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f good will already afforded by Aus
tria's altitude toward Servia there is
no doubt that further reasonable wishes
of the latter, so far as they do not run
oounter to the vital interest! of the
dual monarchy, nre certain of favor
able, consideration, where feasihlo of
realization, always provided that they
are put forward in friendly fonn and
It is evident from the forenoinn that
Austria would regret, the occupation of
the Adriatic coast by u Servian arniy
not because she entertains any objec
tion to the measure as part of the
military operations but by reason of
tbedifficultythe Helgrade Cabinet would
oiperience in evacuati k the district
and of the bad blood which it would
cause between the two peoples, It is
possible, however, that the impassable
roads and the impending armistice may
necessitate a termination of the march
before tho Adriatic is reached.
Beyond the official informal ion, an
nouncing that Turkey has entered into
direct relations with Itulgiiriu for a
truce and is discussing peace term, no
frct-h light has been received by the
I can eke out a meagxeness of official
tidings by data which have reached me
from Sofia, and according to this in
formation, which has good grounds,
I deem it credible that no serious diffi
culty is likely to be encountered in regu
lating the conditions of the armistice
or even devising the basis for a peace
Bulgaria is prepared to give a strik
ing example of wise moderation. Tur
key, if Kiamil Pasha be the spokes
man, will then find it possible to close
with a reasonable offer and will co
operate to frame a treaty which will
mirror the relative military strength
of the hostile armies and the obvious
potentialities of the situation at the
moment when operations ceased.
And here are the facts which are
not fully known to the public and differ
from fancies now in circulation. Bul
garia won brilliant victories but paid
a much higher, price than the outside
worn, koos o, .s no, e.,Kgera-
tlon to set down her losses bet ween 1
40,000 and .W.oou men. This sacrifice
not only connotes the loss in the past,
but. an military men are aware, involves
a weakness in the present and filtuie, I
.... , , .. .
and in the case of Hulgarianii.therallies. .
who bad to win or lose within n limited I
number of weeks, this is a serious con-,
Another is the unfavorable state of
the weather, which has left the roads in
an indescribable condition and renders
It impossible to carry out tho planned
operations. That is why I stated a
few days ago that all the allies are ready
to make a speedy end of the caminigii
on quite reasonable terms.
The principal basis of the peace
negotiations will, of course. Ik- tho
i extent of the territory occupied by the
victorious belligerents, anil although
they deserve to he congratulated on its
! vastness it is less than was anticipated j
a few days ago. Sctitnri has not vet ,
, ... , , . ... ' .
fallen, Adrlanople ,s still holding out
against odds, the co.ist of the Adriatic!
. hris not been ociMinieil liv the Km-lis ,
' .....
uu iHpne in- vigorous nuiKuriaii ,
onslaught th Tchatal'lja lines liave I
not yet been broken.
The Turkish capital will tmain in
violate, nay 100.1100 Ottoman 1 roups
, an; concentrated in Constantinople.
' In a word, Turkey, although thoroughly
' defeated, has not been driven out of
' Kurope, while the allies are victorious
beyond expectation, but with tli-ir
( forces gradually ebbing.
Kor the sake of Kurone's futuie iran-
quillity it is much to be regret led that
, the solution about to be brought to
j the dangerous Balkan problem may
bo deficient in thoroughness-' and there
1 fore in finality in consequence of
' the waning of the military force of the
y allies.
The Balkan difficulty, therefore, may
' yet live on in certain survivals which will
aerve to accumulate the diaturbingpoli
tical energies in southeastern Kurope,
) and Europe, which would have remained
an inactive spectator if thebanishment
of' the Osmanli from Kurope were thuj
consequenco of the campaign, will not
interfere to intensify tho severity of
their punishment and to compel them
to cross the Bosporus.
I am informed by members of the
allied nations who would fain see tho'
1 diplomacy of tho great Powers supple
ment the military efforts of the Balkan
j States that the result of the campaign
may fall hhort of reasonable expecta
tions and that even Kalonicu, for ex
ample, may find a way back to Otto
man rule, together with a strip of tho
hinterland, on condition that the in
habitants shall enjoy a reasonable share
of self-government.
