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NEW YORK, SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 3, 1912. Copyright, By tk Sun Printing and PubllMng Auoctatlon.
A Crowding of Dates for Dnnccs
and llecentions in Their
Other Kiiftiipements of Interest
Resides Mrs. Cleveland's
Tli? ro has boon nnother week of social
quirt ns fnr as life in tho city Is conoorned.
Society still clings to the country and all
its rncrRles nro centred on weekend
parties, for which It In not always pot
flble to get the guests much In demand
unless Invitations are sont many vreokn
in adrancn. IxnR Island Boclety showed
r mild Interest in tho races at Belmont
Park Terminal; xnibly tho recent events
it Piping Rock had an Influence on the
attendance No doubt the meet on Tues
day, If weather permits, will Iw the largest
of tho horics.
Tho coming week offers almost nothing
of noto In the city. Tho chief event,
especially for the younger element of
society, will bo tho annual ball at tho
Tuxedo Club, which will bring together
most of tho debutantes, and this dance
will lw but n preliminary to tho many
others that will follow during tho crowded
and busy season ahead. Next week,
with the opera un, the Hurxu Show,
ahould iind society out In force, and if
many people uro not settled in their city
homes they will come in at least for their
regular nights at tho opera or for tho
opening of the Horse Show, which comas
next week Saturday.
It will bo quite necessary for thoso
who intend to give dances after tho holi
days to secure their dates woll in advance
owing to the short season. Mrs. Ogden
Mills has taken January 0 for n dance at
her house, 2 East Sixty-ninth street, and
this, will bo tho first private dance after
the now year. With tho exception of tho
d.inces in prospoct for the debutantes,
do others havo yet been announced.
Receptions are being-arranged for the
Howard Taylor.will 1 formally presented
on tho afternoon or November 30 at her
father's house, 10 Kant Slxty-fourth stroot,
Sllss Tuylor nftor returning from Kuropo.
where she liad boon at school for several
years, went to Newport last summer
and was Includod at many of the impor
tant dinners and ilanoes Mr. Taylor
lias arrangod a series of dinner dunces
forhis daughter on Fridays in Dooomber.
Anothor of tho debutantes for whom
much will bo done in tho way of ontor
talning is Miss Margaret K. Trevor, n
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry draff
Trevor of thk city and Southampton.
Mrs. Trevor Is giving a largo coming out
tea forlior daughter at hor houso, 28 Kast
Flrty-sooond stroot, on December 7, and
sho will glvo a dance thore on Do comber
.10. Miss Trovor is a grnat-nlete of Mrs.
Hamilton Fish, who will no doubt glvo
her a dinner and dance.
One of the debutantes recently added
to tho list is Miss Mary Thorn Towor,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Tuckor
man Towor, who will bo introdiiood to
society on Saturday afternoon at Tuxedo,
whero hor parents have a villa. Mrs.
Towor has chosen a tlmo when many of the
young friends of her daughter will bo in
Tuxedo, as most of thoso attending tho
bull will remain over Sunday.
Miss Ho)e Hamilton, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Willlun A. Hamilton, will be in
troduced on December 12 atateaand later
on, during tho early part of January,
her cousin, Mrs. Qoorgo J. Oould.wlll give
for her a danco at hor house, 837 Fifth
avenuo, at which tho debutantes and some
of the younger married ponplo will bo
included. Miss Hamilton will bo ono of tho
bridesmaids at the wedding of Miss Mar
jorio Noyos, next week. She was one
of tho bridal attendants at the wedding
of her cousin, Miss Vivien Gould, when tho
latter was married to Lord Docios.
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Wagstaff will re
turn from Babylon, L. I to S15 Madison
avenuo about the middle of this month.
Mrs. WaBstaff will give during tho winter
a dance at tho Colony Club for her daugh
ter Miss Margaret Wagstaff, who will
bo formally introduced to society at a
tea, on tho nftornoon of Decembor S,
to bo given by her sister-in-law, Mrs.
David WagstafT. Mrs. Edward Corning
and Mrs. E. Hicks Herrick will introduce
their respective daughters. Miss Mazio
Corning and Miss Louise Herrick, on
December 7.
