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Continued Irani I'lvst Papr.
ln the morning. A policeman a".kel her
what she wanted,
"I hare the money bore to buy two
ticket," she replied.
Surely you ore? not roIur to see the
game?" said the copper.
"Yea, I am, air." was the response,
My husband la an Invalid and ran't
stand here all this time."
"But it'a wash diy." remarked the
policeman," and you are neglecting
your home. Besides, you are not treat
ing the baby right Why, you von't
get up to the tie'xet o!flc? for several
houra and you haven't had anything t'
eat. Take my tip and go home." The
woman finally cons?nte.l to leave her
placs after a latecomer had forked over S3.
It made no difference how roughly
the plain clothes men handled undesir
able they refused to Insw the scone of
action. The police In-ipca'or Cleared
Eighth avenue north of l&Stli street three
or four times, but the soeMlnlorV ngent-i
rame back Even the employee of
Harry Stevens, the caterer, took ml
vantage of the fast tint t!uy hold eicial
admission piiste. Manv of them went
back aud forth buying tieUeM with money
that was handed to thunt by the scalper
Piddle Hrannirk, assistant secretary
rt tht N'ew York Basuball Club, who had
been watching the speculator on the
Speedway, took up a position at the main
entrance and hegan sinuling out man
after man who, he deviated, "had been
thers before." These uncles irahtx put
iipa terrific protest, hut they were drugged
unceremoniously from the lino and were
hustled away by the bluecoata, Hian-
nick probably spotted 2.VI of these persons
lefoie the sale of tickets for to-dav's
Crac ended shortly after the noon hour
One of thou ejected returned with a ,
ruight reit cap worn ny me ushers id the
grounds. He waa half way through
the pcrtals when the pchri' leoognl.Ml
him and chased him at top epecil to I.Vitli
street. Mebsenper boys, with order
forsaats, who couldn't (inca suimfueiory
explanation for their iirtHfiife. were tolll
that no tickets would e sold to them.
All sorts of badges and credentials
were used by fans who wanted to beat
the line, hut in a larre majority f raxes
they were turned down Well dreseed
men who s.ild they were "regular intron"
received similir treatniem, but tliov
stood around wiltln fo- witnething to
turn up. In the Hue we-c follow, with
cimp stooK chtir, Imims. crate and
pieces of joist n oldiinmi had a ninall
cot bed upon which he trid to i-lti-p
before sunrise. The "hot dog" aud f md
wich men reaped a golden harvest feed
ing the iTowd. but the supply oon was
exhausted Hungry men piiid others
not in line to hold their place- while they
went to lunch In some cae- the sub
stitutes refold the pvdtiotis before tho
original owner came back
There were scraps here and there when
late arrivals tried to butt inn the long
line, but there wit nnlr one crreet for
disorderly conduct Probably the an
griest farl were tho who were pulled
out of lln accused of being speculators'
ngente when as a matter of fact they were
on the level and had been waiting all
night. One of them actually burst into
tws as he said to Tiik fjl'N man
"I got here at 2 o'clock tliix morning
and I've eaten all but one sandwich, whHi
you see in this newspaper I wouldn't
know a speculator if 1 saw one and I'm
r. regular patron My money is as good
anybody's, yet here f am thrown out
of the lin Worse than that, I'm here
to buy two tickets for my boss and now
f'll loeo my job." A half doen men
"ho had stood near this chap tried to
vouch for him. but thev were ignored.
A copper itrahhwi him by the scruff of
th neck and "moved" him away
The clanging gong of an ambulance
created sone ovcitement The horse was
galloping and the crowd was sure that
somebody had leen hurt Darting up
to the gate, the doctor. In his white duck
uniform, leaped out and hurried in
"What's the matter''" the driver was
"Oh, the doctor want to get a couple
cf tickets for to-morrow" he onsweied.
"Do you want to net in the line?'' asked
a gray coated special of a tall young man
who had worked through the private
gate and stood watching tho slowly mov
ing fans headed for the ticket booth.
"Sure I dol"
Well, slip me a 'tone' and do Just
what I tell you."
