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OTimtior. Otilnin All Hie Wny.
Knrns .SI, 00(1 Purse Aflrr
Three Hordes IIc.-mN A part in!
Ujiciiini:' Kvenl (fold Plate I
Hetils llrr'iiloiil.
The largest crn.v.l n ib-meeting niteiulcil
I'eliiiniil P.ui-. 'I .r.n.iul vestord.iv for,
the tliliil mill Kitiiliulliu dm 's r.iclng of tln
I nltrd Hunts I'nciii" siiei.itliiii. Willi
an excellent card mill high chiss horses pti
rascd tin "port was mimed by u comedy of
errors In .Hp) Meeplecli.isn handicap for
which more iimnev wa at Make tint ti In
any of the inher events .lolin I! fell'
nre.it Jumper llmlihriditc should h.ive won
this event in ii itiiltop, lint Hi" rntcles stu
pidity of Iih Jockey mn.If hint dodge one
of Hit! Jumps nil. I on rotiiriilnir In' omitted
the Mime obstacle, sci tli.it ullhoiigh In' IH).
T T n . . i " in I
final iVed todher with Hlce nnha v.,- I
tlm of the same mistake, and the i.u-e went
by defaiill to 1 rancls . Huritent, ar.V,
(I't'ounor. The iliiTereiue In the iiu.illty
of the two horses Ii apparent. .Mr. Sur
cent wn willinit to sell O'Connor for I.khi
liefore the race, while lllulibrldKe Is In
tended fortlietlrand National and his owner
only delayed his shipment to Knitland so
that he miuht compete In vestenluy's event.
rro.u the moment of the urrlval of the
first sp-jclnl train at I'.elniont there was
evIUenio that the tiny would pioduee an
other creat stride ticuird tlio letitiitlon
of raclnu in this M'.ate. Many of the old
regular were anionu th flr-t Intake plares
l ...I.I 1 .... 11... I I ..
in ine Kiiiwiiiii oi "ii ine uiMii nun 11
. . . . .. . . , i , .1
of tliecwere pllirrirint who liiul Ju.t
I Irom Laurel where the book-,
llnlie 'lh.it did not mean booV-
...i ...... 1 1.. i.
r. . .. . :. .'"'V ... " .
.i,ii.iim u.i, i n-,... , u." hi w-iiii ii.
Ih a more general ileliv to iiuliile in a little
pnviitK speculation than hri been nollce
nblo since the b.m win put on boirinmkln.
Spiviul deputie of Nnoau county were
on hand to see that there were no l il.il lo i
of .he law. The.ouHr..hack.ilupl.y three
or l He reuui.ir (outiiy police. 1 lie u'.ir .
reou unlforj.i of one was supplemented-1
Ii inn u i.iil iiui- nun K.vrii irnn
upper. Hiese -the poli;e. ihk llei itre.Mi
M'lvet upperscarefully sM.iae.l a iv o:ie
makliii: mark on in program ue and
fhowiil the deepest o:u em In a new spatter I
man who wa coireclluir the weight of a
hore l,ecu(. he wa rhh by aumieiir
Instead of a professional. s" 'ar ill could i
be learmsl only one iiiiin roi in any arau-'
mem wun inc auiiioruu-. aim inai wu an
old habitue of the tracks knotru as Berlin
l.ntcli. He was e-orte.l to the sate w.:h-
out any p.-irticulm dlMurlunce i
Heloru the first rate wa called member. ,
of the I.oiir Inland colonic, beaan to link-!
their uiiiiMinuire Thev came niostl v in '
im ir pi . irau.e iiuj in m iudmi ii ,
a.iloniolnUv, and the tnir in tlie air i-.iti-iil ,
nearly all to wrap their fills nroiir.it Ihem ,
closely soon a, .ho slm be.ran to devend
behind Hie soldeii brown tr,s-n thai IrinuiKl1
the (rack, 'the finish in tile llrst iae whi 1
close .i-ointh to heat the blood of the ,.t
chilly mortal and In some vases to cause1
warm eMirelons l rum thoo who had
plnn.-d llieir failh In .Speculator, beaten u
Khor. heid. cconlli.. to .he jnilRC. Somo
of those known in the racillj and social
world who were presiut were I
..ii. iiiiti .mti. .s. i-iiiir jiii.c.iii. ..ir. ni.o
Mrs. Thomas IKlrlicocU, Ml.t I'e.estlne
lllteheocl:. Ml.i Helen IIHcl.coilt, Ml
-...II.. I, ....I..I..I. A I ll.. L.....I..-I..I. A
..Ii..,. I, ....ii. i in i, uii.i .'Hi.. iruri ilh hi
Uracil, .Mr. .1. K. C. Haddrn. .Miss Frances
liadden, .Mr. mid .Mrs I' Ihompsou, .). 1'.
lirace, .1 .1 (iruhnn. I'eriT Helmont, .Mr.
O. W. Itlrd. .Mr and .Mrs intuit Helmont,
Mrs. II Hramhalltiitbert. Miss l.iiliefiltberi,
.1. II. Milbum. .Ir . Mi undMn I Hiirdeu,
Mr and Mrs. II I. Hell, H llenwlck. .Mr.
and Mrs .1 I: fnv.dln, Mr and .Mrs. W It
(irace, rclile Thompson. Mr and Mrs
Tayne Whitney, Mr. and Mrs
III own. Mr and Mi. Hayinond I
1 Jimiop ;
lmir-ill I
II. S. I'iirc. .lame .Mortimer..! Serireant 1
I'iirc. .lame .Mortimer
t ram, 1 litodore I'oo'evclt. Jr . Mlsi II. I). '
Allerbnrv. rovliull Keeiie. Mr. and Mi . i
(leorRe Mt-ere. ,ir and Mrs ..iRetie WihmI.
In spilo i'l the impost of I TL' pound llis'h
Iniiltfo wiu the 'teneriil choice tor thn I niled
1 1 mitt Steeplechase Handicap Mr I'ell's
Krent horse bad m clvc from Iwenly-foiir to
llility-tvio pounds to the o 1 1 1 r staiters nml
nils over ii ionise m unee mil" and i. nil-.
Inutr u lilnli inrl .utiiil s.iiit.i trvlnir .itvuliis !
and nuiiieioii t !l oo.siacles i,. I,. lierry's
'I he I'.vader was the only one ut t. field of
lour snpiiosed to hi.e a cliaucu auiiln-t
'I ho comedy heron ooii nler the horses
MtMi-led at tlio bottom of the lone stretch
OTounor ivfused ihe llit uuip and dallied I
so loiu: Willi lie was liiiee-iiuuru'is 01
mile behind beluie jockey Kleuck coaxed
him to i;nt over It I lie I'.v ader survived
tint 1 he leached the Liverpool opposite
the Krund stand. I hen ho ev.id.-d tho i
Issue l.y iiiiiUniK clumsily so that his rider
b.tiibed n in a retculiir ciicus tumble. I
'these u'ciilenls left Kite (train and HJi;h -
bridue, sinulu nlonir easily half of the
hiy ctuii-ne In fiont of (l ( oiinor. whose
alonK"a.Ml Vh,,: iin the whole' m'rsT-
'I bo list uicim or the course wus covered
corroctly by tlie two lenders, wllh lllto
drain in the lead on si.noninco by two I
lenaths. (loin;: around lor the final circuit ;
jllRhbildce i i.iii iiloiiirHlde of lice (irain, ,
III then (liopis'U liack ;.I.1 ailoweii I! re
l.rillll IO linoi ill I win J ill. Ill inn lli. I
Tho horses travelled ahoul .a.'U yards before .
