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The sun. (New York [N.Y.]) 1833-1916, November 17, 1912, Second Section Sporting and Automobiles, Image 19

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finth Trains So Wnr.v of One
not1ier Thai On
vlniiclilx Fail.
Locals Cournfrc Firm, Though
Visitors Score First, niul
I'pliill Fight. Wins.
, llnotiiia- tin Fiinmially Bijr Fac
tor in (tame Between (lie
(treat HivaK
Princeton. Nov 16. -Tho ku-Mng
Ci permeati d 'inil il-titil i i.i t ni ilir an
i to'' fl between X'alc uml Piime
tti 'III' aftf nooti. inori" Hi. hi .my
hil'le In 'no 11 lhoe rctii.lit lival 111
II. mil "t I'l'-'llnl 1 . .11. li mull' mi tllllll In
HI V .uni" of III" liainpltmshlp eias that
li 'v-imi plait-tl K ikliiK was duuiiuimt
n t hi. I " i f tin- minting, lint nt 1 1 1; -ir.
i Hut .ho il-i point, mail" hi Vale
ii.il ire i' made i t'l mi olnii life duo
. sn s ,'i oin llio floM Tin' c was ii
n ' . -hi nf punting, ntnl nil the
oni. us si due t'l I. Iclin. ii rnmhlnu-
wli-h muflo III" hunting ait one nf
it in pininlncne" !ii lo-liiy'i etentful
.iPpih K oktng In Its two blanches was
I log. prevailing fealiue of till' t oiliest.
'in ..-tl nut I'lut the defence nf eneh
was too pind fur tin- utliei side's
'i same, Imtli rttclil'is uml open
II 1IK. - . Ill Hl.lt klcklnc V..IS what
had t.i C." hucl. on fortunately
' i hi- ulcki-i-; ?.iin, especially
: ii li.il! ovct tli bai fnmi tl..
. .
" j
1 1
.f '
i .I no been iicr1-i ted I'ao.i liu
' ll'Ui'H t "CO tlut it lnitlit in
i i .i-' the ball mot for n tuticli
,.l I
I (111 llllOlllll' til W ll'ltw
frillll till' Hold ll! In II
Vale-ti inccit n ilass, ami
liy tin iithci ptneoss Is a
it ,s
mi . Mill makes tills battle
I-. uentli- 111 Yalo-l'iiiu-otn-i
liiiieii llio General quality (if
. .ill-. uuiiii r..is far fiinn tin
m il piny ol neitli
tram !
XII lin:il Oirr Smite H.io.
" . ' . uf t K.MR Oftrt. BS llTIUt.'.l
'Mil ii ikuIi tfamc. alul tin ixliu;
n i s; i.ii in atfoctttis vIir". n
i ii m I. .' n. n Tlio. trntn, 5i:nl (iUal
.M f.' i n n tho wlnil, anil that tho..
1 ii niui oi thor iiilvantusoi 1
"n bj :ro f.i.' fin; all four pnl v.oio
ii i th- .uii. oiiJ of tlio tiol!. Ti e
' "a's i a' n io t:l"d at th othor
if t - in Id .i ml aqalli't tho wit il !
hli iniii. il woro either shurt or
Vah rnl more of tin o olianorn
I'rp.v'cur but Prllirotou's one tiy
k mI ,'Cii iho ulnJ iv.1! Iiom muoh
P. tho rn.il thin tho sfvoial at-
u Vi'' mi.Io
i in rr v.o two imttandlns f .itu:' of
c nor n tho way of Individual or;
-v hai'iiKnliicr Ono of the.o w.i ,
ii"!1'm li io drop kick fiom tho 'S 1
' lino whah tied tho rrnto fur Va!o i
i r.iino .1"-: .1 tho nick of tlmo. tho I
"a- Vale he-olo ilcfensivo .bind 1
n 1'iln "ton hud tho ball on tlio ." yatd
,n 1 wouldn't tush It ovor. In thi
in ,rr;.nii th Tiqom did tho tiovt '
'n ni; unn kickrd a goal from tin- I
' .iHhour.h thrn weie the trot eon- i
unlit slnc'o fontuifs It los not fol-
.i.it i hero wasn't rMvllcnt individual i
njr on the oilier sid" whleli Rroatlv
e,l the r'uioeion o-iueo. Amoiu; .such
- 'ho Bond u-o.-l. of II. linker In tun
c bar', pup' wlurh went far to rutin..
1 :o lo;e cf ostnp'ilcal a-lvantase which
-i-in'i woi'Id hae resulted from boot
w n- -!' t e w ln'1
HelniTtnli tolitotl l bo lnts
"rji hi i
Mtini mii., fli .-I ipniont was
t -n i'.- i ii 1 1 1 foiiv ml as
lirel) . a
- 0.-- il
f .1 IS. 'I.
. It llllll
lllliv il-l- l the N
"".'"'"'i 1
. a'Haiil.l, - 1.1 sely tli'i.UKlloUt
mil in i.urtkul-Ji n.iinst liar
ii ts tin- oh: f iia.son ilyi
,-.i.. .lil'l't I'l lb" f IH Tt 11 I'll tl!li
l.... jiie Ih,. Tiers were .-iliind In I bo .
Mivnd hlf until near Hie finlli and,
viio in.. '.ihanilled bv both side. - far as batiu.n
ivir; leainio Hiai iniiiiis ntuniv
futile, i)ii"d the Kim' safe and wire
t nt on holdlnc their lead. ,
h .J
b a . .1.1.. r ... .ti. with tlln 11"L. i.f
. ... ... ..I. An. M K.. r...- B t.i-f ...J- fllA ICIIU 1
i. ,iin toe baitle to th" enemy vas
i uml This seomins lack of assr.'s-
ivu ka.t.i ...i linlli mI.Imv ni.H th..
no had that appeal anoo partly b?causo
. o inn. h iiuniinc but lulo did iorc
nibllni; to u creator extent than
ne. ton. Th" Klls tried inure rushing,
' ukIi all In all no better than Prince
t I,, tint loija'd
.!e tried the forwatd p.s a few time,
- . it was a pretty crude affair. Twice
' -ti thr.-iv the ball fairly accurately and
- '' on... hut the lecelvcr was ro
r I .-'.leieij by Princeton !!" tki.lt he
1 a I 'utile chance for a clean catch. Spald
.... "... an awhwerd looi:ni? loutul
. t. ii " to -t, w lieieas l'lynn's throT1 was
. irrj.p. , made with a short
; i i.' i .urn lobl well up. Vale's one
. .w f . I'd pass was a long dlag
,,, ,., ,, nent three-quarters
nf Mil.
it ai -s tlio Held to take the
nil," .aid pans wai caught
but no fill ther. .than the
iniuiHS. and didn't gain an Inch.
