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yesterday It was odlclnlly denied thnt the
tbrpedo rieatroyer squadron that Is belna;
overhauled for Immediate notion nt
Portsmouth Is preparing for any Levant
Three Germnn battleship!", the Ilcr
tha, Vlnctn 'and Cleler, now In the
Mediterranean, have been ordered to
Turkish waters, nnd two Herman
rrulFcrfi are utenmltiK from Kiel for the
enmo declination.
Tour Italian battleships In tliu Kscan
Ken have received order" to he ready to
tnkci aboard all Italian Wtlaens nt Cnn
ntnntlnople and Catholic missionaries
nnd nuns Irerspectlve of nationality nt
the first tilpn of'dlsnrder In Constanll-
nople. They are to take them to
4Wor,d has been received thnt KIiir
Peter of Servln has entered with cere
mony the town of t'skub thnt fell to hlV
fighting men. In the presence of erent
crowds, who cheered enthusiastically,
he embraced his sons, who have been
In Uie thickest of the IlKhtlnR. He
promised the former Turkish Mayor
. that tho Turks would not bo harmed
' under the new regime.
The Greeks took Prevesa on tho
Turkish side of the entrance to thu Oulf
of Arta after capturing the heights of
Nlkopolls, which look down on tho
Turkish fortress. The Turkish garrison
' fled, but the Greeks captured 'some four
hundred. A Turkish torpedo boat In
the Gulf of Arta was burned.
Tho correspondent of tho Haiti)
Chronicle with the Turkish army,
writing "from Tchorlu on November 1
and sending his despatch from thnt
place by automobile to Constantinople
and by sea to Kustendje, confirms tho
previous reports of the defeat of tho
Turks In the big battle with the Uul
garlans. which ho says was "Irretriev
able, terrible and appalling." He says
It was followed by a rout "senrccly par
alleled In history." Forty thousand of
the Turkish troops, says the corre
spondent, have fallen and 75 per cent,
of the artillery was captured.
Abdullah Iasha had a narrow escape
from capture. The army found Its way
back to Tchorlu by handfuls. The Hul
garlan artillery mowed down thousands
of Turks during the battle. The Ilul
'irarian artillery was much superior to
that of tho Turks.
It appears from this correspondent's
tory thnt the Unitarians had a bad
' quarter of an hour's battle after cap
turing the town of Kule-Hurgas. They
advanced from the railway station, a
distance of four miles, nnd during this
time passed through a depression be
tween the hills. I fere the Hulgars
were tremendously mauled by Turkish
shrapnel from tho heights above and
when the confusion among them was at
tho. worst Turkish cavalry, dashing
from concealment nnd shouting "Al
lah!" "Allah!" swept like n tornado on
the remnant of the Hulgars, who fled,
with the cavalry pursuing nnd riding
them down. Hut the Turkish cavalry
rode too far and came within range of
the Bulgarian machine, guns, which
brought horses and riders to the ground
In a torn and mangled mass, from
which few Issued alive.
The Turks soon nfterwnrd severely
bombarded Lule-Burgas nnd compelled
the Bulgarian captors to evacuate It
' temporarily.
i Toward e-enlng the Bulgarian nd
vanco became more rapid. The mem-
bcrs of tho Turkish staff were amnzed
" at tho manner In which the Bulgarian
nrtlllcry chose positions. They had ap
parently, been, previously selected ,and
'gunners got tho range to n nicety
very time. Their mnrksmanshlp was
superb and murderous.
? Tho Turkish artillery from the nut-
Bet was poorly supplied with ammuni
tion, and what they hnd was practi
cally all expended In the fighting In the
morning. This resulted In the gunners
being compelled to stand around their
Buns unable to reply to the Bulgarian
tire. Their nrms were folded nnd they
calmly uwalted death with true Otto
man courage. They seldom hnd long
to wait either.
