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'4 5
A Cn.p nf First Beins Lost nn
Vice Vorsn In Gntno for
the iiilors.
Xiitionnl League Loailprs li
nble to lilt Him Dignl.
tnrk's Look On.
Free baseball nt the Polo Gp
jcslcrdny nilod In the dny botWct ttiu
end of the prnnunt season and thePon
Ins of the world's scries. The lants
taehleil the Highlanders) and ! tall
niht of the Amerluin .eiiR "-'"t
neir fellow townsmen, the JlmUs,
. Iiiiinplona of thu .National Icn?u ' a
Mule .if -I to J.
Tile it.ime Itfflf was of the tilli'l "'-'It
!iu n exhibition eontestH kcih'.1' are
1 it lt settliiK wan nnlue. It wp'aycJ
at a compliment to tho salln. ot l,le
war lleet. They were Invited stx. but
'hey weren't the only ones f-'sent by
a Rood iltal. Various school' tne city
had been Invited and tin horde of
pi iiooii'ojs Knelled the Jntlctnluneo
niuhtliy. Then- were nliou'2."01 J'reJ
ent In all nnd the pal of color
1 iulii np various section Wnnt with
ntfn-n'-wnrsmcn, inarli'- uniformed
c. i in boys, navy olllecff" f"ll recallr.
.1 i i ai.k batted dlunltar" t was a pie
' rrMiue nsirinblHKe.
tlml;-nl OMerlmn, Harry of the
arm .Mayor tJaynuc1"" l'ollce Com
ivinnir Waldo imposed one box
imr'j Mathewson. ,toyern and other
i I nrs. as well as M plain ball play
ftf strolled up at v'loim times and ox-
rhnnseil the cnmrnclll ' lnc l'n' !
with the Mayor.
The J.icklcs nnrrrmrlnes were scat
tered all over t; stands and didn't
make much noire The schoolboys sup
piled the noise, hey flocked down the
Speedway nppro'h to the entrance In
pinning droves id piled Into the stand ,
pell mell. IMP the came was over
they were too reclpltous In their pell
mell While lie Inst man was at
bat In Hie nlr Innlni: a thousand or
mor of thenriirhed out on the field.
They crowded round the diamond, with
nobody to ho them In check, and shut
off the outriders from the Inflelders.
There was rboily to drive them nway
and the laffatter went out on a lly lilt
vor their 'ends to Hoy Hartzell In
cntre n!d
McGraw'artrd his resular team with
OoulaH plblnsnnd Hartley behind the
bit. but iM a clrinae in every other to-nlsht to bear him. The Governoi
pe5lil"n. Keept third base, before the was the Kuest of the Denver I'-ess Club
came 'iiifr The Hlshlandcrs didn't befme his speech. At the Auditorium
iio ib full strenirth out, but had to-nlKht. referrlnK to tly niana!;ers of
I!us?eii j'rd .n the box, end Itussoll was the sreat corporation Interests be said:
ton mu fir the Glims. The latter t Thr Rcntlrmen ato o IntcrLir.-.l in
made 're bits ami t"o runs In the dlieciurates of bunks and inllroads
irst ln'l- but cou'd do imthlnc with:1""1 "Unlni; eoinpanles mid m.ii.ufHcturlni:
lird !" thii
.onlalt Mas rapped ,
r..i"l the ll'lltoppers, but Ames
was t. e.
MirjllT. who pla.ed a clever all
srr-ui -nine, heli-d I'onlalt for a twr
bar?" in tbe flrt Innliic and scored on
an .y and . Mi y Stump. The Giants
-.it tfiipd v 'ri two runs on singles by
'r.-t'f and l"ile and . hlsli throw by
MrT'lnn I'rnm that on the Gianls
iiyp'l as If ihPlr thought) had pone
t'i to-day
.1 Ik.ff winser) p three baccer to left
l :be second lu.i ns and fetched two
nns ,u r if.-" Then who scored on the
t rile were Sneeney nntl Kord. Sweeney
I 'I walked ami Kurd had slncled. Dan
' - made the Inst run. He was hit In
- (If h innltiK. went o third when
I'ait chnw wild to cjtch him naii-
t -ic and came .n on a
.-, ' f I ., ,.l.,...,..,. ... .v.-
mr. .. . i 1 i. t
.M ' i i I'm 1 1 ni i"i riniiti 1 1 in i in i
i. .-..i. i.-i-.i . i .
and when it i.'inie down io the fag end
if the baiting order, hatteMn Fletcher's
a ting oriler. batteun ! lctchor s . f M11,,,,S1P(1 ,nf.,r pp-cnmlnance ,,vcr us.
