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Declines in ImiiwIomiit Suit
Appeal to Decide I.mv's
Lawyer Wciner Saiil IJeferen
I(iiii Clause in Act Was
In I ho opinion of lawyer mid others
interested In having tho courts put hm
coon nH possible on tliH law tinder which
tho county of Tim Ilrotix wns eHtabltslicJ
by I ho Legislature on condition th.it tba I
voters of The Bronx wero in fnvor of i', I
I ho Appellate Dlvinion of tho Suptetno j
Court yesterday declined nn opportunely
to rule n to tho validity of tho law. It
in hollrvcd liy many who havo studied tro j
H'cttlon that tho points raised again-! (
fh coiiHtiliitionaliiy of tho law nro such
Umt thoy am cerium lo ho brought up
wgnin shortly in u cast; in which tho court
V01 not lio nhl' to dodge tlio issue.
Tho (pioHtion wn hoforo tho court on
answer to an otdiiiary mortgage foro
ilomiro suit. N'alhiin Umnhiner brought
an action in tli Uupremo Court of New
York county to foreclose, on property
owned uy .Incob Illicit at I52d Htroet and
Herfcen avenue. The Hrons. Jacob I.
Woirter, ax attorney for lieich, then
broi'RM on a motion before Supremo
Court Justice llrady, who lives in The
llronx, for a change of venue of the case
to Bronx county, on the ground that tho
hubjpet matter of the action is one which
requires that tho trial take placo in tho
county in which the real rotate is situated.
Justice Hr.uly denied the motion without
riling nn opinion.
When the case came tieforo the Appel
late Division Lawyer Weiner said in his
brief that when the case was heard by
Justice Brady th attorney for the plain
tiff contended tltat tho law either sus
pended the coins into effect of the act
creatine Bronx county until the voters
had balloted on tho question or that the
law was void entirely
Lawyer Wiener said that tho provision
tinder which the Bronx count v prono-i-tion
was submitted to tho voters at tho
Inst election ) unconstitutional, but
5hat tho other sections of the act under'
which the county is created are not I
nITectod. He argued that tho refer endiim ,
is unconstitutional booa use the Con-.
t-tittition does not provide for such a '
vote except on an amendment to the
Constitution Ho also alleged that tho
net divides with the people the rcnon- 1
nihility for tho enactment of a law. which
the Legislature has no power to do. since ;
the courts have held that the legislative
power of the Stnte is vested solelv iu the ,
Legislature. ' i
Mr. Wiener Mid that since the ref-'
erendtim provision is clearly titicon- (
frtitutional the question for tho court is .
to decide whethrr this invalidates the.
whole act or whether tho other sections
of the act creating Bronx county stand
Stanislaus N 'Hickman, attorney for
the plaintiff, said in his brief that "it is
seriously questioned by his client that
the law is constitutional
"'Hie borough of Tno Bronx, which is .
created by this law into a countv of The
Bronx, is h part of tho citv of New York
Under section -'. Article Xll .of the Con-I
stitution of tho State New York any bill
relating to tho city shull lie. transmitted
to the Mayor of tho city for his approval. 1
The borough of The Bronx under tho legis-1
lativo enactment in question is evidently
seeking to secedo from tho city of Now I
York and lecomo independent of it At i
present it is a part of tho city and iindnr
control and jurisdiction of tho city's ad
ministrutive officers. Its taxpayers con
tribute toward tho expense of tho entire
city, and the entire city in turn provides
for the government of this Uirough. 1
"It is horiously contended that tho city
I .'now lone, as provweu t,y the I onstitu-1
on or tlio State ot .New lork, is to be
.insulted on the secession of one of its i
.rts. I lie law in question should hao
n submitted for approval to the Mayor
the citv. inasmuch as it relates to the
ity. and it is therefore contended thru
from this noint of view the enactment m i
question is unconstitutionil."
By the net of the AppolUte Division in
afllrming the decision of .lustico Brady
without writing an opinion there is no
way of knowing whether the Apellate
Division oven considered tho question of
constitutionality, but it is cronernllvnirnwl '
that tho points raised by both attorneys
must lie decided shortly from the stand
point of the validity of tho law.
