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WoiiIiI-Im' I'lU'clinsops Itcnil.v
(Jo Over Mm HpiuI
Horace Fojrol.
I ii side Reason Why Ilrpsnnhnn
l out Chnnco's Plight
flcncrnlly Deplored.
crisis In lh affairs of the rhlladet
National I.eaKUe club will be reached'
N'ttlonal lcimuo club will be reached
Mure 12 o'clock to-nlKht, according to
the statement of President Thomas J,
Lynch nf th National League yesterday.
l.Mieli would not ro Into details, however,
huiK satisfied to await developments.
Vi'i'in t National- league club owners
it was learned that Horace Fosel, who
holds the presidency of the Philadelphia
Hub, will he out of that offlce not later
tliiin Monday. According to this Informa
tion, the controlling Interest In the club
Hill he disposed of by Charles I. Taft
to the hlEhest bidder If PoKel falls to
tak up certain notes some time beforo
i: o'clock to-night. '
one of these National League club
nwncts Informed Tim HUN man that Kogel
wus anxious to inHke terms by which
he would receive a bonus of tit least
l.in.onit before retiring from the presi
dency of the club. This lengiie' magnate
also stated that as much hs 1400,000 bad
In en offered by a certain would be pur-
h.iser, but that Kogel had demanded a
much larger sum. It was Intimated by
the same club owner that, having wearied
if dlckcilns with Kogel dliect, several
Individuals who are trying to buy the
I'hllidelphla club would open negotl.t
lion with Mr. T.ift early on Monday,
In spite of Kegel's emphatic denials It
was stated plainly by Tub Sun's Inform
ant that Mr. T.tft holds Kegel's notes
fur a sum of money which the latter
used In securing more than 900 shares of
the Philadelphia's club's stock and that
Mr Taft was prepared to cull In theke
rnte s unless they were taken up by Kogel
1'ium otlv?r reliable National League
smiicr It was learned yesterday that
If Kogel found It isisslble to secure new
backlns, through which he could retain
the club's ptesldency, the League as n
whole at the special meeting on November
tfi would declare him wit of organized
ball, At least one club owner, who has
expressed sympathy for Kogel, admitted
ttiHt, If It came to a vote, he would
support a resolution to Vut the Philadel
phia magnate tinder the ottlclal ban.
Tho presence of William H. Wcke,
tecretary of. the Pittsburg club. In Chi
cago jcsterday, where he held a loni
iiitiference with C. W. Murphy of the
Cubs, revived the story that Locke and
former Police Commissioner W. K. Baker
of this city were trying to get the Phlla
delphla franchise, but Mr. Baker could
not be found.
Kogel must reply to President Lynch's
charges some time to-day. The former's
attorney Is expected to die the documents
nt National League Jieadquarters before
night or mall them In Philadelphia to
day so that they will be In the hands of
President Ljnch early Monday morning.
leagues' supreme court, la scheduled for
November 12 Ity Milwaukee, ,
Work on K.bbeti Held Is rapidly near
Ing completion. Tho grand stand roof
Is In place and tho concrete flooring will
be finished In n few dayn. The lobby,
which will be a model of Its kind, Is well
under way. It Is planned to complete the
big undertaking before the snow begins
to fall.
Charles A. Comlskey, owner nf the
Chicago White Sox, la royally entertain
ing tutu Johnson, James McAieor, James
Callahan and other American League men
at Camp Jerome, Trude Lake, In northern
Wisconsin. The party will return to civ-
lllintln next Monday after consuming the
following menu :
Canape, Home Plite.
, Ortcn Olives.'
Illsque of Crawfish.
Fried Bass. ' Tartar Sauce.
Turkey .ti titled with Oysters. Cranberry Sauce.
Mashed Potatoes. Waldorf Salad.
Uaked Alaska. Northumberland Cheese.
Cafe Nolr.
Not forgetting myriads ot coldS bottles
and half dollar cigars!
President John T. Brush of the Giant
Is said to be Improving In health. He
was able to enjoy a ride yesterday In his
Livingston, AVho'a TrylnK to
Club Prom Hint, Say a Mo.
Cincinnati, Oct, 25 Jefferson Living
ston, the wealthy young manufacturer
who Is offering n big sum for the Phila
delphia Natlonil League hall club, re'
tinned to hli home In this city to-day
hul..g been called from pressing his ne
giitlutlons for the team by his private
Luslncrs affairs.
Mr, Livingston said to-night :
"I greatly desire to own the Phtladel-
lila ball team, as I consider It a fairly
good business proposition, but especially
becnuse I want n means of gratifying my
sporting tastes and as a way of.relnxa-
on from my dally grind. However, my
offer represents the limit from u practical
standpoint that can be made for the club,
nd the present owners know this to be
fact. The enterprise bus not yielded
much In 'the way of dividends for the
nst two or more sears. Of cjiurse. not
much of a showing could be expected of
he team the past season with young and
comparatively Inexperienced players tak
ing the part of the seasoned ones wno
ere In the hospital.
"The aggregation is at present com
posed looks pretty good to tue and Presi
dent Kogel nnd Manager Dooln are mighty
ne fellows. Of course I am expecting to
hear nt any time from Philadelphia, as I
feel that I am entitled to the courtesy of
being Inforrtwd, as to the final disposal of
the club, whoever the purchaser may be.
certainly still hope for the acceptance
of my offer, and 1 believe that of the sev
eral syndicates oi wouio-oe purciinsers
only one now remains In the field In ad-
Itlon to myself."