lie batted out of order, for lie i ,HI1K to some of my newspaper 1
hae hit last aid Ames In-cnmiMnlnns a little while ago that It ,
r' elnna Vl,,lv '.,n Ih. Onlrfll ,. ,. . t mil I l 1 ninl.l ,lr,.n- u nl. I
'lei lior's stead. Nobody "on the tleld
m'l. eil 'he mistrke. nr if mmebody did
e wafnt suillcUntl conceited to call
"entlnn to It. The score:'
Nru Mint; . m:w yiiik i.v. t.)
lb r h v h e nb r h p s e
MMii C.r.h .1 1 : 3 :i 11 lienrr.lf,: I 1 n n o
'lieu It .11110 ii lirn.lf.. 2 o n 0 0 n
'urtrfli.ft lots r, (i nmlfb.,: I I o I n
"' irp.:b 3 o i .1 n I iiiifer.:b 5 n n n 2 n
M Millnn.v. 3 n : ; i ,sni)r' r.2 onto n
' eii.iri 4 o l (in nreurr.rr ; o o 1 n o
I ij n l o o '.nirrst.ir: o n i n o
3 1 ii : 0 M'Cnr'k.rtt II 1 : n o
' .e'iri .i;
..-1 p
0 1 OiMrruie.lD.i n o s i n
-- nnb't'n.lh! n n . o I
.7 2illrrrnc.3h il 1 ' 1 n
Ifiulley.c J n 1 in 2 (i ,
(iii'iWt.ii li on t 2 o I progrnmme n regards tho regulation of
iM'jrrs .1 o (i o n nl t1(. trusts. My point is that these, gentle
Arac.p n n o nj m(1-n jivr, grown up in the ntmosphero of
, i I. in ThL,fteiiHnnin'I' " , t he things Uiut they themselves have
dull In thr ilttHnnlnu. . ... ,.' . , .,,
X I.
II O 1 (I 11 0 0 A
Wt.'Vl. ' ; n n a nn n o n -2
YrI..V'r,.2n 7;"'pnh;VVONV:iMVrk,,,A 1
i -.f i.r' i.v. i.i. n. i irt tainn t.ails (ift
I"-I 1 nn (inulnlt. 1. htriiiUnui .C roril. I hv
tVjJ'-'RM- ';u;ete.U.r,,1;
ii m. Md ermieK. sinltwc ii MrMiiMn
ruses I unlets, htunm II b nln he I 1
h I I, ml ml lllillirlsl. Ill A t s iMmnlll. I
Me- i if i,ciilit. 7 111 .'. Imilnirs niAme.. I In I
InMii?. I inplrr In chief i:win. Hi! umpire
h tunc 1 hniir .intt 15 minute
f ninllilnle Sees Dsnince Icl'nllanilps
nml Cniniiirnti on't.
ii-insT aw. .. i.. uci -.-wKC.r
, "" ' ii .'..e. ivestcrdav that Col. Itooseveit would
diMicater r.f A-tMnator nnd,, j, of 1P ,f (lefealBd
I i ei nk liaveniiorl. cundidai for I. eu- . .. ... . . .. .
ii.'in -(.i.vi'itioi , made thotrip here
. . ...
tu in S'vack iu the fast motorxiut Mnri
" i i i w iied ami run by : Uunlup,
1..I nf tho Rockland Cijnty I'io-
glSI'. U'llgllH.
i nn svians party whs in tod for only
a1 nil. i en minutes but lookMirt in a
l ade, beard a bit of a bid concert
.ni'l iln. i niid'duto ctidisl up wti ft speech
I'fl'irc a leg crowd iu l ho Urverstrnw
t "LI llmiso.
Mi Straus said thrtl lie M noticed
1 " M. way up in Ihe molor lt tliat llm
I'ah-adi's had boen badly dnageil by
"i'- trap inck liln,-ting. Tin i would bo
ii" limn, of ibis, lie dt'olaro when he
.l I'lectisl. Ho icfl.'l'lisl IllilO SUllO
".ide uo i-it inn and hi id lli'he would
pc it thai the pniKiilioii Isissl-s in
l.ii.i.ieiK wasn't kept tho wv il is at
' "-'tu lie declared liimho l" con
'leii nf election ami wiverttitni's said
heti I am Gumtiioi'" and t "if I ntu
1 m rrmt "
NM..S l ltOM Till: TtXfiltM'll
1 I i an! llsri, . s s 1 1 1 e r nf i .autninolille
I. miMtiY mi lliiiral", w' klllrit and
i . Millf mis llijllleil Wll Ihe Hill".
' "ii ' in "ii.li thiv vpr Him iiirnul
'' -ni el, in lili a fiiera nicua
'sr lla'iilmrE "!ileril.iy. ( .
