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TCd'triii? Twelve Tent Level on
Tnule lluyinir and Hull
elneH(His in Crop Kslimntcs
Stiniiiliile Deinnuil From
tvi:.vtiii:i: ntittrvsT i-or cotton utitk.
Tor North c.irnlln.i nnd South Carolina
1'nlr bihI it .inner M-dky: t. morrow, folr;
llcht to mudc-rate v.irl.iblo lml
Tor l!c nrisla Pair nnd unrmir to. day;
to-mcirrotv. r. I r . inci.lrr.ile cuterly wlmla.
l-'or AUIum.i. Mlaalsalppl an.l LniiWnnn
Fair anil wanner to-clny, to. morrow, fnlri
moderate cnMrrly wlnd
l'or KaMern Texas Fair to-day and
tn-innrrnw; nio'lernte aoutheast winds.
I'nr VV'eMern Tetm Fair to-day ami
Tor Oklahoma Fair to-day and probably
l'or Arkanas Fair and warmer to-day;
to-morrow, f.ilr.
l'or Tcnneeeo ami Ke ntucky Fair and
warmer to-dav , to-morrow, fair
'I'lii nior linHhh tciiilencle noted In the
cot I on market prior to the clow last Fri
day were stimulated hy strength In Liver
pool over the local adjournment nnd report
of kllllni.- temierntiin't over a I.irKe portion
of the hell. The market oienecl nt an ad
vance of I to l points In coneiiucnce. and
wlillo reallidnc hy old Inncs wan sufilc'ient
to cnuae moderate reactions from time to
tllne tlurlnc the day, the close vrns-llrm
nnd from 20 to 2" points net higher. Profit
taklnir was proliablv mom active than It
would have lieeti ctliervilo hecanc of the
holiday In the American markets to-day,
hlle Liverpool will remain open for busi
ness; n usual, nnd fresh liuyhiK for specu
lative lone account tuny nNo have lieen
restricted hy this feature: hut there was
n IiIr Roner.il trade, mi nctlv demand
from spot houses, mid closlui: prices worn
within :i or 1 points of the host. January
contracts wild at II. OH, or Jut about 130
point hIiovp the low level of last month.
Tlio weather news seemed to e-onvlnce
rnost or th" local traders that no further
development of tho crop as to lie nxiiectctl
nor the greater p.irt it the holt, as klllinir
tenipetiilures wop' more or less general
In north Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mis
sissippi, . ninth CeorKla, north Alabama
nnd th I'nroliniis In more southerly
ections of tin lull, where teinisraturos
did not i?et low eunuch to kill vecetntion,
it was lep'irteel 1li.t the crop had Inroady
Itoen made, anil v. Idle later reiiorts may
moilify the conclusion to some extent
th ioiidoni'V in th local trade yestenlny
vns to ituisldor th" itrovvini: season ended.
It was also ircnernlly'-nntlcip.iteil that tho
fibst news would bo followed hy n scallni;
down uf malmiim crop estimate, nnd In
fh'irt tiulltsli eutliiisinsin was noted in
whims! all iniar'ors around the rlnij, with
i ...in 1
hid prviliriioiis in iir iinaii'iy sun o'i1,m I
priors, niuiaroniiy onisiuragen ny m re
potto oT continued strength In tho South
ern hisit markets, which smreested that
there was more behind the market on the
recent advance than the mere covering
of an Dclolv-r short interest.
With trade attention devoted to the
weather news and It proluhle effect on
average view ns to the slo of tho crop
notn gioat deal of Interest was manifested
Tiflluist'itistic of to-day or In tho prohahlo
ihowimiof the cousus figures next Friday.
A well known loinl spot firm, however,
nuhllclied an estimate which pointed ton
tot'il Rhinitis of nbout n,ot,ooo bales to
"foiemlier l this year, acalnst 0,071.010
list season and reports from Memphis
Mill that th" National dinners Association
estimated the irlnniUR for the period, Oc
tober is to oombcr 1. at 3,li,fino bales
This would point to a report from the cen
mis bureau next I'rid'iy of about s.iioo.omi
Kiln, which would be a shade under recent
nipeclations, althoiiL-h the National Gin
nrs Assoc lit Ion Is Mid to claim that its
return indicate a totil crop of i4,n7o,ouu
hales, Tho general opinion anions people
who keep a close wnt"li 011 local trading
vns 'tint the chief selling yesterday re
presented roillItis on speculative long ac
count Hnd tlmt trade buying was one of the
thief sources of support The South traded
lintji ways hero, hut there seemed to be no
large volume of hedge soiling and numerous
private ndvlcos were received suggesting
that the weather had Increased appre
hensions of a scarcity of hivh grades and
stimulated tho demand from spot shorts
or from mills. ,t the high point of yes-
"terclay the market showed an advance of
about 18 51 per bale from recent low figures
-nnd this has reflected quite a general swing
Of sentiment from the hear to the bull side,
although views of the crop must remain
moro or less tentitlve pending tho official
rMimate next month mid additional ginning
Futures olnvl firm with prices :o to 54
points higher. Kstiir.atod sales, 400,000
Imles. Prices ns lollows:
Orion- High- Low- Cln- Prrv.
Imr. cm. ,M. Inir. Clne.
neermber II Ui II U It 41 II M II X'
Januaty II :u II 01 U.Ul 11 .-,11 11 3
Marrh. . . lira II hi it ri 11 ;s lis:
May.. It RI list nil lis; 11 'A
Futures in Jiew Orleans were as fol
lows: Oprn- lllffli- Iiw- Clos- Prv
lair est est lap, cloe,
liernnhrr 1 1 7.1 tl sj 11 ns 11 k- 11 4.-,
.'siiimr II 71 11 ss 11 r,'i 11 si 11.47
Maicll .... II W 12 II' II SH 13 (II II CIS
.'.toy . i: cm i:' II 1: ui r.' 11 n V,
SpqI col Ion lieio was l'i points higher nt
fl.on for iiiidilling uplands. New Vork
ccrllfli-H'ed stock, ".IT.'I bales, against
M,';ii;i Insl year. Southern spot markets,
t-11; to higher. tlalvcton I'.', New Or
ilcans 11 ,, Sawin-11I1 II 11-10. llouslou
11, .Memphis II '., ugii la 15
llcciiprM 1. ikI slocks nt liMibng iolnls
with tomp'iri-otis. as billows
llcrclpis Viuii. siorl.i
12 1. 1 1',S
I I .M.', I
II. 117.!
l'i..'.' I
0.2 is
New Orleans
llcaitlon . .
s 311
a 1.1 12
7 ;.?'i
Port receiiiu 7'.' av.' Iul-. agulnst .Vijsil
'11 yeir llxpot's, ts.'iq Total for tho
fi'i'on, til .: n 'cii'isi .,;i,ii:, last jear.
I'-iimaiiil la. l.a.t
Itci . In-1,,' w.'i,'. year
CflvrMnn 11 no in 4 l.ui ,2.Vi m.?7l
Sr, Olluin 13 rui 111 II .HI 15,711 HU17
l.lM'ipo'l iiitiou t.ns 111 gcml 1I1 -
liiuucl, I I" i'.ls hilii'i', 111 i 7VI. lor Allien-
tin tniilci.iii" cm sales of iii.ims) bab'V I 11
1 11 res opened 11P 1,1 1.1 pi ints higher pint
c axed 10 pnnt no I'liies ns lollows'
Open- Hull- hii- Chi'. Prci
li.r. c-i e. 1 Im; i'Iii.c.
