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JJefiifes Story of Police Pliuit
Told to Aldonnnnic
Commit lei1.
Young 'Mini Sticks to His Testi
mony I n vest igtit ton to
of the New York office In flip shape In
which lie wished to leave them.
lie appreciated the- f.ict that lio was
taking n post $415 poorer In point of
salary than tho New Vork post, but s.ild
t'mt he considered being chief of t lio
secret service n great honor and that
the $415 could so hang.
Second Deputy Poller Commissioner
Dougherty said jestcrday concerning
Hcnjamln Levy'1 testimony liefote the
C'urran Aldermanlc fotntnlttre about
"poller plants" on Krlday that he had
never finnied a crime on a man In his
life, noil that a'.'.limigh he had brrn a
detective f'ir twenty-live year hr had
kipt the itmtUleiuc not only of those
for whom he vvotked lu; of the cinoki
who save him Information.
A.s to the. case of Levy, ho said there
had been a series of ostriih feather
robbrt les t summer In which tins
work vvns mi "kllfnlly done that detec
tive had made no headway In slopping
the burglars.
Detective .Uneph Daly, lie .ald, cam"
to blin and s.ild be had picked up si
man named Levy who knew Mimcthlng
abont the lobberleji. Dah bmught Levy
in and Doiishei ty showed blin the
plenties of I luce ritsihs be believed had
u part ill tile t! HKla lies. I,ey Maid
br knew the thtee men and Dougherty
told him if he would bring In informa
tion lending to their nrre.it be would
pay him for bis trouble. l.ey said
hr needed money for expenses and
received $'J3. Nothing will said about
a iobber. After the arrests were
made Dougherty l.uo Levy J75 more.
The men pleaded utility, the feather
robberlen mopped and Dougherty says
ho thought he was getting off pretty
cheaply. The Second Deputy says he
never saw' I.y before this matter
nd didn't m-c him ngaln until the young
man was ariested In July on a burglary
charge. With regard to the charge that
detectives had stolen feathers Jlr.
Dougherty said be hail started an In
vestigation, and that It would be thor
ough. Of the other member of the Poller
Department mentioned bv I.ew In his
atory on the stand Krlday. ('apt. ltaiii
fnlck Henry Is now in ctunmind of the
Hast Sixty-seventh street station. Lieut. J
(3lynn leturned from Chicago ljt nisht
with a prisoner; (Slynn. ltottl. Deck and
lavage are still assigned to tlie .Mercer
street picolnct; Detcjth Murray andj
Clare arc now assigned to I'ue (Ircen
wlch street station. It Is expected that
all these policemen will hae an oppor
tunity 'to tell about the ca'e on Wednes
day when the committee meets again.
Isaac Levy, father of liciijamin Levy
and senior member of the tlrm of Levi,
(.oodtnan & l'o., at 770 Itmadway. said
yesterday that he thought liN son was
erazy that ills son's testimony that
hr was n friend and associate of bur
glars had convinced him that his mlml
had been turned by bad companions.
He declared that his son bad been In
to lee him a few days ago and had said
he was employed by a private detective
agrncy and was doing well. Me said
that when his son was arrested last
July he had thought l,-.e car was
framed up on him. This Is the t..plj.na
tlon of his arrest to which the sen tl!l
clings and the Aldermanlc commlttc In
making1 an Investigation of this. Toe
Theory on which the investigator? are
working Is that young Levy, a gar
rulous chap, had talked too much and
was found ro be an Inconvenient stool
on this account.
Harry Saplro, head of the African
Feather Company, thought yesterday
that he saw a connection between the
burglary nlready described on the stand
and a burglary in. his place last spring.
In which $3,500 worth of ostrich plumes
was Htolen.
Hr believes that a key was used In
i the first Instance as In the second and
that tho men knew that a burglar nlarm
was put on after the flrtt burglary,
since on the second successful burglary
they blew a bole through the wall and
left doors and windows alone.