As Albania will also remain under tho
Sultan's Buwrainty and possibly a
portion of the vilayet of Adriannplu
and besides it is clear that the Ottoman
power in Kurope, although considerably
whittled down, would not be extin
guished anyway, tho peace treaty will
1)0 elaborated by the belligerents them
selves without the intervention of the
great Powers, who then will have littlo
to do beyond drawing the inevitable
conclusions from accomplished facts
and readjusting themselves to the
modified conditions.
Thie may be accomplished by an ex-
1 Messrs. ANDREW
EXTRA 1 ? ucei i .iwpuiiii
'.srowtH ed Purveyors of
I . . I. ..
-Si?ir.r-l Whiskv to Hi Aa-
jesty KingGeorueV
Nl'.W VOIIK. Nile Airr nl.
change of views, conducted by the
Ambassadors, for mi Kuropeati congress.
There will apparently be no pressing
need mid no persuasive advocate.
1 am able to aflirm down to the present
moment that Austria has not had cog
nizance of the proposal or the wish
of any foreign State to refer anv ques
tion to nil international congiess,
TurMeli l.rmlrr stricken Willi Cbol
rri Witrr ttiiilr In llnnttrrr.
raWr licpafh lu Tut Sirs
Drkli.v. Nov IT.-A de.spatih received
heie from I'oii'Uuntluople slates thai
All 7.:i I'jslm Is hopelessly 111 of chol
era at lliidetnkeiil Thousands of sick
nnd hundreds of dad nre lying mi tho
platform of the station there. Nothing
Is being doui'. In fact, nothing can 1m;
done, to light the epidemic.
Twelve of fifteen men belonging lo
the glial d of the Terkos waterworks,
who became 111 of cholera, have died.
Those waterworks supply sections of
Constantinople ,inl the contamination
of the supply going to I'era, one of the
European dlstticts, Is dated.
The correspondent of the .oAiIii
icliirr, who has just left Mut-taphu
Pasha, send from llumanln u state
ment to the effect that If the defenders , KrBUP r "reign -.nice nsning .or uuor
nulntaln their present tactics they can I "'atlon In regard to the mining Consul,
hold the cltv f Adrlanople for two Tn" newspaper pilots the reply re.
months and perhaps longer The ltul- velvet., which expresses the belief that
garlan artillery Is not within effective " Prnoha-kri Is well and that nn
range i lety In regard to hltn Is needless.
The correspondent goes on to cavl The Auslro-IItiiiRiirUn Government
that the Turks r.vaptured the heights , I' sending an offlcLil emissary to Prls-
of I'apastepe ,,n November 1U, Intllct-:
lnR Uu ,.u,Bar.Jn!( wuaM I0 lhe i
nuinbt r of l..".Oi. Ho adds thai aiming
the Bulgarian peole
iinu-.iri in i,,iio nut onlv the
fsllii!.- to capture Adrlanople but tho'wnen ine town or rrirenu was tain
quit- unlutlltalle postponement of a ' by the Servians. The newspaper
declflou before Constantinople b:i V pro-
lced a feeling of deptes-l.m. Th-c .r-1 of fearful atrocities on the Alhanlans,
lespondent sav. I the population of village after village,
m. wa heIV (numaniai I wailielng exterminated with the exception
everywhere asked by anxious peopl-;
1 what was the cause of the abrnce of!
,,f victories.!
further announcements
The simple explanation Is that the MuL i
gatl.uis sent their las: man and their ' TUU llanr Vrulrct Conat ant liniplr,
Ih; ritle to the front. The enormous' ) Cnrrrapnu.lrnl.
losses since the battle of Kirk Klll-seh ,., ,.,, , Twr ., x
have made .1 deep Impression iijM.n tlvi LoNM)Ni N(lV 1S M Donn1P( th8
Utilitarian people. The wounded "re orrp.,onil.lt (lf t)M ,)nllv rhrnnUUl
not sufficiency cared for There "r ' I telegraph, iron, lLiib-mkeul under date
not enough of doctors for the work and 1 f XoV)m,r i; T)l correspondent
ninny of tl.o-e engageil In It .tnovy noth- W01U ,tl Hamu,, on hU owl, rNk
Ing about surgery Taey plug t he fe-; j 1(4 autlorltUv r,.(uilUlK o ,)t.r.