.ten -l'rli t. 111 1; 17 1; ii r, ss'.4 r, 37
Mnrel, pill I'! (1 17 1,17 C fi 2 I
i! i-.lunc Cl 13 c 0 37 '1 II r, ;ii
I 'een M. bids to l,leipciol: lleccin
tier, 11 hi January, II. M Maich, 11. 7.1,
livi 'i l' hovers: Itloicicn, cl uililen,
Slit Hell, .lllIc.y, (,w, Ihmey. Ilubbanl,
Wlls'in l.e.'iding h'IIitm: derail, Wentuan,
lleiii . I ul'cr, Si'liill, (ii",oiil, Waters,
lliil.b'ii I
1 ci JllV .NCIU.S
Jap-in -o ciiltiin mills duilii'.- the senon
Of llll '! I I'llhllllieil K.',l','.tl,ll1.' poiiuils of
AKnTleaii eqiion, 1 cuiipaicil uilli a ccili
ruinptlun of 'C l"ii.'ui I ho motion en-on
ami iii.iKio." ' two jc-ni's ago
1,1'lie iloi k il hiioiIt "Spots selling
1? routs bail-. ihiiIiIIuil; n Inlcilnr all 11. U
Stale and oatieri n'llalinnia, t.Hh buten
fur evert hale
Amilher l.ll'le Itm k n- Killing fiot
Saturday and Scn l.i np ice iinih iniiin
lligs Coiisiileiable ilnmage in vciiuig bos
in iowl.iuils 1 jilmiib n, urn through pick
ing," Xlvorpool cabled "deneral bujlng "
AaulUcr Mtcrpvol cabi. iJai'ket fcl
tho Influence of klltlns frost cables. V'oth
In tr offerlnc."
Helinii, Ala., wired: "Kllllnir frost liere
Inst uluht, destroying all vetfetiitlnn. Kleveti
tints earlier than last venr."
When I Loner l.nrite ltecelils
Won I tier (iooil World's Milp
anenlsj Sniiiller ('urn l.tiwcr
With tlnormous World' l-Ii-purls.
Tito drift of thlius was niralust wheat In
cplle of the fad Unit tho world's shipments
Hlioed a noteworlhvdoeieae, '1 ho weather
was (joes I, the roc eipts wore In rue and come of
tho t'ontliiotitnl inarkotH wore lower. Ilmla-s-st
doclluod to. Ilorllhwns tiuchauitcd to
';o. lower. Tin) Northwestern receipts weie
very larire, miiio than tiehlo tliovo of llio
same week a year into. In two days the
stock at .Minneapolis Increnod .Vm.oio
bushels, The oxisjrl demand Is loss urgent,
l!portois' llndls nro too fur under the
maiket to watraut the nsM-tntlon of a
law business Just now. 'I ho hltr victories
of tho allies In tlie ll.ilkati war seem to
point to linearly end of the striiKitln. Many
of tho blit ois'ialors In this country havo
tofiiod to ko Inns' on tho sr-rcimth of the
war news on the ground that tho war was
likely to end suddenly at any time, or at
any rale on the near approach of winter
it was not likely to bo pro! railed, The de
illuo In corn was also n ilepiesslr.c factor.
Wheat reached a new low level for the
Hut bulls could cite Mime things In their
favor, l'or Instance, tho world'sslilpinents
for tho week dropod to ll,.VI,ooo bushels,
aenlnst 14,14 l.issi In the previous week
and i:,.H:,kh) last year. The quantity on
passniro to Luroisi decreased :i,104,cihi
bushels, Liverpool was unehnnced to !,'d.
hltflier and llnenos Avros advanced
to ,o. Tho Itnsslan movement ban fallen
off noticeably to l.nit.noo, acalnst a,fM,ooft
In the previous week nnd ll.fi.u.iioo InHt year,
possibly owIiir to the llalknu wnr. The
decrease In the quantity on passace was
larue enoiikth to exclto comment. Win
nipei; receipts hliowed a falling off, bcinc
only ;ou ears, uualust l.t.js a week nuo
and l,T7 last year. Somo well known
lioople, clancim; over recent doveloiiments,
lun th croimd "that tho wheat market
has boon showinir strencth, considering
that tliero Is a surplus crop nt least 70,000,000
bushels larccr than in tho previous year.
The Kurotioaii crop turned out bettor than
exs?cted in iiuantity, hut the ouality Is
tsior and tniioh of the crop will not 1m aall
able liofore tho turn of tho year. Demand
for our hlcli grade mlllinc wheat has Ikpii
exrellent and exports to date are l.1,(Hio,ooo
bushels more tlinn last year. The excellent
outlook for tho Argentine crop run v havo
u restrainliiK Ititliience. Tho world's crop
Is lou.uoo.noo Inrtrer than last year and the
major part of this Is contributed hy this
continent. Hut many anticipate that, owinc
to the excellent quality of our wheat, it
will be In demand to tho extent of the sur
plus. The fllliliK up of exhausted Mocks
in this country Is another factor that will
count in tho disaps. mince of a hmo part
of the surplus, and thus far this demand
has played a very important part, as may
Im judged by the following comparl-011
of the stocks, receipts and shipments of
tho eleven Western primary markets,"
1B13-1.1. 1011-11. 1910-11.
, ;i,it.iin :iii'ji,cui ti.stci.cHi
171,101.(110 13H.7lal.im 173.Si:i.ll
loi.x3i.nuo &o.nis. r1U.1a1.nuo
D,.Vil,ul .ii.s.vi.iiii 10.4Sl.cao
.V,.7l3.ncl 27.ni0.iini 4 4,171 .IIS)
. ai.t,Cll '33.073 lJ '.'1.717.000
Slocks. July 1.
NtncUR lnr'il
Uical taklnirs
i:ip. to .Nov. 1
Corn declined to a new level owing to big
world's shipments, favorable weather for
husking, Snow 's crop estimate of a.lon.ooo.iHKi
bushels and a decline In Liverpool of '.
ns well ns a drop In lluenos yro of to
!;c. The total world's exports, too, reached
the surprisingly largo nggregnte of N.l.M.noo
bushels, against T.OM.Ooo in tho previous
week and l.ltso.OOU last year. The ciuimtity
on passage to I'.uropo Increased ;,;7,i,(i
bushels, livery hud y is now looking for
a high record rrop. There was consider
able liquidation. Somo close observers
point out that October was too favorable
to the mating of a record corn crop. The
reports of Clement Curtis give a total yield
of a.llJ.COO.oon, being the lecui-d of the (mi
try In aggregate yield nud the second largest
average yield per acto. Tho crop of iimo
had a yield of :m n s-r aero, while this yaar
the nvetugo yield is 2vs, which Is one Imshel
over tho October 1 indication on condition
reports. The crop Is ."sI.ikhi.imk) hulies
larger than last year, or v.'i per cent, 'I he
percentage of last year's crop on the farm
Is the smallest in yeai, Willi nil average of
2 per cent,, or .'iO.IiU.imsi bushels The c top
and carry over nggiegates :t.c,'.'.(io,f.cjti, or
.Ilii.nnO.ocMi larger than the amount available
on November I last year In all eereul
production the crop of the country has
made a record on tho acreage. 'I ho wheat
crop 011 the preliminary estimate fs tni.too.
oco gieator than lust year, the oats pro
duction 4!H),no(i,imii, or .VI per cent. '1 he
total yield of the three great cereals Is
l,172,ooo.oin bushels greater, which is an
Incieaso of HI s'r cent. The increased
production ol coin In the seven suiplus
States of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa,
Missouri, .Nebraska and Kansas Is 4ii"i,iKii.n,ii,
or 70 per cent of the total Incieaso Oil,, r
States showing larger lel'ls are Kentucky,
Arkansas, Minnesota, South Dakota, Okla
homa and Texas, the two Initer contrasting
with almost fninlno yields the preceding
Oats declined In sympathy with other
grain, but it Is still noticeable that prices
clung mure or loss tenaciously, especially
lor cash outs, to the neighborhood of lecent
(inotiitions owing to nil excellent cash de
mand anil unmistakable evidence of a largo
consumption. Nevertheless many ore Lear
Isb on the high tecord crop.
Wheat on the spot was Irregular, Closing
prices f. o. b, atloat for export, Kill linsis:
No. '.' toil to arrive, SITU.', No. 1 .Vottheiu
spring. 117'jc : Xo. 2 haul winter. I'Iii.c No.