Lexington to 3d Ave.
59th to 60th St
The Horse Show, with its suggestions of Paris Gowns, rich
millinery and dainty footwear, finds Bloomingdalc ' fully pre
pared, even ti he Eleventh Hour.
With advance showings for Thanksgiving and anticipations
of Christmas, this organization is prepared to meet every de
mand upon it fully and faithfully.
Condensed Budget of Monday and Tuesday Sales:
Women's ttnd Misses' Suits worth
to $25 itt $17
Women's and Misses' Suits worth
to $15 at $10
$5 White Brocade Satin lllouses at
Women's and Misses' Coats worth
to $30 at $10.75
Women's and Misses' Coats worth
to $12.50 at $7.75
Street Dresses and Evening Gowns
worth to $.15 at $19.75
Imported Scml-Kinlshed I lobes
worth to $d5 at $25
Crepe de Chine Negligees, Sw.ins
Down Trim, Sfc.iS
Women's Kldcr Down and Blanket
Robes, $2.89
Brocaded and Spangled Robes and
Tunics' worth up to $25 at $7.98
10 and 12 in. Hand Made Bohemian
l.ace. $5.98
New Shadow l.aces, yd. 25c, 35c and
French Gowns of Nainsook, $1.49
French Batiste Skirts, $2.98
Silk Princess Slips, $1.98
Russian Pony ('oats, $29,98
Mink Marmot Fur Coats, $49.50
Serviceable Caracul Coats, $59.50
French Seal Coats, $95
French Lynx Coney Sets, $10.75
Coney Mufl and Shawl Sets. $1.98
Iceland Fox Muff and Scarf, 58.75
161 Piece Dinner Service, China and
Glass, value $15, at $9.98
$16 Oak China Closet, $12.50
$27.50 Oak Buffet. $17.50
$22 Plush Parlor Suite, $12.95
Women's Open Face Gold Watches,
Men's and Women's Walthum and
Klgln Watches, $7.88
Bracelet Watches, $5.95
Fine Silver Plate. Knives. I orks.
Tea Spoons, Table Spoons, But
ter Knife and Sugar Shell. 26
pieces In a Double Compartment
Leatherette Case, $3.98
Wcstlnghouse F.lectrlc Irons, $2.98
$2.50 All Linen Table Cloths, $1.49
Linen Dinner Napkins, 23x23
Inches, value $3 a doicn.nt $2.29
15c Union Linen lluck Towels,
19c Turkish Towels. 15c
Women's Flannelette Petticoats,
Women's Flannelette Gowns, 49c
Children's Flannelette Gowns, 49c
Women's Flannelette Pajamas. 98c
, Eastern Wool Blankets, $1.98
Extra Heavy Wool Blankets, $2.98
Fine California Wool Blankets,
Silk Mull Comfortables, each $3
Fine Florentine Silk Comfortables.
:Bloomindalcs', Lex. to Third Ave., 59th lo 60th St.:
of the "Get-Rich-Quirk-WallinRford" Co., says of the KLOSKIT
Petticoat: "The KLOSFIT is a deliRht. My dressmaker has no
trouble in littinc any R0vn over it."
Miss Gordon is very particular about her costumes and dresses
always in fashion. She likes tho
because its patented features of clastic waistband and "V" shaped
dussets ensure a perfect fit, and that without tho slightest altera
tion. Having no old-fashioned strhiRs
to tie, Knot, or come loose, the KIA'S
FIT readily adapts itself to any form,
and fits snugly, perfectly, gracefully.
It not only enhances the beauty of a
good figure but positively helps to
hide the defects of a poor one. Snaps
fast behintl with a thin glove clasp.
Convenient, comfortable and ex
tremely stylish. Made in all Petticoat
fabrics, in all tho usual shades. No
higher in price than other Petticoats.
Cotton $1.60 to $3. Silk $6 and uo.