The coin was passed ever promptly and
the happy fan was pushed into the line,
the gray coat saying loudly.
"You step In here! When you gel in
side tell Crowley ,who is on the Speedway
gate, that he an't be relieved until 1
o'clock because Keilly is on duty here!"
"I'll tell him!" cried the fan us he moved
up to the 1x51 office ar.d got his tickets.
When the seats for to-day's game were
all sold the gate was closed temporarily
and men walned the length of the line
"Only Thursday and Saturday tickets
Ifi "
A few persons, disappointed, left the
line, but the others stuck like glue. It
was after 1 o'clock when the soldiers and
sailors, who bad been Invited to see the
(Hants and Highlanders play, began to
arrivo in Eighth avenue. They were told
to go back to the Speedwuy doors and
aa uiey paasflu in waning cwwa tnoy
ware good naturedly ionhed, Tim Hebrew
Orphan Asylum band marched up play
urpnau Asylum uatul marched up play
ing martial music and the weary funs
cheered. The little fellows were, allowed
lo pass in at the private gnte and eeverni
speculators, one of whom said he was
itie "lesder of iho band " followed them.
Another cheer greeted the tip that
lersone buying tiokuts could lemain iu
the grandstand and .ee the exhibition
game. Ihat was getting homething for
nothing with a venfteauce anfl hundreds,
after passing the stiles, rushed for choice
vantage points.
While no official figure, were announced
it was said that at least 4,000 tickets at
$3 each were sold for to-day's gamo,
lesB than 3,000 persons securing them
At this rate it was estimated that several
thousands of fans waited In vain, for
the supply for the other games was ex
hausted before they reached tho booth.
In all about 13,000 tiokets were sold in
nine hours.
Inspector Swrcny Will Knfnrcr
Ilnles on Autos nnd Ticket Dnrn,
The Police Department has made elab
orate arrangements to handle the crowd
outside the Polo Grounds to-day. In
spector Sweeney will be In command of
100 traffic men on foot and ten mounted
men In Eighth avenue north of 153th
atreet, while twenty patrolmen will be
on duty on the Speedway. The pollen
will get busy at 6 A. M although orders
for a smaller force to take charge at i:
o'clock last night were Issued yesterday.
The surface cars will be unloaded at
1815th street and allowed to go empty to
the twitch three blocks further north,
Autnmobllei will be stopped also at
ltth street and must be parked east
and west of Eighth avenue, so that after
the game the machines east of thnt
thoroughfare will proceed down Seventh
avenue, while those to the west must
ute Bradhurst avenue. In that way
Eighth avenue will be left for the ex
clusive us of the surface earn and per
sons on foot. Automobiles also will have
parking apace on the Speedway as far
north aa High Bridge.
Xlgnt tienet bootht en the surface
wlU opened at o'clock., pellc
I i on it In Line Wltlilti n lllock of the
will form the crowd Into egh' ne.
which will be Kept movlnc - lotiu ns
neressrv When the sale slackens
some of the Mirfai-e cars w-1 be un-
, . . .
loaded nt the main entrance, but not lie-
fore. The police will have dead line
drawn on the "I." railroad station pint-
form which eannnt he passed w hile the
covered runway to the upper ticket of -
flcrs Is crowded. Persons' holding n-
served scat tickets will not be admitted
at the Hlghth ateuue doors, but must
. . .v, c ..,.. Tk ,.
go to the bpeedway entrance. The po-
lice will be on hand to direct I. pas-
senuers to the Viaduct In l.l.'th street.
I Is expected that SO.OuQ persons will
cather before Z o'clock noon, hut there i
will be not iure than 30.50" unreserved
tickets on sale- 17.000 in the lower
Brand stand at 2 each and 13.500 In the
open bleachers at il each. The Na
tional Commission announced nualn yes
terday that only one ticket would be
sold to earn person and tn.it ine pur
chaser must at once puss through the
turnstile There will be no return checks I
nnd a nerson who Is compelled to leave
the cround cannot return untess he
buys another ticket. All told nearly
40 ooo persons probably will see tho
game If the weather is stormy the
game will be played to-morrow and each ,
holde-of a tkket will use the rain che ;
arached. .