I Northern .Manitoba, '.me. Sales weie 1111,11.0
bushels lor export, partly .Manitoba. Corn
wnscasior No. 2 white, nominal. Oats weie
firm, standards, :1:1c ; No. '.' white, uouiiuul.
Itye Quoted No. 2. 07V. (' 1. f. Ihill'iilo,
Novcmberhhiiiniejit.i'iir lols. Stale IVnnsj .
vaiila, nominal c. I, f. New Vork. Ilarley
Malting, ,'iVu 7.'e, c i. I. I li 1 ft 11 1 to arrive;
feeding, 4.'i lbs., :,i',c. c1. I. f. New oik
l'i ices were 11s follows'
Opi'ii- IIIkIi- Low- ('Im. Prev.
Wheat: lug est. est lav ( lose
Drrpinhrr iilbj 11715 wit, ;i.
May luP, lii, 11m', no', tui'i
Ciiicioo, Nov. 4 I' rices iter as follow.,:
tlpeil- lllRll- Lint- 'tits. Prev.
liKCcmhtT. Mat
Inly . .
1 in ii
lie, i-iiil'c-r
.Mil) . ...
mil est. est tier. Close
CM. I)
1)1', ,
HI". I
:.l !;it,
51' 4
00 i
OTiiint maui;i:th
Open lllifh a- ('Ins- Pirv.
Mliiiicilioll. Pre
Mai ,
Diilutli. .. Hie
May. (ilur) lice
Wlnnliiri; .. lite
HUT. el est. nf I lu-i-,
h.V, 4, S.V, sit, ni svi
HI UN. Ull. M'l. in
M' N'l. h!k h'i a.-.'.
tai'g lull, Ml, Mil, i,i't
M hi M VI M
Sl'a M'i hV, M hi
Ml MO. kTt. 1,7'. T.
i oicun
Kansas City
St. IjiuI
Kansas f'liy
M IjiiI.
Dec tin', in.1, unii, liitii, nihi,
ti.it. lit', nit, 111 1141. im,
lice Mik-I H, M M', Sll,
M.-il . ale, wit, tti (,'H, (.,,t,
Dec HI 111 nil', ;(, in i,'
Ma). Wl th'.i, ti'.i., if 4, iic-.ij
Dec 47 ftl,
IV 7'
I'"' 3i 3i ;i;'i .1?', :i3'.
III" mnln movement was as follows;
New Vork: IVI-c-it Corn. Dais ttt.. llailcy
lleclnts ii.u.i i-j;.io ,;, i,i
Milinne Us .MI.II..I IIU,Ui i(Ml
( Iiiiccii.
Ilc-cc-ipl, 2 !.( KW.IHio 1,a,((l :u,Ul :i.-,,(,l
i:ports '.'i'liinii Vis.iinii t.is:',i) tn.nnii 3ii.ki
The Noithweslcrn wheat iccelpts were
as follow;
Yrslrr- List
clay Wrc-k mil ifim
. . l,i;o l,i:r.i CciS ii.'
I, cm 7is ui
si 7 73 73
Ilillnlli fcaiv
:,si i.m ixa va
The wot Id's wheat exports weie an fol
lows :
ljlt wrrk.
. . i.s.vvoou
. . . :i!n.ni
1'rev. wrrk. lull.
n.oT'.'.uii 4,r.i.ii)
Arri ntlna
II10H.1.. .
IMliulilan . ...
l.t'S KO
AllMr.lIU .
. 1?..VH.ir) H.lli.mil IL'.f.lI.iasi
The world's corn expolts weto as fol
lows :
Last wrck PrrV. wrrk.
ll.nm W.um
7,7l.i" ;,isii.ii
sni.oo (Jt.uii
.... kVko r.s.dii
At iiriitiiui, .
Hiii.i... "
I III million
Total s.l.M.HU) 7.MI.UHI tm(XU
lluyers of wheal Included Harris, Win-
thmp V t'o riKllke(lr.i!n(!o,, hlintl nrnum,
llloom uiul llelhuan. I he Kellers were
Kimball. Imuran A llrynn and tiklllen. Hart-
lelt, l'in.er Co., I.oirnii llryan, Wunner
and Cutteti sold corn, lluyers of outs were
tieahiirt, I isllke and Arnot. Tho sellers
were j 0 .lenks and Armour drain I'o,
t'llii'Mio, Nov. 4.- I ho speeulutlvo por
tion of tho trade anticipates some difficulty
in t lie movement later on through ear
hurtaiie, and this belief Is not only shared
hy the country dealer, but the sltuntlon Is
already acute. At the Ohio drain Dealers'
meet hut In Columbus a week into repoits
were general uf inability to handle the light
movement of grain at this early dnte. Tho
Illinois Association, recognl.lng tho diffi
culty ns existing and likely to become worse,
has etltioned the State commission to
give aid to the grain shipper through rigid
rules applied to tho railroad managements.
I lit 1 1 the now crop Is in full swing and the
extent of Interforenco by i-ongestlon of
enormous rail traffic the market is liable to
show great resistance to selling pressure.
I ltlmately the weight of the crop will have
Its effect on the market. Two years ago a
moderate crop, In comparison with this one,
forced decline to 4(1' 5 cents for May de
livery from quotations at midwinter, higher
than those now prevailing. The bumper
crop of inoo came to a market that was
sharing the full tide of a general business
movement. And the low price in the spring
of the year was 4 1 1, cents, which was two
cents above the price prevailing late in the
previous fall. So tho prlco question Is not
one of offhand settlement; rather one of
general business conditions and general
prices. The farmer Is likely to part with
his crop gingerly at a reduced rate, and
whatever weakness develops will be of a
slow character
Klour was steady and In moderate demand.
Spring clears, l4..VKa 14.70; patents. U.TOa
Kansas straights, S4,40?i4.rS. Ilye
Hour, $3.WQSt.li
Copper Tratle llaltn liimr Demand,
lint Sale Smalt,
Tho copper t ratio yesterday had assumed
a wnilingnttltude just prior to the national
elections lu the face of which the market
held cpiiet and with no transictioii of note
loupug to light.
It would appear from a canvas made by
TltK Sl'N that the smaller selling interest
ruled whatever market there was with
sales effected at 17'. cenlsa pound, Demand
nppearcd among the first hand trade for
carload lots, Out as concession, were de
sired no sales were made in this direction.
Tho oirtput of tho l'helps-Dodgo smelters
during October was- t;i,ltVi,07i) iiounds a
compared with 1 1 ,7."i7,37.1 pounds In Septem
ber, is,.'i2..v,2 pounds In August and lo.fliKi,
740 pounds in October, 1011. Tho Ana
conda output in October was 25,;."sl,(ii)
pound-as compared with :i,Soo.(x' pounds
In September and 2l,400,oi pounds for
October, mil. The 0.uincy Mining Com
pTmy's mineral output lu October was
1,21. tons as compared with I.I'll Ions in
Soptomlior Calumet and Arizona s pro
duction In October was 4,404,ooo pounds of
blister copisT as compared with 4,4n;,iM
IMHinds in September and 4,7S4,() pound
in October last year.
I'rlcos of standard copper are a follows:
I'lil. .skcil.
is 7-.
in 71 17 l.i
Iff 7.1 17 1.
II! 7.-. 17 l.t
.1 en
7 li 7 4.-.
.VI iC' j Ml 17' J
.Nmcmhrr .
January., .
Sprllrr. .
IK '!
. IS 7
..If, 7".
. 4 70
. 7
,.4'J 90
17 III
17 If,
17 in
4 411
7 4V
.71 Xt
London prices wete:
I- Cl.
7.t 7 a
7.) II II
-hi II (I
:2 l.t 11
:7 7 r,
C7 3
s. ,1.
7.1 in 11
70 r f.
f.l 11 11
rri .', o
is it a
.7 7 cl
(17 3
Ccitutrr. spet
I'npitrr. funirc
Tin, spot
'I In, futures . ,
IMS Iron. C. V
Dull nn.l
StluliHr l.oer Villi I im
I'm Islmis llluhrr.