Ono subject to which the committee
will give further consideration was
brought to Its nttrntlon by a passing
refcrrnco of Henjamln Levy. The
young man said he was to receive a
cilr Itrmttittnii t rislim Snlimlsslon
of tietliin to People,
The antl.s and the suffragists cot
tegcther nt the rer nt Albany meeting
of the State IVderatlon of" WomcnV
Clubs. Hitherto when the suffrnglts
have gone up to Albany to boost
through tho Legislature their bill for
submitting tho question of suffrage 'o
the people there aim were the nntkii.
plough not on boosting ben!, but to light j
the tlfflage bill,
Imagine, thciefose, the amazement i
with which the sufTragis heard Mi.
Arthur M. Dodge, In a spier !i before
tho federation the other c.enlng, ny
that she would like to have the suffrage
quexllon brought before the waole
The very nt liav the iiffrnBlst
brought In a ((solution Indorsing the
Mlbm!slon ta the people of the Slate of
a contltut!onal (intendment granting
the ballot to women, anil It was unani
mously passed.
"I see their reason." said Miss Mare
Garrett ll.iy. leilrlng president of the
federation. "The.v kno.v It Is goin? to
be submitted to the penp'c -miner or
later and they think that the earlier
I; Is done the better chance they have
ot seeing it defeated, lint I think tln-v
are going to be caught In thrlr own
Mrs. SeiMon. "Who Whs Acquit
ted in London Ciise, De
scribes Crime.
I become cold ns soon ns possible In
i order that ,thc doctors should think
that the woman died before lie (Sed-
don) had come home."
Woman . Decides .World Should
Know How Husband 1'orccd
Her to Silence.
Pugilist lines "Sift iteiir In Court
nnil .Nearl I. uses SIOO.
Cimcaco. Nov pi .lack .lohn-on nar
rowly oxiapisl lining Jinn bail money in
Municipal .bulge Cavcrly's court aiiil
finally was granted a jury trial biTotc
Municipal .bulge Cottrell on a charge of
assaulting Kdwin 1-' Woiglo, a photog
rapher. .lohnson did not appear when the ease
was ealled and the .bulge onlerisl that
the pugilist's lioud of SIM h forfaited.
AsMMaiu males .Mioruoy ive'iu. now
ever said that lie would have the torfeilure
vacated provided Johnson was brought
into court in an hour and n lialr. At'orney
Kdward Wright, counsel for the pugilist,
left tho court room burriedlv to get his
client Tlu'law verbail-tateil thai Johnson
was too ill to lie prt-wnt
loluisoti called oil United States District
Attorney Wilkermn this nlternoon In
regard to the Mann act itidiitni"ni
azatn.1t nun I he negro pugilist. It. v.ns
reported, wished to i.tTi-ct a settlement
in regarit to tne ciinrgcs.
II" was assured, it was said, by the
District Attorney h will haw lo go to
Hr In I iieoiisi'lfiun Moil nf I In Tltii,..
lint ln, l.lnurr S.,.rn On.
AsniMiTox, Nov Hi Tlio condition
of Senator Uayner of Maryland, who has
been critically ill, is unchanged to-nigh'
Absolutely no hope is belli out for bis
recovery, hut he may linger for sev.-ral
days. ' Senator is uti. ousi-ioiis most
of the time. Absent lolativ t r, liav e been
summoned anil with his family aie at the
brtUide ,
tlfiml table lniHh tn Tin Sas
LoNiioN, Nov. 17.- Mrs. Frederick H.
Sec'ilon. .who was aciiultted of the
(hatge of aiding her husband In poison
ing tor her Insurance money Mls 1 21 1 c
abcth -.Harrow, a forty-nlni -year-old
woman, who lived with them, contrlb-
... . i.., n..... i. ,i,n f, ill i settinrr forth his views in reaard to nro
,r.jncil iiiiv.iiiCUIUI1B in llir uaiinui im
currfney laws,
huh pointed out-hy. iemoernts tna it
story of the murder, for which her
husband paid the death penalty. Mrs.