Oill rtnetnntr Between to to n anil
III to 7. With HrMlnu llrlsU.
P.ettlng In Wall Street on the world's
series became livelier yesterday. In
the morning considerable Hoston money
appeared and was plactd nt odds of
10 to 0 on the Hed Hox. More Boston i
1" to ;i on tne ueo fox. .More nosmn i
closing quotation of 10 to 7. .
U'lmn flirt iviiirl.'rtf ! w r il nisn!ntnFi
arrived In the financial district with 0",cU, ' Kl mt M- the stir and hubbub will be reached this
reserved seats for to-day's game. In i The National Baseball Commission I wee.
several Instances I3.", was rvild for two ' B. B. Johnson. August Herrmann and j Tne Giants took their final propara-tlcket-.
but the prevailing tariff wis T. .1. Lynch held the usual meeting I yesterday in the way of an exhlbl
US nt , to' o, K. arrangements for the big games tlon game with the Highlanders. The
At uptown sportlnu resorts last night ' nt the Waldorf-Astoria yesterday. me served to kneud out the last kinks,
gnmblers IhUI 3 to 5 ngalnst the Hos-1 Secretary John A. Heydler made a , to keep arms and logs and general con
tons, but there wasn't n Hood of Giant ' report that seemed to be highly satis- dltlon up to requirements, to complete
mrme j fuctory. It was a source of gratlflca- the tuning up process. The team Is in
tlon to learn that the flirht aralnst the the best of condition. There is nothing
Huston's ' li li-1 ceetus liMltatlnn
I mm (intlinm's i.eentle.
Boston. Oct 7 About nil the bi'pbri'l
fans here who hae the tlr.,e and the
.price, with the exception of Mayor Fitz
gerald, nre on the way to New York to
witness the opening game of the world's
series to-morrow afternoon. The Mayor
leaves at midnight nnd will sit In Mayor
Gaynors box. Hobert Adams6n, etc
retary to Mayor Gaynor. sent a despatch ; T?aZ'r , 'u"Bua". " "
' , t.-i..,.,.i,i , u,, 1 his American League champion Red Box
, .J 1121 fhe ,h f :,.,?v ,Bv " ttt their final tuning up b.fors going to
to s t beside tho chief executive of New Vew V(,rlc to .grapple with the Oiants to
1 ork city nnd 'see the Giants beat the 1 morrow for ,he world's title. From P.i.
Hed hox, . MoAlear down through Manager
Boston's Mayor replied that he would 'stahl and the players to JIasoot Jerry Mo
be pleased to uccept the courtesy and I Carthy confidence of victory was supreme
added a few words indicating that while I to-day.
ho renlUejl he was going to vlrtt the
greatest city In the country and where mound, was on edge and In great shape,
they. had tho best team In the National i Trainer Joe Quirk declared the 'rest of 'em
Leaeue he was oultc confident that the fe J't as ood," Every Pltoner got a
i.eaKi e, ne was quite coniiaen; mat xne nin(, to.01y and toward the end of the
American League champions from his , pnotlce Htihl replaced the regulars with
own village would come home wdth a 1 their respective understudies,
.enir, innBitn nt tVinir imitu The squsd left on the 1 o'oloek train th Is
scalp dangling at their belts. 'afternoon for NtwYork. acoompanled by
The Hed Sox left at 1 o'clock this ths greatest orowd of rooters that ever
afternoon, accompanied by a few faith- (."'('lfl. ,,0,"0n ,fam lnt0 'he enemy's
fill ones. The local players nr. con-' provem-nta t0 Fenway Psrk have bten
lldcnt of victory to-morrow nnd In tho completed and everythlnals In readiness for
series. About 500 fans saw the team off. 1 ,hrrre,u,rn r"11"9 "re,on "et,1e".(,,,5
r,.,j ,... ,,.,, ,,,, v'. t n I Th finer award of reserved tiokets was
Word was wired back from New I.on-1 mvle this afternoon. Hale of unreitrvsd
don that Charlie Hall, the relief twlrler seats will start at Fenway Park Wednesday
of thn lied Sox squad, Imd a severe cold I morning at e o'clock.
and would not he able to participate In 1
the first two games and possibly not I Antos nrndg for Jake and Trls.
an of them.
