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Unit Also KHutl for l-'orerloswc
of ComTi'irs .S500.()()0
Itonil Issue.
Kdison Company Recently IMir
clinsoil Mnjurity of Itonils
of Kivnl.
Willi lli HlitiK of a hilit in llio Snpnmo
Court ye-terday lor t ho npolittiiH.'iit
of n receiver of (ho Ijoiir Aero Klnctriu
Light and Power Company, and fur t lie
fon'cloKtiro of tho comiomy'H present
Mwi lmncl indie on the ground or
n()ti-i:iyiiioiit of intenvtt. nlnco 100, it
Ixtcamn mown tli.it the recent purchaser
of the majority of the lions Acre'H Ixinds
was Anthony N. Ilrady, president of the
Now York Kdison Company.
II was nntlcap'ited that through thu
notion Marled yestord.iy the Izmir Arte
coniKiny will lio diMK-ed of uh u iwsslble
rival of tho Kdison company. .
Tilt: Sc.V wild on Se)teml)or 2tl last that
through a nalo just cunviimtimted of tho
majority of I ho old Iioiik Kvra liontU tho
KdUon c-omiuny had olitalned control
of it rival, which it had fought imitc
ecrtsfully in tho courts, not only on tho
ground that it franchise granted in 1&S7
is invalid, but on tho contention that
tho Kdinon company Is now giving satis
factory hervico and there ia no need of
another company.
Undor u recent court order tho Long
Acre company may sell $l,000,nno of ntock
and $2,000,000 of bonds ax noon as it wishes,
and after these Imvo tieen paid for may
mil another $2,000,000 of stock and Jl.OOO.
000 of bonds.
. Following the announcement of tho
wile of the hcmls it wan denied by tho
Edison officials that tho company was
In any way interested in tho wile or that
tho purchase of th bonds indicated that
tho Iiong Aero comany was about to
bo swallowed up. The bulk of tho lionds
sold had belonged to the estate of Iho
lAte Civil .lust ice William II. Kelly, who
fc-ft little except tho Iiong Aero lionds,
but left his rceidunry ct,tnte to Arch-Mi-hop
Farley and made many direct bo
quehts to Itoamn Catholiu institutions.
, Charles F. Murphy, Tammany leader,
was o no of the executors of tho estate,
anil thu turning of tho lionds into cash
was duo partly to his efforts and partly
to the aKsUtanto of Morgan J. O'lirieii,
counsel for the Kdison company.
John C. Sheohiin. promoter of tho Iiong
Aero Lompany, wild last weeK tnat lue
reason the interest on tho Ione Acn
lionds had not been mild was liccauso
they hadn't been presented. Ho said
that the interest would bo met as soon
s the coujions were prewnted. Mr.
tiheehan did not exiect there would lio n
foreclosure suit, ho said.
Persons who discusseil tho filing of tho
foreclosure suit yesterday said they did
not believe it likely that the Iong Alto
Company will Iwi ulilo to dispoMi of the
new securities to clear up the old bond
issue, liccuuso under the order of the
court the new bonds must lie sold for
not less than 00, and the proeeeils of tho
j4l(w.isale of the stock and lionds can lie ex
pended only after an itemized bill has
. tieen submitted to tho Public Serrice
Iho foreclosure suit was filed for the
Metropolitan Trust Comany, trusteo of
the bond issue, by Carter, Ijedyard Jt
Milburn. The complaint states that in
1006 the Long Acre Company got per
mission to issue 1.0CO lionds at $1,0(0 each,
but only 600 of the bonds were certified.
Interest at 4 per cent, was payable on
April IS and October 15 of each year begin
ning with 1B0S. ubseiuently 100 of the
lionds were destroyed, and there ure now
600 outstanding, which are alleged to have
been negotiated or sold to divers persons
for value
The bonds are secured by a mortgage
on all the Long Acre company's real
estate, franchises and other property.