It leaked out yesterday that during the
National League meeting here last week,
Director Hocker of the St. Louis Car
dlnala told the magnates that it had been
decided to release Itoger Bresnahan from
the management of the team because of
his. Indifferent work duttng the past sea
sun. Mr. Hocker saU that Biesnahan did
not keep in good phslcal condition, that
lie caught in comparatively few games
nnd displayed an unmistakable lack of
Interest. Mr. Hocker stated that the re
lease of Bresnahan was not due to a de
site lo reduce expanses. Last spring Bres
nahan was 111 with pneumonia and was
unable to nut on a uniform for man)
days. He was advised by his physician
to rtfraln from strenuous work, on the
ball field for a greater part of the sea
rnn. Bresnahan said In July that his en
forced layoff hid Increased his weight oml
that he regtetted his Inability to play
every day.
The status of Bresnahan aid Frank
Chance, the deposed manager of the Cubs,
has bten brought to the attention of the
National Commission, with the result
that privately an Informal opinion has
Wn expressed. 'If, within ten days nfte
Bresnahan and Chance have been ofllrlally
notified that their services' no longer are
reuulred. other National League clubs re
fuse to nksumo the contracts originally
held by the St. Louis and Chicago cuius,
respectively, the American League club
will have the legal right to negotiate with
them, Chance says that his contract with
the Chicago c,lub called for a salary o
js.000 a year. Breanahan's salary ai
mnnacr of the Cardinals was 110,000
toguher with 10 per cent, of the profits,
In order to retain them In the ranks o
th- National l.earcue, these managers
tnut tecelve similar compejaaatlon fo
their services or tecelve the right to d
business with clubs lr. Ban Johnson's clr
mt In fhort. the Issue Is as clear
Maiiunl Meets St. rani's nud
Clinton Opposes Hoys in
Morris-Curtis and Erasmus vs.
Hrooklyn Prep Also Seem
Even Matches.
To-day's Schedule,
Manual i, SI. Paul's, at Washington Hark
Hoys lllfli vs. IM Witt Cllntonrat Hlilgc
niwl I'srW.
Erasmus va llrooklyn Prep, at Hawthorne
Mnftl, r?nftla at Mnrrln.
Commerce vs. Salon Hall, at Orange. N. J.
Commercial vs. FItuhlni, at Commercial
muyvesant vs. Jersey City High, a,t Jar
" AileVpM vs. Mamaroneck, at Adelphl
Huthwlck va. Yonkers High, at Yonkers.
1'oly 1'rep vs. Mamensie, at uouss rerrr.
The Manual-St. Paul's and the Boya
Hlgh-Oe Witt Clinton games will be con
teata of the first Importance If not the
most spectacular In the scholastic foot
ball world to-day. Both games are In
tersectlonal and both will have much to
do with gauging the elevens at the end
ut the season, a matter which Is of no
little weight to players and students alike.
Manual Training gradually la assuming
the responsibility of upholding the quality
of Brooklvn football this season and her
battle with St. Paul's at Harden City
this afternoon is very likely to provq
the most serious which aha has had to
face. Manual was beaten badly by Kast
Orange at the beglnnlg of the season, but
that cannot be held tu 1m- of great signifi
cance In the local ranking. Manual ap
pears J have great latent strength, which
may be called forth at any time, and
her rather Indifferent record thus far ap
pears to be due more tu bud luck than
anything else.
De Witt Clinton, which Is sure to be
a potent factor In Munhattan affairs.
came perilously near to being upset by-
Manual's star halfback are In' aplendld
shape. Charles has had a bad ahkle all
season and has been forced to play so
regularly that the strained Joint has not
had sufliclent time to lecover Its normal'
condition. '
un paper ma as lar as scores nu wn-i,
lll.'ike seems to lime the better teum, hav
ing lolled up a total qf. 14 points to noth
ing for opponents. Maniat on the other
hand, Iihs not been so fortunate'. The
llrooklyn boys were beaten 1 to o oy
KjistOrnnro as a startr, men piayea
Mackensle School to a standstill the next
week and were tied by Commercial and
N. Y. Military Academy alnce then. Both
schools have played Mackenale. and on
this comparison Manual shows up to an
advantage. Manual defeated the Uobbs
Ferry team by a score or 33 to wnue
8t. Paul s Hchool was thirteen points be
hind Manual's showing,
' Commercial lo Vtr On Temple.
The eleven of Flushing will Journey to
Flat bush to-day In order to test Its foot
ball strength against Commercial's con
quering heroes.' The game will be called
at i o'clock on Commercial Field and by
4 :H0 the Bed and (J ray aggregation ahotild
have been returned a victor. Uu Temple
will be back In the game at left end for
Clinton Commercial Date Canair,
The date of the De WltfCllnton-Com-
merdal came, which waa to have been
played on election day morning at Ameri
can League ParK. naa oeen, cnangeo io
next Saturday afternoon at tne same
nlaee. The suggestion of a shift waa
made by Commercial for the reaaon that
It la always tiara to raw a crowa lor u
morning game. There will be raw con
testa next Saturday and there, should be
little trouble In swelling the rate receipts
to good figures.
