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standing on the quarterdeck watching
the Vixen. He notified the officer of the
lck. r.nsign Calloway, who rent away
tho Captaln'H launch, just drawing up to
thn gangway tn take Capt J W. Oman
Thn Captain's launch Is n sponly llttln
craft ami with naval celerity was cleared
nwav and sent skipping In the direction
of tho Vixen. Sailor Cllnn toolc ti header
Into the river and grabbed Mrs. Victoria
llauer, who on account, of her age was in
more danger than the otlp-rs. With a
few vigorous strokes Clino had her along
elde and handed her to his males, who
reacned over the wide. Then he wont
hack to help thn other.
Sailors leaned over the sido and grabbed
the, men and women and children, who
were lifted Into the launch.
Then the launch mailt? for the Vixen.
Hot things to drink and n warm spot
were found for them hy the stownrd
n the Vixen proceeded up the river.
They weie landed nearly dried out. and
nflor Mr and Mrs. llauer nnd thp children
had been taken to the J. Hood Wright
Hospital the others went home.
"It wan a wholly unavoidable accident,"
Mr. Archbold wild last night. "Capt.
Smith is a verv careful man and tho men
on the launch either misunderstood or)
rlisrog.irdisi the captain's signals. I was'
on the bridge at the time and saw the
accident. The Vixen, till hough a very
last Doai. was going siowiy at tno time
Iwcausj of the Jain of river traffic."
Others who saw th accident, however,
Mjd that the Vixen was going at a pretty
fair speed. Mr. Hauer said that the acci
dent wan caused because Cant. Smith
suddenly shifted hi course. Air. llauer
did not want to go between the Maine and l
the Vixen for fear the wash would unset ,
his boat, and he said that evidently the
oapfSln of the Vixen thought hp would
take that course. When lm did not the
Vixen suddenly shifted his helm, he said,
and struck him amidships.
A H. Butlrr of the Ilhodp I 'In ml
Filched From I'nssrnnrr I.nnnch.
Andes Halley Hutler, V. S. N.. an en
sign attached to the battleship Rhode
Island since last July, was returning to
his ship In a shore launch at 5 o'clock
yesterday morning accompanied by En
sign Paul Spelcher of the tlhode Island
and Ensign Frank D. Alanock of th
Virginia, and was Just about to step
from the gunwale of the launch onto the
starboard gangway of the Rhode Island
off West 147th street, when a sharp roll
of the launch threw him Into the water.
He was drowned,
Ensign Manock, who had been at
tending the officers' smoker at tho
Hotel Astor with Knslgns Hutler and
Spelcher, and therefore, like his two
friends, was In uniform, dived Into tho
Mack cbh tide to save Hutler, whllo
Spelcher threw lite preservers to both
nnd then Jumped io the wheel of the
launch to swing the boit out so that
they might be picked up. Hut the swift
tide had carried Hutler awny so quickly
that he could not be saved and It was
only by hard work that Mr. Manock
wns rnfely pulled aboard again. I'p to
a late hour last night the body of the
drniwied enslcn had not been found.
The three ymint,' otllcers after a night
ashme hud gone to the West 158th
street landing and hail engaged Will
iam M. Keating of 4 1 1 West Fifty-sixth
street to take them to their ships In his
gasolene launch, the Helen U. Aboard
the launch also were about a dozen
As the Helen D. swung around off the
starboard gangway of the Uhode Island
and was nosing her way against the
tide to the ship's side Hutler and
Spelcher stepped to the rail of the
launch. Hutler In the lead. They
to step nboard nnd the launch was then 'some time to-day. The hour has not
tn proceed south to the Virginia with yet been set. but will be with the com
Mnr.nck. pletlon of plans for the remainder of
Kurlgn Hutler suddenly splashed Into 'the fleet's visit to New York. The fol
the river between the launch and the i lowing Is the programme so far ar
shlp's gangway. Keating, the owner and ' ranged for to-day:
operator of the launch, jerked off his'
rr.at and shoes while others nboard i
were throwing out life preservers and
yelling encouragement to the struggling
man. Manock dived In.