The company has failed und refused to
pay tho interest since it was first due. it
is alleged, and the amount now payable
Its JB0.0UU.
I he complaint states that on Octolier
17 List the holder of Ntt of the bonds, being
a majority, notifle.l tie phintllT in writing
of the failure of the Long Acre company
to pay th interest, and said that the
holder elnrted to rieclure the entire issue
due under the terms of a mortgage which
gives that power after a default of six
months in the interest payments'
The complaint states that the amount
now due is SfMxi.ooo and asks judgment for
that amoimt. The suit also demand the
appointment of a receiver at once, and
asks for an Injunction restraining tho
Long Acre company from disposing of
anv of its property or rights,
It Is expected that a motion for the
appointment of a receiver will be made
this weok,
Want Fact ItrKarillnir Arrmt of
Employer in TUI City,
Tho members of tho Public Service
Commission, Second Department, whose
offices are in Albany, have started un
inquiry in connection with the arreet
of an empoyee in this city on a charge
of forcing his attentions upon two women
on Broadway.
Tho employee is the head of a bureau
in the office of the commission at Albany
and has a salary of 11,000 a year. On a
visit to this city he registered at a hotel
as Henry Hallo and at the hearing in the
police court ho was found guilty and
committed to the workhouse for thirty
days. Oh his appeal to General Sessions
he was let go after serving two days.
There wero intimations that tho man
retained his job in Albany through the
influenco of politicains, His superiors
wish to know all tho facts und havo iu
btructed their chief counsel, L. P. Halo,
to investigate.
Mr. Halo camo hero yesterday to look
over the court records und interview
those who hud any connection with thu
Che Notice to Trniieamen to Ac
cept Only Her Written tlrilrr.
Neutoiit, H, I., Nov. 2, Mrs, O. II.
Uelrnont has Issued her annual warn-,
sag to business people regarding Ktv
me credit to people claiming to repre
sent her, except upon her written or
der. Tho Issue of this warning by
Mrs. Uelrnont has en u practice for
a number of years at About this time.
Ia her public initio she says:
"All pel sons are hereby warned not
to glvu credit to any person whatso
ever claiming to represent me, except
upon a written voucher for such spo
cine credit, signed by me, No penon
Tim any authority to make purchase
or to Incur any obligations In my be
linlf, and 1 shall not bo iiepimsllilo
except upon specific orders or vouchem
In wrltlne, mibecrlbcil by me, autliorlz.
Ing on my behalf the purchase therein
R. H. Macy.& Co.. Attractloni Are Their Low Price.
fft W ImmbV Herald Square,
Among the very latest modes in Tailored Suits a three-piece
Wool Eponge Suit at $89.75 is notable because of the sharp cutaway
outlines of its coat, made more pronounced by the heavy embroidery
in rope silk and worsted. The bodice of chit foil cloth in black over
white is joined to the draped skirt with velvet corselet also embroi
dered. At $64.75 a Broadcloth Suit with seal plush collar and cuffs
trimming the cutaway coat has a skirt draped over a deep fold of
the plush and loose panel, also draped at back.
Snowflake Velveteen
Cutaway Suit, $3974
Metal, taupe, brown and blue
snow-flaked effect in two-tone
corduroy. Braid bound edges,
braided belt finishes coat and
skirt at waist with large pearl
buckles. Skirt shirred at back
panelled front, braid outlined.
Velour de Laine Velvet
Trimmed Suits, $2974
Jaunty straight line model
with wide Directoire revers,
collar and cuffs of velvet trim
ming the finely lined coat. Skirt
of new semi-circular cut, with
long pleats, back and front.
In navy, .brown and black.
Small women's sizes, 14 to 18
"Velour de Laine," the new velvet-finished wool fabric, so
favored in Paris, is employed for many of our finest imported Coats.
At $89.75 an imported coat in seal brown velour de laine has a deep
curving flounce, round collar and wide full cuffs, all of seal-plush.