the wariiliiii of lh natiol Judge causeii
it)nn. un nice i.rniu.io swintt nroiinu and
cut neros-s tlie field to the point where he
fo'ci'rhfne. ffl'A t
ditch he swerved into Hie lour-e aaiiln and
started for home ten lengths liefon.' Illi'h-
IiridRe and still inoio than a uuartor of a
mile In 1 1 (Mil ol tin. (.espiseii D i minor
HIcliliridRo beRiiii rnciutr in earnest and' after a severe sttuKgle. This shelter seek
Joined Issno with Ulce drain ut the liottoin ' i,.,. habit bus cimsi il ihe Inss of nuni. n
i.f Iho stretch. Coiulua; to Hie second jump I h.. 1 ' ' ' '' , ... , , 1, . ",nJ.ln
from the llulsli the two were toirether and
a Rood race seemed Imminent when Hii-
drain bolted to the Inl'eld 'I his lelt lllli.
Iiriduu with a luir commanil, which Rievv
bigaer when liho (.rii.ii, after U'lnir sent
back for that Jump, did the same trlrk nt
the last obstacle. At that he hail a iii.i isrin
of thirty leinrths over O'Connor when he
passed the Judces
'I here wan surprise vilen O'Connor)
number was tho oulv one put no, until
the explanation ol Hie dual ini-lul.e was
imiile. Under tho rnle.s Jockeys mo Ihble
to loso their liceiisn for uolirf the wroiiR
oourso. I'ornberton, whorodu Itiirlibridite,
wat blainod more than like, as he Knew
the course mid had ildilen over it pre
viously. It was reported that the riders
might be let nfl" with u llulit suspension
and August Helninnt, one of the stewards,
. said that lie believed In a little latitude
at tho hunt' incetimtH.
Lieut. Itomlioiij'li. ivlio rode Lieut P,i.
ton's Nlslit Ores..' in thn llclmoiit Jlilllury
llandlrnp, had a uiiirow exnpe uhen tlio
Ally MWU..R Into tlsi barrel niarklmr Hi..
ioiire and swept her ild.'r on Lieu.
Iloiiibouuh's fool stuck in llin stlrrun and
he wus ilrukreil nlniiR the cioiiud He Rot
tree and remounted, but was. too late to
liavn a chain o lo win Ihe half doen
starters were owned and rldilon byoflliers,
with Lieut llooliwell's Mm i him a nlk'hl
lnVnrite over Ciiil Llliott's llaniiali l.oilUe
Mstabou seeiueil lo liavn left his speed at
the post, for the tarn wus between IIhiiiimIi
Louise and Bt Ancelo from the start, (lolni:
nrtiiud the last lap St. iipo led by two
lengths, Init rouiiillnir the turn for home
laps. OMvell, who withdrew his own entry
lo tide Hannah liuise. called on the inaro
nnd sho rarcd down Ihe slieich u winner
by llfteen leiiRihs. Muialioi. tired so linillv
thit 'Ajuj cniiuht him ion varils from hn
wire and nok third pi un by rive Icntrtii.
Afler fieiiiienlli cluti'fillU places tint'.'
i)( thn lour slailers In the nmninc hlllille
lace fame tnto the strctih almost on even
lemiH. I'K'.'irlni: tlu last Imrdle, Nnibltt
bad n 'end or ip-nil ivvu lengths when In.
atunibl'-d. There was ,t rnsb in the wire,
and ulthou'ih Ih" ss.itnnis ooposlli. tlm
llnibli lino thoiiKh S k-.-i, :i i ur hud put Ins
note In liont in Dm last lump Ih" nidges
Rave th" race In I'Moltlets NorhHl was
onlv iinolher In'ml li,. I,
II S n go's I old PI it" proved a good
successor 10 Ihe same oivoei's S.'lf 1'iolec
tlnn uhen lu. It ll!l I. lb fen I ell I li.irliw
i'fler's Heicillnld ill 111" Muni "'s I h.iu pinn
steeploclriHa sci' I'rottetlon on tliis
event in two sucicssivo years ior .vir rage
11 la a true tebt ot a hunter, loi the hortes
Koji Yamada
inn reinnrKiuiic niiio .np Hopes to
" ''"'- ' " "T"?. .V"'
lll'lll. III . IFllllll Mrttm UHIH
toiiriiiiineiit In this city. Those Mho
have st-rii M 1 m In practice, tlrcliin1
Kline of lilt masse sliots arc almott
lie von cl comprehension.
had to travel four mile. Herrulold tmntr I ',a' " hit former tmoothnest of
on well and wa on even tcrnw with t.obl I troJe. Tie made too points In nine In
I'hile nt the bottom of tht tteti h. but ' old 1 nlriK.s and one run of 211.
I'lnt; took thj hist Jump In the I ml and lln-'
hd comparatively ticnh four lenslhs to I
the iroml. i
f In Hpl.o of hi, .o.iiih .lonrney over li.ir.lle-
for n mlh ami ii Imlfliuhe MrHt rate .Sorbin
iviine out lor thp l.it race at a nil'e on tli
Hut Hut for ii rather ixmr start he inWht
llile Won. Hi WU, jiW.1V hi!, lull t'.'ltile Hil
tin t Hut for e rather ixmr start he inWht !
I,..tn ,,.. If.. ....... I...., I ... I
Ux"': 1,1 rth that li. split Mr. Steven-
"j hu,,; " , ami 1 latevrat
nnsT imit
..n -m, ii.. nn.ii i.i--i.iiii in,- m, I
fildt In ll,.l ulmlrth I i.il l anil, M. illuinti. I
rmsr i:.n
Nl ,mlc ,ndl,.Aii. fiW. for Hire? vr.ir-
nl In .mil i.ti.iarn: Aim it t.o nilloi nvrr luirules;
Horsenti I Aire. V. Ouaer. .Iive I'ln.
ajtlrsn. . 117 It.U'AVarner Mr.AIier..H'
peeiiuio! .a im i:.TJKer. Hrlilcr.. S'i
.Norblll.7 l.li C.ll.l IM-lun'M i'l.irk a
Covoitrj.n I l"i Urlln larl.r . . Il.r.iolfo I
K.V'Tlemen;;!" mine l irnineJ
u. in. Warner
ll, w
. I'-tuV.'Vto V"""'- ' S: !l"'c"l,or'
! 1 1 ii ill. tn Clinnilil i SlerplntkiM?, fun cje.l
! tn a v.eepm.il.e of ji rnrti. e'ii prrrnte.l b
Otaauc C'ounii Hum; abnut four miles uirr
. re iiiiiiaa .cT.rw.
More tnd Aire. U I. tinner. .lueUev. lln.