Mhr WsrimrU H rsis iilillf rhllailal
Ii 4 Tin hM in II 100 lull ilri4) afifr
" nmlifr hail n.iiiHil 'hat i Smiiis man
"if i nr'-.l 'n kill hi tr. falhrr.
i"f'lir lnrr and liroihT-lr! by placing
1' i.ne m ihelr aiifirsr. ,
A nm rrt of the b'jilnf aactlan nf lh
v .sc. of l'inrllp)' bako. N. 'aa rtctroyfil
bv firs Sunrlav nlhi TS.II la aatlniatf1
at 110,000, Tha aupply of tar KM Jtudt-
ISte , :
mixsk.l OsterKkAII I flwsHlsV Jk'jkcVay II
nni mnTimrn t n , . ftseiii
Vii .mi v r Nil inrA I K 1 II xzjf
i ini i ni ' i i ii ii tin i ii e r . .'- vrzauH Tui": i i
1 1 iuvwi i iuiviiuu I ill K' ill
i h in m inn ii .jiilcj' i ii
mt ivii iu i iivw wi iwiivu ii m IBT
liiilos Throiirrh Miles of Ponvpr tJ' iRm&W!? I
St roots Linotl With (Mioor- IH 1 VjHB& JflBi
Xomiiipp Says It (.'onios From
Inlorosts Who Want Their
.Monopoly I.oiializoil.
DcwRR, Oct. 7. A throtu: met Gov.
Wilson here to-night and nineteen Rims
weie llred In his honor. He rode throiiKb
miles of streets lined with cheering
people and the Auditorium was packed
WI1(,U,P miirIo ttollln? o.slv
Th'-io hip mine men hiiuhik them win
li I e members f lit leat sixty tsianls of
dbcctois of the most lini"'rtaiit under
t.ikliiRs In the iimiitij, mill tlie yrntle-
men, .ihoiit thirty, I tieiee, niui con-
ste.i cr.i,.oiatii.ii a-e n, .(iiinecir.i. b
belnc pielrtents r lee.pres'ilent"' or ill-i
i.-. i.M? in in.- r.iiiiu.. i...i..ii..ii- ..i mi-
eiimitu. th.it tliex control net- cent.
of the lallnajs nf the fulled States
Tbeye me the en! n-m.-ti u.m nun are
hackniK tile pmcriimine of tbe leadet
liiipeachin? th. Ir 'iiiotHe.s I it'n not con-idor
slder It my prbilecr to Innk Into meirs
beaits and ask v!i they are dolnj;-these
tlilncs. These si-ntlemen mii Intend tu ,
iln Hie I'nlted States nn disservice, but '
my point H that they ate imt Intcndlnc ,
tn cli.tiiRe m tile least essential partlcu- ,
wo bagger by.lar the stcm nf cnntinl which has nl-
1 1. ...... I.II..I 1 W... .... l.J..
establish t hv a new method. The::
' " -
(ttit iti.t It nl n'.'i m c.-iiiiim ii?n i nnt i Unit hir.u
thn now inplhod Is Ifziu zed niorintiolv and .
the superintendence by the Government I
nf the very piocesses by which they have I
I were a caitonnist t would draw a pic-I
Hire of the biggest ir.e.noilri of the
Culled Slates draw them mi In line
end place In front of them Mr. Koose
velt Irving to lead thctn In a hallelujah
At Colorado Springs to-day the Gov
ernor devoted much of his speech to
Tuft and Rnoseveli. six thousand peo
ple turned out nt the Springs to wel
cotno him.
PtiKiit.o, Col , Oct 7. "It Is a very in
teresting circumstance," said Gov. Wilson
here to-day, "that the American Steel
Cornoratlon is behind the third narlv
K--UI.-.I nm. nilill n ... 1.1 illir.
States lias m far attempted to destroy.
And they now want H Government which
will perpetuate these things they have
creat'Hl "
rr Governor attacked Ihe platform.
of th other parties and digressed once
to sav
-I V.,,11 It lb., tbirt nnrtir bneuima I -lll
not concede to it the exclusive title Pro-
Illinsey Sny He llaan'l
Itoosrirll ill r.0,U(M)
Veil r.
Thn nrooUlyn f:alr rintot a rumor
ror inn iTe-iiuencv m .ovemoer. nn'j mai
the real purchasers of the I'rtss were
i Oscar S. Straus and George. W. Perkins,
Kr.mk A
Munsuy sal I lust night thit
ho was the I'rc.m'n so.o invne.", and added:
Wlnt you sny to hip nbout the rumor
that Mr Hooevel is to becniii" editor
of the New York 'ir after November
f) is the first intimation I have bad on the
slbjeel 1 have i''er discussed this idea
with Mr KiiiiHini ll , neither lins he i1h
cus.ed II wllh me. lieille'r Inn it ever hefn
discussed or thought of hyimybody to my
Ii goes without mi vlin th.it If i ol Itnose. I
veil l not elected I'leildcnl liolhlng would
please me so nm fit as to secure a mini of
his iibllllv for liny ou of niy newspapers,
but tint I could do so has never occurred
lo nm nr I in a init'er of fact I do mil be
lve il could be done.