A black velour de laine Coat at $84.75 is hand embroidered in
the new serpent green shades, lined with vivid green satin and
trimmed with clusters of oval cut jet buttons.
Draped Evening Coats
In Panne Velvet $38.74
In Charmeuse $28.74
Black Taupe American Beauty.
Gracefully draped wraps with
Robespierre collars and deep pointed
cuffs of white plush. Inset sleeve
effect, trimmed with rows of tiny vel
vet buttons. Garment fastens far to
the left side with large fancy ornament,
and is warmly interlined and silk lined.
Furs Favored by Fashion
French Mole (Coney)
Coats, $98.75
"Reversed" skins, of excel
lent quality, are used for
these graceful garments, which
have the new set-in sleeves and
are lined with soft silks, fancy
bordered. 4
Full Length Coat with smart
round collar, high in neck and
wide lap front. Silk ties
fringed at ends finish the
collar. Deep border in dia
mond design.
Three - Quarter Coat 45
inch length, with tailored shawl
H'e call special attention to the fad that we carefully match up all siins
prior to the making of Sets and that, therefore, we cannot break sets. How
ever, we carry a large assortment of separate Scurfs and separate Muffs
in stock.
117 especially solicit to-order work. Customers may select skins for
Garments or Sets and every effort will be. made to execute special orderi
promptly and accurdmg to the customer's specifications. Or we will make
separate pieces In match muffs or scarfs in any style or any pelts. Lowest-in-the-City
prices prevail on special orders as well as regular stock.
Hfynnd riimr. BrMdn
Although we advertise chiefly the popular priced merchandise,
we carry the very finest quality blankets, which we import from
Italy, Germany, Austria and France, and sell at yi less than pre
vailing prices elsewhere. s
Figured Silkoline Comfortables.
Neat Persian and floral designs.
Filled with pure white cotton. In
medium weight, tufted centers. Cut
size 70 x 72 inches, each 94c.
Heavy weight. Stitched centers.
Cut size 70 x 78 inches, each 51.57.
Figured Cambric Comfortables.
Serviceable new Persian designs.
Stitched centers. For full size and
extra size beds. Cut size 7-' x 78
inches, each $1.79. Cut size 81 x x
inches, each $2.59.
Macy'a Laminated Cotton-filled Com
fortables. Covered with an extra line
grade of silkoline in delicate (loral de.
Mjjns. Cut size 36 x 48 inches, each
71c. Cut size 15 x 54 inches, each 93c.
Cut size 60 x 78 inches, each 51.69.
Cut size 12 x 78 inches, each $1.73.
Cut size 81 x 90 inches, each
Silk Bordered Comfortables. Floral
designs on white grounJs. Filled with
best quality pure white carded cot
ton, giving warmth without weight.
Cut size 7-' x 78 inches, each $2.29.
Higher priced Comfortables include
Down ami Lamb's wool-filled, covered
with durable sateen, as low as H.54
and up In J,?5,8) fur Comfortables
with handsome brocaded satin covering.
In silk coiercd Comfortables prices
range from 50.49 up to 138.44.
Broadway, 34th to35th St.
Afternoon Gown of
Satin Charmeuse, $49.7 4
Copy of a "Drecoll" Model
In new "Concord" or grape
color, in taupe or black satin
charmeuse of excellent quality.
Shadow lace collar and yoke
effect vest of chiffon crepe,
crystal button trimming. Sailor
collar and side rever of moire
silk. Very gracefully draped
skirt of latest style.
Diagonal Velour delaine
Cutaway Suit, $3374
Brown and black, gray and
black, or navy and black stripe
in velour de laine. Three-button
cutaway coat, with Empire back
has peau de"cygne lining,
hand-tailored finisli velvet col
lar and velvet button trimmings.
3d Floor. Hroadway.
