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F51 i
- mnrt support. Jeff held th Red Box
I to five scattered hits, scattered ono nt
5 -n lime through tho first llvn Innings.
; 3 Two of thn lilts wore timely. A wild
! ipltch followed n three bagger nnd gavn
; -the Hojttnns one run; a base on ImlH
: Sand n hit figured In nnother. Hnd Mey
'2cr.s Intercepted u steal mm of the two
:riins wouldn't luive been made, hut .leff
; ;vbh mostly to hliiinn for ltolh When
5 Thn had retired for a pinch hitter Ames
Jen mo In nnd u base on balls off Ames
; also was associated with n run.
'. j Big Jeff was getting better and bet-
"lor when he stepped aside. Ills control
! '.was better, the Huston batters were
j "falling hi fore him fast. Although beaten
afll.nln I,., ll'nu 1.. ..A 1uu a.,.,lt,..
"wnrlt mil ti IViiim VA,w,l Kill ntml, llteo lio
J'jhas made n worthy fight anif despltn
5 defeat he stands, throiiKh his world's
: fserlos work, a strong and rugged llg
! Jure In the pitching ranks. A team must
; ;Rct runs for n pitcher to win, no mat
5 !ter how effectively he conducts his own
: ; The single error a side hnd no hearing
I on the. sooijng, A wild throw by Meyers
; nnd a fumbled grokvidor by Warner
J were the only mlspl.iys. Iteforc he
; t'inade that fumble Wngncr had been a
j human blotter. absorbing everything.
i.,Kor hard driven ground balls his left
; hand was a bushel kisket, as capacious
j ns that urtlcle, and thrust In the way of
; lotted balls as 'deadly and sure as a
master swordsman uses a rapier. That
t lcfl hand of his shot out like a lizard's
; ' tongue for a lly nnd pinioned ground
: halls In the fifth and eighth limine:!
which, had they gone clear, would have
; put his team In mHous predicaments.
; Fletcher's capital playing at short and
wonderful ono handed catch while In
: the air by the lted Live Wlro Murray
m embellished the defensive department.
A versatile craftsman this Wood. Ho
; helped win his own game with a hit.
His battery ally, Cady, also towed homo
: a run with a single. The heavy nrtllleiy
on the Hoston side, however, manifested
Itself In the unassuming, hut not
: shrinking, person of Lnrry Gardner. A
j triple nnd a single by Gardner rang the
knell of defeat for the (Hants. Hotelier
: not only capered nimbly In the field but
. made the hit which sent In New York'a
only run. The man he scored was ller
: zog, tho activity of whose warcluh
! knows no nbatement and who cuffed tho
peerless Wood for two hits when such
; able, pliers of the bat as Merkle and
J Meyers were straining the vertebral
: column lunging ut curves and agitating
. the air.
" The Olants emerged spotless from .a
dangerous place In the first Inning.
; Anxious eyes were fastened on TY.-
reati as he wound up for the llrst pitch
to see how ho was tlxed us to control.
: He spun the first one over for a strike
und everybody brtathed easier. Hut
Hooper picked out a ball he liked nnd
j reversed It to centre field for a hit, tho
; ball boring straight through Jeff's logs.
J Ycrkes set about to sacrifice his mate
to second and dropped a bunt In front
; of tho plate. Meyers fielded the ball.
: His nttempt to throw out Hooper was
j .nil right In conception but poorly car
; rled out. He threw to centre Held. Stiod
l trrass backed up and held Hooper at
I second nnd, when Hotelier snapped up
; Speaker's hit and executed a spicy dou
: ble play, hearts resumed their regular
places. Fletcher also threw out Lewis.
The lted Sox hit Tesreau pretty
brl3kly In this Inning, nnd it didn't look
promising for New York unless the lat
' ter could Jar Wood. Devoro enmo so
'' far from Jarring that he struck out.
''Doyle was less of a plaything for tho
"Hoston crack. He poled a single to left,
but went no further than first, as no
'"was forced by Snodgrass. Snodgrass
''had too exalted an fden of his own spry
' ness and was caught napping, Wood to
The lted Sox opened the second In-
ntng in a manner most businesslike.
(Snrdner didn't waste a( second. I'p the
lane came a pitched ball, the first one,
and Gardner immediately nailed it to
"right centre for a throe base hit. It
took lively Molding by Murray nnd
' Doyle to get the ball In In time to hold
'Uardmr nt third. In fact, the ISoston
rooters were vexed because he didn't
' come on In. A much simpler and lo.s
- risky way to score materialized. Tcs
'treau whizzed a wild pitch around Stubl's
-Vhootop.s and I.nrry was over the plate.
' Having thus unburdened himself, It
c was no trick nt all for Tesreau to dis
close of Stahl. Wagner and Cady. I'op
Hies and a strikeout were the means he
' msed.