Gov. loss made a speech nt Now Lon-
don, wishing the Bed Hnx gooil luck.
Tho Naval Brigade Band uccompanlcd
tly rooters, leaving h
"Tessle." the war song
Pittsburg series In 1003, w'll be heard
to-morrow on the I'olo Grounds,
The Boston fans will carry smnll flags
and ride to the Polo Grounds In nuto
nmhllps. Illchnrd Kleld, the Mayor's
conndentlal secretury, Is In churgo of
the party.
I-'nllmvIng Is the lexT of the desnatches
between Mayor r'Uzgcmld nnd Mayor!
tinynor s secretary
"yoti. J ' ntuvfmUl
"-. IJ . . . n.A-u m
.The M.yor aifc. if ',ou I will 'glveblr.
I'olo Grounds Hntrnnrr nt 7 A. l.
f the pleasure of aittlng in his bot tomor
,"' o wltneM the defeat of the Red.
I Mx b' ?'"n,'t
... y ,h Vrflnn-
Mayor Htzgerald sent the following
. )lo Wiuiam j 0nVnor'.
ClTr tjaLi Naw Torv,,
i ..It n.m glve mr plrasure to b your
lsmst as the Hfrt Sox beeln their onward
' march to the world's championship and
, to congratulate ou upon the fact that
, vou,r elt'- V" VfV1 . '1 ' I ?,n.nVZ
Hmi possesslnp the but baseball team
, ln tho Nntlon(ll ,RUf, t0 hav ,hf
distinguished honor of adding to the glory
0r the best city In the world and to the
laurel9of the 'finest ball team ever or-
"John F. rtTMESAtc, Mayor."
Alt the Men Are Fit nnd neadr for a
Hard Diamond Battle.
In splendid Physical condition and
confident of victory, the Red Box ar-
rived here from Hoston at 6 o'clock
Inst evening nnd went to Bretton Hall,!
HUhty-slxth street and Broadway, r
Manager 8tnhl refused to comment on ;
o-day's game except to say that his
men were lit and ready for a hard
Stahl also declined to say whether
Joe Wood had been selected to pitch
against the Giants this afternoon, but
its an even bet that the great noxman
will go to the mound.
McGraw was equally mysterious last
nignt, though nis friends stated that i
Inthcwson would be the man of the
hour when the battle begins thlt af-
v ' ,: r
Arrangements for Series Get
v;Ma hd h" "w-f
I !
Umpires Kltm, BJgler, O'Loughlln
and Kvans received final Instructions
from the commission.
Ilnnrd Train Fall of Confldrncr
Wood Warm Vp in Great Shape.
Bono, Oct 7, Behind closed gates at
jjoston, Oot. 7.-Tho autom oblle as a
; pre.ent from looal fans to Manager Jske
' Rtnhl of the rted Box has been purchased
by the committee and Is ready for presen
hum nt 5 o'clock, tatlon to him Just before the opening Itos
iu nt th tinotnn Ion ituine of the world s nsrlsi on Wednns
. f.. . n1FlnR', day At the sime t me Trls Hpetker will
. receive the automobile awarded to hi m
for nil around emcienoy in the American
I.emuo season
Hundred Wires In Polo flroands.
(Mora hiimlred tclegraplfwlres have been
stniiui Into the press hoi at the PoloOrounds
for use of the newspaper men reporting
the same., In some rases as many ss three
different running stories from as manr
different reporter will be sent ever a tincle
w iro, innuina in inn mini nimosi ii ri nunured
separste accounts of the gamo. tetn
through a many different pairt of ere.
Oiants nnrt Hod Sox ITnvo ThHr
Final rropurntlon for
World's Scrips.
