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FaW and colder to-day; fair to-morrow j
moderate westerly winds,
weather reports will be found on pa-e 15.
VOL. LXXX. NO. 43.
NEW YORK, SUNDAY, OCTOBER 13, 1912. Copvrloaf, 1912. by th$ 8u Print!- and PubUtMng A$elatt9n.
Red Sox Now Need Only One
More Victory to Win
World's Series.
Two Triples Sandwiched With
Costly Muff of Larry
Thenceforth Veteran Rules
All He Surveys, but
Mates Fail Him.
Only Four Hits, McCormick's
Nettiiifr Lone (Hunt Score
To Play Here Mondny.
Flr.l Kerne Tne.day at Polo
Ground, t York, lied ,So
iron, 4 to a. Pitchers, Wood
and Tritr.n and t'rnndall.
Second ajnme Wednesday at Ken
wily Park. Boston. Tit ftnme, II
to II, clevrn IiiiiIiikv l'ltchrra,
Mathrw.on and Collins, Hall
and Dpdlrnt.
Third game Thnr.dny at Ktnnnj
Park, lloatnii, iln.nl. iron. -
, lit 1, Pitcher., Maniunrd and
I CVIlrlen and Iledlent.
rbnrth game Krldny et Polo
l.ronnd, vr York. Ilrd Sox
j nog, !t to t. Pltrher., Wood
and Trirran and A mm.
Fifth snmr Yeaterday at Frnnar
Park. Boston. Ited Hoi nun,
1 to I, Pltrhrr., llrdlrnt and
I.mr Mnnrinr nt Polo
round., ew 1 ark, If iron lir
r Red Sox thl. same will con-
Indr .erlea. If won hy the
lanta the tram, will play nt
(oaton Toe.day.
sjo.v, i
Boston, Oct. 12. A mantle of fog was
Just lifting from Fenway Park tills
afternoon when the Ulants and tied Sox
tenant the fifth game of the world'
aeiies.whlch has been remarkable for
the closeness of Its playing, although
by virtue of a defeat to-day the Glanta'
have only one victory to the American
League team's three.
The fog and the mist which wrapped
up thebattlefield In an almost opaque
blanket' In the forenoon vanished be
fore the contest had been under way
Inns, but thn batting of the Ulants
was In a befogged state all afternoon.
Two to nnu was the score by which
they jrave up tho ghost In the fifth
clinch ot the diamond monarchs.
The lied Sox shook up Mathewson
for two three baggers of barbarous
ferocity in the third Inning, and two
runs resulting they had a winning lead
at one fell swoop. One brief two
pronged carnival of three base hits was
the sum and substance of their batting
so far as it had any effect on the re
sult. Empty handed and Impotent be
fore Mathewson save In this short but
deadly gust of lilts they yet had suf
ficient runs to bear otf the palm, for tho
excellent reason that the Giants were
still weaker with the willow before the
splendid pitching of Hugh Bedlent.
It was bruited about umong the base
bill marts that Joe Wood was the only
pitcher thn Hed Sox had, that on him
depended Boston's hope of beating the
Giants, that the Ulants had taken the
mwinire of the rest of Stahl's twilling
corps. So far was that diagnosis astray
from the real conditions that Iledlent
as a Joe Wood this nfternoon, plus a
little of the best of Iledlent. He fiddled
and the Giants danced; he cracked the
whip and the Ulants squirmed.
Slow and deliberate In his pitching
a characteristic In this series of all the
Boston boxmen except Wood Bedlent
wasted time, but not effort. "On the
rubber every five minutes," exclaimed
McfJraw on the coaching lines, re
ferring to Iledlent. But when he did
pitch his cross flro and other Ingredi
ents of his delivery made the ball talk
language which the Giants couldn'
The hits off Iledlent were as follown:
One In the third Inning with one out,
one In the fifth Inning with none out,
two In the seventh Inning, tho first
coming with none out nnd the second,
t Bafe drive by Moose McCormlck, best
of all pinch hitters, sending In New
York's single run nnd coming with two
out hu.ii wna tho effectiveness of Be
nlent ant the sklmplness with which the
Mlm, used bat oil,
fint ::,b gamn hid other twists.