; It took some time for Murray to get
the hang of Wood's canister and cull
,hls dally hit. He didn't do It In the sec
ond Inning. Far from It; he struck out.
V.'ood curled five straight strikes
athwart the disk, three on Murray, two
kdn Merkle. Then Merkle saluted him
with a base hit. He stole second, drifted
to third on Her.og's out, Yerkes to
' Ktnhl, nnd pined for assistance from
".Meyers. Meyers gave the ball a spirited
t. drive to left, which Lewis gobbled while
barking out.
, . Wood led off In the third with a hit,
a drive in right. Murrav played the
bound nicely and held Wood nt first.
Joe took ui his station at second when
-..Jfoopor perr grlnaied through the goner
,.oslty of Tesreau. Tes then took a grip
.on himself, raked In Yerkey's bunt ami
"throw to llerr.og f ir n force. A straight
throw by Hrzog would have removed
""Yerkes at llrst. Speak, r advanced
Hnoppp and Yerkes via Dovln and Mer
r Jle and LevIn achieved his finish pre
cisely us he did In the first Inning,
trickling a grounder to Fletcher. The
"Olants had short shrift lu the third.
.,Wood attached himself to Fletcher's
t stab nnd tonsed lazily to llrst. Tesreau
htruck out. lie never snw the ball, or
If ho did. only when It was going back
' to the pltohrr. Pevmn liil to Gardner.
.' Allhougb Gardner didn't have the ills
. .tlnetlnn of nuil. In? Hoston's run In the
fourth Inning, ho w.'ih one of the plot
ters In that performance. Ho was f.i
"vorod with a base on balls. Ktnhl
bunted to Te-ireau nnd forced Gardner,
.but moved fast enough to llrst to clr
Sriimvent n daub'" play There was a
3nt of time to tluow him out when he
y.tolc, for he inn laboriously. Movers
"made a poor throw, which Doyle did
well to stop. Wagner'n gentle tap to
Merkle put Gardner on third, and he
scored from there on n hit by Cady, n
ground ba'l which was ton dllllcult for
Fletcher to handle.
After Yerk-s had made n good play
on Doyle's near hit In the fourth Wo t
mowed down Snodgress and Murray
.with speed which fairly crnekled. Two
Jmrd hit balls bounced off iho linston
.lulu In the flfih. The llrst, by Hooper,
found a repository In Murray's glow.
:Murrny back pedalled to Iho wall,
jumped and raught the ball In his glove.
jYorkos gave thn ball such a saucy
;1hwack that It went safely to loft.
"Speaker forced Yerkes by grounding to
Herzog and when tin nirlln Trls tried
to tdoal second he was taken earn of by
Meyers's throw to Doyle. They out
tiuimeuvred Speaker. Ills steal was an
tlclpntod and Tesreau pitched out for
Z Itetwern demises of a conventional
pinluie . the last half of the fifth Her
n::us made u hit. Thu flint out was con-
In the M'ontli InnliiB tlir Giants, iniper'otiated Ii,t Her7np, frnrnl Hie
only run off Mood. lib one out ller.ojr singled anil scainpercil all the xsny
home on I'lclrlirr's (Inutile to light, i'he picture shows how lilr n tlir
throw t'o the ilnte to In ail off llie tally, lint llcro tmiK nm liaiu cmiiiiI tlitcd
the rubber with Ills person.
ventlonal In deslitn but bizarre In exe
cutlon. Merkle's hopper over Wood's
head Breatly risemblcd a hit until Was
ner snullled ncross the Rrnss and
whipped the ball alom; to Stnhl. Then
Herr.o broke out a hit, a hot ono which
Blancrd off Sl.ihl's hands.
"Hot In here. Chief, nnd hit the hall,"
commanded McClraw from third base,
but the Chief's flesh was much weaker
than his spirit was willing. He could
tily hit at It. He fanned on a wide
curvn that whirled past him at an In
visible oblliuo. Fletcher hit tho ball and
hit It hard, but Wanner with n superb
stop back of second baso picked It up
nnd completed the Job with a throw
which would have beaten n rifle ball.
"We'll cet 'eht for you," satin out
HerzoK to Tesreau In the slth, nnd
they pot 'em quickly In that Inning.
Tesreau, working with precision nnd
full of hope, struck out l.owN, enticed n
foul from Gardner and struck out Stnhl
nfter .lake had n count of three and
none In his favor.
And In the sixth the fllants came near
(loins some Bettlnu of runs. Thoy dldif,
nnd a mUs Is as Rood as n mile, but
they caused much uneasiness In tho
Boston cardiac region. The first two
men up made hits. Tesreau n henuty to
left, I)eore a venomous punch which
shot from Wood's shins ncross the llrst
Iwse line. It was the tlrst Rood chance
for New Yorkers to yell nnd they
wrenched their luncs.