(!nl I I'lile e m ll.S.I'.isr. Mr ".vSfdel
' .VrSSii- St. Mr' iT.WiSn'I
nit.ul li il!iUi.ft..Ks J.P.irk..
llw ncr
, v'.-". ' ' "A ,' "1"-U..l r
Hurt enal, won tundllr. (inld l'lstr. eh. c . bj
viacjllecat no.ic!li uwaet and l-niuci by
11 r)llrMng ,nol , ,, ,,,
n to a. wi.ikis. ; tu i
Tllinil II M l".
Ureal I ellirl Hunt. s!tfe,i.t.ijw., hnnllcap
5."" n-lurJ tn s swrrin:r ef fll eeu: ubiei
h , turlmt mcr ,,, ri.cuUllon
ro,r r,
JlnrM-nnd Aito. Vt. Owner. lockey. Hn.
li.VKe'. n. Vn WW fl,'Jr,''Si...i lo
liicctiraln.J lis MbsCirnibrt.,l!sn. m
Th"; 'V",rr,,f' ,!.',! "'',i'"'' ',,l,r'r1 , '"
,,?lP'r,onnor? IrTlneVbl- '! ul'i.e.,,'r!'.h''i'':
Private bciilnir OVounor, s in i anil to.V
rot.KTH l!A(.'l.'.
IHnii.nl MIKIari' Hanairan. iie- for Hires
ffijfl $J? M&n ,7Kr,Jf He
I'nlled Stairs amy. tu be rld:!m by officer In
"rev. uniform- aboat lo miles ami a ipiartrr
Horse anJ Ace. Wl. Owner .lorUe.-. flu
lla'injlilxi lUe.rt im lit.nilott (tu.Olwell !
HI. Anrrla.a. I&l l.t.Mt..l.(lreble l.i.byman..
Zuicir, .. IM l.t.Pratlfnru. .Owner,, 3
Maialioii, a. to: t.t.UiH-kKcll .Owner.. I
Kl of riaty.t li l.l.Iilrliey. .t.l.Tale.
Mtht lircss. i.. iso 1,1.1'alion .la.U'biiiuttin
iiond start; won ea.Ity. Hiiniiali Louise, rti. m..
by Clio- Tall Motto; tralnej bi M. .'marl.
Private beltlns Hannah Lniilw. 'i lo :.: SI.
AiiKelo, to lo I aud I lo I. 'jist, & lo I.
fllTH h.ui:.
The Membrrs Puir, H5fl. for three) rar oM.
and upward, about one irlle on Hie nal
Horse nml ace Wt. Owner Jersey IMn.
.ellnoisl, I . IM P. Stevenson Owner.. I
nrhlll. n l."JI (Ml ri'whni'n Mr r'riLirl.
'I'lJieerai. r. i.io r.Mevenson air vv vviueia
nini'.iarn, a ire ii.A.nourne Air.h.A.persi
i:m .mnt-ionl. . iri i' .inimum vinVi,L.rit
Tl ill I Uhl S Mil II II l II. II ll'n.. "I,
llo.nndl'arade.l.li: MI--irmblcl 'Mr-JlTiirker:
Ch'rl!eHrirrvel!0 WellsCltrL'r Mr.Ubcrtr.S
SUrl fair, won drlvuif ZeMuood, b t. by
Knleht l.rranl I'rances Illndisi; trained by
. II. Henri.
Private hrttlnr -Zell'.vood and Plutwral,
cnuiiiiii, io i .Mirimi. i in i aim j lo
( old HriiiK More A.-tlvlt Several
llen.' Ones l.iinilrili
Tall blacltflsh are bltlnit and, with the
Hist touch of frost In the air, there will
be more activity. The top nutch llsh taken
durlns October was landed off Seabrleht
i,,. i(,nrv n r nose mid welL-herl 1SU
" .'I1 L, ,i '' " 08. .?,",,,?
?,umK J1" bvxt larRest fisb cauKht In
'b180 waters weighed 13'j pounds and
Was hooked by Joneph A. Steffi anRlInX
from the steamer Taurus. At Lour Branch
rs. .1. It. HerblanR landed a 12i pound
Zm u r" ZSZ" ' ' ,,URy
"0"?ed a '- r"" ', "r1- , , . ,
The tautoR. or blackflsh. as the fish Is
mor;e familiarly known, feeds clone to tho
base of the locks und Is an adept In
Bett!nR hooks or sinkers fast In
. f. AccuHtnmeil as It Is to
. . . . . .. ,..,, lion. 103 I MrCahev I. to 5 lo show, third.
r"Hn , ,0"" 01 small musse s. T,m. , 1m, Working Lad I Mlaalon and
barnacles, ci ustnceaiis. ka, iiiiioiir t he U he hssial llw ran. Mission and
seip in a leisurely way. is lanes tlie unit
In a ()rt of :iu Indolent, half hesltutlnR
!"""': ':ut '!:.'?::""'
1 ? ."uhii, icuinery moiiin u uhhs
neneath the shelter of an overhnnlns
iocii or leoiie, nom wuicn ii t ne iisn is ol
any considerable size 1. Is dittoed only
tine fish and no end of tackle and the
experienced angler never dallies when the
tautoR Is llrst struck, but lifts the mil
sharply and inlses the tlsh above any pos
sible lurking place,
'I'cuin So Demornllseil Losing CAp
lulu Tluit Nteiena Wins,
II.vi.timoi'.k, Nov. (leorge M. (illlett.
Jr., captain of the Johns Hopkins football
team, fullback on three varsity elevens
and one of the liest punters In tho Slate,
hud his leg broken In the game at Home,
wood I'nrk tO'dnv with Htevens Institute
The uccldent hippeiied early in the flint
ouurier ami ine iinmoraiirallou or the
Hopkins eleven which ensued was repson
slbl.i for Its tilth defeul of the season, 1:1
to r.'.
Tim lineup;
I). I'ennlinan
'I slip-in
n, l'ciiiilinaii.
Left end .
Left isekle
la-n guard.
Centre. .
Illnlil guard..
Illirhl lackle.
Itlglitend .
U-h hairiiack
. Hsns'.n
. Seller
High! lialflmrk .Van Uenwlmien
ruiionrK Aiisi n
bcore -.Stevens, 13; Hopkln. 12 Touchdowns
llranhaiu, llrldgin.ui. Hurnliani, llmler. (Inals
finin iniirlidnwii Van llensehoten.Tappaii. Sub-atltiilrK-
Hopkins- Hagley for (illlri, Handsll
for lisglev, Hcbcjuo for lliirhnrrs, N'agle for
llnsrpiii, llmiklus fur Nagle, filler for (1 Prnnl
inn ii, 1 1 nil for nrldgmau, llrlilvnwiii fur Hall,
Hall for l.miottr. Csllln for Whirr, Stevens
Hill for lllanrhard. Mailer for llurnlitm. Hum
ham for Itnlllcr. Cowley for Amtln. Itefrree
MfHI Land, I'm pin Dr Dsildnnn. Held
llii.-nnaiir Hr I'lllarJ, Tlmo of qiurtria 13
mini. Irs
( rescrnls Win lit Larroate.