Despite the two triples off Mntty In suc
cession In the third Inning the amalga
mation of blows might not have proved
mortal had not Doyle missed n grounder
with a man on third base. After Doyle
had missed the grounder, on which
mischance, a run flitted In, tho ball was
not hit out of the Infield by the next two
hatters, and so splendidly did Mathew
son recover his effectiveness, so ad
mirably did he call out all the arts and
wiles nt his command, that the gallant
W'lr-ran might, but for the error, have
held the Hostons to one run, the merged
three bagging to the contrary notwith
standing. After the hnll that Speaker poled in
the third Inning went rollicking past
Doyle nut a llostnnlan reached first
Use Speaker was thrown, nut trying
to reach second on Larry's error, and
Contlaitf- on Eiphth Page,
"He. Xnh Hint nrraklna; Into
Home In Flatlmsh.
Ueut, Brown of the Flntbush station,
Brooklyn, received a telephone. call late
last night from n man saying that he
had Just spotted' n burglar going from
a fire escape Into the rear window of in
apartment house nt 2031 Bedford avenue
nnd asked the police to kindly hurry
nrolind and catch him.
Capt. Creamer went to the apartment
with Detectives Ferris and Belts. They
took the elevator up to the apartment
of the Itev. Harpley Wlnans. a retired
clergyman, ind didn't find anybody
home. They forced open the door nnd
got Inside Just In time to see a man
slide out of the window, Belts went
down the fire escape after him and
Creamer nnd Ferris rode down the
The burglar Jumped several fences
and regained Bedford avenue with the
police In pursuit, firing their revolvers.
Severnl shots whizzed unpleasantly
near the sprinter's head, but he didn't
stop until ho saw Policeman Kehoe
coming townrd him nt Clarkson street.
Then he hiked kick nnd ran Into Betts's
The prisoner described himself as
Michael Cnrbone. 17 ye.irs old. of 421
Kast Tenth street. Manhattan. In his
possession was found Jewelry believed
by the police to be worth $10,000. Two
empty Jewel cases were picked up In the
Rev. Mr. Wlnans's rooms.
The WInnns are away from home and
the police were not able to locate them
last night.
Shot hjr Fnrnirr on Whose Stolen
Horse He Wm Fleeing.
PrI'E, Okla.. Oct. 12. The body of a
bandit who walked Into the State Bank
here, confronted the cashier with a re
volver nnd forced him to hand over
$2,000 this morning, nwnlts Identifica
tion here.
After his escape with the loot the
stranger was shot nnd killed while
riding along a country road a few mUes
north of here. H. G. Burke, n f.-trm-r.
whose horse the' rohber had stolen Fri
day night, fired the shot.
The money taken from the bank wj
ioumi on the body nnd restored.
J. H. Danner, cashier of the bank, wa
alone when the robber walked In. ThV
bandit made no suspicious move until
he appeared at the window with A re
volver In his hand. Danner made'io re
sistance, but handed over nil tlje money
on the counter. f
Burke was near the road at his home
when he saw the robber approaching at
a mad gallop, but he was not aware
that he had Just held 'up the bank.
Recognizing the horse,.hc seized a shot
gun and ordered the, rider to halt. There
was no response and he fired, the first
shot striking the robber In the breast
and killed hlm.i '
Five banks Jri Oklahoma towns have
been robbed .within the past four days.
Candidate for Major at Itrd Ranlt
tnnlrd From Machine IR,
Xbram U Davidson. Democratic can
didate for. Mayor of Red. Bank. N. J.. :s
'flying In the Monmouth Memorial Hos
pjtnl at Long Brunch from Injuries re
ceived yostcrday when hurled from an
automobile near Freehold.
Davidson has a fractured skull and s
badly cut about the body and head.
The chauffeur of the auto which caused
the collision sped away before the num
ber could be taken.
Davidson, with his wife and son
Harold, started from this city shortly
before noon to-day In his runabout
machine to attend the funeral of a
relative at Kingston, near Princeton.
Harold, the son. was driving the ma
chine. About two miles this side of Freehold
a gray limousine car. travelling In the
.ime direction, sped past them, turning
directly nhead of them as It wns pass
ing. The renr wheel of tho big car
struck the front wheel of the Davidson
car and Instantly the smaller machine
was hurled from the road Into a ditch.
Davidson was thrown from the car,
landing on his head against the fen.
Mrs. Davidson and her son were both
hurled out of the nuto. Mrs. Davidson
landing on her right side, fracturing her
nrm. The son escnped Injury, but was
severely shnken up.
Dr. William H. Hepburn of Freehold
was called and brought a nurse. The
Injured man was taken to the hospital
In the doctor's auto.
Another machine was secured and
Mrs. Davidson and her son followed to
the hospltnl to be with Davidson.
Davidson Is proprietor of a large car
riage and uuto establishment.
Mrnt Mrn Srrk Itrmrdr for Hlh
Coat of Mrlna.
