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Tigers vs. Dartmouth and Hnr-
' van! vs. Brown the Chief
W. and J. Will Knpnjrc Yale,
and Lafayette Oops Against
the Quakers.
To-day's Schedule.
Harvard s. nrnwn. t Cambridge.
Vsls it. Washington and Jstterson, at New
Prlnraton s. Dartmouth, at rrlncrton.
Army a. Collate, at Woit l'olnt.
Naty rittuburc. at Annapolis.
I'cnn va. Lafayette, nt 1'hllarfelphla.
Cornell a. Ilurknell. at Ithaca.
Fordham . Norwich at New York.
N. V. It. a. William, at New Vnrk.
I'arllale tit. Gmrsrtntvn, at Wanhlmton,
Pyraeuaa s. Michigan, at Hyraruae.
Amhlnl v Trinity, at Amherst,
t.ehlfh t. L'rrlnut, at South Hethlfhem.
j Penn 8tate . Cletnabur;, at Stat L0l
'fullers va. Union, at Prhcnectady.
Tufta . Wealeyan. at Medfnrd.
Dowdoln . Colby, at llrunlck.
Sietcr . Harvard Freshmen, at EijMfr.
Ill Kchool a. Yale Freahmfn. at rotti-
'TlaVerford . F. and M , at Haverford.
Snsrthmore . Johna Hopklna, at Swartn-
mHoiy Crora va. Mm. AcRies. at Worcester.
Rocheatar . lUnaaelarr l'oly, at Hochea-
Chicago va. rurdue, at Chicago.
Maine va. nates, at lwliton.
l Vermont a. Springfield, at Ilurllngton.
r- .
It Is a rich menu that Is presented by
the football schedule for to-day. Jt Is
full of good thltiRg. Hereabouts the game
to attract most attention will be the
Princeton-Dartmouth encounter at Prince
ton and this with the Harvard-Brown
battle are the two roost Important con
tests booked. Other Karnes of moment
are Yale va. Washington and Jefferson.
Penn vs. Iafayctte, Syracuse vs. Michi
gan. Carlisle vs. Ueorgetown and N. Y. L
vs. Williams.
The W. and J. eleven, which tackles
.Yale, Is made up of big men and this
Lam has shown sterling defensive work
on several occasions. H kept both Cor
nell and the Indians rrom croasinK us j
n.l lln nlavlnr a O to 0 tie With the'
Indians, who are reputed to havo u. strong
offence. The game may make the Klls
extend themselves, tho latter with all their
good material, not being very far along
and needing apparently some good, sharp
coaching to itlr them up to more of the:
quality of work which they showed In
flashes against the Army.
The Interactional games start to-day,
the Wolverines beginning their Kastern
Invasion. Syracuse has been a mark
for the big teams of the Kast and It
doesn't look 48 If they would give tho
Mlchlganders a great deal of trouble,
but Just how good Yost's men are Is en
tirely problematical hereabouts. To-day's
game, however, will give some, forecast
of what to expect of them when they
meet Penn two weeks hence.
.Blnce Penn has been beaten twice In
succession Lafayette, which meets the
Quakers to-day, Is hopeful of making It
three straight Swarthmore disposed of
Lafayette much easier than she did
Tenn. The Carlisle-Georgetown game Is
exciting a good deal of attention, George
town having hopes because the team has
made 134 points and has not been scored
on. Brown's brace after a poor begin
ning has aroused hope at Providence of
living Harvard a tight. Brown In recent
years has been able to win from both
Yale and Penn, but not Harvard, apd
probably would rather take to-day's game
than any other contest on Its schedule.
No team that has met Harvard this
fall has been a good test for the Crim
son, but the latter expects a good test
to-day. Both teams are strong In the
back Held and with lines which have yet
to prove that they are strictly first class.
If there Is any game which promises
coring on both sides this one does.
Brown works the forward pass well, but
Harvard people do not think the Hruno
nlans can get across their goal line by
The biggest game of the day will be
at Princeton, where there will come to
gether two teams which have shown lots
of scoring ability. Both hnve been roll
ing up points at a groat rate, Princeton
to a larger extent than the Oreon. Against
such teams as It has met Princeton hut
turned out a scoring machine that has
done conspicuously good work. There
has been a tendency to hear the Tiger
market by laying stress on tho weakness
of opponents, but whether or not that
be the reason the Princeton attack has
done a good deal of harp, nggiesslve and
accurate ground gaining.
