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12 7f
Brown Fails in flic Third nnil
Connto Muck .Miikes a
Omul Shift.
Brilliant Fioldiner Knlivcns the
Game Which Puts 1'hillics
Far Itchinri.
i.. r.c.i w. i p.p.
Athletics... ,1 I .V,o Phillies. ..I .1 .'.'.Ml
PlIII.APr.l.l'IIIA, Ort. 10- Tin' Athletics
aKRln defeated Hip Phillies to-day liy the
ncore of 4 In 3, Hip Amptlran Lcnutlcrs
liavltic iimv won three names of Hip sprlcs
to the Phillies' tine. The game was plnpil
nn the Phillies' irtnunds and about 4,000
turned out to sep the name.
The M'tckh ibpciidiil upon Urown to
help tliPi.i thrniiKh. hut ln went bad In
the tlilnl iiml was shifted In favor of
Ilcndor. lm pitched Knod dill to tin'
close of thp name, keeping the hits well
scattered. Sc.itnn lellcwd Monro In the
seventh Inn'iiR as l.obcit cnt to li.it for
him In tin' ."l.th.
oth thp Phillies pitchers illil writ, but
Ktuffy Mclimis wielded his bat to such wood
effect that the Macklcs weie put In Hip
hunt nftpr Hip Nationals hail topped their
lend In tin' t 111 I it . .Mrlnnls rontrlliutPil two
rlnslps nnd a double mid scoied two of
the inns.
ThPrp wprp several lullllant pieces of
fielding. nMrltiB niailp a Uytntr patch of
Daolnn's foul with nno hand In thp eighth,
Blahblir; Hip ball almost out of thp lift
field hlc.irhcts. Pastier! ndili'd In tho
gayety "f the game by stealing hmii In
the third whlh' llrimn was pitching.
Th' scntc;
inr h n f an r li ii p
I 3 o ii.Murpliy.rf . n 1 o o n
Vacec, if
I nbcrt.lf
: o n a 1 ii Ol.lr'g.cf .1 n 1 4 u ii
I II ll ii il I Cni,is,;b .i 1 .1 ; 1 ii
.1 ii 1 I n ii ltnl.rr..ih t 0 1 .1 t 0
4 ii I .1 ll l M lilncs.lb.l 3 3 II ll o
l.udcru.1h. 2 o I In 2 (i .Mrnrk.i f
ii n
4 o n i ,i ii nnrry.s o ; 1 4 1
1 I : : I ii Ijipp.c. - n n a i n
ton: o o Urimn.p n n n o n
.1 o n ; i n fiMntrrrt o n n o o n
Horn ii, c
Mr ore, p
fiCratath .
tea ton, p.
1 3 "l 3 il.lleliler.li. 3 o o
t o i n o n - -
I o n n 3 iii Total 3; t ll 37
Totsls Mas;; i:, i 1
nllntlcd for Misire I'l the ltlh limine.
Mlsllnl for llrnun In Ike fourth innlnir.
Athlellrs o i ll 3 o o n 04
Phillies 0 0 3 0 0 1 0 0 o--3
Two he lips I'askrrt, Mrlnnes, Hoolan,
Hrr. Miller Houble idays liisilan, l.udepis
and Holan. .'eaton, Mornn, lio'aii and .ilh.
Stolen bn.es I'a.kerl. I'olllns, Mrunk Niruik
out -P Moore. I. In bender, fl. tiv Beaton, 1.
Urn hasp nn balls on Misire, 4, olt llrnvin, 3,
of! Pender. 1, o!f ."'ealnp, 1 lilt b pliclieil ball
Masee Wild plirhes llrnnn, Heiufrr. L'mplrei
JohnMone and Hart. Time 3 hours.
nnnniKfinlner WenUrrm In
(innie nt St. I. mils.
W. I.,
w. i
.0 s
Cardinals ! o l.ooo I llronrns
St. Loris. Oct. Id. The weakness of
George Hiumsardner In Hip tlfth Inning
of to-day's game at Sportsman Park,
coupled with a dumb and decidedly un
called for play by Catcher Jimmy Ste
phens In the eighth Inning, allowed the
Cardinals to rapture the second game of
the elty championship series from the
nrowns, score 3 to '.'. As in thy opening
clash, the American Leaguers outbatteil
and ouHlelded their rivals and also hit
the Kill luriler, but were unable to ge.t
a single lucky break from start to finish
of the exciting strugste.
Harry Silleo was slated to pitch the
recond gamp against the Hiowns, but the
tllm southpaw was unable to perform, for
reasons best known to himself. In the
pinch Manager Btesnahan was compelled
to use Sanford Hurke, a Hrooklyn castnfT,
who held the Hrowns to sl.x hits, only two
of which were hunched, and Issued three
bases on balls.
George Hauinenrdner had the Cardinal
pfipplng the ball up nnd rolling easy in
field grounders for four innings. Then
the old "waiting game" was brought Into
Play and It caused the undoing of H.inm
gardner. The score;
an rh par iibrhpAP
rjiirtlns.Sb l o n 3 a in Slinttonef 2 n o i o n
Mowrr'yjb 3 1 t ii 3 o lirleUf . I i! I 1 i! o '
1 la n i rr.ntl.2b 4 n n .1 4 n
f:taas,ri .
Oakrs.cf .
Ilurkr.p .
i n n Mmrtiun 4 ii i id 2
. 11 o .,
trtllace.hs4 10.1 O.
o 11 1 1 o Stephens, c 3 11 o 4 :i o 'oriii cany 111 in" uar w nen sne ne- niceues. ine leaiure is me especially up
n o t 4 0 ( mnntoiio I 11 o 0 0 iiigotlated the first nine holes In forty-two signed motor control board, which Is
I'.h".1"".!'0 ' ! 1 "
Totals. ..39 3 53711 2 Mitchell, p. 1 n 1 n 2 o
Tolalt 32 2 H271S I
(a! Hatted for Stephens In the ninth InnltiV.
Cardinals nnoo2noi 03
llrnttris 0100100 11 0 2
Two hase hits -Austin. Brief. Double plays
liurke and Honey; HuekIiis and Haun'r Wild
t'ln h- nurke l int base on balls- on Hurlc,
ft. nil Mitchell. 1: off llaumeardncr, (f Struck
out - Jly Ilaumirardiier. 2: by illlchell, 1. by
Hurke, ? I eft on hoses- llrowr.s. , Cardinals,
C empire..- O'llilcu and rinnernn.