Chicago, Oct. 12. More than 600
members of the American Meat Packers
Association will be In Chicago on Mon
day to attend the seventh annual con
vention of tho association. The ad
vance guard Is here already. The con
vention will continue Tuesday ahd
George I.. McCnrthy of New Vork,
secretary of the packers' organization,
Is In Chicago arranging for the conven-
I tlnn, A feature of the visit of the
packers will be their effort to demon
strate Jhnt the cheaper cuts of beef are
as palatable as the moro expensive If
! properly cooked. This will be done at
the banquet or the packers Tuesday.
The meat will consist of a flank steak
In discussing the high cost of living
to-day Mr. McCarthy said that the
, lowering of the tnrlff on meats would
i make little difference.
"Meat Is higher In the London mar
ikets than It Is here," said he, "and wa
'are exporting only little meut. We can
) sell all we have here. We have less
I beef animals In the country to-day than
( we had ten years ngo. An animal costs
i twice an much as It did ten years ago.
If the tariff Is lowered we do not see
where wo will have much competition.
Argentlnn Is the only country In the
Western Hemisphere exporting beef,
and the London markets want all they
can get of that and would comiete
strongly with us."
l)ff.'."llrul ." "Hnerl.l Her.'
I'h'm'irne fnr thr Klile
H, T. nilVVISY a SONS CO., 133 Fullon SI.. N.
Tusi, on Itond to Albanian Capi
tal, Invested by Invad
ing Army.
Such Is Substance of Rulnrin's
Ilcply to Be Made
Fighting still continues about Tara
kascb, overlooking Scutari, according to
despatches from CeHlnJe, but the re
ports which have reached the Monte
negrin capital and so have found their
way to the outside world are so meagre
that the results of the fighting are not
known. That the Turks are offering
stubborn resistance to the advance of
the two Montenegrin nrmlcs Is Indi
cated by the despatches, and the losses
nre reported to be henvy on both sldejj
The most definite Information cante .
late last night from Podgorltzn to'the 1 other convicts In tho compound, who
effect that tho Montenegrins had In- refused to take advantage or the oppor
vested Tusl and had succeeded .(n cut- ( tunlty to escape.
ting off that town completely from , Seven have been recaptured. Posses
Scutari. The Montenegrins were grad- are scouring all the surrounding coun
ually continuing their advance Into ' try for others. Women In town are
Turkish territory, the despatch added. i terrorized because they fear convicts
Bulgaria's reply to the Powers has are hiding In their cellars,
been drawn up nnd wl.ll' he presented to , Several of the fugitives are armed
the Austrian nnd Russian envoys to- with hammers and hatchets, among
day. The substanceof the reply Is that them Butch Dnlton, a life term mur
ine terms of the ote presented by the derer, who Is accounted the most des
Powers were vaiie and thnt the note , perate of the crowd,
came too late,
The preparations for war continue on .
the Bulgarian and Servian frontiers. "FUTURES" BROKER FINED $500.
TV, U..U3.H V, I ., -. . .1 n ..nnlnmatlnn
i iiv tiKHiiii fitic irniirti n i ..viiiiiioiinii
for tha, mobilization of the Turkish
army nd calling on his subjects to
resist? the Invaders.
According to Information from Con
stantinople, the Montenegrins nre at-
ascklng Slcnltza In the sanjak of Novl-
,T Bazar.
Austria Is credited with tho Intention
ot taking Immediate steps to prevent
the sanjak from becoming a battle
ground. Meanwhile there Is fear In
Russian Poland that the mobilization
of the Russian army, ostensibly for
practice purposes, has behind It a possi
bility of war between Russia nnd
The time limit set by Italy for . !
peace conference with the Turks expired
yesterday and Italy Is said to be about
to continue her war against the Mus
sulmans with vigor. The events In the
Balkans have encouraged the war fever
In Italy and have made active opera
tions on the part of that Power a prob
ability, brought about by the temper of
hr own people.
Tho news from the Balkans, coupled
with that from Vienna and Home.
caiiMd a'aanlc on the. Kumpean stock
e'cfianga. ,Maikd-lowtring ot prices
was evkjended all al6ng the line. Cana
dian Pacifies and other favorites
slumped heavily nnd a bunk rate of 5
per cent. Is talked of for next week.
Montenegrin. Ilr.lralnu: Slenltsn la
Itrpnrt In Constantinople.
Spatial Cahtr pninteh In Tnr Srs
Consta nti NON.E, Oct. 12. According
to Information received here the Monte
negrins are attacking Slcnltza, In th-s
sanjak of Novl-Bazar.