The tide v;ausht Manock. who Is a
strong swimmer, and was getting the
better of him when a wave slapped him Deshiotsrs street jdet- Ht H :3U A. M. ami
back against the side of the launch, i West Km t -second stieet at In tho
The sailors nboard the little boat nfternoon the llendrlk Hudson to leave
reached ami grabbed Manock and do-1 "'Jl "y1"""' !,'", t ."! :u aml Forty-see-H.lte
his prwt.sts i(.,l him back. , n ?uWra lo tmhw
Already the electric semaphore signals on ,,. ,1:1K!1mi Connecticut,
were telling the licet that n man was 9 :00 Secretary Meer to break out his
overboard. Immediately the white glare flag aboard tho Dolphin and to be saluted
of the searchlights of 11 mile of battle
ships to the south began to flash back
nnd forth across the waves nnd electric
bunch lights nboard the Nebraska, Vir
ginia, New Ilnmpshlre, Vermont, Kan
sas, Louisiana. South Carolina and
Michigan were flashed on the waters
In the hope thnt nil this flood of light!
in the coming dawn would glint on the
gold adornments of the young ensign's
uniform If he were still struggling on
the surfnee of the ebb tide running
south. Hut from the time he had first
splashed beneath the surface of the
river he was not seen again.
After n fruitless search to the soub
of the Hhode island the Helen D. pro
ceeded to the Virginia with Knslgn
Manock. He was well enough Inst
nlht to come ashore again.
The harbor police aided the sailors ,
yesterday after daylight In trying 10
find the body and weie still on tho
lookout for It last night. A story also '
reached the police that a sailor had
bfn drowned at the Fame time from
a launch, but as no ofllclnl report of
n sy.llor being lont was received nboard
the flBKshlp Connecticut It Is supposed
that the drowning of Knslgn Hutler had'
caused the rumor.
Knslgn Hutler was appointed to the
Kaval Academy from Louisiana on July I
2, 1007, and was graduated fiom An-'
nnpolls with the class of 1911, He then
nerved on the army cruiser Washington
nnd In July last was transferred to I
the Rhode Island.
7ltl Spoil I'nlla tn lirt Permission
to Stm t I'riiui t;o ernnrs lalmifl.
Miss Hlanche Stuart Scott, an aviator
who came here from I.os Angeles to fly
over the fieri and bombard the men-of-war
with roses, has been compelled lo
abandon her purport;.
Her flight was scheduled to take place
to-day. hut the permission to utilize
Governors Island as a point of depar
ture was withdrawn,
Her manager, ,1. U Hall, said the ren
nonii given by lien. Thomas II. Harry
for reruslng to permit her flight were 1
the danger In thn flight and the fact
that Miss Hrott's name Is not on tho 1
pilot ll(,t. 1
Although the first woman in this
country to take up flyinc, Miss Scott 1
linn never become a professional, Mr.
Hall said, nnd for that reason Is not a
listed pilot.
Fleet llliimlnnleil nml Srnretillulils
riiisli (lier the Hudson,
Riverside Drpo tit lit more persons
Jaet night than nnv other thoroughfare
In town, An appaiently endless proces
sion pressed along the walks or grouped
themselves at advantageous points to
view the ships outlined In electric lights.
Automobiles Jammed close behind
each other and the constant tooting of
hnrns contributed to the festive sounds
of the evrnlng. Kvcrywhorc one saw
sailors, nnd every sailor was escorting
at least one. girl.
V;Thi! clearness of the night heightened
:thoeffcct.7The ships' lights gleamed on
the water almost to the river's edge and
searchlights piercing up from tho
smaller lighting craft along the Jersey
shore enabled thj watchers to see far
up nnd down.
l'rom Grant's Tomb the twenty ships
anchored below the Kansas could be
seen easily and above were ten more.
ICverybndy agreed -that t'ncle Sam had
provided n sight worth going miles and
submitting to all sorts of Jostling to sec.
Xrrmniia for Tlirm nt St. Patrick'
and St. John the Divine.
A special servico was held at St. Pat
rick's Cathedral yesterday afternoon
nt o'clock by Cardinal Farley for the
sailors of the battleship fleot. Tho cathe
dral was crowded , but only a small number
of sailors was present.
Tho sermon was preached by Father
Chldwlck, who was chaplain of the Maine
when it was blown up at Havana. Father
Chidwick pointed out that tho navy is
the guard Inn of the country's prosperity
and n most powerful preventive of war.