It was this terrible Bulgarian shell
fire, says the correspondent, that de
stroyed tho Turkish morale. Men fell
by tho hundreds during the endless
When night fell the' survivors were
exhausted nnd there was no food, as
tho commissary service was non-existent.
Sleep was Impossible for the
' Bulgarians, who seemed to be endowed
with untiring energy, pursued the
Turks relentlessly.
The Turkish dead nnd wounded lay
everywhere. There were few doctors
nnd absolutely no ambulances. Some
attempt was made to remove nnd suc
cor the wounded, but most of them per
ished during the cold night.
The retrent continued orderly for
about an hour and then the disorganiza
tion began. Two hours after sunrise
the Bulgarians learned what had hap
pened and then started again In pur
suit of tho fleeing Turks. Then came
the rout.
Tho correspondent ascribes the dis
aster to cross Inefllclency. Incapacity
and muddling. He says there ss an
insufllclency of trained olllcers. nnd
many of tho reserve were Ignorant of
the manipulation of the Mauser mech
anism. Th' Anatolians usu muzzle
loaders nnd many of them had never
een a magazine rltle. Their weapons
had to be loaded for them by olllcers or
by their better Instructed comrades.
Kvcn while their tire lasted It wnj ut
tcrly valueless, us they were Ignorant
as to how to aim, and sometimes shot
their own comrades.
Two battalions of Infantry arrived nt
IiUle-Burgas from the Dardanelles on
the day of the principal engagement
nnd went Immediately Into tho lighting
line. There were only six of them nllvo
nt'thn end of the day.
Diltunrlnna Attempt In Prevent
. Army Hraehlnir TehalnliljH.
Special Cable Despatch to Ths Scn.
Vienna, Nov. 4. A despatch from
Lieut. Wagner to tho Jlvlclispo.it, sent
from tho Bulgarian headquarters .in
November 2, shows that the TurkUh
troops hud been reenfurceil and were
lighting bravely between Serai and
4Hii,inuja. nt! says mo uiioiiittn sol
diers are still retreating In two detach
ments. Tho southern one Is trying to
reach Tchataldja and tho northern ono
Is Mming nt tho lino from Serai to
v yltftrandja, They havo rallied partly
J1 since their defeat and havo been Joined
by two new divisions, but It Is doubtful
If any considerable part of them will be
able to reach Tchataldja.
The Bulgarians uro trying to divert
the Turkish line of retreat by throwing
n, nrll'finrn nnwtu thrntiih Knr.il.
J,strandja nnd K.itajakeul. During Hum
nwiting along the i,uii-nurg;is lino the1
railroad connwtlou with Tchataldja
was oioppeo aim inn mm -vice 10 sever.il
'places was Interfered with
Lieut. Wagner reiterates Hie slot I. i
of the atrocities ptip-tratecl l.j the re -
treating Turks, lie disc rlbes Hie An
'tollan redlfs as being particularly cruel
And ay they acted more like
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beasts than human beings. Dozens of
dend women were found with their
bodies slashed.
Some captured Turkish officers told
Lieut. Wagner that Turkey was not
ready for war when It was declared.
Moreover, the attack of the Bulgarians
on Kirk Klllsseh was a complete sur
prise. They are convinced that Aflrlan
ople will be tho main objective. Thcso
prisoners nlso say thnt there Is division
among the Turkish commanders, many
of whom were only appointed when the
wnr began. Numbers of the troops
were also unseasoned men.
The Turkish captives declared that
tho Bulgarian bayonet charges were
Irresistible, n statement which Lieut.
Wagner confirms.
Promise Former Turkhh Mnynr
III Cnunlrymrn Won't lie Molested.
Special Cahle Dcp-iteh tu The Sri.
Belgium:, Nov. 3. King Peter of Ser
vla ceremoniously er.t"red Uskub on
Snturday. He was accompanied by
Premier Pasltch and numerous Servian
officials. The King embraced his pons,
who havo heen at tho front, and the
crowd cheered enthusiastically.