lei lag wounds din ing transport Instead J IIlls,(ln , tll0 correspondents to go t.,
of palming with Iodine l or the lc.lh(, frun( su. nn,H t.nrmH
of lazaretto. 1 hospitals he wounded ' U)rWlt ()f ,,. r, v . f ,,ho(.r , W1.;n
lud to be dismissed to their homes. follows-
"It Is stwiiBe Mvit In .-pile of vb-J' Hl,Bar,au. ,.ia,Uih ,.
.one., w.e ,.. ;u. .... enu S ... u.-m.-
asralnst the oHlLen' iorp- Is arising ln
.. .. u c .0, . V.U...U.....S;
. . .... -1. .....I .. . 11.... II n n
Mbl.v m reconcile these antagonisms a
number of non-coms and men have been
proposed for promotion.
.T,. ,eHfnsl.lp between the Servian
,,.ll, .l.T ", ! il.tliritr, III,- 1
and Bulgarian olrtlers is nui
wrian oldlers is ,lui h.ir-j
l.ie ottlcrs of bo h armies j
another and "' Bulgarians.
avoid one
j ,, Ul Servians, although
'lie latter made an escellent impression.
In the first place tii,. .Servians were
uet'er prepan d: in fact they armed a
new Bulgar'au dl i-lon. and In the sec
ond place thev aptie.ired after the ca'ii
pwlgn In the w.-M with an average of 500
kilometers behind iheni. flesh, h,.h fed,
eiiulppiil with better medical columns,
especially with better artillcrv and
"Their ofllcers appioxiuuto more
Thli Ijrrv ted well knowo cofpoTfciicn
hti plnnt d 111 I nth in our Irutlu br Quag
ttitn ffvr I1M17 and lonf d'ttint hinliuc
l'ioed by 1 2 years of nemie
Proved by 18 yean of service
Proved by 10 years of service
" Leading gasoline
trucks of the world"
Horses or trttcks
which T
In most lines (not all)
the concern using motor
trucks crowds the con
cern using horses.
We have accurate cost
data on trucks vs horses
covering all businesses
and will give you the
Capacities: 1, 1,4'. 2, 3, 4,
5, 7S' and 10 tons
Write ftr literature
International Motor Co
Broadway and 57th Street
Work 1 AUaitmrn r; Pltiolicld K J
Sal it aid Strrict Stations.! ill larga citisa
New Jersey Branch (with cocnpUt
facilities) RS4 Ferry Street Newark
closely those of western Europe than do
the llulgarlans and they showed tnem-
elves very capable, really vlrlltt cam.
panning soldiers.
"Considering the position of the war
ft would seem folly for the Turks to
enter peace negotiations nt this Junc
ture, for the best ItulKnrlilli troops hnve
been decimated, Epidemics are also
making their appearance, there being
dysentery and typhus at Muslnpha
1'asha. Consequently n not completely
demoralized Turkish army could perhaps
hold the last ditch nnd win more fa
vorable conditions for Itself."
Perhaps It would be useless to add
that the correspondent of the .o.nirin
telurr Is well aware that Ills leaders
sympathize with the Turks.
t tin. her Consul Imprisoned l'lf
of Former Mill Fnbnnvrn,
Spertal Cable tnpatrli lo Tur St
Vii.n.na, Nov. IT. While the (.tavern,
nient Is still aw.tltlng new" regarding
llerr l'rochak.i. the Austrlnn Consul
at Prlsrend, who disappeared following
hli. nlleged tiring on the Servian troop
when they took the town, 'lie experi
ences of llerr von Taliy. the Austria u
Conul at Mltrnvlt?..), who 1ih Just nr
rived In lludapesl, strengthens tiie.mx
lety over the fate of the foinioi
Herr von T.ihy says that the Servians
kepi hlin a prisoner In his own house
for a fortnight after they captured Mtt-
rnvitza and his protest were iis -lc-s. .
lie nfvfr reeli'pl a reitK to the urgent
appeal which he sent tn the Atlstro-1 tho works of Ahmed I'aslin nnd Itngh
Hungarian .'onsiil-fSener.il at Belgrade, chetlh Tabya, the railway making a loop
This appurcntly was not delivered at
Belgrade, as the Consul-General ther-i
has been inutile to tell the Vienna au
thorities anything In regard to the en
forced captivity of Uerr von Tahy.