He said that it wus the habit of some
people to treat the wearers of uniform
with contempt instead of with tho respect
anil consideration deserved. Ho also
spoke on the people who are opposed to
war even when the cause Is a Just one,
and said that in his opinion tile United
States had never embarked on a war
in which they were not on the side of
At the Cathedral of St. John the Dlvin
a special service was held at 4 o'clock
for the officers and men of the Atlantic
fleet, which was very slightly attended.
A section had been set apart for the sailor
men, but it was soon filled by a part of
tho large congregation which crowded
the church.
The few men from tho ships who did
attend were ushered to the spacious choir
stalls. Their presence and the few flags
draped Iwneath the lofty pulpit were tho
only evidence that tho occasion was out
of the ordinary.
The Rev. .J. Howard Melishof Brooklyn
delivered the sermon, taking as his text
David's words in II. Kings, xxin,,
"Shall I drink the blood of these, men
that went, and the peril of their lives?"
Dean Grosvenor of tho cathedral con
ducted tho services, assisted by Canon
Nelson, Canon Jones and icar Mttle.
MnfloTcr SnlU With Ilia I'nrlr tor
rirrt Itevlerr.
Wooos Hole, Mass., Oct. 13. TIip Pres
I Ident nnd Mrs. Taft nnd their guests
left on the Mayflower shortly before
I 4 o'clock this afternoon for New York,
where to-morrow and Tuesday they will
I participate In the review of the fleet
now In the Hudson. The Mayflower !
expected to reach New York about noon
Call of President anil Navy Secre
tary to lie Followed by IMiurr.
Mayor Gaynor will call on President
Taft and Secretary Meyer of the Navy
Ji-li A. M. Dolphin anil Nashville get
umlir nay to anchor near flagship Con
necticut. S .30 Mayor's committee nnd KUeMs on
Ftejimer lienilrln. I Unison to follow the
Seciitary of the Navy In the inninlng
and the President lu the afternoon urnuntl
the fleet. The Ilemlilk Hudson Is to leavt
b. nineteen guns from the Connecticut.
Cimm.inder lu Chief Hear Admiral )ter
lmu and riivMon commanders to so
aboard the Dolphin nnd boats from shora
lo bring the House and Senate Commit
tees on Naval Affjlis.
! : 1 0 Secretary of the Navy to return
the visit of Hear Admiral Osterhaus and
with him and the chief of staff to In-
"P11 c,hpr the Arkansas or Wyoming.
:o luvMnti commanders to leturn to
Tfct Wtr4 Bri4 On km J4 f omr tracks I Mvrfca
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General Offices:
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their flagships when Secretary of the
Navy leaves the Connecticut.
9 :4S, or when the Secretary returns
the Dolphin to get under way and the
Secretary, with the commander In chief
and the chief of staff to review the fleet.
12 M. Dolphin to anchor near fleet flag
ship after the review.
12:30 T. M. The Mayflower, with the
President aboard to anchor off Thirty
first street nnd every ship to file n salute
of twenty-one guns. The Secretary of the
Navy to go aboard the Mayflower Im
mediately afterward with his aids. When
the Secretary leaves the Dolphin she Is
to return to her anchorage near the fleet
12:46 The Mayflower to haul down
President's flag and with the Secretary
aboard to proceed to an Anchorage near
the fleet flagship, breaking out the Presi
dent's flag again at 1 :40 P. M. Five min
utes later another Presidential salute
from every ship.
1 :30 250 guests to be taken aboard the
Dolphin from Seventy-ninth street.
1 :40 The commander-in-chief, chief of
staff and division commanders ta call on
the President nboaid the Mayflower.
1:55 The Piesldent to return the call
on the Connecticut nnd then to visit the
Arkansas or the Wyoming In company
with Hear Admiral Osterhaus and the
chief of staff.
2:00 The President to return to the
Mayflower and the commander In chief
and the division commanders to return
to their respective ships.
2:30 The Mn flower to get undr way
with the Secretary of Navy aboard, fol
lowed by the Dolphin nnd the Nashville,
to review the fleet.
7 :oo Official dinner of th city of New
York lu honor of the President." the Sec
retin' of the Navy, the navy officers and
oltlrlal guests at the Hotel Astor. Speak
ers to be the .Mayor, who will preside:
the President, the Secietary of the Nuvy
and Hear Admiral Osterhaus.
r;rnri(U Society Host lo Tlioae Born
In That Stntr.