The outbreak was short lived. Doyle,
enRer to kill the ball, hit nway and lifted
thu first ball pitched hlRh to Yerkes.
On two force outs the limine subsided.
CSnlnt; nt top speed Tesreau jitruck out
W.icner and Cady In the seventh nnd
Wood, hlttltiR to his favorite rlKht flld
section, arched a lly to Murray.
The sexetiih Inn'nK, In which the New
Yorks nt last tra idled the rlnK'tra-ve,
(ISnod with discouragement. The third
strike on Merkle found that player ab
solutely Inert. Not that ho didn't mean
well, but a curve swooped across tho
outside corner so suddenly that no
wasn't prepared for it. HcrzoR, keener
nnd ready for anything, shot a base lilt
over Wasner's hands, the ball taking a
nasty short bound. It had to do some
erratic thing to eiude Wagner.
Meyers was helpless, though he did
hit the ball. Speaker captured his lly.
Speaker frantically waved Lewis to
keep out of the way, which was a fns
about nothing, ns tlie catch was like
picking cherries anil Lewis wasn't
bothering him. Now comes Fletcher to
the rescue. Ho didn't swing ns If at ull
confident, but accomplished Just as
much, for a two base hit went kiting to
right. Hooper missed the kill as it
cat round off the signboard nnd didn't
make much of a throw home to head off
Homo::. With HirzoK In and Fletcher
on second the time to tie tho scorn was
nt hand and McCormlck, Ivtttlng for
Tesreau, did Ills share nobly. He made
an Intield hit which York's Mopped near
second. It was neck or nothing with
the (.Hants and Mcfiraw took the long
chance nnd sent Fletcher in. Yerkes wis
awake and made n good throw to Cady.
Fletcher's only chance was for Cady to
droii the throw. Cady didn't. 'With an
Impetuous slide Fletcher went to the
human obstnclo. Cady's underpinning
wai knocked from under him, but he
bold the ball after tagging Fletcher.
For n moment tempers were lost and
Cady nnd McCraw exchanged ncrld
(iff Ames In the eighth nnd with two
out Speaker made his only hit, but a
prodigious one,. As the hall floated to
left there was fear lest It go Into tho
bleachers. It struck the hoards nnd wan
well handled by Devore. For the third
time Lewis went out, Fletcher to Mer
kle, leaving Speaker a captive nt tho
Wagner's fine stop off Devorn In the
eighth wns a big factor In Iloston's
win. It was a close play on .losh nt
llrst. but Wagner's scorching throw
nipped him. Doyle mod well out to
Hooper. Snodgrass rolled a grounder
to Wagner and for onee Heine came n
cropper. lie fumbled. Wood tried n
pitch out, but Snodgrass didn't gM down,
When he did so Wngnir went over to
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cover second nnd Murrav pasted n sin
gle through tho vacancy. Again Mer
kle found Wood's prescription poisonous
and didn't get near It.
Gardner's run In tho ninth Inning had
Its origin In n single by that player.
Stnhl sncrlllccd. Wngnor wouldn't be
worked by Ames nnd dually walked.
Cady forced him at second. With Wood
nt bat Doyle gave Meyers Instructions
to make no play for Cady in case thn
latter stole. Wood, however, didn't wait
for Cady to go down. Ho unceremo
niously spanked a hit to right nnd
Gardner's run was hatched..
The New Yolk bolt was shot, the op
portune time had passed. Herzog's lly
to Speaker, Meyers's foul to Cady nnd
Fletcher's tly to Stahl wound up the
Giants with a plague of fllei.
Tho score: ( .
AM. R. H. P. A. E.
Hoopcr.rf 4 0 110 0
Yerkes.2h 4 0 1 2 5 0
Speaker.cf 4 0 1 2 0 0
Lewis.lf 4 0 0 1 0 0
Gardncr,3b 3 2 2 0 2 0
Stahl.lb 3 1 0 9 0 0
Wagncr.ss 3 0 0 2 3 1
Cady.c 4 0 1 10 0 0
Wood.p 4 0 2 0 2 0
Totals 33 3 8 27 12 1
AB. R. H. P. A. E.
Devore.lf 4 0 1 0 0 0
Doy!e,2b 4 0 13 10
Snodgrass.cf . . .4 0 0 2 0 0
Murray.rf 4 0 1 3 0 0
Mcrkle.lb 4 0 1 0 0 0
Hcrzog,3b 4 12 2 10
Meyers.c 4 0 0 5 1 1
Fletchcr.ss 4 0 1 3 6 0
Tcsreau.p 2 0 1 0 2 0
aMcCormick ... 1 0 1 0 0 0
Ames.p 0 0 0 0 1 0
Totals 35 1 9 27 12 1
(a) Ratted for Tesreau in the seventh
Boston .... 0 I 0 1 0 0 0 0 13
New York. 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 01
First base on error New York. Left
on bases Boston, 7; New York, 7.