Look for the m
Elastic Gtsset n
Tells Frreport Hoard 'Flint llrr liny
Won I. Irked. j
Kiir.H'oitr. I, I. Nov 10 -The Free-1
port Hoard of Education held a bpecial i
meeting hero to-night over a complaint j
made by Mr and Mrs. William Greenhorn 1
that. Stanley baker, a teacher of science ,
in tho Freeport High School, had used a
piece of rubber hose on the back of their
son Sylvester Whatever Injury Mr '
Baker did to Sylvoster must have been J
confined to Inn feelings, for all tho par en In ,
of the boy asked for was an apology.
Sylvester attended 11 meeting of tho ,
irriuiluu Wl ...u nilluui ...
Wednesday which wan presided over by
Miss Mary Swcnson, teacher of French.
A lot of paper was thrown about tho room,
nnd when tho mooting, was nearly over
MIbs SweiiBoti told Sylvester to pick up
tome aper which was lying near him.
hylvecter objected and wiid he didn't
throw the paper there and wasn't doing
junitor work in tho school. They argued
about it for a while, and then tho boy
put on his hat and walked out.
'I ho next day when he appeared at the
school some of tho paper was mill on tlio
floor and Miss SwviiHon again ordorod
tho boy to pick it up. Whilo ho was Mtill
lcfuttina Mr, baker came into tho room,
took Sylvester into a nido room and must
have had an interentlng Hcssion with him
to judge by tho yowls that cumo out of
the room.
"A Real, Old Fashioned Country Fair"
and National Agricultural Exposition
' 33d and 34th Su. and Park Ave.
Special Concerts Today at Three and Eight
Kalltnicrn't Otchttita end Soloitli
Chttm of 100 Malt Volcti from A'em York's &tman Sinin Socittiet
Doors Optn I to II p.m.
Ale (itmnnrl, an l.uiployrr, Sa
They nolilird llloi of Intention.
Henry and Oeorge Klotz of Paris, who
conduct tho orfumery concern of Ed,
Pinaud, are accused of robbing an em
ployee of an invention in a suit brought
in the h'upremo Court against tho partners
and KmiloUtunl, their American manuger,
by Alexander Uimonnt,
Oimonct BttVB ho was employed by tho
firm an chomift, and that in loos ho in
vented n contrivance for drying bottUm
to bo filled with toilet preparations
Ho pays that t'tard, in whom ho had
confidence, induced him to sign name
riapcrH and that ho found out that tho
firm had patented his Invention. Ifn
cava tho firm has made sr.' 1,000 on tho
invention since 130", and seeks to compel
the defendants to assign the patent to
hlni nnd to account for the profits.
ISaivl.v Boils (ho l'ntlorp:roiin(l
Linos, Though II Has
More Miles of Truck.
Tho elevated lines in Manhattan and
The Bronx, In the year ended .luno ,K)
last, earned barely 1,300,noo more passeii'
gers than the Midway, with its thirty
three loss miles of track, carried in the
Biimo period. Tho subway increase, nn
reported a week ago yesterday, wax
in.XBd.OOO passengers, and If oven a poi
tion of the increase holds good iu 1013
tho subway will far outstrip the four lines
of elevated,
Tho I'ublio fiervico Commission's stat
isticians in their report completed yes
torday showed that tho total on tho ele
vated was 304,270,84! pawfengors. The
subway figures wore 302,973.850 passen
Keis, One of the elevated lines, tho Second
avenuo, carried 155,ll fewer iiersons
than it did in lllll. Tho other threo lines
each hhovted Might inemibes Third ave
nuo v.tni ,fi2H. Sixth avenuo 050.801, ond
Ninth avenuo 134,22(1.
The banner ututiou of all thu elevated
lines wah the City Hall Million' or tho
Third avenue. It. sold I.,ll7,25 tickets,
but theso figures showed a decrease as
compared with 1011 of 03,415. Tho nearest
10 it was the Thiily-thlrd street station
011 tho Sixth avenuo line, in tho heart of
tho shopping district, where 0,007,988
tickets wore sold,
Tho Second iivenuo line carrier! nil tnlH
1 43,078,050 iwssengerH, Itivington street
was tho best station on tho line with
3,098.334 tickets sold, and Eightieth street
was next with 3,005,170.