It was officially announced here to
day that all Montenegrins living In Tur
key would be. expelled from the country
within twenty-four hours.
A proclamation by the Sultan ordering
(he mobilization of the army has been
distributed throughout the empire. In
it the Sultan calls upon his subjects not
to allow their enomies to tread upon the
sacred aoll of Turkey. Ho says that tho
neighbors from the small States, which
for centuries havo seen tho exploits of
Turkish arm. hare taken advantage of
Turkey in the present situation and have
sent troops against her. He appeals to
the Turks in the name of their ancestors
to repel the invasion.
Thn Sultan has undertaken to furnish
a field hospital of 100 leds at his own
The text of tho noto presented to the
Porte by the Powers on Thursday has
been made public In It the represen
tatives of the five PowerH state that their
Governments havo noted the publicly an
nounced intention of tho Porte to intro
duce reforms, and that these Powers will
Immediately dlscusa with the Porte, In
the spirit of the Treaty of Berlin and the
Law of 18M0, the reforms required In the
administration of Eurojiean Turkey and
the measures capable of assuring thoir
realization in the Interests of the popu
lations, it being understood that tho re
forms will not affect the territorial in
tegrity of tho empire.
Small bands of Servian and Bulgarian
irregulars nre roKrted in despatches from
Salonlca to lx organizing. Tho purpose
of the organization in understood to ho
the further inciting of the frontier popu
lations to revolt. According to the re
ports received, refusal to reliel against
Turkish rule will mean the burning of
villages and the murder of the inhabi
Montenegrins OrFnpr To. I, Driving
Turks Hrfore Them,
Sptcinl Callt Dupatrli to Tut Bus.
Cettinje. Oct. 12. A despatch received
here to-night from Podgoritza stated
that the Montenegrins have in vested
Tusl and that tha itown is .now entirely , nBStlly con8tructed affair, and It col
cut off from Sou art. Tho Uiklng of 1 u )alspJ( ,,urylnK the twenty persons
follows the capture of tho Shlptohonlk um)er It. Other men. women and chll
fort on Thursday, Tho Turks retreated dren were also knocked down by the
from their position to Tusl, but as the falling fence.
captured forts commanded Tusl tho fall , Tho falling of the fence caused a
of the lattor was not unexpected. I panic at the park and nt first there were
The fall of Tusi marks the conclusion rumors that nt least half of those
of four daya fighting by the northern di- cuught under the fence hnd been killed,
vision of the Montenegrin army. The Several doctors who lived near by at
four days have scon an uninterrupted tended tho Injured. An Investigation
advanoo by tho Montenegrins, although wl" ne miule ,,y locnl authorities.
they have been met with desperate re
sistance nil tho way. i
Moykovatz is nlready In the hands of'
Continued on fourth Page.
rahfra to "Matin" That Taft Gare
Him That Hope.
Sptelnl rahlr JVvwfrA to Tns 8r.
Paris, Oct. 13. Pierre Lotl cables to
the .Vnflit from New York a forcible ap
peal for F.uropo to Intervene In favor of
the Turks. He says: "Whnt Europe Is,
not doing perhaps great and generous
America will do. The few words whldh
President Taft addressed to me permit
the hope that the United State his
already under consideration theivques
tton of proposing arbitration at-"no dis
tant date.
"It Is truly cowardly of the Balkans
to attack Turkey, who Is 'engaged In
desperately fighting against Italy's navy
and powerful guns."
Twenty tlrcnk Ont of Wyoming
Penitentiary Seven Captured.
Ciikveswb.j Wyo., Oct. 12. Within
two weeks of the lynching of Jim Wig
fall, a negro, by convicts In the Wyom
ing penitentiary nt Rawlins, twenty
convict this nfternoon made a success
ful break for liberty, beating a board
out .of the prison stockade and scatter
ing Into the rugged country near the
' Ounrds on the prison's wall were not
aware Ihnt thf hrenlc hnri been mnrip
unt commotion arose among seventy
Mr Will Trat noddle I.arr of Ml.ala
alppl In Higher Cnnrta.
Vicksburo, Miss., Oct. 12. In Jus
tice Kearney's court In this city to-day
C. J. Searles, a broker who was tried
on a charge of operating a future deal
ing establishment, was fined the sum of
$500 upon the contention by the State
that he was doing business in viola
tion of the Boddlc law.
The defendant was charged under
the testimony of a number of witnesses
with ncceptlng orders for" deals' In
futures. The defendint Is a former
resident of St. Louis.