Diagonal Boucle
Length Coats, $24.74
Very Heavy Boucle Cloth in black-and-white,
black-and-nary or black-and-brown.
Loose straight-line model with
belted back. Scarf collar with
tassel end. Warmly interlined
and richly lined with old blue,
American beauty or tan silk
lining. SrcondVloor. Broadway.
French Mole Pillow
Muffs XcK $29.74
Mole-dyed Coney in large
draped effect finished with
handsome ornament; taupe
satin lining.
Raccoon Sets
Skunk-Dyed, $2774 a "
The Natural Raccoon Set
has a two-striped "animal
effect"; scarf finished with
head, tail and paws, and
three-striped pillow muff to
The Skunk-dyed Raccoon
Set has long reversed scarf,
with head, tails and paws,
both at back and front. Large
half-barrel muff to match.
..White Berkshire Wool and Cotton
Mixed Blankets. Perfect wearing and
excellent laundering quality. Shaded
light blue or pink borders. Neatly
bound with silk tape. Size 68 x 80
inches. Per pair, $2.77.
White California Wool Blankets.
Very soft but warm filling. Delicate
shaded pink or blue borders. Bound
witli silk tape. Size 70 x 82 inches.
Per pair $4.96.
White Wool Finished Blankets.
Heavy-weight and warm. With
slight imperfections, but better Blan
ketsthanareoftentimessold as perfect
by unscrupulous dealers. For three
quarter and full size beds. Only 5oo
pairs at this special price. Special
tcr pair $1.79.
The blanket weavers of Austria are
ackuoutedgtd to be the world-over
"experts" in the line of blanket weav
ing. Australian wool is undisputabli
the beet iiuality wool that can be put
into a blanket. These two combined
produce, the finest blankets procurable
Austrian Munkets.
HV huve a variety of Austrian Wool
blanhts in plain, reversible colors, also
the new striped and deep border effects.
Colorings arc guaranteed not to fade,
tm matter how dilicatc. Prices for
tingle and double sins, S24.66, $26.67,
$28.53 und $29.98.
Bairmrnt, Bear.
By request of many of our customer we shall maintain during Carnival Week a
Special Woman Suffrage Section
where supplies and paraphernalia of all sorts will be sold. In one of our Broad
way show windows a display is made of the OFFICIAL MARCHING COS
TUME, 4c.
At the boolh In the Ualn AIMe near the entrance further Information may be obtained.
Ostrich Plumes
At Less Than Prevailing Whole
sale Prices.
Macy's is headquarters for
reliable Ostrich Plumes. Prices
are invariably lower than those
Ostrich Tlumes
"Lobster" Effect, $6.89
Mmchcrc $10.00.
These plumes (as illustrated
on hat) are in closely curled
"Lobster'.' effect, which will
make an entire trimming for
a dress hat. The feather com
pletely encircles the crown of
a hat and is finished with a
full, broad plumed end. In
black, white, gold, Saxe, taupe
and brown.
Ostrich Tlumes
iS inch, $2.97
Elsewhere $4.50.
A remarkable value. Plumes are
18 inches long with full, drooping
heads. 7K. inches svide. Black, white,
taupe, cerise, Saxe and brown.
Silk Hatters' Plush
Hats, $3.96
with silk velvet facing.
The manufacturer, finding that he
was overstocked with Imported Hat
ters' Plush, made these Hats for us
at a great sacrifice. Many becoming
shapes, among them the very latest
dress shapes. All are licht in weight
and very finely finished, black only.
(Elsewhere Hats similar to these
are priced $7.00.)
Mata moor. 31th 8t.
"Tuesday Specials" devot
ed to Men's Wear for Elec
tion Day, this week. Come
to Macy's on Tuesday.
Overcoats at $19.75.
Regularh $24.75 to $32.50.
For Men and Young Men.
Chesterfields, "Guards," Ulsters,
Double - breasted Ulsters, etc.
Many handsome silk-lined coats
among these, nub Floor, unay.