Ill Ihe lust lacrosse game of Hie fall .ten
son of lln. Crescenl Alhlelle Club m ny
lliilge vcierday iiln-nmnii Hie New Moon
players ilefcaleil tlio ivvclve froiii Slovens
IiikIIIUIii hv 1. i..ir.i i.r '1 li . '1-1... II- .
period of play emlcd in r.ivor ol Ihe llrook-
VII I 11 lllli ll. O' lollrUe uiim Hi,, . I...
iiricrnooii, scoring two of tho (.'rcBtcnt goals,
Eljflit of Them, IncludliiR- Koji
Y'liiimlii, Wonderful Little
.Iflp Cue Stnr.
Overcomes XcrvoitHnog" in His
Stroke Suffered During'
Last Season.
Willi the ,-ti rival here last week of Koji
Vnr.iHilH, the Japanese, nil of the eight
entiles for the I'linmploimlilp billiard elath
lit la.'! li'illi line have nettled rlolvn to
steady practice for the tourney, which be
Hint here a week from to-inotrow. At
usual tti practice neurly everybody It no
Iiik KTHiit Rims tome time or other and
many big urerastea me belnK iimde. One
who Itn'l seltlnE the tablet on (Ire by hit
Lint work I Vmnajj, He do? hit llm
bpiltiK tii at Slunson'i". but Isn't lid of hit
M'j legs )il lie bus displayed enough
trchnlque however to make It apparent
that he Is an antuKonttl to be leckoned
with, once over the effecta of lilt ocean
voyiiRe. i'
William lloppe. who It the favorite for
the tourney and who teems to have recov
eied entirely from the nervous fiddling;
which made Itt appearance In hit game
last winter, and due to the fact that he
had nlnvcd too murh billiards, beran his
'practice In earnest the other dav and dlt-
Harry llne harn't made an average to
far under under 2.. and has none ut hlnr.
-i n- H . i .... -
'V.-. ' "LXS'II?!;
Itr;ln,'' " " "'"d lln hl" Pctlep this week
lnt "alJ't. fleoriie Sutton, one of the
j preatest balk liners extant when on hts
. Ifnmp. l-nn Rflll nntn1 In flL'n lntilni- m.
preatest balk liners extant when on hts
. . l , ,
cently. He hat licen playltiR a steady and
UtronK name and mnkinn fat avcrastit
I without the help of bit runs, an encour-
Kit nic, run uvv I10UH3 in live innmis re
. . .... . . . .
okIur slcn.
. Oi.i MoinliiRstar. the 1$:1 champion,
pjactlslnr In I'lttsbuiir, sends word of
nveraRe. of 60 and runt of 137, IS? and
.h'j. licorKo siossorr toutched off hieakt
of 17! and 186 lnt week. When It comet
to ability to Rather In the caroms the
student never grows old. On November
11 and t: there will be two Raines nightly
In tlie touiney and thereafter until the
flnnl name there will be two conteett
each afternoon and two each evening.
Morris Hrown. the national amateur
champion, made runt of 100 and 100 the
other day by menus of the "chuck mine,"
the arraiiRement of the ballt by which the
U.uirornmn. Kplnki, lan 1,000 not Ion
ago. This nurse his one ball In anchor
and one out and of course the balls ate
out of b.illt. It Is believed that It will be
ellher restilcled or barred from competi
tive piay.
Lively Interest Is belnR shown In the
pocliel billiard championsliln to be nlavcd
on We.lne.lay. Thursday and Friday of
iiiis weeit at uoyie's. Alfred De Oro and
Prank .Shermin will be the contestants,
both In the first rank and both veterans.
Sherman hasn't been seen n competition
In Foir.e ytars. but Is said to have lot
none of his skill.
tlnllrnlirrls't Xtrrit I'atllr Defeats
Schorr Rntrr ! Plralleo.
IiM-TiMonn, Md., Nov. 'i. Two three-year-old
events featured yesterday's card
at rirmico, one peine tlie Junior Steeple
chase and the other the Chesapeake Hundi
cap at a mile, and an elctith. The top
weight, The Manager, declined the. Issue
on account of the koIiir. The Schorr en
try was installed as favorite, but when
It came to raclns It was Worth all the
way. From a perfect ttart the Hallen
beel; colt assumed an easy lead and being
rated perfectly had the balance of his
Held In trouole before the homestretch
was reached. At the end he vvoa only
KallopliiR. Hamilton beat hts stable com
panion a neck for the place.
The siiinuiaiy
First Hare Five and s half f ill lonct Blr
nipper. 10 IHyrnn. t: lo 1. won. Hrlsr
Path, ill (Karrirkl, I lo I for place, atcond,
llrnarj. 101. (Maritnl, I to : lo thow, third.
Time. I CS 1-5. Turkey In Hit Hiraw, I'htw.
Purli' Queen. Csylaln Rlllott, Itbieburr: 4th
ami Aurlfle alio ran.
Second HareOne milt ind n libth
Nonparltl. lOv ((ilassi, S to 10, won; Kred
Mulholland, 10 (Taban). I lo i for placs,
second, John Reardon. lit (Fordl, 4 lo S
tu show, third Tim.. 1:(S 1-1, War Horn,
Annie Helltra and Orlo also ran.
Third Hnce One inlle and aeventr yards
Cheater Kruin. 101 (Tliitwsll), 5 io :. won:
Lawion Wltfii, 10: (Hyrnel, Z lo 1 for
pla'e, Karond: l'uturllv t (Mrv'ahey). 7 to
10 lo l'o, third. Time. 1:47 The fluty
body. Had N'ewa !it. O. C Uiisler. Sticker,
Jim Caffrey und Cal'ph alao ran.
Fourth Race Junior aKeplerhuse; two
miles Oliear. 135 KHIbertl, : lo 1. won;
Ulmoat, 140 (Lynch). ( to i for place,
serond Itrd Squirrel, ISC (Allen), 4 to i lo
show, third. Time. 4:01 J.5. Wooltex.
l.lttle Nearer and .S'nitlngham alio ran.
Tom Klrby fell. Klllarnay ran out.
I'lfth Hare The Chesapeake Handicap,
one mile ami n iiuarlrr Worth. Ill (lie
TsKtart), ; to I. won: Hamilton. 110
iTeahan), 1 tn 4 for place, .frond, Trux
lK, 121 KHaLi, oji to show, third. Flam
ma, Alrey, Ilusnu Turn bo and Springboard
ulso ran.
Sixth Hare Sli fiirlonra Flylnr Yankee.
I0S Hilar. even, won: ahtckleton. 1:0
nutwell), C to 6 for place, aecond: lllma-
"Hsmllt'in and Froglegs rsn coupled as
S-'chorr er,tr. ,
South DnLolu Hraten Our Paint
When Cralu Spoil I'unloul.
Ann Akiiiir, Mich, Nov '.'.-Michigan,
played to a standstill by the husky Soulli
Dakota team and lighting an uphill liallle
nil of the way from the second uuurter,
when the Coyotes scored, Anally came out
on lop to-day by the slim mat gin of one
point, a 7 lo encore, forward passes proved
futile for Michigan nnd poor tackling and
fumbling cost the Wolverines many yards,
(South Oakotu was Hie big sufferer from
penalties, losing seventy yards by this
method, The Coyotes lost when Ferguson,
punting from his ten yard line, forsot all
sense of direction and booted the oval
nut of bounds on his thirteen yard lino.
Another penalty on the first play put the
ball on the nine yard line and first down,
and Thomson wat tent at the line four
limes, going over on the last attempt.