1 Klernan Versatile Socoerlte,
The Manual soccer team has a new
4lm1 by the name of Klernan. He can play
either forward or nairoaca us wen s
anv other matt on the team and Is sure
to get in the game against Kraamus this
afternoon. The game win oe piayeu ai
the Parade Orounds at 3 o clock.
Ilryaui Ounmrn Onlaboul Commerce
In llnal F.vent
The gunmen of Bryant vanquished the
Erasmus Hall last week and Is of rather championship Commerce team
John i. May, a Leader in Sport
on dnlf I si n n1, Here to
Arrange It.
Brooklyn Yachtsmen Confer
With Hint, and Bensonhtirxt
Club Is Interested.
nas done wondots with the Bensnnhurst
Yacht Club, sas: "The fact that the
race will be semi-official will do much to
make It nn Important contest, nnd I would
not be surptlsed to sec It equal the tiuns-,
atlantlc race, when the Atlantic, owned by
Commodore Wilson Marshall, .won. Porto
Itlco Is one of our possessions about which
the a el-age American knows little; but I
know how hospitable the Porto Kleins ore
and bow much yachtsmen would enjoy a
visit to that Island.
"The course Is an Ideal one for schoon
ers, although It Is conaldeiably longer llinn
the- course to Bermuda. BeimuiM lins
lieen visited so often by American yachts
men that t Is haul now to work up any
enthusiasm over another race to tli.it Isl
and. Porto Klco will be it novelty mid 1
am sure It will appeal lo all owneis of
ocean racers.'
In the
doubtful strength at the most. Boya High. Bryant gymnasium yesieroay aiiernon
Two llnlrl Mrn nnd Fight Promoter
Slake Itnancceaefnl Bids.
Pnit.sPEl.rniA, Pa.. Oct. 25. Two hotel
men, Thomas M. Carroll of , the Hermitage,
New York, and L. Fred Kloox or tne coio-
nlol Annex. Plttahurg, visited Pnilaael
phi.i to-day with the Intention of pur
chasing the Phillies.
Mr. Carroll said they wereja'eii aoie
to finance the deal If they coUId come to
terms with Fogel. What price they of
fered him Is not known, but whatever
their proposition was. It was turned down.
Jack Oleason, the ngrit promoter aiso
tried to buv the Phillies to-day. He spent
several hours this afternoon In conference
with a number of persona who are cloae
to Fogel. and even went o far aa to pay
a visit to the ball park. Fogel later In-
Imated that Olenaon was unsuecessiui.
It Is probable that the club will be sold
to-morrow, It Is Known tnai rogei nas
ftven nn ontlon which expires to-morrow
and it Is thought tnai rogei men win
renrh a final dec slon as to whom lie will
on the other hand, haa little In her record
so far to recommend her, but those who
have followed Boya High teams In the
past remember that the team, although
almost always starting poorly, never has
failed to pick up In mldseason and rip
up her stronger opponents. To-day may
mark the turning point. The game should
do much to mark the relative worth of
Brooklyn and Manhattan teams.
Other games, though of less Importance,
should none the less be Interesting. Judg
ing from the ease with which Manual
Training disposed of Mackenzie School
Poly Prep should be able to win without
much trouble, and a change In the train
ing policy whlth Coach Slgrlst Inaugur-
ted this week may tielp. Stuyveaant
meets practically an unknown at -Jersey
Ity and the outcome of the Commerce-
Seton Hall game la equally uncertain.
Morria and Curtis, and Kraamus and
Brooklyn Prep should be evenly matched
at least.
Schoolboy Jinpi II Feet O larhrs.
A great deal of Coach Mantel'a atten
tion la being directed toward priming Wal
ter. Fisher for the high lump thla year.
This Stuyvesant lad la aald to have
lumued b feet Inches In practice re
cently and naturally much" la expected of
mm in ine coming cnampiuiiiiuypi.
Vrrkea Carat at Banu.net.
IlATiinno. Pa.. Oct. 25. Stee Yerkes.
seenn 1 baseman of the champion Bed Sox.
will be the honored guest or nis many
ndmlrers In Hatboro. his former nome,
and those of Jenklntown, with whose teum
he played beforo be Jumped Into uriiiiance
aa a big leaguer. He la expected to reach
hero Thuisday evening, when a committee
of Hatboro and Jenklntown fsns have
planned a subscription banquet III his
honor, with covera laid for over two hun
.lakr Slalil'a Paddy Popular.
Lincoln. 111.. Oct. 28. Kvery day for
the last week the countryside has gathi
ered around the store of Henry Stahl, the
veteran hardware -dealer, illscussing tne
gieat achievements of his sou Jake, whose
Boston Iced Sox won me w orm s uaseoaii
Sunday Honor Wrlrh'a Memory
Pittsiicho. Oct. 25. Billy Sunday, the
evangelist and former old time bateball
star, made a pilgrimage to tho grave of
Mrt Welch at Kast Liverpool, Ohio. He
pronounced Welch the greatest outflelde
In the history or paseoan.
esant basketball team Is arranging a
schedule which will Include more trips
than any In the past. There will be
wcnty-flve games, fifteen of which will
be played abroad. The team will journey
to Philadelphia to play Central Hlgn
School, to l-ukewood, N. J., and three daya
will be spent during the Christmas week
out on lxng island playing local teams.