Of Interest to all the debutante wllj
for Election Week!
"Bargain Uprights"
$60 L. 6ILIERT J3,,
15 IllllnctftCo. 4
1 1 0 Ouvrier Bros.
1 35 L 6AILER
160 Winner
175 Bihr Bras. 1 5
IBOCrtietnt 5
185 Stirling 6
200 6io. Stick 6
215 Llndiminn 6
260 steinway & Son 6
frill P1J.
Until Paid.
Until IMltl.
Until Pniii.
Until raid.
Until I'sld.
;nUI Paid.
Unt 1
Until Paid.
Until Paid.
ROE Z fit
con. uriNU'
One liloclc f rum norn. Itall Subway Station,
i M.otrr nncy cuevtyne phone
" ,knln M3 Main.
SO Yearn.
On account . a liarkw.ini wanon I have
made a ccucr.il mark-down throtichout my
Hack. ,n eTrellcnt opportunity to mtur
rruulnc bargains.
Fvr Krpalrlne anil ItrmnHrlln mt Mmtrr
ate Prior., wllh Pro m pi Hrrrlre.
226 Livingston Street
Between Livingston St. Entrance
Abraham & Straus and Loeser's.
II ij!
'II 'W ' ' IIiiibbbHbH
mmw&SK' ibbbbbB
'- ' i-fWmi-i,- bbbhEbIbbHbI
. ''MZs. l9$$KSB&fius'l. bbhdHbbb
ySWf0l',' ' y--y.
Yfp- , h''-' ' ' ', ' : "fyh -J
111- . -f JBBlJlJHBs,'i- ' '
1 'photo y (J&mxiys
J''l)iitniites nnd they will begin much
ftti lii-r timn for Kovoral years. Mrs. James
'""Iliy Colgulo will give on'o on tho uftor
'""Hi of NovemlxT IS at her hoaso, 40
Wfht Kifly-heventh street, when sho will
inirudiiri! her d,iiighter, Miss Margaret
Wfht CnlgatH, Henry Marion Ward will
R'vc ,i icct'ptlon on tho uftcnioon of No
vmi i.r ,lt ,s lom( fco jark nvonue,
I'n Iih di'butuntu niecw, Mits Francos
M"IM.iku Ward, (Liiiglitor of Mr. and
M'- ( n.irles Montagu (Ward. It will lie
, (nil . wcil hy u tiifiilro wrty at tho Ololw
Tb-.i'iK iiml u htipi'!- nt .Sherry's. Mrs.
'r 'in.ild (iriicii", who lias lxen living
u W,i-i'Di; 0. sjv' ral ycui-R, will givo
'".i mi Hid afternoon of Xuvnmhor '.'N
" iiitnvdiiio .r daiigliKT, Miss ICditli
i.r.in.. ji W Ihj hold at the Oqlhum.
Hi&i Weaiior Taybr, a daugholr of
bo tho Saturday evening dances, to bo
hold ut Dolmonico's us for many years,
The first of thorn is set for Decembor 14.
Mrs. Philip J. Hands presided over thu
destinies of these danco for n decado;
but of late they havo been under tho
direction of Mrs. Charles It. Huntington,
whose interest in them will still continue.
Thoso danoes are, as might be expected,
very early, dancing and supper concluding
before midnight. It is not likely that
the cotillon will be Included at this series,
but there will be some souvenirs to bo
distributed a for yoars past.
There were many prominent arrivals
from Europe during tho iwst week.
Mr. uud Mrs, William K Vaiiderbllt
and the hitter's daughter, Miss ISarhurii
Iluthurfurd, camu ou tho Kronprlniccbsin
Cccllie uftor passing the summer in Fruuca.