Manors Knlehmainen will have a real try
0111 tthen he meets Alel Kivlat In t tie ttto
mile scratch race at Ibe Irish American Fames
to morio'v Jloth men are said lo be in hue
form and a lieu record Is not unlikely
A warninff has been Issued by the reristra
llon cnmmitiee of Hie Metropolitan Asoeia.
Hon to Ibe effect thai the games of Hie Ilrnrle
wood Young Men's Club are 1101 saiKiioued
and athletes competlns there will be cli-iuall-fled
Willie Knlehmainen ran a trial nt twenty
one miles yesterday at Celtic Park in prepa-a
linn lor the Matalhnn raie to lie held on Oc
loner 20 lie ran me nrsi ten miles 111 net
one mil", m Vmd. 2 li.Iur. T The
final mile 'a run in f minutes 7 seconds
Aria Wntta, n Vcarllntr Fitly, ItrlnRi
Top I'rtcr of f1,4BO.
Lnxis'nTnv, liy., Ort 10. Tho principal
fpalilip of Hip sab' of llghl harness horses
which l In ptogiiss lipro was thp con
slgiimiiit of weanling", yearlings nnd
brood mines of (Ipii, ('. ('. Wutts of Wheel
ing, Vn Tin- consignment iiumbpied
fnrly-two hpad and fair pilrps were icil
li'd. Thp ypiitlliins and weanlings wpip
all Hip get of Hip great young sin- (ipiii'ial
Walls, 2 till',"!, whllp Hip limit's were all
liti'd to him. TIip highest price paid for
oiip of this consignment was $1,450 fur
Hip bay pnrlliiK tllly Atla Watts, by
(b'luial Wntls-Alrlllni' by Alton,
TIip IipI sales wpip !
Ml Harris, h f bv Pelcr Hip (!mt Mary
AIIpii Mind, by Onril K Mattler. Indianapolis,
hid . f Mil
All. b in . bv Palo Alio T.ula Wilkes.
Ilriiry M lloettnrlh, U-xlimloii, Y.liio
Mnry .M.Hip. br in., br Wilton Sura
Manes bv Fiir.-r, Henry M. llntwortli. 3oo
t'llind IWU, b in., by Dan Ciiind Vernier
tli'lls bv Advertler. Han llauch and ytnitti,
Mniiiii Hiie.id, Ohio. ;n:r.
Clato. b ni bv .Moko Hetty Clny. by
Winn's Nulood, K I Fcatliersloii. l-xlnc
Ion. 5350
Airline b m , by Arlon Cnpote. by Ma
drid. S T lHrillii-iin. Ixlncton, f 410
Illn-Uli'irii Walls, b p i:i. by General WatU
nltinii'ia bv .biv Mc(Jrei;nn. J K Adam.
iMtoit. Mb'h . tS'i . .
I.iiln Wnils. b f 12). by neiier.il Wnlts
rtno bv Moko, C II Dale. Mount Slrrllnir,
Kv .
Alia Walls, b f ll). by Oeneral Walls
Alillne bt- Annn, II M Honsnrlh. SI.4S0.
Vivian Walls, b I 1 1 1, bv General Walls
Snniinia Msy, by l.jnsood, W I,. Oable, Wye
vIIIp. Pa. SKI , , .
Allen Walls, rli p, by Oeneral Walls
Lnuisp t,. by Allii l.owp, J A Sutcllffe, In
(li.in ipohs. Ind . T300
Allle Walls, eh f by Oeneral Watts -Allle
Allerliin. bv Allerloii, J Y llarbce. Millers,
burs. Ky . iMn.
Calbrine Walls, eh f. by Oeneral Walls
Marearet Kenney, bv I'rodital, J A. SillclHfe.
Imlinnipolls. Iml . 5!r.
Woena Walts, i ll, f . by Oeneral Walls
Allonetip O.. by Allerton. C C Watts. Wheel-
Tosi Axtaeilnu. b m.. bv Axleltlon Tosa. i
bv Kntlebl. Mnx Itlrseh. New ork. 45n.
' Urown llllv. bv Walnut Hall, dam by Wilton,
K C Marlln, Cmrlniialt. Ohio. M0
Mildred Ives, ro m. by .lav Illrd Nienllne,
bv .lav Onnld. anA toll by San rranctsi-o, J.
It Hater. Itlrhninn.l. Ind., tint.
Intrrrst In Houls to lip llrltl
llnillson Square Onrilen.
Many men of rank In naval affairs nro
pxpecti'd to occupy scats closp to thp tliiK
sldp lit thp boxlnc show nrranKcd for
Madison Snuaro Oardpn next Monday
titcht. Keen Interest Is cpntrcd In the
outcome of the rlni! contests for the three
championships of Hip navy, nnd It Is safe
to say that the winner of Hi" Phil Schloss-bcre-TIni
I.oean battle will bo ns Kre.1t
n hero In the eyes of the sailors ns Jim
Jeffries was wlvn the Mb fellow held the
world's title.
SchoNsberK's shipmates on board of the
battleship New Hampshire can't see how
their man can lose, while the .tackles on
the Connecticut ate wining in wager ineir
last cent on Logan. It was In 1909 that
Schlos-berg defeated the champion tar of
England. That was In an affair held at
Gibraltar, where :.f,,00fi persons nttended.
I The fact that Logan got a draw with
Luther McCarty at Philadelphia a short
.time ago speaks for Itself.
One Doilues In Anionic Sheep nnil
Hounds Lose the Scent.
ni!OOi;not.T. N V, Oct. in The first
meet of the .Meadow Hrook drag hounds
was at llrnokholt at ! :30 this morning.
The hounds found on the home covers of
.lovepli R Ilavls. ll. M. V. They ran to
I Ilioadhollow woods to the estate of ll.
P. Whitney, where the fox rushed among
a lloek of sheep and. the scent was lost.
Another was found on the land of Italph
N. Kills and was run to Harrow
The day was unfavorable for hunting
as the air was too hot for the hounds to
run well without overheating, There were
eighteen couples In the pack. Among the
riders following were J. K. Pavl, Har
vey Ladew, Paul I). Cravath. W. Hurling
Cocks. II. P. Whitney, Jr.. Mr nnd Mrs.
Thomas Hitchcock nnd daughters, Mrs.