Derby & Soft Hats at $1.88.
$3.00 to $5.00 Qualities.
The Derbies are absolutely per
fect goods, but run a little lighter
than the manufacturer's standard,
and so have to come down in price.
Most men like a light Hat anyway?
The Soft Hats from Germany,
Austria, France and England are
sample Hats of the newest Fall
and Winter styles. Each one is in
a style and material and shape of
its own, so we cannot describe them
further than to say that they are
smart througli and through.
Fifth Floor, 34tii 81.
Shirts at 68c.
Elsewhere $1.00 and $1.25.
Absolutely the best Shirt in New
York at 68c or anywhere near it.
Plain or pleated, hand laundered,
with hand-turned cuffs. Sizes 14
to 18.
Custom Shirts, 3 for $7.74.
Elsewhere $3.00 to $4.00 each.
Plain or pleated model, tailored
in our own workrooms, will be
made to order to your measure
and specifications by experts.
Main rioor, ath St.. Rear.
Men's Cotton Union Suits,
98c and $1.49 each.
Elsewhere $1.25 and $1.76.
The 98c kind of heavy-weight cot
ton. That at SI.49 made of fine
Maco cotton in medium weight,
with drop seat and flap back.
Also wool and cashmere Shirts and
Drawers at 98c a garment.
Main Floor, aath St.. Bear.
Men's Fine Half Hose.
24c to 48c Pair.
, Fine gauze lisle, silk lisle, and
silk Hose. All with spliced soles,
heels and toes. Black, tan and
navy. Main Flour. Onlrr.
Men's Gloves, $1.39 to $3.24.
Elsewhere $1.50 In $4.00.
Kid, rough surfaced soft Mocha,
Buck, Pique, Glace, and rough
finish real Reindeer Gloves for
street and evening wear, in tans
and grays. Also Men's Gloves from
97c pair up to a full squirrel-fur-lincd
Mocha Buck or Cape Glove
at ti.74. Main Floor, ll'nay.
All ages from 5 to 16.
$6.50 SuiU at $4.96.
$7.00 Chinchilla Reeferi, $4.96.
$9.75 to $12.75 Orercoats for
$7.49. Necond Floor, .'loth Ht Hear,
Some at less tnan wnoiesaie cosi
This Rug and Carpet Sale is going to be one of the largest in our experience, for among the Rug
and Carpets are no remnants, no shop worn goods, no "leii-overs -dui uy 8,7r,"1" "'V
dollars' worth of thoroughly hifih-grade floor-coverings to be sold for forty-three thousand three
hundred dollars, some ta1en from our regular stock, and the rest representing a specially fortun.itc
purchase from one of the largest mills in the country. 0;nn .,n
The Carpets are in a very wide range of two-tone reds, greens and browns, and m Persian al -ocr
effects, with the exception of the plain Wilton Velvet carpets, which are in self colors. These latter
come in "body" to match the "stair." t , ... . n
The Rugs run in size from 27x54 inches to 9 feet x 12 feet, and are in all-over Persian e led
Some are close copies of magnificent and costly OrieoUl Rugs some are two-tone effects. I lie se
lection in color and design is, in short, so wide and varied that one may readily match any scheme oi
color decoration. '
Wilton Velvet
Ehtvhett SI. 50
Regular Macy price, 51.44
Macy'a Sale price, $1.09
First Grade Tapestry Brussels Carpets
Eluithtn $1.00. Regular Macy price, 89c.
Macy'a special price for this sale, 74c.
2d Grade Tapestry Brussels Carpets
Eheuhtr 85c. Regular Macy price, 78c.
, Macy's special price for this sale, 59c
Royal Wilton Rugs
These Wilton rugs are a high grade
material, made from worsted yarns,
woven on a jacquard loom, which means,
service, durability and resiliency.