I do not tnl'id H.ivlnc in this opneclinn
that lb" salary Iln' has already been fixed
upon iu P.i Ik row, .-.ii,im a ye.n, woiuui'i ,
stand In the way lnde"d I thbk I could (
mnUe inniiey ill in' publishing hiiHiuess
on Mr. lloosovell at a salary of Jino.niHia year
SuUer's First TiiU. nluriln.
William Snlr-er will mnko his first cam
paign spoeeh at Hulzer's Horlnm lliver
, . .i ... ii in ...n, ...
I'jirk on Hoiuraay niciu. n- nm i m
itnllens i elebralhig t.'olumbiiH Day. Next
xveek hfl will orco Slate. Hn hopes1
lo visit every county. 'Jtin Democratla ,
Stato committee has ' nfJ?ni'"
Committee to .I
wadinUutoiS tommlttei. haaj
ii r m M
II 1 . TT1 TOM TiMfflWia
qoLfc.i-cJ .Ttd
rno-ioa coriaM-it
iinlilimirp Mlrieil In
Drli.iCi' tut
It.-ciill nf
liMllrhil llrUIm,
lUhTi.MOKr:. Md . dot 7- lS'turK
CtH'Jmuj t)t .v Yuri; and Sfnatur
'''er wen- the cnmb.ilant.s this
rral" 11 vernal iluel in w!i!rh .Mr.
'ucl. ran essayed lo protect that plank
In the iTiisresslve party platform which
demanded the recall nf Judicial did-'
slons. Senator Itnvner vlitomusly at-
tacked that iiriinoHltlmi :in,l lnel.ln..,iK-
charsed that during his Itu-iimb ncv
I '.i ir......... r..u.v...i .1. .
,u,n, uirini., luiira
Increased in number while he was I 'res
The audience that assembled In the
I.yrlc was one nf the large! nnd most
reprcsontnthe ever under one roof In
,hfl cHy , aUcn, i.olltlca me. tine '
.! !y .V-thlrd we-c wonie" I
' ' " Wl.l W Omen.
.Mr. Cochran was allowed an hour In
which to present his side, and Senator '
Hoi'lll.t. I....I ....n n..l l...lr 1 ...
Itiiyncr had one and a halt hours to an
swer. .Mr. Cockran had thirty min
utes In rebuttal.
Mr. Cockran Inveighed against ju
dicial decisions which Invalidated laws
and Instanced the "bako shop decision"
In New Vnrk. He also attacked tho
Supreme Court, which on several oc
casions, he said, notably In the Income
tax decision, reversed Itself. He held
that Impeachment nt the Judges or their
lerall was not n remedy, becnuse the
Judges In the lower courts ruled hi
accordance Willi decisions of blghr ;
tribunals and claimed that the only ;
remedy lay w th tbe people, who could
recall the decisions. Then he attacked
the trusts. A man In the gallery In- ,
terruptcd him by calling out
didn't sny Hint four years ago."
Cockran burled back: "I said It five
years ago in Congress.
Sena or llayner flayed Col. Roosevelt'
and atlackcd his platform
Mr. Uayner paid a glowing tribute to
.'."! . Wi,HOI,i ,T I
(Helen. I no senator expresseu tne opin-
Ion that President Taft will be second In
Ihe Presidential race and that Col', :
,. ,t . . t 1 r- . . I
Iloosevelt will not carry a jdngh, Sta e . .
The Senator condemned In liveliest
terms former President Hoosevelfs
proposition to recall ji d elal dcels ons.
. ....si e. m ' '-'
the conspiracy to push the Tennessee
1.0H1 ..in. nm. v.ii.,,,-1.,., ,n ,c n. mf(. ,,, w,k(, 1)f te raUBe
Lirnirn ii,i.v.n ..... u.-, .... ... ...n il n.'
quoted President Tnft's letter to Col.
Iloosevelt on Ihe reciprocity treaty, a
treaty which Col. Hoo.-ievclt advocated.
"As to Slute's right p," the Senator
said, "every one who bus come In con
tact with the ex-President knows that
bu docM not care anything nbnul tlie
rights of tho States. He Is nn extreme
Federalist, and he ourfht to have called
his parly 'the Federalist party.' He
goes beyond everything that was ever
claimed by Alexnnder Hamilton In tho
Roosevelt's position on Ihe recall of
Judicial decisions, Ihe Senator declared,
wan such a frenzied proposition that ho
bad thought Ihe ex-Presldcnt xvould re
tract II upon mature deliberation,
The Senator raid Hint the stnlemcnt
of Iloosevelt that Wilson was nominated
by pollllcal tnnnagers was a glaring
falsehoisl, as he had already done more
In opposition to pollllcal managers than
any man who had ever been President.