Arthur Hurden. Mrs. K Ladenburg, Miss
Lailenburg, Miss Ladew nnd Mrs. Nicho
Merlon Golfer (Inlrlaiirn field
I'lny for I'nrnnm Cap.
Wii.minoton, Del., Oct. 10. Mrs. It.
Harlow of the .Merlon Cricket Club, Phlla.
delphla. to-day at the Wilmington Coun-1
fry Club won Hip Mary Thaer Farnum
con for the eighth tlnip. She outclassed '
her field In the golf tournament that be-'
Knn csterday. defeaHng her nearest op.
r'oieoi, .u. v. ii. t rtiiueroecK, i-nuaoei-
iiphla country Club, by fifteen strokes
Mrs. Hltrlotv denionstr.lted she was In
strokes. She continued to play good golf
on the home Journey, nlso finishing the '
second nine holes In 42 This gavo her a
grand total of M for the eighteen holes, ,
as against !'2 on tho opening round yes-,
terday. Mrs Vanderbeck's total for the ,
eignieen noies was si. i ne otner scores
In the final round were:
Mrs Kox. Huntlnxdon Valley, SS; .Mrs. M
Herold. Phllmont. 10.',. MIjs a Divls. Phil
adelphia Cricket Club, 9i, Mrs IHIlen, Wil
mington. 100. Mrs I 11 k It. Wilmington, 103,
Ml. Connolly. Philadelphia Crlrket Cul,
114. Miss 11 1: Maule. Merlon Crlrket Club,
Id, Mrs I'eiiingtnn, Wilmington, 110.
WeMfiill It I ogs County Chnniplnn.
Henry L. West fall won the champion
ship of th Kings County Tennis Club
yesterday by defeating F. G. Anderson In
the final round The first set was hotly
contisted, but after that the former Cana
dian champion weakened and Westfall
only lost three games In the next two sets.
The ecore was S 1, (, 2, C 1.
I'nr llorUn wny'a llnakrthnll Mnr.
Far Hnckaway has a promising basket-
I ball player In A. Montgomery. The youth
ls a good passer and shoots clean, not
I 'V" ,hl,,"1K barklward on most of
his shots.
Piping Hock Events To-morrow
Hcccivc Nominations of
Dill Tlioronghhrcils.
(cntlcnicn Jockeys Conic From
JMs.ii tit Cities to Show Their
Skill in the Sailille.
For the card of seven races which Is
In reestablish I lie sport at Hie I'IpInK Hock
nipptliiK lo-inorrow US horses havu Iippii
named. There may bp a few absentees,
hut In nearly every event law? Ilrtds are
assured. The elimination trials for thp
Plplni; Hock pony stihscilptlon race will
bo rim ns the third and fifth rncea. This
event was thn means of establishing the
new course and hus proved so successful
that twenty-three horses are named for
each race.
Several conslsnments of horses for the
mpetliiB reached Helmont Park yesterday.
Included In the lot were the horses trained
by llwyn Tompkins mid lxwls Garth and
the stable of Krederlck Johnson. Mr.
Tompkins hrouRht Klniwash, probably the
best three-year-old stepplpchaser that has
shown this year and IipIIpvpiI by those
who have seen him race to bo very close
to a topnoteher. Klimonsh Is In the North-
wood 1'latp, to ! run the first
lav, and
I the Harbor Hill the last day. The mect-
ItiK between this horse and Meadowsweet
Is looktd forward to with much Intoiest
by lovers of cross-country sport. Meadow
sweet was Isiuuht ricently by R Ambrose
(.'lark for $5,000. She has never raced,
but her schooling has been little short of
Lewis (larth linn two three-year-old
steeplechasers, Ptmosl and Julia Armour.
TIip .former Is an ellulhle for the Harbor
Hill, while .Jilla Armour Is In the North
wood Plate. The star of the Johnson lot
Is l.tiiht o' My Life, one of the best three-
ear-olds at sprlntlnc distances that have
raced this season, He will start In the
Oneck Plate to-morrow and has other
eimacements at the meetlnc.
Anionc the gentlemen rldi'rs Imokod for
the meeting ate J. I'. I'lanaBan, Jr., Fran
cis W. Sargent, Itlchard Mortimer. Jr..
Harry I.ee mid Itayard Tuokerinan of llos-
Maryland will be lepresetitrd by ,ler-
!vls Spencer Thomas
' I'enwlck and other".
Cottman, Ilernard
Pennsylvania and
Virginia will also be represented
The boxholders for the meeting are
Itnbert Itiicon. .tsnus iiiinbiti llennitt
Allgunt Ilelinnnt. Morllllier frhlrr, ll. It,
Wlnthrnp. i: Ii, Mnrg.in. A.lrliu l,lln.
Ilraillsh .Inhnson. .1 Parker Kirlln. William
ilnsilby l.new, Tyler Morse, ", 1.. TlfTanv,
'llllnui i'ayn Thompson. .Iidin 5 Acsr,
Henry Hull, W Ilutler Iiunenn. Paul I.
t'raHth, H. M Orai.ith. Charles I. D.inn.
.1 ll lHvls. Mrs It Itrarnhitll anion,
William M. ilreir, Tbonies Hllchriiek. .leeeph
1' Knapp, Itnbert S. Lotett. Slanle Mor
timer. Lewis Xltnn. .tames H Ottley. H. T.
Peters. Ilarnld 1 l'rait, Wlnslnw I'lerce.
John S. I'hlpps, Thoinss P. It) an, Ormond
c. Smith. T"nenil Sruibler, Van Wyik
Thome, Mrs W IC ViinilerMIt, Jr. Tlminas
F. While, llon.inl r Whitney, I'ayn- Whli
ney. (ieer:e A Kills. Henry F Oodfrey,
P 1.. Hlne. Mrs Tlielllos Hustlncs, Colum
hus tl'll.innell l-elln. Waller 11. .Indies.
II 1 Ivnapii, NVI-nn Lloyn, .1 lines War
ren I. an, .1 C. .ttHire, Sherwoml Atlrb-h.
.lames O A)er. Ar'htlaM llarklle, lieiirm'
llullnek. Oeurge K ll.iker. Jr , .Mliblletmi s
lltirrlll. W Hurling Cneks. r Ambrose Clark,
T II Hat Is, William .V Djkmsn. Chtrles a
Frin't. llobert I. Oerry. Antnn Kudenpyl.