First base on balls-Off Tesreau, 2; off
Ames, I. Struck out - By Wood, 7; by
Tesreau, S. Three base hit -Gardner.
Two base hits Speaker, Fletcher. Sac
rifice hit Stahl. Stolen bases Stahl,
Merkle. Double rlay -Fletcher and
Merkle. U'ild pitch-Tesreau. Hits Off
Tesreau, 5 in seven innings; off Ames, 3
in two inninRS. Umpires Behind the
bat, Rifiler; on the bases, O'Loughlln; in
the outfield, Klem and Evans. Time 2
hours and 6 minutes.
I'plotvn Fnii Take .i Stork In Itn
liliirn of .Mnll'n Snr- .rm,
With Hinolty Joe out of tho wny for ono
day nt least uptown npnrtln baseball
fans last ulKlit were willing to lt even
money that the Giants will win to-day's
K.ime. In the various places where bet
tois K.ithored last nlcht there worn many
Mii.ill wagers from ISO to 30o at ovens
t h-it Mcdraw ami his men will capttuo
Hunker Hill iik.iIii. Then, was no Kreat
ainnunt of maiv y visible at that
The men . no took th New York end
reamned publicly that Matluuvsoii will ko
In to-day and they llKiire that lledlent or
Collins will tart iiR.ilnut him. lather one,
thej think, will have to bow to the old
m.iHtor. Humors that .Matty a uieat rluht
arm Is not In Rood shape did not friKhtcn
the New Yorkers, They believe, the story
to be a KtrtaKcm of the war. .
Tall ami Winter Suits, $18 to $48.
Winter Overcoats, $18 to $05.
Fall Overcoats, $18 to $10.
After ITcrzop scored, McCormlck, batting for Trsrrnii, lilt snfel.v over sernnd. YrrUri knocked the hit down,
lint .MrGrnw, coaching at third, sent I'lctdicr home to Ills doom. Aerkes thriw pi rli i tl.v to Cnd.v, w Mocked
Fletcher off the plate. This picture shows catcher and runner at the lime of Impai t. lloth ( to upM't In the collision.
Ovations When They Kilter and
Words of Confidence as
Tlic.v (Juit Field.
Cad.v nnd the lied Sox (Jcnerully
Tnke Exception to Wny
Fletcher Slides.
When thn OInuts beenn to saunter into
view ofthoearly cotnersat the Polo (irounds
yesterday tho fans were ready to cheer
, Maniunril, Ievore and .Murray for their
1 treat work in Hoston on Thursday. Mar
M'liird was the tlrst of thn trio to appear,
and from the moment ho came through
j Hie mite In riitht centre Held until ho readied
'tho bench tu Kreat crowd stood up and
.howled 'Iho Itubo was delighted with
this reception and took off his cap naalii
land amiiu l.lttlo Devore, whoso catch
; had saved tho (Slants from defeat, nNo
cot a ronslnn welcome, while .lack Mur-
ray, v. ho has come to be regarded ns one
1 of tho mainstays of thn New York team,
was siteu In understand that he too had
j won a place in the affections of the people.
hater on the fans had a chnneo to pay
their respects to the veteran Mathowson
! Ills Kreat pitihlnK In the tie Kanio of
I Wednesday still was fresh in the minds of
i the fans, who received Sir Christopher
with a reverlieratittK roar, which made him
blush und smile.
Mntty had Just disappeared under cover
of tho New ork bench when Mcdraw
strutted ncross the field. Ibis was tho
siKiinl for another wild whoop of doUght
from most of the :o,ooo throats. 'Iho
plucky mnnaiier, who is conceded by Hos
ton funs to be the brains of tho Now York
team, waved his right hand as If to say
that this was too much. Hut there wasn't
the bllKhtest doubt that the littlo Napoleon
wns tickled beyond measure, and ho de
sened it r II.
When Tesreau besan warmlne up he
wns curiously eyed. The hie fellow had
j speed to burn As ho warmed to his
' work his fuco became crimson and tho per
spiration rolled down his cheeks In rivulets.
llctiraw watched him narrowly and evi
dently was well pleased with tho younu
(limit's condition, for he said a fuw words
to him that made Tesreau Kiln. Tesreau,
by the way, used mentor speed than In
Tuesday's Kame, but ho wns incllnod to be
wild nnd envo the impression that he found
it (Union It to control his spittcr. Hut when
it camo to n uuobtion of ncrvo uud self
control Tesreau was all there.
A curious feature was tho waving of
countless handkerchiefs by women In the
upper tier when Hotelier and Merkle made,
u cork Iiik double play lu tho first limini?.