Subsequently the King received the
former Turkish Mayor of l.'skub nnd
promised him thnt the Turks would not
be molested under the new regime.
Drive Tnrka 'nrth nnd llnrn
priln Host.
Special Cable Despatch In Tne Sr"
Athens, Nov. 3.--The Grcckivoccupled
Preveza. on the Turkish side of the en
trance to the Oulf of Arta, after cap
turing tho helghtsof NlkoHHs, which
overlook the Turkish battery. Ntkop
ells was destroyed.
It Is stated that the Turkish garrison
of Preveza fled nnd that the Greeks
pursued nnd captured 450 of them. A
Turkish torpedo boat In thn Gulf of
Arta has been burned.
After thirty-six hours fighting the
Greeks havo occupied the "holy town"
of Venldje, ten miles from Vodona. The
Turks retreated, leaving many dead and
wounded on the field.
UO.OOO Kaallltea In City rirlo. Pe
fenfril Knl!lrr.
Speaal Cable Despatch In Tnr Sr.
TxjNtio.v, Nov. I. A despatch from fcn
lonlca to the Morning I'ast says the
town Is In a panic. Twenty thousand
refugees from neighboring villages
have nrrlvcd In addition to tho fugi
tives from t'skub and 7,000 Anatolian
soldiers. Consequently there Is a great
scarcity of food.
Athknh. Nov. 3. English nnd French
warships have arrived at Salonlca,
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where the condition of the Christians
Is precarious-
J'lre Cralaera Hare Been Ordered to
Turkleh Waters,
Special Cable Despatch to Tn 3c.
Kiel, Nov. 3. Three German warships.
tho Hertha, Vineta and Ueler, which are
now In tho Mediterranean, have been
ordered to proceed to Turkish waters.
Two other cruisers have been ordered
from Kiel for the same destination.
(let I'ermlaalon from Parte to Pass
the Dardanelles.
Special Cable Despatch to Tsa Sen.
Constantinople Nov. 3. The foreign
Ambassadors to-day asked the Porto
to allow one wnrahtp of each nation to
pass the Dardanelles.
Tho Porte has consented to the re
quest and the necessary trades havo
already been Issued.
Italian noaU .Will TaWa Christians
to Ithodrs If Necesaarr.
Special Cabtt Despatch to Tss Sew.
no.ME Nov. 3. Four Italian battle
ships, which havo been stationed In the
-Hgean Sea, have been ordered to be In
readiness In an emergency to embark
all Italians nt Constantinople and Cath
olic missionaries and nuns Irrespective
of nationality and convey them to the
Island of Rhodes, wheh Is destined to
be a refugo for Europeans at the first
sign of disorder. It Is believed that a
massacre of Christians at Constantino
ple will surely take place If the Bul
garians enter the city.
Private telegrams received at the
Vatican from the Turkish capital repre
sent the situation there as most alarm
ing as It is also In the Holy Land, where
outrages on Christians are feared.
Diplomats hero believe that the Bui-
gars will not occupy Constantinople, but
will encamp outside the city until
pence agreement has been signed.
Sir Kdnaril Grer Has Conference
Wnrahlpa Still Held.
Special Cable Despatches to Tna Sci.
London, Nov. 3. Foreign Minister Sir
Edward Grey spent the entire after
noon at the Foreign Oftlce. This Is an
unusual occurrence for Sunday.
Naval officials deny that the sixth
torpedo destroyer flotilla, which Is being
made' ready for immediate departure
, from Portsmouth, Is connecto.1 with any
movement in tho Levant. They say
I Mini it is i.iuiiiy uie itiiyuiK uui OL III;
new system of quarterly mobilizations
of tho destroyer flotilla. The warships
nt Dcvonport nnd other places that
w-re coaling yesterday did not sail to
day as was expected.