The case attracted a great deal of
Interest here and the outcome of the
appeal to the Circuit Court will be
awaited with Interest by many business
Yarht Mayflower, After Sareral
Ifoara Delay, Reaehea Woods Hole.
Woods Houb, Mes., Oct. 12. Th
naval yacht Mayflower, with President
anoSMrs. Taft and several guests on
board, was fogbound early to-day In
Polllck Rip. Afler an all night trip
from Beverly the Mayflower nnchored
for several hours rather than attempt
to enter the harbor In the heavy fog.
In addition to the President and Mrs.
Taft the other memlers of the pnrty
were Miss Helen Taft. Mrs. Thomas K.
l-iughlln, Mr. and Mrs. John Hays
Hammond, Mr. and Mrs. Larz Ander
son nnd Major Thomas Rhnads, U, S. A.,
the President's military aid.
The fog lifted Inter, the Mayflower
proceeded to the entrance of the har
bor and the members of the President's
party were taken In launches to
Nnushon. Mr. Taft Is to spend the
night at the home of W. Cameron
Forbes, Governor-General of trio Philip
pines. The Mayflower will leave here
to-morrow nfternoon for New York,
where Mr. Taft will review the naval
Mlrlanna'a Money Belt Thrown
Aalde When He Waa Hurt.
Tony Mlrlanni while nt work for the
Long Island Railroad In an excavation
at Flushing yesterday was struck by
a big Iron bucket which dropped from
a hoisting apparatus. He was ren
dered unconscious nnd the foreman und
some of the workmen unloosed his
clothing to aid his breathing. They
found a stout canvas bond wrapped
about his body, which they ripped off
nnd threw aside. It was kicked out
of the way and afterward was thrown
on a rubbish pile.
After Mlrlanni recovered conscious
ness he discovered the loss of his belt.
He gave a cry of alarm and began run
ning around. He llnnlly found his belt,
which had contnlned his savings, $600,
on the rubbish pile. Rather than take
another risk of losing the money Mlrl
anni decided to place It In the Queens
County Savings Bank. The money wns
In such a condition thnt the bank of
ficials will send It to the Treasury De
partment for exchange.
Crowd "Walrhlnct Firework, at Mar.
rlatawn, .V. J., Ilurled Under It.
Morristown, N, J Oct, 12, Twenty
persons watching a fireworks display In
connection with the Columbus Day cele
bration In Speedwell Park were Injured
to-night when a section of the high
fence about the park collapsed.
Two of those of tho most seriously
Injured, children, may not recover.
Four others hurt are members of one
Dur(ng the fireworks display several
l.ll IrAn in, , r.n tr.ti nt tl.a
sntmiiutN RAILWAY.
Premier Carrier of Ihe Noulh.
High i'lan Krrvlre from Niw York to All Ihe
Principal Clilti anil Itctort. Suulh. I'rffcrrnllal
Itoute lo Panama Canal, Central and South Ainer-
. N. Y, OOce 264 KUtb Ave, Cur. 28th. A4,
25,591 LESS THAN 1 908
Second Day Fails to Bring tlio
Total Up to Last Presi
dential Year.
Brooklyn Total Less Than Fri
day's nnd Not Up to Taft
Bryan Year.
The registration figures of yesterday
the second day were still light. The
total figures for the Ave boroughs for
tho day were 181,770. The total for the
first two days of this year Is 38l762,
which is 25,591 less than the total for
1908, the last Presidential year.
Many politicians did their best yes
terday to turn out the voters, but 18,222
fewer men registered yesterday than
the day befbre, which was noticeably
Brooklyn for the day ahowed G,6U
less than the first day and the total for
the two dajys was about that many less
than the first two days of 1908. Queens
alone of all the boroughs exceeded the
1908 figures. For the two days the total
Is 4,983 more than In 1908.
Richmond fell 837 below the first two
days of 1908, but topped every mark the
borough has made since.
This is a summary of the two days
registration compared with the two days
totals for the preceding four years:
Vint Tvo Days.
I"13. 111. 1910. lOOS. leofl.
Utn A R. IM.SI2 153.ISO 170.817 17S.872 221.4S4
nrooklyn.1M.t67 115.K5 IIS.S12 l2,ltS !.0T2
Outtn. SO.0OJ S4.2t 23.4M 21.803 2S.K2
Itlchrt.'d. .MI.762 7.AS8 7.491 7,730 S.S15
Toll ..581,792 300.S8S 318,410 S3I.M2 407.3U
Details for New York and Kings coun
ties follow:
Day. Hrt Two Daya
1919 1919 1911 1910 ISO IB OS!