I'nlerson made the goal. Craig spoiled
South Dakota's chance for ty ng when he
beat nut Ihe piintout and killed the try
for goal,
The lineup
. Left end .
South Daknla.
... Meetsr
t ole.
1-eft tackle
1,eft guard
.... Centre
Illrht guard
. llrown
Hlght tackle,
ant end .
A II rich
Ouai terhark ronVo ii'nnt i
l.eft halfback Imjsv
Itltdit halfback , . , . MiicrUs
Mil trtil It
Thomson iCant.)
luuoack Fergiium
7: South llaknts. a lns
nrorr-siicniian. 7: mouib Dakota, 0.
itowiis-Cortee. Thomson. Uoal from touch
down Palrrwin, Subslltlltet-Mlclilgnn, lloiln
for nughlit; South .Dakota, Bremen for Aldrlrh.
Umpire llalno, ale. Ilefcreo-I'ull, llrown.
Linesman-Lynch, Comcll. Tlmo of periods
13 minutes.
tiny Drop Hat of . A. t ,
Wasiiinoton, Nov. 2. It Is Hkelv tlut
the A. A. I', will be completed shut out
of Jurisdiction over the amateur athletics
hem within tho next fw months. The
newly iiiKanlnril Amateur Athletic Federa
tion of the District of Columbia Is at
templing tu get the Washington Athletic
Association to Join it. If tills occurs, It
Ih expected that other amateur bodle-t
In the city will follow the Irad, There
Is illsnli.fucllon heie over the nllosed
unfair treatment nccuided Washington In
alhlctlu inalleia by the A. A, U. In the
Urine Vl In Vnlirnken Line nt Finish
On Wrnna; Und.
Columbia's) crost-country team made a
fair showing against thn C. C. N. Y. run
ners yesterday In a dual run over the
lllveislde Drive course. The Columbians
won by 21 polntt to 36 and also captured
Individual honors.
:. Kreye of the City College took the
lead at the start and held It to the latt
quarter mile when H. Helchart of Colum
bia passed him and kept In front to the
finish, lilt time wat 31 minutes and 01
seconds. If, IT. Kvant, the Columbia cap
tain, finished third, almost a full minute
behind Kreye. The summary follows
1 -M. ttelrhart. Columbia....
..It .M
,.s: is
S3 01
31 01 l-.t
.XI 04 3-
.33 10
.33 3
.US 40
31 ?l!
.31 40
.34 VI
31 M
3.1 III
III 1-3
33 S3Ss1
34 01)
?-K. Fray. CO. N. Y.... ,
.1-11. II. ftvats. Columbia
4 -II. Z.vlrln. Columbia
JV-.I. Sraltts. C. C. N .V
(I t:. II. Slade, Columbia
7-K, Colby. Columbia
t-.M. Ilrand.iation. O, C. N. Y
tv-st. Donovan. C. O. X, Y
10- Wi Dunn, Columbia ,.
11- F. Ibirkee. Coliimbls.
II -II. Steburn. C. . N, V
13 -L. llrown. C. t). N. V.
H l. Conroy, (I. C. N. Y. , . .
IA -11. Schnler. C. U. K. Y .
It-.). McNeil. C.C..V.Y. .
17 A. Ilrrsry. C. (J. N, Y
Ilia Mnaitrr Also Inclndrs All Other
Wrratlera In Challenge,
The big Pole wiettler. Zbysko. It out
with a challenge to the world. Ills man
ager, Jack Herman, claims the title for
him, and says he It ready to defend
agalntt all comers, expressing preference
for Frank Qotch, who becaute of lilt
retirement no longer It the champion,
lie wants Gotch to step forward and give
Zbytko a chance to make hit claim un-
Hark to the den:
Sporting Editor of The Bun At Frank
Clotch has announced his permanent retire
ment from the mat he naturally forfeits bla
title of world's champion wreiller. the honor
falling upon Zbrsiko. as ha la the acknowl
edged peer of all other wrestlers now bsfors
thn public. Aa )nu no doubl are aware, t
have tried tn every way, shape and manner
to force Ootrh to wrestle Zbystko and am
aure that Ootch's retirement was caused by
nothing else but Kbyszko's repeated efforts
to force him Into a match. At champion
nreatler of tho orld. Zbyezko Is open in
match with nny challenger that la consid
ered worthy by the presa or public, regard
less of weight, age or color.
If at any time Zbvr.ko can Induce notch
tn wrislle him be will leave nothing undone
In order to tecure the match, ns he realties
Ibai to b acclaimed the champion by the
orld at large all doubt ahould bo set ailde.
It I. my Intention tn p. .at a substantial for
feit on behalf of Zbyssko with aome well
known sporting authority In New Vork city
to guarantee that the Pole will wrestle any
legitimate challenger that anvers this forfeit.
Yours very truly.
Manager for Zbysnko.
Iluebnrll nnd Lafayette Klulil It
Unt In Mldfleld.
Kvstox, I'a.. Vov !.- Iifsyelle and
Rucknell failed lo score In the football
game o.n March Field this afternoon. It
was a remarkable iMine. the teams bclim
so evenly luutched that the playing, was
nearly all in inidfleld. nucknell tried four
timet for field coals and failed. Lafayette
did not attempt any. iJifayeite used the
forward pass nine timet, two lielnis success
ful and Raining thirty yards. Hitcknell
tried Hie forward pass fourteen limes and
gained a total often yards on two of them.
Hie lineup;
ltlllit end
Hlgnt tackle
Hlgnt guard..,
Hlght guard,.
Itlt-hl tackle . .
Benson (Capt.)
Holmes. .
J. Diamond
lugni ena liapi.i joraan
Quirterbaek Cruskshank
llighl halfback (inoalc
l-efi halfback . Keyrer
.Fullback ... . liter
Score ljifayeite. o: llurknrll.il .Substitute.
iJltayrllr. tvrrch for J. Diamond; nueknell,
Pecker for Hacr, Tophtm for Pecker. Ilefcree
Suiclatr. Swarthmore. Umpire Torrey, Pennsj -vanla.
Linesman Whetstone, Time of quarters
i: mlaum.
I'olMta All Scored In Mld-(zainr Wth
I'ornaril Pnttva Featuring.
Nsw HKi.'NtwirK, N. J., Nov. ;. Rutgers
unbundled speed against llamlllton this
afternoon and won 33 to S. All the scoring
was in the second and third quarters. Long
runs and well executed forwaid passes
were the features. One of Ituigers's passes
from (lay to II. ltookafeller was good for
miy yarn
The lineup.
H llockafeller
Van Winkle.
In le
MrCallum . .
Seller .
I.efi end
l-fl lackle
Left runrd
Bight ruaid
llighl lackle
High! rnd .
Bight halfback
Ifl halfback
Say . ...
I'., llockafeller
Score Rutgers. 21: Hamilton. .
11. Itockafrl.er. 2: Johnson. i:imendorf. Hobln-
snn. Cnala from touchdown H, llockafeller.
Ilrferre- Coclirnis, Wisconsin. I'mplri- Sciulder,
Drown Time of peilodk -14 inlmiirs.
Mike Mitchell" Macceasor Mast llnsr
I'ernllnr ttaallflnat Inna.