1 o
Title's I'tlneh .fill
I t tbe Meere,
lion for lushing.
n nit petl lineup or other elevlea
n j gifjiKid that was dopendablo
- tram 'lalns wore spasmodic
.-rn-upt The punch which Yale
onilsirig lo develop wa, sun
Tun" and Again there nolo
' tr ie
II. ! coo.
n 0 J. t
ti tlie Princeton line, but
.nt-rferrncft the ia e backs ,
gn any runner man ini.,,.. i,. .-ear
tic- '
The Ptif.of ion secondary defence stoppeu
tiHi.' a plav at the Ine when it looneu
.. .. ... ...- ,t i. t,.i.tt.i
. f li might to get clear and the slow
's of tlie Vnt backs In felting staitd
i is another teason why the plays were
-.ipii"d as often its they were. Flynn
hi! pced enough In getting stalled, but
ie Ttge, t v.eie watchlnif him closely
s. ...I it tvasnt hard for the Pflnteton
n.'ii to ift thiough vhat Interfereno'
Xale attempted iiiiil get their man. Spald
"g im iho line with force, but often
? . plumb Into a jam.
ale didn t use her shift nearly as much
i'linenon, but on a couple of occa-
"ns ihe Yule shift looked pretty effeo
' Tlieie was n shifting around of
' v h.ukv when tho lino men Jumped
i 'h-i places on the lone side of the.
'. ami the play seemed to sweep ahead
i liut, as told, the shift wasn't seen
in tat deal Noticeable In the Yale at
t .ia its want of variety. The num.
piair. was very limited, and If
' i- i:ns expected to punch their way
'-.irh or iiiounil the Tlgtr line with
- few pin), the) had they were dlfuip
. "ntd .mi tol l the Yale attack was
1 inprultltrneiit and If the power l
" lo stotm steadily hy shoit Jab
an an npnoslus line It In Mill In
ll Ijltv
I ito Uxlra MtranB Ilefenec,.
' cetons attack wa audi that a ,fw
t'" s t went throiiifli with sharpncis and
but these Instancc-H were the ex-
'-.i- Th Princeton shift, from con-
"-' p aune, was not ns cumbersome to
l uton as Vnln'fi. and wui timed well.
Iniffeetlv on the whole, lioweter,
iH I a game piesented a siectacle of
i ams with comparatively llttltt
tii- t tu,h the ball. Th" dd'end of
'ii too stiupit and each doutatlr.su
""1 i. n nraclbliiK how to stop the otht r
i h soud results.
v' r-as copnv.nat the better at
""criinsr plays belnml the line. th hcU
b4uire of that belnjr wlien n Tlrer wai
ttirsirn back within a tep or two of
Yale's spirited ilofonoo, tilih-li lm kept II, soul line tincrosst'il liy tin- tnltiiitlnit n route mi fur this oiioii. I coii
I It win Jim itftor till onslaught that tin- lialllril .liitiloinoii re-nrlcil to tlio llolil von I iiittlinil nf scnrlii-. ami thin l'il:
Valo sua', tint In tlio nun., time w-.is
nun- ni i-iojii.-o iinui in ino oni-Ollv IIO!i I ii-
or l.ii-l: of it In tlu i iipof Ini; iiffi-iici ..
.Xl'lmii - ii Vn'o illilu": illfi-liKo iinuh vnrlfty Hi
In r iHipi" uf .ittrok illil Inrluilo tuiinltis a ia
llttlo to cuouso f tmii In iho ofi'ootlvi iios
tao'xlo rrii.n hW po-lllon In the lltio, uml ,
thoi'- i 'ii liltli- if that ntt uf IhliiK now- I
iiilav-. lli.it tlio niaii.ouvro l a rlr..m,
' ,
llii' mixtion of tn-nsth u offrnoe i i
riuoxtlon of itronsth In offrni'o
, .iii.t uvir.nr ir. i...ltt.r. it. ti OITU1II1 t'i
tint iho otf.no. Ik v.iak as tho ilofon.c
1 I. .trons. .IU-. h.o.v mit.-l. Inabllltv to J
i "a i .. ....... .t.i i. .i,,., . ,..,. ,i., I
rather than to irof floionc In uttaol: In I
I a ilo'.li. .it - uuostlop. but oven if tho d
. fonc pio .mil con v.ws ,-tiinlhorliiK and
' wnti-hful ntnl oL'iol. ,io diaino-'o thi
arion-.oiin. oo-t.iln it Is mat tli'-ro wa ori
"tiller ldo no dlsplny of will oritatilz.-il,
stMiithlN oio itod, ooht'ii., driving fu
matluns In offoneo
No Xlill-Xnlo 'I'oiiolliliilt n Vol.
I Vale's relet or. t dof.-ii'lio tot i-anie In
llhli s.i mo and the r.lue rose tl It
i In line style, so that no tnurhilmrn
ba .-t been mad" ai:alnt the N'ow
t Haven team. 1'ilm oton' s.-iotot
tost oan." In lb" second half w '.uti a
(muffed punt by a Tlcer buek and Aory-s
; lino teeovery nut Vale within etilklm;
'dIMaiiee. Vale's lost altaoklnii wax dun1
'tlijhl hero,' and the brll was matihii.i;
Itoalivaid wlun Vale wan set bael; tlfte.-n
, yanls for hohllni;.
Had the laft Kaln on wbleh the holdltu;
UH done been made without the holding.
. lint li.ti- t.itili.li.tt tt tt'mtl.l Ititt.. ...till"
its a .iiiovtlon. but Piinceton Mind firm I
larb.-r In tho iranie n hrn Vale was f i i ly I
near the foitnoi'i lino and forcd Vale
lo li a nlac-i'iont kick for coal, nlmli
went tliroush. The opposing linos wati-lKd
pla k.enl, lit. til In betl' when de
fending than v.-h'i r.ttncklne, and the
play of Hie b.irlili.-ld deiVure In fctim
inaco was excellent
' rivnn of Yale did pivtty well as a
i puiit.'f. but would halo ilnn better for
Ills "Id" hid bo put mule helitht to ins
distance so thai his ends could have lull
more time lo Kit down. He didn't ECt
the helplit to his lilrks that Do Win did.
but font away hl- drives with few short
kick" He was steadioi. was cool as n
ki-U'-i and was will p, ote. t-d. In fact
his pituectloii was b-it' i lb in l't'.ri"
tou's for b.-r punt.--, but the l.itt'r was
b.ii,ill.--iii.-d cr.-.ilh In tie .-ry poor
iiassinc uf inn tli.-'Unil iii.isiuurn a
1, fn-nuentli lad lo l-lck lie ii.tas up off
I th Kiound I" V. nl alti ndeil In ins i;ick-
lin; dull, s cioilitanr.-
Princeton was bitter at runnlns: back
than V.il" and mi iielb i at eao n-
lini; them In liii" pU the ball whs well
.on lo il went, and theie ivan an iib'ence
.. i i
. ' , ',. .IVAhmV ,
but lean citchinK
luev.ilbd one teason why Prince-
hack punts ootter was because
lie Wilts i-!eks gate the Prln-eton ends
more, t mo to uet down. II. ltaker thus get-
tuvi a stait which H.iin'l accorded to tlie
Va,p ,,'','l'e,1.v.,'!1
Little Wheeler would hate done better
running the ball bark had be bud mote
time and had theto been Hie Interference
for him there was for the Princeton le
celivr. On the l;li korf ton Piinceton got
down bettei. bad llio better protection In
the way of interfeieis on Ih" spot. The
Tigers 'vine faster at retting down the
Hold on klckofi's. but the best dash In that
line was made bv II. Hal
was In only u few mlnut
great speed and quick decision.
