vear-olds.
Tho dlslnnco was sno mrlenl
and fourteen horses: started. Jockey Harat
rodo the winner.
NoTTivon am, Pnglsnel, Oct. ". II. P.,
Whitney's Stung. Again ran second to-day
In tho Wcstwood Nuisery Plate handicap
of sou sovereigns tor two-year-olds, xvhleh
was run at the autumn meeting here. The
distance was (lie furlongs and sixteen
other horses ran. The winner of the late
was Lord Wolverton a lllly hv Missel Thrush
out of Bramble Jelly and the third horse
lo finish was James llrennnn's Jocuata.
August lleilmont'a Monotone won Ihe
llufford Abbey Maiden Plate nf in.t soxer
elgns for three-year-olds and upward, die
distance was one mile, unci only two other
horses ran. .1, W. Ijirnach'a Itne.k Muslin
was second and T. Jennings's Wheat Sheaf
w.n third.
Herrmann .Inlel o llnre Permission
to Neaotlnle With Illm.
Club owners have been on the qui rlx
since learning of the probability of Frank
Chance severing his relations xvllh the
Cubs, nnd there Isn't any doubt that
Jhance will he besieged with offers tn
manage as soon ns the owners are privi
leged to talk business with him.
Garry Herrmann, owner of the fteds.
has, according to report, already been in
communication with Chance. Murphy. It
Is said, has given him peimlsslon to n-
I Reflate with Ihe I'lllcngoau. Chance
wouldn't confirm this report when seen
In Chicago, hut ricx'ertheless there Is good
icason to believe that Herrmann Is hot
I on his trail.
Co., - Detroit, Mich.
Hupmobilo "320 Roadster, Fully Equipped,
$975. F. O. B. Detroit.
371 nicomf.etd Av.
W70 BeyUton Su J

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