Tlioy went nt onco to Oukdalo, L, I,,
whero they will remain until after tho
holidays, Commodpro and Mrs. Hlbrldgo
T. (Jerry and that MIshok fierry were
also passengers on tho steamship, having
been in Kuropo sinco tho oarly part of
Kcptombor. Mrs. Henry Clews, who
passed tho entire summer in Kuropo, and
Mr. und Mrs. I, Townsend Burden; with
their daughter, Miss Kvelyn Burden, tho
Countess do Uiugler Villars, Mr, und
Mrs, Leonard M, 'lhomns and Frederick
Townsend Martin also returned, Mrs,
tleorge H. Hcott nnd her daughter, Miss
Louii-o Scott, who were on tho samu ship,
aro now nt their homo, W West Fifty
soventh htreet lor llio winter.
Amor.g thoso who recently returned
Continued on Bccond J'age,
Satin Charmeuse Record Price
"Warranted to Wear"
12,240 Yards, Double Width, at $1.19 a Yd.
ANOTHER EXTRAORDINARY SILK SALE, and perhaps the most remarkable of the sea
son, although this Store has held some very sensational silk sales this Fall.
Satin Charmeuse Is beyond doubt the most fashionable fabric of the year, and many shades are hard to get at
any price. Fact is that every woman who pretends to be in style at all simply MUST have a Charmeuse dress.
And how beautiful the silk is. The silks came to us in a most unusual way.
A failure involving hundreds of thousands of dollars included in its assets these silks that must be instantly
turned into cash, and they offered them to us at a cash price that permits this record price for you.
Splendid quality, double width, 36 inches, and all the newest colors, strong, lustrous, clinging, all pure silk, guar
anteed to wear satin Charmeuse and REAL satin Charmeuse is different from many called by that name. All the
newest colors, including white, cadet, ivory, sky, del, pink, rose, mats, Nile, lavender, reseda, cadet, Copenhagen,
new French blue, wistaria, amethyst, hello, old rose, mahogany, brown, tabac, American Beauty, olive, hunter, taupe,
smoke, gray, stone, navy, king blue, wine, golden brown and black. None sold to dealers.
Ualn rioor, WcM Dulldfni.
Important Notice.
In Wednesday night's papers
we shall announce the details
of our greatest Annual Sale of
Lace Curtains.
For months this sale has been
in preparation. Do not miss
this wonderful event.
Third Boor, front, Central nullillni.
A Lot of 1500 Large and Small Wilton Rugs
Underpriced at an Opportune Time.
the best that have come from the looms this year. Rug makers change patterns from year to year,
and these patterns, which are in a splendid variety of Oriental and two-tone designs, are to be
discontinued, the only reason we offer these Rugs at less than usual prices. Without question
the finest lot of Wilton Rugs that we have offered underpriced in some time.
The small Rugs 984 in the offering:
22x36 in., S2.50, instead of $3.00.
25x27 in., $2.78, instead of $3.50.
36x36 in., $3.23 and $3.75. instead or $4.50 and $5.50.
27x54 in., $3.7$, instead of $4.50 and $5.50.
36x63 in., $5.95, instead of $7.25.
36x63 in., $5.95 and $7.00. instead ot $9.00.
36x72 in.. $7.00, Instead of $10.50.
The large size, 425 in the offering:
25 VAxiy, ft., $11.50. instead of $15.00.
50 6x9 ft.. $17.50 and $21.50. instead of $21.50 to $20.75.
100 8txl0M ft-. $29.50 to $35.00, Instead of $35.00 and
$39.50. '
35 8h'10? 't- $39.50 to $45.00, instead of $51.50.
20 9x9 ft., $25.00 to $29.50. instead of $29.50 to $45.00.
150 9x12 ft., $29.60 to $35.00, instead of $37.50 to
Note. We have it on reliable information that wholesale prices will advance on November
11. This means a higher retail than present regular prices, making the savings considerable.
Third Boor, I'-asl Building.
45 9x12 ft., $39.50 and $45.00. Instead of $53,00 and
Extra large sizes, 91 in the offering:
12 9x14 ft., $42.50 and $45.00, instead of $48.50 and
16 9x15 ft., $45.00 and $49.50, instead of $52.50 to
15 lOHxIO'X ft., $39.50 and $42.50, instead of $47.50 to
11 10x12 ft., $35.00 to $49.50, instead of $45.00 to
9 10)x13 ft., $39.50 to $55.00, instead of $49.50 to
8 10x14 ft., $55.00, instead of $62.00.