Tiger TnoUIIng lenities lllt.li.
Yalo'H tackllni? In the open was erratic,
sometimes hlsh, Mimeiliiies around the
ankles end sometimes hard and sine. The
Piinceton tackling was more oieii. Vale
had a bit of men down under kicks, lion-
lever, and often one man cheeked the urn
I per enough for the next man to set him
I A smashing good tackle was mule by a
Prlnrflon man from behind when Atery
teooveitd a fumbled punt and noisily was
hutt-cen him and the goal. The Yal- men I
I were nuloker at falling on a louse b.illj
I tliitn Princeton, and wln-n Aveiv nulled i
li..l ur'M fumbled mint It ft&S noticed tll.lt
. t.atPt with falling on the ball I
.,., ., ,, ,, .....i slurtcd to I un anil
........ ....IO IIUUI IIL'
villi Hu
so piolll-
lf,u tlil( i.rmt.et
.. .mnbliintloii the Nassau luckneld
i.. .., , l)M.a. .riP w,.nt to
..... .
their point of allr.i k Willi more piecisiun
and all (old wore the mote uecomiuisncn
combination. Waller was pot as effective
us he was In tho llaivaid game, but Do
Witt did better at boring the lino, lie
went In low and hind. II. Haket's foitr
was lo runnll.R hack punlf. at i.hlcli he
was the host on the field, Hut one thine
he didn't do this season as well as last
ytrai was celchlm; punts. S. Haker
handlul his teuin In a manner that be
tokened thai his rxprilenc was serving
him In Rood stead as computed to the
untiled Wheeler of Vale. I'liiic-lon
worl.id tliu quartciback i un putty nicely
several times for pnids straight through
Ihn line and did admirably on defence, as
did all the Tiger buckfield pickets.
I.efly .Not Hp In Ihe tlnrk.
Wheeler, the young Vale quartet, was
cool and plucky, bill didn't Impnit the
kliup nnd drive lo Ihe Vale team that was
hoped for. and the Vale pla) veren't run
uff briskly. The much hei aided Lofty
Kit tin klolced better than h" lushed, He
wiis fast as a streak, but ran high and
had a tendency to go It alone, sweeping
loo wide of his Interference. That may
have been becniian his Interference! wasn't
gooe). On one occasion ho wonj light
along with an Interfercr arid tote off a
helpful gain.
The Tine m wore everlastingly lo'lnff
for and wutchliig him and In Irid lo
woik bald. He kept Ills f'-et well, .hilt
hud a habit "f B'llriB Into hU opcnliiB
nldi v.ays. Hpahllmf was Ihe inosl men
into of tho Valo backs and kepi his foot,
hut was .-any t slop, easier thin I'ljnn.
Hnth thes'J moil oficil ivuin -etopiieil stand.
lit? up, lunnllig Into u press of TUo s
Willi ltheil In Ih. in wliei- 10 III! IIPIil 'll
uivoi Vrf-.n Wiis a wide .tan I" Hi "
"ai-u .i i. . I'lt'ii-it '"
nffer'o. but wn.s II"" on jlefonce II
lue-at.'d thy l"l"t of altticl. wllb lib e
judmuent. Ho went In lower on offence
Vale bail;!', but wasn't
I'ho onopoiatlim nf tlio Vale ImcIch nil
- niTenoe lvlioii rulilns wan latlior
iiroi il ntnl llw.i-.i t. iim mil fit., t.f.i.ilit.l
unity bolwocn tho li.n-k llol.l anil tlio f,i.
Th;. ,.,, ,,v w MlM,u, ,..
it. ,lt..t.l i.. 1 .u.... I...
. i...t. .. i..
ii u.tt h, in' w;ir uiiiii in
.!.. t.tt t . .....t.i...i t.
rV ' rP i-"..-'" ...... i-.j.
rh" rir "''' ""V "wrl "
Ji'inR t" ii man down lh Hold and
v. oi on t
bbekrd off as muoh hi tho i;n ;
iwaiii Until IVntloM mid Vndr. as did
wo.k in -erlniina,.. .1hooo. niul In !
thl detail I'llncetou "bowed iiiipiniotuebt
ou r pioi lulls Ran. s,
Tin lino plai of the Vale ends iiImi
wa lellalde. Avin ft llow.-il the ball
closely ami all. a had bis wits about
lillii. As It Kinietluioii happot.od that
piiiiiis kU-KK won n t lilijn oii'iiiitu tor
his ends, the latter bad a hauler tlmo
beliiK mi hand to make tackles In the
open. Th'i Vale mils nolo hind, Ftroni;
riintitr.s. but Kuniollinos merran
their J
man. ItonieMrr. when he tlld make
luokl.s, nas the h.tnlfl taokler of the
Int. but playrd a lilt i. lid. as If suffetllii:
from laol; of ptarth .-
Xnlo Tnoklrit IIkIiI Holler.
1 l
Tin Vale tat libs oxoelled the l'lini.tm
j i.nr in tho lanuo of Hull work. iei-.-
r-tt.t(.r- i1.i.-ti Ihn II. .1.1 ntnl In lirtokltit? mi
I Iho ends. It
was a Miinuoii in lino iu.ij.
. ... . .
,u ',rr' 1",,l.,.ie "'""V
" ....yM.
naiiu, an uv. .isiuuai iii.u.i n.i . -i iiitu.ii (
attack. Allouetliei. hoivovei. ho w.i
. t i. e n.i i
luettv Mcadv and ncljvo anil a til. le ,
worker 1'hlllipn, opioslte hlin, was ah it
Mid steady, hut not on?ph unus In the
open. TalliCt. bis mill mien, but w'llliu.
lir.il his hands full tilth IVnlleld. but
owellid him down the Held and slid
past his opposing lilin-kei .i east! otioui!ii I
win o thfre was n punl by Vale.
Tlio Princeton miauls uero the mo -active
pair and made holes just out-'
side of Muiird for their backs. 1-oK.in
h'ld tho Jump on Cooiioy and puslnd him
1...... ..ft.....- ll.n.i l..Ui.,. .11.1 Hint I,, liltt.
llun the other
u-il ii much.
ijnc'an was the handiest stiard of the lot.lSil YlU'll Spi'lllt ii 111 Pcilll
Mienl; ilil well anil inn tils pan m naiiu-
i ling 111 ' upjinslto",
Vale tried three men
nt right guard.