1104 1221 2B2S 3372 U23 JIM
177 347 1378 32 374A 42
1833 4310 tot 447A 4303 M4A
it 3M7 -tat an som sm
1811 IMS 4173 4323 MU
XII JU. 1324 3337 3721 4041
1881 4187 3JM 2433 SAIS &27
1531 3M 27M 3218 1321 3901
131 3838 3124 3323 338S 9002
im 3i8 area uia 3331 4it
1881 1311 3781 4122 4370 54V)
1884 423 3817 40AU 4382 .VA1
1803 4077 3434 31.1 3808 .VI44
1SI7 4333 3W 4I28 4884 .VSV)
3783 6781 4828 UN OftU 8330
1732 3818 3311 3617 37.V1 S068
2828 6334 4.V17 .1391 .VIA 78.11
2068 4S04 384S .3773 3816 3231
1894 8734 8(17 6VW 6807 S433
2130 45 3717 40m 4281 Mil
3431 73W UI4 6433 6713 8321
2400 4U 3911 4248 44.V1 .Vmj
7146 14671 UM4 11233 10317 11892
1883 3103 2872 2871 3U73 4088
ItKM 4836 3768 4632 4828 7108
2401 S077 3831 4441 4.W6 5669
18U8 4011 2840 3891 4044 6308
1621 3301 2618 2802 3121 3888
2326 MIS 3818 M2 5338 7316
3293 7012 6IU7 6858 7(17,1 8280
3142 8882 4816 5860 ft6 7317
8367 I27M IWM 8638 8016 11673
3321 660 1 5028 53118 8781 6870
6(78 12,400 8154 6167 8384 8243
488.1 8882 7431 7526 7530 8288
2 .
ToUI....B347B 100412 153150 170817 176872 223484
Tot. ret li 3I8) 328280 143320 370272
Tot. Ote. . .281148 301148 322243 316622
-First Two Daya-
im 1913 1911 1910 1IM19 lOOH
2168 4843 3941 452S 4780 6408
1711 36SI 3327 3555 4016 6150
1611 374S 3387 3534 4140 490
2400 ilM 42U9 4522 4408 S0S3
3290 700O 5704 5B48 5875 7387
2583 5.12 1 4258 4680 47IO 5636
2113 4282 3722 3801 4018 5041
1817 4013 3450 3610 4057 5103
4181 8015 70.17 6824 7067 7748
25W 6043 4844 5.185 5776 7066
2885 6418 4743 5182 5357 6761
3352 7480 5967 6670 6803 8117
2267 4434 3559 3477 3681 46U3
2105 4247 3681 3794 3808 4743
2338 4821 4283 3984 4088 53.10
4893 W.1U 7392 7458 7053 8506
3781 6818 6141 5519 5636 7440
55.16 11678 8118 8.TOJ 8173 1763
2455 4711 3770 3811 3940 4733
2816 5542 4830 4810 5058 422
1739 3502 2683 2931 3035 38M
6118 12027 10129 9876 10133 11557
4656 8336 6880 8530 6511 747.1
Total.... 68763 143167 I1SI4S 118642 122118 141)032
Tot, rerls. . . 231482 22884S 235289 241680
Tol, vote 216712 212571 219185 238163
MlehUan Man Say. Shontlnar. of llleh
Chlraifoan Waa Accident.
Baldwin, Mich.. Oct. 12. Oscar Are
bach was held to the December term
of the Circuit Court, charged with the
killing of Harry W. Fisher, his heavily
Insured business associate and former
wealthy Chicago promoter, on Septem
ber 19. His father and attorneys are
endeavoring to procure $10,000 ball.
Arebach and Fisher were out hunting
the morning of the alleged crime and
Arebach'a gun klllod Fisher. Mr. Are
bach declared the shooting was acci
Victim of noronah President's Ma
chine Rat-apes Injury.
Cyrus B. Miller, Borough President
of The Bronx, was on his way to the
Hotel Antor last night when at Sixth
avenue nnd Forty-second street his
automobile struck Benjamin Herschke
vltz of 131 Orchard street.
The chauffeur, Harry Carson, stopped
tho machine, but Hcrsehkevlt- Jumped
up and afler being .brushed off went 1
hln way. He waa only alhjhtly bruised,
bruised, I
3,000,000 GTRLS WANTED.
Census Plainrr. dhow a Shortage of
That Number In the United State..
Wabiiinoton, Oct. 12. There are
nearly 3,000,000 more men than women
In the United States, nccordlng to fig
ures made public to-day by the Census
Bureau. The excess of male popula
tion Increased 1 per cent, from 1900
to 1910. In tho former years there
were 104.4 males to every 100 females;
In the latter year there were 106 males
to each 100 females.