Cincinnati, Nov 2. The tun, probably
for the first time in history, will figure
prominently in u baseball deal when (lurry
Hermann, the Iteds' president, and Charley
Murphy, the Cubs' president. lr; lo ar
range a deal that will bring Joe Tinker lo
the ltedleifs as mitiairer.
.Murphy is snid lo until Mike Mitchell
to strengthen his out field Mitchell has
lo lie figured different from oilier players I
He is not only a good bull player but a good
sun fielder and the Iteds to win musi have i
a lleldcr who can face the sun nnd con
tinue to play good ball, The plaer who
covers right field for the Iteds lias lo face
Hie sun In seventy-seven games a season. I
visiung nutneiuers pt.u- ine ilea sun ne.ii
only eleven days each In a season, and they
have their trouble.
Mitchell has played the sun Held here
about seven years and has always hit up
around ihe ,:inu mark. In addition he has
driven in about at many runt at any other
player. Mike has one of the grei test pair
of sun eyes in baseball,
Harvard, IC; Princeton,
I'enn State, 14, Fenn, 0 '
Williams, -'4. Corn.ll. 10
Carllale. 34; Lehigh. 14.
Dartmouth. 60; Amherat, 0
Wlsronaln, 30: Chicago, I.'
Mlnni.ota. 13: Illinois. 0.
Purdue, 31; Northweatern, H.
Ohio Stale, 31; Cats, .
Ohio Denlion. Ba : Wittenberg, u.
Hyracuae, 31; lloeheater, 0.
I.tfayelte, 0; tluckn.ll, 0.
Swarthmore, 20; ttrslnus, 0
Nolle Dame, 3, I'ltteliurg, 0.
Wealeyan, 28; Union, 3.
Maine, 30: Colby, 0.
f'arnegle Tech, 14; Bethtnv.
Washington and .lefferaon. 34: Marietta, 0.
Slevena, 13: John. Hopklni, 12.
(Iberlln, 27, Wonater, I.
llobarl, IS: St. Lawrence, .
Hutgera, :i; llamllton, ,
(leorgla, 18: Hewanee, 13.
Nebraaka, 7: Mlaaourl, 0.
Tufts. 13; Mansarhunetts Aggies, o.
HI, John's, 13; llaverford, 0.
F. and 31., 7; Dlcklnkon, .
llaverford S. 7; Pennington, 0
Central II. s 20. Allentown l'rep, 0,
Ltwrcncevlllr, 13; Merrrriburf, 0,
ttelhlehem P., 10; l'erklomrn. 0.
Hryn Alhyn. 13; Hadnor II. H., 3.
Perklomen Second, 21; Vermont T S , t,
Harvard Frcah . 14: Princeton Freh., 0,
SI. Iioula I-., 21; Crelgblon V., 3.
Mlrhlgsn. 7, South Dakota,
Drake It. of Dei Moines, 31, Washing
ton U. of Si, I.nuls, 13.
Vanilerldll, 13: Virginia, 0.
Morrlstonn, 10; Cornwall, o
Catholic V., ": Delaware C. 0
Ions Slait. 13, Mornlngsldr. 3.
Haskell Indiana. 13: Denver University 10,
Colorado Hchool of Mine, 14, Coloiadu
Agglea, 0.
University of Colorado, 10, Colorado
Springs. 7.
Auburn. :t, O.ornla Tech, 1.
Mississippi A, anil !., 7; Louisiana Stale, 0.
Arkanses, '.'.. Texas Snuihwcalain, 0,
Tannvaaee, 7: Kenluiky Central, 0.
Alahamu, 7; TJbinr, 0,
Jlarcer, 71 Columbia Ciillrge, 0.
Waslibiglon and ,(e, 34; Davidson Col
lee, 0,
Virginia 31, L. 3; Kentucky Stale, 2,
Henderson Hrown, 14; Louisiana I, I,, t.
Wins Club Golf Championship
by n Jlarffin of
10 and 8.
Young Tom Anderson. Jerome
Trovers and Aleck Smith
Play To-day.
Movit'i.Atit, N. .1., Nov. 2, In a llility
tlx hole competition for the vliiiinplonshlti
of the Montelnlr (lolf Chili CI .Turner won
to-day rro.n It. I.. Iledflekl 10 up nnd s to
In the res. of the October tournament the
finals at eighteen holes resulted ns follows:
Second i:lehlA. It. Allen and .1. Hodgson.
Jr.. tied.
Fourth Klghl A. r. Mlone ueai J. 11. urcnicr,
3 and ;.
Fifth Hlglit W. II, llotrhklu beat C V Drew.
Sixth Kttbt-i:, F. Sillier beat It. (I, Hunter.
Me'ventb i:ight-J. A. Keley beat S. I'. Page,
' and 4. . ...
l.lthth Eight VV. U. Cravih' beat W. T.
Smith. 3 and z.
Ninth Kltht S. J. Trek beat J. J. Man fin. I up.
Tenth isigbt H. A. Bradley beat K. I). Farmer,
3 and 3.
Class A Handicap Waller Brown, 33 s, 77:
W. M. Hamsey. SO 12, 7t: I'.ads Johnson. OB 12.
to; H. (I. Plimpton, Do . 81: A, It. Allen, 837,
BJ! T. IV. yaley, SJ-7. 83.
Class II :. F. Miller. Ssll. 73: II. Dunkirk.
K 17, 75:0. M. Palmer, to 14. 7o:H.C.T. Church;
tO-lll. 77: A. F. Mack. US. -11. sj.
Clans OW. II. Loflut. 101-30, 11.
To-morrow there will be n professional
match between Thomas Anderson, Jr.. ol
I'ittHlnirff, Jerome I). Travcru and Aleck
llill-rls (lets UllllKundlr Class A Cup.
I'lnal rounds In three classes for the
October cups were played nt the Dun
voodle Country 'Chili yesterdiy. In the.
tlrst division W. W. Ilirri won from 8. J.
Hops by 5 up, A. H. Ilode defeiled A. .
A hear n by 3 lip nnd '.' to pUv Tor the class II
nward. tu the din Islvo test for class th ('
trophy Charles Murray beat M. .Mc(iulriiie-
bv I up.
Two Tie In ApnvTanils (iolf.
There was a tie in the eighteen hole medal
play handicap over the A pawn mis links
veslerday between I". Hatlelt with 83 II 73.
und A. V. 1!. Harm-wall with ni-ls-73.
.1, II. T. MoMurtrle has offered for the 3d
hole medal play handicap on election day
a 1 up that had been obtained by him from
Chins. Thn trophy is in tlie form or n rose
Those who returned siores yesterday
r Battel!. s.V 12. 73: A. V It. Ilarnewall. PI-IS:
73: K. A. Choale. s-15. 74! F. K. fJilly. s; u. 7S;
Albert Till. Kl- IS. 73; .1. A. Perk. M 7. 7: II. L.
Downey. 81 I. Ki.
.Nut One Uqual to Hints).
A bogey handicap vvns the nltractlou
at Hie Dyker Meadow (!olr Club yesterdav
and about thirty players look part. W. H
.Iritler was ine winner, niiisriiuK 1 uown 10
ihe "colonel." The following returned
VV II vrmrr. as 7. I down: W. 1). Johnson.