The Consul at Mllrovltstn later eluded !
his guards and escaped secretly to me (
fiontler. Heir von T.ihy ascribes his ;
Imprisonment to the feuis of t ie Ser
vians that he would make an unfavor
able report of their treatment of th
Albanians, whose corpses he saw Moat
ing In the river.
According to report the Ansiro-Iliin-garlan
Government Is preparing to reg
ister n st long protest .igalnst the treat
nient of Heir von T.ihy, contending that
military exigencies were not Jnstltled.
In the tneinuhlle the offlcl.il Inquiries
In legard to Heir l'rnchaka have not
been misweied. The newspaper .V'nr
'( Vi'.v.vr telegraphed to the Hel-
renu to mane an mvcstigaion
The n,;cl,o.,t a-serts that the Gov
ernmenfs only despatch from Herr Pro.
cnaKa since .Novcmner u was sent
''"at "'e despjtch accused the Servians
of children under S years of as
T,lrk; , lp nna bjttlt. u. v!cor an
likely to tlnd themselves confronted
I '
a KrIm (.nmv wh() lnjy (,oun,,.j
! upon to mow down the coldleis of the
Cross as ruthlessly as It ha- cut swaths
In the ranks of the Crescent"
Kor this reason Mr. Donohue decided
; to abandon JlndemKeul and to seek a
, , f f motion. He
- ,,,. . ... ' i.i.,i ..r .1,..
last stand In Kurup" on 1-Iir. If uf the
TuikNI: Kmplre lias been llckeil Into
some surt of shape, but leaving cholera
anil clys. ntery out of th" question th
rei-nforcetl troops cannot be reiranleil hs
Ix'ln,. lu fltst '-Ihss IlKhtlni? trim 1I
kops mi to Stis :
"On the Journey to llademkem t
il.iy I citne ncroHM the reserves of th
Third Army Corps, who were on the
way to the front. They I1111I not been
'n nrtlnn tifore anil showed very little
i Inclination for the experience. .Many
1 of the men show repugnanc- fur war
..nil declare that now that Tripoli hus
' leen wrested from Turkey the Kiss of
Thriu'e and Macedonia will not matter
mud) at all They seem to be actuated
by the supreme desire to return to
, their homes In Anatolia at thu earliest
possible moment. They are entirely
devoid of enthusiasm.
"The wastaKe roIiik on in the army
from desertion Is enormous. Tlirouxh
out my whole ride yesterday I en
countered Kroups of soldiers ntniKulIni?
toward the capital. Some had lost their
rltles and all were haggard and wild
eyed, many In the Inst throes of dls
euse. "Hetwecn the Uulgarlans nnd the
cholera Nazlm Pasha's army can
scarcely escape annihilation. Th brunt
of the HulKarlan attack Is expected to
fall at Hadenkeul or perhaps a little lo
the north. In order to prevent the
enemy breaklns; thrniiRh the main posi
tion the line liss been considerably
strengthened during the last few days.
Kor the first time In this war the Turk
lias done some spade win!;.
"Kvldently the terrible lesson learned
at l.tile-liurgaH when the Turks were
without cover has been taken to heart.
Miles of excellent trenches affording
ample shelter nnd defending the Infan
try have been constructed along the en
tire length of the main position.
"The advnliclng enemy, If It Intends to
force Hudenkeul, must tlrst cross a
broad and gently undulating valley tip
secte l by a forduble, stream and attack
the hills beyond. These are commanded
by forts bristling with guns and en
trenched Infantry.
"It Is impossible for the llulgarlans
t 1 force a passage further south, for
the Turkish left Is protected by the wide
sweep of the Hlyuk-chekmeje Lake, In
the estuary Itself are four battleships
whoso guns during the last two days
have been trained on the enemy.