Seddon ha,s reman led and her present
husband's naliu; Is Cameron,
Seddon' has forfeited his life and thou
sands of piople were of the opinion
that Mrs, Seddon was" equally guilty
with lu'r husband. In coneiUeme of
this fact she decided, with' the view
of charing her teputarton. to give tb
world the lull and true story of the
nun d( r.
"I aw Sedilon poison Miss Itartow,".
Is ilii. ke ooie of b r tale. She tells
how her busbatul carefully planned Miss I
Harrow's death and threatened lo blow
his wife if brains out If she breathed
III Alt'! Ire In Bp Taken im rulure
A vt Inn nf t'nmmlllep,
Washington, Nov. 16. nepresentntivo
Arsene Pu'jo of Louisiana, chairman of
tho money trust committee, will arrive
hero fo-morrow to mako arrangements
for the public hearings of the money trust
investigation, which will' bo resumed on.
or about' November SO," On November
'.'tl the full committee .will meet Chairman
I'tijo and tho programme for the winter
will be arranged,
Representative Carter Olass of Virginia,
who is chairman of a committee that is
working in conjunction with thn money
trust committee to frame legislation in
laws: is hprn. Ho will IiSvh a conference I our men, earli having a long string of
with Chairman Pujo to-morrow. alia-rs, wero arrested to-day on sits-
Tii'iltyMr, Ola-s hnd.u long tiill; with ,,coll 0t mvln been Iho men who last
A. .1. nryan relutivo tp tho plans of the Sum,av ,,,.w two K.llus itl lm, ),intt
Democrats to overhaul tho banking nnd ''u "'"- ' 1 ,.,.,...
currency laws. It is tli understanding Manufacturing (.oiiipany. ' Hrowlwoy.
that Mr. Hryan will submit to Chairman ! and got away with $7,000 worth of tha-
(imsH and bis associates a statement . monds, watches anil rings.
The men nro nlso charged with having
robbed tho Kaufman lint Htor ut :s:5
riilrd avrnuD two months ago of 51,100
Police Cliarire Them With Hob
biii' llennett, and Kauf
man Concerns.
AM. IIAVti i.onm; kkcoiids
One. Known as the Hipper. Was
Former Hoommnte of
l.efty Louie.
took tho Stanley special commltteo six- after blowing the safe,
teen months to investigate tho affairs , '1 he fact that thes four men, known to
of a singlo coiiceni. tlie linit.Hl .Suites n thlpves. wero seen below the
Steel Corporal km. The Pu o committee . , '. . . ' . .
ts probing'tliB-HB-iiirs of Tractirallv nvrry i ,U1 lcal1 ino recently, and that a smudged
big financial institution in tho U nltrd finger print found on a cognac lioltlo in
States, nid those rps(onslble declare that tlio robbed store cni responds with a finger
it will be tmpjHislbJe to tlnisli thn task print or one or the arrested men, Is all tho
lor many months t come. ; ,.v(ollt(. ,h poco lltlrni,. ,hoy ,lave
... ., .. ,-..... . 's'" Miiyerson, alias Unger, alias Miller.
Tflrlii lipppnnii nn tonpif nun nf , .. ... . ..
nlias .Shrpard. He was found in bed
the Spnatr Ml Kstra SpmIoii. i.. hu n.,t . cm linu,,,. ir,..
WtsiiiSoioN,'' Nov lfl,v Democratic Bronx. Ho reached quickly under his
plans to revise tlie firm ar i-ontingent pillow us tli- detectives broke in, A
Cnal Miners' I'rleml in Hp nl Cooper
Mother .tones, who has spent a goo.l
deal of her time In organizing both hard
and soft coal miners, will speak nt a
mass meeting In Cooper Union to-morrow
evening called under the ausplcei
of tho L'nlted Mine Workers of America
to protest against the alleged hiring
of men here to act a.s strike breakers at
the soft coal mlnej of tho Kenawha
district of West Virginia.