The iiiii"! iunefatlg.ible worker on lb
Held and th- best pin; or was Ketclrini,
the Yal. rent i e. It wasn't his Hrst dui 't
with Hill' th lilhal The two had a gl'.
and take scrap last year, but to.da.t "
Vale pivot put It over th" Princeton vet
eran. His passing, n point in which
llluey sui pu'-scd l-.lm la' imr. was fat
and away tho better thin Him. Hint-then-thai
tfia continually pat-slng too low
lloth men were aggressive. but
Ketehnm roiered a lot more gioiind and
more than once beat tveryliody down the
Held. As a roving centre on defence he
tMUil only long enough to check his
rival momentarily, then went for the
point of attack. He seems to be pioof
itg.ilnt fatigue. In the open he had a
tendency to make a slam bang tackle too
high, but men then ho got in a Imdy chock
which helped someliody else to n.ib the
m.in with the ball.
II. linker find lniiiiell Cioiul,
Of the silbftltutes
used, It. Hakor and
Pur.ipolly attracted
the mo't attention.
,i.,'r , f v-.i. " iioittlio former with his dash up tho held from
I.Vnnil l.i l-itl I of! klcliolT. the latter by his l-o.iutlful goal
i e r?oi ,,"m n"M- u ni,ins ,np 1 ,um-
pelly had the Yule fault of going In loo
high. Tieukman wasn't conspicuous
afloi taking Waller's place, though lilted
In nicely In the secondary defence. Dun
lap, at end, wasn't In the gaim: long
enough to flgine to any extent. Sheldon,
ultra) s a good substitute end, gate a good
account of hlms'-lf qhe short time he was
In the game.
lllith Sriirei
Tnllr I I
Tit lee,
lo II.
Tlio l!us High ruiithall team difealrd
Iho l-lrasmiis team yeslerday at Washing.
Ion Paik by tho miiio uf H In 0 Hoys
High had tlie belter of the game In the
nrsi quaiter. but failed to scoie. In Ihe
secuuil quaiter tliruugh sti night buol'.s by
Holman arid Maisliall ami laukle atound
pla).s Ho.vh High broiiEht tlio ball In
Ktahtnus's Ihreo yaid Mm. On the llilr'tl
down Dolman pushcirit oter Webli kicked
Iho goal. Krasmus after that In ought
the ball down the Held by several long
end i tins to Hie six yard line, but time
was called then.
In the third qtiHiler Hoys High carried
tho ball fiom tin.' sixty yard line lo
the four yaid l'ne by tackle mound
ida)(. .Tlfluiiy MOred and Webb again
IP.ekeil the goal.
The .lineup:
I aMt llano
II, Halslead
l.eti eml
Left taeUe ..
j-fl annul ..(
Centre. .
HUM ifiiant...,
Illirht larkle .
Illltil end. ..
l.rfl halfback
llnys tilth
Ut-yul uir
, Mtauer
Si'ore lloys IIUIi. Il: l.rasinis.n. noiieiiilo.tiit
lloliiian, illfunv lioals fioni iiiuiiiiliiitns
Webb -. butftilllutn llnrhiim for tin Venn,
llimhunr lor Mrlilbiioy. Home for (.'alien. Iliill
tvlnlile fo' flarhum. Hrelly fur llaian Itcfeiee -Way.
I'mplro -Ucliroy. Head linesman- (iontr.
Time of quarlcis -lu mlnulck.
eti nrk Prep Tnke, (litle-l. Ailinii.
(nue of Tito Had Fumble,,
ConsliK-iiibl.t nutwclghed, the eleven of
Kluahlus JIlsli Hchcol was defeated by
Now Vol I: l'i P. 11 t' ". yesleiday. Tho
Ixiiiir Itihiinl luds held their heavier op
ponent .cureless for tho Hist half, hut a
fumhl by (Jnlletta Bine (llntcr an on
poitunlty to scout a touchdown In the
lliltil qiiarlci,
" , -. - ......
.o 5 ynrd line I,. ,10 last qt a. . r. Im
hold fur ilowits. l.allt-ltit fiimiibd
(.illi,.ajid Itoevil (ml th" lull on I' llviln
The New vol a ms "iiinin uir nan io
iho 5 ifird lino lb lib' la"' qualm-, nut
Itig's lb yaid lllli'i
end run.
llladt:iky filled ua,aiij
Tcoli iioiMiiiilo
UUali, 'JT to
i In I' moo
Wnf.. i Tt:i:. Ma . N v id llol ( ru-.
in a ono iiiil "nmo ol fiiilball on loioii
l-'iolil to-day ilefonio 1 nu ll rival, Win o'or
Toon, in tlio aiiliil.il buttle. to n. tlo" I oeli
pl'iyer lirini (iiitt laed In ovoty ilop.iil
nioiit of ihw itaiue
The llr-t (.ooio of the" umno ai iniitlo in
the openiii? perloil by t ainiouy. w no uuiui- -
''"!" u" ',.-''l"''- Mni eo I
!'' .TS'iS'li J!
iiereiwni: llio nini on n lonwiru tut. .ir.u ;
Uairyiiu: ii for a tun of fort y yards through i
, a brol.'.-n il :d '
( .itu (l-.eiitren In-I four trios at kiwiI- ,
inrier linn hrlmi n lur llnlv I loss and 111 .ill
toil in sitooooii lii inliiie tno nun iiiioukii
niirichl tliieo out of four tines
'I'll., llnnl iin.irlf.r .if ill., t'lllii.t lintVeil uf
little interesl, llolv t mss not uiukitii: all)'
attenipt to lnoie.i-.e her moio bin simiily
lioldliu: 'I eoli from anv ohimoo ul makiiiK
loitehilouii or kii-XiT: a .1 Iroiu llio
tield 1 bo lineup
llolv f nos
Wormier Trrh
U e.ttmnliti
Mil nhr
if .leratc -i
Hi a lej
Ijfl I Ml
U-li urk'.e
I rtt nini il
(Vn i re
, lllv'llt ItUlllll .
Ilietit liekie
llljlit end
Left halftiirl.
lilBhi nnliriarl;
1 ullliick
l'!!bm; 'j
siilne :
I llclelhr
' Mullen
' o lirlin
i 'r.rmcinit
I I ilium ah
Kelli i
lllsliee ;
Pinii r
-ecir Itolj
i m. r:
Wurc r I or
Timruilnnn. nl tamlr. O llrlen. Vul'rr (.mil
iiir uui
tbe nest ol Hie .tnim imi'hilon isirrm. nli-liiule
liut on th" olh'r.ltiily C'r.i I nisroo lor i.mulcv. VIMIitu tor
nr. ,,(, !nr ht.,j rne. for lir.re. Hi brrts
,, mrr r.irire !d i . hi . i.'coriotmm
i muni mi : tinirrMrr leiii iiriiiiuii mi ttiui-
I tnplie itllpilurk I'li'iui olirte. 1 ituii
inun Poufrs. W'oi'ii.nr
lllsh hchu.il T
j lour 15 mliime pcrhsl
Final .Moment hy llnehel
.Maketi It '20 to 7.
As Ar.non, Mich. Nov. H' The K..ifi
wild down tn dof. at this afternoon ttl.ni
.Michigan walloped Cornell, 20 In T. The
Wolverines eaine back with a t .in and
by their .-xroit use nf the forward pass
handed Iho lthacnns a heating tbnt will
not sunn b forgotten. The Easterners
weie weaker tlnu was expected, but at
times they ton through .Michigan's line
Tin- found the foiw.ud tass almost tin-
possible. Their lino was slicing and their
put) was snappy, nut alter nieir nine
soore In the second period they could
not got ileal enourih to the Wolverine (mat
to make oven a successful place kick.