S4 4. 4 down: D. V II. liegeman. 01-u, 4 dourr,
I), V. Holteu. 9112. 4 down: It. O. Parsons,
scratch, SI. 4 down: A. L. Foster, w IS. 4 down:
.1, S, ljuiglliorne. OS 12, i down; W. S. M. Wat
son, BS--6, 11 down.
Hone, mini llaa'fl lis HoRe.
ITlilshlng 2 up on bogey It. ft. Honey
man won Ihe principal competition at the
Nassau Counlrv Club yesterday. There
were fifty entries, and the following re
turned cards:
It. B. Honeytnan. 2 up: H. M. Crane, even:
C. L. Tiffany, even: W. 11. Nichols. Jr. 1 down:
Howard F. Whitney. I down: K, S. Wlllard. 1
down: W A, Knreniaii. 3 down: II, W. lax
wcll. 2 down: C. U. Pratt. 2 down: J. H. Otlley.
2 down: Henry Cape, 2 down; W L. Tate, 3 down;
C. O. Tate. 3 down.
Sinclair Aarnln Benten Klnallat.
'After falling to win the championship
of Ihe Rnllusrol (iolf Club less than a week
nso. being defeated then by C .1 Sullivan
in the final round, Wallace N Sinclair was
unsuccessful again yesterday in his quest
of the Haltusrol Cup Sinclair was beaten
in the decisive test by Hobert 1. l!arr, Ihe
mar.tin being 2 up and Ho play
In ndditioti to the sweepstakes, which
was won by C. Watson with S7 s,
there was a imallf ying round for Hie autumn
cup in the form of a bogev handicap com
petition. V, S. Hyron waa the winner, finish
ing 13 up. The following iiuullfled for
match play.
. S. Hyron. 13 up: (Hcsr Woodward. 12 up:
F. A. L'llommedleu. 12 up; J II. Shannon. 11 up;
C. B. Byron. 11 up: F. W I.. I'lillerlnn. II up;
William (ireen, 10 up: Theodore F. Keer. t) up;
(I. W. Mclvrr. R up: VV. F Adam. 0 up
ii. u.
rreeman, s up: il. .usopp. a up; iianiei Atoms
Jr.. 8 up: William Watson, 8 up; W. W Howell
7 ud: R. C. Carter. 0 mi.
The draw for match Dlav tc
follows: All.opp vs.
V. S Byron, L'llommedleu vs. Keer, W. F. Adam
Daniel Adams. Jr . (Ireen -. Woodward
Carter vs. Watson, Fmtnan vs. Shannon, Mclver
vs. Howell, Fullerlou vs. C II. Ilyrnn,
Stuue l.eada at Forest lllll.
The usual handicap and sweepstakes
were the attractions at. the Forest Hill
Field (Tub yesterday. I'red Stone won the
first division prize in Ihe first named com
petition with a card of m ii. 7.1. In Hie
second set C. I,. Cameron showed Ihe way
with o.i s.i. 70. S. S. (lavlord won the
sweepstakes with 1)3 IP, 7.'. Thv scores
Handicap- Clan. A- Fred Slnne, 31-u. 73;
H. (1. Chrlatl. 83 el. 77: Hobert Kueblir. 8311. 70.
Clan, B- C. 1- Cameron, o.v-23. 70: s. S. Cay.
lord, 83 IS. 71: A, Heller. W- 19. 77; (J, II, Brown.
10727. SO.
Sw eepalal.es S. S. (Jaybird. 93- -Ii, 74: Thomas
('lib holm, 0O-14. 7; II. (). ChrWI. 8.1-6. 77.
Handicap for filen Itldur Plnyera.
(iia.x Ittnnit.-N. J , Nov 2 s Novemlier
handlcnii In two classes w ilh prl'es for the
two lhst net scores was pliyed on the
' (ilen ittdge (lolf Club links tn-dny. In class
I A llarrv Benson wns first with )- II. 73.
ami ,i. i,, iieggs semnii Willi h; ii, sj mi
Clans II the winners were L. C. Crosskili,
!I3 - 17, 76, and L. C. Dunieion, 00 17. 82
lluild M'lua l-rraldelil's Cup.
1 I'l.AlNrm.n. N. J., Nov. 2 The play for
I the President's cup at tho I'nrk (iolf Club
was ended to-lay, Clarence J, Hand being
Hie winner with a total of is .vu isilnts,
II. II. oodtaiid and C. C. II, Morse tied for
second with u points each.
The leading scores for the president's
n nil Oakinont ciiph to-day were: C. J, Hand,
Ui.1 -31, S4: Dr. II. K, Carroll, 01 3,lO; W. I),
Ityard, 11412, 102,
There was un eighteen hole medal play
handicap event ut Hie I'laiuDcId Country
I lull to-day. rho Is-stt sisires: C, C, Itlugt,
tu.ifi. 77: I., s. Church, mi to, 79: L. (I.
Carman, tis-io, m.
Smith' Cup ill Ardslry.
(). J. Snil th won the cup for the weekly
tournament at the Ardsley (lolf Chili, uii
elchteen-hole linndlcap event, covering
the i-ourse In e 11,72. The ten low scores
(). J. Sinlih. so- 14, 72: .1 M. HislKon, P) It, 71;
r T llusaell, tt'.-lt. 74: W. 1'. tuylls, Wl -lo. 70:
A. (). Becrtc. 00- 10, 77; L. Hussell. - to. 7J:
A. K . Wood. 97-19. 78; I.. U. (ireer. HI-II 78
.1. II, Utjornn, V3-14. 79; A, I'. Hoblnsnn. 87-7,
When .Sheriff Julius Harhurgcr climbed
Into the ring at Madison Hutiare Harden
the other night and delivered an oration
on brutality In boxing Ihe Man In the Crow il
was asked by a neighbor Just why theSherllT
could legally Interfere with the proceedings.
The boxing law Is plainly worded us to the
authority of the State Athletic Commission.
Section S reads:
"The commission shall have and hereby
Is vested with the sole direction, manage
ment and control of and Jurisdiction over
all boxing and sparring matches and ex
hibitions to be conducted, held or given
within the Htate pursuant tu its authority
anil In accordance with the provisions of
this uct,"
Sheriff llarliurger was rciiuested by Hoi-.
Dlx to sec to il that no prixcflghl were
held In New York county. Section 12 of
the law reads'
"The provlsions-of aectlon 1710 of the
penal law shall not apply to any lioxlnc or
sparring match or exhibition conducted,
held or "given by nny club, corporation or
association duly licensed pursuant to the
provisions of this act."
Section 1710 of the penal law makes prie
fighting, to called, n misdemeanor. The
law was passed by Ihe Legislature in IX-.7
to prevent bare knuckle finish fights in
this State, H was amended In loon lo cover
glove ronlestt In buildings lo which an
admission fee, directly or Indlreetlv. vviim
charged. As section 1710 Is nullified by
the Frnwley measure, how can there be a
prleflidit, so called, as defined in the penal
law? .Sheriff HnrburRer nays he can draw
the line between prle fighting nnd boxing
and he proceeds to show what Ids Idea Is by
stopping a bout when one contestant
has been particularly hard hit. eminent
lawyers have told the Man in the Crowd
that a duly licensed boxing club operating
under the present law could successfully
apply lo tho Supreme Court for un order
restraining the Sheriff from entering Ihe
hiillilliiR for the purpose of interpreting
the law: that the law specifically states
thul Hie commission alone enn exercise
authority over boxing bonis nml Hint
should boxers be arrested by the Sheriff
for indulging In "pri.e fighting'' thev would
not be held by any police magistrate.