" Regular Macy's
nise- Macy Sale
Sue where price price
21x5 in. $4.15 to $5. 25 $4.24 to $4.89 $3.09
36x63 in. $7 JO to $8.50 $6.74 to $7.74 $4.74
8xl0ft. $37.50 J35.24 $25.43
9x1 2 ft. $40.00 JJ6.S9 $26.74
Fine Velvet' Rues in the 9x12 feet size that cost 520- elsewhere and are re8uIarly so'd at
Mcirv'c fnr ih .ir nrp cnprinllv nricpd for this sale at $11.89. An excellent
quality of material, finely woven
vice, it is one oi tne tiign,piie
High Grade Smyrna Rugs in the 9x12 feet size, that cost elsewhere $24.50, and are regularly
sold at Macy's at $21.49. are specially priced for this sale at $14.89.
This excellent rug is woven so as' to be used on both sides, mostly in Oriental patterns and color
ings. A rug that can be used advantageously in any part of the house. The quality is of sufficient
strength to give excellent service on either side, both sides being exactly alike.
A Hint as to Comparative Values for Macy's Patrons
Above tec adctrtise a 9x1 2 ft. Royal Wilton Rug for $26.74.
An exact replica of this Rug is sold about town regularly for $40.00, and the regular Macy price is, $36.89.
One of the largest and most reputable concerns in New York is advertising this identical Rug thus: "Special
$33.50. value $42.50."
These Fine Brass Beds are thoroughly reliable
in construction and in finish which means that
they are rigid and durable, and that the well
known "Bakelite" lacquer with which they are
finished will not readily chip, crack, or scale,
and that with reasonable care it will defy damp
The Brass Bed here illustrated
isS ft. 2 in. high at the head and 3 ft. l
in. at the foot. The posts are two
inches in thickness. The cut shows
the "T" balls, the husks at the head
and foot, the five 1-inch filler rod?;
and the top cross rail.
Macy's pnee is $24.89.
We Hate Brass Beds in
Uide range of popular designs and in all sizes
made, finished either in "Bakelite" or "Dam
arda" damp-proof lacquer, bright or satin finish,
at $9.24, $12.34, $13.89, $15.24, $18.24, $19.74,
Mads Under Sanitary Conditions of Quality Materials on the Premises
Our mattresses are made of South American horsehair, clipped from semi-wild living horses.
The hair is sterilized before we receive it. Our mattress factory is on the eleventh floor and is open
on one side to the roof, being a sort of extension above the other floors of our building.
No mattresses are taken by us to be cleaned or repaired. This is purely a sanitary measure, for
cleanliness is the first consideration in our mattress factory. For the same reason we carry no mat
tresses in stock to accumulate dirt. Every order is filled when it is received, artd this causes no ob
jectionable delay, as the work only takes twenty-four hours.
No mattress factory in the city has facilities superior to ours for making good mattresses.
Sf"1 M,'Hf ""W gL IV!i?.ed y&yE u . Mi?ed Hair Mattress: Soft Hair Mattress:
3 ft. 3 ft. 6 4 ft. 4 ft. 6 3 ft. 3 ft. 6 4 ft. 4 ft. 6 3 ft. 3 ft. ft 4 ft. a f f i (t in n. a u
$7.09 $8.57 $9.14 $10.28 $8.79
Special SouthAmerican Hair:
J II. Jlt.O tl. 4tt.fi
$16.49 $20.19 $22.48 $25.27
3 ft.
PilloWS and Bolsters of Chicken
Made of selected dry picked UVafern
stock from Iowa, Nebraska and IVfacon
ein. The feather, passed through a pat
ented shredder, are thoroughly cleansed,
uhile retaining their natural buoyancy.
, Mncy'H
Hlza. I'lirii.
24X38 . . . MI.3U
iix-ti. ..(11.74
Hlze. l'rlce.
iox:e. ., ,. auo
21X28 U0A
22X2N . ..Ml. Wl
All covered in an excellent grade of A. C. A. ticking. They may be
ing at an additional cost of 25c a Pillow or Bolster.