The Linpuj) for To-rlay and How
tho Hlttinp Strength
Is Arranged.
The hour has arrived. The clash be
tween the best two teams in the realm
ot baJebn11 begins this afternoon, the
long awaited clash between the Giants,
who won the National League cham-
p'.nnshlp, and the Bostons, wno won the
American' League championship. Every
world's series between tha respective
pennant winners takes on additional
glamour, hurrah and Interest, and at 2
o'clock this afternoon a: the Polo
Grounds the first test of strength be-
Irween the diamond rivals
' place.
will take
For more than a week the two con-
tendln clubs have been pointing for
th .eri whtrh hmrins to.dsv. nd for
(more than a month the country's le-
i v -
Btuiia ui unsci'nu cikiiiuoiaaiR nuvo uucil
peclally they have been on edge with
anticipation, and the culmination of all
morn to dc nsKea icr on mat score,
Physically the Giants are ready to play
their best gamo.
The playing oj the Giants since they
won the pennant has been for the most
part Just sufficiently spry to keep them
fit and to bring them up to the world's
series eager for the battle and In shapo
to play th'lr best game. The New York
players are more confident than the
betting indicates the reneral public
teems to be regarding their chances of
victory. The fact that they ore the long
shots means nothing to them, They
count on themselves to pull through to
success, and the greater reputation of
the Hed Sox and the fact that the lat
ter are undoubtedly a formidable team
cutt no figure with them. When they're
playing their belt the Oiants believe
they have an even chance with the beat
team living, and they don't see any rea
son why they shouldn't play their boat
right now.
If the Oiants are nervous they aren't
showing It Thoy wore ln sotno trying
situations when winning tho pennant,
hut their equanimity wat undisturbed,
and that Is their bearing now, They
have, been going along rpiletly during
the flutter of tho lust fow days, un -
demonstrative they are not a demon
strative team but nono the less cog
nisant of tho demands of the occasion.
With a manager who haa been Id two
world's series and players who have
been In one the Oiants have approached
the big test thla year with no unduo
mental excitement. They are seasoned
to conditions of that sort and have had
enough experience to glvn them ho
proper poise for tha fray. They are not
lltJilv In Km ha ...an. tha. th.u .imn't
be keyed up for tho work, nor, on the "'V"""" "i1",
ntv,.. h .,,( ir. . ,,', , was sent to the various high school prln-
other hand, in a state of duster tha , . b ,h v York National League
will make them overrager. They will officials to the effect that the schoolboys
strike the happy meun If they benefit were to he the truesta of the tlltnts as well
bv rxnerinnoa I tlin soldiers iind sailors,
il i . in .u ,.. .u. I Al fpothal practice was called off aud the
The Oiants will take thn field this only team to stand firm was the Hrysnt
afternoon as they have lined up a greater cross country Tt'nners, They are bo badly
part of the , .eason. The only doubtful ft 'ZVt'or
position It the mound, and last evening oiluiiml chedule for the day. 'Oi re
McOraw was ns aphlnxllke ns to hla In-' ntalnder of the Long Island t lty school
t.niinnK i thmt r.wtrA h. v,.u h..n marched Bcrcs-t the Queenboro bridge
tentions In that regard as he has been ann continued on, with colors firing, To
all along. He wouldn't aay whether it i Ninth avenue. Patting the Hoard of
would be Mathewson, Marquard or Tes- Education Building they cheered lustily
reau, and if ht has decided which out of j SuiUaiakiia Uar'wtrt mtt br k
Seen nt 4 o'CIoeK ip Aiier-
iiiinn, the Crowd Still Stormed the
(intes. Mnny Thonsnnds of Intend
ing Ptirclinaert Were Turned A war.
the three he will use there Isn't another
mnn who knows.