"The Bulgarians In the neighborhood
of Tehataldja have recently been heav
ily reenforced. Another army Is ad
vancing against the Turkish right,
which Is defended by the Third Corpa
tinder Mahrnud Mukhtnr I'asliu."
('nnfrraanirii Srrlust I'snsua,
.Special faile Detpaich lo Tur. Sn.
Panama, Nov, 17. The hearings of the
Canal Department before tho United
States Congressional committee will
begin on Tuesday, In the meantime
the members of the committee are sightseeing.
Turks Strongly Intrenched
While P.ulL'ui's Hud a
Valley Soon Covered With
Heavy Smoke I'roin Turks'
Uluck Powder.
j,,(wl fable l)epatch lo Tim tu
LonikiN, Nov. 18, The correspondent
of the London 7'finr.i, who was with the
Turks nt Tchat.ililJ.i. tclcginphlng
under yesterday's date, says:
"At daybreak the llulgarlans un
masked their artillery positions. Along
the front from the Hanildlych forts to
Papal-Hurgnl they opened a heavy ar- i
tlllery lire In preparation. This Is ths
Hist real endeavor the Unitarians have
made against the Turkish lines.
"The position the Unitarians selected
as their salient point Is fronted on the (
leit ny tne I'npni-itiirg.u iiiuini.i-f. ....
lm, right by gradual glacis of two of the
if , 1,1... '..,. tUn In.ttr mnitinrtcd by
through the centre of the Turkish posl
tlon before It teaches Tchataldja sta
tion. "The Turkish front Is connected by
trenches worked Into the alignment of
0i.t fortifications. AP the permanent
works have heavy Krupp guns In em-(
..)......,. ull.i ,iii.r large calibre guns i
hnve been mounted In tecently con
strutted works facing Papal-Uiirgal val-1
ley. Above these the Turkish field rr- '
tlilery batteries are dug In nt Intervale,
all .along the line, which Is a plain. ,
"Th Turks have also placed trenches
h w In front of the petm.inent works In
uhl.-h the Infantry N disposed. The
llnkMrlan artillery positions are not so
advantageous. 11s the llulgarlans have
been forced to avail themselves of the
under features of a feml-plateau at the
foot of tne Tchataldja rldg.
"Although the llulgarlans dug trenches
under cover of the nlsht, the black
bncksround of Tchataldja scarps dls
closed every Hash nnd soon their batter
ies were unmasked.
"This vva the situation at daybreak
to-day. marking the tlrst day of the
second month of the war. Counting the
Hashes I made out three batteries in
action against the Papnl-Uurgal front
nnd at least seven In front of Hnml
dlyeh. A group of the latter contained
some guns heavier In calibre than field
"In the early morning there was a
dull, misty atmosphere. The black face
of the Bulgarian position sparkled with
Hashes and the circular shrapnel and
the common shell bursts of the Turkish
reply. Some of the Turkish heavy ar
illlerv llred with black powder and
the bursting of the heavy shells soon
raised a curtain of smoke which, min
gling with the mist, rolled majestically
down the valley between the com
batants. "A Turkish wurshlp In the bay Joined
in the concert, firing Its heaviest guns
In broadside and capping the Bulgar
ian right with great pillars of spurting
mud and tire. It was certainly the
beavlett artillery combat seen since the
Japanese massed a corps of artillery
and pounded Oen. OrekhnfTs devoted
repr guard outside of I-lao-ynnc. I
made my way from the reverse of rgh
chetshtnbya, where the reserves .f ihe
Fourth Corps were massed, to where the
composite army corps were holding the
"Just as t seemed from the opening
of the deafening rattle of musketry that
the Bulgarian Infantry were advancing
In this direction during the night, the
Bulgarian Infantry had pushed down
under cover of the banks of the Karasn
and w.'ie essiijlng to take possession of
the upper loop of the railway and Bag
aegetsch "Small groups of the Bulgarians came
up out of the shelving banks, drib
bled forward, lay down and dribbled
loosely forward again. Their advance
was very gallant, but very slow. The
Turkish gunners found them nicely nnd
presently the forward movement died
out. The essay had failed theie.