R. H. Macy & Co.'a
Herald Square
FMeuherc $1.15
Regular Macy price, $1.09
Macy'a Sale price, 79c
Body Brussels
Elseithtre $1.65
Regular Macy price. 81.59
Macy's Sale price, $1.14
Wiltons, Tapestry Brussels,
Velvets, Axminster
Tapestry Brussels Rugs
These are the high grade Ta
pestry Brussels Rugs. An ex
cellent wearing rug. suitable for
the living room, library, dining
room and chamber, in medallion
and floral effects.
Size where
9xl2ft. $15.50
9x10 ft. $13.50
Si WO I. $12.75
in medallion and floral effects
rugs which wear wen
This Brass Bed has unusually high
2-inch posts and six filler rods. It is
5 ft. 2 in. high at the head and 3 ft. 3 in.
at the foot. Notice the graceful
effect obtained by the arrangement
of the larger husks, the top cross
rail, and the "T" balls.
Macy's price is $26.74.
$10.06 $11.84 $13.02 $10.39 $12.63 $14.08 $15.54 $13.82 $16:83 $18.85 $21.02
Dra wines:
Super Extra Black:
3 ft. 6 4 ft. 4 ft. 6
$22.59 $24.28 $28.49
.Ml. 3 It. 6 4 it.
Pillows and Bolsters of Duck
Made of feathers imported from China
and put through electric cleanser, which
removes all gand. dirt and dust. They
are then thoroughly renovated and blown,
insuring the natural curl and filling ca-
.MS. 24
.Ml, Ml
Attraction! Are Their Low Prlcei.
Broadway, 34th to 35th St.
Elseuhre $1.50
Regular Macy price. S1.34
Macy's Sale price, 79c
Plain ft Width Wilton Velvet Carpets
Ehewhrt $1.50. Regular Macy price. 51.44
Macy's special price for this sale, $1.14
Plain 34 Width Wilton Velvet Carpets
Eluithtre $2.00. Regular Macy price. 51.89
Macy's special price (or this sale, $1.44
Fine Axminster Rugs
These high grade Axminster Rugs
art mostly in Oriental patterns, in
the dark rich color combinations
of green, tan, brown and red. Most
excellent for the library, the dining
room and the chamber.
Regular Macy's
Else- Macy Sale
Size where price price
27x60 in. $2J5 S2rl4 $1.74
36x72 in. $3.75 W.48 $2.98
9x12ft. $24.50 S22.74 $17.43
This rug will give excellent ser-
Third Fl., B'way.
ness or the discoloration that often follows too
vigorous cleansing. Each Bed comes in four
regular sizes, and can be had in either satin or
bright finish. The savings on Brass Beds at
Macy's average 1-5 to M on prices often charged
elsewhere for inferior Beds.
The Brass Bed pictured is 5 ft. 2
inches high at the head and 3 ft. 3
inches at the foot, and has 2-inch
posts. The filler rods are 2 inches in
diameter, and the Bed is in the popu
lar ball top style.
Macy's price is $31.49.
$23.24, $27.74, $37.49 and $45.24.
Brass Beds come in four sizes 3 ft., 3 ft. 6
in., 4 ft. and 4 ft. 6 in. In every Bed the brass
tubing, the lacquer and the construction are
thoroughly up to the Maty standard.
Super Extra White:
4 ft. 6
.1 tt. 3 tt. 6 4 It. 4 t O
$20.41 $24.93 $27.56 $30.25 $2174 $27.78 $31.14 $35.19
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Pillows and Bolsters of Goose
Made of feathers from Virginia, Lou
islann and North Carolina, Prime white
and gray with natural down. The featli
era are thoroughly cleansed htAa patented
electric process that insures absolui
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22x28 m:i,4ii I :u.:(i
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had covered in a finer grade of tick
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