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New Witness in Dynamite
Trinls Tells Stiirt-
linjr .Story,
Hiss D.ve. Bookkeeper of (In;
v Ironworkers, in Peril of
I.NDIANAI'UI.IH, Nov. 10. -Tlml MIh"
Mary Dye, formrr likltfep-r for t lit
Ironworkers, ui In linnilnt'til ilimmT
of aeyasslnutlon Hftrr hlie left Iiit po
sition, "because .sift; kiev Ion iimrli."
nnd that u plot wan lit 1 il to ilytuimlli
a trnln on which nlie would be uih
encor, wuh one of the ffiicnlloti.il !
IoiniPiitM In the dyimniltc It litis to
day, nnd there was al.su told the otoiy
of hrlnRhiK Imck to 1 milium.- .lumen If
Mc.N'amara after he hud dynamited the
hos AtiKoles Times Itiilldlnt:. and ho
nnd hl lnother Wei' In moilul dreud
of dl.novery and iirrcxi
ThoilBh the lexllmony of Ditle Stf
Manlual created liitenco Interest and
held the attention of i-ouit, Jiiry and
hpeclatoro, thut of Prank IVkluilT. the
Cincinnati roiemaker, wax not less In
tercxtlnB, nnd created quite ax Kieul
a selisutlon.
Kelihoff heuan Willi his knowledge
of tho McNamitias, near ulioin he led
In Cincinnati for' ear.t, nnd said that
McNnmara sent for him to mine to this
city and when lie nrrlveil lie was em
ployed to watch .Miss De and a liliii
named Myrr,"., McXiinium told the wit
ness that Miss )yc l;nrv entirely too
much tif- In; mi. the outside and he
wanted all her mo emeiitx traced and
a close .witch kept upon her
A few
iv days ubo Mi'Xnnur.i and Ilockln
I'.'wltm.-f'.t weri" nt a lioti-l In till-
and the.
t:ty wlu! Miss Dye whs cioppltiiT, and
ll.-Namar.t caused a- Imy to take a tel.;.
Kiam to Miss Dye's rooms. When the
door was opened lie forced himself In
nnd later came nut with a piece of paper
i In his hand .mil rental ked Clint he was
afraid of her bee.ui.-p she knew too
much. Kckhoff was then employed to
' follow the young woiryin to l.'lttsHnirg
and keep a wal'cfi on Iter movements,
It was about this time thai .1. II. Mc-
j Naninra wcn,t t.o the witness and wanted
hint to enter Into an .irranccmcnt for
telting Miss Dye mi . ijuln. uhkh h
wa then to blow up With dynamite.
The witness said he refused to take any
pari In tne plot and returned to Cin
cinnati. Afterward .1. !'. AleN'ama'.i
came io ee him and the two went t.i
Rochester. I'a . where Mc.Wimar.i ex
amined the dynamite, in the cache at
r that place to i-pp If it weie frnr.cn. lit!
I sulil he Intended to blow up the hrldtte
at Heaver, but when the witness next
aw li I in he said he hadn't accomplished
anything, as the bridge was tuo closely
watched. This was the bridge that M;
Manlgal aftvrwurd blew up.
About a month after the l.os Angeles
Time'. explosion, mid Kckboff. .1 . Mc
Nanism sent for him and told him ho
wanted him to go lo Hallagh. Neb...
where he would llnd .1. H. McNamnra.
and lie was to tell J. H. to jtvt away
from there, .suggesting that he go up to
Sioux City and get somv kud if .work.
"I guess yon have heard jillout It."
J. .1 McNamnra said, according to l-'ck-hotf.
"I am afrnlil we are Tn'tiad "
Kckhoff said he went to Hallagh, to
hn hum,. i,f tlnV.ini N.'ihh. lirotlier-lh-
jl law of the MrNnmaras. nnd found the
mother of ibe McNamnra brothers
there, a.s well as .1 B. MeNamara anil
Mr. and Mrs. Nabb. Me said .1. H.
McN'amara seemed sul prised to see
. 'h'lm.
",11m was "nervous" said Kckhoff.
"After a HUle while we hail a conver
sation In which he told me he had a
' notion to kill himself. He wanted me
' to go out Minting with Itun, and shoot
htm when he was not looking. Also he
i asked me if I had seen what Jrte had
done to the l.os Angeles Times Build
ing, and if I had nollettl In the papers
that the people out there thought It
was a gas explosion. He said he had
knocked a gas Jet off.