According to the. oflleers of the union
Iti 'the Wrt they do not know they aro
rhgaged tn act as strike breakers until
they n're, put on the train en route for
the West Virginia coal fields,
Washington, Nov. Ifi. -Mothrr .lonrs.
friend of thfj coal strikers In their
troubles In We.t Virginia, called at the
Bureau of Labor to-day to protest
against alleged repressive tactics
adopted by the operators. Dr. NolII,
chief of tho buret ti, was out of town and
Mother Jones u fused to state her griev
ances tli any other official. She will sea
Ur. Nelll Monday. '
I wold nf the Clime to the police.
.Mrs. Srddon, or rather Mrs. Cuinernn. ' somewhat on-the coinlpxioii of thn -Sen- I revolver-whs found there.
di tails the happenings on the night
that Ml-s Harrow breathed her last,
poisoned a; ibe h.Liiils of Seddon with a
mlMtire of water from ursenlcated fly
papers and white piccipltute powder.
The most poignant passages In her ton.
fe.-S'Inn are those In which Srddon's
widow gives her reason for her silence.)
She says:
ate. As things now stand the Demo- The nolit-' found several pairs or gold
cram Piprct to br in control of the upper j opera glass's, a diamond scute and a
HqitaP.. If so they will prupiw- a general I messenger's wallet from wnich the name
revision of the Payne-Aldrich law In i '
one bill. If they are shy of n majority
In tho Senate tho Democrau may provide
for revision in a series of bills., as whs
done at the last .sesiion
Thn TlAmnrru I u .Kr'lluwl 111.. -Ivilivnn
bills" oil the ground that, as the Senate
had been scratched
Thev alMi round a group picture1 of
three m 'ti and two girN, in which Meyer
son and livftv l.oule wen-. Meyorson
ndmitttsl ho had known I.-ftv well and
usd to li. Willi him. Meverson i
known as "the Kipper" and iias been
arrested Kvrul iIuvk for burglaries
and for carrying burglars' tools, but has
always i scaped puiisibnient
The other priioiiers were taken to-
ilio geth'T 'ibi'V aie llarrv Cohen, knows.
nemni'mlH K.nv itn-nntiril.wtilv h.. t,.:sihlu ns la'tllo Alter, and llentiie Kratik. who
to push throunh a bill providing for a i lives ar 0.1 A II It stre-t. and tile polio;
mmi.lt.tn ovprlinlitinir nf the tariff law MIV lie boards with Nellie Slillev. fuioolis
I At present thev, believe they will x in a ' a shoplifter. whie husband is now
maoritv in the S-natii. 'ifter March 1 "erving a nine year bit at Sing Sing
The ilesthofu Demoa-allc S.nnliir wnul I for burglary Cohen is known a.s a safe
inscription of what (make an npial division IxjIwoeii the two blower and Iihs Iws-ii coiivictisl for liurg-
il"ht that MI'S l'.ai- (tarties. counting' the iTogressives as lary twi.s- It is his linger print which
I Hepublicuns, thus giving ice-l'residi lit looks like the linger print on the bottle
,. , I Marshall tho deciding' vote on all party Another is Harry (lordon, alias Kmolen-
came. Seddon went -.,!. ' ,.. nu s.Motni. '. ! in ii. r,,..v
I am a mother and I va hoi rltled land Ihe President were iHiliticallv bos
it the thought of mv children hrlng Mile. It was ho.e(-,s forthem to uttempt
piilnled at as the ..blldren of a mu'-i" Reneral revision of tho tariff. IW-
, .. , , ,, , . .... .,..,. foro they iiroiioseil irttal revision of tho
drier So I decided to make a stand M.i.-filliJJlha,f ,i,M-' .i-vnl were imixifi.
. . ..... i
uinr wttn me people.
and to keep iiikt In the hope that
Sedilon would be acquitted.