Members of the Georgia .Society of
New ork and other Georgians to the
number of about 100 cvae a reception
nt tho Hotel Imperial last night for three
1'iipuiins 01 mo viiantic ueet who were
born in tint State.
Tho three are f'apt. Marbitrv Johnston.
who hails from Savannah nnd commands
the battleship Georgia: dipt. W. S. Ilenson
of the Ltah and Capt. Jame H. Oliver
of the New Hampshire. Mr. and Mrs
David Kobinson were movers in planning
tun reception.
Among thoi-e attending the reception
were I). Wyatt Aiken, president of the
Georgia Society; Dr und Mrs. John A,
Harris, .Mrs. .Mario Allen Ilattle. Mr. and
Mrs. liedcii I'.iruer. Mr. and Mrs, llenrv
S. (lolding, Mr. and Mis. Jeilersoii D'e
Mont ihompson. Mr and Mrs. It. S'.
Swetlnnd or llighutown, .V. J.; Mr. und
Mrs. H. A. ''hisholin. who were childhood
friends of ("apt Johnston iti Savannah;
u. .urn .irs, 1 opeiunu I ownsuilil, .lolin
. Harrington, Clark Howell of Hie Atlanta
i-(.n!wii' n, unit .Mrs. Howell: Dr. It. 1-.
I'ou. Mr. and Mrs, II. K. Jacobs, Jeiomo
Kaufman of llrooltline, Mas"., and Mayor
11. ij. luneroi .vioany, ua.
dipt. Johnston sent his Japanese valet
over from the Georeia at 11 o'clock wlib
his full dress uniform nnd his Captain's
ensign, nnd followed Inter himsell. Tho
vii let nail not reunion Hie hotel nt ll)o clock
nnn ine v .ijiiain nan (to attend tho recep
tlim in civilian clothes.
Admiral Oatrrliana nml Curat Mlsa
Treat Cnit. Wiiai Prnnilaril.
Sunday was a gloomy, disappointing
day for Admiral Osterhaus and his official
mess aboard the flagship Connecticut
in the North llivcr And for Joseph
Cook tho day was likewise dismal and
disappointing as he sat in his cell in tho
West Side jail thinking of tho keen dis
appointment of tho Admiral and of tho
embarrassment of Capt. Harry Knnpp
of tho Florida. Capt. Knapp has pride
in his negro chef, Joseph Cook. And
that is why the chef wan selected to cook
for tho Admiral and his line and staff
and guests yesterday. Ho was also to
prepare a dinner for President Taft.
But just as Cook wns getting ready
to exercise his skill he was arrested.
Last August ho got shore leave while
tho Florida was nt Hampton Hoads to
run up and visit his sister nt Annapolis,
Md. While passing through tho Southern
Itailroad station at Daltimoro he con
nected with thn travelling valise belonging
to Harry Marshall, who was on his way
homo to Michigan, and boarded his train
for Annapolis which pulled out too quick
for tho pollco to get him. Then beforu
tho Daltimoro police could run him down
he had returned to his ship.
Tho Governor of Maryland gavo De
tectivn William Worner a warrant for
Cook h arrest as a fugitive from Maryland
jiihtico nnd Gov. Dix hero granted his
requisition for tho chef's cuntody. Then
the. papers worn served Sulurilny on
Admiral Osterhaus and Cook was taken
to tho polico station
Magistrate Kernochan in the Wesl Sldo
court yesterday wns willing to turn Cook
over to Werner immediately, hut l)o
tectlvo Fay, who made tho arrest here,
said tho maUnr must llrHt bo brought to
tho attention of the District Attorney and
waivers of oxtrailltlnn procured from tho
prisoner. So thn Magistral? held Cook
I without hall for lenrr.iignti'.mt to-day.
I Smeil Prom luillue (ilven for Colli,
I Nnivrnx, N .I.ocl III. -Milk ruth to
ciiinteiurt the fffrcls ef liidinr mveil
the life nf l.allril I'llttS. 12 venii elil nf
'"PrlllKllllle esilj this IMfil-nlllK The milk
nas louifil linn the Bill's stoniiich after
her father luil ncrlrimly eIv
or inline tu her In iiiUtake for cou
Xoiliin;; Sncrpil to Visit ing Land
Liibliors Above or UpIow
tho Docks.