H.ttblC IlMlsteu.l. Walter Jennlnirs. Charles
Kohler. WilHatn H I.etts, i' v l.lt erninre.
Jnseph H Mayer. Ilrndley Mtriln. .Ir. Will
iam It Peter, .lames Park. Jnhn T Pratt,
Lett Is A Itlpley, S. K llothelilld, Albrrt
S'rtunf. Charles sirele. J ll C. Tappin. F.
Mortimrr Ward. K.lwanl F Whitney. Harry
IMyne Wbliney, Mrs Itaymond Almlrall. .1
F Aldred. Freiierlck Hrooks. James Hyrne,
Hrllton II Husch. C A Coflln. F M W.
Cuiclnon. John H Dennis, II. I'. Davison,
Wlllt.vm A Mlnntt.
Ailntph C. tiehs. P. n Pratt, ltufus I, Pat
teron. II c I'hlpps, lMmunrt Kandnlph,
Willi im F. Sheehan. James II. Taylor. Henry
T. Warner. Harrl-on Wllllami. E 1. Ilurrill.
M 1) Ilamberger. Janus A. lllalr. Jr. W M.
llalilttln, Mrs J A Hurden, Anson W.
Iiurehard. Ilenrv H Chilton, De Forrest
Canbee. Jay F Carlule, w It, Grace, Lelh
Hunt. Mrs J II S llailden. Frederick Jnhn
eon. ltobert Kelly. Thomas L I.eeinlng,
Harvey S. I.ailew. Datld II Miller, Allan
I'lnkerton, Willlim II Porter. Herbert I.
Pratt, W Thornton. C W. Wetinore and
Lathrop Hrottn
IVntnres In X'riT Pueknril .Model,
The Packard Motor Car Company of
Ne- York expects to receive Its first
demonstrator of thp new "It" moilel In u
few days. This latest production of the
Packard company embodies many new
icniures tu consiruciion. ii is eqmppeu
'with an eltlclcnt selfstartlng system, elec
trip Hlrhtln. left bunil control onil nthr
placed directly underneath the steering
wheel. This enables the driver to start,
light the car and make adjustments from
the scat without leaning forward to the
dash, The Packard people look upon this
model ns the bekt ever brought out by
. them.
Avlntor Atxrnnd In Motorists' Hank.
A number of aviators have become own
ers of automobiles The most recent ad
dition to the ranks of motorists Is Harry
Atwood, who Is best known for his flight
across thn continent. Atwood has pur
chased a 00 hufse. power American under-
1 slung car, which he uses a great deal In
getting about where he Is on land.
StndetinUrr Itnrlnar Turn Dlahnnda.
With a number of victories to Its credit
the Studebaker racing team of two cars,
which were driven hy Kvans anil Tower,
has disbanded for the season. These cars
performed well In the Santa Monica road
race, Tacnma road race, on the) one. mlln
. board track In Los AngPles. on tho Gal
veston Heacn and eisewrjere in tno 1.1-
.coma road race F.vnns and Tower finished
j tlrst and second.
Mnlhrr Horse Slnr In Contrail of
lltise Trer C lnli,
Pitll.AiiRi.ptiiA, Oct. 10. Centred wllhln
Ilie plctUleiUely pel feet fK'cnlc setting
which the hills of lielawaio county fur
nish In the eaily full, the uueiiual course
of the Itose Tice Kox Hunting Club awoke
til Its HCIill-alililial .scene of life at 1
o'clock Oils afleriioon when, In answer to
the bugle's blatant Male, clean limbed
hiinlers and Jumpers pel formed over the
dl.'llcult mils and hedges.
it was the Hist time In four .veins that
the famous elub had Included illicit exhi
bitions lit Its autiiuiu meet, and fiom the
llisl leap the lestoied featllie proved a
Miceess, , good Meld of hunters had
been inteied. Long Fan, George 11. Wil
son Jr.'s black gelding, was the first horse
over the bars, guided b Wilson's colored
irrootn, bill Labiee, a hunter, was first
when awatds wen- announced, leaping
cleanly and steadily. Victor C MattiPi's
prlr.e winning Lady Loudoun, with (Ill
belt Mather In thp saddle, look the led.
K. H. Jacobs of Hoyce, Vn., lode M. Hoy
Jackson's L'rle and his own mare, Hose
Malonc, to t lit I U and fourth prizes re
spectively. An accident occurring before the open
ing of the meet inrrati ned for n moment
or two to itstilt In Injury to several of
the lioises eiilued. Pagan Kin, Victor C.
Mather's hunter, became frightened while
III the paddock and, attempting to bolt,
dragged loose his slnkp. The other lioises
pulltd and klck'd, Grooms ran Into the
mass and stiale,atencil matters out before
any of thp animals woie hurt,
Victor c, Mather's Pagan Kin, which
won all sorts of honors at the Hryn Mawr
show, vindicated lis reputation by taking
the blue ilbbon In the middleweight
hunters event and with It the silver cup
presented by Carl Feldman. An interest
ing class was that of ladles' hunters for
the Col. ICdw.lrd MoipII cup. Mrs. K, II.
Jacobs of Virginia took the tlrst placo In
this with Doctor Jones. Mis, Newlln
Hnlns won second and third awnrds with
her Irish Maid, and K. Wallls Armstrong's
black gelding, Scotchman, Mis, Jacobs
dotibtd on the event by winning the Haul
ilbbou on War Hoop.
The Hrandywlne Stables of Victor C.
Mather scored tlrst In the pnlrs of hunt
eis event, when Image nnd Lady Loudoun
took the Plunket Stewait cup. They scoted
again In the high Jumping class for the I).
J. Collins cup. when Pagan Kin took
thlid ribbon. Daniel II. Wctitx'H black
gpldlng High Flyer took the blue nnd
Spence H.irte's Ginger Hlossnm and Ja
cobs & Hurwcll's Honnld took second and
Wins l.ntv Score .Xleilnl From KIO
GiilfiTs hy Six StruKes.
WASlllNnTON. Oct. 10. Walter J. Travis
the derail golfer of the Gaideii City
club, captured the honors In the annual'
fall tournament of the Columbia Country
Club, which started here this afternoon,
when he won the lundsome trophy offered
to the player tinning In the lowest score
In the iiualltlcation lound. Ills card of
TS was six itrokes lower than that of the
next best man.