The five Is likely to lose Its captain.' (lug-
llelmo, on account of backwardness In
tudles,.ln which event he will bet badly
missed, as It waa he last year vho was
hletly Instrumental In winning the cham
pionship for Stuyvesant. if the vacancy
does occur Scboen. Tamm, Vogel and
.Mnmlel are available.
Commerce Boya at Colgate.
Twd old Commerce football players now
are starring on the Colgate eleven. They
are Weber, the all scholastic tackle of
1809. and Frank Schavrl, the rast hair
bank of last year.
The turning down of Chance by Owner
Muiphy of the Cubs Is generally deplored
I". National League men, who nie some
what In doubt aa to Kvers's ability lo 111!
the shoes of the Peerless I.der, Kvcrs
l geneially regiu'ded as being too excit
able and too highly strung to stand the
wear and tear of ft team leader. Kvcrs
ami .loe Tinker, It will lie recalled, came
t- blows in a game In Brooklyn In Sep
tal, her at a time when Tinker was acting
triannger 'Biseb.tll men 'acem to think
that Murphy has erred In preferring F.vers
Tinker and that, If tho latter Is nl
lowed to go to Cincinnati as Hank (Y Day's"
fuioeasor, tho Cubs will be further weak-
Mreadv the gossips have assigned
Chance to the Philadelphia. St. IjuIs and
llxmkiwi National League clubs. Humor
''as ii that If Chance doesn't land In
Hi-nuiwi President Kbbeta wilt secure
1 ii in Sheckurd to handle the Dodgers
I'M eason. Kbbets has refused to ills-
.fs . ther Chance or Sheckard for pub-
at "o but it was said In Brooklyn
sieiday that he had not yet changed
y s .n to keep Bill Dahlcn In control
of tin tiam.
4 a
ewaid for his masterly handling
S.-nitiirs this year the Washing-
has Increased the salary or
Claik (liilllth to $10,000 for
..smi The Washington, club, by
v. is sild to have made $150,000
i new iccoid in that city.
Mini, the Bed Snt malinger,
i u Vl5,o0rt on the Reason Just
M" received a salary of $10,000,
"nentitgn of the pioflts. lie took
n than $t,00(i iib his share of
' I - nerles money, in addition lo
the me of his namo for adver
; . ;kih'H and newspaper woik, lie
I a 10. Olio automobile too.
f tr nf Fred StimUia of the
i 's been settled by Manager Mc
'i his monologue on the vaudeville
M'Uraw says that Snodcrass la
a K ' d ban plover, that he shouldn't
t. .,ns.,ici f,ir bin error In the last guinn
"'" nn. Kid Sox nnd that he will play
' '" lb d for the (Slant next year as
I 'ei. dent Sexton of the National As
v in f Minor Leagues has Issiieil a
'' f' i" annual meeting In Chicago
en Novernher 10, The meeting of the
."tiorai Board of Arbitration, the minor
Play Third (Same at lllrr Club.
Tho Cuban champion, ,1. H. Capablunca
nnd iholncal extiert. Charles .laffe. were in
vited bv the lllce Chass Club lo officially
open Ita new rooms on Saturday, November
2, On that uate tney win ue tniieu upon
tr ntnv the Hi ril and final rams o I tnei
match. Jaffa and Oscar Chajea played an
exhibition nt the Cafo ties lleatix Art
vesterilay, Ihe former selecting a Uenna
m.nnlnir. In order lo get a promising nl
tack hajes sacrinoeci a pawn, wnicu leu
ii, verv interesting complications. How
ever. SmTe defended rather cleverly anil
when things ooked very bad for black
Chajcs by on Ingenious sacrifice of both
his rooks and an additional pawn securea
draw jt perpetual check. Forty-three.
moves were recorded.
Talier'a Bad Ankle Mar Bar II I m
Pr.ovtDBS-CK. It. I.. Oct. 26. Norma
Tabcr, Brown's star tunner, who did well
In the Olympic games, may not be ublo
t.i rnmnete n the cross-country event
this fall because of a weakened ankle,
if h does not run John Puul Jones
Cornell probably will have things hU
own way In the Intercollegiate chumplou
Mellaril Kuters for Ten Mllra
The national championship committee
of Hit) A. A. U tins accepted the late
,.nirv nf Fred (I. Bellara of the Ne
York A. I',, for the ten mile running
chumplonshlp tills afternoon on the Vails
burg motordrome traca. i ins mawi i
tninl nf nine entries tor tne event nix
,,. will start In the seven mile wnlkln
championship mat will preceue m ie
mile run.
Out- of i'tvn Sport Must tin,
Oknf.va. N. Y Oct. 20. Th llnbart
College Athletic Association lu-nlgllt voted
to iibnllHh e I ter incrnsre, or iiaseuau
-I, r!n Hiioii at llobiitt for the eomln
reason run question m kiih h riuui nnmi
bo abolished will be icferieil to Ihe atu
dent bodv. The athletic council Is un
ileislood 'to fuvor the retention of base
ball. I it NLutlnic .Novrinlier I.
St. Nlchnlaa Skating Kink In West
Sixty-sixth street will !' opened to dev
otees nf the sleel limners on Friday night.
November 1. uccoidlng to announcement
lasutrt last night. Hockey will be a fea
tuie of the. coming season, as In the IbbI
tew year. ,
Manager Tom
Five Ambitions.