2 10x15 ft.. $55.00, instead of $65.00.
18 UJixlS ft.,155.00 and $59.50, instead of $60.00 to
Women's Fall and Winter Tailored Suits,
At $15.00, $18.75, $22.50 and $24.75.
THERE IS A SPLENDID STYLE TO THESE SUITS, not to our knowledge.to be obtained
anywhere else in garments at anything like these prices.
The materials employed arc wide wale chevrons, men's wear serges, broadcloths, worsteds
and mixtures. All the best shades of taupe, brown, black, navy, concord and gray. The large
variety of styles makes this a very interesting offering. All sizes from 32 to 55 bust measure.
Very High Grade Garments Underpriced.
An opjiortunltv now to neouro tliu which are seldom brought down to tho pricw we hnve set upon thtwe,
Made of peau'de soil , imported broadcloths, velour de lnine, hand'omoclmrmeuae. and velvet combination; nlso
brocaded mntclaese. Second floor. Central DulMlnc.
$1.25 and $1.69 WA0", Imperial Serges, 98c.
54 Inches Wide A Great Sale Monday.
A COLLECTION OF UNUSUALLY FINE SERGES, and Serges are always fashionable.
There are plain weaves in the desired fine twill and a variety of invisible stripes, suitable for either
dresses or tailored suits the qualities that sell regularly for $1.25 and $1.60. Colors are garnet,
golden brownl and ight, medium and dark navy blue.
$2.98, 54-Inch Boucle Coatings at $1.98.
A DOLLAR A YARD SAVING FROM REGULAR PRICE on these handsome Coalings so much in demand today
rough weave, two tone effects, In tan, brown, navy, green and black and white. A wonderful bargain.
Ualn floor, U'ctl HulMlne.
98c. to $1.25 Chiffon Cloth at 69c. Yard.
The Sale of the Season in These Goods.
CHIFFON CLOTH SHARES WITH CHARMEUSE SILKS the rage of the season for dresses.
This extraordinary offering of the season in the goods everyone needs NOW will bring women
from all over Greater New York, and we earnestly suggest coming as early as possible. All are
new, fresh from the mill, beautiful goods, in the most desirable tints, exquisitely woven and fin
ishedsimply superb for overdraping dresses and the million and one other purposes of the day.
Colors are light blue, pink, Nile, mais, Copenhagen; brown, coral, navy, champagne, old rose, hclio,
silver gray, dark gray, white, cream and black.
69c. 17-inch Valenciennes Flouncings, 49c. a Yard.
About a dozen different dwlgtui to chooae from, mostlynlKJernwn mMhc,u!idonoof the boitoff erlng we hive made
in somo lime. Flouncings nre very desirable now. t
30c. to 75c. Valenciennes Laces, 25c. to 49c. a Piece.
Kdgefi and Irwertions matching exactly In moHt every instance, excepting tho 15c., which nro Kdgm only
$22.00 to $50.00 Beaded Tunics, $15.00 to $32.50.
Not even at regular prleci will you find luwdsomer Tunics tlian thtvo. All oxtiuiilto bended creations in mnnv tints
including blaclt and white, mounted on chiffon or net. Main floor, center. Central Hu'lldlnr,
Men's Suits or Overcoats to Measure, $25.
More Than Fifty Styles of Fine Woolens.
A Suit or Overcoat, custom tailored, from a wonderful variety of exceptionally fine woolens,
made in the same careful manner you would expect from the highest priced tailors of Manhattan.
Great assortment of tweeds, cassimcrcs and cheviots, as well as blue and black.
Overcoat in Imndnomo roatingH, bluet', blue, brown, gray or fancy inixlmw; cut over now Cli'viterfMd modnb, 1(1
Inchon long, with lining of JUiohitko or Venetian. Wo guarantee our wloovo lining to liihl two xev )tin, Abovu U hreaxt
measure, extra clinrgo for material neouiwry. Thi . n.ior, Wen", uuiwins.
Bargain Budget
In Brief.