Tradinv in coffee was Unlit unci prices
shotted no uiaikocl chatiue, (Icclllllllf
sllirlttly. 1 1 a Till u ru was loner Havre did
not clianiro materially. No lepurts cnnio
from llriuil ottiti'r to liolicluy on I-'ticlay
mill Saturday Cost unci f reheat offers ttero
steady, tin Inctuuploto returns it looked ns
tlinui-h the world's visibln suiiply duriiii;
October hnd liicic.-iseil about .'lOO.noo linxs,
or 2im.ij4.il los tlinn In the same month Inst
your Tlio unroliom-e deliveries hi October
wore !)l,m.i lines Inritor than (luring Seplein
her Foreign dolltetios are snid to lie about
..","" ."IK" Ullk'-I llll.ll ,11 ,il-,,n-,tlli,-.
Of Into the market liere received moreorless
support. Whit looks lil;o the ending of the
Balkan war In the near future was regnrded
as favorable to tho market
Cofloe on the hmt was quiet llio No. 7,
14 v. Futures closed unchanged lo 3 points
lower. S.-iles were 3"i,'.'.'() lings. Havre closed
unchnnged. Hamburg ilo-ed !,''. lower.
Owing to a liolid.iv nt Hr.i.ll Saturday the
reiiiil.il- c utile was mil received Iroin llio
to-d.iy. I'rlcos wore as follows.
Sale Highest. Ixittcst ('luting
March 4.fi (i Ii r. II i:i II i:' -14 in
Vlay lOJftl 14 23 II '.'I 14 SI .114 2!
.ini no nr. H -j:i 1 1 1 1 1 :.
.S-ptl-.-lit-r 7.IJO 14 I'd 14 vn H 14 '.'7
Nciti-iiilicr I.ci II n 1107 llii,14in
lici-cmtii-r . ,.0.l II"'! II ml II cm -i HOI
I'liovtsiuNs lard vvas firm, prime West
ern, fit 53. refined Continent, II l. so Pork
iwns Mroiu:. mess. tin. 2,(ii llll. 7e. Ileef was
stenil) , i.ii l.et, j:n'ii-.'i llutter I'leuuiery
etins, S'.",6i.'i:io llrts, Wl'ii.'ll 1 ,c. Choose
State whole mill,, nett- while unil coloicil
specials, 17', 'ii 17", o l.gKs Fresh gallioreil
llrsls, :ie Chicago, .Nov 4 "llio
bullMi uionllily ht.-uistics ami light hog
inovenionl made n simrply higher opening
lu provisions Th" doiiijiul via h of n gen-
eial huracter and only fuir lu voluiiie uml
was soon satisfied lit- ofterlngs from coin-
lilissiou houses ttlio weto lliouuht to be
uitliigfor packeis, I oiisiileiiililo scatlered
selling ncTiirrciJ, Inllneni eel b1 the weak
liess in i-orii uml the combined pressure
c Insect this market weak nnd ul declines
ttoui Frid'iv. Cash Ir.-ulo was quiet"
I'rices were as folluvvs.
Open- llljli- l.uit.
hue. rl. est
. lu IV; in 77i) Id An
10 '. All 10 711 l'i )
..in 27'j-ai in. tai-, in i5
Cloa. I'rcv.
Ine, Clcise.
lu cm in nv-,
in Ui to m
10 Wj lo.l-.'ia
I -ml:
Ill () IClj 10 071 j S 02'a 0 82U p ft.-,
W 0 r.'1-i 0 70 70 II 70
.Ian... I )-) IR 11.1 1.37li 1H .174 l 40
May IK y is a is.ui ih or, m no
Si c i v ii Ihitt was firm: cenlrlfugal, no
test, 4 n.V.. iiiiiHcotaili s, SO test, :i.5!ic, He-
lined vt.is unlet grauululeil, 4. lino.
Nav.vi, Snii'i-s. Spirit, of turpentine,
:c. I oiiiuion lo good htrnlnetl rosin, Jfl.5.',.
I , S, Supreme Court Cnlrudtira.
WAHIIIMI'IDN. Nov. 4. Thr (In) call of Hit
I'nlloil MH: Supreme Court fur Tun-clay,
November :: 'u. r,, :a :u, ,11 (anil .171, XI, 31,
:i.v 'ami ao.37, SMind 3v.
'I lie Wall Hlrrcl nlllluri nf TUB I'.VKMsa St'N
conlaliis all Ihc- financial nrwa and llii- atnek and
lmiul itiicilalluiia In tlic ilute of the market, 'I'lie
(limine limitations, Inrlucllni the "bid and aakrcl"
prices. Willi additional nrwi, matter, are contained
Im In Hie nl nt noil Cnal ctllileoi vt Tut ISTKMlMi
Supreme Court Withhold Iliipor
tnitt Verdict Till Election Is 0rr.
WAHitlNdios', 'Nov. 4.- N'o important
decisions worn rendered by tho United
.StiileM Supremo Court to-day.
It was "opinion tiny," but It whs x
pecteil that tho court would withhold
lis decisions in tho important trust cases
until nftor flection. Theso aro the
antlirnoito coal case, tho llarriman mercer
enso Involving; tho Union Pacific nnd
Southern Puclllo merger, ami the State,
rate mson.
Tl. ...,t.. .1 1.1 I 1 I nn
afflrmine (lie Judgment of tho Federal
court for rorto itico lmposine, 11 lino
against a loreign corporation lor violating
the alien contract labor law.
Mm. ,ntcli lip for Contempt In
Kill OK for t.os of Iter Husband.
Mrs. Kllabeth II, Xntscli, whose hus
band, Charles Xatsclt, went down with
tlio Titanic, had nn opportunity before
Judge, HourIi In I he United Slates !)!
trlct Court yesterday to show cause why
nhe or her attorney should not ho pun
ished for contempt for Blurting, suit In
tho State. Supremo Court lo n'cover
$!.",000 from the owners of the Titanic.
Tho writ ordering Mra. Natsch to show
catlso had lieen secured by Charles C.
itiirllnfcham. attorney for the Oceanic
Steam Navigation Company, which oper
ates the White star Line. In bis bill or
complaint Mr. liiirlincham Beta forth
thai Mrs. Natsch, through her attorney,
A. I.eonnrd HrotlRlmm. violated tho mo
nition issued by tho United Slates Dis
trict Court nt the time the owners of the
Titanic begun litigation to limit their
monetary responsibility In the loss in
curred by tho sinking of the steumship
to approximately iu.mwu. j ihs monition
directed all claimants to file their de
mands with United States Commissioner
nilchrist before January It next and
prohibited them from startinc nnv dam
age suits during the period while the
limitation of liability proceedings were
Mr. Rtirlingham argued that Mrs.
N'atsch should have died her claim with
the Commissioner instead of starting
suit in the State courts, inasmuch as the
Federal courts hnvo supreme jurisdiction
In mattoin of admiralty.
Attorney Rroiniliam insisted that the
limitation proceed itiRii would consume
n great deal of time and that his client
bv waiting would lose her chance to
Iwgin suit, inasmuch a she hnd allowed
a year to elapse between tho time of her
husband's death and tho Ix-ginnlng of her
Judge Hough reserved decision.
Thrralrn Walkout, lint Ilcert Demi's
t'ltlmalnni CrllibhiK ritaree Caair,
Juniors of the Hroohlyn College of
Pharmacy, at "d' Nostrand avenue, threat-
ened to call a strike yesterday, but upon
receiving nn ultimatum from Dr. William
C. Anderson, the dean, decided to defer
action until a committee had placed tho
matter before him officially.
More than a score of the students were
in, a delinato mood, however, and made
no effort to conceal the fact, lliey con
sented to a temporary armistice because
Denn Andsrson assured thm they
wniilrl Icmi. n vphp'm crpclits if tbov didn't.