Sullivan of the Stuy.
by a score of ttt to 20. Three gunners
made perfect scores. lorlo and Qenoveae
for Biyant, and Shapiro for Commerce.
Pullman, the winner of the Individual,
championship at Peeksklll last Saturday,
could do no, better than SJ out of S5. In
a-routlnir Commerce the Bryant ahootera
eliminated their atrongest opponent In the
race for the Whitney trophy In tne auu
target tournament.
The scores:
lln'.nl.llninn SI' Ktlot. Xlf MrKSOn. SI!
rienovese. SS: lorlo. : McCiraw. S3; Hebble, tt;
Commerce Pullman, aS: 1 1 or too. 11: flrleco. II:
Camutl. a!: Clmer. xs: liehnnao, St: sumeia, J:
.inaplro. n. Total, nn. .
Only ToneUdosru Hraalt of Famlilr
In Hrcond narter,
The second teams of Manual Training j
and De Witt Clinton nign bciiuuis mn
yesterday afternoon at Waahlngton Park.
Brooklyn, and the former won by a score
of to 0. The punting of Thomas and
the line plunging of Monroe for De Witt
Clinton and tackling of Olawang and
Kerby for Manual were conspicuous fea
turea. Both teama tried forward paaaea,
but failed to complete the play, and there
waa a number of fumble.
In the first quarter the Manhattan team,
which appeared to be much Ihe heavier
of the two, repeaUdly broke through the
Manual line, but after that the Brooklyn
hnvs stiffened and held the game even.
Colcord, the Manual centre, broke through
and picked up a fumbled ball for a touch
down In the aecond quarter. Palmer mlserd
The Unetrp:
Manual Tratalac. Positions.
retn . . i.en ena . . .
i.en tacKie .
.Left guard. .
Hlihl guard.
Thrie Is a Probability of a race for sail
yachts fiom this port to Porta Itlco next
season. John u. uay, a prominent yacnis-
man of that Island, has been visiting here
the nasi few weeks nnd has consulted
with several llrooklyn yachtsmen legard-
ln n race to Han Juan. Nothing definite
has been done In the matter yet, but 'the
Bensonhurst Yucht Club has ugleed to
undertake the management of the lace
and the members of that Club think It
will be the moat Important yachting event
of the aeaaon.
The flrat Drlle will be offered by the
Military (lovernor of Porlo Klco and an
other will be offered by members of the
Porto Blco Legislature. These prlaes will
give It official recognition Dot only by the
Insular Uovernmenl of Porto Itlco but
also bv Waahlngton.
" The Benaonhurat plans lo ask the oo
operation of other clubs In making this
a success and It Is probable' that a special
committee will be formed, made up of
the. chairman of the regatta committees
of the Uensonhurst. Atlantic and Larrh
mont yacht clubs and with possibly rep
resentatives of ,the army and navy. This
board will have full charge of the con
test. It wilt bo officially appointed shorth
and' then start to work out the details of
the race.
The start will lie front off WestlaWn.
the new home of the Bensonhurst Yacht
Club on Oravesend Bay, and Ihe finish will
be off the exposition grounds at San Juan.
This course Is about 1,400 miles. It will
be the longest ocean race started from
York since the race across the At
lantic In-'1905 for the Germnn Kmperor's
prlie. The race will he for schooners only
and It Is thought that there should be at
least half a dozen big yachts ut thu
starting line.
Commodore Ueorge it. ie uauvagr, wno
.Mdtrnn'a .latent Maid In Br MnUlui
Bid for I. olio, Trxua, na Cnmii.
Hi, Paso, Tex.. Oct. 25. The New Yotk
(Hunts may buy a Texas town tu get In
their annual spring training without mo
lestation. An agent of John Mctiruw now
Is In VA Paso, uccoidlng lo leal estate
men, attempting to buy the town site
of l.obo. Tex., about a hundred tulles
east uf Kl Paso, for Uie training head
qtiaiters. Lobo Is one of the numerous
new tuwns In west Texns that teal es
tate men have tiled hard to put on the
map as a metropolis. A big new hotel,
a handsome brick slructtlie,' was built
and some cottages wete erected by the
company, but the town did not grow.
Thu town site Is n beautiful level spot
atid would make ii splendid training loca
tion. One of Mcdinw'H friends saw Ihe
place nnd tipped it uff, nnd the deal nt
once was stinted. The hotel and cot
tages would make splendid qitatteis fur
the plaers and newspaper men. The cli
mate is the best In the country, as It
seldom tains In this section except In
the summer und never gets colder at any
time In tho winter than fifteen or twenty
above zero, und eeli this Is lnfr-tUelit, It
Is close to Fort Davis, fumed throughout
the Middle West and South as u health
resort. It Is far enough from a city of
any size, it Is claimed, to make It an
ideal training camp.
I 'en n Authorities (iltc tint XeV.
Tlckrl AHnttliiu; .Scheme.
I'ntt, MiH.lilM, Oct 25 Announcement
was mailt- lo-iiight bv Hie Pennsylvania
t'oiiiinittee in charge of Ihe luiz Army and
Navy fool bull game of Ihe dale of the con
test anil' of t el Itiln. Imiiiiilnnt changes l:i
allotting the commit I ru'sshnre of IlielleketV,
oiie-llitiil of Hie lolal sealing tntuiiity of
llin field, TIih giitue will lie played on
franklin Field on November :in
Two linpoiliitit changes have been mndu
by Die committee in allollngg Hie spats
allowed the I nlersly of Pennsylvania.