For several years past the Prlnwton
Dartmouth games have been exceedingly
close and the teams well matched. The
Tigers this year, however, are developing
stronger attack than they have had
for several years. To a large extent the
chief uncertainty nbout to-day'H game
Is how much Impression the attark will
make on a first class defence, such as
Dartmouth Is supposed to have. Also
Dartmouth Is supposed to have an pffence
which will try the Princeton defence much
more severely than anything the Nassau
men have met.
In the Dartmouth line are such players
as Barends, Knglehorn, Whltmore, Gibson
and Kennedy (If the last 'named plays),
and these are all seasoned players of the
first rank, Hogsett, who plays both end
and halfback. Is another experienced
player, and the line looks as It It ought
to be Hble to hold Its own against any
opposing array. The Tiger line Is not
as xperlenced cnllertlvely and ponslhly
not as well balanced, hut among the
Tiger forwards r the efficient Bluclhen-
thai, and flanking htm tturdy material
is furnished by Logan, Phillips and V.
Trenkman, It Is a line which will be
on Its toes and likely to put forth the
best playing of which It Is capable.
With such men as II. Baker, Pendle
ton, Do Wilt and Waller the Tiger back
field combines speed, marked ability In n
broken field, efllclency at punting and
line breaking strength, a strong all around
combination. Llewellyn, Whitney, Morey
and ftnod are perhaps not as speedy a
group as the Tiger backs as a whole, but
Morey Is a hard and strong runner, a lino
breaker and a first class defensive man.
tin Is a capable and vcrsntlle backfleld
man. Llewellyn, tho quarterback. Is a
cool and experienced performer, and has
been through mora than one Important
New York's only two teams In the col
lege field each have games at. home. Ford
ham will entertain the husky Norwich
eleven, which has a heavy line and fast
hacks, nt Fordham Field while Williams
visits Ohio Field for a tussle with New
York University.
The duality of the football to-day will
depend much on the condition of the var
ious fields. Dry gridirons will be the
best, fairest test of genuine ability. In
asmuch as several of the games will call
for a better quality of play than hereto
fore from the teams concerned, the war
riors hope for the advantage of a dry
footing on which to execute their manoeu
Bneknell Gint Expected to Skew
Extent of Prosrrva. Made.
Ithaca, N. Y Oct. 26. To what ex
tent Cornell has Improved In the past
week la expected to be demonstrated to
morrow, when the lthacans face Buck
nclt, a team which comes here so far
undefeated. The Pennsylvania eleven has
not alayed Cornell In several years, but
the conches anticipate a hard game. The
team held no practice to-day on account
of the lato hour at which moat of the
players reported and because of the
wretched condition of the practice field.
Coach Sharpe gvn the men a blackboard
talk, going over the new plays and giving
special attention to new men who will
play to-morrow. These men Include
Oliver and Rees, who are to replace Eyrlch
and O'Hcarne at the ends.
Capt. Butler Is eager to play, but must
curb his Impatience for another week.
Sharps having decided that Smith has
done good enough work at quarter to
warrant his running the team to-morrow.
Captain Gets Bark In Togta for Final
Wnrknnt Ilefore Lafayette.
Pnti.ADKi.rntA. Oct. :S. Signal prac
tice and other light work were Indulged
In by the Penn plgvers to-day In prepara
tion for 1-ifayetteTo-morrow on Franklin
Field. Marked Improvement In both of
fence nnd defence made the outlook much
brighter. Coach Andy Smith expressed
himself as pleased with the linemen. Capt.
Ieroy Mercer rejoined the squad this
Young and Jourdet probably will start
the game at end positions. Wilson and
Dillon arc the likely tackles; MacNaugh
ton and Greene the guards. Simpson will
play centre, Marshall at quarterback.
Minds and Harrington halfbacks, and
Mercer will be at fullback. Minds will
call the signals.
Amherst Crippled for Trinity,
Amherst, Mass., Oct. 2G. Amherst was
limited this afternoon to short signal prac
tice and catching punts, so that the men
will .be In the best possible condition for
the Trinity game to-morrow. What for
merly seemed a sure victory for Amherst
has been converted Into a doubtful con
test by numerous Injuries. Four regulars
will be out of the lineup and the defence
will bo materially weakened. Browne will
take Proudfoot'a place at end, Whltten
will fill Morrow's tackle, while Guetter
and Konold wilt be replaced by the Snum
way brothers at guard and tackle.. In
spite of the Injuries Amherst hopes to
score a victory over Trinity, which waa
last weoWsdcfeated by the Colgate eleven.
that succumbed to Amherst earlier In the
Colgate Off to West Point.