Sensational Sale ot Shoes for Men,
Women and Children.
A lot of 1,500 larRC and small Wilton
Rugs Underpriced.
12,240 yards of Satin Charmeuse
"Warranted to Wear" Silks, at a
record price, $1.19 a yard.
$2.50 black imported spotproof
Broadcloth, $1.39.
Women's $7.00 to $12.50 sample
Skirts, $3.C5. None C. O. D. or on
$1.25 and $1.69 all wool Imperial
Serges, 98c. 54 inches wide.
Women's fall and winter Tailored
Suits. $15.00, $18.75, $22.50 and
Handsome Topcoats,
Women's One Clasp White Wash
able Doeskin Gloves, 79c.
12,000 pieces of Satin Grosgraln
Ribbons at less than manufacturer's
$2.47 to $3.85 Carving Sets at $1.74
to $2.59.
Folding Travelling Slippers at $1.00.
2,000 boxes of Stationery at 6c. a
Women's 36 inch Persian
Coats, $175.00.
1,000 pairs Nottlneham Lace Cur
tains, $1.29 and $1.59 a pair.
98c. to $1.25 Chiffon Cloth, 69c. a
Men's Suits and Overcoats to
measure, $25.00. Above 42 breast
measure, additional charge for extra
material necessary.
Men's $25.00 silk lined Overcoats.
$12 and $15 sample Hats, $5.00 each.
Christmas Cabinets Initialed Sta
tionery, 25c. a box.
Misses' colored border Handker
chiefs, 6 for 25c.
Men's $3.50 and $5.00 Hats, $1.95.
Medicines and Toilet needs at
greatly reduced prices.
98c. stamped linen Huck Towels,
59c. each.
$10.98 Table Cloths, $0.98.'
75c. ready made bleached Muslin
Sheets, 2ix2)A yards, at 59c. each.
$1.00 House Dresses, 75c.
$4.00 J. B. Corsets, $1.98.
Women's $4 to $6 Shoes, $2.39.
Men's $2.50 Shoes, $1.98.
$6.48 Priscilla Brand F'-?at $5.68
a barrel. i&r
White Crepe de Chine Robespierre
Blouses, $3.98.
Dining room Furniture far under
priced just in time for Thanksgiving.'
$8.49 and $8.98 American Porcelain
Dinner Sets, $5.98.
$3.98 American cut glass covered
Butter Dish, $2.98. None C. O. D.
Store orders only.
$8.98 three piece Parlor Clocks,
Fleece lined Dressing Sacques, 29c.
Store orders only.
$1.50 Sterling Silver Photo Frames,
98c. None C. O. D. Store orders
Men's 50c. Underwear, 39c.
Men's 20c. to 35c. Half Hose, 11c.
Women's 25c. Boot Silk Stockings,
12 he Store orders only.
Women's 50c. Underwear, 3 gar
ments for $1.00.
$1.00 Jersey top Petticoats, 79c.
Women's Corduroy Dresses, $5.98.
50c. Undermuslins, 39c.
$6.25 Blankets, $4.50 a pair.
Children's $3.50 colored Coats,
50,000 Porto Rico Cigars at half
25c. and 39c. Princess Lace Jabots,
15c. and 25c. each.
$2.47 to $3.85 Carving
Sets, $1.74 to $2.59.
A Sale for Thanksgiving.
American steel, highly tempered; stag
handles with silver ferrules and caps.
At Ml. 74 a pair iiiHteml of a,47.
2- nlece Canine Hot. slug hundlea ve itU
tsllver plated forrulco,
At MV.:f4 a pair Instead or 9V.07.
-nleco Curvine Hets, HtnR handles
with fancy silver plnU'd fcrrulos.
At W'J.ntt a Met I n it cad or fta.Hft.
3- plcro Hot, oorwistlnc of Knife, Fork
and Ktcel, Mag hnndlcH with Blcrllng
silver ferrules and enps.
Celluloid Dinner Knlvet, cif rox1 qual
ity Htecl; et of hIx Nl.MU
Bubwny flour. Central llulldlntr.

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