The (ljl change is rnlleil by Ihe fiui that
Ihe sealing raimiily of llie Held has been
liielenseil Kieally, thus allowing Ihe colli-
mlltee lo mill n seventh class In those nl-
rally Invited lo subscribe. Tho new cln
Is eoniposeil of allium! uf I be university
living twenty of mute miles from I'hiln-
ilelphl i. Secondly, Ihe price of the llckelx
has been rnln'il from .'..'.o to J I
Fiitlher, the eoiiiiultlee lias ruled If any
ticket Issued nn a unlvetsltv npplltHllnii
Is oirereii lor nan- at more inaii us rneo
value Ihe cominlllee reset ves the light lo
purchase It al the advanced price, and I ho
person lo whom It Is Issued will lie obliged
lo reimburse Ihe committee for the price
thus paid In evcess of Its face nlite. A
lecoril will De Uetn ol all t he ilekeis issiird
and delicately flavored whiskey.
Is mild, mellow and delicately flavored
Hamilton Institute Hopeful.
The football squad of Hamilton Insti
tute Is confident of the result of to-day's
game with Carteret Academy of South
Orange. N. .1. Hamilton will start the
game as follows: l.eft end. Heed; left
tackle. Bach: left guard. Fields: centte.
Stewart : right guard, Cunningham : right
tackle, Thompson: right end, Hammer'
sten: Quarterback, navis: uauuttcxs,
Mumane and Harris: fullback, Gregory.
f I
1 I
1 1
Hi i
o corn.. .
erruson ,
liner, .
Curtis Nulislllntra llnallr.
In ureparatlon for this morning's game
with Curtis coach Nixon or Morris put
many second string men In the regular
lineun yesterday for the purpose of fit
ting them tor substitution, .-sixon win
take any man out to-day who shows signs
of fatigue or Injury and put In a second
team man until he Is rested, up. Morria
will try some new double shift forma
tlotis with and without forward paaaea,
and should Ihey work as well as they did
yestenlay In practice Curtis had better
have a cate.
Morria Has Soccer Scrub,
A acrub team haa been organised at
Morris nf the soccer candidates und has
elected It) an and Pasquvelle captain and
manager respectively, In a match be
tween this team and the varsity recently
the varsity won by a score of 3 to 0,
irore-Usnn.t Trsaxlng. : De Wilt Clinton. 0.
Touchdown Colcord.tanual Training, rjurj
unites uantiai i ramma viww,. --'--"
mer. Wruer. Keroy. ua ni.iipion
Hotnenbcnr. Thomas. Iteferee-Harmon, Manual
Training. Tlma of perlcala-sana lomintnes.
Cntlcr Whitewashes Brnnawlgk.
Th- Sutler eleven whltwashed Bruna-
wick School at Celtic Park yeaterday ar
tfrnnnrt Cutler accumulated 10 points.
nd the visitors, who came irom uan
eetleut. failed to score. Herbett, Waln-
wrlght and Twyefort made the totichdowna
iv overpowering line amicus, mis is mo
hiri ronsecutlve victory for Cutler, the
team having beaten Loyola School 83 to
o and Irving School 33 to o.
The lineup:
rs.u.p fusltlnns. Brunswick,
Connelly Left end :-J0"5
I,. Lonu i.en lacKic irr;i
luoDcn i.en auara T Mr:""
Keclt. . . Centre... Vm1?
Duff li ght guard A. Hill
Twjefort High! end. V-:,l""
Herbert. .. Quarterback tellers
Onalavla. . Irfft halfback... , . .Hanson
W nwnsnt,... mini nauoacs
Van Bora... I'ullback.... Williams
Score-Cutler School. 20: Iirunswlck School. 0,
n....i.aAU.n.tlrl,rt IValnwrtffht. TwreTort.
tioals rrom iournaown-naii. . ;
W. Cohu for Cobbens. Beteree Collins, Culler
School, now ol penouiiu nnnuies.
Bays lllsli Coach Sanguine.
Coach Matt McKenna of the Boya High
football team hopes that his lads will
give Clinton u good game to-day. He la
satisfied with one tnmr. ana mat, la mat
they try hard and aeem to Improve with
everv same. The hopes of Boys High
are pinned on Capt. Tiffany, Holman and
Marshall. These youngsters are piaying
inifther well and are very fast. Tne
game will be played at itiagcwooo r ieiu
at 2 :30 o clock.
Commercial Thlnka It's Kasr.
Commercial Is confident that the game
wlib Flushing to-day will be as easy aa
last Saturday's game with BushwicK,
Conch Shearer has taught nis lads many
new playa that he thlnka are aure for
big gains. Of the four Injured In the
Manual game, two weeks ago, three
Cant. Du Temnle. Furgone and Lucke
. . 1. I , . . 1. A n.tl, lt'.,Iwta-
are sure to piay, wnue mo iuuiu,, , www-
worth, will respond If he is neeuea. in
game will be. played at Commercial Field
at 3 o clock,
Biialmlck Fnll of Hope,
The Bushwlck football team will play
the vnnkers team at Yonkers this after'
noun The Bushwlck lads have been doing
their' best to overcome their lack of team
work nnd hope lo put up a rast game.