When .Snoditrass wns eauirht napplns
olT first baso by Wood's swift heavo to
Stnhl a yoiinK woman in tho stand said to
her escort
"What happened then?"
"Why, SnodKrnss wns cancht asleep,"
was tho reply
"Wns ho tcully asleep?" she ipicrlod In
nocently. "W'P,' "nld the man, "fast asloop,"
"Well, why didn't they iclvo him sonio
black coffcu bul'oio thu Kame?" wan her
Tesrenu's wild pitch that allowed fiardner
to scorn Huston's llrst run lu tho second in
itial; wns n ball that k razed Stnhl's shins
and shot over .Meyers's capacious mitt
hot ore tho Indian could maku a wild stab
to intercept it.
Hero is the way Wood struck out Murray
on three pitched bulls in the second period,
all of them called by I luplre Itlitler: The
llrst ono was a sweephiK oiine tint passed
in or tho outside coiner of the nlale. The
l second was a fast ball that shot sipiarely
over nil" i n Kiti it oi ine pan. wniio me mini
whs a IiIkIi ball that sailed directly for
Murno's head and suddenly curved down
wind waist hluh into cady's mitt.
Heinle Wnvner, who played superbly at
shorlllcld for Iho llostnus. saved Cadv from
I an eiror when he leaped off the l-uiii1 and
muilo a lefl handed catch of a uiuh lluow
lo pi event Moikln's steal, If (he lull had
passed over Wauuer's head Mciklo would
liHve none to thlid und scored on ller.ou'.s
Wood not, only can pitch but aUo U iota
hit t nr. Ho craoked out two pench lngle
to rl if lit field, lie' llrst one In the third
inniinr might hive yielded two Ii-im-h hut
for a splendid toi by Ked Mm ray.
As Tesreau wnlked llonpr in the third
iniilnK.McliiMWHPUlword to VIVse, L'r.iinlnll
and Aiuct to begin winning up.
Toireuu wn funned on 'hroe pitched
bills in New York's ihiril, tho lir-t n Jump
ball o er the iiiiildl of ihe pl.ito the spo
ond an liithivit under tii chin ami tho
third a pn..llug drop over the outside
, N'ew York' big pitcher wa tm-toiidy
sgiiiii in th fourth inning when he uulkcd
tiiir.lner. ThN mNeiie eo-t u run. lor
Stahl forced (iardner anil stole .pcond and
a moment later e.itno homo mi Cady's
vrnleh hit Fletcher tiled Ills beat In
Held it after he had Knocked the Irtll down
back of second baso.
Hrforo Cndy made hi hit he lifted two
fouls into tho urand stand that canxed a
funny mixiiji, When the first one lauded
nmpiie the fans a yoiimr man grabbed the
ball and put it in lil derby hat, pl.u I lit: tho
hat upon hi head. When a viiill.mt uinv
coil rushed up to remove tin- bull the
Voium mill siilinillto.l to a mmp'Ii t his
pocket while tho crowd leered the olheer.
Ihen canm another foul ball tint dropped
a few yards away and the cop, uindnc his
back, made n rush ai another fin, who was
thriMimt tho much desired souvenir under
Ills chair.
Wood's headwnrk wns minlfest when he
fanned SnodurHs and Murrav in the fourth
inninv. Sngdnmss swutiv with nil ids
MiIl.1,1 ,it II... fl... 1. .11 ..-I.I.I. .. .... I..ul...
that missed thw handle of tlie bat. Wood
purposely pitched tho second ball wide
oi inn pinto, nut, I lie third hall lookcil as
If it would hit Snodcrnss In tho ribs a mo
ment before it curved o or the Insldo corner
Knodernsi settled himself, evpeotlnc
another curve, hut this time wood hinged
a strulcht one over tho pin and Sued was
out .Murray's third strike wns a swlnit
nt nnolher straight bill, which was so
speedy that lted .lack couldn't see it.
New York fnn received a Krnre for a
moment In tli if th Innlni: when a hot foul
tip chipped .lTers's rlitht hand foreflntrer.
Tho Indian i lanced around shakini; his
hnnd In piiln, but the Injiirv was superficial
and a cliih of relief went up when ho put
on hid imisl; nun in.
Iteforo this InnliiB was over the volunteer
umpires lu thn (.'rami stHinl found fault
for thn first time with Hltdor's work, which,
by tl.o way, was almost perfect. Itlnler
called a ball on Ixiwls that seemed to cut
the plate, whereupon tho utiotlcinl .Indues
of nlny bet up a chorus of -Oh! That whs
awful' "An olocant strike." "(iet the
cobwebs out of your eyes."