"He said Mrs. McN.imala wanted to
know rit one time what the trouble
was, lint that .1. B said It was merely
a small matter. fCckhoff told of the
i trip he ami .1. H. made to Indianapolis,
J. K. wearing an old brown suit of his
J brother and also wearing spectacles to
1 disguise himself, lie alo told of how,
! when they reached Indlanapoll", he
Imade arrangements for the meeting of
.1. .1. and ,1. H. that" night. Cckhoff
, ealil that at one time he purchased sW
dry cell batteries In Cincinnati for ..
TV MeNamara. Also- he had bought
six one gallon cans for him. At Hits
burg, said KckhofT. .1. H. showed hlta
the explosive machines he had with
him and explained how the machine
After the. Tfmciexploslon, said Kck
hoff, .1. .1. McNuninra .gave him six
alarm clocks, some battery connections
and sonle cuffs and collars of .1, B.
MeNamara, the cuffs and collars to he,
destroyed. Kckhoft' sold the clocks and
burnetl the collats and cuffs. The hIr
nlflcance of the ciiITh and collars In
cident Is- seen, when II Is recalled that
shortly after the Times explosion the
authorities nailing .1. H. Ilrlce had
learned his laundry mark.
Some time after he had been employed
to shadow Miss Dye, said Kckhoff, .1.
H. MeNamara said to him In Cincin
nati: "Have you asked .1. .1. for any work
"Kckhoff said that he had not, but
had asked for a loan of money. ,1. II.
" gave him K. in hi "Kckhoff, and it'
ll marked:
j,,jv l'l am goliiK bavi talk with
'?. J. and fit's " he won't give you tin
" Joli or blowing up Mary Dye. She Is
) ' going .hohle on a vacation and I could
have yoii 'ride, on the same train and
'flx foe clock' for yoli, so that you could.
,4SV0' ,hfl ,rsln ut a statlon before.
' Jt.went off and leave 'the machine on
. the train near her. J. J. la awfully
h i flVifirrlcd ahout her."
iftdther witnesses to-day corroborated
' -HtibVM'tury of McMnnlgnl In regard to
'V MoNamhra's experience. In Call
t (.iTprnla. Arnqng them were tho roomlnsr
hotlije keeper nt whoso placo Mc
.it Samara- stopped for a whllo In flan
tsl'irrartolseo, a 1rl In charg-e of tho hotel
W.'teliflhbh'e exchange, tho Joint owners
Vf'th'e launch' In which tho dynamite
wgas akcn front tho Want Powder
'Kforks and the inan from whom the
Jiouae that the pair occuiilcd In San
Vranclsco -whs' rented,
j,, . .Br'uco Call, asislstant auperintendent
he"powder works, told of the com
c, .i.'lhn ofJwn ratyi, whobayei their names
, its JtR: lli'jlcv,i.nni J. A. Terry, and of
iJialilnift' the nltro'-gelatln under Ibelr
orders that It must be 80 per tent.
J, ,
.n alti ncttt f fall. Winter anil .Npilnit
ItMiri ainunic lh I'lnrHj otfrilnr n tlr) ,
hcAltlifill t'ltnifllr rut'Ul ailVMUljiiEe
ami rriy opportunity tur tmlilutir
Annual Kail (iulf Inurnaltlfnl
.Not. 'JM, 'JH. .'Ill
Nim Dprti ntA.S'K I' Milt II'
NOW m:. .1 Murphy, VUr
'hn Vhtrriit Mtupln ,Vi Mar
llooklrt) rttul Infill MMllni) nil llcquiol
lirni'llfll I f Dili X'H 1IITK Kuy
Central R, R. of New Jeisey
... . i
Thinks Dcinoi'i'iitic lt vision '
Shonlil Ho Kinisht'tl hy
That Tinir.
Sii.vs I lie I'jirty Should Hcdcoin
lis Plcilirtvs us Kni'ly us
HlltMlMiilAM, Ala ,Nov. Ill Uemocr.it'
in t'oiiRress will he able to put tliroiif.lt a '
new tariff bill by next July, according to,
the opinion of Congressman I'liilerwood ,
Whether u revision of the tariff downward
will be effected by considering tine I
schedule at a time or whether it will be
by a general hill, Mr. Underwood says, is i
a matter 'of policy for the committee tol
Mr. Underwood t-ays there will be a re-'
vision of the entire tariff, but ho would not '
predict what methods would be applied. I
lit; is pleased with President-elect Wil
son's decision to call a special session of
Congress, H,. thinks the pletles of thy
Democratic party should be redeeiittsl I
as soon as possible. Mr. I. ii(lrwood.ev
pects to go to Washington about December
1 to begin his work.
"When I return lo Washington," he said,
"I will call a meeting of the old com
mittee, ten members of which out of four
teen hold over Necessary hearing and
Jiraetjcally all preliminary work can be
done thi winter. I believe, and the mat
ter can be pm in shape for prompt, con
sideration whn the special session of
Congress opens next spring.