"The machine guns and the crash of
the infant! y magazine tire In the dl
lectlon of the Hamldyeh forts told us
that another Infantry effort was being
made there, but ns the tire soon died
down and ns there was no movement on
the part of the Turkish reserves. It Is to
be presumed that this attempt likewise
was a failure.
"This was at 10 .('clock In the morning
and nil the time the llrmnment was ring
ing with the whlpllke crack of shrapnel
and the dull reverberation of heavy
ordnance. The Bulgarians searched for
us heavily, but they burst their shrapnel
too high nnd In my part of the Held
there were but few casualties from this
source, although several shells hit the
earthworks, smothering us all with mud.
"In my vicinity the Turkish Infan
try were very snug nnd the men, un
less they were ordered to man the
works, were cheerily munching bread,
cartloads of which reached us during
the engagement.
"Seeing that on our front the Bul
garian Infantry attempt had failed, I
withdrew (Isewheie In order to gain a
comprehensive view of the action nnd I
cllmhed the hltl of Karngntch Here
again I had the snme wonderful pano
rama which was presented early In the
morning. From the Hank 1 could see
that the Bulgarians weie directing their
most severe lire against Ihe llamldlch
slopes. The Turks seemed to prefer
lo search the Hats with their tire rather
than deal with the opposing batteries,
which were posted below the Tchataldja
"Towards 11 o'clock there was some
thing of a lull nnd as I could not make
out the slightest movement among the
Turkish reserves It seemed to mo that
the Bulgarians had found their salient
less easy than they hnd anticipated.
It certainly looks that If this Turkish
position on the left Is ever to be taken
It will only be by the slow process of
stealing port Ions under cover of heavvl
artillery preparation, but he Is a fooli
who prophesies concerning the war.
"As 1 write the artillery tlrt- continues,
hut It Is less heavy than It was be
tween 8 and 10 o'clock this morning.
The Turks have had sulllclent breathing
space to render their position so for
mldnblo that It will require great moral
fortitude on tho part of a General to
expose his troops In nn assault over
tho long gradual glacis."
Th Wall Nirrel edition of Tare Kvknino Sox
rnnlalna nil Hi nnancUl nciv anil the Mark ami
bond qunuilons lo tin" flow of Ihe martiit Tim
rioting quotation.., Inrlmllnt the "bid and afckrd"
price, with additional news matter, are conUlnei
alto In the night and final editions of Tin Rtimno
Sun. Arte.
Turning Over
a New Leaf
London "Dallr Chronicle" Sar He
Waa uBIaartana' Mouthpiece.
Special Cable Despair to Tn Srs. 1
London, Nov. IS. The Dally Ciroii-1
(clc to-day In commenting upon the ,
newspaper attacks on i.ieut. agncr.
the correspondent of the Vienna Keicfi.i
poif, who has been regarded as sending
unverified Information, mostly exon
erates him of blame and points out that
he was used as an ottlclal mouthpiece,
and In reporting the colossal fiction of
a battle at Tcherkesskeul allegedly rag
ing from November 3 to November 5, at
tributed his statement to the Bulgarian
army headquarters. The newspaper
a y s :
"Ills position there was one which
his collnagues might envy, but there 1
was no reason to represent his
despatches, as was done, as being one 1
of the record breaking achievements if I
Journalism "
Will Oreopr .Ml Territory Allotleil
Them br Alllra.
."ptclol Coble le$pateh lo "Tnt Sis
I.on'don, Nov is. -The correspondent
of the Daily Telrqraph, telegraphing from
Uskuli under date of November to, states
that the Servians are pressing through
Albania toward the Adriatic Sea with the
utmost possible speed.
'Ihe whole coast line which was awarded
to Servia by arrangement among tho
allies will be occupied despite the warn
ings from Vienna . The Servians are con
fident that at the eventual peace con
ference Kurope will recognize their claims
to have a seaport in their own territory
Lose lit Field (ions, Fire .Maxims
mill a'Unanlltr of Ammunition,
fiperial Cable Deipatch to Tin Sr.v.