Hamilton. N. Y.. Oct. 25. Colgate to
morrow meets the Army at West Point In
w hat should prove a hard fought game.
The varsity Is In good condition and much
Is expected of Huntington, the star quar
ter, who until lately has been handicapped
by a bad ankle. The playing of the team
ug.itnst Trinity was a pleasant surprise
and on this victory rests the hope of a
good showing against tha heavy Army
team. This morning the squad got a
rousing sendoff from the entire student
body. Special trains will be run from
Albany nnd New York to take up the
filcndi of the Institution.
Injuries Hurt Cad eta' Chanrei.
West Point, N. Y., Oct. 25. -The ca
dels hud only light practice to-day, con
sisting mainly of sprints down the field
under punts, forward pass drill, both on
the offensive and defence, nnd a signal
practice. The coaches expect a hard game
with Colgate to-morrow and the soldiers
are In none too good condition. Devore Is
out of It again. Wynne Is limping badly
and the tackle position will be filled to
morrow by Lnrkln. The three days rain
has put the field In bad shape and to-day's
practice was held on Cullum Hall Field to
save the stadium ror to-morrow s game.
Football at Proapert Park.
riflya High. Serondi, 11; Celtic A. C, I.
noanoke. 1; Cheater V. C, 0,
rnnthall-Foraham Field.
IXllh at. and 3d av. Fordham vs. Norwich, To-day
3 I . M. Anm.wicenis. nrservrn i uu or.
Memoirs of Li Hung Chang
First publication of an account of absorbing interest
by the great Chinese statesman of his trip around the
world and what particularly impressed him in Russia,
Germany, France, England and the United States.
Hut Several Days Knin Tuts
Field In Shape That Will
Help Visitors.
ODDS 5 TO ft AND 5 TO 1.
Jungalccrs Conclude Setting Up
Slejrc With Light Work
on Signals.
PntNCKTON, N. J.. Oct. 25. A light sig
nal and punting drill on the freshman
field marked the Tigers' final preparation
for their battle with Dartmouth on Uni
versity Field to-morrow afternoon. Tho
regulars were on the gridiron only a llttlo
over a half hour and did little except run
tnrougn their formations. Vc Witt and
Tubby Waller got off a few punts, with
Pendleton, Kmmnns and the two Bakers.
Stewart and Hoby taking n hand at
gathering them In.
The Orange and Black followers nre
awaiting anxiously the outcome of tho
game, as It will give them their first
opportunity of getting a line on the
strength of the eleven which Cunning
ham will take to Cambridge next Sat
urday. All tho Tlgera' preliminary games
have been unusually disappointing In that
not one of the teams which they have
met has been able to present any sort of
an opposition to the Orange and Black,
either with respect to attack or defence.
For this reason the true strength of the
team, especially the forwards, Is still a
The Nassau -supporters nre horjeful. but
far from confident of victory. Weather
conditions here to-night favor the Oreen.
Three days of rain havo made the grid'
Iron sort and slippery and unless there
Is a decided change durinc the course
of the night conditions for the battle
win De far from Ideal, ns Princeton is
depending more on aggressiveness than
weight, and undoubtedly- will be out
weighted by several pounds to the man.
The Hanover eleven will have a decided
advantage on a slippery gridiron. Waller.
Pendleton nnd De Witt undoubtedly will
experience difficulty In keeping their feet
unless tne field Is considerably drier by
Betting on the game, which .has beenf
neavy in nasi vears. ts at nrnaeiit rnn.
splcuous by 'its absence, but undoubtedly
win tnxe a jump when the Hanover con
tingent arrives to-morrow. The prevail
ing odds at present arc 5 to 3 and 5 to 4
on Princeton. There Is a little even money
witn warimown to win in case of tie.
Capt. Pendleton nnd IM Trenkman. both
of whom have been out of the fray for
the past week, were In the signal work
out, and will start the g:ime to-morrow.
Andrews nnd Wed Trenkman will be at
the flank positions, but Strelt was tried
out at end to-lay and probably will be
sent In during the course of the game.
Final Workout for Williams Game
Heavy One.
Final practice before the Williams game
held at New York University yesterday
afternoon consisted In stiff offensive drill
for the varsity men. Forward passes
were used extensively and with Invaria
ble success. Baldle and Thompson earned
places In the backfleld by their heady
work and line plunges. MeDermott suc
ceeded In beating out Miller for first choice
at -fullback.
Th line showed added strength and,
although Wheeler has not been out all
week, he will be placed at right end to
day In Coleman's place.