Hut according t- the Information gath
ered by The Man in tho Crowd there will
be no attempt to deprive Ihe Sheriff of bis
source of ninusement. He bus placed
tUmelf on record in an official slstenmnl
to (Inv. Dix that boxing us permitted bv
the law is harmless nnd well conducted.
His testimony, It is mid, will b- used as i
strnng argument In favor of the retention
of the Krawloy statute If there Is an attempt
to repeal It at Alhanv whn the next legis
lature convenes in January.
At one of thn amateur race meetiiiRs
recently The Man in Hie Crowd noted the
absence of many professional button who
once patronized the big tracks. A veteran
follower of racing was asked to oxnliip
It. Hi. replied th.it manv of the Icrmer
' bl it operators had either gone to tlio will
or hid given up raclns: to devote their time
to other lines of business,
"Hieing at these nmitrttr meetings."
said the veteran. "Is pure sport conducted
for the fun of the thine The ranililliii-
element Iihs been gradually frozen out .ind
has drifted to the harder game either in
Canada'or Maryland. At those professional
tracks picking winners Is tike searching
for u lot of treasure nt the bottom of tlie
ocean, t'nless you're In with the play of
the guys who are in eloe touch with the
syndicate ring or the association you
haven't a chance. As a result I may say
without fear of contradiction Hint thn tracks
Row running outside of New Vork Stale
ave ruined practically all the prominent
Pronounced by Designers
Greatest of All "Sixes"
Distinguished designers in America and Europe
pronounce Fiat the Greatest of all "Sixes."
They marvel at the simple, clean, compact
motor; at the 6 cylinders with water-jacketed
intake and exhaust manifolds all contained in a
single monobloc casting; at the great reduction
in the number of working parts and at the
manner in which the latter have been entirely
enclosed away from rain, mud, dust and dirt.
To the acknowledged flexibility and smooth
running qualities of 6-cylinder construction Fiat
Designing Genius has brought the far Greater
Efficiency of the expertly designed long stroke,
monobloc motor with properly conceived gear
ratios between motor and djiving wheels.
5 or SS Miles an Hour on High Gear or
Greater Speed if Desired. A Perfectly '
Balanced Spring Suspension Preventing
Jolting or Skidding on Roughest Roads.
Fiat Superiorities at American Prices
BO H. P. MSix"
$5,ooo $6,000
Any Style Open Body Lirnouiin of Ezclutive Datif n
Electric Lighting System LuxuriouH' Appointments
Unequalled Equipment
Arrange Immediately for a Demonstration
Fiat Motor Sales Co.
Broadway and 57th St, New York City
Boston, 839-841 Bo'yliton St. Providence, 26-28 Snow St.
betlors win hi il.il well on the bicul
raiecourses. H's enough lo say that manv
of the Iciding horse owners now racing' not
more than a few hours ride from Hroaijlvnv
travel nbout tho country with their aiwn
bookmakers. Can you heat that?" .
Will there be racing on the New yorU
Hacks next year? In talking with vniloiu
persons who nw In the know us a Julie
Thi) Man In Ihe ( rowd has been iurouued
that the piospoct is pal tlculai ly bright
Jusl now. There will lie no iilleinirt to
secure, favorable legislation at AlbaiuC no
matter who may ls elected (lovernor jjl-m
inontii. The Jockey (Tub will di-poii'l
larcely upon the appeal of tho leccn'
Hcudder ueeislon to tin- hluhcet court m
Hid State. If tlio Court of Appeals sustains
Hie verJIct in the Shun itse Iho Mhii it,
Ihe Crowd Is Informed Hint there vvltt l.e
no reason to keep the Hacks closed finer
Aptil 1.1. Tho directors or the lacing dkso.
clatlons raniint be held criminally Il.iblu Im
"bookmnkliig" thill goes on without 4hor
know led ite or consent. There will no
"hookmakliig." Iiecuiisc Individual betting,
which hat been declared legal, will fncei
all tvtilrements. It will be poeslm. fiJr
a man to lay odds, for another man lo
make an oral bet with him and nkp to
record the terms of the wager on a cant
which, with tho cash, can lio turned -over
to third person. The payment or a
winning wager ran be made by still another
individual Immediately altera race. ITidei
these conditions, ir pronounced legul, Uirre
will lie private betting, with the general
public excluded.
lint Svvurtlmiorc's liens ler Team
Hvrntiinlly Scores Thrice.
Cii,1,i:iiKVili,i:, Pa,, Nov. 2. Irsjnus
lo-ilny gave riwnriiiinoro a scare in ine
tlrst period, when sue ncni me. heavy nuriii
more Hue. but the Krlcnds eventually won,
20 to 0. In the first period neither teum
gained much ground, (iclgund Mackisilck
Swarthinori! stiirs, tried vainly to gain
throiiRh the rrslnus line and around end,
lint were freiflienlly thrown for losses.
In the second period Swurthmore blocked
ono of llallmnn's punts, (ieig recovered
Hie ball and ran lo I'rslnus's .1 yard line,
c.ili- then tried In circle thn end. but was
thrown lor a 10 yard loss, (m the next,.
play .MacKlssicK tnoic ine nan over.
Soon after tho kick off Swnrlhniore
limited and recovered Kennedy's rumble,
A forward pass took It through lo tlie in
yard line, where t rsinns held, but Crsiniis's
punt wns blocked, Mneklsslck recovered
Hie ball and ran five yards for un easy
In the fourth period, with only n.fci
minutes lo play, Mneklsslck got nrf a ton
rorwortl miss to llulunlaine. who c nrrieri Ihe
i ball over for Swurthmore's tlilid touch
, down T he lineup:
Swarlhtnorr. I'oslilons. Crduus
Mrllrb Left end,. Senium
Metiovern Lift tackle. ,u
1 Alvcrson U'lt guard, (on tur
. Ix-s.nrr. Crrlre..... i;rtr,o
Hunter Itlgl.l iruerd.. linri.l.
I 1 1 iivcr. Itlihl lackle (, i trl. Ii
Uiliplalnr. IIUIU end ., tmllr. e i
1 MiU-Mssirk Ousrlcrbnck . Im'i,um,
I Muz I efl lir.lfbnck.. Slltlc I n
I Celg HI jtil hslfhack .. V
Cll'i-e. I ubback... 'mi .
I Score bv.'r.rlliinoic. 30; I rJiius, u. 'Iii.i
d-iwns Macl-lsslck 1: Dclenl&lnc (.oap frc
touchdowns- Ma;IJslrk, 5 L mplre Abboti.
Itefrree- (illllnder. Head linesman llii.nes.
I'Hllurr to Kick tioal Costly.
Itr.fNswii'K. Me., Nov. -.'.The fnllur
or laicasis- to kick the goal alter I'otte
had made a touchdown in the llrst period
or the annual gridiron contest with bates
to-duv cost llowdoin the gunio. liale
won 7 to (I. The teams were very eu-nl

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