1 Next to the Thirty-third street station
1 umv numuii wwi uoui sireei, Willi
helped to list 155th streot next with 4,200.-
The Ninth avenuo sold 31,052,083 tiokets
and its best station was Cor I land t street
u 1 in ft nn mn
Tho 'average for all the elovated lines
nu ciui.uii pcrsonH a nay, ine sutiway a
average was 891,000.
Ilrutlirr of (III Man Places 10,000
Acre llaurh In Market,
Wichita, Kan,, Nov. 10,-Frank Rocke
feller of Cloveland. Ohio, a brother of
John D, Rockefeller, announced to-day
that ho would dispose of all his Kansas
farm proiierly at once.
Mo will, noil his herd or 120 Hereford
calllo on tho Wichita market to-day,1
and ho has offered for sale hh 10,000 aero I
ranch in Kiowa county.
Solid 14-kt. Gold Jewelry at al
most hall regular prices. The col
lection consists of Brooches, Robes-
1 pierre or Frill Pins, and Collar and
Cuff Pins.
R. H. Macy A Co.'s Utractiont Are Their Low Prices.
f 11 im
MM W m Heratd Squan , rW
Broadway, 34th to 35th St.
Visitors to
the Horse
4WmJ t Colonial,
kr fi A- ysV J bobtail.
W m
Linens for Thanksgiving at yery
special prices. Table Services,
Household and Decorative Linens
in great variety of designs and
Louii XIV.
You have not seen New
you have not seen Macy's.
Macy's is the original department store.
All the others are direct or indirect copies.
Macy's sells for cash only. Macy's is the
only large store in New York that does not give
"credit" or "discounts."
Visitors to the Horse Show who naturally buy for cash will
surely want to take advantage of Macy's low prices, which cannot
be matched by the stores that have "bad debts" and other credit
system losses.
Macy's gices no credit or discounts to the Jatored few, tut giees ecery
adtanlage of price and service made possible by their immense world-wide
organization direct to each and every customer.
Among the many superb Sets in the Macy assortment a
Scotch Moleskin Victorine and Muff at $339.00, is noteworthy
because of its unusual style and elegance. A "spotless" ermine
collar throws into strong relief the velvet texture of the Moleskin
and its soft taupe coloring.
In Fox a striking effect is produced bv the combination of
White with Blue Fox Skins in a huge muff and long neckpiece
at $264.00.
Scotch Moleskin Sets, $42.74
Elsewhere $55.00.
Fine quality skins in finely matched shawl collar and large
half-barrel mufl. Shawl finished with handsome ornaments and
both scarf and muff lined, with shirred and puffed Charmeuse in
taupe coloring.
Natural Raccoon Sets, $2774
Elsewhere $35.00.
Large shaped neckpieces and half-barrel muff to match. Full
furred, distinctly marked, dark skins, showing two stripes in scarf
and three in muff.
Natural Pony Coats, $79.75
Elsewhere $100.00.
A straight back, long line model, 52 inches long, handsome
brocaded satin lining. Deep shawl collar and cuffs of Hudson
Ba Beaver or Natural Raccoon blend with the soft brown color
ing of the Ponyskin.
Caracul or Moire Pony Coats, $59.75
Identical with Coals Elsewhere at $75.00.
Moire Russian Pony or Whole Skin Caracul Coats full length
"straight-line" models, with deep rolling shawl collars and wide
cuffs. Brocaded satin or plain soft silk linings. These Coats
are of very desirable quality made of selected skins, soft, lustrous
black and well matched. n.nd rto.r. Broidwar.
The Ions Coats and Wraps shown at Macv's
for evening and afternoon wear are most fetch
iiir. A white Broadcloth Coat at W9.75 has a
deep collar of chinchilla squirrel, a long flat
side rever of black velvet and rows of velvet
buttons and loops at shoulder, hem and cuffs.