"'Vou nre my wife.' ho said, 'and I'
Is our duty to stand by me." I have
Mood by him, and at tlie end of It all
the world nld that I was just hs guilty
as h was."
This s hrr d
happened on the nl
row died:
With the Senate, against
llltnrpal Societies n llmr Meinn-
rlal I'rnm Baltlpshlp.
WASitiN(;rov.,Nov in. sistant cec
relary of tho Navy Witithrop will in a
few days, give bis approval to on of a
number of designs subm'.fed to him by
prominent sculptors for a memorial tab
let to bo made or metal froic tho battle-
The last night came. Seddon went ..,-,: " skv. alias Smolen. No n"s:t'i.i the nwo.-'s Rt'il' ' act Congress the
out ton theatie. Sevcial thins Miss The situation ill Tennessee amiears to gallery, who say- his address is the llroad- N'avy Department was authorhd to take
I'.artow called out: 'I'm iI.vIiik" I tokl be chaotic. Altho'igh tlm OemiH-nits way Central Another prisoner is Abra-lall tho metal rrotn the Maino not av.ill-
tnv biixband when he came In II"' carried the legislature in that State the ham Abr.ihams.m or ,V! Kat mad street. abi(. for other purposes and have tablets
laughed. 1 saw my husband go to fuc't ions may Hnd il imtsibk to reach The lat thris. were arn-st. il by Cait! n,a(,0 for distrihution among fwtriotio
l ie loo n ami e ve .Miss i;ariov sev - "" " v.iv..y.. .. , .-.
irraxio .euHior, rvueu an ouicom' hi niiiieu in an apartment, at iiii'i di .jonu
rennesM'e might seriously intetfere wild plais., nnj Hron. The polite say that
hrlr Convenllun Willi linn-
' qurt at Waldorf-tularin.
Tlio Legal Aid Societies of the tallied
States brought their three days' convention
In this city to an end list night with a ban
quet In the Astor (Jallery at the Waldorf
Astoiia. Men and women delegates from
all over the country snt nt the tables and
listened to speeches by.lospph II Clioate,
Arthur von llrlesen, Itndolpli Matz of
Chicago, Marcus V Arlieson or Pittsburg,
Augustus . I. Johnson -Mrs, Itlchard Aldrlcli,
a New York club woman, Hnd the l!ev.
William T. Manning, rector of Trinity.
.lusiiie ictor a. Iiou'llng iihiI(I hs
toRstiunster and with him nt the head tnhlo
be.stdei. the fpesker- were Oscar S. Straus
mid Borough I'r-iident tlcorge McAnnay.
Andrew Cnraegle was expected late in the
evening, but he did not appear. Mr. I'houte
aid he was sorry Mr, ( arnegie didn't (onie
ao that lie lould lay before him thrneeil
ol tlm New Wirk Legal Aid Society of a
home ol its own.
"The, society," .Mr. C'hoatp dectar"d. "Is
liable to b turned out any day as the result
ot a iiiinio from too nrotzresalvo steos ."
'Ibis .Mr Cboate said looking at Mr.
St in us.
Mr. von Krkt'n said that the society
holies to enlist- the Hid ol public spirited
persons In ostracising the loan shark, the
dishonest Installment man and the man
who Is slow In paying his lulls.
(,:l. Cliesliier n Poor Shot, lint.
His- Antagonist Hits tlie
-Mark livery Time
ANi)i;i!.o.s f, C Nov. 16. Seekln
revenge fur a beating given him som"
time ago by W. .1. Mtlvovv because of
a political editorial. Pol. Victor H.
Cheshire, editor of thn Anderson Intel
llimicce, went Into Aluldrow's office I i
day and told him to throw tip his hands.
As Muldrow arose Cheshire fired
twice. The llrst bullet went wild and
the second entered the arm of .1, A.
Mulllnax, who h.id rushed In and seized
Muldrow reached Into a drawer of his
desk, look out a pistol and shot Col.