GimiALTAR, Nov. 3. The third British
battleship squadron coaled and sailed
for the eastward to-day.
Utilitarian Aeroplanra Maid to Ilavr
Door Valuable Scrrlcr.
Special Cable DetpatcS to Tsa 8rs,
Sofia, Nov. 3. The rumors tnat
Adrlanople has fallen continue to cir
culate,-but cannot bo confirmed.
It Is stated that the aeroplanes used
by the Bulgarians have rendered valu
able service. All the aviators except
PnpotT, who was killed, have escaped
unharmed, although the Turks have
tired constant fusillades at them.
Ilrfnara In Accept French Prrmtrr'a
Prnpoaltlnn nf Srttlrmrnt.
Special Cable Despatch to Tna Scn.
Vienna, Nov. 3. Newspapers having
connections with the Foreign Office
unanimously oppose tho self-denying or
dinance proposed by Premier Polncarn
of Prance to the Powers In regard to the
Balkan war and tho settlement to bo
reached at Its close. It Is understood
that thn Government Is entirely Indis
posed to have lis hands so tied In any
The Frcmdenblatt warns the Ser-
vlnna not to inarch further west, as
thero nro no Serbs there. This state
ment Is Interpreted as a hint to keep
off Albania, where Scrvla yearns to se
cure a seaport.
Paris, Nov. 4. The Austrian Govern
ment has decided to uso stern meas
ures In the event of thn trouble In tho
Balkans creating difficulties In tho san-
Jak of Novl Bazar.
The tension between Austria and the
Balkan allies is strained to the utmost
as tho following tends to prove. When
tho war broke out Austria notified tho
respective .State that she was pre
pared to send a Hed Cross outfit. This
offer remained unanswered. Austria,
however, sent a lied Cross outfit to Cet
tlnje, nnd forty-eight hours after Its
arrival It was nummoned to pay rental
for the house It occupied.
The French press bitterly assails Aus
tria, which Is not prepared to join tha
Powers In mediation between Turkey
and .thn allies. Her action, says the
.1(1 fin, allows the Inference that she Is
anxious to secure territory. 'In case
Italy follows suit It will mean a gen
eral European turmoil.
The relations between Austria and
Scrvla nro reaching an acute stage, ac
cording to a letter from a private cor
respondent of' Tub Sun representative
Vaehl BrlntT Overhauled for Cralae
In the Mediterranean.
Special Cable Despatch to Tsa Bcs,
Paiuh, Nov. 3. Mrs. Ilolwrt Goelet,
who arrived hero last Thursday, will
remain In ' Paris until the overhauling
hor yacht Nnhma at Havro has been com
pleted. It Is expected that sho then w
go aboard tho yacht for a trip in tho
Two Men Killed In Kiel Harbor and
Tno Injured.
.Special Cable Despatch to Tsa Scn,
Kikl, Nov. 3. While a steam pln-
naco wan practising mine hunting here
to-day It was blown to atoms by a
mine exploding underneath It.
An nlllcer nnd sailor were killed and
another officer and sailor Injured.
Ilrainkllnr tilrl Will Marrr ftrorce
I ahrr nf KnaJand.
Special Cable Despatch to Tim Bex,
I.oNiMiN, Nov. 3,Tho engagement Is
announced of Omittance, daughter of Dr.
.1, If. Woods of Ilrookllne, Mass., nnd
George. on of T. C. Usher of Nottingham
The End
of the Year
Menocnl's Election Linlilo
Load to Violence by tho
Hold Enthusiastic Mortingrs in
l'rndo and Central Park,
Special Cable Despatch to Tna Scv
Havana Nov. 3. The count of the re
turns from Friday's election Is still In
complete, but Secretary of Stnto Hun
Rully hns cabled the Cuban Ministers
abroad that the Conservative candidate.