Even then it" was necessary to threuten
some of the more unruly with physical
Irof. Tracoy K. Clnrk is the issue. On
Kridav he eiec:ted a otutlent. Max Mogi
letisky. from his olasrcwn on the ground
that the student hud Iwii "cribbing"
and had refused to leave the room when
told to do so. There was much excite
ment among the oilier students, many
of whom are women. They alleged Mogi
lensky was tumbled over a desk in the
strenuous process of ejectment. The
students threatened then to declare a
striko and picket the school, A an
alternative they demanded l'rof Clark's
MogilotiHky resides on tho East Side
of .Mnuhnttnn nnd many of his fellow
students hail from the same section.
As yet no action has been takengainst
either Mogiletn-ky or IVof. Clark. A
committee of live students has been
appointed to wait on Dr. Anderson.
ii I,
Iloa)lnn. IVralnn Otllelal, Asks
t'onrl li Chnnirr It.
Col Mesrop N'evlon Hoyaian, formerly
secretnrv of the Persian Legation at Wash
ington, who now liven at nil Islington
avenue and is one of the leaders in tho
Armenian colqny hero, got permission
from Supremo Court .Justice Xowhurger
yesterday lo drop the "lloyajian" from
ills iiamo Isjcaiiso ii is Turkish and to
substitute. "Azgapet."
In his H;itiou Col. Boyniian, who was
formerly an officer in the Persian army,
aicl that "as the Turkish people have
alvvavs lieen the oppressors nnd perse
cutors of tho Armenian people, of whom
- .... ' t I . .1 ...
. peiuioner is one, 1-1 s u-ij- ti.-si.uiin
of cliungiiig from a Turkish to an Ar
menian name,
Tho petitioner said that his father
is known as an "Agapet," or chief of
llio Protestant Christian s-thjects of tho
ottoman Empire, and for that reason lie
substitutes this name for the
onu he dropped.
SeleaUe nnd lo le 4'linraril Willi
Cilorllon After Inx-atlBulloii.
Iiidictments were returned yesterday
by the Brooklyn Grand Jury against
Hobert Selesko and .lames Doyle, detec
tives attached to the Slagg street poliio
station. They nrn charged with extortion
by Viktor Filmon of 27 East Eighth street
and are now out on huil and havo been
suspended from the Police Department
since their arrests in connection with tlio
Mlnum nllesos that Ihev llireatened
I him with arrcsl unless ho gave them
( J'.'iki lie told Police fcmmtisHioucr Waldo
nnd the c-aso was turned over to Lieut.
t osllgan for Investigation
I'lie inonev was not found on Seloske.
however, nlthougli Filmou alleges he
handed part of the money to ono of the
detectives, ut CostiKan's suggestion, .
Doyle, who was arrested two days
later, has been In trouble) before, having
boon indicted nnd tried for murder. Ho
was acquitted.
l.oa Aiiirelen Woman Will fir Tried
In Missouri,
I "tin iin.nii'11 I"! iiiiuiy ivirn "l mis
Los Anoi-xks, Nov. 4.-M am happier point. The store will bo entirely re
tlian I have been for years," Mrs. Pansy modelled for business purposes nnd will
HiiHtliiKh-liesh tolil tho eity jailer to
day followlnir, her confeKxlon to huviiiK
poiHonecl two women in Missouri. I he;
womiin ih lieltiR held lo iiwnlt llio urrivnl
or Sheriff llcnclernon of I'ettis county, WKST llTH STIIKKX -The DuronH ("om
Mo the seeno of tho alleged liuirilerH. I i!;f,"V,a,H r:'w,l1 f"" TIioiiiiih llyrne
He lias teli'RruiihtMl Chief Selxihtiiin thill I
ho will lie hero to-night or early to-inor-rovv.
It I the opinion of the police hero
that Mrs, IfiihtitiKH-Lesh i wine, hut the
hiiHliaitO of the woman mninlnitiH that
hlic Iuih loKt her mind.
Mr. ilahtinKs-Lei.li gives Ihe iimin-8
of her victims as Mrs. Klizn t.'o of Se
dalia unci Mrs. K. M. Quaintitnco of (ireen
liidge, Mo. She suys that she admin
istered poiKon to both wonieu, hut does
mot know wii sIm poifiewtxl vomm.
Xt'W llio'li Kccord for Shopping
District llciilileiiis Invest
in This City.
Silk House Lenses on itli Ave
nue Some Quick Lunch llcnt
uis The Montnim Sold.
Store rentals In the new uptown
shopping district, like feu values in tlio
financial section, seem to hnvc no limit.
Three times in the last six months has
the value of store space mountid to
new figures, the latest being something
less than $2fi a square foot, established
yesterday In the McAlpIn Hotel, Thirty
third to Thirty-fourth street" and
Uroadtvny. Albert H. Ashforth reports
having leased for the United Drug Com
pany u Htoro 15x50 between the drug
company's stnro and tho Thirty-fourth
street entrance to tho hotel to tho
D'Amron Company, dealers In station
ery and leather goods. This space wan
held at $23 a square foot. How much
less the tenant will pay Is not an
nounced by the broker.
Last week the lease of this space to
the drug company was recorded nnct
showed an average prlco a square foot
of $20. Prior to that the high value
for the section was. obtained for a store
in the Wilson Building, at tho south
east corner of Uroadway and Thirty-
third street, where the X nlttd Cigar
ftores Company took space averaging
$19 a square foot a year rental.
Gilbert S. and IouIh S. Hctibleln arc
the buyers of the property at 72 to 70
Walker street, a llvo story and base
ment building, sold about ten days ago
by the Douglas .Uoblnson, Charles S.
Itrown Company and the Charles K.
N'oycs Company. The llcublelns nrn
proprietors of hotels hearing their name
In New Haven nnd in Hartford and are
otherwise Interested In concerns of
largo capitalization. They are exten
sive owners of Hartford real estate.
Their purchase hero Is for Investment.
The Wnlkor street property Is assessed
for $150,000.
Further activity In the Carnegie Hill
section of Park avenue, where many line
dwellings are taking tlio places uf ol.l
residences and Hat properties, was re
ported ye.'tcrday by Douglas 1 Elllman
& Co., who have sold for the esUite of
Henrietta Stelnfelder. through .Samuel
Stelnfelder as executor. 1215 Park nvo-'
nue, a three story high sloop dwelling
on a lot 20xfi9, cast side, 20.8 feet south
of Ninety-fifth street. The buyer is an
During the last sixteen months the.-j
have boon eight sales of properties
north of Ninety-first' street which cither
have been Improved with tine dwellings
or probably will be In a short time.
Mrs. Frederick Bronon purchased a
plot 84.3x77 at the northeast corner of
Park avenue and Ninety-first street,
where she Is building two private resi
dences. Later she acquired 1115 Park
avenue, adjoining. Tho dwelling at 1145
Park avenue was another to llnd a
buyer, while Hubert S. Minturn ac
quired for the site of two residences, one
for himself, the old Crullne Convent
property at the northwest corner of
Ninety-third street and Park avenue.
Lust month the sale of the northeast
corner of Park avenue and Ninety
fourth street was reported, and the
purchaser will alter tho building, a
dwelling, of the American basement
type for his own use. Two lints at 1227
and 1230 ulso have found buyers re
el ntly, the purchasers . vldently believ
ing that such properties offered good
opportunity for profit making.
Still another silk bouse ha.4 decided to
Join tho ranks of those who are making
ii. mii, ii ,1 i-iiui: iiiii.. mu n"Ul"l IC.-
tile centres lu the world. The Hartley
Silk .Manufacturing Cominny, now i.i
Droome street, have leased through S.
Osgood Pell K Co. the eight story
building which will be erected at 377
Fourth avenue by William II. Heroy.
The lease, which dates from the com
pletion of the building, Is for twenty
one years nt nn aggregate rental nt
$500,000. It carries several renewals.
Some Idea of the profits in the frank
furter and roll lunch business can bo
had from the reports of rentals paid
for properties In anil near Ann street
where such business Is carried on, Ono
Mnx, who conducts the Busy Bee, has
ccntrneited to take under lcise th'i
store at 100 Nassau street, adjoining Iha'wells. '.v..j...u.
ucrthwest corner of Ann street, for tlf.
teen years at a rental of $S,000 for the
flist live year's nnd $3,500 thereafter.