A "pannier" Wrap of American Beauty broad
cloth at $48.74 has a draped back and is ef
fectively trimmed with black caracul cloth.
Charmeuse Evening Wraps
Marabout Trimmed $26.75
Elsewhere $30.00
Graceful draped Wrap (ot lUuiltoltd) in pink,
blue, white or black charmeuse, warmly interlined
and peau de cygne lined. Fastens far at side, with
handsome ornament. Marabout bands edge the
entire garment.
Velveteen Suits
New Cutaway Style, $37.75
, Elsewhere $45.00
The smart coat of this novel suit has a high
hmpire back, shirred and trimmed with rows of
tin buttons. A white plush collar adds to its
itle and rhc garment is warmly interlined and
lined with peau de cygne. The gored skirt has
girdle top. Velveteen of excellent quality in
uiiitK, wiupc. orown ana navy, as wen as Dlack-and-whitc
check. Sires 14 and 16 years.
Pull I Mail, r...
of English Woolens $27.74
Elsewhere $35.00
iiiiiui-u ioui-cigiu mixtures irom tne west of ungland in favored k
shades of green, brown and blue. Clusters of large velvet buttons trim the j
garment, and soft cuffs and collars are of black velvet. Sires H. lb
and 1H years. J
L r
These fine Suites are faithful reproductions of some of the,
best specimens of antique Furniture extant pieces that were
made from 100 to 300 years ago and are still as good as ever.
The originals of these Suites are radiant with History
and with the personal associations of those who used them.
S'o piece can finJaplace Oil Olir Furniture
Floor that is not well made, well
finished, and well designed. Furniture
that fulfils these requirements bought
at Macv's represents a practical ideal
within the reach of the tbrifty who
appreciate beauty in the home.
The Items described hlotC are only n
-tithe of the line pieces in the Mac
Furniture Department, but the prices
illustrate the savings that obtain
The beautiful and accurate codes that
you will find on the Fourth Floor of the
Macy Store are just as artistic, just
as honestly and faithfully fashioned
as the' finest pieces of the old-time
craftsman, and are ju-t as worthy to
be prized as heirlooms by your de
scendants. Furniture at the Macy Store is always,
like everything else that is for sale in
the Store, marked at "Lowest-in-the-City"
Misses' Coats of A
Chinchilla Cloth, $19.74
Sizes H-16 Yeari
Elsewhere US. 00
Jaunty 48-inch length, with braid
bound edges. Guaranteed satin lin
ing, matching the color of the cloak
ings. Velvet muffler collar and vel
vet facing to foot of coat. Navy,
gray, Oxford and brown-. i
Juniors' Coats of . , ...
Chinchilla Cloth, $14.74
Sizes 13-15-17 Years
Elsewhere $18.00
Full length coat for junior misses.
A new "straight-line" model, with
collar, facings and cuffs of plush,
Yoke satin lined. Fine quality chin
chilla cloth in gray, brown and
navy. Hacoad Floor. Broadway.
Important Savings in thest Prices
Knives, Forks, Spoons, Dishes, etc., in both sterlini'silrer and
silver plate. Our silverware departrMnt on the Miin Floor, Broadway ,
side, shows several novelties, and a nuaber of designs not obtainable
elsewhere in New Yewi
Standard "Rojera" quality Tea Spoons are priced from
c a dozen up to $3.48; Dessert Spoons or Forks, $1.88 up to
$6.94 per
re la j rr. T A Xr"? "
o.vo per aozen; iaDie spoons or r-orks, $1.98 up
uu.cu; ouup apoons, j.f up to mm per dozen.
There are a number of beautiful designs and mikes
of poons and forks obtainable at Macy'a only.
Our "Marie Antoinette" flatware is quintuple plated
(a times) and has a heavy additional surface of pure silver on
backs of the bowls. This pattern is not to be found elsewhere
in New York.
T" Sp I Dessert Spoons or Forks I Table Spoons or Forks
f4-4Ldo' I t, $t'96 J.o:- I S7S2 dot.