"The iufoimatiuti gathered will be
turned over to the new tariff committee
and it will determine the method of pro
cedure to be followed There will be
tevisionof the tariff bill as a whole bull
would not undertake to predict whether
the bill will be taken up schedule bv
schedule or whether a general bill will be
submitted, as tlu.t in a mutter of policy
to be determined by the committee, of
which 1 have not yet been reelected chair
man "However, I believe the matter will be
whipped irttu shape this winter, lo be
ready for prompt consideration next
spring It should not take more than
thirty days or six peeks to gel a new lull
through the House, but theie may be some
delay in the Senate. My guess is that the
work of revising tho tariff doiiwatd will
be completed by .Inly."
Asked if matters other than the tariff
were likely to be considered nt the special
session .r. Underwood replied that he
did not know.
srnt ItlLer'a lain nil lo Wort. Ilul
Ml Sentence.
Dan u'ltellly, a criminal lawyer who
played a prominent part ns counsel in
both Thaw trials, went to Hiker's Island
yesterday to work out the rive months
ternitflven him for complicity In the rob
bery of Aaron Bancroft In the corridor of
l'roduce Kxchange safe deposit vaults
over a yenr ago. O'Hellly spent part of
yesterday In the city penitentiary on
Hlnckwells Island, awaltlnK the war
den's decision as to his destination.
lie escaped being sent to Hart's Isl
and, where some of the short term
prlsonurs go to dig graves for the
paupers. Instend he was escortetl to
Hiker's Island, where the work Is adja- i
cent to the Hoard of Health's reserva
tion for persons suffering with con
tagious diseases. He arrived at his
new quarters about noon yesterday,
but will not be put to work until Mon
day. O'Hellly was convicted of being tlm ,
receiver of stolen goods, consisting of
J40.000 worth of securities taken from
Hancroft. The Supreme Court recently
held that there bail been too much de- i
lay In the arguing of his appeal and 1
ordered him to begin to serve his sen- ',
tence yrsterday.
tine Demi ami Tnn Ot.irra I'lilnllj (
Injured .Near I Ilea,
I'tica, N. V. Nov. 16. One was
killed, two were mortally Injured and!
nearly a score suffered more or less 1
serious hurts In a rear end crash on
the I'tlca anil Mohawk Valley electric
railroad eight miles east of this city
Churles Toss of Illnn died of his In- '
Juries an hour after tho collision.
Daniel l.arrabee, motorman, of I'tlca,
and Stanley Hose of Frankfort .sus
tained Injuries which mnke their re
covery Impossible, ,
One of tho large Interurban cars
went dead when the current failed and 1
a theatre car following a few minutes '
behind and travelling thirty miles an
hour crashed Into It.
L. P. Hollander & Co.
Have made decided reductions in the prices of their
French Model Gowns
Prices now from
Costal Ciii'ds Ki'oni MunlciTr
.Kcvciil rliokinjr of Kfl
niiiii(l Child.
Sh-Year-Old's Slnycr Wriles of
killiii"- Another Child in
(V n friil Park.
lll'ITO t, V V . N'ov 111 Tilt! dismem
bered bo.ly of six-year-old .losepli
.locih, a Syrian boy for whom a country
wide search lias been in progre-s since
ttt'tober Hill, when the lit t If fellow
was kidnapped from in.frotil of his father's
store in l.a ck.iwiuiua, win. found by
Chief or I'olioo Itm- It. (Ill-oil to-day
p'ackeil in a, sewer III the rear of. Mc
(ioverii's Hotel on the I'.idge road, op
posite t lie Joseph boy's home. Tim
Tatlier of the boy idt'iiltl'ied parts of (he
body recovered
The police made an examination of thn
sewer as tlm result of a io-tal card re
ceivtsl by Chief fir Police (lil-oti a few
day ago postmarked Host on. ' Novem
ber ti, telling the exact location of the
botlv It read-
"(in 'I liiirstlay. NovemW 'i. at 3:30
I' M . Joseph '.lo-evhs- was enticed by
me to the tear of a saloon, to an out-hou-f
and there abu-eil, and afterwards
siraugltsl to. prevent him from telling.
The next morning I tried to kill a little
newsboy, who always stands in the morn
ing at Seneca street or near the hotel at
131 Seneca strtet. 'I he boy knows me,
ask him."
Another postal card received October
.'til from HuftalosiiVH.
Moscpli .lo-vfit'is will be found back
of the saloon near Dovle's Ititlge road.