Mnuy tlut for I'ols- Five,
Basketball Kacllce at Poly Prep now
Is In full swing, capt. Kales nas over
twenty lads hard at work In the Poly
evtnnnslum eveiy afleriioon, i here arc
ui-ernl nrnmltlng ciiiiildnles out now tin
,,.,, i- mrirn will reiiort ai tne ciuse ui in
r,, ii'.t.n sensofi. The best on band hi
Mehullte. Lew. Newton, Money
nennv. I lardenlu nok. Vogel, Maxwell and
Mnmial and St. Panl'a Beady
Both learns are ready for the Important
cnmi. this afternoon at Washington Park
between Manual Training and St. Paul's
School, their annusj gridiron battle. The
teams, with th exception ot Mlks Charles,
Ittrht tackle
mint ena..
De Witt Clinton.
. r owier
, . Oua rurback , Welntraub
.Lett haimack Urouman
Hlrht halfback Sernour
.Fullback... Monro
Maxrrella Near Destination.
Baton Kouog. La.. Oct. 26. The two
Maxwell automobllea carrying Charlea
.1. Qlldden and party.' who left De
trolt twelve daya ago for New Orleans
over the Lakes to Gulf route, reacneu
Baton Rouge at 5:30 o'clock to-night. The
run to-dav waa 119 mile, the last thirty-
five through a beautiful moonlit Louisiana
nine, forest. The tourists leave ai
o'clock to-morrow for New Orleana, and
expect to reach the Uulf city at noon
Turnball Lradgh Tenala Champion
South Brrilt.xiloH. Pa.. Oct, 26, L. F,
Turnbull, captain ot the Lehigh Unlver
altv tennla team to-day won the Cham
ninnthln nf th university In that snort
defeating a field of forty-two mfn. Along
with the title Turnbull receives a auver
loving cup. He defeated J. W. Baker, in
the final, 63, 63, 61.
Yachtsman Kinney Oris a Cap,
To show their appreciation for his ser
vices as chairman of the entertainment
committee of the nockaway "Point Yacht
Club, some twenty of his friends ana rci
Inw members presented to John "T, Kln
ney a silver loving cup. The presentation
was made In the ciubnouso ibsi inursua
Any Curbstone will Stop a
T isn't the name of
the tire that makes
a . .1
it non-skid its tne
tire. Many tires are
called non-zskid but
there is only one that
is used by tire-wise
car owners, the
Diamond Safety Tread Tire
ON slippery, treacherous city streets you want
assured safety. You'll get it with Diamond
Safety Tread Tires. The cross and parallel
bars of the safety tread
Won't slip, won't slide, won't skid they grip
Y'OU get 5ure and gteady trac-
tion without road suction in
Diamond Safety Tread Tires.
You control your car all the
time. You drive in eafety and
At Your Dealer's
The Diamond Store
1876 Broadway, N. Y. City.
you drive with pleasure. Life
and accident insurance is built
into Diamond Safety Tread Tires.
Made in your size and to fit your
style of rim. Equip your car now.
Mi'KnrlauU lift Kyv, on Clove
HnKrAt.o. N. V.. Oct, 25. Packer Xlc
t.'.irlMiul. llin Chlcairo llxhlwelgllt shaded
.llnnnv Uuffv of I.ocltnort ill u ten tound
bout liofote the Qileensbury Athletic Club
here to-night. McParlunJ finished strong
and Is marked only by n bad left eo
handed him by Duffy In the third round.
In Target
Terry l.eail
WtKiiis-fiTON. Oct. 55, -Tho torpedo
boat destroyer Terry leads nil the ships of I
her class In excellence or worK in elemen
tary target practice for th" period from
.lulv I to October I. It una announced at
the Say Department lo-day 'The lerry,
commanded by l.leut. .1. C. rremont. made
1 .KFBA! ",ii31 "i'.L" iff
'iwaaUr-Biaa aaUyacgansiWad
5e pi e or Ihe i
'wltb 73.7M.I'
Descriptions of
Suitable for
the Types of Cars
Use This' Winter
Automobile Section
Next Sunday
I'p-'.o-iluto ilont 0 XJnlhe
oii, fitted with Quinby
lit'rlim, fon-door limousine?.
Out! of tlie fiiu-Kt t-(iii)v(i
enrs turnoil out. 1 hrj
milt's oiVixty on liii?H hpwtl.
Will be sold for lo.OOO.
Ht'Hiilar price $0,50). .
J. M. QU1NBY & CO.,
IW4H ItroadMav, Nrn Tnrk,
I'arlnr.i, Newark, X. ,1.
$1,000 SAVED
We otter s new 1013 latrst model Series O.
cylinder 60 It. P. Mathevin Car recently
mounted oy us mm our isicsi siyic i passen
ger tnurtag Dooy, ruuy cqmppc" i
slsn front, speedometer. Klaxon, hirsf
compartments. 1 stilt ces, etc.. etc. Hie
body l made arcordlm to the hlghrsl stand
ard ot (Jtllsby Art and workmanship. It
embodies every new and modem feature
known to tne luxurious car. nir irsniw
price of ihls car Is JI800. It will be sold al
Zftri. If rold forthwith.