Gen. Mcnocal, carried five provinces,
losing only Matanzas, and that by the
narrowest of margins. The Conserva
tives will have a good majority In tho
Houce and thirteen out of twcnty-flvu
The Liberal newspapers say the elec
tion was fraudulent and that tho Lib
erals will not enduro Insults from the
robber victors.
.! )fn, the Conservative organ, says
the country "has been saved from In
tolerable shame by the ousting of tho
scoundrels who represented the coun
try's vllost dregs,"
Thn weather to-day was fine, and sun
shiny after yesterday's rain, and the
victors held celebrations In the Prado
and In Central I'ark. These meetings
were crowded with thousands of Con
servatives In automobiles and coaches
and on foot.
They waved flags tied with sugar
cane stalks, fired bombs and shouted
"Vivas!" No serious disorder Is re
ported from nny point
President Oomez called a meeting of
the Cabinet this afternoon nt which ho
submitted tho message which he will
send to Congress to-morrow at tho
opening of the session. Speaker Ferrnra
has returned from Clenfuegos, but re
fused to lie Interviewed on the result.
The llrltlsh cruiser Melpomene nr
rived here to-day from Vera Cruz, where
sho went to protect KngllBhmen during
thn Diaz uprising. She had rough
weather and put In here for coal and
Meaaaarra In He Hrnt From America)
AreordlnaT to Agreement.
Special Cable Despatch to Tna Sox.
PAms, Nov, 3. Tha manager of tho
Marconi Wireless Company told The Sun
correspondent to-day that an agreement
between the French Government and tho
company for a direct Paris to Amorica
sorvico has boon reached In principle,
The Ministry of Finance, has agreed with
tho company in regard to forms, hut tho
ar and Navy dnpartmonts have not
yot ratified tho agreement. When It is
ratified it must bo adopted by Parliament,
which, it in eipected, will he done this
Hlgnor Marconi wants a station uIono to
Paris, notwithstanding the fact that 11
site near hero will rout much morn than
further uwuy Ho is tontlilent thut his
system can he worked without causing uny
roliup with the wireless Installation on
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Monument to Ortnyr ,Cremasl tin
Tailed With Pomp at Havre.
Special Cable Despatch to Taa Brv
Havre, Nov. 3. Th 1 monument
erected here to tho Canadian poet,
Octavo Cremnzle, was unveiled here to
day with much pomp und ceremony.
Senator Tessler of Quebec and Commis
sary-General Itoy of France were among
the speakers.
Neither Tells Cause of Dispute
and Both Are Likely
to Die.
Two policemen met In West Hoboken
yesterday morning and quarrelled. As
a result one Is In the North Hudson
Hospital with two bullets In his
abdomen, one bullet In the back and a
fourth In tho shoulder,
Tho other man Is In the same hospital
suffering from a fractured skull.
Neither probably will recover. Neither
will tell of tho Incidents which led to
the quarrel.
Tho two policemen arc Stephen Con
tello, 27 years old, of 788 Ocean avenue,
Jersey City, attached to the Communl
puw avenuo station there, and Police
man John Dietrich, also 27, of 131m
street, West Hoboken, a member of tho
police forco of that place. Costello Is
the man who was shot four times and
Dietrich has the fractured skull.
Capt. Walter Usher of the West Ho
boken police, who has been making an
Investigation since tho fight, says he
has been unable to find out what
started tho quarrel between tho two
men. As near as Capt, Usher can
gather the two met at Palisade avenue
and Cortlandt street, West Hobokon.
shortly beforo C o'clock. Neither was
In uniform.
It Is said that Dietrich tried to arrest
Costello, but that Costeilo resented It
and then Dietrich pulled out a black
Jsck and was about to use It when Cos
tcllo grappled with him and got the
Dietrich then pulled out his revolver.
It Is said, nnd Costello struck him over
the head with tho blackjack Just as
District! nred.