Wilson Fnnil In arrn.
Amunt. 'Jot. ".Martin Mager, as
treasurer of Mis WJIson Democracy in
Queens Horough, has certified to tho
Secretary of State that he received
$7,506 In contributions. Including ll,f.00
earn from ,jonn jj. Phillips and F. W.
Duton. and t00 each from Senator
J. Hart, and George Webster,
6oaUlbut,a 3.W.
the Jna-acoX of tlie U.5iUrii
j Ahuuh Tk.k
iJ i
The Workiniiiiieii's .Mootiii"
HronU.U! .Mud a Well
(irooiiifd Audience.
.Mrs. .IiiIiii.miii mill Mr. Woodruff
Accomp;iii Canilidate at
Niirhl Meelinyx.
Gov. Hiram ailins.m of California,
PmcrcxMlvn ennillib.i"",! fn vi.....tv.,ui
dent of the Cnittd Stat" cave llrook-I
. ' 1
lyn several chancer to hear his w hit I
wind oratory last right. There was a
meeting In the Clermont Axenue link
at 5:30 o'clock In Ihe afternoon for
worltlngmen, but only .".00 attended. He
addressed S.000 people In the course of
tne evening.
The Governor ate his dinner at the
Montauk Club ns the jrucst of Timothy
I.. Woodruff and the members of tbe
Kinifs County I'rogrctslvo organization.
The other guerts were pro.ulhent min
isters of Itrooklyn r.nd the Progressive
candidates for Assembly and the Senate,
Mnvor (javni)ri wl, , n ,embcr of
thp Montauk Club, happened In during
,h(! ,,nneI. h()Ur ,, wa ,nlro(luce(1 t()
n,... ii,n.n i... xv..ir.,rr Th.
'"".IW" men shook hands with some cor-
,iiu,.. while Un n. .liners tnnH ..n n.i
0,rem.(i, The Mayor had just come from
calling on Hear Admiral Ostcrhaus.
Al,lmrctiy the workmen wanted
thplr , h or
, , , , , , , ,
dressed up before coming to Ihe meet-
,. ...
ii NiIIfMiPo In thr rink lnnknil
well RnHnnoil. lOvoryhndy hJd
I'llfilJ ' H'tUlli t'liFi tin III' lllll nv.l'il lit
, ',.,,,,,,,, of B,0oo people.
T,rt. wnH ,.,,, ,rll ,,,, of
f h rcsi0(t , h
nnd wellrlnB rP(1 i,antlunna(, Ill)OUt u..
,eads, turban fashion. Certain of the.
women busied themselves by passing
coUeetlon boxes through the audience
Tlie liovernor Degan to speak In a
businesslike tone, but soon he was talk
ing nt a pace xvhlch put him into n
perspiration ami took the breath away
from his hearers,
"This Is an astounding meeting nt this
time of the day," Gov. Johnson assured
tbe audience, "and I nm delighted that
so many people should have tome lo
hear the preachment of our Progressive
The i'prnker got his loudest responi?
whin, uflcr mentioning Col, Iloosevelt
as Ihe organizer nnd lender of the now
pally, he referred to the !'rngiotu,lv
movement is "Ihe bullleSt light Unit
was ever undertaken by Ihe American
The Governor found nearly 3,000 peo
ple wulllng nt Kismet Temple, US 1 1 -V-Itlmer
street, when he arrived thorn
twenty nilnucH behind ncheilule, nt S:Bo.
Accompanying hlni were his wife, Tim
ntliy 1.. Woodruff and Mrs. Woodruff.
Mr. and .Mrs. Hubert Ulder, Gen, Hora
tio C, King, candidate for State Comp-'
ti oiler; George A. Green, cnndldate for
Supreme Court, nnd Senator Joseph M.
Itonsei pit In I'rooklyn Oct. -If,
It was announced yesterday at th
headquattsrs of the Progrcsalie party In
Brooklyn that Cel. Rnose-t would make
a whirlwind tour through that borouch
on October taV
Cnndldnlos Xotlfiod of Tliolr
Xoininntlons nt tho Ro
piiblionn Club.
Giiliornntorlnl Xominoo Snys Ho
Wants Normnl. Mnnly, Smio,
.Ink I' lt,tr-. .t - -ll '.
' ' ' ' ,' a" ",L Mruf tiy the Durntina can. It is under
nther Republican Stato candidates except stood that the breechblock of tha sun 1
thoso named for th" Court of ppcaU
stood rln'.it up before tho notification
romrnittoe nt I ho Republican Club yes
terday and ail they'd acceiil their nomi
mil ions. That they had iien chov.-n at
Sanitof.a th".' leinv.l from Senator !
Kdcar T llr.iclfelt. win. w.n pe-nmicnt
chnlrmsn of the .Slate con wntlon.