Two Hard Ones for Carlisle,
Carlisle, Pa., Oct. 25. The Carlisle
Indian football team left here this af
ternoon to play Ueorgetown University
at Washington to-morrow and the first
international contest against Toronto Uni
versity aji Toronto on Monday. An early
morning signal practice was the feature
or the last day's practice before these
two contests. Coach Warner gave his
pupils an hour and a half hard drill be
fore entraining. The Indian Jlncup against
Georgetown will be : Left end, Large ;
lert tackle, Guyon ; left guard. Garlow :
centre, Bergle ; right guard, Busch : right
tacKie, jvaiac, right end. Williams;
Quarterback, Welch; left halfback. Capt.
Thorpe; right halfback, Arram; fullback,
Powell. Hill will be substituted for Oar
low In the Toronto game probably.
Fordham Makes "evernl 'Iimiik-.
The Fordham varsity was put through
only light signal practice yesterday af
ternoon on Fordham Field. Capt. Hindi
llffe will be at his old position nt right
end. A big crowd Is expected. Norwich
has a big following and the alumni has
reserved one section of the Maroon cheer
ing stand. The big surprise of the sea
son was sprung last night when Coach
Tom Thorpe announced tho lineup for
to-day's game. Vic McCarthy, who until
a few days ngo was on the second string,
team, will be In the line at tackle Instead of
V. Kane. McCarthy has shown phenom
enal development In the past week. Kane,
Is the heavier by twenty pounds. Schaf
melster will be at quarter, he having
supplanted McN'atly.
Captain Pasaettl Klrka,
South Bethlehem, Pa., Oct. 25. Ije
high rested on her oars this afternoon
after a most strenuous week of scrim
mage work. Capt. Pazzettl was In togs
ana ne ana iionan spent some time In
placement and drop goal kicking. To
night the men heatd a long talk In the
York, Phllhln and Cornish in Had)
Shape for W. and J. Game,
Nr.w Havkn, Oct. 25. Yalo will face
the Washington and Jefferson team to
morrow with a crippled eleven. Tho men
who will not be. In the lineup Include
YmI, the lilR guard; Phllbln, halfback;
mid Cornish, who until he sprnlned- his
.initio was first choice for quarterback.
Tho conches mny put Homelsler In at.
end, tor ne is in shape to go buck into
the game, but there Is considerable doubt
ns to whether they will risk him on a
wet field.
York's Illness has been kept quiet, but
It leaked out to-day that he Is at the
Yale I nil i ma ry sick with a fever which
the doctors have not yet satisfactorily
diagnosed. It is said that he Is seriously
111, nnd that he will not be able to play
any more this year, with only four weeks
more of tho season. York was not a
very good guard at the beginning of the
season, but since a week before the West
Point game he had developed rapidly and
with Ketcham was a tower of strength
In the line at the barracks. The assaults
of the Army team didn't seem to make
any difference to these two. But when
the eleven returned to New Haven, York
did not go Into any more scrimmages and
he hasn t been at the field for the past
few days. His place In the line will be
taken by Harbison, who used to be tackle.
Lately he has been playing a good fame
at guard and Is especially valuable be
cause ol his ability to kick goals. He
Is even better than Ketcham In this. Phil
bin's back Is slightly hurt and the coaches
will not risk him In the game. Pumpelly
will take his place.
Because of the wet weather, thla after
noon the scrimmage planned for the var
sity was given up. There was a long
signal drill for the men who will play
In to-morrow's game, but tha greater part
of the time was taken up In defence
ngnlnst the forward pass, which Yale
fears that Washington and Jefferson will
Will Meet Plttsbnrs University To-
ilny for First Time.
ANNArous, Md., Oct. 25. There was a
brisk -drill In signals and formations at
the Naval Academy this afternoon, but no
lineup prior to the match to-morrow
against Pittsburg University. It will be
the first time the Navy has meet Pitts
burg on the athletic field. The lineup as
announced by Coach Howard will be:
Left end, Overcsch ; left tackle. Vaughan :
left guard, Howe; centre. Walker; right
guHrd, Brown: right tackle, Itedman;
right end, Gilchrist; quarterback, Nichols;
lert halfback, Cook: right halfback, In
gram ; fullback, II. Harrison. The team
Is the samo that has been worked to
gether during the whole of the week and
Is a particularly heavy one. Tho hospital
list of the football squad Is diminishing
rapidly. McRearvey. the big back, who
broke a finger, and Ralston, a good man
nt end or tackle, who bruised his knee,
will both be In the game next week. Da
vis, one of the linemen last year, will not
be available any more this season, as he
has two bad knees and has stopped ror the
season upon the advice of medical officers.