Arkfiiisns and Wyoming, Big
goht of Flghtors, Objects
of Greatest. Interest.
There is no gainsaying it, and history
must record it as a fact, alt those moun
tains, hills, hlllets nnd rises of steel, iron
and wood out in the North Illver, com-
monly designated ns tho fleet, surrendered
abjectly yesterday, without firing a gun,
to a great army of civilians, led by old
General Curiosity.
From the great big sitperdreadnnught
Arkansas down to thellttlest 'submarine,
or mine destroyer, or tender, or whatever
tho littlest ono Is, not tho fnlntestlshow
of resistance was made to tho boarding
parties, jot the least objection was made
as the victors made their own terms,
which were entiro possesion of tho ship
and nil Its men from early morning to
5 o'clock in the evonlng.
Nothing wns sacred above or below
decks, neither men nor machines. Hven
Rear AdmirpI Hugo Osterhaus, com
mander In chief of the'123 assorted'flghtlng
machines swinging with thn tide out in
the river, had no more rights than the
chiefs of his respective divisions, Rear
Admirals Bradley A. Mske, Nathaniel
It. Usher, Cameron McR, Winslow and
Frank F. Fletcher, or the humblest
Admiral Osterhaus very frankly fled
from tho scene and concealed himself In
his quarters aboard the Connecticut,
here a few friends solaced him as best
they could. Tho other Admirals cither
did the same thing or sought safety
nshore, and all left their flag lieutenants
and flag secretaries to faco the tumult.
At dusk Lieutenant -Commanders An
ierson and Sexton of tho commander's
staff were seen aft on the quarterdeck
of the Connecticut holding their heads
and repeating monotonously, "No, that is
not a gun; It is a ventilator."
lust how ninny persons of both sores
and all ages got nboard thn warships
yesterday no statistician lias been able to
state. It is only known that for every
hour they were open to the public they
were crowded to capacity, while out on
tho river in various stages of hysteria
there were long lines of launches awaiting
a turn nt the port companions, and everv
mm of these launches, from the predecessor
of the Clermont down to the newest thing
in gnfolene propulsion, was crowded to
Add to this every launch of every ship
for privato parties and stretch the scene
from Thirtieth street to above Dvckman
street nnd you liegln to get a vague idea. !
loll could not throw n stone anywhere in
the river along the line of ships without
hitting a crowded launch and at times
It looked ns if n ierson could get ashore
by jumping from one to the other. Add
to these tho tens of thousands on tho
water, the tens nnd tens of thousands
who filled Riverside Drive from beginning
to end nnd tho remark of one oflicer might 1
apply. Said lie: "If every voter 011 the
ships nnd ashore this afternoon would 1
vote for n leal navy they would carry
the country."
Officially, yesterday was a quiet dar
for tho fleet; that is, alsiut one-half the
Jil.ono enlisted men were allowed shore
lllierty and the other half had no duties
to speak of except keeping ship. There
were no iwrades, no official visits and no
fnniinl entertainments. Secietary of the
Navy Meyer unofficially came in 1 11 the
Dolphin In the afternoon but no visits
were inlenii.inireil. There never is nnv
saluting 011 Suiida nud Mr Mover will!
hear all the nolsu he will caro about to- !
Of all tho ships tho most popular ap
tieared to lie the big Arkansas lying 01T
Eightieth btivct, with her sister shin 1
tlie Wyoming lying in second place. The
common inquiry was where the Arkansas
could Is- found nnd the next was how tho
inquirer could get aboard
Tho crowd aboard the Wyoming was
only second to that on board the Arkansas,
while tho flagship, the Utah nnd the Flor
ida came next in order named. This does
not mean that nny other ships were neg
lected. If one-llftletll of the Persons wlm
tried to get aboard the nubm.irines had I
ever succeeded thoso craft would be nt
the bottom of tho river to-dav F.von the
old San rrancisco, once the pride or the1
white Miuaclion. now a mine Liver, had
enongii cniiers 10 grainy inn most en-
thusiastii: jackle !
l.xeopt tor tlioe acquainted with some
one aboard tho nrocrumme was the same
nboanl nil ships It was 11 fearsome sight
to seo n woman in n hobble skirt trying
hi iii'K'""ue iiiit rHt! ueiweuil ft llOUgllllUI
HhnpiHl launch in a strong tideway ami tho
pon companion rwme gave up m ifespair
whllo others did the only thing they could
under the circumstances and got aboard
If there was no ono to meet tho vixltors
It was not difficult to (hid some one. A
party of four cirls nut nboanl nnn nf the
ships about a o'clock. They were fair to
look upon When ono remarked that sho
wished thev knew some one In "hnw
them around" the entiro port watch.
lust going off duty, stepped forward.