Mr. Hedses said that ho wanted his
party to try tho oxperimont of a "real. 1
human, normal, manly, sano r.dmlnlstra-'
tion of the State." H wan tod overy
Republican inensuro "tested by the acid
of fairness and juitios to th State."
He wished for no applause until tho end
or MM term. II? mid that th3 offlcisl It was a mild send off that Col. Tloose
lialo ho ititondod to onloy to tho fullou : volt received when his train nulld out of
ideRro?. but proml4o.l to loik It up every
nlKht wiih a tiino lock "so Cint no tempta-
uon wm imiuce us to tak-o u oui until
,wo roiume our ofllcilt funciloni in fie
moraine;. '
"And I should lie disappointed indeed."
he ndd.il "if wimn I am a)d-nl n.
lie iij.t.i.l. ir wi on i am a.ld.ous I a ,
Governor I coald not bj t.ioasi. of ni .
Job Hodftc " J
He said that while ho wa In Mbanv
New Vo.-k city should novo- be made
.! ii ; (,,, ,i,.i. i ... .1
the football of Male poll ici. but on (ho
oliier hnnd saoultl never lack protection,
I He bad lieen asked yesterday morning
whether ho believe! in having a Stato
cotisiabular.- Hid answer was that h
i. ii i , i .1 . .t. i.
believed m homo rule: that the city wa
oij eno-,irii lo run itself: that lie would
prefer to lnv the cily solve nil of i'-
'criminal problrms Ile.aid'
I ' .
I "H it th" ne-iple or ihe sir.'e of Ve.v Vnik
llnve a njti' to l.iiou- that li"niin life i no'
in t'np.ird i i nnv put of tlie suite Ami
the lleii'ibMi rri oar; - hr.s deel-le.1. If I re'id
'he plaifon-i rin-ht, lint there thill lie n
proviion whereby in mill nl IimIv i'l cn'.e
nf eir:n lil'iinent only slnll iiiak" li:u'
nn-nifl1 f.l!" iiml l-nif Invel Ifr.il Inn nr 1.1.
' f ti u r - r. in whether n condition doe elit
lit: r rei ulre IIjwiii I . e aeilnn so tint if
it doe. nn l.'.eeiii Ive in'iy ilodife hi re
spue.ihllit v.
I" Si He c.iiinbiil ir. ? Vi vife city
and Siip e I k'lovi th" po'iee toree
of th I'll.- of Ner ori; .is well n ,ny mm
wl'hln the cnn!lis nf Mm town I Knrm
j "nn in....-- wii.i- ... i n--.ii ..na- liir,. in
i I know thn1 the .e.if body nf them lihlih
i -.Mlh I'nme when nn t!i"i Iduil ijnes v renir.
anil I i.toa tint Hi" inlr. ipnr.il purpces
of I he nin mi I'v of I lie-.n slnll nm be traduced
and shall tint be inim'tderoond and slnll
not b pnli'ieilly catiitali.tivl by any official
net of mine. Toe citv nf pw nrk can if
It nil do whit if-tmh. m If i, won't the
i lli.-.'in nf New Yor!. are th"i ilizeni of Hie
Mr. Herlgei fe.rd a plctur of Col.
nonsrvet as he spok" and lc quote. I t ils
from th" Colonel's "Life of (ietiverneur
U'i tlie i!idiei-.ry In ip'.i were s.n
J-Tind. lie titi.'ltl the honei nf lh .tudcei
,an'l iinlnl il'ied that they -ho'ild h.ne nb
lie dcii-uon us in the cotislitiition.illty
of any la .v.
"A ran- and radical dn"trin. si-, be
l.eve n;p. in tlipn i-rntcntioiis times,"
obr.ere(l Mr. Hedj'p. whereat hn camo
pnrilouslv elnp to uniting. Other parts!
f,i" .-r--r
I want no one in this room to flunk tlii
I applied In the noinfoit inn for Inivernnr
or ib.it I aspired to Hint areal offlie as a
ic.ere m iller nf persnnnl aflnrnineni (Irea
ss t i, i nnipbiii.'nt iry as It i-", it ainoiliils
m nothing I'l Ihe minds nf thoughtful men
il there is not n purpose in It for a loan to
serie ns best he mey the Slate in which he i
I lives. It is nn idle phri'e for tne to c.iy
' " rl-!lt "' rol;rrl persnimlly
;ll Iftut S..I11,. nT ill.. ITMl I..II1IU ,.f ll.lu
cninp.iicn, and If at any r 1 1 it I refer lo
myself personally nr iiiiidicrlently use
the word "I" it is to express, a thought
rather than point to myself.