Lafayette Practice Vltraseeret.
Gaston, Pa.. Oct. 25. A football spe
cial train of eight cars will be run to
Philadelphia to-morrow for the Penn
Lafayette game on Franklin Field. The
practice on March Field this week was
held In strictest secrecy. Kven seniors
were excluded, which Is a violation of
one of the oldest college traditions. As
a final preparation the team ran through
a long signal drill. Of course no scrim
mage was Indulged In. For the first time
this season Lafayette will present her
strongest lineup, which will probably be
as follows: D. Diamond, left end;
Holmes, left tackle; Woodward. left
guard; Benson (Capt.), centre; Koyer,
right guard; Wagonhurst. right tackle;
Furrv. rieht end: J. Diamond, quarter
back; Gross, left halfback; Sheeron, right
halfback ; Brown, fullback.
Old Timers In Sculling; Rare.
i. . . . v- V rtt 9V In A thr
mile sculling race' on Lake Lonely this
lumna A Tun f?vrk of Svra-
cuse, the former rowing coach, proved
tho adage mat - youin muai ua mntu,
when he defeated James H. Hlley of this
..Ml..... K.. ..1.1 ti.nf..lnnfll hi half it
dozen lengths. Ten Kyck Is 61 and lllley
is .i. t wice oeiure utiey nun urcu iuilxu
to lower his colors to Ten Kyck In similar
- . I ,U thrA .! 1 1 1 . i 1 11 V W11U ttttt
lesult of the rivalry which has grown
up between tlie oia oarsmejL ien r.ycK s
time was .1 ::u. .
Antoa to Ilnre at White Plains.
Sixty-seven entries have been received
for the automobile meet to be held by
the White Plolns Fair Association on
the fair grounds at White Plains thla
afternoon. There are many big racing
cars on the list and the drlvera Include
such well known names In the automo
bile racing world as Wlshart, Mlchell,
Benedict and Costello. In addition to the
five automobile events there will be two
momrcycle races and one contest for
Many Folium .Meadow Drook Hounds
WKSTBtmr, N. Y.. Oct. 25. This morn
ing the Meadow Brook hounds met at
J. Stevens's gate. The dogs were fol
lowed to the woods of Paul Halney, where
they found a scent -and ran to Searle
Barclay's place, south to Ralph Ellis's,
then across and throagh E. D. Morgan's
park, where the fox came into view and
ran to ground on the estate of Middle-
ton Burrlll. Among those who rode were
J. E. Davis, M. F. H. ; Harvey Ladew,
Miss Ladew, Delancey Jay, Mrs. A. 1 8,
Burden. Burling Cocks, Mr. and Mrs. H,
Nicholas, II. P. Whitney and two sons.
F. G. Grlswold, Ralph Ellis and W. G,
Sprinimaffo Dispensed With, hut
Added Verve Is Put Into
Slininl Itehcar.Hiil.
Their Swamping of Penn
Strikes No Terror to Hearts
of Crimson Team.
Camhriuoe, Mass., Oct. 25. Harvard's
work to-day In anticipation of the annual
tame with Brown, which comes to Cam
bridge to-morrow flushed with a 30 to 7
core over Pennsylvania, comprised only
signal practice, but a long, hard session
of It. With Capt. Wendell out of the
backfleld temporarily, Harvard will enter
Its first Important game handicapped on
attack. Wendell still mny persuade
Trained Donovan to allow him to enter
the game for a short time, but Donovan
hardly may be expected to give consent,
The Crimson's rush lino against Brown
will bo stronger than In any preceding
game. Trumbull has bolstered the right
wing, and Coolldges playing at' end on
the same side has, been usually keen In
the practice scrimmages, In which Coo
ltdge did even better work In the Inter
ference and down the field than In the
Amherst game last week. To-morrow the
Cambridge rush line from end to end will
average 181 pounds Llngard, who will be
In Wendells place and fullback, Is some
twelve pqunds lighter than the captain,
but this loss In backfleld weight will be
made up by Bradley, who will play at
quarter and who Is henvler than Harry
Gardner, the regular man.
Harvard scored against Brown three
times last fall, nnd In spite of tho show
ing that Robinson's, team made against
the Quakers the Crimson, expects to do
ns well to-morrow as In 1911. The Cam
bridge coaches are confident that Har
vard can gain a lot of ground to-morrow.