Capl. llullor tiled three limes but failed.
It must hate been the ineinoiv of Mar-
Ul..,ll-L u..l... I..w. si t....lii. tlmt Instill-.!
ll.ll. in ibo last few seconds of play. I
to catch Hutler'a punt and i.icu sixty
lards for the final se-oie of the day. The,
oilier two touchdowns for Michigan nolo
mad- on fiirw-ird pas.scs. with Torbet
doing the hulling mil Pontius the io
colling. Pontics' second tally came In
the dual pel bid. when tho some was tied
at 7 lo 7. Tab- tallied for Ofim-ll on
a shoit run nroiind light end. Pator.mii
made his two tiles at goal good and Htitl"i
kicked his lone attempt. The weather was
Ideal and both tennis npi nod up all they
had. Tho suipiiso" of Uui day was tho
success with which Michigan ued the
forwonl pass. Injuries to some extent
nianril Iho contest, though none wctf
I serious.
Tim line-up:
i o
Uft eml
I rlt tackle
I eft run Hi
Itlclit icusnl
lliiiln i.ul'.i
H tin t ii J
I efi liBlilnel.
Ilhiln liaUOjrl.
t'l rl. h
i tiller
V risir
i lleir-i
PUci .1111
Vlire ridlnscr
1 iitunstiii
I i-IIIMi li
1 1 id
.sinre llli lihtan. VI Coinell, 1 1 tine' ilow lis
I'llllllll. 2. 'I rtliel, lluebrl liralt. Itoill loitehilnttn -
I'liieiMiii I'.iUlrr Siili.iliiiie. l.ilur tor
I) I'tini.or. Ift-ese Mr I'.viliii. liyrtiii for Hei-e.
Ceilleitp tor i rat ir Welclrnilial for c tiniiii.ilrn.
Ilaiiisfiui fur thni-niliiucr. ( lianuialici fur Wei
tleaihal Craig tor inlletie. Ileftree llaii.ru,
Wcl I'oliii. I'niplre Hiiiinnia, West I'oiiit
l.ine-niaii I'enUletiiH. Iiiwilnlii 'I lice uf ipur
ii islu niliuiiev.
ni-leiiiileil I'oliioiirrl of TrleUs
lllolis III In O Hill II,-.
l'i:nAN.t, 111., Nov. in.- tfsorted
ball In Its many phase earjied the I.'nl- gubblod up on Muhlenberg' lo )nril line,
wisity of Chicago In a in to o victoiy proved I elugli's iiioi liuiltv On Hi" tery
over Illinois horn to-d.iv Hvrry tilck j mt ,,v iinlian rlpned through Hie hue
known to tho uildlioii was pni-adeil 110111,111111 iheu pluugi.od thiouiih Miihloiiborg's
shies dlsnlaied suiiulrtlng veikatlllt)' and
Itnowlotlgn of foolltall. Des .lanllens was
the malnttay of the Muroons 011 tho tli-
fonc o. his liullvliliial wotl. more th in olf
scttitig th
tlshtlliR sptilt of tilt. IIII11I.
Tim lineup
Ilotfiiian .
Malhers, .
Walsun . .
Chapman .
Sonne IT.. .
Positions Chli-ipi
Left ("id Iliiiiliucli 11
laft lin l li- , .Sellers
l.rfl viuni d lli.ril.
Centre lrs Jaiil'i-n
lllihl iruanl Seanl-ill
lllqlu inekle Csrpi-'Hi r
lllffhl e-ul . Vtiuvlrcit
Unartrrback Lattler
I.efl h.ilfliiiik liinv
III. lit linllhack. .Vnrirri-.i
1'iillbaek Kiiuiriiy
Score -Liilc-airo. Ill: I II no s. 0, Time ulon 11
Kennedy. Coal fioni louchdo-'.n Sellers dial
from Ill-Id Selk-rH. Niilisilpne- Illinois: IIIII
fur Matrer. Hooto for filupliuid, Woolsnn fur
SruncR. Howe fur Dillon: Chlcn.'u: Sklr.nrr for
Vniitliick. WhllesMe lur Harrl. rrcriu.ui far
Sellers IJr.inlrif- Wrenii, Harvnid llefereir
lilnir. Wcsl I'oinl l.hieanian Cnilvley, Perdue.
TniTiie Slttiuls In (iood I'tti-iii,
. l-'oiir events mailn up the weekly pro
irraninifj at lb'- ll.ilh lleaeli trap, of the
Mat ine anil lieM f'luli. I'ioliicnt Paul II.
1 lowno 111 1 ine ncn nur ! 'in- 11.1t 110
, , vmM,iH., ,.. t.-H, a lull ,.,.. r
I tnuiaiwel, and i"a. Iiltfli ;uti - Un suyr.
. 1 roph; villi 11 loiiil ol '. 1 01' of i-in,t '
Towiin ill I tho licit mirk of 'hi' 1l.1t II
llo also eupliiivil 11 dull 1 1 unlit shout 1
1 aoratuu swrepsaihc waa won uy v.. it. nayrc. j
Iiito -Iiii iIII.v hurling hack the Tl",ers In tin- xi ry slimlmr of tlir cross bar..
- i li: I; or l.-cof ril trui mill fair, a iliop Kick tlmt c 1 11.-1 il tlio iiitirk for a s ore.
Sccinitl Victorj of Ycapli.v Sainc
Ktliro Won Wlit'ii Stevens
Kickont Fail.
SI'KKI) sfl'.nrKS WKHiUT
Penalties Come Thick
Yorkers Always Seem
I II illicit!
for tile Mi
day. iiooro,
which the
I'nlvorflty deflated Steven,
i.md tlmo this ason. ester
It 'o 1.1. It ivns n ;:iinie iti
sped of the Kurd hum eleven
proteii sfpeiioi io nio tine plunging or
Stolons, uhlih outwelithod 1'ordhnui
tlfleon pounds to n num. rordham fuimhi
every Hsu oi tno way, meantime surtot
Ins potinltba which came so fast in the
lirrt quait-r Hint Stetins obtiilptd sixty
live yj'ds nltoRethor, mid on one ncca-
lon posevsltin of tVo ball. The result
of this punishment ended In tha etiKl
neeis' llisl tiiuchilown. ActitiB iTapt.
lllllffo of Koidham scotod on Hit klcltoff
In Iho Hrst quarter I'nidhani had the
'ball In mldll-Id, but it miscalculated tiicl:
play fenced th .Miuiuui team to punt.
ISeagtavo caught the ball and ran It In
, biilllant fashion tn the tl) yard line.