The condition, the Census Bureau
says, is mainly due to Immigration, a
large proportion of Immigrants being
males. In the foreign born white poptl
latlon thero are 129.2 males to 100
females. In the negro population
the females outnumber tho males
100 to 98.9. Females are relatively
more numerous In the country com
munities than In cities, a fact accounted
for ,by the grenter demnnd for female
labor In the urban communities.
Contract for Debnt on Keith Circuit
la Alrenctr Drawn l.'p.
John J. McGraw Is to hrcak Into
vaudeville. The B. F. Keith Circuit
will be the scene of his debut, the con
tract for which has already been drawn
up. E. F. Albee, general manager. Is
coming to New York to make the final
Rube Marquard and Blossom Seelcy,
star of the "Charity Girl," arc under
contract with the United Booking Offi
ces, and will make their first appear
ance at Hammcrsteln's.
WhatrTcr 111 Political Duty, Will
Vote HI. Own Way as Cltlirn."
Milwaukee, Oct. 12. F. H. Thomas of
Ladysmlth will cast his ballot as Presi
dential elector for W. H. Taft but will
vote for Woodrow Wilson. This word
was received In this statement signed
by Thomas:
. "Some newspapers have quoted me ns
saying I would vote for Roosevelt. In
this I have been misquoted. I am a
Progressive Republican, but not of the
eleventh hour Bull Moose Roosevelt
anything for office variety. If I am
elected I shall take It for granted that
the voters of this district favor tho
elevation of William H. Taft for Presi
dent and shall cast the electoral ballot
for him. I reserve the right as a private
cltlsen to cast my Individual ballot for
Woodrow Wilson, the only truly con
sistent progressive nominee for Presi
I'.rd for Fonr Honrs on nn Unidenti
fied Hotel f.nrat.
The pulmotor failed to save the life
of an unidentified clean shaven, middle
aged man who was found overcome by
gns nt Herman Stelner's Hotel, 1S9 Pas
saic street, Passaic, yesterday. He was
sent to the General Hospital In a dying
condition and the Publlo Service Corpo
ration was asked for the use of its pul
motor. Tho machine wns shipped from Jersey
City and surgeons stnrted to work with
It as the gas victim's life was ebbing.
It was In operation fnr four hours be
fore hope wns abandoned.
The man entered tho hotel Into Friday
night. Bills were found In his room
mndo out by Jewelry firms In San Fran
cisco nnd Vermont to Joseph Leonard.
ew Yorker Telia lloatnn Police of
Theft Near Milton.
Boston, Oct. 12. At 12 o'clock last
night a man who said he was James
Wilson of New Vork nnd a guest at the
Copley Plaza Hotel npproached a o
llccman In Mattnpan Square and re
ported that he had been held up In Mil
ton an hour previous by two young men
armed with a revolver.
They forced him to get out of his
automobile. Then they took possession
of the machine and drove nway In It.
Wilson walked to Mattapnn Square.
At tho Copley Plaza It was slated that
no person named Wilson was stopping
there, but a J. M. Wilson of New Vork
Is registered at tho Plaza Hotel on Co
lumbus avenue.
One firannda In Mttlr Hell Oatr Nn
Do Itesciirr..
An 18 foot power boat containing four
men struck a rock In Llttln Hell Gate,
between Ward's and Randall's Islands,
at 6 o'clock last night und clung fast.
The men blew a distress signal nnd
three men from the tug Wanderer put
out. In a small boat to rescue them
Tho Wanderer's bout herself struck bot
tom not far away from the power bont.
Three guards, Martin, Mickey und
Anderson, then put out in u rowboat
from Ward's Island. They took off tho
four men Just before tho power boat
slid off tho rock and sank.
The Ward's Island men turned the
four men they had rescnued over to a
passing yacht, whose skipper said e
would land them at Astoria. After the
rescued were disposed of the guards'
boat returned to help out the Wun
derer's crew and they themselves went
A few minutes later the Wanderer's
boat got off, but her crew wasn't able
to release the other boat. Somebody
telephoned from Wnrd's Island to the
harbor police, A police launch wus
sent over und dragged the grounded
boat off Into deeper water.
The Word's Island boat spent three
hotirs on the rocks.
F'nrlda.thr Carolina', Atlanta. Illrmlmham
fiuperlnr nervier via Seaboard Air l.lnc' elee
trie Drilled a'rel trains. Inquire 1181 u'way.
pnoso mi llid.-A-f.