Cheshire four times. Two of the bullets
entered tho abdomen and two hit one of
his arms, in the meantime the. left
ljpel and sleeve of Mitldrow's coat wcr?
pierced by shots said lo have been fired
through o window from the otitsldd by
I!. 1.. Cheshire. Jr.. n brother of.'tiie
Colonel. Col. Cheshire Is In the Antlpr
son Ilosplt.il. He l.t expected to re
cover. Warrants have ben sworn out
against hlr.i and Ids brother clvarglng
them with assault and battery with In
tent to kill.
Col. Cheshire Is nn Intimate friend of
flow Bltaso and Is a member of bis
slnfT. After the lynching of u negro
on" night last vrar Col. Cheshire got
out an extra edition of his paper, (n
which he bcaxtcd that be niado the
news and then printed It. On a later
occasion he had mi editorial In his
paper calling on the men of the city
to Join him In lynching u negro In th
county Jail who wus charged with At
tacking a white woman.
The trouble: between Cheshire and
Muldrow gryvv out of an editorial which
the latter considered a reflection on
himself, lie called on Cheshire In bis
oilier and beat him on tin; bead with a
billet, while a friend stood guard with
a revolver. After they left Cheshire
seized his nvvn revolver, went to th
door nnd took a couple of shots at
them, but without effect.
etal dusts. Suddenly be caught sight 1
of me. )pc vviitd.' he said, 'and I1
will kill on whore you stand and the
situe with the children'
"I stood th.-re. baldly tlang to
bieatbo and watilnd hi luslllp the
lad as she la living. She breathed
Mime time after Seddon took her clothes
off. and win u I nuked blm why hr
bad done such wicked things be said
it was important tnui tne tinny siiotuu jn!arr
1 1 lie plans of the Democrats.
nRPnp It. PleUrrll PrnmntPd.
. (.lordon lives there as Smolcn.
In the place were found two revolvers,
i a blank certification stamp such as
might be tisisl inforgiuga bunk'srertillcu
iv ssniM,iii., ,idv in. r.'iKcne o i ick- ,i..,: , , t,..,.i, ,.., ...
rrll. metallurgical chemist ami aayer in jw ,MV(, worU(K, , U)ls
the appraiser sofllce In New ork. has b,.en w,h , ,.inkrU)llN ), nr Jllv,.hll.
JiT'l he "e is n V I .li.iorvrn,l!. 5 .11 TnUe uli" ,wo ''" robberies or V.IH)
Ike Phlce' omiirH-'i Zi who vlll're.V.au, '' ' V" ". """f"'"""" MrnlbUrd
iti i tie tcrvice as one or iiieie(iiiarioorntoiy "i' "i"1 " me tsuicw mmit mv
MH'irties and the men who were on the
Maine when shr wns destroyed ai Havana,
or their famllirs and relatives.
Mr. Winthrop'H rucst for designs for
such a tablet has met a generous re.
spouse and thrso are now under consid
eration' by 'tho Assistant SrcrptaTy .and
the Title Arts Commis-sion. It is" esti
mated that, there is enough brass and
bronze scrap frcm the wreck'of the Maine
to make about t.IOO or these tablet?,
which will lio sold at cost to societies and
individuals qualified to receive them.
Ilislrnelors, llovvever. Think Tlirj
(liiulil In Have Illsxrr I'n.
Tiierr was no i-triko at tin; St. Nicho
a Itink last night, Hut the natty young
nstructors who wear a bluo uniform and
teuth voung wotiien Irom the upiier
West Side tho intricacies of llgure eights
and backwanl skating on tho ice wore
longer faces than usual and most of the
patrons whoso sympathies are. not with
tho management of tlw rink waited in
the hoe that tlio cloud or discontent
which has lowered over West Sixty-sixth
street would materialize in striking form
Sympathizers with the instructor!
agreed tltKt u salary consisting of fifty
iirr cent of tli instruction ftsa and tips
is $1 a week less thin the dapper and efli
cirut young men got last yoar. and thai
difference counts, thev say, ir they ur
expected to cut any i". Anyway they
only postponed the strike.
share of tho "0 per cent, paid by the In
surance company ror tin; goous recov
ered, but that he did not get it. From
other underworld sources tho commit
ter lins been told that tho police are
accustomed to receive from the bur
glary Insurance companies "0 per cent,
of the value of good recovered by them.