, lleie. a series of Hun plunges put the
hull at mtilheld fur the Initial Hrst down
i of th" game Here Tor'Hium became Im
penetrable, Stevens punting to Kordliam's
I !!.". laid line. Knrdham it-turned the
splii'io. wjilch was carri,d to mldfiold.
i Pcualtlts of forty yanls gate the llcbo-
keti te.i'ii the ball on Fountain's 10 aul
lino, where the .Malt-on team hold for I
time downs, but Iliirtihaui piled over fo '
Iho li led n-oro. Viinbciischoloii kie-kt.il
the goal. i
Sievrns vtatt. d the second period In
1 brilliant fashion, taking tho ball to Kurd- !
ham's lo jaitl line. Then Kordham
braced cud got the ball. Vlil.in.i caught
' a forwatd puts fmm Sciiafmelrter and
ran Hfly anls. Harry Kane circled left'
j end ror twenty lards Hero ISiley tmo
' aroiiiiil end and crnss. il tho gml line, but
j the leferee brought th ball back, p-nal-I
Izlng the .Mamon team for holding. With
I the ball on the "i yurtl lino. Kotdham
I again arsii.li d the Sloi ens goal line. Schaf-
golng over for Kuril ham's first
1 'ooi" on a talc!, formation. Tlio Maroon
qu.Uicr kicked the goal, tilng the count.
I At the o.enlng of the second half KlIllTe
secure il Htitlei's klckoff and made his
j lung run lo a touchdown. Sehafmelster
klck-d the goal.
M''V ns s row successful passes
in tho final peilod, So-igiave to Hutler,
put th'- hall on Kortlham's 1 foot mark.
The light Maioou team held their mas.
slio npponiiits for three downs, but on
Iho fourth down SouKrave made the
riei tied Inciters.
Hi lie- klckoul Stevens fulled io make
gocd, giving Kordham a one point lead
and the second one point victory ovor
Slott ns this year.
Tin lineup:
! I'urtlti.im roltlutis.
I'll'rtr l.efimil
i I li.tM-fim Left lickle . .
I Mni.inetil I .rfl ciinid
1 Mullet Centre . . .
' f-artittlti llhral guard. ..
1 V liaue Illirht laekie . . .
, t lilBim lilrln end . .
Seliaftneisicr tl-iri-ierhe elt
I lllntiiltle lefi halfback
tlralh lilchi tialllint-k .
11 Italic lullhark
,Nnr" I ortthatn. II: Nleven. 13
. hlnueheii
liurntiaui t
.nailer .
1 niit-iiununs
rHiltr.M-h.ifiu'tsl'r. Ilurnhai'i. Seaerate liofils
frnrn nmihilowii-. Si hafinelMer. I anbensiliii
ion s'uhsiltitie, liniltiaiii Ithey lor Me.N'alb.
litres fin nlie, (.iatna fcr l-.spe Cerev fur
1 1 c.ii, nt- ' i.uiii. .-u-M-iis iieiiiisiintt im tteucrs. t annen-l't-iiiii-ii
se'ioien foi liitibhaw. 1'rdibhan for Vsnben-
tiii. ..vi. . .ti.ir .in ..i-aKi.ii.-, iiiiiiii uir .tii eie ii .
''aiiuLri ft i luaneheii llt-ferce Mniphy of
if - i mpire Lyot.-i ur .S' i ,1-iim- I liientan
lb arin
inlii lie-..
i( M.iiili-illnn lime of prrlml. IS
1 i ii 1 1 llnliini's Toiieliilim it
I .tlnlileiilierii l-'lelel (ioal l.noU
I'll lis .
Until. Hint. Pa . N'ut- in Shoitlns a
lOiuplHln rotival of foini. Jlilgh heal
.Mnhlonben: this altornoon. 7 lo :i. fuiu-
lilti In t'aiil llixler of Mulilotiber of dipt,
IWriillV punt in the setotiil iinarter.
I tviileh i'.itio. Lehigh's i:i.tiit left i n kle.
Me miliar) ilelein e, o.irryniB tin ee ireii on
his bni; im ho tore over Hie line He- (hen
kui.oil the goal.
ttiihlenlierg soured llt'sl, Vieeland boot
ing ovor a pietiy goal from placnnienl
from He ,i. )iird line in the llrst quarter
i ho lineup-
I Irxt-r
jrt end . .
U-fl tackle .
Lt fl Board....
Illchl Kiif.nl
lllclil Lickle .
Illclilriid.. .
(jiiirirrtiack . .
I.ehlirh. 1
McCaftiey 1
Criiiabarh '
Sm telle;
I a.fail
I j-ft lialftiack 1 Ik-:,
HUlit hitlfhack. . . Hnliaii
iiiiiniii.. .. heady
Scute Lc-lilEli, 7; Muliliah-rr. 3. i'ouchdintn
llotiaii Ciial fioni toiictiilottn -Hoiiaii (inal
Ilromphiceineiii- -Vievlainl. Hulisilliiu-s- Xlullirn.
heir ilmr foi- i(o,l"ik-U Iz-hlclii liU-tiiiin for
1'e.nty l.e-mly foi I'lljk, XVnilnrv for Crlchton,
1 tiioanw..ih fur IMf.ull iltcfenc s:nclalr,.Snarlli
I more linplre- S.iiinilers. Slrirnii l.lursman
, I'lmlkicii, Ctiliuulila, Time of lurlml v-ll mill.
I l.trf, e
Prospect I'nrts Kniilbiill llcsulla.
Ilirt'ini X. ( . II- il.er A, (' , 0,
D011.111 .X ( . in; Ctilunlal, n.
i.leni.-i-oil i'.': iorl .X C . 11.
Co .iiiiil X ( I' (II) nqilc X C , 11.
liit -i .1 Hulls iima! 11
1 I' 1 I Inn Ii '.'i t mils X I ., 0 '
I'e s -I Xtc X 1 ., n
I 01,1. i X . r, D.iii-i o
.'.I.I.S1-. Ji ,st imlki -.X. 1.0 I
I'aikvtny latcrvca, IV, i-arliiie, 0.
Hut .Neither Miiyiesnlil Vnr llush
ttlek Xoliletos llio Union.
Tlio football players of Sttiyvesant and
llushwlcl. High Sellouts battled to a m-oil-less
tie at llldgowood Pari: -yesterday
aftrtnooii. Ituuhiilck eaily In tho flt&t
quarter by shifts and tackle round play.i
woikod the ball to the 7 yard line, only
to lose It on downs, After Stuyvesant
punted the lliooklyn boys resumed these
luetics, and this time lost the ball half
a yard from the goal line.
Kaily In the second half Nolan and
SchlueUr, In Intercepting a pass, crashed
togtthef, Srhlacter lecelvlng a gash over
the left eye. lie was taken out, nnd In
his nb.ietite. Bushwlck went to pieces.
Sclilacter returned to the game In time
In state off defeat for his school. Hy a
retles of successful fortvaid passes from
.Mc(lulime.-i to Kipko, Stuyvesant got the
I. nil to within a few Inches of the goal
line, but was held for downs.
Nolan uncorked a thirty yuid .'un and
was followed by a plunge tli!0L.sn the
lino by Court, who was tlowned en Stuy
vesant s b yard line when time was
Tlio lineup:
e-hrr . . .
Allien . .