We have all the other pieces to match at correspondingly
low prices. J
Macy's carries a larger" and more comprehensive stock
of solid silverware than any other New York department store.
u ,v, rumple uuciiiius uui ui uitr uruinary
T C . W. mm mm m "
Tea Spoons
$4.14 lo $6.94
per half dowi
I Dessert Spoons or Forks
$7.67 to $9.61
per half dozen
.Mala Floor, B'war
Table Spoons or Forks
$9.67 lo $15.87
per half dozen.
A Louis XIV Suite
in Circassian IPalnut
Similar Suites Elieuhcre, $275.00.
Macy's Price Is $215.19.
This beautiful IO-ple:c Suite, while
strong in construction in fact,
built for many life-times has re
markably graceful lines, accent
uated by the characteristic "strioe"
that simulates an inlay of light
colored wood.
It uill be noticed that the chairs in
this Suite are designed for com
forta point shich applies not
only to every Suite mentioned
here, but to all really good re
productions of antique Furniture.
The items are as follows:
Buffet With top measuring sS
inches x 22 inches. Two commo
dious top drawers lined with baize
for silverware. Two bottom draw
ers and two cupboards fitted with
strong locks and brass handles.
At the top is a beveled mirror
measuring 47 inches x 10 inches.
China Closet I i inches wid . 58
inches high and 15 inches deep.
There are two grooved shelves,
one glass shelf and one mirror
back. Two glass doors fitted with
good locks.
Serving Table 40 inches long,
18 inches wide and .18 inches high.
There are two doors with brass
handles and one bottom shelf. .
Dining Table Extends 8 feet.
The top measures 52 inches.
Side Chairs Five in number.
Slip seats, covered in genuine
brown "Spanish" leather. Well
braced. Solid in construction.
Arm Chair Matches the side
chairs and of the same solid con
struction. Easy and comfortable.
A Golden Oak Suite
in Louis Quin-zc Style,
Colonial Treatment
Similar Suites Elscichcre $275.00.
Macy's Price Is $215.92.
This fine Suite is handled
along "Period" lines, though it
is not a strict reproduction of aii
specific antique
The construction is modern
ized, and the proportions with a
view to space economy. The re
sult is a very handsome Suite
adapted (for instance) to the aver
age New York apartment.
Buffet Highly polished, with
top measuring 54 inches x 22
inches. A French plate mirror
at the top measures 45 inches x-13
inches. There are three drawers,
one of which is baize-lined for
silverware. Cne cupboard is on
each side -j cne large bottom
drawer for linen. The pulls are
of wood. Massive claw feet.
Serving Table Highly polished,
with top measuring J8 inches x 20
inches. There is 'one commodious
drawer and one bottom shelf.
Fluted sides and massive claw
feet. The pulls are of wood.
China Closet Measures 60
inches high, 41 inches wide and it
inches deep. There are three1
grooved shelves. The sides are
fluted. Bent glass ends and straight
front. The feet are in massive
claw style. Highly polished.
Extension Table Highly pol
ished, with top measuring 48
inches. 8 foot extension. There
re massive claw feet and a fluted
pedestal base.
Side Chairs Five in number.
Well constructed, highly polished,
with claw feet. Covered in black
genuine leather. Slip seat.
Arm Chair Very highly pol
ished and finished to match side
chairs. Solid In construction.
A Solid Mahogany Buffet at $59.67
is made in Colonial style with a top
measuring 47 inches x 21 inches.
There are two top drawers (one lined
for silverware) and one large centre
drawer. At the top is a "French"
plate mirror measuring 35 inches x
10 inches. The pulls are of wood,
and there are two cupboards.
A Solid MahTganyBuffet at $59.74
is similar in style to the preceding,
but has a slightly wider top.
China Closets
A Solid Mahogany China Closet at
$29.67 is designed in Colonial. stvle.
It measures 60 inches high, 37 inches
wide and 14 inches deep. The ends
and front are bent glass. There
are three grooved shelves and the
feet are of claw model.
A Solid Mahogany China Closet at
$51.49 is made in Colonial style. It
is 59 inches high. 40 inches wide and
14 inches deep. There are four
grooved shelves. The ends and front
are of bent glass. Fourth rioor.