A drill!; cr.ied brain ditl the deed nnd
reiiior.' and sorrow for the parents In
bringing the results which now come to
this end. The demon whiskey has one
more victim, making four in all Drag
the closet "
Until the last ;hree postal cards were
receiv.sl, the l..icl'aw.iuiia police had n'o
speciul clue to a ill them in their search
for the missing lad's body, the previous
postals being couched in such vague
term that although on the strength of
them search had several times been made,
no trace of the body was found.
The boy unquestionably died the victim
of a maniac I'rom the series of postal
card recmvisl by the Lackawanna police
chief, the authorities are led to believe
that the man who killed the Syrian boy
has committed no less than a dozen mur
der On one curd, postmarkd Hoston,
he refers to having killed "twelve others. "
Another postal card also mailed In
Ho-ton toll of the unknown writer having
murdered a lad in Central Park, New York,
"opposite the Arenal " Like tho Josephs
boy this lad was abused, according to
hi own statement.
The last postal card received by Police
Chief Oilson was mailed in New York
on November K. In the same hand
writing ns the previous ones, unlike the
others it was sighed "It Dennisson,"
It read-
"Kxpeet to be in iluffalo Wednesday,
the thirteenth, and will see you on trie
bllsines you spoke of "
This is" one clue the police have to
work on.
Another clew which may reveal tho
identity of the murderer was his hint
of beiug known by a Seneca street news
boy whom he once attacked. Kvery
effort is being made by the liulTalo au
thorities: to locate the newsboy referred to.
The olice of Ilosmn-and. New York L
nave peon untitled and a country viae
search is being made for the murdorer's
apprehension. The tollct are in posses
sion of the postal cards written ty the
supposed murderer of the Josephs boy.
Handwriting and fingerprint expert
aie laboring over them and every effort
is being made to luni the identity of
the sender
'Die last sen of the Josephs boy was
in front of hi father's store, on tJie'Hidge
load in Iirkawanim on October 1?. 1U11
search by the local police having failed
to develop a trace of him it was con
cluded evehtuallv that he bad been kid
napped, even the United States secret I
service, which was called in. arriving at
the same conclusion.
The case attracted countrywide atten
tion on nccount of the anonvmous letters
and Kistnl cards which immediately!
began to pour m iion tne ponce au
thorities, the Itoy's father and even
buffalo newspners in which the sup
lose boy's captors warned Josephs
senior to tli-continue tho search.
One stal card was as follows:
"Don't searcli any more for your boy.
He has 'been choked to death. Thoy
have buried him where no one will find
'lho father has spent considerable
money with private detective agencies
in his efforts to find the boy. Mr. Josephs
would never believe that his boy hail
been mudered and thought the postal
cards were the work of some cruel prac
tical joker
while tiie police were grappling for
the Uly in the house vault IheTtck
aw.lnna xlice chief. Hy It. Oilson, re
reived another of the anonymous sist
cards written by the soeminelv well
educated person who purHirts to be the
murderer or Joseph Josephs. The card,
which was dated yesterday, was mailed
in iluffalo atitl read that Die writer, who
was responsible tor the murdtjr, will Ihi
hero on Wednesday to give himself up
lo the police.
I'eiin Ivmila llrprrarnlallTp Is
I'lneril In Hare hy Krlrntla,
Stiioudsbuku, Pa, Nov. 18. -Representative
A. M. Palmer, who is said to have
been slated for u Cabinet position, refused
to-day lo mnke any comment. Palmer's
friends here say that he will be the next
Governor of Pennsylvania.
A big salt river parade was held hero
last evening and a largo banner read
"Palmer for (lovernor of Pennsylvania."
The talk here is Palmer for (Governor
bv Democrats, Republicans and Hull
Moose alike.
s 150.00
at 46th St.
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, A .-N-V-ws,.-'
Direct attention to their large and com
prehensive collection of
Fflime Purs & fur Garments
made of supple pelts of superior grades and
representing the latest approved styles.
' " ' WEAR.
some in " draped effects and others cut on
straight, narrow lines.
These wraps are shown in Russian and Hud
son Bay sables, chinchilla, ermine, broadtail
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ermine, mole with ermine, mole combined
with mole-dyed pointed fo; also in velvet,
lined arid trimmed with fur.
made of selected pelts of baby karakul, broad
tail Persian, seal, mole and Hudson seal.
of Australian opossum, African monkey, leo
pard, chinchilla squirrel, natural and. brown
squirrel, genet, raccoon, pony skin, etc.
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in a very choice assortment, carefully match
ed, for the making to order of fine fur pieces.
Misses' and Children's Fur Coats of Hud
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Motor Robes of bear, karakul, genet, rac
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Fur Floor Rugs of polar and grizzly bear,
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Baby Carriage Mats.
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351ij StxttU, Km fltfu
; j ,i,3 .

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