Left nut
1a II larl.le.
bell rii-tril . .
Weill guard..
Illirhi larl.le.,..
lilctit end .
Ix-ft halthark . .
Itliht hnhhark
Fullback . .
l.u It
. Ucliiiliiness
. Setiuck
.Score- liushnlck. o: ,Stiiyteanl. n. .Siihsiltuirs
Loi-k for Mchlscter, Srldsetcr for bock. Lock
for Weber, Jessup for .rbll. Ilcferce-Corwln.
I'mplrc- lloldcn. Time of quarters lu minutes.
Team's Foothnll Far From En
eoiii:ariii!i', Even if Score
Is I.", to (i.
West Point. Nov. Iti. The Army had
trouble Willi Tufls lei-da), notw Ithstand
Ing the hcore was In the soldleis' favor,
1." to ti. lu th first two periods the
Aimy gntv a woful exhibition. The
pnsslug f I'uinell was poor. Devore got
boxed several times and was generally
off lu his gnme and Prlchard', muffed
punt In the early put of tho first period
gave Tufls Its touchdown.
Devote was busy with O'Donnell this
afternoon and Ihe latter got through .sev
eral limes and mussed up Army plays
behind Ihe lino. Hcnnett btoke through
and M-ooped tip the hill after Prlchaid
had finished Juggling II, and ran twelve
Muds to the Army Roal for a touchdown.
The goal was mlst-cd.
The Atniy could baldly help scoring
n minute later when De-vore's klckoff
was muffed hy Mitchell and Markue
pounced on the In 1 1 on the tliitoi3'
live yard line. Prlchaid carried It over
In two pla)s through centio, but Capl.
Dot ore failed to kick an easy goal. The
Army braced In the aecond half and
llookn, a inw man In the back Meld,
with llobbs woikid the ball down lo the
Tufts the laid line. Kcyeu wa shoved
over for the seccnil touchdown. Again
Devoio failed to kick the goat,
Kiyos tiled two droit kicks and got
one. .Standing 011 Ihe fifteen yaid lino
hi tho but few minutes of play he put
the ball squarely between the posts.
rue lineup :
rtir. '
I eft end
u-fi tackle
Left cu it il
Cenire .
Illghl iruanl
1:1 (hi tackle,
hill lit end . .
Iimi leltMOk.
1.1-fl halfh.vk
HUlit halfhac'.
i'tillhnck. ..
,Si-ui . vnnv .
I.. l'llfts. II i'lillehiliinn. lien
net. rr.cii.iiu. lieirs (ioal rmn llrltl Keyes.
.substitute. Mrrrlllat foi llnae, Uryand for
Hume. Itntet-eai for Markue (illlr.ple for iTost
lear, lieves far Prlchaid. I'llehanl fin- Keies
' llockri for i:iseiihinter, CuBln for thicker, Kries
fur lluhlii. I.anplilcr for Ke-yrs. (irncials- Full)".
( of llrnttn. Taiie-ilg of Cornell. I.bies.nan l.leui
1 Hniltrt of West I'oinl. Time ol periods-Ci inln
ute llnsLelliHll Victor) .Vol Kthlcal.
The Kiniimus basketball team defeated
1 the Kthle.il Culture! loam yestt-tday at
UUIiIchI K) lllliaslum by the score of 2
i lo I'.'. The game was IJrasmus's ftxun
Ihe stint, although llthlcal ciiine up strung
at the lii-giuiiln.-s uf the second half.
The lineup.
Crssmiis Putltlons Slhlcal Culuire
F.van. I.efl f.irwanl Ulllt
Cray IIUIH lur it aid . Mltie rileln
.Schitaru Centre,. Siirntrav
Murpliy Left icu.iiil. Ne-uuorack'
Kaiitinnn. ItK'lH cu ird Prck
Si-nrc lirahiiius, 27. Ihnlca! Culture, IS, lioalt
Iron Held l'.vun, I, Nrlitvaria S. Cray hilher
steln '.'. Ifaiifman. Mills. Nui-iitray, Murphy
Coals Ironi foul Menu art? 3, Necuorai k3, 1'cck.
mid .XI, Shinva Mutirrlorll) .
l.vxc.'AHTr.n, l'.i Nov in. Krsriklln and
Bi1.11, 1 mirai uetyil'it I inillim tti'UU) ,
1I....1...II ,...ll....n ,l..r.. 1!-.!.... .1
l;t to 7. showing siiperlorily along every
I linn but forivmil passing. The teams
1 a.,.,,.,1., mi.ti IiimI In u-nli.li! 'I'll.. Iiuial
tin toil better ball on oflence. Iier heavy
liavks lireaklpif tlirough I rsluim for bit;
gains, iho third quarter was fought In a
particularly fierce style. Ihe visitor netting
III MlVel'Hl linur imseoa, Itolti leHllls dlil
coiisidurablu lumbling, ttlllcli pintcd costly.
The game was touiihl ileiiuly ami fen
ponallii', were linpoeoil,
Irtlliu I'nlna School Title,
'liio living Hthool team of Tarrytowu
defeati'ti tho l'ntti.ikill beUool eleven )vn
Hidiiv uflernoon til. Irving Oval, Tfiirytow u,
1 by tl e soiii-o etl n iti 11, ny w ititiliig yosttr
iI.k) liiinn the 'Irving l-os i.-itpnii-eii tim
I Iiiii.. pion-lili) uf iho lliiilMin 1, Ivor Mill.
II r 1'in.ttu hilioul koi-;o, which irto
in an ip.l. Irvln.' tlniuii Im eeio-s e.Hp
11 r-u .1 LMiiics uml n,ll-i 11 1 11 tmal ii 11.1
ipoinis. lis ne-meet uiipontut lu Ihe loiigtio
in, uli ii pvintl.
Little Quarterback Kapner and
Kt'iially Tiny Hival Are ,
Star Performers.
In a same made spectacular by many
fumbles Now York Knlverslty won from
Ithodo Island Stale yesterday by n scene
or It lo ;. The visitors made their only
scute In the lltst live minute., of play.
wh"ii Sulllvaii, the In 111 I it 1 1 1 little qunrtri
back, shot mound left end fiom the lo
yu Id Hue.
Dtilchii' kicked off for New Yolk o
Ithodu Island's Id juttl lltie nnd Shcrwin
Ian tin ball back In the n yard line.
Pi-Ice and Newton hade Hrst downs on
straight bucks tluougli tlie opposite
tackles. Price circled light end and ran
twenty-live yniels through a tiroken noll.
but ., called back on u penalty for hold
ing, and Ithode Island was set back Of
ten vanls. Sherwln and Sulllvun made
siioit gains through the linn and then Sul
livan di opped back for a kick. Ills HIRh
punt was fumbled by Miller and Sullivan
tan behind hlni and recovered It and cai-
rled It to the 15 ynrd line.
Price and New-ton made five yards be
tween them and then Sullivan took the
ball, ran back a few yanls and then shot
across the Held. Wheeler, the New York
end, was drawn Inside by the Interference!
and before ho discovered his mistake hul
llvaii wa, past hlni and scored before
Wheeler could reach hlni from behind.