Over 100 platers, among them some of
, the best In the South, teed off In this
i round. P.ie for Ihi. Cnbiml.lM iitui.i l
74. Travis's card:
Out 43I3&454 4 31
In.. . 1 ; 3 ( 5 i t, in-TS
In the tlrst round to-morrow morning,
Travis will meet It. C. Chamberlain of
J the Columbia Country Club. The second
, round will be played In the nftt.rnoon,
while the finals and (-eml-llnals will be
I decided on Saturdny.
Xn I'oollinll fur llnrnnrd.
Head ''oach Jardlne nonniitireil vester.
jday that there would be no football team
representing Halliard this year and gave
'as the reason that the Isiys' patents for
bid them to play The fall sport Is being
supplanted, however, by numerous other
activities, A soccer team Is being or
ganized and Is popular In spite of the
fact Hint It is a new ort for the school.
Many of the boys are busy at hand ball,
another new game for Harnard, and a cup
will be olfeied for tho team winning
championship of the school. Kvrrv Imjv
1 Is copipelled to take up eome form of
j athletics. Golf, tennis nnd baseball ar
'other games being played by the boys.
j Principal Dona I'ootbnll Togs.
I Vlrgll Prettyman, head master of Hor
ace Mann School, does other things than
attend to tils pedagogical duties. He be
lieves In going out with his tennis and
getting In the game Yesteiday nt the
ni'w Fleldston Oval Iip played tackle on
, Hie deconds with the agility of his stu
, dent pigskin men and with more ahllltv.
The plan of getting all the bo.ts out for
football according to size nnd maturity
seems practical. Yesterday a team from
curb, class was being groomed In the
rudlmtnts by the respective coaches. The
1 girls too were In evidence They spend
, the afternoon nt tennis nnd lawn hockey.
llrKB to Drive nt HrlKhtnn Mrrt.
1 I'pon his arrival In this city yesterdav
I Caleb Hrngg, the wenlthy filing sports
man driver, entered his enr In the auto
mobile races which aru to be run on the
I Brighton Hench racetiack Saturday, Oc
tober 15. Hragg Is scheduled to drlvo nn
( exhibition event In the Flat car with
I which he Won the Ginnd Prize cup. The
Motor Dealer Kxhlblt Company, under
whose auspices the meet Is to be held,
I expects to sign a number of Hip drivers
1 who competed In the Milwaukee meet.
The majority of the drivers aio now In the
llnpld Fire Pool Tourney.
A rapid fire pool tournament will bo
held at McGraw & Hoppe's billiard acad
emy to-night at s:li. There are stxtcen
Ills Offer for llnrktanil,
Lexiniiton, Ky Oct. 10. August net
mont's famous stallion Hocksand. on
which a French stndlentp, headed bv
''herl tlalbronn, has held an option, will
change hands for $130,000.
Naval Review Souvenir Supplement
EIGHT PAGES, beautifully printed on fine paper, including a double page draw
ing by the famous naval artist, Henry Reuterdahl, showing a birdseye view
of the great fleet in the North River. This is printed from the largest half tone
plate ever made.
V7INNERS in the, SUN'S $100 prize contest
for the best articles answering the question,
"Do Women Want to Vote?"
to study our social conditions, says American
men are "bally bores."
Takes Trans.vlvania in Slraiirhl.
Heats From a Field
of Four.
Driver Avery Illumed for Acci
dent in Which Two .Men
Are Injured.
LnriNnToN', Ky Oct. 10. This was
Tiansylvanln day at the fall meeting of
the Kentucky TuittltiK llnise ltrpeders
Association track and the nnnunl large
crowd wns out to witness tho trotting of
Ibis Kentucky classic. Thcro wpio only
four starters, and Iladcn so far out
classed his flelit that the finishes weio
void of excitement or Interert.
, The second rnce, for 2:01 class pacers,
furnished more sport for the spectators,
as Karl, Jr., gave the winner, Kvelyn V
n race for the money, but In spite of nil
opposition the (laughter of The Spy landed
her race In straight heats.
The race for 2 :03 class trotters was nlso
decided III straight heats, Hello Ashland,
illlvcn by her owner, Crlt Davis, being the
victor. The first accident of the meeting
happened In this event when, Lou Mc
Donald, driven by Avery, and Meadow
dale, driven by Cntes, collided near tho
half nnd Hip driver, wpre thiown from
their sulkies nnd slightly Injured. The
blame was laid on Avery nnd Lon Mc
Donald got the distance flag, but Meadow
dale was allowed to start again and won
third money. The sumnvirlrs:
Th Transt Ivanla, for 2:10 trotlers
Hiden, b a, by Hlngara (ttmlney)..
Cheeney, l,r in. ( Fleming! ... f :
list her W. b m. I Com
Kcnon W. blk i .McDonald i . . . ;
Time 3:011 . 3:or,i;. 2 n4ij.
i-ii Class Trotting. Purse. ISOO.
1 t
Hell" Ashland, b. in., by Ashland
Wilkes IDlVlsl
Haron Todd, br. s. (McDonald I
Meailntwlnlc, 1. s. (Cares)
Molly Ingram, h. m ilte.ii
3 J3
S 2
7 7
4 r.
Halt Holiday. Ii. g. llluklll
I.ndy Green Good, b m (Cox)...
Ilerta Ilrlltna. cli. m. ililfker.-on)
CrTfor.l Wilkes, b. s. (HlT.on
Lon McDonald, b k (Averyl. ..
Time -:. it,, :.n. 3:m.
2:01 Class Pacing Purse, $1,500. Two In
F.teln W. b. m.. hy The Spy (Shanks) t 1
F.arl. Jr, nr. (Hopkins) 3 3
sir ll , i. g (Murphyi 3 3
Fas'iu Kay, hlk s illersry) 4 4
Time 3:01 1,. 2.03'j.
llnslly Defcnts Tnlrnt'a Choice In
llnndlcnp nt l.iinrel,
n.M.TiMoiiB, Oct. 10. Inhibiting ahrannj
of speed ill direct contrast lo what he hnd
shown In previous racps here, Carlton G..
dashing to the front at the ilse of the
barrier, made every post a winning one lu
the fcatuie event of the day, a handicap
at" a mile nnd a sixteenth. Guy Fisher
c.nilrd the money of Hi" talent and pub
lic alike, but had to Im content with sec
ond plate. Fatty Grub, winner of the Ilrjt
race, was tun up H00, but bought In by
the owner.