What concerns them most Is how the,
Harvard defence will be able to stand up
under Its first pressure of the senson nnd
what the green rush line will do against
players who are Just ns heavy and who
have had more experience.
Boxing; Commissioner "ays Flahtrr
Most Anavrer a Srrlonai t'hnrae.
Boxing Commissioner Frank S. O'Nell
stated yesterday- that he would file an
swer to the suit brought by Al Palzer
some time before next Wcdnrwday. O'Nell
was served on October 23 and has six
days to reply before a date for the trial
In the City Court can be set.
O'Nell stated that last June Talzer con
sulted him as a lawyer after the big
boxer had been arrested on a serious
charge brought against him by nn eigh
teen year old girl. O'Nell added that
Palzer at present was out on 1200 ball
pending trial.
"Palzer wouldn't give up a dollar to
see an earthquake," said Dan Morgan,
manager of Jack Brltton, K. O. Brown
and Jim Savage, yesterday. "The Idea of
salng that he paid $800 to anybody to
get a match with Jack Johnson ts a Joke.
Why he engaged Jim Savage as a sparr
ing partner once and at the end of six
days how much do yotr think Savage got?
Exactly two dollars, which was not sur
prising when It's a fact that Palzer as
a tightwad has Tom Sharkey lashed to
the mast."
Jadarment Asralnst O'.Vell.
An execution directing the seizure of
the personal property of Commissioner
Frank 8. O'Nell of the State Boxing Com
mission, who lives at the Hotel Victoria,
on a Judgment for 11,496 was put In the
hands of Sheriff Harburger yesterday.
Deputy Sheriff McGann, to whom the exe
cution waa delivered, reported that Com
missioner O'Nell had promised to pay the
The Judgmen' was obtained In the City
Court on Weilmtday In a suit by the
Sweeney-TIernev Hotel Company, proprle-
tors of the Victoria, nn n check drawn
on the People's Bank of Blnghamton,
alleged to have been given to the hotel
company on June 5 last. The check was
not paid.
lfedley Wlna Cooper Cup Final,
Taking n commanding lead In tho match
Albert Hedley ot the Herald had com
paratively little trouble In defeating
George Ralston of the WorM In the final
round for the Cooper cup over the links
at Van Cortlandt Park yesterday. Hed
ley won by 10 up nnd 9 to play at thirty
six holes. The trophy, which Is consid
ered one of the finest ever presented, Is
the gift of George L. Cooper, and Is of
fered for competition among tho mem
bers of the New York Newspaper Golf
Association. Thirty-two qualified for
match play In September. Hedley allowed
Ralston six strokes on the double round,
the strokes being taken at Indicated holes.
Renowned on Ifuid and sea
c & c.
Ginger Ale
Bingham Exposes the System
Former Commissioner of Police tells of the workings
of the police system of graft which had its climax in the
Rosenthal murder. Light thrown on the secret methods
of the system and its wide ramifications revealed.
Iter, V. it.
The Standard ol
Guaranteed Pure RYU
tional Pure Food Law.
H. B. KIRK & CO., New York, N. Y
Noted flteepleehasera to Race Over
Fine Couare at tlelmont Terminal,
An excellent entry has been received
for the opening of the United Hunts
Racing Association at the Belmont Park
Terminal this afternoon and as the steeple
chase course Is about the best to be
found hereabout the followers of the
cross-country pastime are likely to be
rewarded by even better races through
the field than resulted at the Piping Heck
Tho success of Peter G. Oerry, who
raced for the first time at Piping Rock,
has Induced him to enter Kadball for the
Combination Plate, aTnd this horse, which
won twice at Piping Bock, will have to
meet Itcybourn, another Piping Hock
winner: Nosegay, John A. Munro, Culvert
and other good ones. Ilobert L. Oerry,
who has been Represented occasionally
In the past In Jumping races, will have
the promising steeplechaser Tho Kvader
to carry his colors. Ho has been school
ing well under the care ot Silas Vellch
nnd Is expected to give the top weight,
IllKhhrldKe. a (rood race In the Bl'-rnton
Steeplechase. Mr. Gerry will net for the
first time ns an official, having consented
to be one of the stewards of the meet.