For the one story buildings at 7 and !)
Ann street he Is now paying the Pulitzer
estate $(1,000 a year.
Title to the Montana npartment house,
at the corner of Mount Morris Pari:
West and 124th street, vv.is passed yes
terday to tho New Vork Heal Estnto
Security Company. Albert Frunke. who
sold the property, has owned It slnco
1894. He held It nt $275,000. The Mon
tana occupies a plot 100,11x100 and
enjoys tlio distinction of being one of
the few six story apartment buildings In
the city which nro fireproof.
The Now Vork lte.il Estate Security
Company recently has been one of tho
largest buyers of apartment houses. Its
holdings Include Concord Hall, at River
side Drive and llUlh street; the lrvln?
Anns, at Itlvorsldo Drive and Ninety
fourth street, nnd Yorktfiwu Court, nt
Fort Washington nvenue nnd 162d
Leopold Well, Adolph Meyer nnd Hell
& Stern hnvo leased for n long term of
years at a rental of about $3OO,Q0O, the
corner store In the Marlborough Hotel,
northwest corner of Thirty-sixth street
and Broadway. The cafe of the hotel
l,...,i r .. .
he occupleil hy the VcircI & Lemleln
tiniiviny, retnll clothiers.
.l.'ll VVl-ht rimrtocltth Klreid. n fniii-
story dwelling, on n lot '.'."in 111:1,3, Tho
uuyiT ri M'tnuei i.utioiielil, who owns
tlio nroiHirtv 111 ci 11 inr m -ml1 M-
Littlelleld now c-oiittciU a plot of fin
feet rroiilage, nliout S.VI feet west of
Kighlh avenue. This is tho third sale of
the properly slnco October 1). -when
t was sold for KII.OOO to John .1. Ikuiii
In n partition Mile. Two weeks latter
Mr. I,ong sold it ut a profit to Mr. Byrne
who now tukes another prollt on the
nnrool. Titlo wus tiaasoci yesterday.
CUM WHEEV.-ilmla and Uitlrio.
Mandelbanm havo resold through th
Charles V. Noycs Company to Henry
I-cerburgor 00 Cliff street, a four story
front nnd a tlireo story rear building,
on lot 20x100, near Ileekman street.
Tho sellers recently bought tho prop
erty through tho samo brokers from
Evelyn Coventry. ,
MADISON STHEKT.Eugene Drlscoll
and Michael Hofrnno have bpuaht
4S Madison street, a four story build
ing, on lot io.8x53.Bx Irregular, be-twe-en
.lames nnd Oliver streets. Catn
rlno Coyle Is the owner of rec
ord. At present, the proerty Is oc
cupied by tho Downtown Tammany
havo sold for a client two lots on tho
north side of lotigwood avenue, 2M
feet east of llarrv street, to a builder,
EAST 17NTH S TUEET.-Clement H. Smith
has sold for a client l dwelling at
45 East 178th street to a client for
The Somcrvllle Itealty Company reports
the following sales at Homorvllle Park,
Arvcrno, I.. I.: A plot 140x100 on the west
side of (huton avenue to Hamuel Kngcls
berg nnd a plot 40x100 on the east side of
Vornnni avenue to the same purchaser;
also a plot SdxlOO on the east side of Gas
ton avenue, north of Morris avenue, to
Louis Glass & Co.; a plot 40x100 on the
north sldo of Alnstcl Boulevard to J. K.
Hotrlck, a plot of eliiht lota on the north
side of Bnnnlstar avenue to Frank Bantle,
n plot 140x100 at tho northeast corner of
Amstel Boulevard and Wave Crest ave
nue to Vlncenw) Calderone and the entire
block front, consisting of ten lots, on the
cast side of Wave Crest avenue, between
Almoda and Bannlslnr avenues, to the
Wave Crest Construction Company.
The McKnlsht Henlty Company has sold
to S. M. Hltt of Philadelphia a plot In the
Kstatcs of Great Neck having a frontago
of 75 feet at the Junction of Hillside ave
nuo and Maplo street. The purchaser
will erect a Colonial residence to cost
$12,000 ; to G. J. Hardlngs of Manhattan
a residence facing Maple street, near
t.'ed.ir Drive, and to Mrs. M. McMillan an
English Colonial icsldenco facing tlm
street, near Hillside avenue.
The Henry Steers Company has bought
tho pUiit of the Ogden Iron and Steel
Manufacturing Company at Bayonne, N.
J., a brick factory and twenty-four lots.
comprising tho entire block hounded by
First street, Humphreys nvenue. Second
street and Trask avenue. The sale alo
Included all tlio lands on the opposite side
of First street, extending to Kill van
Thomas N. Cooke has sold to A. M.
X.ibrlsklc the twenty-two acre estate, with
a lame stone residence and outbuildings,
owned by Charles Hlrschborn on North
sticet, near tho Greenwich Country Club,
The propel ty has been held at $250,000.
The amo broker oho sold the farm owned
by the estate of John U B. Holt at Stam
ford, consisting of 150 acres, commanding
nn extensive Sound and country view. It
has been purchased by Lawrence Darr.
Harnett Hnusn Is tho buyer of the plot
1 109.10x1 17.1 1 at the southwest corner of
Plnohurst avenue and 181st street, the
sale of which by the Henry Morgcnthau
Company was reported last week. A six
story apartment house will be erected on
the site.
The Alliance Realty Company has ac
quired title to .the four story dwelling at
32 West Flfty-elKhth street, tho sale of
which by Ihc Howe estate through Henry
D. Wlnans & -May was reported last
Sch wn tlx & Gross, architects, have filed
plans for a twelve story elevator apart
ment house on tho northwest corner of
Klghty-tlfUi street and West End ave
nue. The building will have a depth of
129.11 'j feet, a frontue of 102.1 Vt feet
and will lie 14 1. feet In height. It will be
constructed of brick, atone and concrete,
with a facadn of terra cotta brick and
limestone. There will be accommoda
tions for fifty-three families nnd one ele
vator on the KlKhty-llfth street side and
mother on the West End nvenue side.
The West End Avenue and Elghty-tlfth
Street Company, of which l-opold Kahn
Is the president. Is the owner and the cost
In estimated at tl.10o.oOO.
(Jocirge F. Pelham. architect, has filed
plans for the election of a six story
tenement, 50x63.4, at 27 to 31 West 104th
sticet. The building will be built of con
crete and limestone, with a facade of
terra cotta bricks. The Charles I. Wein
berg Ilcalty Company, of which Charles
,mnor. ml ... C0I, .. b,en ,,,,P.d .
Luclnn Piselotta, architect, filed plans
at The Bronx Bureau of Buildings for
throe five story brick tenements on tho
outli side of 1 S 31 street, 55 feet east
of Il.ithgate avenue, each 40x82, for the
Asnio Itealty Company, of which Vincent
Busccml Is the president. The cost has
been estimated at $120,000.
Peao & KUImnn have leased for Charles
It. Pelgrnm. attorney, 04 RIvcrsIde-Drlve,
a live -tfory American basement dwelling,
to Itnbeit L. Boecher.
Pease & Klllnmn have Uased the
dwelling at 50 East Seventy-fifth street
for A. Levy to T. C. Condon and the
dwelling at 135 Ent Seventy-first street
f , . ,- I ' 1. 1 1 t 1.',-......... .. n 1A1.
Worthlnston Whltehouse has leased for
Mrs. .1. Laurens Van Alcn the five story
American basement dwelling at 40 East
Fiftieth street to Sidney C. Borg.
Pease & Elllmiin hnve rented for the
Lincoln Trust Company office In their
building at 200 West Seventy-second
street to Walter Tonnolo.
Poaso a Elllmau has leased a loft In
42 and 44 West Thirty-ninth street to
An rnn Kosofsky.