Except for ft roped off snncn far aft mi
tho quarter dock, just enough to shut off
tho companions to the officers' quarters,
everything was free aboard
V hen a ycting man who N trying to
nopul urize a now ragtime creation landed
below decks on thn Connecticut ho found
n piano nnd played his K'lectioti. He
was then seized nnd informed that if
ho over hofied to sell a song ho would
have to play a fowmor (.elections, where
upon them wns a dance, which took
interest o!T the big guns and tho turrets
nnd the engine rooms for tho rest of tho
The officers of the ships lind many
guests yesterdnv Col. It M, Thompson
culled on Hear Admiral Osterhaus on the
Connecticut Fleet .Surgeon Hraisted gave
n tea in honor of Dr. Simon do Unter
berger, who isn privy councillor of Hussia,
honorary physician to tho Czar and sur
geon ol th lmiierial Ouard, and his
daughter Miss Elizabeth. Among those
presoui wero airs, y. m. lllxoy, wlfo of
lormor hurgeon-ilenernl lllxoy
of the
army: several of her friends and P H.
Iacen. Itussian Consul. Kverv nfTlrei-
y.-ho could got nsiiorn later in tho ovening
fortliuncrHAnd concerts.
It is altogether likelv that, there will
be no morn chances to visit the fleet,
r.veryfhing wns shut tight lit 4:30 o'clock
in the nlternoon nnd not oven a high
official can gel aboard a warship on privato
business to-clu v-
All shore leaves expired Inst midnight
and every man will have to bn In his place
this morning or ficci n verv severe ordeal
before the "old man" hereafter 'Iney
liMiiv siiimieii iiliu.llli; reilllV last lllgllt
during the illuminations, which picked
out the enift Irom how to stern, nnd then
they went nt it cleaning ship
'J hey will be nt It Mill tins morning.
and it Hie crews on nil wnr vested flro
lining on general principles what thev are
doing on I h Connecticut the Arkansas
and tho Wyoming, whero th President
nnd Secretary Meyer will be to-day,
Inert? will b early call ta quvUr laj
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I -Ml .a
I the entire fleet this morning because
nntiim Mill i,t; r,ii,i k ak,,,,.
' that timo they are going to close the
river to nearly all traffic except n little
driblet on the western side whero tho
train ferryboats will have to be run.
They are going to drlvo off all launches,
clear long lanes lietween the Vhius and
when the Dolphin and the Nnshvillo start
out in tho morning for tho first review
there will not be another boat within a
They could not take a chance on the
launches. There is going to be sub
calibre saluting, of course, from secondary
guns, but even at that if a launch were
too near she would be thrown up out of
the water by tho concussion, to sav
nothing of being run down by excited
torpedo boats and other flying craft doing
police duty.
Thoso who will not bo nblo to be present
or along Riverside Drive in tho morning
or afternoon need not call up on tele
phones to tlnd out when it Is going on.
Tiioy will know. When nluutnen guns
boom alternately on every warship and
then nineteen more, and in the after
noon twonty-ono for tho President, re
penting that several times over, with
a few for Admirals nnd other high dig
nitaries, tho telephone will be unnecessary
for anybody this side of Trenton or Mon
tauk i'oint.
Tell of N'ovj-'i (iron-lb anil Ifrsea
.11 ore Spiritual Ailvlaera.
Chaplain Oassanl of the battleship
I Knnlia'' was m "f he speakers nt
vvasnington ueignts .Mcuioiust i;pi
pal Church last nlnht. Chanluln Cas-
i surd has been In the servico sixteen
years nml was on the Indiana nt the
battle of Santiago,
He told of the growth of the navy
slnco the Spanish war und said thnt
the Kansas, to which he Is now unsigned,
equals In efficiency the combined power
of the five American ships which took
part In the buttle of Santiago.