The summary :
First It. ne Seiunj. ,nrsaroldi: five fur.
hours Fntlj (iruh. Ill (lliitttdl). i to I, 2 to
1. .ind even, won; (lerratd. 103 i.Martiul. lo
1 for plan-, second, Mockton 113 IShtittiti'
srl. eten in shntv ihinl Time 1 :ni .1.5.
Urjn. Ofd Coin, (ianlcn of Allah, l.a Saltirella,
lloseiiatrc DfijrtofHl, Aurlilc. Chilton Dance.
Maitle I.. F.we and Italph I.lnyt also ran
N-conil Itacc M.iu'en two-year-olds, live
and a half furlnnt-s Kxtnn, 111 iShuttinser).
12 lo 1 .-, 10 I. 5 lo 2 won; Mnhubnh, 111
I McTamart I. r, l I for place, ssmi; Am.
brose. 114 lllulttdll. 4 to 5 to show. Ihlrd
Time lax 2 i. Mart- Ann K . ltenc. Mohawk
Oirl. Trlflrr Aftrr;lo, llaiirry, Oeneral lien
jiii. uurseois aim rale carrier also ran.
Third Itace Srllinsr; six lurlnnes Veneta
Plrome, 10. i Anibros.'). it In 1, 1 to 3. and
even, won; Kate K. 106 (Davlesl. 4 10 5 for
Plait-. e"cond: Helen. 104 lllulweil), r to 2 10
shim, third Tune--1 14 1 1 Vlley, Hey. In
(Isinn, lloanclng Lass, Astioloxer. Handrun
in nt and Tnrlfty also ran
Fourth Uacr Handicap; mile and a lx
tenlh Carllnn (! . 102 iltolfman). 7 to 1, 2
to 1. 7 lo 10 tton: Ouy Fisher. 116 tOlass), 3
In & Inr place, second: Setiago 10iJ tShuttin
rerl, 2 lo ! 10 shn, llunl Time 1:45 2.6
Flamma and Kormak also ran
Filth' Kaec Selhnir. six furlonti Sher-
ttoixi. nr. 1 mutt eii). to s. 3 to r.. t to 3.
won, llnfinian. 120 tltyrne). 3 lo t for place,
second Cherry Seel, lot iShullltwer), 4 to
r. to show, third Time 1:14 Surfril. Berke
ley, Mnlike. Pen Uijal ami Anatri also ran
Sixth Haee Selllrr: mile and a sixteenth
Januehn.i. 110 Klross). r, 10 1. 2 lo 1, 4 10 I.
won W.ilfertnn. 10'j iPraschl. 4 to 1 for
i place. scoiul; Oakhurst, 107 I Small). 4 to S
III flliiw, mini linn 1.10 S.IU. ei-in. .it.i.
Kid. Cnl Aslinienile, Arasce and John Heardon
also ran
nrjnnt nnaketbnll Sehednle.
Manager Kennelly of the Hryant bas
ketball team Is the first In tho field with
his schedule. More games may be added,
providing the athletic association Indorses
his motion for a longer schedule. The Ja
maica game has been postponed from Oc
tober 15 to 23. Tho remainder of the
schedule follows:
October 30, nnstern District ; St.
Francis Xnvler of N. Y., November 6 ;
Kastern District, Novembpr 16; Rich
mond Hill. November 22; De Witt Clin
ton, November 27; Far Hnckaway, Dc
ccmlier S. Poly Prep, December IS;
Alumni, December 27 ; Newtostn, tJan
uary 11; Flushing, t January IS; 'Far
Hockaway. tJanuary 23 , Jamaica, tFeh
ruary 1 ; St. John's College. February IS.
To' be played at tho Bryant gymna
sium. tl.eaguo games.
Tennis Tonrilry fur Flnabtnir.
Flushing High will hold nn Individual
tennis tournament for tho championship
of the school In singles Immediately fol
lowing tho close of thn football season.
Permission has bppn secured to hold tho
matches In the nrmory of the Seventeenth
Separate Company of Flushing. Morrison,
the football player ; Manager McPherson
nnd Newsom will nil compete.
Ilnnn of Itlchnionil Mxtend Kerr
Vorker, lint Foil In I.nsl .Vet.
Hot Si-niNnn, Vn., Oct. 10. Fred C. In
man of the West Hide Tennis Club, Npw
York, Won tlx- championship malcli of
men's singles this nfternooti from MclOu
Dunn of Hie Country Club of Itlelimond,
TIip tnatcli was by far the best of thp
I mi rn.i tiin t. Inm.iii was well lulu his
game, but Dunn showed mine stienglli
than had been anticipated and won two
of five sets. He was best lit the net, when
he could get lo It. The score was C .1.
1 I, 4 1, 2 C, C 0. Dunn phi) fil well
for two set mid at Hie beginning of tho
third lushed lo the 111 1 and gave liiman
more than lie could attend to. Ills speed
Increased In tin? fourth, which he won,
fi 2, and did not lesspn In the next, hut
his oppoiiiiit, realizing that the champion
ship hung up on It, tlupw himself Into Hip
game ut this .lunctilie wll'h a foico thn
other man could not withstand.
As fully as IntPiestlng n match was that
In which In man and Mts. Itcpo Schley of
New Yoik won from Mr. and Mis. H. W.
Noel, New York, this morning. Mrs. Noel
was noticeably consistent. Her service nt
most times wns exceedingly fast and well
directed. Quite often It gnve her aces.
I hp summaries:
Men's Singles Frd C Inmin. New York,
defeated MeKee Dunn. VlrglnU Country
(.'lllli. 63, C--4, 46, 2 , 6. .0.
Women's Mingles Hecotnl round Mrs. T,
Morris Carnegie, Pittsburg, defeated Miss
M. T Htnmett, .' Vnrk. 5, 7 6: Mrs.
A. O. Miles. New Vnrk, defeated Mrs. (leorge
Carnegie, Pittsburg, 1, 62; Miss Prances
T. llreeie. New York, defeated Mrs. L W.
Noel. Ne-v York. I t, 10 , 61, Miss
Fillth Cmvles. Itye. N. v., diefcntcil Mil
Louise Wltherhee, nri Ilenrv, 2. 1'. 0.
Men's Doubles First round W. II. Kuril.