J. M. QUINBY &. CO.,
14 9 llronttwur, w Ynrk.
Kntatory, Newark, N. J.
CUtaV GAnAQIta TlftBaV Bqtnp
sburruiNO op iMTEncafr ih
aiitos at nr "KAritlFICK" 1'llin.a.
New Turk's Automobile Iiarssln Kstabllshment.
"Par Kxcellrnce."
When you buy from a rriistiie nouse
ou oct a "SQUAiti: nirAi.r ,
There are very lew reliable concerns In Ihls
ui-ed car business; consequently, "Caveat Kmptorl"
Kleven years In this line and 10.000 pleased pur
chasers Justify our bid tor pMrnnxe. ....
1913 While -Kony" .KiW: 1012 Packard.. I2.7M
Uther I'ackarda, J10O up: fierce Limousine. HUK
rerriesses. aau to 9i.:iiu; unninsniini iuuu
lelie. Ss&O.
Flat Town Cars. "25," ll.Son; Hntrhklss . .14.71
Mrrrrdes, S.1CO. SIM. itlO: Franklins. Isso &VI
Mercer Toy Tminrau. 8So: "It. C. It.". .. .4M
1813 Marions. Itroaulta, (Sarfords. t-IM
Htoddards. JJJo-JKlu; Maxwells. . tloo lo MSO
lords, lioo; v.. u. r. . iau; cnuacunurr
Taxis. KOO-tlSO; Cadillacs . ... S3S0 to WM
.oilers tall Foredoors). attsn, Stan, i.wo-3.ono
flats. l!o. i5o, vut, atJtw: Cadillac. .... .175
I'nlmrr-Slnreni. ii5l).S7iO: Uack Tnick 1750
Chalmers. SIM) up: Oaklsnds .....13Mi JW. 7W
Inartrorus. av. aiau. oju; uvrnnim. ,rf,
Six Cylinder I'eerlesses. 17M to 11.100
lleon. 176 to 1200; Kulck Truck ......1109
Glide, liso: Ilulck 'Thirty." ISM .. .300 others
I var lain-ur r-u rajnirnis,
Uxamlnatlons Invited: Demonstration Given;
Kverytniny as ucnrcwnieu.
50 TAXIS. ll&O (are incomplete). ft
Ttra. - luluk.ll nfUir ItflltniM.
Have 2.000; must unload; some (treat bargalna.
Mainetos, Horns, Tops. Windshields, Lampsj
ItcniaraaDiy v.uraii. . .
I.lmnuilne and Mndaulette Ilodlrt-Sala.
Hel makes, an in aooa orucr ni
Also mo latest New lloriles !i Value.
J.gou Open llodles. Inside Drive, Ac.
The lllecrst. Oldest. Cheapest and Vloit
Un to date Xstabllshment of Its kind anywhem.
Ukimy 41iMlt.61il.il., near
j. M. QUINBY ft GO.
One 40 De I.uxe Limousine, 1760.
One 25 Pennsylvania, new, 11,100.
One W Pennsylvania, demonatrated,
One 45 iBOtta, $1,800.
Isotta A'olturntte, $1,000.
35 Slmplsa: Limousine, $1,500.
35 Simplex Tourinjc, $900.
beveral deini-Limotisino and Tour
ing Bodiw Very Chen p.
I Four anil nve nnarii in , iu,,, ikcuuh,
leal condition; 1910 and earlier models at at
tractive prices
7Sd and Amsterdam Ave, TelCol. MJt. .
I rllll nAL.lv- lieauuiui r rciiuu mui rar, i-ouiw,
I Inside arlve: seats lour ruiniuriituii i n. p.;
luxuriously equlpprl. In llral-class runnlnf con-
dispme of quickly: price. 12.200.' Call HltllNS
WICK. Grecley-3727.
UlllUlfL' fftlPAl
Ixt us sell your cr for cash no sale no chares.
timks sguAiii: Atrro co..
IIIU orouuay. i'iiuuc i.mitiui.
IT Is rtieaprr to rent than to own an automobile.
We make a specialty nt irntlni cars by the mnnlfl.
our seven pastcnaer I'ackanl cars, lourlnf or
llinnuilne. equal ine tlmit private equipment.
Ilesponilhle a.id rellalilo strvlre cuarantestt.
i;ai IkIiI Ht. rhmie 1'lara 2100.
' PACKAHHS. St hour: tlientres. IS: business shit
return. It passenger; Juo-Jion inoiiihly; ask our
plan: rrs, servk-e excellent. 460J Columbus.,
I'.UKAUI) Hlerlde Garter. .Kit West 7lh:
full riuurilon nf prion: inurliic and llniiiulnrt.:
13 hour; IMo prr if.onth up. icwi Schuyler,
J2H w, r.iih si.
llooldet explains WHY
our course It MIST"
Inspect nur plsnt
mui be fniitliiccil
VI'-SI 811)1", Individual road work, iimallshii
bend lol booklet. 311 . Uttl SI.'
Phone 7(C'o Colu-rbus
Y, 31. C. A.
i iii
III allUCC Uouaht, soli and P.ieltaated.
Hit WWiMO Times Sq. AuloColTIOBroaaway,
HICK Motor c., Mtwaaa aaU ai
, a"ii Mia aw. raaaa aaa, watii

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