In view of the good sport In prospect
for this nfternoon and for next Wednes
day, the second day of the meeting, ap
plications for associate membership In
the United Hunts Racing Association have
been coming In rapidly. PrlncerPlgnatelll,
who has piloted a mount In the Grand
National, Is one of those who Jotned within
the past few days, with A. Butler Dun
can, George S. Hoyt, Tyler Morse, John
T. Pratt. H. F. Godfrey and Frederick
The entries for to-day follow:
First llace The Queen's Hurdle Hace Plate:
about one mile and a half over hurdles Fault
less. W; Advrnturrka, 130: I.lttle Nearer, ISO:
Nottingham. 1W; Norbltt, IM; Practical. 1M;
Plutocrat, 113: Pilot 11., IM: Simon Dale. 112.
Second Itace The Hunt Cup itterplechase:
about three mllet tiold Plate. IM: Winkle, IM:
Time D.. us: Duke of Duluib, M; Cromarty, ltO;
Windrow. 143: Kssex 11.. 140.
Third ruce Tho (leneral Sheridan Army Of
ncera' Plate: about two miles on the flat Kyrat,
1M; Homnn Wing. IM; Nljrht Dress. 1S2; Matabon,
1U: Capt. Inrush, 112: Hannah Louise, IM; St.
Anrelo. 159: Zagr. IM; Karl Decker. 1ST.
round llace The bleraton Steeplechase; about
two and a halt miles lllinbrldre, 102; o'Conner,
111: nice drain, lis-Dili Andrews. 180: buckthorn.
ICo: Cherish, 142; Uaredonlan, IM; Country Guy,
113; licferee, 142: Oreco. 110; The Kvader, 147.
Firth Itace The Combination Plate: about
seten furlongs Klllarnev Itose, IB: Itcybourn.
1S2: Kadbald. 114: John A. Munro. 113; Nosegay ,t3;
Chanlda. 1: Lord Direct. 132; Petite Cheveaux.
ISO: Zellwood. 112; Bushmills. 152: Former. 112:
F.mlymlon. 183: Uelvllle. 193: Culvert, I W: Fanatic,
Sixth Race The Piping Rock pony rare: about
five (urlonga Tango. 171: Playboy. 171; Faugh-a-Ballagb.
170: Chance. 110: The White Hope. 170:
Pimento. 170: dressed Lightning. 170: Long Shot,
170; Flashlight. 170: Nlmber Twenty, I To.
"cores All Honor at Fox Hills lint
Gets Only One Prise.
Miss Marlon Worth proved the whole
show in u series of competitions for women
members of the Fox Hills Golf Club over
the links at Clifton, Btaten Island, yester
day. She led In all three events, but con
tented herself with taklug only the handicap
prbe. Origiually It had been intended
.to have the main competition consist of
eighteen holes, but because of the soggy
condition of the ground tha round was cut
to eleven holes. After completing the out
ward Journey the women played the tenth
and eighteenth. Miss Worth won the handi
cap with a card of 08 - 6 80.
In the approaching and putting Miss
Worth returned a score of 8, easily the best;
but under the conditions MUs Agnes Allaire,
Mrs. Lester Ketcham and Mrs. Mary Lowell,
who came next In a triple tie at 1,1, will have
to play off for tbe trophy. When it eime
to driving. Mis Worth, nith a tall or 168
yards, was far nnd away ahead of all others,
but Mrs. Lowell, wllh IM) yards, took the
P. R. n. Sta N. Y i::29P M. conn, at Jamaica with 13 JO from Flat bush Are., Brooklyn
1:35P.M. " " " 1:30
Tat, OX
RYE Whiskey
Whiskey Under Na
Lerlal Number 216 kfjUlCROjfij
Fred Mulhollnnd Get Vrrdlet .
Gnnd Horses Dndae Mud,
Baltimore, Md., Oct. !5. Owing tn th
condition of the track none but chap
horses performed this afternoon, ironni
being chary about entering good anlhMli
over a track treacherous and deep. Tlin
last race found four horses heads aprt
at the finish, Fred Mulholland getting tho
The summaries:
First llace For two. ye ar-olds; fte fur.
longs: aelllng: Farces. 109 (Small). I tn 1,
to 1, even, won: (Irene .stoll, 109 (Hymn,
1 to 2 for place, s'rnndi Pihallrr. 112 (Fair
brother), 1 to 2 to show, third. Tlmr,
1:01 1-1. Ilefuglttn, Honey lire, Jnniull,
I'aason and Thesler also ran.