Special Policeman Lehrklnger heard
tho shots nnd found the two men lying
unconscious a few feet apart on tho
cldowalk. At tho hospital Capt. Usher
or tho west Hoboken pollco tried to
learn what caused the trouble. He said
that Costello refused to say anything
about tho affair nnd that Dietrich, who
seemed willing to talk, could not, as
tho blow ho received on tho ncad seems
to have paralyzed his tongue.
Hergt. I'opeland of the West Hobokon
pollco, who reached tho scene shortly
after tho shooting, said thut Pollcemun
Dietrich beforo ho lost consciousness told
him tho story.
Dietrich, uccordlng to Copelaml, saw a.
man trying to get Into the .Mountain
Houho Cafo on Palisade avenuo, neur tho
rioeno of tho shooting. Dietrich went up
to him thinking ho was a burglar, and
demanded to know what ho was doing
there. Policeman CoMlo told him it whh
none of his business und vvns pluivd
under arrest.
On tho wuy to the station Iiouku Cos
tnllo put up a fight and Dietrich pulled
out his blackjack to uso it. Costello took
It away from him. Costello beat Diotrlch
oyer tho head with it and then Diotrlch
JaKtMaaiawUsnTUvWaWdAraA. .
Coiifiiiinf from rir.it J'agc. '.
when we reached Hlghtstown, twenty
seven miles from lied Hank. A red light
appeared In the road ahead of us. The
light was to the left of tho rond, nnd
there was a post, to the right which cast
a shrdow over the road. The chauffeur
did not know that this shndow con
cealed a mound caused by tho tilling In
f an excavation, evidently for a sewer.
"We struck this and Capt. MacDonald
and I were thrown ngalnst the roof of
the car. I felt of my head nnd found
that It was bleeding. 1 knew I was not
seriously hurt but felt thnt It would
bo Imprudent to continue the Journey
In the cold. 1
"There were still some people In the.
streets and the chauffeur called two
boys and asked them to find us a physi
cian. The boys got on the car with the
chauffeur nnd directed him to the home
of Dr. Titus. We had some trouble In
getting him up, and when they told him
that It was tho Governor Hint needed
his nttentlon Dr. Titus was Incredulous
and threatened to withdraw his head
permanently from thn upper window at
which It had nppeared.
"I remained In his ofllce nbout two
hours. He hnd dlfllculty In finding his
antiseptics and then we had to wait
until some hot wntcr was prepared. Ho
found that the hntr had become Im
bedded In the wound nnd It vns snino
time before ho got everything ready foi
the bandaging. He decided not to sew
up the wound, nnd 1 think ho showed
good Judgment. He drew tho edges of
the scalp together anil painted them
over with collodion, applied the band
ages and I whs as good as new,
"I worried nbout what Mrs. Wilson
would think of my delay nnd that made
me rather Impatient. The chauffeur
was not at all to blame and he was
fortunate, becnuso tho steering wheel
pinned him down so thnt he couldn't be
bumped ngalnst the roof of tho car. Of
course the' Injury will not Interfere with
my programme for to-morrow.
"Dr.' Cnrnochan says there Is no rea
son In the world why I should not do
everything I huve planned to do. I
shnll therefore spenk nt both Pnterson
nnd I'nssnlc to-ninrrow night. I shall
be very conscious of tho galleries look
ing down on my hend, however. Dr.
Titus suggested thnt I wear n skull cap
to conceal the wound, but skull caps
are too suggestive of old ago to suit me."
Tho Governor added that n daughter
of Dr. Titus had assisted the physician
In dressing tho wound and thnt Mrs.
Titus hnd washed some of the blood
from his coat.
With tho Governor this afternoon was
Judge CharleH A. Woods of South Caro
lina, u friend whom tin met several
years ngo on n bicycle tour of Scotland.
Severul young men and women were
also In tho room with Mrs. Wilson and
her three daughters. The Governor said
ho hud received many telephone mes
sages from friends who had heard thut
ho wuh seriously hurt.