Thn entire Atlantic Meet nt thnt time
represented Tii.OOO tons, ns against ".IO,
(100 tons for the fleet now In the North
Illver. Chaplain Cnssnnl ninilo u strong
pica for doubling the number of chap
lains In the navy, which has been
twenty. four since IKU
Other Fprnkers were ("apt. Ky. chief
of staff to Admiral Coghlnn when the
latter wns In the Philippines, nnd Udgar
.nci'.uuKiHuii, osfiiBiani secretary of the
navy branch 'of tha Y, 1L C. A,
In Selecting
Wedding Gifts
The first thought of a well informed person
is Gorham Silverware.
If you are unacquainted with the magnitude
and variety of the stock shown by The Go'rham
Company you should visit their showrooms.
In Silverware
The name of Gorham has no peer, the
Company having been far in the lead for
over fifty years.
Although the Gorham stock includes
many elaborate sets, the 'values at any
given price are usually better than those
offered elsewhere, as comparison proves.
5th Avenue and Thirty-Sixth Street
17-19 Maiden Lane
Second Liberation From Wyo
ming Trison Results in
Two Deaths.
Desperadoes Flee to the Hills
Women mid Children
Chkybn.n-i:, Wyo., Oct. 13. Kucour
aged by the success of the twenty con
victs led by the notorious Hutch Dalton.
who escaped from the Stute Penlten
tlnry at Rawlins yesterday afternoon,
ten others, headed by Anton Pasquales,
serving a life term for murder, this eve
ning overpowered the turnkeys and lib
erated themselves.
Stealing through tho town In search
of horses nnd guns the convicts were
met by a liveryman whose face was
slashed from car to ear hy Parqunles,
who had secured a butcher knife In the
penitentiary kitchen.
Tied StnufTers, a barber, attempted lo
stop tho fugitives and wns shot through
the head, dying Instantly. The convicts
had secured a revolver from the livery
man and after killing StaufTers took his
Continuing their flight to the railroad
yards, closely pursued by the prison
guards, the convicts secreted them
selves In box cnrii, but wero soon dis
lodged. IMsqunlen was killed, the rest making
for the open country, where they stole
hurscs from n sheep outfit nnd daehed
across tho prairies, closely followed by
a mounted posse,
.W'llU tho two bands at cscaptd 3m-
: , , i :
vlcts united In the mountains every
man In town Is either fighting the des
peradoes or assisting In guarding thn
women nnd children of the city, who
liavo been gathered In one section.
, The country for miles around Rawlins
has to-day been the scene of more light
ing than at any time since the la?t
Indian massacre.
Firing Is In progress within the walls
of tho penitentiary and n further revolt
Is thought to be In progress within the
prison. Gov. Carey has oriiired twa
companies of the State gufi'rd rushed to
llnwllns on a special train.
Two weeks ago the convicts In the
prison lynched n negro convict anil In
doing so secured the keys to the cell.
The keys were recovered, hut the case
with which they ivcre secured Induced
the convicts lo mukc nn attempt .it
Late Saturday twenty prisoners ni.nl-
n brenk and escaped, Nine were re
c.Tptured befor? they reached the moun
tains. To-night nine got among th"
hills nnd ennons and n regular nun -hunt
was organized.
Krom the prison occasional shots were
Ilea I'd, but the gates nre locked and
no Information of the conditions therein
can be secured. Hunters nnd convicts
are still lighting one another out In
mountains nnd undoubtedly others from
both shirs will bo killed nnd wounile'J
The Wyoming penitentiary cnntalnd
n larger percentage of murderers tlmu
any prison In the country ami prari'-
I rally nil the convicts are gunmen n 1
ilcnd shots, state troops ennnm re.u.i
here until Monday, and a state nf ter
ror prevails In llawilns tn-nlght.
it Milclilr
nt film-
Charles Schmunl, .11 venra of age, of
1305 Greene avenue, Brooklyn, was
found lumping to a tree yesterday at
Myrtle and Montnguo nvenues, Glendalr.
Queens, lie had been dead a couple of
nourti vvuen loiinu, accoruinB to a y?-
clan who wan summoned
Rchmuhl had been repotfed mliflpK
by his wife, and she went
and Idtnilfjed U body,
to aieal

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