Christian Sclulerloh has leased a plot
of ground 50x100 at Eleventh avenue and
Thirty-seventh slre-et for Peter McGIrr
to Tcraiico McKi'gney for a term of
twenty-one years. The lessee will erect
a four story fireproof loft building. The
same broker also negotiated a building
loan for the lessee. The property abuts
the New Votk Central Hallrond yards at
Thirty-seventh street and Eleventh ave
nOue and has not changed hands In thirty
PlUer & Smith have leased for
Charles II. Kchioeder to the Tieniont
Amusement Company tho new theatre at
Tremont and Clinton avenues for ten
5 ears ut an aggregate rentnl of $40,000,
The Julius Friend, Edward M, Lewi
Company has leased 17,600 square feet
In tlio Cammeyer Building at the south
east corner of Sixth nvenue and Twentieth
street to Max Held,
Tucker, Speyers & Co. have leased to
the New Fiction Library the store at 642
Madison avenue for a term of years.
The Lewis II, May Company him leased
IhroiiRh William L. Hnvvinan an ocean
itoiit note! on Dlcucrson avenue, ICdKe
mere, L. I for the S. & L. Construction
Company to Hello lilnulclo, for a term of
live years, from Ihe plans of Ilownid
& Cullman. The May Company also se
cured for tlie civvner.H u htilldliiK and
1 peimatunt loan to the ntnount of $33,000
I'lihllc llfTrrliiK A'ralrrday In
I' be
(At 3208 Third Avenue.)
Hy Joaeph J', uy,
JACKSON AV, 468, e 0, I7. n 143th at,
25x100, 1 aty dwlg D C Honnnnburg agt
Amelia Hoffmlre tt al; partition', to Ilia
plalntlt , ,go
(tens nam anil addreas of osrtt anS n.ii
lornay. vvnen niiorner" ii"i i omntiifa
tddreta party of second part.) " 1
(South of Fourteenth ft.)
itnf.sTnv ht. siou. n e ear Av A. ii .
Jl.llx Irreg Mlnker Itealty Co to m,, A
Htsucr, Its VV ilth at, mt $10,000, Not- .
ntty. T O Co. 136 Ilway........ lu,
ITU at, n , 161 w Av D, 15x92.1 Nathaniel
J Neely to Cora Neely, !t lleterly
Hempstead. L I, all llent. Feb so.,,., L
10TII HT, 204-01 W, 8 , 11.11x95 P.M,
Taanlnl -to (llobatta and Giovanni Taiiit
It Rprlnc at, Oaslnlnt, N Y, 2-4 part, A
Urn. Oct Si; ally, Chai Zerbarlnl, ttl
uway u
East Hide.
(Haul of Fifth av, between Fourteenth an 4
110th its.)
JOTH 9T, a c 110 w lat av, lixit John J
Manner nnd ano to Sarah AKaln, 511 r.
20tli at, Nov 1 It
CtTII ST, n a, 100 w Lexington av, SOxtoo.t-.
Jaa J Van Alen and ano to Loulaa II Ut.
latin. II 13 6th at, Oct II; auy, T cl Co,
I7 nway . ... .... . till
I0TH HT, n a. 141 w Av D. 75x102.5 (fore,
cloaure, Oct 4) Tlieodoalua K Hteven, ref;
lo Krancla Ooodman, Ilalllnferry, trelani,
and I'atk Goodman. Corlea, Ireland. st
4: atty, T O Co, 171 nway...... ...II7.1SI
I4TH HT, n a, 17J w Av II, 25x102.! .Iiilloa
H nieae lo Jacob Hufner. Ill K tdih ti,
ntc 114,000, Nov 4; attr, Theo Kattler. lit
4th nv .. $101
103D ST, n . lo.t w Park av. :4.10i.ts:..it
Irrer Uuatav Kalk to Haiel M Shannn,
212 VV KOtli at. all Kent, Oct 30; attr,
Harold Swain, 171 Ilway ((
Went Hide.
(Wett of Fifth av, between Fourteenth 1
110th ata.)
14TII ST, 320 W, s a, 24.xl0.t (partition,
Oct m Illrhard M Henry, ref, to Lemuel
Mttlerleld. 18 Hank at, Nov 4; attv, .1 H
I)uroa, 100 Ilway m.tloi
"TH AV, 374, w a, 124. n JOIh at. :utl;
7th av, 372, w a, 24.0x75; "th av, 37(1, w i.
2Sx75 Dora Krlede to Itobt Keeler nealtr
Co, 1141 Ilway, Nov 1; atty, l T 1 Co. Hi
nay II0.0M
7TH AV. 37-7. a w cor J!t at, 4vi5
Dora Frlccle and ano to Itoht Ki-n.l.r
Itealty Co, Inr. 141 Ilway. Nov 1: attr,
I. T I Co, 110 Ilway 110,001
10TH AV, n w cor 3th at. runa n 71.1 v w
100 x n 21.1 x w 75 x a . lo n a 3th it
x c 175 to hear D lleslna Hlldebrand t l,
exra. Jno II Tletlen, to Hill I'ubllehlni
Co, 605 I'earl at, Nov 4; atty, T el Co, 174
llwav .1104
40TH ST, a a. 100 e th av, 174.9 Zoe E
llanki lo Aanea O Hughea, Ills Ore.na
av, Ilklyn, nVl llena, Nov 4; ntty, T (1 Co.
17 Ilway 1100
4ITH ST, 1(4 W. a a. 11.9x100. 6 Harold.
Mllbank to MarKt C Maaan. 133 VV ilih
at, Nov 1; atty. T O Co, 174 Ilway II
C9TII HT, 32 W. n a. 25x100.5 (fortclai
Oct 21) Samuel Straabourger, ref, to
Mltn V Palmer, 7 K llat at, trua Krancta
II liegeman. Oct 31; attys, Balls A- Han
born, 37 Liberty at 112.000
69TH ST, 327 VV, n a. 26x100.6 (forecloi
Oct 29) Samuel Straabourger, ref, to
aame, Oct 11; attys, aame 112,014
(Manhattan lalaticl, north nf 110th at I
113TH ST. 117-tl E. n a. 42.Sxt0O.lJ Saral
Cohen to A cadla Itealty Co. 23 VV Slat
at. Oct 31, ntty, Bstaten Mtge, Sec Co,
1C0 Ilwny II
1UTH ST, 354 K. a a, U. 4x0 Mary t
Maloney to P Paul A Vaciarrlll, 351 11
Mailt at. all title, Oct 1 1101
MADISON AV, 1719. e a. 26.IU9D Danl.l
I. Korn to Makaz Wiener and Maka K'ait,
on premlaee, mtge, 121,000 und all llena.
Nov 4; ally. I .1 Dantlxcr.. 6 fine m,.iti
12211 ST. 32K K. n a. 2txlOO.lt Harry VV
I'crlman to Annie Klynn, 329 K 122.1 at.
q c, Oct 10; atty, U S Title el Co. St
I'hamhera at II
SAMK 1'ROI'EnTy Annie Klynn to Marjt
wall, :s? 1. illlin at, mige, ,,ivu, ,ov
t; atty, aame not
MOnillS I'AHK VV. IS-. a w cor l.'lth t.
100.11x100 Albert Franke to N V Ileal
Katate Security Co, 12 Ilwny. mice, llll,
000 nnd all llena, Nov' 4; ntiy, THAT
Co. 176 Dway II
KDOIX'OMUK AV, US-47. w r. 40x100
Irene M Ilrobat to Nellie A Kelly, (71
VV 152(1 at, mtge, 147,050, Nov I: attr.
Kilmond Hueratel, 41 I'ark row. . Cxchanct
AMSTERDAM AV, a w cor 169th St. .;
Wm A Hume et al to KHz 1. Htrnc
111 V 85th st, Vi part, nil title, h and .
all llena, Nov 2; atty, Chas li I.ydeckrr,
2 Rector at II
IHorough of The Bronx.)
STEDRINS AV. n w cor 170ih at, 200x100
Colebrook Co to Melvln Realty Co, III
Ilway, Sept 23. mtxe, 125,000; atty, I, T
Ilia A T Co. 140 Ilway tl
OVKKINU ST. n e a, 217.8 n w l-'rlabv at.