He also kicked the goal.
New York's scoilng was done In the
first half on two touchdowns. Shortly"
after Ithode Island's touchdown was made
Sullvan punted to Miller on the yard
line. Habile madn It Hrst down on tho.
second try at centre and JIcDermott on two
tries took the ball to within half a yaid of
the distance.
Kayler. the plucky little quartciback,
slight of build and weighing only' 131
pounds, was playing In Huntloy'rt placi
owing to th lecent death of the latter'
father. Capt, Ve'h-y gave the signal and
Kapner carried the ball, Tho entire bac
Held closed around him and shoved' hlni
through for four yards. With McDcr-.
molt assisting ho made two moie flnt
downs, ntthouxh the last one had to Iw
measuted. McDerniott then tore off ten
yards. Kor three downs the visitors helil
on their 10 yard line, but on the fourth
Kapner slipped through for the touchdown.
Wheeler caught McDermott's punt out and
Uutcher kicked the goal. j-.
In the second period New York Vas
forced to kick and Shertvln's fumbleA'as
gathered In by Wheeler on tho 3u yard
line. A forward pass fiom Miller to Ilaldlo
over the line netted fifteen yards. Uutcher
was to have tried a drop kick from place
ment, but after placing the ball Kapner
tossed It up to Dutcller as he was about
to kick. The latter, bewildered, was
thrown for a loss. A bad fumble was re,-'
covered by Vesley on the 10 yard line,
McDerniott mado rive yards through right
tackle and then on a fake Miller tossed
a forward pnsi over the line to Wheeler,
.who scared easily, and Dutcher kicked
the goal.
Th lineup:
New York.
Wheeler... .
llalille. .
l-fl end.. .
Left tackle . .
Left ruard...
. .Ceotre
Maid guard . .
llUm tackle.
Klthtend .
Leu liairtmck
lllirtit halfback
I'ullt'ack .
Rhode Mand
111 Idea
s Mallloux
. . Hart,
. Prico
Mrliermoti . .
t?core .New X'ork t'nliersllv. N: Itlioile Island
.Stale, J. Touchilow n Kapner. Wheeler, Sulll
tan. Coals from touchdowns Dalcner 2, Sulll
1 an. iibsilmtes llashbaiini for Torrance,
lludolph for Makav. hears for Dmchrr. Van Cllcl
for V heeler. Stuhr for Wiener, (latens for Ilressler
D'Hinnell for Vesley, Torrance for llashbaum,
Makav for Itudnlph. Duteher for Sean.. WneeJer
for Van CHef. Weiner for Stuhr. IlreiAler for
Hatens. Veiley for O'Donnell, llraun far Miller.
Webb for llrntllncrr. libnn for Snrrwin. Cald
well for Davis. Iltftree- II. It, .SViiddcrof llrowu.
Umpire I'd Thorp of He I .a .Salle. I.lnetman
K. II, Coenems of Mi.comiln. lime Four U
minute periods.
Vlallnr Score First, but After That
It's Onesided.
Pr.nviiiKNcE, I!. I.. Nov. to. Blown
defeated l.nfoyelie 011 Andrews, Field this
afternoon .'l to 7 Brown's work was far
below- Ihe standard expected after the
Fhowinc In the Yale game. In the last ,
period Brown sent In a flood of substitutes,
Lafayette never wa, dangerous after the
first period. Hennessey from inldfleht .
hooted n low one thai Just cleared the Kroiyn
secondary defence man, 11 ho, attempting .
In catch it, knocked the hall up in the air.
It wa, grabbed by a Lafayeitte player,
who went lo Brown's so yard line before ha
wnsdowned. I.argeslipped around Brown's
left end for in yard, and a series nf line
plunste carried the hall lo within half a
yard of Ihe Brown coal, On Ihe tourth
down, with half a yard to co, l-irce Just
slipped it over and Dryer kicked the coal,
The second period began with the ball
In Brown's possession on her own :t!i anl
line. After an exchange of punts Henry
broke away lor thirty-five yards around
lifayette's right end to her Hi yard line.
Bean fumbled und laifayette recovered"
the ball. Hennessey attempted lo punt
on the first lineup and Ootlstoln blocked
the kick. Ashbaugb recovering for Brown
on'I.atayettn's 5 ynlel line. Hnrtlett went
In' at right half lor Bean ami on the first
play weul over for the touchdown. Ash
baiigh kicked the goal.
1 11 lli third period Brown got another .
seme, when after they bad worked Ihe
ball to Lalayetie's 15 yard lino. Ashbaugh
Hietl fur a goal fiom placement 'the at
tempt failed but theie was holding in tho
I.Hlioeite line and Blown had tho bull on
l.afatelte'K 111 yard line, tho visitors being
penalized half the ell.tnnce to their goal
teiiuev went around left end for the score, 1
Brown's last touchdown was In the 1I111I
peiiod I'lowlher got away for nlnoleni
v-arels and a Inrward pas,, Crow ther to
Xshhuiish, netted thirty yards, Inking
the ball to laifayette's in yard line. Henry
got five through th line and (,'rowiher
went over with Hit) ball. ' ,
'1 ho lineup:
tlrottn 1'o.ltlous. Mfayeite.
Laiikilmi l.rfl e i:.l S10110
Murpli) ladl tackle . Uoicr
Milu l.rfl tuaitl WorMlvtaril'
Mitchell Centre Tlwhloi-
ColUleln lllkiil guard Holmes
Kratz. Kliht lackln . . Hryrr
Aslibanjli lllzht eud Pardcll
Crowtlier Qiiar'erhack..,. Hammond
Tenney Left halfback Steele
bean. Itifil halfback . Larau
Ileniy Fullback ... lirrinenir-
Sroro llrown, Sli lfayelte, 7. Touchtlona
tin 1 He 11 . Teuney. c'rowiher, IJirte. Coala from
loucliilown.- Ashbauith, 3: liner. Siihailuiles
llremti. (loldberl for Kiatz. Staff for Mitchell,
Hade for Miiipliy. Andrews for 1. auction. Mo
l.aualilhi for Andrews, (lartllnrr for Crowtlirr.
Ilaril-lt for lleaii. llean.fnr llartielt. Melaf
for Tenney. Hailetl for Henryi tifayelli; , quit;,;
for XVoeidward, Diamond for Hammond, lirlt '
for Steele, Kcile'' for Larch. Uellv for iJine,
llunnhotter for Keller. Hefner- Ci-ollus. Dan
mouth. L'mplrs Okeaon. I.elilch Llnesrtian
Uaiir, Wealcyan. Time of period I uilnQtei.
Yalr AVIn, nraurt 1 11 Weapon.
PnlNcr.TOK. Nov. lfi. In the gun ihoot
with Vale this morning the visitors car.
rled off the bondts by a score of ld
,lo 1&2. The wind niis strong and caiiied
s-voriil of tho men to fall down lu their
uaa.-m cricesanu urnii
'vBk 10 sub.
x' IlKI'AIKf, hV
11 ui v naaif isualuva,
. 1 & --

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