Whether reliable. Information that such
an understanding exists can be obtained
or not Is a puestlun which tho mem
1 hers of the committee and the Investl-
gators are not ready to answer.
Testimony has been given before the
I Currnn committee In the last few days
which purported to tell of four such
prearranged crimes. In each case the
Police Department or some of Its mem
I hers Is alleged to have Instigated the
crlmr. The purposes; of the crimes, ns
these were related by the witnesses
heard by the committee, varied.
ill inn., i h i ny i v s s vx . . nnr . auiu . vrv mi m ii ' n iw vyyvj fs.
f.v "'' - ' i IWlnnml S7sS S.sX. s Jl II IJUill IM V.l i -IBIlUI"sr5Y1h 1 y II
'Hum iJirmnm LiiniH
i f wt i i wm -
Secret SerTlrr Man JUpfaiea I, oral
' Post Drapllp Belter Vmf.
.William J. 1'lynn, head Investigator
for the Curran Aldermanlc Committee,
' In finishing up his work for the com
mittee preparatory to quitting his post
I to-morrow. On Wednesday he returns
to tho secret service and will spend the
first few days perhaps a week or two
In straightening up the work of the
I New York district, of which he was
long the head.
Despatches from Washington yester
day stated that Secretary MacVeagh
had a high opinion of Mr, Klynn and
tliat ho would have his choice between
);ls old position us head of the New
York, office, which paya $4,015 a year,
or tlio place now vacated by Chief
Wllkfe. tho salary of which has been
i reduced to $3,600 a year..
The opinion In Washington was that
ill', Klynn would be likely to retain the
New York post until tho salary of the
chief of the secret service had been
rcstorfd to tho amount prevailing bo
tiro tho economy measure cut It down
at tlio last session.
phlef Klynn set this report at rest
for good and all last night and verified
.the statement printed yesterday morn
ing that he waa to nsmimc tho command
i)Mhe whole secret service Immediately.
He said that lie would go to Washington
U chief an aqon as he had got thd affair
-s. tcjcn a. a.' u i . . v jjm nn. .
We hare just installed the four largest' brewing kettles ever built in a brewerv. Thev were constructed bv
August Roos from the finest grade of copper of the famous Calumet-Hecla Mines at Lake Michigan, requiring 200,000
pounds of copper, and have a capacity of 25,000 gallons each. These kettles are vessels in which the wort is boiled for
the purpose of sterilization of the' beer before-it is conducted into the stockhouse, where it becomes aged and clarified
before bottling. The above illustration shows only part of the numerous modern equipment which we have installed in
I m. 1 & . . I 1 i f itiioirnnnltlrn ww tr.r.i&fn ..nrimMnM. - 1
I our piam in oruer io meet uie oemana ror ivmiriuiDUitc.K, riurrirNCK, ml 1 KUrULI I AIN and KUffcKl 5
Extra Brews.
DRrkirov Urvrn IMI.
JKfl.aov TO STHWi,
The Beer
, M?"iB?.Mi Jl hrou near perfecbon ai is possible in any f6od.presJuciitg,esUbUshmei!t. All hops
and malt JyjJ'Mt to enter into the process of manufacturing The vats, pjpas, Ac, are thor-
t5UlyiiWe,d "ZiZ, kfl hottles, before they are filled, are alio sterilized, and whin the beer is placed
I" K-fJILwrtL J?!?-? 0PM of R"PPert' rf "toty that he ha.', product. a,, pure
"rwnt HfU, Cfei ad br alt Itcenaed denler

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