22.6x94.lt Chaa 1, Hodman, ref. to Well
man Finance & Realty Co, 120 U'ol
cheater Sq, Aug 20, mtge. 83.760; attv
It II Arnold. 120 VVcateheater Sq
OVURINO ST. n e a. 240.J n w Frlaby ai,
20x94.11 Same lo aame, Aug 20, mlie.
13.760: attv. same Ii
OVRINtl HT. n e a. 260.2 n w Frlsby v.
2.6x4.11 Same to aame (4 deeds), mtge,
111.617. Aug 20; ally, aame II. act
BEAUMONT AV, 2414-18. e a, 100x100
Mercury Realty Co to Haldaaaare Pror
lato. 199 Hay 20th al. Uklyn, Nov 2. mic,
150.000: a Ilye. 11 S Deutacli. 2(1 Bwa). 11
BATHGATE AV, w a. 181.11 n Id nv. 25i
105. t Thereae Tanaakotlch lo Ella Meat.
2381 Ilathgat av. Nov I. mtge, 111, 004;
atty, Chaa A Furthman, 3d av and 14lih
al 1 100
1S9TII ST. 622 E. 37.4x100 Franconla Really
e.'o to Itealty Realization C'orpn, 1400 8ih
av. Oct 28 i lot
230TH ST, 74 B, 25x114 Theo Klelir 10
Chaa Ilelmatadt. l E 221th at. Not- 2.
ntty, Chaa E J Ilelmatadt, 82 E ::id
a.'r. riiurani l i;na iieimataat tn
Theo Klehr. 744 E 235th at. Nov 2... tint
ihi-. i n ai, w a, ja.iu n iaa ai. i;4.:x
Clarence R Dugan to Albert 11 HarrK
135 Central I'ark Weat, Nov 4 l
juci.mja At, w a. on curve on man No It.
ii j., nieel in ornce Commra for Water
nuiiuiv, i, a unci zuiecinriiy. anu aiaiant a
400 ana at ra pt S3 i,8x Eatate laaic
(1 John.nn.1n ITItv nf V V rtit hi.
a ii vvataon. coron Counael 11,504
muTH ST. 42-25 n. 49,lx Abraham
Hhanlru tn ll.rmiv flal,tf f'n n? n&.
Ilway ....r 1104
T 1 1 ui . . .'11 . ... . , a,.,,, ,, .
Alfred E Reudahl et al la Anna K Xlnhrff
2144 story av. mtg 14.000. Oct 29: attv. E
.1 Moberg. 2144 Story av tl
T.flTa - -. . n .1 r - .Hnn , , i. .
nienlco Teaallore to Iloaarla Teaaltore and
ano. :jos iteaumont av. OcL 14: attv. S A
Cotlllo, 95 Liberty at ....It
uonvnie to Jlarrl Mcconvllle. 1L8 F. 10 1,1
at. Oct 24 not
I I1TU .-.A ., ... I ...
uronxiana Realty Co to Lillian n Rofera.
191 IS 31at at. Nov 4: attv. O 11 Davis. 1210
3U av 1104
fnvf',1 ti ii Lin .. ... ...... . . . ......
Jironxiana Realty Co to Lillian H Rogtra.
laa ti .i lac at, mtg M.ooo. uct 10: aitya.
I.auter II, 3d av and l0th al 1100
PA1IT LOT 415, map Unlonport, 50x101
tona Parkway, mtg 13,200, Nov 2, u
cnaa s Levy, 2720 3d av 1100
I'l.I. HAM AV. nee, JM.tl a e Hoffman (
.i.ixsi.i i-einam at, n l&r. n ,
IIOITinan at. 28x83: Collere al. a n . :
a e Hoffman at. 75x Ester M T Galvln
to c-na.i d Clalvln. June 23. 190S: attv. T II
c.-o, 17 ii war 1100
LOT. 107th at, n a. 75.1 w Tiffany at. 0
Hamilton, vv .Inlinaton et a to s mmi
Machau, 751 E 150th at, Nov 2, mtg 19,000
any, Jacob ciorcion. 34b Ilway... 1H"J
rl.OT beglna al n w cor atrip of land con
veyeci 10 .- i : iiarieni II ll I'o. runa n
w 9.1 x a w 111.7 x a w 119.7 x n w 57 10
x a x n e a7.v x n in i t n aio.3 co
i.eg .N v state Realty fc Terminal Co o
I 1 liariem HI road Co. I.evlnaton av
and 46th at, Oct 8; atty, Ira A Place, Lev
Ingtnn at and 45th at II
iAiuiiuu. l-u. a a. -jzo.a w Marmlon av
23x75.4 Stephen J Lahey to Annie VV Ha
Kcr. 2260 4th at. Ilk yn. mtr 15.900. Sept
tl atty, D D Ackerman. 132 Naa.au at. II
nut. av, e a. i:i a Jennlna-a at. 26x100: 1.0K
m to 196, map Sec A, Vyaa eatate laiar
1 ..... ..I., ... . L ...
mtg 14.400! atttn. M Jr Tl .TufTe. "10
uwuy lion
HltONXW'OOU AV. II e cor 2l8t)l at. lllxlOS
Stanlalnwu It W'azeter to Frank PlaieckL
3941 White I'la na av. Aor 11 9100
LAFAYETTE l'L. a a. 91.7 w 3d av. 37,4x104
limn I 1I..I tn Vl.l...,n.. ,..-.., 111 C
llkth at, Oct 29; atty, D I'lrlulo, 489 !
uv II
LOT 202, .amended man Aden I'ark Auaun
.1 Juiiii h to Mne Jamea. Mar 23, 1904, m'
1606; atty. A J J.imea, I' O Station I
126th at and Lexlnirtnn at.... . II
A U II I'.lllll I A "4 11. n II, II KIIU n
Roberta Co tn Lnula D Hlia-lo. 222 E llii'h
at. Nnv 4: ntty. T (1 Co. 118 llwav... 1100
M.vair; murnilTV Lou a I) It a-xlo to Krnn
ceaco, Mary und Concetta Rlgglo, i P"
la each, all at 222 V. llCth t. ml ISa.Ol'O
Nov 4: atty. aame 1100
(With name and addreaa nf lender and of
lender'a attorney,)
Kaat Hide.
(East ot Fifth av. between Fourteenth anl
llOth ata.) .
BROADWAY. 846. w a. 25xt00 10 Beera
Realty uo to i.ewia II curtla, Hrtdgeporc
, Conn, Nov I, pr mtg 184,
."'V"jTHu"'' A'a.. 'i''
nnn x . R n r
llwav 1 1 tt. 0" 1
20TH 8T, a a, 180 w lat av, 20x2 Sarin
Nov t, C yra, 6 p c; atty, 8 A Kaln. 3'
K 20lh at T,00
!6TH ST, 117 K, 14.3x18.9 Alice Rrantlni
ham to Lanyera Title. Ina T Co. !
Ilway. Nov t. 6 yra, 5 p c, I7.0VO
44TH ST. n a, 100 e Lexington av, 20x100.5 -Mary
R Kerr to Frances T Rlker, Mld'H"
tnttn, N J, due aa per bond, Oct 31, attr,
Saml Illker, II Cedar at II. 0"
103D ST, n a. it.'.'W I'ark av, 24.10V-.
Hascl M Shannon to Julia Frank, 160 )
71th at, Oct 31, 6 yra, Ipt atty, "aroM
Hwaln, 17 Ilway 1 1 9.000
10DTII HT, n a. 270 e 1st av, 150x11,11 BI'I'J
.1 Ernat to Wm Meyer. 204 R tlth at. SPj
17, pr mtg 130.000. due Mar 17, J
p c; addreaa, 2071 ii av HrHI
West Bide.
(Weat of Fifth tv, between Furtnth anl
' 110th ata.)
ltTH ST, Ml TV, lUHI.l-Imutl UlUt"

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