"I will say. though," said Mcflraw
yesterday, "that these three pitchers arc.
in the best of condition, Ka.ch la ready
lo pitch to the limit of whatever ability
he has. The whole team Is prepared to
play to tho limit of what It Is capable,
Whether that will be good enough to
win I can't say. Whatever happens
there aren't any existing reasons for
The, manager said he would use De
vore In left field and that hla batting
order would be as it bos been nil sea
son. The (Hants are going Into this se
ries as they would Into any herd series,
but with a full realization of all it means,
The last day's practice of the Bed
Sox was on the'r own field In Boston
and It was a thorough limbering up.
The players wrnt about thslr work In
n snappy and care free manner, and
It must be said for the Bed Sox that
they aren't Worrying. Whether they
will have thn same easy confidence
when they take the field thla afternoon
Is. another question, but the chances
nrc that they will be as cool as their
opponents. They may be cooler, you
can't tell, but any nervousness In the
players on either ridft will wear off at
soon aa the tension of the opening mo.
ments has passed away. .Sometime
.this undue nervousness lasts through
''out an entire game, nnd It happens that
the first game of n world's aeries It
not the equal of the succeeding one
ln the, grade of ball played. The first
Rame la more llltely tjinn any of the
others to be decided by slips and blun
ders. N
The Boston players arrived here last
night and went to a hotel In upper
Broadway, far' from the racket nnd
glitter of the Tenderloin. They wanted
a quiet night. They were brim full
of confidence. Few teams have beaten
them In n series this year, and they
don't believe the Oiants can do It. Thoy
don'tj underrate the New Torks, but
theyehare the prevailing Boston belief
that the series won't go over five games.
Not that they expect any one game
to be easy; they are prepared to fight
hard in every one, but they do believe
they are Just enough superior to win
four out of five games, no matter how
Beginning the contests at 2 o'clock
means different conditions as to light
and shadows than have prevailed nnd
enough llht throughout the games for
fielders nnd batters not to be hand!
capped. As the first game li on Nn-
lonal League grounds tho arrangement
of umpires probably will be Idem be
hind the hat, O'Loughlln on the bases
and Rlgler and Evans In the outfield.
The umpires will be shifted about dur
ing the series, so that each will have
heen In all the positions.
The teamt will bat as follows:
Hooper, rf.
Yerkee, 3b.
Speaker, ef.
Lewis, If.
Gardner, tb.
Stahl, lb.
Wagner, it.
Cady or Carrlgan. o.
I Devore.lf .
( Pnvle ?h.
i ' 1
Merklo, lb.
Herzog, 8b.
Meyers, o.
Fletcher, ss.
Kach team has a Cast man leading
UK Both nrc fast getting to flrtt
biiBe, with Hooper the more slaahlnf
hitter of the two. In second place the
Hed Sox have a good sacrifice hitter,
whereas the Glantt have a hard and
timely hitter and a player better aulttd
to bat the leadoff man forward, pro
vided ho reaches first, by a base hit
than the Boston man.
Bntting third for Boston It the brill
lain Speaker, a much harder hitter than
Snodgrass, but one no better adapted
to cooperation ln Inside play and no
as good a waiter. Batting fourth
Murray and Lewis are men who are
both long distance hitters, and who
have both served thalr teamt wall this
aeason In timely hitting and cleaning
up the baaet. Right behind Murray
comet another long and powerful hitter
In Merkle, to that on the Oiants two
men of this type are bunyhtd in tha
batting order. Gardner, who pairs with
Merkle, Isn't as good a dlstano hitter,
but quite at dangerout and less given
to striking out.
As a boundary hitter Btahl excels
Hcrjsog with a good deal to spare, but
Herxog haa delivered many a tailing
blow In an emergency and Is a batter
man on the bases than Jake. Meyers
nnd Wagner both hit well ln ptnehos,
but Meyers makes considerably more
hits than Wagner. The Chief Is as
' B01 a hitter with men on bases as
: thore In baseball. Fletcher Is a vart
able quantity at the bat, but Is paired
off with the Dotton catcher and is
Just ns likely as the latter to be useful
In the eighth niche, I
rraetlrr Called Oft and All Do to
Glnnts-lllgnlandrra Game.
Rchool Hthletlos suffered an afternoon of
. Altman & (En.