When nskeil tn-nlght for n statement
um to the Governor's Injury Dr. Cnr
nochan said:
"When I saw Gov. Wilson this nfter
noon I found he had received n lacer
ation of Die scalp nbout three Inches
In length otherwise he was In good
condition nnd seemed to be suffering
no 111 effects."
Tho accident was Cupl, Hill Mm
Donald's first chance to show Gov Wil
son thut ho Is everything that Col. K. M.
House of Texas said he was when ho
Mat tiia Ttua ranger a to b dev.
The G. O. P.
of Clothes
i The greatcoat Is the
Grand Old Party in sar
torial politics.
' It in the champion of
Protection against cchl
a veritable Tariff Wail
of warmth.
1 Just a bift, lion
hearted coat that en
folds you securely from
top to toe.
' A match for the
toughest winter blast
a port in any storm.
1 As warm as fur and
fast replacing it by rea
son of its much lower
r Made of imported and
domestic chinchilla,
long nap or close
sheared; hardy Elysians,
hospitable Shetlands,
and smooth surface
mixed cloths; mostly
with fancy reversible
Half satln-lined,sqlely
to give an artistic finish
to line such coats for
warmth would, be to
carry coals to Newcastle
I Blues and browns for
the most part, in belted
and inverted . pleat
models; with turned
cuffs, and shoulder or
notch collars that but
ton boldly to the chin. '
r T h e hifthcr-priced
greatcoats are made of
the world-famed Crom
bie cloths but we will
vouch for all the fabrics,
Crombie or not.
,i Tajlored by us, which
is enough said. Get a
Saks greatcoat in it
you may defy the cold
as Ajax defied the liftl'C
ning. 23.00 to 75.G0
Broadway at 34th Street,
Royal Blue Line
(IO MinvUa arllcr from 234 Stract)
Q AM Washington, PitUburgfl
w and Chicago. Obaerra
tion Parlor and Dining Cars.
1 fi AM w,nittn, Cincinnati,
X Vr """ Loulaville and St Louis.
Parlor and Dining Car.
I O NN Washington, Wheeling,
law Columbus and Chicago.
Parlor and Dining Car.
"" 5 Hours to Washington.
Observation and Parlor Din
ing Car.
6 Hours to Washington.
Dintag Car, Parlor and Ob
sarfation Club Cars.
6 PM Washington, Pittsburgh,
Cleveimrl nnd Chicago.
Parlor nnd L.-Ing Cars.
7 PM Washinnton, Cincinnati,
LnuUvills and St. Louis.
Parlor and Parlor Dining Car.
1Jft AM From Liberty Street.
U Ba'lnore, Wnshinatcn,
Cincinnati and Chicago.
Sleeping Cars open 10 p. rn.
Last boat from W. 23d Street
at 11.59 P.M.
,'M' J!f.ket "nd Reservations call st
Ticket Offices, 245, J79. IJJS, 1.134. 14V0
HroaJway. 7 Cortlanilt St.. 22S Tilth
Ae IIIW. I23t, St.. 245 Columbus
Ave., and 4 Court St.. 470 Nctrand
Ave., BrnoUyn ; Terminals at West JJd
fit nu utueriy at
WIlaon'H liodyKimril Immediately after
Col. ltoiiKcvt!t wuh Hhot In Milwaukee.
Ho wuh brulHi'd In tint lU'ddent nnd de
clared that thn Impact reopened noinn
of the Imllet woundH with which his
body Ih decorated.
lie wuh IndllTcrent to the recital of
bin hurtH nH plven by Dr. Carnoclmu
and declared ho didn't mind them a bit
mi lonir iih the Onvernor hnd escaped
without dungerotis Injury.
Mr. nnd Mrx. ftlkiiH motored to
Princeton this afternoon to.lhqulra tut
to the condition of -tho candidate
JjpjL -J

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