Oermantnwn. nnd H. H. llarne.l. New York,
defeated Hugh Inmnn. New Vnrk, nnd part
ner, C 4, 36. 10 S, J. H. Wllllame, llrnok
lyn, nnd II. H. Allen, New Vnrk, defeated
ltobert J, Allyn, Hartford, and ltobert Hager,
Jr.. New Vnrk. 62. I l.-rl.ln,, lltirord
and McKee Dunn, both Country Club of
Virginia, defeated A. II. Post, llaltlmnre.
nnd J. R. Hoffman, New York, 7 i. 4 r,
3 n. P. ttnaers and Htander II. Schley,
New York, defeated Hdwnrd Croiler. Phila
delphia, and T Morris Carnegie, I'liisbiirg.
by default. Cllrfnnl Hlnck. Pelliani Manor,
end A. (1. Miles. New Vnrk, defeated .1. P..
Parker. Philadelphia, and Htrker bv default;
(1. n. Donnell. Providence, and A F Oeorge,
I'rnvldenee, defeated Charles Ionian and
.Ttileis cleanser, 6--3. 61, Kred c. Inman
nnd tteeve Hijiley. New York.' defeated C. C
Harrison. Phlladelpiila, nnd T V.. New bold,
Phllnilelpbla, li 1, 64; J. C. HenRlanit,
New York, and F W. Noel, New York, de
feated II. R. Atery. Detroit, nnd Fred Hulde
koper, Wnslllnxtnn. 7 I.. 46, 6 2.
Women's Doubles. First Itmind Mrs T
Morris Carnegie and Mrs. Oeorge Carnecle,
Pittsburg, defeated Miss Kllznbelb Sabine.
I'lilladelphla, and Miss Mnrjorle Ilrnwnlng.
New York, 6 1. 60, Miss Frances T.
Hreeae anil Mrs, N W, Noel, New York, de.
feated Mrs. M Himons. New York, and Mrs.
Joseph Watt. New York. 6 fl. 6 I: Mrs. C
C Harrison. Philadelphia, and Mss F Hop.
kins. Philadelphia, defeated Miss Marie Cnz
zlns. New York, and Miss Margaret Dallett,
Philadelphia, (. -(, 6 I
Mixed Doubles Miss Marie Covins, New
York, and llnbrrt .1 Allyn. Hirtfnrd. de
feated Mis. F 11. Hopkins PhllaiMrhn.
and C. C Harrison. Philadelphia. 7 5. 61;
Mr nnd .Mrs. Clifford lllick. priiiati Manor,
defeated Mr. and Mrs Unpen lljgtr Jr.
(lerniantott n. 61, 7 Mrs, rtrete Schley
and Fred c. Inpian. New York, flefeated Mr.
nnd Mrs. Spencer Turner, New Vnrk, 6."..
63; Mr. and Mrs. I, w Noel, New Yn-k,
defeated Mls l.nulse Wltherhee. port Henry.
nd J. I McDonnell. Providence, c ?, g ti;
Miss I,. Hmmelt. New- Vnr);. ind A 11. Post.
Halllinnre. defeited Mr. and Mrs. T Morris
C.rPKle, Pittsburg, by defjiill. Miss 11
Prentice, New York, and .1 C lloairl.ind.
New York, defeated Miss r.thel Carh.trt and
Charles s. Innian, New York. 6-1, 61;
Miss IMIlh Cottle., Hyp, nnil McKee Dunn,
Wnshlnrton. defeated Mr and .Mrs . (1.
Miles. New York. 6 2. 7 : Mr. H C liar-rl-on.
I'hPailelphla, .mil T K, Newl.obl,
Philadelphia, defeated Miss Helen Y Judsan.
New York, and 17 (J Park, New York, by
default .
I'se of "Ponrtlinkor" lli'spnnsllilo for
Cotlou I'nlirl). hi Tires.
An old bicycle of lu boneshaker type,
built In lSCS, was Indirectly responsible
for th rcvolutlenary step which has Mr.
iired In Hip development of the nulomoblln
tire Industiy Tin- vehlcli', built by Will,
lam Lord, was a strictly homemade nlTalr,
crude and unwieldy, which was ridden n
Kieat deal by Its builder, who after years
of wheelltiK mid constant experimenting
with various kinds of tires finally discov
ered the ndvantaKcs of cotton fnlulc over
linen In the manufacture of pneumatic
tires. This wrotiKht a chuimo In tire
Mr. Iird, who Is now employed ns fab
rlc Inspector by the United States Tire
Company, was at one time the .suppiln
tendent of n cotton mill In this city, nnd
he llrst used cotton fabrlci In constructing
the carcass of n pneumatic tire back In
1S90. Up to this time linen hail been used,
nnd the life of n tire was usually about
iiOO miles. Mr. Lord had n few yards of
a very llcht Pea Island cotton fabric
made up nnd from this two sets of tires
were made for use on his own lilcjcle.
When these tires had run 4,000 miles they
were sent to the ntmlnp Tire Compniivs
factory In KiiKland for Inspection and the
test proved cnnclusltely that cotton fabilc
wns tho proper material for use In tit o
Merrrr Compnny'a xt I.lnmnalne.
Anticipating a brisk closed car tradp
this fall and wlntpr the Mprcer Automn
bile Company has broucht out a new
limousine. It. Is built on the recular Mer
cer chassis and presents a very low ap
pearance. Spare tires aro carrfed In the
1 ear, leavlns both sides clear. Four peo
ple can easily be carried In the rear of
the car, two collapsible seats beliiR built
Into the upholstery facing the rear seats.
When not In use these seats are so ar
ranBcd' that they can be closed down to
form part nf the upholstery. The chassis
has a wheel base of IIS Inches.
Clinton Stars llrinmr PInya.
The Clinton team was much strencth
ened yesterdny by tho return of Rusello
and IV Castro, tho two Injured men.
Capt. Moore expects that these two will
bolster up the lino to a ureat degree.
Itucc Promoter l-'nee Indictments.
Lima, Ohio, Oct. JO. Dr. n, W. Kleiner,
president, and F.dwnrd J. Malere, secre
tary, of thn Lima Drlvlnir Park Company,
fnco Indictments on charges of permitting
the sale of pools at tho recent Lake Erie
racn meeting.
in photographs which were posed for in Pales
tine by American actors to be used in moving
npALMAGE'S LIFE described by himself. This
is the first publication of the famous preacher's
long awaited autobiography.
TheChairmon rrcommtndx miltl.me U0w
and delicately ilavorc J wntiry.