It Isn't often that Ohlef Movers strikes
out on three pitched balls, but that's wlint
happened to hliu In the filth period Wood
put him in the hole with thn llrst ball that
cut tho plate. .Moers reached tor the
second, a faat ouru outside the plate, and
missed it. Wood then pitched a beautiful
drop that enmo around by tho Indian's
left shoulder, and the bat, which was swung
miuhtily, minsod the ball by a font.
Ono of the most startling plays was made
be WsKiier In tho sure inning. Fletcher,
who can run like a professional sprinter,
cracked a fust hall to tho right of second
base. Ft looked like a dead suro baso hit,
but Wagner stunned thn crowd by soop
inc tho hall with Ills loft hnnd, tossing It
to Ids right and beating tho runner with
a rifleshot throw to stahl.
In tho slTth Inning Tesreau seemed to
lobo his temper, and made tho llrst kloks
on called balls recorded slnco thoboKlnnlng
of tho series. Ills face blackened with a
scowl when Itlgler failed to call the first
bull handed to Lewis a strike. When Kiglor
called another ball Tesreau oielainied:
"Mny.ltlKlnr, what's tho mtutor with you?"
Tho peppery llnrOR, who Is thn llfo of
the .Sow ork Inlleld, iiulekly romonstinted
with the big pitcher, s'tving
"Conm on, .lell', nover mind that, (let In
thors nnd liustio. Put over a fast one nnd
show that batter up."
Tesreau nodded assent nnd struck Lewis
put with a sweeping enrvo. moment
later, when dimmer was up, Tesreau curved
one over tho conir and lilglor called It a
ball. Ilio liurlv boxmuii again Kim oil at
llglor and coining- half way to tho plain
lie pointed his finger toward tho corner of
the dish uud growled
"It went over tho coner. A good strike."
Once more llorzog smoothed tho pitcher's
rnll'od feelings and then unbilled a lly from
(iaidner s lint W hen Tesreau. having re-
envepeil Ills emit! l.r k...,.r .....
' "n i,( ruin . OHUII OIH
on a wonderfully last hall tho crowd made
nun ruiso ins cup.
'"Wood fifl Tesreau nothing hut slow balls
to start t in sixth. Tesreiu whipped tho
second (lcllory into right Hold roe a single,
Y hen Oovoro beat out n wnllnp that bounded
elf Wood's shins thomiililtiidn believed that
victory was about to ho grasped by .Mu
draw s champions,
When Cady struck out In tho seventh
hilling It whs noted thai 'I esroau imil fanned
four out id lltu ii.oii wiio had faced liliu in
In uccordanco with a habit that Is prova
lent whorow'r hisendl H pjod 'avono
rooters stood up and stintnhnd when the
(.hints camo to din b,tt lor their half of o
sTiouted, "r1""' "'" 1101,1 "c'1 b" K
"Lucky oventh. Hero's where wo do It."
"ll' a funny UUag,"
Official Figures on Four'.h of the
Totn! nttendnnce.
Totnl receipts....
, . 36,502
Nationnl Commission's
10 per cent : .. S7.664.10
Players' share S11..187.76
Ilach club's share 13,793.92
Total attendance of first
four Rames.. 137,00
Total receipts of first
four Rames 5273.282
Players, s:ire this year. $147,572.23
Total attendance of first
four last year 126,156
Total receipts of first
four last year SMV71.50
Plajcrs, s'tartf last jear.S127,910.61
critics. "tliaW'ood often gets into difficulty
in tho scxeiith lulling."
Hlght on top of this comment the (Slants
hunched two singles slid u double, out of
which thoy managed to oro their only
run of tho game.
The soere nervous tension under which
the rival plnrr nre laboring almost io
siilted in a sciap before thu seenth Inning
ended. Kletcher, whoso double hnd sent
IlerO'r home, dashed for third as McCor
mlck, batllug for lesieau, pounded the bill
oxer ie(ond base As Verses sniM'keil Iho
hit down back of tho bag Fletcher was
rounding thlid ai.d it may tunc been ior
Judgment lu send him home. At any rate
Vorkes set hiinrlr and with nmplo time
he made a perfect throw to Csdy When
the latter caught the ball Fletcher was a
yard trom the pl.ito, jet the latter, Jumping
in the air, slid spikes tlrst into the Hoston
catcher Hoth player jumped up und
Cady inoed toward Fletcher in u threaten
ing manner. So did Wood and (ever.il
other Hoston player, w hereupon Mcfiraw
joined in i no cxi nance oi opitiiots. Mtjicr
ordered Cady to tho Is-nch at the siine
tliiu! WHVlng Met .raw nwny. Tho incident
boon was forgotten.
There was a roynl cheer for Ames when he
began pitching in thn eighth Inning He
lud a great curve ball and ftus tho picture
of eoiittdemo. Sieakerin this Inning made
his first hit by catching .1 mrvo on the end
or his stick and belting it against the feme
iu fiont of tho loft Held bleachers.