The blood In my eins dales from lh
iee.irat,on of Independent p. which one
of inv ancestors signed My aood father
inssed nway nt IVters'.mrg. nnd I consider
nix self at this liniment, noi for Ihe purHse
of induli-'ln in pnlllie.il thetorlc. emtnsed
In ns serious n contest as he was when he
leased lo he a part of ihi temporal nrmy
of lies nation.
I.et no one Ihlnk that rhen I set lo Albany
I think the Ilepuliliem parly is other
thin an iti".runieiit to carry out not only
the traditions of gniernineul, but its poli
cies nnd all tint it lins given lo ihls nation.
If by the race of God I nm there, and be
lieving In the eflicncy of prayer I eapeet
to be there, it will 'e an orBnnl?il ion con
ducted In the daylight with responsibility
to Mm people of the State of Nev York.
James V. Wadsworlh, Jr. nominee i
for Lieutenant-Governor, said it was a
"heartfelt delight to run on the same
ticket" with hip old neighbor of Living
ston county. Job Hedges. Mr. Wads-!
worth felt Hint the Republicans had never
cone into r. campaign with the right more
clearly rn their side. He proposed tnat
the candidates should appeal to the
people's Intelligence without villifleation,
accusation or mere declamation. He said:
"Wo embark upon this contest cheer- i
fully, not downcast, not troubled with
doubts, glad to be permitted to go into
it because ii is right "
Mr. Hedges starts up-State to-dav, 1
speaking nt Vonkers. Tarrytown. Os
r.ming, PeckskilL I'oughkeepsie and Troy 1
The Evening Sun
Has made arrangements
to publish the celebrated
cartoons of
J. T. McCutcheon
Look for them in
The Evening Sun
Men of Third Arllllerr Injured
While at Tnriret Praedev.
Washington, Oct, ".-Eight artillery
men of the Third Artillery stationed at
Fort Myer, Va were Injured to-day
fellowing the prematurn explosion of n
Ihreo inch shell while In tho Run in target
pracllcH at Poceno Hills, Tobyhanno, T'a.
Tho injured are:
Hi.ossk, N'KLtn.v I)., private.
Knntx'K, William, private
IIancrkll, CiiAnLF.s A., private.
llAnsf.il. John, corporal.
I.inlimn, I'rup, private.
M ah lo.v, I'hti:h. private.
McN'AMhK, Kskd F.. private.
Mn.t.Ki:, ANonKw, privale.
'the man most seriously Injured Is
Privato Erlieck, who is bolnj? brought
lo tlio nrmv hispitnl in this city.
Two of tho men received (heir Injuries
ill the collatiso of tlie observation tnn!
. . . t . I . . I. . n . 1 LI.L . 1
u" ""'V" ""J1. i"raiwniiin wan
wo.4 being closwl whn tho sh-!ll explodeJ. i
u.n ..i t- n .. n i j.
kmnll Crowd SOPS Caildldato S
Departure for Ohio, Illinois
and Indiana.
tho Grand Central station at 1:03 o'clock
vesterdnv afternoon.
A iiandful of curi-
oils people gathered at Mm rjateway to
seo the candidate leavo upon the Western
trip which lie regards at perhaps the most
important st-cteh of stumpspeakinn in
n,q '"Paift". in Mew of th" fnprem.i
r.ort hp p1T,CRe,, to rccniri his stienRth
i t)lii. Illinois and Indiana. Tim tew
who were on hand got tho best of the
Colonel's hinlles and bows,
To n littlo Kroui which intprcepteil his
progress to tno private car which nwn teil
jlim' he c-,.ftinio(i enllmsicslieallv. us he
ohnnir h.-mrU mi i-nimH -'i in, '.inn i
The l'roj;rerf,ive cnndldae.'n first stop
V - iJ. l"ti, .
I'etrolt ard Saginaw lo-dav, Ihesehed-
uo has been allowed to remain prncllcallv
a.s nlrrndy publlshod. notwithstanding
tho Colotiel'r. stronR desire to abbreviate
"omewnat a journey wnicn is to keep mm
tway for nearly threo weeks, andthcwhii
ol some el his managers tu embarrass the
'luft committee who have made plr.ns to
havo their own spellbinders follow the
ItoOfevelt trail in the Middle Neat.
Lot. itooseveit s voice niid r.trenclli wnl
be saved as far as possiblo by cutting
down t io number of daily speeches. Im
general they will be delivered in the
larger oities. and late in thn duv. Tho
greater part ol his actual travelling is to
be done at night. O. K. Davis, his pub
licity "vi'inger, Philip Koosevelt, the
Colonel s cousin, and Col. Cecil I.von
are in hi.i party, which is completed by
lih stcrelary mid two stenographerc.
Wllvon In dub at I lie Tmlff.
Wisiu.vcTO.v, Oct. T. Itcprcscntntlve
lletitv of Tevas, chairman of the Hoiue.