ItrciiAREST, Nov. 17. Advices from
Miinastlr say that the Greeks have been
defeated by Ujavld I'asha nt Kerllder
Puss, twenty miles from Monastlr. The
tln'eks lost sixteen Held guns, tl.o
MiiNlms and a quantity of ammunition.
The (.reeks tied to Serfldje, also
known as the town of Servia. The
Turks are pursuing.
Utilitarian Cnlilnet Dlacnas II, liul
Haven't Kearheri a Ileelalon.
Spetlal Cable CetpaKh If Tur. Scs
SoriA, Nov. 17. Cabinet meetings to
discuss the terms of an armistice con
tinue, but a decision has not been
reached. It Is said that Montenegro
alone of thu other allies communlcnted
her conditions.
AaU Fallleren lo (Irani Suffrage Be
fore llnllllna Ofllre,
Special (able DetpatcK to Tin Si v
l'vais, Nov, 17. The Votes for Women
Society has forwarded a petition to
President Fallleres requesting that be
fore leaving thu Presidency ha exercise
his prerogative In tho direction of
granting female suffrage.
The petition also reminds him how
often he has welcomed visiting Queens
as the collaborators In their husbands'
missions to Franco nnd expresses tho
hope that he will nssl.it the French
women to become the collaborators of
the French elector.
Time for turning over a new leaf personally and from a
business standpoint.
Maybe you'll quit smoking, perhaps you'll swear off some
other little vice.
Time to turn over a new leaf in your office methods. Some
of them are musty with age and clothed in antiquity.
You've known it some time but you've hesitated to take
the step. Don't hesitate.
Post yourself on Library Bureau ways of doing business,
and then you won't have to use a crowbar to turn your
leaf. The L. B. way will help every member of your staff
from the general manager to the youngest clerk. It will
help make stock keeping, sales records, cost keeping, pur
chase records, advertising results, sales manager's data'
and every other office motion so much easier that you'll
wonder how you've endured so long the old process.
The L. B. way will decrease your office work. It will give
your staff a higher efficiency. It will give you accurate
records promptly the sinews of business. Lastly, it will
more than save its cost in a short time.
Send for explanation or call at our store in your city for a
demonstration of the L. B. way.
Library Bureau
Manufacturing Distributors! of
Card and Flllnc Systems Office, Library and Bank Equipment
Uolt Cabinets of Wood and Steel for Cards and Filing
316 Broadway, New York
Telephone. MM Worth
Salisrssms In letting cities in the United Ststee,
Csoads, Great Britain and Francs
AniPi'k'iin Wife of Itnlinn Dep
uty Founil at House of
Xavnl Lieutenant.
Woman's Lawyer Says Signer
Mosi'liiui Drove Her to
East Life.
.yp,c,ai table Detpalch to The Sin
r.oMr. Nov. 17. Slgnora Moschlnl, lur
mcrly Lulu Davis of Austin, Tex,, the
wife of Deputy Vlttorla Mojchlnl. was
arrested here last night at the Instiga
tlon of her husband. The police sur
prised her nt the houe of Naval Lieut,
llellcgrad, who was also arrested.
The couple were placed In prison. This
being Sunday, the two have not yet
been Interrogated and therefore have
not been allowed to communicate with
their lawyers.
Lawyer Vlnal, who defended the for
mer Miss Davis lu the recent separation
suit, was not aware of his client's ar
rest until he vvas Informed by the cor
respondent of Thk Nkw York Sr.v. llj
then telephoned to the hotel whero
Slgnora Moschlnl had been staying and
ascertained that she left on Saturday
evening accompanied by three naval of
ficers and had not been heard from
Slgnor Vlnal In discussing tho casa
with The Si'n correspondent to-day
"Deputy Moschlnl Is entirely respon
slble for this unfortunate affair, which
he provoked. Ho practically drove his
wife to a fast life. The only alterna
tive was starvation. Since the separa
tion suit was decided In her favor In
June Deputy Moschlnl had her fol
lowed and watched by detectives. Ho
refused to pay the alimony of $200 a
month otdered by the court and made
her life unbearable.
"Slgnora Moschlnl hnd to leave a first
class hotel and live In a cheap hoarding
house. She lacked clothes and vvas stlft.
wearing a summer dress. She wan with
out money and was threatened with ex
pulsion from the boarding house. The
unfortunate woman struggled bravely
and resisted many temptations, despltt
her youth and beauty.