Wagner ngHin starred In tho Chmts'
eighth when bo robtied llooro of u lmso
) on ttiui n miraculous ion nanueii stop
and a llglitnlmr throw. Tho novt moiiieni
he was charged with all error on a grounder
iioin Miougriiss mat went between Ids
With two men on bases and two out tho
eighth inning wound up in n wav that
further convinced the crowd that Wood uuu
too mui Ii for tho (dants. He pitched four
onus io .nerKie, mice oi mem wero fouls
and the lat ono was a beautiful drop that
cut tho saucer. When Hlglor called Merkle
out tho big llrst baseman, realizing that tho
erdlet was Just, threw his bat down in
owdent dis-just.
.lust bofoto Wood sent Gardner homo 1 n
thu ninth inning w Ith n elonn slni-ln lo riuht
I Meyers and lioyle conferred und Capt.
Uirry as ho walked back to his position
whl-isjred something to Ames. Jus.1 wlmt
Doyle told tho New York pitcher may never
'Iw learned, but Ames looked delected
!When WikhI cracked the first ball pitched
on u uuu over JicrKie s noail.
Iloston's royal rooters, who were not
In evidence, decided at the last moment
lhursday night to remain nt home. Hut
they intend to como over to-morrow
with their brns band to lie on hand for
Monday's game.
I'rntap Chris t'lumbu'a Choice off
Ilnte nnd Stnrt BnsloniTurd.
Wnll Street pneked Its grip yestorday
nfternoon after the game played at tho
Polo (irounds nnd wns off to Boston for
to-day's gamo on the late afternoon nnd
evening trains. Christopher Columbus
couldn't havo picked a more oppotun
time for his discovery than October II,
so far as a bin fclzed army of hankers,
brokers, lawyers und a string of other
big fellows In the financial section nro
A partial canvass of tho curb market
nssoclatlon madn It look as If tho whole
membership was on its way to Hoston.
Tho other exchanges nnd their brokers
appeared equally nnxlous to get out of
town early and were mostly travelling In
ono direction, eastward,
Tho betting yesterday before the game
was more brisk than It has been on any
day of the sorles, It was conservatively
estimated by betting commissioners yes
terday that fully $10,000 in wagers on
yesterday's game had been made, mostly
at even money, and this did not Include
tho nirny of bets made privately nmong
brokers and other m.n In the financial
district. The lowest estimate of money
that hns so far been put on the Hoston
team for the series was $30,000.
Wrntlier Mnu Predicts (lercnnt SUy,
lint Ss Itnln Will ('fuse,
Boston, Jet. 11. Interest In to-morrow's
game has touched the stage where
It Is now icgardcil us a personal Insult
for ono to bo naked If ho Is nolng to at
tend. With anything like respoctabln
weather thn grounds nt Fenway Park will
not be half la mo enough to accommndatn
thiiso who nro going to try to get In.
Seats aro ciimniandlng great premiums
and what few can ho had of tho ngonts
aro fetching prices that palo the cost of
symphony tickets,
The local weather man holds out strong
hopes to-night that there will be no rain
for Saturday afternoon, lie says that In
all probability theio will bo an ovcrcuBt
kky, but ho doubts If there will be any
rain while the game le In progress. He
looks for light showers during the ntght
and possibly to-morrow morning, and a
letting up by uooa. ,
Walt of Four Honrs Kmls Only
AfOr limplrps Dceidp
It Won't Kain.
Stuck in Mutl, Truck Tu-rs. (!ns,
Fired li.v Kxliaust Woiuiin
in Hysterics.
The rain jliirlns tho nl-tht mil. ih,
playing of the game yesterday a -i i, -.
tlon rf doubt, nnd It wax nc.rh i
o'clock before the decision to :o uU , I
was reached. Tho mtrfmo of tho p.,,)
Grounds wmin't exactly muddy, but li
una Just soft enough to provide he.n ,.
golns for the bne riintrrn. As u h.i'l
been announced that the gates would
lie opened ut 8 o'clock, several hundred
fans who evidently wnnted to sell thir
places utood In line nil night. A' S
o'clock fi.OOO perrons had arrived In
Klglith nvenue nnd the police promptly
formed theih Into half n dozen sopar.Vo
lines. .Soon tho rumor nprc.ul that,
owing to tho thtratenlni; weather,
which might krep the attendance down,
the plnyt nt of both tennis wanted t0
have the .ime postponed until to-morrow,
win n n record breaking crowd
would suie'y nttend
As a mutter of fnct, the players have
nothing to do with n postponement.