Macy's presents special values in Table Services and otiier
Household and Decorative Linens this week that hold keen interest
for every housekeeper within the radius of the store's influence.
Hemstitched All-Linen Luncheon Sets,
$197 Set
Bet consist of ono tablecloth and six
luncheon napkins to match. Many new
and prcttr designs; neatly boxed.
Would make a beautiful present; our
own importation from Oermany. Hem
stitched tablecloth, 5-i in. x S4 in. Nap
kins, lS-inoh.
Scalloped Round Pure Linen Damask
Luncheon Sets,
$3.96 Per Set $4.96 Per Set
Sets consist of one tablecloth and hIx
napkins to match; very choice designs:
in two sizes. Neatly boxed, laundered
ready for use. Those are our own Im
portation from Scotland and are ex
elusive with us; sizes 45 in. x 45 in. .ind
64 in. x 64 in. for tablecloths, and 15
x 16 In., for napkins.
Scalloped Edge Lunch Napkins
Special Sale Price, $3.36 Dor.
All linen, with Initial hand-embroidered
in corner. Our own importation.
Madeira Lunch Napkins and Sets
Those are hand-embroidered and
hand-scalloped, all linen, in great
variety of designs nud prices. Plain
linen, with Boallopod edge or with
motif in corner of napkin suitable for
monogram or Initial. Special sale
price: Napkins, 13 In.xlS in., S4.32
dozen; 12 ln.xl2 ln..S4.A0 ; 14 in.xU In.,
4.011, 8a.:iU, Stl.OU and SO.rlUpcr
Madeira Lunch Bets, 13 pieces In set,
special Hale prions. 84.41), Sft.Oft,
7..17, SN.aa and WIA.HO per set.
Madeira Lunoh Bets, 36 pieces hi set,
specially priced at ttlXNH, Min.Mtl,
I8.N1I, lU.H,2B.MUand WriU.ftlt
per set. .
Table Cloth and Napkins,
$1.49 for I $1.49 Dozen
Table Cloths Napkins
Pure linen Irish satin damask, full
bleached. Napkins to match; five de
signs; heavy quality and Htrong weave.
Cloths, 70 in.x70 in. Napkins, SO in.
Bridge Whist Sets,
$6.94, $8.89, $9.89 Per Set
Here is a distinct novelty hem
stitched all linen Irish d.imusk
tablocloth, with four napkins to
match. The cloth is hand embroid
ered in each corner with n motif
or crest. In the four comers are
the four aces hand embroidered iu
colors. Each napkin is hand em
broidered with tho crest, with a
different ace on each. Mndo to
Macy's order in Iiclfast. Sizes,
cloths, 30 in. x 30 in., 45 in. x 45 in.
and 61 in. x 64 in.; napkins, 15 in.
x 15 inch.
Allover Clunv Lace Centrepieces,
Special Sale Prices
$197, $3.69 and $4.49
Macy Prices Were $3.97, $4.48 & $5.89
These centrepieces aro hand-mudo
"Itussian" Cluny from Austria; sizes
34 ln.x24 in., 27 in.x27 in., and 32 in.xx:
Lace Trimmed Lunch
Special Sale Prices
$4.96 and $6.89 Each
All-linen centres, very elaborate
lmnd-made Cluny designs; sizes 45 in.
X45 in and 61 in. x 54 in.
All-Linen Pillow Shams
Scarfs, 98c Each
Elsewhere $1.50 Each
In both hemstitched and Hcnlloprd
rdgo; Iiand-embrolderod In four cor
ners; sizes 30 in.xSO in. Slums; 18 in.xil
In. Scarfs, f
Lunch Napkins, All-Linen
Special Sale Prices
$128 and $3.96 Per Doz.
Scalloped edRu und huml-omhroul-ered
motif In corner, suitable for
monogram or Initial; out ovMispecuil
Importations; size 13 iu. 1.1 In.
Main Floor, nmh SI.. Rrar.

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