Second Itoce For two-year-olds, li fur
Ionia; aelllng; Yenghce, 10 (UIkmi, o
1, to t. V tn 20. won; Hrjnnrj, 111 (Mar
tin), 1 tn 3 for place, second, lUgusa. 102
(thiittlnceri, 4 tn S to show, third Tlmr,
1:18 1-1. L'ncle Uble anit Paris (Juren alio
Third Itace For three-year-olds nnd up
ward: six furlongs: selling: Garth, 101
(Shuttinxer), Mo I, I to 2. even, won;
illndlnette. 102 (Ambrose), 1 In : for plaer,
second: Tnnlatn, 110 lllutnelll, 7 tn f, M
show, third. Time. UU4-1. Vile), .senator
Mparks, Auto Maid, Hredwell. Clrmhrachy,
Union Jack and Handrunnlnc also rnn.
Fourth llace For three-year-olds, on
mile nnd seventy yards: selling: Wnrhorn.
110 (Karrlrk), 3 tn :, 3 In .i, 1 tn 4, wnn:
Col. Cook, 10S (McTaxKart), 4 tn for placr,
second. Futurity, io; (utweli), even to
show, third. Time, 1:49 4-5. fheer L'p.
Manasaeh and Aplaster alsn ran
Fifth Itace For three-year-olds and up
ward: six furlongs; selling: Ochre .Court.
106 (.Martin), 12 tn 1, 9 to 10, 9 to 20, won;
lllue Loyal, lis (Ilutwell), 7 to 10 for placr.
second; Dlue Thlitl-. 101 (Karrlck). 4 to i
tn show, third. Time, 1:10 3-5. Premier,
Napier. Deduction, Itaismiin, tinldrn Castle,
Chemulpn and Coming Coon also ran.
Sixth Usee For three-year-olds and up
ward; one mile and a sixteenth: aelllni:
Fred Mulholland. 109 (Ilutwell). 3 to 1, to
1, 3 to 8, won: Hilarious. 121 (Smull), I to
1 for place, second: Tho Busybody. 112
(Shuttlnsjer). 3 to 2 to show, third. Time,
1:14 2-1. Monsieur X. Hey, Haldeman,
Veneta Strome und Hprlngmas also ran.
E. II. Filler and Miss Hancock Win.
nera by One Stroke.
Hot SpRtNas. Va.. Oct. 25. E. H. FIN
ler of Philadelphia and Miss Dorothy Han
cock of Texas to-day won the cup put up
by Mrs. Frederick Kohl of San Fran
cisco for a putting contest. Each entry
approached from three corners of tho
green. The putting was done in pairs,
the total of the team for each hole count
ing. The score In part :
K. H. Filler, Philadelphia, and Miss Doro
thy Hancock. Texas. , 6, ( 18; Harlon
Kcott. Hlchinond, and Miss Mary Louise
Emmet. New York. , . 719: (J. M. Alex
ander. Chicago, and Mrs. William P. Nel
son. Chicago, e. 7, C II: Mr. and Mrs.
E. C. McCann. New York. 7. 1. 719: lui
De Blbour, New York, and Miss Gladys In
tails. Washington. , , 719; Rills Hnfr
man. Baltimore, and Miss Julia Edey, New
York, 7. , 710; J. 11. Elweil. New York,
and Mrs. Frederick Edey, New York. . s
t 20; W. Henry Lowe, New York, and Mrs.
Itobert A. Ulack. New York. , 6, I -0;
Oeorge Hanger, Plttabura. and Mrs. Groris
Carnexle, l'lttsburs. C. 7. t 21.
Jarvla J. deer. New York, and Miss Jen
nie Kmmet. New York. 6, 1, 1021; A. T.
Sutherland, New York, and Mrs. Alma
Adams. New York. , 7. C 21; Alfred Hat
chellor, Washington, and Mrs. J. It. Dll-w-orth,
New York. 7, 6, X 21: Ilaron Hosrn
krant. I.ondon. nnd Mrs. D. T rtonan,
Philadelphia, 6, 6, 1021; Mr. and Mrs.
Louis W. Noel. New York. 7. 7, 822. Dr.
Alexander lllddle, Philadelphia, and '.Ml
Christine lllddle. Philadelphia. 7, . 722;
A. W. Ulaek. I'lttaburx, and Mlaa Josephlns
Patton, Waahlncton. S, 7, 21; Mr. I'arr,
Norton, and Miss W. Battel!, Hoston. 7. t.
123; Lsmlst Fjsler, New York, and Mix
Margaret Overton, New York, 8. , t 21.
lttfbert Uatchellor, Washington. and
Uaroness Itosenkrans, Iondon, 8, 7, ill.
Blandot and It I vera slematrhed.
Ix8 Angeles, Oct, 25. Joe Rivers and.
Joe Mandot, who outpointed him recently,
have been rematched for a twenty round
bout here November IS, Thanksgiving

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