Accornlnsr to the rules it wns up to thi
umplre.'i to make a final ruling, three
of the four to ngreo. So at 11:30 o'clock
Umpires O'Loughlln nnd Klem walked
out upon tho diamond to make per
sonal ohs Tvntlnns. It wasn't ralnln?
nnd tho Held seemed to be drying up
rapidly, t'mplre Kvnns was sent for
nnd he promptly Informed O'Loughlln
nnd Kl"m that nny conclusion drawn
by them would be Indorsed by him, For
some unknown reason the umpires be
fore niakln? n decision called up Messrs.
Lynch. Johnson nnd Herrminn of th
Nntlonnl Commission, Secretary Hpyd.
ler of the Nationnl I.engue nnd l'resl
dent John T. Hrush of the New York
club on the telephone This occasioned
futther delay nnd lli.OOO Impatient fans
were howling:
"Play ball!" "Open the gates!" "It
isn't golnc to rain."
A few minutes before 12 o'clock tho
umpires Issued orders to place the tick
ets on sale nnd the turnstiles were mart
ready for the eager throng. In less
than .in hour r.H the fans In the street
had boon admitted to the lower grand-
J stand nnd the blenchers to prepare for
I the belated rush of 20.000 more. Police
j Inspector Sweeney hnd charge of the
1 arrangements In the street nnd every
1 thing passed off smoothly.
Again the Klre Department enforce,!
j the law ngnlnst crowding the aisles nnd
j the promenade In the rcir of the granl
stand, which probably wns the reason
j why the sale of admission tickets was
j stopped shortly nfter 2 o'clock. Last
yenr, when thn attendance figures px
I ceeded 37,000, severnl thousand persons
I wore allowed to stnnd up In the covered
, structure ut $2 n throw. Hut, with th.
I fire regulations enforced. It Is believed
I that yestcrdayV nttondincn figures of
i 30,502 will not be exceeded nt any of
the other gnmes.
It wns estlmnted that 2,000 automo
biles were parked on the Speedway and
i In the neighboring open lots. When thi
i game wns over the trnfllc squad regu
lated the departure of the machines, but
could not prevent n mishap that caused
much excitement. In n vacant lot near
the Eighth nvenue entrance the mud
hnd been churned up so that It was over
n foot deep In places. A big machln"
carrying eight passengers sank in ono
of these mudholes, with one of the drive
wheels submerged over the hub. An
nuto truck, which was there for Jiut
such emergencies, was hitched to the
c.ir, hut could not extricate It. Boards
were placed under the sunken whel
with no succph. Suddenly the exhaust
flames nnd dripping oil from the auto
truck set fire to the grnss nnd brush
heap nnd In a few minutes a lively
blaze wns In progress. There was
danger of a gasolene explosion, and as
there wns no water navllnble the crowd
got busily to work with sticks and
blankets, finally extinguishing the blnzr
Some shovels were procured and after
half an hour of hnrd lnbor tho big car
wns dragged out of tho bog to level
ground nnd rolled away.
There was a nnrrow escape from ft
serious accident on tho wooden stairs
lending to tho elevated runway from the,
main entrance to tho 155th stret
station. Tho stairs becamo so congested
that tho rails creaked alarmingly under
tho pressuro of tho Jam. Suddenly two
men started to move downward, which
caused a human wnterlall In which
several women fainted. Tho police
clenred tho stairway and' thorcaflT
would not permit more than a dozen
persoris to ascend at a time.
Probably tho first enso of hysterica
caused by noisy rooting wns seen In tho
grand stand behind the press quarter
during tho first inning. Two Hoston
fans began tnnklng a terrific racket with
Iron pans rigged with an attachment
working like n couple of metal drum
sticks. Ah tho din Increased loud pro
tests from the men In the Immediate
vlrlnlt nvalled nothing. Hut when a
young woman In ono of the boxes, nfter
putting her fingers In her ears, sud
denly began to cry It was time to call a
hnlt, The grnyecated policeman, how
ever, declined to Interfere nnd the Iron
panning continued until Harry Stevens
gallantly asserted himself, Mr. Steven'
told tho Hoston noise makers that If
they didn't throw their Implements of
torture nway he himself would throw
them out. As Mr. Stevens looked ai
thought ho mount business the nuisance
was nbated nnd tho woman soon dried
her tenrs.
A. O. Spalding1 and Mrs. Spnldlng with
severnl friends occupied n box behind
the netting, Mr, Spnldlng enmo nil th.
wny from Point T.nmn, Cnl., to see th'
big gnme nnd to root for the f5l.mt.
He wns particularly Interested In ,Io
Wood for the reason that back In 1R7S
ho hnd ma,de n record of winning games
ns pitcher of tho Hostons of that yenr
that was never equalled until Woid
excelled It this year, Mr, Spnldlng In
tends to see all of tho games before
leaving for tho const.
... ...... . ...i.t.-v, r mr,
HfAIOKF.II in orlRlnal colors wlthmii Inlury.
Bwar cw. 4tk HI.. N. Y. Thorn WM Bit;"'

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