Ituhs Cnmr.iltlee. predicted to-day that
In the event of Gov. Wilsons election
he would Immediately call n special ses
sion of Coiikass to begin nn March 5,
to revNe the tariff downward.
Predict ltl; Vole In Chicago.
CiUCAiio. Oct. 7. The first day's regis
I nit i'ti m Cbkagn bioke lecords with
l'!U,7o niei. 'I he Presidential vole
will bo largo,- h.nn ever before. The
women fiiM.ishod r nn of the riiouppoini
mmtH. i. nly im ilai ing ibeir names i n the
nfl'cial I st.
Thrertnrr Koosi-ult r-prnl;. in Dnrnlt .mil
Wiinilrw vnn prp!( In N'nrtnn and
Topcka. Knn. nnl Krins.is Clij. Mn.
Cm lolins m spenka In slb.lrlnn It ill.
Vonk.r. Naufii's Theairt. t hlu- Plain",
(lernianu llsll. N'fw llnehe:ir.
iear Sir:iu. apaalsa In Onrnnu, 8Mnr,
Nnmlcii. n.for.l. lirrtne. Dlnsiunuon. Itlch -menil.
On-rgii, Vaerl anil lllnilr.i
.Icti llnlR.s spfaks in Venkcr... Tarry
town. OsJlninE. PlckakUI. Pouguktrpflt ariil
t jilrn I. Xli;i tir publican, .mil I.lnilnn
Hi nr.
.Ir. PrnRralve nntulnre for Con-
nrrs-. ilitiaie ji Tirrnie liarilcn. K p. M
William .X. l'n nilrrirfi.1 rprakr nt Camp
I'.ooji-irli. 1 24 1 li atrtfi and AnntFrilam aif
nut., to -nls bi.
Vnnnmre .ippeiarpil li- Plan.
William Van.iinep of Newbureh,
who made a speech and presented a boii'iuet
or lingers to .Mrs, Straus wife of Ihe candl
riatetordovernor.al u meeting In New burgh
on I ririny expiung, has nskeii I hk si x
to explain that hernitlon was In no sense
an Interruption of the proceedings or un
expected bv the ch.ilrnion. Ihe Incident
was planned In Iw a surprise to .Mrs. Straus
hiiiI was carried mil by Mrs. ntiainee
utter a signal Ironi the rhainnati. Mrs
'unainee xvrs one of Hie speakeM with
Mr. Siransai Liberty yesterday.
World'a Championship
Baseball, Polo Grounds,
To-day, Giants vs. Boston
Red Sax, Game called 2
P. M. Holders of Reserved
seats must enter Speed
way gate. No tickets sold
at Speedway entrance.
Thirty Thousand unre
served Grand Stand and
Bleacher seats at One and
Two Dollars each will be
told at Eighth Ave. and
157th Street entrances.
Gates open at 8 A. M.
, i y l 4
r "-7
The I.arirt Specialty
Hut Hou la Amrrltn.
Rugs of
One of the charac
teristics which has pop
ularized Wild's Orientals
is their adaptability.
Their coior schemes,
while not flat, are usually
of a subdued richnesa
which readily fits itself to
harmonious combinations.
Their prices too, har
monize with almost
every condition. These .
rugs adapt themselves to
your pocketbook as read
ily as they do to your
The Wild's Oriental at
$25 is as good a $25 rur?
as the Wild's Oriental
at $1,006- is a good rug at
its price.
Here is a Persian Silk
rug, forty feet long, with
a soft, French pink
ground, and delicate sil
ver and gray in the bor
ders and medallionpar
ticularly beautiful for a
The price is $25,000. -It
cannot be duplicated.
Here is another mel
low Persian rug, with a
soft olive ground and
beautifully harmonizing
ecru and old red border
and corners, for a room
twelve by sixteen.
Its price is $155. And
it is just as good a rug at
its price as well selected
as the other rug is at
That illustrates the
wonderful elasticity of
Wild's Orientals as a
For this same room,
twelve by sixteen feet, for
example, you can get here
an entirely appropriate
Ghiordes with a tea green
ground and a light pink
border for $140.
You can get a seven
teenth century Herati, ;
with a deep blue ground
and old red and gold bor
ders, for $2,500.
You can get an old '
Ardelan rug, of softest
wool, with a beautiful blue -ground
and tan border and
all-over design, for $285.
. And in between these
successive steps in prices
you will find the very best
qualities of Persian and
Turkish rugs at $300,
$400, $500 at WHAT
Even in the smaller
and very useful sizes
taking five by seven feet
as an example the same
gradation in prices exists.
You will find an excel
lent assortment of Wild's
Orientals about this size
at $18.
And you will find others
the same size at $500 or
Our first effort has al
ways been to have exactly
WHAT you want.
Our second effort is to
have it AT THE PRICE
you want.
lliftli Avenue (V35tfi 5tTMi"
I ;
c.i, m coick in namtf

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