Impassive Gambler Says
Lieutenant Gloated Over
Victim's Body. ;
Slayers Rounded Up As
Though Job Were Ordi- '
nary Business Deal.
Bald Accomplice Declares
Police Interference Was ,
Not Considered.
Witness Baffles Mclntyre aai
Leaves Him Exhausted Ai-
tcr 10 Honrs on Stand. '. '
Jack Rose told his whole story on tha
witness stand yesterday and last nlfht'
and the defence failed to catch him In
a lie. ;
Without hesitating, without stopping
to weigh his words, without the slight
est emotion, he swore that Becker
ordered and contrived the murder of .
Herman Rosenthal to prevent exposuro
tin n. uwitniiiaiirr. uiui ucunrr aioaieu
over the dead body as It lay In the West
Forty-seventh street station, and thaj
Becker paid for the murder and tried
for a tlmo to protect the murderers.
The climax was Rose's recital of what
ho swore were Becker's own words
when the lieutenant, coming from the'
West Forty-seventh street station am
hour after tho murder to meet him and-;
Webber at Sixth avenue and Forty'
second street, made this reply to Ro'a
question as to whether or not he had;
seen the body:
"It was a pleasing sight to ma t
look and see that squealing
there, and If It was not for the presence
of the District Attorney I would hay
reached down and cut his tongue otitma.
a warning to future squealers." '
Decker Karea Horrible Btorr.
Nearly every man and woman In the'
court room shuddered. Rose had spoken
In a quiet, absolutely expressionless
tone, which Intensified the dreadful ac
cusation he was making before 'Justice
and Jury. Lieut. Becker did not blanch
or quail. But he was visibly exerting
strong self-control. His Jaw set like,
u rock. One could see tho muscle'
stiffen. Sweat streamed from his fa'ce.
One hand gripped his chair, the othaf
the table In front of blm.
At this crisis he had to sustain the
ftxed Inspection of the Jurors. No
human being could have been sub
jected to a worse ordeal, but the ac
(used man faced 300 pairs of eyes with
out flinching.
Tho direct examination of Rose by
Assistant District Attorney Frank Mos.f
gave tho State's star witness an oppor
tunity to volunteer n narrative which
was scarcely ever lightened by a touch
of real humanity. It waB a tale of
grafters and thieves nnd bad women, tv.
tnlo of treachery and robbery' and muf--dcr.
The principal characters of hjy
story were men outside the law.
Perhaps the best estimate of Row
himself ns he told his story on the stand
was thnt of William Penny, clerk of the
Supreme Court, who said tWh In thirty
two years of experience In criminal
trials he had 'never heard such amazing
testimony nnd that he had never
listened to so marvellous a witness,
Whnt Mr. Penny and , many other
meant was that Rose either was telling
tho truth or elso he was the most 1m
nglnatlve, resourceful and rapid think
ing liar that ever sat In a witness chair.
I'tterly seIf-possestyd, grave at all
times, ns calm as though telling a story
to friends In n parlor, never excited or
(lurried or taken back: deferential to
Justice and counsel; wholly without
visible emotion. Rose talked for up
ward of ten hours, never faltering,
hardly pausing. Tho scrutiny of 300
people did not affect him at all.
The steady stare of Becker, who wft
seated where he could look the witness
squarely In tho eye, never discomposed
him. And his mnln Idea seemed to ba
to get through with a story that wearied
him ns soon ns possible. There was'
that about his whole Impassive manner
that bore out his own boasts that he
was one of the best poker players In'
New York. One became certain, aWe
how, thnt the only thing that wWld
have Jarred Rose out of his composure
would have been a dynamite explosion
set off near him.
The main, points of his testimony had
been public news, but to these points ivy
added others, He clothed and colored
all o. them with the atmosphere rX
gambling and blackmail and murder;
He amplified nmazlngly all that had
been known. Ho supplied details out of
an apiwrently marvellous memory.
Called on often to repeat Becker's exaat
words he was never at a loss. -
Ho begun his story with tha first
meeting between Herman Rosenthal'
nnd Becker and he carried it straight
through to his own surrender at Police.
Hcndquarters. He put tho full respon
sibility for the crime on necker, but
he did not attempt to hide his own par
tlclpatlon. Becker was the director. he
waa the agent.
One of the main points of his story
was his interview In the Tombs with
Big Jack Zellg. And Rose's testimony
Implied how much tho prosecution
would have expected from Zellg In lh,o
way of testimony against Becker. r
Mr. Mclntyre devoted all of tho after
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