Burke's &sl
is miltl. mellow and delicately flnvore 1,
iui;ai. stt.i: or t si.D ins
On" fvi Hlmplcx in IS
... tl.lt. tt MlO
I oiirion iiiii,. ''
One to Do L'l.X" LimniHlnp.
Oim 2.") Pcniisylvanla. now si inn
Olio M IVnnsylvtinla, (k'mimstr.uerl
One Vt Isottn.
Sevrral (loml-I,lninisnei flnri Tour.
Ins Bodlea Very t'heap.
1t mike a sreciallr of repalrlnc nlomi.
kite: Ik aUdltloB t nt faelllliet for noln
line rMtk work -n havs a wall eniiinr.
laaeklna aktp to cxtrkaul atanri; ttuiii.a.j
J. M. OtIIMnT CO.,
Newark. N. .1.
tomodhj:s. cowMBitctAi. vnni
clrs, aAHAona tirm. equip-
soMrrrniNO or intuiicsi' in
(.HHATFST AI'IO Nl.r. IN irAlis.
New fork's Automobile Marsala Otabllshmccl
I'ni 1. ii.-nriii-e.
Anr offer near cost takes a ear.
A rnllecllnn nf Ihe bfsl In .V Y.
Hemonstrailons citen. r.xamlnatlonx Intlisl.
1 .1 l l I -iiiik ns t.ciui grille i
.Melalliirulo,ue".sixty-:riais."l3,""l.." H2V--jts
45 horse; Packard.: "Mv Pierce; "lour" ant
"Six" Peerlcsves: six" lairraln liletrleh: lirlri.
llcnii. 20-4rt-.i-fia hnrse; idl.1 White Tortv-r I
ini4 sinriiin. ihi. . n c; rrniiK ins. iiiur-.ix cv m.
I ders. Mnn inSMni; llenault I Imniislnrsand Lir.dtu-'
a;nes; t,arinnis. issii 10 3,111.
Mercedes. Stun In 17.V1. Itudsnns. S'-X-ltv-
Itartfords. sino-svxi; llulcks. J,u5.vi; porji'
SIHI-J1111: Taxis. t:vi-V.l: Data. :.::.
Malhesnns, $.i:.i to .sM' Delivery Autos. vi m
JTtn: llalnlers. Slfii lo .'sVm; tlterlamls. .Hn, Jtvj
10 $.;i; tia'oantis. wiii.y,ii.
1012 ' 1:. M r "s", 7m: otheri!. Sim up; Chalm-rt.
j 11 i. fan, 3,;n:t an mac sp.i, ia..i. 51.1; m tneiit.
S.OQ; KntrniilsM s, f.iai-vi; llcos. J74-Jl.'rt; IM
uiner unusual oppnrtillillies,
eit l.lntoiisine and Landanlet ttodlet
tif.xt i.x.cii.v i VAi.t'iitri
1 1 VAI.I 'PS JIO A X tfl
I liti s. x.v sa. tin 11',
Mostexlensltecsiablltlimeiilntltsl Ind anywhers.
1'line I'ntments Armnrpil.
I IHc Ilarcalns In eten- ileparimeiu this ttetit.
.j.s.utjiii At i ti.tnrit ii. 1. t ti..
imTiin 4SA--H .naum. .;
1 H.IVi: a few hlc),-erailc nrtv a'jtnmohll-s
tinicn 1 nave cnnirncici ror. intiie n1 ii'o OTIO
iias i.ncme wer'is, ma: 1 tti ei ei,enii. t.k
plinne J. D. Cfl)NI'., ill Liberty t .Nc
1 orK.
a sin tit 1: iir.u..
I-cl us sell ynur car for cash no sil no eharjf
l l.Ml.,1 nvi tin. M Hi 1 11
1710 llro.iilHav. Phone 7.1A1 Col
siifiin ti:i itsi ni
t'.eO 4 ar llenl.
A tint (I'Jil St.. pe.tr It'tlftv.
CIIAl.V.KIIM l.lmoiislnc Hill, ejira new lourlt:
(tlU) , IMl IIIIIO, . 1 I II 1 III III, lil'l IIVIT
ALI OMOIIll.l.. I tilt IIIHK.
t-.t-t'AAal.A,. .1 l I! IiKj t lA.ta.
Mricby uiiu-uaio niouci. iur
lent ii.U) au biiur aai uyi
ai'eclai ir.onttily rales.
1 r Is clicnper in ii'iit la. in in mtn ,111 automoMn.
We rnaVe a specially of tcnllnc cars by Hie tnontiL
Our sctcn passenccr I'ackipl car, Inurlnt or
llinnusine, equal me tiucai pritaie ec.uipment.
Pespnnslhle and rellatile sertlie cuaratuetl
INUCKSM, I . I.IIl.Tl.lt CAIl LU., lia
MslMU I'r.nne i-ian jnti.
AL'TO.MOIlll.i: HF.I'AlltlNd. C.
paintinh vi:iiiiAi:i.iNn.
I'pholsterlng. lops A- SHp-envert. Knrsdenri
riii ni. atiu Jti;i'.tic xt.,
soul 10I. nst vr. sad it
32H W. Tilth St.
llooklet eiplalns writ
our roitrss li peit.
Inspect our plxnl
and be convinced.
VPcT smr- Individual road work. Small shij
rinsscs. 1 men positions waltlnc
1. n. X.. A. -ciiw iur nnoHiei. aia tt . bun a,
Phone 791 Cnlumb'i'
AIL MIKR ,""1":!"' Sol'l nrt Kxrhantd
Times Si) Alltn Co , 1710 Ilrnvtivar.
Bl llrTK Motor Co.. U'), between 55tl I
Min Six. Phona 404a Columb'U.
1ilrXV Knui Automobile ComDaor.
VU lg.lm nruadirar. 1'hooa 4JJI 04
MAXm.LLllltlsCOC lliM
k Weal Sin St. Paona 41(9 Oak
1.(1(1 SI VAI.IHV, I.. I.
Special Trnlns I- I. It. 11. leave Pennsyl
vania filatlnn (3.ld".St. and 7th Av. N. '
ll:.X0A M.and 1215P M Uavc nronVIrj
Iplnlhusn Av Siailniu Saluntay Oct I2ann
IB, n:30 V M. and !2'I1 P. M 1 rave BronUt n
Wednesday. Oct in. Hum A M and I.' al l
M lleaclied from live. N Y by ferry In ca
Cliff KIHM l 1 F. 'i I'- M.

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