LINGERIE BLOUSES AT $1.25, 1.90 & 3.50
B. Altituni & (!In.
PRUNELLAS ... 1.00 & 1.50
serges , , . . n 75c. to 2.00
CASHMERES ... 75c, TO 1.50
CHEVIOTS . . 3 1.25 TO 2.00
Jtfllj Awtinf, 3411) arih
' Important Announcement J
A Sale Extraordinary
The First General Sale of the
Fall Season of 1912
will be held on
i: Wednesday Thursday Friday
o Oct. 9th, Oct. 10th, Oct. nth !!
Full Details Will Be Given
i m
ttudtnts of Commoree end Clinton and the
combination threatened to block the "L" for
a while. At the game Btuyyettnt wat tho
oniT tenooi tnai oaeerea tor tne High-
lanaera, All tne otnert we:
the National Laaaue ehamoli
.atrs, Ail tne otnert were strong for
lonal League enamptont
tat announetmtnt of the
Upon tat announcement of the Invitation
s to
a outturn ox locnnioaiiiT arote at t(
: tocnmoaiitr arose st to who
interested in athletlct. The
were those interested in athletlct.
ojci was tnpse noi
1 noie noiaing Atmeiia Atso
1, Ibe thing to be done t
mbert of the A, A. 'J'wenty
tents vnatever tht nrtAA h
and fifty, cents whatever the
U.UVIV . ..v . V.' , . " . vuv . .
. , i
pened to bebegan to pour Into the coffers
tiqv imp-
of ptpverbltl hard up llnancltl bureaus
nanrlAl hllraallfi nf
the various schools, and so it continued
! throughout, the .morning. It resulted
the happy faot that every association had
increased Its members any where from a
i iw 10 aw per cc ni,
tubtrculetls .xhibltlon
hoolt got a half holiday
Aerer since in
ln lBSt. when the
ever since the
off to hear lecture! and view the exhibit.
have the boyt been permitted to leave
lonooi earner tnan the scheduled time
except on regular holidays, Vestnrday they
tonooi earlier than. the
left tt I :.t o'clock to tee tomi
bova. llklna. The hora had
.mint more to
an afternoon
of fun they will not forget for some time,
IborbeM Will Mitt Rerlet.
PgiLAPiLrnu, Oct. 7, "My only regret
over being laid up It that It hat to come a
thie tlmt, so that I mutt miss the world's
series, " laid Jamee J, Corbett, former
heavyweight champion of the world, en
hit bed at Jefferson Hospital, whtre at It
recovering from hit operation for appen
dicitis. "I am going to get well now, 1
know, nut I tm broken uo over not having
thlt trouble come either sooner than it
did to that I could be oyer with It, or later,
so that I could be at the blg.aamea. But
they're going to bring me ill the MMra
35tJj btrtttt, Sfaa fxi.
in This Evening's Papers.
Oenrtal Admlaalon geekert TVnmlier
Onr 1(10 at Mldnlsrht.
Tha chilling wind that whistled over
home a lot of persons who otherwise
would have got in line Inst nlgHt to await
the opening of the doors to-day As it
was there were about 150 shivering oul
In line nt midnight to watt for the bic
! hour of 9 this morning, when tho bm offlci1
! d Bal,a ' Be"erttl admMon
tc the world n aeries begins,
Only one ticket will be sold to a per
son, and after it is bought be must
pats on Immediately Into the ground
The tickets on sale will be the I: ones t1
the lower tier of the grand stand and
the fl ones admitting the holder to a
teat In the bleachers.
The first to .arrive wat Charlet CMIleu
of 31)10 Eighth avenue, who said that hn
was going to tee the game if he had to
ait there until doomsday, b'geo. Behind
him were two oolored ball players and
further down tha Una was a woman with
hsr two shivering sons. There wat an
other woman, a young one and pretty,
who leaned on tha arm of her escort
Plenty of snail boys who will try to tell
thslr positions later on wars ln the line
Fiftesn policemen under Beret. BUohfel
Sullivan of th West lUd t$tfldi"
sUttos oams orsr to kssp order
, -tg

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