"I can prove that sho did not pass a
slnglo night outside of her place of resl
dunce and rafused offers of help from
many of her friends.
"Poverty recently forced her to accept
small loans of $2 or $3 to buy urgently
needed garments, such as stockings. She
once came without stockings to my
"Signer Moschlnl was two months In
arrears with the alimony, the bulk of
which his wife owed for hotel and other
expenses. She wns driven to despera
tion and was unable further to resist the
offers of a young naval ofllcer, who cer
tainly pitied her. She accepted his love
as the alternative of Htlkide, I am de
termined that everybody shall know her
husband's conduct. Her case Is worse
and sadder than many cases of white
slave cruelty."
Slgnor Vlnal will offer to go lull for
tho former Miss Davis to-morrow, nnd
ha will undertake the defence with the
purpose of exposing her husband, tlr '
confident that the American girl W.II i
acquitted of the charge under which
was arrested.
The affair of Deputy Moschlnl tin J
American w-lfe occupied much spa
the Ilomau newspapers In tho c 1
months of this year. The Deputy !i.
tho reputation of being very wealth
and his efforts to obtain an annulmen
of his marriage to Miss Davis wcr
looked upon at the time as being an
other echo of the eternal triangle. The
case of the American girl excited much
sympathy In Homo, where she was mar
rim! by Mayor Nathan, and It was the
general opinion that she was the victim
of her husband's severe persecution.
The Italian Deputy desired his mar
riage to the Texas girl annulled on the
ground of Irregularity under Italian law.
1 He contended that the documents of the
j bride were not In proper form or were
j missing nltogether.
- i Tin- American girl's lawyer In replv
, lo this argument of the Deputy stated
' that even It this were so the fact thnt
Slgnor Mcschlnl was aware of It all and
had himself urged the municipal au
thorities to perform tho wedding, even
In the nbsence of the documents, should
have rendered his efTorts to be free In
Last May It vvas thought that an
1 annulment would not bo granted, but
Instead a decree of separation would be
entered. This was the decision, nnd the
Deputy was ordered to pay his wife all
mony. At the time of the decision this
wns looked upon ns a victory for thu
American girl, 'out subsequent events
have shown that her husband has suc
ceeded through his influence in nullify
ing tho apparent victory.
I'nrla Committee on International
Itrlntlona Plana Campalgs,
Special Cable IHipatch to Tat! Sts.
IWrtts, Nov. 17. Tho Franco-American
Committee (Comlte Francc-Amer-Ique)
has initiated nn active winter
campaign for the furtherance of greater
mutual knowledge between the two
In addition to the monthly dinners, at
which notable men will speak, there will
be ten weekly lectures. The lecture tn
be delivered by Prof. Etlenne Entile
lloutroux, "a memher of thr Institute of
France nnd former lecturer at Harvard,
will deul with the American and French
moods of thought. Leonco Ue;odtte.
president of the Society of Painters of
Paris and author of numerous works on
art, will talk upon painting In France
nnd the 1'nlled States. Dr. David Jayne
Hill, former United States Ambassador
0 tlermany, will deliver a lecture on
ho historical relations between the
Fnlted States and France.
Among the other subjects will be the
French lntluenco on American architec
ture and sculpture.
1 1 11 ill era lr l Chase on Finding
Hills In Tree 'frank,
(Inr.AT Notch. N. J., Nov. 17.- A rabbit
hunt on the outskirts of this village was
brought to an unexpected end vesterdav
afternoon nt the baso of an old appi"
tree in which tho rabbit had hour"'
While tryinr; to smoke the rabbit out
John Lyons discovered a bright sub
stiineo in tho tree hollow nnd found It to ls
a much worn pocket book, In the book lm
found n wad of bills and nine cent in
change. lho money consistod of ono JlOfl.
fivo 2 and eight 3 bills, all in pretty
fair condition,
Tho hunting trip was immediately
abandoned. There waa nothing to show
to whom the money belonged and tlv
supposition Is that it had been liiddon
there by a thief.
4. .

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